The BluePrint - Volume 15, Issue 6 (Senior Issue)

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20 Hagerty High School

Vol. 15, Issue 6

May 26, 2020

Oviedo, Florida


senior top ten

2 Rishi Sajay 4.578

What is your senior quote? “‘Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, “Would Paul Handberg do that?” and if they would, I do not do that thing.’ — Dwight Schrute (Paraphrased)” What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into believing? “The quiz tomorrow will not contain information found on SparkNotes.” If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? “Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos.” If you were to give advice to your freshman self, what would you say? “While you may be told otherwise, you will not need to know how to calculate the volume from revolving the area between two curves around an axis in the real world.”

Brian Gifford 4.738 What is your senior quote? “I am Ms. C’s favorite son.” What’s your binge watching guilty pleasure? “The Vampire Diaries.” What is the funniest joke you know by heart? “Collegeboard.” What’s the best memory that you have made these last four years? “Running Mu Alpha Theta and Science Olympiad my senior year and getting to work with everyone.” If you were to give advice to your freshman self, what would you say? “If I gave advice to my freshman self, I would say to cut your hair so you don’t look like scuffed Jesus.”

Max Logalbo 4.673*

Julia Zhu 4.614

What is your senior quote? “It’s fine.” If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done? “Shoplifting socks, because I go through them very quickly.” How have you dealt with stress throughout high school? “Make lots of bad jokes and hope people laugh.” What’s one thing you’ve done during quarantine that you don’t usually do? “Measure my hair length.”

What is your senior quote? “‘So much to do, so much to see – so what’s wrong with taking the back streets?’ - All Star” What is the funniest joke you know? “The college admissions system.” What’s the best memory that you have made these last four years? “Video-calling my best friends every day during quarantine; it’s been cool to find positivity in a dark time, and it’s made our friendship stronger.” Where was the coolest place you have ever been, and why? “Guizhou, China – my family’s hometown – I love being with my entire family; it’s where I feel most comfortable and accepted.”

Neel Maity 4.725

Marina Ishak, 4.615 What is your senior quote? “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13” What’s your binge-watching guilty pleasure? “New Girl.” If you were to give advice to your freshman self, what would you say? “To not stress so much over the little things and have more fun.” When things are back to normal, what will you look forward to? “I look forward to hanging out with my friends again and going to the beach.”

Sharika Khondaker

News Editor

*Positions determined by *Positions determined by guidance in December, GPA guidance in December, current as of May 15. GPA current as of May 15.

Grace Maddron, 4.620 What is your senior quote? “‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.’ – Walt Disney” What’s a spontaneous thing you have done? “I watched the sunrise on New Year’s Day with my best friends and ran into the freezing cold ocean. I was so cold I was shaking for a few hours and was concerned I had hypothermia.” What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into believing? “That AP Lit was going to be easy. I’m sorry, Mr. Maby, but that class is hard.” What’s one thing you’ve done during quarantine that you don’t usually do? “I workout. I went from rarely working out to exercising every single day because I have nothing else to do. My body hates me for it.”

What is your senior quote? “‘I knew exactly what to do, but in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.’ - Michael Scott” If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your people assume you did? “Accidentally setting fire to a building by forgetting water in a microwaveable mac and cheese... again.” What could you eat for the rest of your life? “Burritos. You can make any food into a burrito with enough effort.” What advice would you give to your freshman self? “Don’t bother trying to do a lot of different things to impress people. It doesn’t matter in the long run.”

Nathan Weaver, 4.690

Robert Buch, 4.639 What is your senior quote? “I have a bad feeling about this.” If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you do with the money? “I would buy a Tesla.” What’s your binging guilty pleasure? “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” What is the funniest joke you know? “What do you get when you mix an elephant and a rhino? Elephino.” How have you dealt with stress in high school? “I’ve dealt with stress by attempting to manage my workload, which rarely happened. Most of the time I wasn’t stressed until the night before the due date.” What’s a spontaneous thing you have done? “One time I bought computer parts without researching.”

Paul Handberg, 4.688 What is your senior quote? “It is a lot easier to teach a man than a fish.” If you were to say something to your freshman self, what would you say? “Good work, Paul.” What’s the best memory that you have made these last four years? “My senior prom.” How have you dealt with stress throughout high school? “To deal with stress, I put my problems into perspective.” If you were arrested with no explanation, what would friends and family assume you had done? “They would assume that I jaywalked.” If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? “Ice.”

What is your senior quote? “Fishing brick.” What’s the best memory that you have made these last four years? “Senior water polo, even though the season got canceled.” What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into believing? “There are wasps inside of hotdogs.” If you were arrested with no explanation, what would friends and family assume you had done? “Committed fraud.” Where was the coolest place you have ever been? “Paris because the culture there was cool.” If you could live your life again knowing what you do now, what would you change? “I would take less AP classes.”

senior superlatives

3 DRAMA performing arts



Caitlin White

Julia Zhu

Julia is a creative, smart, talented, yet humble artist. Her work, especially her paintings, are truly amazing. She has won many awards for her incredible artwork over the years. I know Julia will be successful in whatever career path she chooses to pursue! - Mary Marinel

Caitlin White has been a member of the Wind Ensemble and performed with jazz band all four years at Hagerty. During her time in band, Caitlin has participated in solo and ensemble each year. She auditioned for and made the AllCounty Band the past two years. Caitlin has been drum major for the past two years. She is a role model and leader that others look up to. - Brian Kuperman

Teacher Farewells You will always have a choice between doing what is right, and doing what is easy. Sometimes, some of these decisions will come with no good choice. As long as you do right by yourself, then you've made the right decision. Much of what we find as part of life's answers is not to one extreme or another, but rather a balance, an equilibrium. And remember, complexity is not a vice, it's a rich and beautiful virtue, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. Relish it. Be good, behave, enjoy as much of life as you can, I love you all! Thanks for letting me teach you. - Mr. Bordelon

Congratulations on your graduation from Hagerty High School! When you began high school four years ago, you thought it would take forever. But, my guess, is now that you are looking back on the last four years, you wish it had slowed down – even just a little bit. You are a great group of students, who deserve the very best. I have no doubt that you will all go on to do great things no matter what path you take. I am privileged to have been able teach many of you, I am thankful to have been a Class of 2020 sponsor, and I am excited for your futures. Congratulations, Class of 2020! All my Love, Mrs. Jarem Bearss

Mis hijitos lindos, I am extremely proud of all of you and your resilience throughout this time of uncertainty. Never forget that you are MORE than capable of handling the challenges life throws your way. Continue to practice your Spanish, and broaden your horizons. Don't forget to be kind, compassionate, help others and serve your community. It was an honor to be your teacher and Key Club sponsor. I hope to see your beautiful faces in the near future! Sincerely, Sra. Ariza

Stand up for yourselves, stand up for your dreams, and keep standing for the world that you want to live in. May your adaptability, tolerance, and persistence bring your lives much happiness. - Mrs. Forza What a year! What a class! What a class with class!! Sorry your year and festivities were cut short. I know your exuberance and future achievements will prove how truly adaptable and resilient you all are...Best of luck class of 2020, we will all be watching to see your creativity and brilliance come to light! - Maria Coville

Brenna McCafferty Brenna McCafferty is one of the hardest working students I have had the honor of working with. She served as the president of Thespian Troupe 6885 this year. Her dedication and leadership were instrumental to all of the success we had. She, along with her duet partner Madison Walker, was awarded Best in Show for their Duet Acting scene at the District Thespian Festival. She also played one of our leads, Elizabeth Proctor, in our Fall Production of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible." Brenna is going to do great things in the world. Her heart and her talents will take her far. - Jaamal Soloman

Congratulations to our former JROTC Cadets and now, as graduates. Welcome to the adult world in which you will need to keep your best foot forward in achieving good success to become a better citizens! Remember, you've learned all of the strong principles in the Army’s seven core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage! Put them to good use as you face the numerous challenges in achieving your dreams, careers, goals and aspirations! Stand proudly shine brightly, be bold, have compassion but, always be humble as you navigate through this complex and highly competitive society in pursuit of happiness! It is the beginning of a beautiful life and may GOD bless you in making your dreams come true! Good luck! - COL Wimbish and MSG Albert Congratulations Seniors! You did it! Remember, graduation is more than your senior year and more than this fourth quarter. It was an endurance test that you completed— all the mornings you didn’t want to get out of bed, the days you didn’t want to go to school, papers to write, books to read, and problems to solve. You accomplished a lot. Don’t stop now! Conquer the world! One more time since I can't scream it while you leave my classroom, “Don’t break any laws, don’t do drugs and quit speeding!” So much love, Sayre To the 2020 graduates, You have learned that, through difficult times, you can persevere and succeed! Always remember that if you can dream it, you can do it! Dream BIG!! As you walk through this journey called life, give yourself grace. Allow yourself to take the right or left turns, hit a few potholes and always remember what I say-"Just don't hit a sinkhole!" It's hard to help you through those! Be humble enough to ask for help when you need it. Learn something new every day. Always be kind and respectful, and be open-minded. Remember to "flip" your negatives and take something positive from every experience. Life isn't perfect, but it can be imperfectly perfect for you! Best of luck to y'all in everything that you do! – Mr. and Mrs. Koepsell Congratulations class of 2020! Each of you have always had your own way of doing things. And, even the end of your school year has been different and unique! I know it may not have been how you wanted to end your senior year but you worked with the situation and are making the best of it! I am proud of you for what you have accomplished and will be prouder still of what you are going to accomplish. Always remember this quote from Mahatma Ghandi:"Be the change you want to see in the world." As long as you look for truth, beauty and goodness in life, your lives will be well lived. Best wishes for a bright future, Ms. Decio

DANCE Tatianna Ramos & Ashley Smith

Tati and Ashley are the only fouryear members of the Unleashed dance team and were the co-captains of the varsity squad this year. They worked alongside our cheer team to boost the spirit of the school during football season and then led Unleashed to its best national placings in school history. Their love and dedication to the team was evident in every class and practice and has set a new precedent for the team's future leaders. Thank you for everything you have done for the team over the years! - Diane Hasenbank

To the unique class of 2020: As with every other graduating class from Hagerty High School, you are among the brightest seniors in the state, but this year you have gone many steps beyond the norm. You took on the challenge of completing your high school experience in such an unusual manner, and you were absolutely amazing! All of us at Hagerty are so sorry that you were not able to experience the many end of year activities that were planned, we know you were so looking forward to them and you deserved them. But, we have all remained safe and healthy, which is priority one in our world right now. I’m confident that you will find a way in the very near future to celebrate your accomplishments with your family, friends and classmates, and it will be even more special. I wish all of you the very best in all your future endeavors. You are the fantastic class of 2020! Congratulations! Dr. D. DePalma Hi Seniors! I am so proud of ALL of you and can't wait to see how well you do in college and beyond! I know this isn't how you pictured your senior year ending, but stay positive and hopeful for a brighter future to be just around the corner. Each of you has been so important to the success of all the little debaters in the program- you never know how much you impact someone and I know that impact is far reaching for all of you. A few quips to remember from class: - The performance begins once you walk in the room. - Smile- always. - Crack a joke- at your own expense, first. - Elevate the argument, not your voice. - Always make eye contact. - Always consider the other side and be compassionate in the face of adversity. - Lead with facts- emotions later. - Be heard- never stifle your inner voice. - Fake it til' you make it. - Fridays are AWESOME! - "He/she is the mere dissenting voice of the truth you speak..." Come back and see me. Your coach always, Ms. Love Dear Class of 2020, Best of luck in the next chapter! Work hard and great things will happen. As Always, Go Huskies! - Mr. Malkovich Make it happen. The only things you regret in life are the chances you did not take. - Otero

This year has been like no other senior year before.

Josette Ormsby


Print Editor & Lifestyles Editor

s though no time had passed from the first uncertain step on campus, the first AP class they ever sat down in, and the first Friday night football game they lost their voice at, the Class of 2020, as seniors, will make the last complaint about the dirty sidewalk, laugh at the last joke made by the valedictorian and finally, walk, with confidence, onto the field for the last time as they accept their diploma and relinquish their duties as a high-schooler. Scheduled for June 12, the senior class will graduate in Sam Momary Stadium. The ceremony, which is traditionally held at the University of Central Florida, was moved to Hagerty due to the coronavirus crisis. This change was to continue following safety precautions, yet still celebrate the seniors as they move on to the next chapter of life. While the ongoing pandemic may define the fourth quarter, it does not take away the hard work and the four years of memories the senior class has built. Whether it be behind a computer screen at home, or at a small desk in building 2, students have put effort into learning the basics of Environmental Science with Mrs. Pigott, or studying the building blocks of US government with Mr. Malkovich. Every Friday night game, every spirit week and every pep rally throughout the years have brought students together and taught them what school spirit really means. Recent events have brought great uncertainty. The Sammy’s have been canceled, along with Senior Spirit Week, as the move to remote learning has been extended. Grad Bash tickets have been refunded and prom has been moved to the school instead of the traditional Hard Rock Cafe at Universal. Yet, many seniors continue to welcome change. They look forward to attending college and achieving their dream career. Many have expressed their desire to become a nurse, biologist, or work with wildlife and the environment. Graduating from high school also brings a new degree of independence to students, apart from the prospect of a job. Seniors are excited to be more independent, with the chance to experience life on their own. Whether this means traveling the world, or living away from parents, students are grateful to be leaving the confines of high school. Of course, there are challenges to be faced. Paying bills, a college-level workload, and finding friends are worrisome. But, beyond that, beyond the seemingly endless days of quarantine, the only obstacles, for now, that stand in the way are the flimsy pieces of paper waiting to be received and the tassels that have yet to be turned. Art by Andrea Izaguirre & Alexis Madlang

Emily Lawrence

“ “High school does go by really fast, so ENJOY THE MOMENT more.” Grace Stoner

Start looking into clubs that interest you and stop focusing so much on the grade and try to retain the information. Victoria Salinger

“I was known as the CLA S S CLOW N . I loved every moment when my friends had a good laugh after a bad day.” Dorian Mendez

Zoey Young & Lukas Goodwin

Do not try to mold yourself to fit everyone else’s standards, just be yourself and you’ll find your niche. Madison Ocasio

Last words

Walking out of a teachers class after being marked as field-tripped. Julian Sultan

It has been pretty crazy, but the class of 2020 will always stand out to the world for the way we ended up finishing our year.

hts “

Performing on the football field with my color guard team. Elise Stockdell-Giesler

on my “

Highl ig

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Senior Destinations

Senior destinations A

Ghasag Abdelrahim UF Marina Abudaif ssc Jael Acevedo-Figueroa ucf Brandon Adams uf Patrick Adkins Sydnee Adkins Jocelyn Aguila Other Sophia Aguilar uf Sergio Alcala UCF Madalynn Alessandri Desiree Ali UCF Zachary Alkire Hailey Alvarez Valencia Logan Anderson Education Training Christopher Anderson Eric Anderson UCF Amelia Anthony


Christian Arroyo Emily Baez Christopher Ballentine UCF Serena Barker FSU Juan Barreto Jerez Connor Barrett UCF Shelby Beaudoin Scott Beliech FSU Zoey Berkeley Shomaree Blake Ethan Bliss UCF Evan Bogert USF Tristin Bolles Katie Bolotte UNF Briana Bowers-Nieves UF William Boza Joshua Bozzacco Monmouth Jacob Braun UCF Erika Brazeale Angel Bridge Kaley Brooke Tyler Brown Dominic Brown Shaniyah Brown Robert Buch UCF Jessica Buis UNF Michael Bullock Reysha Bultron Colon Joseph Burd FGCU Joseph Burns Amanda Burton University of Tampa Mashalynn Butikofer FSU

C Devin Caballero UCF Grace Caffera SSC Trinity Calabro Emma Calder University of Victoria Clay Caldwell Renee Campbell Luke Campese FAU Adamaris Candelario UCF Eden Cantera FAU John Carpenter Jaylynn Carro Ryan Carroll Embry-Riddle Madison Carter Other Quincy Carter Grace Cashman FSU Nazli Castro Aleea Cauley Advent Health Ashley Cecere Undecided Rylan Celentano Florida Polytechnic Sabrina Cester UCF Raviverma Chamarti FSU Sarah Chandler Chapman University Jacob Chaudoin UCF Breanna Chery Madeleine Chitty FSU Yarivelis Cintron Vazquez Ashley Cipolla Valencia Katelyn Clark Rollins Hannah Clark Madison Coates BCU Charlotte Coello Sydney Conley FSU Abigail Cooley SSC Alexa Cooney SSC Abigail Cotler UCF Ethan Cotto FAU Bryanna Coulter SSC Halle Cox FAU Barry Crawford OWU Collin Creecy UCF Samuel Crist UCF Conall Crossan UCF Joshua Cummings UF Logan Curtis Anna Cushman


Ally Daidone UCF Timothy Daigle SSC Mark Dambrose Brianna Darosa SSC Kevin Dasrath Ian Dauber UCF Jake Dauber Joe Davis Scott Davis Ethan Davis Nickolas Davis Matthew Delaflor Brooklyn Delawrence Zahn Delgado Andrew Demmo Nemesis Deras SSC Kienan Desguin Saint Leo University Mason Dettman Dominic Diatzikis UCF Jaydon Diaz Audrey Douglas Auburn Logan Douglass Amanda Dubois

E Ryan Ellis Austin English Katherine Enot Soomin Eum



Marcelo Felix FSU Sophia Fennel UCF Isabella Fermanis UCF Peyton Fernandez-Donohue SSC Antonietta Feroce UCF Fabiola Ferrer SSC Jake Ferry Colby Fialkoff Kylie Finn UCF Nathan Florio SSC Aubrey Fontenot UCF Zander Forza UCF Donovan Franklin Rebecca Frayne Bucks College Johann Fuchs UCF


Hannah Gaborko UCF Chloe Gallant PBA Michelle Gan Isabel Garces Marist College Sofia Garces Nicole Garmer UNF Madison Garrett Cameron Garrison Mikkah Garvey Sylvester Gawkowski FIU Alyssa Gaytan UCF Kaleen Gendreau Griffin George Evelyn Germer Johnny Gibson Ayana Gibson Brian Gifford UCF Tanner Glasco Jason Glass Sydney Goergen GCU Sierra Goergen Nova Southeastern Cameron Gomez Susan Gomez SSC Samantha Gonos UCF Andres Gonzalez Martinez Colby Good Makayla Gossett UCF Jackson Grabsky JU Maxwell Griffin UF Madison Grigsby USF Michael Grinstead FSU Gustavo Guevara Katherine Guise UCF Christian Gutierrez Angelina Gutierrez Undecided


Jadyn Haeger University of Tampa Duncan Hagan UCF Matthew Hagglund FSU Bridgette Hahn University of Alabama Addison Haley UF Adriana Halpin Thomas Halverson UCF Kristen Hamblin Donald Hammel Russell Hampton

Paul Handberg UF Jessica Hanna UCF Luke Hansen Elizabeth Hardwick Valencia Justin Harper UCF Amontae Harris Out of State Elizabeth Haupt Bradley Havens UCF Tyler Hawkins UCF Marteece Hayes Hailey Hazelwood UF Ella Heil Ringling College of Art and Design Daniel Heinis Allison Helms UF Saniya Henderson Stetson Michelle Hernandez Juliana Hess USF Amy Hinnant SSC Ethan Hoang UCF Kimberly Hoang FSU Christian Hofer Embry Riddle Delzora Hoffman Brendan Howe Ethan Hunt UCF


Alexandria Iacono Jacob Iannuzzi Tyler Iseman Marina Ishak Sajhon Islam Madison Iversen

Mississippi UCF UCF


Colby Jackson Rachel Jackson Sophie Jackson Jahzeel James Regan Jannotti Nedjie Jean-charles Jillian Jeffers Rhys Jeffrey Wyatt Jernigan Mya Jimenez Calee Johnson Ethan Johnson Adam Johnson Taylor Johnson Samuel Jones Juliana Joyner Jayden Judd

FSU UC Santa Cruz



Michael Kaiser Carter Kaplan Ethan Kareem Aila Karkkainen Kirolos Kellini Noah Kemper Jacob Kerkmann Jiyou Kim Brion King Hunter King Alexander Koromilas Shane Kotlaba Aidan Kramer Colby Krupar Jennifer Kushi John Kwasinski



Ryan Lishman Ian Lizama Max Logalbo Jordan Long Christopher Lopez Axel Lopez Adam Loso Deborah Lu Lydia Lu Nathan Lup Alec Lusher Jacob Lynch

Charlie La Motta UF Garet Lagrange Bryson Laird Colin Lamkin Avery Laureano Samuel Laurent Brandon Lawhorn UCF Emily Lawrence UCF Jillian Lawrenson Vincent Le UCF Amy Leclair Air Force Acadamy Lauren Lee UCF Tecompency Lee Other Avery Legg Autumn Leggio FAU Shelby Leiss USC Andrew Leonard UCF Marlon Lewars Undecided Esteban Leyte-Vidal Brianna Lilly Logan Linares UF Michael Lindsey Jake Lippman Christina Lipsey Rollins

UCF UCF UCF UCF Southeastern


Kameron Macaw Kaitlyn Macdonald UCF Anthony Maddox Grace Maddron UF Nyasha Mafarachisi Pittsburg Neel Maity Georgia Tech Emily Maldonado Jessica Maldonado UCF Joshua Mallay Samuel Mallay Gerold Manderville Marc-Anthony Marcelin Nicole Marshall Rollins Taylor Marshall FSU Sebastian Martinez Alyzel Martinez Maldonado Thomas Massiah UCF Kyndall Masterson SSC Melissa Matos Andrew Mattson FSU Skyler Matulis UCF Michael Maxwell FSU Elizabeth Mcadam UCF Brenna Mccafferty UCF Jessica Mcclellan UCF David Mccunney Rhodes Delaney Mcdermott UCF Madison Mcgrath USF Devyn Mckay FSU Jordyn Mclaughlin Megan Mcnamara UCF Adrian Melendez cetto UCF Dorian Mendez UCF Camdyn Meredith Alabama Evan Meyer William Mikell Jordan Miller FSU Lillyauna Miller-Rodriguez SSC Zachary Minardi SSC Chloe Mitchell Kiara Mobley Monica Molineros Mira Monroe Nadia Montanez Advent Health Malia Morens FAU Emily Mospan Elliot Muller UF Morgan Muse William Myers Evan Myers UCF



Georgia Tech UCF UF

Art UCF UF FAU Undecided UCF

Asheya Naik Arth Nayak Melissa Neidhardt Amanda Nelson Brianna Neris Faith Nichols Kyler Nicholson Alexander Noren

FSU Auburn gap year UCF USF


Erin O’Connor UCF Liam O’Donnell Kaitlin O’Donnell Alabama Bryan O’Hare Zoe Oakman UCF Nasem Obeid UCF Emily Oberson Florida Southern Madison Ocasio UCF Adriana Occhipinti UCF Joshua Odimegwu USF Bethany Ogando other Francheska Olazabal-Vega UCF Josette Ormsby UCF Jasmine Orozco Aleena Orr Coralia Osoria UCF Trent Ostarly FSU Dalton Oxendine USF

Grace Paccione Camila Pagan Claudia Panko



A list of the graduating seniors and their destinations, for those who responded.

Vale Parker Cameron Parrish UCF Jayson Paseur Tyler Pate SSC Dilan Patel UCF Aashni Patel Ohio State Payal Patel SSC Daniel Patton Kathryn Peabody SSC Mariah Peck Nicolas Penna Skylar Perella Naomi Perez Lidia Perez Undecided Logan Perkins Undecided Rayana Permaul Undecided Tracy Pham UCF Aiden Philippe Mary Phillips Valentina Pinoargotty coronel Nicholas Plasse UCF Gabriel Plecic Maya Pommet UCF Sophia Pompa UCF Michael Ponce UCF Noah Powell Brooklyn Prophete Kelly Pryor Micah Puccio-ball UCF Avery Purvis UNF Rachel Pyros UF

R Caitlin Ramirez Courtney Ramirez Daniella Ramirez Tatianna Ramos Anthony Ramos Giovanni Ramos Faith Ramsey Paolo Raymundo Sophia Recine Trenton Redding Seth Reese Adriana Refino Blair Reinhardt Ella Riccard Keri Riordan Rafael Rivera Isaiah Rivera Natalia Rivera balasquide Ernesto Rivera-maldonado Jonathan Robbins Madison Roberson Kiana Roberts Kiara Roberts Ethan Robillard Kaylee Rodd Patrick Rodriguez Henry Rodriguez Marcus Rollins Jose Rosado Nazario Joshua Rosenblatt Joshua Rouse Alyia Rouse Cassidee Rozier Brenton Ruf Christian Ruiz








Travis Saint Louis Rishi Sajay UF Victoria Salinger UCF Olivia Santilli Benjamin Scherr Britney Scherr Cade Schexnayder FSU Alyssa Schwartz FAU Theodore Schwartzhoff Luke Scott Cameron Seibert Sage Seminara Nia Shand Kyle Shaouni Stetson Ashley Sharma SSC Soumya Sharma UCF Nicholas Sheehan UCF Nicholas Silva FAU Jeremy Simants Sophie Singer USF Catherine Skelly UF Samantha Smith Other Mikaela Smith Molly Smith Auburn Austin Smith UCF Ashley Smith Arizona State Grant Smith UCF Jacob Snyder John Sbieck Ian Solorzano University of North Dakota Madison Sophia FSU Jonathan Sorensen Undecided

Jennielyz Soto Marquez Jordyn Sparrell FSU Alyssa Spence University of Rochester Michael Steedle UCF Julia paris Stefanini Brett Stender TCC Madison Steward UCF Elise Stockdell-giesler SSC Grace Stoner FAU Alexander Strausser Haleigh Strickland UCF Jared Strickle Kate-lyn Sullivan-Longo FAU Julian Sultan USF Tyler Swingle Luther College


Christopher Tabares Cameron Tainter Jeremy Taveras Trevor Tedesco Sophia Tefertiller Haven Terrell Emily Teter Alexandra Thailing Brandon Thomas Gabriella Thomas Max Thomas Madelyn Thomes Emma Thompson Taylor Thompson Natalie Thompson Safiyah Tobgy Jason Tocco Daniel Torres Minh Tran Anne Trimboli Hagen Tucker Joshua Turner Ashley Twilley



UCF Morningside


Nathan Kyle Umusig Maria Urdaneta Arrieta UCF Paul Utrecht Hogeschool Van Amsterdam Darysha Valdes Perez Noah Van Camp UCF Camden Varady Angel Vargas UCF Kathryn Vasquez UCF Syncer Vasquez UCF Leilanie Vasquez Camille Vazquez UCF Eric Velazquez Gabriela Velez Lopez SSC Angelina Villanueva Barry University Luis Vivenes Larez SSC Serena Voight UCF Colin Voss UCF


Madison Walker FSU Runshi Wang UCF Katrina Wanliss Nathan Weaver UF Justice Weaver Abigail Welling FGCU Thomas Welsh UF Julian Weremchuk UCF Rachel West UCF Lydia Whipple FAU Caitlin White UF Connor Whitney Park Wickizer Victoria Wilburn UCF Haley Wilcox Max Willis Art Sierra Wolfson Lewis Wood Josiah Wright Victoria Wynne Esther Xhumari UCF Klaus Xhumari UCF


Annie Yartz UCF Asha Yooseph UF Kiyah Young UCF Alexis Young FSU Alexia Youngblood UCF Julia Zhu UF Teja Zitzke Jacob Zuhr Wake Forest University Alberto Zumaeta


Graduation speakers

District provides updated prom, graduation plans Leah Luedeman


featured graduation speakers

Staff Reporter

ue to school being canceled for the remainder of the year and social distancing orders by the CDC, this year’s graduation and prom plans have been changed dramatically. The district announced two plans for this year. The first plan only works if social distancing rules have been lifted before June 11, but if not then the second plan takes place on July 16. Both plans include a senior dance at the high school that will be free to Hagerty seniors and $25 for guests. High schools will also issue refunds for prom and Grad Bash. The day after the dance, graduation will be held on the football field at 8:20 p.m. If there is rain, graduation will occur the next morning. For people who cannot attend in-person, the graduations will be live-streamed. In addition to the summer graduation plans, the district plans to also conduct virtual graduations. Students will be able to submit a graduation picture and have their picture appear on screen as their name is called. Additionally, schools will also be able to include speeches, a principal’s address and videos provided by the school. Hagerty will feature recorded speeches from senior class president, Kaitlin O’Donnell, and valedictorian Brian Gifford. “I’m just grateful that we can still have a ceremony,” senior Grace Maddron said. “Obviously it’s not going to happen the way everyone wanted it to, but I’m so glad I’ll still be able to walk across the stage.”



Senior class president Served as class president all 4 years Attending Alabama

Valedictorian President of Mu Alpha Theta, co-president of Science Olympiad Attending UCF

I know this is a very unconventional way to end our senior but I would just like to say that it has been an absolute pleasure to serve as class president these last few years. I wish things could’ve ended differently for us but I’m glad we got to experience new traditions (like drive-by parades). As we all look forward and go our separate ways I would just like to leave you with this quote from Leonard Cohen, “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” I think now more than ever this quote rings true. No matter where you are or what you’re doing or who you’re with, there is a potential for tough and trying times but how you respond is the best way to grow. I know there is so much uncertainty for our futures, but I truly believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you all nothing but the best in all of your endeavors and I hope you let the light shine.

*full speech will be played on graduation video

It truly is a momentous day for many of us during a disastrous period in the world. Many of us may feel unlucky and that we were robbed of great experiences, like senior week, grad bash, and even prom, but we are experiencing life in its finest. Even if you do everything right and work toward something with all your strength and perseverance, it can be gone in an instant. But these troubling times we find ourselves in are key for developing and strengthening our character. Without suffering, we wouldn’t know what pleasure is. And without pleasure, we truly wouldn’t know what it is to live. It’s the natural ebb and flow of life. Right now, we find ourselves at a junction between the two... So remember to reflect upon all the great, and terrible, experiences we’ve had in high school. It is life’s gift to us, and we will only have one high school to remember. Let life give you strength by not only learning from all the mistakes, but also from the memories.

*full speech will be played on graduation video

staff note - Grace Maddron is not an official graduation speaker, but if there were a traditional graduation, she would have been a strong candidate. Since the graduation ceremony was dramatically altered due to concerns over the coronavirus, we decided to print her full speech below.

GRACE MADDRON Ranked 7th in the class Founder of Young Republicans Attending University of Florida In our senior year of high school, we struggled – a lot. We developed terrible sleeping habits, chronic procrastination, and even encountered a global pandemic. But something equally troubling emerged that plagued our students, faculty, staff and even our parents: the phrase “ok boomer.” Months went by where it was impossible for any person over the age of forty to say anything remotely controversial without a student pausing, delivering the blank death stare, and uttering those vindictive words, rendering the boomer’s opinions useless. For those of you who aren’t up to date with the latest “hip” trends – “Hi Grandpa” – the phrase “ok boomer” is used to criticize the seemingly narrow-minded views of baby boomers. But, I will admit that even though I may have participated in this modern ageism myself, apologies to my teachers, I really do envy these “boomers.” They got to grow up with low college tuition rates, clean oceans, and they didn’t even have Life360. Boomers face head-on, and

without control, the rapid growth of technology. They have had to adapt to the development of the Internet, cell phones, remote controls, and TikTok all in just half of a lifetime. And this is why I admire these “boomers” – they never stop learning. In fact, I don’t think anybody truly stops learning, because what it truly means to learn is not to merely memorize information in a classroom setting, but rather to courageously undergo a moving process of change and transformation that leads to personal growth. As we sit here today at this graduation ceremony and prepare to walk across the stage, a symbol of one of the most monumental transformations we will experience in our lifetime, it’s important to know a few ways to fearlessly ignite the process of growth and how we can implement them as we transition into the next phase of our lives. Curiosity is a simple way to spark change. For example, most of us will probably be living on our own soon, asking questions such as how to cook a real meal, do laundry, and

pay taxes, or the small things, like where the doorbell speakers go and how to change the water filter in your refrigerator – yes, that’s a thing. And the big things, like deciding our own definitions of success as we figure out our majors, as our goals change, and as we find out where on this great big globe we’d like to call “home.” Make curiosity your guide, so the avenues you pursue will bring you joy. The best way to tackle your curiosity is to find a mentor: for instance, your mom, a teacher, a boss, or even that guy John Greene from all of the Crash Course World History videos. These people will inspire you to try new things and improve the skills you already have. When I first transferred to Hagerty, a time when I felt isolated and struggled to create my own identity, my debate coach helped me find my niche on the debate team and instilled within me the belief that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. Because of her guidance, I was able to transform from that shy, insecure sophomore into the confident person speaking in front of you today, proud of what I’ve accomplished, supported by the best group of friends, and eager to dive head-first into the unknown as I begin my college experience. Mentorship encourages learning, and learning motivates growth. The most profound way to never stop learning is to always make mistakes. We’ve made plenty in the

past, like when we thought we could do that entire project the night before, or when we waited to do an entire segment of virtual the month before graduation. Mistakes lead to failure, which can be terrifying to many of you in this arena, especially your parents. But failure isn’t something we should fear, it is something we should appreciate. Civil rights activist Maya Angelou captured this perfectly when she said, “It may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, [and] how you can still come out of it.” I’m going to be honest with you, and your parents can back me up on this: we are going to make a lot of mistakes in the next few years. But let’s use them to create a culture in which failure provides an opportunity for growth. After all, failure is the birthplace of true creativity and innovation. I leave you with this: even when we grow old and become the new victims of ageist insults like “ok boomer,” we will never stop learning. Maybe we’ll finally have to learn how to navigate our way around Mars, operate floating cars, and charge our phones and listen to music at the same time – a truly revolutionary idea. But, the greatest thing about change is getting to meet the person we become time and time again as we face and overcome new challenges - an intimidating journey, but one well worth the effort. Thank you.

Athletic superlatives







Hagerty assist leader and UCF signee Emily Lawrence and Auburn The girls softball team was 10-2 until the season was quickly halted due signee Audrey Douglas led the team to the program’s first state title. They to the coronavirus, but in that 12 game stretch they beat Oviedo 5-1 and swept Palm Beach Gardens in the final match to win the championship. the defending state champions, Winter Springs, 4-3. Competitive cheerleading (2A State Runner-Up, UCA National Champions), Wrestling (3A State Finals - 6th place), Girls weightlifting (2A State Finals - 8th Place)


Not only has Pyros maintained a 4.454 GPA, the 27th in her class, she has played soccer, ran cross country and participated in track and field. She is also apart of the FHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


In the midst of swimming and playing water polo, Weaver has the fourth highest GPA in his class with a 4.69. He is also a National Merit Scholarship recipient.


Kramer rounded off his fourth year leading the golf team on a high note with a runner-up finish at the FHSAA 3A State finals, along with his first SAC championship, a district championship and regional runner-up.

Girls lacrosse (7-2, final four appearance in 2019), Boys lacrosse (6-3)


Enot has participated in track and field and weightlifting this year. She moved her way through the postseason to get a second place finish at the FHSAA 2A State Finals.


After transferring to Hagerty for his senior year, he quickly made his presence on the football team felt and tied the state’s bench press record at 410 lbs in a regular season match vs. Lake Howell



Along with Conley’s major contributions to Hagerty’s SAC, district, regional and state championships, Conley was awarded the FACA Dairy Farmers 7A Player of the Year, leading her team with 308 kills.