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A new era of engagement ›› The world  is  brand  new.   We live in a constant flow of new technology, new thinking and new ideas. This has changed the world of brands and communications. Today brands seek more intimate and engaging conversations with people. It is about forging a deeper brand relationship. One that results in greater advocacy, word of mouth and loyalty.




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There is a lot of new thinking and knowledge about brands ›› New understanding and knowledge about brands and how they connect with people is being driven by advancements in both brain and social science. Brain science tells us that much of people’s response to brands is unconscious and emotional. It explains how the brain stores brand memories in the form of multiple, unconnected brand associations. The challenge for marketers is to reach beyond simplistic USPs and to create a rich and diverse ‘brand world’ of multiple associations. Social science tells us the biggest impact on our behaviour is social context and the influence of others. This suggests that campaigns should create copyable behaviours and promote sharing.


New ways to engage ›› Digital technology  has  given  rise  to  a  whole  new  world  of   brand  and  communications  engagement.   Marketing is now more integrated, interactive and experiential. It invites continuous, participatory conversations between brands and their consumers. Today’s communication challenge is to build strong, engaging brand experiences through bigger, bolder entertainment ideas and by getting up-close and personal.


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Enabling brand relationships ›› Today’s brand relationships are based on dialogue rather than monologue. Brands are expected to be open and transparent and to invite participation and active involvement. They must deliver on promises and expect to be called to account for their honesty and integrity. Brands that deliver against this agenda create greater word of mouth, advocacy, sales and loyalty.


New communication strategies and models are now emerging Âť There is a growing emphasis on campaigns which generate people-topeople sharing of brand content. This is often referred to as ‘transmedia’ planning. This gives rise to a new structure for integrated campaigns, that seed, establish and spread ideas. This spread is limitless, with ideas growing exponentially and travelling seamlessly across time, countries and cultures. By using people-to-people communication these campaigns generate enormous amounts of additional media value.


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Shared relationship building

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A new framework for brand and communications engagement » Engager™ provides  a  strategic  framework  for  evaluating   and  developing  effective  engagement.   It reflects all the new understanding about how brands and communications work in today’s world. It helps you understand how to deepen the engagement people have with your brand and gives you clear insight, direction and strategies to enhance brand relationships. Engager™ is driven by four principles:

1 Brands  »  Engagiwds  are  more  important  than  engaging   communications   2   Engage  »  Different  communications  engage  in  different  ways   3   6RFLDOª6RFLDOLQÀXHQFHDQGWKHEHKDYLRXURIRWKHUVFORVHVWWR you  drives  future  behaviour   4   (PRWLRQª7KHPRVWSRZHUIXOLQÀXHQFHVRQEHKDYLRXUDUH unconscious  and  emotional   11

Engager™ covers key drivers of brand choice ›› SENSING: Seeks to understand unconscious awareness of the brand and its communications ‡ Our sensing metric explores the social context surrounding the brand and the influence and behaviour of others we are close to using the brand. KNOWLEDGE: Goes beyond simple awareness and recognition ‡ Exploring the depth of familiarity and experience people have with the brand. UNDERSTANDING: Engager measures conscious and unconscious understanding of what the brand stands for ‡ Implicit and explicit questioning techniques explore true understanding. ‡ We use a spontaneous ‘brain sieve’ to assess the full range of emotional connections to the brand. INTEGRITY: Explores brand values beyond straightforward understanding ‡ People may understand what a brand stands for, but do they believe the brand delivers on its promises and is true to its values? ‡ Engager goes further to explore whether the company behind the brand contributes beyond its own interests.


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CONNECTION: Seeks to understand the significance of the brand to consumers ‡ Whether the brand is seen as personally relevant, fitting their needs and emotionally close to it. COMMITMENT: Capturing the depth of consideration for the brand ‡ How committed do people claim to be? ‡ Would people consider buying the brand or using it. CONVICTION: Goes beyond brand consideration to explore the strength of the brand bond ‡ Whether people feel loyal and would actually go out of their way to buy or use the brand. PARTICIPATION: Measures the impact of brand interaction ‡ Whether people are, or would like to be, involved with or contribute to the brand and its communications. ADVOCACY: Engager captures the active support for your brand ‡ Whether people talk about and recommend the brand.


Engager™ has been rigorously tested and validated ›› We have used Engager™ to evaluate the strength of brand relationships with ‌

‡ 2YHUEUDQGV ‡ ,QPRUHWKDQFRXQWULHVLQFOXGLQJ$XVWUDOLD %UD]LO,QGLD-DSDQ0H[LFR5XVVLD6RXWK$IULFD 8. 86 ‡ &RYHULQJFDWHJRULHV Sophisticated analytics have demonstrated a strong link between engagement, sales and profitability. Engager™ is significantly related to stock market expectations (linking data from the 2010 Forbes Top 2000 database) and clearly connects strong brand engagement with above average business performance.


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We can identify the world’s most engaging brands ›› 6RIDUZHKDYHLGHQWL¿HGWKHPRVWHQJDJLQJEUDQGVLQWKH UK,  US,  China,  Australia  and  South  Africa.   The framework helps us identify why these brands are successful in building engaging relationships. For example, whether this is driven by strong emotional connections people have with a brand, or possibly a successful participation strategy that generates word of mouth, or whether the brand demonstrates strong integrity through delivering on its promises.


Ten most engaging UK brands

124 123 123 123 121 117 116 115 114 113 The Engager  Index  is  a  composite  score,  incorporating  each  key  dimension  of   the  framework,  allowing  for  comparisons  across  brands  and  categories


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Ten most engaging US brands

126 125 125 122 120 119 119 118 118 117 The Engager  Index  is  a  composite  score,  incorporating  each  key  dimension  of   the  framework,  allowing  for  comparisons  across  brands  and  categories


Ten most engaging Australian brands

125 121 119 117 116 115 115 113 112 112 The Engager  Index  is  a  composite  score,  incorporating  each  key  dimension  of   the  framework,  allowing  for  comparisons  across  brands  and  categories


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Ten most engaging Chinese brands

124 119 119 118 116 116 115 112 112 111 The Engager  Index  is  a  composite  score,  incorporating  each  key  dimension  of   the  framework,  allowing  for  comparisons  across  brands  and  categories


Ten most engaging South African brands

134 132 127 126 SHOPRITE

126 124 123 123 123 123 The Engager  Index  is  a  composite  score,  incorporating  each  key  dimension  of   the  framework,  allowing  for  comparisons  across  brands  and  categories


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Some of the things we have learnt ›› The most powerful influence on engagement with a brand is the strength of emotional connection that people hold. This is closely followed by the influence of others’ behaviour on our own brand behaviour. Whether a brand delivers on their promises and acts beyond their own interests also has a powerful effect on engagement and is a shared strength amongst the top brands around the world. It is clear that some categories are more successful than others at building stronger engagement and brand relationships, particularly technology and entertainment brands versus finance and automotive. Within categories it clearly provides a more detailed understanding of competitive strength and performance. :KDWFRXOGZHGLVFRYHUIRU\RXUEUDQG"


Find out more ›› If you would like to learn more about our Engager™ thinking and how it relates to your business issues, then please get in touch. London – Paul Edwards New York – Joann Schaumann Chicago – Michelle Castle LA – Suzanne Carbonell Seattle – Anne Groom Sydney – Alex Vishney Melbourne – Nicola Hepenstall Singapore - Bernard Stringer 24

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