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I put a block on the top of my tower. Peterrific int des5 cc15.indd 9

11/10/16 11:36 AM

“Pinkalicious, do you have any blocks?” I asked my sister. “I am about to run out.”

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11/10/16 11:37 AM

“I’m busy reading,” she said. “I want to build a GIANT tower all by myself! I never get to do anything by myself. It will be so tall that I will be able to get a star from the sky and give it to Mommy,” I said. “Wow, I want a star too! Can you get one for me?” asked Pinkalicious. “We can borrow some blocks from next door. I’ll go get them.”

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11/10/16 11:37 AM

Peterrific int des5 cc15.indd 12

11/10/16 11:37 AM

While she was gone, I made drawings of the tower that I was going to build. If it was tall enough, it could go out the window and right up through the clouds. Then I could stand on a cloud and look below.

Peterrific int des5 cc15.indd 13

11/10/16 11:37 AM

Peterrific by Victoria Kann  

The #1 New York Times bestselling author-artist of the Pinkalicious series, Victoria Kann, is back with an imagination-sparking new book sta...

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