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Data, data, data » We now face a huge tidal wave of information as the amount of available data has grown rapidly. This increased access to data, combined with new technology, does not always make our lives easier and more informed. While we all struggle not to drown in data, we all recognise there is a new level of business complexity we need to navigate. Not all information is useful. A strategy for deciding which is important and valuable is increasingly vital. We need new ways to cut through, edit and curate. We need new tools to help us find clear, simple stories. While also providing all the factual support and feedback that different stakeholders require to manage business performance, media investment and brands. The challenge is how to extract the insight and edit it in ‘useful ways’ so that data informs our decisions.

Turning volume into actionable insight.


The Hub Âť The Hub is a pioneering solution for data management, insight and predictive analysis. It takes traditional digital dashboards to a new level. It is an interactive, multifunctional digital platform that acts as a ‘nerve centre’ for client data integration and collaboration. It provides live reporting and integrated data analysis, enabling you to access, explore and visualise all your valuable data, from different sources, in one place at anytime. It stores all your project documents and information in an easy, secure, one stop shop. It goes further to provide you with your own internal community space for engaging your Insights, Marketing and agency stakeholders.

The Hub gathers, distils and inspires.


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The Hub that gathers » We believe every company should have a unique data gathering strategy. It is not always important to look at everything. It depends on your goals and ambitions, what you are trying to achieve and how you intend your business, marketing, brand and communication strategies to work. We help you determine the right information to pull together against these strategies, making it available and integrated in one place. We can include data on:

YourSales » sales data YourSpend » marketing spend YourSegments » segmentation YourChannels » channel media activity YourBrand » brand and comms tracking YourChatter » social media/online buzz YourMood » consumer confidence and social trends YourWeb » web behaviour YourFuture » predictive analytics 5

The Hub that distils Âť Not everyone needs to see everything and not everyone wants the same information or interactivity. The challenge is to decide what is useful and to whom and who should be able to do what. With The Hub, you can determine the content, comparisons and filters that are important and relevant to you and your area of the business. Do you want top-level, snapshot KPI reporting? Or in-depth exploration and analysis? Perhaps both? The Hub lets you decide, allowing each individual to explore data to their preferred level of depth and complexity, and configure reporting to meet their own unique and evolving needs.

Tailoring the content and functionality to suit you.


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The Hub that inspires » The Hub is a storytelling tool for your business. It has been pioneered with the help of experts in the specialised field of visualisation and user-experience design. The Hub is designed to help you cut through the wealth of data available, inspire meaningful and valuable analysis and make business decisions easily, quickly, and effectively. Interacting with data is simple and user-friendly – there is no need for a huge manual or intensive training – although we do produce a support program to help you and your stakeholders get started and provide ‘editing’ support and analysis as needed. Data is presented to help uncover ‘hidden’ relationships and insights, maximise understanding and bring your different data sources to life. You can find these stories yourself or ask us to mine the data to find new insights for the integrated data.

Visual inspiration for better storytelling.


Engaging your stakeholders and insights community » The Hub is more than just a powerful analysis and reporting tool. It is also a social platform for sharing insights, building discussions and making collaborative decisions. Its unique messaging system allows you to engage in dialogue around data with colleagues in a way that fosters feedback and collaboration. But conversations don’t just have to be around data. Use The Hub’s ‘Insights Exchange’ to connect clients’ global Insights and Marketing stakeholders – inviting colleagues to open discussions about any topic or source, uploading reports, videos, photos and sharing links within the discussion threads, and keeping your internal community up-to-date with announcements. While our Hub mobile app helps you provide essential toplines to your key stakeholders.

Creating powerful stakeholder communications and community insights.



The Hub for predictive business planning Âť The Hub enables predictive engagement modelling, combining choice and probability models with underlying databases. These can be used to create your own scenario planning tool within The Hub, therefore giving access to stakeholders to scenario plan and assess the impact of different marketing investments on sales and profitability.

Predicting future marketing effectiveness and sales.


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A gateway to your customers Âť The Hub can also be your gateway to a bespoke online customer community or for live customer interactions. It can be used to have different types of conversations with your customers and others audiences. Using a whole range of techniques and methodologies, involving quantitative and qualitative conversations (groups or individual), asynchronous billboards and diaries, live conversations, integration of media and offline tasks. This can all be done at one point in time or longitudinally. It can be used to help answer a broad range of marketing challenges, such as market understanding, new product development concepts and testing communications strategies and ideas. We will work with you to develop the best solution to meet your needs, creating and managing the community, and providing you with the research expertise to bring it all seamlessly together.

Engaging customers directly.


Summary of benefits » Integrated »

It helps you drive richer, deeper insights through integrating and seeing all your data in one place.

Fast »

It helps you manage your stakeholders’ needs, driving insights faster into the business.

Connected »

It helps you create your own insight community by connecting and engaging insight teams across the business.

Efficient »

Makes it easy and more efficient to find and distribute all your documents and information centrally.

Inspiring »

Visually inspiring and personally configurable, it helps you track your data alongside contextual data streams.

Live »

Keeps you abreast of important, relevant articles on the web via an industry news feed.


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Find out more » If you would like to learn more about The Hub thinking and how it relates to your business issues, then please get in touch. The Hub Global Director - Oli Hayward

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Melbourne – Nicola Hepenstall

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