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Preparatory School Year 3 Parents’ Information - April 2018

Welcome to Year

Welcome to the Preparatory School Dear Parents, It is a pleasure to welcome you into Year 3 and to have your sons joining the Preparatory School. Year 3 is a crucial transition phase and we will be doing all we can to ensure that your son is happy and content as soon as possible. I hope that you and your son will embrace everything that is on offer at the Prep School. Please do encourage your son to be fully involved, and enjoy not only the brilliant lessons and teaching, but also the co-curricular trips, clubs, events, fixtures, plays and concerts that will make the journey through the Prep School such a thrill for us all. I hope this new guide will give you some insight into what is to come over the next four years. I wish you all well, and I am sure my successor Mr Matteo Rossetti will embrace his new position as Head of the Preparatory School from September 2018. With my very best wishes,

Mr M L S Judd

Executive Head of the Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory Schools

Preparatory School Staff 2018/19 Preparatory Leadership Team Mr Matteo Rossetti Mrs Catriona Griggs Mr John Evans Mrs Hilary Pullen

Head of Preparatory School Deputy Head Pastoral Deputy Head Academic Senior Teacher

Form Teachers Year 3

Mrs Katie Bruce-Green Form Teacher, House Leader (Andrews) & Co-ordinator of Geography Mrs Hilary Pullen Senior Teacher, Form Teacher, Learning Outside the Classroom Co-ordinator Mr Nathan Bowley Form Teacher & Website Manager, Religious Studies Co-ordinator, House Leader (Patricks)

Year 4

Mrs Joanna Magnus Mr Gareth Thomas Mr James Emery

Form Teacher Form Teacher, Year 3 & 4 Phase Leader, ICT Co-ordinator Form Teacher, Chess Co-ordinator

Year 5

Mrs Shairoz Adat Form Teacher, Extra Curricular Activities Co-ordinator, House Leader (Georges) Mr Scott Lipscomb Form Teacher, Head of Mathematics Mrs Michelle Newfield Form Teacher, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator

Year 6

Dr Cathy Lessons Mr Leo Harrington Mr Russell Bloch

Form Teacher, Year 5 & 6 Phase Leader Form Teacher, Head of PSHEE, House Leader (Davids) Form Teacher, Head of English & Drama

Specialist Teachers Miss Gemma Caplan Mrs Elizabeth Hall Mr Edward Barnett Mrs Judith Valente Miss Kim Brandon Miss Roxanna Gozzard Mr Ryan McIntosh Mr Richard Osmond Mr Patrick Milton

Science Teacher, Science Co-ordinator Art Teacher, Art Co-ordinator (part-time) Head of Preparatory PE & Games DT Teacher (part-time)/Classroom Assistant Prep Swimming Teacher Music Teacher Director of Sport (inc Preparatory and Senior School) Director of Music (inc Preparatory and Senior School) Individual Needs Co-ordinator (inc Preparatory and Senior School)

We have Senior School staff who teach mathematics, music, PE, swimming, ICT and languages as part of the timetable. There are specialist coaches for drama, chess, cricket and peripatetic instrumental staff.

Support Staff Mrs Deborah Jones Mrs Anna Thomas Mrs Nav Vig Mrs Sheena Patel

Preparatory Preparatory Preparatory Preparatory

School Office Manager School Administrator Receptionist (am) Receptionist (pm)

Mrs Sally Thomas Mrs Wendy Morelli Miss Dipal Shah Ms Sonya Anya

Librarian Preparatory School Assistant/After School Care Supervisor Phase Learning Assistant (Year 3 and 4) Phase Learning Assistant (Year 5 and 6)

The School Day When your son arrives at School at 8.20am he will have 20 minutes to play in the playground before going to class to register. We have whole school assemblies on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

08:20 – 08:40 Playground Supervision 08:40 – 09:15 Registration 09:15 – 10:00 Lesson 1 10:00 – 10:45 Lesson 2 10:45 – 11:05 Break 11:05 – 11:50 Lesson 3 11:50 – 13:00 Lunch 13:00 – 13:45 Lesson 4 13:45 – 14:25 Lesson 5 14:25 – 14:35 Break 14:35 – 15:15 Lesson 6 15:15 – 16:00 Lesson 7* 16:00 School ends *currently for Year 6 boys on three days per week and Year 5 on one day per week. We would be grateful if you would ensure your son arrives punctually in the morning. Your son should arrive at school between 8.20am and 8.40am and wait on the Prep playground. A member of the Prep staff is on duty from 8.20am each morning. Registration is at 8.40am.

Co-Curricular Activities During your son’s time in the Prep School a huge range of co-curricular activities will be on offer to your son: board games, bushcraft, chess club, choir, cricket club, drama club, gymnastics, football, history, judo, orchestra, premier strings, rugby, swimming, thinking skills, table tennis. These clubs offered to your son are generally organised during the lunch break to enable boys to go home at 3.15pm (unless they have a pre-arranged Music lesson). Year 3 will be assisted by their Form Teacher when making decisions about which clubs to join. As they progress through the School into Years 5 and 6, the boys may choose to attend a club which finishes at 5.00pm. Games, Physical Education and Swimming Year 3 boys will have 2 periods of Games per week: 1 period of Swimming, and 1 period of PE. A variety of sports fixtures takes place during term time and a Fixture Card with all the events will be sent to parents at the beginning of each term. Please check the Parent Portal for any changes that may occur. Incorporated into your son’s swimming lessons will be the opportunity to complete the ASA Swimming Programme, a nationally recognised swimming awards scheme. The boys will be continuously monitored and assessed during their weekly lessons and, depending on their progress, will be awarded badges and certificates highlighting their achievements. Early in the Autumn Term we will invite you to a meeting to explain the sporting opportunities available to your son during his four years in the Preparatory School. Please be aware it is not always possible for every boy in Year 3 to represent the school in his first year at Haberdashers’. We do take pride in ensuring there are enough fixtures during your son’s time in the Prep School to enable all pupils, at some point, to represent the school during the four years he is here. Every boy is encouraged to play for his House Team. Your son must understand that selection to play in a team requires commitment, whether it is at the weekend or on a weekday afternoon, and must take priority. Fixture dates are published in the School Calendar and Fixture Card during the start of term.

Pastoral Care - a message from Mrs C Griggs, Deputy Head (Pastoral) We hope the following information will clarify our aims in the Prep School. As Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for the pastoral care of your sons, I welcome the opportunity to inform you about the pastoral facilities within the Prep School and to clarify the systems in place that support your sons. For all staff, the pastoral duties are of paramount importance. Our aim is to nurture your sons as members of the Haberdashers’ family, offering a safe and secure environment for their learning and play. We actively encourage the boys to attend the many co-curricular clubs and activities available at lunchtimes and after School. Participation forms a vital part of their social development, new friendships are formed across the year groups and a sense of “togetherness” emerges. Should you feel there is a reason to inform us about a particular circumstance affecting your

son then, in the first instance, the member of staff to contact is your son’s Form Teacher. This may be by a letter, email or telephone call which is, as you know, our favoured method of communication. Should you or the Form Teacher wish to take the issue further, then please contact your son’s House Leader. I am aware that some issues may be of a delicate or personal matter and in these instances, I should be contacted directly to arrange a meeting or in my absence, please contact Mrs Hillary Pullen, Senior Teacher. Should any issues arise in the playground, staff on duty will deal with the boys and “nip things in the bud” before there is any escalation of trouble. They will always alert the Form Teachers of any misdemeanours that have occurred.

Preparatory School Houses Boys are split into four Houses. The Preparatory School Houses are:

Andrews Davids Georges Patricks If you have any family connections with a particular House, please state this on the accompanying form. For reasons of internal organisation it is not always possible to place a boy in a specific House, but we will try to accommodate your request.

Rewards House Meetings are held regularly and Inter-House competitions run throughout the year. In the Preparatory foyer, there are House Tubes. These contain coloured tokens and are awarded for pastoral as well as academic work. Should a pupil be awarded a “Habs’ Stamp” (5 House points) then a sliver star is placed in the relevant tube and if the pupil is asked to sign in “The Book of Excellence”, then a gold star is awarded which equals 10 House points. The boys are always very excited trying to predict which House is leading in points and a trophy is awarded to the winning House at the end of each term.

Sanctions - Red Dot System (for unacceptable behaviour) There are occasions when the behaviour of a pupil is unacceptable, such as persistently failing to carry out instructions or not handing homework in on time. Should a member of staff need to make you aware of any problems, a red sticker will be placed in his homework diary signed by the member of staff dealing with the issue. This should be countersigned by a parent to indicate that they have noted the dot. Dots will be given for: • • • •

Failure to hand homework in on time Not having the homework diary signed having been repeatedly asked to do so Persistently calling out Persistent talking in line

Should the pupil continue to act inappropriately, another sticker will be issued and the parents contacted by telephone. Any further red stickers, then the Deputy Head Teacher (Pastoral) will make contact.

A pupil’s name will be entered automatically into the Report Book for lying or using physical or verbal abuse. When a pupil’s name is entered into the Report Book, the Form Teacher will make contact with home. If a pupil’s name is entered twice, the Deputy Head Teacher (Pastoral) will contact the parents and should there be a third entry, then a lunchtime or after school detention will be issued and parents may be asked to come into school to discuss the matter with the Headteacher.

Biometric Registration and Use of Biometric Information The School uses biometric information for cashless catering and electronic pupil registration. Both systems use the latest biometric technology to scan the thumb of your son and generate a unique code that will identify him when he places his thumb on a scanner at the catering revaluation pay point, the catering tills or at selected pupil registration points around the School. Please note no image of the thumb print is reproduced or held by the School and neither can one be reproduced from the code. Further details on the use of this technology, consent to register your son and details of how to activate your on-line ParentPay® account for cashless catering will be forwarded under separate cover during the summer. Biometric registration for cashless catering and electronic pupil registration will take place during Induction Day. The School’s Biometric Information Policy can be found on the School website under Information/School Policies/Biometric Information.

Lunch Prep boys have lunch in the Bates Dining Room in the Senior School between 11.50am and 12.20pm. There is an extensive daily menu with multiple choices including hot meals, a vegetarian option and sandwich and salad bar as well as fruit, yoghurt and a hot dessert, although your son is able to bring in a packed lunch if he would rather do so. Menus are also available on the School website.

School Fees and Extras A letter from the Chairman of Governors with details of the fee level for the academic year 2018/19 is enclosed. As far as possible fees at Haberdashers are ‘all inclusive’; unlike some other Schools we do not charge for public examinations (although we do charge for re-sits) or text books. School fees also include Pupil’s Personal Accident and Dental Insurance. The ‘extras’ that appear on the School bill are, therefore, areas of expenditure where parents genuinely have some choice. Charges for extras for 2018/19 are: Individual music lessons £225 per term Group music lessons £145 per term Aural/theory £72 per term Hire of Instrument £35 per term AXA PPP Medical Scheme £82 per term Fees Refund Scheme £92.91 (Senior/Prep School) £67.03 (Pre-Prep)

School bills are sent to parents in advance of the start of each term. Payment may be made: •

of the entire bill by the first day of each term by direct debit for which a £50 prompt payment discount may be deducted; or

by monthly instalments through School Fee Plan (SFP). Details of this scheme will be included in the information pack distributed to new parents by the Bursary and can also be found by following the School Fee Plan link

Using Sage Pay button on the Parent Portal in the Fees section where your invoice can also be downloaded.

Parents who wish to pay in advance should approach the Bursary at, for details of the Scheme.

Music Instrumental Lessons Of the 1,430 boys in the School, more than 600 are learning to play musical instruments of all types. With a music staff of 25, the School is able to offer tuition in piano, organ, acoustic guitar and every orchestral instrument, including percussion. The proportion of instrumentalists in the School is very high and the Headmaster and music staff are keen that this tradition should be maintained. The lessons are, for the most part, given in School time but they are rotated week by week so that a boy does not miss the same lesson on every occasion. Instrumental lessons (approximately 10 lessons per term of 30 minutes each) are organised in two ways: i) Group Lessons As a general rule, beginners on orchestral instruments are advised to learn in small groups. The tuition fee for group lessons next year will be £145 per term. ii) Individual Lessons. Boys who already have some experience of playing instruments are advised to have individual lessons and the tuition fee for next year will be £225 per term. For obvious reasons, all piano and organ pupils, whether beginners or not, have to take individual lessons and all potential pianists must have an instrument at home for practice. If you would like your son to learn to play a musical instrument or continue to develop on an instrument he already plays, please complete the relevant forms on the Parent Portal.

Instruments The School has a pool of instruments for hire at a charge of £35 per term but competition is strong for the limited number we possess and therefore most boys buy their own. If you are going to purchase an instrument please seek the advice of the Music Staff. There is a scheme whereby parents may purchase any instrument on an instalment system (pianos excepted) if they wish to do so. Organ lessons can be given only to boys who have reached a good standard on the piano.

Absences/illness Absences can only be reported by a parent and must be done by email. This is to maintain a written record of authorised absences for illness or other reasons. In the Prep emails must be sent to – Absences must be reported every day by 8.40am. No letter is required on return to school. If your son is marked not present, and we have received no communication, we will contact you by telephone by 9.30am, to ascertain the whereabouts of your son and ask you to report the absence by email. Absences will only be authorised by those emails. The email will be sent onto the Form Teacher but will be filed by the Preparatory offices in the boys electronic file in a special ‘Absence’ file. Our School policy on Leave of Absences (for non-religious reasons) Leave of absence is only granted in exceptional circumstances and requires a written request to the Head of the Preparatory School. Please note our School policy states: “There is no right to leave of absence for parental holidays in term time. In very exceptional circumstances the Headteacher is prepared to consider a request made in writing before any commitment or booking is made by you.” Please try to avoid absences except on account of illness or religious observance.

Emergency telephone numbers/email Please ensure that your son carries with him at all times current emergency telephone numbers. This will be noted by his Form Teacher on his first day of School, and must be placed in his yellow homework diary. In the event of an emergency e.g. if the School should close due to adverse weather or any other reason, we will operate an emergency SMS Alert, and we will email all parents directly on the School’s iSAMS system. Therefore, it is important that you alert us of any changes to your contact telephone numbers or email.

Mobile phones Whilst we feel our communication system is perfectly adequate to deal with the day-to-day needs of boys and parents we do acknowledge there are occasions, after School has finished, when parents may need to contact their son urgently. If you choose to send a mobile phone with your son into School it must remain firmly in his School bag (not in his blazer pocket or trousers) and turned off. If your son needs to contact you during the day it is not permissible for him to use a mobile telephone unless first authorised by a member of staff. We are unable to take responsibility for mobile telephones if they are lost or stolen.

Communication We should like to point out that the Homework/Communication Diary is for you and your son’s Form Teacher to communicate daily and regularly between yourselves and there are ample pages for you to use for sending messages. Should you wish to get a message to the Form Teacher during the day please communicate by telephoning the School directly on – 0208 266 1779. Alternatively, you may wish to speak to Mrs Jones – School Office Manager, or Mrs Thomas – School Administrator. Urgent messages • Form Tutors cannot convey urgent messages to pupils. Messages that require action within the same day must be telephoned to the Preparatory School office (0208 266 1779). Preparatory School urgent messages can also be sent via email to • Notification of absences from School must still be emailed directly to the Preparatory School office (Form Teachers may be copied in). • Absence from any PE activity must be by note or email so these can be passed on to staff as appropriate. Messages to Form Teacher The principal point of contact about a pupil should be the Form Teacher by email. Emails can be sent about any of the following issues: • Academic progress: subject queries that may arise from pupils’ work and grades or following a parents’ evening. • Preparatory School ONLY: subject related matters should be emailed directly to the subject teacher with the form teacher copied in if necessary. • Pastoral Issues: Form Tutors should be made aware of issues such as a change in contact details, family circumstances, long-term illness, etc. • Routine Matters: issues that may arise such as reporting illness, or other information needed prior to further discussions and any pertinent information parents wish to bring to the attention of the School. Responses Staff will acknowledge receipt of the emails within 48 working hours. Depending on the nature of the query, the member of staff will contact parents as soon as possible. Please note that some queries (academic or pastoral) may need personal contact (e.g. parent consultation evenings and or individual appointments). The response may thus be in the form of a letter, note in the homework diary, telephone or email. Email practice Parents and staff should be aware that an email is not private or confidential; it is a formal, recorded communication to which a number of people might have legitimate access. Email is a business communication tool and users (staff and parents) are obliged to use this tool in a responsible, effective and lawful manner. Confidential information may not be forwarded without the permission of the originator.

Parent Voice We have a Parent Council called the Parent Voice Committee. This committee consists of representatives chosen by the parents of children in each form to represent the views of parents. Each meeting provides a forum for the Parent Voice representatives to put forward their views to the Head of the Preparatory School and other staff members, providing a more accessible way to involve parents, enabling them to make a real contribution to the school. It will also be a way for the school to consult parents about important issues. The committee meets twice in the autumn term and once in each of the spring and summer terms. Meetings are minuted and made available to all parents via the Parent Portal and are conducted in a positive, constructive spirit and are solution focused. Early in the Spring term 2019 Mrs Bruce-Green will contact parents about volunteering for the committee. One volunteer representative will be required from each form, for a two-year term of office, and in the event of a number of volunteers stepping forward for the role, a class parent vote will take place. If have any further questions, please contact Mrs Bruce-Green via email bruce-green_k@

After School Care Facility (ASCF) Please note this facility is only offered to boys when they are aged 8 or over. As well as offering many co-curricular activities led by Preparatory staff, we also have an After School Care Facility every day until 5.30pm (apart from Fridays when the ASCF finishes at 4.15pm) Parents may book their sons, in advance by email – into the ASCF at a charge of £5.50 from 3.15pm – 4.15pm and £6.00 from 4.15pm – 5.30pm (includes a light tea). There is a dedicated telephone number for enquiries regarding the After School Care Facility – 0208 266 1889 until 3.00pm. After 3.00pm Mrs Morelli can be contacted on her mobile on 07871 261800 (for emergencys only).

Photographs Taken in School Parents who do not want their son’s image to appear in promotional material must make sure their son knows this and must email immediately to the Headmaster requesting an acknowledgement of their email. The School’s policy on taking, using and storing images can be found on the School website.

School Policies The following policies are available on our website under the ‘About Us’ tab. You may request any of the information in hard copy by contacting the School. Able, Gifted & Talented Policy Health & Safety Policy Statement Absence from School Policy Homework Policy Admissions Policy & Process Images Policy (Taking, Storing & Using Images) Anti-Bullying Policy Individual Needs Policy & Admissions Procedures Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy Internal Appeals Policy Behaviour & Exclusions Policy Management of Controlled Assessment Policy Biometric Information Policy Missing Child Policy Bring Your Own Device Policy Non Examinations Assessment Policy Careers Education & Guidance Policy Policy on Gifts to Staff Child Protection, Safeguarding & PSHCEE Policy Welfare Policy Pupil Supervision Policy Complaints Policy Recruitment, Selection & Disclosure Policy Curriculum Policy Risk Assessment Policy Data Protection Policy Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) Policy Educational Visits Policy (School Trips Policy) Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs Policy Emergency Evacuation Policy (Examinations) Special Educational Needs & Disability Access Equal Opportunities Policy (Pupils) Policy (including Disability Access Plan) Equal Opportunities Policy (Staff) Staff Professional Development Policy E-Safety Policy Student Laptop Use in Lessons & Examinations Examinations Contingency Plan/ Risk Whistleblowing Policy Assessment Policy Whole School Marking Policy Examinations Contingency Plan/ Risk Assessment Fire Safety Procedures & Risk Assessment Policy First Aid Policy

The Chairman of the Aske Board is Simon Cartmell, the Chairman of the Boys’ School Committee is Mrs Margot Chaundler. Both can be contacted at the address of our Trustees, the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers: Haberdashers’ Hall 18 West Smithfield London EC1A 9HQ Tel. 020 7246 9988

Car Parking for School Events Parents are respectfully reminded that the security barrier on Butterfly Lane is lowered daily at 17:30 Monday to Friday. Access for non-School staff after that time is via the Girls’ School car park until 18:00 after which the coach park on Aldenham Road is to be used. The routine drop off and pick up point for boys still remains the Girls’ School car park. Parents are kindly requested not to park in the Girls’ School Car Park after 18:00 for evening events (e.g. Parents’ Evening, Concerts etc. at the Boys’ School); the allocated parking for these events is the coach park. Parent Parking: Beginning and End of School Day Parents are reminded that drop off and collection of pupils at the beginning and end of the School day is via the Girls’ School Car Park. The Schools appreciate that sometimes there are delays and congestion as a result but this is the designated parking area where it is safe for passengers to get into/out of vehicles and traffic flow can be managed by School staff. The Schools remains concerned that some parents are continuing to choose not to enter the School car park but instead park on the pavement on Aldenham Road. While the Schools have no jurisdiction over what parents do on the public highway this is an incredibly unsafe practice which puts pupils at risk of serious injury and is strongly discouraged in the interests of safety and access to the School. The local police force have been informed and will continue to attend this part of the site from time to time. Your cooperation on this matter would be appreciated.

Visitors Other than for drop-off and collection or designated School events for which access, parking and reception arrangements will be advised separately, all other visits to the School during the School day are classed as “School visits” for which visitors, including parents, must sign-in at the Senior School reception to collect a visitors badge and meet their host. Your son’s safety is of the utmost importance to us and we ask for your support and cooperation in this area.

Medburn Sports Centre Parents are respectfully reminded that in the interests of the School’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy casual waiting and ad-hoc visits to the Medburn Sports Centre are not permitted; this includes visits to the School Shop for which prior appointments should be made. The exceptions are parents evenings and other supervised events where a member of staff will host and/or escort visitors.

School Fees - a letter from the Chairman of the Governing Body Dear Parents, As usual at this time of the year it is my role to inform you of the fee levels for the forthcoming academic year. As you would expect, the Governors consider carefully the School’s expenditure plans and are resolved to strike a balance between the desire to deliver a first-class education at the most reasonable cost possible with a realistic assessment of the School’s need to attract and retain staff of the highest quality and to invest in new buildings and other areas of school life that support success in the classroom and beyond. Once again, this has been an exceptional year in the life of the School which has seen outstanding academic results at GCSE and A Level, as well as significant achievements in cocurricular and sporting activities; the School maintains its splendid record of success at Oxbridge and we continue to invest in development of the Estate and facilities. The much-needed improvements to the Preparatory School (Project Filius) are almost complete and the new classrooms, which are in use, have made a very positive impact on the boys and staff, significantly enhancing the teaching and learning environment. Elsewhere, improvements are in progress or planned for two new music rooms, two state-of-the-art science labs and the refurbishment of the English block. The plans for the new academic hub (Project Minerva) are progressing, although somewhat slower than desired due to planning constraints associated with the Elstree site. These projects are examples of the long term view the Governing Body takes to the quality of the estate in both Schools at Elstree and we are making these investments against a back drop of mid-term economic uncertainty. We are conscious of the pressures individuals and families are facing and seek to balance the need to generate sufficient investment surplus, invest in staff and the pupil experience, whilst seeking to moderate year on year fee increases. Having considered the School’s expenditure plans for 2018/19, in the context of continuing investment in the built estate, the developments planned in terms of curriculum delivery but seeking to take advantage of the near term benefits from the operational review, the Aske Board has concluded that the fee levels for the next academic year will rise by 4.5%,(1% less than 2017/18) and will be: Senior School: £20,346 (£6,782 per term) Preparatory School: £20,346 (£6,782 per term) Pre-Preparatory School: £15,339 (£5,113 per term) It is a great privilege to be entrusted with educating your son(s) and helping them achieve their full potential and to help you create young men of distinction who can face the future with confidence. Yours faithfully,

Simon Cartmell, OBE Chairman of the Governing Body

School Shop - a letter from the School Shop Manager Dear Parents, I would like to take this opportunity to send you a personal welcome and introduction to The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School Shop. Our School Shop is situated in the Medburn Sports Centre. We carry the full range of school uniform and sportswear required by your son with the exception of black school shoes and white trainers and we have a comprehensive selection of competitively priced stationery to choose from. Items may also be purchased via our website at The School Shop operates an ‘Approval System’ whereby items of clothing, i.e. uniform, sports kit including footwear (not stationery or accessories) over £10 can be taken home and paid for the following day. Goods taken ‘on approval’ which are not suitable must be returned within five working days. Please note returned goods must be in their original wrapping, unsoiled and accompanied by the invoice. Goods taken on approval which are retained by parents should be paid for by cash, debit card or cheque made payable to “The Haberdashers’ Aske’s School Shop Ltd” accompanied by the invoice. We would appreciate your full co-operation regarding approvals. We reserve the right to refuse goods taken on approval. Members of the School Shop Staff will be attending the New Parents’ Evening when we will be happy to give you any help and advice we can. There is no uniform available for sale during the evening, but there will be a display. We will be able to arrange an appointment at that time but, if you wish to fill in the appointment form on the Parent Portal by Friday 18 May, we will then contact you to confirm your time and date. The School Shop is open all day during term time from 08:30-16:00 (closed for lunch 11:5012:35). We run an appointment only system during School holidays. This system avoids long waits, makes shopping more comfortable for you and the staff are able to give you their undivided attention. Opening Hours for summer 2018 Please find below the School Shop opening hours during the summer holidays: • • • • • •

Closed Friday 6 July Open Saturday 7 July to Thursday 26 July – 08:00 - 12:00 and 13.00 - 15.00 (by appointment only) Closed Friday 27 July to Wednesday 29 August Open Thursday 30 August to Monday 3 September - 09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 - 16.00 (no appointment necessary) Closed Tuesday 4 September and Wednesday 5 September for staff training Reopen as usual Thursday 6 September

We look forward to meeting you at New Parents evening or when you visit the School Shop. Yours sincerely,

Frances Hogberg School Shop Manager

Preparatory School Uniform List We expect boys to take a real pride in their appearance and to be smartly dressed on all occasions. School Uniform • • • • • • • • • • •

Shirts - blue School tie Jumper - navy with Habs crest Blazer – navy with Habs crest Coat – navy with Habs crest Trousers - charcoal (shorts may be worn in the summer) Socks – charcoal Waterproof Mac Scarf – navy fleece Hat and gloves - navy knitted White baseball cap - with Habs crest

Physical Education • Football/rugby shirt – navy/sky with Habs crest • Football/rugby shorts – navy/sky with Habs crest • Football/rugby socks – navy/sky hooped • Baselayer - navy • PE t-shirt – with Habs crest • PE shorts - with Habs crest • PE socks - House colours • Tracksuit – navy with Habs crest • Swimming trunks - navy • Football boots - Velcro with moulded soles • White trainers with a non-marking sole (not sold in school shop) • Shin pads – slip in style • Mouthguard Accessories • • • • • •

School bag with Habs crest (House coloured piping) Sports bag with Habs crest Drawstring bag with Habs crest Dictionary and thesaurus Name tapes sew on Stationery package

PLEASE ENSURE ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY NAMED Uniform Changes Please note from September 2018 all boys in the Preparatory School will be required to wear a blue shirt (not white). We will also be changing the branded bag that each boy brings to School, which we will phase in from September 2018 with our new Year 3 intake. The new bag will have a piped surround which will be in their house colour. We also would like to remind parents that boys are only permitted to wear charcoal grey trousers and NOT light grey/grey.

Medical Centre Information The Medical Centre is situated in Aldenham House and is open during School term time from 08:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday. There is also a Nurse or a suitably qualified First Aider on duty on Saturdays to cover home sports fixtures. Contact number for the Medical Centre is 0208 266 1790. Medical Centre Staff • • •

Gill McGrath - Senior School Nurse Martina McGrath – School Nurse Lizette Nolte – School Counsellor

• • •

Gail Churney – School Counsellor Dr Nicolas Small – School Doctor Dr Joshua Plaut – School Doctor

General Health Information Please fill in the health questionnaire on the Parent Portal by 18 May 2018 and keep us updated of any changes such as hospital admissions, illnesses or new medication. It is extremely important to keep this information updated in case of an emergency. It would also be of benefit to inform us of any significant events such as divorce or bereavement, which may affect your son emotionally. We are always happy to talk about any existing medical conditions which your son may have and which may influence our care of him in School; e.g. food allergies/diabetes/ asthma/and any severe reactions your son has had which requires use of an Epipen. Medical and sensitive personal information will be kept confidential at all times and only shared in exceptional circumstances on a need to know basis when it is essential for the wellbeing of your son. If your son develops any contagious disease (chicken pox, measles etc.) please inform the Medical Centre as soon as possible. If your son has any episodes of diarrhoea or vomiting, please ensure that you wait 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped before he returns to School. Medicals Boys entering the school at age 5, 7 and 11 will have Health Screening Checks during their first year at School. These checks consist of vision, hearing, height and weight measurements carried out by the School Nurses, (height and weight only for age 5). We will email or telephone you about any concerns arising from your son’s health screening. Request for School to Dispense Prescription Medicines If your son requires any prescription medicine to be taken at School, please complete the form on the Parent Portal (Request for School to Administer Prescription Medication), and either you or your son bring it to the Medical Centre along with the medication to be dispensed. It is your son’s responsibility to attend the medical centre to be given his medication. Collection of unwell boys from School It is vitally important that either a parent/guardian is always available to collect an unwell/ injured boy from the Medical Centre. Please notify the Medical Centre as soon as possible if parents are away even for short periods and please provide a contact number of a suitable guardian who is able to act on your behalf in case of an emergency. We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming your son to the School. Gill McGrath Senior School Nurse

Martina McGrath School Nurse

Dr Nicolas Small School Doctor

Parental Contact Opportunities Keeping you updated on your son’s progress is of the upmost importance to us. Throughout the academic year, there will be opportunities for you meet with teachers and discuss your son’s development. From informal drop-in sessions and open working mornings (where you are invited to join your son’s lessons) to parent consultation evenings and formal reports, we really encourage you to join in partnership with us in challenging and nurturing your son. The cycle of reports and consultation evenings vary slightly depending on the year group your son is in. There is always either a consultation evening or a report each term. Parents are kept informed through regular progress grades that give an indication of both attainment and effort. We actively encourage you to meet with your son’s teachers if there is anything you wish to discuss and we look forward to welcoming you to the Preparatory School.

JS - April 2018

Welcome to the Preparatory School  
Welcome to the Preparatory School