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April 2015

MAKING OF COTTON SEAMLESS 1601 CAMISOLE HANRO ’s COTTON SEAMLESS camisole has been bestseller and staple icon for 30 years, and popular with HANRO customers and and VIPs like Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone or o r Kate Moss, who have been wearing the COTTON SEAMLESS camisole for photo shootings or on screen. Take a look behind the scenes of HANRO’s production and see the fabrication of this iconic camisole step by step.

1. Finest, long staple cotton fibers are spun into premium cotton yarns.

2. Our circular knitting machine produces the seamless cotton tubes from 100% cotton. The length of the camisole is directly tailored at the machine, the seamless hem knitted into the fabric.


3. Soft mercerization of cotton fabric: this refined finishing process provides a long lasting, soft and gentle feel against the skin, a unique sheen, better color brilliance and a stronger durability.

4. The seamless hem is separated from the cotton tubes by removing a single thread. * During manufacturing process, this step is done by a hem-separation machine.


5. Cutting the camisole with the help of a pattern. * During manufacturing process, this step is done by a punching machine.

* 2

6. Sewing the thin elastic band along the neckline in the back.

7. Sewing the satin edging along the neckline in the front with a satin ribbon.

8. Sewing the satin spaghetti straps and the edging of the arm holes with a satin ribbon. Top-stitching the middle of the v-neck along the neckline in the front


9. Threading the ring onto the strap.

10. Threading the slider onto the strap.

11. Put the end of the strap into the slider, thread it into the ring at the back, and put the slider into the right position.


12. Sewing the woven label with HANRO logo and the care label into the garment.

13. Final quality check (check if there are no loose threads or yarns, no errors or flaws; all labels properly applied, etc. ) 14. Ironing of the camisole 15. Fold the camisole, add hangtag and product description card, and put it into the product packaging.

16. Delivery to central warehouse, and from there the COTTON SEAMLESS camisole is dispatched to all worldwide shops, and presented at point of sales for all customers.


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Making of Cotton Seamless 1601 English  

Making of Cotton Seamless 1601 English