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cared for the heart of Hammer

2017 Annual Gratitude Report 1

Dear Hammer Family and Friends, With your generous support, we are honored to continue to serve individuals with developmental disabilities. It is a joy to help them live a full life within their communities, at their jobs, and in their homes. In 2017, Hammer served 164 individuals in 37 homes, 124 individuals in 10 apartment programs, along with 1,698 individuals supported through our Customized Support Services, often living in their own home. Because of your generosity, we were able to help so many people reach their dreams. We were able to put a new keyless entry system into all our homes, which increases security and safety. With your financial support, we were able to take more people into the community using one of the 65 vehicles we own. We also helped people access dental care, purchase personal items, and even travel to see family and friends. Hammer staff rallied with other organizations in 2017 to help save Medicaid. Our dedicated volunteers gave their time and talent during the year at events, volunteering one-on-one with our individuals, and also in the central office. Our generous donors helped us reach our fundraising goal of $1.2 million dollars.

Mission: Helping individuals with developmental disabilities live life to its fullest.

We were also voted one of Star Tribune’s Top 150 Workplaces in Minnesota by our staff, making it the eighth year in a row to receive this honor. Our culture of caring shines through, from our dedicated staff to the individuals they support each and every day. We truly could not have done any of this without you, whether you provided financial support or your time and talent, you helped make Hammer a great place to work and call home. Thank you for your continued dedication and support of Hammer’s mission. With gratitude,

John Estrem Hammer CEO


Nino Pedrelli Board President and Family Member

Supporting Independence in Homes Jon Leverentz is passionate about his life’s work. He is an artist. Jon’s medium of choice is acrylic and oils,. which he applies to canvas, board, or wood. Jon creates his artwork at Interact, an art studio in south Minneapolis. He also paints in his studio located in the lower level of the Hammer Cedarwood home. In 2017, funds from Hammer’s Home Improvement Fund, given by generous donors like you, helped install an elevator in the house, giving him easy access to all levels. This has been crucial for Jon’s independence and well-being. Jon at his artist reception at the University of Minnesota.

In 2017, Jon was invited to participate in the “Changing Landscapes” Art Exhibit at Pattee Hall, on the University of Minnesota campus. Thirty pieces of Jon’s artwork were on display for three months and he was honored at an artist’s reception. Jon’s talent is truly inspiring. Your contributions to the Quality of Life Fund helped to purchase art supplies, frames, and paid for expenses so Jon could participate in this art exhibit. We are grateful for your partnership, making our work possible. Your support helps Jon to continue his passion for art and to live a full life.

493 Quality of Life Requests fulfilled in 2017 Jon holding his artwork titled Kneeling Nude, voted “Best in Show,” with Mark Olson from the U of M.

493 QOL requests, totaling


28 Home Improvement Remodeling Projects in 2017 Includes paint, vinyl for wheelchair accessibility, landscaping, bathroom remodels, accessible vans and more.

$229,696 Dollars dedicated to home improvement in 2017.

“Jon was so inspired by the art exhibit experience. He has been painting new pieces for his upcoming show in the spring. It is heartwarming to see his renewed passion for art.” – Patience Zelee, Program Manager 3

Jamie: Loving Apartment Life Jamie moved to Hammer Residences in the fall of 2017. Prior to moving into a Hammersupported apartment, she lived in her own home, where she received non-Hammer inhome services. Since moving to Hammer, Jamie and her family have seen a positive difference in her quality of life. When she used another in-home services company, Jamie noticed that there was not consistency — she stated that she had a new caregiver almost monthly. In addition, she experienced isolation, and had the feeling that her caregivers thought of her as more of a job, rather than a human being. Oftentimes she would spend the day sitting on her couch watching television with the caregiver, which is not the type of life Jamie wanted to lead. Since moving to Hammer, Jamie has experienced increased independence and made a lot of new friends. She first heard about Hammer when she was using Metro Mobility. Some of the individuals riding with her were

supported by Hammer, and talked about how great it is. She thought, “You guys do a lot of things, that’s what I need!” Jamie spoke to her parents, whom she is very close with, about moving into a Hammersupported apartment. Shortly afterward, she moved to Vicksburg. Aside from making new friends, some of her favorite parts about Hammer have been learning how to book Metro Mobility rides and the personalized care. Jamie said she knew this was a great fit when the staff asked about small details, such as how she likes to do her laundry. Jamie is very close with her family and her move has allowed her parents to feel at-ease with her care, and staff updates them regularly on the care she is receiving. “Here, I’ve bloomed like a flower,” Jamie said. “Hammer has done a great job, they’ve helped me make friends. They’re there for you when you need help and are good listeners.”

“I have a really strong, supportive family, just like a rock. Hammer is like that, too,” Jamie said. “It’s a lot better than what I had before.” 4

“Hammer is like a second family to me. They accept me for who I am.” — Jaime

10 Hammer Apartment Programs in the western suburbs of Minneapolis

124 Individuals supported in Hammer’s Apartment Programs

8 Reached their goal of living independently, supported by Hammer in 2017


Emily with her pet turtle Franklin.

Emily with her caregiver, Michele.

A Dream Come True: Emily’s Story “It’s important for Emily to have structure and be in charge of her own schedule, and Hammer staff help her do this.” — Emily’s mom, Becky


Emily has been supported by Hammer’s Individualized Community Services (ICS) program for over three years. Like many of the people supported by ICS, Emily lived with her parents, but aspired to one day live in her own apartment. To achieve that dream, Emily worked on daily living skills with her parents, and with the help of Hammer staff, she practiced safety skills, appropriate boundaries, and advocating for herself while out in the community. In the fall of 2017, Emily achieved that dream of living in her own apartment. With the help of her parents and Hammer staff, Emily learned the essential skills she needed to be able to live on her own in an independent environment.

Emily loves to try new recipes in her very own kitchen.

Today, Emily is thriving in her apartment. She is still supported two days a week through the ICS program, which allows her to go grocery shopping, practice cooking, or go out into the community. Emily loves her new-found independence, and is great at keeping her personal schedule organized. She has finally unpacked all of her personal items, some of which have been packed away for four years in anticipation of getting her own place to display them someday. Emily’s story is one of hard work, patience, and finally, success. All who know Emily, including her Hammer staff, are so very proud of her for reaching her goal!

Emily received an award for the Healthy Lunch Challenge!


Contracted Case Management


Support Planning


Care Coordination


Individualized Community Services

Number of Individuals Using Customized Support Services


Customized Support Services Total


Our Culture In 2017, Hammer Residences was voted a Top 150 Workplace for the eighth year in a row! You may be wondering what makes Hammer such a great place to work. Here are the top three reasons people come to work at Hammer:

»» Because of Hammer’s Mission »» Hammer has Great Benefits »» The Flexibility of Hours, and Ability to Coordinate with their lifestyle: Family, School, a Second Job.


Employee Education Grants


Emergency Car Program

21 employees – totaling $40,888

99 people in 2017 totaling $46,500

Thank you for contributing to my education with the education grant. It will help enhance my work at Hammer.” 8

“Thank you for the money to fix my car. Hammer is truly the best company to work for.”

Rose Rizzi – 43 Years

Maggie Starr-Knox – 41 Years

Sue Walker – 41 Years

Congratulations on over 40 years of service to Hammer!

41 People Celebrated 20+ Years of Service

69 People Celebrated 10+ Years of Service


Bob and John: Great Friends Bob Ziegeweid has been a Direct Service Volunteer (DSV) for a little over a year. He was matched with John through our Make a Friend, Be a Friend Campaign. Direct Service Volunteers are important because they spend time with individuals, one-on-one, doing fun activities out in the community.

Bob and John grocery shopping.

Bob and John get together every Wednesday for various activities, such as going to the YMCA, out to see movies, or making dinner. John looks forward to the next week’s plans as soon as the day’s activities are wrapped up. When they were first introduced, they were a bit shy and didn’t really know how to act around each other. Fast forward a year later, and you’d think Bob and John have been lifelong friends with the way their conversations naturally flow, and how they make each other laugh. You can tell that they bring a lot of joy into each other’s lives. John has always had a great attitude in life, but after meeting Bob, John’s positive outlook on life has soared. It’s such a great thing to see their friendship develop as much as it has in the last year. It continues to grow each day!

“It’s great to see that John has a friend he can count on to do activities with each week when staff aren’t always able to do so.” —Craig Raymond, Program Manager


The Chuch of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints at our Fall Yard Clean Up.

488 Volunteers in 2017 9,510 total hours equating to $251,064 of value.*

*Independent sector: 2016 volunteer hourly estimate for MN. ($26.40 hr.)


Volunteer Requests


Volunteer Requests Completed

Direct Service Volunteers – 29% Hammer Travel – 28% Development Events – 12% Admin Support – 9%

9,510 volunteer hours

Executive Board – 7% Church Drivers – 6% Community Life – 3% Yard Work – 3% Volunteer Resources Admin – 2% Communications – 1%


Direct Service Volunteers Matched


Advocating for individuals with disabilities Tuesdays at the Capitol, number of advocates that attended with Hammer:

Sarah, self-advocate supported by Hammer, riding the bus to the Day at the Capitol to speak to legislators.








11 Janet, Self-advocate supported by Hammer, talking to her legislator District Representative (46B) Cheryl Youakim about her concerns of cuts for funding.


Legislative Hammer House Visits

Legislative Office Visits

17 Action Alerts Sent out in 2017

Postcards to DC from Hammer advocates

Campaigns Identified by Hammer Stakeholders: 1. Medical Assistance Representative Dennis Smith (34B) visited Hammer’s Lawndale home to hear concerns of staff members 12 (Nenseh Sakpeider shown) if there is a cut in funding.

2. Transportation

3. Best Life Alliance

Hugh Kirsch, whose son is supported by Hammer, shares his story and concerns at the 2017 Rally to Save Medicaid.

Advocates engaged to protect MEDICAID 2018 2017

179 164 2016

64 36% Family 45 % Staff 19% Undesignated

64% Family 32% Staff 9% Volunteer (Some advocates listed in more than on e category)

In 2016,the Public Affairs Committee’s goal was to increase staff engagement. In 2017, our goal was to increase parent and family engagement. Going forward, you will see, the committee is making forward progress each year. Momentum is being created and a wave has begun to roll.


Magic Kingdom

Fort Meyers Beach, FL

Hammer Travel Within each trip we can find some small story of success. Cathy for example, has now traveled with us a number of times. In the beginning, it took a lot of effort for her to work through anxieties and depression before she would pack and show up for a trip. Sometimes the depression would win and she would have to cancel. Her confidence grew with every trip she took, and she now has minimal anxiety issues prior to her vacations, she looks forward to trips without hesitation. Through her travels, Cathy has made several friends whom she keeps in outside contact with. These are the kinds of stories we hear over and over again, and are extremely proud to have played a part!

Cathy enjoying a meal out during her trip to Alaska.

“I love traveling with Hammer Travel because I love meeting new people, forming friendships, seeing new things and most of all having a fun time with everyone.” —Ryan


New York City

Vikings Training Camp, Mankato, MN

Hammer Travel’s success is measured by the personal growth of our travelers. Since we began, we have served over 1,000 individuals, who have taken the step to explore the world. We also measure our success by having a large number of return customers. Through travel, the individuals we serve have been able enjoy new experiences and make connections with people and places they may never had the opportunity to experience. Each traveler has his or her own unique experience with travel, but the main themes related to personal growth have been:

• • • • •

Self-confidence Independence Social connection Awareness of the world around them Dreams fulfilled

Top three Trips: Disney Cruises, MInnesota Twins Spring Training Camp, Hawaii To see all our trip destinations, visit


Total Travelers


Repeat Travelers



Trips Completed

Volunteer Hours Utilized 15

2017 FINANCIAL STATEMENT BALANCE SHEET December 31, 2016 and 2017 Assets



Current assets








Other assets



Total assets



Current liabilities



Long-term debt







Land, buildings, equipment

Liabilities and net assets

Net assets Total liabilities & net assets


Program — $26,366,249 Fundraising — $1,203,143 Investment income — $294,916 Other income — $28,699

Total $27,893,007


STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS for December 31, 2016 and 2017 Operating revenue and support


Programs Residential Customized Support Services Hammer Travel


2017 26,366,249 22,436,718 2,670,700 480,1 1 1

2015 program revenue realized in 2016


Investment income











Property related








26,431,974 540,256

27,720,274 172,733

Other income Fundraising Total revenues, support, grants Operating expenses Program

Fundraising Total expenses Income from Operations

Numbers provided are unaudited. For audited numbers, please call our central office at 952-473-1261 after April 10, 2018 to request a copy.


Program — $20,018,829 Property related — $4,541,545 Administrative — $2,764,219 Fundrasing — $395,681

Total $27,720,274


FAMILY MATTERS — Adam’s Big Move In May 2017, my husband Jim and I moved our son Adam into a Hammer home in Plymouth, called 14th Avenue. Hammer is his first provider of residential care, and hopefully his last. I am Adam’s mom, caregiver, teacher, and advocate. I have been Adam’s voice since the day he was born in 1991. As Jim and I got in our car to leave after moving Adam in, a caregiver and Adam went out for a walk to get to know each other. As Adam walked down the street and we drove away, Adam didn’t look back. He was ready for the move. Although it was hard to leave Adam, we know that the caregivers are trained to understand safety and individual support. They provide a high level of care, keeping people active, moving, and engaged. Adam’s case worker commented that his transition to a group home was remarkable. Adam’s first visit back home was peppered with comments that he wanted to return to 14th Avenue — his Hammer home. Even though he misses his much-loved dog Gracie, he always wants to return to his four housemates and caring staff.

| by Margie Sillery

Like the Hammer family, the 14th Avenue families are a closeknit group. We work together with our loved ones and their caregivers to create a healthy, active community for the guys. We have enjoyed going to theater Adam visiting his dog Gracie. performances, family dinners and hosting birthday celebrations. These are challenging times for Hammer. The outlook for Medicaid is uncertain. Low wages create high turnover especially in a good economy where higher paying jobs are plentiful. That’s why financial support for Hammer is critical, now more than ever. We donate to Hammer so that we can help the community that supports our son. We know that Hammer manages the funds we donate efficiently. Hammer is our charity of choice.

“We donate to Hammer so that we can help the community that supports our son.” — Jim and Margie, Adam’s Parents


Adam and his mom, Margie.

The Sillery family.

Every single gift is appreciated — and celebrated — and will make a difference in a life.

Thank you to our supporters for believing that everyone deserves to live life to its fullest! You and 1,185 other donors invested $1.2 million to our mission in 2017. You have: • Modified homes so that aging individuals can stay in their Hammer homes, whenever possible. • Updated our keyless entry in each home to make certain individuals are safe in their homes. • Paid for medical and dental care not covered by insurance. • Provided new winter coats and other basic needs through our Quality of Life Fund. • Trained caregivers to support individuals to live and die with dignity. In 2017 Hammer family members stepped up and gave critical financial support. Thank you!

317 individual family members made a gift $524,804 dollars from family members Your gifts paid for:


home improvements


employee benefits

We simply cannot do our work without every family member committing to give, volunteer, or advocate! 19

In Memory of...

Thank You to Our Hammer Employees Your gifts have provided individuals you serve everything from basic needs to new found independence. You have supported your colleagues with gifts to our Employee Emergency Fund. Thank you for your financial and personal commitment.

Scott Herrmann April 28, 2017

Beth Tennessen July 25, 2017


Andy Scheer

September 16, 2017

(Pictured with her brother Al Tennessen, forner Hammer Board member, who passed away on June 14, 2017)

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You Did It! More than 1000 individuals, corporations and foundations supported Hammer and all the individuals we serve. Your generosity on every level is inspiring. Thank you. $25,000 or more Greg Anderson Argall/Hibbs Foundation Susan Argall Haas and Brian Haas John and Nancy Berg Bieber Family Foundation Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation Michael and Mary Drazan Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (3) Amlicke Family Foundation Bruce and Celeste Amlicke Dorothy A. Bailey + Barbara Bencini Polly and Kurt Brungardt Carol and George Daum Nancy Dunn John and Deborah Fox Lakewinds Round Up Program Thomas and Mari Lowe Ray Mithun, Jr. Richard M. and Katharine Olson Nino and Susan Pedrelli Dan and Linda Pelak Plymouth Housing and Redevelopment Authority Power of 100 Roehl Family Foundation Gerald and Katherine Roehl David and Stacey Royal Marshall and Elaine Siegel Family Foundation Paul and Melissa Siegel Tom and Laura Stein Karl and Laurie Stoltenberg Drs. Mary and Jan Tanghe Barbara and Al +

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Jaime Frischmann Roger Frommelt Marilyn Fryer Michael Fuerstenberg Fulton Brewery James and Mary Gag Daniel Gans Hugh and Marjorie Garside Terry and Linda Garvert Phyllis Genest Phyllis and Rich GenestStein Peter Germann and Elizabeth Hills Germann Bonnie Getzinger Margaret Gillespie Greg and Janet Gillies Kent and Patricia Gilmore Daryl Gilpin Rosemary and Lawrence Gleason Harriet Gleeman Mitchell and Jackie Gleeman Gold Nugget Tavern & Grille Stanley and Luella Goldberg Family Foundation Esther Goldberg Kaye Goldberg David Golden Shane Goldsmith Donna Gorski Gene and Jan Gottschalk Dave and Carol Graff Philip Graham Grand Casino Mille Lacs/ Hinckley Rebecca Granowski Rebecca Green Janet Greenberg Alex and Samantha Greene Sue and Ilja Gregor Virginia Grindahl Grizzly’s Wood-Fired Grill Brandon and Marne Groebner Lindsay Grome Darcy Grostick Steve Gryzan Guthrie Theater Max Hall Jack and Linda Hallberg Colleen Halley

George and Carol Hamilton Sharon and Jack Hammang Hammer and Sickle Restaurant Curtis and Sharon Hamre Mark and Libby Hansen Greg and Kathy Hanson Hugh and Mary Hanson Steve Hardek Tom and Mary Harding Devin Harrington Dan and Susan Hartman Jean Hartman Dr. Daniel Hartnett Family Foundation Haskell’s Peter and Rebecca Hawthorne Hazellewood Grill and Tap Room Steven and Ruth Heath Melvin Heckt Bill and Marie Heiland Mark and Patricia Heimkes Carl and Sharon Hendrickson Edna Herden Hewlett-Packard Company David Hey Greg and Katherine Hickman Julie and Tim Hidani Highland Grill Robert B. Hill Jeffrey and Dawn Hillins John and Pauline Hillins Chad Hirman and Sherry Day William Hodder Patti Hodel Ted Hoffman Dale and Diane Hoganson Richard and Judy Hokanson Nancy and Charles Holden Holiday Station Store Holy Land Restaurant Home Depot Foundation Rachel Hooker Roger and Terry Hork Alan and Diane Horner Hot Plate

Roger and Elaine Hovda Meredith Howell Anna Huck Robin Hughes Melissa Hutchins HyVee Supermarket Brooklyn Park HyVee Supermarket - New Hope Bonnie Idstrom Ike’s Restaurant Chris and Amanda Isaacson Izzy’s Ice Cream Richard and Kathleen Jackson Kelly Jacobson Jade Fountain Chinese Restaurant Noel and Ruth Jagolino Jakes City Grille Gena and Joe Janetka Bill Janohosky Jennifer Janohosky Tim and Joy Janssen Constance Jennison Halvor and Beverly Jerde JL Buchanan Brian Johnson David and Sharron Johnson Donald and Jan Johnson Karen Johnson Susan Johnson Mark and Elizabeth Jones Robert and Christine Jones Richard and Kathy Jordan Douglas and JoAnn Josten The K Foundation Richard and Nancy Kaner Sharon and John Kapeluck Jeff and Raleigh Karatz Albert and Nancy Kaser Steven and Teresa Kastendieck Mark and Sandie Kaster Reginald and Lynn Kelley Chip and Debbie Kemppainen Dick Kenny and Lynn Regan Tarun Keswani David Keymer Cheryl Kinney James and Betty Klande

Karen Klein Vicki Klima Toni and Brad Knorr Jan Knott Carissa Knudson Jill Kohler James and Michelle Kolar Marjorie Kolar Michael and Amy Kolar Stephen and Laura Kolar Kona Grill Kowalski’s Market Kay Krafka Steven and Jennifer Krahn Paula Krippner Willliam and Tina Kruse Paul Kuehnast Mike and Mary Jo Kulseth Mike and Carol Kvasnik Kyatchi James and Jean LaBreche Nancy Lagermeier Elaine Laing Lake Monster Brewing Renee and Mark Lampe Tim and Vicki Landro Tom and Janet Lane Neil Lapidus Craig and Kimberly Larson Kurt and Constance Larson Raymond and Martha Larson Terri Larson Cindi Laurent Carol Lavalier Audrey Gail Lazarus Barb Lebowitz Roger and Cindy Lee Sher and Roger Leksen David and Laurie Levi David Levin Cynthia and Jay Levine Bryan Lewis and Sara Kidd-Lewis Gary and K. Diane Lichter Paul and Janice Lindbloom John Lindgren Lions Tap Lois Liss Rebecca Liu Lord Fletcher’s Mary Lorence

Lowe’s Home Improvement Luci Restaurants Lucky’s Pub Timothy Lund Lunds & Byerlys Plymouth Lunds & Byerlys Wayzata Lupulin Brewing Lurie, LLP Alicia Luther Mary Lydon and Chuck Donkers Dennis and Lynn Lynch Marie Mack Robert and Ardell Mack Maggie’s Family Restaurant Merrill and Sandra Main Joan Male Elizabeth Mansfield John and Sallie March Michael and Amy Marchitto Marriott City Center Dianne Marshall Jeff and Caren Martin Terry Martin Phillip and Lynn Martinson Charles N. Marvin Jr., M.D. Bonnie Masserio Howard Mathison and Mari Rovang Mike and Lisa Maurer Rose Ann Mazierski Dianne McCain Patrick and Mary McCall Jeanette McChesney Elizabeth and Mark McConnell Matthew McConnell Paul McConnell Kevin and Anne McCoy Brigid McDonald Jennifer and Mike McDonald Dr. David McGill Todd McGlynn Jane McGough Kate McGough Gail McLaughlin Preston and Betsy McMillan Mel and Marilyn McPhail

Tom Medcalf Medina Entertainment Center Glenn and Brenda Meier Steve and Caroline Mellberg Dave and Debbie Meyer Paul and Christine Meyer

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Ernest S. Micek Living Trust Midwest Financial Search Milio’s Sandwiches Marlene Miller Michael and Linda Miller Paul and Audrey Miller Minneapolis Elks Lodge 44 Minnesota Lynx Basketball Minnesota Orchestra Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Twins Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Wild Rick and Jeanne Moe Matt Montgomery Sarah Moon David and Diannne Moore Max and Angie Morozov Joel and Ellen Morton

MyPillow Mystic Lake Casino Hotel Richard Narendran Harvey and Sandra Nastrom Conrad and Denise Nauman Brent and Karen Nelson Dave and Teri Nelson Mike and Karen Nelson Mary Neman Beverly Nesseth Network for Good New Reflections SpaSalon Christine and Thomas Nickels Elaine Niman Debbie Nohr Donna Norling Adam and Arlene Nusz Denny and Jean Nybo

Oak Eatery Jean Oberg Louis Oberhauser Michael O’Connell and Susan Hayes Lawrence and Katherine O’Halloran Mary Frances O’Keefe Old Log Theater Brad and Donna Olson Gen Olson One Beacon Insurance Bruce and Ruth O’Neal Diane Orenstein Lillian Orenstein + Original Pancake House Arlene Orloske Edward and Kathleen O’Rourke Mark and Robin Osmanski Jason Oster and Christina Battaiola Oster Dan and Susie Osterhus Gary and Linda Ostrand James Otremba Pam and Jim Ottenstein Rondi P. Pacheco Terrance and Ardella Pajerski Ernest and Robin Palazzolo Panera Bread Elizabeth and Bruce Pankonin Paradise Charter Cruises Joseph Parker Partnership Resources, Inc. Donald and Barbara Paschke Linda Passon-McNally and Bernie McNally Pat’s Custom Transport and Recovery LLC Carol Patterson Ellen Paul Sam and Marcy Pearlman Richard and Diane Peck Gerald and Pamela Pelletier Ryan Perhach Jimmy and Helain Pesis Lois Peterson Ripley and Mary Peterson Lisa Peyton


Mary Kaye Pfau Kathy and Keith Phillips Pizza Luce Mary Plant Patricia Pocrnich Karen and Darrell Polzin Ron and Molly Poole Jerome and Jessica Porter Jim and Sandy Potter Rebecca Pryor Punch Pizza Mary and Robert Putnam Ana Carolina Queiroz Dan Rabin and Jonna Kolsalko Bethany Rahja Raising Cane’s Randy’s Environmental Services LaVergne Raskob Red Wagon Books Redstone Sharon and Julie Reinert Laurence and Mary Rekstein Frank and Madaline Renshaw Nancy Rhein Gail and Bill Ribnick Patricia Ricci Dan Richardson and Rachel SmokaRichardson Kim Richter Marilyn and Jim Richter Edwin and Christina Ritchie Roasted Pear Joy Robbins Rock Elm Tavern Ted and Mary Rogers Wallace Roles Kay Roschild Frances and Stanley Rosen Patrica Ellen Rossbach Terry and Cathy Roth Terry and Paula Rozinka Gale and Betty Running Rush Creek Golf Club Eddie and Marion Ryshavy Marvin and Judy Saarela Barb Sager Don Sallen and Shirley Sallen


Hannah Sanborn Alice Sanders Betty Sandvig Terry Schabel Ann Schenkel Roger and Irma Scherer Mark and Sally Schissel Vicki Schlechter Michelle Schlehuber Cheryle and Cal Schlenker Mark and Gina Schmitz Donald Schroden Schuler Shoes Nancy Schwalen Robert Schwartz Daniel Schweitzer

Ronald and Karen Sigal Andrea Simonette Daniel and Julie Sjordal Gabriel and Angela Skelly Small Business Mavericks Roger and Janet Smed Bob and Marie Smith Gary and Shirley Smith Jeffrey and Kathryn Smith Lloyd Smith Mavis Smith Mark and Pat Solinger Robert and Therese Solinger Timothy and Cheryl Solinger

Paul and Linda Schweppe Science Museum of Minnesota Scrapesations Sheldon and Carol Segal Jeff and Karen Sell Mitchell and Laurie Serber Paul and Marilyn Serber Neal Sette Macy and Tracy Seymour Janet and Stanton Shanedling Ina Shaughnessy Clayton and Barb Shonka Adrian and Karen Sicheneder Beatrice Sicheneder Loras and Rosemary Sieve Jody and Howard Sigal

Gary and Gwen Solseth Douglas Sorbie and Kay Sentieri Julie H. Sorensen Jane Soshnik Dean and Ruth Spatz Richard and Rita Spinal Tom and Pam Spitznagle Sports Clips Wayzata Stages Theatre Company Rosemary Stalter Jeffrey and Dorothy Stanley Jerry and Mary Jo Steere Joan Stephenson and Shirley Stephenson Stephi Jean Photography Katherine Steward Therese Stobner

Stroh Family Foundation John and Shannon Stroh Sugar Hills Townhome Association Sun & Slope Outfitters Sunshine Factory John and Margaret Swanson Peggy Swanson The Sweet Family Toni Tabor-Ward Tagalong Ladies League Andy Tanghe Barry and Susan Taran Jess Taran Target Foundation Salah and Jane Tarraf Nancy Tatge Courtney Taylor M.J. and L.E. Tennessen Patricia Tennessen Juris and Jackie Terauds Eldon and Addie Tessman Gina Thesing Barbara Thode Jo Jo Thomas Mark and Lisa Thompson Steven and Susan Thompson Jeanne Thornton Three Rivers Park District Leigh Threlkeld *Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Phil and Myra Toconita Jerald and Susan Tongen Tonkadale Greenhouse Top of the Rock Observation Deck Sally and Peter Tulkki U.S. Bank Foundation Employee Matching Program William and Mary Udseth Mark and Karen Uecker United Hardware Distributing Company United Way of Otero County Elizabeth and Kent Urness Mitzi Van Thorunaut Gary and Judith Vars Charlie Venable Ann and Barry Vermeer Fred and Nancy Vescio

Vineyard Vines John and Margaret Vit Jason Vogt Sarah Waataja Lori Wagner Dale and Rebecca Walker Edward and Teresa Walker Lisa Walsak Allana and Justin Walsh Leah Wandersee Wayzata Bar & Grill Wayzata Bay Car Wash Connie and Ben Webber Ronald and Carolyn Weber Jan Webster and Mark Dongoske The Weiner Family Elsie Weisenbacher Deborah and Mark Weiss Wellspring Health Center WEM Foundation William and Ila Mae Wendt Werner Ladder Bob and Gayle Wernerq Peter and Kathy West Craig and Karin Westgate Rita Westhoff John Wetterlund and Laurel Feddema Whatever it Takes Barbara Wheeler Paul and Janice Wicklund Lorraine Wilichowski J.G. and N.A. Willis Guyle and Barbara Wills John Wilsey Betty Wobschall Megan Wohlwend Jamey and Kelly Worley Rick and Mary Worringer Pamela Wright Wuollet Bakery, Inc. Wyoming, Minnesota Ladies Book Club Yellow Tree Theatre Young Joni Petrius Zaal and Leontine Zaal-Thijssen Marilyn and Robert Zaic Elizabeth Zastrow Dale and Claudia Zellmer

Wayzata American Legion Post 118 Mark and Annette Weber Alan and Connie Wilensky Winthrop & Weinstine, PA Bill and Bonnie Young Linda Zimmerman, Ameriprise Financial $250 - $499 T.L. and Ann Althauser • Ameriprise Financial Gift Matching Program AmeriStar Agency Inc. Paul Anderson and Jamie Anderson Lisbeth and Mark Armstrong Bacio Katie and Richard Barrett Jake and Nan Beard Kate Beckman Debbie Beidel Lon and Deb Bencini Josephine Berge Berglund & Associates Jim and Paula Borer Jerry and Cathy Brennan Sara and Thomas Brice Business Choice, Inc. Paul and Mayone Byron Charles and Deb Carlson Scott and Gerda Carlson Sarah Caruso Joe and Barb Cavanaugh Glenda Condon Scott and Deborah Cooper Country Inn & Suites Belle and David Davenport David Lee Funeral Home David and Candy Davis Tony Determan Gordy and Nancy Engel Jim and Susan Erickson Roger Fickbohm Fidelity Charitable Bob and Terrisa Fisher Dan and Lyn Foley The Foursome David and Patricia O’Rourke Freeman Judd Frost Michael and Sue Gardner Larry and Debbie Getlin Joni and Chris Gibbs Diane Gillespie Wendie and Noel Graczyk Peter and Karen Graff Sharon Green Shirley Hammes

Donald and Ida Hanna Michael and Margaret Hanrahan James Hardek James and Kathryn Haymaker Robert and Kathy Hendrickson Highway 55 Party Rental Mary Marquretta Hill Mark and Nancy Hirschfeld Joseph and Shelly Hoesley Kim Hoffman Mary Hollie Sarah Homuth-Goar Terry Hong James and Ann Howard Family Fund of The Mpls. Foundation Robert and Janet Huddleston Sandy Hume Vicki Jackman Mary Jackson Bob and Jackie Jasper Cheryl and James Johnson Margaret and Roger Jones Marie Josie-Smith Peter Keller Dan H. Klein Barbara and David Kleist Everett and Jane Klosterman Christopher and Peggy Klug Knights of Columbus #13506 Knights of Columbus #3949 Deanna Koch-Roepke Joyce Krech Mary and Stephen Kriz Terrance and Mary Ann Kukla Landing Hotel Dan Lapham Voigt and Mary Jean Lenmark Marcia and Fred LeVoir Lexus of Wayzata Steve Lindblad Ron Linebarger Loffler Companies Brianna Lovett Ruth Lundquist Terry and Deb Lynner Maynard’s Restaurant Tom and Rose Mary Meyer Barry and Mary Jo Miller Rafael and Jill Mojden

Patty and Mike Molden Mike and Jodi Mooney Mount Olivet Lutheran Church Quilting Club Colleen Nelson John and Latawnie Nigon Nadim and Souha Nimeh Allison Oreck Chris and Becky Pierson Tom Pierson • Pohlad Family Foundation Brian Quast R. F. Moeller Jeweler Red Rabbit Restaurant and Bar Allen and LaVonne Ribbe Linda and Michael Richardson Anne Rodriguez Bob and Wendy Rubinyi Thomas and Diane Russell Ryan Companies US, Inc Drs. Greg and Patricia Salmi Mark and Cookie Schadow Keller Schmid Jess Schneider Norman and Janet Schuenke George and Audrey Schultz Teri Shaughnessy Bob Slayton Lloyd Sorensen Paul E. Spika and Nancy Miller Howard Stacker Stevie Ray’s Improv Company Nancy Stone John and Diane Sweeney Talbots, Inc. Robert Teddy The O’Brien Family Thrivent Choice Program Toro Company Steve and Sally Twelves The UPS Store - Wayzata Ronald and Shirley Vescio Neil Wendover Karrie Willis Thomas and Rose Winkels Karen and Scott Wooldridge Lori Wurth Zerorez

Red = Monthly giving • = Matching gift company + = Deceased


Legacy Investors

Thank you for your lifelong commitment of financial support. Your legacy of giving provides hundreds of individuals living with disabilities the life they deserve. Giving societies are named in honor of important individuals in our history. Alvina Hammer Heritage Society

You have made a legacy gift that will continue our services for years to come. Thank you. Anonymous (7) * Leonard + and Mary + Aase Lisa M. Anderson * Margaret + and James + Argall Steven Argall Trust Lisbeth and Mark Armstrong * Dorothy A. Bailey + Leigh Bailey and Freda Marver Angela and George Bernhardt * Rae + and Albin + Carlson * Rae Carlson + Trust Gerald M. Caruso, Jr. Richard and Judith Corson Carol and Susan Curoe Judith and Kent Davidson Lisa and Scott Dongoske John Estrem Marvin and Rosemary Fish Shirley (Rip) and Ted + Freeman Jean and Bill Gjetson

Don and Heidi Haberman * Donald A. Hartmann + * Claire and Don + Hinrichs Linda and Kenneth Holmen Beulah + and Ingvald + Hongerholt Dean Hongerholt Trust Patricia and Michael Houston * Mary Ann and Jack + Huddleston Joan + and Bill Krippner Wayne Krippner Trust Laura Langer Robert and Michelle Luke Lewis and Jill Mithun Jean and Tim + Nelson Bruce and Merry Jo Parker Father Don Piche * Robert M. Reed + Trust Allen and LaVonne Ribbe

Kent and Traci Scholten * Clara Schonlau + Elaine and Marshall + Siegel Don and Annie Smithmier Deloris + and Wallace + Solseth Ellen Timmerman-Borer and Kevin Borer Barbara Tuckner * Grace + and Paul + Voetmann Pete and Carolyn Wahtera * Mary Wesley + Karole Whipps

Red = New to category * = Legacy gift received + = Deceased

Your Planned Gift Matters A gift to Hammer in your will, trust or estate plan enables you to support our mission and make a difference in the lives of future generations. If your name is not listed, but you have made plans for Hammer, please contact me. We would like to include you in the Alvina Hammer Heritage Society. If you prefer, your gift will remain anonymous. If you don’t have a will, now is a great time to start planning. Visiting for resources, including suggested language and our tax ID to share with your attorney. You can call me at 952-345-8519. Thank you for considering your legacy to Hammer today.


Angela Bernhardt Director of Major Gifts

Evelyn Carlson Society

Members have contributed more than $1,000,000. Bieber Family Foundation

Reuben Lindh Society

Members have contributed between $750,000 and $999,999. Anonymous (2)

Ralph Rosenvold Society

Members have contributed between $500,000 and $749,999. Margaret + and James + Argall The Patrick and Alice Rogers Family Foundation Patrick + and Alice + Rogers

Josephine Robinson Society

Members have contributed between $50,000 and $99,999. Anonymous (2) Anchor Bank B & H Way Foundation Elaine and Robert Bache Dorothy A. Bailey + The Barry Foundation James Bebo Otto Bremer Foundation Rae + and Albin + Carlson Rae Carlson + Trust Coldwell Banker Burnet Bob and Joan Cummins Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation Michael and Mary Drazan General Mills Foundation

Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community Patricia and Michael Houston Mark and Judith Jones Lurie, LLP Martinson Clinic Foundation Mark and Diane McMorrow Ray Mithun, Jr. Bruce and Merry Jo Parker Joe and Kathy Reis Scherer Brothers Lumber Company Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Mike and Pam Sime Karl and Laurie Stoltenberg Barbara and Al + Tennessen Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation Paul + and Florence + Voetmann Trust Wayzata Community Church Weber Shandwick, Minneapolis Wells Fargo Bank, Wayzata Xcel Energy Foundation

Mildred Thomson Society Bill McGlinch Society

Members have contributed between $250,000 and $499,999. Anonymous (3) John and Nancy Berg Plymouth Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Robert M. Reed + Trust Elaine and Marshall + Siegel TCF Foundation Mary Wesley +

Jenny Malmgren Society

Members have contributed between $100,000 and $249,999. Anonymous Bruce and Celeste Amlicke Greg Anderson Argall/Hibbs Foundation Margaret A. Cargill Foundation The Cargill Foundation Mary Ann and Jack + Huddleston

Red = New to category * = Matching gift + = Deceased

Knights of Columbus #3758 Thomas and Mari Lowe Siegel Family Foundation Drs. Mary and Jan Tanghe Village Automotive Group

Members have contributed between $25,000 and $49,999. Anonymous Leonard + and Mary + Aase Allegra Print & Imaging Joel and Mary Amundson Marshall and Dru Anderson Steven Argall Trust Susan Argall Haas and Brian Haas Lisbeth and Mark Armstrong Lawrence and JoAnn Barbetta Barbara Bencini Burdick Family Fund Caridad Corporation Charles and Mary Carlsen Carolyn Foundation Tom + and Nicky + Carpenter Gerald M. Caruso, Jr. John + and Andrea + Casey Michael and Beverly Cleary Joe and Sondra Dahmer Carol and George Daum Lisa and Scott Dongoske The Jaye F. & Betty F. Dyer Foundation Peter + and Carolyn + Ferguson

John and Deborah Fox Jean and Bill Gjetson Don and Heidi Haberman Linda and Kenneth Holmen ING Community Matching Gifts Program JoAnn Koltes Kopp Family Foundation Kraus-Anderson Construction Company Lake Community Bank Lions Club of Wayzata Lyman Lumber Company Foundation Medica Foundation John and Maryann Merideth Solveig M. Misner and Leigh Wold Ken and Marilyn + Murray Jean and Tim + Nelson Denny and Mary Newell Richard M. and Katharine Olson Lillian + and Norman + Orenstein S.B. Osborn Charitable Trust Nino and Susan Pedrelli Greg Petryszyn

Gerald and Katherine Roehl John and Lois Rogers Rotary Club of Wayzata Colleen Ryan Kent and Traci Scholten Susan W. Seymour + Jane and Don Shaffer Sit Investment Associates Foundation Don and Annie Smithmier Charles and Ellen Swanson Marie + and Jerome + Tuckner Joyce and Mike + Urbanic Valspar Corporation Bruce and Carmen Volkart Mark and Kathy Wallraff Warners’ Stellian Company Inc. Wayzata Amoco BP Service Center Karole Whipps Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association


Consecutive Giving Society You are among our most steadfast supporters. For 15 consecutive years or more you have promised a good life to people with disabilities through your generous gifts. Thank you! Anonymous Janet and David Anderson Marshall and Dru Anderson Argall/Hibbs Foundation Lisbeth and Mark Armstrong Elaine and Robert Bache Dorothy A. Bailey + Leigh Bailey and Freda Marver John and Shelia Barbetta Katie and Richard Barrett John and Nancy Berg Bill Bieber and Helen Meyer Bieber Family Foundation Candlelight Floral & Gifts Alfred Colling Richard and Judith Corson Judith and Kent Davidson Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton Lisa and Scott Dongoske Bob and Terrisa Fisher Patricia and Dennis + Fleming Shirley (Rip) and Ted+ Freeman Rosemary and Lawrence Gleason David Golden Susan Argall Haas and Brian Haas Gary and Kathleen Hadley Sharon and Jack Hammang Ida and Donald Hanna Alan and Diane Horner Patricia and Michael Houston John and Alice Johnson Margaret and Roger Jones Dan H. Klein

Knights of Columbus #3758 JoAnn Koltes Jim and Gayle + Landt Wally Lentz and Susan Nixon Paul and Janice Lindbloom Thomas and Mari Lowe Dr. Deane and Nancy + Manolis Mary Metzler and Elliott Mills Lewis and Jill Mithun Jean and Tim + Nelson Mary and Michael Ongstad Elizabeth and Bruce Pankonin Bruce and Merry Jo Parker Mary Patterson Mary and Robert Putnam Susan and Andrew Rein Joe and Kathy Reis Edwin and Christina Ritchie Rose M. Rizzi Rotary Club of Wayzata Elaine and Marshall + Siegel Jane Soshnik Kay Tart Ellen Timmerman-Borer and Kevin Borer Jay and Lisa Tschetter Sue and Kim Walker Mark and Kathy Wallraff Karole Whipps Mary Ann and John Wolters Red = New to category + = Deceased

Reach for Ralph 2017 “You Cared for the Heart of Hammer!” More than 450 of you; sponsors, guests, donors and volunteers came together with resounding enthusiasm to put our caregivers front and center. Your support for our employees training, recognition and extra benefits was astounding and more than any other event to date. Thank you!

2017 Reach for Ralph Sponsors Presenting Sponsor

Coldwell Banker Burnet Michael and Mary Drazan Geritom Medical, Inc. State Street Realty Advisors LLC Warners’ Stellian Company Inc. ACI Asphalt Contractors, Inc. Carol and George Daum Lisa and Scott Dongoske Fidelity Bank Microsoft Volkart May Associates Wallraff Electric Wayzata BP Service Center Coborns Delivers Esch Construction Supply, Inc. Lions Club of Hamel Medica Packaging Solutions & C-PAK Decorating Popp Communications Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. Absolute Sourcing, Inc. Behavioral Staffing Boyer and Associates Bremer Bank David Lee Funeral Home Marsh & McClennan Agency LLC Medline Foundation Myslajek Kemp & Spencer Linda Zimmerman, Ameriprise Financial


Ralph Rosenvold’s family at Reach for Ralph 2017.

“Hammer was home for my uncle

Barry Carlson, Lindsay Carlson, Jan Carlson and Tim Carlson

loved the home and the people.

Ralph Rosenvold for 65 years. He Ralph was treated wonderfully. My parents and aunt and uncle, Judy and Reuben Lindh, were very involved in the early years.

Don’t miss Reach for Ralph 2018!

We appreciate that memory

SAVE THE DATE Thursday, July 12


and the continuation of Ralph’s

— Jan Carlson, Ralph Rosenvold’s niece.


Board of Directors *Nino Pedrelli President State Street Realty Advisors, LLC Kent Scholten Vice President Merrill Lynch Greg Anderson Treasurer Thrivent Financial Carol Curoe Secretary The Langlee Group Bill Young Immediate Past President SalesFitness, LLC Barbara Bencini Retired Executive, Merrill Lynch *Jerry Caruso University of Minnesota George Daum Tethr Lisa Dongoske Cushman & Wakefield Michael Drazan Retired Executive, Toro *Rebecca Furnival Community Leader Tim Haugen Winthrop Resources *Hugh Kirsch Community Leader *Joe Koltes Remax Results Maureen Laird-Hayes Abbott

Hammer Residences, Inc. 1909 Wayzata Blvd. Wayzata, MN 55391 952-473-1261

Janet Lerch US Bank *Kevan Nitzberg Anoka-Hennepin School District Bruce Volkart Volkart May & Associates, Inc.

* Indicates family member

Annual Gratitude Report 2017  
Annual Gratitude Report 2017