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ACT P IM ORT AL REP U N AN 2016 2015-

When our Habitat homeowners first receive their keys, their joy is palpable. The pathway to a new future has begun. The pride and excitement experienced in these moments are unforgettable. As time goes on, that pride is transformed as Habitat homes become an anchor for stability, a path to financial security and a springboard for new opportunities in life. To understand how our homeowners were doing over time, we conducted a comprehensive homeowner survey this past year. The survey revealed the positive generational impact that a Habitat home has on the entire family. From homeowners saving for their future to their children pursuing higher education, the ripple effect that a Habitat home has on a family is remarkable. We hope that you enjoy the stories of the families featured in this year’s report who exemplify how valuable a stable, secure home is.

While we spent this past year reflecting and learning more about our impact, we also experienced tremendous momentum and growth. The organization welcomed its new CEO, Maureen Sedonaen. Maureen is a visionary leader who comes to Habitat at an exciting time to help bring our 2020 vision to life. As you may know, Habitat is executing on an ambitious vision to double our homebuilding efforts and increase our Neighborhood Revitalization program tenfold in East Palo Alto and in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

We could not accomplish all of this without the support of our nearly 6,000 volunteers who keep alive the Habitat vision that believes by mobilizing our neighbors, we can change people’s lives for the better. Lastly, thank YOU for your generous support. It is because of you and other dedicated supporters that our hard work building and sustaining homes will continue to have a positive impact on our neighbors and community for generations to come. You make this ripple effect possible.

The start of the homeownership journey will begin for 28 new families who will soon move into Habitat Terrace in San Francisco’s Ocean View neighborhood. The development is set for completion before the end of this year. Mt. Burdell Place in Novato also made significant progress on ten beautiful single-family homes with 70 percent of the construction complete. Additionally, we continued making headway with our pre-development work at our sites in Redwood City and Hunters View in San Francisco. Habitat’s ReStore also experienced incredible growth, expanding by more than 10,000 square feet. The San Carlos home improvement discount store hosted a grand re-opening event to showcase the store’s redesigned layout, featuring high quality furniture and home improvement goods.

With gratitude,

Nancy Murray Board Chair

Maureen Sedonaen CEO

Growing up, Bill saw both of his parents volunteer— serving the homeless, establishing first aid centers and being active in their synagogue. He learned that your community is not limited to those who look like you or live in your neighborhood. Today, Bill carries out his parents’ altruistic legacy as a regular volunteer at Mt. Burdell Place. As a licensed electrician, he’s better known as “Electric Bill.” Over the years, Bill and the regular volunteers have become a tight-knit group and Bill feels like he’s found another family that is rooted in the importance of serving others.







volunteer hours


m s i ru

Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization, building new homes, revitalizing neighborhoods and providing vital support at our ReStore home improvement store.


value of volunteer hours

io n





t a pir

Tyler’s parents taught him the importance of giving back to the community and helping out wherever you can. Half way around the world, Tyler realized his calling to give back— in Vietnam on a Habitat Global Village trip with his mom, a former Habitat Greater San Francisco board member. After college, Tyler took an AmeriCorps position in Neighborhood Revitalization. Tyler will never forget how motivating the work was. From every swing of a hammer to every paint brush stroke, Tyler was helping longtime Bay Area residents age-in-place and restoring a sense of pride for the neighborhoods they call home.

BEVERLY Bayview Homeowner

NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION Homes and communities preserved for future generations


volunteer hours


projects completed

This past year, Habitat Greater San Francisco hosted its first Building Blocks events in both East Palo Alto and San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. The three-day event mobilizes hundreds of volunteers to transform a neighborhood, making repairs to homes, parks and community facilities. Longtime Bayview homeowner, Beverly, received critical repairs to ensure the safety of her home during the Building Blocks event in her neighborhood. Beverly has been in her home since 1966, which was passed down to her from her parents.

t io




a v pr eser The repairs made to Beverly’s home helped keep her parents’ dream of homeownership alive for the family. The home can now continue to be what Beverly calls a “safe haven” for her brother, niece and two great nieces who all live with her. Beverly hopes to keep the home in her family and pass it down to future generations.

THE SURVEY Our comprehensive homeowner survey this past year revealed the positive generational impact that a Habitat home has on the entire family. Here are some key results from our homeowner survey in 2016.


Habitat homeowners are saving for their future. homeowners feel secure 65% offinancially

NOTE: 88 Habitat households participated in the survey, providing information for 381 current Habitat household residents.

homeowners putting aside 83% ofare money for at least one savings goal

44% retirement



emergency education savings


home repairs




Impact that Lasts for Generations

For Habitat homeowners, the pride and excitement of a new home grows into an anchor for stability, a path to financial security and a springboard for new opportunities in life. Inside are four stories that highlight the long-term effect a Habitat home can have on a family’s future.



Early indicators show dependents who grow up in Habitat homes are pursuing post-secondary education.

Habitat homeowners volunteer, vote and interact with their neighbors more often than the area average.

young adults are school or have 65% ofina post-secondary

homeowners feel being part of 90% ofthat the community is




of dependents (25 years or older) have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher


of homeowners volunteer at least once a year—more than double the regional average

homeowners vote or often— 60% ofalways nearly double the regional average

College Graduate

UGONMA Habitat had a huge role in shaping who I am.


You can find Ugonma effortlessly going about her day working with the International Operations team at Wells Fargo. In her spare time she is fervently studying for the GRE. Ugonma recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University and will apply to graduate school to earn a dual degree in Public Policy and an MBA. Ugonma is an intelligent, thoughtful young woman with a bright future. However, the path to where she is today has not always been easy. Growing up, Ugonma knew the fear of feeling unsafe in her neighborhood. She also knew the stress of shuffling from place to place for her family to find affordable housing. The day Ugonma moved into her Habitat home, she remembers the family’s whole well-being improved. Ugonma’s home now created a sense of security that

set free a powerful positive outlook that impacted the entire family. Ugonma remembers her mom always being present, guiding and encouraging Ugonma and her three siblings. Her mom wanted them all to go to college and they all did. While Ugonma’s college was expensive, her mom assured her that she had options because their family had the security of a home and a stable mortgage capped at 30% of their annual income. The success of Ugonma and her siblings can be traced back to meeting a basic need—a stable home.

“As I look to the future, I realize now that Habitat had a huge role in shaping who I am and what I want to do. It’s the reason I was able to attend a prominent Jesuit university and develop my passion for serving others.”

MS, Special Education


When Edith looks into the eyes of her students, she sees her 25 year-old son, Ulisses, who shares similar special needs as her students. It has been a longtime dream for Edith to become a teacher and make an impact by teaching children who are just like her son. Edith is also bilingual and noticed that there was a need for Spanish-speaking teachers to serve this very population in her community. As a mother of three, Edith raised her family while going to college over the course of 10 years. She became a Habitat homeowner in 2008 and with predictable housing payments, she was able to save for the first time. This allowed her to go back to school and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Child Adolescent Development

and a Master’s in Special Education. This past May, Edith proudly graduated from San Francisco State University.

“If it was not for Habitat, my life would have been focused on surviving. And, here I am today with a Master’s Degree and my children are thriving, and I am able to pursue my passion for teaching, which allows me to give back to my community and helps provide meaning for my life.”


Here I am today with a Master’s Degree and my children are thriving.

College Graduate

ROCIO This all changed when Rocio moved into her Habitat home when she was in sixth grade. She remembers this moment well because it was the first time she had her own room and felt a sense of independence. Her mother made the decision to send Rocio and her siblings to private school because for the first time she was able to set aside money for their schooling. At Notre Dame High School, all of Rocio’s peers would talk about the colleges they hoped to apply to, and she even had a teacher who incorporated college essay writing into the curriculum. Rocio did not want to get left behind and also wanted to

make her mother proud, so she decided she would be college bound.

“I was blessed to grow up in a Habitat home because it helped me get to college. You see, if it was not for Notre Dame, I am not sure that I would be where I am today. And, if it was not for Habitat, I would have not been able to go to Notre Dame. I am a college graduate today because of Habitat.”

I am a college graduate today because of Habitat.


i nd e p e

Rocio was not always sure if college would be in the cards for her. Growing up, she moved around a lot, attending six different schools in seven years.

Rocio recently graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Political Science and works for the County of San Mateo Elections and Registrations department. Rocio will pursue a Master of Public Administration in Fall 2017 and plans to use her degree to work in the nonprofit sector because Habitat left a lasting impression on her to help others.

e c n de

College Student


Taylor’s new home ignited a lot of “firsts” for her. Taylor is naturally shy and for the first time, she was able to invite friends over. She later got involved in team sports and became more active. Taylor also had her very own room, where she had personal space and could focus on her homework.

Having a stable, secure home opened the space for Taylor to think about her future. It was no longer a fantasy for Taylor to go to college, but this was another “first” to check off the list. Today, Taylor is a sophomore at City College of San Francisco where she is pursuing a major in Business Administration.

ence d i f on


When Taylor got a dog for her birthday after moving into her Habitat home, this signified that she had a permanent place to call home.

“I would probably not be in college today if it was not for Habitat. If I did not have the stability, I don’t think I would have had the drive to pursue my education and would most likely have been concerned about trying to find a better living situation and not thinking about school.”

If I did not have the stability, I don’t think I would have had the drive to pursue my education.


Public Support Investment Developer Partnership Sales of Homes ReStore Other/Events

$26,875,983 Public Support Individuals Corporations Foundations Growth Campaign Grants Other*

$4,731,943 $398,939 $2,710,716 $0 $1,471,777 $606,218

* Other includes: Special Events, In-Kind donations, and Organizations

TOTAL $9,919,593

expenses Programs Fundraising Admin

$1,753,517 $764,635 $161,725 $811,289 $396,065 $844,712

programs Housing Development $815,133 Homeowner Development $747,645 Volunteer Services $381,458 Neighborhood Revitalization $817,937 ReStore $1,569,666

$4,331,839 $1,305,886 $1,200,705

TOTAL $6,838,430

Expenses not reflected in the above totals include $3,460,571 spent on the construction costs for four sites located in Novato, Redwood City and two in San Francisco. These expenses will be reflected in our P&L within the year that Habitat sells the 88 homes to qualified families.

The financial data reported above is summarized based on the audit performed by Armanino, LLP. Copies of the audit report are available at www.habitatgsf.org/finance.

help us impact future generations Donate Become a monthly donor, remember Habitat Greater San Francisco in your estate plan or make an annual gift to help local families.

Volunteer Join our volunteer team on the construction and Neighborhood Revitalization sites or at our ReStore in San Carlos.

Advocate Support affordable housing where you live. See habitatgsf.org/advocate to learn more.

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AmeriCorps & Interns AmeriCorps members are an

integral part of our team—in the office and on the construction site—serving as team leaders, trainers, supervisors, mentors for our construction interns and community ambassadors.


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Michael C. Dorsey Managing Partner, The Bay Area Growth Fund

David Kremer Partner, Shartsis Friese, LLP

Jason Wells, TREASURER Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, PG&E

Aidan Dunne Partner, KPMG

Paul Chapman Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Gap, Inc. David Cropper Development Director, TMG Partners

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Danielle Tiedt Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, YouTube

Amy Skeeters-Behrens Executive Director, DocuSign Impact

Vanessa Washington Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Bank of the West

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This honor roll gratefully acknowledges gifts and pledges made between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Habitat Greater San Francisco also appreciates the more than one thousand donors at other levels of giving, many who give anonymously. Your support makes hope a reality for local working families and helps inspire future generations. Key Society Members (lifetime giving of $1 million+) Includes matching funds

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HABITAT FOR HUMANITY GREATER SAN FRANCISCO 500 Washington St. Ste. 250, San Francisco, CA 94111 TEL: 415-625-1000

FAX: 415-625-1815

EMAIL: info@habitatgsf.org




Profile for Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

HGSF 2015-16 Annual Report  

Generational Impact

HGSF 2015-16 Annual Report  

Generational Impact