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environments within command-level training systems and computer-assisted staff training systems. • Virtual Reality evaluates and analyses virtual crew stations as a tool for procurement and training. It includes work to understand integration of 3-D imaging and display technology in the fields of remote telepresence, and cognitive aspects of operator performance. It also covers work to assess the physiological impact imposed by man, the task and the environment as well as work to understand techniques for measuring performance in VR environments, and work to understand the nature of physiological and psychological interactions between humans and VR, and the value of VR in design and training systems. • Synthetic Environments - Synthetic Force Generation conducts research to understand synthetic environments for training, operational analysis (OA), procurement, requirements capture process, platform and weapons systems, sensor systems and relevant countermeasure systems. It also includes work to understand the use of stimulators and simulators, system performance, design, testing, validation, acceptance and use, and environments. It further includes work to understand the nature of physiological and psychological interactions between humans and synthetic environments (SEs), and their value for design, selection and training activities. • Synthetic Environments - Natural Environment Generation investigates the use of SEs for natural environment generation. That includes work to facilitate the rapid generation of geotypical terrain and feature/cultural data. It comprises work to understand Variable Representation in support of simulation systems, and research on the application of models to generate internal wave wake for the prediction of surface wave modulations. • Synthetic Environments - Management Systems examines database management of terrain, environment, dynamic models and other relevant databases. It also deals with developments arising from the SEDRIS programme. This subcategory also works on configuration management and maintenance of models and software for SEs, and also explores HLA, languages and artificial intelligence for SEs.

tactical Vehicle unit training

A new way of collaborating In 2005, then Agency chief Nick Witney noted that Europe should not be concerned so much about budgetary comparisons. It is Europe’s weak spending on research in defence technology that should cause worry! A lot has been done since then. In May 2008, European governments agreed to establish a second Joint Investment Programme (JIP) for research into emerging technologies that might have a disruptive effect on the battlefield. Eleven European countries will contribute to the new R&T initiative developed by the EDA and support it with a joint budget of €15.5 million. That might be peanuts in some eyes. Yet Javier Solana, the Head of the Agency, was satisfied about the R&T programme: “I am delighted to see that this new way of collaborating in a more integrated and efficient way has proved its worth and is being repeated. Investing more in Defence R&T and spending more together will be achieved only through this kind of pragmatic approach.” ms&t

Train technical and tactical skills from individual up to combined arms tactical training in mission preparation and rehearsal scenarios. • Provides mission-specific rehearsal capabilities. • Adaptable to various vehicle types such as AIFV’s, light

armoured vehicles, etc. • Modular, flexible, expandable and easy-to-network training

system • Designed for tailor-made customer solutions based on

common system components • Urban Operations, Military Operations in Open Terrain,

Peace Support Operations, etc. Contact us for our new brochure or information specific to your requirements.

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