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The Annual International Glass Invitational Awards Exhibition O p ening R eception May 4th a t 8:00 pm C ontinues through July 5th, 2019

Exchange your glass ticket for a glass adventure Habatat is honored and excited to continue this longest running annual glass celebration now in its 47th year! It is our privilege to be part of something so exceptional. Work on display is from both veteran masters who have perfected their process over decades as well as many break-through artists making a name for themselves today. All those who attend the Grand Opening on May 4th will witness an unimaginable concentration of work that will be a life changing experience. The 100 artists invited to participate from around the world are the finest working with glass today. Each is eager for all to experience their work first hand, talk with you if attending, and start a new friendship over the glass weekend. For the 47th we asked each artist to share “A Day in the Artist’s Life”. We are eager to share this wonderous collection of thought-provoking responses. Each one of the artist’s replies are both unique and delightful and we have included them at We are proud of this annual exhibition which is empowered by the excitement of the collectors and the talent of the participating artists. This event is the oldest and largest annual studio glass exhibition in the world. We welcome you to an important part of studio glass history! Habatat is honored to partner and fundraise with Clapa: The Lip & Palate Association for this event. Our efforts will raise funds for this important Charity.

G LAS S47 T h e L a r ges t A n n u a l Glas s E x hibition in the Wor ld

Grand Opening

May 4th @ 8:00 pm

Exhibition Continues through July 5th

GLASS47 Masayo Odahashi The Entrance to the Inner World XI, 2019 23 x 9.75 x 9.25 inches Cast, enameled glass, brass

47th Glass Itinerary and Events Thursday, May 2nd Preview the 47th Glass Invitational at Habatat Galleries, Evening Strolling Dinner & Auction Arrive at Detroit Metropolitan Airport – DTW (30 Minutes from Habatat Galleries Complex) 47th Annual International Glass Preview at Habatat Galleries: 11:00 am – 5:30 pm ( First View ) Pick up of GEM (Glass Exhibition Manual and receive first instructions). *Just Added* Opening at MDC for artist Steve Tobin: VIP Opening 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Dinner & Silent Auction with a Preview of the Masterworks Auction: 6:30 – 7:30 pm Masterworks Glass Auction: 7:30 – 9:00 pm – Auction catalogue with details will be available. Friday, May 3rd Artist presentations, 47th Glass International Preview, Pop & Lock, Demo,Truck Expo, Party 47th Annual International Glass Preview at Habatat Galleries: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Artist Presentations at the Somerset Inn: 10:00 am – 12:00 Lunch at Habatat Galleries: 12:00 pm Meet the artists and see the Glass International! Grand Opening of the Pop & Lock Art Experience & John Millers "Food-O-Rama": 1:15 pm Local Home Tour 3:30 - 4:30 (A MUST SEE) JCC for a tour of the Michigan Regional Glass Exhibition: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm Tapas party for artists & collectors at the home of Ferdinand and Kathy Hampson: 6:30 - 10:00 pm Saturday, May 4th Bus and Home Tours, Demonstration, 47th Glass Preview and Grand Opening 47th Annual International Glass Preview at Habatat Galleries: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm A deluxe bus will leave the Somerset Inn at 9:30 am and will travel to U of M Dearborn for coffee and mimosas and to experience the Global Glass: Survey of Form & Function touring exhibition 10:30 - 11:45. At 12:45 we arrive at the Toledo Museum of Art for lunch and to see their new acquisitions, including a new Amber Cowan, a demo by Joseph Ivacic and the recently restored display of 30 works along with the 3500 year chronology of glass. At 2:30 pm we will visit the collection of a local Toledo collector on our way back to the hotel. Dinner will be on your own. At 8:00 pm you will experience the Grand Opening of the 47th International Glass Invitational and vote for your favorite artist.The public’s choice winner will be part of a museum exhibition. Grand Opening of the 47th Annual International Glass Invitational Awards Exhibition Opens at 8:00 pm at the Habatat Galleries Complex - 4400 Fernlee, Royal Oak, MI 48073

Artist Talks - Friday May 3rd - 10:00 am - Somerset Inn Shelley Muzylowski Allen Glass is a medium that keeps me in the moment. Striving to bring a painterly quality to this dynamic medium, I layer color to add depth to the sculpture being made. The textures and patterns have the fluidity and gesture of brushwork and enrich the strong, three-dimensional form. By suspending figures in moments of tension, recalling myths and legends through animal forms, I hope to convey a place that different species have occupied over time. From the long and storied history of the horse and all that it is has signified through the ages, to medieval tapestries depicting the lure of the unicorn, to the miniature sculptural tradition of the Japanese Netsuke and the disapearance of the Red Gazelle, animals have been associated with mythology, legend, magic and divinity. As symbols and icons of eras and cultures around the world, it is important that I capture the inherent nature of these creatures in my work reflecting not just my own insights but inspiring an emotional experience and connection in the viewer.

David Huchthausen One of the most interesting aspects of Huchthausen's sculpture is the way it suggests both monumentality and intimacy. Making smaller versions would remove the suggestion of monumentality, reducing them to preciousness. Enlarging them would disrupt their spatial ambiguity, by making them architectural in a literal sense... Huchthausen's works ultimately preserve the kind of human, if not life-size, sense of scale that has become a casualty as so much modern art. - Robert Silberman - University of Minnesota

John Littleton & Kate Vogel John Littleton and Kate Vogel met at the University of Wisconsin Madison where they received their Bachelor degrees. Since 1979 they have lived in the mountains of North Carolina where they began their collaboration on blown and cast glass in the studio of John's father, Harvey Littleton. In 1980 they moved to Bakersville, NC where they maintain their home and studio.


Habatat is honored to partner and fundraise with Clapa: The Cleft Lip and Palate Association. Our eorts will raise funds for this important charity.

GLASS47 Leah WingďŹ eld & Stephen Clements Storm, 2019 23.5 x 32.5 x 13 inches Cast glass, wood, paint

#GLASS47 Scavenger Hunt Post al l i mages on In s tagram wi th : # G L A S S 4 7 I mage s will be s h ared live d u rin g th e e ve n t! C heckl i st : Share 5 images of your favorite pieces at the exhibiton and rate them 1 to 5. Share 3 images of work - One Red, One Blue and One Green.. Share an image of the giant shiny Habatat Logo near the entrance to the gallery. Selfie Quest - Share a selfie in the VIP area on the red carpet. Share an image of an abstract glass piece. Share an image of the band with the name of the song they are performing. Locate and share an image of a glass paperweight. Share an image of a glass food sculpture on display in John Miller's Food-o-Rama. Locate and share an image of the largest glass sculpture in the exhibition. Share an image of the 47th Glass Ticket. Locate and share an image of a glass animal. Selfie Quest - Share a selfie with an artist at the exhibition. Selfie Quest - Share a selfie in front of the band. Share an image of a figurative glass piece. Share an image of a mixed media glass sculpture. Share an image of the hidden 1987 Glass International Poster hidden in the gallery. Share 3 images of your choice of the works on display in Pop and Lock.

@HabatatGalleries @Habatat

VIP Visit and Demo at the Toledo Museum of Art The Toledo Museum of Art is now featuring new work by Amber Cowan, Lalique, Jean ProuvÊ, Stine Bidstrup, and Toots Zynsky. A window by Robert Kehlmann has also returned to the museum floor after being in storage for 30 years. The display includes about 130 works altogether. The museum’s presentation also includes the full 3500 year chronology of glass. One gallery features 19th century technology used for making pressed-glass including a press owned by the Henry Ford that came from Cambridge Glass Co. in Ohio.

Glass VIP Toledo Museum of Art Tour and Demo by Joseph Ivacic Saturday May 4th in the afternoon

GLASS47 Raven Skyriver Abyss, 2018 26 x 44 x 11 inches Hot sculpted glass

Habatat would like to thank and congradulate artist Joseph Ivacic for his 2019 demonstration at the Toldeo Museum of Art during the 47th

Reveal, 2018 49 x 45 x 5 inches Blown, fused, slumped, hot sculpted glass

Glass VIP Weekend

#GLASS47 STICKER QUEST LO C AT E & C O L L E C T A L L F I V E limited w w w . h a b atat . c o m





F o o d 0R a m a p o p & lo c k w w w . h a b atat . c o m

w w w . h a b atat . c o m w w w . h a b atat . c o m

GLASS47 Marlene Rose Cobalt Tulip Kimono, 2019 68 x 44 x 12 inches Sandcast glass, steel

Collect all the


47th glass STICKERS

w w w . h a b atat . c o m


w w w . h a b atat . c o m

located throughout


the 47th exhibition


p o p & lo c k w w w . h a b atat . c o m

do not forget food-o-rama

place them on this page

GLASS47 Morgan Peterson Designer Drugs, 2019 2.5 x 16 x 16 inches Blown, kiln formed, carved glass, 24k gold



GLASS47 John Moran Searching for Sleepy, 2019 20 x 12 x 10 inches Hot sculpted glass


FOOD -O-RAMMA Habatat is hono red t o h ave a rt i s t John M i l l e r ’s traveling art galle ry o ns i t e d uri n g t he 4 7 t h . S t o p i n his Food Truck Ga l l ery f o r a f as t f ood g l ass sn a c k and see his recent col l ect i o n o n d i s p l a y.

Place Your Food-O-Rama Sticker Here collect al l f our


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Exploded Earth Series: Untitled 23 x 45 x 41 inches Ceramic and glass

Reception to meet the artist Thursday May 2nd 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Contact Anthea Noonan

Michigan Design Center


Suite 103 1700 Stutz Drive,

Troy, MI 48084

GLASS47 Alex Gabriel Bernstein Sunscape, 2019 Cast, cut, fused glass

GLASS47 Lucy Lyon Departure, 2019 39 x 19 x 13.75 Cast glass

b i d t o d ay

www.habatatg lass.c o m

M a s t e r Wo rk s Au ctio n May 2nd, 7:15 pm ET www.Hab atatGla s s .c om O f ferin g 45 Wo rk s - C at al og Avai l abl e

Harve y L i t t l e t on

To o ts Zy n s k y

J on Kuhn

Eri c H i l t on

Kla u s M o je

Em ily Br oc k

Latche z a r B oya d j i e v

Da v id Be n n e t t

J udith Sc haec hter

Jon Ku h n

M a sa y o Oh a shi

Paul Stankar d

Domi n i c k L a b i n o

S a lly R o g e r s

Mic hael Glanc y

auctioning studio glass for over 25 years.

harvey Lit tle to n so ld li b ensky b ryc htova so ld pavel h lava avai lab le

offering our expertise with the deaccessioning of your collection

Consign work From your collection to Habatat Today

dale c h i huly so ld

Quick Glass Glos s ary An n eal: To s lo wly co ol he a te d gla s s o ve r tim e to a vo i d qu i ck t e mp e ra t u re ch a n g e s t h a t w ou ld cause it to fail. An n ealer : An o ve n like m a c hi ne us e d to c o o l ho t gla s s o ve r a p e ri o d o f t i me . C astin g: A pro ce s s o f he a ti ng gl a s s in a m o ld a nd th e n co o l i n g i t o ve r t i me . C old wor king : Mo difyi ng the s ha p e o r s ur f a c e o f gla s s wi t h o u t t h e u s e o f h e a t . T h e s e meth ods include cutting, c a r ving, gr indi ng, e ngr a vi n g , p o l i s h i n g , s a n d b l a s t i n g , laminating and o thers . En amel ed glass: K iln w o r ke d gla s s in w hi c h the s ur f a ce h a s b e e n mo d i fi e d wi t h a p a i n t or silks creen g las s ena m e l. T hi s e na m e l is a gla s s p o wd e r o f a s p e ci fi c co l o r. Etc h ed glass: Cutting a nd c a r vi ng i nto the s ur f a c e of a g l a s s o b j e ct u s i n g a mu l t i t u d e o f processe s including to o ls , a c i d, a s we l l a s o the r a br a s i ve ma t e ri a l s . F lamewo r king: Glass ro ds a r e he a te d us i ng a ga s f u e l e d t o rch a n d t h e n f o rme d v i a h a n d tools. Als o calle d lam p w o r ki ng a nd to r c hw o r king. F rit: Glass that has be e n c r us he d to a fine te xtur e . T h i s ca n a l s o b e cre a t e d b y co o l i n g h ot glass with wate r. This is us e d f o r m ulti p le a p p li ca t i o n s wh e n fi n e d e t a i l i s n e e d e d . F u sin g: Jo ining glass wi th he a t o f te n a s s o c i a te d w ith a k i l n . Gaff er: An ass istant g l a s s blo we r w ho o f te n w o r ks wi t h a n a rt i s t t o cre a t e t h e i r wo rk . Glass blowing: Using a blow pipe to force air to make a bubble of hot glass to create a form. Glory Hole: A large metal oven where blown glass and hot sculpted glass will be reheated during the process. Hot wor king: A multitude o f te c hni q ue s w he n w o r k i n g wi t h t h e g l a s s h o t . In cl u d e s b low in g , s culpting, fu s ing, l a m p w o r ki ng a nd m o r e . Kiln c asting : A kiln is us e d to he a t gl a s s unti l it s o f t e n s a n d t h e n fl o ws i n t o a mo l d f o rm. Mu rrin i: Sm all desig ns in c a ne gl a s s tha t ha ve b een sli ce d and are o ft e n p a tt e r ne d. Pate d e ver r e: A g las s c a s ting p r o c e s s tha t u ses ve ry fine s and like gl a s s . A m o l d is us e d in th is pro cess . Sandblasting: A process that uses a strong st ream o r sp ray o f cutting m a te r ia l to mod ify the s urface o f gl a s s . S lu mp i ng: He ating gla s s to be nd over a mo ld in a k iln.

GLASS47 Nancy Callan Seaside Top, 2014 12 x 16 x 14 inches Blown glass

GLASS47 Matthew Eskuche The Virus Seeded, 2019 16 x 55 x 24 inches Lampworked glass

GLASS47 Michael Janis Intersectionality, 2019 60 x 40 inches Kilnformed glass

IMPOSSIBLE GLASS TRIVIA 2019 1. What is the hashtag used to share images and details of the 47th International Exhibition? 2. Name the artist featured in the top banner of the website. 3. What is the name of the exciting new edition by Brent Kee Young that is available through Habatat? 4. Name the Greek God in which the room artist Joanna Manousis’ wall sculpture titled Parr Diamonds II is in. 5. Where and what year will the next Glass Fashion Show hosted by artist Laura Donefer be held? 6. What contemporary and experimental fine art gallery was founded in 2019 and is directly next to the Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg Florida? 7. Which Habatat employee has her office in the Athena Gallery? 8. Who is the artist that has a large display at the Michigan Design Center for Habatat’s clients to see during the 47th Glass International? 9. What is the name of the Cruise Ship that the attendees will be on for Habatat’s Glass Tour to Europe August of 2019? 10. What is the title of David Reekie’s sculpture ending in "V" on display during the 47th? 11. What is the name of Vivian Wang’s newest body of work seen on 12. Where is the Glass Art Society of 2020 being held? 13. Who the Author of a Studio Glass in American: A 50 Year Journey? 14. What local tv channel did a spot live at Habatat Galleries this year 2019? 15. What Habatat artist was invited to participate in Glasstress during the Venice Biennale of Arts in 2019? 16. How many lots were featured in the MasterWorks auction that occurred on May 2nd of 2019? 17. How many glass bags are featured in artist Dylan Martinez sculpture H2O.SiO2? 19. How many unique stickers can be acquired during the 47th Glass international Grand Opening? 20. What is the name of the Sung Won Bak sculpture of the man wearing a hat? Bonus: What is the closing date for the 47th Glass International?

IMPOSSIBLE GLASS TRIVIA 2019 1. _____________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________________ 6. _____________________________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________________________ 8. _____________________________________________________________ 9. _____________________________________________________________ 10. _____________________________________________________________ 11. _____________________________________________________________ 12. _____________________________________________________________ 13. _____________________________________________________________ 14. _____________________________________________________________ 15. _____________________________________________________________ 16. _____________________________________________________________ 17. _____________________________________________________________ 18. _____________________________________________________________ 19. _____________________________________________________________ BONUS: 20. _____________________________________________________________ The first person to email with the subject in GLASS47 Trivia Answers with the following corrects answers: #1, #9, #10 & #19 will win an autographed copy of Studio Glass in Amercia: A 50 Year Journey. A trivia answer sheet will be available in the Athena Gallery.

H a b atat L i m i t e d E d i t i o n s

Brent Kee Young



Maxtrix Series ‘Untitled’ 14 x 10 x 10” Glass

E d i t i o n o f 2 0 U n i q u e - E x c l u s i v e ly at H a b at at

C e l e b r a t i ng S e v e n Y e a r s w i th Habatat VIVIAN WANG

The Gold of Asia

Congratulating Vivian on her Newest Series

Cast Glass Gold Leaf Gemstones Stoneware Limited Available Work

Boy with Gold Vest, 2019 19 x 14 x 14 inches

The Glass International at Habatat - An Exciting Time For All Who Attend

Images from the 2018 Glass International Award Exhibition

GLASS47 Cassandria Blackmore Ceto Mov, 2019 30 x 30 inches Reverse painted glass

GLASS47 Zora Palova Direction, 2019 31.5 x 27.5 x 19.75 inches Cast glass

GLASS47 Jack Gramann Indigo Figure, 2018 14 x 12 x 6 inches Hot sculpted glass

GLASS47 Amber Cowan Spring Milk, 2019 14 x 14 x 7 inches Flameworked glass

GLASS47 Albert Paley Horizontal Passage, 2019 18.75 x 46 x 34 inches Glass and steel

GLASS47 Rick Beck Spoons, 2019 32 x 6 x 3 inches Cast glass

GLASS47 Michael Behrens Seaforms 2018-268 53 x 33 x 8 inches Kiln cast glass


1970s ferd & TOm

1970s dearborn michigan

Habatat Galleries was established in 1971 in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. We are the oldest and largest art gallery in the United States devoted exclusively to artists working with glass as their medium. Our 12,000 sq. ft. Michigan gallery is the home of the original International Glass Invitational, which for 47 years has introduced and exhibited the greatest artists working creatively with glass. Our mission is to service collections both public and private. We take an active interest in developing collections and promoting artists whom we feel should be recognized in our generation and beyond. Habatat Galleries – Michigan works with many museums and art centers where we have developed exhibits that have been displayed in over 100 public institutions. Each year we are active in publishing catalogues, from exhibits in the gallery, as well as exhibitions throughout the world.

GLASS47 Joanna Manousis Parr Diamonds II, 2019 55 x 29 x 4 inches Core-cast crystal, glass, stainless steel

Be Part of Glass History Habatat Galleries invites you to join an extraordinary Glass Art Adventure

Aboard the award-winning, luxurious new “state-of-the art” vessel “AMAM AGNA” Sailing 7-nights between Budapest & Prague cruising the Danube River & the Wachau Valley

*August 18th, 2019 Sailing Departure *Land program begins on August 15th in Budapest ends in Prague August 31st


Budapest*Bratislava*Vienna*Durnstein/Melk*Linz/Salzburg*Passau*Vilshofen/Frauenau*Prague Artists Studios: Budapest: Margit Toth, Peter Botos, Laszlo Lucasci, Gyorgy Gaspar, Peter Borkovics Bratislava: Zora Palova, Stepan Pala, Lucas Mjartan, Pavol Hloska, Oliver Leeso and more… Prague: Vaclav Cigler, Karen LaMonte, Bohumil Elias Jr., Tomas Hlavicka, Ivana Sramkova and more… Czech Republic: Vladimira Klumpar, Latchezar Boyadjiev, Petr Hora, Ivan Mares, Bretislav Novak Jr… Ship: Built/Launched May 2019, 196 Passengers, 443�. Length, 72�. Wide, 98 Suites/Staterooms, Outside Balconies Complimentary Ship’s Excursions, Four Dining Venues including a two-level Dining Room *Member of La Chaine des Rotisseurs, Complimentary Unlimited Wine, Beer & So� Drinks with meals, Chef’s Table plus Wine Bar & Sky Bar, large Sun Deck & heated Swimming Pool with Whirlpool, Concierge Golf Program, Bicycles, Water Sports Pla�orm, Jogging Track, Zen Wellness & Fitness Center, Hair & Nail Salon, two Spas for Massages, Lounge & more… Tour Visits: Established & Emerging Glass Ar�sts of the region in their Studios in Budapest, Bra�slava, Vienna, Frauenau, Prague & in the Czech Countryside, Especially Created Glass Art Exhibi�ons, Gallery Recep�ons, Museums Exhibits, Art Schools, Private Collec�ons plus many Surprises. (TBA with confirmations)

Tour Includes: *3-Nights Deluxe Hotel Budapest *6-Nights Deluxe Hotel Prague *Daily Full Breakfasts, many Lunches & Dinners on Tour plus Special Events *Private Coaches with Local Historic Guides & Driver *Custom Designed I�nerary created expressly for Habatat Galleries *Hosted by Ferdinand & Kathy Hampson of Habatat Galleries *Tour Developed/Escorted by Susan & Allan Weiner of Professional Travel / Avoya Travel

Because of high demand for this new ship, Cabin Space is Limited!

PAYMENTS are Now being taken for Best Cabin Selections! Pre & Post Extensions are available. For Full Tour Itinerary, Reservations & Travel Insurance Contact: Sue & Al Weiner Professional Travel/Avoya Travel 6513 W. Behrend Drive Glendale, AZ 85308 Toll Free Phone: 877-398-6220 or Office Phone: 623-376-6557 E-mail:

Sign Up Today

GLASS47 Dean Allison Wildower, 2015 20 x 15 x 11 inches Cast glass

GLASS47 Peter Bremers Synthesis II, 2018 28 x 20 x 6 inches Cast glass

Martin Blank’s marvelous glass landscape, Repose in Amber, was installed at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in November 2018. Visit today to see this breathtaking sculpture and other major work by Rick Beck, Dale Chihuly, Stanislav Libensky, and Peter Bremers.

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am-6pm Thursday: 10am - 8pm Sunday: 12-5pm

“Repose in Amber” by Martin Blank, 2004, hand-sculpted glass and steel


The future of glass is now at the Flint Institute of Arts

Home to the breathtaking Sherwin and Shirley Glass Collection of Contemporary Glass, the Flint Institute of Arts is only 45 minutes from suburban Detroit and features a permanent collection of more than 8000 objects, from pre-history through the present. Thanks to McLaren Health Care, live narrated glassblowing demonstrations are featured every Saturday. Watch artisans craft original works, available for purchase, in the FIA’s state-of-the-art Hot Shop.

1120 E. Kearsley St., Flint, MI 810.234.1695

EXPLORE 300 YEARS OF AMERICAN GLASS The Henry Ford’s American glass collection, numbering approximately 10,000 pieces, tells the story of glassmaking from its origins through the studio glass movement as artists challenged the rules and embraced the notion of glass as a medium for creative expression. Davidson-Gerson Gallery of Glass Greenfield Village® Explore over 300 years of American glass from its origins to the present day. Davidson-Gerson Modern Glass Gallery Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation™ Trace the innovation story of studio glass from its founding in 1962 to the present. Plan your visit at

Experience a talk for the 47th attendees on May 4th at the Alfred Berkowitz Gallery by Charles Sable titled “The Science and Innovation of Studio Glass”.

Global Glass: A Survey of Form and Function Alfred Berkowitz Gallery The Art of the Everyday: Objects from Ancient Daily Life Now Open - Stamelos Gallery Center

Global Glass: A Survey of Form and Function is a remarkable exhibition drawn from the extensive glass collection owned by the University of Michigan - Dearborn. The exhibition surveys important artists and works created from the mid-1960s to the present. Global Glass examines both functional glass objects and pure sculptural forms that have often taken cues from other fine arts media and movements in the U.S. and internationally. Among the 56 artists represented are glass giants Harvey Littleton, Howard Ben Tré, Dale Chihuly, Ann Robinson, and Kate Vogel. The exhibition has been curated by Don Desmett, independent curator and critic.

The Janice Charach Gallery and Michigan Hot Glass are pleased to present our third Michigan Regional Glass exhibition, juried by Corey Hampson and Albert Young. From functional to non-functional, we celebrate everything that glass has to oer. 2019 Winners: Niko Dimitrijevic, Rebecca Szparagowski, Alli Hoag Lou Krueger, Ryan Thompson, Marc VandenBerg, and Ethan Crawford 6600 West Maple Road West Bloomfield MI 48322


GLASS47 Shelley Muzylowski Allen See, Swan, 2018 81 x 39 x 21 inches Blown, hand sculpted, engraved glass, steel

Exhibition concludes Thursday May 9th

h a batat 4400 fernlee ( 10 )

titl es o f e ac h g a l l ery (4)


(5) b


(2) (6) (8) s (7) (1)


1 ) KRATOS 2 ) Helios 3 ) Athena 4 ) Artemis 5 ) Apollo

6 ) Gaia 7 ) Poseidon 8 ) Zeus 9 ) Dionysus Pavillion 10) to Promethus

h a batat o f f i c e


olympus upstairs

s s

4400 fernlee hera

( 10 )

prometheus pop and lock

4403 fernle food - o - rama

b Now open - st petersburg florida

pe ter b rem ers A RT S ER I ES



1935 Central Ave St. Petersburg Florida

Exhibition CONTINUES TO mAY 25TH

Complete These Quests Acquire Your G.E.M. Collect all 4 Glass Stickers Visit Food-O-Rama Visit Pop & Lock Selfie Quest Scavenger Hunt Glass Trivia Vote For Your Favorite GPS Quest Experience More Glass Visit to FIA, Flint, MI Visit to Henry Ford, Dearborn, MI Visit to Imagine St. Petersburg, FL Visit to Fort Wayne Museum, IN

Private Events and Tours Available Contact a member of Habatat Staff

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47 Habatat Glass Invitational GEM Publication - Exchange a Glass Ticket at the Grand Opening  

This G.E.M. (Glass Exhibition Manual) celebrates the 47th Glass Invitational at Habatat Galleries in which the Grand Opening is May 4th at 8...

47 Habatat Glass Invitational GEM Publication - Exchange a Glass Ticket at the Grand Opening  

This G.E.M. (Glass Exhibition Manual) celebrates the 47th Glass Invitational at Habatat Galleries in which the Grand Opening is May 4th at 8...

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