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Opposite Page: (1) Kayla Albrecht, HFHO: Willamette West HFH, (2) Frank Hunt, HFH Portland/Metro East, (3) Sisters HFH

Dear Habitat Supporter, Habitat for Humanity has long focused on providing low-income families with the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through owning a key asset: their home. However, the needs of our communities have recently challenged us to think more broadly. That means partnering with other agencies to provide low-income homeowners with affordable home repairs, weatherization and rehabilitation—as well as new home construction. Last year, Oregon Habitat affiliates delivered affordable homeownership and repair services to 127 hardworking families in Oregon. Of these families, 85 received the keys to homes they helped to build and are purchasing from Habitat with a 0%-interest mortgage. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and the innovation of local Habitat programs, an additional 42 homeowners directly benefited from home repairs they can afford. At Habitat for Humanity of Oregon, we know that this is just the beginning. Too many of our elders are still in need of a ramp to provide safe access to and from their home. Too many families are still anxiously considering how to preserve the health and integrity of their house as the roof begins to fail. With your help, Habitat for Humanity can mobilize the volunteers and resources that will help more Oregon families lead worry-free, healthy and productive lives. Our communities are strengthened as we unite to meet our friends and neighbors’ basic needs for a stable and affordable place to call home. With tremendous gratitude for your help and support,

Shannon M. Vilhauer, Executive Director


of homeownership

Homeownership greatly impacts a family’s economic, social and physical well-being. Oregonians living in poverty can spend more than 36% of their income on home energy costs alone, forcing families to choose between food, health or heat. By giving families a hand up and out of insufficient housing, Oregon Habitat affiliates are working to break the cycle of poverty. With each wall raised, roof repaired and ramp built, Habitat programs empower families to live in health, happiness and hope, furthering Habitat’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Photo: Sisters

Affiliates in Oregon: 32 New homes built in FY 13: 75 Homes rehabilitated in FY 13: 10 Home repairs in FY 13: 42 Total families served: 127

Visit our website for more information about Habitat affiliates and ReStore locations in Oregon:

OREGON list of affiliates

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32 23

29 16

28 9

19 21 17


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17 - HFH Mid-Willamette Valley 1 - Albany Area HFH 18 - Mid-Columbia HFH 2 - Bend Area HFH 19 - Newberg Area HFH 3 - Benton HFH 20 - Newberry HFH 4 - Columbia County HFH 21 - North Willamette Valley HFH 5 - Coos Bay Area HFH 22 - Oregon Trail HFH 6 - Cottage Grove Area HFH 23 - HFH Portland/Metro East 7 - Curry County HFH 24 - Redmond HFH 8 - Florence HFH 25 - Rogue Valley HFH 9 - Grande Ronde Valley HFH 26 - Sisters Area HFH 10 - Grants Pass Area HFH 27 - Springfield-Eugene HFH 11 - Jefferson County HFH 12 - Junction City/Harrisburg/Monroe HFH 28 - The Dalles Area HFH 29 - Tillamook County HFH 13 - Klamath Basin HFH 30 - Umpqua Valley HFH 14 - Lebanon Area HFH 31 - West Tuality HFH 15 - HFH of Lincoln County 32 - Willamette West HFH 16 - McMinnville Area HFH


Habitat for Humanity

of Oregon

Founded in 1996, Habitat for Humanity of Oregon is a state support organization that provides all 32 affiliates across the state with support in four key areas:

Fundraising Training & Technical Assistance Advocacy Disaster Preparedness Our Mission Statement: Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Top: Nathan Williams, HFH Portland/Metro East, Bottom: Frank Hunt, HFH Portland/Metro East

Last year Habitat for Humanity of Oregon raised and disbursed $239,468 to Oregon Habitat for Humanity affiliates. These funds came from several sources managed at the state level. We coordinate employee charitable fund drives across the state, as well as the Oregon Charitable Tax Check-Off Program. HFHO also writes and administers grant proposals to both foundations and Oregon Housing and Community Services to secure additional funding in support of Oregon Habitat affiliates’ home building and repair efforts.

In addition, HFHO administers two revolving loan funds: • The Habitat Oregon Fund provides 0%-interest loans of $25,000 each to assist affiliates with land acquisition and home building. Over two thirds of Habitat affiliates around the state are directly benefitting from this program. • The Home Repair Revolving Loan Fund was made possible this year through a $200,000 grant from Meyer Memorial Trust. These 0%-interest loans range from $5,000 $15,000 each and are designed to expand affiliates’ capacity to perform home repairs.

FUNDRAISING Photo: HFH Mid-Willamette Valley

TRAINING opportunities

Habitat for Humanity of Oregon offers valuable in-person trainings in the spring and fall to Habitat affiliates in Oregon and neighboring states. This year’s Affiliate Spring Training was based around building affiliates’ capacity to offer repair services. With over 160 Habitat enthusiasts in attendance, the two-day Affiliate Fall Conference was our biggest event yet. Not only did we see representation from 24 Oregon affiliates, we were overjoyed to welcome affiliates from California, Washington and Alaska! Monthly conference calls provide a cost-effective way to provide timely information to affiliates. Photo: 2013 Affiliate Fall Conference, HFHO

The Affiliate Support Program was created in 2011 to provide affiliates in Oregon with a full-time, experienced Habitat consultant. Since November of 2012, Affiliate Support Director Bethany Hansen has paid a visit to all Oregon Habitat affiliates, meeting with affiliate leaders and boards of directors. Strategic planning sessions for 17 affiliates have been completed. Additional consultation services available include Board trainings, staff hiring support and review of affiliate policies and procedures. Quarterly networking groups initiated by the affiliate support director promote best-practice sharing among executive directors, ReStore managers and construction managers.

AFFILIATE support program

Photo: HFH Mid-Willamette Valley


and government relations

Habitat for Humanity of Oregon provides advocacy support at the state level and carefully tracks legislative issues that impact the mission and operations of the Habitat affiliates we serve. We meet face-to-face with elected officials and state employees to share affordable housing needs and opportunities to expand our community impact. To amplify our voice, HFHO’s Executive Director Shannon Vilhauer actively participates in both the Housing Alliance and the Oregon Opportunity Network State Policy Council. Photo: M.O. Stevens

Examples of legislation we supported during the 2013 session include Senate Bill 558,” Foreclosure Prevention and Response” and House Bill 2417, “Oregon’s Heroes Deserve a Safe Place to Call Home”. The latter bill increased existing real estate document recording fees by $5. Funds raised through this fee will support a range of housing needs for Veterans, from ending homelessness to homeownership assistance. Thanks to the leadership of our affordable housing colleagues and support at the local affiliate level, both of these measures passed with a clear majority.

Habitat for Humanity of Oregon’s main disaster preparedness focus has been in the area of continuity of operations. Last year a University of Oregon graduate student, Casey Hagerman, created a Disaster Preparedness Plan for Habitat for Humanity of Oregon. He also assisted two affiliates with the creation of their own plans: Lincoln County Habitat for Humanity and Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East. In the event of a natural disaster, the state support organization will serve as a conduit between local emergency management groups and Habitat for Humanity International. For this reason, we have joined the state chapter of VOAD: Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

DISASTER preparedness

Photo: HFH Mid-Willamette Valley

FINANCIALS The following information is derived from Habitat for Humanity of Oregon’s yearly audit for FY 2013: July 1, 2012 — June 30, 2013. To view the full Audit Report, visit our website:

Opposite: Frank Hunt, HFH Portland/Metro East

Incoming Funds

Outgoing Funds

3% 4% $9,461 $13,387

5% $15,979

4% $17,858

13% $40,969

13% $40,000

17% $83,593

35% $114,000

20% $63,511

79% $372,965

7% $23,082

Affiliate Fee For Service



Affiliate Dues



Government Grants

Individuals and Fund Drives


Tax Check-Off


Total Revenue: $320,389

Total Expenditures: $474,416



Habitat for Humanity of Oregon is giving back to the global Habitat community. In FY 2013, HFHO tithed a total of

$ 5,713

to support Habitat programs around the globe. Total outgoing funds exceed incoming funds because some affiliate designated funds received in FY12 were not disbursed until this year. As of June 30, 2013 HFHO’s net assets totalled $666,315 with $176,966 in unrestricted assets.






Shannon Vilhauer, Executive Director Bethany Hansen, Affiliate Support Director Kayla Albrecht, Executive Assistant

Randy Heise, President Liz Crossman, Vice President Denise James, Secretary Rich Hubbard, Treasurer Jerry Ambris Marybeth Beall Sally Bovett Angela DeVita Jason Drews Don Griffin Rick Medlen Deborah Patterson Sharlene Weed

Left to right: Shannon, Bethany, Kayla Opposite: (1) HFH Mid-Willamette Valley, (2) Sarah Galbraith: HFH Portland/Metro East, (3) Sisters HFH

P.O. Box 11452 Portland, OR 97211 Tel: 503.206.5248 Fax: 503.206.7456

Annual Report 2013 - Habitat for Humanity of Oregon  

Habitat for Humanity of Oregon is a state support organization that provides all 32 affiliates across the state - the dedicated teams of sta...

Annual Report 2013 - Habitat for Humanity of Oregon  

Habitat for Humanity of Oregon is a state support organization that provides all 32 affiliates across the state - the dedicated teams of sta...