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Christmas 2011

on lcy Ha


p Join in the fun 2 December, 10am to 1pm Come along and join us, see page 3 for details


Shh... it’s a secret

Fun and facts file

Tick of approval

We take a peek inside the Secret Garden

Everything you thought you’d never know about Halcyon Waters

Master builder rates his Halcyon home

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Managing directors’ Christmas message

Inside the Secret Garden

As I put pen to paper to write a Christmas and New Year message, it seems like a good idea to reflect on the year that’s been and the year that is yet to come from a Halcyon viewpoint. Paul and I, and the Halcyon team, are very lucky because we get to help people

Paul Melville and Dr Bevan Geissmann

In a quiet space located snugly

change their lives in ways they never

communities. We welcome them all.

imagined. Every week we see and hear

On the development front, at Hope Island,

Art Studio is Halcyon Waters’ Secret

we are very excited to see the Halcyon

Garden. Originally planned as a space

Health Precinct reaching fruition. This has

for contemplation, the Secret Garden

been a dream for us for several years

has been transformed over the past

now and with construction commenced

few years by a group of a dozen

on the Mater Health Centre we are only

or so dedicated home owners with

a few months away from its opening. This

green thumbs. Surrounded by a two

precinct will deliver primary health care

metre high hedge with the fountain

and residential aged care to the Hope

centrepiece, it’s still a great place

Island region and Halcyon Waters

to sit and relax. The ‘secret’ now

We saw many late night parties, home

home owners.

however, is the bounty that comes

owners rediscovering bicycles, more

On the Sunshine Coast, we saw the

from the garden.

commencement of our latest community,

A fortnightly roster and quarterly

amazing stories of new formed friendships, newly found fitness, travel to all parts of the globe, and acts of community generosity that inspire kindness and goodwill. It is Halcyon communities that have a strength and spirit that any one individual cannot have alone, and 2011 had all of this and more… we even had two weddings!

marathon runners (and walkers), art and craft festivals, charities that

between the Leisure Club and the

Halcyon Landing, and in the early months

received over $23,000 from home

working bees, has seen over 15

of 2012 the foundation members of

owner activities, fishing trips that went

varieties of herbs and spices flourishing

Halcyon Landing will call Halcyon home.

under the watchful eyes of the Secret

On a final note, we would like to thank

Garden volunteer group. From chillies

well (and not so well), inspiring guest speakers, lots of helping hands for those doing it a bit tough, “free” power from the sun, and of course many new home

everyone for the support and continued interest with Halcyon.

owners who will now contribute their

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas

own piece to the fabric of Halcyon

and happy New Year.

Drop in for a slice

and coriander to Vietnamese mint and basil, home owners from all corners of Halcyon Waters stop by the Secret Garden to grab a sprig of something special to add to the evening meal.

If you’re in the neighbourhood in

days before being baked to perfection and

December, make sure that you drop in and

finally decorated in all its glory. So if you

see the girls in the Sales Centre for a slice

haven’t been out to Halcyon Waters for a

of the custom made Halcyon Christmas

while, then this is the perfect time to drop

Cake. The special cake is being prepared by

in and say hello over a slice of Christmas

local company, Sweet Batch Catering and

Cake. The Sales Office will close for

will feature the Halcyon kingfisher symbol

Christmas at 12 noon on 23 December.

emblazoned in Marzipan. Like a true

However it will be open for limited hours

Queenslander, the specially selected fruit

from 11am to 2pm 28 - 30 December, and

will be soaked in Bundaberg Rum for three

will reopen on 3 January.


Life begins at Halcyon

See you at the e p Halcyon

With the focus firmly on an active retirement, trying new things, general good health and well being, it only seemed natural to put together an Expo to highlight all of the lifestyle activities on offer at Halcyon Waters. The Halcyon Expo is on between 10am and 1pm on 2 December and it’s the on lcy Ha


ideal opportunity to take a close up look at what goes on behind the gates at Halcyon Waters. The Halcyon Expo


will showcase a broad range of home owner special interest groups, from tennis, the movie club, arts and crafts to aqua aerobics and circuit class in

Halcyon Expo will include informative

out lots more at special booths dotted

presentations on the Hope Island

around the community. So if you want

The idea is to come along, try your

Health precinct, and a talk by renowned

to get the low down on the good life,

hand at some of the activities and meet

author and ABC Radio broadcaster

keep Friday 2 December free and make

the people who are so passionate

Peter McKeon. Plus meet Halcyon’s

your way out to Halcyon’s first ever

about their special interests. The

‘Face of Fitness’, Kyleigh Hurle, and find

Expo and join in the fun…

the gym.

Individually styled homes act r t n Co r de Un

Ask anyone who has visited Halcyon

bedrooms plus study, three or four

walk to the five star Leisure Club you can

Waters what sets it apart from other over

outdoor living areas and all you could

enjoy the benefits of a resort lifestyle both

50’s communities and one of the first things

want in the latest kitchen and bathroom

inside your home and out. With an array

you’ll hear is individuality. Take one look at

finishes. With another one already under

of activities on offer the choice is all yours

these three new designs and you know that

contract and only two remaining, these

and at the end of the day you can relax in

it’s true. Each home has been architecturally

larger one off design homes provide rare

your home knowing that there truly is no

designed to maximise individual living

opportunities for those searching for that

other like it. That’s why we call

options, providing a minimum of three

dream home. Located only one minute

them ‘special’.




Fun & Facts File

Halcyon Waters Home owner birthplaces include Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, Wales Home owner occupations (current and past) Accountant, Artist, Author, Bio Medical Engineer, Builder, Diplomat, Engineer, Farmer, Fireman, Financial Controller, Forensic Photographer, Hotelier, Lawyer, Manager, Metalurgist, Nurse, Organisational Psychologist, Pilot, Police Officer, Project Manager, School Teacher, Sculptor, Secretary, Statistician Number of caravan/boat storage lots 80

Last politician to visit ‘Can Do Campbell’ Most popular social event Halcyon MasterChef Next social event Spring Festival Number of lawn bowlers Over 50 Number of golfers 42

Number of Australian sporting champions 2 Temperature of heated pool in winter 29 degrees “Regular Winter Swimmers” 26

Number of CCTV cameras 16

Number of home owners away on holidays in July 46 Number of home owners who own bikes 38

Number of podium winners in the Gold Coast Marathon this year 8 Number of kilometres completed in the Gold Coast Marathon this year 326 kms

Most played Karaoke songs YMCA and Love Shack

Number of home owners riding from Mackay to Cairns 1 Number of books published by home owners 81 Home owner hobbies Aqua Aerobics, Ballroom Dancing, Bird Watching, Cabashoning, Canoeing, Caravanning, Charity Volunteer, Doll Making, Fossicking, Golf, Lawn Bowls, Model Aeroplanes, Papertole, Photography, Table Tennis, Tennis, Triathlons, Walking


Life begins at Halcyon

Number of organised activities per week 27

Hope Island Total length of steel used to construct frames for homes at Halcyon Waters to date 1,100kms (Gold Coast to Canberra)

Number of bridges onto Hope Island 3 Population (approx.) 8, 500

Number of restaurants/cafés 24

Number of house designs 75

Number of golf courses 3 Area of open space surrounding Halcyon 100 acres

First resort developed Sanctuary Cove (1988)

Nearest boat launch 3 minutes

Travel time to Brisbane 40 minutes

Hardest Par 3 in Queensland 17th at The Links Number of jetties and marina berths Over 1,000 Distance of waterways surrounding and within Hope Island 42kms

Number of fish in our lake 950 Number of our “pet” kangaroos 16

Distance to the Broadwater 3.5kms

Number of weddings at Halcyon Waters this year 2 Home owners still in the workforce 36

Best fishing hole We’ll tell you that when you live at Halcyon Waters Travel time to Surfers Paradise 20 minutes Hope Island median house price $1.225 million





Master builder rates his Special Halcyon home

We call Halcyon home

With over 50 years of experience,

held at the award winning community

building everything from homes to

with Mary, Alan got to know some of

large civil and commercial projects,

the home owners and quickly realised

you would expect Alan Dart to know

the people living at Halcyon Waters

quality construction when he saw it. So

were, in his words, “like minded, friendly

when Alan gave Halcyon Waters his

people”. Although now tempted, Alan

personal tick of approval, the design and

still wasn’t ready to downsize and make

construction team were absolutely elated.

the move… yet!

is completed before Christmas and he

Alan first came across Halcyon Waters when close friend Mary Clay purchased a home in the gated over 50’s community four years ago. Although initially impressed with the set up at Halcyon Waters, and knowing how happy and secure Mary felt, Alan was skeptical that he would enjoy the community lifestyle.

Fast forward a few years to 2011 and

can move in.

Alan had made up his mind. “When I’m

So in place of the 50ft motor cruiser,

going to do something I do it,” said Alan.

there’s soon to be a new motorhome

Armed with his list of wants, Alan found

in the secure storage facility at Halcyon

a home that suited him, the only trouble

Waters, ready to head off for some

was the home had just sold. Undeterred

travel escapades, with close friend Mary

he met with Project Director Marie

signing up as co-pilot! A keen ‘yachty’

Cone, and decided on a one-of-a-

who has also owned and raced his 68ft

kind ‘Special’ design in Halcyon’s latest

racing yacht in numerous offshore races,

release of homes, the Pittwater Release.

and even sailed to Alaska, Alan is now

“It’s something different and I had the

ready for this new adventure in his life.

After all, Alan was still living in a luxury

flexibility to move things around a bit,”

“It can’t come quickly enough now for

waterfront home at Sovereign Islands,

he said. After meeting the building staff

me. The Halcyon Team are lovely, great

complete with the 50ft motor cruiser

to discuss plans and progress Alan says

people live here and it’s all managed

tied up out the front! However, after

he “couldn’t be happier,” and that he is

extremely well… it’s my scene,”

attending a few of the social events

counting down the days until the home

said Alan.

This is our story

Halcyon Harley Meet Halcyon’s new Construction Manager Peter Trainer and take a look at his classic 1936 Harley. One of only two of its kind in Australia, Peter was kind enough to bring the fully restored bike out for a little show and tell with some of the men folk who live at Halcyon Waters. The bike, originally from Holland has been in Peter’s wife’s family since new and is still faithfully ridden once a week. Watch out for the full story in a future edition of Halcyon Days.


Christmas with...

Patterson Senior’s Jeff and Kathleen, and Junior’s Ross and Maree For Christmas 2011 we will be celebrating at 197 Halcyon Waters. This will be our first Halcyon Christmas and we are very excited, especially because we will be joined by my Dad from Hobart. On Christmas day everyone lends a hand with the cooking, provision of the meal and the preparation. We always have a traditional Christmas with roast stuffed turkey, pork, ham, hot vegetables and all the trimmings. Plum pudding, apple pie and pavlova and all the bits and pieces, nibbles, fruit mince pies and shortbread. Rum balls are Ross‘ favourite and Jeff’s favourite are fruit mince pies. We have two webbers between the four of us and wherever Christmas is, the others deliver their webber and we cook the meat outside on them (which we will do again this year but we won’t have so far to take it).  I am the pavlova Queen and Kathleen has been making the puddings up until now. We all very much look forward to Christmas and make it a true family celebration. It doesn’t matter how many or how few of us there are. It is always the traditional food with lovely champagne and wines. We make a whole day of it and can be still at the table having sweets at 5.00 pm. We are really looking forward to our Halcyon Christmas. We still pinch ourselves every day at how lucky we are to be living here and still thank everyone so much for all the effort made in ensuring that we made it! I must make a plate of goodies and bring it up to the office before Christmas.

Trevor & Pat Thomas We will be being spending our Christmas day on the Gold Coast at Tullebudgera. The special holiday will be celebrated with our son Ryan and his partner Laura and grandson Edward, and Laura’s extended family. Christmas day for us will be somewhat bittersweet as our son Ryan is departing for Jakata, taking on a two-year employment contract. The family is looking forward to celebrating together and having a lovely Australian Christmas day, with fresh seafood and salads.

Shirley Pryer I will be travelling to Melbourne to spend Christmas with my family, most of whom live in Melbourne. I also have two weeks time share in Yarrawonga on the Murray just after Christmas. My older family like to join me up there over New Year for the 1st week and over the second week the younger family join me. It is a resort with swimming pools, tennis court, putting green and an adult lounge with table tennis and billiard tables. The weather is mostly warm and dry, so we all have a great time.

John & Moya Van Arcken We are having an early Christmas this year in December with our daughter Karen and son in law Nick who will be visiting from Sydney. The Christmas day celebration will be held at our son and daughter in law’s home, who live in Runaway Bay with our grandchildren Jake and Lauren. Also joining us will be our daughter Tania, and her partner Justin and granddaughter Jessica. Christmas celebrations are typically an all-day affair with a delicious variety of seafood, bugs, prawns, scallops, ham, salads and exotic desserts.



HALCYON A publication by Halcyon

Melbourne Cup, Halcyon style

One aspect of life that many of the home owners find so appealing, is the regular social get togethers and events that are held. Without a doubt, one of the most popular of all the events is when the tight knit community gathers to celebrate the Melbourne Cup. This year’s cup day was no exception, with around 150 home owners and Club to enjoy the festivities. Once again the Leisure Club was decorated and transformed into the Halcyon Turf Club

awarded for ‘Best Dressed Man’ and

for the day. Halcyon ‘racegoers’ got into

‘Best Dressed Lady’ along with sweeps

the spirit of things, turning up in their

and lucky door prizes. Entertainment

finest ‘Best on Field’ outfits ranging from

was provided by renowned mind reader

jockey silks to top hats and waistcoats

and magician ‘Austin’ who visited tables,

and some fascinating fascinators. The

mesmerizing party guests with his

theme for 2011 was black and white,

amazing talents and mental trickery.

and to set the mood the tables were festooned with tall vases overflowing with black feather boas surrounded by explosions of black, white and silver stars and flowers. Lunch was a sumptuous cold buffet followed by a delicious white and dark chocolate mousse for dessert. The champagne flowed and prizes were

e p Halcyon

2 December, 10am to 1pm 8

• UDIA National Winner – Seniors’ Living • UDIA Qld Winner – Seniors’ Living • UDIA Qld Winner – Affordable Housing • MBA National Winner – Lifestyle Housing for Seniors



Halcyon Waters 1 Halcyon Way, Hope Island Qld 4212 Freecall 1800 626 488 Halcyon Parks 42 Meridan Way, Caloundra Qld 4551 Freecall 1800 007 280 Halcyon Landing PO Box 286, Bli Bli Qld 4560 Freecall 1800 050 050

Photographs and illustrations are intended to be a visual aid only. Halcyon gives no warranty and makes no representation to the accuracy or sufficiency of any description, illustration, photograph or statement contained in this publication and accepts no liability for any loss suffered by any person who relies wholly or partly upon the information presented. All information is subject to change without notice.



friends making a bee-line to the Leisure

Halcyon Days Newsletter Nov 11  

Halcyon Days Newsletter Christmas Edition 2011

Halcyon Days Newsletter Nov 11  

Halcyon Days Newsletter Christmas Edition 2011