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ing markets, including simulation and modelling for new types of aircraft, unmanned vehicles and replacement models for current aircraft. CAE will also develop networking technologies to allow defense forces of many nations to participate simultaneously in real time training and mission rehearsal exercises. Through the course of the program, approximately 1,000 jobs will be created or maintained. CAE will carry out Project Falcon utilizing its R&D laboratories and test and integration facilities in Montreal. CAE’s highly skilled workforce will continue to partner with universities and key research organizations in Canada, as well as innovative small and medium-sized suppliers across the country.

CHINOOK TRAINING CONTRACT SELEX Systems Integration Ltd., a Finmeccanica company, has won a contract to upgrade its classroom-based training for the UK’s Chinook Mk3 helicopters. The contract has been awarded by CAE and will help deliver pilot conversion training at the UK’s Medium Support Helicopter Aircrew Training Facility (MSHATF) at RAF Benson. The upgrade will reflect the UK’s operational requirement to supplement its frontline support helicopter capability by increasing its Chinook fleet by 20 per cent. The upgrade began in November 2008 and is due to be fully integrated to support pilot training at the MSHATF by September 2009.

C-17 TRAINING SYSTEM SUSTAINMENT PROGRAM L-3 Link Simulation & Training (L-3 Link) has announced the formation of a team with AAI Corporation, to pursue the US Air Force’s C-17 Training System Sustainment Program. This multiyear program will be the Air Force’s largest airlift transport training system. “Our team offers the unique ability to provide a low-risk transition of two separate C-17 aircrew and maintenance training contracts into a single integrated contract,” said Bob Birmingham, president of Link Simulation and Training. “The relevant and recent experience L-3 Link and AAI bring to this program will greatly contribute to reducing overall contract costs and government management oversight, in addition to ensuring that synergies are maximized between all areas of C-17 training operations.” L-3 Link will turn to its decades of experience in program management and military training operations to proactively identify improvement opportunities and innovative training solutions across the integrated program.

with its products, VAPS and VAPS XT, and the latest versions of Wind River’s VxWorks 5, VxWorks 6, and VxWorks 653 operating systems platforms. To simplify the development of graphics applications to the embedded system, Presagis HMI tools leverage a unique technology called the Porting Layer. This initialises timers, callbacks and the display; it also includes graphic rendering commands. Once created for a specific target platform, the Porting Layer enables developers to create multiple display scenarios to increase testing capabilities. Among many benefits, the Porting Layer allows VAPS- and VAPS XT-built HMIs to be ported to virtually any embedded target and to be optimized for VxWorks. This significantly reduces development and testing times while improving performance.

HELICOPTER VISUAL SYSTEM Display Solutions, Inc. has been selected by Aegis Technologies Group Inc. to design and build a visual system for the RSAF 412 full motion simulator helicopter trainer. The visual system requirements are for day, dusk and night vision (NVG) compatible images as well as motion induced shock and vibration. Display Solutions provides design, scheduling, installation and training support to Aegis. The visual system for the RSAF 412 incorporates the Orion SXGA+ 3-chip DLP projectors, a reinforced moulded screen and post-video processors. Display Solutions used commercial off the shelf display technology whose features have been modified to RSAF requirements. These value-added features are black level enhancement for compatibility with NVG and mechanical modifications for motion platform shock and vibration.

OPTIMIZING AVIONICS SOLUTIONS Presagis has announced a solution stack based on Wind River’s family of VxWorks DO-178B platforms which should allow the avionics industry to take a leap forward. This development platform helps developers mitigate risk and streamline the development of modern avionics systems. The cockpit avionics stack combines the avionics’ industry-leading graphics development software from Presagis with Wind River’s robust DO-178B certification real-time operating system, providing a clear, low-risk path for technology investment when developing cutting-edge embedded displays. The combined platform is expected to reduce development costs, reduce project complexity and improve productivity for avionics designers. Presagis works closely with Wind River to ensure integration



ChAngIng ThE wAy yoU vIEw SIMULATIon

The most advanced simulation and training projection system in the world. The Christie Matrix StIM™ is the first to provide simultaneous and independent control over both the visible and IR spectrum using LED illumination. The first to enable real-time balancing and optimization of color, brightness and black levels on a frame-by-frame basis. The first designed for simulation and training with solid state LED illumination with no consumables, for a virtually maintenance-free system.

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Realialistic simulation has just climbed to a whole new level.

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MS&T Magazine - Issue 2/2009  

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