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The Glass Wo rl d i n Your Hands

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2016 VOL.II




AACG Honor


30 YEARS AT NAVY PIER Booth #1400 New Books by artists

The booth will be exhibiting many works of your favorite artists as well as a few new to the Habatat family. The collection will be offering each artist’s newest series of work as well as many other exciting exclusives.

Paul Stankard Studio Craft as Career

Featuring Exclusive Collaborations by: Shelley M. Allen & Davide Salvadore Richard Marquis & Nick Mount

Wilfried Grootens Where the Shark Bubbles Blow

Glass Trivia on Back Page

45 Apr il 27-29

PG. 3

Exhibiting over 48 artists this year, Habatat Galleries’ is once again taking the largest space at the SOFA EXPO. Thursday November 3rd through Sunday the 5th.

S. M. Allen and D. Salvadore Photo: Alec Miller

Habatat Galleries has been offering studio glass for over 45 years and is looking forward to sharing their elaborate display at Navy Pier in 2016. Expect to the see the finest in contemporary glass at Habatat Galleries booth #1400. Many of the artists who have spent a lifetime perfecting their work will be at the fair and are all looking forward to meeting you in person.


D. Marquis and N. Mount Photo: Bill Hamilton

Artists on display in booth #1400 - more inside

E x h i b i t i n g Ar ti sts Booth #140 0 Shelley Muzylowski Allen Dean Allison Michael Behrens Howard Ben Tré Alex Bernstein Martin Blank Christina Bothwell Latchezar Boyadjiev Peter Bremers Emily Brock Daniel Clayman Matthew Curtis Laura Donefer Matthew Eskuche Jan Exnar Michael Glancy Susan Taylor Glasgow Wilfried Grootens Eric Hilton Petr Hora David Huchthausen Toshio Iezumi Martin Janecky Vladimira Klumpar

Steve Linn Lucy Lyon Marquis & Mount Mari Meszaros Debora Moore Albert Paley Stephen Rolfe Powell Clifford Rainey David Reekie Marlene Rose Richard Ritter Richard Royal Davide Salvadore Mary Shaffer Raven Skyriver Paul Stankard Tim Tate Margit Toth Janusz Walentynowicz Vivian Wang Caterina Weintraub Hayden Dakota Wilson Wingfield & Clements Hiroshi Yamano

Shelley M Allen

Martin Blank

Daniel Clayman

Dean Allison

Michael Behrens

Christina Bothwell Latchezar Boyadjiev

Matthew Curtis

Laura Donefer

Howard Ben Tré

Alex Bernstein

Peter Bremers

Emily Brock

Matthew Eskuche

Jan Exnar

Habatat Glass Tour 2017

Artists on display in booth #1400

Michael Glancy

Susan T. Glasgow

Wilfried Grootens

Eric Hilton

Petr Hora

David Huchthausen

Toshio Iezumi

Martin Janecky

Vladimira Klumpar

Steve Linn

Lucy Lyon


Mari Meszaros

Debora Moore

During September of 2017, Habatat Galleries will offer an exciting Glass Tour of Central Europe! The plan is still in development and will include a visit to some of the following countries: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and more. Be part of an exciting glass adventure! Habatat Galleries has been traveling around the world with clients for over 25 years and looks forward to experiencing the many museums, galleries, and artist studios on this tour! This trip will offer the opportunity for clients to visit many interesting established artist studios as well as the studios of upcoming artists who could be the next name in the contemporary glass movement. Expect to tour elite private collections and enjoy the company of others who share a passion for the arts.. Details: & 248.554.0590

AACG Annual Trip 2017


Albert Paley

Plan now to attend AACG’s annual trip to Seattle/Tacoma! September 13 - 17, 2017. Trip features a private tour of the Chihuly Boathouse and Ballard Studio, tour and dinner at Chihuly Garden & Glass, a tour of the Pilchuck Glass School, a tour of the Museum of Glass including an Albert Paley opening as well as an evening at the “Red Hot Gala”. Also visit the Hauberg collection and Chihuly collection at the Tacoma Museum of Art, a visit to the many artists’ studios, private home collection and more! A once in a lifetime Trip! Details: & 214.890.0029

World Famous Habatat Galleries MasterWorks Auction

Introduction by Ferdinand Hampson


SOFA Chicago 3 - 5

January 2017 ArtPalmBeach 18 - 22 Sarasota Glass Weekend 27 - 29 Sarasota Glass Auction 27

February 2017 ArtPalmSprings - 11 - 14

March 2017

ArtBocaRaton - 15 - 19

The AACG Honors

April 2017

award recognizes

45th Glass International Weekend VIP 27 - 29. Through July 21st

individuals of outstanding accomplishment in the field of contemporary glass art. In 2016, artist Laura Donefer will be honored. Above: Laura Donefer Spring/Summer Basket 28 x 20 x 11” Blown & flameworked glass

Become a member of the AACG Today!

Nickolas Africano Pioneering the secondary market in contemporary glass! Selling events and auctions planned Include your collection and consignments Contact Habatat Galleries today! 248.554.0590 |


A 30 minute drive from DTW Airport

June 2017 WheatonArts - 9 - 11

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The Largest Annual International Glass Exhibition In The World Habatat Galleries is excited to announce the 45th Annual International Glass Invitational Exhibition. The event takes place April 27th – 29th, 2017 at the Habatat Galleries compound in Royal Oak, Michigan. Habatat has invited 100 artists representing over 25 countries to exhibit two of their finest works for visiting collectors to experience.

45 Apr il 27-29

Last year’s attendees enjoyed the personal time they shared with the over 50 artists at the International Glass Invitational. It was a unique opportunity to meet the most noted artists in the glass world. Habatat Galleries is expecting an even larger turnout this year. Expect to see many artists that you may be familiar with as well as some talented newcomers in the exhibition. The 45th will be the highlight of your year in glass! The gallery will be displaying an additional 300 works from the largest glass inventory in the United States. Work on the secondary market will be on display from noted collectors Jean and Hilbert Sosin. A very special second exhibition, “The Jewelry Box”, will offer unique glass and mixed media jewelry. This year The Henry Ford Museum has coordinated the opening of their much anticipated glass museum, designed by Jamie Carpenter, in conjunction with the International opening. They will have a special gala for the Habatat attendees that will celebrate glass and feature the collection of noted collector Bruce Bachman. Other events you will experience include a strolling dinner and the famous MasterWorks Glass Auction planned for Thursday evening that will include many historic treasures from the early days of American Studio Glass. You will also have the opportunity to attend private home tours, demonstrations, lunches, dinners, and parties along with artist talks that have been both interesting and controversial in the past. These events lead up to the Grand Opening on Saturday evening of the 45th International Glass Invitational. 2016 Image of attending artists Ignite Glass Studio - Chicago Illinois 401 N Armour Street 312.465.2389 Demonstrations, classes, events

Friday Nov 4th Nancy Callan @7:15 Davide Salvadore @9:30

Invitations to the 45th will be going out very soon so make sure you are on Habatat Galleries’ mailing list. The gallery is only a 30 minute drive from the Detroit Metro Airport. Everyone is invited so be sure to tell family, friends and neighbors today. Reviews for this weekend in the past have been off the charts! All of us here at Habatat Galleries are looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

Ar tists on displa y in booth #1400

History is Made

Flint Museum of Art Acquires the Shirly & Sherwin Glass Collection In January of this year the largest Studio Glass sale in history took place. It was a multimillion dollar acquisition that encompassed the entire Atlanta glass collection of the late Sherwin and Shirley Glass. These 154 major works were primarily collected and created from 1999 to 2009.The late owners’ final request was that the collection be donated to a museum. After 7 years and thanks to the Isabel Foundation who acquired the collection; The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the Flint Institute of Arts, their wishes were realized. The Isabel Foundation will place this collection in the Flint Institute of Arts, Michigan’s second largest museum, on long term loan. The C.S. Mott Foundation has given the Flint Institute of Arts an $8.5 million capitol grant as part of a $17.5 million capitol grant and endowment. This money will be used to create an 8,000 sq. ft. wing for Studio Glass and Ceramics and a 3960 sq. ft. “Makers Space” that will be highlighted with a state of the art glass studio with stadium style seating. Construction has begun and is scheduled for completion during the late summer of 2017. Ferdinand Hampson was not only Sherwin and Shirley principal art dealer he and his wife Kathy considered themselves close friends of the Glass’s. Michigan continues to be one of the leaders in this country in major public glass collections. In the Spring of 2017 the Henry Ford is scheduled to open their glass museum on the grounds of Greenfield Village that will compliment a history of glass, which will be a permanent display inside of the Henry Ford Museum. The grand opening for the Museum glass presentation is scheduled for October of this year.

Stephen R. Powell

Clifford Rainey

David Reekie

Richard Ritter

Marlene Rose

Richard Royal

Davide Salvadore

Mary Shaffer

Raven Skyriver

Paul Stankard

Tim Tate

Janusz Walentynowicz

Vivian Wang

Leah Wingfield

Hiroshi Yamano

Acro s s

2 016 G l as s Tr iv ia C ro s s wo rd

4. What year was Habatat Galleries first established in? 19_ _ ? 6. A solid rod which goes onto the other end of the piece for shaping the opening? 8. What spring month is Habatat’s 2017 International Exhibition taking place? 11. Which Metal and Glass Habatat Galleries’ artist is giving a lecture this year at SOFA? 12. Artist show in September featured at Habatat Galleries was titled Passage? 14. What is the term used for a gas fired drum-shaped chamber used for heating and re-heating glass. 16. What glass forming technique involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison)? Down 18. What does the “O” in SOFA stand 1. What booth wall color is Habatat Galleries’ uniquely for? known for displaying their artist’s glass works against? 20. Which artist incorporates many 2. What was this year’s international celebration number? different glass techniques to create 3. Which artist is the child of two established glass artists intricate miniature narratives? and uses cast glass with fused steel as their medium?

2 016 G l a s s A r t We e k e n d i n S a r a s o t a


4400 Fernlee Ave., Royal Oak, MI 48073

248.554.0590 | w w w . h a b a t a t . c o m

D own (c on t in u ed )

Two years ago in American Art Collector magazine, Sarasota was identified as the “NEW ART GLASS MECCA” due to the collections, museums, art centers, galleries and the growing number of artists working with glass that now live in the region. Contemporary Glass has become an exciting focus along the Gulf Coast of Florida.

4. Which collection on display including works from their 54

We would like to invite you to an amazing three-day glass experience which includes gallery and art center exhibitions, auctions, private collection tours, talks by internationally noted artists plus tours of museums. All of this is taking place on the beautiful West Coast of Florida!

6. Which glass artist is best known for their playful and

year history of collecting studio glass? 5. Which artist uses orchids as their main subject matter? whimsical, large scale dramatic multicolored vessels? 7. Which artist uses the optical float technique and paints on layers of glass, then assembles them in stacks, laminating them together to create cube forms? 9. Which artist was born and raised in the San Juan Islands of Washington and whose main inspiration is nature when creating native marine creatures? 10. Which artist is well known for their glass teapots and has

Weekend events include the 3rd Annual Sarasota Masterworks Glass Auction, a “Best of Czech Glass” presentation; an American Pavilion featuring twenty of the most noted American artist works, an International Exhibition from ten countries, represented by two of the greatest artists from each area of the world. The weekend also features a Ringling School tour that includes an exhibition of Murano Glass by artist Davide Salvadore and his sons at the Richard and Barbara Basch gallery. A visit to the new Chihuly Museum, home tours, artist studio visits and more! Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a division of Ringling College of Art and Design and Habatat Galleries of Michigan, will collaborate and coordinate this 3rd annual contemporary art glass weekend. It is designed to excite seasoned collectors as well as anyone who enjoys the medium of glass! Contact the gallery for more details and hotel information today!

created collaborative pieces with Nick Mount for this year’s SOFA? 13. Corning Museum of glass is located in which state? 15. Artists Paul Stankard is releasing a new book titled “Studio Craft as ______ : A Guide to Achieving Excellence in Art-making”? 17. Which Habatat artist was an American sculptor who moved to southern France more than twenty years ago and has recently incorporated holograms into his work? 19. What artist is a Co-Founder of the Washington Glass School and their most recent work deals with infinity mirrors?

2016 World Glass Post v2 Habatat Galleries  

The World Glass Post V2 offers a gimps into the Contemporary Glass World! Sofa Chicago and more at the SOFA Art Fair of 2016! #share #glass...

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