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Is internet marketing a strategy, a concept, customer psychology? Do we need to look deeper into our businesses or do we need to bring together all of these elements to have success in our field. The following publication is based on my own internet marketer views which have been gathered together through intensive research of the subject. It’s a changing world day by day and consumers thought patterns are changing and how do we react to this change and how do we change the face of our business with a more positive outlook to welcome customers.

Money making Schemes I have spent the last 10 months researching these money making schemes online but to be honest there is alot of hard work involved and seriously, hard work involved. They are all processes of gaining strategies and methods to market and promote your business or the product that you are selling. All tedious activities through submitting your work to articles, blogs linking site to site and page to page and also videos. Submitting videos - the ongoing marketing technique which is still on the increase where just recently having tried converting to 3gp and distributing all marketing through the mobile marketing networks, including submitting RSS feeds and digital tagging in the attempt to reach a viral capacity. Mobile (including video) marketing is definitely the one to look into due to the increase of the amount of people who have a mobile phone. I have no figures to show you here but there are more people with a mobile phone than there are people who own a computer and it’s on the increase. The hours spent working on various projects and niches realising that there is not really a click button automated way of earning money online. This is one area where money is involved to purchase specific software to distribute your products in the various advertising forms online. This research conducted was/is specifically concentrating on free techniques to get free traffic. There are free methods such as linking blog to blog and uploading videos to as many sites as you can at a click of a button. This can be through the social networks you are linked to, as long as you are registered to these sites. (This is a long process in joining but definitely recommended.) The effort and the hours joining these sites

and communities are worthwhile as once you have joined that’s it, time for distribution. One factor noticed by using your own manual methods in distribution is, you have more control over tagging and optimising your work where, if using paid software for distribution the files may simply be distributed to various sites and ending up with your hard work going unnoticed. Always ensure your video for example is optimised to the best level you can achieve to ensure it will get viewed at least! Using appropriate keywords and researching these keywords for competition, usage, slots in niche markets and the amount of times these keywords are used. There are many tools out there to do this for you including Internet browser options with plug-ins such as for Firefox or Google Adwords keyword tool is very handy.

Old School and New methods of marketing (including digital marketing) Running (or should I say advertising) your own business online is the same as a physical business. It’s all marketing and you need to use any techniques available to advertise, which in this day in age includes new, creative and innovative methods to encourage people to your business. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Have a party. Special promotions. Themed events. Vouchers off. Coupons BOG off (Buy one get one free)

Buts it’s the overall experience that people will not forget from enjoying your product or service. Be it a bad one (hopefully not) or the best experience they have ever had. But the positive experiences must be maintained to a constant standard and the negative will definitely will have to be worked on. It’s about attracting your customer but also retaining them. It’s the same for compiling lists for your marketing efforts online. The money is in the list they say and its true but you need tens of thousands of subscribers and its knowing how to keep them all interested in your product or your niche. Just like an offline business it’s keeping in touch with the people who are interested. Building relationships such as through my own personal experience in ‘a physical job’, I have taken up a method in an offline catering business of following up activities, such as large dinner parties with a follow up email just to see if people were happy and satisfied with what they had received.

‘This builds stronger relationships’ Even though you may need hundreds of customers for your business these individual ones can ultimately be the stronger relationships who will pass on all positive comments to other potential clients and customers which in the end will make your business stronger. So it’s definitely a subject to think about on how to build any business through maintaining strong relationships. But how do you maintain this following, which it is and create the word of mouth scenario (or go viral). Keep them interested, no scams, perfect quality products and your professionalism to fulfil the market of their needs and wants. With any business it’s a need and want scenario for example: We need to get a remedy for back pain, or I need to get chewing gum off a leather sofa. I want to complete this level of this game to progress to the next stage! It’s all needs and wants and people offering advice or a solution to all peoples problems. If you exceed their expectations at this stage then you are definitely going about your business the right way. The needs and wants are where you can find the niche to help these people. It can be monetised but through strategic planning and offering a product or advice that really matters to each and every individual in your researched or even better professional niche. This is how you are going to get true followers which are your targeted audience at the end of the day for future products in the same niche. Thoughts, views and ideas on Online marketing strategies.          

Distribute everywhere Post blogs and include links to videos. Ping all PDF distribution with links to videos including metatags. Joint ventures with other people in your field of expertise Submit news articles or press releases to quickly advertise your product Ensure that all tags are optimised in strong low competition keywords. Check all keywords using Adwords and using Google instant search to find where niche fits. Does the niche need a video? Get in there first and give it time before you start to see some really good results. Back link all documents to all your videos to boost ratings and increase popularity and to allow any search engine to detect your unique creativity otherwise you will not be detected. Research and research your field to find a place in the market your designed product should be.

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to create your own content. You can use any niche but it must be original/unique products which are being offered and available to the public. No copywriting or plagiarism - I made this mistake in the past but it is something you learn from as in all experiences and through all of your studies on building a business. If you are creative minded and want to share your work, DO IT!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this short publication. There will be many more as I progress through this research and its getting the stage where this kind of information is very valuable to all businesses which is why I have added the CONFIDENTIAL watermark. There is alot of information but the most important part is putting it all in action and have the determination, motivation and enthusiasm to succeed and you will. The link below is to my very own YouTube site where you can follow the progress I am making bearing in mind this is after 10 months home study and will be looking into more in-depth and professional standards to operate any business online.

Darren Langdon (HACCP76) (Catering Manager and Internet Marketing Researcher)

Internet Marketer Views  

Internet marketer views Is internet marketing a strategy, a concept, customer psychology? Do we need to look deeper into our businesses or d...