Keyboarding Without Tears Frequently Asked Questions for Parents and Educators

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Frequently Asked Questions Set up and Management How do I set up my Keyboarding Without Tears Account?

Once you’ve received your activation email, follow the steps in this guide to set up your student account(s). Additionally, there is also a short video with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Keyboarding Without Tears account.

How do I set up at home access for my Keyboarding Without Tears Students?

Are you a teacher that wants to enable a student’s access to Keyboarding Without Tears at home? Follow these instructions to help students access Keyboarding Without Tears at home.

I have multiple children/students at different levels, so what’s the best way to set them up?

Even if students are using different grade-levels they can be set up within the same class. For at home use, we recommend setting up one class for each of your children using Keyboarding Without Tears.

Where do I find a student’s secret code?

We refer to a student’s passcode as their Secret Code. These must be set up within +Live Insights. If you do not have a +Live Insights account you will need to contact your child’s school to retrieve their Secret Code information.

Can I change my students’ secret codes?

You can only change your students secret code if you have a +Live Insights Account. Otherwise you’ll need to contact your students’ school to have their secret code changed.

I use Keyboarding Without Tears as an OT and work with students on different levels of the program, do I have access to all grade levels on my own computer? Once you purchase a grade level specific license, you will have access to that grade level Teacher’s Guide and the grade level Lesson Previews. Each student requires an individual license, but you can use the teacher-led lessons for whole class participation.

License Terms & Management What is the term of the license?

For more information about your licensing terms, click here or contact Customer Service at 888.983.8409.

How will I know when my licenses expire?

All licenses received for FREE as part of the Learning Without Tears response to COVID -19 will expire on July 31, 2020.

Can I switch a student’s license grade-level if it is too easy or too hard?

As a general practice, students should be using the same grade-level Keyboarding Without Tears license as their academic level. If you believe a student is not using the appropriate grade-level keyboarding license and you have an available license in the grade the student needs, you can un-assign their current license and re-assign a different grade-level license. If there aren’t any available licenses in the grade level needed, ask your schools’ Digital Administrator to allocate grade-level licenses to you or contact Customer Care at 888.983.8409. ©2020 Learning Without Tears | | 888.983.8409 |

Program Details How long is the curriculum and how long should lessons be implemented?

Each grade-level curriculum is 36 weeks with over 400 activities. We recommend students practice for 5—10 minutes a day or 30—45 minutes per week. School and home access are available to ensure school requirements and curricular goals are met.

What is the recommended level for a child to start using the program?

The program is grade level appropriate and designed for each child to work at their applicable grade level. Each license comes with options for reviewing or advancing weeks of activities.

How many lessons should students complete in a week?

Weekly lesson guidelines are available under Lesson Previews in Educator Resources on

What happens when a student completes all the activities for a grade-level license?

Students will go into Speedy Keyboard Kid mode when they have completed 36 weeks of the program. The program will automatically assign practice activities to the student. If there are licenses available, you may assign a student the next grade-level license.

What is Jump into Keyboarding?

Jump Into Keyboarding is the first theme in every grade level and addresses pre-keyboarding skills such as mousing abilities (dragging and dropping) and finger-key associations. If a student needs more challenging activities, you can enable Skip Jump Into Keyboarding. Students in 3rd—5th grade are automatically skipped ahead the first six weeks in the curriculum, but you have the option to move them back to week 1 from the student or class settings.

Is it better for students to learn with an external mouse or with a laptop touchpad? It is important for students to learn on all types of devices; so, all options are acceptable.

My student is unable to complete the activity because part of it is hidden/missing?

It is important that students are always working in full-screen mode. They can do this each time they log in by clicking on the icon at the top-right of the screen. This will ensure that they are able to see everything in the activity.

How do I know when Spot Checks for Speed and Accuracy occur?

Spot Checks for Speed and Accuracy are part of the curriculum and placed at appropriate intervals to measure WPM and percentage of typing accuracy. They are shown in the 36-week Lesson Previews in the Educator Resources tab in +Live Insights.

How do I enable Enrichment Activities such as Hear It Type It, My Choice Keyboarding and Teacher Custom Creation? To enable enrichment activities, you need access to +Live Insights, the Keyboarding Without Tears digital dashboard. These how-to videos will show you step-by-step how to enable enrichment activities: Hear It Type It, and My Choice Keyboarding Teacher Custom Creation

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