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Greetings to all our readers and welcome to the second edition of Harrier Magazine’s new monthly digital edition. For those subscribers who were a bit too busy to log on to the August digital edition, you can do so at any time, and I encourage you to do so. The August and September digital editions contain over 140 pages of content not found in our quarterly print edition. Over the last month I have been in one of the most active Hash Hubs on the planet. San Diego, California is home to some 18 HHH clubs, which run from once a month, as is the case of the San Diego Full Moon Hash, to twice a week. Diid you know that the Full Moon Hash, as well as the Original Red Dress Run, and the Pick-Up Hash started right here in San Diego, decades ago and then spread around the globe? This edition features a cornucopia of HHH and running tales from around world from the DivaHHH in Europe, to the the Tuff Liver Hash in the USA, and the annual Angkor Wat 1/2 Marathon

in Siem Reap, Cambodia. How about the Beer Mile, or a secret HHH chapter at a “dry” college campus on the East coast of the USA? There is something of interest to almost anyone in the monthly digital editions. Hashing and running are indeed alive and well around the planet. For our more cerebral readers, “Whither Interhash 2012” is a topic to ponder, as is a nostalgic look back at when the World Hash Directory was printed on paper instead of a digital directory as was the case at the last Interhash. Planning your next hash holiday? How about *80 Days Hashing Around the World” or one of the other 50 or so HHH and running events in this publication that are coming up soon. Please remember to send us your stories, photos and news of your upcoming events. Harrier Magazine is the only monthly world HHH publication, so news from your corner of the globe is always welcome!

I hope to see you on trail soon, Jim “Bimbo” Edens, Editor-in-Chief Harrier Magazine - Fun on the run since 2002 International Edition with readers in 120 countries

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Vol. 11 No.5: September 2012

(Formerly Asia-Pacific Harrier) Editor/Publisher Jim Edens

Administration Lisa Sukita Design and Photography Jimmy Wilkins America Correspondent Sean Gilmour


Europe Correspondent Julie Burgess Australia Correspondent Hans Kumpel Contributors Editorial / Photos / Graphics Automatic Balls, Frank Benfield, Kurt Bodmer, Sean Gilmour, Gates the Godfather, Richard St. John Kathy Loper, Randall Salisbury, Ian Slater, Baggy Snatch,Yark Sucker, Lisa Sukita, Jimmy Wilkins, Nosy Cuddling Camper (Yawn) Contributors Welcome! We welcome anything related to hashing. * All submissions are subject to the editor’s axe or scissors. DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the magazine, its advertisers, publisher or contributors.

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On The Cover: All dressed up for hash traveling. Our lovely maidens from Java go on a virtual trip around the world... Photo by Jimmy Wilkins BG photo by Red Carpet: Coast of Bornholm, Location of Interscandic 2013


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Praise for World Hash Dir. Wither Interhash? Tuff Liver DIVAS College Town Hashing Hash the World in 80 days Beer Mile Hashing in Randsburg


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Interhash without leaving home! World Peace Through Beer is an annual event held on the closest hashing day to United Nations Day, Oct. 24. Any hash may join by setting a run featuring beers from as many nations as can be enjoyed.We are helping all beer-producing nations by encouraging production and consumption of beer, and helping various hash groups open their eyes to the variety of beers and flavours enjoyed by hashers everywhere.

World Peace Through Beer Agana H3 * Alamogordo HHH * Amarillo H3 * Anchorage H3 Angkor H3 * Auckland North Shore Hussies H3 * Austin H3 Baghdad H3 * Bern H3 * Brenham H3 * Bangkok H3 * Boston H3 Brisbane Northside H3 * Burlington H3 * Charlotte H3 Colorado H3 * Colorado Kimchi H3 * Columbian H3 Columbus C2H5OH * Copenhagen Viking H3 * Crystal Coast H3 Dallas H3 * Denver H3 * Dili Puddlejumpers H3 * Eerie H3 El Paso H3 * Every Day is Wednesday * Fort Eustis H3 Fremantle Heave Ho H4 * Gold Coast FMH3 * Golden HHH Governators H3 * Hampton H3 * Hartford H3 * Heartland H3 Heidelberg H3 * Horse’s Ass H3 Houston H3 * Howlin’ H3 AZ Kansas City H3 * Knuckledraggers H3 * Las Vegas H3 Lake Somerville Rogue H3 * LincolNE H3 * Little Rock H3 Lubbock H3 * Memphis H3 * Middle Georgia H3* Munich H3 Minneapolis H3 * Moody Blues H3 * Mt. Vernon H3 Music City H3 * Nagoya H3New Orleans H3 * North County H3 Okinawa H3 * Oklahoma City H3 * Omaha H3 * Oregon H3 Osan Bulgogi H3 * O.U.C.H.3 * Prick of the Prairie H3 Panama City H3 * Reno BNH4 * Phoenix H3 * Pike’s Peak H3 Pooflingers H3 Prick of the Prairie H3 * Puget Sound H3 Rocket Shitty H3 Rotten Groton H3 * Sacile Madness H3 Sacramento H3 * San Antonio H3 * Saipan H3 * Seattle H3 H3 of SantO Barbara * Sembach H3 Seoul PMS H3 * Sin City H3 Siem Reap H3 * St. Louis H3 * Stuttgart H3 * Sumo HHH Survivor H3 * Swift Pope Area H3 * Summit H3 * Tampa Bay H3 Tornado Alley H3 * Ventura County H3 * Vicenza Derelicts H3 Vientiane H3 * Warner Robbins H3 * Wellington H3 White House HHH * WTF H3 * Yellow Brick Road H3 Yuma HHH * Yongsan Kimchi H3 * Zurich H3

Check out Indochina Mekong Hash Info


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Valid from 25Mar2012 to 27Oct2012

Valid from 25Mar2012 to 27Oct2012







VIENTIANE - BANGKOK - VIENTIANE Daily VTE BKK 07:30 08:35 320 247 VTE BKK 16:15 17:50 AT7 1356 VTE BKK 16:40 17:50 320 Daily VTE BKK 13:50 14:55 734 Daily VTE BKK 21:50 22:55 734 Daily BKK VTE 09:35 10:45 320 247 BKK VTE 18:55 20:40 AT7 1356 BKK VTE 18:55 20:05 320 Daily BKK VTE 11:45 12:55 734 19:55 21:05 734 Daily BKK VTE VIENTIANE - HANOI - VIENTIANE Daily VTE HAN 15:15 16:25 320 Daily VTE HAN 17:50 19:20 321 Daily HAN VTE 17:25 18:35 320 Daily HAN VTE 09:55 11:00 321 VIENTIANE - PHNOMPENH - VIENTIANE Daily VTE PNH 11:45 13:15 321 Daily PNH VTE 17:50 19:20 321 VIENTIANE - SIEMREAP - VIENTIANE 2457 VTE REP 06:30 09:25 AT7 2457 REP VTE 10:05 13:00 AT7 VIENTIANE - SINGAPORE - VIENTIANE 247 VTE SIN 15:40 19:40 320 247 SIN VTE 20:40 22:40 320 VIENTIANE - HOCHIMINH - VIENTIANE 136 VTE SGN 08:30 12:30 AT7 136 SGN VTE 13:30 17:30 AT7 VIENTIANE - KUNMING - VIENTIANE Daily VTE KMG 07:20 09:50 320 Daily KMG VTE 10:50 11:20 320 LUANGPRABANG- CHIANGMAI - LUANGPRABANG 23567 LPQ CNX 13:15 14:15 AT7 23567 CNX LPQ 15:15 16:15 AT7 LUANGPRABANG - JINGHONG - LUANGPRABANG 247 LPQ JHG 11:20 13:20 AT7 247 JHG LPQ 14:00 14:10 AT7 LUANGPRABANG - BANGKOK - LUANGPRABANG Daily LPQ BKK 07:35 09:15 AT7 Daily BKK LPQ 10:40 12:20 AT7 LUANGPRABANG- SIEMREAP - LUANGPRABANG 136 LPQ REP 10:55 14:20 AT7 Daily LPQ REP 11:55 13:50 AT7 136 REP LPQ 15:00 18:10 AT7 Daily REP LPQ 14:30 16:25 AT7 LUANGPRABANG - HANOI - LUANGPRABANG Daily LPQ HAN 17:05 18:20 AT7 Daily LPQ HAN 17:10 18:10 AT7 Daily HAN LPQ 09:50 11:15 AT7 Daily HAN LPQ 18:50 19:50 AT7 PAKSE - SIEM REAP - PAKSE 2457 PKZ REP 08:25 09:25 AT7 1356 PKZ REP 13:20 14:20 AT7 2457 REP PKZ 10:05 11:05 AT7 1356 REP PKZ 15:00 16:00 AT7 SAVANNAKHET - BANGKOK - SAVANNAKHET 1357 ZVK BKK 10:30 12:00 MA6 1357 BKK ZVK 13:05 14:35 MA6 PAKSE - HOCHIMINH - PAKSE 136 PKZ SGN 10:55 12:30 AT7 136 SGN PKZ 13:30 15:05 AT7 PAKSE - BANGKOK - PAKSE 1357 PKZ BKK 09:20 12:00 MA6 1357 BKK PKZ 13:05 15:35 MA6

STP 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 PKZ PKZ 0 0 PKZ PKZ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 PKZ 0 PKZ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ZVK ZVK

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VIENTIANE - LUANGPRABANG - VIENTIANE 136 VTE LPQ 09:15 10:10 AT7 247 VTE LPQ 09:15 10:10 AT7 Daily VTE LPQ 11:45 12:30 320 Daily VTE LPQ 17:00 17:55 AT7 247 LPQ VTE 14:30 15:15 AT7 Daily LPQ VTE 13:30 14:15 320 Daily LPQ VTE 18:25 19:20 AT7 136 LPQ VTE 18:40 19:25 AT7 LUANGPRABANG - PAKSE - LUANGPRABANG 136 LPQ PKZ 10:55 12:35 AT7 136 PKZ LPQ 16:30 18:10 AT7 VIENTIANE -OUDOMXAY - VIENTIANE 2467 VTE ODY 10:30 11:20 MA6 2467 ODY VTE 11:50 12:40 MA6 VIENTIANE- HOUEISAY - VIENTIANE 1357 VTE HOE 11:00 11:55 MA6 1357 HOE VTE 12:35 13:30 MA6 VIENTIANE - LUANGNAMTHA-VIENTIANE 1357 VTE LXG 12:00 13:00 MA6 1357 LXG VTE 13:30 14:30 MA6 VIENTIANE - XIENGKHUANG-VIENTIANE 13457 VTE XKH 10:00 10:30 MA6 13457 XKH VTE 11:00 11:30 MA6 VIENTIANE- PAKSE - VIENTIANE 2457 VTE PKZ 06:30 07:45 AT7 136 VTE PKZ 08:30 09:45 AT7 1357 VTE PKZ 07:35 08:50 MA6 2457 PKZ VTE 11:45 13:00 AT7 136 PKZ VTE 16:05 17:30 AT7 1357 PKZ VTE 16:05 17:20 MA6 VIENTIANE - SAVANNAKHET-VIENTIANE 1357 VTE ZVK 07:35 09:50 MA6 12345 VTE ZVK 06:00 07:00 AT7 12345 VTE ZVK 14:15 15:15 AT7 12345 ZVK VTE 09:30 10:30 AT7 12345 ZVK VTE 15:45 16:45 AT7 1357 ZVK VTE 15:05 17:20 MA6 PAKSE - SAVANNAKHET - PAKSE 1357 PKZ ZVK 09:20 09:50 MA6 1357 ZVK PKZ 15:05 15:35 MA6

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5 = Friday 6 = Saturday 7 = Sunday

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02 Pangkham Rd, P.O. Box 6441 Vientiane , Lao P.D.R Tel: +856 21 212016, 212051-54 Fax: +856 21 212056, 212058

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Letters Dear Editor, Praise for the





n one of the more sober moments on the way to Jogjakarta for my ninth Interhash, I was reminded of the tremendous value of having a copy of The Hash Directory. Approached by an obviously sceptical fellow, questioning my slightly politically incorrect hash t-shirt, I was able to convince him of the Hash’s world-wide connections only by showing him a Hash Directory. So impressed was he that he parted clutching a slip of paper with a note of his nearest hash, although I doubt Mount Vernon HHH will thank me. Which brings me to the great advantage of travelling with a Hash Directory. The details listed have been provided by a network of regional hash websites who freely publish details about hashing for various areas that cover the entire world. These websites are maintained by hash volunteers who hash in respective regions and, therefore, are able to share local hashing knowledge. This can be invaluable when you are in desperate need of some congenial hashing company and a beer or three. The rapid growth in the use of the internet has been a boon for the hashing community but there are many times when that technology is not available or not working and it is much quicker to look up a Hash location. The Directory is a powerful weapon for hashing – I once used its information to persuade a yacht’s captain to change course and head for Ascension Island on an Atlantic crossing, but I think he was more interested in the drinking than the running! Many thanks and beers to the many hashers who provide the updates and even more down-downs to those who make the Directory happen. GATES THE GODFATHER WESSEX HASH HOUSE HARRIERS - UK



another rant by Frank “Whorator” Benfield



t is the purpose of this paper to argue for the establishment of a form of InterHash council to provide responsible, principled guidance for InterHash committees to correct the current parlous even dysfunctional state of some InterHash f u n c t i o n a l and financial management.


In its July–September 2010 edition, Harrier Magazine published evidence and justification that the management of Kuching InterHash 2010 (Kuching IH2010) had for some time been dysfunctional


- click on the July-September edition).

Leading up to the recent Borobudur InterHash 2012 (Borobudur IH2012), the consequences of that dysfunction came into sharp focus when Kuching IH2010 failed to comply with requests to provide the InterHash Start-Up Fund of US$25,000.00 properly transferred to it by Perth InterHash 2008. Awareness of this financial malfeasance by Kuching IH2010 is now widespread within the InterHash community and sadly that is now THE legacy of Kuching IH2010. But that 14 HARRIER


is not the end of the matter for according to Kuching IH2010’s Treasurer, Kuching IH2010 retained almost MR600,000.00 including the Start-Up Fund in its bank accounts. On 23 May 2012, Kuching IH2010 finally remitted US$24,970.00 comprising the Start-Up Fund less unpaid bank fees to Borobudur IH2012 after the situation was revealed to the InterHash community by Borobudur IH2012.

rm to fo il y r a c s eces sh coun le, n t i b a Is erH onsi to t p n I s e an er ce ovid guidan es? r p to methodology in its itte led ncip h comm i r p “Social Obligations” rHas Inte which it defines to mean wer: s n a “Any profit from the only e h T event we will distribute to local charities, Hash Heritage Foundation, next InterHash Organiser and maximum 20% balance to organizing chapters”. In the order of this distribution of profits, readers will see the priorities of Hainan IH2014. One wonders at the justification for funding the troubled Malaysian-based Hash Heritage Foundation. However, review of the organisers listed provides the explanation in the links to Malaysia. If (Hainan IH2014 Chair) Mahai, who has personal links with Malaysia, had only InterHash priorities he and his organisers would first limit the registration costs of HIH14.

! S E Y

There is nothing positive in this malfeasance by Kuching IH2010. But the situation does highlight the parlous state of some InterHash management. InterHash now presents an opportunity for rampant commercialism and individual and Club enrichment. Additionally, charity donations are outrageously excessive and designed to enhance the standing of Hashers in non-Hash communities. Examples of such outcomes also exist in the management of InterHashes in KL Therefore, it is once more time to ask IH1998 and Goa IH2002. the question: Is it necessary to form an Sadly, Hainan InterHash 2014 (Hainan InterHash council to provide responsible, guidance to InterHash IH2014) has adopted a similar principled


committees? The answer to a similar question asked in the Harrier Magazine July–September 2010 edition remains the only answer: YES! Such an InterHash institution (title to be decided) can identify and define the components and parameters of an InterHash. There is no shortage of eminent InterHashers with great business knowledge, skills and management experience who could fulfill the responsibilities inherent in any such InterHash institution. Efficient use of modern internet facilities would enable such an InterHash Institution to operate across InterHashdom without the cost of regular face-to-face meetings. Prior to Borobudur IH2012, a gathering of eminent InterHashers considered this issue as an informal InterHash Advisory

Group (IAG). Such meetings and considerations are not novel but unfortunately plans formulated in the past have never been implemented.


The recent financial malfeasance of Kuching IH2010 provides justification, opportunity and motivation for the InterHash community to support the formation of an InterHash institution of the kind envisaged by the IAG. Now is the time for the InterHash community to unite, as it does at every InterHash and support the development of an InterHash institution with terms of reference enabling it: (i) to define the limitations & parameters of InterHash; and (ii) to provide the necessary management and financial direction and guidance to InterHash host management committees. Of course, there is much more detail to initiate, develop and implement concerning the InterHash institution, but the IAG should be given time and be empowered to do just that. This opinion piece has set out the justification for the establishment of an institution to provide responsible, principled guidance for InterHash committees to correct the current parlous even dysfunctional state of some InterHash functional and financial management. It is time for the InterHash community to support the IAG as it works towards the creation of this InterHash institution. NOW is the time to bring such a concept to fruition and in the process answer the question: Whither InterHash 2012? On on forever Frank “Whorator� Benfield Mooloolaba H3 Qld

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