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Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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Experience Bliss at Marquis Paradise

By Shirley Dorsainvil


n the pearl of the Caribbean, a secluded beach lies on Haiti’s lush Northern coast, experience bliss and the many shades of blue at Marquis Paradise. On the Haitian Riviera, you can discover the Caribbean through new eyes. Welcome to our modern and mystical villa. With its distinctive architecture, Marquis Paradise provides premier-class Caribbean luxury on the tropical shores of Labadie.



Enjoy amenities suited for the most distinctive of travelers. Ideal for groups, this paradise accommodates 15 people in five magnificent suites and five full bathrooms. Guests are provided chauffeured transportation

Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

to and from the airport. The establishment’s on-site Chef has created a menu that showcases Haiti’s distinctive cuisine along with

Witness sophistication and beauty of Cap-Haïtien’s coast.

some universal favorites. Relax and take a dip in our pool or in the ocean. Marquis Paradise’s property boasts its own private beach. Entertainment services include

live music, if that’s what you fancy. If you prefer a more zen-like ambiance, Marquis Paradise can cater to that as well.


Feel welcome in large rooms that offer comfort and distinction. Enjoy a peaceful night of rest in oceanfront rooms, lulled by the sounds of crashing waves. Electricity is offered 24/7, so guests can enjoy cable television and access wireless internet.


For those who seek a different type of thrills, savor the nature of the foothills of the Massif du Nord Mountains and tour the island via boat or sky tours. Create memories on your next trip to Haiti!


An escape from the ordinary awaits in the northern shores of the “Haitian Riviera.” From the lush foothills of the Massif du Nord to the crystal waters at their feet, Fatima Group’s hospitality holdings combine first-class luxury with an adventurous spirit found only in this extraordinary isle. Explore nature from land, sea, or air with guided tours and secret adventures. Hit the water the way you like, whether to fish, sail, jetski, or just relax. Dine and entertain with VIP flair. And do it all with the luxuries and amenities you expect from a first-class Caribbean getaway. Both sumptuous and wild, pristine and historic, there is no place like Cap-Haïtien. Learn more at or call +1 305.635.0938 x3012.


+1 305.635.0938 x3012

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63 Rooms including 21 Suites in Haïtian Art-Deco Style . Restaurant & Bar . 6 Meeting & Banquet Rooms . 250 Parking Space . 2 Pools . 1 Tennis Court . 1 Fitness Room hotelmontanahaiti . . Rue Frank Cardozo Pétion-Ville Haïti 8

Haïti:Open +509| People 3880-6610 . USA:1 305 985 7999 . Toll Free: 1-866 407 2442 . Haiti Culture Tourism


63 Rooms including 21 Suites in Haïtian Art-Deco Style . Restaurant & Bar . 6 Meeting & Banquet Rooms . 250 Parking Space . 2 Pools . 1 Tennis Court . 1 Fitness Room hotelmontanahaiti . . Rue Frank Cardozo Pétion-Ville Haïti | Spring 2018 9 « Haïti: +509 3880-6610 . USA:1 305 985 7999 . Toll Free: 1-866 407 2442 .

10 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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12 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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14 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


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Before You Go Transportation Where to Eat

Citadelle Laferrière Bassin Bleu Galerie Nader



Jazzy Photography Maxence Bradley Jameson Thermitus Maxim Laroche

Florence Lemene Ashley Belance Myriam 'Mimi' Momperousse Shemeka Dort

PAP JAZZ Swim for Haiti Spring Break Haiti Haiti Tech Summit Hangover Sumfest T-Vice Anniversary Saveur Lakay



The Paret Family Marie Danielle Vil-Young Sandy Bastien Irwine Sainvil, MD Wilson Dumornay, MD Phillip Desamours Pierre A. Louis, ESQ.

16 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

Princess Eud


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18 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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20 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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22 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


PLACE SAINT PIERRE Photo by Jazzy Photography | Spring 2018 23 «

Baie D' Acule




24 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

By Sandra Chan + Photos by Maxim Laroche


aiti is gaining popularity as a tourist destination, and if you are considering taking a summer vacation to this little gem in the Caribbean, here are some tips and tricks that will make your trip smooth and stress-free. BEFORE YOU GO 1. Know what you want to do. Before you book your trip to Haiti, ask yourself what you want to do while you are there. If you prefer a Haitian resort experience, then you may want to head to La Côte des Arcadins, where you can enjoy the beaches and water sports. On the other hand, if you would like to learn more about the Haitian culture, then you may enjoy checking out the French colonial era architecture and colorful carnival in the city of Jacmel.

2. Hunt for the best deal. Check out all the hotels and resorts listed

on to see if they offer any discounted rates. Many hotels offer early bird specials for guests who book in advance. Even if you don’t see any advertised discounts on the hotel/resort listing page, you can contact each hotel and resort to see if they can offer you a deal if you stay multiple nights.

3. Budget your activities. If you already know which attractions you’ll be visiting, you can check out their prices and opening hours in advance. If you can’t find the info online, contact your hotel or resort and they can usually help you out. If there are activities that you want to participate in, you may book in advance as sometimes you can get a better rate if you pre-book them. In addition, if you plan to use your credit cards on your trip, make sure that they are accepted.


Going to Haiti Tips 4. Charge your electronic devices. If you plan to travel with your electronic devices, including your cell phone, tablet, laptop computer, or camera, charge them beforehand. If you have an extra battery for your camera, bring it.

5. Share your plan. Share your travel plan to Haiti with someone at home and make sure that they have a way to contact you in case of emergency. GETTING THERE

6. Arrange for transportation. If you’ve never been to Haiti before and don’t speak the language, it is best for you to arrange for airport pickup. Most resorts and hotels in Haiti can pick you up at the airport for a fee. If you are a bit more adventurous and would like to have your own transportation while you are in Haiti, you can rent a car at the airport. You can find car rental companies such as Hertz, Avis and Budget at the airport. Don’t forget

SportFishing on Western Point of LaGonav

to provide the car rental company with your OpenExperience Points voucher from your for discounts.

7. Wait in the airport. If your hotel is picking you up at the airport, wait at the designated area in the airport until your driver arrives. WHILE YOU ARE THERE

8. Check in at the hotel. When you check in at the hotel, ask about additional fees on top of your room rate. Some hotels may charge extra for amenities such as Wi-Fi, telephone calls, bottled water, and snacks. Make sure that you know about all the fees or you may be surprised when you receive your bill. You may be able to negotiate with the hotel to waive some of the fees if you stay for multiple nights. Check the hotel’s loyalty program, and you can use your OpenExperience Points vouchers for discounts.

9. Check in with people at home. Once you have checked in at your hotel, it’s time to check in with your friends and family at home. Let them know that you are safe. 10. Exchange for local currency. It’s always handy to have local currency with you, and most hotels offer currency exchange service. It’s also a good idea to ask your hotel about places where you can exchange money safely in case you run out of local currency while you’re out. 11. Tip like a pro. When people provide you with good services, don’t forget to tip them. A simple gesture of appreciation can make someone’s day. 12. Enjoy your stay. Go ahead and enjoy your activities as planned. If you want to take part in an unplanned activity, check with your hotel to make sure that it is safe. Also, let your family back home know about the change in itinerary. | Spring 2018 25 «


TRANSPORTATION What Are Your Options for Getting in-and-around when in Haiti? By Raluca Velker + Photo by Jameson Thermitus


26 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

Availability and convenience of transportation plays a big part of any travel destination. And Haiti’s transportation system could seem as peculiar, if one does not plan ahead. If it’s your first time visiting Haiti, we’d suggest starting with transportation option #1 (hotel transportation) and option #2 on second or third visits, until you can graduate to getting in-and-around Haiti on your own. Option #1 will be the courtesy shuttles or taxis provided by hotels or resorts. These are probably the most convenient types of transportation for you as a first time visitor. Call your chosen hotel/ resort in advance to request courtesy transportation from the airport; preferably when making your reservation or at least a day or two before your visit. If you are the more adventurous type and wish to get the pulse of the area where you’re spending your time, then don’t hesitate to use public transport, option #2. Buses

are a great option that will not harm your vacation budget. But do be prepared, as buses in Haiti function by a different set of rules than you might have been accustomed to. If you’ll choose to use the buses to get to your destination, you need to do a little research and see what bus, and in which station, will take you there. Also, buses here do not work following a particular schedule, as the driver will wait for the vehicle to be full before leaving. Thus, you should be prepared to hang on a little. Still, it is a very picturesque way to get around and enjoy a time without measurement. And finally, there is the car rental option #3. This is probably the most expensive transportation version in Haiti, and probably in any country. A valid driver’s license for this form of transportation is mandatory, and you’ll need to meet a few requirements and conditions set by the car rental companies: Avis, Hertz and Budget.


Model - Kiki Barth | Spring 2018 27 ÂŤ

Observatoire Restaurant

A SPECTACULAR VIEW By Dana Fleuricharles + Photo by Mackinley “Spex” Madhere


Shemeka Dort, Myriam Momperousse, Asheley Belance and Khainna Sejour

28 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

Where to Eat


othing says welcome better than a spectacular view of the city and at the Observatoire Restaurant, that is exactly what you get. This restaurant is a spot you must visit. Whether during the day or night time the view will wow you, the staff will astound you, and the food will have your taste buds thanking you. The Observatoire Restaurant sits high above the busy city, allowing a sense of calm from the fast pace of the city below. Be sure to request a table near the railings to get the full experience. The view of the bay of Port-au-Prince as well as the mountains encompassing the city, can only be described as breathtaking. You may end up visiting here on more than one occasion just to compare if the day time view is as spectacular as the night time sight or even the vision at dusk while the sun sets. More than likely you may be greeted by the owner during your visit. The staff is friendly and courteous. But if you can, call ahead although you’re welcome to just walk in. At times the service is on island time but it’s well worth the wait. At night when the sun sets so does the temperature so be prepared for a little chill. Still, the staff is ready and equipped with portable fire places and a few shawls for comfort. The restaurant often has special events, so you may get a chance at more cultural entertainment. The menu offers a variety of authentic Haitian food which also includes American and Mediterranean options. You will find burgers, fries as well as Kibbeh as options outside the local fare. And don’t forget dessert, it will be difficult choosing between items like the pain patate a la mode or the crème brulee. So, indulge yourself and come take a look at this spot with its extraordinary view. The Observatoire Restaurant is a local lure you cannot afford to miss. | Spring 2018 29 «

30 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

KANAVAL IN JACMEL Photo by Maxence Bradley

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32 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

KANAVAL IN JACMEL Photo by Maxence Bradley

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Contributing Photographers

JAMESON THERMITUS @Jamesonthermitus Born and raised in Port Au Prince, Haiti. I am a person who loves hearing and telling stories. I am not a writer, but the only way I tell my stories is through photography. I worked in Haiti and abroad. I am the official photographer of one the biggest beauty contests in Haiti, Miss Haiti Organization. I was considered one of the most influential people in Haiti for the year of 2017. I was also a part of the top five best photographers for that same year. My only challenge is that I am critical of my own work. I compete against myself, I try to be better at everything I do. Each job that I accomplish is followed by selfevaluation. I am always striving for improvement.

Each customer of mine has a story to tell, I am trusted to reveal that story and capture it from an initial conception to final realization. 34 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Photography® @ JAZZYzFotografi Marjorie (Maitee) JASMIN and Reginald DUPAS, a published wife and husband PhotoVideographers team based in Haiti, specialize in Cinematic Wedding Films, Wedding Premium Fine-Art Photography and Portrait Photography. The team developed passion for photography since their childhood; however they never got opportunity to practice this “Talent”. At the end of 2012, the ”destiny” put them together and since then, they have been working together. They improved their shooting skills by taking regular photography classes. But the best testimony they used to give is: “the best way to be a photographer is by developing personal relationship between you and the camera“. As a team, Marjorie (Maitee) and Reginald, believes that photography is a form of “Art”. The team loves to tell stories with pictures and capture moments the way they happened. The photography couple developed skills on showing every details by trying as much as possible to be simple and creative… Their best quote at JAZZY’s Photography® is: “ we don’t just take a photograph with a camera. We bring to the act, all pictures we have seen, the books we have read, the music we have heard, and the people we have loved, just in a click”.

Welcome to our world and let us capture your love story.”

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Contributing Photographers


For as long as I can remember I have always had a camera. Whether it was a toy camera in my infancy, film cameras during high school and college and now digital photography, I have always seen life through a viewfinder. Photography and art run hand in hand in my family’s background and it is no surprise that I am continuing the legacy of those that came before me. I see life as glimpses and moments that need to be captured and preserved. Haiti and the world around us is changing rapidly which is why photography is so important to me.

A picture can hold an entire legacy.

36 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism



“His work illustrates the human side of Haiti, and finding the beauty of the country and its people through all walks of life.”

Maxence Bradley is a Canadian photographer based in Jacmel, Haiti, who specializes in documentary, journalism, humanitarian and social photography. His work illustrates the human side of Haiti, and finding the beauty of the country and its people through all walks of life. He has collaborated on many major national and international communication campaigns for various branches of the United Nations, such as UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women, and with several other organizations very active in the country like FONKOZE and JAKO MEDIA / HAITI. He also collaborates with independent journalists and news agencies from around the world. Some more recent photographs by Maxence Bradley can be found in a special edition of the GEO magazine published on January, 2017.

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MODEL "KIKI BARTH" 38 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

at a Market in St. Marc Haiti Photo by Jameson Thermitus

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40 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


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42 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

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THE PARET FAMILY Urges Haitians to Come Back Home and Invest in Haiti By Shelly-Ann Parkinson + Photos by Mackinley ‘Spex’ Madhere


44 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

ou can have a vision, but when it comes time to write a check to the vision, that’s where the rubber meets the road,” Betty Paret, R.N., M.B.A., H.C.M. For the Paret family, supporting each other’s visions is the key to their collective success. It has been a collaborative effort involving great faith, emotional support, and of course, writing checks to visions that aren’t always realized. At the core of this Haitian entrepreneurial family are Fritz and Betty Paret, who met at a summer camp in Queens, New York, when they were both 16 years old. They got married at 22 and now after 35 years of marriage continue to be anchored in their mutual love and respect for each other. Fritz was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and migrated to the United States at age seven. He credits his father, Fritz Paret Senior, who was a vice president at Chase Manhattan Bank, as the foundation of the family who inspired his entrepreneurial spirit. From an early age, Fritz had a goal to be an owner of “something” and was always searching for opportunities. He used his wide skill set to dabble in various enterprises and keenly studied the Indian and Jewish business acumen of living together and doing business together within their own families. Not all of his ventures were successful. He took quite a few hits but always persevered. Fritz stressed that in business, “you must know when to cut and run. You must be flexible and watch and learn from the trends.” After almost 30 years in the hospitality business, managing and owning several businesses, including a movie theater and a 232 room Radisson Hotel in Atlanta, Fritz has returned home to reinvest in


Haiti. He purchased the Kaliko Beach Club in La Cote Des Arcadins in January 2017. Under Fritz’s direction, the Kaliko is undergoing a full conversion to the well-recognized brand, Doubletree by Hilton. This high-end boutique styled property is only 45 minutes from the airport in Port-au-Prince and welcomes tourists, professionals, and expatriates alike. Locals are also welcome to enjoy the amenities as a day pass can be purchased for only $45 a day. Fritz describes the Kaliko as having “good bones” referring to its already idyllic structure with 60 large bungalows. The full conversion is expected to be complete by November 2018. He sees the opportunities for employment and tourism growth to be quite beneficial to the people of Haiti. This will be the second all-inclusive resort in Haiti and will boast 130 spacious rooms, 3 restaurants, and an 8500ft² meeting space to attract large seminars, conventions, and large missionary groups. The last phase of the conversion will be a 12-story condominium on the ocean next to the hotel where residents will have access to all the hotel’s amenities. According to Fritz, “I knew that it was just a matter of time. The tourism market will always succeed along with energy and labor. People are always going to travel to the Caribbean.” The Paret family also has plans for the historic Ibo Lele in Petionville, Haiti. Fritz plans to convert this already breathtaking hotel with amazing bay and mountain views in the center of the city into a mountain resort. The hotel now has 43 rooms, but Fritz intends to expand it to 83 large rooms. Fritz’s return to Haiti was not initially to purchase a hotel. He was actually working with his son Emmanuel, who is the CEO and managing director of Paret Petroleum. At an early age, Emmanuel was inspired and mentored in the USA by professionals in the oil industry. This lead to him passionately exploring Haiti’s geology before partnering with the Haitian government to establish 17 concessions all over the island nation. The Paret men, including Fritz Senior, are all involved in this monumental undertaking. Betty Paret is now on the verge of realizing one of her own dreams. As a registered nurse and executive at the largest renal replacement provider in the United States and driven by her father’s kidney disease diagnosis while she was still in nursing school, Betty looks forward to the opening of her dialysis clinic at the end of March 2018 in Delmas, Haiti. She encourages others in the Haitian Diaspora to follow her family’s lead and “Come invest in your country. Come home.”


…just a matter of time. The tourism market will always succeed along with energy and labor. People are always going to travel to the Caribbean,” said Fritz. | Spring 2018 45 «


Multiple WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Award Recipient

MRS. SANDY BASTIEN Wants to Introduce Quality Silk Flowers for Events in Haiti By Jean Alfred Delva


46 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

MISS SANDY BASTIEN, WHAT MADE YOU START MAKING WEDDING BOUQUETS? It was after my destination wedding. I decided I wanted to give brides more options to have exotic and tropical flowers for their destination wedding. Silk Real Touch flowers makes this possible. In 2014, after my second baby I left my full-time job as Legal Coordinator with the New York City Department of Correction to focus on growing my business while being a wife and now a mom of four.

from WeddingWire. My goal is to provide quality service with the discipline of timely response. I try my best to always give more than what’s expected of me. Those reviews are evidence that I’m doing that.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT HELPING BRIDES BASED IN HAITI? I love the idea of helping brides based in Haiti for two reasons. First, I get to introduce quality silk flowers to brides, event planners, and local retailers based in Haiti. Secondly, it’s an opportunity to display the beautiful and talented artistic expression within the Haitian community. I am tired of Haiti being described as the “poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.” When hear this I question, “How can a country with people of resilience, tenacity, and determination be considered poor?” I refuse to accept that description of Haiti. I hope that my work within the destination wedding industry will help the world see the wealth and beauty in our people, land, and culture.

DO YOU OFFER DIFFERENT PACKAGE OPTIONS OR IS EVERYTHING CUSTOMIZED BASED ON WHAT COUPLES ARE LOOKING FOR? We offer three types of services. 1. Ready to Order Tropical Wedding Packages. 1. Customized Tropical Wedding Packages. 1. Tropical Single Flowers

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FLORIST? I have been doing Silk Real Touch floral design for 5 years. I’ve created arrangements for over 400 hundred weddings.

HOW DO YOU HELP BRIDES SELECT FLOWERS? WHAT ARE YOUR TOP FLOWER RECOMMENDATIONS?  Plumeria is our signature and top flower recommendation. Brides usually find their inspiration on our website or social media pages. When a bride isn’t sure of what she wants, I help her by asking questions about her colors, style, and favorite flowers. Either way, it’s my responsibility to understand a bride’s vision and bring it to life.


WHEN YOU’RE NOT DESIGNING FLOWERS, HOW DO YOU LIKE TO SPEND YOUR FREE TIME? I love creating memorable moments with my family. I also enjoy writing, speaking, and inspiring others in the area of Self-Love. I am a published author. My most recent book is an autobiography called “Rejected yet Chosen.” In it, I share my story about how my unwedded pregnancy and rejection by church folks redirected me to a love for God that is based on my personal relationship with God, and not a religious affiliation. I am passionate about becoming the person God created me to be and hope to inspire others to do the same.

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Interview With Over 300 Weddings and Events Completed, À Votre Service Events® From

MRS. MARIE DANIELLE VIL-YOUNG Is Continually Living Up to Its Name By Jean Alfred Delva

WE INSIST ON MAKING SURE THAT EACH OF OUR EVENTS IS EXTRAORDINARY, SUMPTUOUS, AND DELIVERED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL TO MEET OUR CLIENTS’ WISHES, DREAMS, AND FANTASIES. MISS MARIE DANIELLE VILYOUNG, WHAT MADE YOU START À VOTRE SERVICE EVENTS®? After many years working as a scientist, I started À Votre Service Events® almost immediately following my own wedding in 2008, with encouragement of those close to me—including my own wedding vendors who thought I would make a great business owner. À VOTRE SERVICE EVENTS® PROVIDES BOTH WEDDING & EVENT PLANNING AND FLORAL 48 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

& EVENT DESIGN, WHICH SERVICE DO YOU PROVIDE THE MOST IN HAITI? We’re very fortunate to have been able to offer both those key services in Haiti as we have traveled to other countries to deliver the same. We're in a unique position as we import our own flowers via our sister company, AVS Fleur Import. Therefore, we have direct access to beautiful flowers to design extraordinary weddings and events in any country we work. AVS Fleur Import is currently based in Haiti where we provide flowers to industry Florists and Designers.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WEDDING PLANNER OR A FLORIST? My company is going on its 10th year anniversary as an event and wedding planning company. Floral design was added to the brand in 2012-2013. AVS Fleur Import has officially been operating in Haiti since 2017. HOW MANY WEDDINGS AND EVENTS HAVE YOU DONE SO FAR? We've produced close to 300 weddings and events. We have remained very precise in delivering the highest quality luxury weddings and events for each and every client who hires us. Do you offer different package options or is everything customized based on what couples are looking for? We offer different tiers of planning for our clients ranging from Full-Partial to Dayof Coordination. We offer design work with all of our Planning Packages, but one can hire my team for wedding or event design alone. We work directly with our clients and many wedding and event planning

companies hire us to create beautiful floral design work for their clients. DO YOU HANDLE RENTALS? WILL YOU COORDINATE DELIVERY, ARRIVAL, AND SET-UP TIMES WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHER, THE FLORIST, THE MUSICIANS, AND THE CATERER/ BANQUET MANAGER? Absolutely. The above is covered in our wedding and event planning packages.

AS PER YOUR EXPERIENCE, WHAT'S THE WEDDING INDUSTRY IN HAITI LIKE? THE PROS, THE CONS, AND HOW THE INDUSTRY CAN BE IMPROVED TO BE A DESTINATION FOR COUPLES AROUND THE WORLD TO START CONSIDERING HAITI TO TIE THE KNOT. Wedding Planning is a fast-growing field and it’s an invaluable service for busy couples who want a stress-free experience and to ensure flawless and fabulous results. For couples considering a destination wedding, we say “why not Haiti!?” Haiti offers amazing beaches, fabulous weather, fantastic food; Haiti is rich in culture, the arts, and more. Wedding professionals in Haiti are capable, equipped, and ready to assist in realizing your dreams!

WHEN YOU’RE NOT WORKING ON THE NEXT MEMORABLE EVENT, HOW DO YOU LIKE TO SPEND YOUR FREE TIME? As a mom running multiple businesses, free time seems rare. However, my moments of free time are spent with family, friends, sometimes business associates enjoying great food and drinks wherever I may be traveling.

« | Spring 2018 49 ÂŤ

50 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


LOOKING DOWN AT KAMP LOUISE-BAS LIMBE AREA Photo by Maxim Laroche | Spring 2018 51 «

52 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism



Photo by Michael Magers | Spring 2018 53 «

Contributing Photographer

MACKINLEY “SPEX” Madhere of Spex Phototographic @spexphoto


pex is a collaboration of self-expression through the arts of photography, movement and color. At Spex we take your ideas, and bring meaning by advances them with creativity and imagination. Both of these components play a major role in human vitality, as humans creativity helps us deal with stress that is a major issues in today’s society, while provide room to unleash the inner you through the works of pictures and florescent colors. Photography is the main ingredient in our business. Our services include attraction, laughter and fulfillment after each photo shoot. Spex brings life, through vivid memories that are captured through the eyes of both the artist (photographer) and his muse (camera). They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well at Spex each 54 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

image explicates beyond words, it is lifelong stories that give great details, through the process of imaginations and emotions. We provide goods known as love, from a wedding party, laughter from that sweet sixteen you attended and accomplishments from that graduation day celebration. In other words we keep and preserved precious moments in life not only for a while but a lifetime. Go big or go home and I mean BIG.

“At Spex, we are all about beauty, character and advancements,…”

My goals include expanding within the community. My philosophy with any business is to start from home and branch out. One of my goals is to provide job and internship opportunities for our young. At Spex, we are all about beauty, character and advancements, what better way to do that then to start from home and branch out. I want Spex to be like a museum, you see how inside of a museum there are all sorts of painting, statues and pictures. Spex would be the museum, while all the adolescents would be my displays. I want to use my business as an aid to the community while making my dreams of advancing Spex, into an upper division market, creating more employment opportunity while still bringing smiles and creating stories.


Doctor Profile


Board Certified Pediatric Dentist



ccording to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Early Childhood Caries – formerly known as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay – is the most common chronic childhood disease affecting school aged children. It’s a silent epidemic that many parents are unaware of. Increased risk of dental caries has been linked to frequent nighttime bottle feeding of milk and/or juice, poor nutrition and oral hygiene, medical conditions, medications, and genetics. The lack of awareness has caused an oral health disparity and pediatric dental specialists, such as Dr. Irwine Sainvil, spend extra years of training to appropriately address, prevent, and treat the dental needs of infants, children, and adolescents. At a young age, Dr. Sainvil was exposed to the field of dentistry by her father, Dr. Theophile Sainvil, a graduate of Haiti’s dental school. She always aspired to become a pediatric dentist. Her studies began at University of South Florida, where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Science, with a major in

Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Public Health. At the same institution, she also obtained a Master’s in Science with a Molecular Medicine concentration. Upon her graduation, Dr. Sainvil worked at the University of Miami as a Research Associate studying DNA vectors for HIV/ AIDS vaccines. She then matriculated to historic Meharry Medical College, where she obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) degree and completed her pediatric dental residency training at Boston University. Dr. Sainvil has practiced in Boston, Orlando, and now Miami, where she was born and raised. She couldn’t be more proud to return to Miami, FL to provide dental care to her community. She @spexphoto holds hospital privileges at • Space Maintainers Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s and • Thumb/Finger Sucking Habit Nicklaus Children’s hospitals. Appliances Thanks to her vibrant personality • Mouthguards/Nightguards and professionalism, parents and • Baby Root Canal Therapy patients love Dr. Sainvil. Her vision is to not only be an oral health educator • Dental Trauma and clinician, but to be a positive • Sedation example for the next generation. • Nitrous Oxide • Hospital Dentistry SERVICES: • Dental Exams • Radiographs (X-Rays) • Dental Cleanings Contact Information: • Fluoride Treatments Pediatric Dental Center of Biscayne • Sealants 557 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138 • Pediatric Crowns 305-456-2680 • Tooth-Colored Fillings • Extractions | Spring 2018 55 «

56 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Doctor Profile

WILSON DUMORNAY, MD Board-certified ENT surgeon

Dr. DuMornay is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, having served multiple tours in Overseas. Dr. Dumornay specializes in advanced Head and neck oncology; Robot assisted surgery (TORS), Endoscopic Sinus surgery, Snoring, Sleep Surgery, Tracheal stenosis, Vocal cord paralysis, minimally invasive thyroid, parathyroid surgery and general Otolaryngology. Dr. Wilson DuMornay graduated from Temple University School of Medicine with honors. He completed his surgical internship at Tulane University at Charity Medical center in New Orleans, Louisiana. His Otolaryngology Head and Neck surgery residency was completed at Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. Dr. DuMornay continued his postgraduate training at memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the University of Miami in Head and Neck Surgery with microvascular reconstruction. Dr. DuMornay is a Diplomate of the American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care to patients with disorders of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck. To achieve this vision, our team emphasizes compassionate care, clinical excellence, and the use of the latest technology available to treat the medical and surgical problems of the Ear, Nose, Throat. We strive to ensure our patients are treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect. We are committed to the overall patient experience. We strive to be responsive to individual needs of the patient so that the care is individualized and not simply confined to the disease process.

@redlightphotos | Spring 2018 57 ÂŤ

Interview Expert Interview with American Eagle Public Adjuster’s Founder

PHILLIP DESAMOURS By Sarah Brutus + Photos by Makinley “Spex” Madhere


WHERE ARE YOU FROM? WHERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL? was born and raised in Miami, Florida, Little Haiti to be specific. I went to school at Little River Elementary, Horace Man Middle and Turner Tech. My tenth-grade year my family moved to a different area, so I attended a different high school after that.


WHAT DID YOU DO AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB? fter high school, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I tried different odd jobs. My first job after high school was working for a company called ABC Warehouse.


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I loaded and unloaded trucks, received packages, logistical stuff. I didn’t love it, but this job opened my eyes to how the real world works. From there I had a whole bunch of jobs. Worked at Burger King for two weeks; it wasn’t for me. Worked at Subway for three months, that wasn’t for me either. I told myself I would never do a fast food job again. At that point, I still didn’t know what it was that I wanted to do. In 2005, I decided that I needed to finally do something serious. I went and got my license as a Real Estate Appraiser. I did very well in the field until the market crashed. Then from there, I had to find something else to do. At that point, everything had come to a standstill.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE CERTIFIED PUBLIC ADJUSTER FIELD? was hanging out with a buddy of mine that invited me to a basketball game. This was right after the market crashed. At the game, he introduced me to an adjuster that was telling us how much money he was making, and I was definitely skeptical. A week later, we ended up going to the same guy’s house and when I saw it, I said “Wow.” The next week I was in school to be a public adjuster and never looked back.


WHAT DID YOU DO AFTER YOU WERE DONE WITH THE PROGRAM? DID YOU IMMEDIATELY START WORKING FOR YOURSELF? didn’t go to work for myself immediately. I decided to start by working for the insurance


companies first. I got a chance to see how everything works on the inside. Essentially, I saw how the system worked. I did that for two years. Things were a bit slow down here, and at that time Texas had just experienced some hurricanes. So I took a leap of faith and drove to Texas with a friend believing in the Higher Power. We were able to get the last two positions with State Farm as adjusters in the Texas area that had just been hit. That was the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life, that decision right there. I had never made that type of money in my life. I did that for about ten months. Then I came back to Miami and worked as a field adjuster for Citizens. When I first started out, it was fun as well as challenging. Since those days the industry has changed drastically.

HOW DID YOU START AMERICAN EAGLE PUBLIC ADJUSTER? fter working for the insurance company, I left and went and did an apprenticeship with a good friend of mine, Michael Garber, who has since passed away. From there I also went on to work with another friend of mine whose name is Jeremy. From there I opened up shop and have been working in the industry ever since.


WHAT DO YOU THINK HAS ALLOWED TO YOU BE SO SUCCESSFUL IN THIS FIELD? here are a lot of people out there that do exactly what I do. I think what sets me apart and makes me effective is that I have worked on the side of the insurance company before. That gives me



an advantage in what I do. In this industry, the only thing certain is the uncertain. With that said I try to get my clients the best results possible, within the guidelines.

WHAT HAS YOUR EXPERIENCE BEEN LIKE OPENING YOUR OWN PUBLIC ADJUSTMENT FIRM? ell, that was always the goal since the time I met the guy at the basketball game. Starting American Eagle Public Adjuster, I have gotten the opportunity to help a lot of people. My job is to help


people help themselves. I provide a platform to ensure that the insurance company is doing their due diligence. This is a process that takes time and sometimes the homeowners don’t have patience. So I sometimes have to become a nurturer to smooth things over in the meantime. My job is to get results and help people in the process. I realize that every day this is a blessing. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR?


o matter what you do in life, you have to be driven. Everything in life is hard work. The sky is the limit so definitely do not limit yourself. Definitely do your research. Talk to others in your field and get as much advice as you can.

HOW CAN PEOPLE CONTACT YOU FOR SERVICES? merican Eagle Public Adjuster has been working to serve the community relentlessly for the past couple of years. We can be reached anytime at 305-525-5752.

A | Spring 2018 59 ÂŤ

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ÂŤ | Spring 2018 61 ÂŤ

#1 Attraction in Cap-Haïtien


is historic, monumental and awe-inspiring By Yselande Pierre + Photo by Hunter Kittrell


ucked on a mountaintop in the northern plains of Haiti is the Citadelle Laferrière, or simply Citadelle. The Citadelle is located approximately 119 miles from Port-au-Prince and 17 miles south of the city of Cap-Haïtien and is a popular tourist destination for the island of Ayiti. It is, quite possibly, the hidden eighth wonder of the world. Paved in stone and surrounded by green landscapes and shrubbery, the Citadelle is a phenomenon for those who enjoy nature, mixed in with a good hike and rich culture. Expect a day of breathtaking views, high walls, and durable architecture that has weathered the wrath of Mother Nature. When you arrive at the Citadelle, expect several travel options. Numerous guided and individual tours offer up-close experiences to various parts of the fortress. These experiences range from storytelling and musical performances in nearby towns, to horse or donkey rides to the palace. The cost of a visit to the fortress can range from $100-180 U.S. TripAdvisor reviews by travelers describe the Citadelle as an “exceptional

experience,” “so impressive,” and a “mustsee” for those visiting Haiti. Observe how the clouds hug the fortress. Touch the cannonballs that were ready for battle. Learn how the fortress storehouse could hold enough food for a year for King Henri Christophe and his family. Yes, Haiti had a King of the North – and fortunately, never experienced a battle. Traveling to see the largest fortress in the Americas will be worth the trip. Whether you live in North America, South America, Europe, or Australia, make a bucketlist trip to the Citadelle Laferrière and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. In addition to the Citadelle, visit the towns of San Souci and Milot, where you can purchase Haitian artifacts and paintings and enjoy delicious Haitian cuisine. With a 4.5-star rating from TripAdvisor and rave reviews, traveler satisfaction with the Citadelle is high. You must visit this incredible fortress at least once in your lifetime! Habitation Jouissant is one of the best hotels to stay at when visiting Cap-Haïtien to see the Citadelle.

The Citadelle represents the strength, revolution, liberty, and independence of a resilient country.

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La Citadelle in Cap-HaĂŻtien by Hunter Kittrell Photography | Spring 2018 63 ÂŤ


By Yselande Pierre + Photo by Verdy Verna


s the legendary musical girl group sang in their U.S. hit song titled Waterfall, “don’t chase waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to” but then again travelers to the Bassin Bleu would beg to differ. They would want to chase the waterfalls that descend upon the little paradise called the Bassin Bleu. Bassin Bleu is a beautiful waterfall tourist attraction located approximately 12km outside of Jacmel, Haiti. Known to be the crown jewel of Jacmel, Bassin Blue is a memory away from being one of the best adventures you can have in Haiti. Nestled in the mountains, surrounded by additional cobaltblue pools, Bassin Bleu is one of the prettiest swimming holes in Haiti. In the town of Jacmel and Bassin Bleu, there are tours that can guide visitors to the site at an affordable cost. The cost of the guides or tours can range from $20.00 - $100.00 U.S. dollars depending on the experience you are seeking. There is a drive through a river and a small hike, so you will want to make sure that you prepare and dress for the occasion. This include sturdy hiking or tennis

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shoes, cool clothes, swimwear, sunblock, bug repellant, towels, drinking water, and a great attitude. Once at and crossing the Rivière de la Cosse, your ride will take you through a couple of villages, offering a preview of the local life within the area. Those who love nature will enjoy the excursion. Based on TripAdvisor reviews, the waterfall attraction rates at 4.5 with comments that range from “I love it,” “The pictures don’t even do justice to how spectacular this place is,” to “the water is clean and clear.” You can jump off the cliffs or enjoy a romantic kiss beneath the mineral-rich water. As the water goes downhill into the steady basin, visitors can enjoy a refreshing look into nature. If you are trying to figure out the depth of the basin, proceed with caution because there are many stories and legends that surround this historic site. Whether you are a photographer, myth buster, explorer, trekker, natural historian, visitor, or native, make sure to set aside some time to visit the beautiful Bassin Bleu. Stay at Colins Hotel when visiting Jacmel for Bassin Bleu.


#1 Attraction in Jacmel||Winter Spring 2018 65 ÂŤ

#1 Art Galerie in Haiti


50 years of Art a lifetime of memories

By Dana Fleuricharles + Photo by Mackinley “Spex” Madhere


f you are dreaming of immaculate beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and splendid mountains then vacationing in Haiti should be placed on your radar. There is so much to see here that will make you fall in love with the culture. While all the outside fares and attractions are remarkable, a splendid indoor enticement located in Petion-Ville is the Galerie Nader. This art gallery is now celebrating over 50 years in the art community. Galerie Nader offers you the chance to come into cool air conditioning and admire all the different art pieces collected during this time span. The repository includes over 17,000 works of art making it the largest collection of Haitian art in the world. The collection includes contemporary and modern pieces as well as traditional, cultural, and religious pieces; from the up and coming artist to the world-renowned artists. The array of pieces available makes it so that everyone can find something that speaks them. And if you want to take a piece of paradise

with you then you have come to the right place. The staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist. If you can’t find a piece here, you most likely won’t find it anywhere else. The gallery services include custom framing that come with an extensive variety of framing options. Moreover, for your convivence they offer packing and worldwide shipping for the memories you chose to collect. These experts also offer consulting and art appraisals. For those who are art connoisseurs, you will be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer, so have your credit cards ready. For everyone else, this gem is an experience you don’t want to overlook if you get the chance. Don’t you want a glimpse of the culture when you visit a new place? Well, the easiest way to do this is through a stroll down Galerie Nader lane, where you can collect the visual memories for later.

The repository includes over 17,000 pieces of art…

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Recommended hotels to stay at when visiting Galerie Nader: • Hôtel Montana • B&B Comfy Inn


from left to right: Khainna Sejour, Ashely Belance, Myriam Momperousse, Florence Lemene and Shemeka Dort | Spring 2018 67 ÂŤ

FLORENCE LEMENE Royal Decameron @spexphoto

68 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

« | Spring 2018 69 ÂŤ

ASHLEY BELANCE Royal Decameron @spexphoto

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« | Spring 2018 71 ÂŤ

MYRIAM 'MIMI' MONPEROUSSE Royal Decameron @spexphoto

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SHEMEKA DORT Royal Decameron @spexphoto

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Princess Eud HAITI OPEN Magazine’s 2018 Hottest Haitian Woman Voted by You

76 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism



2018 Contest Cover Winner

By Shirley Dorsainvil + Photos by Hugue-Robert Marsan



n 8-year-old girl practicing singing and rapping with a toy microphone gifted by her father now international singer and rapper gracing stages worldwide with island-infused songs coupled by enchanting drums, sharing the message of changing the political environment in Haiti, and becoming Haiti Open’s “Hottest Haitian Woman of 2018.” Haiti born talent Eunide Edouarin, well-known as “Princess Eud,” sweeps her peers in the contest for the “Hottest Haitian Woman.” Earlier this year, Haiti Open ran a competition to allow Haitian woman to shine in all their glory. Popular talents in Haiti and talents based abroad in the United States were voted on for rappersongstress in the “Haiti-Based Talents” Category. Edouarin changed the Rap Kreyol game with her eclectic style, smooth lyrics, and natural, traditional beauty. The Petion-Ville native dawns waist-length locs and is a trailblazer in the Haitian music industry on social media. The songstress draws in over 276K followers to her Instagram, where her talents extend as far as fashion design for her self-titled collection, Eud collection. The true princess of Haiti leaves an enchanting mark in the views of her fans through her originality with everything her touch graces. In an interview she reiterates, “I refuse to put my head down and conform. I create what I feel and what fits me. I don’t follow

trends because I have to like what I’m creating.” It is no wonder you chose her to be the “Hottest Haitian Woman” of 2018. Edouarin’s music is most compared to the melodies on Lauryn Hill with influences of Haitian artist Manze of Boukman Eksperyans. “I love Lauryn Hill; I love her personality, her singing style,” she claims. Her orgasmic sounds have been making sound waves in the Haitian music industry for over fifteen years. From a member of the group Mystic 703 to her current stance as a solo artist in her latest album, Eudomation, the versatile international superstar contributes music in genres such as Rap, R&B, Soul, and World, but dominates Rap Kreyol. Not only is she a performer of improvised lyrics, but she has a message for the world to hear. She stands for women by being a leading female lyricist in the Haitian Rap Kreyol genre. Without conforming to being a feminist, her hope—as she continues to flourish as a woman in the Haitian music industry—is to gain respect for women and bring recognition for women’s contribution in society rather than “abusing them.” In addition, she stands for the end of child exploitation. When asked about her regrets in life, the wife, mother, rappersongstress, actress, fashion mogul regrets nothing in her life, she “just thanks God and keeps right on living.”

Learn more about Haiti Open’s “Hottest Haitian Woman of 2018” by following her social media channels or visiting | Spring 2018 77 «

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Contributing Photographer

HUGUE ROBERT MARSAN from HRMarsan Studios @hrmarsanphoto


y name is Hugue Robert Marsan. I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with roots in Port-a-Piment. My love for photography is deeply rooted in a passion for creating things and teaching; however, I’ve taken a few detours that have led me to where I am today. In retrospect, the intersection between engineering and photography makes a lot more sense and has undoubtedly shaped my path as a professional photographer. Following the completion of my studies at Saint Louis De Conzague, it was expected that I would honor my parents’ wishes to obtain a degree in a field that made sense—in other words, made money. I don’t think they ever envisioned photography as a career path for me, neither did I, at the time. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a young adult, it was my ultimate goal to work for myself and money wasn’t always the focus. I wanted the freedom to create things that meant something to me. I wanted to be able to bring life into things that often go unnoticed. I also had a desire for teaching and building a team of people around me who shared similar values. There have been a lot of moving parts, and Haiti has always been at the center of all these parts. Photography encompasses all of that for me. My first attempt at entrepreneurship was MagePub in 2001 with my cousin, Reginald Georges, where we provided graphic designs and photography. As our business grew, we made the decision in 2004 to expand and merge with other partners to create what is now known as Graphcity. I became the director of photography at Graphcity, which covers anything around the camera such as lighting, framing, filming, and the list goes on. In 2008, I moved to Boston with my family. Then in 2009, I enrolled at the New York Film Academy with a focus in Cinematography. I founded HRMARSAN Photo. I returned to Graphcity in 2013, as Director of Photography and focused on doing portrait, editorial, and fashion shoots, as well as corporate events. Later, I expanded our portfolio to capturing life events which include wedding, proposals, communion, maternity, and

corporate events. In 2016, I was lucky to meet Robert Delain and Frederique Montas. They became my partners at HRMarsan Studios. Their contributions have made process and content even better and smoother. We have a good thing going at the studio. My goals are lofty, and I am hopeful that I will make the time to grow the teaching component at Graphcity for youth who are interested in photography and filming. I love this work.

I wanted to be able to bring life into things that often go unnoticed. | Spring 2018 79 «

Be there in January

Port-au-Prince International

By Eseandre Mordi + Photos by Josué Azor


he Port-au-Prince jazz festival, usually a week-long celebration, has been run since 2007, and is still growing strong. The festival recently went through a makeover and is now referred to as PAPJAZZ. A large number of artists, both international and local, typically grace the PAPJAZZ stage. They include the likes of American Grammy award-winning saxophonist Kenny Garret, Canadian singer Emilie-Claire Barlow, Brazilian singer Leila Pinheiro, French bassist Dominique Di Piazza, Grammy award-winning artist Norman Brown and Haitian prodigy Michael Brun, who lit up the stage at the 12th edition of the PAPJAZZ festival. The festival contributes immensely to the image of Haiti, helps improve tourism as well. It has taken place during the last week of January every year for 12 years now. This festival showcases the cultural and historical heritage of Haiti to the world and, in turn, improve the tourist image of Haiti. The ministry of culture and tourism is solidly behind this festival. Alongside the festival, several workshops and classes are held every day to educate tourists about different aspects of the Haitian culture. Several talented young artists will also be given the opportunity to showcase their talents and get discovered during the festival. Several Haitian tour operators offer have packages where tourists get to both enjoy the festival and enjoy all the side attractions that Haiti has to offer. The festival does not take place in a single venue all week long; rather, it takes place at numerous amazing venues which are identified the festival programme. Recommended hotels to stay for this event: • Hôtel Montana • B&B Comfy Inn

80 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

The festival contributes immensely to the image of Haiti…


Be there in January

Kenny Garrett

Michael brun

Norman brown

UNIQ | Spring 2018 81 ÂŤ

Be there in January

Swim For Haiti By Eseandre Mordi


nlike regular swim events, where the prize money and the first position status are the main focus, Swim for Haiti focuses on a great cause: helping local communities. This event aims to generate money to teach underprivileged local children and youths the fundamentals of swimming and, in the long run, to develop a national swim team that will represent Haiti at the Olympics. This event takes place annually, and has been running for over three years now. It is scheduled to take place in January 2019. At this event, there are the unassisted races, where no fins and paddles are allowed, and assisted races, where fins, paddles, buoys and other swim aids are permissible. There are two swim distances: the 10km – from the largest Ile des Arcandins to the coast of Haiti – and the 1.5km, which is a swim along the shore. This annual event promotes tourism in Haiti and the country beautiful scenery. This event also helps showcase the country’s rich culture and history to tourists who usually troop in during this event. The organizers ensure that

participants enjoy local adventures by making local fisherman in canoes serve as escort boats, which they take to the start venue on the largest Arcandins Island. The people who participate in this event come from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This event has improved the tourist sector of Haiti tremendously, as tourists and participants usually give the event rave reviews. Some international swimming champions participate in this event: Diego Lopez and Naomy Grand’ Pierre show up every year. This event has a multitude of volunteers, both international and local, helping out to ensure that the event runs smoothly. The Cote des Arcandins community always volunteers their help to ensure the success and safety of the event, as it promotes tourism in their community. The organizers are very safetyconscious. If the conditions are not suitable for a swim, the swim event will be canceled for that day. If you’re looking for a fun, adventurous yet competitive swim event for a good cause, this event is just right for you!

The money generated from this event is also used to provide clean water for schools in the countryside. 82 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Be there in January | Spring 2018 83 ÂŤ

Spring Break Haiti at Decameron Day 1


Day 2


84 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Spring Break Haiti at Decameron Day 3


Day 4

GET WET POOL PARTY | Spring 2018 85 «

Haiti Tech Summit at Decameron

Millennials Bring

Technological & Entrepreneurial


The digital accelerator forum is an annual gathering of local and international industry leaders, investors, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who aimed to address challenges in Haiti’s technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem. By Shirley Dorsainvil | Photos by Sheri Tarr


he world’s first black independent republic is an ideal location for a Caribbean getaway. Haiti’s “profound history of empowerment, leadership, and innovation” makes it an ideal stage for tech enthusiasts and creatives. To draw attention to the island’s tropical beauty and exotic beaches, Haitian-American entrepreneur Christine Souffrant Ntim hosts the largest tech event in the Caribbean, the Haiti Tech Summit. The sold-out event took Haiti by storm, drawing over 500 influencers, many from top startup capitals of the world such as Silicon Valley, Dubai, New York, and London. Innovators such as actress Vicky Jeudy; the Editor of Black Enterprise, Sequoia Blodgett; and executives from leading

tech companies including Uber, Facebook, Google, and Airbnb came together to pave a new narrative in emerging markets such as technology, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship in Haiti. The event sponsor, Global Startup Ecosystem, launches online digital accelerators in emerging markets around the world with an aim to boost economies in developing countries. The online platform created a 13-year commitment to revitalizing Haiti’s entrepreneurial economy and “leveraging digital accelerators to build startup ecosystems.” Souffrant-Ntim notes that this forum was an initiative “to calibrate Haiti forward” and hopes to continue the conversation for a second year.

This year, the historic digital accelerator of the Caribbean returns to hosts its 2nd gathering at the Royal Decameron Beach Resort in Côte des Arcadins, Haiti. Speakers include content creator Cleve Mesidor, who, among others, will promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Gain meaningful networking opportunities, win prizes, gain global publicity, and attain amazing insights by joining the multinational conversation. The two-day event takes place in late June 2018. End the negative feedback and join the conversation alongside over 100 innovative speakers by registering early at and #RebootHaiti.

Save the Date | Second Edition | June 21-23, 2018

86 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Be there in June

Haiti Tech Summit 2017 Volunteers

Marcia and Roseme from Tribes of Joseph Haiti

Media Panel - Wanda Tima from L'Union far right

Kenley Jean from En Route

Robert Francios from Medic Haiti | Spring 2018 87 ÂŤ Souffrant-Ntim

HANGOVER - Be there in July

88 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


HANGOVER - Be there in July | Spring 2018 89 «

SUMFEST - Be there in July

90 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


SUMFEST - Be there in July | Spring 2018 91 «

T-Vice Anniversary at Decameron

92 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Be there in August | Spring 2018 93 ÂŤ

Be there in September

Goût et Saveurs Lakay



he Gout et Saveurs Lakay was initiated and organized by Culinary Events, Chef Stephan, Johanne Buteau and Jean-Max Chauvet, and in partnership with Le Nouvelliste and Association Touristique d’Haiti, as a way to foster the development of Haiti’s gastronomy by putting the country’s culinary and hospitality talent on the global map. The first edition of the “Gout et Saveurs Lakay” – Haiti’s Food & Spirits Festival – was nothing short of a massive success. It involved local and international Haitian chefs, restaurants and caterers. The festival allows local and international chefs of Haitian origin to participate in the festival, and enrich and share their knowledge with other professionals in

94 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

Haiti while making use of locally grown ingredients. In one edition of the event, participating restaurants included Press Café, Le Rond Point Restaurant, O-zone, La Brasserie Restaurant, Asu, La Reserve, Le Michel (Best Western), Jojo Restaurant, Habitation Turpin, La sirene, Myabel sa, Le coin des artistes (vivano), Kokiyaj bar et grill, Le Cristo (Villa Russo), Le vert d’or, Smokey’s Bar & Grill, Quartier Latin, Jazzy’z Restaurant and many more. The festival always features the best of Haiti. The festival runs yearly, typically takes place in September. For a concise collection of pictures of past festivals, visit the Gout et Saveur Lakay Facebook page here


Be there in September

Recommended hotels to stay for this event: • Hôtel Montana • B&B Comfy Inn | Spring 2018 95 «

96 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

ÂŤ | Spring 2018 97 ÂŤ

98 Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism

ÂŤ | Spring 2018 99 ÂŤ



June 21-23,2018

100Haiti Open | People Culture Tourism


Profile for Haiti Open, Inc.

HAITI OPEN Spring 2018  

Princess Eud graces our 10th magazine edition to help promote summer events, food and travel.

HAITI OPEN Spring 2018  

Princess Eud graces our 10th magazine edition to help promote summer events, food and travel.

Profile for haitiopen

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