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>>Owner’s Letter Hi Borrowistas, I am so excited to bring you the second lookbook by Borrow For Your Bump. After a year in the maternity fashion business, I can say that even though there have been some bumps in the road (no pun intended), we are experiencing growth and continue to bring you mama’s the latest trends and styles by some of the best designers. We are always searching for those highest quality pieces but sometimes those come with a hefty price tag which is why you can rent at BFYB! The process is so simple and you can enjoy your rental for 30 days. No long term commitment but if you love it, you can keep it for longer too. I can honestly say that I have the most rewarding job. I get to make mama’s feel their best and my favorite part is hearing from you, our customers. When you said, “we want more dresses”, we brought you more colorful and trendy styles. One of my favorites for this season is the Floral Maxi Dress by Seraphine which is available in two prints and white, and is a celebrity favorite of Jessica Alba. Nautical stripes, color blocking, neutrals, there are so many varieties for this spring and summer season. We are also introducing a new designer, Imanimo from Israel. From bohemian styles like the Naomie Dress to a more sexy and edgy look like the Shir Dress available in blue and mocha. For this lookbook, I was able to collaborate with some very talented ladies. Leah from Iconic Styling led the styling of the lookbook photo shoot. Leah is also a fellow Nebraskan but she travels all over the country for her clients. With the weather getting warmer, we included some vitality tips with nutrition advice and a fun healthy drink recipe from C&J Nutrition, creators of the WellRounded NYC program, as well benefits of prenatal yoga by Emilie Smith. All of these ladies hail out of NYC and provide ways to balance looking and feeling good! Finally, our photographer and lookbook designer, Hannah from Slice Studios, LLC; this is my second year collaborating with Hannah and this girl has it. Her passion shines through in her work but I will let you judge for yourself. She has even included some tips on preparing for a maternity photo shoot. I hope you enjoy the tips and tricks included. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our fabulous styles at If you love the content you see here, you can also sign up for our newsletter there too! krystal founder & owner of bfyb

>>A note from the stylist “Give me a day and I will change your entire way of thinking about how you look, dress, and feel.” - Leah Dunklau-Scheppers Over the past 8 years, Leah Dunklau-Scheppers has been honing her fashion sensibilities in the windy city of Chicago. She began her fashion career in 2005 as a manager for the gold standard in customer service, Nordstrom. In 2008, she moved on to manage Intermix, a high end, multi-vendor retailer that is the epitome of fashion forward. In addition to managing the retail stores, she also oversaw all Visual Merchandising for the Chicago market. It is this extreme attention to detail with styling and merchandising a closet that she brings her skills into your world. In 2011, she co-founded the Chicago-based Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Consulting firm, Lookstyle. Through this venture, she was able to “marry” the most important elements of styling: the high level of customer service that she learned from Nordstrom, and the fashion forward edge and attention to detail that she embodied with Intermix. All together, creating a highly personalized, luxury styling service that took each client to the next level. She now bases her styling company, Iconic Styling, out of the Midwest as she continues to travel across the country for individual clients and to hand pick the best designers, special treasures and wardrobes for each of her clientele.

>>SUMMER STYLING TIPS: “Many women will say “I want to be able to wear it AFTER the baby too”. And while our pocketbooks would LOVE for this to work, you need to focus on finding styles for your bump that look good NOW! “ “Pregnancy is the perfect time to keep your outfit simple and layer on the accessories. Bold necklaces and cuffs are big for summer and don’t be afraid to rock a fedora with a casual look.” (could work with the hat/ light blue dress look) “Neutral colors mixed together create an ultra chic vibe that works year round. Mix tan, grey, olive, browns, and white for a subtle but polished effect” “Legs are your best friend when you’re pregnant. Slip on a killer heel with a mini to bring a little sexy into your look” “The 1920’s are once again influencing fashion. Create a modern “flapper” look with a tulle dress and encrusted headband.”

(left) Navy Stripe Stella Dress (rent for $26) Stretch Denim Jacket by Lilac (rent for $26) (right) Blue Printed Maxi Dress by Seraphine (rent for $24) Skinny Leather Tie Belt by Seraphine ($35)

(left) Lei Blouse by Imanimo (rent for $26) Union Laurel Canyon Petite by Paige Denim ($50) (right) White Lace Trim Maxi Dress by Seraphine (rent for $24)

Naomi Dress by Imanimo (rent for $30)

Braided Halter Dress by Maternal America (rent for $31) Taupe Tie Cardigan by Seraphine (rent for $24)

Floral Print Maxi Dress by Seraphine (rent for $24)

Skinny Cargo Trousers (rent for $25) Lana Tank by LAmade ($26) Taupe Tie Cardigan by Seraphine (rent for $21)

Stretch Tulle Dress in black by Maternity America (rent for $33)

Stretch Tulle Dress in teal by Maternity America (rent for $33)

Sleeveless Shirt Dress by Maternal America (rent for $38)

Sleeveless Shirt Dress by Maternal America (rent for $38) Union Skyline Jeans by Paige Denim (rent for $50) Orly Stripe Tee by NOM (rent for $16) Taupe Tie Cardigan by Seraphine (rent for $24)

Belly Support Pencil Skirt by Maternal America (rent for $25) Peplum Blazer by Maternal America (rent for $38) Kristen Top by Lilac (rent for $20)

Lace Panel Dress by Seraphine (rent for $30)

Sleeveless Contrast Maxi Dress by Seraphine (rent for $30)

Basic Laying Cami by LAmade ($29) Courtney Skirt by NOM (rent for $22)

>>C&J NUTRITION (Stephanie Clarke & Willow Jarosh) Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh are registered dietitians and the dynamic duo behind C&J Nutrition, the popular NYC-based nutrition consulting and communications company. These nutritionists share nutrition in fun and practical ways that work with busy lifestyles. They’re media spokespeople and featured in numerous health and lifestyle magazines and professional journals, and are contributing nutrition experts at SELF magazine, where they develop eating plans, recipes, and contribute a monthly column. In addition to blogging for the Best Life, C&J Nutrition has blogged for Whitney Port’s personal blog, are the experts behind Bumble Bee Foods’ Bee Delicious blog, and are Nutrition Directors at Healthy Kids Concepts. Stephanie and Willow create workplace wellness programs for companies and bring creative nutrition programming to major universities. The duo delivers healthy meal ideas on Twitter, where they TwEAT what they eat, giving real-time meal and snack ideas. C&J Nutrition also offers daily healthy eating tips via Facebook. C&J Nutrition | Top 5 Stay-Healthy Tips: 1 | Drink Enough Water Daily adequate water intake is important for important body functions such as: digestion, circulation, regularity, nutrient absorption, and much more. Water is essential to help transport nutrients through your blood to your baby. Proper hydration can prevent pregnancy related symptoms such as: Constipation and hemorrhoids, excessive leg swelling caused by water retention, leg cramps, and dry skin. How much water do you need? At least 8 cups per day (64 ounces). Add an additional 1 cup of water for every 1 hour of light activity. 2 | Eat breakfast everyday Your baby is growing around the clock and skipping breakfast (or any meal) means baby is missing important growing materials. Having a hard time with nausea? Try a cold fruit smoothie, or anything that doesn’t make your stomach cringe. It doesn’t have to be traditional breakfast food. 3 | Eat consistent meals Don’t skip meals or wait more than 4-5 hours without eating anything. Skipping a meal for you is the same as forgetting to feed your baby. 4 | Eat 2-3 healthy snacks each day Healthful snacks are important for keeping energy up throughout the day, controlling blood sugar (and mood!), and preventing you from getting too hungry between meals. You should never feel like you are so hungry that you feel irritable, dizzy, or light-headed. Healthy snack criteria: Contains at least two major nutrients protein plus carbohydrate carbohydrate plus healthy fat protein plus healthy fat Good source of fiber (3 grams or more) Low in saturated fat (less than 3 grams) 5 | Eat for nutrient maximization Choose foods that are rich in nutrients as opposed to getting calories from foods that contain empty calories like soda, sweetened beverages, processed grains and baked goods.

>>Healthy summer drinks The Pear Ginger Spritzer, a take on ginger ale, is lighter and has less sugar, but with more flavor. For a cocktail alternative that is perfect for women in any trimester.

Pear-ginger spritzer (serves 4) 1 very ripe pear 1 tbsp honey 1 tsp ground ginger... more if you like it REALLY spicy ;) 24 ounces lemon seltzer (the unsweetened type) Peel the pear and remove the core. Puree the pear, honey, and ginger in a blender until completely smooth, about 1 full minute. Divide the pear mixture between 4 glasses and add 6 ounces of lemon seltzer to each. Stir and garnish with a lemon twist. Each drink has 40 calories. -Recipe from C&J Nutrition, creators of the WellRounded NYC program.

>>Benefits of prenatal yoga for you (and your growing baby!) (Emilie Smith | 1 | Breath Control – Yoga breathing exercises increase oxygen flow and help you and your baby relax. Breath control is also beneficial for pain management during labor. 2 | Build Strength & Balance - Standing poses such as Warrior I, Warrior 2 and Tree Pose help build strength and balance. Strength is needed to support your growing belly and balance poses help you to adapt to your changing center of gravity. 3 | Low Back & Hip Relief – Hip opening poses such as pigeon and squat open the hips and release pressure on the low back. 4 | Bonding Time for You and Your Baby – Yoga creates space in your body and mind which benefits both you and your growing baby. Dedicate your practice as a time to tune in and nurture yourself and your baby. 5 | Labor Recovery – Yoga is an excellent way to get back in shape after you have your baby. Start with breathing exercises and gentle stretches until your doctor approves it is safe for you to begin a regular yoga practice. Develop a regular yoga practice as a way to nurture yourself as much as you nurture your new baby.

>>Nursery inspiration: “sunshine” Jill Heggen Public Relations Associate; Swanson Russell in Omaha, NE Age: 28 // Married to Rob Heggen for 6 years // Children: Harper Bronte Heggen(6 months) How did you decide on your baby’s name? I had liked Harper for some time. Bronte is the name of a beach in Australia, where Rob grew up. Also, both names have literary references and our first dance at our wedding was by Ben Harper. Lots of connections to our lives. Did you do anything special when announcing to your family/friends that you were expecting? We had just moved into our home so we had my mother and sisters over for dinner. When giving them a tour of the house, we opened the room to the nursery and announced that it would be the baby’s room. How would you describe your personal style when it comes to your home? We like to keep it simple and clean with modern furniture and a mix of basic colors (gray, black, white) with pops of color. Our style is comfortable and casual. Where did you look for inspiration for your nursery? (magazines, Pinterest, design books, etc...) Pinterest was one source of inspiration along with Apartment Therapy. I liked the idea of creating a fun space that would work for a boy or a girl. Chevron was everywhere last year and I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the room. We chose basic paint colors throughout the house so adding a fun design on the nursery walls was exciting. Of course, Rob handled all the hard work, but his time was definitely worth it! Did you know the sex of your baby while decorating? What would you recommend for someone who keeps it a surprise? We did not know the sex of the baby, so we choose to keep it simple by featuring neutral colors gray and yellow – which was fitting since we called the baby Sunshine. We thought we might add pink or blue in later but it seems that teal has snuck its way into the room. If you are keeping the gender a surprise, you can still set-up a nursery. Start with the basics – a simple wall color, basic bedding and furniture. You can always add in gender-specific toys or details later. Don’t wait to decorate the nursery until after baby comes home. Your attention will be kept by that sweet newborn. The room should be comforting and a source of happiness in you and your baby’s life, but it should also be able to follow them into their toddler years. What was your main inspiration when thinking of nursery themes? Yellow and gray seemed to be my only related theme. We have about four owls that have also made an appearance, but really the theme is based on the two colors. How did you go about selecting the colors and decorations? I knew I wanted the room to be gray and yellow. Once I added in chevron walls, there wasn’t much room to include many other details without the space being too busy. So we opted for white furniture (crib, dresser, shelves and rocker) and a few teal accessories. Also, I received an adorable “You Are My Sunshine” wall hanging from my older sister at my baby shower. Since we called the baby Sunshine, this had to go near the crib. What would you recommend when thinking of color schemes? Keep it simple. Too many colors can be overwhelming for an infant. If you keep the main items in the same color scheme, you can easily add in fun decorations and change out bedding or décor as the baby grows. By keeping it simple, the room can easily be transferred into a toddler room and grow with the child – saving you time and energy, too! What is your favorite thing about your nursery? My favorite thing in the nursery is the rocker. It was given to me by my mother. I repainted it and recovered the cushions so that it fit Harper’s room. It was a small gesture from my mom but I think of her every day as I read stories to my daughter every night at bedtime. (continued on next page)

Where are some of your “go-to” places when searching for pieces that fit your scheme? Rob and I went to Denver for a mini-vacation before Harper was born. During the trip, we stopped at IKEA where we picked out items specifically with our child in mind. We found a rug, dresser and shelves for the nursery. We got the crib from Nebraska Furniture Mart. The rocker was passed down from my mother. What furniture pieces were important for having the nursery baby-ready? Our crib arrived the same day as our fifth wedding anniversary and my baby shower, September 8. That made it feel like we were getting closer. However, it wasn’t until we had the curtains up – the final step – that the room felt complete. Of course, getting the rocker painted and recovered was a major hurdle as I’m not as DIY savvy as I’d like to be! Were there particular pieces you received for gifts or asked for on your shower registration? Some of my favorite “little things” about the nursery were given to us as gifts. Of course, the rocker was a gift from my mother. Rob’s mum sent a kangaroo toy to us as soon as she found out we were having a baby. Harper has lots of books, all gifts from other people. The quilt that hangs on her crib was from my little sister and my best friend in Texas knitted a gray, white and yellow striped blanket with a sunshine in one corner that sits on the back of the rocker. My cousin made a gray and yellow door stopper that hangs across the inside and outside door knobs on Harper’s room to keep the door from making noise as we sneak peeks at her sleeping. Hanging on Harper’s door are “wishes for baby sunshine” – a book of wishes from everyone who attended my shower last September. What were some of the most useful items on your registration? Anything you wish you had listed? We received so many great items from our friends and family, including hand-me-downs! The most useful items on our gift registry included the basics like white onesies, pacifiers, bottles, wipes, diaper rash cream and crib sheets. What advice can you give to first-time parents? My advice is to use your resources – family, friends, other moms – and never turn down help! I said yes to anyone who wanted to bring us food and it definitely helped out in those first few weeks.

>>FROM BUMP TO BABY: PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE Hannah VanDerslice is an on-location wedding and lifestyle photographer (& designer) based in Nebraska who *LOVES* to travel nationally and internationally. Telling stories is her passion. Her specialties are weddings, engagements, seniors, family, newborn, children, glamour and maternity. When it comes to researching a photographer in your area for expecting and/or newborn pictures, there are many different things to consider: 1 | Do they offer lifestyle, studio or both? Some photographers only work in a studio environment with designed sets, props and lighting; others prefer using natural sunlight, items around your home (if they offer to come to you) and going on-location. It is important to ask in advance which they offer, or if they do both. Sometimes, travel can be an added cost to the session fee. 2 | What will the end product be? Before you make a phone call, you need to consider what types of products you want as a final result. Some photographers only offer a disc while others can offer a plethora of design options that translate to albums, wall art, and boutique printing options (metal prints, prints on wood blocks, jewelry that include your photos, etc) in addition to prints. 3 | In addition to per session rates, do they offer bulk packages? In the case of baby pictures, some photographers offer a “Baby’s First Year Package” that can include expecting all the way through the oneyear photos. This might be a better option cost-wise over a long period

Hannah VanDerslice photographer + owner Slice Studios, LLC 402.641.7499 subscribe to: or “like” on Facebook

if you plan on all the shoots regardless and don’t mind paying up front. (Tip: you may want to ask if they offer a payment plan.) 4 | Do you like the style of their images? There are so many different options when it comes to choosing an artist’s work that matches your style. It always helps to let your photographer know what proportion of color vs. black and white images you prefer, if you’d like some posed shots in addition to candids (semi-posed, action shots), and what you plan on doing with the photos in advance. 5 | What is their experience? When considering a newborn photographer, it is always important that you trust this individual, you find yourself bonding with them, and feel at ease as they work with your brand new infant. Safety should always come first when posing newborns! 6 | What steps should you take to prepare your home? If your photographer offers the option to come to your home, they will most likely want to shoot in places close to large windows or where natural light shines through. It can help if you reduce clutter in those areas and keep the temperature warmer than usual. 7 | What does it take to book? You may have to place a down-payment in advance. It is important to consider how early you need to call, as some photographers book a season in advance. With infants, you may have to set a tentative date and reschedule as the time draws nearer--ask their policies on how much time in advance you need to let them know. Most photographers prefer to schedule newborn sessions within their first two weeks of birth because they sleep more soundly, are more flexible, and don’t have as strong of reflexes. They are still use to being wrapped up, very snuggly. 8 | What types of consultation do they provide? Depending on the studio or individual business, some will help you pick out props and outfits, and then meet with you afterwards to walk you through your options. Others will provide you with a link or disc. It is important to consider how much planning help you will want and whether your photographer includes time to guide you through the process. Every business is different, and it is important to consider their customer service. 9 | What sorts of props should you consider bringing? If you plan on using the pictures in your nursery, you may want to consider a similar look that will go along with your theme. It all depends where you plan on using the photos--you may want to incorporate a particular color scheme or request black and white if you are unsure.

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Borrow For Your Bump | Spring/Summer Look Book  

Trendy styles that you can buy/rent for your bump; plus, several great articles by experts in the field of fashionably expecting.