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Building homes, communities, and hope in East Central Ohio since 1988.

Serving Stark, Carroll, Tuscarawas, Harrison, and Jefferson Counties

LET'S BUILD! For Kori and her kids, like so many other Habitat families, Dig Day isn't just about starting to build. It's the first day of a better, brighter future in a decent, affordable home.

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35 years and the of home.


“ For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.” Hebrews 3:4

In 1988, a handful of dedicated local volunteers joined together because they believed that hardworking families deserved a decent place to call home. It was a simple and compassionate concept—people working shoulder to shoulder, putting faith into action, and believing in the transformative power of home. And it just worked. 35 years and 636 houses later, Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio brings people together from all walks of life to build homes, communities, and hope. We still empower families with strength, stability, and selfreliance through sweat equity, education, and an affordable 0% interest mortgage. We still rely on good people working shoulder to shoulder and on partnerships that allow us to accomplish more together than we can on our own. We still depend on generosity. We still build on faith. And it still works.

–C ommunities thrive as vibrant, sustainable hubs, contributing to job growth and a robust economy that benefits both residents and the broader community.

Zooming out to the bigger picture, we can also see that holistic neighborhood revitalization efforts The 1st house completed by Habitat for are breathing hope into our Humanity of Greater Canton in 1989. community through improved quality of life, economic stability, and social connectedness. It just works.

Board President Mack Smith and CEO Beth Lechner

The homes we’ve built together have done more than provide shelter; they’ve cultivated environments where families can break the cycle of poverty, and children can nurture dreams of a brighter future. We see every day that when families have access to affordable housing:

While there are countless reasons to celebrate the progress of the past three and a half decades, the need for decent, affordable housing continues to grow. Too many of our neighbors still face staggering levels of poverty, forced to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. Right here in Canton, nearly 57% of children live below the poverty line— the highest child poverty rate among cities with populations over 65,000. There is much work left to do. And we are more determined than ever.

It was true in 1988 and it’s true in 2023: it takes a lot of people, money, and prayer to build decent, affordable homes. The 600th house built by Habitat for We remain grateful for your Humanity East Central Ohio in 2022. steady partnership, for the ways in which you help us lift families and children with a – Children’s academic performance soars, unlocking hand up, not a handout. Because after 35 years, a future brimming with potential. we still need your help just as we are still certain –F amilies achieve financial stability, empowering them that the power of home is found in . to build wealth, reach higher, and achieve more.


Help write the story of the next 35 years. habi.news/donate

1988 Habitat for Humanity of Greater Canton was founded.

1998 Habitat for Humanity of Greater Canton celebrated its 10th anniversary by building its 100th house.

2005 The first Habitat ReStore in Canton opened in July on Leemont Avenue.

2007 Expanded service area to become Habitat for Humanity of Greater Stark and Carroll Counties.

2013 The affiliate celebrated its 25th anniversary and brought all aspects of the ministry together under one roof on Raff Road SW in Canton, Ohio.

2015 Expanded service area to become Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio.

2022 In SE Canton, Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio builds its 600th house in the same neighborhood where it built its very first house.

Beth J. Lechner Chief Executive Officer Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org


How Habitat hope. s d l i bu

Families need decent, affordable housing more than ever, so we’re building more than ever. As a grassroots Christian housing ministry, Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio partners with hardworking families seeking a hand up, not a handout—families ready to build a brighter future on a strong foundation. Future homeowners dedicate hundreds of hours to sweat equity, completing courses in financial literacy, home maintenance, personal development, and more, all while actively constructing their homes and those of fellow families. Donors provide the financial resources necessary for Habitat to acquire building materials, and volunteers work side-by-side with future homeowners. Once the homes are finished, they are sold to families with 0% interest mortgages. At the end of the day, Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio’s mission is to unite communities and offer hope to families by providing a decent, affordable place to call home.


Apply for homeownership with Habitat. habi.news/apply

Strength Through Sweat Equity

Empowering Families Through Education

Teamwork, dedication, hands-on learning—these are the building blocks that create homes and successful homeowners. For every Habitat house built, families commit to hundreds of hours of sweat equity, investing time and effort into building their own bright futures and the futures of other families in the partnership.

Financial literacy, home maintenance basics, personal development— these are tools that can break the cycle of generational poverty and help families become successful homeowners. That’s why every Habitat family completes our carefully developed homeowner education program.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org

Take a Journey Home Habitat’s homeownership journey is not easy, but it’s well worth the investment. When families partner with Habitat to build and purchase their homes, they commit to a process that takes time, and ultimately builds a strong foundation for a brighter future. STEP 1 Meet eligibility requirements and apply for the Habitat program.

How does Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio fund each home it builds or preserves? Give to help build at habitateco.org.

House Sponsorships

House Payments

Churches, businesses, organizations, and people like you invest financial gifts and volunteer labor.

Habitat families pay their 0% interest mortgages and help fund even more Habitat projects.

ReStore Proceeds

In-Kind Donations

When people donate and shop at ReStore, they generate funds that help build every Habitat home.

Businesses, organizations, and individuals donate goods and services to save on building costs.

STEP 2 Complete the application process and get accepted.

How do families qualify to build?

STEP 3 Complete 100s of hours of education and sweat equity.

Must have a steady income. Habitat houses are purchased with a 0% interest mortgage.

STEP 4 Build or renovate their future home alongside volunteers.

Zero percent

Building the cycle that builds homes.

Families must be currently living in substandard housing.

Must be willing to invest 100s of sweat equity hours through education and building.

STEP 5 Purchase the home with a 0% interest mortgage.

A house is not everything. People need to have food to eat. They’ve got to have a job. They’ve got to have clothing. But, I want to tell you something. A house is fundamental. A house is the foundation stone on which human development occurs.”

STEP 6 Properly maintain and pay off the home over time.

Habitat homes

not free % are gifts for families.

Millard Fuller

Each home is purchased at 0% interest.

Founder of Habitat for Humanity

Photo by Margaret Miller / Science Source.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org




Dig Day


Wall Raising




Drywall + Paint



It's always a celebration when families see the ground break for their new homes.

When the exterior and interior walls go up, stacks of lumber begin to look like a house.


Why Habitat .

When the siding is installed, the house starts to take on its final, welcoming appearance.

Drywall and paint breathe life into the house interior, getting it ready for finishing touches.

Detail and craftsmanship shine through as the trim work completes the look.


Final Clean


Dedication Day

Everything shines as the house is deep cleaned and polished to ensure it's move-in ready.

The community gathers to see a new homeowner grab the keys and celebrate the future.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org

New Construction In the U.S. today, there is a dramatic shortage of housing, with a shortfall of up to 5.5 million homes. Our new construction program produces quality, energyefficient housing while helping hardworking families realize the benefits of affordable homeownership. IN THIS PHOTO: Bill Clarke, Millard Fuller, The home shown here was Chester Jackson, and Joan Clarke. built in partnership with our good friends at Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company in memory of Bill and Joan Clarke, two people who were instrumental in the foundational days of Habitat for Humanity. See photos of this new construction. habi.news/hc


Building and Preserving Strong Foundations At Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, we believe that how we build is as important as what we build. Habitat works when it all works together—our foundation of faith, the ways we bring people together to give and to serve, and how we empower families with opportunity, education, and dignity. From new construction to home preservation and everything in between, the work of Habitat is time-tested, steady, and rooted in our deep commitment to building homes, communities, and hope.

Ready to Build Habitat families help rehab homes and buy them with an affordable 0% interest mortgage.

Scope of Work We develop our preservation plan after an assessment of each home's unique needs.

Work Begins With support from sponsors and donors, exciting changes begin inside and out.

Volunteers Home preservation projects rely on dedicated volunteers just like our new builds.

Home Preservation Most people know that Habitat builds new homes, but we also breathe new life into existing houses with our home preservation program. Like new construction, Habitat families invest sweat equity to rehab their IN THIS PHOTO: The McAllister brothers grew homes and purchase up in this home and helped preserve it. them with an affordable 0% interest mortgage. The preservation shown here was completed in partnership with brothers who grew up in the home—one family’s legacy is another family’s foundation. Since 1988, we’ve partnered with 636 families to build homes just like these. Help us build 30 more in 2024 at habitateco.org.

See photos of this home preservation. habi.news/sch.

A New Look Exterior changes help create a more appealing, vibrant neighborhood for everyone to enjoy.

A Bright Future When the finishing touches are done, this existing home has new life and a new purpose.

Dedication Day Everyone gathers to admire the home's changes and celebrate with a key presentation.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org


Still building on faith.

“ How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1

From our earliest days, our Christian faith has laid the foundation for our work. As a ministry that is unapologetically Christian and radically inclusive, we invite people from all walks of life to partner with us on a mission right here in East Central Ohio. Call Habitat at 330-915-5888 to learn how your faith community can build on faith!

Faith Build

We partnered with 15 faith organizations to build 3 homes in Northeast Canton with 3 hardworking families. Our faith partners from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities came together to celebrate the collective impact we can have when united in purpose.



Community Build

Turning faith into a foundation, we partnered with several area Catholic parishes and Harold Ziegler to help Aysha and Drew build a home and future for their family in Southeast Canton. More than just driving nails and raising walls, this partnership put prayer and faith to work.


your community can build on faith.





Faith Family Church built with the Rivera family this year.

Join a group build with Christian, Jewish, and Muslim neighbors.

Build with others who share your faith or invest in similar work.

Start a tool drive, prepare volunteer meals, and more!

Believing in the Tithe

Build Globally We tithe 10% of undesignated gifts to help build Habitat homes around the world. So, when you donate to Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, you’ll also help Habitat build homes in Lesotho, Poland, Romania, and Bangladesh.



Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org



Investing in safer, healthier housing in Lesotho in southern Africa.

Building up future generations. Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio isn’t just about homes; it’s about investing in future generations. Our community partnerships are pivotal in shaping the future of the construction trades. These collaborations foster skill development, molding young people into

the builders of tomorrow. We also cultivate innovation and creativity through education, essential qualities in the leaders of the future. This investment in today helps create an ongoing cycle of support and community growth that will benefit generations to come.

Advancing Construction Trades Education Our community needs more people who are skilled in the construction trades and are ready to help build the future. That’s why we’ve continued to partner with Massillon City Schools to offer Construction Trades students a hands-on opportunity to gain valuable, realworld instruction and experience while building a quality, energyefficient Habitat home.

In recent years, the Associated General Contractors of America reported that 80% of construction firms had difficulty finding qualified craft workers.

See photos from this year’s build. habi.news/mct23

Dream House Design

Building for Success

8th-graders from North Canton City Schools rose to the Dream House Design Challenge, crafting innovative houses that seamlessly blended imagination with Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio’s strict building guidelines. The result? A parade of dream homes, each one as impressive as the next!

A safe, stable home is a significant boost to developing minds. Studies consistently show that students who live in stable, affordable housing have higher academic and graduation rates. Whether they're kids grabbing their backpacks for the first day of a new grade, graduates putting on their caps and gowns to cross the stage for their diplomas, or a parent having the necessary resources to further their education and personal development, having a safe, affordable home is the foundation for a brighter future for all.




Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org


Swing by the Southeast Community playground. A playground is where children can unleash their imaginations, create lasting memories, and cultivate new friendships—it’s a place where a community is strengthened. At Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, we bring people together to build stronger, healthier communities. That’s why we partnered with the City of Canton and the Canton City School District to construct the Southeast Community Playground in the heart of Southeast Canton. Southeast Canton is a remarkable place full of remarkable people. On a sunny day in August, we were blessed to gather with our neighbors in the southeast to dedicate this new playground and community gathering space. The dedication celebration felt like a family reunion of sorts, a commemoration of a rich history that inspires a bright future for all ages. The Southeast Community Playground not only provides a safe and vibrant environment for children to play and learn but also serves as a space for connection and community for our neighbors and friends in Southeast Canton. This playground is already becoming a hub of education, recreation, and interaction. We pray it will foster a sense of belonging and togetherness for generations to come.

See photos of the dedication celebration. habi.news/play


Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org

Removed unsafe play equipment.

Installed new community pavilion.

Installed a legacy monument.

Installed new pavement.

Installed new kickball field.

Restored outdoor amphitheater.

Installed a walking track.

Installed new benches with help from local faith organizations.

Installed new basketball courts.

Installed new play equipment.

Installed exercise obstacle course.

Honoring the past, inspiring the future. We worked with our neighbors in Southeast Canton to create a tribute wall in the center of the Southeast Community Playground. This wall celebrates the remarkable people and places that have shaped the southeast community. Anchored by the imagery of Melvin "Frog" Howell's 'Memories of Cherry Street,' the tribute wall whispers tales of a community enriched with vibrant history and boundless hope: "A community is not just a collection of individuals; it is a shared story, a symphony of diverse voices coming together to create something extraordinary. As we roam the streets of our past and pave the roads toward tomorrow, this tribute showcases the remarkable people and places that have positively shaped our journey. From humble beginnings to monumental milestones, we celebrate the legacy of Southeast Canton." Amidst the joyful sounds of children and the vibrant rhythm of daily life, we pray this wall serves as a tribute to the past and a pledge to the future—a story of the enduring spirit of Southeast Canton.

Help honor the people and places of Southeast Canton. If you know of a person or place that has made a lasting positive impact in Southeast Canton, email us at setribute@habitateco.org so we can honor those who have helped write the story of Southeast Canton.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org


Our holistic approach. Neighborhood Revitalization in Canton and Massillon

At Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, we know that providing decent, affordable housing is just one aspect of creating thriving communities. By investing in holistic neighborhood revitalization efforts in NE and SE Canton and SE and SW Massillon, we can create a more comprehensive and sustainable impact that enhances overall quality of life for all residents, not only those who live in homes built or preserved by Habitat for Humanity. With help from thousands of individuals, residents, businesses, organizations, churches, and foundations in Canton and Massillon, we’re continuing the important work of holistic neighborhood revitalization. From planning and preparation to assessing long-term impact and ensuring ongoing investment, these efforts focus on all the ways communities can grow and thrive for generations to come. New Construction

Parks + Beautification

Home Preservation


Home Repair

Community Engagement



Aging in Place

Housing Advocacy


Building by the numbers. Since 1988, we’ve built and preserved 636 homes, helping thousands of individuals and children through the power of decent, affordable housing.



A single parent earning minimum wage who spends half or more of their pretax income on housing has only $124 per week, or $17 a day, to spend on all other necessities after paying rent.

We serve Stark, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Harrison, and Jefferson Counties.

In Ohio, the need for housing has never been greater.


Habitat homes are not given away. Every family who partners with us will purchase their home with an affordable 0% interest mortgage.




Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org

Ohio Children in Poverty Today, 1 in 5 Ohio children live in poverty in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. A Habitat home offers better health, stability, and a safe place to grow.

In 2023, thousands of volunteers invested over 15,000 hours to help local families build their homes and futures.

Caring for our older neighbors. Home Repairs for Safe Independence At Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, we recognize that aging in place enhances overall quality of life, with a safe, accessible home being a crucial factor for optimal mental and physical health. Older Americans represent one of the fastest-growing demographics in the country. As more residents choose to age in place, the need for Habitat’s work becomes increasingly vital. With the necessary funding—and with your help—we can do even more in our local community to assist our older neighbors in safely maintaining their independence in good homes, within communities they hold dear.

As one of the fastestgrowing demographics, by the year 2030, 20% of the U.S. population will be aged 65 or older.

In the U.S., more than 19,000,000 older adults are living in homes that are in disrepair or are ill-equipped to safely meet their needs.

More than 1 in 4 older adults live alone. Of those, 48% say they don’t have someone in their lives who could help them if needed.

Only 1 in 3 adults aged 50-80 live in homes that have the necessary features that would allow them to safely age in place.

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans between 50 and 80 years of age say it’s important to remain in their homes as they grow older.

Learn more and watch the video at habi.news/aging.

Only 1 in 5 adults aged 50-80 have confidence that they could afford home and personal services that would allow them to age in place.

Repairing Homes, Honoring Service We’re proud to support veteran families with home repairs that enhance safety and quality of life. With the assistance of dedicated veteran employees at The Timken Company, we’re helping Terryl, a retired Army Sergeant First Class, with roof, foundation, step, and driveway repairs. For Navy veteran Tonya, Habitat’s program is focused on exterior repairs and the installation of a wheelchairaccessible ramp. We’re grateful for the opportunity to honor those who have served, providing services that improve their lives for years to come. Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org


Teaming up for a stronger community. Hall of Fame Wall Raising

Dream Home Project


While we celebrated football legacy in our community during Hall of Fame week, a new legacy was being built in Southeast Canton. Pro Football Hall of Fame legends Robert Brazile, Joe Delamielleure, “Mean” Joe Greene, and Randall McDaniel joined their spouses and the spouses of fellow Hall of Fame legends to raise the walls of Luis and Chardae’s future home.

See all the photos.

Black College Football Hall of Fame Over 100 volunteers from across the country gathered to construct 15 garden sheds that will accompany 15 new Habitat homes during this year’s Black College Football Hall of Fame celebrations. This special day of service signified unity and a commitment to building not just structures but also a strong, enduring community. And it was a celebration of the longlasting positive impact that both stable housing and the legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities can have on a community.

See photos of the celebration. habi.news/bcfhof


In the game of football, every yard gained is a team effort, and the same holds true for building strong communities. That’s why we partnered with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to nurture young dreams, raise walls, build sheds, celebrate unity in diversity, and honor football legends and their community contributions—now, that’s a home field advantage.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org

Habitat kids built a neighborhood using arts and crafts! We’re honored that spouses and partners of Pro Football Hall of Famers, and Hall of Famer Robert Brazile, joined us to help Habitat kids design their dream homes while sharing their own thoughts about the power of home. With a little creativity and meaningful conversation, parents and children were encouraged as they work to realize their dreams of having a decent place to call home.

See all the photos.

Thankful for The Habitat Crew.








Habitat Crew volunteers donate 1,000s of hours each year to help Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio do more to help local families build strength and stability. From building on worksites and crafting in our workshop, to teaching financial literacy and advocating for affordable housing, The Habitat Crew is a dedicated group of consistent, inspiring people, men and women from all walks of life who remind us each day of the power of selflessness and service to others. Whatever their job of the day, every minute they invest helps a family realize a dream of homeownership that would not otherwise be possible. We are thankful!

Become a member of the Habitat Crew! habi.news/crew

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

It does not happen often that you find an opportunity to do something selfless like building a home with a hardworking family while doing something selfish like meeting a group of friends to enjoy a hobby like construction.

— B ob

I was looking for a way to give back to the community and find renewed purpose. I found that opportunity in the books and media center at ReStore. Helping customers or building homes, it's a team effort to be God’s hands.

— Judy

Marking a Decade+ of Service with Habitat On the walls of our Ministry Offices are shims that name 100s of people who have made an exceptional investment in the ministry of Habitat for Humanity. This fall, we added shims for Bob, John, Mark, Rabbi John, and Stan, Habitat Crew volunteers who have served with us for 10+ years to build homes, communities, and hope. If you have served with Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio for a decade or more, if you've helped this ministry grow and thrive in extraordinary ways, call Megan at 330-915-5888 and plan a visit to our Ministry Offices to see your name listed on our Habitat for Humanity wall of fame.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org


It’s good to be a Habitat kid .


Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org

Growing up in an affordable Habitat home doesn’t just provide a roof over a child’s head; it nurtures their growth in ways that are wholesome and sustainable. By addressing housing insecurity, Habitat homes play a pivotal role in empowering the next generation to unlock their full potential, ensuring a brighter, more prosperous future for both families and communities.

Give the g ift of hope.

When you give to support Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, your gift helps local families right here in our community. habitateco.org Since 1988, Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio has built and preserved 636 homes with thousands of individuals, families, and children facing unsafe, overcrowded, or inadequate conditions. Your support has provided these families with the foundation for strength, stability, and self-reliance. Please consider making a gift of any size to help us continue building when home means more than ever.


$50 Provides paint.

Provides a kitchen sink.




Provides one pound of nails.

Provides a front porch.

Your gift funds the mission. During FY23, 91% of our resources directly funded our mission.




Scan or visit habitateco.org to make a donation today.



Provides all exterior doors.

Provides insulation.

See your gift build.

Give in honor or memory.

In 2023, we again earned the gold seal of transparency from Guidestar.org.

We're happy to send an acknowledgment of your gift in memory or honor of someone special.

Prefer to mail your gift? You can send your gift to our ministry offices at 1400 Raff Road SW Canton, Ohio 44710.

Build your legacy with Habitat. Planned giving is key to sustaining the transformational work of Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio while helping local families secure their futures for generations to come. Bequests: Ask your attorney or advisor to add Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio to your will or trust.

Real Estate: Donating a home or land will help sustain our work and may provide you with excellent tax benefits.

By including us in your estate plans, your legacy will help hardworking families create legacies of their own. Here are a few ways you can multiply your generosity:

Retirement Assets: Name Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio as a beneficiary of your IRAs and 401(k)s.

Life Insurance: Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio can be named as the sole, partial, or contingent beneficiary of a policy.

Investment Assets: Gifts of stock, bonds, and mutual funds may provide significant tax advantages and can be given during your lifetime or in your will.

Call 330-915-5888 to discuss the ways your legacy giving plan can transform lives and communities in East Central Ohio. Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org


Reduce. Reuse.


Habitat for Humanity ReStore is much more than just a place to find great deals on furniture, appliances, home décor, and building materials. ReStore is all about building homes with local families while building a stronger local community. When you donate and shop at ReStore, you're starting a chain reaction of community investment that will make a real and lasting difference. When you shop, you get a great deal. When you donate, you make a big impact through affordable housing. That's why we say ReStore is the store that builds homes. Learn more and donate at restoreeco.org.

Donate your stuff. Drop off your items or schedule FREE pickup. Scan the code, call 330-915-5920, or visit restoreeco.org to give a new purpose to your unneeded home goods and building materials at ReStore in Canton. Scan the code to schedule your FREE pickup.

You donate stuff, Habitat builds homes.


You donate home goods and building materials to ReStore. FREE pickup is available!

HOW UNNEEDED ITEMS MEET NEEDS Furniture Building Supplies Appliances Home Décor Housewares Cabinets Doors Plumbing Items


Windows Lighting Flooring Hardware Books Bicycles Lumber Vehicles

Items are sold to the public at a fraction of the retail price.


Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org



Proceeds build decent, affordable housing with local families in need.

20th Annual R.C. and Tim Miller Memorial Golf Outing This year we celebrated 20 remarkable years of “driving” change and “putting” an end to substandard housing at the R.C. and Tim Miller Memorial Golf Outing in Minerva.

Thank you, thank you!

Ready. Set. Run for Home! Over the years, the Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital Run for Home has raised over $241,000 to help Habitat build homes with Tuscarawas County families—so thankful for the Tuscarawas County community!

Two reasons to celebrate, countless reasons to be grateful! We are truly honored that Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio was named Stark County’s favorite nonprofit and Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Canton was named Stark County's favorite thrift store in this year’s Community Choice Awards.

Ohio Statehouse Build At the Ohio Statehouse Build in Columbus this year, CEO Beth Lechner awarded State Representative Scott Oelslager with a Golden Hammer, and Habitat for Humanity of Ohio’s Executive Director Ryan Miller presented the award to State Senator Tim Schaffer for their vital roles in securing ARPA funding for Habitat. Alongside other legislative leaders, we laid the foundation for future impactful work.

Soaring to New Heights See Habitat in Action Scan the code or visit habi.build/media to see, share, and download thousands of photos from recent new builds, home preservations, and other impactful community projects.

Sometimes stronger communities are built with houses, sometimes they’re built with carnival ride planes. We’re honored to have partnered with New Philadelphia Rotary Club to restore the planes at Tuscora Park, and we salute Habitat volunteers Chuck and Jerry who put in the hard work to help these planes and our community reach new heights!

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio • habitateco.org


1400 Raff Road SW Canton, Ohio 44710 habitateco.org

Habitat builds when build with Habitat.


The need for decent, affordable housing is greater than ever, so we’re building more than ever—and we need your help. Whether you give a financial gift, give your time, or advocate for the work of Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, you can help build homes without ever picking up a hammer.

Give a Gift

Plan a Legacy


Visit ReStore


We need your financial support to build and renovate homes.

Your planned giving can make an impact that lasts for generations.

Your investment of time helps keep Habitat homes affordable.

When you donate and shop for home goods, you help build homes.

Visit habitateco.org

Call 330-915-5888

Visit habitateco.org

Visit restoreeco.org

Our faith is at our foundation and your prayers sustain us as we build more homes.

Scan to read and learn more online.

Our Mission: Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope. © Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio. All rights reserved.

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