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every home changes the lives of a family for generations to come.

After more than two years, over 23,288 volunteer hours, 974 lunches, 5142 cups of coffee and 35,000 bricks laid, we`re very excited to welcome home the 13 hard-working families that will soon call de Jong Lane their home! Not only was the build project Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga`s largest build to date, this new town home complex on the corner of Plains Road East and Glendor Avenue in Burlington has been an excellent example of what we can achieve when we think outside the box, dream big and work hard to build a world where everyone had a safe and decent place to live, no matter what challenges stand in the way. When we kicked off the project in March of 2014 with our presenting partner, the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH), we knew that this project would be Habitat’s first step towards growing to meet the unmet demand for affordable housing in our community. Not only did we rely on our dedicated and passionate Crew Leaders and Crew Members for their expertise, including Jeff Nugent, Rick

Sirisko, John Hall, Jenny Bax and Tom McFadden to name a few, but we also invested a total of $3.4 million dollars to make this dream a reality for our families. This, of course, is solely thanks to the generous contributions of partners like CIPH, all of our corporate Adopt-A-Day partners and donations (both monetary donations and gift-in-kind donations of products or services) from local corporations and members of our community who wanted to give back to the families who need it most. To each and every person who helped to make today a reality, whether you picked up a hammer to help or you donated to the project in any way, Habitat for Humanity HaltonMississauga and our newest Habitat families thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are the reason that we can continue to grow and expand to help more families than we’ve ever helped before. By giving these families a hand-up, we’re working together to change the lives of these families and more for generations to come.

looking forward to 2017 and beyond

of Peel, will renovate a town home that will mean a fresh start for the Sakki family and their 4 children.

As we close one chapter of our story, we’re quickly moving on to over 6 build projects in 2017 that will give 32 more families the opportunity to live in safe, decent and affordable housing. •

The Malton build project, in partnership with the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel, will create at least 4 more homes for families in North Mississauga.

The Exchange Hotel build project will be our most expensive and most difficult build thus far, involving the relocation of the original hotel structure back on the property to allow for an additional 4 town homes to be built that will serve 5 families in Georgetown.

The Goetz Landing build project, which will be our largest project thus far, on Queensway Drive in Burlington will see up to 18 units built for local families in need of a safe and affordable place to live.

This is the perfect time to get involved with our next projects. Whether you want to swing a hammer or not, there are lots of ways to make a difference in the lives of families in need. Upcoming projects include: •

The Bett-Knowlton build project in Acton, in partnership with Community Living North Halton, with give 4 older gentlemen with autism a forever home that is close to their families and friends. The John T. McCallum build project in Mississauga, in partnership with the City of Mississauga and the Region

John Gerrard Chief Executive Officer Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga

For more information about each of our new builds and to get involved today, please visit habitatbuild.ca

honouring a legend It only takes one drop of water to cause a ripple. And quite often, it only takes the action of one individual to set the course for lasting change in our community through the efforts of those that follow them. Former Chairman of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH), Mr. Case de Jong, is one such individual. A committed volunteer and advocate for Habitat since 1993, his dedication to community service has sparked a movement within their board and 260 member companies that has changed the lives of countless families in need in Halton and Mississauga, and across Canada. On November 5th, 2015 CIPH members, community volunteers and Habitat for Humanity staff gathered to recognize Mr. de Jong. In a special ceremony, the 13 town home complex in Burlington was officially named DE JONG LANE so that future generations could recall his commitment and dedication to building change in our community. “In 1993, it was the CIPH Board’s vision to align the association with a charity

that would tie in with the philosophy of building, renovations, while at the same time providing hope,” explained Ralph Suppa, President & General Manager of CIPH. “That vision was championed by Case. Since 1994, CIPH members have contributed more than $10 million dollars in cash and products to Habitat, and this year, under the leadership of Gail Kaufman (Wolseley Canada), CIPH has set a goal of raising $2 million dollars in product and cash for which $1.7 million has been raised to date. Because of Case’s vision, the support of our Board and our members generous contributions, CIPH has helped sponsor homes in Niagara Falls, Winnipeg, Moncton, Charlottetown, Montreal, Regina, St. John’s Newfoundland, Victoria, Ottawa Carleton, and our 10th and most ambitious sponsored build is right here. “We firmly believe in a hand up and not a handout. This 13 unit home build complex is the start of a new life for the Habitat families where they can feel safe and the children can grow up with pride and dignity. I am proud to say that CIPH and

its members take a leadership role in addressing the need for affordable housing by providing modern hot water heating and plumbing products to over 250 Habitat for Humanity homes each year.” We are thrilled to have the support of local community legends like Mr. de Jong and the members and board of CIPH. With their help and support, we’re giving 13 families a fresh start in life. And with the great example set by Mr. de Jong, we hope that our combined efforts will have a ripple effect on all who visit or reside on DE JONG LANE, showing them that they can make a difference in their community and change the lives of families forever.


Visit HABITATBUILD.CA to make a donation and build hope today.

special thanks to all of our de Jong Lane build partners presenting partner

home partners

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All Types of Masonry Work. Specializing in Brick & Stone!

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Title Insurance Asset Protection Process Solutions

Agnes Keenan Mario Ferko & OYAP Students Tom Tontini

T.R.A.C.K. Waco Drywall We Are One World

*Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Thank you.

for more information about our partners and how you can change lives in our community, visit habitatthankyou.ca

special thanks to all of our de Jong Lane volunteers* Peter Abarca Michael Abbas Riham Abdel Mohsen Nazim Abdulla Bujar Abdulovski Kris Abouzeki Gina Acosta Santiago Acosta Oliver Adam Jeremy Adams John Adams Lauren Adams-Rice Kristina Addesa Juanita Aden Spencer Aden June Adkins Ammar Ahmed Fabiha Ahmed Jonathan Ainley Liz Air Zain Aleem Aquiles Aleman Rochelle Alexander Rob Alidina Tai Alislam Mark Allen Tom Allen Vicki Allingham Dionne Allison Christine Allos Fiona Almeida Ian Almeida Juan Alonzo Aaron Alton Berny Amiel Hina Amin Michael An Jarrod Anaka Rose Andaloro Alex Anderson Allan Anderson Bonnie Anderson Brendan Anderson Jim Anderson Linda Anderson Linse Anderson Mauricio Andrade Ginette Andria Luisa Angelucci Saeed Ansari Chris Arabian Ivan Arbelaez Florence Arellano Antoinette Armenio Calum Armstrong Jennifer Armstrong Pauline Arsenault Tyler Arseneau Somer Arthurs Vania Artinian Kate Artt Iman Asaad Areej Ashraf Gillian Athaide Olivia Athanasiou Deepthi Athuluwage Shawn Attard Kirolous Attia Jennifer Aubertin Ashley Austin Debbie Avery-Wighton Elizabeth Avila Karas Awad Justin Awoyomi Bill Ayre Asal Azghadi Laiba Azhar Susan Azzopardi Allen Baard Eddy Babineau Jeff Baca Ferdinand Bacanek Russ Bacon Alex Badali Sandra Badali Dave Baggio Mark Bagley Mihko Bahani Ziad Bahlawan Raveen Bahniwal Gulzaman Baig Julia Baillie Deus Bajaj Natalie Bajrovic Prabhjot Bajwa Cliff Baker Robyne Balanuik Kelvin Balasadas Robin Ball Matt Ballard

Mara Banack Jed Barach Paul Baraniecki Peter Barbier Soheil Barkhodaee Mark Barnard Sarah Barnes Kris Barnier David Barnsdale Barb Barone Mitchell Barran Catrina Barrett Grace Barrington Neil Barrows Avery Barry Roxane Barry Kevin Bartel Nikolaus Basedow Gwynne Bastedo Miguel Basurto Sydney Bateman Natalie Bates Sangita Batra Rocco Battaglia Axle Bautista Alan Bawar Jenny Bax Amanda Baxter Stella Bazios Donna Beach Ross Beaman Veronique Beaulieu Justin Beck James Becker Kathie Becker Kristen Beckley Geoffrey Beechey Visham Beepath Rick Belford Kathryn Bell Mikaela Bellamy Jason Bengert Jaime Bennett Maureen Bennett Nichole Bennett Jenna Benoit Jenna Benoit Tim Berg Karin Bergen Andrea Berger Randall Bergs Dean Bergstrom Benjamin Bernard Silvano Bernardi Amir Bestawros Jeremy Bettinson Sanjana Bhalla Ravi Bhatia Sharan Bhogal Pat Biase Stephen Bibeau Nunu Bigdeli-Azari Matt Biggs Tracy Billard Mahmood Bin Haji Agatha Bis Nyna Bishop Kelly Black Natasha Black Yvonne Black Laurie Blaha Alex Bland Robert Blazic Eran Bloom Diana Bodkin Dan Bogdonov Lindsey Bokor Lori Bolland Aleta Bond Richard Bonneau Anita Booth Blair Booth Ron Borchuk Vinoshka Borges Melanie Borho-Persechini Anita Borrelli Camille Bou Deeanne Bouchard Kyle Boudreau Guillaume Boulanger Catherine Boulding Martin Bourgeois Josh Boutros Frank Bovenberg Corey Bowen Kaleigh Bowers Sheelagh Bowers Jennifer Bowman Sam Bowman

Cynthia Boyede Troy Boyko Michael Bozzo Chelsea Bradshaw Karen Braganza William Braithwaite Paola Brandolini Leslie Brannagan Mike Brazill Blair Breckenridge Jon Breckenridge Jason Brennan Jay Bridle Jim Bridle Jesse Bright Nicole Bright Shawn Briscoe Dana Britton Lauri Britton Stephanie Britton Fanny Brodin Greg Brokenshire Anthony Brosky April Brown Hilary Brown Leigh-Anna Brown Robert Brown Brad Bruder Mauro Brunetti Mike Brush Alex Buchan Brad Buchanan Bev Buchser Nestor-Jan Buendia Daniela Bufi Leena Bukhari Brandon Buller Adam Burelle Rachel Burgess Wesley Burgess Yvonne Burghardt Tammy Burley John Burns Sarah Burton Derek Butler Rashid Butt Saqib Butt Shaheer Butt Adam Buttigieg Stephanie Bye Victoria Byers Brendan Byrne Maria Calderon Erica Caldwell Jonathon Caldwell Justin Caldwell Patricia Cambridge Pina Campagna Maricelle Campbell Steven Campeau Lillo Campione Ramona Canney Michael Cao Joe Cappiello Nataly Carbone Cecilia Carbonelli Harold Cardwell Dorothy Carelse Andrew Carmichael David Carolin Craig Carpenter Akilah Carr Makenzie Carr Teresa Carr Tyler Carruthers Gita Cartwright Melissa Caruso Greg Casey Ron Casey Donnie Casselman Shawntel Castellanos Ashton Castellino Nicole Castellino Lucia Castillo Renante Castro Nahid Cavalieri Darrell Cavanaugh Julie Cecconi Mark Chagnon Brian Chambers Sarah Chambers Adam Chan Martin Chan Nikki Charamis Robert Charlton Shirin Chaturvedi Miran Chauhan Sylvie Chauvin Rajvee Chavda Jessie Chaves-Vieira

Drishti Chawla Elena Chediak Sameen Cheema Simran Cheema Mary Cheevers Jim Chen Nicole Chen Rocky Cherry Kahyen Cheung-Ong John Chiesa Julie Chiesa Salvatore (Sam) Chine Shabnam Chitsaz Minerva Chiu Debbie Chivers-Millward Joan Choe Chantel Choi Kurtis Chomyn-Samchee Umar Choudhry Alex Chronowich Bartlomiej Chrzaszcz Hassan Chughtai Tony Ciavoliello Anna Ciuffreda Cristina Civello Andrew Clark Beverly Clark Graham Clark Nancy Clark Danielle Clarke Nathalie Clarke Lynn Clarke-Lee Wayne Clayton Linda Clegg Amanda Clements Elena Clements Nick Clewley Nancy Cloutier Robert Co Michelle Cochrane John Cockhill Gal Cohen Podolsky Denny Colbalchini Nick Cole Amanda Collina Shannon Colonne Robertson Paul Condeco Hugh Connor Amy Conroy Peter Constantinou Patricia Cook Heather Cooper Melissa Corbin Nadia Corkery Lisa Corley John Cornacchia Adrien Costabile Jessica Cotterchio Nadine Coulson Scott Coulter Adrian Courtenay Tom Coutu Samantha Cowell David Cramton Clyde Crasto Melissa Crawford John Cronin Graham Crossland Kate Cruickshank Sandra Cubillos Natalie Cuei Blair Cui Chris Cullen Colette Cummings Aaron Curran Janet Currie Mallory Curtis Christine Cybulski Pamela Czerwinski Connie Da Silva Justin Da Silva Sandra Da Silva Kevin Dale Tony DAlessandro Alison Daley Fraser Dalton Gordon Dalzell Edward (Lee) Dam Richard Dam Alex Damianidis Pam Damoff Susan DaMota Tali Daniel Neelima Datt Gail Davenport Lillian Davenport Bradley Davis Maggie Davis Marcia Dawkins

Richard Day Steffi D’Cruz Cathy De Caire Cameron De Fazio Christine De Koning Ryan De Sa Lydia De Santis Mitchell De Sousa Brenda De Wit Safa Deane Jeff Delaney Donna Delduco Serge Delisle Teresa Dellemonoche Devon Dempster Scott Denmark Rania Denomme Janet Dentinger Adrian Deoliveira Paul Desender Jim Devlin Betelehem Deyou Ravan Dhaliwal Kareem Dharsee Ritu Dhupar Roxanne Di Fruscia Nicholas Di Pietrantonio Vladyslava Diachenko Shaun Dias Zackory DiCaro Mary Dickinson Ashleigh Dickson Scott Dickson Domenic DiClemente Anna Diehl Susan Differ Jeff DiFrancesco Mary-Elizabeth Dilly Frank DiMatteo Silvia Dimitrova Emily Ding Sam Dirracolo Steven Divitaris Natalia Divsic Steve Dixon Maggi Djurdjevic Gavin D’mello Jim Doal Laura Dodds Georgiana Dodita Sandra Dodsworth Tiffany Doering Rakesh Dogra Ryan Doherty Michael Domenichetti Michelle Domet Robert Donko Vanessa Donnan Laurie Dooher Rick Dooler Ashley Dorey Ashley Dorey Kayla Dormody Lauren Doucette Andrew Doudnikov Steve Dowding Cory Downey Sheryl Doyon Maddie Drexler Dennis Drost Anna Druet Meaghan Drury Lola Drusnitzer Edyta Drutis Roselyn D’Souza Matthew Dubeau Michael Dubel Deborah Dubenofsky Mihaela Duceag Cathy Duddeck Kelly Dueck Jody Dugas Craig Duguay Jeff Dumanski Deborah Dumas Alexander Duncan Lori Dunnet Monique Dunstan Gena Dureault Matt Duszkiewicz Maria Dutton Frank Duyvelshoff Barb Dwyer Patrick Dwyer Ryan Dyer Lindsay Dyment Andrew Eagles Gary Eckhardt Aaron Eden Sadiyya Edoo

Ife Egbeniran Victoria Ehgoetz Sal El-Hoss Steven Ellingson Miranda Ellis Karim ElRaheb Parham Emami Jane Emblem Chris Englert Hilal Ergun Eddy Erman Ashleigh Erwood Marcy Estrada Reid Evans Richard Eyarhono Paul Fagon Ana Fagundes Janet Fahmi Tamer Fahmi Callum Falkenstein Shudong Fan Fuad Farhan Nick Faria Sami Faridi Hubia Farooqi Adam Farrow Behzad Farzipour Anthony Fascione Jack Fearon Cecilia Featherstone Deborah Fedele Angela Fedorenko Jared Fein Leanne Feltrin Grayson Fennell Shinelle Fenton Charlie Ferguson Mario Ferko Nolan Ferko Alfred Fernandes Kaitlyn Fernandes Mary Fernandez Grant Ferneyhough Vince Ferraiuolo Jose Ferreira Matthew Ferreira Raposo Nicole Fiala Danny Field Jacob Field Michael Field Mary Anne Figliomeni Wendy Fillion Carrie Finch Stephen Finch Debb Fioravanti Jocelyn Fisher Mike Fisher Matthew Flagg Cliff Flanagan Bernice Flegg Maria Fletcher Alan Flewelling Karen Flores Stephanie Flores Carole Flory Lynne Flory Lorne Flynn Jenna Fong Josh Foster Mathew Fougere Guy Fournier Daryl Fowler Dennis Fragoso Christina Francis Toni Francis Tristan Francis Brooke Frankland Barry Fraser Drew Fraser Mathew Fratric Hanna Freeland Jean Luc Frenette Grace Frias Kim Friday David Frittenburg Shirley Fuelscher Joe Furtado Suraj Gadekar Emil Gadjanski Kris Gadjanski Eleni Gagovski Jane Gair Navi Gakhal Mike Gallant Jaime Gallego Aidan Galvao Dawson Galway Joel Gamelin Fernando Garcia Maria Garcia Soler

Sandra Garofalo Colin Garrioch Scott Gaynor Nick Gazzola Liza Gelinas John Genereaux Anna Genseruk Joseph George Daniel Georgescu Katherine Georgious Jason Gervais Akram Ghabbour Fatima Ghafoori Madina Ghaus Romita Ghosh Romano Giancaterino Dave Gidomski Geoff Gill Geoffrey Gill Samantha Gillespie Martha Gillies Darren Gillis Liana Giovino Sameh Girgis Lorraine Giroux Darren Gittens Shannon Giudici Jenna Glen Jennifer Glenn Eric Glibbery Abi Glugosh Soma Gnanapndithan Matt Goetz Corinna Goggin Vanda Golani Mikayla Goldie Sevan Golding Bob Gong Gerry Gonsalves Darlene Goode Tara Goodhand Bernadette Goodwin Sharon Goodwin Alan Gough Anita Gouveia Riener Gracias Sylda Gracias Tessie Gracias David Grad Shane Gradini Judy Grah Johnny Graham Kellie Graham Robyn Graham Sarah Grainger Tamara Grant Milan Graovac Jo-Anne Gray Kerry Gray Ryan Greenbank BJ Greene Paul Greenfield Matthew Greenhalgh Amrit Grewal Monica Grewal Linda Griesi Sydney Grieve Alina Grinev Julie Grist Blair Groff Andre Grougrou Jonathan Groves Jeremy Grub Anita Gualdieri Alex Guarini Nicole Guerin Renato Guerini Chandra Guerreiro Jennifer Guglick Gazalka Gugula Matt Guillet Paul Guirgis Marianne Guirguis Rajeev Gupta Nick Gyawali Wendy Gzechowski Michelle Haalstra Gaetan Hachey Lori Haddad Alex Hague Sania Haider Wajiha Haider Adel Hajjaj Rachel Halcovitch Claudia Hall John Hall Taylor Hallahan Michel Hamel Meghan Hankins Mitchell Hann

Jane Hannon Karyn Hanson Philip Happy Barry Hardy Bill Hardy Ula Harfoush Renelle Harripaul Arethea Harris Caliesha Harris Keesha Harris Shalicia Harris Lindsay Harrison Colin Harriss Samantha Harvey Naema Hasni Jad Hawa Brad Hawkins Gareth Hayes Lori Haynes Richelle Haynes Rob Hayward Elizabeth Hebb-Tennier Juanita Heber Katie Heelis Jennifer Heeringa Cindy Heft David Hegedus Connor Heggie Heather Heggie Claudia Heidary Ryan Heidebrecht Mona Helmy Brian Henderson Diane Henderson Jesse Henderson Lisa Henderson Andrew Henry Grace Henry Eliot Henstock Jennah Hermogenes Veronica Hernandez Guillermo Herran Mary-Jo Hewat Colin Heyens Ken Heyens Margaret Heyens Donald Hicks Len Hiebert Cindie Hietanen Catherine Higgins Greg Higgins Karen Higgins Durby Higuita Mary Hill Tara Hill Lloyd Hillier Martha Hirst Sonya HIscock Alana Hodge Harry Hodgins Michelle Hoffer Shane Hoffman Paul Hogan Paul Hogg Michael Holden Sonia Holder Jeff Holek Daniel Holland Soo-Ah Hong Greg Hopkins Kayla Horofker Nadia Hosein Mona Hoseinzdeh-Khabaz Tyler Hosick Antony Houghton David Howarth Kevin Howes Melanie Hrobelsky Jian Hu Alex Hua Nina Huang Robert Huang Emmanuel Huart Tim Hubbert George Hughes Mary Hughes Marina Huissoon Deryl Jean Hunt Jason Hunt Abid Husain Saira Husain John Hutchinson Mike Hutchinson Kirk Hutchison Gordon Hyckie Tiffany Hyodo Russell Ibbotson Nurulain Ibrahim Kelly Ignaczak

*Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Thank you.

for more information about how you can change lives in our community, visit habitathm.ca

Pavle Ijacic Luigi Infusino Linda Innes Joe Insanalli Sydney Ireland Barb Irwin Keristin Isknadar Nermeen Islam Yahya Islam Zaynah Issany Flavia Iuston-Blair Emily Jackson Kalli Jackson Lucas Jackson Betsy Jacob Dana Jacobs Erin Jacobs Trevor Jacobson Sybil Jaeggi Rob Jaime Hans Jambrovic Bryce James Joshuah James Peter James Brandy Jamieson Christopher Jamieson Arlene Jamison Audra Jander Palvinder Jandu Vera Jans Tony Jaques Melissa Jarman Christopher Jeffery David Jennings Roopesh Jha Eugene Ji Jeff Jiang Jessie Jiang Janet Jin Robert Joao Sam Job Harjunt Johal Liyana Johan Nancy John Vince John Cliff Johnson Emily Johnson Heather Johnson Zoe Johnson Jeff Johnston Jeremy Johnston Alex Jones Brandon Jones Emily Jones Jarred Jones Irina Jordache Elaine Jordan Nicholas Joseph Ben Joshan Hisham Jouni Jan Joyce Lily Ju Bernadette Juane Sarah Jun Mathew Jupp Betty Jurcic Nadine K Olivia Kabelin Paul Kadlick Amanda Kalcic Rupa Kanani Michelle Kanas Vishal Kapoor Rajka Karaman Fahim Karamat Jawaria Karim Keleigh Karstoff Sabi Kaur Alok Kaushal Paavo Kaustinen Mike Kavaner Tanya Kazienko Amy Kazlovskis Rory Keane John Keast Ria Keating Mike Keaveney Doug Keeling David Keller Bob Kelly David Kelly Meghan Kelly Tracey Kelly Frank Kent Garth Kent Debbie Kenwood Ildiko Kereszturi Alex Kerr Peter Kerr Priya Kaur Kesh

Kim Kessler Khajotia Khajotia Joseph Khalaf Babar Khan Maham Khan Muhammad Khan Zeenat Khan Raj Khattra Sajad Khawari Manveen Khera Baber Khimani Amin Khorassani Sid Khurana Bilal Kidwai Paula Kielty Daniel Kim Alison King Sandra King Alyssa Kirkland Alicia Kirkwood Holly Kirouac Arun Kirupakaran Patti Kishimoto Savitree Kistoo Oliver Klotsche Paul Knapp Lois Knepflar Igor Knezic Kevin Knoblauch Tom Knott Jeff Knowles Ashley Knowlton Norah Knox Shannon Koekebakker Maria Konchalski Jason Kong Kelvin Kong Alison Kong-Foon Bart Koniecek Tiffany Koniecki Shannon Kooistra Sonya Koopmans Rafael Korban Luke Kosir Heather Koski George Kostadinov Kurt Koster Lynne Kotlarchuk Victoria Kourniotis Branka Kovacevic Oliver Kravis Stavros Kremmidas Darlene Kretz Donna Krochak Paul Kroetsch Mark Kubisheski Naomi Kubota Vaithiga Kuganathan David Kuhnke Joey Kuiper Corry Kuipers Ron Kulla Supreet Kullar Derrick Kupsch Anna Kusmider Thomas Kutarna Alon Kvil Isabelle Kwidzinski Pei-Ning Kwok PN Kwok Dwight Lacey Jean-Philippe Lacroix Shamil Lagerdien Matt Lahey Mohena Lakhtakia Vikram Lal Mia Lalonde Edwin Lam Michael Lam Eric Lamarche Nina Lamberti Heather Landry Graeme Langdon Mark Lange Amanda Langford Dayna Langlois Abby Langton Adam Lapple John Larmond Griffin LaRoche Nathalie Larouche Michael Larson Rick Last Margaret Lau Don Lauppe Lisa Lavalley Robert Law Austin Lay Julia Le Victoria Leahy

special thanks to all of our de Jong Lane volunteers* Kacie LeBlanc Serena Lee Tai-Shing Lee Ben Legge Christopher Lehman Nolan Leiska Steve Lemieux Nessrine Lemqadem Stephanie Lencz Jeanne Leonard Dave LeRiche Joan Leroux Natalie Letourneau Alex Levandovsky Gaby Leveille Bruce Levitt Jennifer Lewis Matthew Lewis Veronica Lewis Jeff Ley Susan Liao Jordan Libman Chris Liehmann Sharon Lim Lydia Lin Michael Linardic Betsy Linhares Ren Lips Natalia Lishchyna Patrick Lister Daniel Liu Nick Liu Gareth Llewellyn Eric Lo Susan Lo Colleen Lobo John Lobo Lucy Lobodici Jessica Lock Cathy Locke Mitchell Locke Jeffrey Lodge Jeff Lofft Don Logan Nannette Lomas Krystal London Lana Lopatina Lalit Lopez Elika Loriamini Allan Losa Luana Losardo Rayman Lotey Megan Lott Tony Lourenco Philip Lowry Yvonne Lu Jackie Luc Janet Lucas John Lucas Sergio Lujan Connor Lumsden Lucy Luo Julia Lyrintzis Johnny Ma Kimberly Ma Marie Maas Amal Maatallah Alix Mabee Laura Macaulay Vicki MacDiarmid Vanessa MacDonald Winsor Macdonell Colin Macfarlane John MacFarlane Lynn MacFarlane Mahri Machado Steve MacIntyre Penny MacKenzie Scott MacKenzie Meaghan Maclachlan Kevin Macnab Greg MacPhee Meredith Macwilliam Katrina Magdolen Samridhi Maggo Elise Maguire Jonathan Mahoney Tracey Mahoney Paul Maida Richard Mailhot Julia Main Heather Majcher Sajal Majid Robert Malandrino Joe Malec Wes Malec Shaan Malhotra Ziad Malik Dany Malley

Sandra Malloch Micheal (Mike) Maloney Paul Malysa Jeff Mamer Lori Mancini Melvin Manlulu Jonathan Manuel Sergio Manzur Leanne Marchesano-Markle Derek Marchese Linda Marciano Cameron Marconi Katrina Maricotti Stephane Marie Jamie Marinic Michael Mark Brenda Marshall Craig Marshall Louise Marshall Guy Martel Andrew Martin Chet Maslanka Alex Massis Chris Mastine Josh Mathieson Anupam Mathur Marjorie Matthews Mike Mattiacci Michael Mattina Bruce Matys Shereen Max Lisa Maxwell Sharon Mayberry Russell Maye Phil Mayers Alicia McKenzie-Barrow Rob McBean John McCabe Dayna McCarthy Christina McCauley Colin McCowell Suzie McCullough Dave McDonald Shaun McElroy Tom McFadden Tom McFadden Brad McFarlane Marion McGee Randy McGill Tyler McGregor Alex McGuire Tammy McIntosh Shelley McIntyre Paul McKenna Carolyn McKinlay Brenda McKinley Bess McKnight Doug McLachlin Shirley McLachlin Erin McLaughlin Nella McLaughlin Noelle McLeish Glen McLeod Karen McNamara Shawna McNamee Debbie McPherson Amanda McQuiggin Victoria McShannon Ian McSporran Stephen Meade Cathy Medeiros Jessica Medeiros Paul Medeiros Smeeta Meechem Samantha Mehltretter Amul Mehta Angelica Meigs Doug Meikle Sean Meikle Kifle Mekonnen Mirella Melfi Meaghan Mendonca Sandrine Mengueze Steven Messenger Lisa Messina Brynn Metherell Steph Meulendyks Karen Miceli Karolina Michalowski Vincent Micu Susan Middleton Sara Mikail Denise Milan Marina Miletic Sharon Miller Vicki Miller Terry Milley Ashley Millis

Brandon Mills Debra Mills Scott Mitchell Adam Mitro Matthew Mlinarevic Paul Mlodzik Michelle Mohammed Omer Mohammed Neela Mohan Lena Molgaard Justin Monaghan Lori Monahan Laurence Mongeau Kelly Montague Joseph Monteiro Andy Montgomery Sue Moorcroft Carol Moore Joel Moore Elden Morais Adriana Morales Bryan Moran Andrew Morcos Trish Moreland Kimberly Moreno Erin Morris Sean Morrison Damian Moser Valentina Moseychuk Evan Moss Robert Moss Jared Mosterd Dawn Mototsune Bob Moulson Mark Mudde Jonathan Mueller Sajid Muhammad Debjani Mukherjee Sarah Mulaner Kayla Mulrain Catherine Mulvihill Nasir Mundh Gabriel Munoz Abinash Murali Rina Muramatsu Lorna Murataj Steven Murdock Christine Murphy David Murphy Jeff Murphy Sharon Murphy Tim Murphy Graham Murray Kenneth Murray Kristine Murray Ian Myerscough Nin Nagra Luke Nagy Randy Nagy Timour Najeeb Rita Napier Sarah Napier Frances Napoli Aditi Narasimhan Octavian Nastase Edith Nataprawira Paul Neate Julie Neill Ashley Neville Chantal Newman Louise Newman Melissa Nezezon Hanson Ng Jaklyn Ng Ricci Ng Sam Ng Tin Pok Calvin Ng Allen Nguyen Bao Nguyen Frederick Nguyen John Nguyen Mark Nguyen Naomi Nguyen Rob Nichita Chris Nicolson Lynne Niepage Zeiba Nilgiri Peter Nimmrichter Maria Nisiewicz Zainab Nizar Dusty Noble Leigh-Anne Noltie Bruce Norman Denise Norman Stacey Norton Daniel Notarangelo Jeff Nugent Nick O’Brien Rick O’Brien

Andrew O’Connell Sylvia O’Donovan Marisa Offer Moses Ogbunukwe Laurie Ogilvie Sue Ogilvie Josh O’Grady Alissa O’Halloran Catherine O’Hara Rhonda Okis-Dobroski Meron Olana Mark Oldershaw James O’Leary Brandon Olsen Lynn Olsen Dan O’Neill Jennifer Onyskow Olivia Oppong Adam O’Regan Alex Orosz Kim Orsini Ann-Marie Orszulak Dorin Ortan Hilda Ortan Andres Ortega Jeff Osborne Kim Osborne Rachad Osmani Stephen Ostapchuk Dan Ostapuk Nick Owens John Mark Padillo Kuno Paeng Catherine Painvin Nicole Palasti Drew Pallett Pat Palmer Louise Pan Chantel Pandeirada Ed Pang Sam Pannella Hannah Paolini Costa Papadopoulos Kathryn Papaioannou Joe Paquete Corina Paquette Mark Lee Parayno Brian Pare Louis Parisio Allison Park Akash Parmar Bruce Parratt Marion Pasco Odete Pascoa Greg Pass Brent Paszt Aruna Patel Dhruman Patel Mitesh Patel Satyen Patel Vinesh Patel Karen Paton Sarena Paton Steve Patterson Tania Patterson Michael Pau Karen Paul Rony Pawar Glen Peacock Tenleigh Pearcy Gautam Peddada Kyrah Pedersen David Pellegrin Hazel Peloso Grant Penwill Joel Peralta Del Valle Tamara Pereira Adan Perez Amélie Perron Kevin Perron Gilad Perry Ramdath Persad Dave Persaud Marjorie Persaud Bryan Peters Nick Peterson Jude Philipneri Karen Phillips Myles Phinney Allen Picanco Kerri Pichna Danielle Pickering Maria Pickles Lincoln Pierre Angelica Pileci Jason Pilgrim Clinton Pimenta Jessica Pimentel Tim Pimentel

Samantha Pincente Mona Pinette Jonathan Pinto Elyse Pipitone Robert Piroli Laura Pittman Louis Pivar Matt Plomish Beth Plumstead Lata Poduval Stacey Polonicoff Natalie Poltrock Sylvio Pominville Kelly Pong Simon Pong Liliana Popp Tony Porco Christina Porter David Porter Graeme Postma Kaitlyn Potter Diana Powell Dave Power Gary Power Sudhakar Prabaharan Norma Prado Hitesh Prajapati Benjamin Preisner Bruno Presutto Jason Priaulx David Price Dray Price Dorota Pryciak Will Pugh Mya Pulido Natalie Pundsack Dipin Puri Nitin Puri Swarna Puvirajasingam Paul Puzzo Luke Quarton Diane Quigley Marianela Quinlan Jeannine Quinn Evonne Quintal Mark Quintal Sharlene Quintal Angela Quintinho Jordan Rabson Maria Racota Tanja Radenovic Rhonda Radice Matthew Ragno Dusha Rajakulendran Doug Rajala Travis Rajapakse David Rajher Andrea Rallis Nadine Ram Richard Ramcharan Kevin Ramnarace Melissa Ramnarine Bryan Ramsammy Nirmala Ramsoondar Roy Ramsunahi Bibi Ramzan Waqas Rana Nick Randell Samir Rangooni Warren Rasberry Brandon Rashleigh Emma Rashleigh Nirashmy Ratnarajah Mark Rattle Malikah Rawat Steve Rawn Cory Raymond Deepali Razdan Brunella Rebelo Mike Redding Paul Reeves Spencer Relph Jerry Renaud Jennifer Renda Natalie Rendall Maria Rendon Arnold Reyes Shinelee Reyes Megan Reynolds Mary-Jo Ricci Paul Ricciuti Rick Ricciuti Sarah Ricciuti Mike Rice Trevor Rice Jamina Richards Mel Richardson Yakira Ricketts Joe Riczu

Paul Riddolls Rhonda Ridgway Chris Ridout Ina Riefle Tracey Rieger Kathy Rigg Thelesa Riley James Rim Zachary Rimer Kelly Ringrose Holly Ritchie Erica Rizzolo Michael Roberts Brent Robertson Emily Robertson Kathleen Robertson Lauren Robertson Danielle Robinson Steven Roblin Gina Robson Devin Rochussen Cindyann Rodricks Andrea Rodrigues David Rodrigues Jaimie Rodriguez Rodney Rodriguez Lorraine Rohm Wes Ronbeck Richard Ronchka Alexandra Rondinone Janet Rosenberg Kathy Ross Les Ross Timothy Rostant OluwaRotimi Rotimi Isabelle Roussy Erroll Rowe Tracey Rowe Michael Roy Ryan Rudavsky Jill Rudderham Tom Rudland Patricia Ruffo Elisa Ruffolo Yannick Ruiz Tom Rulka Estelle Rulton Cindy Rumboldt Jason Rupert Derek Rusin Brittany Russell Diane Russell Lindsay Russell Natalie Russell Michael Rutkowski Patrick Ryan Janice Ryder Cristina S Nezha Saad Lauren Sadler Melissa Safadie Vikas Saini Natalie Salazar Derek Saldanha Erika Saldanha Sharleen Saldanha Stephanie Saleh Carly Saltarelli Keisha Samms Watson Kylie Samuels Rebecca Samuels Tammy Samuels Jennifer Santamaria Beverly Sarfo Kayla Sarjeant Srishti Sarkar Kiki Sauriol-Roode Alain Savoie Margaret Sawicka Ashish Saxena Naheeda Sayeed Nadine Saylor Jonathan Saywack Liberato Scasserra Kristen Schaper Kevin Schell Tobias Schmalz Mike Scholman Erik Schonewille Melinda Schueder Antonia Schulz Jack Scott Krimsonn Scott Bob Secord Danielle Seguin Quinn Seguin Paul Seibert Olga Semeliak Hayley Sevigny

Pouya Seyed Ebrahimi Elizabeth Seyler Akash Shah Tayyaba Shahzad Sarah Shana Priya Sharda Akram Sharkawy Kelly Sharkey Hemant Sharma Sakshi Sharma Ryan Sharp Kim Shaw Kevin Sheehy Urooj Sheikh Yuan Shi Mina Shinouda Jason Shkopich Cameron Shortt Michael Shortt Talha Siddique Kashif Siddiqui Gregory Sidorok Gary Silcock Paul Silva Arantxa Silveira Celia Silvestri Andrew Simmons Cheryl Simon Erin Sinclair Glen Sinclair Anjali Singh Simar Singh Tilkie Singh Anand Sinha Rick Sirisko Jodi Skeates Andrea Skerry Sarah Slade-Vacon Nadine Smallhorn Nicole Smart Lloyd Smith Paul Smith Ryan Smith Steven Smith Tim Smith Tom Smith Adam Snider Patrick Snow Nancy Snyder Rie So Josh Soehner Navneet Sohi Elisa Sohns Ruth Sokolik Mona Soliman Rachel Sommers Denny Somnarain Marina Somogyi Devanshi Soni Maria Sonnylal Shivani Sood Marlon Sookdeo Jasjit Soor Jamie Soules Claudia Sousa Burnie Spence Nicolas Spesivtsev Bill Spirkoski Paul Spiro Spencer Sprawson Charlene St. Amour Mark St. Bernard Craig St. Amour Brenna Stackhouse Vanessa Stamenkovic Liliana Stanciu Terry Stang David Stankiewicz Deidre Staples Wendy Starr Shay Steacy Elizabeth Stellick Ruth Stevani Carolyn Stewart Lara Stewart Stephen Stewart Erin Stillaway Cherylene Stimers Brian Stinson Chris Stinson Carrie Stockall Eric Stockwell Shawna Stolte Jeannette St-Onge Anthony Stranges Jim Stranges Nicholas Strohl Camila Stupecka Melissa Stutley

Melissa Stylianos Carlos Sucre Cam Sullivan Mark Sumner Dennis Sun Domenic Suppa Jim Suske Joanna Sutherland Melissa Svicevic Lyndsay Swanston Nancy Sweeney Denise Sweeney-Mistry Esten Szigeti Marianna Szocs Sebastian Szopa Tabish Tabish David Tadman Mary Tagarelli Abdullah Tahir Bryan Tang Pius Tang Cristina Tanpoco Tanzeela Tanveer Christelle Tanzey Jennifer Tasev Veronique Taupier Youmna Taychouri Dan Taylor Jennifer Taylor Mark Taylor Steve Taylor Mark Taylor Kristina Telford Catherine Tencer Fred Teng Tom Tennian Marnee Tereskewitz Maria Theodorakidis Rajvir Thind Jennifer Thomas Richard Thomas Jay Thomblison Alex Thompson Andrew Thompson Brennon Thompson CarolAnn Thompson Doug Thomson Jenny Thomson Shaughan Thomson Yvonne Thomson Julia Thorner Natasha Tilley Tina Tilley Ian Tisdale Harman Tiwana Michael Tkach Spencer Todd Monika Todorova Lorand Toma Jake Tomkowiak Wendy Tomlinson Thomas Tontini Walid Tookhi Tammy Toomer Carlo Torelli John Torosantucci Gillian Toscano Tania Tottle John Townsend Alexandra Trahiotis Christopher Trahiotis Duc Tran Ha Tran Thanh Tran Vangie Travis Pierre Tremblay Urbina David Trenholm Michael Trigiani Tiffany Trinidad Samantha Troughton Lisa Trudell Caleb Tsang Chanel Tsang Bianca Tse Judy Tu Do Wesley Tuphlme Enzo Turco JF Turcotte Jean Francois Turgeon Andrew Turner Jody Turner Roseanna Tustin Michael Tutt Nicholas Tysick Melanie Unsworth Ana Uribe Taras Usyk Allison Valentim

*Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Thank you.

for more information about how you can change lives in our community, visit habitathm.ca

Manuel Valverde Trevor van Arragon Alex van Ballegooie Marilyn Van Damme Martha Van Hee Deb Van Hees Valerie Van Ryswyck Alyssia Vandermeer Lyn Vandermeulen Jane VanderPlaat Nathan Vanderwindt Laura Vandette Adrian VanSchouwen Philip Vargas Ramon Vargas Gregory Varty Louis Vasconcelos Sujata Vashist Marina Vassallo Jacqueline Vaz Ruben Vazquez Frank Veal Anirudh Vedantam David Velasco Crystal Vella Michelle Vella Crystal Venne Magali Vera Brad Verigin Guy Vernon Paul Verscheure Lesley Verspaget Julia Vertolli Aleks Vidovic Alexiv Villas Kevin Vincent Tammy Viozzi Patty Visosky Francesco Vito Valentina Vivas Giles Sue Viveiros Phil Vokey Ron Voroninkaitis Lubna Vrantsis Nicholas Vukelic Helen Vuletin Theresa Wackerman John Wade Dalia Wahba Matthew Wai Jaime Waite Karen Walcott Patrick Walker Pauline Wallace Adam Walsh Jim Walsh Kevin Walsh Chris Walter Fred Wang Peter Wang Terry Wang Laura-Ann Ward Charlene Warren Leighton Watkins Tara Watson Tim Watson Diana Weber Terry Weber Darryl Webster Yefan Wei James Weima Liat Weiss Teresa Weller Jody Wellings Nikki Wesley Pembleton Clarke White Sonya White Paul Whitehead John Whiting Bill Whitmell Lesley Wichstrom Gordon Widdifield Mark Wieclawski Andrew Will Aaron Williams Corinne Williams Dean Williams Elizabeth Williams Ilka Williams Mark Williams Mike Williams Anne Williamson Susan Williamson David Wilson Ken Wilson Greg Windle Mike Wiseman Mike Witherspoon Nicole Wood

Stefan Wood Cindy Woodcock Sienna Woodhall Rebecca Woolnough Delia Worthing Dan Wowk Delmer Wowk Suzette Wraight Kevin Wright David Wyllie Neal Yachetti Hijaab Yahya Tak Yamamoto Kim Yamashita David Yan Chris Yates Eunice Yau Ben Ye Henry Yeboah Kevin Yeoh Charlie Yip Justin Yip Agha Ykhan James Yool Tammy York Christina Young Heather Young Lisa Youssef Norhan Youssef Eli Yufest Allison Yundt Betty Zabukovec Sarzana Zafar Leanne Zambito Elise Zambon Neda Zanjani Joshua Zapton Olivia Zarate Gregory Zawidzki Katarina Zecevic Tina Zeggil Alissa Zhang Weiguo Zhang Wei Zhou Bethany Zhuang Allan Zilkowsky Debbie Zimmer Michelle Zizek Paula Zronik Metro Zwozdesky Evan Zylstra Priscilla Zylstra

Profile for Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga

Plains Road Key Ceremony Dedication Booklet  

On Saturday, December 10th, Habitat families, volunteers, donors, local dignitaries, and members of the community bundled up to brave the co...

Plains Road Key Ceremony Dedication Booklet  

On Saturday, December 10th, Habitat families, volunteers, donors, local dignitaries, and members of the community bundled up to brave the co...