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CONTENTS Spring 2015

10 | Haiti is Beautiful by Various Photographers Photos by Luca Garnago, Steve Bennett and

20 | 1st & 2nd Annual Taste of Haiti Photos by Dianna PierreLouis & Zeek Boujoly Classic

26 | Top Chefs (Get to know this issue's top chefs) Alain Lemaire (Showing the Richeness of Haiti) Jouvens Jean (The Chef with a jiu-jitsu Belt) Natacha Gomez (Keep Cooking with Love) Stephan Durand (I want to Cook until I can't anymore)

68 | Noir & Blanc, a romantic illustration by Joseph Kendy

72 | Where Haitian Singles Hookup the Most Poll Results Do you know where you likely to meet your Haitian signiďŹ cant other? This issue's poll results revealed where.

36 | Has Madame Gougousse Crossed the Line for Importing Pikliz, a Haitian Ethnic Product, from Guatemala?

6 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

The question begs, can Madam Gougousse help Haiti achieve the impossible? Can it coax investors into opening factories and businesses in Haiti, can it create jobs?

CONTENTS Spring 2015

40 | Haitian Descendants Among the Stars Vol. 1 Jean-Michel Basquiat Travie McCoy Samuel Dalembert Dawn Richard Jamie Hector Usher Raymond Régine Chassagne Blake Griffin Gerald Maxwell Rivera Jessica Lucas Pierre Garçon Andre Berto Samuel Dalembert

84 | 2014 Event Photos BMG Penthouse Red Carpet Event CaRiMi & T-Vice Pre-Thanksgiving Event

92 | Extras Chris Rock Plays a Haitian Hero Alfred Enoch portraying as a Haitian in ABC's hit show "HTGAWM" Jean-Baptise Point DuSable the Founder of Chicago Pataswèl by Anderson Dovilas Mainstream Movies to Watch this Spring The Diaspora Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean Event This Year is Taking Place at the New Marriott in Haiti: June 15-17, 2015

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Beautiful Southern Haiti

10 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Steve Bennett

Image Source Haiti Tourism

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


12 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Luca Carnago

Photographer Luca Carnago

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


14 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Luca Carnago

Photographer Luca Carnago

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


16 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Luca Carnago

Photographer Luca Carnago

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


1st Annual Taste of Haiti Photos by Diana PierreLouis

20 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Diana PierreLouis

Photographer Diana PierreLouis

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


2nd Annual Taste of Haiti

Photos by Zeek Boujoly Classic Facebook: HaitiTooRichToBePoor E-mail: boujoly.ďŹ

22 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Zeek Boujoly Classic

Photographer Zeek Boujoly Classic

Collector's Edition HAITI OPEN |


Top Chef,

Alain Lemaire “Showing the Richness of Haiti”

Get to know Chef Alain Lemaire Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in P-au-P Haiti until I graduated from high school and moved to Florida to pursue my education in Culinary Arts.

my grandma cooking back in the day. The flavors were on point, fresh and exquisite. Until now, I cannot duplicate them. That's how good they were.

When did you know you wanted to be a chef? I always had an interest in food. I always found it fun and interesting to showcase what I can do, especially because I am an entertainer at heart.

Where were you trained and how difficult was your training? I received my education at Johnson & Wales University. However, I'm becoming a chef through experience in the field.

What is your favorite food memory? My all-time favorite would have to be

How do you get your inspiration? What drove me was the desire to be a better chef, make money and enjoy

26 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

life. This entire attitude changed in 2012 after a trip to Haiti. Nowadays, my inspiration is Haiti. I get my inspiration from her: the ocean and the fruits she bares, the beautiful scenery, the mountains and all the organic vegetables, the people and their never say never attitude, our culture and how rich and colorful it is. My inspiration and motivation comes from Haiti because every day I work hard to show to the world what she has to offer, what resources, both material and human, she produces.

enough to me. But, you add the travels and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures then that is the icing on the cake.

Favorite kitchen equipment or gadget? Aside from my knives, which can do so much, I really would have to say a combi oven. It can be used as an oven, a steamer or a combination of both, hence the name 'combi oven'. Best piece of advice you would give a home enthusiast? The best reward is to see your guests smile, laugh, close their eyes, and sigh while enjoying your dishes. Priceless! Best cooking tip for a novice just getting into the business? Work non-stop on your craft, get to know who you are and find your identity. Who in the food world do you most admire? I have to say Bobby Flay. I love his methods and techniques and the fact that he is an expert in Tex Mex. Aside from him, I like Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen because of his no b.s. attitude. What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to work with? I would say octopus because of its texture. If you screw it up, there's no saving it. Do you have a favorite wine? I would rather say that I do have preferred varietals such as Merlot from France and Sangiovese from Italy. Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten? Five years from now, I do see myself touring the world and showcasing the beauty and richness of Haiti's culture. In ten years, if God allows it, I can see myself running a very successful business, having multiple cook books and TV shows.

What's your 'Last Supper' meal? Last supper meal would have to be a juicy Kobe beef steak wrapped with apple wood smoked bacon, a creamy truffle mac and cheese and jumbo buttered asparagus with a Hollandaise sauce. Q: How can people book you? A: To book me, you can contact me directly at or my PR firm SAVA PR Q: Where can people find you? A: I reside in South Florida but the world is my kitchen. Q: What do you have going on? A: I am currently working on several personal projects such as an e-book and a cooking show.


What do you do for fun? I enjoy going to outdoor events or to the gun range. It helps me get rid of stress and relax. What do you most love about your career as a Chef? The fact that I am doing what I love the most, and making others happy while I do it, is satisfying enough to me. But, you add the travels and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures then that is the icing on the cake. What's your 'Last Supper' meal? Last supper meal would have to be a juicy Kobe beef steak wrapped with apple wood smoked bacon, a creamy truffle mac and cheese and jumbo buttered asparagus with a Hollandaise sauce. What do you do for fun? I enjoy going to outdoor events or to the gun range. It helps me get rid of stress and relax. What do you most love about your career as a Chef? The fact that I am doing what I love the most, and making others happy while I do it, is satisfying Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Top Chef,

Jouvens Jean

"The Chef with a jiujitsu Belt”

Chef’s Q&A Q: Where did you grow up? A: In Nassau, Bahamas. Q: When did you know you wanted to be a chef? A: I was a 16-year-old prep cook and witnessed how the Executive Chef commanded the attention and praise of the entire restaurant on a packed night. Q: What is your favorite food memory? A: I was 9 years old living in Haiti, and ate a seafood dish that blew my mind. Q: Where were you trained and how difficult was your training? A: I was trained in the school of hard knocks; it was brutal.

28 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Q: How do you get your inspiration? A: I'm inspired by everything I see, touch, taste, smell and imagine. Q: Favorite kitchen equipment or gadget? A: Equipment: Plate, Gadget: My imagination. Q: Best piece of advice you would give a home enthusiast? A: Don't follow exact recipes. Cook what you like and use what you have in your pantry. Q: Best cooking tip for a novice just getting into the business? A: Pay attention to details. Open your eyes and ears but keep your mouth closed. Q: Funniest kitchen incident? A: When I opened my restaurant Sawa I was in the weeds so bad that I had an out of body experience.

Get to know Chef Jouvens Jean Q: Who in the food world do you most admire? A: No chef in particular, I mostly admire the young, hungry cooks because they inspire me and remind me of that pure unspoiled passion for the business.

golf and spend time with my family. Q: What do you most love about your career as a Chef? A: The ability to teach and inspire up-and-coming cooks.

Q: What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to work with? A: For me, the most challenging ingredient is the people you work with.

Q: What's your 'Last Supper' meal? A: Braised oxtail, Haitian style.

Q: Do you have a favorite wine? A: Chateau Montelena The Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, USA. Q: Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten? A: Five years: James Beard Award, Ten years: Chef Joujea Bear Foundation worldwide.

Q: How can people book you? A: Email me: Q: Where can people find you? A: I'm in Haiti at the moment. Q: What do you have going on? A: I'm working on a cookbook to highlight Caribbean cuisine. I'm consulting for a few properties in the Caribbean. I'm developing my non-profit foundation.

Q: What do you do for fun? A: Ride my motorcycle, play my guitar, do jiujitsu, play Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


32 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

"Keep cooking with Love"

Top Chef,


1) Where did you grow up? I grew up on the northern side of Haiti, the beautiful

A South African wine: “Fleur du Cap”.


Chef’s Q&A

12) Do you have a favorite wine? 13) Where do you see yourself in 5 years, in 10? In 5 years I see myself more and more on the international scene promoting new Haitian gastronomy;

town of Cap-Haitien.

in 10 years I want to sell a franchise for my chain

2) When did you know you wanted to be a chef?


When my father opened his first restaurant in 1982. I was always around the kitchen, asking questions,

14) What do you do for fun?

I read a lot and it feels like heaven when I do it near

tasting. I was happy to smell the fine herbs and was

the ocean.

amazed with the combination of spices that would give

15) What do you love most about your career as a

the final touch to a dish. When I was 9 I opened a


friends' club: every Friday on top on my father's

My customer satisfaction, seeing the expression of

restaurant we would gather there and I would make a

their faces when they take the first bite of my dishes.

cream based sandwich with my grandmother's cookie

16) What's your last supper meal?


A bottle of champagne with toast of foie gras.

3) What is your favorite food memory?

17) How can people book you?

I didn't like milk as a child, and that is why my grandma put vanilla in it to trick me into drinking it.

Via our restaurant , KokiyaJ Bar/Grill in Cap-Hai en. My Facebook page and

4) Where were you trained and how difficult was

through my website,

your training?

On twi er, Facebook and Instagram @chefnatachagomez

I started in the kitchen at a very early age, almost 5. My first major was in Tourism, and I'm also a special event specialist, a certified trainer for hospitality and business. But after a disastrous adventure with a caterer I decided to enter the field and study catering and gourmet cooking. Since then I never stopped learning from and assisting with every seminar on new techniques and new trends. 5) How do you get your inspiration? My favorite quote is to “keep cooking with love. “ Love from my family, friends and clients inspires me,

18) Where can people find you?

In Hai , especially in Cap-Hai en 19) What do you have going on?

I am currently working on designing new Caribbeaninspired chefs' whites.

Get to know Chef Natacha Gomez

because I am passionate about what I do. 6) Favorite kitchen gadget or equipment? My custom-made wooden spoon, you can do everything with it. 7) The best piece of advice you would give a home enthusiast? To never stop trying and learning. 8) Best cooking tip for a novice getting into the business? The best dishes are made from fresh and good quality ingredients. 9) Funniest kitchen incidents? My first attempt at a dummy wedding cake was so slanted my mom called it Tour de Pise. 10) Who in the food world do you most admire? Rachel Ray. 11) What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to work with? Aloe vera.

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Top Chef,

Stephan Chef’s Q&A Where did you grow up? - Most of my young life was spent in Haiti, however, I also spent part of my childhood in NY and DC. When did you know you wanted to be a chef? - In all honesty I never knew I wanted to become a Chef. I think this career chose me, really. My last year of high school I worked with my cousin who was a Catering Chef, and that's how I really got introduced to the professional life. What is your favorite food memory? - My favorite food memory is on Sundays making spaghetti with vienna sausage with my Dad and Sunday dinners at my grandmother's house. Where were you trained, and how difficult was your training?

- In all honesty, I get my inspiration from other chefs. I read a lot of books and I follow a lot of Chefs who are putting out great food. Favorite kitchen equipment or gadget? - A good Chef knife will take you anywhere. Best piece of advice you would give a home enthusiast? - You really have to love what you're doing. I think when you have fun doing something, you put out this wonderful energy that goes into the food. Best cooking tip for a novice just getting into the business? - Learn learn learn, be hungry for learning. Funniest kitchen incident? Woow there have been so many. But my fondest is my teacher at Johnson & Wales who picked up all the

- I got my training at Johnson & Wales University, really a great place of higher learning. And I have to say I went all in, and it paid off. How do you get your inspiration?

34 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

garbage cans and dropped them on the kitchen tables, and said “Look how much ……. you guys are wasting……this is my money and soon to be your money that you are throwing away.”

Durand "I want to cook until I can't anymore” Get to know Chef Stephan Durand Who in the food world do you most admire?

FIFA PlayStation.

- I admire quite a few people. Closer to what I like to

What do you most love about your career as a Chef?

cook are Bobby Flay, Marcus Samuelson and many

- I want my legacy and my story to be about people

others, but most of all, I admire my peers.

saying that I was a pretty decent cook.

What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to

What's your 'Last Supper' meal?

work with?

- Mais moulue with smoked herring, sweet plantains

- I don't think there are any ingredients that I have

with morue, soupe de giromond.

found challenging. I think there a few things to keep in

How can people book you?

mind: respect the ingredient, learn about the ingredient

- Via e-mail:

and don't try to transform it too much into something else. Do you have a favorite wine? - Beaujolais Village.

Where can people find you? - I am in Haiti most of the time, but one can check my website: or Facebook: ChefStephan or twitter or Instragram: @HaitianChef

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten? - I just know I want to keep cooking until I can't anymore

What do you have going on?


Working on Taste of Haiti NYC, Haiti Chefs for

What do you do for fun?

Education Atlanta and of course Haiti Food and Spirits

- I cook first and foremost, but I just like to chill with my

Festival 2014. In addition I am running my own place in

good friends like Chef Alain and whooop his behind at


Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Has Madame Gougousse Crossed the Line for Importing PIKLIZ, a Haitian Ethnic Product, from Guatemala? Is a brand just a name or more than that? Today, an organization's brand image is an asset and is synonymous with its products and services. When people trust a brand, they trust the organization too as they think it's dependable. That's what happened with Madame Gougousse, a reputed brand name distributed by Guixens food group. The brand carries a diverse portfolio of food products catering to the Haitian Diaspora from: Rice (imported from Thailand), Spices (from China) to Sardine (from Equator) and that's nothing new as many companies follow the same practice. What is astonishing is that Guixens, under the Madame Gougousse brand, goes to the extent of producing a Haitian ethnic product such as Pikliz- from another country- Guatemala!! Will Haitians tolerate that? Apparently they do for Madam Gougousse's immense brand power allows it to just about get away with everything and anything.

Even if Madam Gougousse waves its magic wand and helps investors set up shop in Haiti, can they actually succeed in doing business there? There has been so much of negativity floating about Haiti that investors are wary of getting their fingers burnt. Can this big, powerful brand increase investor's staying power and make them feel safe to take up reins once again and transform Haiti into a steady, reliable economy? This may not be easy to achieve but nonetheless, it's worth a try.

Haiti's tale of woes is a long one: Its exports bring in very little, it has been plagued by natural catastrophes and political-economic strife as well. To compound matters, restrictive policies and unstable governments have kept investors away from Haiti. The Label Reads "Product of Guatemala" on the Publix Shelve

The question begs, can Madam Gougousse help Haiti achieve the impossible? Can it coax investors into opening factories and businesses in Haiti, can it create jobs? The powerhouse of brand is said to be “the most potent commercial and cultural force on the planet,” and Madame Gougousse is a multi-million dollar powerhouse and has enough capital to open factories in Haiti, and by doing so, Haitians can produce their ethnic products like Pikliz and export it to their counterparts abroad. 36 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

A Latin America and Caribbean Chamber meeting is to take place at the Marriot in Haiti, between June 15-17, to help investors see the potential in doing business in Haiti. Madame Gougousse has been invited but whether the brand makes an entry remains to be seen.

By Haiti Open Staff

Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


40 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photo Credit - Courtesy of William Coupon - CORBIS

Artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat Completion Date: 1982 Style: Neo-Expressionism Genre: figurative painting Technique: acrylic, spray paint Material: canvas Dimensions: 220 x 400 cm Gallery: Private Collection Created in Italy in 1982, at the height of his fame, Profit I is one of Basquiat’s most masterful works. In this painting, Basquiat mixes the precedent of historical painting with urban graffiti to create a heroic character that is part self-portrait and part voodoo shaman. This painting, since creation, has been in the collections of two art galleries, as well as the personal collection of Lars Ulrich, from the heavy metal band Metallica. Ulrich, who fought to buy the painting from the Swiss dealer Bruno Bischofberger, reluctantly sold the painting at auction in 2002 in order to raise funds to build a house for his growing family.

Created in Italy in 1982, at the height of his fame, Profit I is one of BasquiatGÇÖs most masterful works

The Complex, Painful Phantasmagoria of Jean-Michel Basquiat Artists are mental explorers, and that is probably the most painful aspect of anything in the world. The mind naturally holds in a lot of darkness and artists have to process all the emotions to express something of value and aesthetically pleasing as art. This transformation process is definitely hurtful, as pain opens up the heart in ways too difficult to bear.

From pain, magic is born

The beautiful man Basquiat did many things, including having a relationship with Madonna for some time. He also made a Noise Rock band called Test Pattern, and appeared in a music video for the band 'Blondie'. His painting 'The Radiant Child' brought him to the immediate attention of the art world. The artist used symbolism from Grey's Anatomy (the book), African folklore, and also derived inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci.

You can easily feel the pain of a young black boy who once ran away from home as his mother was committed to a mental institution. When he returned, his father kicked him out. He slept at friends' places, park benches and survived by selling t-shirts and handpainted cards. At about this time, Jean Michel Basquiat, the artists, was born.

He was known for his strong opinion on sociopolitical issues such as race conflicts and poverty. He was also known for his eccentric nature, his weird hair, and his habit of wearing expensive Armani suits splattered with paint. He died in 1988 from a heroin overdose.

The tormented mind

Haitian Roots: His father, Gerard Basquiat, was

Around 1976, an anonymous artist group called SAMO began to create strange graffiti on the walls of Lower Manhattan, NY. The paintings carried inscriptions such as “SAMO…as the escape clause.” The strange charm attracted publicity and Basquiat never looked back. Although his paintings attracted significant prestige, they were never fancy, so to say.

born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and his mother, Matilde Basquiat, who was of Puerto Rican descent, was born in Brooklyn, New York.

There is always that sense of a tormented man trying to find his life through excruciating pain. However, there is also something beautiful and vibrant about the contorted face of his characters.

Haitian Deeds: Basquiat drew upon his Haitian heritage by painting a hat that resembles the top hat associated with the Guédé family of Loa, who embody the powers of death in vodou.

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


Photo Credit - John Hoppa - Travie McCoy at SSMF

'Lazarus' Travie Has Come a Long Way since his Punk Rock Days

Photo Credit - Dan Cox - May 15, 2010 Bamboozle Midwest Charter One Pavilion Chicago, IL

Punk Rock is chaotic and hardcore, and it can be just too violent. For someone who grew up listening to hardcore punk bands such as Earth Crisis and Snapcase, Punk was not the only influence that shaped Travie's career as a musician. He was also an avid participant of underground Rap acts such as Arsonists and Company Flow. Quite inevitably, he started his musical journey by forming a Punk Rock band called the Gym Class Heroes. Quite interestingly, Travie is also a professional tattoo artist!

The journey of Lazarus His debut solo album, “Lazarus”, was released in 2010. It has received good appreciation for a balanced approach to music, not too hardcore, so to say. It is quite a long way from the theme of the first album by Gym Class Heroes titled “As Cruel as School Children.” The remix album of the band was titled, “Suicide Season: Cut Up!” The lead single “Billionaire” was especially popular as it raised a pertinent question: if one becomes a billionaire, how can the money be put to good use? The theme struck a chord with the audience and the song rose to number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, besides being number 3 on the UK Singles Chart. Clearly, he is serious about being Lazarus, the person in the Biblical story who was brought back from death by

Jesus. Lazarus is essentially a metaphor for a new birth, and the softening in tone from “As Cruel as School Children” to “We'll be Alright” and “Need you” is definitely heartwarming! There is hope, nothing is lost. You can always return to the space of peace.

A balanced celebrity On the personal front, Travie dated Katy Perry for two years. However, unlike most other musicians, he does not make use his personal heartbreak as a source to mock his ex in his songs. Reporters asked him whether his 2013 single “Rough Waters” was about Katy, but Travie replied that he is someone who stays away from this kind of personal confrontation. He does appear to be a very balanced celebrity. When asked about singing “Billionaire”, he candidly replied that he is only in the “thousandaire” category.

Haitian Roots: His father is Haitian and his mother is of Irish ancestry.

Haitian Deeds: In a "(USHER HAITIAN)" by @Obkny, Usher discovers he has Haitian heritage, and fears it's the end of his career; McCoy, whose father is Haitian, got a big chuckle out of it. "If [Usher] doesn't laugh [about the video], he's not human," says McCoy. Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


44 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Golden heart Album Art Work

Instead, Richard is a Black Queen, the story of a turbulent night, wild and beautiful in her powerful vivacity. In 2005, she was part of a girl band, Danity Kane; the name taken from a female superhero character she did an impromptu painting of. In a recent interview, Dawn was heard saying that Danity Kane is 'dead' to her. The conflict was obvious this year when she released 'Blow' the day after Danity Kane released its third album, DK3. Blackheart's album cover is stunning; a beautiful cover art that deserves its own praises.

Haitian Roots: We're not sure if she's Haitian from her Mother or Father Frank Richard. Her father is Frank Richard, former lead singer and percussionist of the popular Funk/Soul band Chocolate Milk. Her mother owned a dancing school where Dawn spent much of her childhood developing her skills at choreography and singing. Haitian Deeds: Dawn Richard visits Cite Soleil, Haiti

TheNext2Shine - Grey Goose Rising Icons Jam Session 2

Birth of Darkness for a Beautiful Dawn Dawn Angeliqué Richard is scheduled to release her next album 'Blackheart', a sequel to 'Golden Heart', soon. The albums are a part of a story in three parts; Dawn has visions for a third album, 'The Redemption Heart', afterwards. The video release of 'Blow' from the second album is out and it is beautiful. It is dark; it shows she fancies vampire power, a volcano erupting and her wearing red headgear, and a lion appears briefly. Does this mean anything to you? Well, you can always make your own conclusions, but one thing is clear: the lady seeks justice!

The tell-tale girl She has grown and prepared herself by wearing the 'Black Lipstick', being 'Wild N Young', and getting her 'Armor On'. She is not a kitschy pop star, not that there is anything wrong with being kitschy, but she is not.

TheNext2Shine - Grey Goose Rising Icons Jam Session Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


46 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015


Jamie Hector, from The WIRE to HEROES

Magnolia Pictures - Jamie Hector stars in Night Catches Us

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 20, 2013 - Director Guillaume Canet and actors Clive Owen, Marion Cotillard and Jamie Hector attend the -Blood Ties- Premiere

Marlo Stanfield from 'The Wire' is arguably the toughest and most ruthless drug kingpin portrayed. He even executes those who undermine his name on the streets, although unwittingly. In the shadowy world of underground drug trade, Marlo violently commands unconditional respect at all costs.

Five Deep Breaths The turning point in Hector's career was his role in the 2003 short film 'Five Deep Breaths', directed by Seith Mann. His lead role received amazing critical appreciation, as the short was selected for screening at the Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, and IFP film festivals. In fact, it accumulated 16 awards in total, also earning him the ruthlessly controlling role of Marlo on 'The Wire.' Before 'Five Deep Breaths' and 'The Wire', Hector worked on portraying typical tough Black man roles on different TV series.

Known for his gritty but humane roles He has worked on 'New York Undercover', 'Third Watch', 'Law & Order, Special Victims Unit', and 'The Beat'. He has also played great roles in quite a few movies such as 'Ghost Dog', 'Got Game', 'Everyday People', and 'Prison Song'. He also played a brief part in the movie 'Paid in Full'. He has also appeared in 'Night Catches Us', 'Blackout', and 'Just Another Day'. He is a busy actor with films lined up back to back. He worked in 'Blood Ties' and the 'Promise Keeper' in 2013, in 'Magic City' and 'Real New York City Muggings'

in 2014, and has at least two films in the pipeline for 2015. Audiences will see him in films 'Bone Tomahawk' and 'A Year and Change'. His TV portfolio includes roles in 'Cold Case', 'Mercy', 'CSI: Miami', 'Lie to Me', and 'Person of Interest'. He has also done voice over work for video Hollywood Hits NYC for the UrbanWorld Film Festival game GÇö Nia Long, Kerry Washington, Jamie Hector and More Attend the Festivities characters in 'The Warriors' and 'GTA Liberty City Stories'. Jamie Hector also runs a charitable organization for youth, known as 'Moving Mountains'. He was also active in raising funds for the relief of victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Haitian Roots: Both parents are from Haiti Haitian Deeds: Through his Moving Mountains charitable organization, he helped in raising money for survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


48 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Super Popular Usher Terry Raymond IV in the Top League of Successful Musicians

Chairman Miller met with Usher and other witnesses prior to a hearing on - Renewing America Through Service and Volunteerism.

Usher's life story is about dreams coming true, quite literally. He idolizes Michael Jackson, and credits him as being the most important influence on his life. Usher danced with Michael in the performance of “You Rock My World”! Well, that was magical! The musician also had the occasion to perform with another of his idols, the legendary Stevie Wonder, at the Lincoln Memorial show of Obama's inauguration.

Success with soul His musical accomplishments are marvelous. He started very young, at age eleven, with an R&B quintet called NuBeginnings and recorded 10 songs with the group. His milestone achievement was the album “My Way”, which immediately shot him to fame on the 90s music scene. Singles “You Make me Wanna…” and “Nice & Slow” were phenomenally popular, especially in the UK and USA. The album has been certified platinum 6 times by the RIAA. “You Make me Wanna…” also won the award for the best male R&B single at the 1999 Soul Train Music Awards. His other albums, “Confessions” and “Here I Stand”, have only continued his popularity and earned him numerous awards. Other albums in his lineup include “Raymond v Raymond”, “Looking 4 Myself”, “Voice”, and “UR”. He holds multiple Grammy awards, American

Music Awards, World Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and MTV Europe Music Awards. He is also a philanthropist an actor, and a successful businessman.

Living good music Usher is a good person; talented, humble, close to fans and does a lot of good work. His latest Facebook post supports the Little Kids Rock initiative where children are inspired to take music lessons. He is always trying to help children. Back in 1999, he participated in the “Challenge for the Children” benefit basketball game. Lately, his fan base is trending with hashtag #Idon'tmind, and it's totally rocking!

Haitian Roots: Usher's father Usher Raymond III is from Haiti

Haitian Deeds: In an effort to raise funds through his New Look Foundation for the devastating January 2014 in Haiti, in a statement made through the UN at the time, Usher said “disaster relief is an effort that can be 'Powered By Service' and young people can be key players in the effort. I'm challenging youth around the world to prove they have the power to have an impact on a humanitarian crisis. I know that young people have the talent, creativity and energy to assist in supporting Haiti's needs”. Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN | 49

Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


50 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015


Régine Chassagne Sings of a Fiery Justice

Photo by Hilda Pellerno - Arcade Fire In Haiti - Out Of The Suburbs, Into The Carnival

Regine Chassagne is not much of a showbiz singer, per se. She is classic, lending her voice to regal genres such as Baroque Pop and Art Rock. She and husband, Win Butler, are the founding members of the band Arcade Fire. She is known for her strong lyrics, stemming from the story of her survival right since her birth. She is of Haitian descent but was born in Montreal, Canada, when her parents had to flee their native country to escape the reign of dictator Francois Duvalier.

Spirit of the survivor She was born safe while abroad, but the family's relatives were massacred. Later, Regine penned her song 'Haiti' where she cries “Duvalier's nights are haunted by my unborn cousins.” When Haiti broke down in the devastating earthquake of 2010, Jamie wrote an editorial for the prestigious British Newspaper 'The Observer'. There she said she is trapped in a nightmare. She is trained in Jazz music and is also a part of the Jazz band Azucar. Regine is also involved with a Medieval Rock band in Canada, known as the Les Jongleurs de la Mandragore.

Music found love Love and music came together in her life. She met Win Butler in 2000 and persuaded her to be a part of the band. She was then pursuing her BA in Communications from at Concordia University. They married in 2003 and their first son is about 2 years old. She contributed to a UNICEF benefit project song 'Do they know it's


Halloween?' along with Win Butler. Regine also created the music for the two minute David Uloth sketch 'The Shine'. Regine is an extremely versatile instrument artist. She can play keyboards, organ, hurdy-gurdy, drums, xylophone, and accordion. She has the lead vocals in quite a few songs by the band, including 'Empty Room', 'In the Backseat', and 'Haiti'.

Haitian Roots: Her parents emigrated from Haiti during the dictatorship of François Duvalier

Haitian Deeds: In an article by titled "Arcade Fire in Haiti: 'So much joy ...' Régine Chassagne swept away by the emotion, as her band played a unique show in a remote mountain town in Haiti. Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


Photo Credit - Keith Allison - Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake GrifďŹ n before a game against the Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center in Washington on March 12, 2011.

54 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Clippers Star Blake Griffin Plays Hard; Always an All-Star

Blake Griffin-Parents

Los Angeles Clippers player Blake Griffin has had a marvelous career! In his career, he has been an All-Star every season, even following his kneecap injury during the 2009-10 seasons. He has been named the Best Rookie and has won NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Griffin grew up in basketball, and the game has literally been everything to him since birth. His father, Tommy Griffin, was a center and track standout who later worked as the coach with the Oklahoma Christian School.

Brought up well

Blake Griffin-Parents

Probably, this was where he picked up his lucky number 32. His jersey number also features in his Instagram profile and twitter handle. In his latest game, Griffin hit 11 of 27 shots for 31 points. He also played 16 rebounds, one steal, and five assists that largely shaped the Clippers' victory. In the game with the wizards on Friday, he was held in check with 14 points. Definitely, Blake plays a key position in ensuring the continuity of the Clippers' winning spell. Lately, he has been in a little bit of trouble as he roughed up Daniel Schuman when he flashed his mobile camera at Blake. However, his team fully supports him. Clippers coach Doc Rivers said he trusts Blake 100% and the team is with him.

Another interesting fact about Blake's upbringing is that he was homeschooled up until eighth grade. This definitely played a major role in shaping him, as he enjoyed the freedom of not going to school and concentrating Photo Credit - Techie, Jesse Grant - Blake Griffin Bowls for Charity Haitian Roots: on his game. His father Tommy From the very Griffin is Afro-Haitian, and mother Gail Griffin is beginning, Blake was a star! He started with his college Caucasian basketball team and was named the Consensus National Player of the Year. He gave up his last two Haitian Deeds: On the second anniversary of the 7.0 eligible years in college and was drafted into the NBA. magnitude earthquake that struck the coast of Port-auPrince, celebrities leveraged their social influences to A player who performs well raise awareness for "Haiti: Aid Still Required" including Los Angeles Clippers picked him up in 2009 and has NBA star Blake Griffin. Source: been playing there since. He also has a franchise record for the most number of consecutive double-doubles (23) in a home game against the Golden Gate Warriors. Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN | 55

Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


56 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photo by Eric Johnson

Neo Soul Pioneers, Gerald Maxwell Rivera is among them Musician Gerald Maxwell Rivera is better known by his stage name 'Maxwell'. Maxwell had difficulty with his debut album, Urban Hang Suite (1996), which he created two years after signing an agreement with Columbia Records. However, the company executives were apparently doubtful of the album's potential, and kept it shelved for almost one year! Even after this difficult wait for his first album to be released, it faced further challenges as the mainstream media was reluctant to cover it. Nonetheless, music always has its way! Urban Hang Suite soon, and quite magically, soared to popularity! Within a year of its release, the album sold over a million copies! One is left to ponder what the sales executives were thinking when they shelved the album. Well, Maxwell did not have time to consider all these trivialities. He went a little deeper in tone with the second album, Embrya (1998). It was a relatively lesser success, and the critics were waiting! Embrya received a huge backlash, but Maxwell made a comeback anyway with his third album, Now, in 2001. It became a platinum seller.

There are things only time will show His most recent and fourth album BLACK Summers Night was released in 2009 after a sabbatical of eight years. Nowadays, the singer is known to be working on his next album. His Facebook page has over 4 million subscribers. His update on Facebook on December 8 reads “There are things only time will show.” His listeners wait.

Haitian Roots: On an interview for MAXWELL: “It's a terrible situation. I'm half Haitian. My mother was born in Haiti and everyone that we know, that she knows is here in either America, New York, Florida, the capital of Haiti, as well.”

Haitian Deeds: On an interview for, MARTIN: “Before I let you go, I did want to ask about that devastating earthquake in Haiti. And I understand that you're working with Wyclef Jean and his organization. He has an NGO, apparently a very effective one.”

Photo by Eric Johnson

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


Jessica Lucas as Renee Clemons in -Episode Two- of GRACEPOINT airing Thursday

Jessica Lucas, an actress on the rise from Cloverfield to Pompeii

Phot Credit - Sheryl Nields for Giant Magazine - Winter 2010

Dark-haired, Canadian actress Jessica Lucas has played main roles in several successful movies, TV series, and also in her local theater. She was also the Pink Girl in Coldplay's video True Love, released this year in August. She started on the television scene and has had good success. Jessica starred in Cult, Edgemont, Melrose Place, and in CSI Miami for a brief period.

The roles she plays During her brief stint of four episodes on CSI, the performance was so great that the viewers were already thinking her at par with Sara Sidle! Her movie career accomplishments are several, including the tense Olivia in Evil Dead, Vera in That Awkward Moment, Lily Ford in Cloverfield, and Yvonee in She's the Man. Most recently, she was the Ariadne in Pompeii.

Gracefully dark Jessica's charm holds an amazing rustic charisma of a simple but determined small town girl. Indeed, the roles she chooses are complex with many shades, often darkened. Her choices are often very bold, like when she was herself in the 2007 video documentary, Breaking the Silence: Exposing the Covenant. She was again playing Jessica in the 2013 TV show, Cult of the Cult. She was the Vampire Girl in the TV movie Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge.

Balancing movie and TV Jessica is equally active on TV and movies, probably a little more in the former medium. Nevertheless, her stint with the movies has been equally successful, but she

Phot Credit - Sheryl Nields for Giant Magazine - Winter 2010 -2

does not do many of them; Cloverfield came out in 2008, Evil dead in 2013 and Awkward Moment in 2014. Lately, she was seen wearing a white Zimmerman dress at the screening of her new TV series, Gracepoint on Fox! Her career is only in its first phase and her audience is sure to look for her in the coming years.

Haitian Roots: Father is Haitian and her mother Pakistani

Haitian Deeds: When she went on Lopez Tonight in 2011, she cleared up rumors that she's Pakistani and Haitian. “My mom's white and my dad's black, but Canadian for many generations … Someone has put online that I'm Haitian and Pakistani. It is the number one question that I get asked,” she told George Lopez. Her parents met playing softball, and she played the sport growing up as well. Source:

Photo Credit - TriStar Pictures - Pompeii 2014 Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


Photo Credit - Keith Allison - Washington Redskins Training Camp August 2, 2012


Pierre Garcon, #88 of the Washington Redskins Sometimes, it is totally evident why a player chooses a particular jersey number. So, it seems quite obvious that Pierre Garcon, born 8/8/1986, would choose jersey number 88! If you find numerological trivia interesting, keep an eye on Pierre Garcon of the Washington Redskins. It is a game with heart, so it seems, as the Redskins recently totally succumbed 24-0 to the St Louis Rams in their recent, famous match.

The Sunday match The match was famous because some Rams players sported 'I can't breathe' on their jerseys in support of the protests against Eric Garner's death. Now, whether the Redskins lost in the real sense is probably too metaphorical to understand, but one thing is certain: If they would have won, then 'I can't breathe' would have lost! With real heart, no one loses, irrespective of the outcome. Humanity won!

Back from injury Meanwhile, Pierre Garcon continues to play with his ups and downs. Last year, he hauled 113 passes in 1346 yards. This year he has been slightly troubled with a shin injury, but he is not sitting it out. He returned to the field after recovering for a few days. Just out of an injury, Garcon definitely did not do badly, but he was not at his best either. In the comeback match he was targeted 8 times, but only managed to have three receptions for 15 yards.

In fact, the Redskins are actually struggling hard these days. They lost six times consecutively to score at the rock bottom of the NFC East six times in the last seven years! Nevertheless, Garcon and his teammates are totally fighting it out to make things work. Quarterback Colt McCoy recently stated on the team's website that they need to target Pierre Garcon as much as they can. Time will say if Pierre Garcon can keep up with the trust, but given his skills, likely will.

Haitian Roots: “My whole family is from Haiti,” he explains. “My three sisters were born in Haiti. I was born two years after my parents arrived in the US. I grew up speaking Kreyol at home and learned English when I went to school. I still have family in Léogâne, and my family goes there as often as possible. My mom is from Port-au-Prince. My Haitian roots are very important to me. It's my identity,” says Garçon. Haitian Deeds: The Pierre Garçon Helping Hands Foundation was officially founded in June of 2010 and currently establishing relationships with organizations that are looking to give Haitians a new beginning by developing shelter, establishing education and providing hope. His Facebook Fan of over 410,000 fans says: Donate to my Haiti Relief Foundation by visiting this website: Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN | 61

Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


Andre Berto 2014

Returning to the Ring Relieved

Photos By Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos - Andre Berto vs Victor Ortiz - World WBA Welterweight Championship April 16, 2011 - Mashantucket, CT Welterweight champion Andre Berto volunteering at the Project Medishare Hospital shortly after the earthquake.

Andre Berto is a two-time Welterweight Champion and a Haitian Olympian. In fact, his Haitian citizenship came only when he was disqualified for a controversial action in the Olympics trials of 2004. Opponent Juan McPherson deliberately bumped into him and Berto responded by throwing him to the canvas. However, this was regarded as a foul on his part and he was disqualified. Desperate to fight, he found a place in the Haitian team due to his descent. The island country also promptly granted citizenship to the boxer.

Stead wins followed by a bad spell Berto has otherwise had an impressive career with 29 wins and 3 losses.;22 of the victories were decided in knockouts. However, some critics hold the view that he had it easy because of a resourceful coach. Of course, no one can be welterweight champions with fluke play either. He won the championship trophy in 2008 and successfully defended it until 2010 when he dropped out of the ring citing loss of close ones in the Haiti Earthquake. He lost the title to Victor Oritz in 2011. He regained the title in the 2011 match with Dejan Zavec of Slovenia.

Victorious return He was tested positive for a banned substance in 2012, but it was proved to be a result of contamination. He eventually regained his license. In 2012, he fought Guerrero, where he narrowly lost after a hectic fight. After an 8 month hiatus, he again returned in 2013 to face Jesus Soto Carass, but lost again. He took a long break again and trained at the legendary Virgil Hunter's gym with top players from the boxing world. He fought and won Steve Upsher, resuming the winning streak. Andre Berto is a very socially active person. He took part in the Black Out Boxing Movement in protest against police brutality and racist atrocities.

Haitian Roots: Both parents are form Haiti Haitian Deeds: Fought in the 2004 Olympic for team Haiti. Berto was to defend his title against "Sugar" Shane Mosley for a WBC, WBA welterweight title unification bout on January 30, 2010. However, Berto announced that he was withdrawing from his title unification bout against Mosley on January 18, 2010 due to family loss in the Haiti earthquake. Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN | 63

Haitian Descendants Among the Stars:


64 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Samuel Dalembert in Mavs uniform

Samuel Davis Dalembert is Finding it Tough to be in Touch

Samuel Dalembert accepts the Human Spirit Award from Mannie Jackson last year.

The NBA is a war ground! Of course, there are strict rules and regulations to keep the band of tough men in order, yet it is deďŹ nitely a battle zone with teams trying hard to beat each other. In this power game, persistence and heart always seems to win. It is a game of tough courage, and only a true heart can inspire that. So the Rams plundering the Washington Redskins 24-0 likely did have something to do with the Rams players sporting the powerful 'I can't breathe' message!

Samuel Dalembert And Nykesha Sales Visit Malnutrition Center In Haiti

moving to Montreal, Canada.

Haitian Deeds: Dalembert decided to travel to Haiti to help with relief efforts following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He also pledged $100,000 to UNICEF. He won the 2009–10 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for his contributions to Haitian people after the earthquake.[9] Since the disaster, Dalembert has continued to be involved in the Haitian recovery.

Has he heart? Although it's a little off-topic here, it makes sense because Dalembert has shown himself to be an athlete with true heart. His humanitarian side came out at its best during the relief efforts for the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Having been brought up in Haiti, Dalembert did as much as he could for the relief. He visited the country twice and pledged $100,000 to UNICEF. In fact, he also won the J.Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award in 2009-10. However, his humanitarian awards are not helping his performance lately. He has not been very impressive during recent games. Fans are totally ruthless with him, many suggesting the Knicks replace Dalembert with a Free Agent. Reigning views on him range from 'can't count on him', 'feel free to cut him', 'view him skeptically', 'he is likely to fade', 'leave him on the wire' and 'he is a non-factor'.

Samuel Dalembert donated $100,000 in January for Haitian relief efforts

Big man being tested Apparently, there is totally a devastating earthquake going on in Dalembert's athletic career and there is no UNICEF here for relief! He is a veteran player with 8 seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers, one year with the Houston Rockets, 1 year with the Milwaukee Bucks, and a season with the Dallas Mavericks before signing with the NY Knicks. He has been mainly moving around on account of bulk, but without skills this is not much use.

Haitian Roots: Dalembert was born in Port-auPrince, Haiti and lived there for fourteen years before

Samuel Dalembert donated $100,000 in January for Haitian relief efforts

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


NOIR & BLANC Dessin & Histoire by Joseph Kendy Š Kendy Joseph - Chevelin Illustration 2014 Chevelin illustration is an haitian art studio and comics publisher, dedicated to drawing and sequential art. Phone: +509 37 05 30 47 Email:

Scene #5

Scene #8

Scene #11 68 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Scene #1

Scene #3

Scene #6

Scene #7

Scene #9

Scene #10

Scene #13

Scene #14 Dessin & Histoire by Joseph Kendy

Scene #15

Scene #17

Scene #18

Scene #19

Scene #20

Scene #22

Scene #23

Scene #24

Scene #25

Scene #26

Scene #27

Dessin & Histoire by Joseph Kendy

Scene #28 Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Scene #29

Scene #30

Scene #31

Scene #32

Scene #33

Scene #34

Scene #35

Scene #36

Scene #37

Scene #38

Scene #39

70 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Scene #40 FIN Dessin & Histoire by Joseph Kendy

Photographer Johnny Redlightphotos Luc

Photographer Daniel Pierre

72 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Daniel Pierre

1. Q: Where did you meet your ďŹ rst love? A: I met my rst love in Haiti when I was 17 and he was my rst everything. 2. Q: Have you ever been hit on at WORK? A: Oh yes, all the time. I'm a beautiful, smart and outgoing woman, who wouldn't hit on me? Just kidding...

K e R O tim W . the

#5 % of 7.7

3. Q: Where would you like to meet your signiďŹ cant other? A: My ideal place to meet someone would be somewhere quite next to the ocean. I love listening to the ocean. It's really peaceful. Photographer Daniel Pierre

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


1. Q: Where did you meet your ďŹ rst love? A: I met my rst love in Junior High; he really caught my attention with a letter he wrote me in French.

2. Q: Have you ever been hit on on SOCIAL MEDIA? A: All the time, but I think it's all because I'm single; I get either compliments or irty messages almost every day.

3. Q: Where would you like to meet your signiďŹ cant other? A: To be honest I don't really have an ideal place to meet someone; it can happen in church, at a special event, through mutual friends, etc...




O S .





th f o


.5 2 1

Khainna Sejour

@ khaijolie 74 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Daniel Pierre

1. Q: Where did you meet your ďŹ rst love? A: High School and... And he broke my heart. It was the most painful think EVER! 2. Q: Have you ever been hit on at SCHOOL? A: Yes! OMG! All the time. They don't ever stop hitting on me at school. Which I'm okay with, it just means that I'm hot! 3. Q: Where would you like to meet your signiďŹ cant other? A: A Cruise! I just think it would be really cool meeting a guy the rst time while on a vacation.

. 3 #


H e C S th %




2 0.

Photographer Daniel Pierre


Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


1. Q: Where did you meet your ďŹ rst love? A: I met my rst love on the rst day of high school. 2. Q: Have you ever been hit on at the CLUB? A: It seems like whenever I go out to a bar/club girls are always trying to hit on me. It happened like 3 or 4 times. I sometime ask myself, do I look like a lesbian? 3. Q: Where would you like to meet your signiďŹ cant other? A: My ideal place to meet a signi cant other is a poetry lounge. Where you can sip on wine, listen to romantic poetry all night long, and dance some salsa.



e tim h t . he t 2 # of %


Emma Meneide @emeraldamia 76 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Photographer Daniel Pierre

1. Q: Where did you meet your ďŹ rst love? A: I actually never have been in love before. Love is a very strong word and with my generation nding love and being in a committed relationship is rare. 2. Q: Have you ever been hit on at CHURCH? A: I've never been hit on at church.

#1. RCH

CHU e time f th %o


3. Q: Where would you like to meet your signiďŹ cant other? A: My ideal place of meeting a signi cant other would be anywhere; you never know what God has in store for you. If I had to choose one place, it would be college. Photographer Daniel Pierre

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Pataswèl, a poem Kilè n'ap konprann Lè san kaye anba dra blan Dèy pa inifòm Eske nou bliye Tout silans Gen mezi bouch yo Nan prann lang Pa gen gramè Pa fòse moun gade w Si je l pa sou wout ou Tou manti pa fon Se lè w poko neye Gen pwofondè w rive Verite pa sanble w Dlo a ap desann Kite l mennen w Wa kenbe yon ti branch bwa Pi devan Pèson pap di w Peyi letranje gen maten Rèv pa valab Pèson pap di w Jan lari fawouche moun K'ap veye limyè wouj de bra balanse Vant kòde Bouch blanch Peyi letranje pa gen pye sabliye Pou moun bliye Nan gade twò lwen Nou bliye imaj konsyans devwale Pi pwòp pase syans K'ap grandi anba linèt Pèson pap di w Peyi letranje Gen kole boyo Gen soufle boutèy Gen dòmi nan seren Se pa jodi a nou ansam Nou pa janm fennen Nou pa janm pachiman Sa ka rive nou chanje syèl Lè sousi lavi mande sa Pasyans nou lonje nanm nou San longè Distans ki separe nou Youn ak lòt S'on lonbray k'ap di Nou tou lè de vivan M' sere w andanm Lè vètij vitrin pranm Pou m pa pèdi Lodè fèy sitwonèl Lodyans ap sikre Anba lalin

Ouvè fenèt pou chèche w San reyalize Van pa bay woulib Pou lòt kontinan Chante dlo je K'ap agase pòpyè M'ap tande w lwen M anvi w tou pre Ekspresyon lanmou sa a Fann souf mwen Tou blan Ou pa ta di sant mango dènye sezon Ki chape sou galata Peyi letranje fenèt pa souri Youn pè lòt Yap veye lanmò K'ap glise nan panno Nan peyi m Tout fenèt blayi Janm louvri Gade w Selman k' pou rete w Lè m rete m anvi wè koukouy San limyè wouj Pa banm kè sere Tan ale pa tounen Lanmou egzile Se vwal batiman Nenpòt ti van l'ap renouvle Nou kite peyi a Peyi a pa kite n Nou se de pwovèb K'ap benyen nan menm sans Mwen fèt nan ou Wap viv nan mwen Lè m antre m dous Tankou lalad men nan kou Je lanvè Anba kabann

Pa kite rèv nan wout Souf mwen detenn nan silans mwen M'anvi chante Pa gen konbit M'anvi danse Pagen banda Lanmou m pou peyi m Son sekous madichon Ki kenbe m nan zantray Kote m pase li avili m Tan an pèdi fòm Moun yo wè twoub Ti non jwèt tounen fado Poutan anba estati Libète a Chak moun s'on nimewo K'ap flannen sou papye Ni matematik Ni leta Youn pa garanti sekirite w Peyi letranje dèle peye Ranjman pyeje Gen timoun Pa gen lago Gen Granmoun Pa gen rigwaz Volan pou chofè Vitès pou leta Gen lakou Pa gen vwazen Asiyèt pa dòmi deyò Kafe pa koule nan devinèt Lè m anvi wè peyi m Solèy pa ka kenbe m

Lè w pa nan peyi w Souri w tèlman sèch Si w betize Van ka bwote l Nan figi w Menm lankansyèl Konn sa Lè m anvi wè w cheri M pran de kous soufrans Youn lage m Pòtay leogàn Lè machann bega Sou lavant Youn lage m Mariyani lè tanbou ap peze grangou Nan vè kleren Cheri pa koute jounal K'ap fè jouda Ou se peyi douvanjou

by Dovilas Anderson Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Jean-Baptist Point DuSableThe Haitian who Became the Father of Chicago It is said that he was born in Saint-Marc, Haiti, sometime around 1750. Born to a French father and an African-born mother who was a freed slave, he must have been educated (possibly) in France. Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable Dust at the Pioneer Court in Chicago, IL


1770s he must have sailed to New Orleans from where he eventually moved up the Mississippi River to Peoria, Illinois.

Jean-Baptist Point DuSable is regarded as the first permanent settler of what became Chicago, Illinois. This Haitian has several edifices named or renamed in his honor today, such as a school, a park, a harbor, a bridge and a museum. The city of Chicago positioned a marker in 1912 at the junction of Pine and Kinzie streets in his memory. A commemorative stamp was issued in 1987 in honor of Du Sable. His home in the 1780s at the mouth of the Chicago River which is acclaimed as a National Historic Landmark now lies in Pioneer Court.

Family life DuSable married a Potawatomi Indian woman named Kittihawa, better known as Catherine, with whom he had two children, a son and a daughter. Unable to become the chief of the Potawatomi tribe in spite of being increasingly involved in their affairs, he sold his property for the sum of $1200, which was a huge amount in those times, and moved to St. Charles.

ean-Baptist Point DuSable- Haitian remembered as the founder of Chicago

Guesses on his early life No definite information is known on his early life. His biography is sketchy and information is gleaned from the few interactions he had with the American and British governments. It is said that he was born in Saint-Marc, Haiti, sometime around 1750. Born to a French father and an African-born mother who was a freed slave, he must have been educated (possibly) in France. In the early



HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

A man of more than modest means By 1779, DuSable had built his cabin along the northern bank of the Chicago River close to Lake Michigan. Though his cabin was said to be a modest affair, it definitely was not compared to the standards of yesteryear. The original manuscripts which documented the sale of Du Sable's property help us to get a glimpse of the scale of his assets.

DuSable owned about 800 acres of land. His cabin was more than spacious; it comprised of five rooms as well as a roomy salon. The property included a long list of property structures such as a barn, bake An enterprising individual houses, smokehouses, and huts for DuSable was a Jack of all trades and employees, in addition to an orchard and worked in several roles such as a fenced garden. Mirrors, paintings and fine carpenter, miller, cooper and distiller. He furniture adorned his house. Du Sable was was a sailor first, and later worked as a fur and grain trader during the late 1770s in the definitely a self-made man. Great Lakes region and set his base in Alone in death what is now Chicago. He established a DuSable died in 1818, a penniless pauper thriving trading post there which served as and was buried in an unmarked grave in St. a major supply station for Native Charles, Missouri. However, his 20-year-old Americans, French and British explorers. home that was built on the shores of Lake His fluency in several languages such as French, Spanish, English and many Native Michigan stands testimony to his title as the 'Father of Chicago.' American dialects ensured his success as an entrepreneur and mediator. By Haiti Open Staff

CaRiMi & T-Vice Pre-Thanksgiving Event @ Oasis Night Life Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL Photographer: Wilton Antoine from HMIPIX.COM

84 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Image Source HMIPIX.COM

Image Source HMIPIX.COM

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


BMG Penthouse Red Carpet Event Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL Photographer: Amazon Pro

86 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015



Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


The Diaspora Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean Event This Year is Taking Place at the New Marriott in Haiti: June 15-17, 2015 About the Event:


he Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA) secretariat and its 24 member chambers from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean hold various leading business events throughout the year. The summer conference, regionally known as the Business Future of the Americas (BFA), will be held for the first time ever in Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the new Marriott Hotel from June 15 to 17, 2015. This year's BFA conference theme is Diaspora Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean and will provide the latest information and best practices on channeling investments from the diaspora and sustainable methods for working in emerging markets. This premier event will facilitate exceptional opportunities to network with more than 300 business leaders from the U.S., the Caribbean, Chile, and

Inside the new Marriott in Haiti

everywhere in between. With keynote speakers from globally renowned companies and organizations being strategically gathered in the Soul of the Caribbean, this conference further demarks Haiti and Latin America's emerging role in the global economy. The American Chamber of Commerce in Haiti is taking this annual conference one step further by adding a day to discuss Doing Business in Haiti. Through business panels, this additional day will shed light on identified investment challenges and provide solutions. Business-to-Business Meetings (B2Bs) are also planned for the entire day.

Speakers: Liesly Riddle Dr Keith Nurse Eric Guichard Jorge Quiroga Margo Kane


90 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Outside view of the new Marriott in Haiti

Programs: Arrivals & Registration: Jun 13 all-day One day tour by air from Port-au-Prince to the Citadelle Henry and the Palais Sans Souci Jun 13 @ 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Welcome Happy Hour at the Marriott Jun 13 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Tourists Excursions: Jun 14 all-day Tours & Arrivals registration – all day US Ambassador's Cocktail with Haitian cultural performance @ 8:00 pm Fair/Booths with sponsors: Jun 15 all-day BFA: Diaspora Investments in Latin America @ 10:00 am – 5:45 pm Presidential Dinner at Karibe@ 8:30 pm Business to Business matchmaking: Jun 16 allday Governing Board & Nominating CommitteeAACCLA board only @ 10:00 am General Assembly- AmCham boards & CEOs & AACCLA board @ 11:15 am Sponsored Lunch @ 1:00 pm CEO Meeting: Jun 17 @ 9:30 am Haitian- American Diaspora Forum II @ 10:00 am AmCham Haiti sponsored CEO Lunch @ 1:00 pm Tours: (You should be able to get a single photo for each tour via WEEK END BEACH ESCAPADE: Friday June 12th to Sunday June 14th: 2 nights at one of the

Backyard view of the new Marriott in Haiti

beach hotel located on “La Cote des Arcadins” (6580Km from Port-au-Prince). TOUR# CAPOD: June 14th, FULL DAY TOUR BY AIR TO THE NATIONAL HISTORY PARK. A SOFT ADVENTURE LIFETIME EXPERIENCE TO: “THE SANS SOUCI PALACE AND THE CITADELLE HENRY” TOUR# RUROD: June 16th, FULL DAY GUIDED RURAL TOUR OF “LA PLAINE DU CUL DE SAC” TOUR# PAPOD: June 15th, FULL DAY GUIDED COMBINATION “CITY AND MOUNTAIN TOUR” Registration: AACCLA'S “BFA” 2015 REGISTRATION RATES All included Early Bird: May 15 ? 550 USD (non members) – 450 USD (AmCham Haiti members) –500USD (AACCLA members) From May 15 ? 650 USD (non members) – 550 USD (AmCham Haiti members) – 600 USD (AACCLA members) Separate Fees BFA? 400 USD Presidential Dinner? 200 USD Doing Business in Haiti and/or B2B Matchmaking ?200 USD Visit: BFA2015HAITI.COM to Register

Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Chris Rock plays one of Haiti's revolutionary leaders, Dutty Boukman, in UPRIZE within his Critically Acclaimed movie TOP FIVE that is now playing in Theaters this December

TopFiveMovie-ChrisRock-RosarioDawson- Paramount-Pictures

Written, directed and staring Chris Rock himself, Top Five brilliantly written, directed and acted by Chris Rock. The movie plays out effortlessly as Andre Allen, the comedian, Chris Rock's character, tries to offer something more than funny materials as entertainment. He wants to do something serious for him to be taken seriously. In an effort to do a movie that is uplifting, he takes on the role of one of Haiti's revolutionary leader, Dutty Boukman. You'll read more about Boukman in the proceeding pages as we cover his heroic deeds for Haiti in this issue. Boukman is mostly known for his ceremony at Bois Caiman that most believed started the Haitian revolution. Now back to the movie. Throughout the Top Five movie, Andre Allen (Chris Rock's character) holds two small Haitian ags in most of his interviews as he tries to promote Uprize revolutionary movie, within his movie, lol. There is a particular remark that Spaghetti with ketchup is the #1 Haitian breakfast. He even offered Haitian food to some of the folks in the movie as he continues to promote it. All in all, the movie was beautiful and really fast. So good, you will want to see more of Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson’s unavoidable Cinderella story-like chemistry on the big screen. Haiti Open Magazine says, Go see it! 92 | HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

Top Five Movie Poster

by Jean Alfred Delva

Alfred Enoch portraying as a Hai an in ABC “How to Get Away with Murder”


es Gibbins, the

research, via wikipedia and imdb

character, in the new

that is, we found out within

ABC hit drama series

seconds that the guy was not

is the Hai an, but the actor Born

actually Hai an.

Alfred Lewis Enoch in Westmister, London, England is an English actor in real life.

The show is awesome. In fact, it's the biggest new hit drama on television this fall, from Shonda

In the episode tled "He Deserved

Rhimes, the prolific writer of Grey's

to Die" that aired on ABC Thursday

Anatomy and Scandal, starring Viola

November 6, 2014, Wes Gibbins

Davis as the defendant lawyer

answers Rebecca, the girl he just

extraordinary Annalise Kea ng.

finished having sex with and currently defending in court, "I'm not from Ohio, I was born in Hai , actually, and moved to Ohio when I was young." You should watch that par cular episode to at least see how believable that was. But a er a quick Hai Open Magazine by Jean Alfred Delva

, "I'm not from Ohio, I was born in Hai , actually, and moved to Ohio when I was young." Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


Avengers - Age of Ultron Starring Robert Downey Jr. May 1st

Ted 2 Starring Mark Wahlberg June 26

Jurassic World Starring Chris Pratt June 12

Mainstream Movies to Watch this Spring Mad Max Starring Tom Hardy May 15

Entourage Starring the Cast June 5


| HAITI OPEN Spring 2015

San Andres Starring The Rock May 29

Furious 7 Starring the Late Paul Walker April 3

Tomorrowland Starring George Clooney May 22

THANK YOUS: Alain Lemaire, chef Luca Garnago, photographer Steve Bennett, photographer Kalpesh Metha, writer Chevalier Mendes, graphics A.M.S. Wickrama, designs Joseph Kendy, illustration Zeek Boujoly Classic, photographer Dianna Pierrelouis, photographer Amazon from BMG, photographer Johnny Luc, photographer Wilton Antoine, photographer UNEP, photos Hassan Amed, photography Khainna Sejour, recruitment Dovilas Anderson, poet

JOIN THE TEAM To participate, contact us: Site: Email:

CONTRIBUTORS Jean Alfred Delva, 28 editor-in-chief (@asonofhaiti) born in Port-auPrince, Haiti and moved to Miami, FL at the age of 14 is a web developer and internet marketer by day with (for the past 6+ years with hundreds websites built and monthly paying internet marketing customers), a matchmaker with® (launched November 11, 2013 with 3,200+ members and counting with a Rankontre App for iOS iPhone and Android phones), and now a magazine publisher and editor in chief for this magazine you're reading. Think of him as “A Son of Haiti” delivering Haitian related digital contents.

Daniel Pierre, 28 photographer (danielpierre1986@hotmai resides in Port-auPrince, Haiti but travels multiple times a year throughout Europe and the United States taking photos as he travels. He has a bachelor in Linguistic, an actor since 2007 and a photographer for 4+ years. In his own words “photography is my life, I do it with my heart, my soul and body.” You can contact Daniel via email to book him either for work in Haiti or in the United States.

Shawna Apply, 25 makeup (@facetime_with_lipps) started her own mobile business in 2011 with Flawless looks as her first company and later developed that company to FACETIME Makeup Artistry. She has 7+ years in her line of work as a makeup artist, and has been doing freelance work for countless high-end clients. She enjoys doing makeup the most because of the reaction of satisfied customers after their makeovers. Her inspiring words to upcoming artists “do what you love and do it with passion, Fear is a lie and Creativity is timeless.” You can follow Shawna via Instagram to see her work. Spring 2015 HAITI OPEN |


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HAITI OPEN Spring 2015  

Cover: Nandy Latour @ilovenandy ~ Topics: Mainstream Haitian Celebrities, Taste of Haiti, Photos and Interview of Top Chefs, Beautiful Photo...

HAITI OPEN Spring 2015  

Cover: Nandy Latour @ilovenandy ~ Topics: Mainstream Haitian Celebrities, Taste of Haiti, Photos and Interview of Top Chefs, Beautiful Photo...

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