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Hello Who We Are Âť

Hello. This is a short intro to the world of Hall & Partners to help you get a feel for us. We hope it will help you to understand what kind of company we are and the type of work we do. We are proud of our company. We believe everyone at Hall & Partners should have an opportunity to learn, stretch and grow during their time with us. We look forward to hearing what you are looking to learn from us.

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Our Story

Our Story Âť

It all started with a man called Mike. Mike Hall was a talented planner working in advertising at Leagas Delaney. He was increasingly frustrated with the mechanistic black box way that research companies evaluate advertising without really understanding what and how it was trying to achieve its goals. This frustration was so overwhelming, he decided that he could invent a better way for research to help develop and evaluate brand and ads. So with a little help from his friends, in 1992 Hall & Partners was born.

Our Principles »

Mike came up with two founding principles. These were 1.  Brand response is more important than advertising response 2.  Different advertising works in different ways

In order to bring this to life, he invented a strategic model, which he called Framework™. The model described all the ways communications worked to help build strong brand relationships. It can still be used today to help unpick what people understand from the advertising and about the brand. It also forms the basis of Engager and other models we have developed to plan and evaluate different communication disciplines and media.

We are global »

We have grown significantly since launch. There are nearly 500 people and 9 offices including London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore. With clear ambitions to grow further, our strategy is to be seen as the most creative ‘global boutique’ in the research world, giving advice of how brands can build engaging experiences with the people they want to talk to. We are part of Omnicom, a leading advertising and marketing group.

Looking ahead »

Since then the world has rapidly changed. Brands are expected to be open and transparent and invite participation and active involvement. Digital has given rise to a whole new world of brand and communications engagement. Marketing is now more integrated, interactive and experiential. It invites continuous, participatory conversations between brands and their consumers. Social science tells us the biggest impact on our behaviour is social context and the influence of others. This suggests brands and their communications should create copyable behaviours and promote sharing. Brain science tells us that much of people’s response to brands is unconscious and emotional. The implication for marketers is to reach beyond simplistic USPs and to create a rich and diverse ‘brand world’ of multiple associations.

Our Engager model » Engager™ is our strategic framework for developing effective engagement. It reflects all of the new understanding about how brands and communications work in today’s world. It helps us understand how to deepen the engagement people have with brands so we can give clear insight, direction and strategies to enhance brand relationships. Engager ™ Brands Engage Social Emotion

is driven by four principles: » Engaging brands are more important than engaging communications » Different communications engage in different ways » Social influence and the behaviour of others closest to you drives future behaviour » The most powerful influences on behaviour are unconscious and emotional

What we do Âť

We specialise in brand and communications research. From strategic brand development through creative development, segmentation work, copy testing and tracking. What makes us different is the way we help clients and agencies understand, build and develop their ideas. We believe that the relationship works best when there is an active, meaningful partnership between us, the client and their agencies. We have built one of the largest qualitative and ethnographic teams in the market. Our tried and tested techniques go hand in hand with the creative and the experimental. Our quantitative research and analytics team blend attitudinal and behavioural data to provide a guide to the shifting landscape. The same creativity and insight that goes into our qualitative work, is applied to all our quant as well.

Our work Âť

We attract a huge variety of clients from different markets. Clients who are like us; are always challenging themselves to do better and more creative work. Recent work includes: Repositioning the


brand to teenagers

Talking to Key Opinion Leaders across the globe via an online community to discuss their vision for the future treatment of HIV Understanding how to improve customer engagement for media platforms

Orange and T-Mobile via their social

Investigating mothers’ attitudes towards vaccinating their children across 10 developing and culturally diverse countries, for Helping


Durex talk the language of love for their new global campaign

Understanding the experience of fans at the Champions League final for


What we believe Âť From the start, the vision for our company was that it was led by the people in it. Our company is not run by one person, it is run by everyone; everyone caring, contributing, taking risks, making mistakes and learning and sharing. We are all partners at Hall & Partners. Companies like this are rare. This is because it is hard to find the right people who are eager to learn, stretch, grow and who want to teach and give their very best. Hall & Partners people have a can-do attitude and embrace the adventure with an open mind and heart.

Our values »

We believe our culture is unique. It’s a difficult thing to put into words, but we’ll give it a go. It’s all about being challenging yet treating each other with respect. The sorts of people we look for are: •  Naturally curious, who love to learn and discover new things •  Passionate about brands and communications •  Opinionated, always have a point of view and aren’t afraid to share it and have a good debate •  Work well in teams and support those around them – we don’t tolerate egos •  Have a can-do attitude and love trying out new things and ideas And most importantly do they pass the car journey test – If you were in a car with them for 10 hours would you find it interesting and enjoyable?

Our people Âť

We love working together. Our Consumer and Healthcare divisions are set up in teams and work across a variety of clients. We have a very relaxed, non hierarchical office environment which is completely open plan and has lots of break out areas as well as meeting rooms where we can brainstorm together. Suits are a rarity here and we don’t expect interviewees to wear them. We prefer a more informal approach to help us all feel comfortable and at ease.

Andy Waller Global COO

Andy Chappin Global CFO

Paul Edwards Chief Strategic Officer

Michelle Castle US CEO

Peter Mackey Global Head of Consumer Qual

Abigail Stuart Global Head of Health (Quant & Qual)

Arnaud Frade Singapore Managing Partner

The strategy is set by our central team. Our central team are based across our different offices and represent our different businesses. They meet regularly to agree the strategy and are very open to any new ideas.

Our central team Âť

Vanella Jackson Global CEO

Developing people Âť

Learn, stretch and grow here. We think it’s incredibly important to develop and keep bright people and have a real focus on learning and developing thinking. We want this to be a place where people feel challenged, as well as guided and supported. Everyone has their own career objectives and regular appraisals so you always feel like you are moving forward rather than standing still. In addition to our bespoke face to face training program, we also have a digital school with a variety of online modules, training decks and articles to help you expand your knowledge.

Rewarding people »

It is important we reward people well for the great work that they do. We offer everyone an attractive range of benefits, including: •  Private healthcare •  Permanent health insurance •  Company matched pension •  Cycle to work scheme •  Breakfast and fruit

•  Birthday champagne and £50 vouchers of your choice •  Childcare vouchers •  Quarterly legal advice clinic •  25 days holiday •  Interest free season ticket loan

Time together »

We also make sure we spend time together and have fun. Part of this is also giving back to others. We have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team and support a number of causes that are important to us. •  Summer and winter parties

•  Friday finish at 4pm

•  Weekly drinks

•  CSR Volunteer week

•  Monthly payday parties

•  CSR Earth Day

•  Transfers to other offices

•  CSR Christmas donation drive

•  Summer hours

How to find us Âť


Find us:

81 Dean Street, London W1D 3SW

Nearest Tube Stations:

+44 (0) 20 7173 4600

Leicester Square (0.2 mi S) Covent Garden(0.2 mi E) Tottenham Court Road(0.2 mi N) Buses: Cambridge Circus stop M: 14, 19, 38 Cambridge Circus stop B: 24, 29,176

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