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ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY DESIGNER CONTACT: Hairi Chen P 415 866 5245 hchen61@art.edu


FONTS: Century Gothic Regular/Bold

SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator Sketchup, 3Dsmax, Revit, CAD


PRINTER: MOO, Artifact Uprising

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BOOK COTH: COPYRIGHT © HAIRI CHEN 2017 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any other information storage or retrieval system, without express permission from Hairi Chen the designer.




6 24 38 52 66 76


Hospitality & Retail Experimental Farm to Table Restaurant 185 Channel Mission Bay, San Francisco CA a new way of healthy dining that redefines farm to table.

FISHERMAN’S SUNSET Hospitality Japanese Seafood Restaurant

449 Powell Street, San Francisco CA the return after harvest is the most beautiful moment in a day of a fisherman.

MARIOTTO’S RESIDENCE Residential & Office Mix-use Space & Multifunctional custom design 13 Wood Street, San Francisco CA living, dining and bedroom in one custom furniture system.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Office & Exhibition Historical Building Redesign

34 Graham Street, San Francisco CA honor and learn the wisdom and aesthetic of Ohlone indian.


Retail 20th Anniversary Event Pop-Store ShenZhen, GuangDong China visiting the origin of HUI through the tunnel of time.


Personal Project Collection

Including conceptual art, poster design, logo design marker, watercolour and pen sketches.



Hospitality & Retail Experimental Farm to Table Restaurant 185 Channel Mission Bay, San Francisco CA. The Client Tony Riviera is the Chairman, CEO of the Primo Hospitality Group. He purchased a space in San Francisco and planning to have an upscale farm to table food market & restuarant.


Ground level Cooking lab



Existing Building Information Location: 180 Channel Mission Bay, San Francisco CA. Owner: UDR, Inc. Completion Date: February 2014 Certification: LEED gold certified Zoning: Mixed Use (Mission Bay Redevelopment Plans) Architect: Ankrom Moisan Architects & Ignition Architects Residency: 315 units of market rate housing Property size: 455,000 sq ft Space Parameters: 89,000 sq ft Parking: Street parking

Adjacency Parks: China Basin Park (5mins) Mission Creek Garden (7mins) Mission Bay Kids Park (5mins) Mission Bay Commons Park (7mins) Libraries: UCSF Mission Bay FAMRI Library (13mins) Mission Bay Library (3mins) San Francisco Public Library, Potrero Hill Branch Grocery: Safeway Stadium: AT&T Park Banks: Bank of America. 501 Brannan St. (9mins) Wells Fargo Bank. 286 King St.(5mins), 490 Brannan St.(9mins) Chase Bank. 255 King St. (5mins) Healthcare: Plushcare Urgent Care (5mins) UCSF Hospital (15mins) Post office & Shipping: UPS (7mins) US Post Office (10mins)

Demographics Median Age: 32 Female: 46% male: 54% Non-family households: 64% Family households: 36% Ethnicity: White 49% Asian 39% Other 12% Average Household Income: $117,767 Average Household Expenditure: $80,195 Average Temperature: Summer 54 - 66.5 ยบ F Winter 46 - 57 ยบ F Annual Precipitation: 25.65 in. Total Population: 9,080


CONCEPT UTOPIA Is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Aiming for this final goal is what inspire design. Human nature, social reality and world history are complex and complicated. Are we able to imagine ourselves living in these worlds? What has been reflected today is the quality of a face-to-face conversation are on the slide. Which inspired this project to create an ideal and unique experiences for customers.




Design Problem Analysis In order to create a bond between the space and customer, effective communication must be establish. The world we live in today has been digitalized and this enormous amount of information can be access basically anywhere with a smartphone and the information will be update everyday through all kinds of applications. To get the customer to interact with the space is not to take their phone away, it is to give them the right information to access. the first step is to digitalized the space into oganized information that is able to update everyday then the restaurant will have its persent both digitally and physically. Next is to creat e ways to connect both persents.


a new way of healthy dining Redefine Farm to Table The selling point of all farm to table restaurants is the freshness of the raw materials, and customer love to know where those produce came from. So why not bring the farm to the restaurant, a selfeffcient indoor growhouse divided into units that can be monitor and managed on smartphones. Connecting the their virual life with the restaurant by applying this technology into restaurant’s ordering system, and the produce market check out system. It will strengthen the idea of farm to table also deeper bonds between restuarant and customer.


SEE PAGE - 22 Cooking Lab

Ground level Floor plan Restaurant & Dining area 16

Ground level Dining area & Open Kitchen



Ground level Cafe Feature Wall

Ground level Floor plan Cafe & Prepared food

Ground level Cafe Planter Seating



Prepare food + Cafe & Sketches

Utopia-Dining 180 Channel Mission Bay

Ground level Produce market

Ground level Floor plan Cafe & Prepared food 21


Ground level Floor plan Cooking lab & Planter box unit

Digitalize Farm The Edyn Garden Sensor tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition, and moisture — and then cross-references this information with plant databases, soil science, and the weather.

Planter box design

Ground level Cooking lab & planter box shelf



Roof garden Floor plan

Roof garden Entrance feature Planter & Seating



Hospitality Japanese Seafood Restaurant 449 Powell Street, San Francisco CA The client BOUSOU FISH MAN is originate in Kisarazu,Chiba,Japan. Kisarazu is one of famous city as being active in fishing. After their success in Japan they decided to expand their business in downtown San Francisco. 26

Level Three Open dining area



Existing Building Information Location: 449 Powell Street, San Francisco CA. Owner: UDR, Inc. Completion Date: February 2014 Certification: LEED gold certified Zoning: Commerical use Architect: unknow Residency: 315 units of market rate housing Property size: 455,000 sq ft Space Parameters: 89,000 sq ft Parking: Street parking


CONCEPT SUNSET symbolized the end of everyday’s work, In Japan fishmans always has romantic relationship with Ocean, proud for being a man of the sea. Sunset is the most beautiful mount in their romantic relationship, the concept transformed into materials bring the solitude of a sunset at sea, and the ocean dark sapphire to a foreign land across sea.



Level Two Bar

the return after harvest The Most Beautiful Moment Each material represents one element in the scene, the dark stone tile floor combine with drift wood symbolize the wave and the lifes beneath. Above that are the orange table tops, window treatment, and the center suspended ceiling symbolize the burning sunset above the ocean horizon. To emphasize the identity of fisherman, I added the suspended hemp rope fish net feature above the barqutte sections. The original BOUSOU FISHMAN restaurant in Japan give customer an strong organic feeling promoting the freshness of their source by making the interior looks like the ship cabin, this characteristic were kept in this project.

Level two Floor plan Bousou fishman Bar area. 32



Level two Floor plan Center dining hall

Level two Center dining area 35

Level two Floor plan Banquette Seating & divider

Level two Banquette seating divider close up

Level two Banquette seating 36



Level two Floor plan Private seating & Bathrooms

Level two Private two top seating



Residential Mix-use Space & Multifunctional custom design 13 Wood Street, San Francisco CA living dining and bed room in one. The clients are the Mariottio family each member occupied one floor of this three storey building, due to the unique condition of the site, resulted in three different program using build in and system furniture to maximize the function of every square feet. 40

Level Two Ernest Kitchen

Level Two Ernest Gallery Hall

Level Two Ernest Master bedroom

Level Two Ernest Light well garden



Existing Building Information Ground Level: The original open space planning does not met the requirements of the new user. The Yellow area will become the main focuse of the ground level design, the existing function of the area are the kitchen and living room, it gives good amount of squrea footage to redesign. The Red area indicates the walls that will be removed for the new space plan. After that it will create a wider enterance, also allows the natural light form the westside to enter the space. It is not only for enery efficiency, but also for a healthier living environment. The Existing material’s pattern and color are random and outdated.

Second Level: The scond level’s space has many issues, caused by the large amount of closed space and doors, and other comes with it, such as poor air circulation, lack of natural light at center area. The three private spaces at the Eastside means the door were not always open, the air comes in from the westside and across the hallway than stop at the yellow area. The new user of the space has specific requirements, in order to achieve that most of the walls should be demolish.

Third Level: This level has the same layout of second level, and share the same problem. The existing skylight could be more effective without the walls around them. Both second and third level has no shading solution at the westside, the heat from the hot summer sun radiate through the single paint glass window, it is certainly not a place to be during the day.


CONCEPT REVEAL the concept was developed in the process of programming, after square footage assessment, many custom build in furnitures and fixtures were placed into the project, as those hidden features like kitchen, storages, and furnitures interact with users they are revealing themself. Those elements not only maximized the function but also designed to be a playful part of the project.



living dining bedroom in one Custom furniture The clients on Level 3 are the Maria & Gino couple, the space will not only be their home also the office for four more employees working Maria. The space were divided into East and West wing, the office was placed in the center of West wing along with one grest bedroom and master bedroom since those private spaces are mostly function at night after work. The East wing was programed for public activities both accessable for family and employees. The main challenge here are the conflect between accessability and the privacy for another guest room, and a 12 people dining room was also required. The solution here a build in guestroom underneath the center seating area at East wing, this custom piece function as the rest area for employees, a guest bedroom, also a extended seating for dining. Level 3 Floor plan Maria & Gino Living area. 46


SIMONA Daughter of Maria 25 years old Graduated from Psychology major at USF Has a German Shepherd dog Has a boyfriend Having Kids in the future PROGRAM: 1 master bedroom 1 master bathroom 1 dining area 1 kitchen 1 storage area

1 living area 1 working area 1 guest bedroom 1 laundry area 1 closet

01. Main Entrance 02. Elevator 03. Entrance 04. Kitchen 05. Dining 06. Bedroom 07. Electrical room 08. Bathroom 09. Living room 10. Builded in storage (Partition wall) 48


ERNEST Brother of Maria 60 years old Teacher & Interior decorater Collecting art pieces Does not watch television Collaborate work PROGRAM: 1 master bedroom 1 master bathroom 1 dining area 1 kitchen 1 storage area

1 living area 1 working area (4 people) 1 guest bedroom 1 laundry area 1 closet

01. Storage 02. Elevator 03. Gym 04. Kitchen + Dining 05. Office 06. Bedroom 07. Guest bathroom 08. Bathroom 09. Living room 10. Wine shelf 11. Laundry 12. Garden 50




Sister of Ernest 50 - 60 years old Work in healthcare field Own 2 Cats Work at home with 3 employees

Maria’s husband 50 - 60 years old Actor Likes wine, often visit Ernest at Second floor.

PROGRAM: 1 master bedroom 2 bathroom 1 dining area (12) 1 kitchen 1 storage area

1 living area 2 working area 1 guest bedroom 1 laundry area 1 closet

01. Storage 02. Elevator 03. Laundry 04. Kitchen 05. Dining 06. Bedroom 07. Office for 4 08. Bathroom 09. Living room 10. Guest bedroom 11. Guest bathroom 12. Builded in seating (guest sleeping unit) 52



Office & Exhibiton Historical Building Redesign 34 Graham Street, San Francisco CA honoring and learning from the wisdom and aesthetic of Ohlone indian. The National Geographic Society covered a wide range of topics, areas, and industries that related to the planet and human being. Based on inspire, illuminate and teach. the project design required to create a functional workplace for the office employee base on their tesk. The Exhibition space is the best place to serves the propose of inspire, and illuminate the public about the importancae of the balance of the planet 54

Level two Waiting area & reception



Existing Building Information Ground Level / Public Space Approximately 5,500 sqft Lobby - Space for groups and individual visitors. Include coat closet. Store - One retail point of sales system and small storage room. Cafe - Small kitchen, sales counter, and seating for 14 people. Exhibition - Provide flexibility for various types of displays.

Second Level / Office Space

Min: 4,580 sqft

- Regional Manager

min. 240 sqft

- Controller

min. 160 sqft

- Marketing Director

min. 160 sqft

- Senior Editor

min. 160 sqft

- Senior Web Editor

min. 160 sqft

- Art Director

min. 160 sqft

- Accountants (2) - [A]

min. 250 sqft

- Marketing Assistant - [MA]

min. 100 sqft

- Membership Coordinator - [MC]

min. 100 sqft

- Graphic Designers (2) - [GD]

min. 250 sqft

- Editors (3) - [E]

min. 350 sqft

- Office Manager - [OM]

min. 150 sqft

- Human Resources Manager - [HR]

min. 150 sqft

- Office Reception Area (4)

min. 240 sqft

- Conference Room (16)

min. 800 sqft

- Breakroom + Kitchenette

min. 650 sqft

- Copy / print Room + Supply Closet

min. 500 sqft

Basement / Storage Archives Storage Mechanical and electrical rooms Support Spaces Loading dock for deliveries, approximately 400 s.f. Telephone/data closets: One per floor Janitorial closet: One per floor


CONCEPT OHLONE REVIVAL On this very land the Ohlone indians were able to maintian the balance and flourish for over 4000 years, what could be more inspiring than knowing once in the history mankind were not conquering nature, but very much a part of the nature. By bring back the elements from Ohlone cluture to the interior of the National Geographic HQ is to help the public to see beyond their limits, and taking that inspiration into their life along with the name of National Geographic.



Level one Exhibition Archive library

honoring & learning from our origins Ohlone Way of Life The goal fo the National Geographic’s existence is to inspire people to care about the planet, the mother who nurish all being in this galaxy, but the socall evolution today are failing to even maintain the balance of nature. Some have ever stated that human race are heading nowhere but selfdestruction. The Presidio presented itself in one unified style reflecting the Spanish Period from the Architectural style and historical relic, undoubtedly it is a Classic and beautiful view, but U.S today especially California are standing at the frontline of the battle against Environmental crisis, and speaking of sustainability the Ohlone Indians earn the spotlight in the history of Persidio.




Level two office Hallway

Level two office Floor Plan

Flame Stop coded Tule Sheets

Level Two West Wing Work Station Concept Sketch


Level Two Production team work station

Level Two Production team work station Fin Locker Planter By Opendesk

Level two office Floor Plan 64



Level one Exhibition Floor Plan

Daisy Y19 3 Form Chroma Panelling

Level one Cafe launge seating


Level one Photo Exhibition

Flexible Custom Photo Display System, Each Case Design With Independ Lighting Front and Back. Photos are changeable.

Level one Exhibition Floor Plan

Level one Photo Exhibition




Retail 20th Anniversary Event Pop-Store Shenzhen, GuangDong China. visiting the origin of HUI. The client HUIZHOU is the chief designer and founder of HUI, a fashion enterprise inspired by the intangible heritage from Miao culture. The project goal is to create a pop-up shop events in shopping malls, last for 1-2 weeks. 70

Credit to Interior designer Shushanik Kostandian孔淑莎 & Creative Capital

Center of the units


CONCEPT MIAO EMBROIDERY Is an intangible cultural heritage, an art of threads and needles that inspired by human and nature. Exaggerated, distorted and abstracted flowers, fish, birds and insects and so on, symmetrically aligned the imagination from life. An honest but not restricted imagination, witness the grace of time passing by.



visiting the origin of hui Through the Tunnel of Time Hui is a fashion brand originated in China, the founder and head designer of the company has rich cultural background, coming from one the rarest nationality in China “Miao”. The beauty of embroidery are always there to inspired her design. The concept for this 20th anniversary event pop-up store design is the combinition of two proposed options, it was passed down to me to refine, after client’s feedback on proposal, I’d designed a custom display units show both the embroidery and the season’s collections side by side which deepen the connection between the brand and the origin.

Miao culture characteristic costume 74



Display Case Close up

Units Floor Plan

Removable Steel Pipe

Movable joint Wood backing Paper inner frame

Frosted Glass (Red)

Clear Glass

Display Case Detail Section View



Cashier Bone Structure+Exterior Cover Render

Proposed Exterior cover material

Bone Structure Diagram




A Collection of Personal drawing & Projects Including conceptual art, poster design, logo design marker, watercolour and pen sketches.




CYANOTYPE blueprint of dining event

• • • • •

Whisky glass Wild grass Onions Fennel Rice

Did I just tell you what I had that night.



Guide of Universal Beauty


This serie were created in the process of the UTOPIA project, highlighted areas are the most beautiful parts of the original piece, classic gaze & the side of her neck and shoulders, the shape is a simplified symbol of classical beauty, in the project the shapes were transformed into light fixtures that carried my ideal into my design.


GRAPHIC DESIGN Poster & Roll-up banner

Client : YOLO Education a private start-up education organization in Shenzhen China the poster and rollup banner were made to promote new class program targeting both childern aged between 2-6 and teenagers aged between 7-16.



Poster Subject: An educational poster about biodiversity in Mt. Tamalpais area, all illustrations were drawn in Photoshop by Hairi Chen.



Logo Client : Charlotte le Couture a start-up fashion design company in Shenzhen China, besides the logo I also advice the interior design of her current showroom.



Marker & Pen Sketches 90

InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco - Front Entry - Stone Pillars 2013


Furniture Composition Study - Space divider & Working desk - Precast concrete wall & Wood floor 2013


Church Meeting Room - Fireplace [Black marble & Wood panel] - Black leather sofa - Bar 2013


Chair Design Airplane seating


Furniture Composition Study - Armchair & End table - Art Nouveau patio door



Conceptual Drawing - City of Shanghai - Boat & Wharf 2013


Color-Pencil & Watercolor Rendering 96

Chair - Black leather & Steel - Green cloth & Dark wood - Polished dark wood 2015


Floor Plan Render - Light wood floor - White marble table top 2015 98

Elevator Lobby Render & Sketch - Stone & Dark green panel wall - Braze elevator doors - White marble tile floor 2015


Chinese Boat Render & Sketch - Color sketch - Refined color sketch - Finish thumbnail 2015


Furniture Study - Dining chari [Braze hand rest] - White drap on green sofa - Green sofa & End table 2015

- Church Facade in Memory - 601 Brannan Garden Design 2015


D. H Lawrence 2015


John Singer Sargent - Shaved 2015


Everyday Sketches 104














Acknowledgements My Family / Luo Wen, Chen Jianping Faculty / Katie Valkuchak, Tony Wang, Stephan Hoffpauir, Ernest Mariotto, Stephanie Smith, Andrew Tu, Henry Yan, Serena Zanello, Mark Miller, Jeff Mclane, David Van Jozaites, Yuka Harada, Kathleen R, Leonarda Tamayo. Friends / Hao Lan, Yurun Wu, Hongzi Jaxue, Fangjunyi Chen, Bo Song, Fan Wu, Moegi Hara, Tatsuma Nakano, Lena Ngan Pham, Mellisiani Sutanto, Nadia Loveta, Jessica Yunnaraga. Oganizations / Academy of Art University, Creative Capital, Kevin Stephens Design Group. I would like to thank all of you. Thank you to the instructors of Academy of Art University for all the motivation and patience in your teaching. Thank you to my friends and classmates for all the critiques and ideas you shared. Most importantly thanks to my family for your unconditional love and support. There will never be enough words to express my appreciation. Thank you.




No part of this publications including concept, text, wording, scenario, mood-boards and design applications (mood-boards, color set, graphics, illustrations, drawings, blueprints, 2D & 3D renderings), may be used, reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Hairi Chen. 120

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