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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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aiti !!! H 509 2815-0111 (Haïti) / +1 855 308 0375 (USA)

@decameronhaiti | Winter 2017



Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism | Winter 2017

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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Phyllisia Ross

74 | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism







Rio 2016 Haitian Olympians | 22

2016 in Review | 53

Darrell Wesh Asnage Castelly Jeffrey Michael Julmis Samyr Lainé Richardson Hitchins Naomy Grand’ Pierre

Max Beckrich DJ Michael Brun Carlo Vieux CaRiMi Says Goodbye Jozy Altidore Mikaben Jimmy Jean-Louis Wyclef Jean

Health & Wellness | 38 Dr. Romane Joseph Dr. F. Lucie Casthely Dr. Angelo E. Gousse Dr. Patrick Romeus Dr. Clones Lans Dr. Mogin Antoine Dr. Jim Francois Dr. Franklin Casthely | Winter 2017

Year in Review Photos | 78 Brazil vs Haiti Gabel in Little Haiti Sweet Micky


We want to hear about your visit to Haiti. Send your reviews and photos to


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


COVER CREDITS: FOUNDER, EDITOR IN CHIEF & PUBLISHER Jean Alfred Delva alfred_haitiopen 305-842-3555 was registered over eight years ago on September 20th, 2008 to help promote Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora mainstream. We are still hard at work to keep this mission alive. Haiti Open, Inc. is a private enterprise based in North Miami, FL, and we are able to produce, print and publish the magazine with the help of our sponsors. We encourage everyone to support and reach out in any way possible.

Photo by Mackinley “Spex” Madhere spexphoto 305-219-2586 Style by Abs Petit abspetit Makeup by Keisha keishathemua Artwork by Mendes Chevalier mendes_1812 786-267-0108 | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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10 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


CONTRIBUTORS: Proofreader: Alec Ross Layout: Mohammad “MA” Alaudin Printing: Xpert Signs Photographers: Mackinley “Spex” Madhere Johny “Redlight” Luc Daniel Lentz Joe Burbank Umberto Fratini BIG O Productions Modupe S. The Rhythm Foundation Aaron Pegg Writers: Sarah Brutus Mrs. Wanda from L’Union Suite Kat from Kreyolicious The Haitian Times Helena Hounsel Gregg Bell Erin. Dietzer

CONTACT US TO ADVERTISE 305-842-3555 1-844-HAITI-OPEN | Winter 2017


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12 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism | Winter 2017

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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 13 ÂŤ

Tap-Tap Busse, Port-au-Prince, Haiti | Winter 2017


14 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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La Côte des Arcadins, Haiti @superdupersleepy | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 15 « | Winter 2017



Photo Credit @superdupersleepy

16 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

La Côte des Arcadins, Haiti @superdupersleepy | Winter 2017


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18 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

WELCOME | Winter 2017

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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 19 «

TO LABADEE | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 20 «

HAITI DANIEL | Winter 2017



Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 21 « | Winter 2017


22 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian:

Darrell Wesh

CURRENT HAITIAN 100M RECORD HOLDER AT 10.16 SECONDS ATHLETE PROFILE Competing Sport: Track & Field Competing Event: 100 m and 200 m Competing Games: • •

• | Winter 2017

2012 NACAC U23 Championships, Irapuato, Mexico

2015 Pan American Games, Toronto, Canada, and NACAC Championships, San Jose, Costa Rica 2016 World Indoor Championships, Portland, USA, Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 23 « | Winter 2017


24 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism





2016 Wrestling Men’s Freestyle 74 kg event, Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian:

Asnage Castelly | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 25 « | Winter 2017


26 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian:

Jeffrey Michael Julmis ATHLETE PROFILE


Competing Sport: Track & Field Competing Event: 110m Hurdles

• | Winter 2017

2011 Central American and Caribbean Championships Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 2012 Olympic Games, London, United Kingdom

2014 Central American

• •

and Caribbean Games, Xalapa, Mexico 2015 NACAC Championships, San José, Costa Rica

2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 27 « | Winter 2017


28 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism




2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian:

Samyr Lainé ATHLETE PROFILE Competing Sport: Track & Field Competing Event: Triple Jump



• • • • •

2007 Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2009 World Championships, Berlin, Germany 2010 World Indoor Championships, Doha, Qatar 2011 Central American and Caribbean Championships,Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 2011 World Championships, Daegu, South Korea 2011 Pan American Games, Guadalajara, México 2012 World Indoor Championships Istanbul, Turkey 2012 Olympic Games, London, United Kingdom 2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Winter 2017

Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 29 « | Winter 2017


30 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian:

Richardson Hitchins ATHLETE PROFILE Competing Sport: Boxing Competing Event: Welterweight


2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 31 «

2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian:

Naomy Grand’ Pierre ATHLETE PROFILE


Competing Sport: Swimming Competing Event: Freestyle Swimming

• •

2016 Women’s 50 Metre Freestyle, Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016 Women’s 50 Metre Freestyle, Caribbean Islands Swimming Championships, Bahamas



32 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Majorie Alexis Nestor

From Cleaning Houses to Getting a Masters in Law and Two PhDs to Building a Multimillion Dollar Staffing Agency By Sarah Brutus @sarahprworldwide When did you move to the United States?


was born in Hinche, in Haiti. I came to the United States in 1997

and came straight to Miami. Prior to coming to the United States, I graduated from law school in Haiti, Class of 1996, from the law school in Port Au Prince.

What did you do when you arrived in the United States?


hen I got here, my family encouraged me to get into one of those nursing programs, as many Haitian families do. So I started taking classes at Lindsay Hopkins for English, and CNA/HHA courses. For my first job, I had a friend of my mom’s take me to clean houses with her. They were paying me about $6.50 an hour. After that, I worked in a few nursing homes. After that, I had a live-in job with a rich American lady. I lived there and worked for her. I needed the money for my wedding. I worked there for about three months, and at the time they were paying me $562 a week. My fiancé (Mike Nestor) and I got married and we had our first child. We have been together for 17 years. What did you guys do after getting married?


e went to Naples and saw all the job opportunities that were there, and decided to go there. I was able to get a job at the Ritz Carlton

We started SECO with our income tax money with a small contract with 10 people. Now it’s a $10-million company. | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 33 «

Tell us about your work with the United Methodist Mission.


oth me and my husband were working, but it was still tough for us to make ends meet. Then, one day, a friend told me about a United Methodist Church program that allows you to go to school and later appoints you to a church. They offered to pay all your bills, plus a salary. I got a PH.D in Theology. I was appointed as a pastor. It was a disastrous experience. I served for five years. How did you obtain your Masters in Law?


y husband decided that he wanted to go to law school and found a program in New Orleans at Loyola University. My husband also filled out an application for me to be admitted into the program without me even knowing. On our way to New Orleans, he told me that both of us had been admitted. I told him he was insane. His response to me was that we could barely take care of our three kids and our only chance in the United States was to become professionals. So we committed ourselves to law school. This is a message to all the Haitians who come to the United States and never push themselves. Because had they pushed themselves a little bit into some type of profession, their life could have been much better. It was a great experience for me to push myself. I am currently working on an online PH.D in human resources

from Tulane University.

How do you feel about education and the degrees you have earned?


t really gives me a sense of pride as a Haitian woman to be able to do what I have done. I was raised by a single mother and never knew my father. Everything that I have done has been because of my hard work. I thank God for being able to have courage and the ability to give my children what I never had myself. As a Haitian woman, what is your message to other Haitian women?


would tell them not to be discouraged. Make moves, and get something better for yourself than what people may just be offering you. How did SECO, the company, come about?


told my husband that I wanted to start a staffing agency. I didn’t know all the ins and outs of it. The next morning he told me that he’d incorporated the company under the name SECO.

What do you think has given you your drive and motivation?


y drive? I get it from me. When you grow up not having people clap for you, you learn to clap for yourself. I’m the kind of person who no one can bring down. I’m already up. Tell us about your non-profit organization.


ur organization is based around education. In Haiti, we don’t have the basic civic education that’s needed. We also want to look into the environment. Even women’s issues, such as being raped, need to be addressed. Structures for severely autistic children in the country need to be created. There are no real programs to treat and teach these children. What advice would you give women who have families and spouses but who also want to be entrepreneurs?

Photo by Johny @redlightphotos

as an office coordinator for $9.50 an hour. In Naples, a lot of people kept coming to us with applications and letters that they needed us to help them with. In a week we were helping over 200 people. I took some money that I had and told my husband we were opening an office to help these people, but not for free. So that’s how we started our first company. After having our first son, we decided to move back to south Florida. We lived in Pompano.


would tell the women that men have a mind of their own. If you rely on anyone to do everything for you, your dream will not come to pass, because the man has his own dream as well. God created women to be a helper. However, you also need to be able to help yourself. | Winter 2017


34 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

Mike Nestor


Helping Haitians Find Jobs with SECO’s 16 Offices, and counting, throughout the United States By Sarah Brutus @sarahprworldwide Where were you born?


y name is Michelet Mike Nestor. I was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, in a poor slum called Soleno. I came to the United States in 1999. What did you do in Haiti before coming to the United States?


n Haiti I was a police officer. I served in the force for four years, from 1995 to 1999. I also went to law school in Haiti. How was your transition from Haiti to the United States?


was the first person in my family who had the opportunity to come to the United States. I was able to get a job, where I worked for a few months. It was a very tough job. We made landscape covers. During that time, I took classes at Lindsay Technical School. From there I started taking courses at Broward College. I also took courses at Nova Southeastern University and Florida Atlantic University. I then decided to go to law school in New Orleans, and Loyola University. I stayed there for two years and was able to get my Masters in Law, as well as a certificate in Common Law and International Law.

Anyone who really wants to do something can achieve it. | Winter 2017



t was tough. My wife and I were both attending law school at the same time. We had three children. Many times I would have to watch the children while studying at the same time. Fortunately, we made it.

What impact were you able to make in the community while in New Orleans?


hile in New Orleans I began to work with the Haitian community there. There is a high level of illiteracy, and many of them did not know how to fill out applications for work. So I created a multi-services company to help them apply for jobs. We realized that there was a need. What did you do after graduating from law school?


fter we finished with law school, we decided to move to Haiti. This was in 2010, right after the earthquake. When we arrived, things were very tough. So we began to work and set up offices. How did your company, SECO, get started?


fter being in Haiti for a while, we decided to move back to New Orleans. We helped more and more people find jobs in the local hotels and casinos. We built relationships with these local companies. We started this company with my wife’s tax refund – about five thousand dollars. So it became a staffing agency. After a while I learned the business well and added a cleaning company to it. Now the company has a few thousand employees. We have also just opened another branch of the company in Haiti. We have about 16 branch offices in different places, including Mississippi, New York, Lake Charles and New Orleans.

Tell us about your interest in politics.


fter years of leaving Haiti and coming back, I saw that the lives of the people had not changed over the years. I had been helping with my foundation over the years, but it was not enough. So I started doing some research and visited the 10 departments of Haiti and other cities, and saw the way the people were suffering. I decided to run for office. Unfortunately, I was attacked during the election. Still, I believe it was a great experience. I also don’t think that someone has to be president to help people in the country. I will do the best I can to help the Haitian community by creating jobs both here in the United States and in Haiti.

What has been your biggest challenge as a business person?


hen your minority company becomes a multi-million dollar company, many issues will arise. Financially, you need to be able to able to meet the demands of the large contracts when the company does not have credit. What advice would you give someone looking to start a company?


believe if someone wants to start a business, you need to start it slow and small. From there you can grow little by little. We had to face the challenge of our company growing too fast. Did you expect the company to be as successful as it is today?


es, I expected the company to be successful. I just didn’t expect it to grow as fast as it did. That was the surprise.

What are your hopes for the Haitian community here and in Haiti?


believe that in 10 more years, the Haitian community will be stronger. I believe that this generation of Haitians will be better off because their parents are very professional and successful. I believe that the older generation of leaders in the community need to embrace this new generation. I stress that this generation should get involved in politics and community efforts.

Photo by Johny @redlightphotos

What was it like to go to law school in New Orleans while having a family?

Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 35 «

Where do you see you see yourself and your company in the next 10 years?


e are working very hard for our company to be a publicly traded company within the next 10 years. To be a Fortune 500 company. I see myself as a public servant who is here to serve my people.

Leaders in Haiti need to open doors for the Haitian Diaspora to return to Haiti and create jobs, invest and start businesses in Haiti. | Winter 2017


36 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Why the Tax Network Group (TNG) Is Your Go-to-Company When It Comes to Getting Your Income Tax Done for the


By Evelyne Bobo Deglace

The TNG representatives will make sure you are taking all your deductions for your vehicles, fixtures, furniture, inventory, your owned-house, etc. | Winter 2017

It’s tax season, and you might be asking, why do I need a tax preparer, and if so, why should I go to Tax Network Group (TNG)? Well, the first part is very easy, the US government will never forget a debt or a misfiling, as the saying goes, there are only two certain things in life “death, and taxes”, so please do not save in getting your best tax preparation advice as you would not save with your health or your kids health (or talk to a software if you have some pain). If you are selfemployed or small entrepreneur, the tax preparer is the most important person, who can help your business grow –keeping up with all the changes in the Tax Code, particularly when a new administration is coming-. The TNG representatives will make sure you are taking all your deductions for your vehicles, fixtures, furniture, inventory, your owned-house, etc.

Regarding the second question, why should I go to TNG?, TNG has been a proud sponsor of the Haiti Open Magazine and the Haitian comnunity in Dade County. Even more, TNG has done through the years a lot of charity work in the most devastated areas in Haiti. For instance, this year when Hurricane Matthew hit our country. TNG has been built to help and support the Haitian community, we talk your language and understand your needs. Most importantly, our fees will be

reinvested in new charity projects for the Haitian community either in Dade or Haiti itself.

TNG has been in the market doing taxes for over 10 years, we are an IRS certified business, and rated by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). TNG has never been fined or penalized by the IRS for malpractice, and we take our service very seriously, we will do our best tax work according to the law. As a true partner of the community, TNG will work with you reviewing prior year taxaes, or, going throug the process of filing them, you can reach in many different ways. Lastly, TNG can help you with • • • •

Corporate Taxes Individual Taxes Bookkeeping Tax Amendments

Once you give us the opportunity of working for you, either directly or through a referred client, TNG will deliver dedication and high performance, as a result, you have purchased peace of mind with all your tax and accounting needs. Tax Network Group (TNG) 2720 NW 167th Street, Miami Gardens, FL 33054, Phone: 305-940-7161


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 37 « | Winter 2017


38 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism



QUATERLY HEALTH TIPS by different doctors and health specialists

Dr. F. Lucie Casthely Orthodontics Specialist

Rezilta tretman òtodontik yo kapab dramatik - bèl souri, amelyorasyon sante dan ak kalite vi anpil nan plizyè laj.

Dr. Romane Joseph General Surgery Specialist

Gason ywi fwa pi fasil pou gen èni épi ven fwa pi riske pou jwenn trètman pa rapò ak fanm.

Dr. Angelo E. Gousse Urology Specialist

Kondisyon iwolojik yo ak opsyon tretman pou fanm varye konsiderableman paske anatomi kò yo pa menm epi sistèm òmonal yo diferan avèk pa gason yo.

Dr. Patrick Romeus Internal Medicine Specialist

Pratik pran anpil tabak koze maladi nan kè, aksidan vaskilè serebral, osteyopoz, anevris ayotik, li fe tou gason pedi bann epi sa ogmante risk pou trape tibekiloz. | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 39 «

Dr. Clones Lans Dr. Hans Jean-Baptiste & Dr. Thomas Toussaint OBGYN Specialists

Sèvis obstetrik ak jinekolojik gen anpil enpòtans nan pwoteksyon lasante fanm ak kè kontan nan fanmi.

Dr. Mogin Antoine

Interventional Pain Management Specialist Lavi a nan yon pasyan ka dramatikman amelyore ak ponp analgesic pou doulè.

Dr. Jim Francois Podiatrist Specialist

Meyè bagay pou fè pou evite doulè nan talon: pote soulye ki byen pou ou( devan kou dèyè), ki gen semèl ki ka absòbe chòk.

Dr. Franklin Casthely

Dental Specialist

...ale kay dantis pa dwe nan tan pase. Se yon nesesite, yon bagay enpotan chak moun ta dwe priyorize. | Winter 2017


40 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

The Signs and symptoms of a



Hernia: A hernia occurs when part of an organ (like the intestine) pushes through into an area of the body where it normally should not be. The Signs and symptoms of a hernia:

• • •

Noticeable protrusion Feeling pain while lifting or during activities Dull aching sensation Vague feeling of fullness Nausea and constipation

Men are eight times more likely to develop a hernia and 20 times more likely to need a hernia repair compared with women.

Options for repair of a hernia (Open / Laparoscopic) depend upon the size of the hernia and its location Though the diagnosis of a suspected hernia can usually be made with physical examination sometimes additional imaging may be necessary in the form of an ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI. Men are eight times more likely to develop a hernia and 20 times more likely to need a hernia repair compared with women More than 20 million hernias are estimated to be repaired every year around the world. Per year | Winter 2017

Gason ywi fwa pi fasil pou gen èni épi ven fwa pi riske pou jwenn trètman pa rapò ak fanm. approximately 700,000 hernia repairs are carried out in the USA. We Specialize in HERNIA REPAIR

Dr. Romane Joseph is a General Surgery Specialist in Miami Shores, Florida. He graduated with honors from Umdnj-robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 2003. Having more than 14

Don’t just have your hernia fixed – Have it repaired “The Joseph Surgery Way”

years of diverse experiences, especially in GENERAL SURGERY, Dr. Romane Joseph affiliates with many hospitals including Jackson Memorial Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists in medical group Joseph Surgery LLC. Joseph Surgery: 9415 NE 6th Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33138 Phone: (786) 401-6455

Dr. Romane Joseph Photo by Johny @redlightphotos

• •


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 41 «

What is Orthodontic


Treatment typically lasts from 6 to 30 months, depending on age and the severity of the orthodontic problem. Outstanding results are also dependent on maximizing the coordination of care between you and the orthodontic team. Dr. F. Lucie Casthely provides orthodontic treatment for adults, adolescents and children. We follow the guidelines established by the American Association of Orthodontists by recommending that an orthodontic consultation take place at age 7 for all children. This early evaluation can help to determine the best time to begin any necessary treatment. Many progressive treatments are now available for patients 7 to 11 years of age that provide significant

Rezilta tretman òtodontik yo kapab dramatik - bèl souri, amelyorasyon sante dan ak kalite vi anpil nan plizyè laj. benefits, especially when jaw irregularities are present. These early treatments can simplify or eliminate additional treatment for the child. Dr. F. Lucie Casthely, affectionately referred to as “Dr. Lucie” by her patients, obtained her Doctorate in Dental Medicine (DMD) from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in 1995, as well as a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the Harvard School of Public Health.

In order to specifically become an Orthodontist, “Dr. Lucie” subsequently pursued a formal education in Orthodontics at the University of Florida in Gainesville where she obtained a Master in Science (MS) and certification as a US-trained specialist in Orthodontics.

Dr. F. Lucie Casthely Photo by Spex @spexphoto

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry focused on the diagnosis and treatment of dental and associated facial irregularities. The results of orthodontic treatment can be dramatic — beautiful smiles, improved dental health and an enhanced quality of life for many people of all ages. Orthodontic problems, which can result from genetic and environmental factors, must be diagnosed before treatment begins. Proper diagnosis involves taking photographs, x-rays, and dental impressions, which enables the orthodontist to make informative decisions about the form of treatment necessary.

Casthely Orthodontics: 1400 NE Miami Gardens Dr., Suite 101, Miami, FL 33179 Phone: 305-940-4911 | Website: | Winter 2017


42 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism



Dr. Angelo E. Gousse

Kondisyon iwolojik yo ak opsyon tretman pou fanm varye konsiderableman paske anatomi kò yo pa menm epi sistèm òmonal yo diferan avèk pa gason yo.

Female urology also known as Female Pelvic medicine and Reconstructive surgery is a subspecialty of urology that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions that affect the quality of life of women.

The urologic conditions and treatment options for women vary significantly, because women have different anatomy and hormonal milieu than men. Over the past ten years there has been significant advances in the field of Female Pelvic Medicine and reconstructive surgery (FPMRS). These advances include a better understanding of the disease processes and management options. Furthermore, several guidelines for management have been developed as a result of numerous evidence-based studies to guide the clinician. | Winter 2017

Common Urologic conditions which fall within the domain of Female Urology include: recurrent urinary tract infections, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, urethral syndrome, urinary fistula, interstitial cystitis (Bladder Pain Syndrome), urethral diverticula, female urethra stricture and female sexual dysfunction.

Female urologic disorders affect a large portion of the population. Female Urology also known know as Female pelvic medicine is a broad field. The surgical techniques are varied and technically challenging. The treatment options are best dictated by an accurate diagnosis. The most successful female urologists are the most astute diagnosticians.

Dr Gousse, a Yale College of Medicine graduate, is professor of Urology and Board Certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery He is appointed to the executive board of the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction (SUFU) where he serves as the Chairperson of the SUFU Residency Committee. He chairs and organizes the yearly SUFU Resident Rodney Appell Preceptoship course in Chicago. He was the Chairperson for the prestigious AUA – SUFU meeting (2014). As a former Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons (GURS) executive board member he led a group of reconstructive surgeons to train urologists in third world countries.

BLADDER HEALTH AND RECONSTRUCTIVE UROLOGY INSTITUTE: 1951 SW 172 Avenue, Suite 305, Miramar, FL, 33029 Phone: 954-362-2720 | Website:


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 43 «


& YOUR HEALTH By Dr. Patrick Romeus, MD


• Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths, The US Department of Health and Human resources estimates about 16 million people living with a disease caused by smoking and causes about 480,000 deaths a year, including 41,000 from second hand smoke in the US.

• Tobacco smoke contains an estimated 7,000 chemicals of which 250 are known to be detrimental to your health and at least 69 can cause cancer • Tobacco industry causes spends about 9 billion dollars a year on advertisement

• Cigarette smoking cost the economy 300 billion dollars, 170 billion for direct medicals costs and 156 billion dollars of lost productivity

Pratik pran anpil tabak koze maladi nan kè, aksidan vaskilè serebral, osteyopoz, anevris ayotik, li fe tou gason pedi bann epi sa ogmante risk pou trape tibekiloz.

• Smoking is as addictive as heroin and cocaine • Smoking is the leading cause of cancer and death from cancer

• Smoking causes diseases/ disability to nearly every organ of the body

• It causes cancers of the lung, esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, pancreas, stomach, cervix, colon, rectum and acute myeloid leukemia • Smoking decreases fertility, increases risk of miscarriages, premature babies and babies born with malformations (cleft lip, cleft palate) and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Health bene�its of smoking cessation: Reduces the risk of cancer and all conditions caused by smoking

If already diagnoses with cancer, quitting at the time of diagnosis decreases the risk of death If you need help quitting smoking, have an open discussion with your primary care physician

Dr. Patrick Romeus, MD, is an Internal Medicine specialist in Miami, Florida. He

Dr. Patrick Romeus Photo by Johny @redlightphotos

One of the oldest habits of mankind has become a silent plague eating our society. It is not too late for our community and our country to raise more awareness about cigarette smoking. The hard facts about cigarette smoking and your health:

attended and graduated from medical school in 1995, having over 22 years of diverse experience, especially in Internal Medicine. He is affiliated with many hospitals including Jackson Memorial Hospital, North Shore Medical Center. Dr. Patrick Romeus also cooperates with other doctors and physicians in medical groups including Preferred Family Care, Inc. PREFERRED FAMILY CARE, INC.

16400 NW 2nd Ave #101, Miami, FL 33169 Phone: (305) 548-8530 | | Winter 2017


44 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism



With Dr. Clones Lans, Dr. Hans Jean-Baptiste and Dr. Thomas Toussaint

Photo by Johny @redlightphotos

OBGYN Specialists

Dr. Clones Lans

Dr. Hans Jean-Baptiste

Can swimming affect my pregnancy?

North America in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. With licenses in Florida, New York, Delaware, Georgia, Virginia and Illinois, these Board-Certified Specialists of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology bring their broad practical and theoretical background to South Florida since 2013.

I have terrible pains periods, can I get relief? Can I get pregnant? Whenever I sneeze or cough, I lose urine. Is there treatment for that? I had a C-Section; can I deliver vaginally? My last doctor told me my next pregnancy would be high risk. Should I have another child? Total Women Wellness Center consists of a comprehensive, and compassionate team delivering world-class customer experience in support of its specialized state-of-theart approach to care. TWWC has the correct answer to all your obstetrical and gynecological issues. Dr. Clones Lans, Dr. Thomas Toussaint and Dr. Hans Jean-Baptiste have respectively accumulated over 20 years of experience in the Caribbean and | Winter 2017

Their skills range from routine gynecological exam, infertility, family planning, prenatal care and delivery, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), low and high risk obstetrics. They are highly qualified to care for the most complex women issues such as: abnormal bleeding, interstitial cystitis, uterine fibroids or other pelvic mass, menopause issues, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapses, endometriosis, etc. They are experts in laparoscopic and robotic assisted surgery, vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor reconstructions. They speak fluently English, Creole, French, and Spanish. Doktè yo pale Kreyòl.

Dr. Thomas Toussaint

Sèvis obstetrik ak jinekolojik gen anpil enpòtans nan pwoteksyon lasante fanm ak kè kontan nan fanmi. These doctors and their outstanding staff provide a sanctuary for compassion and exceptional quality care for women of all ages. If you want to have the best obstetrics and gynecologic care or if you want to deliver your baby in the best conditions in South Florida; if you attempted to get pregnant unsuccessfully; concerned with postmenopausal issues; if you experience involuntary loss of urine or urgency to urinate; if you are seeking a second opinion; Total Women Wellness Center, is the perfect environment to get answers.

Total Women Wellness Center: 16400 NW 2nd Ave, Suite 101, Miami, FL 33169 | Phone: (305) 705-4575 Email:



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Implant For Chronic Intractable Pain By the Office of Dr. Mogin Antoine

With chronic intractable pain (CIP) the patient has failed conservative treatments such as physical therapy, surgery, or opioid therapy (strong pain medications); the cause of the pain cannot be removed or otherwise treated. There are numerous conditions which commonly cause CIP: degenerative disc disease, failed back surgery, cancer pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), multiple sclerosis, postherpetic neuralgia (nerve pain after shingles), rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, etc. For those patients the side-effects of opioids become just as challenging as the pain itself. A patient’s life can dramatically improve with a pain pump. Unlike oral medications which goes into the bloodstream, medication is delivered directly into the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and leads to fewer side-effects, at a much lower dosage. For example: 1mg intrathecal Morphine = 300mg of Morphine by mouth. The pump is connected to a thin, flexible tube called a catheter. Both are surgically implanted under the skin. Your doctor will ensure that it is comfortable and does not interfere with your movements. During surgery, the pump is filled with pain medication; it sends medication through the catheter to the spinal area where pain receptors are located. You return to your doctor’s office for more medicine when the pump needs to be refilled. It is programmable, allowing doses to be

Dr. Mogin Antoine


scheduled and adjusted to ensure that you receive the best pain relief possible. Every patient goes through a screening test to assess how well the therapy relieves the pain before having the pump implanted. It is a proven safe and effective therapy, approved by the FDA. To understand the benefits and risks, please contact Dr. Antoine who is a board certified Pain Medicine Specialist and board certified Anesthesiologist. He also treats conditions such as chronic low back pain, knee and shoulder pain, chronic migraines, severe spasticity due to stroke or multiple sclerosis. Other

Lavi a nan yon pasyan ka dramatikman amelyore ak ponp analgesic pou doulè. Interventional Therapies offered are: epidural injections, joint injections, spinal cord stimulator implants, facet blocks, radiofrequency nerve lesioning, and sympathetic nerve blocks. Sunshine Pain Mgmt Medical Center 900 NE 125th Street, Suite 110, North Miami FL 33161, Phone: (305) 836-1421 | Winter 2017


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Have you ever felt that stabbing pain in the bottom of your heel when taking the first few steps after getting out of bed or sitting for a long time? You probably have plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of a dense band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects the heel bone to the toes. It is one of the most common causes of heel pain and is usually seen in females, overweight individuals, and those whose jobs require long standing or walking on hard surfaces. It is also related to running on hard, unyielding surfaces; overtraining; improper conditioning, especially failure to stretch the Achilles tendon and hamstrings; excessive shoe wear; and wearing improper shoes that lack foot support or shock attenuation. People with very flat feet or high arches also are more prone to plantar fasciitis. The condition occurs when the plantar fascia is strained over time beyond its normal extension, causing the soft tissue fibers of the fascia to tear or stretch at points along its length. This leads to inflammation, pain and possibly the growth of bone spur where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone.

Early treatment may involved oral or injectable anti-inflammatory medication, exercise, shoe recommendations, aping or strapping, or the use of shoe inserts or orthotic devices. Taping or strapping supports the foot, placing stressed muscles and tendons in a physiologically restful state. Physical therapy may be used in conjunction with such treatments. Stretching of the Achiles tendon and plantar fascia is the best treatment for plantar fasciitis.

If after about six months of conservative treatment, you do not return to a previous comfortable level of function, your physician might consider surgical intervention. If surgery is necessary, it may involve the release of the plantar fascia, removal of a spur, removal of a bursa or removal of a neuroma or other soft-tissue growth. Most patients do not require surgery, which is performed in less than 8% of all heel pain cases. | Winter 2017

Meyè bagay pou fè pou evite doulè nan talon: pote soulye ki byen pou ou( devan kou dèyè), ki gen semèl ki ka absòbe chòk. Dr. Jim Francois Photo by Johny @redlightphotos

I treat most of my patients conservatively, which includes, but not limited to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

PRICE protocol (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) Tapping on the foot Stretching exercises of the lower leg and foot (most important) Night splint for continuous stretching Orthotics and other accommodative devices Ice massage Injection, depending on the level of discomfort Patient education

Just remember that not every heel pain is plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome. Contact your doctor or my office for an evaluation.

Jim Francois, DPM: 301 NE 167th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162 Phone: (305) 940-0522 | Website:


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Why It’s Important to Visit


Remember that knowledge is power, and to trust your health in God, and then your local professionals.

Dentistry in the past 20 years had made many advances. It has come to our attention that going to the dentist is no longer a passé time. It is a necessity, a decision that every human should prioritize.

Eat well Consult your dentist regularly Live longer and healthier Dr. Franklin Casthely started his practice in Miami in the early 1980s after relocating from Boston, Massachusetts. Although at the time he was Clinical Instructor of Prosthodontics at the prestiguous Harvard School of Dental Medicine, he longed for the tropical climate of his homeland Haiti and a community with a larger HaitianAmerican presence. Soon after relocating to Miami in the late 1980s, Dr. Casthely pioneered several health and community awareness programs which included a weekly medical radio talk show and PBS televised educational segments.

Remember current affections like high blood pressure, diabetes affect the general health of crucial mucosa and necessitate early management and treatment and should not be verlooked.

Early diagnostic and treatment is the key to the control of eventual complication and should lead to an aggressive management of the overall oral treatment. Your teeth are important to you and your dentist is at the center of public health specialty.

By Dr. Franklin Casthely, DDS

With the diagnostic of so many complications, researchers have come to indentify the great impact of dental infections on the health of the heart. In fact gingival disease is a culprit of heart ailment. The dentist responsibility has shifted from simple procedure of extracting teeth to more complicated techniques designed to save life and to enhance the performance of certain techniques at the core of modern medicine.

Casthely Franklin DDS: 160 NE 82nd St, Miami, FL 33138 Phone: (305) 756-7602 |

...ale kay dantis pa dwe nan tan pase. Se yon nesesite, yon bagay enpotan chak moun ta dwe priyorize. | Winter 2017


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14 Year Old Artist Bring Haiti Landmarks to Life in



by L’Union Suite (

His family is producing a limited edition print with profits going to Food for the Poor in Haïtian NGO with a proven track record. A 14-year-old boy of Haitian descent, Max Beckrich, made an amazing visual poem of a drawing that will really touch the Haitian diaspora. The 14-year-old weaves together cherished landmarks (some gone for good) illustrating a space many of us have never had the chance to experience ourselves. Beckrich’s one-of-a-kind drawings hang in the collection of the US State Department and in private homes all over the world. Quite a feat for a fourteen year old! Maxime Beckrich’s passion for architecture emerged early on. As soon as he could hold a pencil, he started designing incredibly detailed urban environments. Maxime spends hours researching landmarks and mapping out dreamlike cityscapes that seamlessly intertwine and layer buildings to create incredibly original drawings.

“Rêves d’Haïti” was commissioned by Maxime’s grand-father, Haitian architect Pierre-Richard Villedrouin. Affected by the earthquake and recent hurricane that have martyred Haïti lately, Maxime created a joyful and exuberant drawing that celebrates beloved landmarks. In an effort to share this image with a | Winter 2017


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larger group of people, and do some good, the family proposed a limited edition print of this incredible drawing with the proceeds supporting Food For The Poor a NGO with a long track record of lifting up the most vulnerable. Only 65 copies “Rêves d’Haïti”

were printed in France on November 21st, 2016. The print measures on quality paper using the finest links. Some of the featured landmarks in the prints: The Presidential Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, The statue of Unknown Marron, Gingerbread houses, The Splendide Hotel and the Iron Market in Port-au-Prince,

Saint Pierre Church and El Rancho Hotel in Pétion-ville, Fort Jacques in Kenscoff, Cathedral Saint Louis King of France in Jeremie, Bassin Bleu near Jacmel, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Port de Paix, Citadel Laferrière, Cathedral of Milot, and Sans-Souci Palace near Cape Haitian and Fort Liberté near the Domican Republic.

Maxime raised $1,690.00 for Food for the Poor in Haiti. | Winter 2017


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World Best EDM Nominated Haitian DJ Michael Brun Dropped “Haitian Heat” Playlist on Spotify By Kat from | Winter 2017


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His “Where I Go” Festival is Happening Summer 2017, in Port-au-Prince Kreyolicious: What has the response been so far from the artists involved, Spotify users, and Spotify itself? Very strong! I’ve gotten really nice messages from some of the artists on the list and that’s been cool to see. Spotify is a big reason for where I am today as an artist so to be able to extend that opportunity to the rest of the Haitian community was very special to me. The fact that the playlist was created, and that it’s the first of its kind as a country specific playlist on the service, is a huge statement from Spotify. This is a testament to their support of Haitian culture. Kreyolicious: You’ve got so many things going on. You travel and perform a lot…not to mention your responsibilities as owner of Kid Coconut, your own record label. How do you stay grounded and keep a cool head?

Kreyolicious: This joint venture with Spotify is more than a major push for Haiti’s music. How did it come about?


ve been working closely with Spotify over the last year and they showed a lot of interest in developing some of the projects I had been working on in Haiti. They brought up the chance to create the Haitian Heat playlist and

I know it would be an amazing way to promote Haitian culture on an international scale. Kreyolicious: Before you settled on Haitian Heat, did you consider other names?

It was the first that came to mind and I think it exemplifies the drive and passion that Haitian music is all about.

I spend a lot of time with family. I also try to remind myself constantly that everything that I’ve received in my life is a gift and that I have to pass on that energy to the people and places around me. I genuinely believe that every action counts and that creating community is the way forward. Kreyolicious: Where do you get your unbelievable drive from? I think it was a combination of my family, going to military school, and the feeling that I have a responsibility to my country to represent it in the best way possible. | Winter 2017


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Music is one of the main ways that Haitians have expressed themselves over the course of our history… says Brun Kreyolicious: What are your parents’ thoughts on your career thus far? They’ve been extremely supportive of it all and I’m thankful for that.

Kreyolicious: You launched your own beachside festival in Haiti this year. What do you have in store for its return next year? The first edition of Wherever I Go Beach Fest was amazing and aside from it being my favorite show I’ve ever played at home, we created 33 scholarships for the Artists Institute. We have some really exciting plans for next year that are in the works and I’ll hopefully be bale to reveal more soon. Music is one of the main ways that Haitians have expressed themselves over the course of our history… says Brun | Winter 2017

Kreyolicious: What role do you think music can play in Haiti’s tourism sector? Music is one of the main ways that Haitians have expressed themselves over the course of our history, so I think that developing the culture and arts sector of the country would give

us more opportunities to express ourselves in unique ways and share our culture with the world. Kreyolicious: Do you see Haitian Heat expanding to bigger things? Definitely and it’s already happening! Stay tuned!


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…Carlo Vieux will not perform with 5Lan regularly… because of prior engagements. has been the same for over half a century. 5Lan has invented the “Gouyad Era” amongst the new generation party goers and subsequently changed the sound of Kompa music. Winter of 2016, BMG signed zouk artist “Oswald “ as the lead singer of 5Lan. The support we received after the big announcement was inspiring and encouraged BMG to further reinvent “Djazz Gouyad La.”

The Belizaire Music Group is proud to announce that Carlo Vieux former band member of “Kdans” and late HMI sensation “Carimi” has officially joined 5Lan as their newest component. Carlo’s talent will bring significant success to the 5Lan movement in both production and live performances. Due to a high demand of our new artist, Carlo Vieux will not perform with 5Lan regularly because of obligations to satisfy prior engagements. Carlo Vieux

Carlo Vieux Signed With the Belizaire Music Group’s 5Lan in December of 2016 A Press Release by BMG


he Belizaire Music Group consistently find ways to strategically innovate the way we provide entertainment services to our consumers. Inspiring change through the art of creativity is the BMG way; assessing the right talent

BMG will announce all shows that will feature Carlo Vieux to set forth the right expectations.

…5Lan has invented the “Gouyad Era”…

to fit our divergent style. Diversity has brought one of BMG’s biggest brands success beyond measurable account.

After 7 years in the Haitian Music Industry, 5Lan has implemented their own genre within an industry that DJ 5 Etwal of 5Lan2017 | Winter


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CaRiMi Says Goodbye July 2016

By Kat from



o, Carimi is gone forever and ever? Carimi done and finish? Say, it ain’t so! But that’s the conversation going on right now. Back in July, Carimi member Micheal Guirand left the | Winter 2017

band, but it was assumed by fans and industry pundits that the two remaining lead members (Carlo Vieux and Richard Cave) would continue either as Carimi or under a new name. But earlier today, both

members erased the name Carimi in their social media handles, and then Richard Cave posted a poster with the words FFWD, which many are assuming is the name of an upcoming band that he’s involved


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 55 « What a sad way for things to end for this band! You can be sure that hardcore fans of the band will not take this well. It’s like a patient’s

family being told that he’s disease free, only to be told that a new test has revealed a previously undetected ailment.

Vintage shot 2

Bang bang album

Vintage shot

with or the title of an upcoming song.

But now, in yet another interview to that same outlet earlier today, Vieux contends that he will be pursuing other endeavors—business and personal. Many fans have drawn the conclusion from his statement that he and Cave no longer have plans to continue as co-band members either for a Carimi regrouping or a brand new band.

Fans were increasingly hopeful when last week a music video surfaced on the internet featuring Vieux and Cave. But that music video was in actuality a tribute song for a Caribbean singer Patrick St. Eloi.

Photo Credit - Lex Dumas

In late summer, shortly after the breakup, Vieux had given an interview to the website Kompa Magazine in which he had clearly expressed his desire to keep the Carimi fire going—but emphasized that only if the band’s manager Fito Hyacinth and co-member Richard Cave would be involved. | Winter 2017


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12 Things You Need to Know About BREAKOUT Haitian Male Model Ralph Souffrant By Hugo Compain for VOGUE France


e made his debut at Yeezy Season 3 and signed a modeling contract the same day. Ralph Souffrant, with his unique look, is proof that fashion is finally celebrating diversity and we foresee a very successful fashion career ahead of him. Vogue Hommes got to know the model. | Winter 2017


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‘I’m originally from Haiti. At the age of 9, I migrated to Brooklyn, NY with my mother where I still live. I attended elementary, junior & high school in Brooklyn, where I was teased for my appearance. In high school I developed my love for exercise & fitness. It allowed me to turn my body into a work of art. Exercise changed the perception I had of myself.’



3- HOW HE GOT INTO MODELLING ‘I was working out in the park when I was 13 when the photographer Aaron Taylor spotted me and asked to take photos of me. I let him and we became friends. Throughout our friendship, he has mentored and photographs me free of charge. When he felt I was ready (in August 2015), he set up an Instagram page for me. That’s where my career begun.’




4 - HIS FRECKLES (THE MODEL HAS A SKIN CONDITION SIMILAR TO VITILIGO) ‘Now I am grateful for my freckles. However, as a child I hated them. I was teased, stared at by strangers and extremely self-conscious. Now, people embrace it and I love my uniqueness. Thanks to my freckles I can provide for my family and get my family out of poverty.’

‘Being in the Yeezus show was amazing! Just 6 months ago, I remember saying to myself that I had to be in that show one day. I had no idea it would happen so soon. As for meeting Kanye, I can see that he is a serious businessman. He’s very exact, direct and doesn’t settle. It was truly an honor to watch him work knowing that one day, I too, will be calling the shots.’ | Winter 2017


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8- HIS BEAUTY SECRETE ‘Exercise’ @requestmodels




‘The most incredible thing I’ve done so far is to get signed by an agency & booked for the Yeezy fashion show in the same day.’

‘Unique, driven and an underdog’



10- WHAT HE THINKS MAKES A WOMAN SEXY ‘A woman is sexy when she is confident, genuine, enjoys physical fitness, likes to learn and can cook. What can I say, I like to eat!’

‘The best advice life has given me is, if you don’t work, you don’t eat. So everyday, I work hard because, I’m trying to feed more than just myself, I’m trying to feed my family.’



12- WHERE HE SEES HIMSELF IN 10 YEARS ‘In 10 years, I pray I’ll be at the top of my game, I’ll have bought my mother a house, secured her and secured my sisters’s life financially and if I haven’t gotten my degree by then, I’ll be working on it.’ | Winter 2017



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Jozy Altidore named U.S. Player of the Year for 2016 By the Associated Press

“This is truly an honor to receive this award. It’s also very humbling when you look at such a talented group of teammates nominated for this accolade along with you,” Altidore said.


ltidore, who plays for Toronto FC in Major League Soccer, received 52 firstplace votes and 223 points in voting by 136 media conducted by Futbol de Primera that was announced Thursday.

“At the end of the day, any success I have had on the field this year is in large part due to their success and contributions.” Altidore, who had six goals in 10 international appearances this year, also won the award in 2013.

A player receives three points for each first-place vote in the balloting, two points for each secondplace vote, and one point for each third-place vote. Altidore won the U.S. Soccer Federation’s Male Player of the Year award earlier this month.

Forward Jozy Altidore has won the U.S. Player of the Year Award for the second time. | Winter 2017


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Arts by Award-Winning Haitian Painter: Patricia Brintle


Visit (some may not be available) From $2,220 to $6,400

Patricia Brintle


atricia Brintle was born in Haiti and immigrated to the United States in 1964. A self-taught artist, she devoted herself completely to painting after a 22-year career with a NY utility company, and in 2005 decided to venture on the fine arts public market.

Now, when she is not painting, Brintle directs the contemporary choir at her Parish church. Although she has made the US her residence, her colorful style reflects her native land. Her works on the Holocaust are on permanent display at the Holocaust Center of Temple Judea in New York and are used as a teaching tool for visitors. One of her religious works, The First Mother hangs with the Black Madonna Exhibit which made its debut in May 2007 at the National Museum of Catholic Art and History in New York and will travel to museums throughout the United States until December 2008. Brintle’s work on nuclear disarmament, A Delicate Balance, won the “Images of Peace” national competition to

Patricia Brintle is a selftaught artist… | Winter 2017

The Fortune Teller 2013

Brintle’s … A Delicate Balance, won the “Images of Peace” national competition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Albert Schweitzer’s… at the Albert Schweitzer Institute in Hamden, Connecticut. commemorate the 50th anniversary of Albert Schweitzer’s call for nuclear disarmament and hangs in permanence at the Albert Schweitzer Institute in Hamden, Connecticut. Brintle is a member of the United Haitian Artists and the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.

The Gleaners - After Millet 2014

Le Depart pour


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r le Travail - after Millet 2014

Ti Jean - Air on the G String 2015

Ti Jean - Wandering Strums 2015

Season - Watermelon 2015

Saisons Avocado 2011 | Winter 2017


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MIKABEN Joins WARNER Music Group France Port-au-Prince, August 10, 2016

Mikaben with JPerry

Under Warner Music France’s “Caribbean Pop” division, Mikaben is formally entering the international market with his “Ti Pam Nan” single. | Winter 2017


ikaben Productions is proud to announce that after producing Michael Benjamin as a young Haitian solo artist for years, it has officially signed a licensing and distribution agreement with Warner Music France.

Released in Haiti in December 2014, this collaboration with JPerry was officially launched on July 29, 2016, in Europe, by the music giant

as it already had great success on the radio stations and web-based platforms in the Haitian Community. As a long-time musician, Mikaben is no stranger to the Haitian Music Industry. Serving as a solo artist, he has produced and collaborated with several top Caribbean artists and Bands, Mikaben has garnered the respect of many musicians and has created a strong fan base within the Haitian community world-wide.


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four album distribution deal

Mikaben SIGNS with Warner Music France

“The long term agreement that was negotiated between Warner Music France and Mikaben Production comes with an option of a complete four album distribution deal. Such action proves that Haiti’s culture is beautiful and very exportable,” explains Georges Andy Rene, the attorney who represented Mikaben during the agreement.

In an effort to continue to promote the importance of protecting Copyrights, as an artist, Mikaben took this opportunity to visit the Bureau of Copyrights in Haiti to file and officially register “Ti Pam Nan,” thus ensuring that JPerry and he are exclusively covered. Joined by his father, the legendary Lionel Benjamin during that visit, Mikaben will continue to focus on highlighting the significance of safe-guarding artist productions, as other artists have done in the past and should continue to do so. Making this monumental move as a new Warner Music France artist, Mikaben knows that he is one step closer to helping the entire Haitian Music Industry grow bigger and stronger to start making the international community take notice that Haiti and its music should be and will soon be on a global plateau.

Mikaben knows that he is one step closer to helping the entire Haitian Music Industry grow bigger… Mikaben Performing at Big Night in Little Haiti 2016 | Winter 2017


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The goal of the calendar is to project positive images of Haiti… was once called ‘La Perle des Antilles.’ As an Ambassador-at-Large to Haiti, I want to show the world what that means.”

Jean-Louis has partnered with world renowned celebrity photographer Marc Baptiste, to create these breathtaking images, that will change the conversation and challenge perceptions. In collaboration with the Haiti Minister of Tourism and the Haitian Consulate of New York, Jean-Louis will release the calendars during the African Diaspora

2017 Jimmy Jean-Louis Haiti 16 month Calendar by Marc Baptiste article by The Haitian Times ( | Winter 2017


EW YORK, NY – Actor and philanthropist Jimmy JeanLouis released a limited edition 2017 Haiti Calendar. It was launched during the African Diaspora International Film Festival in New York in late November of 2016, the calendar features captivating photographs from some of Haiti’s most beautiful sites. The goal of the calendar is to project positive images of Haiti, which has been in portrayed in the media as the “poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.” “Haiti is the first nation to have a successful rebellion of enslaved people,” said Jean-Louis. The island

The calendar is available on Amazon!

International Film Festival in New York, Nov. 25 and 26, at Columbia University’s Teachers College (Millbank). Jimmy Jean-Louis and Marc Baptiste will be on hand to autograph the calendars. Marc Baptiste has photographed Hollywood A-listers and those residing on the cutting edge of creativity including; Pharrell Williams, Shakira, Erykah Badu, Chloe Sevigny, Beyonce, Janelle Monae, Idris Elba, Barack Obama and Yoko Ono, among many others.


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 65 « | Winter 2017


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Elvis Dumervil #58 Baltimore Ravens’ All-Pro DE/OLB, Building 58 Homes in Haiti June, 2016 By Helena Hounsel for


lvis Dumervil, Baltimore Ravens’ All-Pro DE/OLB, has returned from a weekend in Bercy, Haiti checking in on the construction progress of a 58 home community he has funded for $377,000 ($6,500 / each).

He pledged to build 58 homes in honor of his Baltimore Ravens #58 jersey number and went to Haiti before training camp to watch the first 24 of the 58 families move into their brand new homes.


“It was a special experience to give back and visit where my family | Winter 2017

is from. I was blown away by the quality of the homes for only $6,500 and how grateful the receiving families were. Watching families move in after being homeless for 6+ years was incredible. We have land for about 200 more homes in this community.”

With 50+ current Haitian NFL players, Dumervil plans to build an entire NFL (player / corporate sponsored) community in Haiti with the help of fellow NFL stars and fans. Next steps: New Story and Elvis will be reaching out to NFL players to pledge their jersey numbers or “pledging a home for every touchdown, interception, etc.” This

growing community then becomes a centralized location for players to visit, off-season camps, and fans to experience.

New Story has identified and secured land in Bercy with the help of their local partner on the ground, Mission of Hope. The community will be built by locals making fair wages using local materials. A school is already built for students on the same part of land.

This is the start of a bigger vision for a 250 home NFL community.


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 67 ÂŤ

His big vision: create an entire NFL community in Haiti.

Elvis Dumervil 58 - NFL Seatle Seahawks Baltimore Ravens

Elvis Dumervil Building 58 Homes in Haiti

Elvis Dumervil postgame pic

Elvis Dumervil giving a home to a family in Haiti

Elvis Dumervil Giving Homes in Haiti | Winter 2017


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Clif Avril and NFL friends 10

Super Bowl XLVIII Champ Clifford Samuel Avril Building Homes in Haiti in April, 2016 by GREGG BELL for

photos by Manish Gosalia


liff Avril’s father emigrated from Haiti in 1982, four years before Avril was born.

And after a devastating earthquake in 2010, and then Hurricane Matthew roaring across the island last week, so many homes need to be rebuilt. | Winter 2017

Avril has decided to donate some his four-year, $28.5 million contract extension that runs through 2018, plus his time, to two organizations for Haitian relief. Mission of Hope Haiti is a Haiti-based organization that is providing food, water and medical services in the wake of the hurricane. New Story charity pledges

“That’s where I pledged every sack I get this year I will build a home in Haiti,” Avril said. that 100 percent of donations go to rebuilding homes and buildings in Haiti.

Baltimore Ravens pass rusher Elvis Dumervil, also of Haitian descent, introduced Avril to New Story charity and its home-building program.

Avril’s cousins live in Haiti’s capital of Port au Prince, north of where the hurricane hit hardest. In April, Avril, retired running back Marshawn Lynch and other NFL players flew into that city. They helped build an elementary school,


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 69 «

Clif Avril and NFL friends

It had been 15 years since he’d been to Haiti. He called his return in April “very eyeopening.” hosted a mobile medical clinic and put on a football clinic. Avril said that what they built in the spring withstood last week’s disaster, “but they are actually built (to withstand) hurricanes and earthquakes.”

Clif Avril and NFL friends

“It was very eye-opening. Very humbling.

Avril spent much of his bye week fielding calls from organizations that wanted him, because of his heritage, to donate money and his name to their cause.

“And it makes you grateful for everything you have here.” | Winter 2017


Clif Avril and NFL friends 7

Clif Avril and NFL friends

Seahawks Super Bowl Champ Clif Avril

Clif Avril and NFL friends

“When you are 15 and you go to an island and you see what’s going on, you don’t process it the same way as when you process it at the age of 30,” said the now-husband and father. “You have kids and your vision of life is completely different, you know?

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Wyclef Jean


January 2016 By Chris Bitonti and Photos by Wayne Posner


n what seemed like the blink of an eye, Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas quickly filled on Friday night. Eager fans crowded the floor in anticipation of former Fugee and solo superstar Wyclef Jean, and as “Ready or Not” blasted from the stage, Clef appeared. The rapper, multiinstrumentalist, singer, producer, and everything else-er frequently refers | Winter 2017

Eager fans crowded the floor in anticipation of former Fugee and solo superstar Wyclef Jean..


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 71 «

to his live show as “the Carnival,” a reference to his ’97 breakout solo album and a fitting title for a show that never sat still, switching from full-band performance to DJ-driven jams to acoustic segues — and even an elongated a cappella flow from Jean. At times, dancers and roller skaters filled the stage, other times he performed alone, but throughout it was clear Wyclef can control the room. His set list featured Fugees favorites, solo hits, including “Gone Till November,” and his recent collaboration with Avicii, “Divine Sorrow,” plus a few covers, like Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” We were even lucky enough to hear a preview from Jean’s upcoming untitled album. Midway through the performance, he asked, “You wanna see if I still got it, don’t you? See if Clef still strong?” I’m happy to report he hasn’t lost a step, in fact he’s gained a few since the days of analog recording in his father’s garage. The genre-spanning Renaissance man was determined to create a

It’s impressive that more than 20 years of success behind him, the Haitian (by way of New Jersey) musician is still laser-focused on accomplishment and improvement. party atmosphere at the Bowl even going so far as to enter the crowd and interrogate fans not waving their hands in the air and pulling willing audience members onstage for a “block-party” dance-off. The night was a crowd-pleasing home run lasting nearly two hours before seamlessly flowing into an impromptu after-party, also hosted by Jean, first at the DJ booth, then in the crowd, and even up on the second floor, hanging from the balcony. | Winter 2017


72 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


“Brother, I’m Dying” received the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize, and was a finalist for the National Book Award.



mmigration, Haitian culture and familial love will be topics of discussion in the Holland area during the Big Read.

The Big Read, which runs the first three weeks of November, is in its third year in the Holland area. Approximately 3,000 Holland-area residents participated in the 2014 reading of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and approximately 7,000 participated in last fall’s read of Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried.”

This year’s pick is Edwidge Danticat’s “Brother, I’m Dying.” With a publication year of 2007, it’s far more recent than the picks of previous years, and it’s the first memoir. The book focuses on Danticat’s uncle and father as they build a future for themselves and their families: her uncle Joseph in Haiti and her father in America. Danticat’s parents immigrated to the United States when she was 2 years old. She lived with her uncle’s family in Haiti until she was 12, when she joined her parents.

At the beginning of the book, Danticat learns over the course of a single day that her father is dying and that she is pregnant with her first child. Just weeks later, her beloved uncle seeks asylum in the U.S. and experiences brutal treatment. | Winter 2017


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Directory Rachelle Salnave

“I started this film to show the world a different side of Haiti…” says Directory Rachelle Salnave

Award winning documentary film, “LA BELLE VIE: THE GOOD LIFE” was nominated for a 2016 Suncoast Regional Emmy.


resented by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS), La Belle Vie: The Good Life was nominated in the category for “Best Cultural Documentary” and has been recognized for its outstanding achievement and excellence in documentary storytelling.

Airing locally on WPBT2 and WXEL (South Florida PBS), the film follows the journey of filmmaker, Rachelle Salnave examining her Haitian identity. The documentary examines class, race and economic issues all while exploring the tumultuous relationship with the Haitian Diaspora and people living on the land.

“It was important for me to tell my maternal side of the story which really helped me to uncover my own identity issues growing up as a kid and put context to why the world has trademarked Haiti as ‘the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.’ After meeting people along my journey who were doing extraordinary things to change the image of Haiti, I realized that my ‘La Belle Vie,’ my version of this beautiful life, stems from our motto ‘L’Union Fait La Force! Our unity is our beauty! I am so excited that La Belle Vie has been reaching communities around the world and it’s been so well received”-from director, Rachelle Salnave.

EMMY NOMINATED | Winter 2017


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This Year’s SWEETHEART of the HMI By Sarah Brutus @sarahprworldwide | Winter 2017

by Spex @spexphoto


Photos by Mackinley ‘Spex’ Madhere @spexphoto

Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 75 «

How did you get started with music? I got started playing the piano when I was three years old, and at the age five I discovered I could sing. It never stopped from there. I’ve studied all kinds of music, from Broadway and jazz, to classical, and concert style. My parents have always been fully supportive of me, even in times when I have said I’m done with music. They have told me that this is my calling. Did you ever plan on getting into the Compa/Zouk world of music? It wasn’t part of the plan. I had written a song after the Haiti Earthquake in 2010, just out of feeling, when I was sitting in the studio watching all the news. I just started writing L’union Fait La Force as a dedication piece in Creole, which I’ve never done before. From there, Konsa was a test record to see if it could be

successful – and we can see what happened with that.

What it is like being a female artist in a male-dominated industry? I find it one of the biggest difficulties imaginable. A lot of artists get trapped in it being just about the sex appeal and not enough about the music. My fan base has allowed me to enjoy being a woman, which includes being sexy, being risqué, being fun, but also showing that I am very serious about my music. That is the most important currency.

A lot of fans are waiting for the Phyllisia Ross album. Is that in the works? My fans are the reason I’m doing an album. So I am going to deliver it to them. They can expect a worldmusic album of many styles. Many genres. Not just Compa, not just Zouk. There will be R&B, world sounds, Afro sounds, and sounds from other Caribbean nations. I’m a limitless person with limitless expectations and ideas, so you can definitely expect that this year.

Did you expect your debut song in the Compa/Zouk industry, “Konsa”, to be so successful? When we did Konsa, I was leaving a situation and moving into a new situation. I had just moved, and like I said, we did it as a test. You never know what the success of these songs is going to be. God is so good, and I am thankful for everything he provides.

Don’t be afraid. Be fearless, be courageous. | Winter 2017



My fan base has allowed me to enjoy being a woman which includes being sexy, being risqué, being fun… | Winter 2017

Photos by Mackinley ‘Spex’ Madhere @spexphoto

76 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 77 «

Don’t wait for people to do stuff for you. Take responsibility. Invest in yourself. You’ve had a lot of success with your videos. You have gotten millions of views. What do you think makes your videos so appealing and successful? Lux Media and Marketing has done a great job helping me create these videos. Abdias Laguerre is a fantastic video director. He shot a lot of the videos on the project. As far as the aesthetic is concerned, for the first few, I did the styling and make-up myself, with my mom. I want to bring back that old-school version of sexy, which is sensual. So I think the magic behind that has been really catering to the way that I want people to see me.

What’s been your most memorable stage performance in the HMI? I’ve gotten to do so many amazing shows. I can’t really say. Every show is memorable, whether it’s a big festival show or a smaller show. I’ve had many memorable moments with fans. I’ve gotten to do shows in Haiti, France, Africa, South Florida my hometown, New York. So I can’t really say I have a favorite one. Every experience really touches me. Where are you from?

I was born in Miami, raised in West Palm Beach. I went to college in Miami. I would say that the whole of South Florida is my stomping ground. I’ve lived in New York for the past four years, and I was quasi living in France because of how much I traveled there this past year. But yes, I’m a Florida girl. I love my sun. Any advice that you would give a young lady who looks up to you and wants to get started in music? Don’t do it if you’re not a servant of the music. The ridiculous hardships that you will undoubtedly deal with are very damning and heartbreaking to some

people. Leave it to the people that are about that life. When you really care about the music, all the good things will come. Don’t wait for people to do stuff for you. Take responsibility. Invest in yourself. Meaning, financially, take the money that you worked so hard for, put it back into yourself, and the art and you will be realized. But if you can’t commit to those things, don’t waste your time. Where do you see your career going in the next 10 years?

I see myself on the biggest stages all over the world, performing all styles and genres of music. I see myself as a philanthropist assisting different causes that I believe in. Being able to give others guidance. I want to see the world through music Any artists or bands in the HMI that you want to collab with that you haven’t gotten a chance to yet?

For collaborations, I’m all about vibes. Even if I like another artist’s music, for me it’s more about meeting the people and collaborating. I would say that I’m interested in collaborating with anyone who is interested in collaborating with me to make great music. But experience is my guide in that department. What do you do when you’re not working?

What is not working? I never take a day off. It’s funny, people think me working is just singing on stage. The music is about 15% of what I do. I manage my

I’ve gotten to do shows in Haiti, France, Africa, South Florida my hometown, New York.

business and logistics, from flights to business deals. So the weekends are reserved for traveling and performing, and weekdays are left for sessions, writing, recording, and business. But when I do take time off, it’s to eat and drink wine. That’s my relaxing time. I never sleep. It’s pretty intense. I have to schedule in naps. Because of my job, I have to do it. But I’m a workaholic. But that’s what it takes right now. What is your favorite food?

I do not have a favorite food. It depends on the time, on the weather, it depends on where I am, it depends on what kind of wine goes with it. I’m just a foodie. I just like quality in life, the best of the best. Of course, Haitian food no doubt. I love a nice seafood platter. When I’m traveling I like to engage with the food of the culture or region. Are you an only child?

No, I’m the oldest of three. I have a little brother and a little sister. My little brother is a famous visual artist who is touring the world and doing art galleries. My little sister is the cutest little muffin ever. She’s a multi-instrumentalist and super-smart and, like, amazing. Anything that you want to say to your fans and supporters?

Yes. God bless you all. Thank you for the encouragement and support. Don’t be afraid. Be fearless, be courageous. Follow that path that is yours. Let’s do this thing together. Let’s enjoy life, and thank you for everything.

One last question. Are you single? People love that question. My boyfriend is my music. That’s always my answer. How can your fans follow you and stay in touch with what’s you’re doing?

Check me out on social media. My snap is @PhyllisiaMusic. My Instagram and facebook are @PhyllisiaRoss. Thank you guys so much for having me. | Winter 2017


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Haitian-Italian Stella Jean’s Spring 2017

Ready-To-Wear Collection Photos by Umberto Fratini

Stella Jean is a Haitian fashion designer who lives and works in Rome, and who is considered to be Giorgio Armani’s protégé.[1] Jean’s work often merges classical Italian tailoring with African and Caribbean themes and imagery from Haiti, in a cultural fusion of her own identity. | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 79 « | Winter 2017


80 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Amina Daoud

Amira Zenny

2016 Haitian Pride on Instagram via @LunionSuite

Rose Camille | Winter 2017


Seattle Seahawks Cliff Avril

steveaoki 3-5 mill follo

Gor Jess

Deondre Francois of FS

Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 81 «

Gor Jess

Kareen Etienne FIU Graduate

owers first show in Haiti


Deondre Francois of FSU

EDM DJ Wonder MIchael Brun | Winter 2017 Polo TeamCaptain Claude Bertrand


82 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Haiti’s Jerome Mechack (3) and Brazil’s Marquinhos (13) try to head the ball off a corner kick

Fans cheer during pregame player introductions

Haiti’s Jerome Mechack follows through on a free kick

Fans of both team cheer

Brazil midfielder Phillipe Coutinho (#22) takes the shot to make the first goal, past Haiti defender Romain Genevois (#5) during

BRAZIL vs HAITI Highlights Photos in Orlando

Haiti’s Jeff Louis falls to the ground in frustration after missing a shot on goal

June, 2016

Photos by Joe Burbank for Orlando Sentinel | Winter 2017

Haiti’s Jeff Louis (10) battles Brazil’s Walace (17) for possession

Haiti’s Jeff Louis and Brazil’s Casemiro attempt to head the ball


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 83 «

Brazil’s Gabriel Barbosa (#11) passes Haiti’s Romain Genevois

Haiti’s Reginal Goreuz (8) and Brazil’s Philippe Coutinho (22) battle for possession

Brazil's Dani Alves (foreground) and Haiti's Kervens Belfort collide

Brazil midfielder Willians (left) battles with Haiti’s Reginal Goreaux

Brazil midfielder Walace (#17) gets trapped by Haiti defenders

Haiti’s Jeff Louis pushes the ball forward

Haiti fans celebrate a goal | Winter 2017

Brazil’s Philippe Coutinho tries to control the ball while defended by Haiti’s Romain Genevois


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A NEW SUPERHEROES SQUAD Paola Mathé, Nichole Washinton, Cacsmy Brutus, and Kristia Tolode photographed by Aaron Pegg. Styling and concept by Paola Mathé.

Founder of Fanm Djanm Paola Mathé Launched Prints to Help Raise Funds for Hurricane Mattheew Victims in Haiti Styling by Paola Mathé | Photos by Aaron Pegg | Buy Prints Online via

SISTERS WITH PINEAPPLES Paola Mathé and Kristia Tolode photographed by Joseph Rosado. Styling and concept by Paola Mathé. | Winter 2017

FAIRY WITH FLOWER Ania Charlot photographed and styled by Paola Mathé.


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 85 «

A NEW SUPERHEROES SQUAD 2 Paola Mathé, Nichole Washinton, Cacsmy Brutus, and Kristia Tolode photographed by Aaron Pegg. Styling and concept by Paola Mathé. | Winter 2017


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2016 Haitian Instagram Model of the Year @missgeminii | 105k followers | Winter 2017


Photo Credit @superdupersleepy

Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 87 «

Kompa Album of the Year 9 OUT OF 10 | Winter 2017


88 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Gabel and Rara Lakay at Big Night in Little Haiti April, 2016 Photos by The Rhythm Foundation ( | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 89 « | Winter 2017


90 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism




Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 91 «

AL IN BAYFRONT PARK MAY 21ST, 2016 Photos by BIG O Productions | Winter 2017


92 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

« Photos by BIG O Productions

SWEET MICKY AT CAFE IGUANA PINES May 19th 2016 | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 93 « | Winter 2017


94 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


How Primary Medical Care Center Provided Support for HAITI’S VICTIMS of HURRICANE MATTHEW in 2016


ccording to the UN, 1.4 million Haitians were affected by Hurricane Matthew. At least 1000 people died. Today, approximately 175,000 internally displaced people live in 307 temporary shelters.

In the major populated regions that were hit hard, Hurricane Matthew leveled 80% of the buildings, stripped away vegetation and uprooted trees. It was clear that Haiti, the Haitian government, its support system and the international community were woefully unprepared for a disaster on this scale. It was another testament to how far Haiti lags behind the rest of the world in terms of infrastructure and how long the country has been ignored by the international community. This article highlights how Primary Medical Care Center, a medical clinic serving the Haitian community in South Florida, helped the victims in Haiti during this disaster. | Winter 2017


Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 95 «

COLLABORATION WITH THE MAN DODO FOUNDATION Primary Care partnered with the non-profit organization Man Dodo Humanitarian Foundation and contributed not only financially but also provided medical supplies, food and clothing to support their efforts in responding to the need of the people affected in the South of Haiti, particularly, Port Salut, one of the most damaged areas by Hurricane Matthew. Furthermore, Primary Care didn’t just stop there, its staff also contributed to the 11th Annual Man Dodo Medical Mission and Toy Distribution held in December 8th – 12th, 2016 where close to 3000 children were fed and each one received a toy. Primary Care played an important role in bringing a smile and hope to the faces of so many children.


Primary Care collaborated with Island TV to further help the victims of Hurricane Matthew in other cities such as Les Cayes with the distribution of clothes, food and supplies. The people living in this city were already living in dire conditions and Hurricane Matthew worsens their situation. During the 2016 holiday season, Primary Care staff also supported Island TV’s toy drive and made the distribution of toys to 500 children in Jacmel possible. Its staff takes pride in supporting organizations that are working diligently to help alleviate the living conditions of the less fortunate families living in the South of Haiti.


Primary Care also wants to have a strong presence in the local Haitian community and in addition to its Hurricane Matthew relief efforts; it held the 3rd Annual Mother’s Day Event which goal was to celebrate mothers and make them feel love and appreciated on their special day. The event was a great success; it featured great performances from different singers and artists from different churches. 1200 people attended and enjoyed the soiree of entertainment, delicious food and give away prized that made the event more memorable.

including family medicine, home health services, primary Rx, a rehab center, adults and children (age 7 and older. Furthermore, it offers services such as specialist referrals, prescription refills, health promotion and disease prevention and educates their patients on disease management. Additional services coming soon: silver sneakers, dental and optometry.


Primary Medical Care Center is a local clinic in South Florida serving the Haitian community and other nearby ethnic groups. Its main objective is to provide immediate medical attention to all. The center professional, caring and well skilled staff always make the patients feel welcome and comfortable. It offers a wide range of services

Primary Care CEO Princeton Jean-Glaude

Address: 11500 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33168 | Dade: (305) 751-1500 / Broward: 954-289-1111 | Website: | Winter 2017


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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism 97 « | Winter 2017


98 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism | Winter 2017

« «

Profile for Haiti Open, Inc.

HAITI OPEN Winter 2017  

Cover: Phyllisia Ross @phyllsiaross ~ Topics: Year in Review (Sweet Micky, Gazzman, Mikaben, Wyclef Jean, 5Lan, Jimmy Jean-Louis, CaRiMi, Mi...

HAITI OPEN Winter 2017  

Cover: Phyllisia Ross @phyllsiaross ~ Topics: Year in Review (Sweet Micky, Gazzman, Mikaben, Wyclef Jean, 5Lan, Jimmy Jean-Louis, CaRiMi, Mi...

Profile for haitiopen

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