Matt Keezer

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who is Matthew Keezer? Matt Keezer was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. He studied Computer Science at Concordia University. Among other ventures, Keezer has found success in the online streaming, web marketing, and online travel spaces. These brands fell under Keezer’s technology company called Momentum Ventures. With the appearance of the vaccine against COVID-19, travelers are hoping that they will be able to visit their favorite destinations in 2021. Instead of visiting the worlds the world's most popular destinations, Matthew Keezer recommends visiting destinations that have remained safe during the pandemic. FlightHub group, which was the flagship brand under Momentum Ventures grew rapidly between 2012 and 2016 and established itself as a significant player in the North America travel scene. There were several companies under the Momentum Ventures flag but the company has since narrowed its focus solely on the travel industry. As a result, the Momentum umbrella was retired and the other activities were moved to another management group. Matt Keezer has since left FlightHub and is now in the early stages of building a video game development company that is laser focused on developing a best-in-class multiplayer online role playing game. Matt is an avid traveler and enjoys several hobbies such as sports, video games, board games, astrophotography. Matthew Keezer, a founder of Orion Immersion, a young gaming company that is on a q uest to build the NextGen MMO Games, talks about how not to launch a game using Cy berpunk 2077 as an example. CD Projekt Red found a special place in the hearts of gaming enthusiasts with The Witc her game series. The Witcher games were made in an old fashioned way – lots of content, immersive and story-driven world, and lots of gameplay hours.