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Annual Report


That’s the Beauty of Hanover

Contents Message from the President........................................................... 3 At-a-Glance.................................................................................... 4 Message from the Chair................................................................. 5 That’s the Beauty of Hanover: Extraordinary Students................ 8 That’s the Beauty of Hanover: Exceptional Employees............ 10 That’s the Beauty of Hanover: Engaged Alumni........................ 12 That’s the Beauty of Hanover: Loyal Donors.............................. 14 Giving by the Numbers................................................................ 16 2017-18 Financials......................................................................... 17 The 1827 Society........................................................................... 19 The John Finley Crowe Society.................................................... 22 The James Blythe Presidents’ Club.............................................. 25 The Moffett Society........................................................................ 28 Panther Club.................................................................................. 38



In the age of Facebook likes and Instagram followers, plastic surgery reality shows, and multibillion dollar cosmetic corporations, our society constantly reinforces the notion that beauty is, in fact, only skin deep. Whether we are genetically predisposed or socialized over time to prioritize physical beauty, its impact and influence are clear. Even at Hanover College, where lifelong inquiry, transformative learning, and meaningful service are our daily aim, we do that work on one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Who among us hasn’t been transformed by the sunrise over Parker Auditorium, the first notes of spring in Happy Valley, or the fog rising over the Ohio River? It is a campus we take pride in, and we should celebrate its beauty --- in all its forms. Within the pages of this year’s annual report, beauty is found in student leadership, service to others, commitment to student success and financial contributions of every size. We honor the beauty of extraordinary students, exceptional employees, engaged alumni, and loyal donors. They are the beauty of Hanover, and because of your annual gifts, so are you. Thank you for the impact you continue to make on Hanover College, our students, and the world. With gratitude,

Lake Lambert, Ph.D. President

Hanover At a Glance Costs


Tuition — $36,900 Fees — $770 Room — $5,775 Board — $5,805 Orientation Fee — $350 Comprehensive total — $49,600

Students from 28 States and 29 Countries

Additional Estimated Expenses


Books and Supplies — $1,200 Miscellaneous Expenses — $900


Transportation — $600

Kinesiology/ Int. Physiology

Top Programs Business


Multicultural Students


Academic Programs



Average Class Size



Student/Faculty Ratio



Receive Financial Aid

Biology Political Science


Off-Campus Study

National Recognition U.S. News and World Report 2017 Hanover College ranked #122 for National Liberal Arts Colleges and #106 for High School Counselor Rankings out of the 2,500 four-year colleges and universities in the country.

Princeton Review 2018 Hanover College ranked #18 most beautiful campus in the country. In addition to making the list of the top 382 colleges and universities in the nation, Hanover was also highlighted as one of the Best in the Midwest.

Forbes Magazine 2017 Hanover College was named one of the top schools in the U.S. for financial health and ranked #124 out of 925 private, non-profit colleges and universities in America.



s Chair of the Board of Trustees, I have the distinct privilege of returning to our beautiful campus throughout the year, but Homecoming weekend is always a highlight – and this year is no different. The weekend offered warm moments to reconnect with old friends, welcome new friends, share memories and create new ones, and engage with the remarkable students, faculty and staff of the College. It’s these experiences that weave the fabric of Hanover College and connect us all. More importantly, Homecoming weekend provides all of us an opportunity to share familiar experiences and yet discover how the College is growing and shaping to meet the needs of our students today. While on campus, I had an opportunity to be updated on new additions to the academic offerings at the College including the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. These new programs are tremendous examples of how the College is diligently preparing students to meet the demands of the everchanging workforce. Along with these investments in our academic programs, significant investments are being made in renovating our campus facilities. This past year upgrades include a new roof to the Horner Center, a renovation to the first floor of South Donner Hall, new engineering classroom spaces in Old Science, a second-floor renovation in the Center for Fine Arts, and a complete transformation of the Underground. These investments preserve our history, safeguard our reputation as an institution of superior learning, and prepare our facilities for modern learning and administration. While we have made great progress this past year, there is still much more to accomplish. We need to continue moving forward, focusing on our future, and building a better institution together. Investing in our future is vital to our strength as a college. And while the obvious beauty of Hanover is evident in its beautiful buildings and manicured walkways – it’s the people that are the real beauty of our campus. An investment in the College is an investment in its people. Never underestimate the impact you have on a student’s future when you invest in them. I hope that we can count on your support, in whatever form you choose, to advance the enduring beauty of Hanover College.

Mark A. Levett ‘71 Chair of the Board of Trustees

“It’s these experiences that weave the fabric of Hanover College and connect us all.”


That’s the Beauty of Hanover

Extraordinary Students • Exceptional Employees • Engaged Alumni

Perah Rutledge ’19 From organizing Graffiti Slams to performing at the International Banquet, Perah Rutledge uses poetry and art to broaden the experiences of Hanover students and find ways for people to connect. A Donner Scholarship recipient, she serves as the President of the Feminist Club, Vice President of Rhythm and Poetry, and the Secretary for Sister 2 Sister. With an interest in activism, she takes advantage of these leadership roles and uses them to connect with others across campus to share different perspectives.


Braydan Luce ’19 Braydan came to Hanover as a legacy student, following in the footsteps of his parents, Pat Luce ’87 and Heather Colborn Luce ’87, and his brother, Logan Luce ’15. He chose biology as his major, and went on to round out his Hanover College experience as a member of the baseball team, a student ambassador and resident assistant, and scholarship chair for his fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. With help from Tanya Searcy Sovinski ’98 and the Levett Career Center, he secured and completed an internship at Indianapolis Power & Light Company this summer.

Extraordinary Students

Jordan Craven ’19 “To me, leadership at Hanover is the ability to allow myself and others to explore our passions, be it for the environment or a social cause, and to make an impact on the Hanover community. I think it is important for everyone to have a voice within a community and contribute to the changes being made.” Whether it’s advocating for environmental stewardship as the President of Green Panthers, serving as a leader for Women in Science, or representing the student body in the search for a new food services provider, Jordan is making an impact that will be felt long after she graduates.

Jane Stormer ’04 International traveler. Social justice advocate. Campus photographer. Jane Inman Stormer ’04 does all of this and more as the senior associate director of admission, a Benjamin Templeton Scholar mentor, and a campus resident. Whether she’s protesting alongside students in opposition to a Ku Klux Klan event, recruiting international students in Seoul, Korea, or photographing the women’s volleyball team to help them perfect their form, she is guided by knowing that every ounce of effort that she makes to support students in their pathway to and through Hanover College translates into a much bigger picture. Helping students be brave as they fly across oceans, to achieve their version of perfection, and to stand with love even in the face of hate is as integral to a student’s Hanover education as comprehensive exams or a thesis.

Exceptional Employees

Uschi Appelt Each year the senior class selects honorary class members – faculty and staff who have had a special impact on the class during their time at Hanover. Uschi Appelt is frequently among the honorees. Her work with students wanting to study abroad provides them with full access to unique opportunities for travel. It is during these studies that students learn more about themselves, other people, other societies and cultures – about life itself. Her work in transforming the experiences of students is the cornerstone of a liberal arts education.


Jim Watts When Jim Watts returned to Hanover College ten years ago to coach the women’s soccer team, he shared in The Hanoverian: “I hope I can repay Hanover for the opportunities it’s provided me by building a program that makes everyone proud.” Over the past decade he has led the program in securing five Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference championships, five NCAA Tournament berths, four Academic All Americans, and a record of 127-43-9. When he’s not coaching his team to victory, he may be capturing frogs for use in a biology professor’s class, preparing care packages for students during finals week, or recruiting members for the Panther Club.

“I hope I can repay Hanover for the opportunities it’s provided me by building a program that makes everyone proud.”

Engaged Alumni

“Being able to transplant myself and communicate with people who think and act differently has been an important passion of mine.” Kassidy VanGundy ’18 When Kassidy VanGundy graduated in May 2018, she had already broadened her worldview and honed her leadership skills in a myriad of ways: as an international studies major, member of the feminist club, resident assistant, and Alpha Lambda Delta honors society member, to name just a few. Now, she is using everything she learned and gained as an undergraduate at Boston University, where she is pursuing her master’s degree in international affairs, with a specialization in diplomacy. “When I think of diplomacy for myself, it means being able to communicate cross-culturally. Being able to transplant myself and communicate with people who think and act differently has been an important passion of mine.”


Miriam Cahill ’17 Miriam Cahill has dreamed of joining the Peace Corps since she was 14 years old. In 2017, she graduated from Hanover with a degree in elementary education and a major in Spanish, excited to begin her Peace Corps assignment in Burkina Faso. On August 31st she received word she was being evacuated, bringing her service to an abrupt end. Unwavering in her commitment to completing her service, she quickly reapplied, and in August 2018, she began her new assignment – teaching English to elementary students in Comoros.

Connor Easley ’15 Connor graduated from Hanover in 2015 with a degree in chemistry and a goal: to make a gift to his alma mater every year for the rest of his life. As an undergraduate, Connor was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, American Chemical Society, and the Panther Philanthropy Committee. He now resides in Riverside, California, where he is pursuing his doctorate in physical chemistry at the University of California, Riverside while also working with the Air Force Research Laboratory. Three years after graduating from Hanover, his gifts have benefited Sigma Chi, the Chemistry Department, and the Smaardyk Design Lab. Connor relies on the formal and informal education he received from Hanover every day and it influences his interactions with others, his world views, and his academic pursuits. “If Hanover College is going to continue to give to me every day for the rest of my life, the least I can do is give back once a year.”

Loyal Donors

Jeff Studds ’77 and Susan Martin Studds ’76 At her dissertation defense in 1990, shortly after the Annenberg Foundation had given a grant of $50M to the United Negro College Fund, Susan Martin Studds ’76 was asked how she would best invest $50M to improve higher education opportunities for minority students. She and Jeff, a member of the Class of 1977, determined that the best investment would be at Hanover College, where student success is an institutional value and outcome. “We give to Hanover because we believe in Hanover. We believe in the liberal arts philosophy, we believe in the student-centric approach to educating the students, and we believe in the way that the College is striving to build community.” Through their scholarship, the Jeffrey and Susan Studds Endowed Scholarship, they are improving opportunities at Hanover College for African-American students, while furthering the goal of building and sustaining a diverse community on campus.


A Look Inside Giving by the Numbers • 2017-18 Financials

Giving by the Numbers Summary Annual gifts and volunteer involvement from alumni and friends continue to be invaluable to our students’ success. Private support allows the College to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students, attract and retain high quality faculty, and create experiences in and out of the classroom that contribute to holistic development and a robust campus environment.

$2.8 million+ in total gifts to the College

18% of alumni gave back to their alma mater 234 active alumni volunteers 1,400 alumni attended events on campus or around the country 60% of employees gave back to Hanover College 320 new donors to the College $1 million+ in documented future estate gifts $1million+ in gifts to endowed funds $865,000 in gifts to the Impact Hanover Fund


2017-18 Financials Total Investments 2018



$145,966,714 $149,114,290 $142,810,840

2015 2014



(as of June 30, 2018)

Budgeted Income Net Student Revenue:...........................................................................$21,296,000 (66%) Endowment and Investment:..............................................................$9,177,000 (28%) Impact Hanover Fund:.........................................................................$850,000 (2.6%) Auxiliary Income:..................................................................................$481,000 (1.6%) Other:......................................................................................................$52,000 (0.3%) Net Assets Released from Restrictions for Operations:.......................$440,000 (1.5%)

Total Income:..................................................................................... $32,296,000 (100%)

Budgeted Expenses

Student Services

Instruction:.............................................. $13,160,000 Student Services:................................... $6,678,000 Administration:...................................... $2,249,000 Advancement:....................................... $1,116,000


Communications and Marketing:..... $798,000 Physical Plant:........................................ $4,075,000 Auxiliary Enterprises:............................. $4,220,000

Total Expenses:................................. $32,296,000

Auxiliary Enterprises




The 1827 Society is our planned giving society and it recognizes donors who have made provisions for future gifts to the College through their wills, annuities, life insurance, pensions, or trusts. *denotes founding member, (d) denotes deceased member

Anonymous (19) Kay Morgan Ahaus ’66 Barb Alder ’77 Carol Hartley Allie ’58 Elizabeth Freeman Amos (d) ’37 Judy Mayhew Andrews ’66 and Leonard Andrews Debbie Armstrong ’78 *Barb Geason Arthur ’73 *Wenzel Augustian (d) ’41 and Pauline Augustian Dave Austin ’71 and Lee Carey Austin ’71 Bud Auxier (d) ’52 and Mary Auxier Ellen Hannah Baker ’74 Bill Baker ’73 Jane Schnabel Bakerman (d) ’53 Gary Ball ’73 and Allyson Burns Ball ’73 *John Barnard ’65 and Susan Barnard Franklin Barnes ’58 and Dianne Barnes *Charles Barnett (d) ’40 and Nada Barnett Dennis Barnette ’63 Maxine Harden Bauer (d) ’40 Addison Beavers (d) Deb Bonte Bell ’71 Bonnie Beggs Berliner (d) ’44 Phil Bibb ’63 Mary Black (d) Mildred Thompson Blackerby (d) ’35 Bill Boatman (d) ’62 and Lynn Bolles Boatman ’62 Lynn Boese ’62 Bill Bolon (d) and Cerelle Bright Bolon Glen Bonsett (d) ’46 and Melba Bonsett (d) *Joe Bottorff ’67 and Georgia Gregory Bottorff ’68 Bruce Bowden (d) ’54 and Barbara Pattison Bowden ’54 Ray Bowden ’49 and Lucy Gilbert Bowden (d) ’47 Charlie Bowerman Ron Bowman ’68 and Susan Bowman Kim Brant ’91 Dan Breckenridge (d) ’67 and Marcia Stewart Breckenridge ’67 Reeta Gupta Brendamour ’81 Walter Bridgewater Walter Bright (d) ’32 and Mildred Bright (d) Roger Brinkman ’68 and Jan Favinger Brinkman ’69

*Ronald Brogan ’68 Chuck Broughton ’66 Melissa Stoehr Brown ’75 Mike Brown ’91 and Nancy Brown Barb Edmonson Bruce ’66 Mike Bruce ’78 and Lisa Bruce Bill Brummett ’63 George Brutcher ’71 Desa Bubnovich ’74 *Dorothy Bucks (d) George Burkert (d) ’35 and Maxine Lockridge Burkert (d) ’34 Doug Burney ’72 and Susan Burney *Lynne Burton (d) ’75 *Mary Calhoun (d) ’35 Ann Harrison Campbell ’70 Kiki Cappony ’55 Ryndee Skillman Carney ’77 and John Carney Janet Lineburg Castor ’70 Dwight Chamberlain (d) and Marilyn Chamberlain Valerie Nash Chang ’63 Carroll Cheek (d) and Mabel Cheek Robert Chowning (d) Jackson Clagett (d) ’50 and Nancy Robinson Clagett ’50 George Clark (d) and Shirley Clark (d) Shannon Clarkson ’66 Adam Clevenger ’05 and Jessica Trimble Winnifred Sanders Cluen (d) ’37 Dick Conklin (d) and Barbara Conklin Jeff Conner and Margie Conner *William Conner (d) ’68 John Connolly and Darleen Connolly Hollis Conover (d) ’61 and Nancy Conover Mary Downing Conway (d) ’18 David Cooke ’70 Tim Costich ’69 Janet Craig Cowen (d) ’41 Jane Glossbrenner Cozier ’59 and Ken Cozier (d) ’58 *John Cromer ’68 William Crosby (d) ’32 Mary Culbertson (d) *Frank Cummins (d) ’65



hank you! I am incredibly grateful for your generous donation to Hanover College. Without your selfless act, I would not have been able to afford tuition. Your generous donation has provided me and my peers a wonderful education at one of the greatest private schools in the state of Indiana. For that, I owe you everything. You may never know how impactful your donation was to me, but it changed my life! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Sincerely,

Sara Benson Class of 2020

Ann Cushing ’67 Gladys Risk Davis (d) ’31 Martha Sims Decker (d) ’50 Louanna Stephens Deutschman (d) ’45 Sue DeWine and Mike DeWine Jim Dodson and Dori Dodson Dawn Doup-Pandit ’98 Cole Duke ’98 Basil Dulin (d) and Judy Dulin (d) Mark Dunning ’83 Kenneth Earnest (d) and Selma Earnest (d) Helen Eby ’55 Jim Eby ’59 and Mary Eby *Dick Ellenberger ’58 Mary Ellis Ellenberger (d) ’46 John Elliott ’84 and Karen Clark Elliott ’86 *Susanne Talmage Ellman ’65 and Marty Ellman Jane Evans ’71 *Jim Fadely ’75 and Sally Fehsenfeld Fadely ’74 Susan McGaw Felt ’71 and Ken Felt Ferdinand Dieckmann (d) Wells Fish (d) ’32 and Louise Fish *Lisa Fleming ’82 Jon Ford ’58 and Judith Miller Ford ’58 Ellen Dryden Fosnaught ’73 and John Fosnaught *Leslie Fox (d) ’32 Mark Gabriel ’70 and Jennie Gabriel Elmer Geissler ’51 and Joan Geissler Bob Gentry ’60 and Dennis Gentry Ken Gladish ’74 and Kendal Hegamaster Gladish ’75 Kris Rector Gleason ’73 and Greg Gleason ’72 Larry Gloyd (d) ’54 and Delma Lear Gloyd ’55 Ralph Gray ’55 and Beth Gray Jack Gray (d) *Mary Greiner (d) Stu Gruber ’62 Warren Guthrie (d) ’50 and Louise Osmon Guthrie ’51 Frank Guthrie (d) ’50 Connie Cromer Guyer ’66 Doug Hahn ’73 Joe Hale ’71 and Linda Dayhuff Hale ’71 Dick Hall ’67 and Jill Wood Hall ’68 *Thomas Hamilton (d) ’44 and Harriet Hamilton Thomas Hamman ’72 and Susan Hamman Jay Hammer (d) and Jean Hammer Mary Ball Hammill ’64 and Jim Hammill *Mary Hale Hancock (d) ’35 Beth Harlin ’77 and Dale Webster Richard Heck (d) ’50 and Ruth Irwin Heck (d) ’51 Martha Schobert Heinrich ’74 Jerry Henning ’61 and Joene Henning *Harry Henry (d) ’39 and Ada Martin Henry (d) ’40 Cork Hetherington Joella Able Hiatt ’50 and Sam Hiatt Margaret Hiatt (d) *Emma Hill (d) ’42 *Jim Hine (d) and Janet Ronald Hine (d) ’37 Chip Hixson (d) ’68 and Marilyn Meese Hixson ’68 Imogene Rogers Holmes (d) ’46 John Horner (d) and Anne Horner (d) *Emerson Houck (d) and Jane Houck Thomas Houser (d) ’51 Carl Huber ’59 Nancy Huber (d) ’56 James Igleheart (d) and Diane Foster Igleheart Ann Leslie Inman ’86 Lester Irvin (d) ’55 Ann Jackman ’61 Roger Jackson ’52 and Marian Jackson Edward Jacobs ’77 Thomas Jamison ’68

21 *Connie Thrasher Jaquith ’67 Grant Jefferies (d) and Mable Balas Jefferies (d) ’32 Lee Jenkins ’71 Nancy Johns ’54 Tom Johns ’53 Ralph Johns (d) Jerry Johnson ’69 and Betsy Milligan Johnson ’70 Katherine Johnson ’89 Dick Jones ’73 and Liz Giffin Jones ’74 Jean Shepherd Jones (d) ’33 Helen Jordan (d) and David Jordan (d) *Carol Finlayson Kamman ’64 Kevin Keefe ’82 and Jill Philbrick Keefe ’83 Toby Kellogg ’67 Leon Kelly (d) ’53 Marjorie Mitchell Kelt (d) ’37 Raymond Kersting ’55 and Betty Kersting Richard Kessler (d) ’42 and Sarah Kessler Clark Ketterman ’52 and Sylvia Dan Ketterman ’52 Barbara Burkert Kiffmeyer ’60 Eleanor Thornton Killin (d) ’36 Terry Kimbrough ’49 Louis Kincannon (d) and Carolyn Kincannon (d) Kris Kindelsperger (d) ’71 and Roxanna Reasor Kindelsperger ’72 Ross King ’62 and Beth Seiger King ’62 Dawn Hitzner Kirk ’72 Rhoda Kittelsen (d) ’57 Denise Spreitzer Klaviter ’66 Ronald Kleopfer (d) ’51 and Carolyn Kleopfer *Emilie Knipe (d) ’51 Elaine Kops-Bedel ’74 Beth Sprowles Kornstein ’92 Randell Kron ’87 Joseph Kyle George LaNoue ’59 Gail Crellin Larson ’68 and Richard Larson Warren Latimer and Betty Latimer Bob Lauer ’54 and Judy Pierce Lauer ’53 Dave Lawrence ’64 and Rosalie Lawrence Mark Lawrence ’86 and Dana Hollar Lawrence ’86 Elizabeth Lee (d) *Millie Lemen ’52 Tom Lett ’82 *Mark Levett ’71 and Marabeth Ice Levett ’71 Charles Lewis (d) ’45 and Jessie Bobb Lewis (d) ’45 Marjorie Lewis (d) ’21 Martha Lokotzke Lewis (d) ’58 and Ernest Lewis Shirley Lewis (d) ’56 Barbara Light ’54 *Wilma Lindberg (d) ’46 *Dianne Linn (d) ’55 Geoff Lorenz ’65 and Niel Phillips Lorenz ’67 *Herold Losche (d) ’35 *Tom Lowry ’71 and Janet Huber Lowry ’72 Andrew Lowry (d) ’45 and Dorothy (d) Lowry Bart Luedeke ’64 and Linda Patton Luedeke ’64 *Joe Luigs ’65 and Marcia Burks Luigs ’67 Kathryn Lutz (d) Keith Main ’53 Daniel Malone (d) ’42 and Mary Simonson Malone (d) ’43 Terry Mann ’70 Bertha Margason (d) *Paul Martin (d) ’36 and Ann Martin Dave Martin ’65 Madelin Henderson Martin (d) ’60 Jim Maschmeyer ’70 Jean Rasmussen Maxwell ’69 Thomas May (d) ’50 and Ann May (d) *Barbara Ebersole McClelland (d) ’39 Ann Levering McClure (d) ’68

Marion McCoy (d) ’57 and Sara Henry McCoy ’57 Charlie McCulloch ’69 and Debra McCulloch Phil McGeath ’62 and Marianne Frank McGeath (d) ’65 Tim McGeath ’84 David McGregor ’51 and Suzanne Rankin McGregor (d) ’50 Thomas McGuffey (d) and M. Kathryn Raney McGuffey (d) ‘33 Jon McKenna ’64 and Sherrie Hitchcock McKenna ’66 Jerry McKenzie ’59 and Brenda McKenzie Harold McReynolds (d) ’50 Pam Merrill ’67 Jeanette Van Osdol Mihelich (d) ’44 and John Mihelich (d) Gloria Miles (d) ’53 John Miller ’62 Beatrice Mills (d) ’49 Marcella Modisett (d) *Gary Montgomery ’60 and Judy Montgomery Barb Jones Moore ’63 *Eleanore Watts (d) ’42 and William Moyer (d) Rick Muhlhauser ’67 and Cynthia Muhlhauser Fred Mullett (d) and Thelma Mullett Phil Mullins ’72 and Jane Mullins Liz Wyman Murray ’58 Ron Myers ’61 Mary Naill (d) ’51 Mike Needler ’64 Elizabeth Newgent (d) Joseph Newton (d) and Martha Newton (d) Randy Nice ’88 *Rusty Nichols and Pat Nichols Susan Chipman Nichter ’73 Gary Parrott ’65 and Celia Mitchell Parrott ’64 Rodney Passmore ’61 *Shep Pawling ’60 and Corrine Neff Pawling (d) ’63 *Betty Newcomer Payton (d) ’41 *Merritt Peck (d) ’50 Ruth Ann Nash Peel ’60 Jim Peterson ’50 and Janice Peterson *Tam Polson ’52 Pamela Powell ’71 and Richard Custer Merle Powell (d) and Merrill Powell (d) Virginia Prentice (d) ’44 *Morton Prime (d) ’55 and Carol Ziegler Prime ’55 Lois Purdy (d) ’39 Nancy Bickel Quinn ’65 Billie Kyger Rader (d) ’41 Rick Rasmussen ’65 Liz Mellett Rehfus ’74 and John Rehfus Brian Rex (d) ’66 Charlotte Richardt (d) Greg Ridler ’67 Marcia Knox Ritter ’68 Bill Ross ’50 Glenn Ross (d) ’47 and Dorothy Voiles Ross (d) ’48 Elayne Rothert (d) Ross Rowland (d) ’67 *Robert Rowland (d) ’46 and Naomi Rowland (d) Colleen Rowlett (d) ’48 Kathleen McCoy Royer ’63 *Jim Rusie ’66 *Michael Ryan and Phyllis Ryan (d) *Henry Ryder Phil Salsbery ’85 Jane Saeman Sauchak ’68 *Elizabeth Sauer (d) ’46 *Lorena Ryman Scheetz (d) ’36 Charles Scheuermann ’97 and Aimee´ Rust Scheuermann ’96 Carol Schobert ’74 Stuart Schoff (d) and Jean McKain Schoff Wirz ’47 *Clyde Schrickel (d) ’49

*Phil Scott ’64 Rosa Nelle Beldon Scott (d) ’43 Margaret Seifert-Russell David Seim (d) ’53 and Marianne Seim (d) Shirley Selz ’57 Rick Shearer ’70 and Ruth Schalk Shearer ’70 Craig Shew ’62 John Shoemaker ’64 and Donna Shoemaker Vivian Simmons (d) ’43 Eileen Sinclair (d) Chester Siver (d) and Margaret Rogers Siver (d) ’35 Susan Carter Slater ’73 Carole Yater Sloan ’61 Ellen Carlson Smaardyk (d) ’42 and Abraham Smaardyk (d) John Smith ’53 and Jean Smith Jonathan Smith and Stephanie Smith Harriet Smock (d) Sonja Lamoree Snyder ’71 James Snyder (d) ’57 Jackie Sokol ’60 Alfred Speck (d) ’51 and Elizabeth Broolis Speck (d) ’52 *Jackie Piatt Spedding ’71 Judy Beneville Spencer ’64 Ralph Spencer (d) and Virginia Spencer (d) Joseph Springer (d) ’55 and Glenda Springer Terrell Stanley ’67 Dave Steede ’65 and Carol Rouse Steede ’66 Alice Bowie Steiner ’56 James Stephen (d) ’50 Ron Stephenson ’62 Jack Stiefel ’65 and Nancy Ahaus Stiefel ’66 James Stuckey (d) ’52 *Jim Sturges ’54 and Jere´ Hawley Sturges ’57 Larry Sweany ’59 and Marge Whitehead Sweany ’60 *Ethel Swengel (d) ’36 John Swift and Nancy Swift Jim Terhune ’62 Susan Thompson ’68 Skip Throop ’66 and Nancy Dunn ’69 Mary Burnham Throop ’69 John Tobian ’66 and Lydia Ross Tobian ’67 Bob Tobian ’72 Morris Tobin (d) and Helen Tobin (d) Margot Tomsen *John Trier (d) ’66 Wood Turrentine ’70 Mildred McKim Vaughn (d) ’34 Donald Veller (d) and Frances Veller (d) *Harold Voris ’62 Patricia Walne (d) ’54 Don Ward (d) ’54 *Devon Weaver (d) ’63 Shirley Hungate Weersing (d) ’53 Sue Weissinger ’69 Chris Welker ’97 and Lori Helton Welker ’97 *Bill Welsheimer ’51 and Anna Wiles Welsheimer ’52 Keith White (d) and Gwen White (d) Sandy Wilcox ’66 and Melinda Meadows Wilcox ’68 Mark Williams ’76 and Denise Vestal Williams Gary Wilson ’71 and Lucinda Wilson *Bob Wilson ’68 John Windle (d) and Ann Windle (d) Howard Withrow (d) ’60 and Jo Ann Flubacher Withrow ’63 John Wittich (d) ’79 and Tami Wittich (d) ’81 Beverly Halloran Wolffe (d) ’59 Ace Yakey ’75 and Beth Brodrick Yakey ’75 John Yarnelle (d) and Catherine Yarnelle (d) DeWayne Yoder ’69 and Susan Miller Yoder ’69 *Cy Young ’68 Sarah Coomer Ziker ’94 George Zirkle (d) and Sara Zirkle (d)

The John Finley Crowe Society recognizes donors who have contributed $100,000 or more during their lifetime. Founders ($1,000,000 or higher) Anonymous Mary V. Black (d) James Graham Brown (d) 1903 Clyde G. Culbertson (d) William Henry Donner (d) 1887 Percy E. Goodrich (d) and Ethyl Goodrich (d) Jim Green ’72 and Carol Godfrey Green ’74 Patricia Stockton Hagenah ’66 and William J. Hagenah Dora Donner Ide (d) Independent Colleges of Indiana, Inc. James Graham Brown Foundation, Inc. Helen Jordan (d) and David Jordan (d) Ronald G. Kleopfer (d) ’51 and Carolyn Kleopfer Krannert Charitable Trust Mark A. Levett ’71 and Marabeth Ice Levett ’71 Ruth Lilly (d) Lilly Endowment Inc. Charles J. Lynn (d) and Dorothy Black Lynn (d) James T. McManaman (d) ’39 and Carolyn E. McManaman (d) Donald T. Mount (d) ’50 and Fern Susnick Mount (d) Paul Ogle Foundation, Inc. James Peterson ’50 and Janice Peterson The Richter Trusts Evalyn Cook Richter Memorial Fund Paul K. Richter Memorial Fund John C. Shoemaker ’64 and Donna D. Shoemaker Synod of Lincoln Trails, Presbyterian Church (USA) Patricia L. Walne (d) ’54 Howard H. Withrow (d) ’60 and Jo Ann Flubacher Withrow ’63 Michael B. Zeddies ’77 and Judy Zeddies

Benefactors ($500,000 to $999,999) Anonymous (2) John H. Barnard ’65 and Susan Barnard Dorothy S. Bucks (d) Carroll W. Cheek (d) and Mabel Cheek William G. Crosby (d) ’32 Basil B. Dulin (d) and Julia L. Dulin Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Larry Gloyd (d) ’54 and Del Lear Gloyd ’55 Clarence O. Hamilton (d) Ernest E. Henning (d) Harry J. Henry (d) ’39 and Ada Martin Henry (d) ’40 Emma M. Hill (d) ’42 Gerald R. Johnson, Jr. ’69 and Elizabeth Milligan Johnson ’70 Lester H. Munzenmayer (d) ’25 and Marie Rueff Munzenmayer (d) ’27 James W. Near (d) ’60 and Nancy Hinchman Near ’61 Nicholas H. Noyes (d) and Marguerite L. Noyes Merritt E. Peck (d) ’50

C. Richard Petticrew (d) and Sylvia E. Petticrew (d) Tam B. Polson ’52 Robert F. Rice (d) ’52 and Mary Lou Rice (d) Clyde C. Schrickel (d) ’49 Eileen M. Sinclair Chester Siver (d) and Margaret Rogers Siver (d) ’35 Frank L. and Laura L. Smock Foundation Alex E. Stom (d) and Patience Dryden Stom (d) ’27 Eleanor Evans Stout (d) Elizabeth Goodrich Terry (d) The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation, Inc. Mildred McKim Vaughn (d) ’34 William E. Wilson (d) ’19 and Myrtle Huffman Wilson (d) ’22

Fellows ($250,000 to $499,999) Anonymous (2) The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Lyman S. Ayres (d) Robert R. Baylor (d) ’70 and Beth Baylor Bonnie Beggs Berliner ’44 George C. Burkert, Jr. (d) ’35 and Maxine Lockridge Burkert (d) ’34 Katheryn Cain ’37 Eldon and Helen J. Campbell Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Duke Energy Foundation Susanne Talmage Ellman ’65 and Martin Ellman Irma L. Everitt (d) Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Wells H. Fish (d) ’32 and Louise Fish (d) Paul Vernon Fitzgibbon ’19 (d) and Margaret M. Fitzgibbon (d) Mary Louise Greiner (d) Richard Hall ’67 and Jill Wood Hall ’68 Emerson B. Houck (d) and Jane Hanna Houck Eric J. Bedel and Elaine E. Kops-Bedel ’74 Robert F. Muhlhauser ’67 Jane Weldon Myers (d) James L. Pease III ’68 and Laura Reid Pease ’68 James Albert Peterson Trust Helen Manville Plasters (d) Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Peter C. Reilly (d) and Jeanette P. Reilly (d) Reilly Foundation Harley W. Rhodehamel (d) and Evaline Rhodehamel Warren T. Ruddell (d) Michael F. Ryan and Phyllis Ryan (d) Phillip D. Scott ’64 and Ronda Martin Scott ’66 Second Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis Richard A. Shearer ’70 and Ruth Schalk Shearer ’70 Stephen K. Smith ’64 Harriet J. Smock (d) James W. Stephen (d) ’50 Stan and Sue Totten (d)

Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation Wills Foundation Carolyn Thomas Wooden (d) Kenneth T. Young ’65 and Linda Young

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(d) denotes deceased member



would like to deeply thank you for creating this wonderful scholarship. It is such a huge help for students that are struggling with paying.

This scholarship is helping me achieve my long-term goals of training professional athletes. I am currently majoring in Health and Movement Studies while being a part of Hanover’s Business Scholars Program. Being a part of these two programs will definitely lead the way for me to achieving my goals in life. I hope this scholarship continues to grow year after year to help future panthers as well! Thank you once again, Class of 1957! Sincerely,

Samuel Orem

Class of 2019


THE JAMES BLYTHE PRESIDENTS’ CLUB The James Blythe Presidents’ Club is an annual recognition society for donors who contribute $1,000 or more. Principal Members ($25,000 and Higher) Anonymous Margaret Boggs ’59 Glen Bonsett (d) ’46 Ellen Swigart Boso ’64 and Fred Boso Rich Dickmann ’56 and Marysue Dickmann Dima Elissa ’85 Kris Rector Gleason ’73 and Greg Gleason ’72 Tricia Stockton Hagenah ’66 and Will Hagenah Jerry Johnson ’69 and Betsy Milligan Johnson ’70 Elaine Kops-Bedel ’74 and Eric Bedel Mark Levett ’71 and Marabeth Ice Levett ’71 Mark McReynolds ’78 Vance Patterson ’72 and Mary Jo Cody Patterson ’75 Chip Pease ’68 and Laura Reid Pease ’68 Tam Polson ’52 Jim Richter ’65 and Julie Irwin Richter ’65 Melba Rodriguez and Angela Salas Stan Totten Michael Zeddies ’77 and Judy Zeddies

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Linda McKee ’70 and Roger Fankhauser Mark Nichols ’74 and Cheri Griffith Nichols ’74 Gary Parrott ’65 and Celia Mitchell Parrott ’64 Ben Peternell ’68 and Pam Peternell Phil Salsbery ’85 and Susan Salsbery Rick Shearer ’70 and Ruth Schalk Shearer ’70 Bill Shrewsberry and Brenda Shrewsberry Jonathan Smith and Stephanie Smith Steve Smith ’64 John Trimble ’77 and Ann Wimsatt Trimble ’78 Jamie Turner Wehmeyer ’84 and Keith Wehmeyer Mark Williams ’76 and Denise Vestal Williams Sue Seifert Williams ’65 and Alexander Williams Greg Willman ’85 and Karen Willman

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Members ($1,000 to $2,499) Anonymous (2) John Ackland ’63 and Diane Ackland Barb Alder ’77 Barb Redway Anderson ’61 Lee Annis ’78 Gary Ball ’73 and Allyson Burns Ball ’73 Courtney Barancin ’93 Franklin Barnes ’58 and Dianne Barnes Joe Beardsley ’72 Cathy Beasley Colleen Beasley ’18 Kevin Berry ’90 and Leslie Ross Taylor ’93 Phil Bibb ’63 Jane Feutz Blair ’70 and Steve Blair Bob Bogardus ’55 Bryan Bosta ’02 Ray Bowden ’49 Skip Boysen ’69 and Patricia Boysen Kim Brant ’91 Roger Brinkman ’68 and Jan Favinger Brinkman ’69 Norman Brown and Cecelia Brown George Brutcher ’71



hank you so much for your generosity. Helping me financially through school was not something you had to do yet, you chose to do it anyway. For that I will be forever grateful. I am a junior this year at Hanover and am excited to start the school year! My subject of study is philosophy with a minor in political science. I am also a part of the Business Scholars Program. I am on the women’s golf team here at Hanover which seems to take up a lot of my time. However, last year I did find extra time to found Hanover Young Republicans for which I am the chair of now. Some may say I am too busy, but that’s the way I like it! In the future, I hope to be actively involved in politics, start my own business, and possibly continue my education. I hope this letter finds you well. Sincerely,

Lauren Bridgewater Class of 2019

Patrick Buley ’10 Beckie Waters Burston ’81 and Michael Burston Rich Burton ’73 and Ann McCormick Burton ’73 Ann Harrison Campbell ’70 Kiki Cappony ’55 Ryndee Skillman Carney ’77 and John Carney Grant Carson ’04 and Amy Ochoa Carson ’04 Ruth Petersen Cash ’75 Paul Cashen ’78 and Mary Cashen Janet Lineburg Castor ’70 Mike Chambers ’71 and Sharon Mason Chambers ’71 Michael Childers ’84 and Kelly Campbell Childers ’84 Jane Osmer Chinn ’57 and John Chinn Shannon Clarkson ’66 Glenn Clawson ’79 and Nancy Clawson Brett Comer ’02 and Holly Adams Comer ’02 Dick Conklin (d) and Barbara Conklin Darleen Connolly and John Connolly Nancy Conover Pete Corrao ’76 and Suzanne Spencer Corrao ’78 Vince Couden ’65 and Sue Scott Couden ’65 Larry Cranfill ’61 and Deborah Cranfill Joe DeGroff ’75 and Debra DeGroff Jim Douglas ’78 and Julie Allen Douglas ’78 Dawn Doup-Pandit ’98 and Shounak Pandit David Draper ’73 Michael Duffy and Bonnie Duffy Helen Eby ’55 Chip Egan ’73 and Diane Watt Egan ’72 Todd Ehninger ’78 Jim Fadely ’75 and Sally Fehsenfeld Fadely ’74 Ryan Fite ’01 and Natalie Fite Burk Fleming ’66 and Sharon Fleming Michelle Brouillette Fromme ’79 and Guy Fromme Chris Gage and Rhonda Gage Shannon Veach Gibbs ’91 and Scott Gibbs Leo Graves (d) ’75 George Gray ’85 and Beth Bartley Gray ’84 Lynn Gutches Snowden ’75 and Hank Snowden Marcella Guthrie Doug Hahn ’73 Dick Hall ’67 and Jill Wood Hall ’68 Al Hamann ’60 and Sue Groppenbecher Hamann ’61 Mary Ball Hammill ’64 and Jim Hammill Neil Handley ’58 and Virginia Handley Glen Hastings ’81 and Jackie Hastings Bill Hatch ’64 and Nancy Hatch Martha Schobert Heinrich ’74 and Charles Heinrich Rick Huber ’68 and Betsy Gray Huber ’68 Roger Hyatt ’63 and Betty Hyatt Michelle Binder Jarboe ’86 and Charles Jarboe Max Jinks ’52 Barry Johnson ’82 and Denise Johnson Paul Johnson ’94 and Heather Hardman Johnson ’91 Claire Kelsch Jolie ’64 and Art Jolie David Jump and Eileen Pruett Andrew Katsanis ’54 and Sara Katsanis Kevin Keefe ’82 and Jill Philbrick Keefe ’83 Bryan Kendall ’02 and Bridget Kendall Jim Kinder ’60 and Nancy Manguse Kinder ’61 Ross King ’62 and Beth Seiger King ’62 Mark Kleiman ’87 and Sandra Kleiman Thorny Land ’64 and Kathryn Land Mark Lundstrom Diane Magary ’87 Sarah Klopp Mantz ’75 and Michael Mantz John Martin ’66 and Marjorie Danneil Martin ’66 John Matthew ’51 and Judy McKay Sara Henry McCoy ’57 Charlie McCulloch ’69 and Debra McCulloch Rosemary Demaree McCurry ’42

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Builders ($500 to $749) Anonymous Jessica Anderson ’04 John Baer ’70 and Jan Baer Andrew Berger ’04 and Emily Hankley Berger ’04 Walter Beringer and Sara Beringer Lindsay Clark Bilyeu ’83 Jay Black ’00 and Amanda Arnsperger Black ’00 Rich Blaiklock ’90 and Mindy Pflum Blaiklock ’91 Bob Bringle ’69 and Rebecca Black Bringle ’69 Jim Budros ’67 and Susan Dils Budros ’67 Zachary Burns ’99 and Amy Burns Mike Bush ’78 and Susannah Schreiner Bush ’80 William Butte Richard Carson ’71 and Doyne Smith Carson ’72 Dave Cassel and Tina Jones Amy Dickason Chesterfield ’98 and Matt Chesterfield Jeff Conner and Margie Conner Gunnar Crowell ’07 Sue DeWine and Mike DeWine Becki Schilling Droege ’93 and Alan Droege John Dwenger ’58 and Lou Owens Dwenger ’57 Bonnie Wible Dyar ’82 Troy Edwards ’97 and Elisabeth McCandless Edwards ’98 Thomas Eller ’65 and Ellen Eller Dane Erlewein and BJ Erlewein Gib Erlewein ’18 Jim Fleming ’69 and Janice Fleming Al Flory ’62 and Trisha Flory Ellen Dryden Fosnaught ’73 and John Fosnaught Marcia Botsford Foster ’79 and Chip Foster John Gable ’78 and Kristin Winterroth Gable ’77 Garth Goodlett ’94 and Wendi Creech Goodlett ’94 Dave Greist ’42 and Rose Greist Casey Roseberry Heckler ’00 Todd Hendershot ’91 and Amy Toombs Hendershot ’91 Susan Maple Herald ’64 and James Herald Graig Huber ’00 Aaron Irwin ’01 and Jill Irwin

Thomas Jamison ’68 and Karen Jamison Andy Jankowski ’95 and Lisa Jordan Jankowski ’94 Molly Totten Jones ’86 and John Jones Linda Cross Kaufman ’62 Tracy Keller Terry Kimbrough ’49 and Ellen Kimbrough Roxie Reasor Kindelsperger ’72 Jesse Kovener and Elsie Kovener Ray Kramer ’99 and Jill Robinson Kramer ’98 Diane Dods Krause ’83 and J.R. Krause Paul Krieger and Barbara Krieger Patricia Love Krise ’81 and Thomas Krise Bill Lantz ’72 and Natalie LeRoy Lantz ’72 Greg Lorenzi ’99 and Brittany Thompson Lorenzi ’98 Katy Lowe Schneider ’93 and Greg Schneider Lyn McGlothlin Lyon ’88 and Jerry Lyon Michael Malast ’63 and Joyce Malast Peggy Lacey Manella ’52 and R.L. Manella (d) Louise Robertson Markve ’59 Randy McPhee ’72 and Burtie Beekman McPhee ’72 John Miller ’71 and Marty Miller Sally Scarton Mitchell ’95 and Chad Myers Ryan Moravec ’98 and Annette Douglass Moravec ’99 Linda Cunningham Morice ’70 and James Morice Brad Morin ’02 and Merideth Morin Julia Morris ’82 and Alan Morris Susan Frohman Mullarkey ’57 Donald Nead ’52 Chip Newman ’72 and Pam Newman Rusty Nichols and Pat Nichols Dave Northam ’71 Peter Preocanin and Shelley Preocanin Margo Erganian Purdy ’74 and Michael Purdy Barbara Meyer Ramsaur ’58 Vicky Kreunen Rankin ’93 and Samuel Rankin David Rasmussen (d) ’69 and Rita McGuirk Rasmussen ’69 Eric Ratts Julie Goff Reed ’97 and Scott Reed Chris Richardson ’98 and Kelly Richardson Eric Robinson ’92 Bob Robison ’52 Matt Rogers ’00 and Melanie Shepherd ’02 Tom Ruszkowski ’71 and Colleen Ruszkowski Carolyn Sacksteder ’54 Marcus Samale and Mary Samale Stacey Sellins Shadix ’02 and Steven Shadix Barbara Barnett Sheffield ’59 and Len Sheffield Kellie Roseberry Sheryak ’83 and John Sheryak Jack Shine ’18 Micah Shrewsberry ’99 and Molly Shrewsberry Mary Ann Ryrholm Shubert ’63 and Bruce Shubert John Spritzky ’90 and Heather Clark Rob St. Pierre ’70 and Kathy St. Pierre Sara Luther Stephanus ’82 and Tony Stephanus Roy Strohl ’67 and Cathy Pryor Strohl ’67 Lee Strouse ’56

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Roger Eckerle and Terri Eckerle Phil Eckert ’68 and Ginna Bryant Eckert ’68 Thomas Eckert and Mary Eckert Melissa Pope Eden Jana Erner ’87 and Martin Hanawalt Lindsay Rainey Faulstick ’07 and Ben Faulstick ’06 Howard Fisher ’61 and Irene Fisher Steven Fleschner and Kathleen Fleschner Jon Ford ’58 and Judith Miller Ford ’58 Jeff Fritsche ’99 and Erica Vidmer Fritsche ’99 Edward Ghearing ’58 Fred Gilbert ’98 and Kyra Watari Marie Wong Griffin ’99 and Mark Griffin Charles Hall ’74 Jim Hannewald ’69 Dottie Neel Hawkins ’56 Lori Hedges ’06 and Troy Hedges Kirk Herrmann ’10 Mark Hershman ’67 and Nancy Dean Hershman ’67 Sara Herstad ’00 Thomas Hill ’63 and Karen Hill Elbert Hinds ’54 Jim Holland ’65 and Bobbi Holland Bob Hopper ’64 and Beverly Shirk Hopper ’64 Cara Hoskins ’18 Tim Hosler ’81 and Celia Hosler Katherine Kellum Howard ’66 Christy Hughes and Dan Hughes Jason Hulett ’96 Roger Jester and Melissa Jester Dick Kallenberg ’66 and Kathryn Kallenberg Gary Kemper ’63 and Sue Hennegan Kemper ’62 Nick Kestner ’62 and Katy Kestner Carol Hamaker Killen ’72 and James Killen Kim Leach and Steve Leach Joan Phillips Leitzel ’58 Chris Lewis ’93 and Lorie Lewis Debby Linton ’82 Matt Linville ’97 and Kelly Linville George Livarchik ’76 and Susan Livarchik Joe Luigs ’65 and Marcia Burks Luigs ’67 Bill Makaimoku Terry Markland ’70 and Cheta Markland Ann Martin John Martin Cynthia McClain ’73 Bill McFerran ’62 and Janice McFerran Jim Miksch ’72 and Barbara Miksch Jon Miller ’97 and Angie Lugo Miller ’97 Robert Monsarrat ’70 and Mary Monsarrat Matt Moore ’05 Nissa Nack ’81 and Robert Flock Edwin Nartey ’15 Kathy Obenchain ’82 Jean Ross Ozols ’77 and Charles Ozols Susan Sauley Patterson ’74 Bill Patton ’57 and Mary Patton Sam Petroff ’77 and Antigone Gianakopoulos Petroff Phyllis Phillips Jon Pinnick ’87 and Lisa Pinnick John Podczerwinski and Gayle Heiby George Poe and Sylviane Poe Bonnie Miner Poole ’64 Tam Porter ’69 and Anne Porter Pam Powell ’71 and Richard Custer Brian Power Phil Queen ’60 and Ronda Queen Rachel Rawlings ’00 Evie Rhodehamel Diane Thomas Rhodes ’73 and Richard Rhodes Keith Roberts (d) and Judy Roberts

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Believers (Gifts up to $249) Anonymous (17) Trinady Schottmiller Abbott ’06 Douglas Abernathy and Vavica Abernathy Brian Abney ’06 Alecia Dickason Adams ’02 and Theodore Adams Angie Adams ’11 John Adams ’97 Joseph Adams ’75 Dottie Pickens Addison ’56 Mark Adkins ’79 and Judye Adkins Andrew Akers ’10 Josh Akers ’06 and Shauna-Leigh Baxa Akers ’08 Joe Alberts ’91 and Julie Miller Alberts ’91 Al Alessia ’19

Carrie Alexander ’15 Michael Alexander and Marilu Alexander Beth Waters Alexander ’79 and Mark Alexander Courtney Allen ’03 Dave Allen ’89 and Sara Mullenholz Allen ’89 Steve Allen ’04 and Jessica Bauman Allen ’05 Pamela Knicely Alley ’83 Kelly Alnashmi Bob Alonso ’74 and Deb Givan ’73 Rama Amer ’18 Marc Amos ’73 and Cynthia Amos Beth Armstrong Amstad ’80 Chris Amstutz ’17 Bonnie Fawcett Anders ’65 and Richard Anders Deborah Blayney Anders ’01 and Chris Anders David Anderson and Pam Anderson Kathy Losch Andrews ’81 Carson Aquino ’18 Tyler Arceneaux ’14 Bryan Archer and Laura Archer Charles Archer ’01 Jon Archer ’11 Kim McConnell Armstrong ’69 and Robert Armstrong Zach Armstrong ’04 and Kristin Allen Armstrong ’07 Jessica Arnold Jeff Arrowood ’13 and Cortney Jeffries Arrowood ’13 Katie Arthur ’12 Emily Ashley ’17 Violet Andrew Asmuth ’51 Martha Atwater ’84 Brent Atwood ’91 and Tricia Atwood Sarah Aubrey ’02 Bree Enochs Ausenbaugh ’03 Steve Avila ’83 and Mary Avila Amanda Bader Abby Badger ’11 Nick Baechle and Uschi Appelt Kyle Baer ’99 and Socorro Baer Amanda Roberts Bagwell ’03 and Jason Bagwell John Bailey ’75 and Deanne Currie Bailey ’75 Paul Bailey and Diane Bailey Jerri Bain ’74 Josh Baker ’12 and Abby Merritt Baker ’12 Scott Baldwin Rebekah Ballard ’15 Chip Ballew ’83 and Elizabeth Ballew Lisa Deleo Banchero ’81 and Guy Banchero Ellen King Bare and Ed Bare Autumn Barger ’15 David Barker and Debra Barker Travis Barker ’96 and Theresa Barker Bruce Barkhau ’61 and Margie Bertram Barkhau ’61 Rob Barlow and Michelle Barlow Carla Leddy Barnes ’60 and Patrick Barnes Wesley Barnes ’08 Zach Barnes ’18 Joe Barnett ’60 and Mary Barnett Malissa Barnhill Janet Cook Barr ’63 Wendy Barrett Regina Brown Barringer ’00 Cristian Barron Lopez ’18 Angela Gibbs Barszczowski ’05 Madlen Batchvarova Jane Kennard Baynes ’49 Stephen Baynes ’76 and Karen Baynes Howard Beasley and Ann Beasley Julie Campbell Beatty ’95 Travis Beaty ’04 and Amber Macdonald ’05 Caroline Beck ’17 Michael Beesley ’89 and Dana Wright Beesley ’90

31 Tom Behringer ’93 and Tricia Bruce Behringer ’94 Kay Brock Beineke ’61 and Walter Beineke Debby Belton ’70 Jeremiah Benge ’99 and Alison Waugh Benge ’98 Glen Bengson ’67 and Cathy Deuber Bengson ’69 Mandy Newton Bennett ’96 and Tony Bennett Rick Bennett and Dee Goertz Chelle Bentz ’11 Terry Bergdolt ’64 and Barbara Lindsey Bergdolt ’66 Susan Stein Berger ’77 and Patrick Berger Timothy Berger Debbie Berner ’83 Bill Bettler and Donna Bettler Jon Bevers ’76 and Elizabeth Bevers Melissa Bibbs Ken Bierman ’66 and JoAnn Bierman Todd Biggerstaff ’95 and Jennifer Overholtz Biggerstaff ’97 Jeff Billups ’04 and Susan Conrad ’02 Andrea Thomas Bishop ’11 William Bissell ’57 and Susan Bissell Audrey Black ’12 Daniel Black and Karen Black Lauren Black ’50 Ellen Fuller Blackburn ’51 and Maurice Blackburn William Blaisdell and Leanell Blaisdell Tyler Blaker ’11 and Katherine Neawedde ’11 Seth Blakeslee ’09 and Maggie Stovall Blakeslee ’09 Nathan Blanchard ’13 David Blount ’07 Lynn Boese ’62 Dee Dee Bomholt and Jerry Bomholt Jon Bond ’97 Stephen Boomershine and Stacey Boomershine Donna Borden Ally Boss ’11 Lynn Bowen and Trenia Bowen Emily Fullenkamp Bower ’07 and Josh Bower Linda Aldridge Bower ’68 and Jerry Bower David Bowers and Maureen Bowers Lauren Bowers ’14 Krista Bowman ’08 Sonja Bowyer ’13 Matt Boyd ’96 Chip Boyer ’70 Jim Boyers ’94 and Gayathri Boyers Blake Braden Blake Bradford ’16 Anna Duquaine Bragin ’10 Cal Brand ’64 and Donna Kincheloe Brand ’64 David Brandvik and Laurie Brandvik Kirsten Brandvik ’12 Priscilla Cooke Branham ’63 Carol Branson Linda Beard Brant ’73 and Kenneth Brant Robert Brashear and Maria Brashear Marcia Stewart Breckenridge ’67 Marc Breit and Lisa Breit Towney Brewster ’71 and Debbie Baldwin Kelsey Daly Bridge ’13 Brian Bridgewater Walter Bridgewater Jay Bright ’89 and Melissa Bright Nancy Boyd Brinklow ’69 and Allen Brinklow John Britton ’64 and Ann Britton Alan Brooks and Patty Brooks Allie Brooks ’18 Emily Flohr Brooks ’99 and Jason Brooks Jake Brooks ’08 and Kristina VanDyke Brooks ’08 Marcia Brooks ’74 and Thomas Brooks Audrey Brown Bart Brown ’03 and Abby Lopresti Brown ’04

Cathy Harlan Brown ’87 David Brown Kevin Brown and Angie Brown Mark Brown Michelle Brown ’92 Mike Brown ’91 and Nancy Brown Steve Brown and Beverly Brown Charlton Browning and Michelle Browning Taylor Browning ’18 Dawn Bruce Bill Brummett ’63 and Charlotte Brummett Tom Bruner ’61 Chuck Brunn ’83 Eric Bruns ’00 and Karina Straub Walter Bruyninckx and Anne-Marie Blancquaert Bruyninckx Chris Bryant ’92 Jeff Bryant ’93 and Denise Bryant Maridith Buchanan Lee and Brandon Lee Christina Bucker James Buckwalter and Fernanda Zullo Nick Bundy ’08 Rhonda Burch and Joe Burch Priscilla Van Buskirk Burdge ’65 and Ross Burdge Kent Burkett ’63 and Patty Burkett Doug Burney ’72 and Susan Burney Clint Burney ’12 Amanda Harrold Burris ’99 and Michael Burris Michael Burrow and Cherie Burrow Rachel Reinke Burton ’05 and Jason Burton Randy Burton and Amy Burton Travis Burton ’01 Ale Shields Butcher ’14 and Taylor Butcher Bruce Butler and Bonnie Butler Travis Butte ’19 Robert Buzolich ’74 Stephanie Schroer Callis ’09 Emily McKeand Campbell ’66 and Harry Campbell Pat Miller Campbell ’56 Andrea Surowiec Canfield ’84 and Steve Canfield Robert Canida and Charlotte Canida Barbara Eskew Cannon ’54 and David Cannon Kirsten Buttrum Cannon ’88 and Mark Cannon Becky Cannon Sandy Capps ’82 Zach Caress ’08 and Abbie Fulton Caress ’09 Shirley Carpenter Don Carrell and Kate Johnson Michael Carrell and Colleen Carrell Terry Carrico Chuck Carroll and Robin Carroll Vicki Gant Carson ’98 and Randy Carson Devin Carter ’03 and Abigail Vestile Carter ’04 Marcia Carter ’68 Marianne Swartz Carter ’88 and Trevor Carter Jeremy Cartwright ’16 Tony Castor ’69 and Melinda Castor Jeanine Gresham Cater ’92 and Chris Cater Donna Casseday Caudill ’83 and Gregory Caudill Cathy Lorimer Centrella ’79 and Nicholas Centrella Mike Chalk ’76 and Melissa Chalk John Chalmers ’63 and Mimi Meyer Sandra Jackson Chambers ’84 Amy Chamness-Douthit ’05 and Jason Chamness-Douthit Benna Chandler and Keith Chandler Valerie Nash Chang ’63 Jeff Chapman ’98 and Melissa Harper Chapman ’00 Barry Chastain and Angie Chastain Megan Cheng ’05 Donald Chesney and Violet Chesney

Heather Chism and Kirk Chism Vicky Shaw Chraibi ’09 and Houcine Chraibi Emily Christian ’21 Helen Weyerbacher Christian ’77 and Ron Christian Emily Christie Nate Christie ’01 and Shannon Burney Christie ’02 Scott Christie ’75 and Laurie Christie Beth Richardson Claflin ’83 and Blair Claflin Tracy Reeder Clagett ’60 Mary Clapp ’63 Adam Clark ’08 and Kelly Hamilton Clark ’08 Greg Clark ’73 and Jeanne Cottrill Clark ’75 Kyle Clark ’89 and Susan Meredith Clark ’94 Brent Clarkston ’98 and Paula Cuadros Clarkston ’98 Michael Clay ’08 and Halie Norton Clay ’09 Travis Clegg ’02 and Stephanie Clegg Kelly Collier Cleland ’94 and Jim Cleland Derrick Clevenger ’03 and Kandice Clevenger Jerry Clevenger ’75 and Shirlee Clevenger Lynda Ball Cline ’64 and Russell Cline Timothy Clouse and Nakeetah Clouse Luanne Cluff Judy Wright Coale ’62 and Davis Coale Jan Carney Coates ’67 and Joseph Coates Chuck Cochard ’02 and Erin Amerson Cochard Elaine Mauck Cockrill ’75 and Michael Cockrill Jerry Coffey ’66 and Laura Denton Coffey ’67 Brad Coffin ’96 and Amy Coffin Connie Calhoun Colbert ’81 and Tom Colbert Kathryn Colbert Andrew Cole ’11 Colleen Coleman ’77 Clark Collier David Collier Steve Collier ’77 and Chris Zimmer Collier ’77 Cori Eckerle Collinsworth Monica Banas Colonnier ’96 and Chris Colonnier Joe Colussi ’78 and Becky Staab Michael Combs Russell Comer and Bonnie Comer Kaitlyn Comstock ’20 Colleen Condron ’89 and Steve Brelsford Family of Frances Conklin Paul Conklin and Rebecca Marty Peg Gabbard Conn ’65 and Dick Conn Robert Connett Sharon Stonebraker Cooke ’56 and Sherrill Cooke John Coomer ’61 and Kay Coomer Jacob Cooper ’09 and Michael Cole ’08 Shannon Corcoran ’14 Anna Cornacchione ’17 Jeremy Cornelius ’95 and Jen Risk Cornelius ’97 Sam Cornett-Couch ’10 Phil Corrao ’03 and Kari Collier Corrao ’05 Larry Corrigan ’88 and Marni Hailey Dawn Koehlinger Costin ’79 Catherine Clark Coston ’83 Arwen Courtney ’00 David Courtney ’77 and Carol Rooker Courtney ’78 Cooch Couture ’72 and Jennie Couture Larry Cox ’81 and Beth Cox Suzanne Summers Cox ’85 and Richard Cox Bill Cox ’56 and Elizabeth Cox Donna Green Craig ’74 and Robert Craig Jan Craig Joe Craig and Susan Craig Jordan Craig ’13 Marlana Craig Alyse Craig ’11 Ronald Craig Vaughn Crapser ’13

Kirstie Kleopfer Craven ’03 and Eric Craven Barbara Dowden Cravens ’50 Allan Crespi Lori Smith Crismore ’83 and William Crismore Rob Crosser ’97 and Amy Zabel Crosser ’98 Jerry Crossman ’75 and Teresa Crossman Riki Crowe ’17 Jim Cunningham ’68 Teresa Bottorff Currens ’80 and James Currens Bob Curtis ’67 and Karen Mangerich Curtis ’67 Austin Czisny ’15 Traci Eiker D’Antoni ’83 and Bill D’Antoni John Dablow ’98 and Mindy Buerger Dablow ’96 Robin Dailey Jack Dalgleish ’69 and Mary Dalgleish G-J Meyer Darling ’93 and Ed Darling Rich Dauer and Marti Dauer David Daugherty Kelsie VanDyke Davenport ’11 Edward Davis ’62 and Linda McNeely Davis ’64 Jack Davis ’53 Lorraine Davis Peggy Davis ’96 and Greg Davis Chip Davis ’12 Robyn Davis Hal Davis (d) Brock Dawson ’08 and Kelsey Newkirk Dawson ’07 Larry Deamron ’72 and Jean Deamron Kim Taylor Dean ’95 and Benjamin Dean Tessa Dean ’15 Alli Deaton ’16 Timothy DeBolt and Lisa DeBolt Jenny Deeter Giddens ’82 Mary Frey Deininger ’74 and John Deininger Ed Deiwert ’76 and Jane Bridenthrall Deiwert ’76 Phil Deiwert ’02 and Aimee Whitt Deiwert ’02 Michael DeLong Graham Denning ’17 Jim Derk Gene Deutsch and Mary Deutsch Carrie Devine-Ransom ’00 and John Ransom Elizabeth Dewes ’14 Kristina Shubert Deyoe ’97 and Erik Deyoe Ruth Dickey Richard Dickie and Karen Dickie Jason Diebold ’95 and Erin Bolding Diebold ’97 Don Dietel ’55 and Marge Christie Dietel ’56 Brett Dietz ’04 and Dana Brock-Dietz ’05 Deby Grosskopf Dihoff ’73 Paul Diller ’55 and Martha Diller Valerie Dillon ’81 Steve Dills ’76 and Vicki Dills Kristen Higginbotham Dine ’00 and Scott Dine Hans Disch and Trudy Disch Tamara Disch ’07 John Dixon Susan Moeller Dixon ’71 and Kenneth Dixon Eric Dodge and Melanie Fox Molly Orebaugh Dodge ’98 and Dan Baughman JP Pock Dodson ’92 and Michael Dodson Mark Doering and Julie Doering Jeff Dohse ’63 and Cynthia Dohse Phillip Dold ’14 Jacob Domalewski ’19 Erin Murphy Domokos ’06 Scott Donald ’07 Ross Dorsey ’10 Brandon Doub ’13 David Doup Brandt Downing ’05 and Sarah Allen Downing ’05 Kevin Drajer ’88 and Jill Stafford Drajer ’87

Julie Dria Suzy Lee Duke ’06 and Ryan Duke Clifton Dukes ’02 and Darra Dukes Michael Dumaine ’18 Les Duncan ’97 Bob Duncan ’67 and Becky Bishop Duncan ’68 Gus Dunker and Sue Ann Dunker Michael Dunn ’78 and Donna Metz-Dunn ’81 Colette Rahe Durham ’94 and Greg Durham Robert Durrett ’63 and Deanna Hood Durrett ’63 David Dyer ’70 and Debra Dyer Pam Dyer and Larry Dyer Carol Stockdale Dyrcz ’75 and Joe Dyrcz Cindy Welty Eager ’89 and Karl Eager Ellen Lyst Eaken ’87 and Gregory Eaken Shirley Longnecker Earl ’56 Connor Easley ’15 Erika Harman East ’01 and Travis East Dave Eastwood ’66 and Judith Eastwood Michael Eaton ’90 and Dena Doerflinger Eaton ’88 Tara Trostel Eaton ’70 and Jonathan Eaton Margaret Cook Edgington ’67 and John Edgington Adam Edington and Sherry Edington Tami Maher Edminster ’90 and Jeff Edminster Alex Edwards ’19 Sarah Cieslik Edwards ’02 and Blake Edwards Lawrence Ehler and Susan Ehler Rachael Ehlich ’08 Randy Ehninger ’73 and Lynda Houskeeper Ehninger ’74 Carol Eickmeyer ’73 Drew Eisenhut ’00 Dawn Shoaf Ekblaw ’82 and Bruce Ekblaw Madeline Elkin ’18 Victoria Ellingsworth ’18 John Elliott ’84 and Karen Clark Elliott ’86 Nick Elliott ’05 Bart Ellison Zack Ellison and Glinda Ellison Drew Elston ’16 Nancy Emison ’75 Valdemar Bjoern Engel ’17 Bill Entrekin ’69 and Pat David Entrekin ’69 Brett Eppley Michael Erickson ’94 and Meredith Erickson Ed Erner ’60 and Dee Gee Reed Erner ’62 Hugh Ernstberger ’81 and Jayne Toman Ernstberger ’82 Abbe Ernstes and Matt Ernstes Deron Ertel ’92 and Dawn Gray Ertel ’90 Dwayne Eubanks ’13 Jane Evans ’71 Joselyn Evans-Bautista ’18 Susan Fairchild Ann Scott Farkas ’66 Katie Feltman ’96 Maggie Lewellen Felton ’09 and Robert Felton Melissa Fenton ’97 Sarah Biles Ferguson ’08 and Michael Ferguson Jenny Faulkner Ferrell ’04 and Matt Ferrell John Fettig ’67 and June Hancock Fettig ’67 Christine Fox Fiordalis ’70 David Fischmer ’96 and Amy Fischmer Greg Fisher ’67 Marty Fisher ’77 Brad Fitzpatrick ’76 and Barbara Fitzpatrick Nancy Flamme ’77 Cheyann Fletcher ’18 Anna Day-Marshall Foland ’12 Susan Hopper Foldenauer ’71 and Dan Foldenauer Dan Ford ’68 and Dee Bohl Kendra Morin Forrester ’13 and Andrew Forrester

Sandra Johnson Forsythe ’64 and Dale Forsythe Sarah Nicely Fortener ’76 and Donald Fortener Dan Foster ’91 and Sybil Foster Hanna Foster ’16 Bob Fouts ’66 and Bonnia Fouts Gary Fox ’52 and Pat Laney Fox ’55 Tiffany Franklin Dick Freeman ’73 and Sandy Schwarz Freeman ’74 T.J. Freeman ’03 and Annie Tetrick Freeman ’06 Bill French ’79 and Cathy Scott Chuck Friedersdorf ’50 and Carol Smith Friedersdorf ’51 Aaron Friedrich ’02 Christine Eykholt Friesel ’89 and Michael Friesel Ed Fritsch ’04 Eric Fritz ’10 Mark Frye ’89 and Kathy McCann Frye ’89 Joshua Fuchs ’03 and Kassy Crawford Fuchs ’05 Jeri Pat Gabbert ’98 and Clay Patton Rodney Gabbert and Cheri Gabbert Ron Gaddie Robin Gahimer Linda Ivey Gainous ’82 and Robert Gainous Carley Gancher ’18 Frank Garamy ’66 and Mary Schworer Genie Howenstine Gard ’67 Dustin Gardner ’09 Bailey Garey ’18 Donna Garner ’63 Dan Gartenman ’09 Ruth Gaston ’19 Jon Gay ’87 and Martha Fryer Gay ’85 Patric Geary ’15 Lisa Geary Elmer Geissler ’51 and Joan Geissler Jace Gentil ’17 Chelsea Gentry-Conover ’14 and Jake Gentry-Conover ’15 Aren Gerdon ’02 and Rosemary Gerdon Nikki Schulte Gernand ’95 and Chad Gernand Chris Gerth ’10 Philip Gerth and Mary Ann Gerth Michaelia Gilbert ’08 Duane Gilchrist ’71 and Diane Bauer Gilchrist ’74 Jack Gillespie ’60 and Betty Gillespie Richard Gilmore ’55 and Janine Gilmore Keith Gingerich Stace Ginn ’91 and Melanie Ginn Richie Giordano ’10 and Erin Daugherty Giordano ’10 Derick Gipe ’01 John Girard ’93 Natalie Jones Gitto ’96 and Frank Gitto Barb Glass ’71 Nancy Gloman ’74 Stephanie Williams Glowacki ’96 and Tony Glowacki Kyle Gobel ’06 and Erin Stanifer Gobel ’07 Lisa White Gobel ’90 and Sal Gobel Katherine Moore Godbold ’76 and Richard Godbold Judith Godfrey Nancy Godleski ’89 Mark Goins Chip Goldsberry ’60 and Carolyn Parr Goldsberry ’61 Mary Demaree Goldsmith ’54 Scot Goodhart ’98 and Holly Goodhart Jennifer Cotton Goodlett ’08 and Nicholas Goodlett Lloyd Goodlett and Linda Goodlett Bob Goodwin ’57 John Goodwin and Cheri Goodwin Marti Livengood Goodwin ’95 and Pat Goodwin Elizabeth Gosman Douglas Goth and Allyson Goth

33 Jonathan Gothard and Jennifer Gothard Brandy Peddie Graham ’97 and James Graham Janet Kerr Granger ’75 and Kenneth Granger Patrick Graninger and Linda Graninger Jay Grant ’81 and Nancy Pohl Grant ’80 Sue Heil Grassmyer ’61 and William Grassmyer Nathan Gray ’95 and Melissa Rusk Gray ’96 Ralph Gray ’55 and Beth Gray Sarah Gray Andy Green ’01 and Brooke Maly Green ’01 Josh Green ’16 Karen Green Lauren Webb Green ’92 and Franklin Green Natalie Jones Green ’05 and Nathan Green Elizabeth Griffin ’01 Missy Elder Griffin ’95 and Brad Griffin Jim Griffiths and Sandra Griffiths Dwight Grimes Linda Overley Grimes ’71 and Kenneth Grimes Todd Grimes ’90 and Kami Grimes Jane Brown Groh ’67 April Noland Groves ’04 and Ronald Groves Tim Gruber ’15 Angie Kalb Gruendl ’96 Phillip Grush (d) ’53 Bob Gudgel ’62 and Cheri Gudgel Brendon Guedel ’12 Dwayne Guenther ’06 and Miranda Guenther Terry Guerin ’62 and Sandra Guerin Steve Gutermuth and Judy Gutermuth Carolyn DeJean Haag ’39 Ben Habegger ’96 and Joanna Tingley Josh Habegger ’98 and Sarah Rice Habegger ’98 Marcy Sweet Haboush ’95 and David Haboush Ed Hackney ’78 and Carol Wallace Hackney ’77 Joan Hafenbritle Jeff Haggard ’88 and Candi Murphy Haggard ’88 Lee Anne Hahn ’89 Cathy Slider Hahn ’71 and Boyd Hahn Pamela Hahn Jan Haire Travis Haire ’92 Patti Haist ’79 and Randall Wellman Dorothy Guthrie Hale ’54 Alma Meeks Hall ’62 Edward Hall Rachel Yates Halleck ’08 Laura Zimbaugh Haluska ’08 and Samuel Haluska Frank Hamilton ’68 and Ann Corry Karol Hunt Hamilton ’74 and Wesley Hamilton Bob Hamilton ’63 and Marilyn Hamilton Natosha Wood Hamm ’12 Thomas Hamman ’72 and Susan Hamman Beth Phipps Hammond ’67 and Richard Hammond Chantel Hammond ’14 Leviticus Hamner ’12 Sharon Handy ’78 Andrew Hanna ’14 and Mary Lawrence Phillips ’15 Dawn Hanson Anthony Harcourt ’13 David Harden and Katherine Harden Jim Harland ’92 and Jody Scher Harland ’95 Beth Harlin ’77 and Dale Webster Elizabeth Hey Harmon ’67 and Donald Harmon Judy Leister Harmon ’64 and George Harmon Martha Lutz Harris ’84 and William Harris Chris Harrison ’90 and Natalie Harrison Larry Harrison ’81 and Susan Harrison Kyle Harsin ’03 and Amanda Allen Harsin ’06 Leonard Hartlage and Kim Hartlage Scarlett Hartlage ’18

Cheryl Naylor Hartman ’85 and Mel Hartman Daniel Hartman and Stacy Hartman Laura Sweeney Hartman ’99 and Eric Hartman Paul Hartman ’87 and Paula Brown Hartman ’88 Gregory Harvey and Deborah Harvey Nancy Jordan Haseker ’72 and Gary Haseker Nancy Kellum Haskell ’60 and David Haskell Jim Hatfield ’69 and Kathy Hatfield Katia Engle Hatter ’96 and John Hatter Kelly Schiller Hatton and Randy Hatton Bruce Hatton ’73 and Cindy Parmenter Carol Haub Christopher Hausman and Natalie Hausman Mike Havey ’75 and Kathy Havey Wayne Hawk and Kari Hawk Andria Snyder Hawkins ’00 and Catherine Hawkins ’00 Brad Hawkins ’03 and Gina Hawkins Bob Hawkins Christopher Hawkins ’10 Summer Hawkins and Troy Hawkins Bret Hawks and DeEtta Hawks Jane Huffman Hayes ’83 and Greg Hayes Mark Hays ’77 Abby Clear Haywood ’17 Bruce Hazelett Samuel Hazlett and Margaret Hazlett Catherine Thompson Healy ’97 and Peter Healy Barbara Heath ’62 Mary Lyons Heaton ’82 and Elton Heaton Chris Heckle ’10 and Sarah Beckman Heckle ’09 Dan Heighway ’86 and Karen Heighway Roz Heinz ’67 Lindsay Heinzman ’07 Dolores Hellmann Louis Helman ’76 Sherre Wilson Helmer ’66 and Gary Helmer Daniel Helms and Deanna Helms Troy Helt and Suzanne Helt Fred Henderson ’75 and Diane Henderson Caroline Henderzahs ’14 Gary Hendrickson and Kellie Hendrickson Mick Hennegan ’54 Jerry Henning and Joene Henning John Henry ’04 Larry Henry ’73 and Glenda Henry Zoe Henry ’20 Erin Herbert ’03 and Derek Selznick ’04 Alfie Hernandez ’88 and Stacie Hernandez Ralph Herrbach ’70 and Nancy Gettinger ’71 Ashley Wells Herrera ’07 Karl Hershberger ’82 and Theresa Hershberger Dean Hershman ’96 and Amy Hershman Angela Peckham Hewett ’63 and Thomas Hewett Margaret Hiatt (d) Jim Hickerson ’78 and Geraldine Hickerson David Hider ’13 Velvett Trantham Hill ’12 and Joshua Hill Bill Hill ’57 Michael Hilsmeyer ’90 Judy Boyd Hilsmier ’68 and Donald Hilsmier Joyce Hinnefeld ’84 and James Hauser Claire Hinshaw ’15 Wally Hirth ’82 and Susan Hirth Chris Hitchcock ’97 and Theresa Hitchcock Gretchen Zehring Hoagland ’97 Debbie Harper Hockemeyer ’79 and Rex Hockemeyer Tracy Peerman Hoefling ’98 Jim Hogan ’82 and Julia Tipton Hogan ’85 Megan Hogston ’14 John Holden and Jane Holden Stephen Holland

Fritz Hollingsworth ’60 and Nancy Carr Hollingsworth ’63 Michelle Cline Holmes ’92 and Chris Holmes Sara Bailey Homburg ’12 Amanda Hopkins ’08 Clint Horine ’13 and Erin Horine Anthony Hornbach ’09 and Erin Radtke Hornbach ’09 Scott Horner and Jennifer Morlan-Horner Mike Horton ’73 and Virginia Horton Craig Hoskins and Rhonda Hoskins Jason Hostetler ’98 and Emily Bozeman Hostetler ’97 Kristy Hotopp Wesley Hough ’12 Jacob Houk ’03 and Betsy Rogers Houk ’03 Betty Copeland Housefield ’59 and Kenneth Housefield Dawn Houze and Robert Houze Lisa Howard Elijah Howe ’08 and Stephanie Howe Ross Hubbard ’74 Terri Hubbard ’73 Garrett Hubbs Keith Huddleston and Cecelia Huddleston Randy Hudgins ’04 Beau Huelster ’11 and Heather Hopf Huelster ’12 Ruth Diener Huff ’68 Brian Huffman ’04 and Betsy Abel Huffman ’04 Gary Huffman Cynthia Mathews Huggins ’70 Amy Hume ’03 Lindsey Hummel ’07 Reece Hunter ’21 Amy Hurley ’87 Angie Mullen Huser ’89 and Jay Huser Monique Huynh ’18 Virgil Imel ’62 David Imhof ’89 Chase Ingle ’14 Ann Leslie Inman ’86 Jake Inman ’10 and Meredith Elston Inman ’08 Megan Insley ’16 Fritz Iselin ’60 and Barbara Iselin Angela Dunn Jackinowski and Raymond Jackinowski ’05 Cheryl Ball Jacklin ’68 Dave Jackson ’69 Edward Jackson Michael Jackson ’87 and Deanna Deck Jennifer Kulaga Jaffe ’90 and Chris Jaffe Kyle James ’15 Andy Jamieson ’79 and Julie Hulse Jamieson ’80 Randal Jann ’74 and Barbara Whitby Jann ’74 Annie Dickey Jaquess ’54 Sean Jastillano ’09 Carolyn Coleman Jenkins ’69 and Bill Jenkins Kris Jenkins ’13 and Meaghen Geary Jenkins ’13 Spencer Jessee Tyler Jester and Madison Jester Alan Johns ’69 Chris Johns ’92 and Laura Johns Graham Johns and Lisa Johns Madison Johns ’19 Randolph Johns ’77 and Ann Johns Jason Johnson and Michelle Johnson Karen Switzer Johnson ’83 and William Johnson Katherine D. Johnson ’89 Ken Johnson and Jean Johnson Kevin Johnson ’89 and Sheila Morris Johnson ’90 Lou Johnson ’08 and Elizabeth Broady Johnson ’07 Nikki Johnson ’14 Rachel Young Johnson ’04 and Josh Johnson Bob Johnson ’71 and Carolyn Johnson

Stephanie Johnson ’21 Adam Jones and Angela Ockerman-Jones Cambria Jones ’20 Jane Housman Jones ’62 Matthew Jones ’05 Bob Jones ’60 and Priss Rose Jones ’61 Shannon Cowan Jones ’93 and Richard Jones Rachel Jordan ’21 Staci Joslin ’03 Jeff Jourdan and Tracy Jourdan Jessica Hoover Journey ’08 and Eddie Journey Lora Judy Abby Juelfs and Vicky Hidalgo Lisa Koomler Kage ’97 Alex Kain ’12 Andy Kain ’16 Bryan Kain and Jennifer Kain Amy Kaiser Bruce Kalb ’82 and Constance Kalb Richard Kammer ’00 and Amanda Brames Kammer ’02 Janet Claycombe Karsas ’77 and Darrell Karsas Don Katzman ’81 Valerie Kaufman Ken Keene ’66 and Margaret Kimmel Keene ’66 Art Keller ’66 Debbie Keller Eddie Keller ’03 and Jaci Moore Keller ’04 Will Kelley ’00 and Melissa Toney-Kelley ’01 Glen Kelly and Donna Kelly Dick Kelly ’71 and Beverly Rauch Jessica Kendrick ’04 Kevin Kennedy ’88 and Lynne Kennedy Paul Kennedy ’52 and Joan Efting Kennedy ’55 Scott Kern ’90 and Deborah Glascock Kern ’89 Kenton Kerns Paul Kettlewell ’73 and Jane Hagerman Kettlewell ’73 Steven Kibbons ’01 Barbara Burkert Kiffmeyer ’60 Wilma Schroeder Kile ’56 Chase Kimmel ’07 Joe Kimmel and Nancy Kimmel Garth Kimmel ’02 and Lindsay Black Kimmel ’02 Kira Jump Kimmel ’04 and Kyle Kimmel Luke Kimmel ’03 and Karissa Kimmel Amber King ’19 Bud King ’53 and Marie King Tom Kiracofe ’63 Kelsie Nicholson Kiser ’14 and Ethan Kiser Jerry Klaybor ’53 and Mary Jane Klaybor Kent Kledzik ’70 and Debbie Kledzik Maggie Kleiman ’17 Ted Klein ’73 and Jody Klein Jana Klopp ’87 Kirk Knobel ’01 and Micah Bruner Knobel ’01 Scott Knox and Janice Knox Don Kobak ’89 and Suzanne Kobak Thomas Koesters and Karen Koesters Ashley Devers Kolb ’09 and Courtney Kolb Devon Kondaki ’14 Susanne Ginn Konkle ’89 and Loren Konkle Gerard Koop ’79 and Jodie Koop Kenneth Korfhagen and Cheryl Korfhagen Donald Korjenek and Kelly Korjenek Bob Kraft ’54 and Mary Harkins Kraft ’55 Keith Kramer ’88 and Dee Schmidt Kramer ’89 Jim Krause ’72 and Karen Krause Ann Waggoner Kreamer ’64 and Lionel Kreamer Amy Schipp Kreimer ’02 and John Kreimer Adam Kremer ’11 Mike Kremer ’88 and Kim Curtis Kremer ’88 Ashley Kress

Debbie Kroger and Ron Kroger Terryl Kron ’84 and Marie Roscigno Kron Jeff Krusenklaus ’91 and Heidi Stuart Krusenklaus ’90 Bill Kubik Nan Todd Kutcher ’56 Alex Kyle ’91 and Deborah Kyle Kristin LaBolt and Jered LaBolt Mary Lachman-Scaramuzzino and Dominich Scaramuzzino Joe Lackner Catherine Lageson Randall LaGrange and Holly LaGrange Sarah Hickman LaGrange ’07 and Mike LaGrange Jim Lake ’65 and Sharon Lake Joe Lake ’86 and Joy Brown Lake ’86 Lori Lambert Warren Lambert John Lane and Jo Ann Lane Ray Lane ’04 Kay Custer Langdon ’61 and Robert Langdon Joe Lansinger ’05 and Jennifer Drake Lansinger ’04 Edward Lanter and Contance Lanter Alex Lantz ’15 Janelle Lantz ’14 Ronald Lantz and Christina Lantz Steven Lantz and Francia Lantz Lynn Larson and Donald Larson Anthony Ooley Lathery ’11 and Joshua Lathery Sarah Lathrop ’13 Joe Latran ’68 and Debbie Latran Bob Lauer ’54 and Judy Pierce Lauer ’53 Patti Lawhorn Mark Lawrence ’86 and Dana Hollar Lawrence ’86 Catherine Le Saux and Michael Le Saux Mandy Learned ’14 Carla Learned and William Learned Dewain Lee Jim Lee ’61 and Ruth Lee Adrienne Strange Leech ’00 and Matthew Leech Katie Lents ’18 Daniel Lentz and Roxy Lentz Dick Lesh ’66 and Jill Sullivan Lesh ’66 Tom Lett ’82 Charles Lewis Jennie Simmons Lewis ’90 and Michael Lewis Greg Lewis and Sue Lewis Yun Li ’12 Michael Lichtenwalter ’05 and Jaclyn Venhaus Skip Lichtfuss and Connie Corcoran Carol Brooker Light ’64 and Wayne Light Coy Lightfoot and Dayle Lightfoot Alex Limontes ’03 Shaina Lin ’16 Alli Lindenschmidt ’16 Barbara Herget Lindsey ’63 Sarah Line ’16 Carole Linneman ’65 Leslie Lipman Libby Wehr Litmer ’09 Tynisha Little ’18 Nathan Littlefield ’05 and Lauren Williams Littlefield ’04 Kasey Litts ’14 Amy Lloyd Anne Briscoe Locke ’95 and Rob Locke Susan Kolls Lockridge ’06 and Luke Lockridge Heather Loehr and David Loehr Dawn Logan Matt Loria ’15 Steve Loria ’20 Don Lostutter ’62 and Linda Lostutter Rick Lostutter and Ann Lostutter

Pat Ryder Lovell ’73 and Scott Lovell John Lowenstine ’75 Tom Lowry ’71 and Janet Huber Lowry ’72 Alicia Johnson Loy ’11 and Kyle Loy Emily Lozon ’08 and William Forster Logan Luce ’15 Pat Luce ’87 and Heather Colborn Luce ’87 Joe Luchi ’77 and Teresa Luchi Link Ludington ’75 Chad Luper Gary Lux and Marti Lux Patty Hopper Lykken ’83 and Kim Lykken Amber Schmahl Lynch ’04 David Lyons and Susan Lyons Kim Lyons and Robbie Lyons Kathleen Machek ’82 Penny Mack ’83 Cindy Koester Mackey ’07 Amy Boger MacRae ’90 and Tom MacRae Marietta Macy ’08 Betty Maddox and Michael Maddox James Madere ’11 and Kristina Keith Madere ’12 Brian Madinger ’87 Justin Magaw ’15 and Amanda McCauley Magaw ’15 Beth Magruder Sarah Horton Mahar ’02 Julia Fouts Majercak ’87 and Stephen Majercak Aaron Makaimoku ’03 Dorothy Mueller Malcolm ’47 Justin Maltsberger ’09 Jason Manges ’99 and Sunni Kendrick Manges ’00 Thomas Manges ’89 and Stacey Manges Shane Mann ’93 and Stephanie Mann Megan Mannering Jerry Mansfield ’74 and Melberne Crellin Mansfield ’74 Megan Harrell Mansfield ’96 Bess Mantz ’15 Laura Marasco ’67 and Gregory Zaczkiewicz Hannah Marichal ’19 Charles Maricle and Kimberly Maricle Lynn Welch Maricle ’75 and Scott Maricle Jake Maricle ’15 Anne MacOwan Marshall ’96 and Cory Marshall Henry Martin ’70 and Virginia Martin Hope Martin ’14 Mark Martin ’91 Michelle Martin Phil Martin ’51 and Emily Martin Susan Martin ’93 and Kevin Gill Lucinda Marty Amy Mason ’88 Randy Master ’82 Joe Matis ’03 Jennie Matthews ’80 Amy Mattson ’18 Erin Chandler Matz ’04 and Daniel Matz Roseanna Foley Maust ’49 Miranda Bailey Maxwell ’01 and Jason Maxwell ’98 Jack Mayfield ’59 and Sue Arnold Mayfield ’60 Dale Mayrose ’91 and Kimberly Mayrose Lloyd McAtee ’61 and Betty McAtee Katherine Mccall Phillip McCallister and Mary McCallister John McCane ’87 Andy McCanna ’97 and Barbara McCanna Terrence McCarthy and Nancy McCarthy Whitney Macon McCarthy ’13 Jayne McClew Dawn McCool Dick McCracken and Marcia McCracken

35 Christy McCreary Kevin McCubbin Carney McCreery McCullough ’78 Chelsea McCurdy ’16 Molly McCurdy ’17 Heather McDonald ’96 John McDonald and Sherrie McDonald Mary Makarius McDonald ’76 and Kevin McDonald Cheryl McElroy Lynn McElroy Suzanne Grob McFall ’53 and Michael McFall Ricky McGee ’12 and Paige Jones McGee ’11 Marilyn Megorden McGregor ’52 and Bill McGregor (d) ’51 Heather McGuire Charles McKay ’74 Jerry McKenzie ’59 and Brenda McKenzie A.J. McKinley ’53 and Marilyn McKinley Ashley McKnight ’08 Teddi McLain ’17 Carol Steele McLaughlin ’74 Drew McLeish Mac McMahon and Lora Gale McMahon Michael McMahon and Melissa McMahon Angie McMullen Brian McMurtry and Deborah McMurtry Margo Jahn McNamee ’96 and Patrick McNamee Anne Jones McTurner ’78 and Patrick McTurner B.J. Gough Meadows ’62 and Harold Meadows Mike Meadows ’83 and Terri Hoppes Meadows ’84 Kim Beckham Meier ’07 and Stewart Meier Steve Melroy ’68 and Diana Melroy Sue Cross Meneilley ’60 Dani Merrick ’15 Henry Merrill ’68 and Colleen Cowan Merrill ’67 Molly Mersmann ’15 Jen Hill Mervis ’05 Carolyn Merwin Ronald Messersmith ’68 and Nancy Gray Messersmith ’69 Stacy Meyer ’95 and Jennie Perry Meyer ’96 Adam Miller ’10 and Julianne Dietz Miller ’09 Angie Miller ’04 Ben Miller ’09 Birgie Miller ’86 David Miller ’92 and Sandy Miller Jennifer Winston Miller ’08 and Andy Miller Julia Lega Miller ’11 Mike Miller ’69 and Patty Warren Miller ’69 Molly Miller ’17 Natalie Miller ’21 Robert Miller and Susan Miller Sarah Miller ’06 Scott Miller Joanna Milliken Katie Miltner ’02 and Scott Dust Kent Minnette ’93 and Erica Redenbaugh Minnette ’94 David Minniear and Jammie Minniear Mitchell Minniear ’20 Deborah Martin Minns ’73 and Richard Minns Brent Minton ’94 and Heather Minton Baylee Mitchell ’18 Brad Mitchell Dean Mitchell and Trudy Mitchell Eleanor Guthrie Mitchell ’54 Shanon Mock ’06 Phil Moeller ’67 and Jan Moeller Brian Mohr ’95 and Katie Purdum Mohr ’95 Beth Maxson Monnin ’83 and Jeff Monnin Cameron Montgomery

Diane Montgomery Alexis Moore ’15 Justin Moore ’98 Rob Moorhead ’87 and Lisa Moorhead Elizabeth Johnson Moos ’11 Myra Jones Morgan ’67 Walt Morrill and Elaine Morrill Bill Morris ’78 and Carol Chappell Morris ’80 Don Morrison ’64 Patric Morrison ’10 Jenny Siepler Moss ’06 and Carl Moss Kristopher Mott Dianne Niceley Motto ’63 and Daniel Motto Fred Mower ’72 and Donna Mower David Mruzek and Lisa Mruzek John Muessel ’74 and Sally Craney Muessel ’76 Thelma Mullett Phil Mullins and Jane Mullins Kyle Mundon ’17 Annette Innes Munson ’65 and Eric Munson Ann Murphy Dave Murray ’88 and Angie Keys Murray ’89 Dustin Murray ’05 Elle Ligon-Williams Muse ’13 Julie Myers ’88 Thomas Nacca ’57 and Claire Buckingham Nacca ’59 Terri Naiser Milton Nakamura and Irene Nakamura Heath Nantz ’04 Roxanne Nantz Richard Nash Dick Naylor and Lorna Naylor Jennifer Nead ’08 Janet Gant Neff ’61 and Hank Neff Kevin Nerl ’14 and Kate Weihe Nerl ’14 Jane Netherton ’00 Christopher Neumann ’10 Zac Newkirk ’17 Randy Nice ’88 Wayne Nicely and Polly Nicely Meg Woods Niehaus ’73 and Paul Niehaus Bill Nighbert ’54 and June Hereford Nighbert ’61 Jim Nixon ’73 and Julia Wendt Nixon ’73 Reiley Noe Phillip Nordeen Steven Norris ’79 and Marsha Norris Susie Allspaw O’Brien ’69 and Larry O’Brien Jasmine O’Conner ’12 and Sarah Stotts Jim O’Risky ’89 and Julie O’Risky Sean Obermeyer ’99 Darin Odle Jamie Tucker Oelker ’91 and Matthew Oelker Susan Ogle Marita Morris Oilar ’80 and Tony Oilar Jean Orr ’02 John Orr Martha Ortega Zepeda ’19 Joel Ott ’00 and Amanda Crecelius Ott ’02 John Owen ’60 and Marilyn Owen Bob Padgett ’83 and Peggy Youtz Padgett ’81 David Palmer ’65 and Nancy Palmer John Parden ’07 Kellie Park ’01 and Zachary Miller Aaron Parker ’05 and Meghan Parker Ron Patberg ’90 Matt Patterson ’02 and Karie Patterson Sara Patterson Scott Paul-Bonham and Donna Paul-Bonham Michael Pauly and Patricia Pauly Dan Pavelka ’96 Josh Payne and Jennifer Payne

Mari Schenk Pcionek ’92 and Brian Pcionek Jody Pearce ’83 Lloyd Pearline Charles Pease and Betty Pease Tara Pease William Pease Jim Peck ’10 Terry Peebles ’96 Jessica Peebles-Spencer ’10 Nick Pendergraft Angela Newkirk Penkala ’07 Jean Wilson Perney ’48 Wayne Perry and Debbie Perry Sue Graves Persio ’70 and Joseph Persio Jennie Madden Peters ’61 and Thomas Peters Sara Peters Phelps ’89 Craig Philipp and Stephanie Philipp Anna Phillippe ’17 Jeffrey Phillips Katie Piatt ’06 Bill Pickens ’61 and Janice Pickens Adam Pickerill Lois Schulte Piening ’68 and Joe Piening Hayley Pierson ’14 and Meredith Rogers Pierson Ashley Linville Pine ’06 and Jerry Pine Dottie Butler Pitser ’67 Lisa Plesant Steve Plummer ’84 Julie Poffenbarger Johannah Pollert ’89 John Pollom ’03 and Sarabeth Ratliff Pollom ’05 Tamara Porath Andrew Porta and Cherylyn Porta Bill Porter ’68 Irvin Poston and Lois Little Poston (d) ’52 Andrew Potter ’03 Melissa Potters Tina Furnish Povaleri ’91 and Anthony Povaleri LaRae Powers Dennis Preble and Wilda Preble Ryan Preston ’01 and Melanie Stinson Preston ’00 Lauren Prezbindowski ’08 Tracey Weisheit Price ’05 and Anthony Price Megan Priest ’12 Matt Prine ’02 and Katie Begley Prine ’04 Drue Smith Proffer Julia Prohaska Bill Prudner ’67 and Mary Ann Prudner Dee Pruitt Danny Purtee ’63 and Mary Sorrell Clai Putney ’90 and Janet Astrike Putney ’90 Chad Quaintance and Lucy Quaintance Jenny McQueen Quandt ’94 and Scott Quandt Steven Quarcelino ’03 Kay Menke Queen ’61 Brian Quinn ’06 and Anne Scheumann Quinn ’06 Nancy Bickel Quinn ’65 Hunter Rackley ’04 and Heather Rackley Vincent Rak ’78 J. Michael Raley and Starla Raley Jill Eubanks Ralston ’89 and Thomas Ralston Miguel Ramirez ’12 Jarrod Rampy ’19 Jeff Rampy and Kathleen Rampy Pete Ramsay ’58 and Barbara Ramsay Charles Randle and Julies Randle Scott Ransburg ’90 and Debbie Mitchell Ransburg ’90 Carol Rippey Rappe ’58 and Norman Rappe Rick Rasmussen ’65 Michael Rawert ’05

Randy Records ’76 and Teddie Records Clara Reece Kiley Reed ’20 Lauren Haake Reed ’07 and Brian Reed Suellen Kinder Reed ’67 Marie Murphy Reesey ’67 and Richard Reesey Mickey Reeves ’18 Liz Mellett Rehfus ’74 and John Rehfus Miranda Reinhart ’17 Joanne Meyer Rentschler ’66 Jeffrey Reynolds and Kistian Reynolds Kyle Rich ’92 and Beth Rich Margaret Rich Nancy Richey Chrisy Rader Richie ’75 and Bradley Richie Linda Wolfram Richter ’88 and Gary Richter Gordon Ricketts ’57 and Sarah Ricketts Scott Ricketts ’90 and Krista Ricketts John Rigney ’89 and June Rigney Heather Riley Jessie Riley Neil Riley and Jennifer Riley Alisa Miller Risinger ’78 and Rick Risinger Liz Ritchie ’21 Katherine Marette Ritchie ’84 and Jerry Ritchie Jerry Ritter ’67 Mike Robak Dan Roberts ’99 and Alison Roberts Emilee Roberts ’14 Tom Roberts ’78 Thomas Roberts ’10 Wes Roberts ’03 Amy Richards Robinson ’93 Kim Lashbrook Robinson ’92 Megan Robinson ’15 Sally Perkins Robison ’71 and Thomas Robison Jason Rodocker ’01 and Lisa Rodocker Aaron Rogers ’18 Anthony Rogers and Becky Rogers David Rogers and Elisabeth Rogers Jim Rogers and Alice Rogers Margie Rogers and Richard Samuel Sarah Bailey Rogers ’05 Joyce Romer ’65 Kelly Rone ’91 Chris Rose ’15 Julia Rose ’62 Kathy Barton Rosenberg ’77 and Paul Rosenberg Kim Gilbert Rosenberger ’91 and Kelly Rosenberger Marci Royalty ’94 Evan Rubin ’03 Stephanie Rudd ’01 Stephen Ruddick Jane Rudicel ’80 and Paul Drake Meghan Ruesch ’05 Katy McCanna Ruhl ’00 and Christopher Ruhl Michael Rukavina ’63 and Paula Rukavina Joel Ruselink ’97 and Rebecca Ruselink Tara Rusinack ’18 Elizabeth Henry Rust ’64 and Harold Rust Nick Rutsis ’63 and Tricia Rutsis Michael Ryan Chuck Sage ’89 and Heidi Kendall Sage ’91 Susan Tucker Saint-Lockhart ’77 and Jerry Saint-Lockhart Scott Samale ’10 Rob Sand ’90 and Rena Sand Julie Sarringhaus ’90 Jennifer Welty Sautbine ’95 and Ryan Sautbine Jennifer Carroll Sawa ’01 and Brian Sawa Stacy Bren Schad ’92 and Gregory Schad Holden Schaefer ’21

Larry Schefke and Tammy Schefke Al Scheidt ’72 Melissa Schenkel ’17 Ryan Scherer ’01 and Anne Scherer Dana Hartzler Schilling ’96 and Keith Schilling Barbara Schlicher and Carlton Schlicher Tim Schluge ’00 Abbey Schmahl ’12 Roger Schmidt and Heidi Conklin Chris Schneider and Jennifer Schneider Shelby Schneider ’15 Janet Schnurr ’14 Richard Schock and Robin Schock Keith Schofner ’85 Kendra Schon Megan Downey Schreeg ’10 and Jacob Schreeg Melanie Schreiner ’98 and Bennett Schreiner Troy Schultz and Hollie Schultz Wanza Aich Schweiger ’85 and Jeff Schweiger Leon Scott ’68 and Connie Wheeler Scott ’70 Chuck Scott ’69 and Jeanne Scott Kristen Hamilton Scott ’97 Tom Scott and Nancy Scott Theresa Scroggins and Nathaniel Scroggins Jeremy Seal ’04 Eric Sears Kevin Sears ’13 and Kelsey Weihe Sears ’14 Bruce Secker ’64 and Nancy Scheirer Secker ’64 George Seibel ’74 and Peggy Seibel Denise Herrenbruck Seibert ’04 Aaron Seitz ’96 and Tricia Seitz A.J. Selvey ’98 and Katie Selvey Mary Gammons SeRine ’96 and Zachery SeRine Ted Server ’79 and Janice Server Jay Severance ’61 and Dee Severance Tony Sewell ’05 and Ellen Morris Sewell ’06 Carla Agnew Shadiow ’71 and Richard Shadiow Andrew Shafer ’99 Flower Harrison Shaffstall ’69 Donald Shamble and Mary Shamble Mary Ewing Sheets ’70 and Michael Sheets Steven Shelby ’83 and Carol King Shelby ’80 Emily Ouellette Shelman ’07 Gretchen Hitze Shelmon ’11 and Christopher Shelmon Meghin Shelton ’13 Erika Shepherd ’16 Rebecca Sheridan Curtis Shinabarger ’81 and Nancy Ingersoll Shinabarger ’81 David Shircliff ’87 Dan Shively ’60 and June Griffeth Katie Fisher Shocklee ’04 Dan Shoufler ’86 and Diane Swan Shoufler ’86 Barton Shroyer and Bonnie Shroyer David Shuchat ’66 and Susan Shuchat David Shull ’68 and Susan Shull Harlan Shupert and Carolyn Shupert Randy Siepler and Janice Siepler Carol McKamey Simmerman ’61 and Laurence Simmerman Ann Alig Simpson ’65 and Allyn Simpson Barbara Sims and Rob Sims Cooper Sinclair ’96 and Annie Buuck Sinclair ’98 Allie Caito Sipe ’07 and Jordan Sipe Jeff Sirmin ’71 and Janice Sirmin Chris Sitler ’85 and Penny Sitler Haris Skiadas Dabney Skutt ’18 Mary Ann Slagle Clay Slaughter ’11 David Slaughter and Lori Slaughter

Eric Slayback ’90 Paige Thompson Slover ’86 and Mark Slover Allison Smith ’19 Chris Smith ’01 Harriet Smith James Smith and Barbara Smith Russell Smith and Martha Smith Jared Smith ’08 John Smith ’53 and Jean Smith Keith Smith and Pamela Smith Linda Smith ’67 Mark Smith ’81 and Nancy Smith R.J. Smith ’01 and Kelly Smith Roger Smith ’62 and Janet Vance Smith ’63 Suzy Smith ’69 Vaughn Smith ’15 Zach Smith ’08 and Katie Larson Smith ’09 Brian Smolnicky ’97 and Jennifer Vance Smolnicky ’97 Thomas Smothers Kim Snodgrass Wiladean Flora Snoeberger ’51 and Richard Snoeberger Holly Snook Jane Houghton Snowden ’52 Ken Snowden ’71 Alan Snyder ’75 and Carolyn Snyder Chip Snyder ’86 and Susan Snyder Jackie Sokol ’60 Heather Hudson Somarriba ’08 Brian Southworth ’01 Jessica Pinkerton Sowder ’88 and Joseph Sowder Jeffrey Spalding and Denise Spalding Jeff Spalding ’82 and Lisa Spalding Kim Spangler ’78 Peyton Spaugh ’18 Gil Speer ’82 and Julina Speer Nancy Thomas Speer ’93 and Dell Speer Jayne Hammer Spencer ’71 Stephen Spicer and Carol Spicer Chris Spillmann ’05 Craig Spinner ’95 and Heather McClarren Spinner ’94 Erin Spivey ’06 Kari Vollmer Spivey ’14 Jacey Spoonmore ’14 Harriet Sprague ’58 Bill Springer ’57 and Carolyn Springer Austin Stagman ’13 Jen Stanfield ’03 and Rebecca Dimon Suzie Rollins Stanis ’85 and Bob Stanis Becky Ohlmansiek Starek ’82 and Stephen Starek Sherry Stark Christine Starks Shawn Steel ’98 and Sarah Steel Emily Steele Janelle Stegemiller ’72 Jim Steiner ’58 and Marjorie Steiner Stephen Steiner and Joyce Flanagan Ann Lambert Stenger ’89 and Mark Stenger Matthew Steward ’12 Dave Stewart ’60 and Kitty Strange Stewart ’61 Kim Stewart ’81 and Timothy Sprandel Susan Sturges Stewart ’82 and James Stewart Jack Stiefel ’65 and Nancy Ahaus Stiefel ’66 Jaron Stiers ’16 and Courtney Schock Stiers ’16 Julie Stiers Craig Stilwell ’78 and Kim Stilwell Bernie Stock ’61 and Birgit Stock Sheila Stocksdale Nancy Cadle Stoll ’71 and James Stoll Chris Stormer ’99 and Amber Robertson Stormer ’99

37 Stu Stormer and Margaret Stormer Beth Lybarger Stotts ’01 and Eric Stotts Ty Stover ’19 Jason Strong ’97 and Rachel Zins Strong ’99 Jim Struck ’73 and Trudy Struck Tom Stuckwisch ’73 and Vivian Barkman Stuckwisch ’73 Ken Stump ’69 and Hollie Baugh Stump ’69 Bryan Stumpf and Lainie Stumpf Suarez Siblings Stephanie Hammett Sullivan ’96 and Shawn Sullivan John Summerlin and Patty Summerlin Chuck Summers ’10 and Shelly Sullivan Summers ’01 Margot Beldon Summers ’66 and Vernon Summers Travis Summitt ’10 Celeste Hartman Sutter ’85 Stephanie Sutton-Payne ’91 and Douglas Payne Reed Swisher ’15 Elizabeth Loughmiller Szentes ’88 and David Szentes Gana Taggart ’69 and Karl Power Mike Talley Brad Tandy and Jennifer Tandy Douglas Tannas ’99 and Heather Hutton Tannas ’97 Greg Taylor ’84 Brian Tebbe and Lori Tebbe Kelly Telech Telechbush ’94 and James Bush Carrie Templeton ’11 Suzi Tennant ’91 Heather Sands Ternet ’93 William Theising ’06 and Ashlee Weiler Theising ’06 Matthew Theobald ’96 and Jennifer Theobald Jared Thies ’21 Tim Thies ’83 and Cathy Thies Kathy Skarbeck Thomas ’82 and David Thomas Kelly Thomas Stephen Thomas Kevin Thompson ’71 and Kathleen Thompson Denyse Thorpe Connie Thurman Samantha Tilley ’20 Sue Fryback Tilley ’89 and Patrick Tilley ’89 Tony Titus and Teresa Titus Jim Tobin ’70 and Carol Tobin Angela Todd and David Todd Lynn Todd and John Todd Margot Tomsen Chris Tookey ’12 Cheryl Torline and Joseph Torline Thomas Totten and Joy Totten Mary Town Kristine Drury Towns ’00 and Brandon Towns Neil Townsend ’11 Jim Trachtman and Courtney Trachtman Michael Traw ’62 Abby Tremain ’16 Timothy Tribbett and Robin Tribbett LuAnne Crum Trippodo ’84 and Joseph Trippodo Mike Tschuor ’82 and Sue Alder Tschuor ’83 Marty Tuck ’04 Ashley Turner ’15 Bruce Turner ’69 and Cheryl Waters Turner ’67 Ruth Turner ’73 William Turner and Laurie Turner Kati Knight Tuttle ’03 and Benjamin Tuttle Jerry Udell ’62 and Marilyn Weil Udell ’62 Nate Uhl ’01 and Jennifer Uhl Immanuel Umoren ’18 Mary Umsted ’98 Briana Underwood ’03 Bart Updike ’63 Marty Randall Uphues ’71 and John Uphues

Tori Pace-Rutan Vailes ’13 Gary Valentine and Jill Valentine Emily Wood Van Gordon ’98 and Jeffrey Van Gordon Tina Vandervate and Robert Vandervate Daniel Vandivier ’89 and Heather Vandivier Trish Anderson VanValkenburgh ’90 and Clinton VanValkenburgh Alice VanVoorst Harrison ’59 Dan Vaughan ’95 and Kelly Brunner Vaughan ’96 Adam Vaught ’03 and Holly Rowland Vaught ’05 Austin Veach ’15 Gregory Velligan Samantha Ventura Mark Verbanic and Polly Verbanic Jan Vetrhus Melody Vidal and Edward Vidal David Voelker ’96 Stefanie Robinson Wade ’98 and Jeremiah Wade Tim Wade Leslie Wagers ’94 Sharon Pressler Wagner ’63 Mike Waiz ’72 and Debbie Waiz DJ Walch Sam Blackburn Walden ’04 and David Walden William Waldschmidt and Catherine Waldschmidt Mitch Walrod ’18 Todd Walrod and Chris Walrod Ethan Waltz ’14 Thomas Waltz and Ruth Waltz Michael Ward Stafford Ward and Monica Rummelhoff Jeremiah Ware ’01 and Kimberly Ware Schuyler Wareham ’01 and Sarah Butler Wareham ’03 Heather Haralson Wasco ’98 and Chris Wasco Heather Washburn ’12 Larry Waskom ’87 and Anne Schwartz Waskom ’87 Sara Messersmith Wasmuth ’65 Tory Watson ’07 and Brad Ortman James Watts Chris Webb ’08 Heidi Fullenkamp Weber ’87 and Michael Weber Jack Webster and Sandra Webster Hank Weedin ’94 and Rachel Beard Weedin ’93 Anne Fieselmann Wehrly ’73 and Thomas Wehrly Shelby Henderzahs Weicht ’12 Anthony Weigleb ’01 Dan Weimer ’99 and Leslie Weimer Susan Weimer ’82 Mark Weller ’90 and Marie Weller Ron Wells and Janine Wells Aaron Welty ’06 and Katie Welty Carolyn Sharp Wendt ’49 Martha Francisco Wennen ’49 Brian Wenstrup ’99 and Valerie Kubly Wenstrup ’99 Brandon Wernert ’16 Mark Wessling ’75 and Nancy Cole Wessling ’76 Alex West ’13 Joseph West Michael West ’00 and Mandy West Sue Robinson Whalen ’71 and Jerry Whalen Sarah Wheelers ’95 and Tom Wheelers Erin Houchen Whicker ’98 and Josh Whicker Angela White Angela White ’85 Don White ’81 and Judy Switzer White ’82 Doug White ’93 and Terri Patterson White ’92 Emily McElfresh White ’61 and Donald White Keith White ’80 and Judith White Ryan White ’93 Andrew Wibbels ’13 Mark Wickens

Drew Wignall ’01 and Sally Wignall Kristen Brookes Wilcken ’09 Larry Wilder ’83 Brian Wiley ’94 and Lisa Wiley Matthew Wilkerson Felicia Wilkey Bonner Wilkinson ’91 and Tina Wilkinson Steve Wilkinson ’64 and Linda Akers Wilkinson ’66 Ally Williams ’20 Josh Williams ’96 and Lisa Patterson Williams ’96 Susan Hackworthy Williams ’88 and Anthony Williams Mike Williams ’79 and Pam Suttles Williams ’78 Dave Williamson ’95 and Jessica Etchison Williamson ’98 Kirk Willig ’02 Patsy Willis Charles Wilson and Betty Wilson Courtney Odle Wilson ’16 Danny Wilson ’82 and Gail Wilson Jane Dall Wilson ’00 and Bradley Wilson Brooke Harris Wilson ’98 and Andy Wilson Jim Wilson ’92 and Jennifer Zuber Tom Wilson ’70 and Hope Hammond Wilson ’72 Sara Wines ’15 Breann Truelove Wininger ’15 and Jeffrey Truelove Molly Winke Cynthia Winkler ’73 Linda Winkler Jeffrey Winot and Kelli Winot Randall Winter Stuart Winternheimer and Karen Winternheimer Mark Wise ’84 and Amy Wise Pat Wiseman ’90 and Anne Lewis Wiseman ’89 Betty Withers ’71 Haley Witt ’17 Jana Witt Zachary Wojcik ’11 and Paige Spalding ’13 Michele Stephani Wojtowicz ’95 and Bob Wojtowicz Nick Wolf ’01 and Brandi Rademacher Wolf ’03 Rick Wolf ’90 Karen Fuller Wolfe ’73 and Craig Wolfe Nanette Krupp Wolfe ’75 Amanda Wolski ’13 Bob Wolverton ’48 and Peggy Wolverton Amanda Wood ’16 Rachana Ram Wood ’94 and Peter Wood Shannon Kegley Wood ’73 Thuha Wood Robert Woodard and Katie Woodard Jessy Walker Woods ’99 and Brian Woods Ron Woods ’92 and Karen Woods Steve Woods ’63 and Kitchel Woods Diane Howell Woolever ’69 and Ted Woolever Rick Worden and Betsy Worden Stephen Worley ’99 and Courtney Coffey Worley ’99 John Wright ’90 and Dallas Wetzel Wright ’92 Lana Little Wright ’69 and Paul Wright Nate Wright ’02 Jim Writt and Vicki Writt Philip Wyche and Rosamond Wyche Erica Abrams Yan ’11 Mi Yung Yoon and Jung Yoo Valerie Young Leslie Rock Zelenka ’74 and Donald Zelenka Sarah Coomer Ziker ’94 and Brad Ziker Paula Owen Zimmerman ’87 and Larry Zimmerman Joy Nielsen Zirille ’90 and Anthony Zirille Bill Zorn ’95 and Jennifer Simms Zorn ’95 Kevin Zurschmiede and Paula Zurschmiede (d) denotes deceased member



The Panther Club recognizes those members who provide financial assistance to Hanover’s athletic department, studentathletes, coaches, and teams.


Champions (lifetime designation bestowed upon those who make a gift of $5,000 or more) Dan Abrell ’86 and Karin Abrell Bob Baylor (d) ’70 and Beth Baylor Jeff Blair ’70 and Carol Blair JoAnn Brouillette ’83 Mark Dunning ’83 and Sang Hyun Dunning Susanne Talmage Ellman ’65 and Marty Ellman Lisa Fleming ’82 Mark Gabriel ’70 and Jennie Gabriel Jim Gaunt ’67 and Kate Gaunt Brian Haag ’74 Tricia Stockton Hagenah ’66 and Will Hagenah Lynn Nichols Hall ’82 and Chris Hall Andy Jankowski ’95 and Lisa Jordan Jankowski ’94 Molly Totten Jones ’86 and John Jones Elaine Kops-Bedel ’74 and Eric Bedel Lake Lambert and Kelly Duddles Lambert Mark Levett ’71 and Marabeth Ice Levett ’71 Chip Pease ’68 and Laura Reid Pease ’68 Wes Ratliff ’76 and Mary Burch Hambrick Ratliff ’78 Micah Shrewsberry ’99 and Molly Shrewsberry Stan Totten Mark Williams ’76 and Denise Vestal Williams Greg Willman ’85 and Karen Willman Ken Young ’65 and Linda Young Michael Zeddies ’77 and Judy Zeddies

Members Susan Abel ’89 Steve Avila ’83 and Mary Avila Joe Beardsley ’72 Kevin Berry ’90 and Leslie Ross Taylor ’93 Nathan Blanchard ’13 Dee Dee Bomholt and Jerry Bomholt Blake Braden Jim Braun ’79 and Launa Braun Towney Brewster ’71 and Debbie Baldwin Ron Brogan ’68 and Darla Brogan Eric Bruns ’00 and Karina Straub George Brutcher ’71 Desa Bubnovich ’74 Tony Carlton and Megan Carlton Mike Chalk ’76 and Melissa Chalk Greg Clark ’73 and Jeanne Cottrill Clark ’75 Glenn Clawson ’79 and Nancy Clawson Travis Clegg ’02 and Stephanie Clegg Steve Collier ’77 and Chris Zimmer Collier ’77 Cori Eckerle Collinsworth Brett Comer ’02 and Holly Adams Comer ’02 Darleen Connolly and John Connolly Jack Dalgleish ’69 and Mary Dalgleish Rich Dauer and Marti Dauer

Valerie Dillon ’81 JP Pock Dodson ’92 and Michael Dodson Roger Eckerle and Terri Eckerle Troy Edwards ’97 and Elisabeth McCandless Edwards ’98 Todd Ehninger ’78 Abbe Ernstes and Matt Ernstes Melissa Fenton ’97 Jon Ford ’58 and Judith Miller Ford ’58 Bill French ’79 and Cathy Scott Chuck Friedersdorf ’50 and Carol Smith Friedersdorf ’51 Ralph Gray ’55 and Beth Gray Tim Gruber ’15 Angie Kalb Gruendl ’96 Charles Hall ’74 Dick Hall ’67 and Jill Wood Hall ’68 Bill Hatch ’64 and Nancy Hatch Jane Huffman Hayes ’83 and Greg Hayes Dolores Hellmann Kirk Herrmann ’10 Megan Hogston ’14 Michelle Cline Holmes ’92 and Chris Holmes Ann Leslie Inman ’86 Roger Jester and Melissa Jester Steve Jobe and Terry Jobe Bob Johnson ’71 and Carolyn Johnson Don Katzman ’81 Kevin Keefe ’82 and Jill Philbrick Keefe ’83 Tracy Keller Kent Kledzik ’70 and Debbie Kledzik Mark Kleiman ’87 and Sandra Kleiman Gerard Koop ’79 and Jodie Koop Patricia Love Krise ’81 and Thomas Krise Joe Lake ’86 and Joy Brown Lake ’86 Ronald Lantz and Christina Lantz Mark Lawrence ’86 and Dana Hollar Lawrence ’86 Dick Lesh ’66 and Jill Sullivan Lesh ’66 Debby Linton ’82 Matt Linville ’97 and Kelly Linville Greg Lorenzi ’99 and Brittany Thompson Lorenzi ’98 Katy Lowe Schneider ’93 and Greg Schneider Lois Luongo Justin Magaw ’15 and Amanda McCauley Magaw ’15 Miranda Bailey Maxwell ’01 and Jason Maxwell ’98 Dick McCracken and Marcia McCracken Charlie McCulloch ’69 and Debra McCulloch A.J. McKinley ’53 and Marilyn McKinley Jon Miller ’97 and Angie Lugo Miller ’97 Mike Miller ’69 and Patty Warren Miller ’69 Ned Montgomery ’65 and Marilyn Megenhardt Montgomery ’65 Justin Moore ’98 Matt Moore ’05 Don Morrison ’64 John Muessel ’74 and Sally Craney Muessel ’76 Phil Mullins and Jane Mullins Chip Newman ’72 and Pam Newman

Steve Noble ’66 and Elizabeth Noble Steven Norris ’79 and Marsha Norris Jean Orr ’02 Bill Patton ’57 and Mary Patton Jon Pinnick ’87 and Lisa Pinnick Andrew Porta and Cherylyn Porta Peter Preocanin and Shelley Preocanin Randy Records ’76 and Teddie Records Melba Rodriguez and Angela Salas Marci Royalty ’94 Jane Rudicel ’80 and Paul Drake Nick Rutsis ’63 and Tricia Rutsis Marshall Scheper ’84 and Sandra Scheper Chuck Scott ’69 and Jeanne Scott Ted Server ’79 and Janice Server Carla Agnew Shadiow ’71 and Richard Shadiow Rick Shoultz ’87 and Nikki Gray Shoultz ’89 David Shuchat ’66 and Susan Shuchat David Shull ’68 and Susan Shull Ed Skarbeck ’88 Chris Smith ’01 Harriet Sprague ’58 Bill Springer ’57 and Carolyn Springer Jan Shepherd Spry and Brian Spry Rob St. Pierre ’70 and Kathy St. Pierre Matthew Steward ’12 Chris Stormer ’99 and Amber Robertson Stormer ’99 Tom Stuckwisch ’73 and Vivian Barkman Stuckwisch ’73 Dennis Sylvester ’59 and Lorna Sylvester Greg Taylor ’84 Kevin Thompson ’71 and Kathleen Thompson Chris Tookey ’12 Neil Townsend ’11 Jim Trachtman and Courtney Trachtman John Trimble ’77 and Ann Wimsatt Trimble ’78 Bruce Turner ’69 and Cheryl Waters Turner ’67 James Watts Dan Weimer ’99 and Leslie Weimer Michael West ’00 and Mandy West Andrew Wibbels ’13 Drew Wignall ’01 and Sally Wignall Larry Willen ’57 Kirk Willig ’02 Stuart Winternheimer and Karen Winternheimer Jessy Walker Woods ’99 and Brian Woods David Yeager and Beverly Yeager (d) denotes deceased member

The Hanover College 2017-18 Annual Report recognizes the members of our lifetime giving societies, annual giving societies, and the Panther Club. We have prepared these donor recognition lists with care and with the aim of recognizing each donor accurately. If we have misspelled your name, listed it incorrectly or inadvertently omitted it, please accept our sincere apologies. Please contact Kelly Hatton, director of advancement services, at 812-866-7019 or, so we may correct our records.

Hanover College 517 Ball Drive Hanover, IN 47243 812.866.7000

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Annual Report 2018  

Annual Report 2018  

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