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What is American? I’d like to believe that being an American means “built tough”, just like this fantastic Vintage Chevy was. I hope that I will grow old and beam with decades of great character, interesting adventures and great inspiration, just like this old car does. What is American you ask? Perhaps it’s taking the wheel of life and steering it down your own defined path of happiness. In the world of “Live the American Dream”, every person is free to pursue his or her own definition of happiness. A person’s dream could be whatever he or she wants it to be. The idea of this dream motivates us, inspires us and pushes us to achieve and accomplish beyond heights we have yet to know. Being a grateful American to me: encompasses dreaming big, taking chances and pushing through life’s challenges in order to define my own happiness. This is a powerful luxury that Americans should not take for granted. Great sacrifices have been made by many to come to this country in order to “Live The American Dream”. Those wonderful dreamers have made up this country and make me proud to call myself an American today. They remind me to never give up in pursuit of whatever it is that I have defined as my own personal happiness. We are all here to live and love together, so be sure to live your own dream to the very fullest. – BY JEANNE CONNOLLY 14

Hanker Magazine #3  

Issue #3 explores the theme of ‘America’ and features work from all American contributors. In this issue; Jeanne Connolly from Vintage Renew...

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