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OUR MISSION Empowering Thai Youth

to fulfill their sports dreams through inspiration and product innovation

content Welcome Fundamentals of Play: About This Handbook

Rules of the Game: Standards of Business Performance and General Conduct • •

Mission and Maxims Getting in and Staying In: Employment and Placement

Team Members Draft Pick: Hiring Process • Recruitment • Selection • Appointment Probationary Period Employment of Relatives For the Rookies: Employee On-boarding Program Transfer Relocation Work Schedule • Attendance Get Your Head in the Game: Performance Management Process • Coaching for Excellence • Individual Development Plan • Organization Talent Planning Moonlighting: Other Employment End of The Line: Termination • Termination Process • Retrenchment • Final Payments and Clearance • Restrictions Following Employment • Employment References and Requests for Information Keeping Tabs: Personnel Files and Records

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General Conduct Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct Conflict of interest Gifts and Entertainment Confidential Information Protection of Nike Southeast Asia and Customer Property Solicitation Receipt and Use of Proprietary or Source Selection Information Data, Records and Reports Providing a Proper and Professional Work Environment Substance Use and Abuse Communicating Within Nike Electronic Mail Improper Use Security Use of Company’s Name Discipline Safety and Accident Prevention Illness or injury- Non-Occupational Use of Company Property Garnishments Complaints Harassment – Sexual, Verbal and Physical Solicitation/Distribution of Literature Office and Personal Conduct Security Dress Code and Appearance Housekeeping Personal Telephone Calls/Mail/Visitors

Compensation and Benefit Employee Compensation • • • • •

Payday: Salary Release Schedule We’re all in this together: Variable Pay Performance Sharing Plan (PSP) Milestone and Developmental Awards Overtime Payment/ Time Off

Employee Benefits •

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Healthcare Medical/Physical Examination Dental and Optical Benefits Life Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Business Travel Accident Insurance Leave Entitlements Paid Time Off (PTO) Time In Lieu Of (TOIL) Sick and Hospitalization Leave Marriage Leave Maternity Leave Paternity Leave Bereavement Leave Military Service Leave Sabbatical Leave Work/Life Balance (WLB) Day Sport Recreation Club Membership Business Expense Reimbursement of Business Expense Travel Corporate Credit Cards Cash Advance Fuel Fleet Card Car Park Mileage Claim Employee Discount Purchase Service Awards Provident Fund




And congratulations on joining the NIKE team. “Team” may seem a somewhat overlooked notion, but it is one of particular relevance to our Company and its inherent links to the world of athletics. Here you will find many parallels to winning teams, including the potent mix of star performance and team cooperation. NIKE has the need and the room for both. I hope that you are entering into something that is not simply a job, but an important, creative and pleasurable part of your life. NIKE has grown from a handful of people with some new ideas about running shoes into a global company seeking to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. And as our co-founder and first teacher Bill Bowerman said, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Our mission is a tall order. And it comes with increase expectation from our consumers and, most importantly, from ourselves. To succeed, we need good people (that’s why we hire you), sound planning (you’ll be expected to contribute) and a bit of good fortune. At NIKE you are expected to contribute, at least 100% of your best thinking. In your work, I hope you’ll have ideas about better products, improved manufacturing and marketing, enhanced services, and ways to help our business grow. We want to hear from you. Your insights are as important to us as the job into which you have been hired. NIKE can never have too many good ideas.

Phillip H. Knight

Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder of Nike


At NIKE, we play hard, we play to win, but we play by the rules of the game. We master the fundamental and we do the right thing. There is nothing better being a part of a smart, strong, courageous and innovative team. This Employee Policy Handbook was developed to help you better understand your role as a team member of Nike (Thailand) Limited. It includes basic information about our company policies and procedures, guidelines and practices, and employee benefits and services. It would be good for you to familiarize yourself with these and to keep this handbook handy for future references. However, this handbook is meant to serve as a guide only and is not intended as a substitute for discussion between you and your supervisor when job related issues arise. Nike (Thailand) limited at its sole discretion reserves right to change, modify, suspend, interpret or cancel, in whole or in part, the provision of the Employee Handbook. This includes any of the published or unpublished human resources policies and procedures, without advance notice, without having to give cause justification or consideration to any employee. Recognition of these rights and prerogatives of Nike (Thailand) limited is a term and condition of employment. This handbook may not contain all Nike (Thailand) Limited policies, procedures and practices. Any oral statement or promises made on policy matters are not binding to Nike (Thailand) Limited. In this respect any oral statement should be referred to Human Resources and/or the Country Leadership Team who must subsequently give written confirmation for it to be effective. Nike was named after the Greek Goddess of victory, and true to our namesake, we take pride in having winners on our team. It is our privilege to count you as one of them. We're glad to have you on the team! Now, let’s play!

Human Resources Department Nike (Thailand) Limited

“I’ll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it’s sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the gamewinning shot” - Kobe Bryant



NIKE MISSION STATEMENT To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world *If you have a body, you are an athlete. Max•im\ mak-s m\ noun 1: a general truth, fundamental principle, or rule of conduct 2: a proverbial saying From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary




The purpose of the maxim is to outline the nature and future of NIKE. This is crucial for new employees. If you are a long-time veteran, you need it even more. There is tremendous opportunity ahead, more than ever before. If we are to compete successfully, if we are to seize that opportunity and grow, we must do two things: Focus and change. Focus on the superior thinking and practices that pushed us to where we are. Change to meet and lead the demands of 21st century business and culture. When we can do these two things with unity and passion, we will be one of the great companies of the world.

Maxim 1 - It Is Our Nature to Innovate NIKE has many synonyms for innovation: NIKE Air. Mars Blackmon. Swift. Waffle. Shox. Whatever the name, the approach is the same: Think something nobody else has thought, or improve something that already exists. Lighter, faster, stronger, bigger, smaller, funnier. Make it better. Make it worthwhile. Envision possibilities. Accelerate them through new relationships. Within and beyond product. This is what we do best.

Maxim 2 - NIKE Is A Company A big company at that. WE call it NIKE, Inc., and it lives in many worlds: product, sport, media, entertainment, lifestyle and retail. Our position allows us to create growth in any or all of these industries. And we will. It may be about sports. It may not. It may be a NIKE product. It may be a license product. It may have no overt NIKE connection whatsoever. It’s like this: NIKE, Inc. exists to organize the pursuit and acquisition of opportunity, as long as that opportunity brings with it innovation and the ability to serve human potential.

Maxim 3 - NIKE is A Brand We call it the Swoosh. A little red checkmark that is the symbol of the global leadership in sport product and attitude. Internally, the Swoosh is our incubator for great research, design and development, and the machine to get that thinking on the athletes of the world. When we succeed at this, when there is a category we dominate, it is because we insist on complete involvement. Total immersion and investment. NIKE wins when NIKE is of the game, not just in the game. Conversely, when we are in a category just to skim a few bucks off the top, we do ourselves more harm than good. The key is to stay true growth and authenticity.



Maxim 4 - Simplify And Go An opinion is not a point of view. Commentary is not commitment. Observation is not action. Life is too short and the competition too fast for us to spend time in pointless debate and gratuitous nuance. The more honest and clear we are with each other, the faster we move and the better the result. • State your position clearly • Trust the expertise of others • Ask question when you don’t know • Answer questions when you do know • Demand cooperation • Reject all measure of success other than quality • Innovate and win • Pretend to innovate and lose • Believe in dreams

Maxim 5 - The Consumer Decides Consumers are more sophisticated and educated in their buying behavior than any previous generation. There are two paths to success with them. First, listen intently to find out what is meaning in their lives. Then provide a product that is useful on a practical and an emotional level. Or, build something so intuitively perfect or psychotically different that they must have it even though they never imagined it could exist. Both ways are legitimate. Both are specialties of NIKE. The warning is equally simply: The day you take them for granted is the day that they leave you.

Maxim 6 - Be A Sponge

The philosopher Sir Nicholas Bacon once wrote, “It is the wise person who knows there is more to know than what they know, you know?” Or was it Kevin Bacon? Either way it’s a good thought. Insightful. Take his advice. Look around you. Develop wide peripheral vision. There are great ideas lying around like diamonds in the dirt. The brightest are those you see out of the corner of your eyes.



Maxim 7- Evolve Immediately Amplify what is good, change what is not. From


Elite sport

Active life


Big and strong

Resource hoarding

Resource sharing



Process quicksand

Process agility



Athlete icons

Athletic heroes



No and maybe

Maybe and Yes







Brand awareness

Brand respect





Maxim 8 – Do The Right Thing •

Take responsibility. Embrace the truth. Offer transparency. Participate in and help shape our evolution as a global citizen. Talk openly about our challenges as well as success. See Diversity. Elevate performance through a constant search for diversity. Don’t look for the things that make us different. Look for the things that make us better. Drive Sustainability. This is not a result. It is a process. It starts with concept and design, continues through the entire product cycle, and extends into every corner of NIKE operations. Create zero waste. It is an overly ambitious objective, just the kind we like.



Maxim 9 – Master The Fundamentals The great ones accept no substitutes. The commitment to excel and unwavering focus on process is at the root of superior performance. Lance Armstrong knows it. Two weeks after brain surgery, when mere mortals would just be waking up, he was in his back yard, spinning furiously in preparation for his return to road. NIKE knows it, too. We are a big company, incredibly complex yet able to deliver at a level and pace that others won’t even attempt. None of it is easy. It requires constant vigilance and refinement of the machine. Without it, nothing else matters.

Maxim 10 – We Are On The Offence, Always Our playing field is changing. Business is racing into a new era of lifestyle information and shared services. Sports are becoming more integrated into people’s lives while it is becoming less organized. Consumers are smarter than ever. This is all great for NIKE. Now is the time to be aggressive. Seek our smart partners. Pick your sports to invest resources where they make the most difference. Focus more on result and less on appearances. Challenge and correct misconceptions about the company. (There are many.) Conceive big ideas and create partnerships that allow them to grow. Act like you are a part of a smart, strong, courageous and innovative company, because you are.

Maxim 11 – Remember The Man His name is Bowerman. It’s German for “builder man” He did more to shape athletics and NIKE around the world than any three people combined. Strategically eccentric. A natural motivator. Complete in his understanding of sports and athlete. Tireless in his pursuit of innovation. There is no book that can give justice to his contribution, no movie that can express his spirit. Study him.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying” - Michael Jordan





EMPLOYMENT & PLACEMENT Team Members Full-Time Employees A full-time employee (FTE) is an employee on Nike Thailand payroll other than a casual, seasonal, temporary or on-call employee, a leased employee (external temporary employee) or an independent contractor. An FTE is employed on a permanent basis following probation. As an FTE, you are part of an elite team and your Employee Identification Card (ID card), issued by Human Resources (HR), is your membership badge. Wear it with pride, on a lanyard, at all times while on office premises and/or official business functions within the office building. Keep it safe...a lost ID card results in a penalty. This ID card is considered company property and should be returned to the Company upon termination of employment.

Draft Pick: The Hiring Processs



Many people consider joining the Nike Team as their dream job, and we agree. It’s a great company, one we are all happy to be a part of. Only a chosen few can live the dream, though, and they are picked via a careful, thorough selection process.

Recruitment may be done externally or internally.

HR interviews all qualified candidates together with the respective Functional Leader and/or Hiring Manager. Candidates are evaluated based on their skills sets, the competencies that they possess, their relevant work experience, and what they can bring to the team. Short-listed candidates may be interviewed by the Commercial Director and/or a member of the SEA SMT before a final decision is made to draft any of them to the team.

Whether a position is new or open; whether it requires a transfer, job upgrade, promotion, or replacement; the Country HR Manager and local Hiring Manager work in tandem to gain the Commercial Director’s approval to fill a spot on the team. Hiring requests are endorsed to the Nike South East Asia (SEA) HR Director and respective SEA-level Functional Leader for final approval. From there, the actual process of recruiting, selecting and appointing new hires begins.

External Recruitment deals with applications and/or resumes received from outside the Company by whatever sources commissioned. Internal Recruitment refers to transfers within the Company. Equal opportunity to be transferred, promoted or upgraded is available to all employees who wish to pursue advancement in their careers with us.


EMPLOYMENT & PLACEMENT Appointment HR typically makes job offers and initiates appointments to successful candidates based on recommendations and inputs from all affected parties. A pre-employment Kit will be given to confirmed appointees which must be completed by the new hire and returned to HR at least one week before his/her start date. In order to assure that they can perform their jobs without causing a direct threat to the health and safety of themselves or anyone else, newly appointed employees may be required to undergo a medical/ physical examination at the Company’s expense (mostly for purposes of insurance coverage).

Probationary Period To successfully assemble our dream team, we need to go beyond first impressions. This is why those hired as full-time employees of the Company- regardless of job level-serve in a probationary capacity for the first six months of employment. The probationary period allows both the Company and the employee to determine if there is a “fit” to the expectations of both. This period is meant as a time for you to learn your job and for your supervisor to evaluate your performance. You will be considered a “regular” FTE once this probation period is successfully completed. During probation, termination of employment by either party will be one week’s notice in writing or one week’s pay in lieu of notice. No reason whatsoever needs to be furnished by either party.

Employment of Relatives It is Company policy that relatives of current employees will not be eligible for employment with Nike if the Company, at its sole discretion, determines that such employment might create problems or issues of supervision, confidentiality, morale, or conflicts of interest. The CLT administers this policy. • The Company discourages employees from working in close physical proximity to or under the direct supervision or leadership of any relative. • If two employees, not previously related, become related or marry during their employment, and the Company, at it’s sole discretion determines that this might cause problems or issues of supervision, confidentiality, morale, or conflicts of interest, or an appearance of impropriety, one of the employees will be permitted to stay in his/her current position whilst the other will be transferred or terminated unless reasonable solutions can be achieve to alleviate the potential problem(s). If the Company determines that both cannot remain in their positions, the employees concerned must decide which of them will remain in his/her current position, within a 30-day period. If there is refusal, the Company will require the employee with the shorter length of service to make a change in his/her position. For more information on the Employee On-boarding Program, please visit HR SharePoint online.

For the Rookie: Employee on Boarding Program Nike SEA implements a standard employee on-boarding program across countries in the sub-region, including Thailand. This process begins as soon as you sign on to the Team and helps us to ensure that you fully understand the Company’s Mission and Maxims, as well as the policies and procedures. This process is jointly administered by HR and the Hiring Manager.



It is Company policy to consider and encourage internal job transfer when we see that it can be mutually beneficial for you and for us. Transfers are typically initiated by Management based on an employee’s developmental needs and potential contribution to growing the business. An employee may be moved from one function to another, or one country to another. HR co-ordinates this transfer process according to these guidelines: • Employees identified and selected are given individual letters informing them of the transfer and changes taking place, e.g. re-designation, reporting lines, job scope. • Employees transfer on a date acceptable to functions concerned. • Employees requesting for transfer must have been in the current position and in the Company’s service for the last 12 months. • Exceptions to this policy will be considered individually and may require the recommendation of the Functional Leader concerned and approval by the SEA HR Director. • Employees desiring a transfer must formally request such from both their immediate supervisor and the Country HR Manager.

In the course of your employment, the Company may request that you and your family temporarily relocate to another country. Inasmuch as all employees are eligible for relocation, eligibility requirements specific to the job duties and responsibilities, ability and target location will determine potential candidates. In case of relocation, it is Company policy to attempt to minimize the inconvenience and financial hardship that such a move may incur. HR administers this policy according to the following guidelines: • Prior authorization of the SEA HR Director is necessary before any discussions on relocation can begin. • All relocations must be agreed to in writing by the respective SEA-level Functional Leader with the approval of the SEA HR Director. • All newly hired employees or employees relocated on an extended basis must sign authorized assignment agreements, which will be prepared by SEA HR. • All relocation expenses will be charged to the hiring or host countries. • All monies paid to employees and expenses incurred on employee’s behalf are deemed to be repayable advances until the employee concerned has fulfilled the requirements of his/her authorized written assignment • An employee who voluntarily terminates his/her employment prior to the end of the assignment term as prescribed in his/her written assignment agreement must reimburse the Company for all relocation expenses incurred by the Company.

There are four general types of transfer assignments within the organization that require relocation: Global Transfer is when an employee is moved from South East Asia region to another country, e.g. Thailand to the United States of America. In such cases, the assigned employee remains in his/her home country’s payroll. These assignments typically last for two years. Intra-regional Transfer is when an employee is assigned to a country within the South East Asia region to another country that is not his/her own, e.g. Thailand to Singapore. In such cases, the assigned employee remains in his/her home country’s payroll. These assignments typically last for two years. Developmental Assignment happens when an employee is sent on assignment in another country for a period of one year or less. In such cases, the assigned employee remains in his/her home country’s payroll. Note that an employee may be given a development assignment where he or she is transferred from one function to another, e.g., from Finance to Operations. However, this may occur within the country and not involve relocation. Local Transfer is when an employee is assigned to another country on a local package. In the case, an employee must resign from his/her current country’s organization and is “hired” by a new country. For more information on the Employee On-boarding Program, please visit HR SharePoint online.



EMPLOYMENT & PLACEMENT Official working days are Monday to Friday with official working hours from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Lunch break is from 12.00 noon to 1.00p.m. However, it is important to note that due to the nature of our business, every employee is expected and required to work additional hours when necessary to complete assignments or projects. You may be required to fulfill your duties either in the office or in places where it is necessary to visit such as a retailer’s office or at an assigned store.

Attendance You must advise your direct supervisor if you cannot report for work as scheduled or if you need to leave early from work. Human Resources oversees this attendance policy with active assistance from all Functional Leaders. •

• •

If you are unable to report for work as scheduled, or expert to be late or leave early from work, you must notify your immediate supervisor as soon as possible before your scheduled starting or leaving time in order to allow alternate arrangements to be made. If you are unable to inform or notify your supervisor, you must notify Human Resources as early as possible for the message to be relayed to your team. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness may result in disciplinary action, not excluding termination. Absence of three or more workdays without notification to your direct supervisor may result in termination of employment.

Meal Periods A stipulated meal period is provided for all employees in accordance with the local laws. You are expected to be prompt when returning to your work location after the stipulated meal periods.

Public Holidays We observe all declared locally relevant public holidays. These are those which the local government has proclaimed as non-working days. Please refer to HR SharePoint for an official list of Public Holidays (updated annually).

Get your Head in the Game: The performance management process At Nike, we are committed to identifying, developing and retaining our talent. We believe in rewarding good work. Excellent performance by eligible employees is taken into consideration for upgrading or promotion to the next level.



EMPLOYMENT & PLACEMENT The Coaching for Excellence (CFE) process is management tool we use for performance planning, ongoing coaching and informal progress checkpoints to help you achieve your business goals through the fiscal year. It also provides you with the opportunity to give and receive feedback, to discuss developmental plans, and to determine what resources and support are needed to ensure success at Nike. The CFE is a critical management function, not because it is a people management tool, but because it provides a strong link to our business management process. Performance discussions are formally conducted and documented in the months of December and May of each fiscal year, with evaluation results agreed upon by the CLT and approved by the SMT in January (for mid-year performance review) and June (for year-end performance review). Year-end CFE ratings results have a direct link to your pay. Salaries are reviewed at the end of each fiscal year and adjustments are made in August. Although the process is driven by HR, the success of the CFE process is a shared responsibility to both you and your Manager.

Individual Development Plan (IDP) We believe that you never stop learning and that continuous training is necessary for a winning team. Nike is committed to the development of every member of our team and, through SEA HR, we offer formal learning and development programs for all levels of employees. Functional leaders to take an active role in an employee’s career development through any of the following: •

• •

• •

Monitoring employee needs and progress via an identified career path using the Performance Management Process, specifically organization Talent Planning (OTP). Providing Product and technical Training via internal and/or external training on products and methodology. Providing training and guidance through Nike SEA’s internal systems and processes (standard application software, soft skills and supervisory/management skills programs). Providing guidance on Nike SEA methodology processes and practices. Offering academic education specific to and in direct relation to an employee’s job responsibilities. Offering industry specific training (leading to certification; and/or addressing related issues). Providing experience through exposure such as placement in a position where an employee’s role is enhanced through long term or short term on-job assignments and special projects.

It is important that you become an active participant in your own career development. By working together with HR and your Manager, you will be able to identify and implement the individual development plan that will help you gain the skills and experience you need to advance. For more information on the Employee On-boarding Program, please visit HR SharePoint online.


Coaching for Excellence (CFE)

EMPLOYMENT & PLACEMENT Moonlighting: Other Employment

Nike is more than just an office in a country. We deploy the best talent against the most critical business opportunities to realize both Company and individual potential. Organization Talent Planning (OTP) helps us drive accountability for functional capability and deepen the leadership bench. This process involves thoroughly assessing individual employees’ critical work experiences, their strengths and developmental areas, their mobility and career aspirations, as well as their potential to continue to contribute positively to the organization. Through OTP, employees may be moved from one role to another, possibly in other functions, other Nike organizations and even other countries.

We invest a lot in the growth and development of every member of our team and expect you to invest your time and effort in return. As such, Company policy prohibits all employees from undertaking any job or occupation while they are employed by Nike Thailand Ltd. as this may pose a potential conflict of interest that could compromise your performance or the Company’s position in the business community. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full-time, part-time or casual job. You must have the expressed written permission of your direct supervisor, approval from the Country Director HR Manager and the concurrence of the Commercial Director to take on other employment while you are a member of our team.

For more information on the Performance Management Process (CFE, IDP or OTP), please visit HR SharePoint or the Nike Zero website.

End of the Line: Termination While we hope that you enjoy a long and happy career with us, there are cases and situations that may cause an end to employment. After probation, either an employee or the Company may terminate employment by giving to each other party one month’s notice in writing for voluntary separation or one month’s salary in lieu of notice in case of involuntary separation. For employees in Band U positions or higher, up to three months’ notice in writing for voluntary separation or three months’ salary in lieu of notice for involuntary separation. No reason whatsoever needs to be furnished by either party.

Termination means the point at which an employee leaves employment of the Company for any reason.

Resignation means any termination elected by the employee, except termination for retirement.

Retirement is a termination by the employee which

includes application for, qualification for, and acceptance of benefits under the respective retirement plan withdrawals.

Retrenchment means involuntary termination resulting from workforce reductions or organization right sizing.

Dismissal refers to an involuntary termination of the employee other than retrenchment.


Organization Talent Planning (OTP)

EMPLOYMENT & PLACEMENT The Company shall be entitled to terminate your employment without any notice or payment in lieu of notice in any of the following events: •

If you shall, in the opinion of the Company, be guilty of dishonesty or misconduct (including theft or fraud) or commit any act or are guilty Of such neglect as in the opinion of the Company, is likely to bring the Company or any of its related Companies or any of their officials or employees into disrepute, whether such dishonesty, misconduct or neglect is or is not directly related to the affairs of the Company. If you commit an act of bankruptcy or have a receiving order or an adjudication order in bankruptcy made against you. If you have after showing cause in writing been found to have committed any serious breach or repeated or continual material breach of any of your duties or obligations under this Contract. If you are discovered to have made or given any false statement or document testifying to your state of health knowing that such statement or document is false. If you are found to have made illegal monetary profit or received any gratuities or other rewards (whether in cash or kind) out of any of the Company’s affairs or any of its related Companies.

Upon such termination, you shall not be entitled to claim any compensation or damages for or in respect or by reason. After the termination from whatever cause of this employment, you will not at any time or for any purpose use the name of the Company in connection with your own or any other name to suggest that you are or have been connected with the Company’s business. If by any reasons of ill health, accident or physical or mental incapacity however occasioned you are absent from or unable effectively to attend your place of work for a total period of three months in any one year, the Company shall be at liberty at the expiration of such period, to terminate your employment by giving three months’ notice. All benefits arising from your employment (other than any accrued pension benefits) cease to be available on termination of your employment.


Please take a moment to review this excerpt from your contract of employment:

EMPLOYMENT & PLACEMENT Termination Process All employees of the Company are employees at will unless subject to a specific signed contract indicating clearly employment for a particular term or a period of time. Employment at will means an employee may be terminated with or without cause. Either the employee or the Company may terminate the employment relationship at will for any reason not prohibited by law or by a written Company Policy in effect at the time of termination. Mere company policies or practices do not waive the at will status. No one has authority to modify or waive the at will status in anyway except Human Resources, who may only do so in writing. •

Notice of resignation by employees must be provided to Human Resources (with signed acceptance by the releasing manager) at least 30 days from the last day of employment. Human Resources will process all terminations and determine the final disposition of all benefit to which affected employees may be entitled. Refer also to the section on Final Payment and Clearance in this Handbook. Most employment benefits case on the day of the employee’s termination. Employees should refer to Human Resources for more detailed information. Certain actions can result in immediate dismissal. Such actions include, but is not limited to:

- Physically fighting on company premises regardless of who initiated the fight. - Misusing, destroying, or damaging property of the Company, fellow employees, or visitors. - Theft or unauthorized removal of property from the Company, fellow employees, or visitors, or anyone on company property, including property found in waste containers. - Possession of dangerous or unauthorized materials such as explosive, firearms, or other items on company property. - Being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and/or other intoxicants on company property or appearing for duty under such conditions. - Possession, sale, or use of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and/or other intoxicants on company property. - Sleeping whilst on duty. - Falsifying or making material omission on an employment application. - Making false entries on or material omission from company records. - Altering or falsifying any time-keeping records, intentionally doing so for another employee or removing such records from the designated files or area without prior authorization, or destroying such records. - Dishonesty in any form. - Threatening an employee or visitor or customer with physical violence or physically intimidating or coercing any employee, visitor or customer. - Violation of Business Ethics and Conflict of Interest in the Company’s - Standards of Performance and Conduct. - Willful refusal to comply with Company Policy or management directives. Refer also to the section on

Discipline in this Handbook.


EMPLOYMENT & PLACEMENT Retrenchment and Redundancy The Company may opt to exercise its prerogative to consider reduction of its workforce whenever necessary and at its sole discretion. Human Resources and Management will administer the policy taking into consideration the following guidelines:

Finals Payment and Clearance It is Company policy to ensure a proper exit meeting is conducted for the terminating employee. This includes an exit interview, final clearance and payment. This would be initiated on the last day of employment, or at another mutually agreed time near the employee’s last day of employment with HR.

After careful determination that work force reductions are necessary, the

Company, in its sole discretion, will then determine which individuals will be selected for retrenchment. The Company, to the extent that it deems appropriate, may consider the following factors: •

• • • • •

Ability to perform the work needs remaining after the reduction of the workforce (Job fit) Disciplinary History and Performance Prior Experience and Length of Service Attendance Record Geographical Location Attitude

Whenever possible, employees will be given a minimum of 30 days notice of such retrenchment. The Company will also ensure it complies fully with the local labor laws and regulations relating to retrenchment. There is no right of recall following retrenchment. However, if in the Company’s discretion it elects to recall an employee from retrenchment, within the time period of 12 weeks or a specific time period designated by each location (of no more continuous service for employees. As opening occur following retrenchment and subsequent recovery, the Company will attempt to hire the most qualified person available. Retrenched employees who wish to be considered for re-employment should contact Human Resources and indicate interest in the job opening as they occur. Employees indicating such interest will be considered along with other applicants for such available positions.

Please note the following guidelines: Upon receipt of the termination notice, Human Resources will process accordingly and compute all accrued benefits based on policies. All eligible benefit payment to be listed and be the basis for creation of the final pay check; tax forms and documentation for clearance. Conduct of the exit interview and brief the employee on procedure related to clearance. All property belonging to the Company, whether issued or acquired during the course of employment, must be returned before leaving the employ of the Company. Such property includes, but is not limited to, the following: • Company identification cards • Insurance cards (medical) • Company credit card (American Express) • Fuel Fleet Card • Office keys and proximity card • Company manuals • Materials (Books, CD-Rom, diskettes, etc) and documents • Parking passes • Tools and equipment • Travel advances Once these items have been dealt with, within the reasonable acceptance of both parties, the final pay check will be forwarded within one (1) month.



Restrictions Following Employment It is company policy to remind the terminating employee of his/her agreement, expiring six (6) months after termination of employment, not to: •

Be engaged (by way of employment, consultancy or partnership) either directly or indirectly by any customer of Nike; Seek to, either directly or indirectly, approach, canvas, solicit, accept employment from, or endeavor to entice away from Nike and of it’s customer or employees; or Be engaged (by way of employment, consultancy or partnership) either directly or indirectly by any competitors of Nike SEA;

In each case, with a view of doing business in the same or similar market in which Nike SEA competes. KEEPING TABS: PERSONAL FILES AND RECORDS It is Company policy to maintain updated records of all pertinent employee information from the time of employment up to the time of separation. These records may include work histories, benefits eligibility and personal information. HR administers this policy and ensures compliance with the following guidelines: • Personnel Folder (201 File): A personnel folder for every employee is set up from the time the employee is hired. This folder contains personal and business related information about the employee. It is created by the HR Executive and is maintained and safeguarded by the HR team. The 201 Files is the property of the Company. • These records are confidential. Access is given to duly authorized HR employee only. However, limited access to certain pages may be granted to an employee’s current or prospective supervisor or to the individual employee with respect to his/her own professional file- both cases subject to approval by the Country HR Manager. • Personal files may be removed from Human Resources only in the following circumstances: - By special and specific request of the Functional Leader under whom the employee works and only upon the approval of the Country HR Manager. These must be recorded by the HR Executive and returned by the borrower within a period of seven (7) working days - Upon the request of an employee for photocopies of any documents which he/she has signed. - When information from personal files needs to be disclosed under legal compulsion (e.g. for subpoenas) or with written authorized from the employee concerned. Bear in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure all your records are kept updated by informing HR promptly of any changes in address, telephone number, marital status, dependents, beneficiaries, qualifications and information relevant to your employment.

EMPLOYMENT REFERENCES AND REQUEST FOR INFORMATION Employees are discouraged from giving employment or other references for current or former employees on behalf of the Company. An exception to this policy is Human Resources, who may provide the following information in response to inquiries regarding employees: • For current employees, only verification of employment, job title, and hired date. • For former employees, only verification of employment, job title at termination, and hired and termination dates.




General Conduct •


You are expected to devote the whole of your • time, attention and skill to Company affairs during the usual business hours, and to use your best endeavors to further its interests in every way. You are expected to at all times diligently, faithfully and to the best of your ability perform the duties/instructions for which you are hereby employed as well as any additional duties as may reasonably be requested of you. You will use all proper means in your power to maintain and improve the business and to protect and further the reputation and interests of the Company. You will not work for, or have any interest in, any other company or business or undertake any activity which might interfere with your duties/ performance or be in conflict with the Company’s interests.

It is Company policy to fully comply with the law and to establish ethical standards in any and all business dealings. To maintain these high standards of conduct, all employees must be made aware of certain activities and relationships, which are subject to stringent limitations or must be totally avoided.

Conflflict of Interest

We recognize and respect your right to take part in financial, business or other activities outside of your job. However, these activities must be lawful and free of any potential conflicts with your responsibilities as an employee of Nike Thailand Ltd. Conflicts of interest arise when an employee’s position or responsibilities present an opportunity for personal gain, or when personal interests conflict with Company’s interests. You must avoid any action or relationships that could conflict with, or appear to conflict with, the interests of the Company.

Gifts and Entertainment One of Nike’s Maxims is “Do The Right Thing”. Part of doing the right thing means that we make our business decisions with honesty and integrity based on objective factors like cost, quality, value, service, ability to carry through on commitments, etc. This includes decisions about which external partners we work with, such as vendors, contact factories and suppliers, and how we work with them. Because of this, we want to avoid even the appearance of making business decisions based on improper factors. Therefore, Nike employees may not accept or offer gifts, gratuities, entertainment, or favors unless they are of nominal value 1,000 THB or less and are normal and customary given the business circumstance. Employees may not accept or offer cash at any time and should never accept or offer gifts, favors or entertainment if there is any expectation of a return favor implied. Any employee who receives a gift that falls outside of the acceptable guidelines must report it to their manager, who will decide whether the employee may keep the gift or turn it over to the Company.


Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct

Confififidential information


Protection of Nike and Customer Property Nike employees have an obligation to protect all Company and customer data, property and funds under their control against loss, theft and misuse. This includes the proprietary information belonging to the Company and its customers. No Nike SEA employee may make any of their information available to unauthorized personnel. Security procedures have been established to protect local government classified information and many types of unclassified technical information. Nike employees who handle such data are required to know these procedures and strictly adhere to them at all times. Nike employees must use the Company and customer funds, property and data only for their proper and intended purposes. No us e of such property or data may be made after termination of employment with the Company. It is imperative to make every effort to prevent the misuse of these assets by any other person. Improper use includes selling, loaning or giving away the Company or customer property and modifying, destroying or disclosing customer or the Company data. Use of customer or the Company property for personal or non-business purposes is considered to by improper conduct and is in violation of this Code.


During the course of your employment with Nike you may be exposed to confidential information. Confidential information includes things like business plans, sales figures, financial information, product designs, information regarding negotiations, agreements or dealing between the Company and others, and employee-related information. Because the nature of our business is highly competitive, disclosure of any confidential information could result in severe damage to the Company. Therefore, disclosing confidential information to any person or organization, directly or indirectly, without prior written consent from the Company is prohibited, as is using confidential information for commercial or other purposes. In particular, you are required to keep confidential all employee-related information you may have access to, such as personal information, salaries, corrective action, etc. Do not discuss employee information with anyone within or outside of the Company or copy any employee information you have access to unless it is necessary as part of your job. This includes not removing any employee information from the Company premises unless the law requires it or you have the written consent of the employee. We expect you to continue to maintain confidentiality even after you leave the Company. And when you leave, you must return all originals and copies of any confidential information, data, documents, or other material received from the Company that you have in your possession. • You will not without authority disclose or divulge to any third party any confidential information about the interests, finances or business of the Company or its related Companies nor make or possess without authority copies of documents or media on which such information is recorded. • You will not at any time during the continuance or after the termination of your services with the Company (irrespective of reasons) make use of any information concerning the Company or its business or affairs or any Customers (which you have acquired in the course of) and trade secrets for your secrets for you own benefit or to the detriment or intended or probable detriment of the Company. • On termination of your employment, you will deliver to the Company (without keeping any copies) any documents or media in your possession.


Solicitation, Receipt and Use of Proprietary or Source selection information

Data, Records and Reports All employees are responsible for preparing Company business documents as completely, honestly and accurately as possible. These records include timekeeping records, expenses reports, accounting records, test and progress reports, cost estimates, contract proposals, ad presentation, either written or oral, made by any employee or representative in the conduct of the Company business shall be factual, fully substantiated, and verifiable. It is essential to maintain accurate timekeeping and expense records, making sure to: • Record and allocate charges for time, materials and other business-related expenses to the proper charge number. • Check all invoices and payments to customers, consultants and suppliers to confirm the accuracy of information relating to products, services, prices and terms of sale. • Submit complete, accurate and current cost or pricing data in local government contract proposals.

Providing a proper and professional work environment Steve Nash may have worn Nike’s Trash Talk Shoe, but there is no room for trash talk in this game. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect and proper decorum. Play fair, be nice, think before you speak, and in general embody the qualities that both good sportsmanship and common decency dictate. Use fairness, honesty, integrity and regard for the law in all business relationships with the Company shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and applicants, as well as with local, national and international communities and governments. Engage in Human Resources Management Practices including but not limited to, recruitment, selection, job assignment, transfer, promotion/demotion, layoff, return from layoff, discipline including termination programs, compensation and benefits without regard to race, color, religious creed, national origin, citizenship, marital status, sex, being over age 40, handicap, and local veteran status. You should neither engage in nor permit harassment of fellow employee for any reason by the other employees, vendors, clients or anyone else with whom employees come into contact in the course of their business activities.


No employee or representative may solicit, obtain or utilize Source Selection information relating to government procurement. In addition to materials so marked by the government, Source Selection information includes bid prices and proposed costs or prices submitted in response to a solicitation, source selection plans, technical evaluation plans, technical evaluations of competing proposals, cost or price evaluations of competing proposals, competitive range determinations, rankings of competitors, reports and evaluations of source Selection Boards, and government agency planning, programming and budgeting system information. Similarly, no Nike employee or representative may solicit, receive, or utilize any other Company’s proprietary materials other than as authorized by that Company.



All employees are prohibited from possessing, using, distributing, manufacturing, purchasing, dispensing or selling controlled substances. Because these actions are both illegal and counterproductive to our business interests, they will not be tolerated on the Company premises either during your scheduled work period or at any time while conducting Company business. Alcohol abuse is an equally serious problem and will not be tolerated by the Company, either on the Company premises during your scheduled work period or at any time while conducting Company business. The Company encourages any employee with such problems to contact Human Resources, on a strictly confidential basis.

Communicating Within NIKE

The Company fosters a free interchange between employees and all levels of management through its Open Door Policy. All employees are encouraged to contact their immediate supervisor to report or resolve a problem, but are free to contact higher levels of management if necessary. If you have reason to believe that a violation of these standards of conduct or any other Company procedures has occurred or is likely to occur, it is your obligation to contact at least one of the following persons or groups: Your Supervisor or Functional Leader Country HR Manager The Company will not disclose the identity of an employee who has made report without their permission unless disclosure is unavoidable during an investigation. In no event will adverse action be taken against a Nike SEA employee because he or she has reported a suspected impropriety. These reports will be treated in confidence to the maximum extent consistent with the fair and rigorous enforcement of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.


The Company provides electronic communication systems, systems software, and hardware for use in supporting various business activities. These systems include electronics mail, various on-line services, and the software applications and hardware. Please also refer to the NIKE Electronic Communications Policy found on SharePoint Online. These systems are provided to support the Company business and to facilitate you in performing your job. Although incidental and occasional non-business use of the electronic communication systems is permitted within the Company, no use of the electronic communication system is considered private and any use may be viewed and recorded by the Company and disclosed to others without notice or other restrictions. The Company reserves the right to access these systems and monitor data and messages within them at any time for any reason. As an employees and system user, you shall not permit any of the Company’s non-public, proprietary or confidential information to enter the public domain through electronic transmissions. The Company’s proprietary and confidential information includes, but is not limited to, any information, data, ideas, plans, strategies, concepts or proposals relating to the following: Inventions, patents, prototypes, and unreleased products Marketing, sales, and promotional plans and ideas Sales data, production data, futures orders, and forecasts Anything else which, in the wrong hands, could be an advantage to the Company’s competitors or could put the Company at a competitive disadvantage Personnel information; attorney, client privilege information (note that personnel and customer information may have regional/country restrictions) In addition, do not use words, phrases or symbols in any electronic communications that may be viewed as inappropriate, offensive, defamatory or otherwise compromising to the Company. Carefully review the content of all e-mails and message board posting prior to sending.


Each Nike employee is responsible for obtaining the information necessary to follow directives in this ethics and conduct document and for reporting to the Company management any observed deviation from policies.



Improper Use Improper use of the electronic communication systems may result in revocation of your electronic access privileges as well as disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Activities that constitute improper use include, but are not limited to, the following: Sending the Company’s proprietary or confidential information to anyone not entitled to know or possess it Sending or retrieving sexually explicit or offensive messages, cartoons or jokes, ethic slurs, racial epithets or any other statement or image that might be construed as harassment, disparagement or libel Sending unsolicited or unwanted personal views or social, political, religious or other non-business related matters Unlawful activities, including sending or receiving copyrighted materials in violation of copyright laws or license agreements Personal business and/or profit-making activities Personal activities that incur additional costs to the Company or interfere with an employee’s work performance Any other violation of this policy

Human Resources administer this policy. “Company Property” includes, but is not limited to, offices, workstations, desks, lockers, and company vehicles. An employee’s refusal to permit a search pursuant to this policy is grounds for discipline, up to and including termination.

Use of Company’s name It is the policy of the company that its name and other identifying symbols (including stationery materials bearing such Nike name or symbols); and other intellectual properties may not be used without authorization in connection with official, authorized the Company business, and may not be used by anyone to imply that the company affiliates or associates, endorses or is connected with any business, program, product, service, club or organization not part of or directly related to the company business activities. The Management will administer this policy.


Please note the following Company policies regarding Security: • The Company shall have access to and may search company property, without specific notice, when there is reasonable belief that the search will assist in the investigation of work-related misconduct by an employee or for any other reasonable work related purpose. • Any vehicle used by an employee to come to or leave company property, wherever located, is subjected to search. • With regard to an employee’s personal property (such as purses, briefcase and parcels), an employee is expected to consent to the Company’s request to search such property when there is reasonable belief that the search will assist in the investigation of work related misconduct by the employee.



The conduct and performance of every employee is closely monitored to ensure that they meet the company standards. In cases where an employee is found to be falling short of these standards, Nike reserves the right to take any action we deem necessary in response to the situation. Human Resources and Management administer this policy with due thought to the following •

- Employees must perform their jobs satisfactorily. - Employees must not disregard any safety rules. - Employees must not engage in horseplay or any other action that may interfere with work. - Employees may not harass, threaten, intimidate, or coerce any other employee. - Employees may not gamble while working or while on duty. - Employees may not be frequently or excessively tardy or absent from work or from their assigned work areas unless it is a requirement of the job.

- Employees may not leave the company’s premises or their job locations during work hours without notifying the company or obtaining permission from their immediate supervisor. - Employees may not disregard the designated lunch break periods. - Employees may not conduct unauthorized tours of the Company’s offices and facilities. - Employees may not undertake any activities that may prove detrimental to the company Suspension is a disciplinary or investigatory status during which an employee is relieved of his/her work duties for a specified period of time. Human Resources must approve all disciplinary suspensions prior to their being implemented. Employees may be placed on suspension, with or without pay, when an investigation is warranted to determine appropriate disciplinary measures but this should be in compliance with local news. Human resources will formally inform the employee concerned and these will be recorded in the employee’s personal file.


All employees of Nike are employees at will unless subject to a specific written contract, specifying contract for a particular period of time. Employment at will means and employee may be terminated with or without cause. Either the company or the employee may terminate the employment relationship at will for any reason not prohibited by law or by a written company policy in effect at the time of termination. Company policies or practices do not waive the at-will status in any way except the SEA Human Resources Director and the respective Functional Leader who will both do so in writing together. The Company may discipline employees when and in a manner it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate. Discipline may include, depending on the circumstances and severity of each individual case, some or all of the following: giving written or oral warnings to the employee, counseling the employee, suspending the employee from work without pay, or immediate termination of the employee. Examples of standards and requirements with which employees are expected to comply include the following:


Safety and Accident prevention

We make it a policy to provide safe working conditions in accordance with relevant applicable laws. Management administers this policy and must ensure compliance of the following: •

Employees must follow all safety precautions and use necessary safety devices, if provided, while operating company products or equipment. Employees are responsible to report safety hazards immediately to their supervisors. All accidents, no matter how minor, must be reported to the supervisors and depending on the severity, to Human Resources immediately. Management is responsible for investigating accidents and work incurred injuries or illnesses.

Non-Occupational Illness or Injury Employees who are unable to work due to illness or injury must notify their immediate supervisor. Management oversees this policy using the following guidelines: •


Employees who are unable to report to work due to illness or injury must notify their supervisor as soon as possible before the start of their scheduled work. (See the policy on Attendance) Employees who become ill whilst working must notify their supervisor, who may send them to an accredited hospital or clinic. Employees who are unable to perform their normal duties must be released from the rest of their scheduled work. An employee who has been away from work due to illness or injury for more than two days must, upon returning to work, receive from his/her treating doctor a written medical release from work for the days absent. All work incurred injuries or illnesses where release is imminent, must be reported to Human Resources.

Use of Company Property


Company property, including office supplies and clothing, may be used only in connection with company and company related business. Human Resources and Management administer this policy according to the following guidelines: •


It is the policy of the company to comply with court orders, liens, and wage assignments. Human Resources will administer this policy and ensure compliance. However, in cases of repeated garnishments, the employee concerned maybe subject to disciplinary action by the company, not excluding termination.

Complaints We encourage employees to discuss work-related issues and concerns with their supervisors. Human Resources and Management will administer the policy using the following guidelines: •

Complaints should be handled, if possible, within the employee’s functional area. The employee should discuss the work related issue or concern with his/her immediate supervisor as soon as possible. In the case of a harassment complaint, refer to the harassment policy. If the employee desires further review of his/her complaint, he/she should submit the complaint in writing to the Functional Leader, cc Country HR Manager. If it still warrants further review, the employee may submit a written complaint to SEA Human Resources.


Company property, including anything found in waste containers, may not be removed from the company premises without the written approval of the respective Functional Leader. An employee, who is issued or uses company property (such as laptops, telephones, data projectors, etc.) but fails to see it is kept in good repair, or loses it, may be disciplined. When an employee leaves or is terminated from the company, Human Resources accounts for and obtains all property issued to the employee by ensuring the clearance procedure is carried out systematically by all business units concerned. Employees will be requested to reimburse to the company all property not returned or accounted for. The unauthorized possession, use, or duplication of company keys or passes is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action, not excluding termination. Company keys must be returned upon demand or termination and if an employee is no longer entitle to use of keys issued earlier to him/her, the employee must return it to the relevant business unit without being asked.


Harassment-Sexual, Verbal and Physical

Nike provides a non-discriminatory and harassment-free work environment. To maintain this environment, we have a strict company policy regarding harassment issues. Please be guided by the following: •

Employees who believe they have been harassed should promptly report the facts of the incident and the name of the person involved to Human Resources. Sexual harassment may take two forms, that of hostile environment and “quid pro quo” which are respectively defined as:

Every incident of harassment formally reported to human Resources and Management will be investigated. Employees found guilty are subject to disciplinary action, not excluding termination of employment.

Solicitation/Distribution of literature

The company limits solicitation or posting of notices or other written material on company property to allow employees to perform their work tasks in an environment free of unauthorized solicitation. Human Resources administer this policy. •

Definition of work time is the time during official working days/hours excluding any meal periods and includes the work time of both the employee to whom soliciting or distributing is being directed and of the employee engaging in soliciting or distributing. Non-work time is time before work time and meal periods. Employees may not circulate, solicit, or distribute non-work related literature at any time for any purpose in working areas or during work time in any areas of the office. Employees may not conduct non-work related verbal solicitation during work time, not excluding religious issues. Notices or other written material may not be posted on company property without prior approval of the company. Special Bulletin and Announcement Boards are in place to ensure uniformity and clarity in posting announcements. All such announcements require approval via a date stamp and sign-off by Human Resources before posting.


- Hostile environment sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, conduct of a sexual nature, including unwelcome jokes, touching, comments, and the like, which unreasonably interferes with an employee’s ability to perform his or her job because of the hostile environment created. - “Quid Pro Quo” Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, the making of unwanted sexual advances and/or requests for sexual favors where either submission to such conduct is made an explicit or implicit term or condition of employment; or an individual/employee’s submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for employment decisions affecting that individual or employee.


Office and Personal Conduct Security

It is the policy of the company to ensure that all employees must be mindful of the safe custody of the company’s premises and properties at all times. In this respect, the Company expects all employees to report to their immediate supervisors any matter of a nature detrimental to the company that may have come to their direct or indirect attention. Employees are expected not to indulge in any form of activity that would be potentially detrimental to the operations of the company.

Dress Code and Appearance

Housekeeping You are expected to keep your work area neat and clean in order to prevent injuries, to promote an organized workflow and to maintain an attractive facility. You are also strongly encouraged to "clean as you go" and are expected to assist in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the office facilities (reception area, meeting rooms, Play Room, pantry).


Because how you look can speak volumes about your character, you are expected to report to work appropriately dressed (casual). Clothing should be neat, clean and in good taste. Short pants or Bermuda shorts (not basketball shorts or track shorts) may be worn on Fridays only.


Personal Telephone Calls/Mail/ Visitors

It is understandable that some personal calls must be made during business hours, although it is a practice that we strongly discourage. While sometimes unavoidable, personal calls must be kept brief and at a minimum. Personal long distance telephone calls must be reported to the Finance Team and will be reimbursed via payroll deduction.

Outgoing personal mail will not be processed through the company unless the employee pays the appropriate postage, Bulky personal mail will not be processed under any circumstances. Personal visitors to the office should be met in an area where other employees will not be distracted, and the meeting should be kept as brief as possible.





We take care of our team and have assembled a competitive compensation and benefits package, as well as a number of attractive extras to reward you for a job well done. Our aim is to match or exceed what at least half of the local working population in similar jobs receive, statistically. By participating in an annual compensation and benefits survey, we are able to compare our programs with other organizations, and thus determine pay levels and any applicable benefits improvements. All HR programs and policies are reviewed during the second half of the fiscal year together with the survey results.

“I get to play golf for a living. What more can you ask for – getting paid for doing what your love” - Tiger Woods

Employee Compensation Payday: Salary Release Schedule Your monthly basic salary – as well as any fixed and guaranteed allowances due – is paid on the 25th of each month, through an appointed bank. If the 25th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, you will receive your salary on the working day immediately before that weekend or holiday.

We’re all in this together: Variable Pay Nike Thailand may provide other performance-based cash compensation (less applicable taxes), such as those listed below, but subject to management discretion.



Performance Sharing Plan (PSP) The Company provides a performance-sharing plan for eligible FTE’s. It is a global discretionary variable pay or pay-at-risk program that helps build ownership in our business results. It primarily focuses on the Company’s performance and the employee’s individual performance. PSP is normally paid in August, and amounts vary from year to year based on business targets base on band level: Band: VALUE V = Vocational A = Assistant L = Executive U = Manager& CLT E = Country Direct (Payments are subject to personal income tax). In coordination with Global Headquarters, HR administers this policy in conjunction with the annual Salary Administration Exercise. For more details, please contact HR or visit HR SharePoint.

Milestone and Developmental Awards Nike celebrates team members who go the extra mile and deliver exceptional results. Our one-off Milestone Award recognizes significant performance outside the call of duty or during particularly challenging assignments. In the same vein, the one-off Developmental Award is recognition for a significant increase in responsibilities or a transfer from one job to a different job within the same band. Generally, an increase in the level of accountabilities and skills goes hand-in-hand with this award. Recommendations are completed by the relevant Functional Leader and approved by the SEA Human Resource Director.

Overtime Payment/ Time Off Sometimes, you may need to undertake extended working hours beyond the Company’s stated working hours as a requirement of your particular job.


Due to the nature of our work at Nike, employees are not entitled to any payment for overtime. However, employees in Band V, A and L positions that are not entitled to a Monthly Expense Reimbursement and ETW may claim a non-taxable overtime. All employees who are required to work beyond regular business hours may be permitted to take a reasonable and necessary amount of time off for excessive overtime worked (please refer to the Time in Lieu Of policy in the Leave Entitlements section). This time off must have prior written approval of the Functional Leader, and must be reported to Human Resources. It must also be properly recorded in order to prevent abuse.

EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION & BENEFITS Employee Benefits Our competitive benefits program provides you with opportunities to stay fit, endure the wellness of your family, and create a positive working environment.

We’ve got you covered: Insurance programs and medical plans We provide appropriate insurance programs and medical plans for all full time employees only. Eligibility starts on first day of employment.

Healthcare Medical/Physical Examination In the interest of health and safety (both your own and that of the people you work with), you may be required to subject yourself to a medical examination. This is Company policy and may be administered by Human Resources under the following circumstances: •

Dental and Optical Benefits All FTE’s are entitled to 5,000 THB per year to cover optical and/or dental expenses. These expenses are reviewed and approved by the Country HR Manager, processed by the Finance Team, submitted through Expense Claim and require the appropriate receipts and prescriptions for reimbursement (i.e., Official Receipt and Medical Certificate with Diagnosis).

For newly appointed employees for purposes of insurance coverage and other reasons. For employees planning to return from a medical leave of absence. (In this case, you may be required to submit a physical examination report prior to returning to work). If at any time an employee poses a threat to the health and safety of himself or anyone else. If a supervisor or manager has reason to suspect that The Company provides all FTE’s with Group-term Life an employee is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Insurance policies valued at 36 times their Monthly Basic Employees are prohibited from reporting to and Salary. remaining at work when under the influence of alcohol or drugs and may be required to report to Human Resources for referral to an accredited clinic for examination if they are suspected of being in this state. Refusal to submit to the examination may be grounds for The Company provides all FTE’s with Group-term termination. Additionally, any employee under the Accident Insurance policies valued at 36 times their influence of alcohol or drugs may be sent home and Monthly Basic Salary. thereafter also be subject to termination. The Company may, at its sole discretion, require employees to submit to physical/medical examinations at any time at expense of the Company.

Life Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Annual Medical Check up 1 time / year Health Insurance: OPD = 25,000 Baht IPD = R&B 3,500 Baht ER = 5,000 Baht

Business Travel Accident Insurance

The Company provides all FTE’s who regularly travel overseas with Business Travel Accident Insurance: Life, Disability and Accident 3,000,000 Baht



Time out: Leave Entitlements We believe in the value of work-life balance, and as such provide team members with time off from work as listed below.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Paid Time Off (PTO) is a bank account of time that you can use for vacation, to see to family members who are seriously ill, or when you need to tend to personal matters. All full time employees are eligible for accrual of PTO. PTO credit accrual begins on your date of hire with additional credits earned for every month of service. Once you have reached your maximum PTO accrual, you will stop earning credits until you have your existing PTO. (120 hours per annum) Your PTO Entitlement is determined by your length of service with the Company following the table below: Year of continuous service on 1st payroll after anniversary 0-3 3-5 5-7 7-10 10 or more years

Full-time Employee Maximum Accrued Hours Per Year 120 hours per year 144 hours per year 160 hours per year 176 hours per year 192 hours per year

Full-time Employee Hours Accrued Per Month 10 hours per month 12 hours per month 13.33 hours per month 14.66 hours per month 16 hours per month

You are recognized for having continuous services for as long as you work with Nike (Thailand) LTD. without a break in service of six (6) months or more. If there is a break in service for more than 6 months and you return to Nike as a full time regular employee, you will begin to accrue PTO hours at the 0-3 years of service rate. Your PTO must be taken during the current calendar year and must be applied for in the E-Leave system at least three days in advance, considering current work requirements and schedules. It may also be deferred within the same calendar year. If PTO is deferred due to extenuating operating conditions, approval of a Country Leadership Team level manager together with the email approval of the originally scheduled PTO request is required. PTO must be consumed before you can take any unpaid time off and may be extended accordingly when it coincides with any Company-observed holidays.

In the event of separation from service, all unused PTO hours for the current fiscal year and all earned PTO hours for the same fiscal year will be converted to cash and include in your final pay. In the untimely event of an employee’s death, the cash equivalent of unused, earned and accrued PTO credits will be paid to the person or estate entitled to receive his/her unpaid benefits. PTO may be combined with Time Off in Lieu (TOIL), taken as an extension of maternity leave or sick leave with full pay or immediately before maternity leave. You may continue to earn PTO hours if you are on leave with full or half pay or if you are on military leave. However, the PTO benefit is automatically forfeited if you incur leaves without pay.


Approved deferred PTO shall be automatically forfeited if not availed of as scheduled. All deferred PTO for the previous fiscal year will not be carried over to the current fiscal year.

EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION & BENEFITS Time In Lieu Of (TOIL) In keeping with Nike’s objective to promote work-life balance FTE’s whose work requires them to operate under specific conditions beyond regular business hours are entitled to Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) for rest and recreation. TOIL, like (PTO), is meant to enhance your effectiveness and productivity by providing you with opportunities to recharge after an unusually hectic period of work. You may apply for TOIL only under the following circumstances: •

When you are required to work in the office or off-site (e.g., marketing events, store set-up) on a Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, or during early release on the eve of a Public Holiday. When special initiatives like SAP control testing must be conducted outside of normal operating hours. When on overseas business trips/meetings that starts on a Saturday or Sunday (TOIL does not apply for overseas business trips where travel is required on Sunday for a Monday meeting). When on overseas business trips/meetings fall on a Public Holiday.

TOIL must be scheduled within two months of the date of the allowable circumstance (as described above). Any deviation from the approved TOIL schedule during the current calendar must have prior approval of the immediate supervisor and the Country HR Manager. TOIL must be consumed before taking any PTO. Approved TOIL shall be automatically forfeited if not availed of as scheduled. All unused TOIL hours for the previous calendar year will not be carried over to the current calendar year; nor will unused TOIL be converted to cash. Employees must file their scheduled TOIL in the E-Leave System for approval by direct supervisor concerned. (cc skip level supervisor for employees who are not members of the Country Leadership Team, cc regional reporting manager for members of the Country Leadership Team).

Sick and Hospitalization Leave If you are unwell, or pose a health risk to your co-workers, you should not come into the office but rather take sick leave. Contact your Manager and/or direct supervisor as early as possible (not later than 10.00 am) to inform him/her about your absence. The Company grants this type of leave depending on the nature of the illness as certified by a doctor (If 3 days or more). The maximum is 30 days. Sick leave should be taken only on days when you are physically ill. Management reserves the right to require a medical certificate from an accredited doctor regardless of the duration of the sickness. Malingering and other abuses of sick leave entitlement constitute grounds for dismissal. Sick leaves should be entered in the E-Leave System within one week of availing such leave.

Employees on TOIL are entitled to full basic pay, excluding special bonuses, premiums or any other extra compensation.


Employees on TOIL are entitled to full basic pay, excluding special bonuses, premiums or any other extra compensation.


Marriage Leave The Company grants three days marriage leave with pay to full-time regular employees who get married.

Maternity Leave 90 days with 45 days pay The Company grants Maternity leave to expectant and new mothers to prepare for and/or rest and recover from childbirth, miscarriage or physician-recommended legal medical abortion.

Paternity Leave The Company grants paternity leave of three working days with full pay in the event a male employee becomes a father to enable him to effectively lend support to his wife or partner in the period of recovery and/or in the nursing of the newly born child.

Military Service Leave As part of Nike Thailand social commitment to the country, employees are allowed to take a leave of absence to devote time to military training. Military Service Leave applies to any employee who is a member of Royal Thai Army Soldiers and who has been called for training as evidenced by his submission of the pertinent military orders or call to service, may be entitled to a Military Reserve Training Leave without pay for 60 days Prior approval for Military Service Leave is required via application on the E-Leave System. An employee returning from Military Service Leave is reinstated to active Company service if he or she reports to work at the beginning of the next scheduled working period after the last calendar day necessary to travel from place of release to place of employment. The immediate supervisor concerned shall notify HR of the date employee reports to work. The employee’s reinstatement shall be without reduction in authority, status or pay unless a reduction has been made for all employees similarly situated.

You may avail of the paternity leave benefit before, during, or after your spouse’s or partner’s delivery provided that the total number of days shall not exceed more than seven days and that this benefit shall be avail of not later than thirty days after the delivery.

Bereavement Leave/ Compassionate Leave

*Immediate family members refer to your parents, spouse, children, siblings and grandparents.


The Company, in general, grants full-time employees three days compassionate leave with pay for any of the following reasons: • Death of an immediate member of the family • Critical illness of an immediate member of the family

EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION & BENEFITS Sabbatical Leave Condensed Sabbatical Policies by AP Country The Nike Sabbatical Program is offered to employees who have completed 10 continuous years of service and every 5 years after the last sabbatical start date. Sabbaticals are five weeks long, and the time off can be spent in any way that an employee chooses. You may take your sabbatical (with your Manager’s approval) any time after 10 years but before your 12th year of service. After which, you can take future sabbaticals every five years from the start date of the last sabbatical taken. For instance, if you take a sabbatical during your 11th year of service starting on 14 April, you may take your next one five years later during your 16th year of service starting on 14 April.

Maximum sixteen days (16) per annum according to calendar year.

Work / Life Balance (WLB) Day Work/Life Balance (WLB) Day is an approved early release on the third Friday afternoon of every month from 12.00 pm onwards. It is to provide all on-site employees (including contract staff, outsourced employees, temporary staff, and interns) with an afternoon off once a month as personal free time to pursue social and sports interests, run errands or spend time with friends, colleagues and family. This paid early release is approved based on the assumption that business operations are not negatively impacted (i.e., resulting in delay in deliverables) as a result of this early release. The official operating hours remain unchanged at 40 hours per week (Mondays to Fridays; 8.00 am-5.00 pm, excluding lunch time). WLB Day can be withdrawn at any time without providing reason at the discretion of the SEA HR Director and SEA General Manager, with guidance from the SMT. WLB Day is not tracked on the e-Leave system. It is not en-cashable and not cumulative. It cannot be replaced if you are unable to avail of it due to: • •

• • •

Your Manager requiring you to stay on to complete urgent work. Any meetings scheduled at that time which require your attendance. Your business trips. A Public Holiday falling on that day. Any other appropriate work situation that requires your attendance. Other leaves that you are taking on the same day such as PTO, TOIL, Sick and Hospitalization leave, Marriage leave, Maternity leave, Paternity Leave, Bereavement leave and Military Service leave. Note that if you apply for PTO or TOIL on a WLB Day, it will be considered as one full day of PTO or TOIL. Any other types of leave that are taken on a WLB Day is considered a full day as well.

WLB Day is not applicable when it results in you having to claim TOIL within the next two days (Saturday and Sunday) to catch up with your work. When utilizing the WLB Day, you must inform your Manager prior to taking it. You must also inform your contacts or external vendors and make the necessary arrangements to ensure that business operations or your co-workers/team are not inconvenienced as a result.


Please refer to detail below: • It must be approved by the business at a mutually acceptable time • It must be taken in full and cannot be separated into several rounds of shorter vacations • An employee will contribute half of the time in PTO earned hours in normal annual leave allotment and Nike will match it according to the chart based on hours per week • The leave should be planned in advance with your manager so you business key accountabilities will be sufficiently covered off to minimize impact to The departments operation

Annual Holiday


Sport Recreation We encourage the pursuit of an active lifestyle and promote the Nike culture of playing as hard as we work. The sport and recreation committee ( SRC ) sees to it that we have a regular stream of sporting and social events throughout the year and everyone is invited to join in and “ just do it “.

Club Membership All Nike Employees can join fitness at Rajanakarn buiding on 9th floor maximum 4 times per month per person.

Members of the SRC are assigned annually by the Country Leadership Team (CLTs) (one to two members per function) and activities are approved by the country HR manager.

Reimbursement of Business Expenses Due to nature of our business, it is our policy to support all employees when the need to travel arises. The Company reimburses employees who travel on approved company business for reasonable and necessary expenses resulting from their travel. Employees are required to conform to The Nike SEA Travel and Expense Policy administered by Finance which covers the areas of business travel accommodation, expenses, allowances, transportation and insurance.

The cut-off dates for travel and expense reports (T&E) requiring reimbursement of business expenses are subjected to Finance Team announcement. Please visit Finance SharePoint online for details of this policy and others related to it. Any falsification of expense claims questions the employee’s integrity and will be grounds for immediate termination of employment.


T&E expenses are covered for legitimate business purposes only. The following items are not considered reimbursable travel expenses. • Magazines, newspapers, novels, etc. (without a valid business purpose) • Annual credit card fees (other than the company-issued credit card) and delinquency/finance charges • Mileage program fees • Personal items such as shampoo, lip gloss, toothpaste, razor, cigarettes, etc. • Personal services such as barbers, beauticians, manicurists, shoe shine or massages • Clothes purchased for trip circumstances such as cold weather, lost luggage, special events, etc. • Lost or stolen personal items under any circumstances. Employees should carry adequate insurance coverage for their own personal items (under homeowners or renters policies). Lost luggage may be covered under airline or company-issued credit card policies. • House sitting fees and pet boarding. • Medical bills, including pharmaceuticals (should be submitted to the appropriate insurance company rather). • Traffic tickets or fines. • Delinquency fees for company-issued credit card bill.


Travel It is our policy to cover the cost of any duly authorized travel, subject to the guidelines below: All business-related travel must be approved by the Functional Leader (Commercial Director/SMT-level for CLT members, CLT-level for all other employees). The office administrator does not have the authority to assist employees with their travel arrangements without an approved travel request.


In the event that it becomes necessary for you to use your personal vehicle for company business, you may reimburse your actual toll and parking fees upon presentation of valid receipts. Traffic fines incurred due to negligence will not be reimbursed. Please refer to Fleet Fuel Card and Mileage Claim policies for more information.


Air travel must be via the most direct and economical means as advised by the company’s designated travel agency. Airfare and accommodations should be coordinated through the office Administrator. All air travel must be on economy class except for those lasting six month or more hours (deviations for flights of less than six hours must be approved by the functional leader). You may retain all benefits from frequent flyer club memberships; however, you are responsible for shouldering the dues for any such clubs. No more than 4 company employee or three CLT members will be allowed to travel on the same flight. In cases where an entire department with 4 or less employees must travel together, they shall be split into 2 separate flights.


Automobile rental (including buses or vans for groups) requires prior approval from your Manager or Functional Leader. In general, auto rentals will be approved for a group travelling together. Rental receipt must be submitted with the T&E. Collision damage and personal liability insurance should be included in the price of the daily rental. In the event of an accident while travelling, notify Human Resources immediately. When renting a car, employees can request either compact or intermediate size cars (engine size no larger than 1800 cc). Rentals for other types of cars are not permitted except with approval from your Manager or Functional Leader. Luxury, premium and specialty car rentals will be reimbursed only at the intermediate car rate.


Employees should utilize available shuttle/hotel bus service whenever possible. When travelling in groups, taxis may be economical. When travelling to and from a local airport, choose between long-term parking or a taxi based on whichever is the most economical for the company. Receipts (where available) must be included in your T&E.


The office administrator will take care of arranging all hotel accommodations and will guarantee them using your company-issued American Express card. For local trips, CLT members may be booked in single rooms, while non-CLT members are encouraged to share twin/double rooms. For international travel, employees are encouraged to share rooms with their co-workers and/or team members from other Nike offices. It is your responsibility to confirm that the rate being charged is also the rate listed on the travel itinerary. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately to the office Administrator. It is also your responsibility to cancel hotel reservations within the hotel cancellation policy time frame. Nike Thailand will not reimburse hotel “no-show� fees, unless approved by the Manager or functional leader. Hotel receipts must be submitted together with a completed expense report including room service for meals, internet connection fees, and phone calls and faxes made from the hotel room/business centre. Calls made from the hotel room should be immediate family (maximum 20 minutes per trip). Movies, shoe shine, etc. are considered incidental expenses that are not shouldered by the company and will charged to you via payroll deduction.




Actual, reasonable, and necessary expenses for meals will be reimbursed. In general, you should be guided by what you would eat at home. Reimbursement may include a gratuity of up to 5% of the bill, before taxes. Receipts are required for all meals.


Entertainment expenses are reimbursable only with manager approval, and must meet the following conditions: • Your specific assignment requires the entertainment of assets, endorsers, sponsored athletes, retailers, distributors, service providers, or others as appropriate. • The entertainment expense is fully receipted (original receipts required). • The persons entertained, the place and the purpose of the entertainment must be clearly specified in your T&E. • Gratuities should normally not exceed 5% of the cost of the services provided (calculated before taxes).


Actual and reasonable laundry expenses will be reimbursed only after you have been away from home on business for five consecutive days, or if the trip has been unexpectedly extended. Receipts must be provided.

10. Non-reimbursable expenses include, but are not limited to: alcoholic beverages consumed by employees while not part of entertainment expenses, airline club dues, rental car club membership fees, in-room movies, fines for traffic violations, purchase of clothing and/or other personal items, expenses for family, chills, pet or any accompanying non-employee (except those described in item 7) while on an official business trip. 11. It is the responsibility of the CLT-level Manager to ensure that all employee travel is aligned with business objectives, and that reimbursements are made only for actual, reasonable business expenses in connection with authorized travel as defined in this document. In order to maintain control over expenditures, any expense submitted which does not comply with the guidelines of this procedure will not be reimbursed, unless accompanied by a valid exception by the Commercial Director. Expense reports must be submitted to Finance in a timely manner. 12. In case of transfer requiring relocation, the local travel policy of the host country will take precedence. For international travel, please refer to

Finance SharePoint online.

the Nike SEA Travel and Entertainment Expense Policy on



Corporate Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Credit Cards The Company accords corporate American Express (AMEX) credit cards to employees who are required to travel extensively or incur business expenses. If an employee does not have an AMEX or other Corporate T&E Credit Card, a personal credit card may be used. Travel expenses should be reimbursed and paid for in the country of employment (or host country if you are on foreign assignment). Personal credit cards are not to be used for Nike business travel expenditures where AMEX Corporate Card is acceptable as a payment mode. Corporate T&E Credit Cards may only be used for legitimate business expenses. It should not be used for personal expenses. Violation of this policy may result to cancellation of credit card and may be a ground for disciplinary action including termination of employment.

Acceptable Uses

Airfare Car Rental Taxi/Limousine Hotel Charges Restaurant/Food Client Entertainment

Cash Advances It is the policy of the Company to provide cash advances only if there is an urgent requirement. If you will be travelling on business and reasonably expect to incur significant expense, a Cash Advance may be requested. Such advances require the authorization of the respective Functional Leader and the Financial Controller. You may then account fully for all Expense Advances by the end of the following month. Otherwise, the Company will deduct the unaccounted for amount from your payroll.

Unacceptable Uses Personal Expenses Subscription Maintenance and Repairs Fixed Asset Purchases Medical Bills/Claims Other items specifically listed in the T&E Policy

Seminar Fees Competitor Samples

Upon transfer of employment to another Nike entity or termination of employment with Nike, the Corporate T&E Credit Card must be returned to the Financial Controller. Details on rules and regulations pertaining to the use of this card will be made known to each affected employee when the card is issued. For more information, please refer to the SEA Travel and Entertainment Expense Policy on Finance SharePoint online.

Employees in selected positions may be eligible for a Shell Fuel Fleet Card to help subsidize the cost of gasoline expenses incurred in the course of business-related travel. Should you be assigned a Fuel Fleet Card, you must have it issued either in your name or assigned to a specific vehicle (plate number required). Fuel expenses may be charged to this card up to your maximum limit.

Car Park

Fully subsidized parking in the office building is available for all CLT members at Rajanakarn building and also at Ascott Hotel for some other FTE and ETW.


The cardholder is responsible for the outstanding amount in Corporate T&E credit cards. Nike will pay to the American Express only after receipt of a properly authorized Expense Report. The employee is responsible for ensuring that the Corporate Credit Card is paid on time and disputed claims are resolved in a timely fashion. Nike will not pay late payment charges and disputed claims.

Shell Fuel Fleet Card


Mileage Claim Employees who are not issued a Fuel Fleet Card, but who must on occasion use their private vehicles for official business travel may be eligible for a per kilometer mileage claim reimbursement. In order to receive reimbursement for mileage, you must complete an Expense Report specifying purpose of trip, start and finish odometer reading, point of origin, destination and time of trip. Mileage claim must be filed at month’s end. The amount per kilometer reimbursed will be reviewed/determined by Human Resources together with Finance, re-priced based on current pump prices (which may go up or down thus causing periodic increases and decreases in the Baht per kilometer charged to mileage claim. Employees receiving the Monthly Expense Reimbursement who work overtime on their regular working days are not entitled to mileage claim for their travel from office to home. Likewise, kilometers travelled from an employee’s home to the office are not reimbursable. However, if the employee goes directly from home to another assigned work location other than the office, and the distance to the assigned work location is greater than the distance to the office, the employee may expense the difference with approval from his/her Functional Leader and the concurrence of the Commercial Director.

Employee Discounted Purchase Plan We encourage you to be brand ambassadors for Nike by living a healthy, active lifestyle; and we offer a special Employee Discounted Purchase Plan so that you can look and feel good doing it. To take advantage of this Plan, you must purchase your merchandise at Nike Sport Revolution at Siam Center 1st floor, currently the only Nike store where this discount is honored in Bangkok, Thailand. Present your Nike employee Purchase Card at the cashier to avail of the discount.

You may choose to extend your discount to family or friends (or “guests”) via a standard employee discount extension letter issued by the sales team and signed in blue ink. This letter must be presented at the time of purchase along with your guest’s valid ID and a photocopy and your Nike employee Purchase Card. In the event that you are transferred on foreign assignment or are separated from service due to resignation, retirement or dismissal for cause, your employee discount is forfeited the day after your effective date of separation/transfer. If you have exceeded the discounted product purchase limit at the time of transfer/separation, only a 30% discount will be applied to the gross amount of your excess purchases.


As a Nike Thailand Ltd. employee, you are entitled to 50% off the price of any 31-day-old products available in the store, including signature items. Dates are marked on the purchase tags in month/day/year format as the basis for determining how long an item has been available in the store. Merchandise less than 30 days old and selected products as announced by the Sale Team at the start of the season are not covered by the Employee Discounted Purchase Plan 50% and must be purchased at 30% of price. The maximum net amount on discounted products purchased by eligible and qualified employees at the store is 10,000 THB per month (or 120,000 THB per calendar year). Any items purchased in excess of this amount must be paid for in full. This limit is renewed at the start of store operating hours on 1 January.



Service Awards We are great believers in Loyalty. We hold it in high regard and we value it most especially from the people who work for us. As part of Nike policy, we formally recognize your length of service via the long service awards scheme. • 5 years - You will receive an equivalent amount plus cash award with certificate • 10 years - You will receive an equivalent amount plus cash award with certificate • 15 years - You will receive an equivalent amount plus cash award with certificate • 20 years - You will receive an equivalent amount plus cash award with trophy • 25 years - You will receive an equivalent amount plus cash award • 30 years - You will receive an equivalent amount plus cash award

Provident Fund Contribution To promote saving, Provident Fund is applied to all FTE’s employees. With this program, every FTE contribute 5% of your monthly salary together with company contribute for 5%. The contribution is effective since the first day joining the company Vesting: Entitle upon your resignation as following:

Year of Service

Benefit Factor (Percentage of Final Monthly Salary per Year of Credit Service)

0-2 2-3 3-4 4-5 5 years up

0% 25% 50% 75% 100%

The normal retirement date for Members is the first day of the month coincident with or next following his or her 60th birthday upon retirement from the company.

An FTE whose membership in the Plan was terminated and who is subsequently re-employed by the company shall, may be re-admitted to the Plan. Unless the company directs otherwise, such employee shall be treated as a new Member on the first day of the month coincident with or next following the date he or she becomes a regular full-time employee. This is provided that Credited Service of such FTE shall commence on the date of his or her re-employment.


Normal Retirement

Membership in the Plan shall continue during any period in which a Member is on an approved leave of absence and during any period of absence due to furlough, sickness, accident or other causes not constituting a severance of employer-employee relationship. If a Member fails to return after an approved leave of absence, notwithstanding the company’s order for him to report to work, the Employee loses his membership in the plan as of the day he or she entered into such leave of absence.


And congratulations on joining the NIKE team.