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Beckenbauer 'Loses Some Confidence in FIFA'

BERLIN (AFP) – Franz Beckenbauer, a member of FIFA's executive committee, said Tuesday he has lost some confidence in football's governing body after Russia and Qatar were awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively. At the start of this month, Russia beat England, Spain-Portugal and Netherlands-Belgium to win a ballot of FIFA's 22-strong executive members in Zurich for the rights to host the 2018 World Cup. Qatar then saw off bids from South Korea, Japan, Australia and the United States for the 2022 tournament, but Beckenbauer says he was disturbed after details of the voting were later leaked. "I have less confidence in FIFA," the German legend told daily Bild. "I'm disappointed how FIFA handled things after the voting.

"The seven losers were all left in disgrace. Especially England and Australia." England won only two votes out of a possible 22, while Australia picked up just a single vote, prompting a huge media backlash by the British media over the failure of the English bid. Beckenbauer is set to stand down from the executive committee next March, but he says FIFA's conduct in the wake of the decisions has left a bad taste in his mouth. "The executive members were told that neither us nor the public know the exact number of votes," he said. "We were only told after each round of voting, which countries were left. "And then I hear a couple of hours later on the radio, which countries received which share of the votes."

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US Warns Haiti Could Risk Aid Freeze WAKEFIELD, Canada (AFP) – The United States and Canada Monday signaled mounting impatience with the leaders of Haiti warning them to make greater efforts to resolve their nation's problems or risk an aid freeze.

Haiti, Drugs Top North American Talks Franz Beckenbauer,

"The temperature in DalFootball Confederation general las was (113 degrees), if I'm secretary Peter Velappan said not mistaken, in 1994 and that cooling down stadiums nobody criticized the U.S. at and training grounds with air the time," he said. conditioners was "not a soluSuch a change would contion," and warned that some flict with the schedules of European teams may boycott the Europe's major domestic the World Cup because of the leagues plus the Champiheat. Qatar's summer temperaons League. Platini said that ture can top 104 degrees. would be among a number of Also, FIFA executive comissues to be addressed. mittee member Franz Beck"How much rest time will enbauer said this month that we give to the players after the UEFA president making a one-time change to World Cup?" he asked. "If we Michel Platini the European league to allow play in January, well, will it be a February the World Cup to be played in winter in off and then we start again in March?" Qatar was a cheaper solution than air conPlatini said FIFA still had 12 years to ditioning all stadiums. solve the issue. At the same time, Platini was positive "We will discuss this heavily in the about the proposal Thursday by FIFA months and years to come," he said. president Sepp Blatter that Qatar's neighPlatini's remarks came a day after Asian boring countries could host games in 2022.

UEFA Wants 5-Referee System at Euro 2012 PRAGUE – Soccer's 2012 European Championship could be played using an experimental system of five match officials. The Union of European Football Associations decided Friday to ask again for permission from FIFA's International Football Association Board, the sport's rules-making panel. The IFAB limited five-referee trials to club soccer when it met in July. It approved the system for UEFA's Champions League and


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Platini Considers 2022 WCup in Winter in Qatar PRAGUE – UEFA president Michel Platini says he's OK with the idea of shifting the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to winter from summer to avoid extreme desert temperatures. After a UEFA executive committee meeting in Prague on Dec. 10, Platini said it would be easier to organize the World Cup in January, instead of June. "It's true that if we talk about the World Cup in the Gulf in January, that would be easier than to play in June," Platini said. "On that I agree, and why not? It's possible." Qatar received the 2022 World Cup last week, despite concerns the intense heat poses a serious health risk if the tournament is played in summer. Platini defended the choice of Qatar, saying players already had to face extreme heat at the 1994 World Cup in the United States.


"Maybe, it would be a World Cup for the entire Gulf," Platini said. FIFA is breaking new grounds by sending the World Cup to Eastern Europe and Middle East for the first time, with Russia to host the 2018 games in an effort to expand from its traditional strongholds. FIFA's choice was greeted with surprise, especially in England and the United States. It sparked allegations that the bid process was too secretive and open to corruption. Platini said "any of the bids could organize the World Cup perfectly" but Russia and Qatar asked in their presentations: "When will we have our chance, when will we be able to shine?" "Maybe, the members of the executive committee felt it was a good opportunity to go to that part of the world ... the region that has never hosted the World Cup," Platini said.

Europa League competitions roots work and entering until 2012. lower-tier tournaments Players who reached the IFAB comprises delegates such as the under-17 from FIFA and the four Brit- 100-mark include greats such girls championship. ish national federations, and The amount repreis next scheduled to meet in as Bobby Charlton, Luis Figo, sents a 15 percent rise March. funding from Euro Paolo Maldini and Zinedine on Euro 2012 will be played 2008, which was coin Poland and Ukraine, and hosted by Austria and Zidane. profits from the 16-nation Switzerland. UEFA tournament will help fund reported a surplus of each country a total of 9 million increased payments to UEFA's 53 euro ($11.9 million) from 2012- 250 million euro (then $394 milfederations. 16. Some of the money must be lion) on that tournament on revUEFA agreed Friday to pay invested in women's soccer, grass enue of 1.3 billion euro (then

WAKEFIELD, Canada (AFP) – The top US, Canadian and Mexican diplomats met here Monday to help Central American nations fight drug cartels and ensure contested Haitian election results are properly reviewed, US officials said.

page 5 Obama Rejects Call for Curtailing Aid to Haiti QUEBEC, Canada — The Barack Obama administration has rejected a call by a leading American legislator to curtail aid to Haiti in the wake of what has been described as the recent fraudulent elections in the impoverished, French-speaking Caribbean Community country.

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Art & Culture $2.04 billion). Also Friday, the executive committee agreed to create an award that will honor all European players who have made 100 international appearances. Players who reached the 100mark include greats such as Bobby Charlton, Luis Figo, Paolo Maldini and Zinedine Zidane. The European record is held by Latvia's Vitalijs Astafjevs who retired last month after his 167th international match.

Bethova Releases Album Dec. 12 at Sob's.

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Haitian police clashed with demonstators briefly along a protest march in Port au Prince. Angry with the botched election process, marchers overturned a barricade at a roadblock blocking their pass and threw stones at the police.

Haiti Seeks International Help to Resolve Election Dispute The Haitian Times Newswires PORT-AU-PRINCE– Haiti’s President René Preval turned to the international community on Dec. 14 to resolve a tense election stalemate that has imperiled earthquake and cholera relief efforts. Préval asked the Organization of American States to send experts to help with a vote recount and deal with legal challenges arising from the first round of Haiti’s presidential elections on November 28, which sparked violent protests. “Faced with difficulties resulting from the first round of the elections and in the hope of reassuring all the actors, the president of the Republic asked the OAS to send two technical missions,” Preval’s office said in a statement. The missions - one to assist the vote recount and the other to help with legal challenges - were to arrive in Port-au-Prince on Dec.15. The chief loser in the elections, popular singer Michel Martelly, called earlier Tuesday for re-vote that would include all 18 candidates - turning the clock back to the beginning of a process already fraught with tension. “The simplest solution in my opinion would be a single round, supervised by

international and national organizations,” Martelly told a press conference. He argued that the person who won the most votes in the new round should be declared the outright winner to replace Préval. During the turmoil since the preliminary vote count, Mirlande Manigat, the 70-yearold law professor and former first lady in first place, has kept her calm and stayed in

Martelly accused Préval of rigging the November vote in favor of Jude Célestin, who unexpectedly came in second place. the classroom and her stucco-walled office. In an interview with The Associated Press on Monday, she blamed the discord on a “crisis of confidence” with Haiti’s electoral officials. She also defended her decision not to par-

ticipate in a recount and said she is open to power-sharing agreements with other parties as a means of emerging from the crisis. Manigat is not new to the dirty business of Haitian politics. Her husband, Leslie Manigat, was elected in a criticized 1988 election under a military junta that quickly ousted him in a coup. She won a Senate seat in 2006 but resigned in protest when her husband was denied a run-off in a compromise favoring now-President Rene Preval. Her supporters clashed with U.N. peacekeepers in two provincial cities between the dysfunctional Nov. 28 election and the much-critcized Dec. 7 announcement of results, throwing rocks and burning tires to demand she be declared the winner. Haiti has been struggling to get back on its feet since a massive earthquake January 12 killed 250,000 people, left 1.3 million people homeless and leveled the capital of what was already one of the world’s poorest countries. Adding to its woes is a cholera epidemic that since October has claimed the lives of nearly 2,200 people, overburdening an already fragile health system. see ELECTION on page 12


The Haitian Times






ment américain, l'un des principaux contributeurs du processus électoral, envisage de favoriser des investissements de l'ordre d'un milliard de dollars en Haïti en 2011. Interrogé sur les diverses propositions de sortie de crise, Kenneth Merten a rappelé que les Etats-Unis sont opposés à toute formule de gouvernement provisoire. Par ailleurs, le diplomate américain a démenti les rumeurs relatives au déploiement de marines sur le territoire national.

L'ambassadeur des Etats-Unis à Portau-Prince, Kenneth Merten, exhorte les autorités haïtiennes à prendre au sérieux les menaces du sénateur américain Patrick Leahy relatives au gel de l'aide américaine à Haïti. M. Leahy est le président de la sous commission du département d'Etat et des opérations étrangères chargée d'approuver l'assistance américaine à Haïti. En ce qui a trait à la demande de suspension des visas des officiels haïtiens et de leurs familles, le diplomate américain s'est refusé à tout commentaire. Au cours d'une conférence de presse, M. Merten a rappelé la position du gouvernement américain dans la crise électorale. Les Etats-Unis ne supportent aucun candidat mais souhaitent la réussite du processus électorale a expliqué M. Merten qui a une fois de plus invité les candidats à contester les résultats par les voies légales. Les Etats-Unis n'ont pas encore décidé s'ils participeront ou à la commission de vérification envisagée par le CEP. M. Merten est plus préoccupé par les violences postélectorales. Le gouverne-

**** Aucune manifestation n'a été enregistrée au cours des dernières 72 heures. Les averses intermittentes dues à un front froid ont fait baisser l'ardeur des protestataires. Le directeur du Centre National de Météorologie (CNM), Ronald Semelfort, annonce que les pluies se poursuivront au cours de la journée de mardi. Une reprise timide des activités a été notée hie lundi dans plusieurs grandes villes. Dans la région métropolitaine de Port-au-Prince, le transport en commun, le commerce et certains établissements scolaires ont fonctionné normalement. Si les averses ont réduit l'ardeur des protestataires en Haïti, les haïtiens de la diaspora semblent vouloir prendre le relais. Environ 600 membres de la communauté haïtienne de Floride ont manifesté leur rejet du processus électoral samedi dernier. A l'initiative de l'organisation Véyé Yo, les manifestants ont réclamé l'annulation du scrutin et le départ du président Préval. L'ex councilman de North Miami, Jacques


December 15-21, 2010

Despinosse, est l'un des leaders du mouvement. Dans les prochains jours les haïtiens envisagent de réaliser des sit-in devant les sièges de l'ONU et de l'OEA. Ils critiquent le comportement du chef de la Minustah, Edmond Mulet et du chef de la mission d'observation de l'OEA/ Caricom, Colin Granderson. Entre temps, le nonce apostolique, Bernardito Oussa, révèle que l'organisation d'une élection avec un seul tour de scrutin est envisagée. Par ailleurs, l'ancien directeur général du CEP, Jacques Bernard, serait rentré au pays 7 jours après le début de la crise postélectorale. M. Bernard consultant de l'Usaid devrait notamment apporter un appui au Centre de Tabulation des Votes. L'ex directeur général du CEP avait institué ce département lors des joutes de 2006. **** L'un des influents sénateurs américains, Patrick Leahy, appelle l'administration Obama à suspendre l'appui budgétaire au gouvernement haïtien et à annuler les visas des principaux officiels du gouvernement Préval jusqu'au dénouement de la crise postélectorale. Les déclarations du sénateur Leahy interviennent alors que la communauté internationale intensifie la pression contre les autorités haïtiennes pour une correction des résultats du scrutin contesté du 28 novembre. ” Comme si le pays n'avait pas assez de problème, ceux qui sont au pouvoir, une fois de plus essaient de corrompre la volonté du peuple”, insiste le sénateur démocrate.

M. Leahy est le président de la sous commission du département d'Etat et des opérations étrangères chargée d'approuver l'assistance américaine à Haïti. ” Les Etats Unis doivent intervenir directement pour supporter les droits du peuple haïtien à choisir librement et honnêtement leurs dirigeants”, insiste M. Leahy. Il précise qu'Haïti a besoin d'un gouvernement légitime respecté par les haïtiens et reconnu par la communauté internationale. ” En suspendant l'appui budgétaire ainsi que les visas des officiels du gouvernement et des membres de leurs familles les Etats-Unis enverront un message clair au gouvernement”, assure M. Leahy. **** Le secrétaire d’Etat américaine, Hillary Clinton, a déclaré lundi que Washington souhaitait voir les autorités haïtiennes faire davantage pour parvenir à un dénouement de la crise post-électorale en s’alignant clairement sur une proposition d’un très influent Sénateur démocrate prônant le gel de l’aide américaine à Haïti et la suspension des visas des principaux officiels. ”Nous attendons plus” du gouvernement en matière de reconstruction et de transparence démocratique, a répété Mme Clinton invitée à commenter les propos du congressman lors d’une rencontre avec ses homologues du Canada Lawrence Cannon et du Mexique Patricia Espinosa. Patrick Leahy, président de la puissante commissee A TRAVERS HAITI on page 23

Pourquoi sommes-nous si obsédés de politique? Du côté de chez Hugues

par Hugues St. Fort

J’ai longtemps évité de discuter de politique haïtienne dans cette chronique hebdomadaire « Du côté de chez Hugues  » que je tiens régulièrement depuis 2002 sur . Linguiste de formation mais passionné de littérature et de sciences humaines, j’ai consacré ma chronique à réfléchir sur la question des langues en Haïti et à travers le monde, aux problèmes généraux de société, à l’immigration haïtienne dans les grands pays d’accueil occidentaux, sur l’évolution de la littérature haïtienne, sur le cinéma, sans oublier ma passion des comptes rendus de livres de fiction et de non-fiction. J’ai évité de discuter de politique haïtienne en public à cause de son intrusion dans tous les interstices de la vie sociale haïtienne (même dans l’émigration) et surtout à cause des débordements auxquels elle donne lieu. En dernière analyse cependant, elle se réduit finalement à une réalité  : l’obsession de devenir président d’Haïti ou d’occuper un poste officiel important dans un gouvernement. La politique, c’est l’obsession des Haïtiens. Presque tous, qu’ils vivent dans l’émigration (mais surtout la première génération, c’est-à-dire ceux qui sont nés en Haïti et ont émigré à l’âge adulte) ou qu’ils vivent dans le pays d’origine, ne rêvent que de se faire un nom dans la politique haïtienne ou devenir un

jour président d’Haïti. Je n’ai jamais bien compris cette obsession à devenir président d’un pays où semblent se concentrer tous les problèmes qui minent l’ensemble des pays sous-développés. Ont-ils jamais pensé aux énormes difficultés qui les attendent ? Si oui, comment comptent-ils les résoudre ?

La plupart de mes compatriotes qui veulent devenir présidents n’ont jamais révélé même à un niveau minimum des qualités fondamentales qui pourraient favoriser tant soit peu un environnement propice à créer de la croissance économique, une éducation appropriée aux besoins du pays, un système de santé convenable, une agriculture débarrassée des outils dont on se servait à l’époque coloniale, un système de justice efficace et une capacité à gérer les ressources humaines du pays. Presque tous n’ont fait que jouer sur la fibre populiste et démagogique et ont vite fait de se débarrasser brutalement de toute opposition. Est-ce parce que parler de politique est plus facile que s’attaquer courageusement aux problèmes réels du pays ? Est-ce parce que faire de la politique en Haïti est le raccourci le plus facile pour s’enrichir puisque l’État haïtien a toujours été le plus gros employeur de la société  haïtienne continuellement en état de chômage. Dans la tradition occidentale d’explication des relations sociales, «  l’homme est un loup pour l’homme  » (Hobbes). La violence caractérise donc les sociétés humaines qui doivent avoir recours à un État dont le pouvoir illimité permettra aux hommes de vivre ensemble en société. La politique est donc tout ce

qui relève de la capacité d’un État à gérer, organiser, et conduire un gouvernement. Mais l’État acquiert ainsi le monopole de la violence physique établie par un ordre juridique qu’il contrôle également. La culture politique haïtienne et la perception du pouvoir par la collectivité haïtienne ont longtemps été le reflet brut et fidèle de ce schéma de base de la politique en Haïti. Le terme créole « Leta  » signifie exactement ce schéma de base qu’on trouve dans l’expression « Ou fè sa w vle, ou se Leta ». C’est pour cela aussi que certains Haïtiens pensent qu’ils peuvent piller sans vergogne les caisses de l’État.

Il est incroyable que le séisme du 12 janvier 2010 n’ait rien enseigné à la classe politique haïtienne. Car finalement, s’il n’a pas réussi à le faire, qui ou qu’est-ce qui réalisera ce tour de force ? Arriveronsnous jamais à défendre ensemble un projet commun, celui de lutter tous ensemble pour bâtir finalement une nation haïtienne qui n’a jamais existé qu’à travers des discours creux et démagogiques ? Rarement, le peuple haïtien a pu choisir librement ses dirigeants. Presque toujours, nos dirigeants nous ont été imposés par des forces extérieures avec le concours des élites haïtiennes accrochées à reproduire des structures économiques et sociales qui favorisent l’exclusion, les abus sociaux, la destruction physique de l’environnement haïtien, les préjugés de toutes sortes. Les rares fois où un président haïtien a été élu légitimement, les forces extérieures et leurs relais intérieurs lui ont offert une opposition tellement scandaleuse, tellement hystérique qu’il a du avoir

recours aux vieux démons du populisme destructeur qui assaillent certains chefs d’état dans ces circonstances et commettre les pires erreurs qui ont apparemment justifié son renversement. D’une manière générale, sommes-nous en train d’assister en Haïti (depuis 1986 et la chute de la dictature de Duvalier) à une transition à la démocratie qui n’en finit plus ou alors est-ce que la longue tradition du despotisme haïtien (cf. Robert Fatton Jr. et son excellent livre, The Roots of Haitian Despotism, 2007) s’est tellement bien établie, a fait tellement corps avec les mentalités et les habitus de la population qu’il est devenu vain d’attendre quelque chose d’autre ? Tout le problème est là. Aujourd’hui en cette fin d’année 2010, tout Haïtien qui suit l’histoire contemporaine d’Haïti sait que le prochain «  vainqueur » de ces soi-disant élections est déjà choisi et que tout le reste n’est que de la poudre aux yeux. Les résultats du premier tour qui viennent d’être livrés au grand public ne font que confirmer la duplicité et le cynisme des maîtres du pouvoir en Haïti et de leurs alliés étrangers. En ce qui me concerne, je referme cette parenthèse que j’avais ouverte il y a deux ou trois semaines pour faire part de certaines réflexions publiques sur la politique haïtienne. Je n’y reviendrai plus, du moins pas en public. Je retourne à mon travail de départ, c’est-à-dire réfléchir sur le rôle du linguiste dans les sociétés créolophones. Contactez Hugues St.Fort à

December 15-21, 2010

US Warns Haiti Could Risk Aid Freeze WAKEFIELD, Canada (AFP) – The United States and Canada Monday signaled mounting impatience with the leaders of Haiti warning them to make greater efforts to resolve their nation's problems or risk an aid freeze. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said there was ”a growing frustration... that as we're approaching the one-year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake that there hasn't been the kind of coordinated, coherent response from the government of Haiti that is called for.” Haiti, hit by more upheaval and unrest following the disputed results of November presidential elections, topped the agenda for North American talks in Canada. The United States and Canada have led efforts to pump aid and know-how into Haiti since the January 12 earthquake which devastated the capital Portau-Prince, killed 250,000 people and left 1.3 million homeless. ”We understand that the government itself was badly damaged, individuals were traumatized, but there has to be a greater effort and there has to be a more focused approach toward problem solving,” Clinton said. She met with Canadian Foreign Ministers Lawrence Cannon and their Mexican counterpart Patricia Espinosa in Quebec

to discuss Haiti, as well as Canada-USMexico border security, regional trade and the fight against drug cartels. Clinton said Friday's call to suspend direct aid to Haiti from Senator Patrick Leahy, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, ”should be heeded by the leaders of Haiti that this is a very strong signal that we expect more and we're looking for more.” Leahy also urged Washington to deny travel visas to top Haiti officials to force a fair outcome to the Caribbean nation's disputed presidential elections. His appeal came after violent protests -triggered by charges of vote-rigging -- left five dead in cities around the impoverished Caribbean country. Clinton said Washington continues to support sending technical experts to Haiti ”to try to resolve many questions raised by the election.” ”People are trying to push forward in a difficult environment and we want to see progress on the ground,” she said. Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon stressed Haiti ”remains a grave concern,” adding the international community ”cannot do everything.” ”Haiti's political actors must fulfill their responsibilities and demonstrate a firm commitment to democratic principles,

Security Council Calls for End ing tires. Haiti's electoral council has said it will recount the ballots. ”The members of the Security Council NEW-YORK-The Security Council has called on all sides in Haiti to refrain called upon the Haitian authorities to from further violence in the dispute over ensure a calm and peaceful environment preliminary results from last month's and urged 'MINUSTAH', the UN Stabifirst round of presidential and legislative lization Mission in Haiti to continue to extend its critical support in this regard,” elections. In a press statement Dec. 11 following Ambassador Susan Rice of the United a briefing from Under-Secretary-Gen- States, which holds the Council presieral for Peacekeeping Operations Alain dency for this month, said as she read out LeRoy, the 15-member body ”under- the statement, which also voiced ”deep concern” at the vioscored their concern about allegations of The electoral crisis lence. The electoral crisis fraud and expressed caps a year of disastheir strong commitcaps a year of disas- ters for the poorest ment to supporting country in the Westfree and fair elections ters for the poorest and called on all politern Hemisphere, ical forces to work country in the Western which has already been ravaged this through the electoral Hemisphere. year by a devastating process to ensure that earthquake in Januthe will of the people ary and a still raging is reflected in the outcome of the election.” cholera epidemic that erupted in October. The quake killed over 200,000 people According to media reports, thousands of protesters have been rampaging and displaced some 1.3 million others, through the streets of Port-au-Prince, the most of them still living in crowded and unsanitary tent camps. capital. The epidemic has already killed some They set fire to the headquarters of the ruling government coalition, which they 2,120 people, with over 44,150 others accused of rigging the results, after Tues- hospitalized. Ever since the 28 Novemday's announcement that former first lady ber elections Secretary-General Ban Mirlande Manigat and outgoing President Ki-moon has been appealing for calm, Rene Preval's party candidate Jude Celes- warning that worsening security would tin qualified for the January presidential hamper efforts to address both disasters. MINUSTAH, with nearly 12,000 milirun-off by coming in first and second. Popular musician Michel Martelly was tary and police personnel currently on less than one percentage point behind in the ground, has been in the country third place, but thus excluded from the since mid-2004 after then president Jeanrun-off, and his supporters set up burning Bertrand Aristide went into exile amid barricades of timber, boulders and flam- violent unrest. The Haitian Times Newswires

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon

including respect for the integrity of the electoral process,” he said. Cannon said it was ”critical” that a recounting of the November 28 ballot be addressed in a ”timely and transparent manner” and ”that calm be restored in the streets.” Tuesday's results sparked angry declarations from rival candidates who have vowed to use legal means to secure a place in the race to succeed Haiti's President Rene Preval. In the wake of two days of clashes, the electoral commission is reviewing the

The Haitian Times


results that showed singer-turned-politician Michel Martelly had been defeated by less than 7,000 votes by Preval's handpicked protege Jude Celestin, who won a place in next month's presidential run-off. Martelly's supporters have alleged voterigging in a nation with a history of political upheaval, corruption and violence. In a bid to counter widespread allegations of fraud, Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has announced plans to add up all the tally sheets in the presence of the three main candidates. The election commission gathered key parties Monday in a bid to unblock the impasse. Monday's meeting offers hope of breaking the political stalemate and perhaps some clarity on whether or not the main candidates, especially Martelly, will support the planned tally sheet recount. Clinton, Cannon and Espinosa also reaffirmed their commitment ”to trilateral cooperation and coordination” in policing and disaster preparedness, as well as to bolster continental ”security” and ”competitiveness” in global trade. Senior US officials had said North American governments feared drug cartels could relocate to Central American nations as they faced government crackdowns in Mexico and Colombia.

Ambassadors Urge Haiti to Trust in Vote Review PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AFP) – Key ambassadors to Haiti called on the country's leaders to resolve a post-election crisis, which has been aggravated by a controversial vote recount due to begin on Monday. Envoys from the United Nations, the United States, the Organization of American States and the European Union urged Haiti's presidential candidates to avoid violence by pursuing legal means to challenge the election results. The joint statement, on the eve of a Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) meeting to discuss forming a commission to sort out the dispute, invited the candidates ”to take part in the process of establishing the commission.” Separately, the Club of Madrid, a forum of 79 former world leaders, called on the international community to beef up its presence in Haiti ahead of January's runoff vote to prevent more violence and election irregularities. Meanwhile, conservative US politician Sarah Palin, undeterred by a deteriorating security situation and riots that left five people dead, toured the quake-hit Caribbean nation with US evangelical group Samaritan's Purse. The potential 2012 presidential candidate comforted child cholera victims at a clinic on Saturday and visited a camp that shelters victims of the January quake, which killed 250,000 people and left 1.5 million homeless. ”I've really enjoyed meeting this community,” Palin said. ”They are so full of joy. We are so fortunate in America and we are responsible for helping those less fortunate. Samaritan's Purse is still here doing the tough work.”

Palin's arrival came as life finally began to return to normal in Haiti for the first time since since Jude Celestin, President Rene Preval's handpicked protege, made it through to a second round run-off in flawed elections. Markets and banks opened for business for the first time since violent protests erupted on Tuesday when the results were announced. The streets of the capital, eerily deserted Friday as tire smoke lingered in the air, were once again teeming with people Saturday, many of them stockpiling goods, fearful the period of calm may not last long. In a bid to counter the widespread allegations of fraud and stave off further protests, the CEP announced plans to add up all the tally sheets in the presence of the three main candidates. But those plans are now in disarray. Celestin's qualification for the secondround run-off came at the expense of popular opposition candidate Michel Martelly, who he edged out by less than 7,000 votes. Martelly has already accused the government of having fixed the result, and in an angry letter to the election commission, dismissed a process he said would be rigged again. ”The solution of this public farce, which has already caused some regrettable losses in human lives is certainly not a simple recount of the tally sheets in the possession of the CEP,” he wrote. The singer-turned-politician called for ”the cancellation of tally sheets from polling stations that were sacked, vandalised, the object of massive and scandalous fraud see REVIEW on page 23


The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

House Approves Bill Conferring Legal Status to Some Kids of Illegal Immigrants

But DREAM Act, which stipulates educational achievement and service, may be doomed in Senate WASHINGTON — The House passed legislation Wednesday to give hundreds of thousands of foreign-born youngsters brought to the country illegally a shot at legal status, a fleeting victory for an effort that appears doomed in the Senate. The so-called Dream Act, which passed the House 216-198, has been viewed by Hispanic activists and immigrant advocates as a downpayment on what they had hoped would be broader action by President Barack Obama and the Democraticcontrolled Congress to give the nation's 10 million to 12 million undocumented immigrants a chance to gain legal status. Critics railed against the measure, calling it a backdoor grant of amnesty that would encourage more foreigners to sneak into the United States in hopes of being legalized eventually. The Senate is expected Thursday to vote on whether to advance similar legislation, but it's unlikely Democrats can muster the 60 votes needed to advance it past opposition by Republicans and a handful of their own members. ”It's an uphill struggle,” Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat, acknowledged. Debate on the measure was fraught with politics. Obama has made an intense public push in recent days in favor of the measure, eager to demonstrate his commitment to Hispanic voters, a key voting bloc that's been alienated by his failure to push

broader immigration legislation. forces should be given this opportunity to With the GOP taking control of the earn legal status,” one of the statements House and representing a stronger minor- said. ity in the Senate next year, failure to enact Obama's drive to enact the legislation the legislation by year's end dims the pros- and congressional Democrats' determinapects for action by Congress to grant a path tion to vote on it before year's end reflect toward legalization for the nation's mil- the party's efforts to satisfy Hispanic lions of undocumented groups whose backing immigrants. has been critical in elecTamar Jacoby of Immitions and will be again grationWorks USA, a Hispanic activists in 2012. pro-immigration employThe legislation would have described the give hundreds of thouers coalition, said the defeat won't end Consands of young illegal Dream Act as the gress' attempts to address immigrants brought to the issue but predicted United States before least Congress can the that future legislation will the age of 16, and who look far different. ”Anyhave been here for do on the issue. thing that they're going to five years and gradudo is going to disappoint ated from high school or comprehensive immigragained an equivalency tion reform advocates,” Jacoby said. ”It's degree, a chance to gain legal status if they going to be a tough haul” to tackle the joined the military or attended college. subject in the new Congress. Hispanic activists have described the The White House weighed in with Con- Dream Act as the least Congress can do on gress before the votes, issuing supportive the issue. It targets the most sympathetic statements that called the current immi- of the millions of undocumented people gration system ”broken,” and urged both — those brought to the United States as chambers to pass the measure ”while the children, who in many cases consider broader immigration debate continues.” themselves American, speak English and ”Young people who have spent much of have no ties to or family living in their their lives in the United States and want native countries. to improve their lives and their nation by Students who would be eligible for pursuing higher education or defending legalization under the bill have fanned the United States as members of the armed out across Capitol Hill in recent days to

personally lobby lawmakers to back it. A group of them was seated in the House gallery to watch the vote, and they broke out in cheers, some embracing each other as the vote on passage was announced. Earlier, Democrats took to the House floor to paint the measure as a matter of basic decency. ”Have a little compassion,” Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., said, directing his remarks at the GOP. ”These children came here, they didn't decide to come here. They know no other country. Some of them don't even know the language of the country in which they were born, and they deserve to have a right as free Americans.” Their pleas did little to move firm Republican opposition. ”It is not being cold-hearted to acknowledge that every dollar spent on illegal immigrants is one dollar less that's spent on our own children, our own senior citizens and for all those who entered this society who played by the rules, who paid their taxes and expect their government to watch out for their needs before it bestows privileges and scarce resources on illegals,” said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif. Just eight Republicans joined Democrats to back the bill, while more than three dozen Democrats broke with their party to vote against it. The story was first published on the

New York Mayor Bloomberg Says Jobs Require Less ‘Gridlock’ From Leaders New York Mayor Michael the Association for a Better New Bloomberg called on Democrats York and the Brooklyn Chamber and Republicans to go beyond of Commerce. “partisan gridlock” and ideologiBloomberg, 68, a one-time cal disputes and embrace “com- Democrat, switched to the mon sense” policies to stimulate Republican Party before running the U.S. economy and create jobs. for mayor in 2001 and 2005, only One way would be to repli- to give up all party affiliations cate the city’s in 2007, when Wo r k f o r c e 1 he began to The mayor was training proexplore an gram that independent ranked the 10th placed about presidential 30,000 in richest American with bid. He won jobs this year, election to estimated assets of a third four20 percent more than in term in $18 billion by Forbes year 2009, Bloom2009 on the berg said in Republican magazine in remarks preand Indepenpared for busidence Party September. ness execuballots. He tives in Brooklyn today. The has said he doesn’t intend to run city’s economy has fared better for president. than most of the U.S., with unemThe mayor, the majority owner ployment falling to 9.2 percent in of Bloomberg News parent October, the lowest since April Bloomberg LP, was ranked the 2009, and below the national rate 10th richest American with estiof 9.6 percent. mated assets of $18 billion by “As families struggle to get by, Forbes magazine in September. they have seen little but partisan He called upon elected offigridlock, political pandering and cials in Washington and the state legislative influence-peddling,” capital in Albany to encourage Bloomberg said at the now city- investment and entrepreneurowned Brooklyn Navy Yard to ship “instead of dependence on

taxpayer bailouts and taxpayer handouts.” Job Creation Bloomberg proposed five principles of job creation: immigration laws that permit students and investors to live in the U.S.; stable tax laws that instill investor and business confidence, interna-

tional trade promotion, “smarter regulation,” and less taxation of business. “For New York City to continue our growth, we need our federal and state governments to chart a middle way,” he said, “between a government that would stand on the sidelines and one that would

take over the game.” The mayor described as “very encouraging” the compromise between President Barack Obama and Republican congressional leaders to extend tax cuts and unemployment benefits, calling it “proof that bipartisanship really is possible.”

December 15-21, 2010

Haiti, Drugs Top North American Talks WAKEFIELD, Canada (AFP) – The top US, Canadian and Mexican diplomats met here Monday to help Central American nations fight drug cartels and ensure contested Haitian election results are properly reviewed, US officials said. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Ministers Lawrence Cannon of Canada and Patricia Espinosa of Mexico also met in the rural Quebec community of Wakefield to discuss border security and regional trade, US officials said. Arturo Valenzuela, the assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs, told reporters before leaving Washington that the three top diplomats will map out the agenda for a summit of their three leaders early next year. A portion of the meeting will be on ”broad foreign policy discussions,” he said.”The biggest emphasis will be with regard to Central America and also Haiti. I'm sure Haiti will be a very important part of the discussion,” Valenzuela said. Senior US officials said North American governments feared the drug cartels could relocate to Central American nations as they faced government crackdowns in Mexico and Colombia. ”As you get more success in Colombia and in Mexico, weaker states tend to become more a haven for these organizations,” one official told reporters on the

condition of anonymity. Central American states like Guatemala ”are arguably weaker states,” and they find it even harder to fight the drug cartels, another said. There is a ”tremendous need to address the problem of security in central America,” the official added. ”Central American leaders welcome Canadian and Mexican assistance and coordination on their borders,” another official said, adding the North American states can help strengthen the police and courts in Central America. Cannon has said meanwhile that Canada is offering to take part in an internationalled recount of ballots in Haiti's disputed presidential election, which has led to deadly rioting. The Canadian foreign minister suggested Sunday that Ottawa could be part of ”a mixed international committee” to supervise a fresh tally of ballots, after charges of irregularities marred the November 28 vote. The Haitian election saw President Rene Preval's handpicked protege Jude Celestin make it through to a second round run-off, edging out popular opposition candidate Michel Martelly by less than 7,000 votes. In a bid to counter widespread allegations of fraud and to stave off protests, Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has announced plans to add up all

Coderre, who represents an electoral district in Montreal that is home to a large Haitian diaspora, said Ottawa had promised to match 220 million dollars in donations for quake-ravaged Haiti, but has yet to release the monies. He also said the Canadian military's Disaster Assistance Response Team (or DART), which was sent in following January's earthquake, should be deployed again to the Caribbean nation.

the tally sheets in the presence of the three main candidates. But those plans are now in disarray after Martelly wrote an angry letter to the election commission, dismissing a process he

Haiti, hit by more upheaval and unrest following the disputed results of November presidential elections, earlier topped the agenda for North American talks in Canada. Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton signaled mounting impatience with the leaders of Haiti warning them to make greater efforts to resolve their nation's problems or risk an aid freeze.

said would be rigged again. US officials also sought to help the election review process. ”We've been following it very closely and are engaged to try to assure that the review is a proper review, that the legitimacy of the election can be enhanced through this review,” a senior US official said on condition of anonymity. ”I suspect that given the controversies surrounding the election that the discussion of Haiti may be more important than we might have envisioned it when we were first putting this meeting together,” he said. US officials said the three diplomas will also discuss developing common standards in renewable energy and sell the energy across all three markets. They said Mexico's strengths in developing solar and wind power.

Haiti Needs 'Military Airlift' of Supplies PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Sarah Palin urged Americans on Sunday not to forget Haiti as she wrapped up a weekend visit to an aid group's sites in this country vexed by a cholera epidemic, earthquake reconstruction and political crisis. Accompanied by her husband, Todd; daughter Bristol, a Fox News crew and the Rev. Franklin Graham, who runs the aid group that hosted her, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate arrived in Haiti during a respite from the riots and violence that have followed the Caribbean nation's dysfunctional Nov. 28 election. ”I do urge Americans not to forget Haiti,” she said at a Sunday afternoon news conference. Noting that severe problems afflicted Haiti even before last January's devastating quake, she said her fellow citizens should ”get out of your comfort zone and volunteer to help.” Palin visited Samaritan's Purse projects including cholera clinics where people are being treated for extreme dehydration. More than 2,000 people have died of

the disease, which scientists believe was recently reintroduced into Haiti, and nearly 100,000 have fallen ill. Palin's trip was largely closed to the press and she declined to take questions at the news conference. She traveled in part by helicopter, and the aid group declined to share her itinerary, citing security concerns. The U.S. State Department reissued last week its travel warning for Americans considering visits to Haiti. At the news conference, Palin created some confusion when she referred to a potential drawdown of U.S. assistance to Haiti. ”I know that there's been some discussion of U.S. aid perhaps being lifted from this area,” she said. ”Again — not to get political — but if some of the politicians would come here and see the conditions, perhaps they would see a need for, say, a military airlift to come bring supplies that are so needed here.” It was not clear what she was referring to, and a Palin spokeswoman declined to elaborate.


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Haiti's President Rene Preval early this year to discuss conditions in the country following the January 12 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Parliament Hold Emergency Debate on Haiti OTTAWA (AFP) – Canada's opposition on Dec. 13 called for troops to be sent to help stabilize Haiti and deal with a cholera outbreak, as parliamentarians readied for an emergency debate on Haiti's problems. Liberal MP Denis Coderre told AFP the opposition party during the session would also press Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government to send a special envoy to Haiti and release millions of dollars in aid funds.

The Haitian Times

U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, who is chairman of a Senate subcommittee that oversees appropriations for Haiti, recently called for the suspension of direct budget support to the Haitian government until a solution is found to an electoral crisis that has sparked riots in recent days. But his spokesman said Sunday that he was not referring to humanitarian aid or reconstruction money. Palin spoke about seeing firsthand the challenging economic, political and environmental conditions in which Haitians live and advocated ”fundamental changes,” including the need for job creation in agriculture and tourism sectors. ”Certainly I have a better understanding of the problems facing the country now, being here,” Palin said. Exclusive access durign the trip was given to Fox News, whose Greta van Susteren traveled with the group to Haiti. A video was also posted online by the aid group showing Palin holding hands with Haitian children, visiting cholera patients and handing out Christmas presents.

Sarah Palin

6 8

The Haitian Times


Haiti’s Miseries Require Problem Solving Approach Nearly a year since the January 12 earthquake; more than two months since the first cholera’s case, who in the Haitian Government, among the 19 presidential candidates, from the civil society has publicized any specific proposal or suggestion about how to resolve these tragic problems. When one of our children comes home with any kind of injury, we normally consider first how to address the situation before finding out who may have hurt the child. In the case of the earthquake, it seems that Haitian authorities, the candidates and the civil society, thought that whatever had to be done was entirely the responsibility of the international community. By analogy again, if I had waited for my good neighbors to take charge of my injured child, I would have to accept any decision they make. I could claim my parental rights if I had called in an MD. or take the child to emergency, or seek neighboring assistance if I realized my incapability to act by myself although I had some positive idea on what action to take. Unfortunately, all supposedly responsible people, even those at the top of the government, had no plan, no idea, except to say, “help me.” It is about time for the Haitians to take charge of themselves. Paula Newton reported December 13, 2010 on CNN that U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, at a joint news conference with her Canadian and Mexican counterparts, said. ”As we are approaching the one-year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake, there hasn't been the kind of coordinated, coherent response from the government of Haiti that is called for.” She added, ”We understand that the government itself was badly damaged. Individuals were traumatized, but there has to be a greater effort, and there has to be a more focused approach towards problemsolving.” Commenting on a proposal by U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont calling for a halt to direct aid to Haiti's government, Clinton conceded that the American government was becoming increasingly frustrated with Haiti's efforts to try to resolve the electoral crisis, but she said that suspending any aid would serve only to punish the Haitian people.” Clinton was attending a low-key

meeting in the quiet village of Wakefield, Quebec, with the foreign ministers of Canada and Mexico. She said all three countries would be offering more technical assistance to help Haiti sort through its election controversy. With regards to the cholera epidemic, no one seems to recognize and have the courage to explain to the Haitian people that regardless the initial reason for this sickness, its spreading is caused primarily by inefficient public hygiene and inadequate drinking water. A couple of cases in Dominican Republic and one in Miami, Florida did not spread because there was not the unsanitary conditions to facilitate such situation. Instead of recognizing the endemic inadequacy of public hygiene and clean drinking water availability to the Haitian population, some irresponsible religious reactionary individuals, after calling the epidemic a curse, are turning some fractions of the population against the Vodou religion and its faithful into victims of a criminal vendetta that seems worse than the antisuperstitious campaign of regrettable time. From an i-mail Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique Circulated in Haitian Kreyol, we have translated the following information signed by Max G. Beauvoir, Aty National of the “Konfederasyon Nasyonnal Vodouizan Ayisyen”: Although every body know it has been proven that the sickness was imported they are putting the origin of this calamity on Vodou. Already more than ten individuals have been killed in the south and several more in the north. Most of the time, the victims are the most vulnerable, women, older persons, or even handicap persons. Accused of possessing bottles that are spreading cholera, they are picked up, stoned to death then thrown in the streets where they are left to die, their cadavers abandoned to the devouring dogs. The country will not become any better as long as such atrocities are committed without any police intervention to protect the citizens against the craziness some ill informed individuals. Haiti will not progress in ignominy of any kind and for any reason.

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December 15-21, 2010

Haitian Constitution Hijacked; The Electoral Process under Under The


By Max A. Joseph Jr.

On December 7th, as previously announced, Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council CEP released the preliminarily results of the November 28th disputed elections amid daily protests for the annulment of the vote, which many Haitians consider tainted. One can only speculate as to what would have happened had a great majority of the 4.7 million eligible voters cast their ballots on November 28th, considering that less than a quarter of the electorate voted in these elections and it took the CEP nine days to tally the vote. According to the tally presented by the CEP president Gaillot Dorsinvil, which differed from the expectations of many, Préval’s handpicked candidate, Jude Célestin, received the second highest most votes 22.48 surpassing Michel Martelly. The popular singer, who claimed to have won 46.5 of the votes, came in third with 21.84, even though an obscure organization financed by the European Union (National Election Observation Council) had days before put him ahead of Jude Célestin. As such, Célestin will face Myrlande Manigat, a former first lady and the leading vote-getter 31.37, in the January 16th run-off. This inconsistency or rather confusing development is likely to add fuel to the already volatile situation and validates the notion of failed state that serves as basis for the occupation of Haiti. As a result of the November 28th travesty, the cholera epidemic, 2120 deaths so far, has now taken a back seat on the list of priorities of the U.N and the Haitian government. Despite a scientific report by French epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux pinpointing the outbreak to a Nepalese-manned base near a tributary of the Artibonite River, the U.N remains steadfast in its denial that its troops are responsible. Funded by the international community to the tune of 29 million of dollars, these elections were supposed to showcase political progress amid the despair wrought by the January 12th earthquake, but the dynamic in place presaged what transpired on Nov 28th. Besides the presence of MINUSTAH, the imperial occupation forces, the exclusion of the country’s largest political party and the monopolization of the economy by Haiti’s elite families, the electorate had to contend with pitiable politicians whose thirst for power verged on the pathological. When history revisits these elections, its definite conclusion will be that the international community, which colluded with Préval to disenfranchise a majority of the electorate, had gotten its money worth. Any recount with an outcome different than that announced on December 7th will further discredit the process. The statement of the head of the joint Organization of American States-Caribbean Community mission implying that

the CEP could consider putting a third candidate in the runoff is paternalistic and highlights the duplicitous nature of the occupation. It clearly shows that the alleged mission to promote the “rule of law” in Haiti can be replaced by the “rule of necessity” as long as the latter serves the interests of the international community. Basically, the CEP is being ordered by these representatives of the international community to violate the Haitian Constitution in order to validate the electoral fraud perpetuated on behalf of the government-backed candidate and placate the supporters of a victimized candidate. Betting on everyone, the international community will likely emerge the winner in this convoluted and surreal atmosphere that calls for the Haitian people to seize control of their destiny or face the prospect of genocide. Stability under the barrel of guns is at best ephemeral, a time-honored reality that continues to escape the attention of the self-appointed nation-builders in this world. The widespread disturbances over the election results will likely die down, since they do not address the overriding issue, which remains the illegal occupation of the country (2004-?). In the name of stability (subjective), this occupation has turned Haiti into a plantation where a select group of Haitians conspired with the international community to subjugate the population. Under Gérard Latortue, the imperial prime minister 2004-06, impunity and unaccountability became an institutionalized form of government at par with the worst dictatorships Haiti had endured throughout its 206-year history. Though the extrajudicial executions of innocent Haitian citizens that took place under Latortue were, in legal parlance, crimes against humanity, the buffoon former prime minister was allowed to ride into a golden exile and never held accountable for his criminal deeds. One can only hope the unconcealed attempt at subverting the Constitution on November 28th finally brings the rule of law in Haiti. For this to happen, Préval and his minions at the CEP must account for the lives that were lost and their Machiavellian deed, which could plunge the country into anarchy. Such precedent will deter future presidents from destroying the foundation upon which Haiti must stand in order to prosper, protect its identity and sovereignty from predatory countries that never ceased to deny its people their rightful place in the family of nations. Though we are living in an interdependent world and political relations with other countries are essential to progress and development, this reality however does not require Haiti to belong to collective international organizations, which he predates by more than a century. The paternalistic and harmful attitude of these political bodies toward Haiti calls for a reassessment of the country’s membership in these organizations which, thus far, has caused more harm than good as it correlates to its sovereignty and its people’s inalienable right to self-determination. Contact Joseph at

The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

Chaos in Haiti, Not Really Ilio's


By Ilio Durandis

During my short lifetime, I have lived under a dictatorship, and witnessed it demise. I have seen six coup d'état, numerous provisional governments, two foreign occupations under the direction of United Nations, an invasion of US forces on our soil, the kidnapping of a democratically elected president, and a few rigged elections. Chaos and instability are all too common, and regrettably the only inheritance that my generation has received from the previous ones. At one point during our strive for democracy, it was fashionable to burn alive those who had done wrong to the society or abused their power. It was also common practices for the military to terrorize its own people. Scores of innocent Haitians have lost their lives because they did not want to live an eternal hopelessness, and have questioned the failure of their government. Haiti has had worst days, and certainly what we have witnessed more recently is nothing new and sadly will not end anytime soon. It seems like Haiti was made for chaos. Every fiber of the society is aligned for disagreement, division, hatred, and pure egoism. The only time the country ever had a semblance of a working society, the people were deeply oppressed and would disappear in an instant if there was any suspicion that they were badmouthing the government. That was during the Duvalier regimes, which did more ill to our psyche and development than any expert could have ever recognized. It is clear what we are witnessing is a well-coordinated game plan from all involved, the Haitian government, the leading candidates and the international

community. The end result will be nothing short than a continuation of the status quo. Some people are talking about a civil war or even a revolution, and I am here telling you those are the farthest things that will happen in Haiti, as presently constituted. It is true that conditions on the ground would support a revolution by the mass or a civil war between the different opposing fractions, but again the reality is telling us something different. Everything is being orchestrated and all players are in tune with the movement of the conductor. Elections were fraudulent because this is what the power brokers wanted. The mixed messages that have been published since the electoral council published their results are nothing more than part of the musical notes. It is evident that the haves-not will continue to suffer and be marginalized all in the name of a pseudo-democracy. I was not surprised to see a few people took the streets of the capital, and other major cities after the results were announced. Regardless of whom were in the top two, the country would have been lit up by burning tires the day after. Partisanship runs deep in Haiti, and the concept of losing with grace is alien to most. We have a society that lives for disorder. There was nothing spontaneous about the chaos that we saw took place in Haiti, many of the leaders of the demonstrations are paid agents. Granted, some of the people who were on the streets were probably deeply frustrated and furious at the system in place, but for the most part the leaders of those demonstrations are simply doing a job. We all should know what a mass uprising would look like, especially if a deprived people were to really rise up and demand change. So far, the majority of Haitians have opted to stay home rather than risking their lives for selfish and visionless leaders. The possibility of a revolt or mass uprising is still great, but the power brokers have become experts in the population’s tendency that they know


In March 9, 2004, U.S. Marines patroled the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the request of the new Haitian President to help promote the constitutional political process, to prepare for the arrival of a U.N. multinational force, facilitate humanitarian assistance, and secure key sites in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

exactly how to tame us. The people who like to cause problem or chaos are too predictable, and one can tell that they are not really after permanent fix for the benefit of the country. How is possible that people were able to express their anger for a couple of days and without any solution just stop their demonstrations? Who really has the power to calm down a population that is seeking amelioration to their living conditions and respect of their constitutional rights? It was never about getting the elections right, it was never that the majority of people believed in Michel Martelly, and it was never about taking a stand against an incompetent government. For the most part, what we saw on the streets of major cities in Haiti last week was all too familiar to what Haiti has been going through in the past two decades: A group of people who know exactly how to manipulate a few in the population that would do anything just

to get paid. The orchestra is playing a nice symphony and for a moment almost got everyone to believe this is a new composition, in reality they are playing a symphony that was written a long time ago and all they’re doing is simply interpreting it. The Haitian people alone can start a revolution, and when that day comes it will not be to ask for spineless leaders, but to change the course of Haitian history. We are on the roads for change, but playing us for fool with fake elections and fake candidates is no way to make us believe that we are closer to our goal. The Haitian people will one day rise up and flood the country with their will for change and when that day comes, there will be no pretext or misconception that the day of the deliverance has come. Until then, let the orchestra plays its last symphony. Contact Ilio at

Democrats Should Be Ecstatic About Obama's Compromise Should Democrats reconsider their filibuster? Ever since President Obama secured a compromise with Republicans on tax cuts, hard-left quarters of the Democratic Party have been furious with Obama. On Thursday, one Democratic rep went so far as to say ”f-- the President” at a meeting of the House Democratic CauOPINION cus. But is their furor misplaced? Yes, according to The Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer. Unlike many of his fellow conservatives, Krauthammer calls the compromise a ”second stimulus” package disguised as a tax break. He's astonished that Democrats don't realize this. ”Barack Obama won the great tax-cut showdown of 2010 --and House Democrats don't have a clue,” he writes. ”In the deal struck this week, the president negotiated the biggest stimulus in American history, larger than his $814 billion 2009 stimulus package. It will pump a trillion borrowed Chinese dollars into the U.S. economy over the next two years.” He's also miffed at Republicans for going along with the president's compro-

mise. ”Some Republicans are crowing that Stimulus II is the Republican way--mostly tax cuts --rather than the Democrats' spending orgy of Stimulus I,” he continues. ”That's consolation? This just means

“In the deal struck this week, the president negotiated the biggest stimulus in American history, larger than his $814 billion 2009 stimulus package.” that Republicans are two years too late. Stimulus II will still blow another near-$1 trillion hole in the budget.” What do you think? Are Democrats missing out on a sweet deal? Somewhat predictably, Krauthammer's counterpart Paul Krugman disagrees.

President Barack Obama, accompanied by former President Bill Clinton, speaks briefly in the briefing room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 10, before giving the microphone to Clinton, where he talked about Obama's urging of the Congress to move on the tax compromise he made with Republican congressional leaders.


The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

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December 15-21, 2010

Spacecraft Saw ULF Radio Emissions over Haiti Before January Quake A French satellite observed a dramatic increase in ultra low frequency radio waves over Haiti in the month before the M7.0 earthquake earlier this year. Back in 2004, the French space agency CNES launched a small satellite called DEMETER into polar orbit some 700 km above the Earth's surface. DEMETER's is an unusual mission. Its job is to monitor low frequency radio waves generated by earthquakes. Today, a group of geoscientists release the data associated with the M 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti in January. They say that DEMETER saw a clear increase in ultralow frequency radio waves being

emitted from the Earth's the crust in that region in the build up to the quake. The anecdotal evidence of electromagnetic effects associated with earthquakes is legion. Various accounts link earthquakes with mysterious light and heating effects. Then there is the widespread evidence that certain animals can sense impending quakea, possibly because of a sensitivity to low frequency electric fields. But good data is hard to come by. Geoscientists have been measuring the currents that flow through Earth beneath our feet for over 100 years. These so-called telluric currents are thought to be generated by friction and piezoelectric effects

Haiti to Improve Quake Preparedness

Nearly a year after a devastating magni- ”It's sad it takes 250,000 people dead to tude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti in Janu- get to that point, but we're there now.” ary 2010, plans are underway to install Soon after the quake, Calais spearthe equipment, people and programmes headed an effort to gather existing data needed to help protect the country against about fault lines in Haiti — inferred from future quakes — including improving the geological deformations measured through country's first seismic hazard map, and field work — and calculated how fast the training its first two stress in those faults local seismologists. is being re-loaded Local seismologists can by the slow creep Eric Calais, a geophysicist at Purdue of tectonic plates. University in West help to ensure that good These data were fed Lafayette, Indiana, into US geological building codes are took a year-long models to produce leave of absence created and maintained, Haiti's first hazard from his research map in April1. and can campaign for in August to lead Calais then coora United Nations dinated efforts to disaster risk reduc- earthquake awareness in map soil types in the tion programme in Port-au-Prince area, government. Haiti. He has come to determine how to the American Geothey amplify vibraphysical Union (AGU) annual meeting tions. Together, these maps give builders in San Francisco, California, this week and architects vital information about the to report on progress, and to highlight shaking that local buildings might experiopportunities for scientists working with ence over the next 50 years. Calais plans Haitians to improve their resilience against to hire engineers to map the soil in the rest future quakes. of the country, which, along with most Making headway has been slower than of the Caribbean, is also susceptible to he hoped, says Calais, in part because earthquakes. this sort of programme is breaking new Working with two more UN employground. ”Aid agencies usually focus on ees, Calais has found funding to install 3 response. It's a new thing to spend money on prevention and mitigation,” he says. see PREPAREDNESS on page 11

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within rock. And the flow of electrons they cause has been linked to various atmospheric phenomena such as thunderstorms. But the role these currents play in earthquake physics is unknown. It makes sense that any currents generated by friction and piezoelectric effects should be dramatically influenced by the relative movement of different parts of the crust. But these effects occur over vast distances and at frequencies that are hard to measure and difficult to separate from background noise. Which is why DEMETER was launched , (DEMETER stands for Detection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions). Now Michael Athanasiou at the Technical University of Serres in Greece and a few buddies say that DEMETER spotted good of evidence of a change in ultralow frequency radio waves in the ionosphere above Haiti in the run up to the quake. ”The results reveal a significant increase of the energy of ULF waves, up to 360%, for a period of one month before the main earthquake compared with the energy of the background,” they say. That's a dramatic increase. These emissions dropped gradually in the month after the quake. The implications are interesting. Athanasiou and co say: ”The results of this paper clearly indicate that ULF electromagnetic waves can be very useful in revealing possible precursor seismic phenomena.” That's carefully worded and for good reason. Any talk of earthquake prediction needs to be qualified with a good deal of

The Haitian Times


hedging. It may well be that the crust generates more low frequency waves in the build up to an earthquake but there may be other mechanisms that produce a similar signal but are not linked to quakes. These effects would have to be teased apart before a forecast of any use could be made. Then there is the problem of the timescale over which these emissions are produced. The increase in pressure that causes earthquakes occurs over geological timescales. It's not yet clear how this process changes the emission of low frequency em waves. That means the predictions from this kind of data may be never be any better than the ones geophysicists already make, ie giving the percentage likelihood of a big 'un in the next 50 years, for example. That helps with things like building standards (in developed countries that can afford to implement them) but it is not much use in preventing the kind of catastrophe that hit Haiti in January. Clearly, there's work ahead on a multitude of fronts. Geophysicists need bigger and better data sets of low frequency em wave emissions over longer timescales. They need a better theoretical understanding of the processes that generate telluric waves. And they need some way to test new ideas when they emerge. And DEMETER is certainly a significant step along the way. The story was first published in

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The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

Two Quakes and its Christmas Appeal time.... Christchurch-based Christian World Service has just kicked off their annual appeal after a year notable for earthquakes, local and international. From Haiti to Christchurch New Zealand’s southernmost aid and development agency has had an incident packed year. Their first quake experience started in January when Haiti was hammered by a horrific 7.0 earthquake. That quake killed about 250,000 and left over one million people homeless and in terrible temporary shelter. CWS immediately launched an appeal for Haiti where they already had local and international partners working on aid and development projects. In March CWS media officer, Greg Jackson was seconded to Haiti on a fact finding trip providing media and diplomatic advice to John Nduna, head of one of the world's top three aid agencies the ACT (Action by Churches Together) Alliance. Back in New Zealand he took his first hand stories of hope amongst the ruins of Haiti on the road as part of a CWS tour visiting all the main centres. “Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland all have harbours and hills like Port Au Prince in Haiti – it was quite easy to get people to visualise what they would look like after such a big quake. “Ironically the only place the scenario did not occur to me was Christchurch where it did happen,'' he said. Well before the Christchurch quake

CWS staff had already settled on an iconic image of a Haitian mother bathing her baby in the ruins of Port Au Prince to be the key to their annual fundraising Christmas appeal. The full appeal can be found at Since 1945 when the first appeal was launched for war ravaged Greece the appeals have been the major fundraising focus for CWS. The first media publicity for the first appeal appeared in the Christchurch Press on December 15, 1945. The Christchurch quake hit the group's Manchester Street offices hard and they People stand outside a damaged building in central Christchurch. were not deemed safe to use for a month. there with relief. ity and this year which has been beyond Even now just weeks from Once there he sent an email noting that difficult for many of us has again been a Christmas, big sheets of plywood are still standing in for windows shattered by the “I don’t have Internet email in Kaiapoi but reminder of that generosity of spirit,’’ said Ms McKay. I’ve got it here in Islamabad.” quake. The CWS Christmas Appeal theme of One of the unexpected results of the CWS national director, Pauline McKay quake was that donations for flood ravaged said that the responses to Haiti and Paki- “Share the Care” is based around images Pakistan surged in an apparent reminder stan emergencies during what has been from Haiti and has an overall theme of that Cantabrians were still empathising a trying year for many was a reminder health and healing. It spotlights some of the positive work that generosity is part of the New Zealand with the rest of the world. and results that CWS and its supporters CWS staff member, Nick Clarke who psyche. “In global terms New Zealanders rank and partners have been making possible had substantial quake damage to his home went to flood ravaged Pakistan to help out toward the top of the scale for generos- for the last 65 years.

The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

Preparedness continued from 9

seismic stations in the country, starting in mid-2011. This will add to 3 seismometers that were put in place immediately after the earthquake, along with a network of about 10 accelerometers installed by the local bureau of mines and energy. Before the quake, he says, the only seismometer in the country was installed in a high school as a teaching tool. ”The option taken in the past was to do nothing about it at all. We know now that's not a viable option,” says Calais. Local talent Most importantly, says Calais, he is working to ensure that there are people in Haiti who can interpret and use the seismic data. ”There are no seismologists,” he says of the current situation in Haiti. Claude Prepetit, a geotechnical engineer at the Haitian Mines and Energy Bureau in Portau-Prince, took it upon himself to advocate about earthquake risks, says Calais, but he had very little impact on his own. ”There's basically one person in Haiti who has been doing this; they need an army,” says Calais. There are no geological-science programmes at Haiti's state university, but Calais arranged for two Haitian civilengineering students — Roby Douilly and Steeve Symithe — to begin seismology master's degrees at Purdue in August. The students received grants from the Voilà Foundation, a charity organization set up by the Haitian mobile-phone company Voilà. ”It was the January 12th earthquake that motivate[d] me to study seismology,” wrote Douilly in an e-mail to Nature. ”Someone has to take the lead.” Having local talent is important, says Calais, because any of the resources installed in Haiti won't be sustainable without researchers in the area ”keeping the network alive”. Local seismologists

can also help to ensure that good building codes are created and maintained, and can campaign for earthquake awareness in government, he says. Calais is hoping to start a seismological research lab to make it worthwhile for Haitian students to return to the country, although for now there are no concrete plans. ”It's going to be a long-term project: we're talking at least 5 years of work before resilience has improved significantly,” he says. Deeper issues In the meantime, Haiti faces a raft of problems, from civil unrest over elections to a cholera epidemic and environmental degradation. Shimon Wdowinski, a geophysicist at the University of Miami in Florida and another attendee at the AGU meeting, argued that the country's mass deforestation may have actually triggered January's earthquake. In work that has yet to be published, he estimates that sediments loosened by erosion and not trapped on land by tree roots may have washed into the sea off Port-au-Prince, providing enough weight to push the fault line there into action. Calais notes that there are huge margins of error in the assumptions on which Wdowinski's work is based, and that the earthquake would have happened without this trigger — although perhaps at a later date. There are other, more pressing reasons to deal with deforestation, he adds. The main difficulty in addressing earthquake risks lies in politics rather than science. ”It's not very difficult to convince people that earthquake hazard is important,” says Calais; rather, the problem is with orchestrating the actions and agendas of different groups working in the region. ”That makes it difficult but also very interesting,” he says. The story was first published in nature. com

Haiti | One Year Later A CALL TO ACTION!


Marching for Change Join Diaspora Community Services in a MARCH for SOLIDARITY with HAITI January 12th, 2011 at 2:00pm

Times Square | Haitian Consulate | UN For more info, call (718) 399-0200 or e-mail:

How bad does it have to get?

  Demand safe & secure permanent housing!

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Sean Penn Prefers Haiti to Dubai International Film Festival

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, left, listens to US actor Sean Penn during his visit to a makeshift camp for earthquake survivors set up at the Petion-Ville Golf Club in Port-au-Prince, on March 14, 2010. The Haitian Times Newswires

The Academy Award winning Hollywood star Sean Penn has shown his humanitarian side recently by announcing that he would not be able to attend the privileged Dubai International Film Festival because the earthquake affected Haiti needs him more. The 50-year-old star was supposed to receive the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). The fans of the actor were looking forward to interact with their favorite star. However, the organizers have now announced to refund the ticket money or offer the ticket for next festival, whatever is suitable to the fans. The actor said that he was bound to can-

cel the DIFF plan since his staffs of the J/P Haitian Relief Organization, wanted him to be there. He said that he felt honored to be invited by DIFF and wanted to be a part of it. Penn added that the situation in Haiti has worsened unexpectedly and the safety of his staff has become the most important thing now. Since last week, the Haitian capital has become standstill following the protests over a disputed presidential election. Sean said that he would love to attend the festival in future. It shows how dedicated the actor is towards that noble cause. No one will complain about him giving the festival a miss this time. We wish safety of his staff and other people in Haiti.


The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

Haiti Seeks International Help to Resolve Election Dispute

The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

Obama Rejects Call for Curtailing Aid to Haiti

Photo by William Farrington

Richena Altimé, holding a red card up in imitation of the hundreds of protestors that gathered for a rally to annul elections. Her gestures poke for many in her tent encampmenent in Petion- Ville, Port- au- Prince as an anti election demonstration began in front of her tent encampment and moved downtown to the Champ de Mars Nov 28. Photo by William Farrington

Haitian police sturggling with demonstators at a roadblock. Hundreds of protestors demonstrating to annul elections marched down the Delmas road from Petion-Ville toward downtown Port au Prince November 28.


QUEBEC, Canada — The Barack Obama administration has rejected a call by a leading American legislator to curtail aid to Haiti in the wake of what has been described as the recent fraudulent elections in the impoverished, French-speaking Caribbean Community country. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, of Vermont, who chairs the US Senate subcommittee on foreign aid, urged Washington on Friday to withhold funding to the Haitian government, as well as suspend travel visas for senior Haitian officials until they ensure a “fair and democratic outcome” to the country’s November 28 elections. “As if Haiti did not have enough problems, now, once again, those in power there are trying to subvert the will of the people,” he said. But in a meeting with North American foreign ministers here yesterday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said cutting off aid to the earthquake-ravaged country is not the immediate panacea. She said Haitians should not be punished, especially as they simultaneously try to battle the cholera epidemic and rebuild their country from the massive January 12 earthquake. “I think Senator Leahy is expressing a growing frustration,” Clinton told reporters. “It is a very strong signal that we are expecting more and looking for more (from the Haitian government). “But we don’t want to punish the people of Haiti because of the flaws in their election,” she added.

Eerie Calm Returns to Haiti

continued from page cover

Public anger and frustration boiled over after the elections as supporters of Martelly rioted in several cities, clashing with UN peacekeepers. Martelly accused Préval of rigging the November vote in favor of his handpicked candidate, Jude Célestin, who unexpectedly came in second place, in a count that Washington denounced as “inconsistent” with projections. Célestin edged out Martelly by less than 7,000 votes for a place in a run-off January 16 against Manigat. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has said it will recount the tally sheets in the presence of the three main candidates, but Martelly has ruled out his participation in a recount, dismissing it as “a trap.” Without the backing of Manigat and Martelly, it is hard to see how the planned recount would have the credibility needed to end the crisis. Martelly on Tuesday called for reforming the CEP to “restore confidence in the electoral process, or else the next elected president will have no popular legitimacy.” “We have a huge problem with the recount because there were as many as 3,000 fraudulent tally-sheets added to the count,” Martelly, a popular 49-year-old singer of Haitian “kompa” music, said in an interview with AFP last week. “It was done on the instruction of President Préval so that Célestin would win. He’s trying to get his man in power.” The story was first published by AFP


The Haitian Times Newswires

Photo by William Farrington

Hundreds of protestors demonstrating to annul elections race down the Delmas road from Petion-Ville toward downtown Port au Prince.

PORT-AU-PRINCE – An eerie calm has returned to Haiti following two full days of riots in the wake of the announced presidential and legislative election results. Police and political observers here said there has been no widespread violence in the last two days after unrest paralysed the capital, Port-au-Prince, and two other major cities early last week. Government construction crews in the last two days have been clearing the streets of charred debris, and markets have opened for a few hours. Observers said there has been a mad rush inside markets, as people grabbed supplies, and long lines have been forming at gas stations. Protesters had taken to the streets on Tuesday night after Haitian officials released preliminary election results that showed popular musician, Michel Martelly, wouldn’t reach a runoff election scheduled for January but that government-backed candidate, Jude Celestin, was qualified. Martelly’s supporters and antigovernment protesters charged the vote was rigged and respond-

Mirlande Manigat insists that she will not participate in the recount.

ed by torching tires, cars and government buildings. They also squared off with United Nations troops in the streets. Police say so far the violence has claimed at least two lives, but there were many injuries. The medical relief team Doctors Without Borders said it has treated 26 patients – 15 suffering from bullet wounds – since Tuesday night. But as some semblance of

normalcy gripped Haiti over the weekend two of the top candidates in the disputed elections have rejected a proposed recount of the ballot. The leading candidate, Mirlande Manigat, and Martelly insist that they will not participate in the recount. Manigat, a constitutional expert, however, said she “remains open to any initiative that may encourage the continu-

ation of the process, provided that it is stamped by transparency and legality”. The US State Department also said the vote review needs to be credible. “The people of Haiti have to believe that these results are the candidates that they have chosen,” said spokesman PJ Crowley. “They have been chosen by the government behind closed doors.”

US senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont, urged Washington to withhold funding to the Haitian government as well as suspend travel visas for senior Haitian officials until they ensure a “fair and democratic outcome” to the country’s November 28 elections. “As if Haiti did not have enough problems, now, once again, those in power there are trying to subvert the will of the people,” he said. “The United States must come down squarely in support of the Haitian people’s right to choose their leaders freely and fairly. By suspending direct aid to the central government and visas for top officials and their immediate family members, the United States would be sending that message,” he added. The preliminary results showed that Manigat, a former first lady, received 31.37 per cent of the vote; while President Réne Préval’s hand-picked successor, Célestin, received 22.48 per cent of the vote. Martelly finished third with 21.84 per cent of the vote. The top two vote-getters head to a second round scheduled for January 16. It is Haiti’s first runoff since the 29-year Duvalier regime was ousted in 1986.


The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010


Prescription By Dr. Gerald W. Deas

Holistic Healing I remember one Sunday morning when I was a young man sitting in Concord Baptist Church anxiously waiting for the healing words from Rev. Gardner C. Taylor. The sermon was titled, “The Balm in Gilead.” Prior to his delivery of this most memorable sermon, a soulful sister sang the familiar hymn, “There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole; there is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin-sick soul.” Taylor went on to tell about a tree in Gilead that is tapped periodically for its balm or healing oil. He described the tree as rugged-looking, not physically attractive or regal. It was not really a tree that you would admire for its physical beauty. This tree, however, produced a healing oil that was known and desired throughout the world. Taylor then compared this tree to Christ, who also has the power to heal the spirit as well as the physical body. In the practice of medicine, I lecture to the young doctors at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. One of my first lessons is titled, “Which (Witch) Doctor for Which (Witch) Patient? I try to make the young doctors aware of the power of the spirit in healing. Without a doubt, I let them know that if they don’t possess a little of the “witch” in them, healing will seldom take place. Going back to my roots in Africa, I relate that the witch doctor not only used herbs and other medicinals but also used the power of his spirit to heal. Many times patients have come to my office and told me that they had been healed at a religious meeting. This could very well be true; however, I always tell them that God also uses the physician to heal. Once, a patient who had poorly controlled diabetes told me that she had been healed and was no longer taking her

insulin. Her condition was obviously deteriorating. To demonstrate to her that I was also a part of God’s plan in helping her to heal, I related the following story: There was a flood and a woman was stranded on the first floor of her house. The water was rising. A boat came by and a rescuer said, “Get on board!” But she refused. “The Lord will save me,” she said, running to the second floor. Another boat came by. She again refused to be rescued. Finally, the water rose to the roof top and a helicopter came by, inviting her on board. Again, however, she said, “God will take care of me.” Ultimately, she drowned. Upon her arrival in heaven, she asked St. Peter, why did God allow me to drown? And he replied, “What do you mean? Didn’t he send you two boats and a helicopter?” Following this tale, I told my patient that God uses religious leaders, doctors, or grandparents with age-old remedies as his “boats.” She continued praying but also taking her medication, and she survived. The power of the balm in Gilead is still present and capable of healing the body and spirit, and I believe God uses his earthly angels to carry out his miracles. During this Christmas season, may the spirit of Christ begin the healing process in all of you who may be physically, mentally or spiritually ill. For further information on holistic healing, contact: A Betterway Holistic Health Counseling at 718-5263990 or 718-739-4357 or abetterwayhhc@ Blessings in the New Year! For more health tips and access to an online community of physicians and other healthcare professionals visit:

Popular New Breast Cancer Treatment Lacks Data NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A new radiation treatment for breast cancer is becoming increasingly popular despite lack of good evidence, at least among well-insured Medicare patients, U.S. researchers say. According to claims data, use of the therapy, which irradiates only a portion of the breast instead of standard whole-breast radiation after lumpectomy, climbed more than 10-fold for those patients between 2001 and 2006. While gold-standard clinical trials of the newer treatment are still missing, two other events did coincide with steep increases in its use: approval of a device used to deliver the radiation in 2002 and Medicare reimbursement in 2004. ”It brings to the front the issue of when we should enact a new technology,” said Dr. David J. Sher, an expert in radiation treatment, who was not involved in the new study. ”What the paper shows it that it really is done in the absence of evidence.” The National Cancer Institute says that more than 200,000 American women will get breast cancer in 2010 and about a fifth will die from the disease. After lumpectomy, up to 40 percent of women see the cancer return, but that number can be reduced to about 10 percent with external-beam radiation of the whole breast. Common side effects are swelling and redness. In contrast to whole-breast radiation,

which usually takes several weeks to complete, the new partial-breast treatment lasts less than one week. One example of the so-called brachytherapy approach is MammoSite, a device marketed by Massachusetts-based Hologic, and used on more than 50,000 women so far, according to the company. It consists of a small balloon, which is inflated in the cavity left behind after the tumor is removed. The balloon then delivers high-dose radiation to the parts of the breast most likely to develop new cancers. Although the idea is promising, Sher said, there aren't any large studies that have compared whole-breast radiation to this treatment. He said one such study was ongoing, but in the meantime, both efficacy and side effects were up in the air. The new findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, are based on data for nearly 7,000 older women who had radiation treatment after having a breast tumor removed. All had private health insurance in addition to Medicare. Ya-Chen T. Shih of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and her colleagues found that from 2001 to 2006, the use of partial-breast radiation alone after breast surgery rose steadily from less than one percent of cases to 10 percent, at the expense of whole breast radiation. see CANCER on page 23


December 15-21, 2010

The Haitian Times


Toward A New Strategy For Fighting Cholera In Haiti Haiti has a way of forcing public health questions. A decade ago people debated whether it would work to treat AIDS in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Turned out the answer was yes. Thousands of lives have been saved and the size of Haiti's AIDS epidemic has been cut in half by linking HIV treatment and prevention. Now there's a new question. Could a cholera vaccine slow the spread of the disease in Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic? Yes, say some veterans of the Haitian public health wars. They argue in The Lancet that a relatively cheap oral cholera vaccines could slow the epidemic, which could become entrenched on the island of Hispaniola for years to come. ”Although large-scale vaccination might not prevent cholera from becoming endemic in Haiti,” they write, ”it would save thousands of lives…. Production of these vaccines should be ramped up, as cholera experts have argued for the past decade.” The authors are Drs. Paul Farmer, Louise Ivers, Patrick Almazor and Fernet Leandre of Partners in Health, an organization that's been delivering care and promoting public health in Haiti for 30 years. They also argue for much wider antibiotic treatment of cholera. Right now it's recommended only for the most severe cases. ”Treatment needs to be much more aggressive,” Farmer told reporters in a Friday teleconference. ”We're arguing for antibiotics for all comers.” Few medical people would forego antibiotic treatment if they got cholera, the group pointedly notes. Recall that Farmer spearheaded the campaign to bring HIV treatment to Haiti. He's also behind a current campaign to put cholera vaccination on the global public health agenda. On December 3, Farmer convened a teleconference on

the cholera question. It included 80 of the world's leading cholera experts and public health heavy-hitters, including Dr. Jon Andrus, deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization. Andrus had been among those reluctant to deploy cholera vaccination in the the current Caribbean outbreak. Why? Not enough vaccine, not enough resources, and too distracting from the urgent tasks of treating cholera victims. But Andrus has reconsidered. He's now convinced that cholera vaccination should be seriously considered. Late next week, he plans an emergency meeting of experts at PAHO. Still, it's far from clear how this will work out. Farmer says he understands there may be a couple million doses of cholera vaccine in manufacturer's vats. If so, that wouldn't go very far on an island that contains nearly 20 million people between Haiti and the Dominican Republic — even allowing for the fact that you don't have to vaccinate everybody to reduce cholera transmission. Farmer favors a vaccine called Shanchol made by an Indian company because its production cost is only a dollar a dose, and it's simpler to administer – it doesn't require reconstitution in water, for instance. But the World Health Organization hasn't certified Shanchol as safe, a serious obstacle in getting it paid for and widely distributed. Asked about the obstacles, Farmer says: These things take time, they take procurement experts, they take capital for manufacturing for transport. But if this is a regional public health emergency it just doesn't seem to much to ask that we start doing this as soon as we can. Farmer also has influential friends. He's an advisor to Bill Clinton, the UN's special envoy to Haiti. Dr. Paul Farmer The story was first published in

28 Cholera Cases In 25 Days, No Deaths - Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic's Ministry of Health reports 28 confirmed cases of cholera during the last 25 days, and no deaths due to the infection. The first officially reported case in the country was detected on 15th November, when Wilmo Louwef, a Haitain aged 32 was diagnosed with the infection. Lowef had come into the country from neighboring Haiti on 12th November two days after symptoms of cholera started to emerge. Cholera cases in the Dominican Republic have been reported in Santiago (11), Santo Domingo (7), Elias Piña (6), Valverde (1), Independencia (1) and San Juan de la Maguana (1). Five cases, three male and two

female have been reported in Banica and Elias Piña. Two women aged 36 and 86 were diagnosed with cholera in Hato del Yaque and Santiago. Bautista Rojas Gómez, health minister, said a suspected case of diarrhea and headache in Dajabon was, in fact malaria, not cholera. The patient is recovering at a clinic in Dajabon. According to the Ministry of Health, 17 confirmed cases of cholera include people who have not been out of the country recently. Ten of these patients are under the age of 15. Health authorities have not yet determined why cholera continues in Santiago and the central region of the country. According to Dominican Republic

newspaper, Listin Diario, the Ministry of Public Health has confirmed 5 new cholera cases during the past 24 hours - three in the municipality of Bánica (Elías Piña province), two in Hato de Yaque, Santiago. Public health authorities in the country say that the situation is under control and preventive measures are being intensified. Various street markets have been close down temporarily as a public health preventive measure. Until public toilets in some street markets have been upgraded, authorities are concerned about the leakage of sewage during periods of heavy downpours. The story was first published in

African American Patients less likely to Receive Medications for Parkinsonian Symptoms African American patients and those with lower socioeconomic status have more advanced disease and greater disability when they seek treatment from Parkinson's disease specialists, according to a study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The researchers found that race, education and income were each significant and independent factors in determining a patient's level of disability. The disparities in health care are associated with

greater disease severity and earlier loss of independence. The study is published in the December 13, 2010, online edition of Archives of Neurology. The cause of these racial and socioeconomic disparities is unclear, but possible explanations include problems with access to health care, reduced physician referral rate or patient reluctance to seek care from a movement disorders specialist. The study focused on a sample of more than

1,000 patients who were seen at the University of Maryland Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center for parkinsonism (slow movements, tremor and rigidity, difficulty initiating movement, and problems with gait and balance), mostly due to Parkinson's disease, but also caused by other conditions, including stroke, head trauma and medication side effects. ”Through our evaluation over a five-year period, we found that

African Americans and people with lower socioeconomic status had greater disease severity and disability than whites when they first came to our clinic. Very large differences in Parkinson's disease symptom severity and functional status were seen between blacks and whites, between high and low income groups and between groups with greater and lesser educational attainment,” says Lisa Shulman, M.D., lead author and professor of neurology at the Uni-

versity of Maryland School of Medicine. ”In the future, we will need to see if greater understanding and correction of these disparities could improve outcomes for these patients,” adds Dr. Shulman, who is also co-director of the Maryland Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center. see PARKINSON'S on page 23


The Haitian Times

New York Manhattan

December 15-21, 2010


The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) announced the line up of multicultural performances for a week-long music and arts celebration, STAT! For New York City's Public Hospitals! Presented by the HHC Foundation of New York City from December 5 – 12, the STAT! events will feature local and internationally-acclaimed Latin music, gospel, jazz, and hip-hop artists among them Haitian singer Alan Cave, a week-long art exhibit and an event for children and families. There will be an event in each borough and affordable ticket prices. For more information contact Susan Jacobs, 646-4582814 or Pam McDonnell, 212.788.3339. -The Freedom From Fear Award, a project of Public Interest Projects, is a new national award designed to honor ordinary people who commit extraordinary acts of courage on behalf of immigrants and refugees. The award seeks to honor unsung heroes and heroines who are not professional advocates. Awardees will be people who have exposed themselves to considerable risk - whether physical, professional, economic, or social - and whose stories have moved others to action or awareness. Following an open nomination process, fifteen individuals will be chosen in spring 2011 to receive the Freedom From Fear Award and a $5,000 cash prize. Awardees will have the option of assigning the award money to a nonprofit organization of their choice. The Freedom From Fear Award will also create an archive to celebrate the many acts of individual courage that make up the immigrant rights movement. Self-nominations will be accepted with at least two references. Visit the Freedom From Fear Award Web site for complete program information and the nomination form. Contact: Link to Complete RFP. -The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has announced that this year the government has changed its guidelines on who should get a flu shot to include just about everyone. Also according to the CDC, if you got one or both of the available flu shots last flu season, or you had the flu, you still need to get this seasons shot for protection against this seasons flu. If you are currently sick with a moderate or severe illness like a nasty cold or worse, government health experts advise holding off on getting a flu shot until you are better. The elderly, health workers, and people who have chronic immune disorders such as HIV infection are especially encouraged to get a flu shot. The guidelines on who should not get vaccinated have not really changed. Children under 6 months of age still should not get a flu shot nor should those who have had a previous allergic reaction to eggs or other vaccine components. Just call your care provider, local board of health, or your job's human resource department. Or check out to find flu shot clinic locations and more. But do it soon to avoid catching a nasty case of this season's flu.

-Helen B. Atkinson Health Center will be having mammogram check every First Monday of each month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. In front of CHN's Helen B. Atkinson Health Center, 81 W. 115th Street, New York. These Mammograms will only be for women ages 40 and older, with or without insurance who are New York City residents. Mobile mammogram unit provided by American Italian Cancer Foundation. To Make An Appointment: Call (212) 426-0088 -The Men's Health Clinic at Helen B. Atkinson Health Center will offer Primary health care services for men in a male-centered environment every first and fourth Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m at the CHN's Helen B. Atkinson Health Center, 81 W. 115th Street, New York. To Make An Appointment: Call (212) 426-0088 -The Sidney Hillman Foundation is now accepting nominations and submissions for the 2011 Hillman Prizes, which that honor investigative journalism that fosters social and economic justice. The 2011 prizes will be given for work produced, published, broadcast, or exhibited in 2010. Our six categories will include books (non-fiction), reporting in newspaper, magazine, and online (including

to The Haitian Times For more information visit

blogs), film and broadcast journalism (includes television and radio), and photojournalism. Authors, editors, reporters, producers and photo editors are urged to submit nominations now. The contest is open to journalists and subjects globally, although work must be published in the United States. The postmark deadline for ALL nominations and submissions is January 31, 2011. There is no submission fee. A cover letter and four copies of the nominated material are all that are required. For photojournalism entries, we would most like to see tear sheets (photos as they were published), but scanned work on discs is also acceptable and/or can be supplemental. Please fill out the nomination form on our website. Online and blog entries can be submitted entirely on this form. Winners will be announced in May 2011. Each winner is awarded travel to New York City to receive a $5,000 prize and a certificate designed by New Yorker cartoonist, Edward Sorel, at our cocktail reception and awards ceremony to be held May 19, 2011. Submissions are judged by a distinguished panel of judges: Hendrik Hertzberg, senior editor, The New Yorker, Susan Meiselas, Magnum photographer, Harold Meyerson, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times columnist and editor-at-large, The American Prospect, Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher, The Nation, Rose Marie Arce, senior producer, CNN, and Charles Kaiser, ”Full Court Press,” found on the website of the Sidney Hillman Foundation. Please forward all nominations/ submissions to: Alexandra Lescaze Executive Director, The Sidney Hillman Foundation 49 West 27th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10001. For more information call 917-696-2494.

Brooklyn The Movement International Secretariat will organize Haiti Relief Coalition on December 12th 456 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn, NYC 11216 Phone (718) 398-1766 Fax (718) 623-1855  

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The NID-HCA is providing housing related counseling to all persons/entities with housing needs, FREE OF CHARGE. The agency is staffed by a network of fully training counselors/real estate professionals with extensive multi-choice knowledge of the real estate industry, in general and within their areas, specifically.The agency is a default/foreclosure-counseling program to date has a 95% success rate in avoiding client lose of property due to foreclosure (without the client filing a bankruptcy). NID-HCA works with your lender to negotiate the best terms available for all parties involved. NID-HCA will discuss extensively with the client issues such as, how to avoid foreclosure, options to foreclosure, communicating with your lender/service, renegotiating your loan terms, managing your debt and re-establishing your credit.


December 15-21, 2010

The Haitian Times


Haiti's Hotels Thrive Amid the Earthquake Disaster's Long The vista from the private terrace of the John Barrymore Suite at the Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince is a vision of verdant hills and a brilliant blue bay, a dramatic postcard that reveals not a hint of the mountains of rubble and trash left over from Haiti's catastrophic Jan. 12 earthquake, nor the escalating cholera epidemic, nor the slums just beyond the hotel's gate. The suite named for the American actor boasts an open-air, king-size bed draped in mosquito netting, two bedrooms, artisanpainted armoires, high ceilings and lace curtains - lavish quarters that are the jewel of Haiti's most famous hotel, which served as the setting of Graham Greene's 1965 novel The Comedians. Up until three weeks ago, foreign visitors were advised against staying there, says the hotel's manager, Richard Morse. Despite the advisory, the historic hotel, which began its life as a private home and served later as a U.S. Marine hospital during the American occupation, has been fully booked since Jan. 12, when a devastating tremor leveled much of the capital, claiming an estimated 230,000 lives and causing as much as $14 billion in damage. The disaster drew huge numbers of aid workers, journalists, medical personnel and volunteers, all looking for a soft bed, potable water and reliable WiFi. Some of Port-au-Prince's largest hotels, including the upscale Hotel Montana, were leveled by the earthquake, which shrunk the market and jacked up occupancy rates. ”Many hotels crumbled in the quake so those that remained standing had to serve a lot of people,” Morse says during an interview on the Oloffson's wraparound porch. A Year Later, Haitians Still Live Under Tarps That greater demand is boosting an industry that has been battered by years of political turbulence and natural disaster. It has also inspired dreams of catered excursions outside the city for foreign workers and tourists interested in a glimpse of Haiti's mellower countryside and Caribbean beaches. Right now, the tourism offerings for foreigners visiting Haiti are fairly limited. Cruise ships from Royal Caribbean International still deliver tourists to Labadee, a private resort port 95 miles north of the

quake's epicenter, for a day of sunbathing, jetskiing and rum cocktails. The Marylandbased Choice Hotels International plans to open two hotels in Jacmel, an artists' haven 25 miles south of Port-au-Prince known for its white sand beaches. In the capital, residents' feelings are mixed about the big-spending foreigners. Nearly a year after the earthquake, 1.3 million people still live in makeshift camps. ”The people from the NGOs drive around in their fancy cars and go to Jacmel, while a year later, we are still living under tarps,” says Elie Elifort, 43, a community leader of a 4,000-family camp known as Canaan 3. Opportunities Lost to the Quake Thirty minutes and a world away, the Hotel Karibe, with its soaring brick-andmarble lobby, intricate iron inlays and swanky bar, is widely considered Portau-Prince's most upscale hotel. Heavily damaged in the earthquake, it reopened its doors in October. On a recent weekend, foreign workers sunbathed around a swimming pool shaded by eucalyptus trees. ”It's luxurious by international standards, not just by Haitian standards,” says a U.S. embassy employee, lounging poolside with his girlfriend, a World Bank staffer visiting from Washington, D.C. Former President Bill Clinton, the U.N.'s special envoy to Haiti, chose the hotel to host a conference in October 2009 for 300 private investors to encourage a trade and investment mission. It was a high point not only for the Karibe but also for Haiti's tourism industry, said the hotel's owner, Richard Bouteau. ”There was a lot of fresh air, a lot of hope, a lot of doors opened, but of course the earthquake shut it all down,” he says. After the earthquake, Bouteau spent $1.3 million for a firm to draw plans to retrofit the hotel to California building codes, replacing the brick and stone structure with reinforced concrete. Envisioning the Day When Sun and Culture Lure Visitors If Port-au-Prince's hotels are doing well today, it's because of the city's massive needs, rather than its fine food or tropical weather, but hoteliers hope that will one day change. ”There are not too many people on vacation right now, but hopefully, vacationers will start to come and

Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince

replace the disaster tourists, because that will really determine the future of Haiti,” Bouteau says. The Oloffson's Morse, a musician and the first-cousin of Michel Martelly, a popular kampa singer and a leading presidential candidate in Haiti's Nov. 28 elections, gets a bit squeamish when asked whether Haiti's woes have been good for business. He admits though, that, in the weeks following the January earthquake, hotel rooms were so hard to come by that he charged journalists and aid workers $100 a night to camp on his property's sprawling front lawn. Like Buteau, Morse says the Oloffson hasn't been entertaining many tourists lately. But he, too, envisions a time when visi-

tors come not in response to a disaster, but to take part in Haiti's rich culture, including the exuberant Carnival, the three-day celebration before Lent, and its calendar full of festive patron saint days. ”I don't think the cruise ship should be the focus. I don't think our tourism plan should be taking people who go to the Dominican Republic and come to Haiti for a day and then go back to the DR. The focus should be: What is Haiti about culturally? It's the music, it's the food and it's these religious festivities,” Morse says. ”Right now I'm just talking about it, but I'm trying to get a president in power so that we can do more than talk.” The story was first published in

Only Jobs Can End Haiti’s Ceaseless Cycle of Misery MIREBALAIS, Haiti — An emergency cholera hospital is the grimmest kind of medical center, and it’s a symbol of the succession of horrors that have battered Haiti over the last year. Here in Haiti’s central plateau, I visited a cholera treatment center run by an excellent aid group, Partners in Health, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Nobody goes in or out without being thoroughly disinfected; to try to control the epidemic, bodies are buried rather than released to families. In one tent, 40 seriously ill

patients were lying next to one another on cholera beds — boards with holes in the middle and waste buckets underneath to catch the constant diarrhea. Staff members put a sheet over Tiphay Merilus, 66, just as I arrived. Patients a few feet away in other beds averted their eyes as a sanitation crew carried out Merilus’ corpse and disinfected his cot. Already, more than 1,700 people have died of cholera in less than a month, and the Pan American Health Organization estimates that 400,000 Haitians may get cholera over the next year.

The earthquake in January caused some 250,000 deaths. The death toll was a result not only of seismic activity, but also of poverty: Shoddy construction and slow rescue efforts meant many more deaths than if the same quake had occurred in, say, California. Then came cholera, which is a disease of poverty — abysmal sanitation and lack of potable water can create an epidemic. One cholera patient, Dieulimere Renatu, 21, told me that she gets drinking water from a river. If she were to seek water from a

safer source, she would have to spend three or four hours a day fetching water for her family — and then would have less time to work and earn money. Those are the trade-offs that Haitians face. After the earthquake, Bill O’Reilly suggested that humanitarians were romanticizing aid as a solution for Haiti: “One year from today, Haiti will be just as bad as it is right now.” I criticized him at the time, but he wasn’t far off. Haiti has certainly improved since the immediate aftermath

of the quake, and aid kept alive many who would otherwise have died. But reconstruction has barely started. Most of the rubble is still waiting to be cleared off, and more than 1 million people are still living in tents. Part of the problem is that the government, crippled by the quake, has done little. Another is that aid groups created a parallel state that further diminishes the government — and a country needs a central authority to make decisions. The limitations of aid see JOBS on page 23

18 8

The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

Compiled by Ralph Delly

MÉDIAMOSAÏQUE Launches ”Grand Prix de la Presse Diversité Quebec”

To reaffirm the leadership and position MÉDIAMOSAÏQUE in the world of the ethnic press in Canada, the direction of this Press Agency will hold a recognition gala, called the ”Grand Prize Press Diversity Quebec.” The first edition will take place next spring in Montreal. This unique media event, which aims to reward professionals working in the media for diversity including those of the mainstream press covering issues relating to ethnic communities, is part of other activities to commemorate five years of MÉDIAMOSAÏQUE work in the field.

Promoter Urbain Richard's Father has Died

Showbiz had learned that New York promoter Urbain Richard had lost his father Kersera Richard last week in Haiti. Richard said he had dedicated his life of the last 20 years to promoting Haitian music because he wanted to keep his father’s dream alive. Sources speculate that the death of the promoter’s father could create a setback in the man’s music activities. The Haitian Times express its deepest sympathies to him.

Memory Inkwell Published “Haiti the hard duty to exist” by Lyonel Trouillot”

The book is a first-hand account of the challenge to exist. Amélie Baron, a reporter and photographer, following the earthquake of 12 January, captured the body movements and the life of people who are facing difficulties to exist. Nothing escapes her: misery, beauty, generosity, love and strength. Looks, faces and nature make a smooth image. Those eyes and bodies are standing as reminders of the fragility of the condition of Haiti. They also say the urgency to see better, feel better and thus better understand Haiti. The result is a beautiful book that describes life and show the daily survival: the anger of some and the struggle of others.


1. Trankil (21) - Pouki 2. ZIN (16) - Souké dada' w 3. Shabba Djakout (14) - Bispidida 4. Mayer Morissette (14) - Feeling yo 5. Barbara Guillaume (14) - Pa Kite m' Ale 6. Flyers (14) - Bay Vag 7. Hans Jeannot (14) - Chante pou ou 8. Richard Rouzeau (13) - Kouran Lavi 9. Alan Cave (13) - YERESWA 10. Kreyol La (12) - vagabon 4 life To send in your request, log on to

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Dominican Anchor Mariela Encarnación to Join CNN en Español

Dominican television anchor Mariela Encarnación has been chosen to lead a program on the prestigious CNN en Español, which she considers to be the most important step in her career. Encarnación will present “Showbiz” with Juan Carlos Arciniega at 3:00pm. “Showbiz” focuses on news about entertainment and leisure. Encarnación has worked on programs such as “Sábado Gigante” for Univisión, “Ritmo y Sabor” for Telemundo, “Levántate” on Mega TV, and now “Showbiz” for CNN. Encarnación was born in the Dominican Republic. From a very young age, she displayed a love for the arts and she began her studies in acting, modeling, and dancing. She completed a degree in radio and television studies at the University of Miami, and continued her work as a model, participating in campaigns as a spokesperson for major brands such as Verizon, Vanidades magazine, Publix, and others.

Frerot Jean Baptiste Hires New Bass Player

Frerot Jean-Baptiste did not wait too long to join Miami based group, Tag Mizik, and the singer, who has already recorded couple songs, quickly hired Sexy Beef as the band’s new bass player. Sexy Beef has received both acclaim and success. He had released several highly successful tracks with the Miami based band DISIP. The new Tag Mizk started branching out creatively and earned local recognition with the new musician. Sexy Beef is known as a smoking bass player in the Compas music industry, so look forward to listen to him live with Tag Mizik in the near future.

Caribbean Film Festival in Pointe-à-Pitres

Guadeloupe will host Caribbean Film Festival at Caribbean Film Corner, 2010 on December 22 at the Esplanade at City Hall of Pointe-à-Pitres. The evening will begin with the performances of guest artists, before moving to the projections of films from throughout the Caribbean (documentaries, feature films, short films, animations ..). The event will end with a debate between the public and professionals in the film industry.

December 15-21, 2010


The Haitian Times

Happy Crowd Welcomes Beethova New Release


Photos by William Farrington

NYC Museum to Start Exploring Scent as Art Form NEW YORK – The nose rarely figures in the sensory experience of a museum visitor. That is about to change at one New York City museum. The Center of Olfactory Art dedicated to scent as an art form was launched at the Museum of Arts and Design on Thursday. ”What we're going to be able to do ... with the center is place scent directly in the mainstream of art history and demonstrate that it is the equal of paintings, sculpture, architecture and all other artistic media,” said Chandler Burr, the former fragrance critic of The New York Times whom the museum said it hired as its — the nation's — first curator of olfactory art. More a curatorial department within the museum than a separate entity, the museum created the new center because ”scent is a really interesting part of the world of design,” museum director Holly Hotchner told The Associated Press. It fits the institution's DNA as a ”sensuous, sensory-orientated museum” where patrons can touch and feel many of the objects. And of course, smell is as much a part of the senses,” she added. The center will present its first exhibition, ”The Art of Scent, 1889-2011” next

November, examining the reformulation and innovation of olfactory works by some of history's best-known perfumers through 10 seminal scents. An audio guide, narrated by Burr, will explain the context in which they were created. Each perfume will be identified only by artist and year to allow visitors to appreciate each as an independent work. And don't expect fancy fragrance bottles, brand perfumes, design graphics and packaging to be part of the exhibit. Visitors to ”The Art of Scent” will experience each fragrance along a 6-foot-wide path that will follow the curvature of the gallery wall where buttons on a speciallydesign atomizing machine will release ”the work of art.” With the center's launch, the MAD is the only museum to study fragrance as art. A museum in Grasse, France, focuses on the history of perfume and another perfume museum in Madrid ”is entirely about bottles,” said Burr, who is also the scent editor at GQ magazine and the author of two books on scent. Among the featured perfumes is ”Jicky,” one of the first to use non-organic ingredients,and pave the way to the mod-

ern era of fragrances. Designed in 1889 by Aime Guerlain, Burr called it ”the first work of modern perfume art ... and the first major perfume to use synthetic molecules that freed the scent artist from nature.” ”Jicky is one of the great neoclassicist, romanticist works of olfactory art of the late 19th century,” he said. ”It's an expression in this artistic medium of exactly the same aesthetic concern and intellectual concern and the artistic style used by (Jean-AugusteDominique) Ingres in painting and used in music by (Frederic) Chopin.” Scent artists or perfumers, colloquially known as ”The Nose,” are fragrance composers or painters. Among the masters featured in the exhibition will be Jean-Claude Ellena, whom Burr called ”one of the most important artists alive in this medium.” ”He is intentionally wiping away any reference to nature, effacing and erasing natural landmarks. He is doing work that is cutting edge in it's forcing us to experience and rethink works of oflactory art,” he added. Other leading perfumers whose work will be shown include Olivier Cresp, the creator of ”Angel,” and Alberto Morillas and Annie Buzantian whose ”Pleasures” made the use

of a carbon dioxide extraction that's considered a major technological advance in the art of perfume-making. A pivotal role of the center also will be to present public programs, including informal discussions with scent artists and perfume industry executives talking ”about the tension between olfactory works of art and perfume as product,” said Burr. Future shows will include a retrospective on Ellena's work; a technology exhibit demonstrating the use of synthetic molecules in perfume making; one on the raw materials that constitute fragrances such as Ugandan vanilla and Peruvian pink peppercorn. Many of the exhibitions will travel to other museums, Burr said. The new center also will have an artist in residence program in which perfumers will work and be observed in MAD's artist studios creating new fragrances over a period of several months. Because most people don't associate perfume with art, Hotchner said, the center will introduce them to the creative work of ”very serious, very talented and very sought-after designers who are artists who create scent — and have for hundreds of years.”


The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010

Wedding Series: Choosing a Space Last week we discussed the different types of wedding receptions, however, the type of reception you have has a lot to do with the venue you choose for your wedding. I get a lot of calls of people who want me to cater their events, however, what many people need to consider before hiring the caterer, is the space. Many things have to be analyzed in choosing a venue for your wedding. Guest count is key. A bride will say, I absolutely love Loft XYZ or Chateau Le Blanc, but if Loft XYZ holds 100 people, yet the brides mother has invited all 300 church members to the wedding, it may not be the appropriate venue. Issues of guest count, style, budget all come into play when choosing the right location for that fabulous day. THE RIGHT LOCATION SIZE What is the right location for you? Well first consider your guest list. How many people do you truly anticipate at your wedding. I always suggest to the couple to sit down separately and make their list. Then meet and discuss. In making your list decide if you are inviting only people that are important to you or people that are important to your parents. As much as I know your wedding day should belong to you, reality has also shown that parents have a lot of influence on who ultimately gets invited. So before you can even look at venues, you need to determine how many people the venue needs to hold. FLOW Are you looking for a place that will hold both your ceremony and reception? You will need to consider if the venue has multiple rooms to accommodate such a possibility. Are you looking for a cocktail hour? Buffet dinner? Sit down dinner? All of this assessment will determine what kind of venue you go for because it will

help you determine how much space and what type of space you need. VIBE Are you looking for a place to hold both ceremony and reception? Want something charming and intimate? Prefer a grand estate? There are locations that will meet your every desire. Choosing a venue is very much like going house hunting. Having a list of your top desires will save you time. The type of vibe you are trying to establish will heavily impact the kind of venue you ultimately decide. OnSite venues such as hotels, private clubs and restaurants provide great options for receptions. These locations provide the majority of services you will need for your reception: catering, beverages, tables, chairs, china, flatware, linens and serving staff. But most people are limited in terms of décor and style of the place when choosing these options since they usually already have a look. Off-Site facilities can range from a wide array of places encompass-

ing private residences, historic estates, wineries, galleries, event sites and community centers. These locations offer the use of the facility for one flat fee, providing no other services. What I love about these types of venues is the ability to transform them into something that is completely unique and your own. THEMED VENUES Theme Venues blend your individual interests, hobbies and passions into the tapestry of your celebration. Select a venue that will inspire or enhance your theme. Wineries, museums, train stations, movie palaces, yachts and even breweries are all alternative options. Choose locations that tell your love story. Did you meet in college? Check with your alumni association for use of facilities. Proposed on the beach? Try a beach side wedding. Selecting a venue within your theme, you will not only save time and money but create a truly personalized celebration. YOU MUST VISIT THE LOCATION It is essential that you do a site visit. Bring along a camera as these pictures will be your guide later as you decide on position and décor. If you are working with a wedding consultant or coordinator, ask them to accompany you as well. Noticing the following details and utilizing a professional will save you from costly mistakes. • Inspect equipment--gazebos, dance floor, tables, chairs, china, stemware, glassware, etc. What is included in the rental fee and what are additional

costs? • Ask about staffing. Is security staff required? How many servers will there be per table? Who is the facility coordinator on the day of your wedding? • Inspect florals, greenery and landscaping. Timing will determine what is available. If you are having an august wedding, visit the site in a similar season, not in January. As landscaping may differ from season to season and month to month. • Inspect entrances, exits and restrooms. Are they attractive and easy to find? • YOUR TIMELINE Have your location secured before hiring your vendors. If you have your heart set on a particular venue, then by all means, start planning one to two years out. If you are flexible about your venue selection and are open to different options you can actually plan a wedding in 6 months. Venue is the most difficult part in my opinion in wedding planning as it dictates everything else: reception type, décor, etc. Saturday night weddings and summer holiday weekends are always popular. If you're interested in these dates, book your venue immediately. My rule of thumb for choosing a venue though, don’t be afraid to experiment, and step outside of the box. One of my favorite weddings I have catered took place at the Foundry in Long Island City, NY. An old army site that was transformed into a beautiful fall oasis for an autumn wedding.

Nadege Fleurimond is the owner & business manager of Fleurimond Catering, Inc., an off-premise catering firm serving the NY/NJ/CT/MA areas. She is also the author of a Taste of Life: A Culinary Memoir, a humorous and heart warming compilation of recipes and funny anecdotes. ( Please submit thoughts and questions pertaining to the column via email at


December 2-8, 15-21, 2010 December 2009

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Articles of Organization husbands, widowers, heirs at were next filed ofwith Secretary law, kin,thedistributees, of State of New York (SSNY) descendents, executors, on 09/10/09. The latest date administrators, devisees, legatees, of dissolution is 12/31/2050. creditors, trustees, committees, Office location: lienors, successorsKings in County. interest, SSNYassigns, has been as and all designated of whom and agent of the LLC upon whom whose names, except as stated, process against it may be are unknown to plaintiffs KWAISI served. SSNY ifshall mail BROTHERSON living anda ifcopy he/ of process 220 she be dead, to any the and LLC, all persons Montauk toStreet, Valley Stream, unknown plaintiffs, claiming, or Newmay Yorkclaim 11580. Purpose: For who to have an interest anyorlawful purpose. in, generally or specific lien upon the real property described in this action; such unknown persons NOTICE FORMATION being hereinOF generally described of 6715 BaytoPkwy., LLC Art. and intended be included in of following Org filed Sec’y ofnamely, State the designation, (SSNY) 11/2/09. Office the wife, widow, husband, location: Kings County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC Have you suffered upon whom process againsta itthigh bone/femur injury? may be served. SSNY shall lots & acReage mail copy of process to c/o Domenico and Anna Aulisa, 24 Ž ABANDONED UPSTATE NY Bayridge Parkway, Brooklyn, FARM! 10 acres- $26,900 Recent studies have indicated that lawful use of the NY 11209 Purpose: any Adjoins State Land, views, osteoporosis medicine FosamaxŽ can lead to activities. mowed fields, woods, apple fractures in the femur – the hip bone. These fractures can occur in low-impact situations, trees, lots of deer! Terms! Call such as when stepping down stairs or even just now! 877-856-0882 falling from height or less. This Notice ofa standing formation of significant risk has been recently added to the LLC Warnings ALWAYS AT SEA and Precautions section of the label. PRODUCTIONS, St.a If you or your lovedLLC128 one has suffered Miscellaneous HIP fracture after Brooklyn, taking FosamaxŽNY it is aggressively and professionally. Our leadership Marks Avenue experience in such national litigations as your best interests to investigate your legal 11217. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE asbestos injuries, defective medical products rights for possible compensation! medicines, environmental torts and Weitz & Luxenberg can help you understand and from home. toxic*Medical, your legal options. We are one of America’s others has given thousands of clients the *Business, *Paralegal, Notice oftrialFormation Golden largest law and productsof liability law firms confidence to entrust us with their most serious *Accounting, *Criminal issues. representing injured persons total verdicts 88 Realty LLC, Art. ofwith Org. filed legal For a free consultation please callplacement us today in excess10/8/09. of $3 Billion, and Justice. Job Sec'yand ofsettlements State (SSNY) are committed to represent your interests at 1-888-411-LAWS (5297). Computer Office location: Kings County. assistance SSNY designated as agent of available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 888-201-8657 WEITZ LUXENBERG P.C. LAW OFFICES LLC upon whom process against ASBESTOS DRUGS/MEDICAL DEVICES ENVIRONMENTAL NEGLIGENCE it may be served. SSNY shall BROADWAY • NEW to YORK, NY 10003 mail 700 copy of process 6820 We are also investigating BRANCH OFFICES IN NEW JERSEY, CALIFORNIA & COLORADO 15th1.888.411.LAWS Ave., Brooklyn, NY ZIMMER NEXGEN • CEMENTLESS KNEE INJURIES 11219. Purpose: any lawful Misc foR sale ATTORNEY ADVERTISING. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. We may associate with local firms in states wherein we do not maintain an office. activities. New italian Leather Living Room Set. Orig. $3000 JWGF ENTERPRISES LLC, Steal for $699* Solid Wood a domestic Limited Liability Captain Stirage Bedroom Company (LLC) filed with New In Box the Sec of State of NY on Orig. $2,800 Steal for $699* 10/23/09. NY Office Call 718-499-4499 location: Kings County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC Misc foR sale may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon CHERRY BEDROOM SET. him/her to Richard Gordon, Solid Wood, never used, brand new in factory boxes. 291 Warren St., Brooklyn, NY English Dovetail. Original 11201. General Purposes cost $4500. Sell for $749.







STREET, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Can deliver. 917-731-0425 BLOCK: 1490 LOT: 22 ITALIAN LEATHER LIVING ROOM SET in originalNAMED plastic, TO THE ABOVE never used. Original price DEFENDANTS: $3,000, sacrificeSUMMONED $975. Bill YOU ARE HEREBY 347-328-0651 to answer the complaint in this action within twenty days after Real estate the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service Smithville, FOUR or within thirtyNJ days-55+ after service SEASONS-Large MULBURY is completed if the summons is Model, handicap acceddible, not personally delivered to you 2 sunrooms, within the State ofpremium New York. lot. In NearofAC shore. Owner case yourand failure to appear or answer, judgment be taken financing 3%. will609-748against you by default for the 2988 609-335-5124 relief demanded in the complaint. Upstate NArrowsburg! 27+/NOTICE OF NATURE OF Acres Private, Secluded, ACTION RELIEF SOUGHT Fields, AND Woods Views, Excellent HUnting, Camping THE OBJECT of the above and Four Wheeling. Accessed entitled Right-Of-Way, to foreclose a by 3,000 tax lien for the amount #10764 due and Asking $150,000 interest, recorded in the office of the Register/Clerk of the 845-252-3085 County of KINGS on the 15th day of July, 2008Real and bearing Commercial Estate County Register File Number Auction Dec. 5. Margaretville/ 2008000280709 covering Arkville, Catskills. 18,000 premises described as follows: sf bldg, 2.5 ac. 845 5861234, ADDRESS: 836 HANCOCK STREET, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK BLOCK: 1490 22 LOT: out ofKINGS state land COUNTY:

foR sale

The relief sought in the within action is a final judgment directing the sale of the premises described above to satisfy the debt secured

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The The Haitian haiTian Times Times

21 21 11/19/2009 4:09:33 PM

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The Haitian Times

A Better You

By Onyi


Just Ask You ever look in the mirror and think “I want to try something knew”. You have no idea what, but you want to try something new. You’ll think of something. You’re out. It could be at a party, on the train, in the mall or even at work. You spot someone who has the new look you want to try. It might be a whole outfit or just a pair of shoes. It might be a hairstyle or just some lipstick. It might be a coat or just a pin. Whatever it is, you think it’s cool and want to try. So you go online and start researching where you can find those shoes. Or you go to the beauty supply or cosmetic boutiques looking for that shade of lipstick. Or you go to the mall and search and search for that coat or that pin. You go to your hairdresser and try to describe the hairstyle. You do all this work unnecessarily when all you had to do was ask. It sounds like a novel idea nowadays, but hear me out. Years ago before we had so much technology at our fingertips if people needed information on something they’d ask someone who they thought might know. It might have been their smart friend or their fashionable friend or their handy friend, but they knew someone who

could get them the information they needed. Now instead of talking to one another our go-to friend is Google. But Google doesn’t always have the answers. Or it could Google many pages and hours to get you the information you’re looking for. But, you can save yourself the carpel tunnel syndrome by just asking that person for help. It’s pretty simple. Yes, simpler than a Google search. You just walk up to that person and just quickly say something to the effect of “excuse me, I was admiring your coat. Can you tell me where you got it? I’ve been looking for something like it.” You can also say, “Yo, that coat is fly” instead if you’re looking to be more hip. It doesn’t

really matter. Chances are the person will tell you where he/she got it and may even get into a conversation with you. People like compliments so by starting off with a compliment you’re less likely to get a cold shoulder. People also like to help, so by asking for help they are more likely to engage you. It’s like asking for directions. You should never be afraid to ask for directions. It’s better to save yourself the aggravation and time you would have from getting lost. I’ve heard the argument that people may think that you’re trying to copy them if you ask where they got their stuff. But I say who cares? So what if you’re copying them? Here’s a newsflash: they probably copied someone else. When it comes to fashion people are just taking old ideas and spinning them a little bit. How is it that bangs are new when I remember little girls having them when I was in the 5th grade? Mowhawks? That’s from the 80s. Skinny jeans? Also from the 80s, except the stone wash hasn’t made a comeback yet. What separates us from animals is the ability to communicate and share ideas with one another. We don’t have to rely on technology we can simply just ask a fellow human. The worst that can happen is they say no or ignore you. The best: you could make a new friend. Until next time, cheers to a better you!

December 15-21, 2010

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The New Haitian

The Haitian has mo functions th

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And Tim

If you have any questions, ideas, or products you’d like reviewed feel free to email Onyi at

HAIT Aquarius

Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

Your emotions are soaring, Aquarius, and you should feel free to indulge in your greatest fantasies. Take a break from reality for a while. Let your inner child play. You should enjoy a greater self-confidence that you can use effectively to influence other people. Beware of anyone who asks you to make a solid commitment today. They may not exactly have your well-being in mind.


Feb. 20 - March 19

Reward yourself with two desserts today, Pisces. Take a bubble bath. Share your fantasies with others and express yourself fully. Don't feel like you have to say yes to every favor that is asked of you. Save some of that nurturing energy for yourself. Feel free to help others in need, but don't do it at the expense of your emotional and physical bank account.


March 20 - April 18

The weightiness of the past few days seems to be lifting. You will find a slight breeze building that will help fuel your fire, Aries. By building a solid foundation, you've created a reliable launching pad from which to take off. Communicate what you've learned with others. Allow your opinion to be heard. A great deal of useful information will be exchanged.


April 19 - May 20

Now that you have a solid grip on your situation, unexpected things may come along that change the rules again, Taurus. It may feel like the chair you just got comfortable in has suddenly been pulled out from under you. Don't get angry. Just realize that this is probably a sign that you need to move on. Keep things new and exciting. Share your thoughts and ideas with others.


May 21 - June 20

Use gadgets and electronic devices to make life easier today, Gemini. Why take the time to chop food by hand when you can use the food processor? Realize that there is most likely an easier way to tackle any task. If something seems too hard, ask for advice how to do the job more quickly and efficiently. Information exchange will play a big role in your day.


June 21 - July 22

Be careful of the information that comes your way today, Cancer. People may make unwarranted claims and false accusations. The day has a dreamy, innovative quality to it that asks you to venture out on a limb. If all your chores are taken care of, feel free to go exploring - mentally or physically. Just make sure that you take things with a grain of salt when conversing with others.


July 23 - Aug. 22

Maintain an air of detachment, Leo. Feel free to delve into your fantasy world and let your emotions carry you to another realm. Today is one of those days when you might come up with a new invention that could become the next must-have item for every kitchen in the country. Let your imagination take you away. Share your lighthearted mood with others.


Aug.23 - Sept.22

You may find that things are much lighter than they were the past couple days, Virgo. This is a good time to let your physical body take a rest and let your mind and fantasy world take over. Take a hot bath and soak for a while. Relax your brain and detach from your duties and obligations. Tread lightly and don't worry so much about what you need to do tomorrow. Concentrate on today.


Sept.23 - Oct. 22

A large weight should lift from your shoulders today, Libra. The air has started to clear and the winds of communication have started blowing again. Listen closely to the buzz in the air. You can learn a lot by tuning into other people's fantasies. Make sure you keep an open mind and open heart. Discuss your latest achievements. You will have something important to learn.


Oct. 21 - Nov 20

People may be abrasive today, Scorpio, but you will find after careful assessment that they don't mean any harm. More than likely they aren't fully informed. They're acting on misinformation. There's likely to be a cloudy haze in the air. Everyone will have an opinion on the best way to go about tackling an issue. Rely on your own cunning to cut to the core of the problem.


N o v. 2 2 - D e c . 2 1

Don't criticize the situation until you've come up with a better solution, Sagittarius. Be creative. You can accomplish much if you approach the situation confidently. Pessimism won't help find a solution. Relax and let your intuition guide you. Feel free to speak with confidence and strength. Perhaps the most fanciful-sounding answers will be the most ingenious solutions.


Dec. 22 - Jan 19

Your thoughts may have a dreamy quality today, Capricorn. You will find that things are less stable than they have been for the past few days. Don't get discouraged by pessimistic people. Offer your own creative solutions. You have a great deal of wisdom to share with others whether you realize it or not. Don't sell yourself short. Have confidence in your thoughts and ideas.

495 Flatb

The Haitian Times

December 15-21, 2010


continued from 17

are very much on display in Haiti. After the quake, porta-potties were rushed in by aid groups to provide sanitation, but they cost $13 a day to clean and empty the wastes. So many thousands of dollars each day go to companies with the specialized trucks that clean porta-potties and then dump the wastes, untreated, at the city dump. There are solutions. One sanitation aid group, SOIL, has provided 300 dry composting toilets that turn human waste into fertilizer. The composting kills the cholera bacteria and other pathogens within a few days, according to Sasha Kramer, the executive director of SOIL. The compost then provides desperately needed topsoil and fertilizer to boost agricultural production. Ultimately what Haiti most needs isn’t so much aid, but trade. Aid accounts for half of Haiti’s economy, and remittances for another quarter — and that’s a path to nowhere. The United States has approved trade preferences that have already created 6,000 jobs in the garment sector in Haiti, and

Review continued from 3

in favor of the ruling party candidate Jude Celestin.” In an interview with AFP on Friday, Martelly, 49, called the recount a ”trap” and accused Preval of conspiring with the election commission and Celestin to rig the polls in secret back-room meetings. Hundreds of Martelly supporters demonstrated peacefully in the Port-au-Prince suburb of Petionville on Saturday night, chanting ”Martelly or death! Martelly is president!” until being dispersed by police gunfire. According to official results, Mirlande Manigat, a 70-year-old academic and former first lady, won the poll clearly ahead of 48-year-old Celestin, who squeaked through to the January 16 run-off ahead of Martelly.

Legal Notices continued from page 21

by the tax lien described above. Plaintiff designates KINGS County as the place of trial. Venue is based upon the county where the Property being foreclosed upon is located. WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT, ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. Dated:

November 18, 2010 New York, New York

WINDELS MARX LANE & MITTENDORF LLP MICHAEL H. RESNIKOFF, ESQ. ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFFS 156 WEST 56TH STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10019 PHONE: (212) 237-1102 TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS: The foregoing summons is served upon you by publication pursuant to an Order of the Court dated MARCH 26, 2010 and filed along with the supporting papers in the KINGS County Clerk’s Office. This is an action to foreclose a tax lien.

several big South Korean companies are now planning to open their own factories, creating perhaps another 130,000 jobs. “Sweatshops,” Americans may be thinking. “Jobs,” Haitians are thinking, and nothing would be more transformative for the country. Let’s send in doctors to save people from cholera. Let’s send in aid workers to build sustainable sanitation and water systems to help people help themselves. Let’s help educate Haitian children and improve the port so that it can become an exporter. But, above all, let’s send in business investors to create jobs. Otherwise, there will always be more needs, more crises, more tragedies, more victims. Back in the cholera treatment center here in Mirebalais, health workers were still disinfecting the bed on which Merilus had died when, in the tent next door for milder cases, a middle-aged woman suddenly collapsed. Nurses splashed water on her face, but could not revive her. So they rushed her to the main cholera hospital tent to take the newly vacant bed there. And that is the brutal cycle of poverty in Haiti that only jobs and trade can break.

Manigat has also refused to support the vote review until the electoral commission announces clearer procedures. Celestin is the only candidate currently backing it. Haiti monitors, including the European Union-funded National Observation Council, called Saturday for more talks. ”A consultation that can achieve a satisfactory consensus is essential to unblock the impasse and end up with results accepted by all that can be successfully implemented,” six monitoring groups said in a joint statement. The electoral commission on Saturday appealed for calm while it awaits the findings of a seven-member committee set up to investigate the fraud-tainted polls, the first since January's earthquake. The recount was widely expected to begin on Monday and to last up to five days, but the process would lack credibility without the support of the Manigat and

SCHEDULE A - DESCRIPTION All that certain plot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Borough of Brooklyn, County of Kings, City and State of New York, bounded and described as follows, to wit: BEGINNING at a point on the southerly side of Hancock Street, distant three hundred and fifty-six (356) feet (3) inches westerly from the corner formed by the intersection of the southerly side of Hancock Street with the westerly side of Howard Avenue, at a point opposite the center of a party wall; RUNNING THENCE Southerly parallel with Howard Avenue, and a part of the distance through said party wall one hundred (100) feet; THENCE Westerly parallel with Hancock Street, eighteen (18) feet and nine (9) inches; THENCE Northerly, again parallel with Howard Avenue, one hundred (100) feet, to the southerly side of Hancock Street, and THENCE Easterly, along the said southerly side of Hancock Street, eighteen (18) feet and nine (9) inches to the point or place of BEGINNING. Said premises being known as 826 Hancock Street, Brooklyn, NY Block : 1490, Lot: 22 Reference #:

708132.866 Plaintiff Holding, XXIII, LLC The name of the Foreign Limited Liability Company is: Plaintiff Holding, XXIII, LLC. App. for Authority filed with the Dept. of State of NY on 11/12/2010. Jurisdiction: DE and the date of its organization is: 11/10/2010. Office location in New York State: Kings County . The Secretary of the State of NY (”SSNY”) is designated as agent upon whom process against it may be served, the address to which the SSNY shall mail a copy of such process is: Harvey R. Hirschfeld, 26 Court St., Ste. 1104, Brooklyn NY 11242. Address maintained in its jurisdiction is: 2711 Centerville Rd., Ste 400, Wilmington DE 19808. The authorized officer in its jurisdiction of organization where a copy of its Certificate of Formation can be obtained is: James W. Bullock, DE Sec'ty of State, Duke of York & Federal Sts., Dover DE 19903. The purpose of the company is: any lawful act.. URBAN STORIES I LLC, a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC), filed with the Sec of State of NY

Parkinson's continued from 15

The analysis revealed that African American patients were less likely to receive medications for their parkinsonian symptoms overall and less likely to receive newer medications, which are generally more expensive. But the researchers acknowledge that the relatively small number of African Americans in the study (66) may limit their ability to detect differences and that more study is needed. ”The University of Maryland School of Medicine faculty has been at the forefront of tackling issues surrounding health disparities, which is a very complex subject. This study into parkinsonism shows how these disparities can affect all types of medical conditions and why it is important to identify them so we can make sure all patients receive the best care possible,” says E. Albert Reece, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., vice

A Travers Haiti continued from 2

sion judiciaire et de la sous-commission des opérations étrangères du Sénat américain, avait appelé vendredi l’administration Obama à bloquer l’aide à Haïti et à révoquer les visas des plus hauts responsables haïtiens et de leurs familles s’il n’y avait pas un sérieux engagement en faveur d’élections démocratiques. ”Je crois que

Cancer continued from 14

It appeared that wealthier women were more likely to get the new treatment, the researchers found, and it is unclear if the results extend to other women. In an earlier study comparing the cost-effectiveness of different radiation treatments, Sher found MammoSite was unlikely to be cost-effective compared to whole-breast radiation. ”MammoSite is significantly more expensive,” he said. According to Shih, whole-breast radi-

on 9/16/10. NY Office location: Kings County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her to The LLC, 411 6th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215. General Purposes. The LLC name is Tonalli Botanica LLC was filed with the Department of State Division of Corporation on. The Articles of Organization was filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on September 29, 2010. New York office location: County is Kings SSNY has designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it nay be served. The post office address to which the SSNY shall mail a copy of ant progress against the LLC served upon him/her is:1217 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11226 The Purpose: To sell religious items. __ NOTICE OF FORMATION of Preview Production LLC. Art. of Org. filed w/Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 10/28/10. Office location: Kings County. SSNY designated


president for medical affairs at the University of Maryland and dean of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The researchers believe this is one of the first studies to show health disparities in disease severity and disability in parkinsonism. ”Future studies need to evaluate patient attitudes and their beliefs about Parkinson's symptoms and treatment. It is possible that some patients may believe slowness and tremor are just part of aging or that they have to reach a certain threshold of severity before seeking treatment. On the other hand, it may be that physicians, either consciously or unconsciously, are less likely to refer African Americans and patients of lower socioeconomic status to a Parkinson's specialist,” notes William Weiner, M.D., coinvestigator and director of the Maryland Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center. Dr. Weiner is professor and chairman of neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

le sénateur Leahy exprime la frustration grandissante du gouvernement et du peuple américains face à l’absence d’une réponse cohérente et nécessaire du gouvernement d’Haïti, alors que nous approchons du premier anniversaire du séisme a déclaré à Wakefield, près d’Ottawa, le chef de la diplomatie américaine dont les propos ont été relayés par la presse canadienne et l’AFP.

ation therapy costs about $13,000 and breast brachytherapy about $23,400. Hologic could not provide comments by deadline. Until more evidence becomes available, Sher said, ”women should know that the standard of care in managing (cancer of the) breasts is whole-breast radiation.” ”There are tens of thousands of women who have been treated with whole-breast radiation and they have done very well,” he added.

as agent and shall mail process to: 173 N. Main St. #400, Sayville, NY 11782. Purpose: Any lawful activity. OCEAN VIEW PRO SERVICES, LLC, a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) filed with the Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) on August 24, 2010. NY office of location: Brooklyn County. SSNY is designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against LLC served him/her to: 3057 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235 Purpose:Any lawful activity. Notice of formation of BILL PREPAID LLC Arts. of Org. filed with the Sect'y of State of NY (SSNY) on 7/23/2010. Office location, County of Kings. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: c/o Zalman Schochet, Esq., 225 Broadway, 39th Flr. NY NY 10017. Purpose: any lawful act.

Notice of Qualification of Marasmius Ramealis LLC. Authority filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 10/6/10. Office location: Kings County. LLC formed in Delaware (DE) on 7/3/08. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: c/o National Registered Agents, Inc., 875 Ave. of the Americas, Ste. 501, NY, NY 10001. Principal office address: 100 Lefferts Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11226. Address to be maintained in DE: c/o National Registered Agents, Inc., 160 Greentree Dr., Ste. 101, Dover, DE 19904. Arts of Org. filed with DE Secy. Of State, 401 Federal St., Ste. 4, Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: any lawful activities. Notice of Qualification of Brooklyn Bazaar LLC, Authority filed Sec'y of State (SSNY) 10/19/10. Office loc.: Kings County. LLC org. SSNY desig. as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of proc. to Brooklyn Bazaar LLC, 214 Park Place, Apt. 1, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Cert. of Form. on file. Purp.: any lawful activities.

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