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Going to Haiti Tips 4. Charge your electronic devices. If you plan to travel with your electronic devices, including your cell phone, tablet, laptop computer, or camera, charge them beforehand. If you have an extra battery for your camera, bring it.

5. Share your plan. Share your travel plan to Haiti with someone at home and make sure that they have a way to contact you in case of emergency. GETTING THERE

6. Arrange for transportation. If you’ve never been to Haiti before and don’t speak the language, it is best for you to arrange for airport pickup. Most resorts and hotels in Haiti can pick you up at the airport for a fee. If you are a bit more adventurous and would like to have your own transportation while you are in Haiti, you can rent a car at the airport. You can find car rental companies such as Hertz, Avis and Budget at the airport. Don’t forget

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to provide the car rental company with your OpenExperience Points voucher from your for discounts.

7. Wait in the airport. If your hotel is picking you up at the airport, wait at the designated area in the airport until your driver arrives. WHILE YOU ARE THERE

8. Check in at the hotel. When you check in at the hotel, ask about additional fees on top of your room rate. Some hotels may charge extra for amenities such as Wi-Fi, telephone calls, bottled water, and snacks. Make sure that you know about all the fees or you may be surprised when you receive your bill. You may be able to negotiate with the hotel to waive some of the fees if you stay for multiple nights. Check the hotel’s loyalty program, and you can use your OpenExperience Points vouchers for discounts.

9. Check in with people at home. Once you have checked in at your hotel, it’s time to check in with your friends and family at home. Let them know that you are safe. 10. Exchange for local currency. It’s always handy to have local currency with you, and most hotels offer currency exchange service. It’s also a good idea to ask your hotel about places where you can exchange money safely in case you run out of local currency while you’re out. 11. Tip like a pro. When people provide you with good services, don’t forget to tip them. A simple gesture of appreciation can make someone’s day. 12. Enjoy your stay. Go ahead and enjoy your activities as planned. If you want to take part in an unplanned activity, check with your hotel to make sure that it is safe. Also, let your family back home know about the change in itinerary. | Spring 2018 25 «

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HAITI OPEN Spring 2018  

Princess Eud graces our 10th magazine edition to help promote summer events, food and travel.

HAITI OPEN Spring 2018  

Princess Eud graces our 10th magazine edition to help promote summer events, food and travel.

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