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Hello Rat Readers!

So this issue premiers “Every Day a Goth Day� which interviews every day Goths, Deathrockers, and Post-Punkers. On top of this, we have music reviews, advertisements for great shops and products, interviews with some of the finest, reviews of corsetry, and concert reviews. Who could ask for more?

There are a couple non-Goth related things, but hey, keep an open mind for me. I like to throw in a wildcard every now and then.

As always, if you would like to be reviewed or if you would like to advertise in DeathRat, please email thebatgirl@live.co.uk.

Thanks!!! Hannah >*.*<

Cover Model- Kaylee Lea Photo by- Osser Images

POPOI SDIOH With the new album “Before and After Party”, POPOI SDIOH creates an amazing atmosphere of digital dimensions with a healthy dose of attitude and the all-important…talent. These guys are awesomely unique and this album illustrates their need to step away from the traditional and be exactly who they have to be. Listening to this album, you can feel that the members have found a purpose in their music. The vocals are often layered and have that modern edge that is just coming into the deathrock scene. There is some metal influence it seems, but the music never loses its ‘gothness’. The guitars are beautifully deathrock and the drums are very post-punk. These dead boys are the ones to listen for.

Fear Incorporated With the light instrumentation of The Velvet Underground with sudden dynamics and excessive talent, Fear Incorporated bring a new sound to the genre. And that’s just one song (“Clown”) off their new album “Phobos” released by Manic Depression Records. They also happen to be rather welcoming if you are willing to step into their world. The rest of this album is full of twists and turns which will lead you down the rabbit hole of ‘gothness’. If I were to describe this album with one word, I should think “macabre” would be the one I’d choose. Check these guys out for a new listening experience and the classic sound of the dark.

Horror Vacui The best of deathrock, I am in love with this band. In the vein of Bauhaus, the guitars have the distinctly deathrock sound and the baritone vocals are pure with the perfect amount of reverb and echo. If there is one band that you have to check out this month it is Horror Vacui. Not only are they true to form, but their creativity is evident lyrically and the punk drumming adds a vitality that these guys are still just at the beginning of what will be an amazing musical journey. Have a listen on youtube and then buy the albums, you will not regret it.

Aeon Sable Hailing from Essen and signed to afmusic, Aeon Sable is a gorgeous culmination of guitars, bass, drums and vocals rich with harmony and darkness. Though the lyrics may be unique (especially in the poem track “Monument”) they are curiously intriguing and the atmosphere is terrifyingly inviting. Were I to introduce a newbie to the Goth/Post-Punk/DeathRock scene, I would not start with these guys. No, they are for the seasoned listener…and the seasoned listener will long to create more. Do you have a dark side? You will after you listen to Aeon Sable.

Les Modules Etranges I have never been so ashamed to have never heard a band before. This band will be revolutionary as they continue with their not-so innocent sound and some of the best female vocals I’ve heard since The Naughty Zombies. Taking their own twist on the deathrock sound, Les Modules Etranges brings joy to my ears and is exactly the sort of thing I love to dance to. The French trio released their album “Socially Awkward” earlier this year and it goes about as far as a genre can be taken. No doubt the best track on the album is the clever “You. Me. Intercourse”. But you shall have to judge for yourself what you like best. There’s a lot to hear.

Sonic Psychosis Industrial EBM has made a name for itself in the Goth world and Sonic Psychosis is bound to be had at the modern clubs. The first thing I thought of when I began listening was how catchy the music was in its dark, authentic way. The second thing I thought of was how much weight would be lost with the fun of dancing to this carnage. For the DeathRock purist, don’t discount the talent of Sonic Psychosis. They are certainly not to be trifled with and their descriptions of themselves declare that they stand behind the psychotic nature of their sound.

TraKKtor “Halo of Lies” is the new synthetically inspired album by TraKKtor, the electrifying EBM act from Sweden. After a year and a half, the new album is set to release on December 3 rd and it will be an exciting day as this is a band you will have to hear to believe. The programming is excellent and the drums are perfectly suited to the dance floor. And what good is music if you can throw down while you listen? Owners of their own label, they are hard working and it is paying off. Within two weeks of their first released they were signed and this new album will only be more of a payoff.

Bat Nouveau They’re back! Yes! Now that I’ve gotten my cheers out, I would love to turn you all on to this amazing act from Australia and their deep, rich deathrock tones. From the grungy guitars to the pounding bass line there is not a single flaw that can musically be found within these great notes. The vocals are flat in just the right way and just listening conjures up images of watching the band play. I imagine they would be quite thrilling. This four track EP, entitled “What Has Been Now”, is a culmination of hard work, amazing sounds, and pure talent. It’s raw, it’s punk, it’s goth, it’s a perfect fit.

Madame B- From Darkness, The Light With the release of her fourth solo album on Zorch Factory Records, Madame B graces us again with her stunning voice and exquisite talent. From the slightly circus atmosphere of “Religious Cold” through to the surreal B-movie sound of “Metal Zone” we hear more than just good sounds. I never seem to say enough about the lyrical content of Madame B’s albums. They are deep without being burdensome and strong without overpowering the instrumentation. Striking a balance between ethereal elegance and loFi cold connection, she again manages to capture and enrapture. My personal favourite tracks on the album? “Religious Cold”, “Merciful Prayer”, and “Love in a Storm”.

Monster A Go-Go- Transylvania Mania The child of Peter and Zombina, Monster A Go-Go is exactly what my Transylvanian soundtrack would be. The music is dark and dank like your grandmother’s haunted basement where the ghosts try on her old moth-eaten wedding dress. And yes, to me that is a compliment. Themed around the classic horror of Universal’s unforgettable genius, each song has its own charm and its own flavor. This is another album you cannot miss and will be on my list of top choices for 2012. From “Transylvania” to “Vampyre”, no song will leave you wanting from the grip of the sounds of an underground vampire cult.

Grave Robber Interviewed in this issue is Wretched of the band Grave Robber. Apart from their awesome stage names, Grave Robber has a message not to be missed and an impressively punk sound that stays as far as possible from the mainstream pop punk that has infected the scene. As punk is the main root of Goth music and fashion, I felt it was important to give Grave Robber a voice. But the truth is, they don’t need me to. With songs such as “The Invisible Man” and “They Hate You”, the horror influenced punk rockers beat the sounds into your brain with an elegant brutality that you won’t be able to escape.

Shadow Image The gothic trio and brainchild of Harley Mace is an independent and unique conceptual look at the deathrock scene. The music is very visual and authentic in its sound. As usual, we have phenomenal guitars, punk drumming with a metal edge, and occasional keys to build a fuller sound. And the vocals are nothing short of tremendous. Shadow Image feels like diving in a lake on a hot moonlit night. They smell like black cotton candy. The taste like chocolate covered strawberries and they look like your sexiest deathrockers gone sexier. Signed to Danse Macabre Records, these guys will be going places and you had best give them a listen before they get too popular.

HellMimesArmy If you have a thing for goth-electronica, HellMimesArmy is a great band to turn to. Their Industrial feel is not lost on the avid listener or dancer. You can feel the tempo pumping in your blood when you listen to these guys. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m suddenly not sure whether or not I am in a computer game or matrix type of thing. This duo has it made as far as skill goes and they certainly have a future in creating chaos with their sounds. Check out HellMimesArmy for some dancing, trancing, and Gothic prancing.

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Corsets Oh My! I have had the pleasure of waist training since Halloween after taking a few months off. Well, I am back to it and I am already seeing some awesome results with my two newest corsets. I am, however, on a budget. So here are a couple of reviews that I thought could help you when you make your next low cost, high quality, tight-laced purchase. P.S. I haven’t seen any men in either of these brands so this is directed towards the ladies, though both brands do take custom orders for any gentlemen out there who may be interested. Timeless Trends Incredibly comfortable, these corsets work as a solid foundation that allows for a soft curvature of the female body. I purchased the Nude corset as I planned to wear it under my clothes for sturdiness and not fashion. I would give this corset a nine for comfort, though perhaps I could give it a ten if I didn’t insist on buying one so small. For looks, I give it a ten. It may be plain and simple, (you will have to check the website yourself as I can’t use their copyrighted photographs) but it has a very elegant and classic appeal. I recommend Timeless Trends for ladies seeking a Victorian silhouette. Isabella Corsetry If you are seeking a fashion statement, Isabella Corsetry is the right place for you. With custom prints as well as the ready to wear, you can practically create your own corset if you have the funds to do so. I got the Leopard Print Classic Cincher. I love it with a passion. It gives extreme curves for a Burlesque silhouette and allows for a tiny little waist. As far as comfort goes, it is about an eight. My only complaint? Do not drink beer when wearing this corset, you will get major heartburn. Otherwise, it is among my favourites.

GOBLINHAUS One of my newer discoveries, GOBLINHAUS is the toy factory in the dungeons where the trolls live. Actually, I guess it’s the house where the goblins live, but never you mind. So what is GOBLINHAUS? GOBLINHAUS is a horror website which includes an online store where you can buy collectable goodies inspired by classic horror. From DVDs and comic books to Burger King vampire toys and Universal Valentine’s Day cards, it is full of memorabilia that will last far beyond the crap we see today. Who runs GOBLINHAUS? It is run by a very fine fellow named Shrub. Are there any other quirky things that can be found on GOBLINHAUS? Why yes, my friends. GOBLINHAUS has also just produced an album by Monster A GoGo. I shall be reviewing it shortly. They also do reviews, articles, conventions and more! Is GOBLINHAUS colourful? In a dark sort of way, yes. Why should I check out GOBLINHAUS? Because you are reading this for the sole purpose of being cultured in the dark, the macabre, all things spooky and weird. Because you are getting a piece of Gothic history. Because the prices are amazing. Because you surely love the black and whites, the warning at the start of Karloff’s Frankenstein. Because you are curious. Because you need it. Will the Goblins eat me? Probably. Is there a downside to GOBLINHAUS? Does an empty wallet count?

The Not-So-Strictly-Goth-But-Still-Amazing Dropkick Murphy’s Concert Review The Knitting Factory in Spokane, Washington is a relatively large concert venue for a Jr. city. And the legendary Irish punk-rockers The Dropkick Murphy’s shook the stage along with the wonderfully talented Mahones and the rather disappointing Teenage Bottlerockets. They put on a show not to be missed and I have never been more proud of a wound than the bruise I sustained in the pit.

Alice Cooper Concert Review By far the best show I’ve ever been to. From the giant Alice Cooper Frankenstein to the amazing light shows. I never expected to enjoy a show more than The March Violets. But I’ve gotta say, this one is my number one. If you EVER have the chance to see Alice, take it. You won’t regret it.

Sweep Across Horizons Review “King of the Skies” by Sweep Across Horizons is a fantastic album filled with genuine human emotion that manages to refrain from the depressing end of the spectrum. For those of you who have an alt-rock side, this is the band you have to check out for some new tunes. The guys in the band are wonderful and as much as I love their personalities and the friendships I’ve built, I don’t have to be biased to admit that they are a talented crew. Hurry! Check out Sweep Across Horizons before they get popular!

Interview with Wretched from Grave Robber What is the scene like in Ft Wayne, Indiana? Fort Wayne has a pretty vibrant music scene that is currently going through a shift. Right now we are experiencing a lull, but it all goes in cycles. It’ll always bounce back. There’s lots of alt country and hillbilly music going on right now. The punk scene somehow gravitated towards that. But loud aggressive guitars always come back into vogue. The name “Grave Robber” is very clever considering what you stand for, do people usually get it, or do you have mixed responses? We have to explain it a lot! The first time I heard “They Hate You”, it was done acoustically by a female and it changed my perception on how I had been treated growing up. What are some other stories you have had from people who have been affected by your music? Well, first off. . . we can’t fully take credit for “They Hate You”. It’s a cover by our friends in FBS from Dayton, OH. Mostly we hear that people have been encouraged to be who they are instead of trying to fit some sort of predetermined mold that they are expected to fit into. I love hearing about people stepping into the victory they have waiting for them! For a believer, Grave Robber seems to be empowering, for a non-believer Grave Robber seems to cause a sense of questioning, which is good. I’m glad we can open up conversations and get

people talking about the realities of true spirituality. Do you ever feel the need to be vague about your beliefs initially in order to infiltrate the secular community with a positive message? There’s a delicate balance between “being vague” and “being salt”. If you over-salt something it tastes terrible. Over the years, we’ve become very good at seasoning whatever audience we are playing for. Bottom line, if we run in all guns blazing. . . we risk people automatically shutting off to what we are representing and presenting to them. If we use Paul’s approach at Mars Hill, using their language and art, then most audiences are at least willing to give attention to what is presented. It’s really no different than any approach used by missionaries. Has the punk community accepted your faith with open arms? Not always, but does everyone agree with everyone all the time? Haha! Tell us about some of your musical influences and how they have impacted your sound. The Misfits. That should be obvious! Ramones, Alice Cooper, Danzig, old school metal. We are kind of a melting pot of our influences. I don’t know if you can ever truly avoid your influences, because you tend to play what you like. Who inspires you most lyrically and why?

I’ve always told people my motivations is. . . I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU DESTROYED!! As corny as it may seem to some people, love is my motivation. I love people and I see value in all people! When I study the scriptures, I see that love and value are paramount to God. If we are to have the same attitude, love and value for people is to be cultivated! It can take time to develop that attitude, but it’s really a condition of the heart and a desire to see people from that perspective. For me, I saw value for punks, goths, and horror geeks like me! What is your favourite song to perform? Whatever is the newest one added to the set! Lol! How were you inspired to choose your stage names what do they mean to you? Well, for me, my name, Wretched comes from Romans 7:24 (Sorry you gotta look it up yourself!) and from the fact that amazing grace really did save a “wretch” like me! What message would you like to send to our readers? Don’t trust the world to be truthful about things that are “other worldly”. Discover God for yourself, not from TV, magazines, and radio. Seek first The Kingdom. . .

Interview with Secular Plague

First of all, can you explain the name â&#x20AC;&#x153;Secular Plagueâ&#x20AC;?? Honestly, I chose that name mostly because it sounded good and because there weren't any other band named Secular Plague. You know, there's so many bands right now that it's not so easy to find an original band name. Apart from the sounding, I like the fact that this name seems to piss off both religious and anti-religious extremists.

How did the band form? Back in december 2011, I wanted to make some new music... my old band Sleeping Children separated almost 5 years ago and I focused on many other interests of mine during all that time, but felt that it was the right time to create a new project. As I left Paris and now live in a small Belgian city, I had a hard time finding the right bandmates and finally decided to focus on songwriting and record all instruments myself for now.

What inspired the artwork of the band? The first album were written and recorded in 4 months, so I didn't really had lots of time to focus on the artwork. I chose the brick artwork for the album cover because it describes SP music very well: punchy and in your face. Now, SP is working with American artist Robert Inhuman for the second album artwork. I already seen some of the art Robert is doing for the new album and it's really amazing. It's visually dark with a strong message and fit very good with the music.

Why did you decide to have the album available for free? As no one is gonna make money selling punk or deathrock records, why not giving it away for free? People will download it anyways, and we have CDs for those who want to have a real record instead of a few mp3s. But nevermind, when you have real things to say, it's better to be heard than to be paid.

What does each band member bring to the music? Well, Secular Plague is mostly myself: I write, compose, play and produce... I had several guys to play guitar and drums with me, but they weren't the right members for SP. My good friend Lois John Slut (Deadchovsky, Sleeping Children) help me with recording/production, and will maybe join me for shows. I'm also talking with another good friend from Paris and we're seeing what we can do. It's not easy to deal with that distance problem, but we'll see.

Who are some of the bandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main influences? I listen to many many many different kinds of music, from jazz to metal. But SP influences are definitely punk, hardcore and deathrock. I like to mix the energy of old school hardcore with the gloomy, minor chords which are popular in deathrock. To cite a few bands, let's say T.S.O.L, Rudimentary Peni, Circle Jerks, Cro Mags, The Exploited...

How is it working with Zorch Factory Records? It's very cool. I know Manu Zorch since ten years, and he's doing a very good job with his label. Releasing the first album on ZFR allowed SP to be discovered by many music lovers who are following Zorch Factory. I think it's a really interesting opportunity for bands.

What does the future of Secular Plague look like? Right now, I'm working on a second album, to be released in 2013 on three different labels: Zorch Factory for the free digital release, Realicide Youth Records in the US, and Flehmen Records in Europe. I also hope to do a few shows in 2013, and work on an animal rights benefit punk/deathrock compilation with my label Flehmen Records.

Thanks for your time and for your interest :)

Every Day a Goth Day Goth name: Victoria Disaster

What is your routine for choosing an outfit? It really depends on what I'm doing that day, where I'm going, and how attractive I feel that day (hehe) Lately I've been drawn to wearing clothes with lots of black lace and ribbon, it makes me happy.

How do you dress on a day you have to look professional? I've come to the conclusion that it is fully possible to look professional and still stick to a certain style. For instance, when I am going to an interview I may wear a dark button-down blouse, some bracelets and skirt.

What are your eating habits like? I don't eat red meat (I haven't for 10yrs) I mostly eat lots of pasta, I love any sort of Italian food. It's definitely my favorite food.

What is your preferred belief system? I consider myself to be a "Christian" even though there are a lot of stereotypes that go with that. I believe in one deity but I would never push any of my views on anyone else. I believe in being at peace with everyone, no matter what their beliefs may be.

If you had a 2GB mp3 player to take on an abandoned island, what music would you load on it? Everything from 77 garage punk to modern industrial/goth

Is there anything you would like to say to our Goths out there? Stay creepy darlings! And don't ever waste your life trying to impress others, love who you are.

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DeathRat Issue 12  

The biggest issue yet with reviews, interviews and more!

DeathRat Issue 12  

The biggest issue yet with reviews, interviews and more!