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A rapidly changing world » The pharmaceutical world is experiencing dramatic change. Changes in drug discovery have seen the death of the blockbuster and the emergence of niche busters. New personalised medicines and targeted therapies are growing. There is a shift away from selling pills to providing comprehensive health management solutions. Investment in R&D continues to shift from ‘chemicals’ to ‘biologicals’, with new complex mechanisms now being sold at a premium. All this is leading to greater focus on the creation of brand value.

Increasing importance of brands.





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New pressure on selling and marketing Âť The size of the sale forces has declined considerably. Governments have introduced new, tighter regulations, which is also impacting marketing and sales activities. This has led companies to consider alternative selling approaches. There is a new focus on building customer relationships through ongoing dialogue, as opposed to the traditional sell. The consequence is more emphasis on integrated strategies for managing customer relationships.

New pressures driving new marketing approaches.


The growing impact of digital Âť Patients now have unprecedented access to information. Today patients are more informed about products and brands. They approach healthcare professionals with a different mind-set and are more able to articulate their unique needs. It is now vital for pharmaceutical companies to be patient-centric and focus on understanding unmet needs, in order to influence treatment decisions.

A ‘patient-centric’ approach is now essential.


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Product Driven

Brand Driven

Customer Driven

Emotional Benefits

Personalised and Customerfocused

Clinical Attributes

Role of Marketing and Market Research

Product Development

Brand Marketing



Customer Engagement


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A new era of engagement » Increasing customer centricity. The pharma world has evolved from being product focused to customer focused. Pharmaceutical brands now seek an open dialogue between customers and brands, that encourages active involvement. We call this customer engagement. The ultimate goal is to create an engaging brand experience throughout the customer journey and experience. This means the product, the brand, and the customer need to be aligned.

Alignment of product and brand with customer needs.


New knowledge and thinking about brands » New insight from neuroscience. New understanding and knowledge about how brands connect with customers  is being driven by advances in both neuro and social science. We now know that response to brands is primarily unconscious, emotional, and post-rational. We also know that how customers behave towards brands is primarily shaped by their perceptions of how others are behaving towards these brands. Marketers need to reach beyond USPs based on clinical features and functional benefits and create a rich and diverse ‘brand world’ of multiple associations.

Creating an engaging, integrated customer experience.


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on i t o r i M




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A new model for brand and customer engagement » EngagerRx Provides a new development and evaluation framework that reflects new thinking on brands Is holistic in its approach Helps companies become more customer-centric Measures unconscious, emotional connection, the impact of  social  forces, along with rational It recognises the new ways companies are seeking to engage with their customers It helps identify which elements of their sales and communication strategies have the biggest pay-off Covers the key parameters of prescription choice


There are nine drivers of brand engagement  Builds unconscious awareness Assesses impact of social influence and others’ behaviour Drives conscious awareness, recognition and usage of the brand Drives involvement, salience, persuasion and prescription Is believable and reflects values and contribution beyond its own interests Is seen as personally relevant and emotionally involving Drives participation with the brand, advertising and WOM Drives consideration of the brand Drives depth of commitment and loyalty to the brand Drives brand recommendations 12

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EngagerRx has been rigorously tested and validated » •

450 physicians across specialties

75+ Rx brands

12 indications/therapy areas


EngagerRx is strongly correlated to share of prescriptions with clear and demonstrated ROI.


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The Top 10 Engaging Rx Brands

124 117 117 115 115 115 113 113 112 111 15

EngagerRx identifies competitive brand advantages and weaknesses Âť Case Study: Multiple Sclerosis 120


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EngagerRx explains why emotional drivers are important for market leadership » Case Study: Multiple Sclerosis Copaxone and Rebif perform similarly on Brand Understanding, but a stronger emotional Connection with Copaxone explains why it is market leader in the USA.






Engagement scores are correlated with prescriptions Âť Case Study: Multiple Sclerosis


Engagement Score

Reported Rx Share











10% increase in Engagement = 7% gain in share of Rx 18

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Some of the things we have learned » • Clinical performance is a necessary but insufficient driver of engagement, recommendation and share of prescription • Emotions matter. The most powerful parameter for engagement is the strength of emotional connection - leading brands differentiate based on emotional positioning • Perceptions of Integrity are driven by trust in the company and transparency in drug development • Conviction that a product is the right therapy for the patient drives true loyalty and commitment, particularly for new generation drugs • Physicians care about what others think. Peer influence drives physician engagement with brands


Find out more » If you would like to learn more about EngagerRx and how it relates to your business issues, then please get in touch:

Global Head of Health – Abigail Stuart

Managing Partner, US – Soumya Roy PhD

Managing Partner, EU - Lee Gazey


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