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Dear Rats,

It seems like it has been forever since I’ve published. And in that time a lot has happened. Unfortunately, this includes the loss of a dear member of our subculture, Kenn Kroosaficks. This issue is dedicated to Kenn and his family during this difficult time. Maybe it’s a good thing it has taken me this long to publish, this way I can do him the only honour I know how, dedicating an issue of DeathRock beauty to his name.

Thank you, Kenn, for your contributions to the culture. See you soon!


The Mescaline Babies The Babies have done it again with their newest release, Crush. With darker and crazier beats than ever, it’s the vocals that made my spine tingle. Great production quality and talented musicians make this album a dream for deathrockers everywhere. “Skeleton Kids” is my personal favourite from the album and what remains of this album is that it must be heard! (That last sentence will make sense in context, so go buy the album) Escarlatina Obsessiva If the album artwork isn’t enough to draw you in, the music will. Songs like “Fakir” will drive Siouxsie fans wild with its mellow, but dark, guitars and the ever amazing vocals. Piano on “Emerald Green” makes for the perfect balance of music and eeriness. It’s clear that these guys are in the forefront of the South American DeathRock scene and I have no doubt they will go down in history with the likes of Christ vs. Worhal and Skeletal Family. RRRRRRR If you’ve been in the DeathRock scene long, you’ve probably heard of RRRRRRR. Traditional tribal beats with slightly more streamlined electric guitars make songs like “Frio” and “L’Arabia” classics. Occasionally using unusual instrument sounds, there is an otherworldly feel to this band and I highly recommend them for anyone searching for an instant love affair. Cyferdyne If you’re more of an industrialist, this is one band you cannot miss. Every Industrial DJ NEEDS to hear this band. Guaranteed to get people on the dance floor, this band has reignited my dying flame of love for pure industrial in its truest form. “Afraid to Dream” begins in way that tugs at your heart and suddenly you just want to fling your limbs and throw on some dreads. “Buried Alive by Love” is another great track that is free to download from their facebook. Check ‘em out! Sacre Noir With the release of their second album, Sinking into Darkness, Scottish act Sacre Noir have broadened their horizons and stretched their talents to new levels. Touring this summer in Europe to promote the album, this is a show not to be missed. With electronica sounds and cabaret influences, the masks have gotten bigger and so have the sounds. Feast your ears upon Sacre Noir and sink into their darkness. My personal favourites include “She Can’t Take It” and “Can’t Find my Truth (In Someone Like You)”. Also available is the album “Her Volatile Condition” and the three demo recordings as a trilogy. Be sure to purchase a physical copy or download “Sinking into Darkness” from iTunes if you have any taste at all.

The Funeral and the Twilight- Sullen Life///Blighted Death The Minneapolis band, The Funeral and the Twilight, are a classic deathrock piece with brilliant sounds and fantastic skill. Though truly original in their sound, they do remind me somewhat of Godscare with in vocals and in drums. They are rather dark but that doesn’t hinder their talent. The Funeral and the Twilight show that you don’t have to be a typical deathrocker to enjoy this music. I am surprised they don’t have more of a following in the community and I hope this will soon be remedied. The guitar in “Fast to Death” is possibly one of my favourite moments on this album, but each element of instrumentation is perfect and I recommend that you give them a like on facebook and a purchase on bandcamp! Mirror Mirror Imagine Bauhaus with an organ giving away free downloads in Spokane, Washington. Yes, the band known as Mirror Mirror are something special. Very traditional in their sound, the ‘80s post-punk movement is reborn and the notes will make you long for the days when vampires weren’t cool and fog machines didn’t smell like vanilla. I fell for this band…hard. Everything you could dream of being played at your favourite goth club is culminated in this fourpiece. Love in Cage What I call “deathrocktronic” is well represented by Love in Cage. They have the individuality not to be compared to anyone else, but the strength to be considered among the modern greats. Like a parasol under the hot sun, you feel sheltered by their music when you want to escape the world. The programming is brilliant and the vocals are exactly what one wishes for in their goth music. Emilie Autumn- Fight Like a Girl In her latest album, Fight Like a Girl, also known as FLAG, Emilie Autumn “Liddell” (whose real last name is Fritzges) writes about her supposed time institutionalized for her depressive episode as a result of Bipolar Disorder type 1. While she has lied about many things, including the death of her family in a fire, I am, unfortunately, still a fan. However, this album left me less than impressed. I loved each song on the “Opheliac” album, but the songstress’s arrogance has led her to believe she will make it in London’s West End and this album reflects that. There are only about four songs on the seventeen track CD that I actually enjoy. “Opheliac” fans may find much of this album a disappointment as it is far less industrial and hard but the track that really got on my nerves was “I Don’t Understand” in which she acts out a drama between two characters in her book. She giggles. A rather annoying, irritating little giggle. However, she achieved what she was aiming for in creating an album that could be a musical. Popoi Sdioh Don’t ask me to pronounce it. Just let the music speak for itself. Popoi Sdioh blends metal with punk with deathrock in just the right tension. This is truly unique music and it is wonderful to hear some individuality in current music. Forward thinking produces music like this and you will feel thoroughly refreshed after having a listen on their bandcamp, myspace, or whatever music player you choose. The guitar rifts are extremely well played and the album “Before and After Party” on a whole is a delight to listen to.

Vexing Souls- Epic Conflict Even better than their previous two albums, Epic Conflict is a Gothic Metal dream, blending the sounds of Nightwish and Turisas to create their own sound. Each song has its own specialty but I particularly enjoyed the steady, heavy riffs of “No Turning Back”. As I mentioned in a previous review of Vexing Souls, there may be something in this album that you find you weren’t looking for. This album is also released alongside lead vocalist, Judy Burris’s, fine novella “Epic Conflict” reviewed just a few pages away……… Hot Fog With their release of “Wyvern and Children First”, Hot Fog’s insane punk drumming throws you into the pit and the slamming guitars purge you of any negative views you previously may have had about metal music. Truly metal in its purest form, these guys have a future ahead of them in this industry. Vocally, this is a masterpiece and as a vocalist I can only dream of hitting some of the notes in the song “Dwarf King of the Sovereign”. Mrs. Howl This indie-punk trio from Texas open their album “Lovie and the Yellow Lamp” with the track “Yellow Lamp” which reminds me much of a mix between Skeletal Family and Rubella Ballet with a hint of roller derby thrown in. These are very talented musicians and continue to impress me with each track I hear. Female fronted with Chelsea, Laurel, and Alfonso, they will make you dance just as they promise. Head over to facebook and bandcamp to check them out for yourself. Danse Macabre Danse Macabre is exactly what you’d expect if the perfection of Joy Division was paired with the lightness of The Cure (both these bands have been compared to Danse Macabre before, but I cannot disagree). Maybe throw in a bit of A-ha. Quite frankly, they are exactly what I want to be listening to on a good day while shaving the sides of my head when the sun is out and my nails are painted black. Haflingerallergie Skilled musicians are difficult to come by, but Haflingerallergie steals the show when it comes to talent. Everything from the vocals to the drums seems in perfect order even with the distorted, deathrock quality that it never loses. My favourite song would have to be “Birds” but none of their songs leave me with that un-musically-satisfied feeling.

Secular Plague Hardcore punk reminiscent of the 1970’s can be revived by listening to Secular Plague with their invaluable gift to the music industry. The longest track on their self-titled debut album being 1:46, you can easily compare them to the likes of The Ramones but they are far more, well...European sounding. Think Jamie Rottencorpse meets the Sex Pistols. I would love to attend a live show with these guys. Epic Church Crazy deathrocktronic riffs and melodic vocals make up a beautiful sound that stretches over multiple genres and would be listened to by those on the deathrock end of the goth spectrum as well as those on the electro-goth side. A unifying brand of music makes Epic Church one to look out for as they are certain to be at Goth festivals soon! Drama of the Spheres On of the most influential goth bands in France, Drama of the Spheres capture just the right sound. Melding the past and present perfectly, they manage to do something that the future will appreciate. This is another band that will go on your request sheet for club nights and radio shows alike. They present a brilliantly thought out form of music that will have you dancing the night away! Colonal XS I don’t think I have ever reviewed any band quite as unique as Colonal XS, and that’s saying a lot! Their one track album (which can be downloaded on bandcamp) from Loophole in Berlin, “A Huge Waste of Time” can’t exactly be danced to, nor would the 18 minutes be suitable for a radio show. It is however nice to listen to on a dark night when you want to paint your nails black. This ‘song’ is more like a soundtrack to a David Lynch film. They do have more music, but this was a particularly unexpected surprise.

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Featured Album An Instructional Guide for Aspiring Arsonists by The Deadfly Ensemble

Latest project by the Zeus of DeathRock, Lucas Lanthier, “An Instructional Guide for Aspiring Arsonists” is an amazing work of craftsmanship and music. The press release didn’t really leave any comparisons left to be imagined as they describe their sound in every way from Weimerera to Sparks to Shirley Collins in leather on LSD. As usual, the stories told on the album are astoundingly strange and…well…unusual. Similarly, the sound is still unique to this five piece. I never would have thought to use a cat as an instrument, but that’s just me. Plus there is the barking. The orchestral tones make the listener feel otherworldly, like living in the past, while tracks such as “The Early Years of Dr. Lindsay” leave you wanting to do your DeathRock zombie dance. That is probably my favourite track on the album, but the previously released single of “Hammer, Anvil, Stirrups” is still near the top of my list. All in all, you had best order this album. There is a limited edition signed insert if you order the hard copy, which is due out the eleventh of September, 2012.

Music Video Review- Sacre Noir Sacre Noir is back with their second album on the 25th of July. As a preview they have released the track “She Can’t Take It”. Along with the track, they have produced a brilliant music video sticking with their dark aesthetic and lo-fi qualities that make them so intricately unique. Each note in the song is perfectly attuned to the video, which includes two fantastic actresses acting as creepy broken dolls and a wonderful actor, musician, and friend, Andrew Jackson. Carrie Beattie’s masked face is reflected and shared by the audience during the band shots in this black and white music video. One simply must look it up on youtube to see this masterpiece. Again, that is “She Can’t Take It” by Sacre Noir and is quite possibly the best music video I have ever seen, and that’s saying something. Book Review- Epic Conflict by Judy Burris While this novella is less than a hundred pages, it is packed with truths reflected in their album of the same name (reviewed above). The songstress has created a story which is appropriate for all ages. For children it can be read in a week and by adults in a couple of hours, either way it is a beautifully written and elegantly penned tale of a battle for a kingdom beginning with a horrific murder by werewolf and the fight of a queen to save her son. At first channeling dark forces, she eventually finds her strength from another place and is able to overcome her fears and…well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself what happens next. Concert Review- Birdeatsbaby One of the greatest up and coming acts of the dark cabaret genre, Birdeatsbaby electrifies the stage when they play. From powerful, passionate songs about sailors to the fans shouting “Flog that Horse!” there is little to leave the audience wanting in any way. Although it was a small burrito restaurant in Spokane, Washington, the band managed to receive a large audience and they were simply wonderful to meet. DVD Review- A Light in the Darkness “A Light in the Darkness” is about Goth. It is also about God. Mostly, it is about the two coexisting in a mutual relationship in which one can live with the other. Shock and horror, right? This DVD proves that there can be unity and harmony between the Gothic scene and the Christian lifestyle. For those who’s parents or friends believe you must be a Satanist if you dress Goth, this is a good DVD to show them. Whether you are a Christian or not, I recommend getting a hold of this just to show others that Goth isn’t about religion, it’s a lifestyle. And as an added bonus, you might find something interesting about yourself. Manic Depression Records If you are a deathrock or alternative artist looking for a label to sign with, I highly recommend Manic Depression Records. If you are just a listener or are interested in finding out more, they have a mixer you can download from their site. This mixer has helped me with my radio show (The DeathRat Radio Show on DeathRock Radio) when I’ve needed a song last minute to add to my set. There are some truly beautiful tracks on this mixer and it will give you a small idea of what is to come of this amazing independent label.

Off With Her Head- Vintage Inspired Millinery I met Lisa Jones through facebook, where I was immediately amazed by her hat designs. I asked her if we could do some mutual sponsorship and she agreed. So after telling her what I was looking for, she sent me some drawings which looked amazing and finally the day came in which the package arrived with my hats! Quality fabrics and quality craftsmanship, Off With Her Head delivers beautiful headpieces of all sorts. You can check out the etsy page, coquetandroses, as well as the Off With Her Head blog. Take a look at some possible shots for my future album where I am sporting these amazing works of art. Her prices are amazing for what you are getting so whether you need a festival look or just something fun, check out Off With Her Head.

An Interview with Madame B Can you tell us a bit about how Madame B came to be? - i'm writing a lot and always wanted to do music but i never dare to try! one day i just decided that i wanted to do something with my writing and i don't know why but i just started music with what i had around ,it was in 2005/2006. I did and still do instinctive music, got no knowledge, i do music as improvisations. I never know how a song will sounds like untill the end of it.

Who are some of your greatest musical inspirations? - musical inspirations..well i don't know really.. but one thing is sure , i'm listening a lot of music.. and i love anything as long as it's touch me... but if you wants some names, i'll say : Patti Smith, Joy Division, Nick Cave, David Eugene Edwards, Fugazi, Malaria!, Liliput/Kleenex ,Serge Gainsbourg, Blind Willie Johnson, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Sons of Perdition, 7 Years Bitch, Virgin Prunes, Teenage Jesus and The Jerks, Sonic Youth, The Cramps, Pj Harvey, Those Poor Bastards and so much more.. but i'm gonna stop, i'm gonna be boring.

How has it been working with Zorch Factory? -It has been great, it helps me to share my music with more people which is always good! thanks a lot Manu!

What is your writing process like? -i don't have process..i just write every time i need it..and most of the time i puke my anger and/or sadness straight away on paper.

Who all have you collaborated with and how is that experience different from writing on your own? -when i do collaborations i usually write myself or use texts i already have,most of the time it's like that. My side projects are :Les Enfants Sales ( with Christophe Andres ) , The Desolation Singers ( With Neddal Ayad from The Does ) ,Bloody Mary ( With Cyril Mary ) , Tough Cookie & Pussy Footer ( with Vincent Vbas ), Room111 (with Frederic Lemaitre ) and i also made collaborations With Camp Z , Guilty Strangers , Jeremy May ( Sons of Perdition ) Wehwalt, Shawn Terry, Drunken C, Viktoria Matthews, Charlize Zodiac, Seeglas, Silence Moon, Caput Cartridge ,Covered face ,Lugol's iodine , Colin H von Eeckhout, Teenage Sin Taste, Stolearm, ...

Do you plan to do any shows to promote your music any time soon? - no i'm not interested for the moment.

What is the alternative scene like in France and has there been much of a response? - honestly i have no idea, i think it's more a matter of where in France...

Which album do you feel represents you the best? - it's hard to answer... all of them really...

Can you tell us a bit about the Biblical imagery in your songs? - i grew up with a strict religious education,i was praying sometimes 10 times a day, and of course i read the bible a bunch of time. but when i left home at 17 i just wanted to leave everything behind, even my faith and of course my spiritual life in general.. a few years ago it came back to me strongly...

What does the future hold for Madame B? - hope! and more digging...

An Interview with Little Phoenix

When did you first begin modeling? Back in 2003. I was in a band called Sonodara and we were asked to perform in a fashion show, not as musicians but as models.

Was it always a dream for you? No. I know I wanted to do something creative and I started out in the music industry. After doing my first runway show I found that I really liked modeling and started doing it professionally.

What have been some of your favorite photo shoots? Oh wow! There are so many. Well I definitely like my sci-fi alien shoot. The makeup for that was based off of Katy Perry's from E.T.

I also got to do a True Blood shoot which was a ton of fun. I love doing costume shoots.

Glamor shoots can also be really fun. I've been working with Stan Freedman photography to get a good makeup artist portfolio. Here is an example:

I got to do a rave/ goth shoot with my friend Connor. That was a lot of fun because we were both friends with the photographer Ken Morrill. We got a lot of attention during that shoot from some kids. We ended up taking some pictures with them.

Why the name ‘Little Phoenix’? Oh man! It's a terrible story. Ha ha! I had gotten my nails done for the first time ever and the woman did an awful job. Later that week I was out drinking with some friends and I kept looking at my nails in disgust. So one of my friends dared me to light one on fire. I lit my middle finger on fire and flipped him off. He said I was the Phoenix because it was the flaming bird. Because I am so short I added the "Little".

Who are some of your modeling influences? Believe or not I really like Cindy Crawford. I've always thought she was awesome. I like that she is a strong, fit woman. I was never big on the Kate Moss waif look.

How has it been finding work as the number of alternative models is growing? Pretty easy. You just need to know how to market yourself if you aren't with an agency. I search out people and companies I want to work with. You'd be surprised how many responses you get when you just have the nerve to ask.

What are some future projects you will be working on? I'm working on getting a lot of makeup shots together for my makeup artist portfolio. In fact I should have some more up on my fan page soon. I'm also working on a music project with one of my friends. It's super secret. All I can really say is it will be multimedia based and it's something I've never seen done before.

DeathRat Issue 10  
DeathRat Issue 10  

Deathrock fanzine made to represent the culture, this issue is dedicated to Kenn Kroosaficks.