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Food & Drink

Desi Bakes 85 Recipes Bringing the Best of Indian Flavors to Western-Style Desserts Hetal Vasavada

October 2024


$35.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 7¾ × 10 in

Full-color Photography

A new world of over-the-top glamor and bling awaits home bakers and industry pros alike who wish to build on their knowledge of Indian flavors and traditions with Desi Bakes. Hetal Vasavada’s newest book brings decorating inspiration, and recipe adjustments for gluten-free, egg-free, and vegan treats to an audience looking to create eye-catching mithai, sweets. Learn what to bring to a friend’s Diwali celebration, how to use leftover besan ki burfi in Muddy Buddies, and how to mirror beautiful Indian textiles with icing on cookies.

From cookies, to cakes, to puddings, frozen desserts, and even drinks, Desi Bakes brings vivid color and spice to all the sweet moments in life.

After a cross-country move to the Bay Area, Hetal Vasavada started to recreate the flavors of her childhood in her own style, which eventually landed her a spot on Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef ,where she was the show’s first Hindu vegetarian contestant. Hetal is the author of Milk and Cardamom, has a successful Instagram channel (@milkandcardamom), blog and online pop-up bakery, and is a contributor at Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Eater, Cherry Bombe, Food52, and more.

Vibrant, beautiful photos of desserts, tablescapes, and different holiday traditions. Step-by-step photos for recipes.

Hetal has amassed an international audience through her MasterChef appearances. And because the Indian food community is tight, she has close ties to Priya Krishna, Khushbu Shah, Preeti Mistry, Sonia Chopra, Sohla El-Waylly, and Sana Javeri Kadri.

There is a growing interest in diversifying the baking category. Readers are looking to hear new points of view and explore a greater variety flavor profiles and techniques.

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Cook Like a Real Italian Super

Sexy and Simple Recipes from Cooking with Bello Angelo Coassin

October 2024


$35.00 | Hardcover 176 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in Full-color Photography

Angelo Coassin, aka Cooking with Bello, is a passionate, Italian home cook whose enthusiasm is undeniable and infectious—try finding a video of his that doesn’t include a moan of "mamma mia" pleasure or his infamous "super sexy" catchphrase.

With Cook Like a Real Italian, learn how to create authentic tasting dishes with the same passion and joy as Angelo. Including 70 classic and contemporary Italian recipes, from carbonara, focaccia, and tiramisu to pasta roses, pizza muffins, and homemade gelato, you’ll soon have a super-sexy repertoire under your belt.

Unrestrictive, easy to follow, and using readily available ingredients, Angelo’s recipes will give you the confidence to cook great-tasting Italian food at home with chapters including APPETISERS, PRIMI, SECONDI, DESSERTS, and COCKTAILS.

With an image alongside each recipe, Cook Like a Real Italian promises to be an inspiring, engaging, and joyful cookbook that celebrates real Italian home cooking.

Angelo Coassin is a passionate Italian cook who learned everything from his mamma and nonna. In 2020, he launched his Instagram, Cooking with Bello, dedicated to creating fun and delicious Italian recipes. Since then he has amassed 1.2m Instagram followers and 1.6 million on TikTok

Angelo Coassin is a social-media superstar. With a combined following of 2.3 million, he aims to cook super simple, fun, and tasty Italian food. He has already appeared on television in the UK and has released "Super Sexy" kitchenware.

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French Kitchen Lessons

Recipes & Stories from Normandy's Rabbit Hill Farm Cat Bude

September 2024 9781958417393

$40.00 | Hardcover

304 Pages | 7 × 7¼ in

Full-color Photography

French Kitchen Lessons is a celebration of food, farm life, and the seasons—not only the seasons of the year, but the seasons of life: starting over, and finding your place with loved ones.

In 2010, Cat Bude and her husband left their jobs in Seattle and moved to Normandy, France. An urge to share the joys of country life led Cat to start her blog, Rabbit Hill Lifestyle, and eventually she began hosting vintage shopping tours, guided market trips, lavender harvest parties, and cooking classes for readers of her blog traveling to Rabbit Hill.

French Kitchen Lessons begins with classic French staples like pastry doughs, mother sauces, and stocks, then teaches you how to transform them into dishes to share at your table throughout the year. Recipes range from traditional like Croques Monsieur and Bœuf Bourgignon, to those with modern twists like a savory Paris-brest and Lemon Poppy Seed Crêpes, all inspired by the French market-to-table tradition.

Cat Bude is a writer, blogger, and cooking instructor. She moved to Normandy with her family in 2010 and started a blog, Rabbit Hill Lifestyle, where she shares her life as an expat in the countryside.

The author has an engaged following of 53.5k: @cat_in_france and the Rabbit Hill website receives 6k visitors a month https://rabbithilllifestyle.com.

The life of an expat living in the French countryside is of perennial interest. This story adds a twist by centering Normandy and homesteading to bring a fresh perspective to general “French country cooking” books that are available now.

Author is an experienced writer and marketer with a strong grasp on her audience, how to market to them, and more broadly to capture new readers.

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Chez Manon

Simple Recipes From  A French Home Kitchen

Manon Lagrève

October 2024


$37.50 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

Over 80 mouthwatering recipes to cook at home.

Chez Manon is a heartfelt book filled with Manon’s family recipes, as well as contemporary French meals that make entertaining effortless, whether it’s a brunch for two or lunch for a crowd.

The chapters are set out like a classic French menu, allowing you to mix and match according to what’s in season. Recipes include classics, such as Pistachio and Almond Croissants, Chicken and Prune Pie and Salmon en Croute, to the more modern Beetroot Tarte Tatin and Mozzarella, Nectarine and Hazelnut Salad. The desserts are lick-the-spoon-worthy affairs, such as the Chocolate and Pear Gâteau, Easy Homemade Profiteroles and Mamie’s Apple Tart.

With a chapter of fool-proof meal plans so you can “Host Like A French” with ease, this cookbook demystifies French cooking once and for all.

Manon Lagrève grew up on a farm in Brittany, where food was celebrated as the core of family life. In 2018 Manon entered The Great British Bake-Off, reaching the quarter final. Since then, she has been sharing her creations online and has over 558k followers on Instagram and over 366k followers on TikTok. Manon lives in London with her husband and daughter.

Manon shows how easy it is to prepare French meals, whether it's a quick lunch or a large gathering.

Manon has an excellent social media following: Instagram 558k / TikTok 360k.

Shot on location at Manon's family farm in Brittany.

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Essentials of French Cuisine Over 80 Simple and Timeless Recipes to Cook at Home

Laurent Mariotte

August 2024


$45.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 8¼ × 10¼ in

Full-color Photography

Discover how to create over 80 delicious classics of French gastronomy.

In Essentials of French Cuisine, best-selling author Laurent Mariotte shares a collection of French classic recipes. Learn how to whip up starters such Cheese Soufflé and Onion Soup, mains such as Moules Marinières and Beef Stew, and desserts such as Clafoutis, Lemon Tart and Chocolate Mousse.

With step-by-step methods, the recipes help aid home cooks of all skill levels to produce delicious dishes. Even though the recipes are broken into achievable steps, they are specific enough so that they can be used as a jumping point to make these classics your own.

From understanding the importance of high-quality ingredients, to learning basic techniques, you will be guided through the fundamentals of French cooking. Plus, there are menus that offer inspiration for different occasions.

Full of tips and anecdotes, Essentials of French Cuisine is the perfect companion for any home cook.

Laurent Mariotte is the number one best-selling cookbook author in France who has published dozens of books, selling over one million copies. He is committed to sharing accessible and affordable food and is greatly valued for the simplicity of his recipes.

Your essential cookbook for French cuisine, featuring simple, traditional, and modern recipes that are full of flavor yet easy to make.

Written by Laurent Mariotte, who is the number one best-selling cookbook author in France.

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Also Available



$42.00 | Hardcover

Danube Recipes and Stories from Along the Banks of Eastern Lands Irina Georgescu

October 2024


$43.00 | Hardcover

272 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in Full-color Photography

A culinary journey with easy-to-make recipes from the enchanting Eastern lands of the Danube River.

In Danube, the James Beard Award-winning food writer and cook Irina Georgescu takes you on a gastronomic adventure along the Danube River, unearthing the hidden gems of Eastern European cuisine. With over 80 extraordinary recipes for everyday cooking—many focusing on vegetables, beans and pulses without meat—this cookbook is a testament to the diverse cultures of Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria in those border regions shaped by the Danube.

The recipes are simple and practical, from Potato Stew with Filo Crust, Leek and Rice Pie, Noodles with Sauerkraut and Slowcooked Beans to life-giving Lamb and Pearl Barley Curban Soup, Easter Lamb Stufat with Spring Onions and Sunday PotRoasted Chicken with Herby Stock.

With stunning location and food photography throughout, Danube is your passport to a world of flavors, stories, and traditions that will leave you hungry for more.

Irina Georgescu is a Romanian food writer and author of two renowned cookbooks, her most recent being TAVA, which won the James Beard Award in 2023. Irina's recipes draw on her Eastern European heritage.

Featuring over 80 accessible recipes, the majority of which are vegetarian and vegan, Danube caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. With stunning location and food photography, this cookbook serves as your passport the vibrant and diverse cultures of Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria, leaving you hungry for more.

Sicily, My Sweet Love Notes to an Island, with Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Puddings, and Preserves

Victoria Granof

October 2024


$35.00 | Hardcover

240 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

Sicilian pastries are fanciful, bawdy, and brash. They are celebratory, superstitious, and some of the most show-stopping desserts around. Luckily, they are also quite easy to make at home now that Sicilian pistachios, almonds, flour, chocolate, sheep’s milk ricotta, jasmine water, fragrant lemons, and fennel are easier than ever to procure.

In Victoria Granof’s expert hands, readers learn to make Meyer Lemon and Bay Leaf Gelato, Schiumone, a frozen mousse of jasmine-scented almond milk, Gela di Melone, a fruit pudding of white melon and orange blossom, and Pasticcini di Pistacchio Con Gelsomino, pistachio and jasmine macarons.

Full of gorgeous food and location photography, warm and witty headnotes, and expert recipes, Sicily, My Sweet is sure to transport and delight.

Victoria Granof was named one of the most creative and inspiring women in food by Cherry Bombe, and a woman to follow by The Spruce Eats. She is one of today’s most visionary and vibrant culinary artists. Her loyal clients include Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Food & Wine, Vogue, Rachael Ray Everyday, Delish, Bon Appétit, Food 52, Epicurious, WSJ, New York Magazine, New York Times Magazine, New York Times Food, Refinery 29, and Men’s Journal. She is the author of four cookbooks and is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Victoria Granof is one of the most talented food stylists and recipe developers in the industry. A lovely package, with extra bells and whistles, to buy as a gift or as a conversation piece.

Italian cuisine is always popular, but Sicily is having a moment.

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Also Available

All Day Baking


$35.00 | Hardcover

Sweet Seasons Wholesome Treats For

Every Occasion

Michael James and Pippa James

October 2024


$38.00 | Hardcover

224 Pages | 7½ × 10¼ in Full-color Photography

After the success of All Day Baking: Savory, Not Sweet (as featured on Jamie Oliver's Cookbook Club), Michael and Pippa James return with Sweet Seasons, in this cookbook featuring more than 80 delectable recipes from retro hits to modern marvels.

Discover how to embrace the sustainable side of sweets by using seasonal fruits, alternative sugars, wholegrains and other flours. Try fail-safe recipes for traditional favorites such as hot cross buns, mince pies, and other festive fare, and nail the classics such as custard tart, sponge cake, chocolate chip cookies and other achievable treats.

Sweet Seasons also includes wonderful recipes for perfect pastries and pies, brownies, biscuits and more. You’ll find fabulous Florentines, luscious lemon poppy-seed cake, and creative custards and curds. It’s the only sweet book you’ll need to celebrate all of life's seasons.

Michael James is a Michelin-restaurant chef by training who was drawn to the art, precision, and satisfaction of baking. With his wife and business partner Pippa James, he has created two bestselling baking books, The Tivoli Road Baker (2017) and All Day Baking: Savoury, Not Sweet (2021). Each book is a masterclass in modern baking firmly rooted in sustainability and seasonality.

A masterclass in modern baking firmly rooted in sustainability and seasonality.

Discover how to make the classics such as custard tarts, brownies, cookies and other achievable desserts. Also learn about traditional baking, with recipes such as hot cross buns and mince pies, all in one book.

Tarts Anon

Sweet And Savoury Tart Brilliance

Gareth Whitton and Catherine Way

August 2024


$35.00 | Hardcover

208 Pages | 7¾ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

Tarts Anon does one thing exceptionally well—tarts—and in this cookbook the team behind the legend reveal the secrets to making the perfect one for every occasion.

Featuring 50 different recipes: from beloved classics such as Plain Old Lemon and Vanilla Custard to more out-of-the-box offerings like Black Forest Tart; savory crowd-pleasers like Mushroom and Parmesan, and truly celebratory tarts like the Saint Honoré, this book contains all the knowledge and inspiration you need to become a tart master. Also included are an in-depth shortcrust pastry recipe and helpful breakouts that guide you through fixing pastry pitfalls with dulce de leche, pouring praise-inducing glazes and perfectly portioning your finished tarts. Simple, elegant and versatile, tarts are both the perfect end to a meal and a meal in their own right—with this book at your fingertips, a world of showstopping circular bakes awaits.

Gareth Whitton was the head pastry chef at Dinner By Heston Blumenthal before launching Tarts Anon as an online side hustle during Covid lockdowns. It soon snowballed into a hit retail store in inner-city Melbourne, Australia and an appearance on MasterChef Australia.

Stunningly shot and beautifully designed, this is both a book to treasure and an invaluable reference to turn to for tart inspiration again and again.

Gareth was the inaugural winner of the MasterChef spin-off series, Dessert Masters, which aired in November 2023.

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The Yearlong Pantry Bright Bold Vegetarian Recipes to Transform Everyday Staples

Erin Alderson

October 2024


$35.00 | Hardcover

240 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

Erin Alderson’s third cookbook is a vegetarian guide to grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Ingredient breakdowns with new cooking techniques and stunning recipes make The Yearlong Pantry both a timeless reference and a fun refresh for anyone looking to add new flourishes to pantry staples.

Learn which grains to fry, pop, or leave to the rice cooker, plus how to turn different nuts into butters, creams, or salad crunchies, and which beans stand up well in hearty sauces or as purees. Chapters, organized by ingredient, start with basic background, buying, storage, and cooking lessons with charts, then dive into recipes to showcase the yearlong pantry with seasonal vegetable swaps. Think Grilled Peaches with Hot Honey Hazelnut Vinaigrette, Carrot Soup with Chile Fried Spelt, and Chimichurri Ayocote Beans over Whipped Ricotta.

Whether it’s your first time cooking beans and you’re not sure whether to soak or when to add salt, or you’re a dry goods aficionado, The Yearlong Pantry will guide you from pantry to plate with delicious results.

Erin Alderson is a recipe developer, writer, and photographer. She is the author of The Homemade Flour Cookbook (2014), and The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen (2015), and has been working in food for almost two decades. Her long-popular blog, Naturally Ella, and Instagram, @naturallyella, also came to life in a print zine, Cook Casual, distributed in bookstores nationwide. Erin is based in Sacramento, CA.

Erin is well-connected in the food world. Her page receives great interaction from big names in industry like Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen), Heidi Swanson, Lisa Lin.

New approach to classic ingredients: exciting new flourishes spice up tried and true ingredients.

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from Sicily

Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi

August 2024


$24.99 | Hardcover

272 Pages | 7¼ × 8¾ in Full-color Photography

Recipes from Sicily is a culinary exploration of this well-loved Italian island.

Join husband and wife team Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi as they head to the island of Sicily to delve into its diverse food scene through more than 90 delicious recipes.

Also Available

Recipes from Venice 9781784886622

$24.99 | Hardcover Recipes from Rome 9781784886288

$24.99 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss

Starting in the capital, Palermo, the couple come across some exciting street food that features tasty Arancini (rice balls stuffed with meat sauce and cheese) to Sfincione, a thick Sicilian pizza, topped with tomatoes, onions, anchovies and casciocavallo cheese. Heading to Noto, almonds feature in some of Italy’s most memorable desserts including a classic Semifreddo to a refreshing Almond Granita (served with fresh brioche, for dunking). No Sicilian book would be complete without Pasta Alla Norma (pasta with tomatoes and eggplants) and the classic, ricotta-filled sweet delight Cannoli.

Set against the backdrop of breathtaking photographs of the islands and Katie’s anecdotes of their travels, Recipes from Sicily is a stunning cookbook and visual feast of one of Italy’s most amazing destinations.

Owners of London's Caldesi in Marylebone, Caldesi in Campagna and La Cucina Caldesi cooking school, Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi have a passion for Italian food. They have taught alongside some of the biggest names in Italian cuisine and are the authors of 17 cookbooks.

Sicily's popularity has grown thanks in part to being the location for TV show The White Lotus.

Keeping the same content as Sicily we are revisiting the design to give it a new lease of life, creating a strong series style.

Moroseta Kitchen Recipes and Stories from

a Modern Puglian Farmhouse

Giorgia Goggi

August 2024


$50.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography and Illustrations

The debut cookbook from Giorgia Goggi, resident chef of a design-led restaurant, hotel, and cookery school, Moroseta Kitchen is a true expression of modern Italy and what it is like to eat there.

Think traditional, seasonal ingredients grown on the grounds with flourishes of inventiveness. Organized into chapters by season, this is a journey of flavor with the most evocative of Italian ingredients—everything from citrus and fennel to basil and peaches, and dishes showcasing the very best of tomato season. Including essays on the best of seasonal produce and bountiful photography of the kitchen garden, Puglian markets, farms and fishing towns, and of course the beautiful restaurant and kitchen space where Giorgia develops her recipes, every page is an ode to the best of Italy.

Moroseta Kitchen is a cookbook that will make you fall in love with Puglia and modern Italian food.

Giorgia Goggi is the resident chef at Masseria Moroseta, a hotel like no other. Since 2017, Giorgia has evolved this stunning property into a much-lauded, internationally renowned restaurant and cook school as well as Italy’s premier places to rest your head.

Moroseta has won rave reviews from the likes of The Telegraph, Vogue, GQ Australia, and Condé Naste Traveller.

Puglia is extremely popular with tourists. One look at Puglia’s hashtag on Instagram (11 million posts) will show you that it’s an aspirational destination for people the world over.

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Happy Hour Snacks

Silly-Good Food For Those Times InBetween

Bec Vrana Dickinson

October 2024


$24.99 | Hardcover

208 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography and Illustrations

Happy Hour Snacks is a go-to guide to simple, delicious food to share in the looser, lazier and louder comfort of your own home. Containing 80 moreish recipes, this cookbook is about making bites with less utensils, more shortcuts, and with a drink in hand.

Experience the shared joy of effortless entertaining with recipes that encourage everyone at the table to get involved. Learn how to shuck oysters, make an easy fresh pasta and graze on greattasting dishes such as Lazy Man’oushe and ’Nduja with Super Honey. Chapters are split into snack cravings: You’re a Bit Salty (salt), The Spice and Smoke Show (spice and smoke), How Good is Acid? (zest and tang), Cheese Sleaze (cheese) and Afters, Always. (liquor-based desserts).

Pick your level of time commitment (“quickie”, “minor investment” or “go the distance”), pour up the drink pairing and feel free to use a knife, scissors, or just your hands. We’re using pre-made ingredients, submitting to sticky fingers and are really just here for a good old time. We’re entertaining your way—hey, go you.

Born in Australia, with a culinary career launched in London, Bec Vrana Dickinson has worked across a variety of foodbased roles. Completing a diploma at Leith’s School of Food & Wine and spanning stints in New York to London, her experiences have ranged from food styling to photography and writing to working as a chef in restaurants and in catering.

A book for those moments that are not quite dinner, but far enough away from lunch—a celebration of those memorable hours in-between. Creative, gift-friendly package with a fun, fresh vibe from a talented emerging author.

Split into chapters based on key flavors with suggested drinks for each, the recipes combine

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Vegan Italian Over

100 Recipes for a Plant-based Feast

Shannon Martinez

November 2024


$29.99 | Hardcover

224 Pages | 8¼ × 9½ in Full-color Photography

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Also Available

Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan)


$29.99 | Flexibound

In Vegan Italian: Over 100 Recipes for a Plant-based Feast, Australia's number one vegan chef Shannon Martinez celebrates the joys of Italian food in signature riotous style.

Following on from Shannon's bestselling cookbooks Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan) and Vegan With Bite, this glamorous guide features more than 100 delicious recipes for comforting classics and modern entertaining that will bring Italy into your kitchen at home.

Discover meat-free versions of delicious antipasti, elegant pastas such as tortellini in brodo, red sauce meatballs (vegan, of course), plus vibrant vegetables, sides, salads and an extensive range of desserts inspired by the world’s favorite cuisine.

A magnificent meat-free celebration of the joy of Italian food— taking style cues from Scarface to La Dolce Vita—Vegan Italian is a party for the ages and one you won’t want to miss.

A tour de force in vegetarian and vegan cooking, Shannon Martinez has been a chef in Australian kitchens for over 25 years. She is best known as the owner of Australia's most prolific plant-based business, Smith & Daughters, which resulted in the best-selling books Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan), Smith & DELIcious: Food From Our Deli (That Happens to be Vegan), and Vegan With Bite

Demonstrates in signature Shannon Martinez style that food can be just as inspiring—if not more so!— without reliance on animal products.

The book will appeal to vegetarians and vegans as well as meat eaters with an open mind and an appreciation of how good plant-based food can be. (Shannon estimates that 70–80 per cent of her customers do, in fact, eat meat).

The Balkan Kitchen Recipes from the Heart of the Balkans Irina Janakievska

August 2024


$40.00 | Hardcover

272 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

In The Balkan Kitchen, Irina Janakievska gives a voice to the vast and varied dishes and cultural heritage of the Balkan region.

With recipes including everything from Pogaça (celebration laminated tear and share bread) and Leek, Lemon, and Olive Salad to Baked Sirenje (white cheese) Two Ways and Chicken Paprikash, and of course sweet treats such as Vanilici Cookies and Chocolate Baklava, Irina's food is as vibrant and joyful as the stunning location photography and evocative essays. With over half of the recipes being vegetarian or vegan, this is a book for all to enjoy the flavors of the Balkan.

With cultural anecdotes, history, and personal stories, The Balkan Kitchen will be a book that inspires cooks around the world for years to come.

Irina Janakievska was born in North Macedonia, grew up in Kuwait and now lives in the UK. A consultant solicitor, Irina left the corporate world and completed the Essential Cooking Certificate at Leiths before working as a recipe developer in the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen.

The Balkans is one of the most under-explored gastronomic crossroads in the world. Celebrating recipes from across the region. Encompasses North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Vojvodina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and Kosovo.

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Also Available

On the Himalayan Trail


$42.00 | Hardcover

Romy Gill's India Recipes from Home

Romy Gill

September 2024


$42.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in Full-color Photography

Step into the heart of India's vibrant culinary heritage with Romy Gill's India. Renowned chef Romy Gill takes you on a charming journey through her ancestral kitchens in the Bengal and Punjab region, where she discovered the true essence of home-cooked Indian cuisine.

In this beautiful cookbook, Romy shares over 70 of her beloved family recipes, each a testament to the flavors that define her childhood. With recipes that caters to every palate, offering a diverse range of recipes, including vegetarian, vegan, and nonvegetarian options, Romy's warm and engaging narrative will guide you through the intricacies of Indian cuisine, allowing you to create mouthwatering meals that evoke the comforting flavors of home. From the iconic Butter Chicken, a beloved staple in every Indian home, to the delicious simplicity of her Masala Omelette, Romy invites you to savor the authentic tastes of India without the fuss.

Chef Romy Gill MBE is a Celebrity Indian chef, food/travel writer and broadcaster based in the southwest of England. Romy was one of the regular and much-loved chefs on BBC1's Ready Steady Cook and has appeared on numerous other television shows. Romy also regularly contributes to national and international publications including BBC Food, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The New York Times, and much more. She travels across the UK and abroad to guest chef residences, food demos and conferences.

Experience the pleasure of homemade Indian cuisine without the fuss.

Discover the hidden gems of Indian cuisine, with a curated selection of regional dishes from West Bengal and the Punjab.

Each recipe is designed with the home cook in mind, using simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions.

Chae Korean Slow Food for a Better Life

Jung Eun Chae

August 2024


$40.00 | Hardcover 256 Pages | 7½ × 10¼ in Full-color Photography

Not just a cookbook but an essential guide to Korean slow food and fermentation, Chae follows the seasons of a calendar year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season forms its own chapter with approximately 15–20 recipes and foundations, presenting traditional Korean technique with native Australian produce.

Breakout star chef Jung Eun Chae makes everything from scratch in her home kitchen on the outskirts of Melbourne, from dubu (tofu) to gochujang (red chilli paste), ganjang (soy sauce) to kimchi, jocheong (rice syrup) to doenjang (soybean paste). The meticulous, medicinal, minimal-waste recipes and techniques are inspired by Chae’s mother, who was born in the South Jeolla province of South Korea. Forget the usual Korean cookbooks of fried chicken, barbecue and bibimbap. This is a radical, restorative journey into the heart of an ancient cuisine.

Jung Eun Chae caused a sensation when she opened her tiny Australian apartment to six diners per night, four times a week, with a waiting list that exploded to over 8000 people. She was named Gourmet Traveller’s best new talent for 2021, and one of The Age Good Food Guide’s chefs of the year, thanks to her medicinal style of traditional South Korean cooking.

A radical, restorative journey into the heart of an ancient cuisine.

Filled with meticulous, medicinal, minimal-waste recipes and techniques inspired by Chae’s mother, who was born in the South Jeolla province of South Korea

Chae received two hats from The Age Good Food Guide, becoming the only one-person, home-based restaurant to receive this level of recognition in Australia.

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Also Available

Tokyo Stories


$37.50 | Hardcover



$36.00 | Hardcover

Hokkaido Recipes from the Seas, Fields and Farmlands of Northern Japan Tim


October 2024


$42.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in Full-color Photography and Illustrations

Hokkaido is a culinary celebration of Japan’s northernmost island.

Hokkaido has a long been celebrated for its vibrant culinary scene. The prefecture incorporates three foodways—European agricultural models; traditional and modern Japanese cuisine; and indigenous Ainu gastronomy—which have led to Hokkaido having a distinct food culture from the rest of Japan.

These foodways have resulted in Hokkaido incorporating a wealth of ingredients: milk, pork, wheat, and lavender, drawing on the European influence; seaweed, fresh crab, and melons, to utilize the top-quality local produce; wild venison, foraged wild vegetables, and salmon, as a result of the Ainu influence.

Think Squid Stuffed with Seasoned Rice, Sweetcorn with Soy Sauce Butter, Rice Dumplings with Walnut Sauce, as well as silky “snowmelt” cheesecake and Crispy Sweetcorn Chocolate.

With beautiful photography, Hokkaido showcases one of the most unique and wonderful places to eat in the world.

Tim Anderson is a chef, writer, and MasterChef champion. Tim has been studying Japanese food culture for more than two decades, first as a hobby, then as a profession.

Hokkaido has a distinct food scene to the rest of Japan.

Hokkaido ranks as the third most popular tourist destination in Japan, after Tokyo and Kyoto. Full of recipes for anyone looking to take their Japanese culinary repertoire to the next level.

Agak Agak Everyday Recipes from Singapore

Shu Han Lee

August 2024


$37.50 | Hardcover

224 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

In Singapore, cooking the agak agak way is cooking with intent and intuition.

“Agak agak” is a colloquial term rooted in the Malay word for “somewhat”. This term comes to life especially in the home kitchen, where cooks rely on their senses and experience, rather than tools or exact formulas.

In Agak Agak, Shu Han Lee encapsulates this approach to cooking by sharing delicious recipes that bring punchy Singaporean flavors to simple home cooking, whilst encouraging you to use these recipes as inspiration to create other dishes.

Try classic and modern recipes such as Kaya Toast with HalfBoiled Eggs, Nasi Goreng, 8-hour Ox Cheek Rendang, Green Beans with Turmeric and Toasted Coconut, Chilli Crab Spaghetti, Mum’s Steamed Pumpkin Rice, Pandan Swiss Roll and Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Rhubarb, amongst others.

With tips and tricks, Agak Agak shares more than Singaporean recipes perfect for home cooks, it shares a fun, fresh and creative way of cooking.

Shu Han Lee grew up in Singapore and moved to London in 2009. Author of the acclaimed Chicken and Rice, Shu is a food developer and owner of spice company, Rempapa.

A Singaporean cookbook that shares an instinctual way to cook.

Full of simple and adaptable recipes that are suitable for the home cook.

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Also Available

Vietnamese Vegetarian 9781784885519

$35.00 | Hardcover

Vietnamese 9781784884239

$35.00 | Hardcover

Quick and Easy Vietnamese Everyday Vietnamese Recipes for the Home Cook

Uyen Luu

August 2024


$35.00 | Hardcover

224 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

Learn how to tap into the Vietnamese mindset of being resourceful with time and ingredients, maximizing on flavor and never wasting a thing.

Quick and Easy Vietnamese shares simple yet delicious recipes that can all be whipped up with minimum fuss. From Pork and Prawn Wontons and Battered Spring Onions, to Lemongrass Minced Pork Vermicelli and Dill Fishcakes, as well as sweet treats such as Honeycomb, Pandan and Coconut Muffins and Tofu Pudding with Ginger Syrup, there is a collection of recipes that are perfect for any time of the week.

This book encourages you to adapt the recipes to what you have to hand. The recipes offer flexibility as substitutions are given, and some ingredients that aren’t crucial to the outcome of dish have a range of weights.

By teaching you how to make the most of every ingredient, Quick and Easy Vietnamese will enable you to become the master of your kitchen and create delicious Vietnamese dishes in no time.

Uyen Luu is a food photographer. She has run a Vietnamese supper club, as well as cooking classes. Uyen grew up in Hackney, London, since her family moved there in the 80s as refugees.

The next book in the Vietnamese series, by Uyen Luu. Photographed by Uyen Luu.

Full of tips on how to save time, money, as well as reduce waste.

Bake with Benoit Blin

Master Cakes, Pastries and Desserts Like a Professional Benoit Blin, Foreword by Raymond Blanc

August 2024


$40.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

Develop your baking skills, understand the building blocks to baking brilliantly and learn core techniques to use in Benoit’s foolproof recipes.

Each recipe is one of three levels, so you can start with the basics and work your way up from baking novice to showstopping creations: * Sweet and Simple, ** Baking Star, *** Bake Like a Pro

Following Benoit’s guidance, you’ll make classic doughs, including puff pastry, choux pastry and brioche, learning how to create stand-out bakes with perfect texture and flavor. Try your hand at crispy, buttery Palmiers, classic viennoiseries like Pain aux Raisin, build pies and tarts including Tarte Tatin and Salted Caramel Millionaire Chocolate Tart, and make traditional offerings such as Coffee & Orange Crème Brûlée and Macarons, as well as impressive recipes like Lemon & Grapefruit Dacquoise.

Benoit Blin has been Raymond Blanc’s Head Pastry Chef at the award-winning Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire, UK since 1995. A judge and host on Channel 4’s Bake Off: The Professionals, Benoit is passionate about supporting future pastry chefs. In 2005, he was awarded the title of Master of Culinary Arts, the most prestigious pastry accolade in the UK, and in 2009 was recognised as Pastry Chef of the Year.

Benoit is a judge on Channel 4’s Bake Off: The Professionals (viewing audience: 4 million).

He is Chef Patissier at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons.

Step-by-step photography for basics to help readers learn key techniques.

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Epic Salads

For Every Mood, Craving and Occasion

Jessica Prescott

November 2024


$34.99 | Hardcover 224 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in Full-color Photography

Epic Salads will satisfy every salad craving, no matter your mood. The latest vegetarian cookbook from plant-based cook Jessica Prescott, Epic Salads includes over 60 recipes from light and fresh to hearty and wholesome. Rather than a side or simple starter, this book shows you how to make delicious and filling salads that are meals in their own right.

Jessica walks you through the five key elements for building delicious salads: leaf, body, protein, dressing and crunch. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll never make a boring salad again. From a simple soba noodle salad to a showstopping haloumi, chickpea and rice salad or the ultimate loaded guacamole, there’s something everyone will love.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh lunch option or need to feed a family of fussy eaters, Epic Salads is the unpretentious guide to making delicious, easy and accessible plant-based meals.

Jessica Prescott is a New Zealand-born and Australian-based mother, cook, author, photographer and postpartum doula. Jess’s plant-based cookbooks are a go-to for vegans and vegetarians worldwide, as well as those wanting to introduce more plant-based eating into their life.

Unpretentious plant-based everyday recipes that champion eating more plants.

Recipes are grouped in chapters that will help you find a salad to suit your mood and craving, from light and fresh to a showstopping side.

Proves salads can satisfy your cravings, fill you up and be showstopping meals.

Plant-based recipes continue to be a major global trend.

Includes tips for how to prep ahead and helpful swaps to customize your salads.

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Also Available

Salad Meals


$29.99 | Hardcover

Soup Meals

Soups to Feed Body, Soul & Friends

Emily Ezekiel

September 2024


$29.99 | Hardcover 208 Pages | 7½ × 9½ in Full-color Photography and Illustrations

Featuring 100 seasonal recipes, Soup Meals shows readers how to use fresh produce throughout the year to make delicious, satisfying, and crowd-pleasing soups.

Recipes include comforting classics like French Onion and Matzo Ball, refreshing chilled soups like Gazpacho, and a fun soup version of Mexican Elote-Style Corn. Learn to assemble your own jarred soups that just take hot water at your desk to make a quick and hearty lunch, or prepare Minestrone for a Crowd. Recipes for stocks, simple breads, crunchy toppings, and finishing oils are all included, and illustrated seasonal vegetable lists help you shop all year.

With gorgeous photography and vegetable-forward, adaptable recipes, Soup Meals is packed with nourishing soups for every season. It’s the perfect book for healthy eaters, busy parents, or soup lovers looking to get delicious meals on the table.

Emily Ezekiel is a writer, art director, food and prop stylist, and born and bred Londoner based out of her creative space in the heart of Hackney. Emily has worked in the food industry for over 15 years alongside the likes of Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Antonio Carluccio, Anna Jones, Melissa Hemsley and Gizzi Erskine.

Soup is one of the easiest and most satisfying foods to make and readers are always looking for new ideas.

Drawing on cuisines from around the globe, Soup Meals will expand your palette and your repertoire. People often relegate soup to fall and winter, but with ideas for chilled soups and even dessert soups, soup can be for any time of the year.

No-Cook Cookbook

Fresh and Healthy Meals to Assemble, Eat, and Enjoy Susie Theodorou

August 2024


$30.00 | Hardcover

224 Pages | 8 × 10 in

Full-color Photography

With over 115 recipes for everything from solo snacking dinners, to dips and platters for entertaining, The No Cook Cookbook will help make the “what’s for dinner?” question fun again.

Approachable and designed for cooks of all skill levels, The No Cook Cookbook arms you with the recipes and techniques to make delicious meals at a moment’s notice, turn pantry staples and prepared foods into dinners fit for company, and stock your kitchen like a pro. Learn to carve a rotisserie chicken, along with 18 recipes to transform it. Make hummus from scratch using canned chickpeas, or buy it at the store and dress it up with herbs, pickles, and finishing oils. And since no meal is complete without dessert, there’s also a final chapter on speedy “little somethings,” that span stuffed dates to loaded cookies.

The No Cook Cookbook will teach you to fill your fridge with fresh ingredients and ready-to-eat protein like cold cuts or tinned fish that can easily be turned into budget-friendly family meals or casual dinners for one or two. Whether you’re avoiding the oven on a hot night, working without a full kitchen, or just not that into cooking from scratch tonight, The No Cook Cookbook is here to save the day.

Susie Theodorou divides her time between London and Los Angeles. She has worked at Food Illustrated in the UK, for Williams-Sonoma’s Taste, and her work has appeared in Martha Stewart, Food and Wine, Gourmet, and Bon Appétit.

Alex Lau is one of the most in-demand photographers and will bring a level of sophistication to the book.

Susie Thedorou has worked with some of the biggest names in the food world, and was the stylist for all three of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbooks. People want to make homecooked meals despite being busier than ever.

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The Golden Wok Mastering the Art and Technique of Wok Cooking with Over 80 Recipes

Diana Chan

November 2024


$35.00 | Hardcover

224 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in

Full-color Photography

The Golden Wok is the cookbook that shows you that a wok isn’t just a cooking utensil, it’s the pride of any Chinese kitchen and the most versatile pan in the home! Once you’ve nailed the basics of how to master wok hei and navigated your way around the mechanics of the perfect stir-fry it’s time to spread your culinary wings and fly—with 80 approachable recipes covering everything from steaming to frying and roasting to sautéing. From tempura vegetables and dashi-simmered dishes to smoky crispy noodles and delicate dumplings, The Golden Wok will show you why the wok is the Chinese family heirloom that’s passed down through generations, and the one thing you need to unlock a whole new world of flavor.

Diana Chan was born in Malaysia and moved to Australia at the age of 18. She’s a self-taught chef who won the ninth season of MasterChef Australia in 2017, and has gone on to make a name for herself as a TV host, menu designer, product creator, restaurateur and content creator. She has over 112,000 followers on Instagram, has run a restaurant (Chanteen), collaborates with many known brands (and has partnered with brands as diverse as Lurpack, DBS Bank, Singtel, Nestle, St. Regis, Domain, MYOB and Malaysian Airlines.)

Features 88 approachable recipes showcasing the wok’s versatility—from steaming to frying, roasting to sautéing—that aren’t overly technical but do explain basic techniques.

A former Australian Masterchef winner and host of TV show Asia Unplated, Diana Chan is known and loved for her approachable home cooking which draws on her Chinese Malaysian heritage. Hugely well connected and supported within the industry, Diana has an engaged social media following of over 100K on Instagram.

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Preserved: Drinks 25 Recipes

Darra Goldstein, Cortney Burns and Richard Martin

October 2024


$22.00 | Hardcover

112 Pages | 6½ × 9 in

Full-color Photography and Illustrations

Preserved: Drinks showcases recipes for sodas, wines, beers, liqueurs, and everything in between inspired by flavors and techniques from around the world. Following Condiments and Fruit, Preserved: Drinks is the third in a series of six short books devoted to food preservation.

$22.00 | Hardcover

Learn to infuse vodkas, make your own amaro, and brew beers and ciders. The recipes in Preserved: Drinks, including those for Pu-Erh Vodka, Sarsaparilla Soda, Pear Kvass, Mango Tepache, and Aged Eggnog, will take you on a preservation journey across the globe that spans hundreds of years of drink history.

This is a highly giftable book and series for anyone who wishes to hone their knowledge of preservation.

Darra Goldstein, the founding editor of Gastronomica, is the author of six award-winning cookbooks, including Beyond the North Wind: Russia in Recipes and Lore, named one of 2020’s best cookbooks by Forbes.com and The Washington Post.  Cortney Burns (with chef Nick Balla) built a larder-based kitchen at San Francisco’s Bar Tartine; their cookbook Bar Tartine won awards from both the James Beard Foundation and IACP.

Richard Martin is a media executive, lifestyle editor, and writer who started magazines and websites that have grown into major media companies, including Complex, Modern Luxury (Manhattan and Miami), and Food Republic.

The authors are highly regarded on their own, and as a team they bring together expertise in cooking, recipe development, food writing and food history. Preserving only seems to be gaining in popularity, but instead of another huge tome, these books take a slice of the larger subject making it appealing to a more casual reader, while still being rigorous.

Preserved: Fruit 9781958417119
Preserved: Condiments 9781958417218 $22.00 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss
Also Available

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Also Available

Preserved: Fruit


$22.00 | Hardcover

Preserved: Condiments


$22.00 | Hardcover

Preserved: Vegetables 25

Recipes Darra Goldstein, Cortney Burns and Richard Martin

October 2024


$22.00 | Hardcover

112 Pages | 6½ × 9 in

Full-color Photography and Illustrations

Preserved: Vegetables brings the magic of pickles, ferments, and chutneys from all around the world to your home pantry. Following Condiments, Fruit, and Drinks, Vegetables is the fourth of six short books devoted to food preservation.

Utilizing salt preservation, fermentation, vinegar curing, and other techniques that span the history of food preservation, Preserved: Vegetables adds depth and dimension to any modern larder with recipes like Green Tomato Marmalade, Ajvar, the Balkan charred pepper paste, and Misozuke, for Japanese style miso-cured vegetables.

This is a highly giftable book and series for anyone who wishes to hone their knowledge of preservation.

Darra Goldstein, the founding editor of Gastronomica, is the author of six award-winning cookbooks, including Beyond the North Wind: Russia in Recipes and Lore, named one of 2020’s best cookbooks by Forbes.com and The Washington Post.

Cortney Burns (with chef Nick Balla) built a larder-based kitchen at San Francisco’s Bar Tartine; their cookbook Tartine won awards from the James Beard Foundation and IACP.  Richard Martin is a media executive, lifestyle editor, and writer who started magazines and websites that have grown into major media companies, including Complex, Modern Luxury (Manhattan and Miami), and Food Republic.

The authors are highly regarded on their own, and as a team they bring together expertise in cooking, recipe development, food writing and food history. Preserving only seems to be gaining in popularity, but instead of another huge tome, these books take a slice of the larger subject making it appealing to a more casual reader, while still being rigorous.

Super Easy Air Fryer Baking

60 Favourite Bakes

Perfect for Air Fryers

Katy Greenwood

October 2024 9781784887759

$19.99 | Hardcover

160 Pages | 7¼ × 9½ in

Full-color Photography

$19.99 | Hardcover

Whether you have a craving for something sweet or need a simple bake for dinner fast, Super Easy Air Fryer Baking has you covered.

Filled with 60 of the easiest-ever, crowd-pleasing baking recipes, from Chocolate Marble Cake, Cinnamon Rolls, Ginger Loaf Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes to Cheese Straws, Savory Scones, Mini Calzones with Mozzarella and Basil and Simple Sausage Rolls, you'll find bakes that are perfect for any size of air fryer. With chapters including doughs, cookies, desserts, cakes and loaf cakes, you'll be ready for any type occasion, from bake sale classics and delicious weeknight dinners to weekend treats and birthday specials.

With stunning photography of each and every recipe and additional tips, tricks and make-ahead suggestions and cooking time guidance throughout, Super Easy Air Fryer Baking will have you baking foolproof favorites over and over again.

Katy Greenwood is a food writer and stylist whose work has appeared in BBC Good Food, Sainsbury's Magazine, Olive, BBC Food and more. When not working she can usually be found in her own kitchen baking sweet treats.

Recipes to fit every size of air fryer. Everything from cookies and cakes to quiches, pastries and breads. Simple, family favorites made for the air fryer.

Super Easy Air Fryer Recipes 9781784886899
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Also Available

Three Ingredient Cocktails 60 Drinks Made  in Minutes

Kate Calder

October 2024


$20.99 | Hardcover

160 Pages | 6¾ × 8¼ in

Full-color Photography  and Illustrations

With 60 recipes, Three Ingredient Cocktails demonstrates that all the best cocktails are made with no more than three ingredients—think martini, old fashioned, and margaritas.

Divided by main ingredient—gin, vodka, tequila, whisky, rum and sparkling wine—each drink can be whipped up in five minutes or less, with simple snack suggestions at the end of each chapter to pair with them, such as Sticky Honey and Sesame Drumsticks, Loaded Beef Nachos, and Baked Camembert with Hazelnuts, Rosemary and Garlic.

Three Ingredient Cocktails shows you also how to make the most of a simple home bar set up, and how to turn your living room into an on-trend cocktail lounge, whether your tipple is a Mint Julep, a Coconut Daquiri, or an Aperol Spritz.

With make ahead and batch cocktails, as well as renowned classics, this book is everything you need to bring elegance and style to your cocktail hour.

Kate Calder is a recipe writer and food stylist with more than a decade of experience in the kitchens of BBC GoodFood, Olive and more. Hailing from Canada, but London-based, Kate’s passion for food led her away from a career in the film industry.

Easy, accessible recipes all ready in less than five minutes.

Made with ingredients you'll have already at home. Includes popular classics, make-ahead, and timesaving batch cocktails.

Pairs cocktails with snacks.

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In Love with Rome Recipes and Stories from the Eternal City Lisa Nieschlag and Lars Wentrup

August 2024


$27.99 | Hardcover

176 Pages | 7¾ × 10½ in Full-color Photography

In Love with Rome is an irresistible combination of 50 delicious sweet and savoury recipes and stories of epic romance.

Discover all that the Eternal City has to offer from its ancient architecture and iconic landmarks to its famously tasty cuisine. Whip up flavourful pasta dishes such as Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe and Rigatoni All'Amatriciana as well as Italian classics like Pizza Con Salsiccia and Risotto Alle Vongole e Limone.

Indulge in a slower pace of life and linger over a Tiramisu or Affogato al Caffé while you read about famous films such as La Dolce Vita and Eat Pray Love that made this beautiful city their backdrop.

In Love with Rome will have you cooking stunning Italian food until your next holiday there!

Lisa Nieschlag is a cookery writer, designer and food photographer. Having written more than 18 cookbooks, Lisa loves recipe writing and adores bringing that passion to the page. In addition to hosting food photography workshops, she also co-runs the award-winning design agency Nieschlag + Wentrup.

Recipes and iconic moments from the silver and small screen come together with firm food favorites in this celebration of Rome.

Italy remains one of the most popular destinations for tourists, attracting millions every year.

In Love With Paris 9781784884727 $27.99 | Hardcover In Love with New York 9781784885946 $27.99 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss Also Available

Home & Lifestyle

Moments at Home Interior Inspiration for Every Room Steve Cordony

September 2024


$50.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 10¼ × 12¼ in

Full-color Photography

Moments at Home celebrates the signature aesthetic of one of Australia's leading interiors stylist, Steve Cordony, in order to inspire home lovers globally.

Steve seeks to share insightful interior styling and tablescaping ideas as well as small, everyday details which are the soul of the home. Including sumptuous photography of his clients' homes as well as Steve's own beautiful property, Rosedale farm, he wants to empower readers to create their own moments of reflection and connection.

Steve carefully plots a visual journey to be followed through ten different areas of the home, from the kitchen and entry way to the bedroom and dining room, highlighting key styling tips in each one, showing how you can tailor them to your space to create meaningful moments in your home. Be encouraged by Steve's elegant and accessible approach to creating spaces that feel both personal and luxurious.

Steve Cordony is Australia's leading interior and lifestyle designer. Having developed his skills and passion for interiors over the past 12 years, working with local and international clients, he became Belle’s interior design editor and is now editor-at-large while running his design business, creating content and creative campaigns with myriad brands, as well as launching his sold-out Masterclass series.

Steve Cordony has a massive social media presence with 650k Instagram followers looking to recreate his aesthetic.

Author has partnered with many high-profile brands including Gucci, Jo Malone, and Le Creuset. Book will be a beautiful luxe object that readers will want to use in their own styling setups.

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Retreat Inspired Homes and Ways of Living

Lucy Glade-Wright

October 2024


$40.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 8½ × 10½ in Full-color Photography

From the bush to the beach and mountain ranges in between, Retreat: Inspired Homes and Ways of Living showcases 24 unique homes far from the city limits. No longer reserved for travelers and retirees, the great escape is a dream realized by many busy professionals who crave more space and a slower pace while maintaining their careers.

Aside from the uniqueness of the homes, including a Balinese villa, a ski ranch in the Sonoran Desert and a converted bus called Gloria, Retreat also delves into how the owners’ lifestyles have changed.

Featuring Q&As with the homeowners, Lucy’s inspirational styling ideas that can be replicated at home, and stunning photography, Retreat proves greener pastures take various forms and that creating a happier balance might be closer than you think.

Lucy Glade-Wright is one of Australia’s most recognisable faces in home and interior design. With over 15 years of experience in design, creative direction and styling, Lucy is best known as a presenter and designer for online design publication, Hunting for George.

Lucy is the co-founder of Hunting for George, an online hub for home, design and lifestyle stories with a large US following.

In the post-Covid era, where working remotely is the norm, tree-changing has become a popular lifestyle choice with no signs of slowing down. Young professionals are amongst the largest groups choosing to make the move with better work-life balance, more housing options and the rising cost of living reasons why.

Features 8 homes across the US and Canada.

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The Local Project Book 10 The Local Project

August 2024


$90.00 | Hardcover

504 Pages | 8¾ × 11¾ in

Full-color and B&W Photography

Showcasing the very best of architecture and design from Australia and New Zealand, The Local Project: 10 is a stunning collection of homes from some of the most renowned architects practicing today.

Featuring 23 homes from across Australia and New Zealand, the homes selected represent a curated selection of architecture and design, featuring new work from both leading and emerging local architects and designers. Compiling the highlights from the first 10 issues of The Local Project magazine in a single book of 500+ pages, this beautiful collection offers a concentrated insight into the very best architecture and design of Australia and New Zealand.

Projects include Waterview by John Wardle Architects, Cabbage Tree House by Peter Stutchbury Architecture, Redwood by Chenchow Little, Waiheke House by Cheshire Architects, La Scala by Richards & Spence, Bunkeren by James Stockwell Architect and many more.

Working across multiple mediums, The Local Project explores architecture, interiors, design and art of Australia, New Zealand and North America. From the Blue Mountains to Waiheke, Christchurch to Manhattan, California to Auckland, The Local Project is dedicated to championing the design community of our local region.

The Local Project has over 1.4 million Instagram followers, magazine subscribers in 68 countries and 1.1 million YouTube subscribers.

A beautiful collection of the best and most breathtaking houses in Australia and New Zealand with US focused content beginning in 2024. A beautiful 500 + page hardback book perfect for design enthusiasts and gift purchasing.

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Fashion in Color A Journey Through Every Hue



View on Edelweiss

Also Available

Coco Chanel Special Edition


$35.00 | Hardcover

Audrey Hepburn


$35.00 | Hardcover

October 2024


$45.00 | Hardcover

224 Pages | 9¼ × 11 in Full-color Illustrations

Join Megan Hess as she takes readers through a world of fashion—in color. An ode to the incredible use of color throughout fashion history, Fashion in Color highlights how fashion designers have used color to create iconic looks and shape fashion houses around the world.

Broken up into chapters by color (Red, Blue, Brown, Pink, Black, Orange, Yellow) each chapter covers iconic looks, the houses that are synonymous with that color (think Hermes and orange, or Valentino and red), fashion facts and history and Megan's signature stunning illustrations.

A celebration of how color shapes fashion, this book is Megan Hess's most stunning to date, with a rainbow of illustrations throughout and vibrant images that bring to life classic fashion favorites from around the world.

Megan Hess is an internationally acclaimed fashion illustrator. Her prestigious clients include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. Her bestselling fashion books and beloved Claris series for children have sold over a million copies worldwide.

In 2023 we celebrated an incredible ten years of Megan Hess publishing, which has seen Megan selling over 1.5 million books in over ten languages. Megan has cemented herself as the world’s best loved fashion illustrator and storyteller, including working with top brands such as Dior, Chanel and Prada and reaching over 500k people across social media accounts.

Megan ranks in the top ten of Australian authors for her fashion books as well as her sensational Claris series for children.

Timeless A Fashion Anthology

Hayley EdwardsDujardin

September 2024


$50.00 | Hardcover

384 Pages | 7¾ × 9½ in

Full-color Photography and B&W Illustrations

Timeless is an anthology of the most influential styles, looks, and garments from the past 200 years. Art and fashion historian Hayley Edwards-Dujardin offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at the history behind iconic garments, the designers who revolutionized the industry, and the cultural moments that continue to inform how we dress today.

Entries include legendary pieces like the Chanel suit, the Hermès Kelly bag, and Jean Paul Gaultier’s men’s skirt, as well as iconic basics like jeans, sneakers, white t-shirts, black dresses, and bandanas. Learn the history behind these memorable looks, as well as their cultural significance. This lavishly illustrated book features 200 photos, 20 pages of infographics, and 20 illustrated silhouettes, making it a visual feast for fashion enthusiasts and historians alike.

Timeless is a celebration of clothing and the definitive guide to some of the most influential moments in fashion history, making it an absolute must-have for any fashion lover.

Hayley Edwards-Dujardin is an art and fashion historian, curator, and independent author. Hayley is a graduate of the Ecole du Louvre and the London College of Fashion and has worked on research and exhibitions for the Victoria & Albert Museum, consulted for private collectors, and teaches history and fashion theory in Paris.

An ambitious book with a unique concept.  1 garment = 1 page.

A fashion story for everyone rooted in the 20th and 21st centuries and in popular culture. An accessible approach far from traditional fashion stories or designer monographs.

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Feeding Your Skin

Natural, Chemical-Free Beauty for Healthy, Vital Skin Carla Oates

December 2024


$16.99 | Hardcover

176 Pages | 5¼ × 7¼ in Full-color Illustrations

Expensive modern skin treatments and cosmetics are accompanied by slick marketing campaigns that equate them with glamor, happiness and health. This title provides recipes for natural beauty treatments that you can make from everyday ingredients: from exfoliants, masks and lip balms, through to nail treatments, sunscreens and even deodorants.

Carla Oates is the founder and “chef” behind the beauty and wellness brand The Beauty Chef. Named “The Skincare Innovator” by Net-A-Porter magazine, she is the author of the best-selling book The Beauty Chef Cookbook and The Beauty Chef Gut Guide. A naturalist and gut-health advocate, Carla is the natural beauty columnist for Wellbeing Magazine. She has been researching, writing and teaching on organic beauty and health for the past 15 years.

Carla founded her Beauty Chef skin products, including her bestselling Glow Inner Beauty Powder (containing 26 fermented superfoods) 14 years ago, and they are sold by Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop.com, Net-a-porter, Selfridges and Anthropologie, amongst other worldwide stockists.

Her previous book The Beauty Chef has sold 16,500u LTD since launch in North America in 2017.

The Beauty Chef brand has over 220k followers on Instagram.

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Craft Craft

Modern Upholstery

Discover the Joy of Transforming Your Furniture

Micaela Sharp

August 2024


$45.00 | Hardcover

256 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in Full-color Photography

Modern Upholstery is a contemporary guide designed to demystify the art of upholstery and inspire you to have a go at transforming your own furniture.

Micaela Sharp shows us that with a few skills, some tools and the desire to learn, we can actually forge a new, more sustainable path when it comes to furnishing our homes. With information on how to source second-hand furniture and find fabric inspiration, you’ll be able to create more sustainable, and personal pieces.

Along with oodles of inspiration, the book features core techniques as well as decorative skills. There are also four projects that you can make along with Micaela to really bring a sense of style to your home: a headboard, footstool, windowseat cushion, and armchair.

Micaela Sharp is an upholsterer, upcycler and interior designer from South East London. She is a regular expert on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Weekend (ITV), was on a team of experts for Kings of the Wood (Discovery+), and was the first-ever Black interior designer on Changing Rooms (Channel 4).

Upholstery is increasingly popular as people look to make more sustainable choices in their home furnishings.

She has a course on Create Academy on modern upholstery.

She has featured in Hello, Daily Express, The Telegraph, Ideal Home, The Times, The Guardian, Country Life, Harper’s Bazaar, The Sun.

She is one of Oliver Bonas’s ambassadors, and has collaborated with Uniqlo/Collagerie, Boden, hosted a demo at Goodwood Revival.

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Japanese Paper Craft A Guide to Making Your Own Books, Notepads, and Keepsakes Aya Nagaoka

August 2024 9781958417652

$22.00 | Paperbackwith flaps

144 Pages | 7¼ × 10¼ in Full-color Photography

Japanese Paper Craft encourages crafters of all skill levels to create their own custom pieces that are practical, decorative, and imbued with meaning.

Japanese Paper Craft begins with an overview of the tools and materials needed to make the projects, along with simple basic techniques such as gluing corners and spines and sewing bindings. It then progresses through 30 projects, divided into three groups: writing, organizing and archiving. Practical stepby-step photos and detailed diagrams make it easy to craft items like flip books, sketchbooks, scrapbooks and more. Projects are accompanied by tips on the best tools, techniques and materials to use, which ensure that each one will be a success.

Japanese Paper Craft is a perfect quiet weekend companion or gift for the creative crafter in your life, offering a meditative escape for anyone seeking a relaxing artistic pastime.

Aya Nagaoka is an editor and bookbinder. She holds regular workshops in Tokyo and is a member of the Japanese Bookmaking Association. She posts bookbinding tutorials on her Instagram, @weekend.bookbinder

A stunning practical book for creatives and writing lovers looking to express their creativity in making beautiful items for themselves and their loved ones. Simple techniques with step-by-step photography and detailed diagrams. With the popularity of paper crafts and bookbinding on the rise, this is a timely addition for the new crafting generation.

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30 Super Simple Projects For Your Home Françoise Vauzeilles

September 2024


$19.99 | Paperbackwith flaps

80 Pages | 7½ × 9¼ in

Full-color Photography

Quick Crafts: Macramé is a fabulous book that will get you knotting up a storm in an afternoon!

There are more than 30 simple and beautiful projects for readers to turn their hands to, including braided wreaths, fringed lampshades and woven wall hangings.

All the projects are shown in versatile Scandi neutrals, which would make a tasteful addition to any home, but if you decide to feature a bit of color, there’s handy information on using natural dyes included. With helpful instructions on basic macramé knots as well as inspirational photography, it won't be long before your home is adorned in gorgeous macramé pieces.

Passionate crafter and baker, author Françoise Vauzeilles will most likely be found with a ball of wool in one hand, an embroidery needle, a tube of glue, and a pair of scissors in the other... whilst her camera is slung around her neck ready to capture her crafting accomplishments.

Simple, beautiful projects that readers can create in an afternoon.

A super accessible craft where very little specialist equipment is required.

Scandi-inspired color palette will suit any home.

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The Art of Memory Collecting Create

Scrapbooks, Zines, Trinkets, Collages and Keepsakes to Preserve Treasured Moments

Martina Calvi

October 2024


$24.99 | Hardcover

176 Pages | 6¾ × 8¾ in

Full-color Photography

A collection of art projects that will inspire you to preserve memories and indulge your creative side!

Memory-collector Martina distills techniques and shares inspiration to show how simple collaging and scrapbooking is, then breaks into 15 projects to inspire personal, one-of-a-kind creations.

Projects include: Scrapbook, Framed Memory Wall Art, Tiny Trinket Tin, Holiday Journal, Mini Travel Zine, Secret Pocket Card, Time Capsule, Map Collage and Memory Jar.

No special skills needed, just go out and collect memories to create treasured keepsakes for life.

Martina Calvi is a mixed media creative and online creator from Sydney, Australia. Since 2015 she has used the internet as her scrapbook, sharing illustrations and mixed media projects with a community of over 300 thousand creative followers. Throughout her career, she has gained major collaborations with Adobe, Adidas, Nike, Snapchat and recently featured in Elle

Budget – collaging is an inexpensive (basically free!) way of preserving memories.

Upcycling – you’re using things you already have at home or have found out on your way.

Pinterest named the rise of papercrafts one of 2023’s biggest emerging trends.

Both a gift and self-purchase product.

Rise in popularity of Y2K – this style of crafting is very nostalgic.

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Mindful Moments Serene Scenes for

Mindful Coloring

Emily O'Neill

August 2024


$12.99 | Paperback

96 Pages | 9½ × 9½ in

B&W Illustrations

Mindful Moments: Serene Scenes for Mindful Coloring is a stunning coloring book of calming nature scenes that will lull you into a relaxed state of mind.

Including line illustrations that are specifically designed to be colored in, this book features lush naturescapes of flowers, birds, the ocean, animals, as well as humans interacting and being at one with nature. Coloring is a meditative activity that is proven to de-stress, improve mood and focus, and even ease depression and anxiety. This gorgeous book will relax your mind.

Emily O'Neill is a Sydney-based freelance book designer and illustrator. She has previously worked in-house for Penguin Random House, Murdoch Books and Allen & Unwin on a wide range of projects including commercial and literary fiction, children's and illustrated lifestyle titles. She has received several ABDA Book Design Awards including Best Designed Literary Fiction Cover, and in 2011 was awarded The Australian Publishers Association's Young Designer of the Year.

Calming illustrations touching on key trends of nature, animals and mindfulness.

The fine line illustrations give this book a more refined look compared to other coloring books on the market.

Coloring is still a popular trend, especially among young women.

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Wellbeing & Inspirational

What Pedro Says The Unofficial Collection Hardie Grant Books

October 2024


$12.99 | Hardcover

96 Pages | 4½ × 5¼ in Full-color Illustrations

What Pedro Says is an inspiring and entertaining collection of quotes from the internationally acclaimed Hollywood actor, known for his roles in Games of Thrones, Narcos and The Last of Us.

Featuring words of wisdom on acting, determination and friendship, Pedro also shares his thoughts on being dubbed “The Internet’s Daddy” and encourages us all not to take life too seriously!

Some quotes from Pedro:

“The smallest of opportunities kept me going. So much so that I resolved to struggle until I couldn’t walk anymore.”

“I didn't go to church, I was raised by HBO, Spielberg and Prince.”

“I always die. In everything.”

Conceived and edited by Hardie Grant Books.

Pedro Pascal has recently received a resurgence in his popularity.

Full of inspiring quotes.

A quote book with a fresh, modern style.

What Harry Says 9781784887254 $12.99 | Hardcover What Jennifer Says 9781784887261 $12.99 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss Also Available

What Frida Says The

Official Collection

Hardie Grant Books

October 2024


$12.99 | Hardcover

96 Pages | 4½ × 5¼ in

Full-color Illustrations

What Frida Kahlo Says is an inspiring collection of the Mexican icon's best quotes on love, style, life and art, celebrating her immense legacy.

Frida Kahlo is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and influential painters of the 20th century and is widely considered a style icon thanks to her eclectic taste and love of colour and print. From a young age, Kahlo forged her own path, overcoming polio as a child and battling lifelong injuries from a tragic road accident, to become the inspirational figure we know and love today.

Some quotes from Frida Kahlo:

“Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light.”

“I must fight with all my strength so that the little positive things that my health allows me to do might be pointed toward helping the revolution. The only real reason for living.”

“I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

Conceived and edited by Hardie Grant Books.

The latest in the What Says series.

An official partnership with Kahlo's estate.

Heart-warming and hard-won life lessons from a true icon.

Nice package and good price point—the perfect gift or impulse buy.

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Write Now 100 Writing Prompts  to Kick-Start  Your Creativity

Harriet Griffey

October 2024


$19.99 | Hardcover

128 Pages | 5½ × 6¾ in Full-color Illustrations

Writing for yourself is a wonderful way to explore personal creativity—each of these 100 prompts will enhance your skill and confidence and get you closer to being the writer you want to become.

Write Now is a brilliantly accessible book that demystifies the process and will help you see new ways to put pen to paper and discover your own unique writing style. Divided into 12 sections that range across voice, narrative, plot, structure, point of view, characterization, dialogue, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose and memoir, Harriet Griffey shows you how to let go of any inhibitions, overcome writer's block and expand your writing potential.

Featuring creative writing tasks to develop ideas and skills, quick and simple word play tasks, as well as practical exercises, Write Now is an exciting way to unleash your inner wordsmith, kickstart your imagination and get you writing.

Harriet Griffey is a tutor at the Creative Writing Consultancy, and also leads and facilitates writersretreat.org, is an expublisher, published author and journalist. Author of over 20 books, she has been published by Penguin, Bloomsbury, Pan Macmillan and Hardie Grant publishers.

Focusing on fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry and memoir writing, it also covers narrative, plot, characterization, dialogue and voice.

Easy to dip in and out with fun and creative prompts that will help users develop their own writing style.

100 prompts that cover activities for both beginners and more advanced writers.

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I AM AWESOME Hardie Grant Hardie Grant Books

December 2024


$12.99 | Hardcover

Power Positivity: I AM AWESOME affirms that you are smashing this thing called life. This pocket-sized book is full of empowering quotes, kind words, and little pick-me-ups for when you need them most.

The right words at the right time can do wonders to lift your mood, raise your confidence, control negative feelings, and ultimately help you to find happiness.

Featuring advice and wisdom from some of our favorite celebrities, this pocket-sized book is guaranteed to brighten your day, remind you that life is good, and that you've most definitely got this!

Conceived and edited by Hardie Grant Books.

Powerful and positive affirmations in a pretty, pocket-sized package. Perfect for carrying around with you and dipping into any time you need a pep talk or pick-me-up. A great “just-because” gift as well as the perfect stocking filler for Christmas.

I AM HAPPY 9781784887186 $12.99 | Hardcover I AM UNSTOPPABLE 9781784886431 $12.99 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss Also Available
96 Pages | 4¼ × 5¼ in Text-only

I AM BOLD Hardie Grant Hardie Grant Books

December 2024


$12.99 | Hardcover 96 Pages | 4¼ × 5¼ in Text-only

Power Positivity: I AM BOLD encourages you to be brave in your choices and grab life by the horns. This pocket-sized book is full of empowering quotes, kind words, and little pick-me-ups for when you need them most.

The right words at the right time can do wonders to lift your mood, raise your confidence, control negative feelings, and ultimately help you to find happiness.

Featuring advice and wisdom from some of our favorite celebrities, this pocket-sized book is guaranteed to brighten your day, remind you that life is good, and that you've most definitely got this!

Conceived and edited by Hardie Grant Books.

Powerful and positive affirmations in a pretty, pocket-sized package. Perfect for carrying around with you and dipping into any time you need a pep talk or pick-me-up. A great “just-because” gift as well as the perfect stocking filler for Christmas.

I AM FEARLESS 9781784886271 $12.99 | Hardcover I AM STRONG 9781784885328 $12.99 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss
Also Available

Harry in 30 Images

A Visual Story of His Biggest Moments

Hardie Grant Hardie Grant Books

September 2024


$20.99 | Hardcover

112 Pages | 6½ × 7½ in Full-color Photography

Harry Styles is one of—if not—the biggest pop stars in the world right now.  From finding fame on The XFactor to his sensational solo success, Harry in 30 Images is a look at Harry Styles’ rise to superstardom.

Harry Styles has earned many accolades and this book will explore 30 of his biggest highlights to date, including his hat trick at the Grammys, performing with Stevie Nicks at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, and his sold-out Love on Tour.

Each of the 30 images is accompanied by an explainer on why it’s such an iconic moment in Harry’s life, and is a must-have for any Harry Styles fan.

Harry in 30 Images is a visual history of Harry Styles’ biggest moments to date and proves him as one of the most exciting artists of his generation.

Conceived and edited by Hardie Grant Books.

Harry Styles is one of—if not—the biggest pop stars in the world right now.

This is the start of a new series for Hardie Grant, offering an irresistible and affordable package that celebrates absolute icons.

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Vintage Birds A Guidebook and Matching Game

Roger J. Lederer

September 2024


$29.95 | Cards

80 Pages | 5¾ × 7¾ in

50 Cards | 2¾ × 4¾ in Full-color Illustrations

Vintage Birds tests your memory with a 50-card matching game featuring 25 pairs of the world’s most stunning birds, beautifully rendered in vintage illustrations.

The accompanying 80-page illustrated guidebook is full of vintage full-color illustrations by John and Elizabeth Gould, two of the most famous ornithological illustrators in history, as well as descriptions of each of the birds and their most distinguishing and interesting characteristics. Memorize and learn about the Fairy Bluebird from the Philippines, Major Mitchell's Cockatoo from Australia, the European Goldfinch, Eurasian Blue Tit, and many more.

Vintage Birds is an ideal gift for birders, art enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a fun, educational game to play with their friends and family.

Roger J. Lederer is Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences at California State University, Chico. He has published 11 books, including Amazing Birds (translated into seven languages), Latin for Bird Lovers, Birds of New England, Beaks, Bones, and Bird Songs, and The Art of the Bird. He has been consulted by the BBC, National Geographic, The Guinness Book of World Records, The New Yorker, ABC News, among others, for his authoritative take on the fascinating world of birds. For more information, visit his popular website Ornithology.com.

Learn through play: the deck challenges the memory of the players while the guidebook enriches and complements their experience.

A great introduction to the world of birds, the guidebook looks at their most striking and noteworthy characteristics using nonscientific, accessible language.

Stunning vintage illustrations by John and Elizabeth Gould.

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Practical and Creative Ways to Find Wonder in the Floral World

Adriana Picker

August 2024


$29.99 | Hardcover

240 Pages | 6½ × 9¼ in Full-color Illustrations

In Blossom, botanical illustrator and lifelong flower lover Adriana Picker takes you through a year of flowers and the ways to live with and learn from them, with beautiful artwork as well as recipes and activities to encourage a slower life through the seasons.

Telling the stories of flowers from around the world, this enchanting collection also provides mindful and practical ideas for reconnecting with nature and the blooms around us. From making natural oils and perfumes, to recipes for floral vinegars and pickles, tips for floral arrangements, and lessons in floral anatomy and drawing, this book is an invitation to find beauty in the everyday.

Complete with Adriana’s stunning illustrations, Blossom is a perfect gift for all nature lovers, and a flower bible like no other.

Adriana Picker is an Australian illustrator, artist and designer. Her work encompasses the diverse fields of publishing, fine arts, film and advertising; at the heart of her work is a lifelong passion for flowers, which she manages to find wherever she goes. Adriana is the author of Petal and the illustrator of The Cocktail Garden, Where the Wildflowers Grow and The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Adriana's incredible botanical illustrations are supported by practical ideas for seasonal things to do with flowers, making this a totally unique book on the market.

A diverse mix of projects and practical applications on offer, from flower arranging to infusing in food, understanding floral anatomy or drawing projects. Beautiful book with lots of special features, including foil.

Adriana's books have collectively sold almost 120k copies worldwide.

Petal 9781743795040 $40.00 | Hardcover The Cocktail Garden 9781743792858 $19.99 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss Also Available

Business to Brand Moving From Transaction To Transformation Fiona Killackey

October 2024


$24.99 | Flexibound

256 Pages | 6¼ × 8¼ in Full-color Photography

Business to Brand is the definitive guide for all small business owners who want to create a brand—not just a business.

In this practical guide, business coach, award-winning author, podcaster and educator Fiona Killackey shows you how to transform your business into a brand you can be proud of. Whether you are just starting out or are decades into your business journey, you will learn the essential steps to moving your audience from simply transacting with your business to being transformed by your brand.

From product development to positioning, visual identity to values, team building to tone of voice, you’ll have a clear understanding of where you’re going and exactly how you’ll get there. Complete with step-by-step tips and templates, as well as case studies and interviews with successful brand owners, Business to Brand will have you energized and excited about your future.

Fiona Killackey is the founder of My Daily Business (mydailybusiness.com), a consultancy that provides business coaching, education tools and creative ideation, specializing in the areas of brand, marketing, systems, money and content.

From bestselling author of award-winning business development book Passion.Purpose.Profit.

Small business is big news. In the US, there are  33.2 million of them (2022).

Includes case studies and interviews with successful business owners, such as Tony's Chocolonely and KeepCup.

Includes eye-catching infographics and a colorful design—this is not a 'boring business book'. It is full of practical advice you can action immediately.

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The Cardless Tarot Choose the Readings That Shape Your Destiny



September 2024


$20.99 | Hardcover 144 Pages | 6¼ × 8½ in Full-color Illustrations

Many people are curious about tarot but feel overwhelmed by learning the meanings of 78 cards: now tarot expert Kerry Ward deciphers nine key cards from the major arcana, to give you 40 of the most insightful readings possible.

Each of the nine tarot “cards” in the book features a guide card that tackles a certain theme. For instance, the Hermit can be used to get to grips with self-enlightenment. The Hermit sits in a cave, which is illuminated by a glowing lantern revealing glittering obsidian crystal-hewed walls, a dark, deep pool at the back of the cave which echoes with running water trickling down somewhere deeper into the mountain. The Hermit’s cloak and staff lie at his feet. Once you have read the text and studied the card, the aim is that you pick an object featured on the card illustration that best chimes with you, then turn to the page featuring the object for a deeper reading. On the Hermit card, is it the cloak, or perhaps the deep pool? Or maybe the glowing lantern that has caught your eye?

The book is an excellent tool for personal guidance and selfdevelopment, and is the perfect introduction to tarot for anyone who is curious to learn more.

Kerry Ward writes under the name TarotBella for Cosmopolitan and contributes to the Metro, Daily Mail and the Sun and is the author of Good Karma Tarot and Crystal Magic Tarot.

A real beginner’s guide for people curious about tarot.

Nothing else like it on the market.

Author Kerry Ward is an experienced tarot reader and writes for various publications including Metro and Cosmopolitan.

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Magic Oracle Cards

36-Card Oracle Deck and Guidebook:

Connect with the Power of Your Intuition

Semra Haksever

October 2024



128 Pages | 5¾ × 8¼ in Full-color Illustrations

Combining the power of magic with the art of divination, witch Semra Haksever’s 36-card oracle deck will unlock your inner knowledge and enable you to find the answers to all of life’s questions.

Using the cards is easy: focus on your question, or the reason for your reading to connect with the cards while you shuffle the deck. There are three distinct ways of using the cards: for instant answers to a specific questions, there is a “yes” or “no” answer; for a quick reading when you are time-poor, there are four messages written along the edges of each card; and finally, for a deeper reading, look at the illustrations on the cards and refer to their meanings in the guidebook. Semra suggests 20 spreads, from birthday spreads to past, present and future; as well as spreads that will help you connect with your pet, prepare you for a date and more.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a curious novice, this deck and accompanying booklet will allow you to explore the spellbinding interplay between magic and fortune telling, enabling you to unlock your inner mystic and reveal the secrets of your destiny.

Semra Haksever is the owner of Mama Moon, a bespoke collection of magical scented candles and potions. She has practised reiki, crystal therapy and moon rituals for over 20 years, and has always held the desire to create ritualistic tools that are accessible to all.

A unique combination, this oracle deck combines the power of magic with the art of divination. The cards can give instant responses to pressing questions, as well as in-depth readings.

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Everyday Magic Rituals, Spells and Potions to Live Your Best Life Semra Haksever

August 2024


$19.99 | Hardcover

176 Pages | 5½ × 6¾ in

Full-color Illustrations

In Everyday Magic, Semra Haksever introduces readers to simple magic and rituals for every day, which can be used as powerful tools to encourage self-love and a fulfilled life.

No longer the stuff of broomsticks, black cats and cauldrons, witchcraft is all about self-care in a modern and often confusing world. For all women looking to channel their inner power, make positive changes in their lives, cleanse, heal and embrace a little more spirituality.

Semra teaches readers how to weave bespoke spells, construct an altar, create manifestations, moon rituals, gratitude meditations and more.

Featuring information on crystals, color healing, herbs, oils and much more, this is a book on cosmic assistance that is accessible for everyone. When you are happy and positive on the inside, it makes you glow on the outside, and Everyday Magic will help you do just that.

Semra Haksever was a fashion stylist for over a decade before becoming a bohemian entrepreneur and starting Mama Moon, a bespoke collection of magical scented candles and potions (mamamooncandles.com). She has practised reiki, crystal therapy and moon rituals for over 20 years, and has always held the desire to create ritualistic tools that are accessible to all.

A reissue of the bestselling book, with 10 new spells.

In these uncertain times people are gravitating towards empowering practices like meditation, crystals, smudging and astrology. Mysticism allows people to feel in control of their lives and minds.

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The Book of Luck Invite Fortune and Positive Energy Into Your Life Luna Knight

October 2024


$19.99 | Hardcover

160 Pages | 5½ × 6¾ in

Full-color Illustrations

In an increasingly uncertain world, people are seeking more and more ways to navigate life's challenges and seize opportunities. The Book of Luck is a fun and practical gift book that explores the world of luck and shows you how by simply shifting your mindset and adopting certain practices, you can increase your chances of experiencing luck in all aspects of your life.

Featuring 60 beautifully illustrated lucky symbols from all around the world—including the talismanic Daruma doll to the whimsical Maneki-neko—alongside daily affirmations, everyday rituals, gratitude mediations and vision boards, The Book of Luck will teach you how you can leverage these symbols and actions to overcome obstacles and create a positive environment that encourages luck to flow into your lives.

Whether you are preparing for a crucial job interview, navigating the challenges of moving house, or gearing up for a high-stakes presentation, this book will show you that by making positive choices and taking proactive steps towards your goals, you can create a foundation for luck to flourish.

Luna Knight is a writer, researcher and daydreamer. She grew up in Cornwall, and now lives in London with two cats and rather too many houseplants.

A fun and vibrant gift package with modern illustrations and bold finishes.

The lucky charms featured are used all over the world, giving the book global appeal.

Helps readers to identify opportunities and manifest good luck in their lives.

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Live Your Dream Life

Gaia Elliot

October 2024


$14.99 | Hardcover 112 Pages | 4¾ × 6¼ in Full-color Illustrations

For anyone interested in manifesting but unsure where to start, Gaia Elliot demystifies the subject in this beginner's guide.

Manifesting is the practice of turning your dreams into reality by using attraction and belief—if you think it will happen, it will. It's more than just positive thinking though, your emotions, beliefs, actions and thoughts need to align, and you also need to be patient. It sounds complex, but it's not. If you're a daydreamer you're already halfway there—it's all about honing your skills. Learn how to raise your vibration and set intentions; master journaling and the importance of gratitude. The universe wants to help you live your dream life, you just need to unlock its power with the skills of manifesting. Whether it's a dream job, home, soulmate or finances, you have the power to make it happen.

Small enough to pop in your bag for on-the-go manifesting, and beautiful enough to display on your bedside table, this stylish book will enable you to harness the power of the universe and take charge of your destiny.

Gaia Elliot is a green witch based in London. She loves tending to her garden and being surrounded by the abundance of nature, which feeds into her spell-casting and magic-making. Gaia believes that anyone can harness their inner power by tapping into their intuition. She has a strong interest in tarot, the power of the moon and psychology.

Manifesting has been a trend for millennials and Gen-Z.

Searches for “manifesting” went up 600% in 2022 and the trend continues to grow.

Small enough to pop in your bag and read on the go, stylish enough to display on your bedside table.

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Emergency Spells Magic For Difficult Times

Gaia Elliot

October 2024


$14.99 | Hardcover

112 Pages | 4¾ × 6¼ in

Full-color Illustrations

Sometimes life just throws a curveball that has the power to derail your day, week or even month. But what if you could regain control by asking the universe for some help?

In Emergency Spells, green witch Gaia Elliot shares over 35 spells that can be cast with very little notice—perfect for when you're out and about or ill-prepared for one of life's little surprises. Using easy-to-find ingredients, these spells are perfect for timepoor people who need results. And fast! From spells that will help you to stop procrastinating to fast money, quick confidence boosters, job interview spells, love and even sleep spells, there's something for every emergency.

Small enough to pop in your bag for on-the-go spell-casting, and beautiful enough to display on your bedside table, this magical book will enable you to harness the power of the universe and take charge of your destiny.

Gaia Elliot believes that anyone can harness their inner power by tapping into their intuition. She has a strong interest in tarot, the power of the moon and psychology.

Modern witchcraft is on the rise, with WitchTok gaining more followers year on year, and Witch fiction gaining popularity in 2023. Many people are time poor and may not be serious enough to build an altar but want to “dip in and out” of spell-casting, usually when life throws a curveball.

The book is small enough to pop in your bag, and beautiful enough to display on your bedside table.

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The Witch Within A Guide to Discovering What Type of Witch  You

Are TudorBeth

September 2024


$20.99 | Hardcover 144 Pages | 5½ × 7 in Full-color Illustrations

Discover what type of witch you are with The Witch Within.

Do you have an affinity for working with plants and herbs? You may be a Green Witch. Do you love to find and harness the power of ancient stones and crystals? You may be a Crystal Witch. Are you able to tap into the sensory and healing properties of food for spell work? You may be a Kitchen Witch

This book is for those who are seeking the path of the witch. It introduces you to 25 different types of witches, and helps you to find your way through all the different types of witches so you can identify the witch you are.

Divided into groups of witches—colors, nature, worlds, traditional and beauty—each section of witches starts with a set of multiple choice questions to help you to decide which witch resonates with you. Then, each witch entry breaks down the witch’s key characteristics, including what their greatest strengths are. The entries also include magical practices or spells to further harness the power of your inner witch.

With this book, learn to embrace the witch within.

Tudorbeth is a hereditary practitioner of witchcraft and has written many courses on all forms of witchcraft from Hedgewitchery to Ancient Magic. She is the author of numerous books, including The Hedgewitch's Little Book of Spells, Charms & Brews (both Llewellyn) and A Spellbook for the Seasons (Eddison Books, 2019).

Perfect for readers who are new to the world of magic and witches.

Interactive book full of multiple-choice quizzes. Beautiful package, with bold, fun illustrations.

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Image credit: ©Tourism Jasper


The Intrepid List

Not a Bucket List Book

Intrepid Travel

November 2024


$24.99 | Hardcover

320 Pages | 7½ × 9¾ in Full colour throughout

The Intrepid List is a collection of more than 100 enthralling travel experiences from around the globe. This book is for the intrepid travelers—the explorers, thrill-seekers, foodies and festivalgoers—those that have a curiosity about the people and places that make up this amazing planet.

This guidebook will help you get under the skin of a place, to learn from locals who can help you discover the authentic, the eccentric, the rare and the astonishing. All done with an eye to sustainability, to celebrate the planet and protect its unique environments. It’s not just about the destination, but how you get there and who you meet along the way.

As the world's largest purpose-led adventure travel company (and a proud B Corp), Intrepid Travel strives to balance purpose and profit through an ethical and conscious approach to travel for travelers and the communities they visit. In 2023, Intrepid was named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential Companies.

This book caters to the trend for immersive and “experiential” tourism: Economic Times (Hospitality) says “Expedia termed 2022 the ‘Year of the GOAT’ (Greatest of All Trips), with 40 percent of travelers fantasizing about trying new foods, 31 percent yearning for local delicacies, and 23 percent seeking out off-the-beaten-path experiences and destinations.”

As a hardback format with stunning internal designs and photography, this is the perfect gift item or special buy for travel inspiration.

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Train Japan Navigating the Rail Mosaic, from

Quirky Commutes to HighSpeed Shinkansen

Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh

December 2024


$24.99 | Paperback 240 Pages | 6¾ × 8¼ in Full-color Photography


See the land of the rising sun from the rails in Train Japan, the perfect guide to traveling Japan by locomotive. Seasoned Japan lovers Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh bring you their expert advice on the best way to travel around this country, including day trips, multi-day train journeys and even themed itineraries for crafty folk, foodies or pop culture fanatics on “joyful” trains.

Platform-hop around Tokyo and Kyoto cities or whiz along on the shinkansen bullet train to get to where you need to go—fast! Do a lap of the islands, Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku or Kyushu, to get a feel for all this country has to offer, and then do it again in cherry blossom season or when the mountains are blanketed in snow. Including carefully curated advice, stunning photography and useful tips, Train Japan has everything you need to experience Japan by rail.

Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh have been obsessed with Kyoto since their first visit in the late 1990s. Michelle is an award-winning book designer and illustrator. Together Steve and Michelle have written, designed and illustrated 11 books on Japan, which have been translated into multiple languages.

Train Japan addresses the current trend for sustainable tourism, with travelers turning to trains as an eco-friendly option (Business Insider, Jan 2023). Japan offers great rail pass options for visitors, making train travel an ideal and economical way of seeing the country or navigating its major cities. A handy paperback format with a beautiful design makes this guidebook easy to take with you on your travels, yet also a keepsake for when you return.

Mindfulness Travel Japan 9781741177237
Onsen of Japan 9781741175516 $24.99 | Paperback View on Edelweiss Also
$24.99 | Paperback

Ultimate Road Trips

Lee Atkinson

January 2025 9781741176995

$29.99 | Flexibound 256 Pages | 8¼ × 9½ in Full-color Photography

There's nothing like hitting the open road and in Ultimate Road Trips, author Lee Atkinson highlights 50 of the best driving vacations around the globe.

Featuring iconic and interesting routes including Outback Australia, Iceland, South Africa, the Canadian Rockies and plenty more, this selection of the ultimate road trips all let you experience these exceptional destinations at your own pace. Each entry includes information on things to see and do, detailed route maps and a handy list of distances to help you plan your trip, as well as lots of useful advice on family-friendly attractions and where to eat along the way. You’ll also find details on the best time of year to visit, driving tips and some destinations that might surprise you, with a focus on fun drives that anyone with a license and a thirst for adventure can handle.

Keep this book in the car for when you’re out on the road, or curl up with it at home and plan your next journey.

Lee Atkinson has been writing about her adventures for Australian newspapers, magazines and travel guides since 1991. Lee is the author of 14 travel books and two smartphone apps about travelling in and around Australia and co-editor of two anthologies of travel writing. See www.leeatkinson.com.au.

Road trips remain a preferred mode of transport/vacation, especially for families. A 2022 survey by The Vacationer found that nearly 80 percent of travelers were going to take a road trip, equating to roughly 206 million Americans. Road trips included are both well-loved and interesting/lesser known journeys. North American destinations include USA: Pacific Coast Highway, Western wonders; Canada: Cabot Trail, Icefields Parkway.

Ultimate Skiing & Snowboarding 9781741178777
Ultimate Motorcycle Tours 9781741177367 $29.99 | Flexibound View on Edelweiss Also
$35.00 | Flexibound


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Coming Soon

Twig Friends Stick Together


Spring 2025

$13.99 | Hardcover

Twig Friends Andrew McDonald, Illustrated by Ben Wood

September 2024


$11.99 | Hardcover

112 Pages | 6 × 8¼ in Full-color Illustrations

From the creators of the best-selling REAL PIGEONS series comes TWIG FRIENDS, the hilarious new full-color graphic novel series about four twiggy best friends!

The world is big when you're a twig, but problems, surprises— and even volcanoes—are no match for Red, Ziggy, Noodle and Stump!

In three adorably funny comic stories for young readers, Red Twig discovers that not all surprises are good when he accidentally ruins his friends' snail zoo, Ziggy and Stump discover a volcano (or is it?), and Noodle tries and fails to find blue paint in nature. And at the end, young readers can learn to draw all the twig friends with simple step-by-step instructions!

Andrew McDonald lives with his partner and two young kids. His books have been shortlisted for many prizes, including the Children’s Book Council of Australia and Australian Book Industry Awards.

Ben Wood has illustrated more than fifty books for children. When not in the studio, Ben speaks in schools and runs workshops about illustration.

The first book in a funny new graphic novel series from the creators of Real Pigeons, which is now in development with Nickelodeon for film and TV. Friendship, fun and adventure combine with emotionally intelligent stories about empathy, problem-solving and resilience.

A true young graphic novel that is accessible for beginner readers and enjoyable for the whole family to read together.

Features a non-verbal character in Noodle, who has full agency and strong emotional arcs.

Twig Friends is designed to support conversations about friendship and empathy.

Claris: Marvellous Mess

The Chicest Mouse in Paris Megan Hess

September 2024 9781761210891

$19.99 | Hardcover

48 Pages | 9¼ × 11¼ in

Full-color Illustrations

View on Edelweiss

Also Available

Claris: The Secret Crown 9781760507718

$17.99 | Hardcover

Claris: Pasta Disaster 9781761210884

$19.99 | Hardcover

In the eighth fabulous picture book in Megan Hess's bestselling series, Claris's friends help her move into an iconic new atelier in Paris!

When Claris's friends ask her to create some chic new fashion looks for them, she’s only too happy to help. But her apartment is tiny and her friends are too big! Can she find a way to set up a new studio at the top of the Eiffel Tower?

Created by the beloved fashion illustrator and art director Megan Hess, the stunning Claris stories are told in delightful rhyme and feature an abundance of adorable animal characters. Perfect for readers aged 3 and up, the whole family will enjoy the adventures of the chicest mouse in Paris.

Megan Hess is an internationally acclaimed fashion illustrator. Her prestigious clients include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. Her bestselling fashion books and beloved Claris series for children have sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide in ten languages.

Readers will love the surprising secret journey to the very top of the Eiffel Tower!

A beautiful gift, this handsome hardback features gilt-edged pages and a foil finish alongside Megan's stunning illustrations.

Destined to delight fashion-obsessed readers of all ages!

Holiday Heist

The Chicest Mouse in Paris

Megan Hess

October 2024


$14.99 | Board Book

36 Pages | 6¼ × 7½ in Full-color Illustrations

Claris visits New York in this new board book edition of a very special Christmas adventure about courage, compassion and fashion, from the best-selling Claris series by acclaimed fashion illustrator Megan Hess.

In New York for winter was chic little Claris. She’d travelled so far from her maison in Paris!

But Claris never imagined that this Christmas would involve a thrilling dash through the city to stop a cat burglar and save the day!

Megan Hess is an acclaimed art director and illustrator who works with some of the most prestigious designers and luxury brands around the world, such as Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. Her beloved Claris series for children has grown to include the World of Claris picture books.

First published in 2020, this chic board book edition of the beloved festive Claris story is perfect for readers aged one and up!

The best-selling Claris series follows an adorable mouse who moves to Paris to follow her fashion dreams, for fans of Eloise and Olivia Compassion never goes out of style! Destined to delight fashion-obsessed readers of all ages. There are three-quarters of a million Claris books in print, and over 1.5 million books by Megan Hess in over ten languages worldwide.

Claris: Holiday Heist 9781760504953 $17.99 | Hardcover Claris Says Merci 9781761212536 $12.99 | Board Book View on Edelweiss Also Available

The Curious Crown

Young Queens #3 Megan Hess

October 2024


$19.99 | Hardcover

32 Pages | 9¼ × 11¼ in Full-color Illustrations

Best-selling author Megan Hess shines in The Curious Crown, a glorious original fairy tale about a legendary crown, and the girl who needs to borrow it for a festive miracle …

As the snow swirls on Christmas Eve, young Ella Rose gazes out the palace window and sees a boy whose own tree is bare. Her family’s Christmas tree is laden with baubles, and she wants to share some with him—but when she goes to leave, it’s freezing outside, and the weather is fierce.

However, Ella Rose dreams of being fierce, too. In her palace, under lock and key, is a magical crown that once belonged to her mother. If she borrows it—just for one night—will it give her the courage, strength and creativity she needs to help this boy?

Megan Hess is an internationally acclaimed fashion illustrator. Her prestigious clients include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. Her bestselling fashion books and beloved Claris and Young Queens series for children have sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.

A festive tale about sharing and kindness from the creator of the best-selling and beloved Claris series. More books to discover in the Young Queens Collection, where every girl has a queen inside. Why aspire to be a princess when you could be a queen instead? A queen’s power is in her intelligence, her independence and her kindness, rather than her beauty.

Warm, easy rhyming prose makes this picture book a joy to read aloud.

A surprising and delightful twist that readers won’t see coming!

A Most Mysterious Manor 9781761212659 $19.99 | Hardcover The Velvet Messenger 9781761212666 $19.99 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss Also Available

The Twelve Days of Kindness

Sophie Beer


$18.99 | Hardcover

24 Pages | 9½ × 9½ in

Full-color Illustrations

From the creator of the best-selling Kindness Makes Us Strong comes this glorious celebration of love and generosity at Christmas.

Sophie Beer's Twelve Days of Kindness is all about the lovely things you can make and do for others during the festive season. Whether it’s making a card to say thank you, baking cookies to share, or bringing joy to someone in need, everyone can spread and receive kindness at Christmas.

With nearly a million copies of Love Makes a Family and Kindness Makes Us Strong in print around the world, Sophie Beer's books have fast become the go-to for modern family gifting! Twelve Days of Kindness is the perfect way to share the spirit of community and love during the festive season.

Sophie Beer is an award-winning author and illustrator based in Brisbane, Australia. She works primarily in children's books, having published with Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, Walker, Scholastic, Hardie Grant and many more. As an illustrator, she has worked with Disney/Pixar, Google and the Sydney Opera House.

Christmas isn’t just about presents—it’s about kindness, community and spreading festive cheer. Sophie Beer's illustrations are vibrant and fun, modern as well as diverse, and appeal to a wide audience.

The text and visuals are inclusive, highlighting that anyone can enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Bright Light books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. The story falls under Bright Light pillar: Character, Diversity, Society

2024 9781761214103
How to Say Hello 9781760507879 $11.99 | Board Book Welcome, Little One 9781761211331 $18.99 | Hardcover View on Edelweiss Also Available

Everyone Wants an Octopus Book! We All Belong in Stories Liz Ledden, Illustrated by Makoto Koji

November 2024 9781761210846

$18.99 | Hardcover

24 Pages | 8¾ × 10¾ in

Full-color Illustrations

Inky the octopus wants to read a book with a character that looks like them. With Inky’s best friend, Quack the duck, they scour every shelf, but all they seem to find are more books about ducks! Why aren't there any stories with octopuses? They decide maybe it’s time for one.

Liz Ledden is a Sydney-based children’s book author and podcaster. She has published two picture books, Walking Your Human (Larrikin House) and Tulip and Brutus (Ford Street). Liz also co-hosts kids’ book podcast One More Page with her friends, authors and book lovers Kate Simpson and Nat Amoore.

Makoto Koji is a Japanese-Australian illustrator and animator. She was born in Hiroshima in the Year of the Rabbit and was raised in the wilderness of rural Queensland. Her work draws from her unique upbringing, a blend of Eastern and Western sensibilities.

A thought-provoking book about the importance of representation in books and media.

A humorous, accessible and broadly appealing story that also carries a worthy message.

Readers will appreciate poring over each spread and immersing themselves in the world that Makoto has created for these two friends.

Two emerging Australian creators with the potential for more stories.

Bright Light books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. The story falls under Bright Light pillar: Diversity, Character, Society.

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Flocked Chren Byng, Illustrated by Andrew Joyner

September 2024


$18.99 | Hardcover

32 Pages | 9½ × 9½ in

Full-color Illustrations

Welcome to the flock.

The flock has been the flock since the beginning of time.  Or since 1986. Or since last Tuesday. Whichever came first. The flock is always right and true. And true and right.  Do not question the flock. You are happy in the flock.

When a new sheep joins the flock, she realizes that home can be warm and safe and good. But what happens when she decides to leave?

Chren Byng’s career in books began over 20 years ago, as a bookseller, and she has worked in publishing since 2005. In her day job as a children’s book publisher, Chren has edited and published award-winning and bestselling books from many of Australia’s most-loved authors and illustrators.

Andrew Joyner is an award-winning Australian illustrator and cartoonist. His books have been published in more than 25 countries around the world. Andrew has illustrated dozens of children's books, including The Pink Hat and #1 New York Times bestseller Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum.

A funny, subversive and sweet story about individuality, independence, peer pressure and bravery.

Perfect for fans of offbeat, quirky picture book creators such as Jon Klassen, Mac Barnett, and Jory John.

Bright Light Books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. This story falls under the Bright Light pillars of Character and Society.

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Worms Are Our Friends

Toni D'Alia, Illustrated by Mimi Purnell

January 2025 9781761212994

$18.99 | Hardcover

24 Pages | 8¾ × 10¾ in Full-color Illustrations

$18.99 | Hardcover

Worms Are Our Friends invites preschool readers into a stunning garden to admire the hard work of one tiny worm, and to marvel at the essential role it plays in nature.

Discover how earthworms help our soil, plants and environment thrive, and encourage your kids to love nature exploration and outdoor learning.

Toni D’Alia is an author of children’s books and contemporary fiction. With a background in teaching, Toni writes heartwarming stories to inspire, educate, empower and entertain.

Mimi Purnell is an illustrator and graphic designer. After completing a degree in Creative Industries she is now focusing her time on creating sweet illustrations and spending lots of time outdoors.

Our Friends in the Garden is a Bright Light series that invites our youngest readers into the garden to explore the important role bugs and insects play in our eco-system.

Worms are children's favorite garden workers! With worm farms and composting playing an important role in homes and schools across the country. A gorgeous gifty format, with textured case stock and luxe metallics.

Each book in the series showcases the art of a different illustrator: Mimi Purnell (@mimimoo_illustration) has 150,000 Instagram followers.

Bright Light books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. The story falls under Bright Light pillar: Environment.

Are Our Friends 9781761210488
Edelweiss Also

The Truck Cat Deborah Frenkel, Illustrated

by Danny Snell

October 2024


$18.99 | Hardcover

32 Pages | 9½ × 9½ in

Full-color Illustrations

The Truck Cat is a story about cats and humans, immigration and identity, and homes lost and found.

Along with his human, Yacoub, Tinka travels roads wide and narrow, near and distant. But no matter how much they travel, home feels very far away—for both of them.

Yacoub drives his truck to make a living, learning the landscape of a new country along the way, and longing for connection. When Tinka and Yacoub are unexpectedly separated, they are determined to find their way back to each other—and, in doing so, might find more than they expected …

Deborah Frenkel is an Australian writer of everything from books to billboards to the back of cereal boxes. Her writing for children includes picture books about nature, imagination, and different kinds of belonging.

Danny Snell lives in South Australia and has been working as an illustrator for over 20 years. He has illustrated over a dozen children’s picture books.

Touches on themes of immigration and identity, loneliness, friendship and family.

An empowering book that will resonate particularly strongly with migrants—approximately 45 million people living in the United States were born in other countries.

Perfect for readers of books like Andrea Wang's Watercress, and Yamile Saied Méndez's Where Are You From?

Includes an Author's Note about her familial experiences of migration, and the inspiration behind her storytelling.

Bright Light books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. The story falls under Bright Light pillar: Diversity.

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A Recipe for Magic Potion



Illustrated by Natasja Horne

January 2025 9781761214110

$18.99 | Hardcover

32 Pages | 9½ × 9½ in Full-color Illustrations

A powerfully delightful picture book about childhood play and the enduring magic of our natural world.

This dazzling story may seem like a set of instructions on how to brew a magic potion, the ingredients of which are familiar— mud, a leaf, some sand. But as the story unfolds, two children let their imaginations run wild as they take the reader on a glorious, lyrical journey outside.

Jack Henseleit is a children’s author whose favorite potion ingredients are pink eucalyptus blossoms, crystalized honeydew, and sand from under the clothesline. He is the author of The Witching Hours and Cross Bones series, as well as the non-fiction book Family Road Trip Games.

Natasja Horne is a Dutch artist and illustrator who loves to create stories that help us find our way in life. Her work celebrates texture, shape and playful imperfections made by hand.

An evocative ode to outdoor imaginative play and the enduring magic of our natural environment. Lyrical and tender, the narrative follows two children as they collect ingredients for a magic potion, all the while growing up through their childhood.

New illustrator Natasja Horne brings warmth and startling beauty to the natural world, while perfectly capturing the body language of two small children focused on making magic.

While children delight in the details, parents will be moved and appreciate how fleeting childhood is. Bright Light books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. The story falls under Bright Light pillar: Environment.

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Families Jane Godwin, Illustrated

by Yael Frankel

November 2024


$18.99 | Hardcover

32 Pages | 8¾ × 10¾ in Full-color Illustrations

Much-loved children’s author Jane Godwin has teamed with internationally acclaimed Argentinian creator Yael Frankel. Together, they weave a colorful celebration of all the differences that make every family unique.

So many families, some big and some small. Each one is different, let’s look at them all!

You’ll be sure to recognize a family just like yours!

Jane Godwin is the highly acclaimed author of over thirty books for children. Her work is published internationally and she has received many commendations. Jane spends as much time as she can working with young people in schools: running various literature and writing programs, making books and encouraging students in their own creative ventures.

Yael Frankel is an author and illustrator living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A colorful celebration of families and all the differences that make them unique (concept pillars: gender, character, diversity).

Simple rhyming text suitable for all ages. Features themes of love, acceptance and diversity. Bright Light books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. The story falls under Bright Light pillar: Diversity

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White Sunday A Celebration for Samoan Kids



Illustrated by Myo Yim

September 2024


$18.99 | Hardcover

32 Pages | 8¾ × 10¾ in

Full-color Illustrations

Every year in October, Sina and her family celebrate White Sunday. It’s a day when the children are celebrated at church and they get to read, sing, perform and dance in front of the community. There’s also a feast after, and the kids eat first! Maybe this year Uncle Fred will bring his green bananas in coconut cream and Sina will receive plenty of ulas for her performance.

A beautifully illustrated, heartwarming picture book for kids aged 3 and above that's filled with love, food, merrymaking and ... adventure!

Litea Fuata comes from a very big Samoan aiga (family) with lots of nieces and nephews, and plenty of siblings and cousins. Growing up in a big aiga meant she had lots of adventures and was never short of someone to play with but, on the flip side, she also had to ensure she was being heard above all the commotion!

Myo Yim is a Korean author and illustrator. Her first book, To the Forest Night, was published by Yellow Imagination Books in South Korea in 2019. Myo also has a book called Rajah Street with Walker Australia.

An own-voices story that depicts a marginalized group of our population in a positive light.

A charming narrative with themes of bravery, resilience and community.

There are only a handful of picture books that represent Pacific Islanders; this book gives them a mirror and a voice.

Myo Yim is a rising star in Australian illustration— she was shortlisted for the Little Hare Illustration Prize.

Bright Light books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. The story falls under Bright Light pillar: Diversity, Character

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Democracy! A Positive Primer on People Power. Discover What Defines a Democracy

and Why Your Voice Matters.

Philip Bunting

Also Available

Super Power


$18.99 | Hardcover

August 2024


$18.99 | Hardcover

32 Pages | 8¾ × 10¾ in

Full-color Illustrations

What you say (and how you say it) has the power to change the world. Democracy gives you that power. Democracy is people power.

But does democracy really matter? How does it work? And what exactly is democracy, anyway?! Get set to speak up and learn how you can create positive change in your corner of the world.

Democracy! is full of fascinating and engaging information about elections, voting and political systems, and provides young readers with easily digestible information about the importance of their voice.

Philip Bunting's books have been translated into multiple languages and published in over 25 countries around the world. Since his first book was published in 2017, Philip has received multiple accolades, including Honours from the Children’s Book Council of Australia, and making the list for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2018.

An accessible, interesting and inspiring introduction to democracy, written with support from the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, Canberra.

A partner title to the highly successful Your Planet Needs You!, Super Power and Me, Microbes & I. Philip's trademark illustrations bring the text to life for young readers, as well as helping to clearly break down big concepts into small, engaging bites. Foreign language rights snapped up pre-publication: Portuguese, Taiwanese, French, Spanish, Turkish, Hebrew and Greek rights already sold. Bright Light books help modern families shine a light on important conversations. The story falls under Bright Light pillar: Society.

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Food & Drink

All Day Baking

Michael James and Pippa


$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743796993


Flora Shedden

$29.99 | Hardcover 9781784883102

A New Way to Bake

Philip Khoury

$42.00 | Hardcover 9781784885922

All Day Cocktails

Shaun Byrne and Nick Tesar

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781743795248

Around Our Table

Sara Forte

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781958417263

Bao & Dim Sum

Orathay Souksisavanh

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784885748


José Pizarro

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784883683

$35.00 | Hardcover


Emiko Davies

$40.00 | Hardcover


James Rich

$35.00 | Hardcover

9781784882327 World in 80

At the Table in Paris

Jan Thorbecke Verlag

$29.99 | Hardcover 9781784886912

BBQ Days, BBQ Nights

Helen Graves

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781784886806

My Table: Karapanagiotidis
Add Lemon Alvarez $35.00 | Hardcover 9781743795439
Parkhill, Illustrated Oehr
$22.99 | Hardcover
Companion O'Donoghue $35.00 | Hardcover 9781761450235

Beatrix Bakes

Natalie Paull

$31.00 | Hardcover 9781743795255

Beatrix Bakes: Another Slice

Natalie Paull

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743797761

Behind the Bar: Gin

Alia Akkam

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784885625

California: Living + Eating

Eleanor Maidment

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781784882457


Karen Martini

$65.00 | Hardcover 9781743794494

Bethlehem Fadi Kattan

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781958417287

Cassoulet Confessions

Sylvie Bigar

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781743797969

Cool Pasta

Tom Jackson

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784885724

$29.99 | Hardcover

Alia Akkam

$22.99 | Hardcover


$40.00 | Hardcover

Buds and Blossoms

Liz Knight

$42.00 | Hardcover


$29.99 | Hardcover

The Cocktail Garden

Adriana Picker, Text by Ed Loveday

$19.99 | Hardcover


Eat and Enjoy Gluten

Laura Strange

$35.00 | Hardcover


Behind the Bar
and Salt: Venice Davies
Callaway $19.99 | Hardcover 9781784886028

Eat More Greens

Fern Green

$20.99 | Paperback 9781784886394

Ellie's Table

Ellie Bouhadana

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781743798751


Emiko Davies

$32.99 | Hardcover 9781743796764

Ramen Forever

Tim Anderson

$37.50 | Hardcover 9781784886608

Good Food Outdoors

Katy Holder

$14.99 | Flexibound 9781741177688

Happiness in a Mug


Kate Calder

$16.99 | Hardcover 9781784886547

Grain Bowls

Anna Shillinglaw


$19.99 | Paperback 9781784880484

Healthiest Vegetables

Emily Ezekiel

$25.00 | Paperback - with flaps 9781958417515

$35.00 | Hardcover

Fish Butchery

Josh Niland

$42.00 | Hardcover


to Jam


$32.99 | Flexibound

From Scratch

Fiona Weir Walmsley

$35.00 | Hardcover



Frenkiel and Luise

$22.99 | Hardcover


Kitchen: Quick & Slow

David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl

$42.00 | Hardcover


Home Harvest

Bridie Cotter and Tom Gaunt, Illustrated by Edith Rewa

$22.99 | Cards


Fire Hastie
$40.00 | Hardcover

How Wild Things Are

Analiese Gregory

$29.99 | Hardcover 9781743796023

Hungry Campers Cookbook

Katy Holder

$24.99 | Spiral Bound 9781741176230


Tim Anderson

$36.00 | Hardcover 9781784881146

JapanEasy Bowls & Bento

Tim Anderson

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781784885694

La Vita è Dolce

Letitia Clark

$42.00 | Hardcover 9781784884222

Lanka Food

O Tama Carey

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781743797259

Low- and No-alcohol Cocktails

Matthias Giroud

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784887025


Kate Reid

$42.00 | Hardcover 9781784885168

$27.99 | Hardcover

In Love With Paris

Anne-Katrin Weber

$27.99 | Hardcover


$11.99 | Hardcover

Kin Thai

John Chantarasak

$35.00 | Hardcover


$35.00 | Hardcover

Live Fire

Helen Graves

$40.00 | Hardcover


Mabu Mabu

Nornie Bero

$35.00 | Hardcover


New York Nieschlag and Lars
and Frauke
Minute Dinner
(Special Edition) $70.00 | Hardcover 9781784886226

Made in Bangladesh

Dina Begum

$42.00 | Hardcover 9781784886523

Make More With Less Kitty Coles

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781784887100

Manual of Healthy Longevity & Wellbeing

Luigi Fontana

$27.99 | Paperback 9781743796825

Max's World of Sandwiches

Max Halley and Benjamin Benton

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781784886004

Mr Todiwala's Bombay

Cyrus Todiwala

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781784886646


Martin Nordin

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784885533

On Sundays

Dave Verheul

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743799093

On the Himalayan Trail

Romy Gill

$42.00 | Hardcover 9781784884406

$35.00 | Hardcover


Simon Bajada

$36.99 | Hardcover


Microwave Meals

Tim Anderson

$23.99 | Hardcover


$25.00 | Paperback

Natural Harry

Harriet Birrell

$29.99 | Hardcover


$20.99 | Paperback

One-pot Vegan

Sabrina Fauda-Rôle

$19.99 | Paperback - with flaps


McConnell and Wheeler $40.00 | Hardcover 9781743799024
Cakes Torrico
- with 9781958417539
Healthy Fauda-Rôle
- with 9781784886165

One-pot Vegetarian

Sabrina Fauda-Rôle

$19.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781784882570

Pasta et Al

Alec Morris

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743799000

Peanut Butter: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Midnight

Tim Lannan and James Annabel

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743795750


James Rich

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781784884659

Pasta Grannies: Comfort Cooking

Vicky Bennison

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781784885243

Pimp My Noodles

Kathy Kordalis

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781784881238

Preserved: Fruit

Darra Goldstein, Cortney Burns and Richard Martin

$22.00 | Hardcover 9781958417119

Recipes from Andalusia José Pizarro

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784886325

$40.00 | Hardcover

Grannies: The Cookbook


$37.50 | Hardcover


Tjok Maya Kerthyasa and I Wayan Kresna Yasa

$40.00 | Hardcover


The Path to Longevity

Luigi Fontana

$25.99 | Paperback


Preserved: Condiments

Darra Goldstein, Cortney Burns and Richard Martin

$22.00 | Hardcover


from Rome and Caldesi $24.99 | Hardcover

Recipes from Venice

Katie Caldesi and Giancarlo Caldesi

$24.99 | Hardcover


Moore $35.00 | Hardcover


Sylvan Mishima Brackett and Jessica Battilana

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781958417003

Road Trip Cooking

The Holy Kauw Company

$24.99 | Paperback 9781741177374


Özlem Warren

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781784886486

Simply Chinese

Suzie Lee

$29.99 | Hardcover 9781784885335

Slow Victories

Katrina Meynink

$21.99 | Flexibound 9781743796412

Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan)

Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse

$29.99 | Flexibound 9781743799086


Monica Lee, With Tien


$35.00 | Hardcover 9781958417034


Benny Roff

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781743790106

$29.99 | Hardcover

Sea & Shore

Emily Scott

$40.00 | Hardcover


$35.00 | Hardcover

Slow Drinks

Danny Childs

$32.00 | Hardcover


Daughters: A

$35.00 | Hardcover

Snow Food

Lindor Wink

$29.99 | Hardcover


Super Easy Air Fryer

Lelia Castello

$19.99 | Hardcover


Chinese Feasts
(That be Vegan) Martinez and
Osborne $35.00 | Hardcover 9781958417249


Flora Shedden

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781784885274


Greg Malouf and Lucy Malouf

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781743794135

Sweet Vegan

Nicole Maree

$14.99 | Flexibound 9781743796467

Take One Fish

Josh Niland

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781743796634

Thali (The Times


Maunika Gowardhan

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781784884581

The Chicken Soup Manifesto

Jenn Louis

$29.99 | Hardcover 9781743795682

The Amalfi Coast

Katie Caldesi and Giancarlo Caldesi

$26.99 | Hardcover 9781784885021

The Complete Asian Cookbook

Charmaine Solomon

$50.00 | Hardcover 9781743799734

$40.00 | Hardcover

The Little Book of Chocolate: Sweet Treats

Melanie Dupuis

$14.99 | Hardcover


$35.00 | Hardcover

Irina Georgescu

$42.00 | Hardcover


Bible and Lauren

$34.99 | Hardcover

The Beauty Chef


$38.00 | Hardcover


Party and Vicki

$42.00 | Hardcover

The Green Barbecue

Martin Nordin

$29.99 | Hardcover


Home Gowardhan

The Kitchen Witch

Gail Bussi

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784886950

The Little Book of Chocolate: Desserts

Melanie Dupuis

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781784887223

The Modern Spice Rack

Esther Clark and Rachel Walker

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781784885793

The Shortcut Cook All in One

Rosie Reynolds

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784885571

There's Always Room for Cheese

Colin Wood

$38.00 | Hardcover 9781743798768

Tokyo Stories

Tim Anderson

$37.50 | Hardcover 9781784882297

Three Ingredient Cocktails

Kate Calder

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784884710

Tortellini at Midnight

Emiko Davies

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743794531

Dan Jones

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781742707747

Josh Niland

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781743795538

$42.00 | Hardcover

Tiny Kitchen Feast

Natalie Rodriguez

$26.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781741178814

Yang Liu and Katharina Pinczolits

$32.99 | Hardcover 9781743799369

Miller's Daughter Zimmerman $29.99 | Hardcover 9781743797105
The Mixers Manual
Spanish Home $42.00 | Hardcover 9781784884475
The Whole Fish Cookbook
Ultimate Book of $27.50 | Hardcover 9781784883478
Vegan Chinese Food

Vegan JapanEasy

Tim Anderson

$37.50 | Hardcover


Vegan With Bite

Shannon Martinez

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781743796245

Vietnamese Vegetarian

Uyen Luu

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781784885519

Whisky: Shake, Muddle, Stir

Dan Jones

$21.99 | Hardcover 9781784886561

Wild Figs and Fennel

Letitia Clark

$45.00 | Hardcover 9781784886189

Your Home Izakaya

Tim Anderson

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781784883850

Wild Meat

Ross O'Meara

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743796405

Fashion & Beauty

$23.99 | Paperback


Uyen Luu

$35.00 | Hardcover


Wild Drinks

Sharon Flynn

$29.99 | Hardcover



Anastasia Miari

$40.00 | Hardcover


Christian Dior

Megan Hess

$35.00 | Hardcover


- with 9781784887001
Birrell $35.00 | Hardcover 9781743795163
Cocktail and Brett
$22.99 | Hardcover
$35.00 | Hardcover

Coco Chanel

Megan Hess

$26.99 | Hardcover 9781743790663

Coco Chanel Special Edition

Megan Hess

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743797440

Elegance: The Beauty of French Fashion

Megan Hess

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781743794425

Iconic: The Masters of Italian Fashion

Megan Hess

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781743794371

Megan Hess: The Little Black Dress

Megan Hess

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781743797358

Fashion House Special Edition

Megan Hess

$26.99 | Hardcover 9781743799628

The Illustrated World of Couture

Megan Hess

$45.00 | Hardcover 9781743794449

Megan Hess: The Shoe

Megan Hess

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781743797389

Dior: Style Icon

Dan Jones

$23.99 | Hardcover


Grace Kelly

Megan Hess

$35.00 | Hardcover

9781743798416 Through a

Megan Hess: The Bag

Megan Hess

$22.99 | Hardcover


New York: Through a

Fashion Eye

Megan Hess

$35.00 | Hardcover


Chanel: Style Davis $19.99 | Hardcover 9781784885670
Icon Collins $19.99 | Hardcover 9781784884970
$35.00 | Hardcover
$26.99 | Hardcover



Megan Hess

$26.99 | Hardcover 9781743792476


Scott Stuart

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781761210457

Caviar: The Hollywood Star

Megan Hess

$17.99 | Hardcover 9781761210860

Paris: Through a Fashion Eye

Megan Hess

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743799598

A Most Mysterious Manor

Megan Hess

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781761212659

Bedtime Stories for Hard Days

Scott Stuart

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781761213694

Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris

Megan Hess

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781760502591

$24.95 | Hardcover

Your Best Skin

Hannah English

$22.99 | Flexibound 9781743797693

$17.99 | Hardcover

All the Love in the World

Louise Fedele, Illustrated by Ana Toro

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781761210617

Our Friends Illustrated by

$18.99 | Hardcover

Can You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree?

Jane Godwin, Illustrated by Terry Denton

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781761213380 & 60 Piece

Claris Gets Dressed

Megan Hess

$12.99 | Board Book 9781761213366

The Secret
$17.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle 9781760507817

Claris Loves the Rainbow

Megan Hess

$12.99 | Board Book


Claris: A Très Chic Activity Book Volume #2

Megan Hess

$9.99 | Paperback 9781761210914

Claris: Holiday Heist

Megan Hess

$17.99 | Hardcover 9781760504953


Stan Rodski

$9.99 | Paperback 9781743798164

Claris Says Merci

Megan Hess

$12.99 | Board Book 9781761212536

Claris: Bonjour Riviera

Megan Hess

$17.99 | Hardcover 9781760504939

Claris: Palace Party

Megan Hess

$17.99 | Hardcover 9781760504977

Come Over to My House

Eliza Hull and Sally Rippin, Illustrated by Daniel GrayBarnett

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781761212680

Claris: A Très Chic Activity Book Volume


Megan Hess

$9.99 | Paperback


Claris: Fashion Show Fiasco

Megan Hess

$17.99 | Hardcover


Claris: The Secret


Megan Hess

$17.99 | Hardcover


Drop into the Ocean

Karen Wasson, Illustrated by Marta Tesoro

$18.99 | Hardcover


How Do You $12.99 | Board Book 9781761213373
Book & Gift Set 9781760508975
Disaster $19.99 | Hardcover
Roach Burke, Illustrated Gray-Barnett $18.99 | Hardcover 9781761213410

From My Head to My Toes I Say What Goes

Charlotte Barkla, Illustrated by Jacqui Lee

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781760508142

How to Say Hello

Sophie Beer

$11.99 | Board Book 9781760507879

Oli and Basil: The Dashing Frogs of Travel

Megan Hess

$17.99 | Hardcover 9781760507671

Plume: World Explorer

Tania McCartney

$17.99 | Hardcover 9781741177664

Grow Big, Little Seed Bec Nanayakkara, Illustrated by Sarah Capon

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781761213748

I Love the World

Tania McCartney

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781741177398

Plume: Christmas Elf

Tania McCartney

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781741177923

Posey Pearl is a Curious Girl

Fifi Box, Illustrated by Adam Ming

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781760508760

Scott Stuart

$14.99 | Hardcover

Claudia Quintanilla

$26.99 | Paperback 9781761450396

$17.99 | Hardcover

Plume: Global Nibbler

Tania McCartney

$17.99 | Hardcover 9781741177671

Philip Bunting

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781761213441

Every Body! Curcio
$18.99 | Hardcover
How to Be a Real Man
Go to Illustrated by
9781760507848 Do Not
$18.99 | Hardcover
Making Memories
Festival Seeker McCartney
Remarkable Remy Heyworth, by Nathaniel
$18.99 | Hardcover
Super Power

Spot It! World Atlas

Megan McKean

$19.99 | Board Book 9781741178982

The Very First You

Scott Stuart

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781760508883

Where is Claris in New York!

Megan Hess

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781760504960

Craft, Home & Garden

Sunday Skating

Andrea Rowe, Illustrated by Hannah Sommerville

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781761213427

We’re Moving Away

Niña Nill

$18.99 | Hardcover 9781761213397

Where is Claris in Rome!

Megan Hess

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781760509521

Drawing People

Viktorija Semjonova

$21.99 | Paperback 9781784886417

The Velvet Messenger

Megan Hess

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781761212666

$18.99 | Hardcover

Where is Claris in London!

Megan Hess

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781760509514 Claris in

$14.99 | Hardcover

Wildlife Compendium of the World

Tania McCartney

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781741177473 Art Drawing

15-minute Art Painting

Hannah Podbury

$22.99 | Flexibound 9781784884994

Kindness Club Bullen-Casanova, by Dave $18.99 | Hardcover
Little One
Smith $22.99 | Flexibound 9781784885717

15-minute Art


Jola Sopek

$24.99 | Flexibound


365 Days of Art

Lorna Scobie

$22.99 | Flexibound 9781784881115

365 Days of Drawing

Lorna Scobie

$22.99 | Flexibound 9781784881955

365 Days of Feel-good Art

Lorna Scobie

$22.99 | Flexibound 9781784885618

52 Weeks of Socks


$24.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781743797563

52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II


$26.99 | Paperback 9781761450297

A Tree in the House

Annabelle Hickson

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743793749

A Tree in the House

Annabelle Hickson

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743799857

365 Days of Creativity

$22.99 | Flexibound

9781784882792 of Easy Knits

$26.99 | Paperback - with

52 Weeks of Scarves

$24.99 | Paperback - with flaps


A New Leaf

Jennifer Haslam and Pip McCormac

$45.00 | Hardcover 9781784884628

Blazed Wax

Kannava and Emma Cutri

$24.99 | Paperback - with flaps


of Art in Scobie
$22.99 | Flexibound
with Birds Weatherly
$45.00 | Hardcover
Scobie $20.99 | Paperback - with 9781784884451

British Designers At Home

Jenny Rose-Innes

$50.00 | Hardcover


Design Secrets

Kit Kemp

$35.00 | Hardcover


Chateau Reawakening

Tim Holding

$50.00 | Hardcover



Bex Partridge

$22.99 | Paperback - with flaps


Design Thread

Kit Kemp

$50.00 | Hardcover


Floral Evolution

Catherine Foxwell

$24.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781784884369


Anna Carlile

$20.99 | Flexibound 9781741176827

Hip to Be Square

Katie Jones

$26.99 | Paperback - with flaps


$24.99 | Paperback

Cut Flower Growing

Marianne Slater

$24.99 | Hardcover


Embroidery Now

Jennifer Cardenas Riggs

$19.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781784882532


Jason Chongue

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781743799741

Home by the Sea

Natalie Walton

$45.00 | Hardcover 9781743798256

with 9781743798980
Dreamscapes Takacs $50.00 | Hardcover 9781743793527
Forever Partridge $32.50 | Hardcover 9781784884345
Natural Harry Birrell $24.99 | Hardcover 9781743796207

How to Play Your Best Golf

Nick O'Hern

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781743798041

Less Stuff

Lindsay Miles

$19.99 | Flexibound 9781743795446

Into the Weeds

Tama Matsuoka Wong

$32.50 | Hardcover 9781958417256

Modern Block Printing

Rowan Sivyer

$22.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781784885182

New Rural

Ingrid Weir

$45.00 | Hardcover 9781743797297

Living Green in the City

Ophelie Damblé

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784885007

My Dog Eats Better Than Me

Fiona Rigg and Jacqui Melville

$19.99 | Flexibound 9781743796870

Own Your Zone

Ruth Matthews

$26.99 | Hardcover 9781784885595

Knits for Dogs

Stina Tiselius

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781784886233


Clea Cregan

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743796863


New Coastal

Ingrid Weir

$45.00 | Hardcover 9781743799178

Plant Society

Jason Chongue

$24.99 | Flexibound 9781743793435

Kaleidoscope Wong $50.00 | Hardcover 9781784885465
Things and Rose $35.00 | Hardcover 9781958417270
$22.99 | Paperback
Picker $40.00 | Hardcover 9781743795040


Poetry of Spaces

Sarah Andrews

$50.00 | Hardcover 9781784886585


Paul Anderton and Robin Daly

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781784884925

Sew It Yourself with DIY Daisy

Daisy Braid

$24.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781743798201

Strands of Joy

Laine and Anna Johanna

$19.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781743798676

The Flowerpot Forager

Stuart Ovenden

$20.99 | Hardcover 9781784886257


Nic Holden

$45.00 | Hardcover 9781743799277

Stripes: 20 Contemporary Knitwear Projects

Veera Välimäki and Laine

$24.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781743799017

The Garden Apothecary

Becky Cole

$24.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781784884376

Anderton and Robin

$24.99 | Hardcover

Resident Dog (Volume 2)

Nicole England

$55.00 | Hardcover


Still Life Drawing

Alice Oehr

$19.99 | Paperback - with flaps

9781743796986 Art of Beautiful

$45.00 | Hardcover


Art of Gifting Naturally

Angela Maynard

$24.99 | Hardcover

$24.99 | Hardcover

The Herb Gardening Handbook

Andrew Perry

$20.99 | Hardcover


$45.00 | Hardcover
9781784885298 Indoors
and Alice

The Hidden Histories of Flowers

Maddie Bailey and Alice


$20.99 | Hardcover 9781784886745

The Van Conversion


Charlie Low and Dale Comley

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781784886042


Claire Takacs

$50.00 | Hardcover 9781743797624

Self-Help & Inspiration

The Hidden Histories of Houseplants

Maddie Bailey and Alice Bailey

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781784884055

The Wild Craft Catarina Seixas

$24.00 | Flexibound 9781784884932


Julia Green and Armelle Habib

$40.00 | Hardcover 9781743796504

100 Days Happier

Domonique Bertolucci

$16.99 | Hardcover 9781743797129

$50.00 | Hardcover

Jennifer Haslam

$50.00 | Hardcover 9781784886578

$24.99 | Hardcover

Fiona Brockhoff

$55.00 | Hardcover

50 Questions to Ask Your Teens

Daisy Turnbull

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743797822

The New Naturals
Home Walton $45.00 | Hardcover 9781743793459
This Old Van Carlene Duffy and Michael Duffy
$35.00 | Hardcover 9781741178043
With Nature
Guillet $19.99 | Hardcover 9781784886301
to Be

50 Risks to Take With Your Kids

Daisy Turnbull

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743796344

A Scented Life

Pat Princi-Jones

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781743795958

Astrology SOS

The Woke Mystix

$16.99 | Hardcover 9781784884017

7 Step Mindset Makeover

Domonique Bertolucci

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781743798027


Stella Andromeda

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784884598

Be Here Now

Meredith Gaston Masnata

$26.99 | Hardcover 9781743799109

Burning My Roti

Sharan Dhaliwal

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784884390

Cat Astrology

Stella Andromeda

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781784883874

Confidence Course


$22.99 | Hardcover

9 Step Negativity Detox

Domonique Bertolucci

$19.99 | Hardcover




$19.99 | Hardcover





$24.99 | Hardcover


Stella Andromeda

$19.99 | Hardcover


Bliss Club Jüne Plã

$19.99 | Paperback


Cosmic Cards

Maisy Bristol

$35.00 | Flexibound




Meredith Gaston

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781743799154

Everyday Plant Magic

Rachael Cohen

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781784885489

How to Start a Side


Kaylene Langford

$14.99 | Flexibound 9781743796726

Daily Oracle

Jerico Mandybur

$21.99 | Hardcover 9781784882730

Follow Your Breath

Emma Power and Jenna Meade

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781743797952


Hardie Grant Books

$12.99 | Hardcover 9781784885656


Hardie Grant Books

$12.99 | Hardcover 9781784887186


Hardie Grant Books

$12.99 | Hardcover 9781784885328

$14.99 | Hardcover

Everyday Magic

Semra Haksever

$16.99 | Hardcover 9781784881924

$20.99 | Hardcover

How to Be a Creative Thinker

Roya A Azadi

$14.99 | Flexibound 9781743797198

$12.99 | Hardcover


Hardie Grant Books

$12.99 | Hardcover 9781784886066

In My Nature

Tanja B. Linde

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781741178203

Astrology Andromeda
FEARLESS Grant Books
$12.99 | Hardcover

Less is More

Domonique Bertolucci

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743797662

Life After Birth

Jessica Prescott and Vaughne Geary

$32.99 | Hardcover 9781743798195

Meditate Yourself

Happy Fiona Lamb

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784886073

UpCycled Beauty


$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784887339

Notes to My Son

Catie Gett

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781743799895

Modern Day Magic

Rachel Lang

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784884611

Neo Tarot

Jerico Mandybur

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781784882372


Remington Donovan

$21.99 | Hardcover 9781784884635

$14.99 | Hardcover

Mama Moon's Book of Magic

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784882747

Muse with the Moon

$20.99 | Flexibound 9781784882549

$19.99 | Hardcover

Notes to My Daughter

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781743799888

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784883782

Signs Montufar $19.99 | Hardcover 9781784883904
Together Matthew
Therapy Cooper $24.99 | Hardcover 9781784883522

Prosperity Practices

Remington Donovan

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781784886103

Rainbow Power

Jerico Mandybur

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781784885663

Saturn Return Survival Guide

Lisa Stardust, Illustrated by Emmy Lupin

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743796641

Self-care for EcoAnxiety

Rachael Cohen

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781784887353

Share Your Love Note Cards

Meredith Gaston


$22.99 | Cards 9781743799376

The Art of Kindness

Meredith Gaston


$19.99 | Hardcover 9781743794692


Meredith Gaston


$22.99 | Hardcover 9781743799161

The Art of Wellbeing

Meredith Gaston


$24.99 | Hardcover 9781743793510

Rise and Shine: A Daily Ritual of Yoga, Meditation and Inspiration

Georgia Perry

$19.99 | Cards 9781743796894

$24.99 | Hardcover

Sex Tips for Creative Lovers

Jüne Plã

$20.99 | Paperback 9781784886349

$19.99 | Hardcover

The Art of Giving Note Card Set

Meredith Gaston


$17.99 | Cards


Astrology of You

The Birth Space

Gabrielle Nancarrow

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781743796931

Your Life Stirling $19.99 | Hardcover 9781784883973
Pleasure Russell
Vidgen $22.99 | Hardcover 9781743798003

The Blissful Breath

Níall Ó Murchú

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781784885304

The Power of Cold

Níall Ó Murchú

$20.99 | Hardcover 9781784886356

Wanting You to Want Me

Bronwen Parker-Rhodes and Emily Dinsdale

$24.99 | Hardcover 9781784884666

When Love Goes South

Emma Power

$16.99 | Hardcover 9781743797631

The Grief Companion

Ngaio Parr

$19.99 | Cards 9781743797471

The Queen's Speeches

Lucy York

$20.99 | Hardcover 9781784886714

What Harry Says Hardie Grant Books

$12.99 | Hardcover 9781784887254

Wise Cat Tarot

Stella Andromeda

$29.99 9781784886141

The Motherhood Space

Gabrielle Nancarrow

$26.99 | Hardcover


The Women's Circle

Anoushka Florence

$24.99 | Hardcover



$12.99 | Hardcover

What's Wrong With You?

Sarah Holper

$19.99 | Paperback


Your Soul Purpose

Aubrey Mae Daquinag

$24.99 | Hardcover


Happiness Perry 9781743797457
$19.99 | Hardcover
Grant Books
is a Walker $19.99 | Paperback 9781743797495

You've Got This Domonique Bertolucci

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743796801

Seeing Stars series


Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover 9781784882679


Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover 9781784882686



Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover 9781784882600


Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover 9781784882655


Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover 9781784882693

Spies and Lies

Alex Joske

$22.99 | Paperback



Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover



$11.99 | Hardcover


Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover


$11.99 | Hardcover


Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover


$26.99 | Paperback
$11.99 | Hardcover

Virgo Stella Andromeda

$11.99 | Hardcover 9781784882631

Humor & Gift

Game On Marley Byng

$19.00 | Hardcover 9781784884604

Keanu Reeves' Guide to Kindness

Hardie Grant Books

$9.99 | Hardcover 9781784884734

My Anaconda Don't!

Kish Lal

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743796542

Pocket Frida Kahlo Wisdom

Hardie Grant Books

$9.99 | Hardcover 9781784881801

Pocket Bowie Wisdom

Hardie Grant Books

$11.99 | Hardcover 9781784880736

Pocket Kamala Harris Wisdom

Hardie Grant Books

$9.99 | Hardcover 9781784884772

and Arganbright

$29.99 | Hardcover

The Drag Dictionary

Alba De Zanet and Roberto Garcia

$15.00 | Hardcover 9781784884253

Maya Angelou's Guide to Hope

Hardie Grant Books

$9.99 | Hardcover 9781784884963 Coco Chanel

Pocket Diana Wisdom

Hardie Grant Books

$9.99 | Hardcover

Pocket Maya Angelou Wisdom

Hardie Grant Books

$11.99 | Hardcover 9781784882464

Book Grant Explore $19.99 | Flexibound 9781741177251
Grant Books
$10.99 | Hardcover
King Charles Grant Books $11.99 | Hardcover 9781784886653

Pocket Michelle Obama Wisdom

Hardie Grant Books

$9.99 | Hardcover


Rainbow History Class

Hannah McElhinney

$24.99 | Hardcover


World of Sports

Ben Groundwater, Illustrated by Paul Reid

$12.99 | Hardcover 9781741176919

Blame It on the Juice: Lizzo 1000-Piece Puzzle

Georgia Perry

$19.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle


Pocket RBG Wisdom

Hardie Grant Books

$9.99 | Hardcover 9781784882877

The Hats of the Queen

Thomas Pernette

$35.00 | Hardcover


You'll Be a Wonderful Dad

Ailsa Wild

$14.99 | Hardcover 9781743798485

Brighter Futures: 1000Piece Puzzle

Kenita-Lee McCartney

$19.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle


Adriana Picker

$19.99 | Paperback 9781761210969


$14.99 | Paperback 9781743791905

$19.99 | Jigsaw

Queen Grant Books
by Adriana Picker
$9.99 | Hardcover
Translator Barratt
9781743798522 Where the Wildflowers Grow
$17.99 | Hardcover
Wonderful $16.99 | Hardcover 9781743798614 Home: Puzzle Callaghan $19.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle 9781743797679 Iconic: 1000-Piece Puzzle Megan Hess
9781743797174 Puzzles

Japan Map Puzzle

Hardie Grant Explore

$13.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle 9781741177282

The Raconteur: 1,000 Piece Puzzle (Piece Full)

Ilya Milstein

$19.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle 9781743796672

La Buena Vida: 1000Piece Puzzle

Ana Hard

$19.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle 9781743796658

Riviera Memories: 1000-Piece Puzzle

Ilya Milstein

$19.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle 9781743798317

Auld and New in Edinburgh

Lucy Dodsworth

$26.99 | Paperback 9781741176780

Birds with Personality

Georgia Angus

$22.99 | Hardcover 9781741178289

Forever Wandering

Emilie Ristevski

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781741177190

Great World Wonders

Michael Turtle

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781741177312


Petal: 1000-Piece Puzzle

Adriana Picker

$19.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle 9781743798379


Take World Lawton

$16.99 | Hardcover

Asian Girls are Going Places

Michelle Law

$16.99 | Paperback - with flaps 9781741177121

Family Road Trip Games

Jack Henseleit

$19.99 | Flexibound 9781741178784

Hand Luggage Only: Great Britain

Yaya Onalaja-Aliu and Lloyd Griffiths

$29.99 | Flexibound 9781741177589

City Map Grant
$13.99 | Jigsaw Puzzle 9781741177411
Scenes Yoshiko $29.99 | Paperback 9781741178883

Hello Sandwich Japan

Ebony Bizys

$29.99 | Paperback 9781741176841

Plant-based USA: A Travel Guide to Eating Animal-free in America

Veronica Fil

$29.99 | Paperback 9781741177336

Ultimate Cycling Trips: World

Andrew Bain

$29.99 | Flexibound 9781741176964

Ultimate Train Journeys: World

Tim Richards

$29.99 | Flexibound 9781741177350


William Watt

$35.00 | Hardcover 9781743796191

Safar: Muslim Women's Stories of Travel and Transformation

Sarah Malik

$19.99 | Hardcover 9781741177763

Ultimate Motorcycle Tours

Grant Roff

$29.99 | Flexibound 9781741177367


Kate Ulman

$22.99 | Flexibound 9781741177831

$24.99 | Paperback


Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon

$35.00 | Hardcover


$19.99 | Flexibound

Travel North America

Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba

$29.99 | Flexibound

$35.00 | Flexibound

Flip Byrnes

$35.00 | Flexibound


Mindfulness Travel and Michelle
Places We Swim
Francis and Francis
9781741177497 Road Trips: Canada
Ultimate Skiing & Snowboarding
The Most Natural Earth Watson $36.99 | Hardcover 9781741178142

Curious Travel


Lost in Florence

Nardia Plumridge

$24.99 | Paperback 9781741176360

Bali Pocket Precincts

Alison Pace

$17.99 | Paperback 9781741176797

Beyond the Monuments in Washington, DC

Kate Armstrong

$26.99 | Paperback 9781741177169

Neon Lights in Tokyo

Ben Groundwater

$26.99 | Paperback 9781741177015

Venice Pocket Precincts

Cristian Bonetto

$14.99 | Paperback 9781741176513

$26.99 | Paperback

Hidden Pockets in Kyoto

Steve Wide and Michelle

$26.99 | Paperback 9781741176988 in Berlin

$24.99 | Paperback

Pocket Precincts series

Cobblestones in Dublin

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