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Welcome to a school with a tradition of excellence and a commitment to life-long learning. Here you will be encouraged to deepen your knowledge, explore new opportunities, and learn how you can make a difference. Harpeth Hall will challenge you to realize your potential and to go beyond your expectations.

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“The incredible atmosphere of academic excellence and an excitement to learn is what I love about Harpeth Hall. When I walk in the doors, I feel like every day will be an adventure where I will learn something new.� Margaret, junior

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arpeth Hall

is a school of visionary educators who continue to expand and adapt a challenging, girl-centered curriculum to prepare young women for the world they will lead. From 5th through 12th grades, our technologyrich classrooms provide our students with the 21st century skills they need to become critical thinkers, confident leaders, and effective

innovative problem solvers.



century classrooms

On any given day, a

The Kite Runner.

middle school Spanish

Our classrooms feature

class may Skype with

hands-on, project-based,

students in Spain, and

and interdisciplinary

an algebra class might

learning. Our students

manipulate TI-84

learn to set priorities,

graphing calculators

develop decision-

to collect and analyze

making skills, and value

data to determine linear

the process of the

relationships. At the

educational experience.

same time, an upper school biology class is sequencing DNA while an English class is using Google Earth mashup combining satellite imagery, videos, and photographs to explore Khaled Hosseini’s novel

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visionary Harpeth Hall’s college preparatory curriculum is designed around how girls learn best. It is interdisciplinary, integrated, hands-on, and project-based.

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t is a dynamic time to

as they enter an even

be a Harpeth Hall student.

more competitive

Our graduates will lead

workforce. Harpeth Hall

a world that is increas-

graduates embrace new

ingly diverse, global, and

literacy competencies

technologically advanced.

that include the ability to assess, interpret,

Harpeth Hall is a national

analyze, synthesize,

technology leader in

and communicate in

the independent school

multimedia formats.

community. Access to

Additionally, because we

technology throughout

are a founding member of

the campus facilitates

the nationally recognized

learning and gives our

Online School for Girls,

students a powerful

our students have more

advantage in their educa-

opportunities to expand

tional careers as well as a

their knowledge through

heightened preparedness

online learning.

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Harpeth Hall’s mission is to develop responsible citizens who have global perspectives and make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world.

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Community Citizens

t Harpeth Hall,

are more honorable than

instilling the value of

giving back to the com-

community service in our

munity, helping those who

students is an extremely

are in need and doing

important part of our mis-

one’s part to make the

sion to help young women

world a better place. Our

prepare for a well-rounded

service learning program

and rewarding life. All

not only prepares our girls

Harpeth Hall students

to be better community

participate in meaningful

service providers, but it

service learning oppor-

also inspires them to make

tunities, developing

service an important part

their skills and talents to

of their lives.

address local, national, and international issues

Spirit of Service Facts:

and deepening their

• 100 percent voluntary

understanding of social responsibility. One of the pledges of a Harpeth Hall graduate is to “live honorably,” and

participation • 13,000 volunteer hours annually • 150-plus organizations served annually

we believe few things Go Beyond Your Expectations | 7

“Traveling abroad is the most edifying experience you can have. By being exposed to a different culture, you are naturally widening your worldview and becoming better educated.� Emily Hong, class of 2010 College Choice: Yale University

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he Harpeth Hall

international exchange

knowledge by taking

graduate finds herself in

opportunities. Harpeth

courses not offered

a world where she must

Hall prepares graduates

through the standard

be prepared to live and

for new ways of thinking,

curriculum, to interact

work not in one culture

living, and working in the

with citizens from other

but many cultures. Our

21st century.

countries through aca-

globally based curriculum

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demic travel, or to con-

offers Middle Eastern

For many students,

nect their world-class

and Asian studies in the

our signature Winterim

education with real-world

Middle School and World

program is a pivotal expe-

experience through

History in the Upper

rience. Offered for three

internships in Nashville,

School. Other initiatives

weeks in January for

New York City, Washington

include adding Mandarin

upper school students,

D.C., and beyond.

Chinese as a world

Winterim gives girls a

language and expanding

chance to broaden their

worldview Our international ex-

China, France, Germany,

changes provide students

South Africa, and Spain.

with opportunities to immerse themselves in

Through our international

the cultures of various

exchanges and our glob-

countries and develop

ally centered curriculum,

worldwide connections.

we have made the world

These experiences provide

our classroom and are

our students with aware-

preparing our students to

ness, understanding, and

become global leaders.

appreciation of others and how they live. Currently, we offer international exchanges with schools in Go Beyond Your Expectations | 9

“I always feel as if I am part of this big, loving community of hundreds of smart girls who challenge me to do my best every day.� Halle, junior

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Life-long Friends

ď ?


sk any Harpeth

traditions serve as guides.

Hall student what she

Harpeth Hall’s mission, as

likes best about Harpeth

shared by our predecessor

Hall and you will likely

schools, Ward Seminary

hear enthusiastic descrip-

for Young Ladies (1865)

tions about the opportu-

and Ward-Belmont (1913),

nities to make life-long

is to provide excellence

friendships. Because we

in education for young

are an all-girls’ school,

women. This mission

our students can be who

continues to provide

they are without feeling

inspiration and identity to

the pressure to censor

the entire Ward-Belmont

themselves. Harpeth Hall

and Harpeth Hall com-

is a place where learning

munity from the past into

and laughing co-mingle,

the future.

where friendships and

Go Beyond Your Expectations | 11

mentor “I have never met a group of adults more eager to impart knowledge to students. They are absolutely willing to give any and all help necessary to a student to make her academic career as successful as possible.� Kate, senior

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arpeth Hall’s

faculty is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of our excellent educational outcomes. Recruited nationally, our exceptional faculty is devoted to our mission of providing an education tailored to the needs and gifts of girls. Well before classes begin each day, they meet with students to review concepts or answer homework questions. Well into the evening, they gather in the auditorium or bleachers to cheer on our girls. Their roles in the lives of our students reach beyond classroom teacher. They serve as role models, mentors, confidants, advisors, coaches, club sponsors, and friends. Additionally, our faculty is made up of seasoned educators. They bring an average of 17 years teaching experience and 80% hold advanced degrees. Always engaged in ongoing professional development, our faculty’s pursuit of knowledge models life-long learning for our students.

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“Harpeth Hall lives out its mission to create confident leaders. I always thought of my high school experience as intensely academic, and it was once I was gone that I realized how many ways the education fostered my leadership skills as well.� Margaret Walker, class of 2008, Princeton University

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Future Leaders

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t Harpeth Hall,

being a leader is more than being captain of a team or president of a club. A Harpeth Hall leader is a young woman who models integrity, respects others and herself, is always learning, understands her actions make a difference, acts when she sees a need, has a positive attitude, inspires others, listens thoughtfully, communicates effectively and

and hone this essential

understands when to lead

life skill. Participation in

and when to follow.

more than forty school

At Harpeth Hall, students learn that the responsibilities of leadership come our way every day and that there are multiple ways to be leaders.

clubs provides students with numerous leadership development skills including organization, teamwork, and communication.

Collaborative classroom

Leadership development

assignments give students

is intentional at Harpeth

the chance to lead teams.

Hall, because we know

Public speaking oppor-

our students are the

tunities allow students

faces of the future.

to express themselves

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arpeth Hall

59 percent of upper

has always been on the

school students partici-

cutting edge of girls’

pate in athletics. Harpeth

interscholastic athletics.

Hall fields more than 45

In fact, in the late 1800s,

teams in 11 upper school

The Ward Seminary for

sports and 10 middle

Young Ladies, Harpeth Hall’s predecessor school, had the first girls’ varsity basketball team in the South and one of the first in the nation. Three alumnae are Olympians: cross-country runner Margaret Groos Sloan, class of 1977, swimmer Tracy Caulkins Stockwell,

school sports. More

class of 1981, and eques-

importantly, we know

trian Linden Wiesman,

that athletic competi-

class of 1993.

tion develops leadership,

Superior coaching, stateof-the-art facilities and unmatched team spirit

“The richness of my athletic experience played an incredible role in my development physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is no price tag you can put on learning what trust, perseverance, grit, and sacrifice really look like.” Buffy Baker, class of 1987, Florida

State University graduate, varsity tennis coach

integrity, courage, and teamwork to achieve a common goal.

have earned Harpeth Hall

These are vital skills for

its winning legacy. Our

championship teams and

scholar-athletes have

for college and beyond. At

garnered nearly four doz-

Harpeth Hall, our athletes

en state championships.

are champions – on and

More than 90 percent of

off the playing field.

middle school and

Go Beyond Your Expectations | 17

“Dance is called a discipline for a reason. Dancers are learning life lessons. They are learning time management, teamwork, meeting deadlines and performing to the best of their abilities.� Stephanie Hamilton, Harpeth Hall dance teacher

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personal differences

ď ?


hrough our Fine

Arts program and co-curricular opportunities, students are exposed to the varied means of expression inherent in the disciplines of dance, drama, music, and the visual arts. Girls discover their passions and emotions and explore new ideas, subject matter, and cultures while creating their own artistic voices. The performing arts program offers dance,

faculty of professional art-

can participate in excep-

music, and theatre in an

ists. Each performing arts

tional dramatic, musical,

inspired and challenging

discipline is specific in

and comedy productions,

environment. Students

training, but all educate

award-winning choral

develop their performance

the individual student to

and orchestral ensembles,

skills with the support and

expand her abilities. In the

and excellent after-school

leadership of a committed

performing arts, students

dance companies. Go Beyond Your Expectations | 19

ď ?


he visual arts pro-

their students, encourag-

gram develops skills while

ing them to step outside

engaging a student’s

of their comfort zones

creativity and imagination.

while nurturing their in-

Our state-of-the-art facility

dividual talents. Whether

features three art studios,

picking up a paint brush

a photography lab and

for the first time or put-

darkroom, a videography

ting the finishing touches

lab, a media lab, and an

on her senior portfolio,

art history lecture hall.

each girl finds a sense of

Classes in the visual arts

accomplishment and a

are dynamic. The facilities

fresh perspective.

and faculty inspire. Within

20 | Come to Harpeth Hall

the context of different

Harpeth Hall’s compre-

media, teachers mentor

hensive Fine Arts program

individual provides students with ways to express their creative talents and energies. Within each discipline, students strengthen critical thinking skills, perceptual awareness, and problem solving. They learn to create, value, and support the arts for a lifetime. At Harpeth Hall, the fine arts are a vital, integral component of a complete education. Go Beyond Your Expectations | 21

22 | Come to Harpeth Hall

“What I learned at Harpeth Hall was that a woman can do anything she wants.” Beth Vaughn, class of 1971, Auburn University graduate, environmental engineer


Dynamic Network

Our graduates become

successful alumnae who distinguish themselves in virtually every industry. Harpeth Hall alumnae are architects, artists, CEOs, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, writers…


rom the time a girl

steps onto our campus until her commencement

the list is endless. What they have in common is the benefit of our outstanding all-girls college preparatory education.

day, we seek to instill in

As class of 2004 Harpeth

her a passion for knowl-

Hall alumna and Spelman

edge. Along the way, she

graduate Kim Hogg notes:

discovers her talents and

“It was at Harpeth Hall that

gets a glimpse into the world that she will lead. Each year, Harpeth Hall graduates young women well prepared to attend prestigious colleges and universities from coast to coast and abroad. Their intellect, talent, and will

I came into myself, that I became exposed to opportunities that shaped me in a way I did not then understand. It was here that I developed a spirit of service, a thirst for knowledge, and the ability to think critically and live honorably.”

to achieve set them apart.

Go Beyond Your Expectations | 23

Mission Statement

Harpeth Hall is an independent college preparatory school for young women where each student realizes her highest intellectual ability, becomes fluent in the sciences, the humanities, and the arts, and discovers her creative and athletic talents. Harpeth Hall develops responsible citizens who have global perspectives and make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world. With a tradition of excellence and a commitment to life-long learning, Harpeth Hall educates young women to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably.

Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to nurture a sense of wonder; to instill a will and facility for learning; and to promote cultural understanding, environmental stewardship, and service to others. The pursuit of these goals will inspire students and faculty to combine knowledge with goodness and reflection with action.

Values Statement

The Harpeth Hall community – students and faculty – has chosen respect, integrity, individuality, and trust to be our guiding principles. These values reflect our reverence for expressing kindness toward and acceptance of others; our commitment to diversity, forgiveness, and achieving one’s personal best; and our dedication to the service of others.

Financial Aid

Harpeth Hall believes all bright and talented young women who yearn for an exceptional educational opportunity should find a welcoming and open door at our school regardless of their family’s resources.


For further information please contact: The Harpeth Hall Office of Admission by calling 615-346-0126 or emailing

The Harpeth Hall School | 3801Hobbs Road | Nashville, TN 37215-0207 | 615-297-9543 | Harpeth Hall does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, or disability in the admission and educational policies, financial aid programs, employment practices and other school administered programs.

Harpeth Hall Viewbook 2010  
Harpeth Hall Viewbook 2010  

Harpeth Hall Viewbook 2010