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editor’s note Owner of media and editor: Hairdreams Haarhandels GmbH 8051 Graz, Floraquellweg 9, Austria


Version 2012

Hairdreams is an exclusive partner to hairdressers worldwide and ranks among the leading and most successful suppliers of professional human hair extensions internationally. Hairdreams was founded in 1994 by Gerhard Ott who, together with his wife, is one of the pioneers in the hair extension industry. Striving for the best hair quality, the best application methods and the best customer service for its partner salons is Hairdreams’ core focus. This strict quality policy and Gerhard Ott and his team’s tireless efforts allowed Hairdreams to be transformed from a small company to one of the most successful suppliers of professional hair extensions worldwide. Hairdreams only works with the highest quality of human hair, which is very healthy and possesses the utmost elasticity and shine. This hair is obtained from all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles. Only the best hair can pass Hairdreams quality checks and is then refined using the gentlest methods available. The result of all these efforts is an outstanding hair quality, which has become the “hallmark” of Hairdreams, and is the reason why top-stylists all over the world are working with Hairdreams hair extensions. Many internationally known actors, models and other celebrities for whom perfect hair is imperative, are commonly wearing Hairdreams. The innovative LaserbeamerXP system permits clients with smaller budgets to enjoy attractive hair extensions and thickenings as well. Hairdreams even provides the perfect solution for women and men suffering from hair loss and thin hair: the Hairdreams MicroLines-System. Supporting its partner businesses in all aspects is of highest relevance with Hairdreams. Our Hairdreams service team provides optimal customer care and makes sure that Hairdreams hair deliveries are prompt and reliable; usually within 24 hours. Furthermore, Hairdreams offers its partners extensive support with marketing and sales ranging from state-wide all the way to a wide array of local advertising and sales promotion opportunities.

Hairdreams will keep doing everything and anything in its power to continue providing its partners with the best quality and the best support there is in the field of professional human hair extensions!

The quality of Hairdreams hair extensions makes all the difference. We only work with the best and highestgrade hair, which is procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles. Intricate and laborious sorting and refinement processes are used to produce hair extensions and other human hair products with the typical shine, elasticity and bounce that characterize real Hairdreams hair. The two high-grade hair qualities 5-star quality and 7-star Special quality live up to even the highest expectations of stylists and end clients. Especially our “Special� hair remains unsurpassed in quality and enjoys a legendary reputation among top-stylists all over the world.

Hairdreams 7-star Special quality

Hairdreams 7-star special quality hair is made from especially high-grade human hair of European type and with natural color shades ranging from black to blond.

Hairdreams 7-star special quality hair comes with a grey guarantee card showing 7 stars.

Hairdreams 5-star quality

Hairdreams 5-star quality hair is made from select dark human hair.

Hairdreams 5-star quality hair comes with a white guarantee card showing 5 stars.

Extra-long wearing period with rebonding Hairdreams Special Hair can be re-used up to 2 times with rebonding. This prolongs the total wearing period to up to 1.5 years! At the end of a wearing period the hair is sent back to Hairdreams where each strand is provided with a new bonding. The client can significantly lower her cost when taking advantage of this service.

Hairdreams Guarantee Hairdreams guarantees the flawless quality of its hair for the entire wearing period. The prerequisite is simply the professional application at the salon and the adherence to all the necessary care requirements. Confirmation comes from the Hairdreams Care Pass and the Hairdreams Guarantee Cards, which are included with every shipment and contain all production details.

Key word “Hair quality� The Importance of cuticle quality in human hair An intact cuticle layer and undamaged surface are essential characteristics of healthy hair. The better the condition of the cuticle layer, the shinier the hair. In addition, healthy hair is more elastic, easier to comb, and feels silkier and softer to the touch. Damaged hair on the other hand looks dull and tangles easily.

Scientifically proven quality

Hairdreams in comparison perfect hair CONDITION Closed surface

good (normal) hair CONDITION Slightly open but intact hair surface

poor hair CONDITION Extremely damaged or removed surface


microscope analysis by Professor Dr. rer. Nat. Martin Mueller, University Aachen

Hairdreams Structures Straight hair, perfect waves and curls for any need You can fulfill any customer’s wishes with Hairdreams hair structures; no matter if straight or curly. Naturally curly hair is available to achieve an extra-natural look.


Normal straight hair

Light curl

Medium curl

Tight curl

The standard Hairdreams hair structure is “Straight”. This is untreated, normal straight hair, which may have a slight natural wave to it when wet. This hair can be styled and permed at the salon as needed. Otherwise, pre-permed hair is available in 3 standard wave structures.

Extra straight hair

Extra Straight A Hairdreams specialty is naturally wavy hair, which produces an especially natural curly look. Since this is a natural product this hair is naturally tapered and its wave structure and intensity varies. The available colors deviate from the Hairdreams standard colors and a special color ring is available. These strands are ideal for women who are looking for an especially natural-looking hair style. Lengths: Short: 35 cm/14 in (tapered starting at 15 cm/6 in) Medium: 45 cm/18 in (tapered starting at 25 cm/10 in) Long: 60 cm/24 in (tapered starting at 25 cm/10 in)

Colors: NC02 NC05 NC08 NC10 NC12

NC19 NC30 NC31 NC32

Afro Straight

Extra-straight hair is available as a special order. “Hairdreams Extra Straight” is hand-selected, especially straight hair with the least natural wave possible. This hair can be completely straightened with minimal effort, for example using a blow-dryer with a round brush. It will stay straight for an especially long time. “Hairdreams Afro Straight” is hair with the unique textured structure of tight curly hair that has been straightened. Both types are available in all colors and lengths. “Extra-Straight” hair is available in Special Quality only.

Lustrous colors for any style


Hairdreams Color Selection Natural tones

Natural tone 00

Natural tone 02

Natural tone 03

Natural tone 04

Natural tone 50

Natural tone 05

Natural tone 07

Blond tone 11

Blond tone 12

Blond tone 13

Blond tone 19

Blond tone 55

Blond tone 58

Blond tone 59

Blond tone 65

Red tone 30

Red tone 31

Red tone 33

Red tone 35

Grey tone 91

Grey tone 93

Grey tone 94

blond Tones

Natural tone 08

Natural tone 09

Natural tone 10

Blond tone 23

Blond tone 24

Blond tone 27

Blond tone 51

Red tones

Blond tone 66

Blond tone 69

Blond tone 86

Grey tones*

Red tone 47

Red tone 73

Red tone 74

Please note: Colors are not binding, always use the color ring for your final color selection. 14

Blends* Examples:

Blend 03+33

Blend 08+30

Blend 09+30

Blend 09+23

Blend 19+30

Blend 33+35

Blend 33+31

Bi-Color 33+74

Bi-Color 35+73

Bi-Color 02-33

Bi-Color 04-08

Bi-Color 08-11

Bi-Color 13-07

Bi-Color 30-73

Flash white

Flash turquoise

Flash blue

Flash rose red

Flash pink

Flash purple

bi-color strands* Examples:

flash Colors

Bi-Color 33-35

Bi-Color 35-00

Bi-Color 73-07

Bi-Color 50-73

Flash violet

Flash pastel military green

Flash orange

Flash red

Flash ruby

* Special color at an extra charge.


Hairdreams hair extensions meet the highest professional standards with their innovative bondings and wide selection of lengths as well as strand sizes. The Hairdreams standard of perfection and high quality is evident in the hair quality as well as in the seemingly endless combinations of bonding and strand types. Any client can enjoy a perfectly customized hair extension using the combination that is just right for him or her. Hairdreams is the ideal base for truly professional hair extensions, thickenings and trendy strand effects.

Hairdreams Standard Bondings consist of a thermo-elastic synthetic material developed by Hairdreams. This material features excellent application characteristics, outstanding durability and great wearing comfort. Application is done with the Hairdreams Selector System. Hairdreams Standard Bondings are available in 3 different strand sizes. This permits optimal customization for each part of the head and all the different structures in the client’s own hair.

Comfort Points can be used with the Laserbeamer XP System as well as with the Selector-System.

Dream hair lengths of 15 cm (6 in) to 75 cm (30 in) Hairdreams hair is available in 9 standard hair lengths of 15 cm (6 in) to 55 cm (22 in). Special lengths of up to 75 cm (30 in) can be made available upon request.

5-star quality

7-star special quality

15 cm (6 in)

Hairdreams 5-star

Hairdreams hair extensions are only minimally “tapered�. This means that almost all hair is of the same length and that there is almost the same volume top to bottom (see sketch). This is an important quality feature and application advantage since the stylist needs less hair strands and has considerably more creative styling possibilities in the lengths and ends. Comparisons with lower-priced competitors’ products reveal the obvious difference (see comparison photos).


7-star special

hairdreams | SPECIALS

Inspire your clients with a dazzling variety of creative and trendy styling effects. Hairdreams effect strands offer countless options ranging from natural highlights to trendy flash-colors and extravagant effects with pearls or crystals*. Hairdreams effects are perfectly suited as small and fast extra-services for fashion-conscious clients. The Hairdreams Merchandiser presents effects as attractive and marketable eye-catchers in any salon.

*Made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements

hairdreams | SPECIALS

Natural Effects Strands are sold in packages of 6 strands and can be stored and presented on the Hairdreams Merchandiser in a very marketable fashion, so that interested clients can be serviced immediately. 7-star Special Hair Quality Comfort Point Bondings Lengths: 25 cm (10 in) and 35 cm (14 in) Available in the 10 most popular natural color tones – see overview Sales Unit: 6 pieces | with perforation for Hairdreams Merchandiser Basic kit available as “Natural Kit” including Hairdreams Merchandiser and complete collection of effects (600 Natural Effects strands, 240 Flash Strands, 36 Piercings).


Hairdreams Natural Effects are strands in the most popular natural and copper tones, perfectly suited for subtle, natural-looking highlights and lowlights. They are the ideal alternative to conventional bleached and dyed strands. The colors are extremely durable; the client’s own hair is not damaged and even benefits from additional volume!

hairdreams | SPECIALS


Even with a few strands you can achieve attractive and stylish accents. 5-star Hair Quality Comfort Point Bonding Lengths: 40 cm (16 in) Available in 11 trendy colors Sold in packages of 3 with hanger holes for Hairdreams Merchandiser


hairdreams | SPECIALS






military green



rose red





hairdreams | SPECIALS


5-star Hair Quality Comfort Point Bondings Lengths: 25 cm, 35 cm and 45 cm (10 in, 14 in and 18 in) Color combinations: Top color 02 / dark brown + red / blue / white Top color 27 / blond + red / blue / black Sold in packages of 3 with hanger holes for Hairdreams Merchandiser

hairdreams | SPECIALS

Sparkling effects with crystals*


Make your clients’ hair sparkle! Glittering crystals* are effective eye-catchers.

lor-neutral crystals.*

crystals* attached to them.

5-star Hair Quality Each thread contains 5 crystals* Crystals* are available in 7 different colors


*Made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements


hairdreams | SPECIALS


Hairdreams Jewels Crystals* for extra-glamorous styles


Hairdreams Jewels are flashy effect strands with extra-large, sparkling “jewels”*. An intriguing accessory for special events.

With removable clip Length: 30 cm (12 in) and 40 cm (16 in) Available with 8 different jewel styles Thread colors: brown/red (for brown, red and copper hair) / black (for black and very dark hair) / blond (for blond hair) Sold in packages of 1 with hanger holes for Hairdreams Merchandiser


Fits every hair color

Selection of jewels

EMERALD *Made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements


hairdreams | SPECIALS



Type “Pearls” Strands with elegant pearl-look – ideal for festive up-dos

hairdreams | SPECIALS


Hairdreams Leather Ribbons The “Bohemian” Hair Accessory Hairdreams Leather ribbons are trendy and timeless. Handmade from genuine leather and embellished with feathers, pearls, gemstones and much more. They are the perfect accessory for the timeless “Bohemian look”, beach style or everyday casual trend. Specials

Hairdreams Leather Ribbons are available in short and long. They can be worn as hair bands or decorative “hair jewelry”. They can be wrapped around braids or loosely tied around the neck, arms or hips – let your imagination run wild with endless fashion fun!

Assortment Leather Ribbons - Long Length: 100cm (40in) | various styles
















Leather Ribbons - Short Length: 35cm (14in) | with hair clips | various styles





hairdreams | SPECIALS



Hairdreams Quikkies The new, ultra-fast hair seduction Trendy color streaks, lowlights and highlights, asymmetrical hairstyles, fuller and longer bangs, more volume – anything is possible in record time and with no additional equipment or training!

New Hairdreams Quikkies Specials

4cm wide adhesive strips made from light microfiber with genuine Hairdreams hair attached. Flat, flexible and durable for a perfect fit. Natural looking and comfortable to wear. Ideal for clients with fine hair Using a unique, extra-fine highlighting technique to achieve radiant and natural color blends. Quick and non-damaging application without special equipment 44 colors Hair lengths of 15cm (6 in) to 60cm (24 in) Two hair qualities: Hairdreams 5-Star Premium Quality and one-of-a-kind, hand-selected Hairdreams 7-Star Special Quality*. Re-usable immediately 5-Star Quality: 20-60cm (8 in - 24 in); 7-Star SPECIAL Quality*: 15-55cm (6 in - 22 in)

>> Accessories TakeOut Spray: For fast, gentle removal of Quikkies ReFix Tapes: For easy re-use of Quikkies

before *Special Order





after 41


Hairdreams Quikkies Standard Colors*


































Hairdreams Quikkies Flash




pastel military green




rose red



blue marine



*Please note: Colors are not binding, please use your Hairdreams color ring to choose the correct color.

How it works

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Take a section and place the Quikkie underneath

Place the second Quikkie on top of the first one and press them together.

Done! 43


Hairdreams VOLUME+ System Hair thickening and Hair loss solutions with Hairdreams More and more women suffer from having “less and less hair” due to environmental influences, the process of aging, and other factors. Their hair can break, get thinner, or even fall out and lead to bald spots. In any case this is a serious problem for affected women: they feel vulnerable and unattractive. Their biggest dream: full, healthy hair! Hair Thickening by Hairdreams is the best and safest way to help these clients get their natural volume back. Several methods of Hair Thickening are available depending on how fine or thin the client’s own hair is. The following pages provide examples to help you find the optimal customized solution for each and any client type.

Volume+ System Hair Thickening with strands MicroLines TopHair HighLines



Hair Thickening with Strands Natural volume for lengths and ends Hair thickening with Hairdreams strands is the ideal method to give fine hair more body and volume in both lengths and ends. The client’s own hair is inconspicuously supplemented with individual Hairdreams strands, which match in color, length and structure.

How it works

Individual Hairdreams strands are manually applied where needed. The huge selection of colors, sizes and lengths makes an optimal custom solution possible for any client’s hair type.

Quick Facts Natural volume in both lengths and ends with individual Hairdreams strands Application with Selector or Laserbeamer XP method Optimal adaptation to the client’s own hair thanks to our huge selection of colors, lengths and strand sizes Available in hair qualities 5-star and 7-star speCial Wearing period: approx. 4 months








Hairdreams MicroLines The well-proven method for advanced hair loss The MicroLines System is the ideal method to give natural and long-lasting volume to clients with thinning hair or even advanced hair loss on top of the head. The Microlines System is attached permanently and, as opposed to conventional hair pieces or toupees, feels like one’s own hair. There are no lifestyle limitations, the MicroLines can be worn during sports, when swimming, or any other activity.

How it works

With the MicroLines method a micro-fine, virtually “invisible” hair net is integrated into the client’s own hair. The net has highgrade human hair of the 7-star speCial quality attached to it, which matches the client’s hair in terms of color and length. The MicroLines is attached gently and durably to the client’s own hair with a so-called “Bonding Ring”. This way the client’s own hair is naturally thickened on top of the head.

Quick Facts Permanent thickening on top of the head for very thin hair Available in 23 standard colors Standard size: Length = 16 cm (6 in); Width = 14 cm (5 in); Hair length = 28 cm (11 in); Hair Quality: 7-star speCial Application with Dual Power Machine Wearing period: approx. 6-8 months (refresh service available after that) Available in 2 standard models: MicroLines Tight = MicroLines net with tighter net and integrated tulle in the front MicroLines Wide = MicroLines with a net less tight and no tulle Furthermore, any individual custom order is possible. Such an order is customized to precisely fit the client’s unique head shape and can be made with any desired hair color or length.







after 49



Hairdreams TopHair Fast and Flexible Hair Thickening The innovative TopHair System is especially fast, convenient and flexible to use. Its special construction is especially suitable for hairstyles with longer hair on top and with partings. Depending on the client’s wishes the TopHair can be attached permanently or with clips, so that the client can remove and re-attach the additional hair at her discretion.

How it works

The TopHair is simply attached with clips on top of the head. It thickens and lengthens the client’s hair on top of the head, and can even be styled into an exact parting. The client can easily remove the TopHair herself, and then re-attach it when she likes. Upon request it can also be attached permanently with the bonding ring technique.

Quick Facts Quick and easy thickening on top of the head Ideal for hairstyles with a parting Temporary attachment with clips or permanent attachment with bonding ring 12 standard colors Standard size: Length = 13 cm (5 in), Width = 6 cm (2.5 in) Hair Length: 35 cm (14 in); Hair quality: 7-star speCial Wearing period: approx. 6-8 months





after 51



Hairdreams HighLines Light thickening on top of the head with optional highlights Hairdreams HighLines provides more volume on top of the head for people with fine and thin hair. Similar to the Microlines system, a micro-fine special net with 7-star Special Quality Hairdreams hair is integrated into the client’s own hair. The client can choose a color different than her own in order to achieve attractive and natural color effects.

How it works

The HighLines is integrated into the client’s own hair like a Microlines, and attached permanently with the Bondingring Technique.

Quick Facts Light thickening for clients with fine hair and not enough volume on top of the head Permanent attachment with bonding ring 12 standard colors Standard size: Length = 11 cm (4.5 in), Width = 9 cm (3.5 in) Hair quality 7-star special; Hair Length: 30 cm (12 in) Optional highlights Wearing period: approx. 6-8 months





after 53

Hairdreams Volume+ Standard Colors MicroLines System COLOR*


























HighLines System

























TopHair System

Please note: Colors are not binding, please use your Hairdreams color ring to choose the correct color.


High-grade hair replacement with top-quality 7-star speCial hair

This creates the impression that the hair is “growing back�. The gradual change of hair volume is hardly noticed by anyone.


Only high-quality 7-star speCial hair is used in the production of Medi Wigs.

Made from 7-star speCial quality human hair


Hairdreams care products are specially made to meet the needs of human hair extensions. Recommend Hairdreams care products to your clients so they can enjoy their hair extensions to the fullest extent.

Homecare products


Shampoo Beauty for Normal Hair

Shampoo Protein for Dry Hair

Shampoo Volume for Fine Hair

This conditioning shampoo makes the hair soft and shiny. Size: 200ml

Deep-conditioning protein shampoo to strengthen the hair structure of damaged and dry hair. Size: 200ml

This shampoo conditions fine hair and leaves it with more volume. Size: 200ml

Hairdreams Regeneration Care

Hairdreams Double Action Conditioner

Hairdreams Hair Fluid

Hairdreams PH & Shine Spray

Deep-conditioning moisturizing treatment, which leaves the hair smooth, shiny and easy to comb. Size: 200ml

Leave-in spray conditioner, which moisturizes and leaves the hair shiny and easy to comb. Size: 150ml

This conditioning balm smoothes the hair structure and makes the hair soft and elastic. Size: 50ml

Special conditioning spray, which replenishes the hair’s natural moisture and makes it easy to comb. Size: 150ml

In-salon products 1 liter back-bar size All Hairdreams shampoos and the popular Regeneration Care are available in 1 liter sizes for professional use in the salon. Matching pump-tops are available also.

DeepClean Shampoo Professional Care Products – 1 liter: Beauty Shampoo for Normal Hair Protein Shampoo for Dry Hair Volume Shampoo for Fine Hair Regeneration Care

Available in 1 liter salon size only: Professional clarifying shampoo for the gentle removal of residue from the client’s own hair before applying hair extensions.

High-quality brushes, which are specially made to meet the needs of human hair extensions and allow for quick and easy styling. Recommend Hairdreams brushes to your clients so they can brush their Hairdreams strands as usual.

Hairdreams Flat Brushes

Hairdreams Flat Brush Oval XL Perfectly suited for daily hair brushing

Small Hand Brush Fits in your purse and is ideal for quick brushing and styling on the go 59

Computer-controlled Dual Power Machine and 2

Selector System – Dual Power Machine

Selector Blue For quick and easy sectioning of up to 8 strands of size Mini Micro. Also suited for manual application of Comfort Point strands.


Hairdreams LaserbeamerXP System Fast, innovative and extra-precise The original high-tech system for fast and affordable hair extensions of the highest quality. User-friendly, fast and easy Simultaneous application of up to 8 strands Computer-controlled high-tech device with laser technology Fast and affordable For even more natural-looking hair extensions and thickenings Application of high-grade Comfort Point bondings Futuristic and eye-catching attention-getter in your salon Optimal durability of up to 6 months

Laserbeamer XP System. Laserbeamer XP System. 63

Removing Strands – Made Easy! new Hairdreams The first fully automatic fusion / bonding hair extension remover that’s gentle and easy to use. Removes up to 6 strands simultaneously Ergonomic with virtually no stress on your wrists and hands No more blisters on your hands Gentle on the hair and comfortable for the client Can be used for all fusion bonding systems Includes easy to use instructions and training video

Accessories: Bio Remover Concentrate Cartridges (sold in boxes of 20)

Hairdreams Quick Removal System The new system for especially quick removal of hair extensions and tangles. Consists of: Hairdreams Detangler Brush + 6 replacement brush heads Hairdreams Bonding Gripper Hairdreams Removal Solution


Detangler Brush

Bonding Gripper

Removal Solution

To loosen tangles and brush out bonding residue

Special tongs for removal of up to 5 Hairdreams bondings at once

Special lotion for removal of Hairdreams strands

Salon Accessories Hairdreams Color Ring Color Ring with swatches of all standard colors Also available: Color Ring with Hairdreams Natural Waves Color Ring with Hairdreams Folium / for men

Merchandiser For sales-promoting presentation of Hairdreams strands in your salon Large Version: 203cm x 100cm x 33cm (80 in x 40 in x 13 in) (Hight x Width x Depth) Small Version: (without image) 203cm x 36cm x47 cm (80 in x 14 in x 19 in) (Hight x Width x Depth)

Additionally available: Trays / Shelves

Service Station For convenient storage of Hairdreams equipment and hair 90cm x 43cm x 43cm (Hight x Width x Depth)

Miscellaneous Accessories Cape Salon towel Tool kit T-Shirts



Marketing & Promotion Eye-catching high-quality marketing materials help you showcase your Hairdreams services in your salon

Brochures and flyers

Banners and posters

Style Books, Step-by-Step Books

Trend material



Further advertising material such as sidewalk signs, special sizes etc. upon request. Please contact your service team.

VIP Partner Program* As a Hairdreams VIP partner you will be part of a wide variety of cooperative advertising activities and promotions for a low monthly fee. National advertising and PR

Customized partner advertising Salon decoration and promotions



Customer loyalty programs BeautyClub

Internet advertising and salon-finder

Bonus Points

* Not available in all countries. Please contact your service team to ask for availability.


* Exceptions: special orders, orders placed after 3 pm C.E.T., delivery problems on behalf of shipping companies, etc.


Algeria Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brazil China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Egypt France great britain

Michael Boychuck, Las Vegas

Robert Cromeans, USA 70

Germany Greece Guadeloupe Hungary IRAN Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kuwait La Reunion Lebanon Malaysia Malta Marocco Martinique

Netherlands New Caledonia Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia San Marino saudi-arabia Slovenia Slovakia Spain Switzerland Tahiti UAE (Dubai) USA Venezuela

AMP Salon - Palms Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas Heiko Bott – Hamburg Bundy Bundy – Wien Color by Michael Boychuck - Las Vegas Robert Cromeans – Las Vegas, San Diego Alain Divert – Paris Mio Kumatso – Tokio Louis Licari – Beverly Hills OP/ZON – Madrid Paolo Di Pofi – Rom Franck Provost – Paris L Raphael – Genf Barbara Reichard – Wien Edurne Senosiain – Pamplona Smeragliuolo Four Stars – Caserta Udo Walz – Berlin Urban Retreat at Harrods - London Wynn Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas

Paolo Di Pofi, Rome

Edurne Senosiain, Pamplona

Contact Hairdreams Haarhandels GmbH Floraquellweg 9, A–8051 Graz, Austria german email: TEL.: +43 316 6057 1 + 1. Ziffer Ihrer PLZ

English email: TEL.: +43 316 6057 644

french email: FR TEL.: +43 316 6057 60 + (votre préfixe tél. régional: 01, 02 …05) BE/LU TEL.: +43 316 6057 632 CH TEL.: +43 316 6057 641

italian email: TEL.: +43 316 6057 9 + prima cifra del tuo C.A.P.

Spanish email: TEL.: +43 316 6057 634

dutch email: TEL.: +43 316 6057 631

POLISH email: TEL.: +43 316 6057 648


Hairdreams Product Catalog (EN)  

Hairdreams - The Art of Hair Extension Gorgeous hair extensions, natural volume with hair thickening, hair lengthening and trendy styling id...

Hairdreams Product Catalog (EN)  

Hairdreams - The Art of Hair Extension Gorgeous hair extensions, natural volume with hair thickening, hair lengthening and trendy styling id...