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About Hanover College Hanover is a liberal arts institution where brains and beauty truly intersect. The outdoorsy campus is nestled near the banks of the scenic Ohio River (see M: Madison). The College was founded in 1827 and is the oldest private college in Indiana. An easy drive from several metropolitan areas, Hanover is the perfect place to combine one of our core strengths (see B: Business Scholars Program, E: Education and H: HBSP) with any of our 32 majors or the one you design yourself! (see A: Academics).

No other campus has 650 acres of woodlands, waterfalls and streams practically next to your dorm. It’s one of the reasons Hanover has been named one of the nation’s most beautiful campuses over and over again (see P: Point). You can enjoy the natural beauty of campus by watching an early morning sunrise, hiking to a waterfall or relaxing in a hammock outside on a sunny day.

Arts and Letters


Art History — arth Asian Art European Art History of Architecture

Classical Studies — cla Archaeology Greek (culture, language and literature) Latin (culture, language and literature)

English — eng African-American Literature American Literature British Literature Comparative Literature Creative Writing Genre Studies Irish Literature Journalism Literary Theory and Criticism World Literature Women’s and Gender Studies French — fre Francophone Cinema Francophone Women’s Studies French and Francophone Literature and Culture French Business Language Multiculturalism in Contemporary France Music — mus Band/Orchestra Baroque Brass Chorus Classical Composition Conducting Counterpoint   Instrumental/Vocal Pedagogy Medieval Music History Music Theory Percussion Piano Renaissance Romantic Strings Twentieth Century Voice Wind Spanish — spa Film Studies Gender Studies Language Literature and Culture from Spain Literatures and Cultures from Latin America (specializing in Mexico, the Andean region, the Southern Cone and the Caribbean) Pre-Colombian Cultures and Marginal Voices Studio Art — art Ceramics Drawing Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture Theatre — thr Acting Directing Film Studies Lighting Playwriting Shakespeare Studies Sound Stage Management Theatre History

History — his American History Cultural History European History History of Science Intellectual History Military History Political History Social History World History Women and Family History Medieval-Renaissance Studies — mrs Philosophy — PHI Analytic Philosophy Asian Philosophy/Asian Studies Ethics and Values History of Western Philosophy Pre-Law Theological Studies — ths American Religious History Christian Doctrine (Historic and Contemporary) Christian Ethics Christian Ministry Doctrine of God Doctrine of the Trinity Feminist Theology History of Biblical Interpretation Medical Ethics Moral Decision-Making Popular Theology Postmodern Theologies Process Theology Sexual Ethics Theological Epistemology and Sources of Authority Theology and the Environment Theology, Gender and Sexuality Vocation and Calling

Design Your Own Major Fit your specific interests and passions. Blend biochemistry and kinesiology or concentrate on consumer marketing. Select your core areas of study, choose your professors and put together the final proposal for declaring your major.

Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

BIOChemistry — bch

Business Scholars Program — bsp Accounting Banking Finance Investments Management Sales and Marketing

Biology — bio Botany Cell and Molecular Biology Environmental Science Organismal Biology Zoology Chemistry — che Environmental Chemistry Food and Beverage Chemistry Forensics (Chemical) Instrumental Analysis Natural Products Chemistry Protein Chemistry Quantum Chemistry Computer Science — cs 3D Computer Animation and Modeling Artificial Intelligence Databases Networking Scientific Modeling Video Game Design Environmental Science — env Environmental Biology Environmental Geology Geochemistry Geophysics Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology — kip Kinesiology Nutrition Geology — geo Environmental Geology Environmental Science Geographic Information Science (GIS) Geomorphology Hydrology Paleontology Petroleum Geology Physical Geology Health AND Movement Studies — hMS Mathematics — mat Actuarial Sciences Financial Mathematics Probability Statistics Physics — PHy Astronomy Electronics Engineering Applications Nuclear Physics Optical Physics Scientific Instrumentation Space Science Psychology — Psy Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinical Psychology Cognitive Science Counseling Neuroscience Psychology Applied to Business, Education and Law

Communication — com Film/Music Criticism Journalism Marketing Organizational Management/ Business Communication Political Communication Video/Film Production cultural Anthropology — anth Economics — eco Banking and Finance Economics and Water Resources Environmental Economics Financial Panics Gender and Economics International Business International Economics Poverty and Discrimination Education — edu Elementary Education major (K-6) Secondary Education major (5-12) Special Education Dual Licensure Gender Studies — gnds International Studies — ins Cultures and Peoples Global Economics Global Politics World Religions World History Political Science — Pis American Politics International Relations Political Economy Political History Political Institutions Political Theory Political Thought Public Policy Sociology — soc Crime and Corrections Globalization Juvenile Delinquency Race, Class and Gender Inequality Selfhood and Social Interaction Social Change and Social Movements Sociology of Families Sociology of Sport Urban Sociology

Pre-Professional Programs Health and biomedical sciences program Nursing Pre-Dentistry Pre-Health Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Veterinary Sciences

Simply put, the Business Scholars Program (BSP) combines any of Hanover’s majors with business. Want to major in art and learn how to manage a gallery or oversee environmental programs at a national park as a geology major? The BSP adds practical business fundamentals such as management, accounting, financial decisionmaking and business strategies to the knowledge you gain in your chosen discipline. You’re also guaranteed a paid, project-based summer internship tailored to your area of interest. Even more, you’ll also learn how to perfect your resume and present yourself in an interview through workshops and coaching by corporate-trained faculty. Maybe that’s why the BSP is Hanover’s largest academic program.

97% of BSP grads recommend this program to new students!

BILL Bettler Professor of Communication

A two-time Baynham Award-winning (Hanover’s most prestigious teaching award) (see R: Darrin Rubino) professor of communication, Dr. Bill Bettler, uses his expertise in music and pop culture to win the hearts of students in the classroom and on stage. Bill joins Dr. Craig Philip (chemistry) to make up Hanover’s most popular campus band, The Green Room; only to be rivaled by Pawnshop Guitar, led by Jim Hickerson, our director of campus safety (see C: Campus Safety). See more at

Once on campus, one of the first things you need to do is hike to Buddha’s Belly. You may get a little muddy on the way, but the view will be worth it! Buddha’s Belly is a waterfall deep in the woods that’s on top of a huge, round rock that is as round as the belly of the Great Buddha. On a warm day, you’re guaranteed to see it on someone’s Snapchat story.

Jim Hickerson, Director of Campus Safety

Campus Safety Picture this: You’re walking to your car for a quick run to Hinkle’s and your battery is dead. Don’t panic! Jim Hickerson has your back. It’s easy to feel safe on campus when Jim, a former Indiana State Police officer and commander for 32 years, is just a phone call away. Jim and his crew are there for real emergencies, or if you simply want someone to walk you home after a late night at the library.

Clubs Do you love Spanish Club? Is choir your favorite hour of the day? Do you want to learn how to play ultimate frisbee or rugby? There’s a club for everyone so you can find your niche (or even create your own by starting something new) (see K: Kaleidoscope or R: Rhythm and Poetry Club)!

Cadaver Lab If you’ve got a weak stomach, stop reading now. Let’s talk bodies. At Hanover, you don’t learn anatomy from a book and you don’t have to wait until you’re in grad school to get hands-on with a cadaver. We’re the only school in Indiana that offers undergraduate access to a cadaver. Grab some gloves and a scalpel, class starts in 10. (see H:HBSP)

Seth Daniel ’11

Application Engineer, San Jose, California

Where do you go after being a student worker at the Hanover IT helpdesk? How about Google? The code Seth Daniel writes connects Google users to innovative business platforms. Wish someone would deliver that pint of rocky road ice cream to your door at two in the morning? Seth is making it happen. Learn more at

College life begins in the dorms. We’ll help you find a roommate that’s compatible (i.e., don’t room with a gamer unless you are one!). From there, make your best memories. Choose from traditional, suite or theme housing. Whatever you choose, there’s always someone there to grab a bite, cram for a test or binge watch Game of Thrones.

Hanover produces well-rounded, socially-minded individuals who work well with others. It’s also the philosophy of our education department. You’ll be in classrooms, working with children of all ages, helping a child reach their full potential - all from day one.

Three Program Tracks • Elementary Education (K-6) • Secondary Education (5-12) • Special Education Dual License (K-12)

100% of Education students are placed in a job or grad school within six months of graduation.

Here, learning extends beyond the classroom. Put aside the textbook and absorb lessons in real time. Enhance your classroom experience through a Richter Grant to study off-campus or abroad (see R: Richter Grants or S: Study Abroad), a dream internship (see I: Internships) or co-op with such organizations as the U.S. Secret Service or Goldman Sachs, or a directed study on a topic that you create (see R: Research).

There is life beyond the mini fridge! Hanover offers you four options for sustenance. Start your morning with a double expresso from the Coffee Shop. For a meal on the run, stop and grab a Papa John’s pizza or sandwich from the Underground. Head to the Campus Center for your choice of a traditional meal (there’s always extra chicken nuggets!), vegan dish or locally grown produce. Finally, after class, join your friends for karaoke or bingo in the Shoebox, our on-campus pub that serves amazing mozzarella sticks, onion rings and milkshakes.

Isaac Fokuo jr. ’98 Entrepreneur, Ghana

Can one man change the world? Isaac is certainly leaving his mark on Africa. He is one of the continent’s most impactful innovators. He serves as the principal and founder of BOTHO Limited, a consulting firm focused on sustainable development, rapid economic growth and social justice; CEO of the African Leadership Network, a community of the continent’s most influential leaders committed to growing Africa’s prosperity; and founder of the Sino African Center for Excellence, an applied think tank working to facilitate China-Africa trade and investment. Keep reading at


Gladish Learning Center Need an editor for your biggest paper of the term? Having trouble in calculus class? Get to the Gladish Learning Center. Made up of Hanover students who excel in academics, this is our version of the Genius Bar. Open from 7-11 p.m., help is there when you need it most.

Tell your mom that it’s nothing like Animal House - Greek life at Hanover is a perfect balance of social mixers, philanthropic events, career development workshops and more. Some of the most popular campus events are held by sororities and fraternities, like Alpha Delta Pi’s 5K race, Lambda Chi Alpha’s wiffleball tournament (see W: Wiffleball) and Chi Omega’s Chi Oahu Luau.

Haq Center Run by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Haq Center for Cross-Cultural Education helps you explore themes of diversity and intercultural interaction (see U: Unity Fest). At Hanover, we welcome students from all over the world and are proud to provide the resources to help them succeed.

Eric Holcomb ’90 Governor of Indiana

Gov. Holcomb is a Hanoverian at heart! He traveled to his alma mater to watch the men’s basketball team’s run to the Elite 8 of the NCAA Division III tournament. You can usually spot him wearing Panther swag too! More info at

When we say “Bill Nye, the Science Guy!” does the voice in your head shout “Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!”? Nye was one of many distinguished speakers who have been part of the Enrichment Series. Part educational, part entertainment, we mix it up so there’s always a good show to anticipate. Sal Vulcano of “Impractical Jokers,” activist W. Kamau Bell and world-renowned physicist Michio Kaku have rounded out the guest list so far. Check out who’s coming this year at

Discover different health careers. Join study groups for the MCAT. Prepare yourself for PT school (see C: Cadaver Lab and S: Simon). Your four-year undergrad experience is mapped out so guesswork is minimized and you have a solid resume when it comes to your next step. But don’t think we’ll stop there. Our faculty are continuously looking to create unique partnerships (see P: Partnerships) to give you a leg up, such as our nursing program with Valparaiso University and our Physician Scientist Diversity Program with the Indiana University School of Medicine.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average offer rate to interns is 73 percent. It’s a must-have to get a job nowadays and a proven way for you to stand out from everyone else (see E: Experiential Learning). Hanover helps you connect with businesses and organizations who are looking for talented students and alumni who can mentor you through the process. Extra bonus: most internships are paid (see B: Business Scholars Program). Internships by category with major

Arts Artistic Designs by Teresa — COM Kentucky Shakespeare Festival — ENG Pig Iron Company — THR Western Design Conference / Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce — ARTH

Education Camp Akeela — EDU Indianapolis Children’s Museum — HIS MacGregor Ranch — HIS NCORE – National Conference for Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education — PIS Sidwell Friends School — COM

FINANCE/Financial Services Applied Behavior Center for Autism — PSY Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc. — ECO Captive Finance Solution — ECO Hilliard Lyons — COM MainSource Bank — THS Nitro Fitness — COM Northwestern Mutual Financial — HMS Pearl Street Ventures — ECO/MAT Perella Weinberg Partners — SOC Summit Equestrian Center — MUS Survival Fitness — COM The Indianapolis Children’s Museum — EDU Transom Financial — SPA

Health Care Administration Dignity Health — ECO Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital — PSY St. Vincent Hospital Foundation — KIP San Jorge Children’s Hospital — SPA The Seton Foundation — KIP Sullivan Community Hospital — COM

Human Resources Flashpoint — COM Hillenbrand Corporation — MAT Millennium Pharmacy Systems, Inc. — PSY

IT/data services/lOgistics Bell Techlogix — CS Interactive Intelligence — CS

Legal Indiana Department of Insurance — PIS Indiana State Medical Association — ECO U.S. Secret Service — SOC Volunteer Lawyers Project for the Poor Foundation — PIS

Management Hylant — MAT Skanska — ECO Verizon Corporate — COM

Marketing/market research Answers & Insights Market Research — ECO The Athenaeum — HIS Batesville Casket — ECO Brandimage — COM Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce — COM Cook Medical — CHE Cummins — ECO ExactTarget — COM Frazier Historical Museum — Art Medivators — IS South Florida Museum — COM Sun King — CHE Wiers — PIS

Media Clear Channel Communications — COM Cox Media Group — ECO Cumulus Radio — COM WFYI Public Media — COM WISH-TV — COM WNDE 1260 Radio — COM WTVQ-TV — PSY

Medicine Accelerated Rehab — KIP Atrium Medical Rehabilitation Center — KIP Children’s Orthopedics of Louisville — CHE

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center — ENG Community Rehab and Sports Medicine — KIP Midwest Orthotic Services — KIP Progressive Physical Therapy — KIP

Natural Resources Education/Environment Army Corps of Engineers — CHE Foodchain — GEO Ghost Ranch — PHI WeFarm America — ECO

Psychology Children’s Resource Group — PSY Madison Juvenile Correction Facility — PSY Meridian Psychological Associates — PSY Riley Children’s Foundation/Camp Riley — PSY, KIP

Sales Alkermes — CHE Frito Lay — COM Mountville Mills — ECO OneSource Water — COM

Science/Scientific research Eli Lilly — CHE Ghost Ranch — ENV Imi South, LLC — GEO National Museum of Health — BIO South Florida Museum — BIO

John Resig ’01 Co-founder and president, CHIVE Charities

How do you define John Resig? Actor? Spent seven seasons on the hit show “True Blood”. Entrepreneur? Partnered with the legendary Bill Murray to launch the William Murray Golf collection. Social media mogul? Founded Resignation Media and theCHIVE. That’s right, KCCO. Read on at

Kaleidoscope Interacting with each other is a great way to advance positive changes. That’s the philosophy of this student club that creates events to ensure that all students come together as a family in the wake of our ever-changing world (see C: Clubs). Kaleidoscope engages the Hanover community on issues of diversity through multicultural programming. As their motto says, think outside the box and look inside the person. Keep up on their activities at

Hanover College matches the KEES Scholarship for all admitted Kentucky students!

Levett Career Center Enjoy the incredible feeling of finalizing your career path at the Levett Career Center. Dig deep into personality assessments that reveal where you’re most likely to be successful. Your results will lead you to the coursework and co-curricular activities that, through your four years, will create a killer resume. Internships (see I: Internships) and research opportunities (see R: Research) abound. Whether your future plans include landing your dream job or getting into your top grad school (see O: Outcomes), visit early in your college career to discover options you may have never previously considered.

Liberal Arts The world’s greatest problems will not be solved by a single individual. Tackling global climate change must unite scientists, theologians, politicians, sociologists, computer scientists and many, many more. The power of a liberal arts education is that it allows you to appreciate the true complexity of an issue and gives you the tools to create effective and lasting solutions. What more could an employer want? That’s why this is the best educational investment you can make.

Love out loud Helping ensure Hanover maintains an open environment, this student advocacy group promotes inclusion and acceptance (see T: Benjamin Templeton Scholars Program) throughout the campus community. LOL celebrates people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. Check them out at

May Term at Hanover is simple – one month, one class. Sounds great, right? Ever wanted to spend all day immersed in your favorite subject? Robotics? Ancestry? Social activism? May Term is the right time to dig a little deeper into one of your passions. Even more, what if you could take that class in places such as Italy, Vietnam, Belize or Egypt?

Our college town, Madison, Indiana, was just named of the best eight communities in the country. Sitting next to the Ohio River, Madison’s scenic downtown is lined with shops and restaurants. Our free student shuttle can drop you off at Red Pepperoni for pizza or Hong Kong Kitchen when you crave Asian cuisine. Madison is also host to the Chautauqua Festival of the Arts and a variety of events throughout the year.

Sierra NucKols ’18 An intimate church service and coffee-shop visit with Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu in South Africa, paired with a food justice spring term class in Belize, spurred a life-altering change in Sierra. Her Community Food Box Project provides sustainable access to food in the food deserts in her hometown and aids in the rehabilitation of those incarcerated at the Pendleton Correctional Facility. Sierra’s impact in the greater-Indianapolis area is having a rippling effect across the country. Learn more at

Graduate schools and employers — student major



Art Institute of Chicago — ARTH Florida Repertory Theatre — THR Janiec Opera Company — THR Kentucky Opera — CHE Kentucky Shakespeare Festival — THR Marin Shakespeare Company — THR Passion Works — ART Seattle Children’s Theatre — THR The Oaks Academy — ART

College of William and Mary — ECO DePaul University Law School — PLS Indiana University — ARTH, ENG, HIS, PLS Dawahare & Kershaw Law Offices — ARTH University of Cincinnati Law School — PSY University of Louisville, Brandeis — PHI

Education Chinese Culture Center — INT Ben Davis High School — SPA Duquesne University — PHI Eiteljorg Museum — HIS Fulbright Scholar — ANTH Indiana University — CLA Japanese/English Teaching Program — MRS Louisville Science Center — HIS Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — SPA Teach for America — INT University of Illinois — ENG University of Louisville — ENG University of Texas — ENG

Financial Services Bankers Life and Casualty — ECO Fifth Third Bank — COMM Mastercard Worldwide — MATH Prudential — COMM Schulich School of Business — ECO Sony Music Entertainment — ECO UBS Financial Services — ECO University of Louisville — MAT

Government Census Bureau — PHI Indiana Child Protective Services — PSY Indiana House of Representatives — PIS The White House — PHI

Health Care Administration Avant Healthcare, St. Vincent Foundation — COM Communicare — CS University of Cincinnati — CHE

IT/data services/lOgistics AT&T — SPA BAM Technologies — CS Bell Techlogix — CS Equix Biomechanics — CS General Electric — ENG Google, Inc. — CS IBM Corp. — CS J.B. Hunt Transport — ECO NextGear Capital — CS University of Notre Dame — CS

Management Angie’s List — COM General Motors — COM City of Columbus Human Rights Comm. — PIS Cummins, Inc. — HMS Indiana State Fair Commission — PIS PPG Industries — PHI Pearson Publishing — INT Purdue University — PSY University of Louisville — ECO Verizon Corporate – COM

Marketing/market research Cummins, Inc. — COM Maingate, Inc. — ECO

Medicine Baylor University — BIO Butler University — BIO Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center — HIS Indiana University — CHE Norton Healthcare — BIO St. Francis Research Center — PSY Texas A&M University — BIO University of Kentucky — BIO Wishard Hospital Pediatrics — SPA

Media Boston University — COM Cincinnati Enquirer — HIS Evansville Courier & Press — ART WXIN—TV — COM

MUSIC Belmont University — KIP Brevard Music Center — THE

NATURAL RESOURCES Education/Environment Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge — BIO Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife — BIO Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy — BIO USDA — GEO

NON—PROFIT SERVICE Christian Appalachian Project — PSY Earthcorps — HIS Girls, Inc. — HMS Peace Corps — MUS Salvation Army — SOC University of Kentucky — PSY University of Louisville — PSY

Science/Scientific research

Philosophy Southern Illinois University — PHI

Psychology Applied Center for Autism — PSY Lifeline Youth and Family Resources — SOC Marquette University — PSY National Institute for Aging — BIO Riley Children’s Foundation/Camp Riley — PSY, KIP Seven County Services — SOC Xavier University — PSY

Rehab/Fitness/Therapy Bellarmine University — BIO Indiana University — KIP Lifetime Family Fitness — KIP Ohio University — HMS Pike County Medical — KIP University of Indianapolis — KIP University of Kentucky — KIP YMCA — SOC

Bard College — ENV Bristol—Myers Squibb — CHE Dow Corning — CHE Grote Industries, Inc. — MAT LBG, Inc. — GEO NASA — PHY Nestlé — CHE North Carolina State University — CHE Parsons Corporation — GEO Proctor & Gamble — BIO Purdue University School of Veterinary — BIO U.S. Navy — PHY, KIP University of Kentucky — CHE University of Missouri — BIO Vanderbilt University — BIO/CHE Western Michigan University — BIO Winthrop University — BIO

Social work Indiana University — BIO, EDU, PHI, THS University of New Hampshire — SOC

Sales Frito Lay — COM MainSource Bank — SOC Verizon Wireless — KIP

Sports Pacers Sports and Entertainment — COM

80% employed


continue their studies in graduate school

Get your phone out because you’re going to want to Instagram this amazing view. The Point is our most scenic landmark (see A: Acres), and it’s the only place you can see three bends of the Ohio River (a great Jeopardy question!). In fact, some students will beg their professors to have class here.

Partnerships At Hanover, we know that your ambitions go beyond the four years you will spend here. To feed your hunger for success, we have spent years forming partnerships with graduate schools and employers within the region and across the country. Are you going to be a nurse? Grab one of our five guaranteed spots in each class at Valparaiso University’s accelerated nursing program (see H: HBSP). How about an engineer? Pursue an internship (see I: Internships) or co-op with SuperATV, Grote or a Fortune 500 company like Cummins, Inc. Curing cancer more your thing? Engage in graduate-level research as an undergraduate student under some of the nation’s most respected doctors in our Physician Scientist Diversity Program at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

the Quad The Quad is another iconic spot on campus. While it’s the place to be on beautiful days to play frisbee or lay out in the sun, it’s also where the campus-wide snowball fight erupts on the night of the first snowfall every year! Regardless of the weather, you’ll run into your friends, professors walking their dogs and even President Lambert and his family. Whether you’re chilling in a hammock, walking a slackline or playing bubble soccer, you’ll always feel Hanover’s strong sense of community surrounding you.

Customize your education. With a Richter Grant, study anything anywhere. Explore the impact of non-profits on their local communities in Nashville, Tennessee, or the cultures surrounding utopias of gender equality in Iceland or Sweden. You’re only limited by your aspirations.

Darrin Rubino Professor of Biology

He’s a dendrochronologist. Google it. The region’s leading expert on tree rings, Dr. Darrin Rubino is arguably Hanover’s most charismatic and passionate professor. Need proof? He won the Karns Award for Scholarly and Creative Activity in 2014 and, like Bill (see B: Bill Bettler), he’s also won the Baynham Award twice.

Research papers are so high school. Here, research is your own. It means hours in the lab, international travel (see R: Richter Grants) and presenting at professional conferences. Master this art, and you will add your name to the list of Hanoverians who have earned Boren, Fulbright and Goldwater scholarships.

Rhythm and Poetry Club Think you can cut it as a spoken word artist or just have an interest in exploring the culture of urban poetry? Then Rhythm an Poetry Club (RAP) is for you (see C: Clubs). The group hosts poetry and graffiti slams, brings in guest artists like Nate Marshall and recognizes the talents of student performers to encourage self-expression through rhyme. Don’t miss a beat at

Chances are that studying abroad freaks your parents out. Whether it’s four weeks (see M: May Term) or four months, on your own (see R: Richter Grants) or with your favorite professor, in your first language or a foreign one - do it. If you can dream it, Hanover can take you there.

semester-long Africa Ghana University of Ghana South Africa Stellenbosch University Asia China India Korea Thailand

Southwest University for Nationalities Christ University Yonsei University Chiang Mai University

Accra, Ghana Stellenbosch, South Africa

Chengdu, China Bangalore, India Seoul, South Korea Chiang Mai, Thailand

Australia Australia University of Wollongong New South Wales, Australia Europe Belgium University of Leuven Flanders, Belgium Norway University of Oslo Oslo, Norway Sweden Linnaeus University Växjö/Kalmar, Sweden Turkey Bogaziçi University Istanbul, Turkey Latin America Chile Universidad Andrés Bello Costa Rica Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica Cuba Universidad de San Gerónimo

Santiago, Chile Heredia, Costa Rica La Habana, Cuba (summer only)

Foreign Language Programs France Université François Rabelais Tours, France Germany Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany Mexico Universidad del Valle de Atemajac Guadalajara, Mexico Spain Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Ciudad Real, Spain

From men’s basketball going to the Elite 8 to dual conference championships in men’s and women’s soccer, athletics are a huge part of Hanover! In fact, we have won 33 conference championships and made 15 NCAA III national tournament appearances in the last five years. P.S., if your sport wins a conference championship, you’ve earned a chili dinner with the president! Rugby more your thing? We have a 650-acre playground (see A: Acres). There are plenty of opportunities to stay active. Whether through intramurals or club sports, Zumba or yoga, there is definitely something here for you. Men’s • Baseball • Basketball • Cross Country • Football • Golf • Lacrosse • Soccer • Swimming • Tennis • Track & Field

WOMen’s • Basketball • Cross Country • Golf • Lacrosse • Soccer • Softball • Swimming • Tennis • Track & Field • Volleyball

Savannah Hubbard ’17 Mastering one event just wasn’t good enough for Savannah, she had to take on seven. Actually, make that eight. Besides holding the Hanover record for the heptathlon, she set the standard for the triple jump. Not impressed yet? She also finished 19th in the 2017 NCAA Division III Track and Field Championships. Not too shabby, huh? Keep reading at

You’ve never had a doll like this before. Hanover’s human patient simulator, SIMON (see H: HBSP) will test your diagnostic abilities. This “dummy” breathes, blinks and bleeds. He also coughs, complains and convulses. Hope you were paying attention in class … His life kind of depends on it.

Micah Shrewsberry ’99 Assistant Coach, Boston Celtics, Boston, Massachusetts From March Madness to the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals, Micah’s seen it all. He was an integral part of the Cinderella story that was Butler’s backto-back national title game appearances and the Boston Celtics’ emergence as one of the best teams in the NBA. And his coaching days are just getting started. Read more at

Benjamin Templeton Scholars Program

Named after Hanover’s first African-American student, this program recognizes students who are dedicated to promoting social justice, human rights and diversity (see H: Haq Center and L: Love Out Loud). These scholars are some of the most diverse, intelligent and compassionate individuals on campus (see N: Sierra Nuckols). Templeton, who attended from 1832-1837, went on to lead the Free-Black Movement in Philadelphia. Find out more at

What other college has a 66 million-year-old, 10-foot tall T-Rex guarding its Science Center? We call ours Tinker.

Test-Optional Your academic potential can’t be boiled down to one simple number. It is the culmination of years of effort and requires a more holistic accounting of your interests, experiences and aspirations.Here, your high school course selection and performance, depth of co-curricular engagement and letters of recommendation tell us all we need to know. Starting with you, the Class of 2022, you decide if we see your scores or not.

You could hike for days and not get tired of our nature trails. A perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, they’re used for more than just fun. Biology classes explore them to find salamanders and beetles, philosophy courses venture that way to discover nature’s serenity and geology classes study rocks and fossils (see B: Buddha’s Belly).

Undecided Haven’t picked a major? We don’t cringe when we hear a first-year student say that. It just means you’re keeping your options open! Our Pathway for Academic and Career Exploration program (PACE) provides clear steps to help you thoughtfully declare a major (see A: Academics) based on your strengths, interests and goals. It also helps you choose courses that develop your individual skills. Plus, you’ll have until February of your second year to choose a field of study.

If you’ve ever had the desire to eat six servings of gelato, climb a rock wall and take hilarious pictures in a photo booth with your friends, you’ll love this original event. Held during May Term and sponsored by Hanover’s Student Senate, Unity Fest’s goal is to unite the diverse student body at Hanover through an afternoon of celebration. Learn more about Hanover’s commitment to diversity at

Vice Presidents of the United States Hanover has two U.S. vice presidents in its history, Mike Pence ‘81 and Thomas Hendricks 1841. Only seven Hoosiers have ever made it into the White House and two of them are Hanoverians! Read on at

Volunteerism One way to enrich your college experience is to help others in need. Play with puppies at the Humane Society, help children at La Casa Amiga or aid the Jefferson County Clearinghouse. Join an on-campus service organization (see C: Clubs) like Love is Needed by Kids, College Mentors for Kids or Best Buddies. Service learning opportunities exist, too - you can even travel around the world for a week with Earthwide Outreach by Students (EOS) to complete a hands-on project in a community that needs help.

We captured daily life at Hanover so you could see what life on campus is really like. It’s the next best thing to being here. Check out our 3-D stereoscopic tour of campus at: or download the app Hanover - Experience.

Home runs and stolen bases are a small part of Hanover’s most exciting time of year! Grab your roommate, lab partner or best friend and make a team! Ask any student, the annual Lambda Chi Alpha Wiffleball Tournament is a blast, but it’s only one piece of Hanover’s unique May Term experience (see M: May Term).

Hanover’s version of a student union is called the Withrow Activity Center. Grab a cup of coffee, play ping pong or pool and attend a pre-release movie night or campus-wide events like Viva Fest, the Mario Kart tournament or Vegas Night!

Woody Harrelson ’83 Actor, You pick the location

Have you seen the Hunger Games? Haymitch got his start at Hanover. Woody has received an Emmy Award as well as two Oscar and four Golden Globe nominations. In 2014, he was awarded an honorary degree from his alma mater. What’s next? We hear he’s been busy raising Han Solo and leading the human army against the Planet of Apes… See his complete filmography at

Hannah Woebkenberg ’05 Emergency Room Physician, Oakland, California

You can’t go to med school as a studio art major. Oh yeah? Meet Hannah. From her role as an ER physician in Oakland, California, to her experiences fighting Ebola in Liberia with Doctors Without Borders, she lives life on her own terms. In fact, medicine is just her side gig. Her true passion remains her art. Having created numerous pieces for more than 40 solo and group shows, Hannah is the living embodiment of a liberal arts education (see L: Liberal Arts). See some of her work at

You Y is for YOU - and what you’ll accomplish at Hanover. While you’re here, serve in the Student Senate, be an NCAA athlete, take the lead on an independent research project, travel, then land a job or get into the grad school of your choice. The point is: At Hanover you will be prepared to make a living, make a life and make a difference.

Mi Yung Yoon Professor of International Studies

Ready to create change on a global scale? Dr. Mi Yung Yoon can show you how. Her study of Korea-Africa relations not only earned her a Fulbright, but also connected her to some of the most influential people on the planet (see F: Issac Fokuo). Her students engage with these world leaders for her May Term course, a field study at the United Nations. A Karns Award winner (see R: Darrin Rubino), she’s also a recognized expert on the representation of women in politics of the developing world. For Mi Yung, teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learn more at

Zero Teaching Assistants That’s correct, there are no TAs here. This means that every lecture is given by a professor. Every question you ask is being answered by an expert in their field. Many of our faculty also live on campus, so don’t be surprised if your class is invited for a cookout or if your next study group is being held by your professor at their home.

Jose Zapata ’18 More than just an economics major, Jose is a Learning Center tutor (see G: Gladish Learning Center) and a Business Scholar (see B: Business Scholars Program) who secured internships with the Center for American Progress in D.C. and Accredited Wealth Management in Louisville, Kentucky (see I: Internships). He is also a devoted social justice activist (see T: Benjamin Templeton Scholars Program) who has studied in Egypt (see M: May Term or S: Study Abroad). What will you do with your four years at Hanover?

98% of Hanover Students Receive Financial Aid Enrolled Students by family Adjusted Gross Income Total merit aid awarded to admitted students in 2015-2016: $13,230,790 Total need-based aid awarded to admitted students in 2015-2016: $3,527,830 Total institutional aid awarded to enrolled students 2015-2016: $22,577,769 Students receiving financial aid: 98%

Costs 2017-2018 costs to attend Hanover College Tuition — $35,750 Fees — $770 Room — $5,600 Board — $5,630 Orientation Fee — $350 Comprehensive total — $48,100

Additional Estimated Expenses Books and Supplies — $1,200 Miscellaneous Expenses — $900 Transportation — $600 Laundry Fee — $53

Admission Level Merit Scholarships All students who apply for admission will automatically be reviewed for an academic merit scholarship. These renewable four-year scholarships range from $5,000 - $23,000. Scholarship decisions are based on a comprehensive review of each application, with particular focus on the strength of the applicant’s academic curriculum.

Competitive Level Merit Scholarships Award Name

For Consideration


Application Requirements


Benjamin Templeton Scholars

Exceptional students who have participated in or led programs that promote social justice, human rights and diversity education for race, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin

Full-tuition renewable


December 1

Crowe Scholars

Top applicants in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, arts and letters, and undecided majors

$5,000 renewable scholarship in addition to admission level scholarship


Required: Completed Templeton Scholar application, 500-word essay, one letter of recommendation, detailed résumé

Recommended: Detailed résumé highlighting accomplishments in an academic area of interest, additional letters of recommendation

Session I October 15 Session II December 1

Loan Default Rate Hanover College — 4.2% National Average — 11.3% A college’s default rate represents the percentage of recent gradutes unable to repay federal loan obligations three years after graduation.

Net price calculator and billing estimator can be found at

Campus Visit Programs 2017-18 Register online for all programs at

Access and Opportunity Day September 16 2018-2019 FAFSA Available October 1 Hanover at a Glance October 14 Early Admission I Deadline October 15 Louisville Reception October 22 Engineering Day November 6 Admitted Student Overnight November 17 Brandon Stanton, best selling author, photographer, and blogger of Humans of New York Early Admission II Deadline December 1 Benjamin Templeton Scholars Program (Invitation Only) January 14-15 Common, hip hop artist, founder of the Common Ground Foundation Indianapolis Reception January 21 Prospective Student Overnight March 16 Matt Bellasai, Comedian Decision Day April 22 Hanover at a Glance May 12

Brandon Stanton


Matt Bellasai

Individual Visit You may schedule an individual visit throughout the year by calling our visit coordinator at 800.213.2178 or registering online at Our individual visits are tailored to your needs and include a campus tour and meeting with admission staff. High school juniors and seniors may request to attend a class, meet with a professor, meet with a coach, shadow a current student or stay overnight.

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