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Will there be one-third fewer banks in the U.S. in 10 years?

Anita Gentle Newcomb ’76 School of Accountancy Fall 2013

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Will there be one-third fewer banks in the U.S. in 10 years?


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It feels surreal to say the School of Accountancy is part of the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business. Mr. Harbert’s $40 million gift this year is just the beginning. There is a lot of work in front of us. One of the first challenges is Mr. Harbert’s $15 million matching gift. Of the $40 million, $15 million is designated for matching new, targeted endowments. In other words, the $40 million gift will generate $55 million in support for the Harbert College. We are working hard to secure support for the School of Accountancy during this unique opportunity.

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For the second year, I have traveled throughout Alabama and Georgia visiting with many of you. These visits have become one of my most enjoyable activities as Director. It’s great seeing the successes of our alumni. Additionally, the visits help us stay connected with you and the industry to ensure our curriculum remains relevant as we strive to produce graduates that are prepared to succeed today and tomorrow. I hope to expand my travels in the coming year to visit more of you.

The SOA Connection is a publication of Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business (HCOB) produced and distributed to alumni and friends of the School of Accountancy.

The next few years will lay the groundwork for the direction of Harbert College and the School of Accountancy which means reviewing our strategic plan, our mission and our vision. As we plan for this new phase, we will be seeking input from you – our alumni and friends. With an Auburn accounting degree, you certainly have a stake in our continued success. We sincerely appreciate your involvement and financial support. You are our “Auburn family,” and we want you to know how important you are to our students, programs, and overall success. Please come visit us the next time you are in Auburn. As always, give me a call with any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of The SOA Connection. War Eagle!

DeWayne Searcy, Director School of Accountancy (334) 844-5827 2

The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

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MANAGING EDITOR Amy B. Murphy, MAc Program Director CONTRIBUTORS Troy Johnson, Director, HCOB Communications and Marketing Joe McAdory, Editor, HCOB Communications and Marketing Colby Lakas, MAc Program Assistant Director Pamela Frank, Beta Alpha Psi Member Allison Schwyn, Beta Alpha Psi Member PHOTOGRAPHY Jason Adams, AU Media Production Group Cameragraphics, T2 Photography, www. LAYOUT DESIGN Kim Koellsted, Craftmaster Printers, Inc. PRINTING Craftmaster Printers, Inc.; Auburn, AL

2013 OUTSTANDING ALUMNA While a student at Auburn, Anita Newcomb may not have fully realized how her Auburn education would prepare her for her career and to become a thought leader in business. However, she’s always known that Auburn is a very special place. She chose Auburn because she grew up thinking it was the ONLY university. When she arrived on campus, she was determined to make the most of her college years, making new friends and having fun.  She can say without reservation that she did both!  The College of Business and School of Accountancy provided the necessary academics to prepare her for her career and to launch her into the job market.  As importantly, Auburn provided a very nurturing environment that allowed her to truly grow as a young woman, building her confidence and understanding of who she is as a person. When she looks back on her life’s experiences, some of the most wonderful memories are during her four years at Auburn. 


Anita began her career in public accounting at Peat Marwick Mitchell in Birmingham, Ala., in 1976. After leaving Peat Marwick, she was hired as an auditor for Penzoil Company in Houston, Texas, and eventually progressed into the manager of investor relations role. In 1982, she started her banking career at Cullen/ Frost Bankers in San Antonio, Texas, as Investor Relations Officer and later joined Security Pacific Bank in Los Angeles as Fall 2013

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Vice President of Strategic Planning and Senior Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist. During the 1990s, she was an investment banker focused on bank mergers and acquisitions as a Vice President for BEI Golembe, Senior Vice President for The Secura Group, and Managing Director for Professional Bank Services. Anita was also formerly President, CEO, and board member of the for-profit subsidiary of America’s Community Bankers, a large national banking trade association. Anita currently serves as President of A.G. Newcomb & Co., a strategic consulting firm to the banking industry that she founded in 1999. Her firm has built a national reputation in providing financial and strategic advisory services to some of the country’s most successful regional and community banks. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond-Baltimore Branch (2010-present) and was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of the American Association of Bank Directors’ Institute for Director Education. She is also a faculty member of the Barret Graduate School of Banking in Memphis, Tenn. In addition to the Auburn University honors diploma she earned in 1976 with a BSBA in Accounting, Anita subsequently received an MBA in Finance with Distinction from the University of Houston. Anita has continued to support Auburn University through her participation on the Advisory Board of the College of Business for the past 15 years and is a former Chairman. In 2008, she was honored as one of 40 distinguished Auburn College of Business alumni. In 2010, she was honored with the 2010 Distinguished Alumna Award by St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta, Ga. She is a member of the Women’s Leadership Institute Board of Auburn University. She is a CPA (inactive) and a member of the AICPA. Anita resides in Columbia, Md. Her daughter, Rachel, graduated from Auburn University with a BSBA in Accounting in 2010 and a MAc in 2011 and currently works for Deloitte in Houston. Anita’s late father and sister also graduated from Auburn. The School of Accountancy is especially grateful for Anita’s past and continued support of Auburn University. She represents our profession, Auburn University, and the School of Accountancy in the most positive manner, and we are very proud to name her our 2013 Outstanding Alumna.

Due to certain macro factors that are occurring and will continue over the coming years, there will be one-third fewer banks in the U.S. in 10 years. Why? Because Anita Newcomb said so. Newcomb, President of A.G. Newcomb & Co., a strategic consulting firm in Washington, D.C., and Board Member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond-Baltimore Branch, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on the banking industry. Regarded by many as an expert on the banking industry, Newcomb’s thoughts on the financial system have been widely circulated by a variety of national publications and television networks. Newcomb’s story is one of a young female accountant entering a male-dominated industry. She became the first woman - a pioneer - to “break the ceiling” of the executive floor when she was promoted to manager of investor relations for the Pennzoil Company in the early 1980s and continued to climb to new heights. During her visit to Auburn in March, Newcomb shared her beliefs on the financial markets, regulations, and the banking industry as a whole. “Banks have a challenging future ahead with the continued low economic growth environment and resulting low loan demand and anemic operating revenue, higher costs of doing business associated with increased regulations and advanced technology and delivery, and the need for higher levels of regulatory capital. These stresses to banks’ business models will create an environment of increasing consolidation of banks over the next 10 years.” How did you get involved with or develop an expertise in the banking industry?

Pictured left to right are Emma Gentle, Anita’s mother; Anita; Al Gentle, Sr., Anita’s late father; Rachel Newcomb, Anita’s daughter; and Al Gentle, Jr., Anita’s brother. 4

The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

It really was by happenstance. I started my career with one of the Big Eight firms, Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co., in Birmingham, Ala., and was only there for a very short time. After leaving

WILL THERE BE ONE-THIRD FEWER BANKS IN THE U.S. IN 10 YEARS? Peat Marwick, I moved to Houston and worked for the Pennzoil Company as an auditor. Eventually, I was promoted to manager of investor relations where I served as the liaison with Wall Street and the investment community with regard to Pennzoil’s stock. My husband was transferred to San Antonio, Texas, and through networking, I was able to get an interview with one of the large bank holding companies in Texas - Cullen/Frost Bankers. I was hired to set up their investor relations function and, in the next three years, also became Assistant to the President and Corporate Secretary of the Board of Directors.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to build my expertise in banking working in some very interesting and dynamic companies - senior mergers and acquisitions specialist for Security Pacific Bank in Los Angeles, which was the fourth largest bank in the U.S. at the time, as an investment banker specializing in bank mergers and acquisitions for several consulting firms, and the last fourteen years building my own firm as a strategic consultant to community and regional banks. How did you become a member of the Federal Reserve Board? I got a call one day out of the blue from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond saying that I had made it to the top of their short list for an opening on their Baltimore Branch board.  It was a real surprise to me and, to be honest, my first thought was that it was a prank call from one of my business friends. I have since learned that I made it to their short list because of my community banking expertise. It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the Fed through this very difficult and interesting time in the history of our country.  I was recently reappointed for another three year term and am delighted to serve my industry and my country.  What is the current state of the community banking industry and where do you see the industry going? The next five to ten years will be quite challenging for banks; however, upheaval and challenge create opportunities for well-positioned banks. Community banks are the foundation for thousands of communities around this country providing capital for businesses to grow, loans for families to prosper, and safety and security for their deposits.   The banking industry, and more particularly community banks, have a daunting task today of understanding and incorporating thousands of pages of new regulations from the Dodd-Frank Act [federal law implementing the most significant changes to financial regulation in the United States since the regulatory reform that followed the Great Depression].  In addition,

Basel III [new regulatory standards on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market liquidity risk that will be phased in beginning 2015] will effectively require greater capital for most banks. The average community bank does not have access to the capital markets like the larger banks.   Community banks are re-evaluating their business models in terms of meeting profitability goals while also remaining well-capitalized. Will you explain the public misconception that community banks were as much to blame for the financial crisis as the big banks? One of the things that the banking industry has been working on, both at the national level and at the grass-roots level in every community, is repairing the image of banks. Unfortunately, the industry was painted with a broad brush. The average person doesn’t know the difference between a mortgage bank, an investment bank, and a commercial bank. It didn’t help when certain folks in the Administration called the industry “fat cat banks.” There was this feeling that all banks were bad. But community banks had very little to do with creating the crisis. Obviously, they have suffered as a result of the crisis, as have the communities they serve. Do you see the banking regulatory environment changing in the future? If so, how? There are heightened regulations now as a result of Dodd-Frank. To the average community bank that has approximately $150 million in assets and roughly 37 employees, you can imagine the strain that this is going to put on their organization to comply with these regulations. I don’t see the regulatory environment getting any less stringent. The pendulum has swung pretty far. As an industry, we have to work through this new regulatory environment, and we will. Although it will directly impact the average bank’s business model and their ability to create sustainable, profitable growth, over time it will create a stronger industry.  I believe there will be tremendous consolidation of the industry in the next 10 years, largely driven by anemic revenue growth, the increased cost of doing business and, as mentioned earlier, the need for more capital.  I predict there will be one-third fewer banks in the U.S. by 2023. Some big challenges lie ahead for the banking industry. However, I am a believer that where there is great challenge, there is also great opportunity for the well-positioned banks.  Fall 2013

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Jerry A. Brewer Chief Financial Officer

The Advisory Council represents alumni and friends who give of their time and financial resources to support the School of Accountancy in countless ways.

Centennial Holding Company Atlanta, GA

If you are interested in finding out more about membership, please contact DeWayne Searcy, Director of the School of Accountancy, at or 334-844-5827.

Jeff Call, Shareholder and Managing Director of Personal Financial Services

M. Lamar Barnett, Jr. VP, U.S. Internal Audit Aflac Worldwide Headquarters Columbus, GA

Bill Barranco, Shareholder Warren Averett, LLC Montgomery, AL

Steve Barranco, Shareholder

Wesley A. Brown, Director L. Paul Kassouf & Co, PC Birmingham, AL

Steve Byrne, Partner Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC Atlanta, GA

Timothy A. Barton Global Finance Director Gibson Guitar Corporation Nashville, TN

Bradford A. Birdwell, Partner Third Law Sourcing Hoover, AL

Brantley, Boucher & Farr, LLP Opelika, AL

The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

Robinson, Grimes & Company, PC Columbus, GA

Michelle M. Granberry, Partner Lovoy, Summerville & Shelton, LLC Auburn, AL

Douglas Grant, Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Birmingham, AL

Don Chastain, Partner

Ernst & Young, LLP Baltimore, MD

Machen, McChesney & Chastain, LLP Auburn, AL

Jason K. Harpe, Partner

Sidney Cherry, Director of Tax

Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC Birmingham, AL

Gaylord Entertainment Company Nashville, TN

Stephen C. Harrison, Partner

Matthew Clegg, Financial Planner

Deloitte Atlanta, GA

Wilson Investment Group Auburn, AL

J. Gregory Henderson President & CEO Southeast Alabama Gas District Andalusia, AL

Guardian Pharmacy, LLC Atlanta, GA

Gregory Heston, Partner

J. Allen Dunn, Partner

Ernst & Young LLP Atlanta, GA

Sellers, Richardson, Holman & West, LLP Birmingham, AL

Edwards & Associates, LLP Auburn, AL

Cooper Evans Director of Internal Audit Vulcan Materials Company Birmingham, AL


Clinton Gilmore, Partner

Art Guy, Partner Baltimore Tax Market Leader

Charles H. Edwards, III, Owner

Steven A. Boucher, Partner

Aldridge, Borden & Company, PC Montgomery, AL

Bennett Thrasher, PC Atlanta, GA

Chad Downey Director of Financial Reporting

Warren Averett, LLC Montgomery, AL

W. Dane Floyd, Partner

Brent Hicks, Senior VP Senior Financial Executive Acquired Assets BB&T Winston-Salem, NC

Russell P. Hodge Global Technical Controller General Electric Company Larchmont, NY

Jerry Moore Treasurer & Controller

Jenny Wakeford Director of Accounting

Altec Birmingham, AL

Children’s Health System Birmingham, AL

Darren L. Neuschwander, Partner

William James Walker, IV, Manager

C. Chris Joseph, President

Neuschwander, Faircloth & Hardy, PC Robertsdale, AL

Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC Montgomery, AL

Gay & Joseph, CPA, PC LaGrange, GA

Dawn G. Patrick, Partner

Brooke Walker Senior Supervisor in Tax

Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, LLP Atlanta, GA

Chick-fil-A, Inc. Atlanta, GA

James Pope, Retired Partner

Richard Wells, Partner

Jackson Thornton Montgomery, AL

KPMG LLP Atlanta, GA

Larry Quimby, Retired Partner

Karen L. Wit, Senior Director of SEC Reporting

Donald Howell, Partner Lovoy, Summerville & Shelton, LLC Birmingham, AL

Dick Ingwersen, Partner Warren Averett, LLC Atlanta, GA

H. Brad Kimbrough, EVP Controller and Chief Accounting Officer Regions Financial Corporation Birmingham, AL

Richard S. King, Financial Director Alabama Power Foundation Birmingham, AL

E. William Koons, Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Atlanta, GA

Robert McCallum, III Chief Tax Officer HealthSouth Birmingham, AL

Gregory W. McCord Managing Director, Tax

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Athens, AL

Jay Robbins, Senior Manager, Tax and Business Advisory Warren Averett, LLC Atlanta, GA

Ned Sheffield, Managing Partner

Grayson McDermott, Partner

J. Robin Short, Principal

Crow, Shields & Bailey, PC Mobile, AL

Jackson Thornton Dothan, AL

Janet E. Mertz, CPA Director

Kim M. Spinello, Partner

Ernst & Young, LLP Birmingham, AL

Draffin & Tucker LLP Albany, GA

Himmelwright, Huguley and Boles, LLC Opelika, AL

Jackson Thornton Montgomery, AL

Thomas Minor, Partner

Jeff Wright, Partner

Lillian E. Serviss, CPA

KPMG LLP Nashville, TN

Pathstone Family Office Atlanta, GA

Equifax Atlanta, GA

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Raleigh, NC

Alan M. Vaughn, Partner Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP Atlanta, GA

Pictured from top to bottom are DeWayne Searcy and Jason Harpe, Advisory Council President.

Fall 2013

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Tax Faculty Joins SOA The School of Accountancy welcomed Kerry K. Inger Fall Semester 2012 as an assistant professor. Dr. Inger specializes in all areas of taxation and has research focused primarily on the effect of income taxes on capital markets and financial reporting. She currently teaches the Income Tax I class. Dr. Inger has done a great job of keeping the course material interesting and practical by having tax professionals speak to her classes each semester. Dr. Inger holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Master of Accounting from the University of Florida, and she holds a Ph.D. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. While at Virginia Tech, Dr. Inger taught numerous classes receiving outstanding teaching evaluations. Throughout her time at Florida and Virginia Tech, she received numerous awards and honors. Prior to enrolling in the Ph.D. program, she worked in the Federal Tax Services Group of PwC in Atlanta for four years and as an independent tax consultant for Worldspan, LP in Atlanta, Ga. She is a Georgia CPA. We are very pleased to have Dr. Inger join the School of Accountancy. She is already a big hit among the students.


The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

SOA Hires MAc Program Assistant Director The School of Accountancy welcomed Colby (Harpool) Lakas (BSBA ’04, MAc ’05) as the new MAc Program Assistant Director on November 1, 2012. Prior to returning to the Plains, Colby held various positions at Deloitte in Atlanta, Ga., for seven years. During her tenure at Deloitte, Colby was an auditor, campus recruiter, and most recently, managed the Southeast regional team of campus recruiters. In addition to her primary role overseeing the on-campus Master of Accountancy program, Colby will also play a part in advising accounting undergraduates. Through her involvement in Beta Alpha Psi as co-advisor (with Dr. Jennifer Mueller-Phillips), Colby is positioned to guide our students in the areas of recruitment, career planning and matriculation into the MAc program. Because she interacts extensively with our students, she will also serve as the employer liaison, working to place accounting majors in internships and full-time employment. We are thrilled to have one of our own alums with recruiting expertise as a resource within the School of Accountancy! Amy Murphy, MAc Program Director, is still going strong with her 20 plus years within the School of Accountancy, but now is exclusively focused on growing our online programs.

Audit Faculty Joins SOA The School of Accountancy welcomes Travis P. Holt as an assistant professor effective Fall Semester 2013. Dr. Holt’s teaching interests are in auditing and assurance and financial accounting. His research interests are in corporate governance and auditor judgment and decision-making. This fall, he is teaching a new auditing course entitled Business Processes & Internal Controls. Dr. Holt joins Auburn after spending four years at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) where he taught both the undergraduate and graduate level auditing courses as well as Intermediate Accounting II. At UTC, he also received numerous teaching and research awards including the Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Professor Award in 2012. Dr. Holt received his Ph.D. and Master of Accountancy (MAcc) at the University of Alabama. He received a B.S. in Accounting from the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama. After receiving his MAcc at Alabama, he joined the Birmingham office of KPMG where he worked for three years in audit. He is a licensed CPA in Alabama. We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Holt to the School of Accountancy. In a very short period of time, the rumor mill among the students is that Dr. Holt is a great teacher.

AIS Faculty Joins SOA The School of Accountancy welcomes Therese R. Viscelli as a visiting professor effective Fall Semester 2013. Dr. Viscelli’s teaching interest is accounting information systems, and her research focuses on information systems and enterprise risk management. She is teaching the undergraduate accounting information systems class.


Dr. Viscelli holds a Bachelor of Science in Textiles from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MBA from Georgia State University, and a D.B.A. (Doctor of Business Administration) in Accounting from Kennesaw State University. Dr. Viscelli has extensive professional experience in the information technology area including software development, software quality assurance, ERP system implementation, project management, and management experience in information technology departments. Also, she has ten plus years’ experience in business intelligence development, which included data analytics, model development, and trend analysis using Microsoft Access. We are very pleased to have Dr. Viscelli join the School of Accountancy. She is a great fit at Auburn, because she shows sincere interest in her students’ successes both in and out of the classroom.

On February 28, 2013, Ronald (Ron) L. Clark retired after being in academe for 35 years. Ron joined the School of Accountancy in 1995 as Director. He served as Director for five years and returned to the classroom in 2000 where he taught accounting information systems at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining Auburn, Ron taught for the J. M. Tull School of Accounting at the University of Georgia for 13 years. Ron grew up in Kentucky and attended Western Kentucky University where he received his B.S. in Accounting. Upon finishing his undergraduate degree, he worked for Price Waterhouse & Co. After leaving public accounting, he worked in industry for seven years before enrolling in the MBA program at the University of Tennessee. After finishing his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in 1982, Ron joined the University of Georgia as an Assistant Professor. Throughout Ron’s career, he received numerous accolades including Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Teacher, Graduate Business Association Teacher of the Year, Georgia Society of CPAs Outstanding Achievement Award, and Western Kentucky University Outstanding Alumni in Business and Accounting, to name a few. Ron truly loved his students and went above and beyond the call of duty to help each and every one. When entering academe, Ron truly found his calling and loved every minute of his involvement with faculty and students. Judy Clark is the love of Ron’s life. He has two sons and four grandchildren all of whom he adores. We miss Ron but will always remember his positive attitude and love for his family, fellow faculty members, students, and friends. Pictured from left to right are Judy and Ron Clark with Lisa Miller, SOA Lecturer. Fall 2013

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College of Business 2013 McCartney Teaching Award

School of Accountancy 2013 Outstanding Teacher

School of Accountancy 2013 Outstanding Researcher

Dr. Duane Brandon

Dr. Jonathan Stanley

Dr. James Long

Pictured left

Pictured left

Pictured left

FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 2013-2014 Administration DeWayne Searcy, SOA Director Amy Murphy, MAc Program Director Colby Lakas, MAc Program Asst. Director

Full Professors Wayne Alderman, Dean of Enrollment Management Norman Godwin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Kim Key, PwC Associate Professor Tina Loraas, Taylor Associate Professor Andy McLelland, Jennifer Mueller-Phillips, KPMG Faculty Fellow

Associate Professors

DeWayne Searcy, C.G. Mills Fellow

Duane Brandon, Taylor Associate Professor

Sarah Stanwick,

Jeff Jones,

Assistant Professors


The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

Travis Holt, Kerry Inger,

James Long, Jonathan Stanley, Brian Vansant,

Lecturers Bob Cochran, Jennifer Cornett, Lisa Miller,

Instructors Phil Cook, Assistant Dean Emeritus Colby Lakas, Amy Murphy, Larry Quimby, Talitha Smith, Jon Waggoner, Rene Waldrop,

Larry Quimby has been giving back to the School of Accountancy since his first paycheck from Price Waterhouse after finishing his undergraduate degree in accounting in 1975. Since 1975, he has continued to give his time and resources to the School of Accountancy regardless of his life demands and geographic location. Larry is a man that believes in giving back to the people and organizations that contributed to his success.

ALUMNUS SERVES AS ROLE MODEL Larry B. Quimby ’75 & ’11

Larry began his career in public accounting with the Tampa office of Price Waterhouse in 1975. He was admitted as a partner in 1986. During his career with the firm, he worked in four different PwC offices: Tampa, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Philadelphia, where he retired in 2008. After retiring, Larry and his “Professor Quimby’s extensive real world experience allows wife, Margaret, him to teach in a way that is more practical and beneficial for moved to Athens, students. His passion for Auburn and his students is clearly Ala., to be near conveyed in and out of the classroom. Auburn students are very his daughter, fortunate to have such a great academic resource and mentor.” Laura Quimby Hanks, who pracMichael Lee, MAc Class of 2013 tices as a CPA in KPMG – Altanta Huntsville. His other daughter, Alicia Quimby Williams, is a school teacher in Atlanta. Larry moved to a golfing community in Athens with plans of playing golf daily. In April 2012, the School of Accountancy recogThanks to Amy Murphy, Larry is not playnized Larry Quimby as the 2012 Outstanding ing golf every day. Amy recruited Larry to Alumnus. In addition to his participation on the the MAc Program, and in May of 2011, he Advisory Council over the years, he has also been finished his graduate accounting degree 36 very generous to the School of Accountancy. In years after completing his undergraduate fact, Larry continued his generosity to the School degree. He is now doing something during of Accountancy by donating his outstanding retirement that he never imagined doing – alumnus gift for display in the SOA office. teaching undergraduate and graduate level tax classes at Auburn University. Larry has been such a great addition to the School of Accountancy faculty, and the Master of Accountancy students have really appreciated the impact that Larry has had on their educational experience. Larry has truly been the model alumnus over the years, and we sincerely appreciate his life-long commitment to the School of Accountancy.

2012 OUTSTANDING ALUMNUS “My Auburn accounting degrees have afforded me numerous career opportunities. As such, I want to give back to the institution that molded me into what I am today.” – War Eagle! Larry Quimby, Class of 1975 and 2011 Retired PwC Partner SOA Instructor

From left to right: School of Accountancy Director Dewayne Searcy, presenting Larry Quimby with gift commemorating his award.

Fall 2013

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LETTER FROM BAP CO-FACULTY ADVISORS This year, the Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) has experienced some exciting activity and accomplishment. This success would not be possible without the support of our sponsors listed below. On the following page, some of our most involved BAP members reflect on our successful year, and prove why we continue to be recognized by the national office of BAP as a superior chapter. If you are interested in sponsoring the Auburn BAP chapter, please contact one of us for more details. Colby Lakas, Dr. Jennifer Mueller-Phillips,

BETA ALPHA PSI SPONSORS 2013-2014 Aflac, Inc.

Hall, Albright, Garrison & Associates

Aldridge, Borden & Company, PC

Jackson Thornton, PC

Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, PC


Becker CPA Review

L. Paul Kassouf & Company, PC

Bennett Thrasher, PC

Lovoy, Summerville & Shelton, PC

Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC

Machen, McChesney & Chastain, LLP

Cherry Bekaert, LLP

Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC

CohnReznick, LLP

Metcalf Davis

Crow, Shields & Bailey, PC

Moore Colson*

Deloitte, LLP

Pearce, Bevill, Leesburg, Moore, PC

Dent, Baker & Company, LLP*

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Dougherty, McKinnon & Luby, LLC

Robinson, Grimes & Company, PC

Draffin & Tucker, LLP

Rรถdl & Partner*

Ernst & Young, LLP

Sellers, Richardson, Holman & West, LLP

Frazier & Deeter, LLC

Smith & Howard, PC

Frost Cummings Tidwell Group, LLC

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Georgia-Pacific LLC*

Warren Averett, LLC

Grant Thornton, LLP *Indicates new sponsor for 2013-2014 12

The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

Beta Alpha Psi 2013 Outstanding Teacher Dr. Ronald L. Clark

BAP STUDENTS SPONSOR “KICKIN’ CANCER FOR CLARK” Contributed by Allison Schwyn, Beta Alpha Psi Member Growing up, my family always participated in Relay for Life in Calhoun County, Alabama, which hosts one of the biggest Relays in the state. We walked laps for the ones we loved and lost, but we also celebrated the lives of the survivors. I know how much support can mean to someone battling cancer, and I couldn’t think of a better way for our Beta Alpha Psi chapter to show our love to Dr. Clark than by forming a Relay for Life team in his honor. Prior to the Relay for Life event, we sponsored a kickball tournament entitled “Kickin Cancer for Clark.” We sold t-shirts, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and awarded the first and second place teams with Mellow Mushroom gift cards partially donated by Mellow Mushroom. We solicited undergraduate student, graduate student, and faculty teams to participate in the tournament. Dr. Clark threw out the first pitch of the tournament and graciously awarded the winning teams their prizes. By the night of the actual Relay for Life event, our team had raised $9,334, the highest amount of any campus team. It was all donated to cancer research in honor of Dr. Clark, who had over 20 luminaries lit “After 35 years of teaching, I sometimes wonder if I had any impact on the lives in his honor at the event. Our Beta of my students. There is, however, no doubt regarding the impact the students Alpha Psi team was awarded the “Spirit have had on my family and my life. The Relay for Life and Kickball tournament of the Relay” award, which goes to the team that best encompasses the true clearly demonstrate the Auburn spirit, the work ethic of our students, and perspirit of what Relay for Life is all about. haps more importantly their deep compassion.  What a way to end one’s career,

the opportunity to serve a great bunch of students!” Dr. Ron Clark

Pictured from left to right are Allison Schwyn, Dr. Clark and Pamela Frank.

BAP Students Travel to Regional and National Meetings Contributed by Pamela Frank, Beta Alpha Psi Member Beta Alpha Psi officers and several members had the opportunity to travel to Nashville for the Beta Alpha Psi Regional Meeting this past February and to Anaheim, California, for the Beta Alpha Psi Annual Meeting in August. While at the regional meeting, the students made a presentation to students from other chapters on “Keeping Members Active.” During the first day of the national meeting, the students participated in a full day of community service entitled the Beta Alpha Psi International Day of Literacy where students had the opportunity to volunteer at literacy fairs in local elementary schools. As a Superior Chapter, the Auburn students shared their strategy with other students on keeping their chapter active and engaging the students in the chapter’s activities.

BAP officers and members at national meeting in Anaheim, Calif. Fall 2013

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ACCOUNTING INTERNSHIPS Auburn University is the only school that currently offers two “busy season” internship timing options supporting both audit and tax deadlines. Senior accounting majors can complete their degrees by taking two courses on a 5-week “mini-term” during their internship semester. Audit interns begin their courses in mid-March following their internship, while tax students have a split mini-term that allows them to intern from early February to April 15th. If you would like to learn more about hiring accounting interns, please contact Colby Lakas, MAc Program Assistant Director and Internship & Recruiting Coordinator, at

Bennett Thrasher, PC

Huner & Cyr, PC

Robinson, Grimes & Company, PC

Atlanta, GA

Birmingham, AL

Columbus, GA

Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLP

Jackson Thornton

Birmingham, AL Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL

Sellers, Richardson, Holman & West, LLP

CBIZ MHM Thompson Dunavant

Birmingham, AL

Warren Averett, LLC


Birmingham, AL Montgomery, AL

Nashville, TN

Cherry Bekaert, LLP

L. Paul Kassouf & Co., PC

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA Birmingham, AL

Deloitte, LLP

Lovoy, Summerville & Shelton, PC

Atlanta, GA Birmingham, AL Nashville, TN New York City, NY

Auburn, AL

Ernst & Young, LLP

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

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Frazier & Deeter, LLC

Montgomery, AL

Birmingham, AL

Machen, McChesney & Chastain, LLP Auburn, AL

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The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

AUBURN ACCOUNTING ONLINE Auburn University’s Strategic Plan states that “the university will redefine its role in the development of eLearning programs (including distance education), meeting the needs of current and new Auburn students in ways that are consistent with the university’s academic standards.” In addition, Auburn will “make available fully online new undergraduate and graduate programs for degree completers and working professionals.” To demonstrate the University’s commitment to its strategic plan, the University provides a link directly to Auburn Online when you visit Although we will always have bricks and mortar universities, online education is the wave of the future, and the School of Accountancy has known that since Fall Semester 2000 which is when the Master of Accountancy program became available online.

For more information about the Auburn Accounting Online Programs, please contact Amy Murphy, MAc Program Director, at, (334) 844-6118, or complete the “Request Information” form at

ACCOUNTING ONLINE PROGRAMS: Master of Accountancy (MAc) MAc Program Prerequisites Graduate Certificate in Accountancy

According to Amy Murphy, MAc Program Director, “the online options of our programs provide many outstanding students across the country an opportunity to further “I’m extremely proud to be an their education. Our on-campus classes are alumna of the Distance Master of delivered via streaming video; therefore, Accountancy Program at Auburn. In online students receive the same lectures, have the same faculty, follow the same my opinion, it’s second to none.” syllabus, and receive the same AACSB Jamie Griffin, CPA accredited degree as their on-campus peers. MAc (Distance) Class of 2010 The online programs are identical to the on-campus programs regarding rigor, standards, and student accountability. The only difference is that the online student is not “I continue to be impressed with the physically on-campus.” AACSB Internaentire MAc Program at Auburn, and I tional accreditation is the “gold standard” would highly recommend it. War Eagle!” of accounting and business education. The Harbert College of Business has 25 years of Drew Yurko experience offering online degree programs. MAc (Distance) Class of 2013

“I honestly believe I would not have been successful on the CPA exam without all the wonderful professors at AU. The MAc program taught me so much, and I am very grateful to everyone there. War Eagle!” Jessica (Hardy) Sasser MAc (Distance) Class of 2012 Distance MAc students during On-Campus Residency in April 2013 Fall 2013

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ON-CAMPUS MAc CLASS OF 2013 EXCELS ON CPA EXAM Each year, accounting students throughout the country undertake the grueling four-part CPA exam. Despite the exam’s complexity and difficulty, Auburn’s Master of Accountancy (MAc) students have historically surpassed other accounting programs. The MAc Class of 2013 is no exception. “Our consistently strong pass rates are a testament to the excellent instruction provided by our faculty and to the outstanding students we continue to enroll into the program each year. We are so proud of these students.” said Amy Murphy, MAc Program Director.












88%* 57%**

* Source: Students’ Official CPA Exam Score Reports on first attempt. ** Source: The National Percent Passing rates for the 1st and 2nd Quarters of 2013 were obtained from Lamar Harris, Executive Director of the Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy. The Auburn MAc students sat for FAR and AUD during the first quarter of 2013 and REG and BEC during the second quarter.

For more information about the On-Campus MAc Program, please contact Colby Lakas, MAc Program Assistant Director at For more information about the online option, please contact Amy Murphy, MAc Program Director, at 16

The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

ON-CAMPUS MAc CLASS OF 2013 TRAVELS TO SOUTH AMERICA The On-Campus MAc students traveled abroad to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with several accounting faculty in December of 2012. The study abroad allows the students to gain exposure to South American culture, economics, and politics. The trip highlights global similarities and differences by offering on-site

Distance MAc Program 2013 Outstanding Student Award

Robert E. (Rob) Watson

Pictured on the right above is Rob Watson. Rob is Global Commercial Banking Controller for Bank of America in Charlotte, N.C.

client visits to various accounting firms, companies, and not-for-profit organizations. And, as you would imagine, the students always seem to find time to experience the entertainment districts and social life. In fact, the MAc Class of 2013 decided that “What Happens in Argentina…” as evidenced by the design

of their class t-shirt. When the students and faculty return to campus, it’s hard to say who had the most fun. The study abroad develops strong camaraderie among the students, and the students develop lifelong friendships. The MAc Class of 2014 will travel to Rio de Janeiro and Sāo Paulo, Brazil.

On-Campus MAc Program MAc On-Campus & Distance 2013 Outstanding 2013 Outstanding Student Award Teaching Award

Margaret E. (Meg) Giles

Pictured on the right above is Meg Giles. Meg is a Staff Auditor with Ernst & Young in Nashville, Tenn.

Dr. Jeff Jones

Pictured on the right above is Dr. Jeff Jones who won both the Outstanding On-Campus and Distance Learning Teaching Awards. Dr. Jones was presented an engraved Auburn lamp for his office. Fall 2013

The SOA Connection


SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS Through the generosity of these corporations, firms, and individuals, the School of Accountancy awarded over 50 scholarships to top accounting majors for the 2013-2014 academic year. We are sincerely grateful to these donors for supporting our students and programs. If you are interested in becoming a donor, please contact Jennifer Cornett, Scholarship Coordinator, at or (334) 844-6213.

ASCPA/Kassouf and Company Endowed Scholarship

Ernst & Young, LLP/ R. Travis Kirkpatrick Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Samantha Peters

Recipients: Gabi Bailin, MacKenzy Harper, and Mallory Mims

Ken and Missy Baggett Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Cecilia Valeri

Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, P.C. Accounting Scholarship

Federation of Schools of Accountancy Student Achievement Award Recipient: Chris Wardell

Laverne Taylor Flanagan Scholarship

Recipient: Lauren Wannemuehler

Recipient: Emily Loefgren

Jere and Sara Beasley Endowed Scholarship in Accounting

Frazier & Deeter, LLC Accounting Scholarship

Recipient: Pam Frank

Recipient: Julia Steinhilber

Becker CPA Review Course Award Recipients: Jesse Chandler, Paige Fitzgerald, Darnesha Green, Elizabeth Hancock, and Keith Taylor

Bennett Thrasher, P.C. Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Katie Prendergast

R. Bernard Blankenship Scholarship in Accountancy

Grant Thornton, LLP Scholarship

Recipient: Sam Wilson

Recipient: Paul Curtiss

Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC Scholarship

Hall, Albright, Garrison & Associates, PC Accounting Scholarship

Recipients: Kathryn Fork and Michael Lee

CohnReznick, LLP Accounting Scholarship

Recipient: Abigail Missildine

Recipients: Jenna Kelley

Aflac, Inc. Accounting Scholarship Recipients: Megan Borys and Fen Ryhal

Alabama Society of CPAs Accounting Achievement Award Recipient: Mallory Mims

Aldridge, Borden & Company, P.C. Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Stephen Taunton

ASCPA/Barranco Family Endowed Scholarship Recipient: Julie Monell 18

The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

Deloitte, LLP Accounting Scholarship Recipients: Cristen Hoover and Tyler Lahti

Draffin & Tucker, LLP Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Robert Blythe

Dick and Terry Ingwersen Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Carly Peters

Jackson Thornton Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Amy Kast

KPMG, LLP Accounting Scholarship

Sellers, Richardson, Holman & West, LLP Accounting Scholarship

Recipients: Jeannie Anderson and Allison Schwyn

Recipient: Mallory Mize

Machen, McChesney & Chastain, LLP Accounting Scholarship

Warren Averett, LLC Warren Averett GH & I Division Accounting Scholarship

Recipient: Chase Jenkins

Recipient: Lee Engerson

Melba C. Peebles Accounting Scholarship Recipients: Leah Peterson and James Pudner

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Accounting Scholarship Recipients: Jordan Callahan and Hallie Lawrence

Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Stewart Pittman

Jerry Lewis Savage Memorial Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Tyler Welton

Warren Averett, LLC Warren Averett Kimbrough & Marino Division Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Mason Phillips

Philip Marshall McElroy Memorial Scholarship

Warren Averett, LLC Warren Averett O’Sullivan Creel Division Accounting Scholarship

Recipient: Clark Andrich

Recipient: Katie Maugel

School of Accountancy Faculty and Staff Scholarship Recipient: Erica Fluke and Hannah Wilson

Metcalf Davis Accounting Scholarship Recipient: Steven Seidband

C.G. Mills Endowment for Instructional Excellence in Accountancy

Warren Averett, LLC Warren Averett Wilson Price Division Accounting Scholarship

Recipients: Wallace Sprayberry and Chris Wardell

Recipient: Justin Davenport

William J. Nettles Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Elton & Janet Wolf Endowed Scholarship in Accounting

Recipient: Ryan Wilson

Pearce, Bevill, Leesburg, Moore, P.C. Accounting Scholarship

School of Accountancy Scholarship

Recipient: Timothy Voss

Recipients: Lauren Fair

Recipient: Clark Morson

Fall 2013

The SOA Connection



GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS Each year, the firms listed below make graduate school possible for outstanding students. These firms fund graduate assistantship positions which provide an annual stipend totaling $9,696. In addition to the stipends funded by the firms, the students receive full-tuition waivers. With a $9,696 investment, the firms are giving students an assistantship value of $45,000 for out-of-state students and $23,000 for in-state students. We sincerely appreciate the generosity of these firms for helping the School of Accountancy attract great students to the Master of Accountancy Program.

EY Graduate Assistants 2013-2014 Clark Andrich – EY-Audit – Atlanta Emily Loefgren – EY-Tax - Birmingham

Pictured left to right are Clark Andrich; Laura Gallagher, EY Southeast Campus Recruiting Leader; and Emily Loefgren. 20

The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

Accounting firms recognize the value of an Auburn MAc education, because these graduates begin their full-time jobs having already passed the CPA exam. Auburn MAc students take and pass the uniform CPA exam while enrolled in the program. If your firm is interested in sponsoring a graduate assistantship, please contact Amy Murphy (pictured above), MAc Program Director, at or 334-844-6118.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Graduate Assistant 2013-2014 Julie Monell – PwC-Audit - Nashville

Pictured left to right are Jim Kelly, PwC Partner, and Julie Monell.

SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENTS The Auburn Scholarship Campaign was an initiative dedicated to building funds to support current students and compete for future scholars who will enhance the intellectual capability on our campus. Earnings from the endowed scholarships are paired with current Spirit of Auburn or Academic Scholarships, ranging from $2,500 to more than full tuition annually. As a result, the student receives a more attractive and competitive scholarship award. Below is a list of the individuals who have graciously contributed to endowments for the benefit of accounting majors.

Ingwersen Family Endowed Scholarship E. William Koons III and Family Scholarship Jerry Lewis Savage Memorial Endowed Scholarship R. David and Robert K. Byrum Endowed Scholarship

Pictured left to right are Carole Ann Fowler, Director of Development, and Greg Heston, nephew of the late Jerry Lewis Savage. Greg co-funded the Jerry Lewis Savage Memorial Endowed Scholarship with his aunt, Sue Savage.

The Henley Family Endowed Scholarship Larry and Margaret Quimby Endowed Scholarship Fred and Becky Pepper Endowed Scholarship

Pictured left to right are Bill Parker, Director of Development; Larry Quimby, scholarship donor; and Tara Jones, Director of Advancement.

Pictured left to right are Dick Ingwersen, scholarship donor, and Carly Peters, scholarship recipient. Fall 2013

The SOA Connection



$14,999 - $10,000 Walton Thomas Conn Jr. ’85


$9,999 - $5,000

$5,000 and above Warren Averett, LLC Deloitte

$4,999 - $2,500 Alabama Society of CPAs Jackson Thornton Sellers Richardson Holman & West, LLP

$2,499 - $1,000 Aflac, Inc. Aldridge Borden & Co, PC Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, PC Bennett Thrasher, PC CohnReznick, LLP Draffin & Tucker Frazier & Deeter, LLC Grant Thornton Machen McChesney & Chastain Mauldin & Jenkins Pearce Bevill Leesburg & Moore, PC

$999 - $500 International Paper

Alumni and Friends $300,000 and above Wesley Allen Brown ’87* Tina Brown*

$100,000 and $299,999 Jason Harpe ’93* John P. Jones ’57*

$29,999 - $25,000 Kenneth E. Baggett ’77 Missy Baggett

$24,999 - $20,000 Larry Burl Quimby ’75 Margaret Quimby ’76

$19,999 - $15,000 Arthur D. Guy ’79


The SOA Connection

Fall 2013

Steven Henry Barry ’74 Ellen Barry M. Van Henley ’80 Randall Brooks Johnston ’80 E. William Koons III ’77 Nathaniel Linus Lavelle ’92 Jeffrey Richard Lund ’88 John and Holly Mayfield ’78 Becky Pepper ’75 Fred Pepper ’74

$4,999 - $2,500 Thomas W. Burleson ’79 Gregory Lewis Heston ’85 James Agee Kelly Jr. ’84 Brooke Peebles Walker ’97

$2,499 - $1,000 Sylvia Lynne Ayers ’84 Chris Keith Belt Frederick Leonard Corte Jr. ’03 Joseph Edgar Foster ’93 Charles B. Freeman II ’05 Bradley Laurence Garland ’04 Iain Douglas Grant ’93 Laura Quimby Hanks ’03 Stephen C. Harrison ’94 Harrison Pacheco Lewis III ’06 Glenn W. Mitchell III ’93 Bradley S. Williamson ’13

$999 - $500 Phillip M. Albright ’12 John P. Appleton ’12 Kathryn Martha Baker ’12 Whitney B. Baker ’12 Traci A. Bascue ’13 Michael Charles Beaty ’01 Amanda Wilson Beck ’10 Gregory R. Bentley ’12 Kathy Ann Best ’13 Kendall Marie Bliss ’12 Marlene A. Brankovic ’13 Joseph C. Brannan ’08 Ashley Nicole Brewer ’12 Morgan Rae Burford ’11 Kathryn V. Byne ’12

Sarah Katherine Cameron ’09 Tiffany J. Carter ’08 Daniel Plaxco Chandler ’02 Jesse Nylee Chandler ’12 Ashley Marie Chynoweth ’12 Ernest L. Clark ’74 James David Conley ’12 Allison Ellen Erwin ’12 Bonnie Baker Evans ’12 Paige Elizabeth Fitzgerald ’12 Marie Rose Gaffney ’89 Laura Moore Gallagher ’00 Margaret Exley Giles ’12 Darnesha Veshay Green ’12 Christopher Mitchell Grimm ’13 David Joseph Guthrie ’11 Joseph Peter Gyengo ’04 Jennifer Langston Hamilton ’01 Alexander J. Hardisson ’13 Lisa Nyert Heise ’13 Russell Porter Hodge ’91 Dominique Brandale Holmes ’12 Casey Elizabeth Howard ’10 Colby Harpool Lakas ’04 Leigh Ellen Landers ’12 Michael Roy Lee ’11 Carol Jager Lightfoot ’89 James Michael Lightfoot ’89 Lisa Loften ’87 Alfred John Lucas ’74 Jonathan Andrew Mayer ’05 Leigh Palmer Mayer ’05 Christopher A. McCabe ’13 Hugh Fuller McClendon Jr. ’12 Jonathon S. McDonald ’13 Brian Eugene McNeely ’00 Julie L. Muchoney ’13 Christopher Carson Munday ’04 Drew Thomas Ohmstede ’11 James Emery Palik ’01 Samantha Elizabeth Powell ’12 Bailey Ree Price ’12 Joel G. Raines ’72 Walter Kenneth Rutledge ’58 Austin Benjamin Shipe ’11 Lyndsay Long Snider ’05 Sarah Ann Sowell ’12 George Keith Taylor ’01 Cornesha Nicole Terry ’12 Anthony McCain Torbert ’90 Stephanie J. Vaughn ’13

Hannah L. Walker ’12 Rob Watson ’13 Lauren Couch Werle ’06 Thompson Alexander Westerberg ’12 Heather M. White ’13 Kellyn M. Wolber ’11 Drew Albert Yurko ’13 Lisa M. Perry Zyriek ’96

$499 - $250 Holly Edmunds Bailey ’90 Mary Pate Barton ’89 Travareis R. Bryant ’12 Jeffrey Joseph Call ’95 Donald G. Chastain ’74 Alfred E. Cheatham Jr. ’90 Sidney Elizabeth Cherry ’97 Matthew Richardson Clegg ’97 Chad Charles Downey ’94 Charles H. Edwards III ’88 Cooper Vance Evans ’85 James Derek Fuller ’92 Larry B. Gilley ’70 Clinton Ellis Gilmore ’84 Norman Harrison Godwin ’91 J. Gregory Henderson ’83 Christopher Todd Holder ’90 Kerry K. Inger Charles Christopher Joseph ’73 Kevin Jerome Kelly ’91 James H. Long ’01 Edward Grayson McDermott ’87 Thomas Joseph Minor ’89 Amy B. Murphy ’88 Darren Lee Neuschwander ’97 Twana Hughes Newton ’82 Patrick Duncan Noll ’03 Lewis W. Perkins III ’94 Jerre Oscar Pierson III ’86 Kirk Paul Pressley ’88 Kimberly Williams Read ’93 Stephanie Danielle Rector ’10 Gretchen Box Riviere ’91 Luis Salomon III ’12 DeWayne L. Searcy Erin Elizabeth Tench ’06 Ricky Wayne Thomas ’80 Thomas Hubbard Tynes ’83 William Raymond Weeks ’79 Karen Lynn Wit ’01

Jeffrey Scott Wright ’90 Andrew Robinson York ’04

$249-100 Charles W. Alderman ’71 Jordon Neal Andrews ’10 Melissa Childress Auck ’92 Edward H. Blankenship ’87 Duane M. Brandon Frank Alton Casey Jr. ’74 Robert H. Cochran Jason Bradley Cooper ’08 Jennifer Norheim Cornett Linda Kay Crist ’85 Matt Clifford Crocombe ’06 Leah Nicole DellaCalce ’05 Necia Anne Dexter Amy Kyser Douglas ’91 Paula Martin Farmer ’80 Ana Beatriz Fernandez ’89 Meaghan F. Gaynor ’13 William Keith Geeslin ’11 Donald Glenn Griffin ’91 Sarah Elizabeth Hadzor ’10 Mary Vann Hamilton ’83 Samuel Allgood Heberton ’10 Lawrence R. Heisler ’69 Steven E. Hicks ’13 James C. Hildreth ’09 Janet McDonald Huston ’02 Tian Jiang ’12 Rita Ann Jones ’73 Robert Roy Jones III ’74 Kimberly Galligan Key Christopher Todd Lollar ’99 Jordan C. McLoughlin ’06 James Micheal Meyer ’93 Jennifer Mueller-Phillps Kathryn A. Murnane ’08 Arthi Shri Nataraajan ’08 Emily Williams Newman ’81 Stephen Max Ramey ’80 Samuel R. Sells III David Thomas Sites ’73 William Zachary Springer ’06 Jonathan D. Stanley Steven Wade Strother Jr. ’05 Adam Wayne Swartz ’88 Margaret E. Wallin ’99 Robert P. West ’74 R. Terry Windle ’78

$99 and below Corbin Jonathan Adams ’97 Douglas N. Barfield II ’09 Daniel Meyer Bauman Delaine Payne Borden ’07 David S. Brisco ’13 Christopher Earl Cessna ’10 Jennifer Louise Day ’97 Conan Quinn Dickson ’92 George John Ehrhardt III ’87 William Lee Engerson Elizabeth Parker Faulkner ’86 Timothy C. Garner ’00 Jamie Justin Griffin ’10 Carrie Marie Harbison ’08 Ronald and Sharon Jackson ’78 Laura Elizabeth Johnston Jefferson Prince Jones ’91 Juliann Koch Jonathan Tyler Lahti ’13 Trent Stephen Lishak ’11 Tina Wynne Loraas ’96 Melissa Diane Mapp ’96 Danyea Simone Marbury Stephanie Kilgro Mattox ’09 Kristen Farr McCollum ’97 Carter McEnerney Gregory Martin Meeks Elizabeth G. Miller ’83 Samantha Brook Peters Robert Ryan Poole ’11 Katherine Grace Prendergast Marcalyn G. Price Richard Morris Price ’76 Elizabeth Sue Robinson ’10 Drew L. Rosedale ’07 Sarah Catherine Ross ’03 Dillon Jean Stose Juanita R. Thomas David Lee Vinson ’86 Timothy J. Voss Gail Cranston Wall ’79 Lauren Elizabeth Wannemuehler Thomas L. Williams ’66 Andrew J. Woodward ’06 The annual giving above reflects planned gifts, pledges, and donations made between October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013. *Planned gifts may be in the form of revocable living trusts, life insurance policies, trusts, gift annuities, retained life estates, or retirement plan assets.

Fall 2013

The SOA Connection



735 Extension Loop Auburn, AL 36849-5247

Auburn University is an equal opportunity employer/educational institution.

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN ACCOUNTANCY PROGRAM – ONLINE OPTION Effective Summer Semester 2013, students began enrolling in the Online Graduate Certificate in Accountancy Program. The program requires 18 semester hours of graduate level accounting courses, all of which are taught in the MAc Program. U.S. News and World Report ranks the Harbert College of Business Online Graduate Business Programs among the Top 10 in the United States. Staying relevant is very important in the accounting profession. You have an opportunity to further your accounting education while working full-time by pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Accountancy Program. Why should you apply? • Take advantage of no required entrance exam • Enjoy flexibility and convenience of online program U.S. News and World Report ranks Auburn’s Online Graduate • Expand your career opportunities Business Programs among the top 10 programs in the United States. • Take classes required for CPA exam and certification • Update your accounting knowledge/skill set • Gain credentials to teach at collegiate level • Matriculate to MAc Program with only four courses remaining • Enroll in U.S. News and World Report Top 10 online graduate business program

Apply now by visiting For more information, please contact Amy Murphy, MAc Program Director, at or 334-844-6118.

Harbert College SOA Connection  

The alumni magazine of the Auburn University Raymond J. Harbert College of Business School of Accountancy.

Harbert College SOA Connection  

The alumni magazine of the Auburn University Raymond J. Harbert College of Business School of Accountancy.