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Harcourts. With you all the way.


Thank you for connecting with us at this stage of your real estate journey. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our mission is simple: to deliver exceptional, personal service and the best possible outcome for every client we work with. Harcourts have been helping clients since 1888, and today has over 800 offices in ten countries comprising over 10,000 team members. Our global presence gives us the benefits of a wide referral and marketing nework as well as the expertise of local professionals who have a deep knowledge of the area where they live and work.

Success has its influence

Our purpose is to create success for everyone who comes into contact with Harcourts, whether they are a team member, business partner or client. This culture of success rests on a strong company focus around our values of taking pride in high-quality work, striving to make a genuine difference and aiming for excellence. Our consultants are trained through the Harcourts Academy, which is considered to provide the best training in the industry. No matter where in the world they are, our clients can expect consistent service and a team with the knowledge and skill to make their transaction successful.

Harcourts have a unique way of doing things that has served us, and our clients, for over 125 years. We make it our business to understand intimately the way the market and consumers interact, but the key to our success is understanding how we interact with our clients. We’d like to think that everyone who works with us is enriched by the experience. We see ourselves as an approachable, perceptive and honest partner, diligent about making sure that our clients’ interests are served and their expectations of real estate transactions are raised a notch or two. At Harcourts, we like setting and achieving exceptionally high standards. Wherever our clients are in their property journey, we work to make them feel informed, empowered and in control of the process from start to finish. By working collaboratively with our clients, we can share information and ideas and develop strong relationships that drive results today and in the future. Every client, every property, has its unique aspects and challenges. Our standard practice is to meet with clients regularly to discuss progress and provide feedback so that we are fully accountable and the whole process is transparent. We find that the only way to deliver success every time is to keep an eye on all the little things and get those details right. Working this way means that clients come back to us again and again, and refer us on to their friends and colleagues – and there’s no greater testimony to success than that.

Working together. It’s what we do Doing the right thing starts with genuine collaboration. One of Harcourts’ core values is ‘people first’, and that underpins everything we do. We get to know our clients well, and they get to know us too. At every step of the way we make the time to discuss our client’s needs and property in detail, so that we understand exactly what is expected both from us and from the transaction. We are proactive communicators, so our clients are always kept informed and advised appropriately, and we are responsive and flexible if things change.

Good results are good for everybody

With such a long history of success behind us and almost $30 billion in annual sales, we are confident in saying that our clients can be assured of a great result. That said, we don’t believe that history and revenue are the best indications of results. Time and time again, happy clients tell their friends about us and stay loyal for successive transactions. In fact, over 94% of buyers and sellers say they would recommend Harcourts. That’s how we benchmark our success. By keeping our focus on doing the right thing by every client, our success – and our clients’ success – will continue to bring results.

In marketing, one size does not fit all

We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach to marketing. Every property is unique and needs its own tactics. From professional staging to captivating videography, we create a tailored marketing plan that showcases all the details that prospective buyers are looking for. Our use of leading-edge technology means that we can go live online to create a strategic marketing plan with client based real-time data from their local market. Then, we keep a close eye on the activity generated and changes in the market that could impact on results. We monitor interest shown and adjust what we are doing to encourage ongoing activity.

Leadership. Through success Harcourts have four key factors which have contributed to our pioneering success – the strength of our brand, superior technology, proven marketing tools and strategies, and incredibly skilled and committed people. And here’s the result.

Harcourts was established in 1888

Harcourts is represented in 10 countries

Number of Harcourts team members around the world.

Total Harcourts have raised for charities across the globe (NZ$m).

1888 10 10k 3.5

Hard working sales tactics

We believe in better

Most people search for properties online,

Harcourts clients benefit from an outstanding

so we put a lot of effort into making

level of care and commitment. Our specialists

sure that each property has a highly

work very hard to make sure that no client is

visible and appealing web presence that

ever left wondering what’s happening with

reaches the widest possible audience.

their property transaction. Every time we show a client’s property we provide a report on the

Through our advanced software, we can view

number of visitors and their feedback and also

hits to our website in real time and track views

give regular updates on progress between

on other real estate websites. We can engage


potential buyers and tenants quickly with new property notifications that meet their criteria.

We’re there when our clients need us, and our follow-up is second to none. We know property

For the top-of-the market homes, we list and

transactions come with a long to-do list, so

market through our Luxury Property Selection

we also help with useful services such as

division, which attracts the right buyers

conveyancing, finance, insurance, connection

for those higher value offerings. Whatever

and moving services – everything a time-poor

the property, we can find the buyers.

client needs to make life easier.

Advice that counts

Staying ahead of the pack

Harcourts clients share the benefit of our

We invest heavily in technology that

insider information on everything from

streamlines our internal processes, enhances

how a property compares to others in the

our responsibilities to clients and allows us

area to recent sales, prices and market

to immediately identify market trends. Our

trends. Because our specialists have a deep

specialists are encouraged to innovate in

knowledge of the local market as well as

their working practices, exploring different

real-time access to statistics and data both

ways to continuously improve our customer

locally and nationally, they are able to

service. That’s how we remain market leaders

provide astute advice on each sale or lease.

in everything from the way we run open homes to how we gather market intelligence.

We can quickly identify the most appropriate

We take pride in always being ahead of our

sale approach for any given property,

competitors, proactively seeking out new ways

and find buyers who will pay a premium

of doing things that deliver genuine rewards to

price. Our expertise as negotiators and

our clients.

auctioneers also gives us the edge in property negotiations, and as a result we invariably add substantial value to the transition.

Our brilliant mobile app

With a huge proportion of online searches now performed on smart phones, we have made sure that we are at the forefront of responsive website technology. Our mobile apps have been profiled by Apple as the industry leaders for real estate apps – and Harcourts is the only global agency to receive that compliment. Our specialists have the power to be truly mobile. They are able to provide information and services as they need it through mobile and tablet technology. Our in-house technology works seamlessly, making our people better equipped than any other agents to connect buyers with sellers, landlords with tenants. We respond superfast to inquiries and once we know something our clients do too. Staying ahead with the latest technology is the central part of our service.

Open all hours

Everyone expects to have immediate access to information, and to connect quickly and easily with the people and services they want. We give our clients exactly that. Through our unique web platform Client Login, our clients can access Harcourts 24/7 and check what is happening with their property. Through the Client Login, our clients can find their marketing plan, reports and feedback on property inspections, and can be notified when new ones are uploaded. A calendar keeps track of important events and can send reminders. Clients can also see live Harcourts site hits, and updates on view on other real estate websites. We make the whole process interactive, easy and convenient.

Keeping an eye on the ball

Global. National. Local. You.

Information is what successful property sales are all about and we have it all at our fingertips, in real-time. We can show clients an interactive satellite view of the local area giving information on recent sales and properties on the market – not just from

We consistently attract overseas buyers, ex-pats looking to return home, retirees reuniting with children, investors and

Harcourts, but other agencies as well.

employees on international postings. These

At inspections, our specialists can enter

and to rent, from flats to luxury properties.

details and feedback notes from potential buyers straight into our App, which makes follow-up fast and easy. For our landlords, we can provide an in-depth report on their rental property, including photographs, within minutes of an inspection. It’s this attention to detail that gives our clients peace of mind.

buyers look for all types of property to buy

Through our more than 10,000 members across the globe, our clients can access our international marketing and referral networks. Effectively, when our clients engage Harcourts in their local area, they not only work with a dedicated local, they also connect with a team that spans ten countries. Wherever they are in the world, we can find the best person for each and every property.

We make a difference

We often surprise people by saying that our dedication to helping others goes well beyond real estate transactions. We genuinely care about our communities, and have always taken corporate social responsibility seriously – even in the late 19th century, when such a thing was rare. In 2008, we established the Harcourts Foundation, an initiative that gives grants to projects and charities around the world. Funds are raised by dedicated clients and personnel who run events, make workplace donations, or give a percentage of the sale of a property. It’s a 100% charity, which means that none of the funds raised are spent on administration or salaries – 100% is distributed to enrich and support our communities. To date we are proud to have raised over NZ$3.7m.

Our promise, guaranteed

Every client who engages with us is given a written assurance that we call ‘Our Promise’. It’s an undertaking that we will deliver an exceptional level of service. We promise to be: · Strategic in our approach to marketing every property individually · Diligent about getting feedback to our clients after every inspection. · Alert to market activity and proactive in using information to our clients’ advantage. · Fully accountable to our clients, updating them and meeting regularly to keep them informed. · Transparent in our negotiations, presenting all offers in writing to our clients from buyers that we know are serious and qualified. · Consistent in delivering our five essential services: - a written marketing plan; - post-inspection feedback after every showing; - regular, written marketing reports; - regular review meetings; - all offers presented in writing.

At Harcourts, we believe in people first, doing the right thing, being courageous and above all, enjoying what we do Harcourts are here to help, wherever you are on your property journey

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