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June 22, 2014


Where is the gold?



‘We have no gold to hide’ – GWMO See story on page 3

– as Govt blames "hoarding" for low declaration

P8 ECD man succumbs after accident

Money changer critical after shot four P10 times Islamic Complex commissions multimillion expansion P12 projects

Fourth prison escapee recaptured at Omai P14 Congratulations! Some of the 36 students who successfully completed the Master’s in Business Administration administered by Nations University, celebrate after their graduation at the Guyana International Conference Centre,Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown on Saturday

City Constable Salvation Army: accused of theft, Giving hope to hopeless drug addicts commits suicide See story on page 7

See story on page 16

‘We are in for the long haul’

– Dynamic, Roraima tell New York Guyanese P17


SUNday, jUNe 22, 2014 | gy



SUNday, jUNe 22, 2014 | Sgy

Where is the Gold?


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, June 22 from 13:30h-15:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, June 22 from 12:55h-14:25h

WEATHER TODAY Thundery showers can be expected during the day with light cloud cover in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 25 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius.

Wind: East north-easterly between 4.46 metres and 4.96 metres per second. High Tide: 11:43h reaching a maximum height of 2.24 metres.

Low Tide: 05:12h and 17:36h reaching minimum heights of 0.86 metre and 0.93 metre respectively.

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‘We have no gold to hide’ ― GWMO

– as Govt blames "hoarding" for low declarations Guyana Women Miners Organisation has some 444 members and there is not one who is not in some kind of dilemma.”



he Guyana Women Miners Association (GWMO) has voiced its disagreement with Government’s contention that the low level of gold declarations seen for the period January to May 2014 is a result of hoarding by miners. The organisation is of the opinion that most small and medium-scale miners simply cannot afford to hoard gold, as they are usually highly in debt due to their huge investments and low productivity. The total gold declarations for January to May has been given as 165,595 ounces, while some 204,970.42 ounces were declared for the corresponding period last year. The Guyana Gold Board (GCB) recently stated that approximately US$100 million in foreign exchange and approximately $1.5 billion in royalty and taxes have been lost due to low declaration levels. A high-level team has since been visiting various mining districts to encourage miners directly to declare all production. The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) had told this publication that they are not in agreement with Government’s suspicion that miners are hoarding gold, and cited several factors that are likely responsible for the low level of


Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud

declarations, including low production. The GWMO also believes that low production is a major factor, but also feels that there are other factors that have not been taken into consideration. “We have no gold to hide,” said GWMO President Simona Broomes, who noted that miners cannot afford to hoard gold as they are often heavily in debt and have to sell their gold to meet those obligations. She noted too that miners face many challenges and some even want to get out of mining, but cannot because they have invested heavily and are in debt. Broomes said the true story on small and medium- scale mining and the challenges have not been revealed and attempted to share some of those with <<Guyana Times>>. “The

According to Broomes, small and medium-scale miners are currently being exploited by the some five or less persons who “control” mining claims in Guyana. She explained that once a permit is given to mine on a claim, miners often then have to cut their own roads to get to the mining sites, which mean that money is already spending even before operations start. Important to note, Broomes said, is that miners often have to pay a percentage upfront to the claim holder and that there is no standard amount which often leads to some ridiculous amounts being demanded. “He [claim holder] could call what he wants and sometimes the production is just enough to pay the claim holder.” This is often paid in gold. “They (miners) are already in debt before gold is extracted as there must be money for fuel and food. Some people are heavily in debt, especially those who have taken loans to purchase excavators, so miners cannot afford to hold gold that they are not even making. Most miners just have their necks above water. “Government know who they talking about when they speak about low dec-

GWMO President Simona Broomes

laration and gold hoarding. Me and my ladies have no gold to hide,” Broomes stated. Continuing to emphasise the challenges small miners reportedly face, especially women miners, Broomes said that there is no protection for their investments, especially when claim holders seek to put them off the land for illegitimate reasons. “The law from GGMC [Guyana Geology and Mines Commission] does not protect operators, just the claim holders. Whenever there is a dispute with claim holders and you go the GGMC, all they tell you is that they can only advise you to take the matter to court. The same GGMC who gave you the permit saying that. Where are miners going to get all that money to take claim holders to court?” TURN TO PAGE 8


sunday, june 22, 2014

Views Sunday Times Editor: Tajeram Mohabir Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,,


The politics of fear


he Rodney Commission of Inquiry (Rodney CoI) has received testimonies for two sessions and will begin the third tomorrow. While there have not been any dramatic revelations yet, the gradual accretion of data on the background circumstances is creating a frightening portrait of life in Guyana in the late 1970s, under the dictatorship of Forbes Burnham. There are many types of dictatorships, but the Burnhamite one was clearly founded on what can be called “the politics of fear”. In the evolution of the modern state, in order to eliminate the fear that individuals had of each other in the “state of nature”, political power created another type of fear, the fear of power itself. One had to fear the power of the state exercising sanctions to enforce conformity to the norms of the society. But what Burnham did was to use the institutional powers of the state, which were meant to protect the people, as a mechanism to terrorise the citizens to conform to his twisted vision of what Guyanese society was supposed to be: subservient to his personal will. While the PNC has attempted to paint a picture of the State being under attack by Rodney and his partisans, it was Burnham’s insistence in concentrating all power into his own person, where like Louis XIV, he could declare, “I am the State”, that dialectically created its own paranoia and fears of rebellion. From this perspective, state power is always dominated by a fear of a revolt by those who are governed when legitimacy is lost; a fear that has been called the “anguish of command”. This “politics of fear” thus flows in both directions and feeds upon itself. The dictator Burnham knew that his basis of legitimacy had been completely vitiated by his rigging of elections: there was no consent of the governed. From Rodney’s perspective, the social contract had been completely sundered and the people automatically were possessed of the inalienable right to rebel. This destruction of legality engenders great and widespread fears in the people even outside the political realm ,as there is no trust in all social relations. This systematic fear is a condition that makes freedom impossible; only human beings living in the absence of fear are truly free to decide. In the Guyana of the late 1970s, no one was free to decide anything. We heard of the effects of the ban on basic foodstuffs that criminalised the entire society, excepting those that had access to the official channels of the food distribution network, eerily called the “Knowledge Sharing Institute”. People ate food in fear as the police could swoop down on any family, ransack their pots and cupboards and haul them off to jail. We heard of people spying on each other and “carrying news on their neighbours” so as to get into the good graces of the police. There was spying by each of the military and semi military organisations and this was coordinated at the highest level of government. All groups were infiltrated by agents of the state and it is one of these agents, a member of the GDF, that eventually caused the demise of Rodney. There were others, not so famous, who were also killed. We heard of the “goon squads” launched by the House of Israel onto the meetings of the WPA and the political Opposition. The House of Israel was armed by the army itself to perform its intimidation of the citizenry. The ultimate intimidation was perpetrated when a member of the House of Israel stabbed and killed a priest in broad daylight in front of hundreds. This could only occur when this individual or his fellow goons had no fear of the officers of the state that were supposed to keep “law and order”. David Granger showed himself still enamoured of the “politics of fear” when he expressed surprise at Rodney’s ironical mockery of Burnham, the only weapon left to citizens, save violence.

Slacklining over the void of the Vivian Quarry at Padarn Country Park, Llanberis, United Kingdom (BBC photo)

AFC says different things at different times Dear Editor, The Alliance For Change (AFC) is indeed a chameleon of diabolic propensity. It is a party which can say different things at different time to suit the occasion, time and place.

DUI law

On Saturday May 31, an AFC Member of Parliament (MP) made a stunning statement when he vociferously attacked the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government for passing the Drivin Under the Influence (DUI) law which stated among other things that a person will be permanently disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence after three convictions. This was in 2008 and it received the support of the Opposition in Parliament. The MP further said that this law will seriously affect those who cannot read and write and have bought their licences. He added that this will seriously affect a person’s ability to provide for his family if his driver’s licence is taken away or cancelled. Imagine an AFC Member attacking the Government for trying to make our roads safer. At that time, People’s National Congress (PNC) MP, the late Deborah Backer had said in Parliament that there must be “a joining of hands in the quest to make our roads safer”. The AFC MP should be aware of this fact. But this is

nothing new since the AFC presenters on a local television station feel that they could say anything with impunity in their quest for political mileage.

Call for anarchy

Then there was an extreme stance taken by an AFC National Executive member and practising Attorney-at-law who told Berbicians on June 14 that the person who is responsible for killing people in accidents while driving under the influence of alcohol should be killed and that no lawyer should represent such persons. He sure suffers amnesia when it comes to the Lusignan massacre. Now here is an AFC National Executive member on an AFC programme calling for anarchy and lawlessness. But this seems, without doubt, to be the agenda of the AFC. Barely two weeks ago another AFC MP on another programme in Berbice angrily telling a young girl, who reprimanded him for his disrespect for the President, that “I am Moses and I believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, yet he was calling for national healing and unity on that same programme! This is the philosophy of a man who wanted to the President of this country! This is not only hypocrisy, but it is an extreme case on insanity. In their quest for political power these people can say and do anything.

These people are dangerous! Once again, this brings to light the venomous nature of the AFC leaders and it confirms everyone’s fear that the AFC is one track in its quest for vengeance. They are willing to stir racial disharmony and destroy the blissful peace this nation is enjoying. This brings to mind the infamous Agricola protest. An AFC National Executive member, in an article in another section of the press, blamed APNU for that protest and an APNU letter writer flung the accusation right back at the AFC. It is no secret that the AFC leaders were responsible for that terrible event when Indians were beaten, robbed and sexually molested. Now again the AFC leaders are in Berbice trying to ignite racial acrimony and hate. These people are so consumed in their own selfish ambitions that they are willing to burn this nation.


In the case of GuySuCo, when the media quoted the AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan as calling for a closure of the sugar industry, the AFC quickly issued a statement that it never promoted a position and that it is “downright political wickedness” on the part of the PPP/C to promote such a position. Yet week after week on a local television, one AFC Executive member has been

telling Berbicians that the sugar industry is not profitable and should be closed down. On Saturday, June 14, a representative from the Guyana Agricultuure and General Workers Union (GAWU) and and AFC member were on the AFC programmeand he again made a demand for the closure of the industry. He has done this on numerous occasions before but this time he has a redundancy plan for the industry. He said that sugar workers should be given a sum of $5 million dollars each! This will amount to approximately 10 years of wages and salaries! Why is AFC promoting the closure of the industry on their programme if they are not seriously contemplating its closure? The AFC is a party which is replete with lawyers and it is anyone’s guess why they are allowing such views to be aired continuously on their television programme. They simply want to close down the sugar industry! I am calling on all sugar workers to take note of these happenings which have now exposed the true nature of the AFC and their stance on sugar. Dr Leslie Ramsammy was absolutely correct when he referred to the “forktongued” nature of the AFC leaders! Yours sincerely, Haseef Yusuf AFC Councillor Region Six



SUNday, jUNe 22, 2014 | Sgy

Hard work paid off – says NGSA second top student


eing a top performer throughout her primary school years, it was not strange for Aliah Sarah Mohamed to be among the country’s top students at the recent National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). The quiet spoken School

told Guyana Times. Of course, Mohamed was able to get through this “tough time” because she had a strict study schedule that saw her making a lot of sacrifices. A lot of revisions, reading and working past papers

knowing she worked hard and always comes out on top; she never expected to do so well. She recalled that on the day the results were announced, she was at school listening to the live broadcast on radio with her classmate; however, a teacher came and took the instrument away. But sometime later, some students, followed by teachers, went and informed her that she was placed second among the country’s top performers.


A smiling Aliah Mohamed

of the Nations student placed second in the country with 531 marks. But she said her achievement was not automatic, pointing out that it was the fruit of hard work. “I just read and understand what was on the paper and eliminated the options so I guess that’s how I got through,” Mohamed, 11,

were some of the things that helped her to come out on top and topped her school. Aliah said while she was studying, if she did not understand any particular concept, she would read the textbooks to get a better understanding, or sought assistance from her teachers and parents. The Queen’s Collegebound student said despite

“I had my hand to my mouth because I was so shocked and surprised, but happy at the same time. I felt like crying but that didn’t happen though,” she said smiling. Proudly showing off all the trophies acquired throughout her primary school years for outstanding achievements, Aliah attributed her consistent performance to frequent studying and revisions. “In every new grade, I had to compete with other students to always be on top, so I knew I had to study a lot and I never left my revisions for last minute to pile up, I studied as the work came,” she stated. The aspiring lawyer revealed that it was always her dream to go to Queen’s

Two arrested for possession of cocaine, marijuana


wo men are in Police custody following the discovery of a quantity of cocaine and marijuana at Ogle International Airport, East Coast Demerara and Grove, East Bank Demerara. Based on information received, about 12:20h on Saturday, ranks of the Police Narcotics Branch arrested a miner who was about to board a plane to

Imbaimadai, Region Seven, and found 502 grammes of cannabis sativa in his baggage during a search. He was told of the offence, cautioned,and was arrested and taken into Police custody. The marijuana was weighed in his presence and amounted to the above-mentioned weight. In another incident, Police ranks conducted a search on a house at Grove

Squatting Area, EBD during which 4.6 grammes of cocaine and 50.8 grammes of marijuana were found. The illegal substances were reportedly hidden in a room. The man was reportedly home alone when the search was conducted and denied having knowledge of the substance. He was arrested. Both men are expected to appear in court on Monday.

Aliah Mohamed with her proud family

College and now that she has achieved that, all her hard work has paid off and is ecstatic that she would be starting the school with one of her close friends, Analise Samaroo, who was also in the country’s top one per cent with 525 marks. Aliah said her achievement was made possible through the support of her family and teachers. Meanwhile, her proud

parents Wazim and Anita Mohamed expressed their joy and excitement at their eldest child’s performance. Her father said that everyone had high expectations of Aliah since she was always a top performer in school. “She made everyone proud,” the smiling father said. During her study period, her mother was the one who was always behind her and helping her out, and so

on the day of the results, when she saw her daughter’s name listed second on the live television broadcast, she was overwhelmed with joy. The 11-year-old is not sure what she will be doing during the holidays, but will definitely be having fun and will still make some time to study as she prepares to enter secondary school in a few months.


sunday, june 22, 2014


Foundation Insanity on our roads

REHAB TIPS “Reaching new heights through integration and partnership with education and social sectors”



Anu Dev

hese past few weeks I’ve been reluctantly extricating myself from the comforts of home to attend my driving classes. I don’t know how my mom puts up with my constant whining and complaining. A few years ago, I was pretty excited to drive, but now that I actually qualify for the honour (18 and all that), I’m more reluctant than Ariel to stay under the sea. I guess it’s probably because over the years, spending time in the passenger seat, it dawned on me that maybe almost everyone using our roads is INSANE. Why else would oncoming drivers insist on blinding you with their brights? Now that I’ve actually been practising driving (with a driving school instructor, thank you) there’s no “maybe” about my original surmise. There’re more wackos on the roads that in the (in)famous house in Berbice. Mini-buses are notorious for weaving in and out, speeding up, cutting in front of you and basically

– George Carlin

standard, stark- raving mad driving. I expected to have to deal with that – I’d ridden a bus to Queens for five years, after all. But what I wasn’t expecting was all of the pedestrians darting across the roads, walking into traffic, and basically behaving as though they all have some sort of super-invisible shield protecting them from being run over. And cyclists are just all over the road, wobbling all over the road without a care. I could keep complaining about how teed-off all of the other people on the road make me- I haven’t even gotten started on the reckless driving of some motorcyclists. Do they think they are cars? My Dad goes on about being a “defensive driver” and has shown me the ropes. But the thing I’m realising is that I could be a great

driver, the most cautious, law-abiding driver in the universe, but I could still be involved in an accident because of the utter inanity of another driver, a pedestrian or a cyclist. So what I’m trying to say is that if you’re going to use the roads, be cautious. They taught us the Kerb Drill for a reason – you don’t have ‘Spidey-Senses’ to warn you of danger. You NEED to look where you’re walking/riding/driving. Persons on bicycles and motorcycles are more exposed than other vehiclessure that helmet protects your head, but you’re not in full-body armour, so keep that in mind and take better care when you’re riding. There’s no reason to travel at Fast and Furious speeds if you just plan your time better, so you’re not running late. In a time

where there’s a taxi stand at almost every street corner, there should be no excuse for someone to justify drunk driving. Just don’t do it- it’s beyond reckless, you know that you could hurt and possibly kill innocent people in your inebriated state and you’re STILL going to do it? And I haven’t even mentioned “driving under the influence”! And texting while driving is as bad. We’re built with two eyes, if those two eyes are trained on your phone reading a text, how are you supposed to see what’s going on? Just pull over and do whatever you have to do if it’s so important. So, tomorrow as I groan and moan about having to go drive, I’ll also be hoping that there are less people on the roads who’re willing to recklessly throw away their lives.

By Peace corPs resPonse Volunteer, Kera MurPhy, occuPational theraPist

ccupational therapy (OT) helps people engage in activities that they need or want to do in their daily lives. These activities, or occupations, bring pleasure or a sense of purpose to one’s life, and thus are vital to personal well-being. Occupations - like eating, bathing, working, or socializing – can be impaired by stroke, physical trauma, or mental illness, for example. Similarly, children with learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, or autism, may need assistance in school or developing skills for play and self-care. OT helps people of all ages surmount disabilities by first working to identify areas in daily life where the individual has trouble and then tailoring the intervention plan to meet their needs and environment. OT interventions may help enhance skills or regain strength to perform occupations, or modify environments or activities to support participation and performance.






Occupational Therapy and Stroke

Prevent a stroke by increasing exercise and eating a diet low in salt, sugar and fat. Reduce cigarette and alcohol use and monitor blood pressure. Know the warning signs which include: sudden numbness of the face, arm or leg; trouble speaking or understanding; vision problems; dizziness or loss of balance; severe headache with unknown cause.

Tips for People Affected by Stroke

Increase strength and endurance by staying active and practising patience – Engage in gentle exercise or stretching daily. Try to do things independently and involve your affected side, even if the activity takes longer or materials need to be adapted. For example, build up handles by wrapping them in foam, cardboard, or a sponge to make them easier to grasp. Talk with other stroke survivors for support. Reduce fatigue – When sleeping on your unaffected side, place a pillow between your knees and the affected arm out in front supported by pillows. Conserve your energy by breaking activities into steps and taking breaks in between those steps. Medication management – List all medications or carry them in one bag and bring this to medical appointments. Include non-prescribed drugs or herbal remedies so that your doctor is informed. Set up reminders to manage medications. Prevent falls– Remove rugs and clutter. Leave a light on and cane or walker near the bed at night. Wear sturdy, non-slip footwear, even when getting up to use the washroom. Installing grab bars or Adapt to changes in memory and concentration – Make checklists for activities. Put things away in the same spot to make them easier to find. Perform challenging activities where there are fewer distractions to your vision or your hearing.



SUNday, jUNe 22, 2014 | Sgy

The Salvation Army: Giving hope to hopeless drug addicts

Salvation Army Drug Rehab Centre Counsellor, Steve Sukhraj

visited the Water Street, Kingston location and spoke with the men, who all expressed satisfaction at the level of service offered at the institution, which also has a strong spiritual programme attached . Deonarine Kuaralla was just over 12 years old when he began using marijuana. “I am a recovering addict of marijuana and cocaine and I’ve been here for like six months. I see a lot of improvements in my life since I was here. I came here because of one purpose; however, I have found


heir hope of a better and improved life has kept them committed to the rigorous nature of their rehabilitation. They came in, whether by choice or force, but they are all thankful and appreciative for the successes they have had so far in their lives. Vishwanauth Aditya Kamal, Deonarine Karalla and John Fitzpatrick have been bruised and battered from all corners of their lives, simply because they chose to abuse and misuse drugs. They have all concluded that their decision to even try the debilitating substance in the first place has caused them, their families and friends severe heartaches and disappointment. The Salvation Army Drug Rehabilitation Centre, which offers a robust remedial service to drug abusers, has been a place of refuge for many, including the three men. Guyana Times on Friday

Deonarine Kuaralla

many other purposes, and I see better now, because when I was out there I always hid myself from reality.” Kuaralla continued explaining that he grew up without his mother and father. It was watching his uncles, with whom he lived , smoking the substance that prodded him to take his first smoke. Being at the facility, Kuaralla confided, has allowed him to take a positive

outlook in life. “I want to go to school, I’ve been to a programme recently and I’ve seen a lot of recovering addicts who have been 10 and 20 years clean and I said to myself, I want to be like them. That is a big motivation for me to keep moving on in life. I see them with a lot of cars and I want these things. I feel they are beautiful things. I want a better future, I want to go back to school, because I am young, I am only 20 years old. I find this place to be the best place,” he said with a smile.

of the garbage.” The teenager, who has an intrinsic love for the Principles of Accounts, swore that his passion will lead him back to school as soon as he leaves the facility he described as a safe house. Kamal said he is unsure if at the end of his tenure, he will

Family separation

Crumbling world

At just 16 years old, Vishwanauth Kamal had come to believe that his world was crashing before him. While he has a loving mother, he complained that the absence of his father in the home had taken a toll on his life. He did make a promise to his mother that he was going to “stand up for her”, that he was never going to use any alchohol or drugs, and that he will take on that sacred role as her protector. But with the passage of time, Kamal told Guyana Times that he succumbed to the pressures of his friend on “the dam”. And although he was never offered the substance by anyone, he said his journey after taking a pull of the crack cocaine, was a bitter and difficult one. And although he was not mindful of what was said about him during that time, it is an experience he does not wish on another human being. “I was a junkie,” Kamal revealed to this newspaper at the facility. I was on the road, sleeping on the sea dam, eating out

ers, who are even thinking of following in his footsteps, would be making one of the “biggest mistakes of their lives”. “First of all, do not think about smoking because your whole life is going to go down the drain. Things that I never thought I could have done, I did. I stole from my mother and my father, some terrible things. And most of all say ‘no to drugs’,” Kamal advised.

Vishwanauth Aditya Kamal

right away venture back into society. He recalled that he, at the completion of his three months, had believed that he was good enough to venture out on his own. And so he left, without the permission of the staff there. “When I walked out, I did not know what to do, I was nervous. And the thing came to me to go and smoke. I was scared. I went to my father and he brought me back.” He sought the forgiveness of the staff and vowed that he will never again leave until he is well enough. Kamal strongly believes that as a teenager, full of life and potential, he has so much ahead for him. He also is of the view, that other teenag-

Then there is 43-year-old John Fitzpatrick, a father and husband, who has paid the price of losing his family because of his consistent abuse of crack cocaine. He began the use of drugs way back in 1984, 30 years of misery and pain, he confessed. At the tender age of 13, he was tossed about and found relaxation in the use of the substance. Fitzpatrick has been at the facility since January of this year, but this five-month period is not the first time for him at the rehab centre. Maybe it is the sixth or more than that, he opined. His challenge, he reckoned, may have been his inability to take stock of the training and information that he has been receiving over the years, which have all been seeking to aid in his restoration. He has had several relapses; however, he is hoping that this time he will not have to return as a client of the facility. “I don’t want to say confident, but I am hoping that I wouldn’t have to come back. I have some different plans this go round. This is the best recovery programme I’ve been to,” he said.

John Fitzpatrick

These days, a number of teenagers have been dominating the use of the dreaded substance, said counsellor at the facility, Steve Sukhraj. The programme began in 1996 and has helped many persons repossess their rightful places in society. He himself was at one time a client at the rehab centre, battling with his drug addiction. He is now offering his service to help others. Sukhraj said the facility has been seeing a high influx of teenagers. Students at secondary schools as well, have been taking the substance. A troubling issue, he surmised. The programme at the facility caters much for the client; there is hardly ever an unsuccessful story. He said the staff members at the facility continue the follow up process with the clients, which he explained is vital to their full recovery. Sukhraj also zeroed in on the fact that family support is also important. Many persons relapse, he pointed out, because of the lack of full family support.

8 news

SUNday, jUNe 22, 2014 | gy

ECD man succumbs after accident O

ne day after being struck by a speeding car along the Montrose, East Coast Demerara (ECD) Public Road, Balraj “Cheddi man” Bisnauth, an alleged alcoholic, succumbed to his injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Saturday morning. Bisnauth, 52, of Lot 109 Broad Street, Vryheid’s Lust ECD was reportedly attempting to cross the road when he was struck down on Thursday evening about 22:30h. He was reportedly

under the influence of alcohol. According to information received, Bisnauth sustained severe head injuries and was in an unconscious state from the time he was admitted to the medical facility. At the home of the dead man, relatives converged and claimed there was a settlement and wished not to say anything on the matter. However, after some prompting, a female relative told Guyana Times that the last time she saw the man

We have no gold...

According to Broomes, small and medium- scale miners have been making a valuable contribution to the economy, but yet it seems Government has not been taking them seriously, and

noted that rice and sugar workers get flood relief but there is no relief for miners whenever they are faced with a predicament. “I have been writing to Government for assistance,

was on Thursday after about 19:00h, when he left for the road where he would normally be. She claimed that Bisnauth would normally walk the road and ask people for food and money; he would use the money to purchase alcohol. The woman explained that Bisnauth was married but after three weeks, he and his wife had separated. It was because of his drinking habits, his wife broke off the relationship. As a result of the separation, he started

to consume alcohol on a regular basis. From alcohol, he shifted his attention to marijuana and cocaine, the relative added. A brother, who was sitting among the other relatives, said the last time he saw Balraj was three days ago. He recalled him sitting in front of the yard. He too confirmed that Bisnauth was an alcoholic. “Cheddi man” did not have any children. His body is at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary and is awaiting a post-mortem.


promises have been made but nothing has [been] forthcoming. A proposal was even put to a special Land Use Committee, but nothing has been done,” Broomes said. Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud was asked by Guyana Times how Government was able to determine whether the low level of declaration is not a result of low production as the miners have been saying and not gold hoarding as Government suspects. According to Minister Persaud, Government is still trying to determine what are the driving factors for the low levels of declaration. “At the end of the day, and one fact, is that our declarations are lower than last year. In terms of the verification and looking at the reasons and the faults, we are currently in discussions with the miners and other stakeholders in ensuring that we address and identify and we address the drivers

for the low declaration…we need to ensure that we have a common understanding as to what are the true drivers and we have ongoing discussions on that.” President Donald Ramotar had expressed unease about the low declaration. “That is a very worrying situation at this point in time. The gold price has been a little bit down, although I still think that miners are making money, they are not losing. “I don’t think they are losing, but there has been a drastic reduction in declaration which means there seems to be a lot of hoarding taking place,” Ramotar had told reporters at a press conference at State House recently. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Guyana Gold Board (GGB) issued a reminder to stakeholders of their obligations to the Guyana Gold Board Act and the penalties for hoarding gold.

Eyew tness

It’s all in the name? “trafficking” he war of words between the US State Department and the Guyana Government about “trafficking” has burst out into the open once again. The US’ annual report on the state of the “scourge” is out. Now there isn’t a soul in the world that would condone “trafficking”. Who’d accept snatching a girl or woman and throwing her into forced prostitution?? This Eyewitness says, “Hang such suckers, high!” Trouble is, from what we’ve seen, even the discoveries of the US State Department’s poster-TIP activist Broomes, haven’t proven to be so clear cut. Weren’t the “rescued” girls back in the bush not long after their well-publicised “rescue”?? And as for all the Brazilians and Columbian “girls of the night”, one hears about – from this Eyewitness’ personal investigation, all of them proudly declare they’re “working girls”. In for the money and all that. And this brings us to a schizophrenic aspect to this TIP business. The US state Department forgets that “sex work” is now a recognised trade. It used to be cynically smirked at as the “oldest profession” ...but now it’s a (respectable?) trade. But while on one hand sex workers struggle to overcome the stigma of their chore (and all the practitioners, male and female, consider it a “chore” like any other chore), up comes the TIP zealots to shame those caught plying their trade in the Guyana bush into saying they’ve “been trafficked”! Here it is, a girl tries to make an honest living – but everyone still throws the old shibboleths and stains on their names. We believe that before these rescuers announce their catches in the jungle, the girls should be interviewed by some seasoned sex workers, who can explain that it’s just another job. What’s the difference between selling the labour of your hands and that of any other part of the human anatomy? Are the folks who crush grapes with their feet to make wine made to feel ashamed and claim they were “shanghaied”? And now for this Eyewitness’ pet peeve. How come the Americans aren’t on Tier 2 with the hundreds of thousands of girls for the Kansas prairies and other inland hick farms pouring into New York and San Francisco to pick fare? All you (or any State Dept flunkey) have to do is look at the girls pouring out off the buses at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and into the dives of 8th Avenue. Reminds one of the old quip: Why aren’t there any revolutions in the US? There’s no US Embassy there!! And so it is with even the tip of the TIP in the US?


...on AML/CFT impasse Prezzie says he incorporated the Opposition’s demands into the revised AML/CTF Bill when he met Granger. And yet Granger balked. It’s clear that Pressie is reading ON the lines when he meets Granger. With such folks, Prezzie, you have to read BETWEEN THE LINES. So take it from this Eyewitness. It doesn’t matter what subject or topic or issue or whatever you’re discussing with Granger and Ramjattan: it’s only and always about your power. You have it, they want it. Everything else they say is just for the public consumption. Even if you’d given in and appointed, say, the Public Procurement Commission with those wankers Goolsarran and Lalloo Ram, the Opposition would’ve been back the next morning like a bad penny – with new demands. These fellas are basically (and desperately) playing for time. They’re scared sh*tless about snap elections and are trying to keep you preoccupied with the FATF Sword of Damocles handing over your head. Call their bluff. Call snap elections. ...on Broadcast Bill’s withdrawal When the Opposition’s Broadcast Bill was presented earlier this year, the Government objected. The Opposition’s now withdrawn it...but are ashamed to concede the Government’s criticisms. They say it’s because some commas are missing.



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New pump commissioned at Three Friends – hundreds to benefit from better drainage and irrigation BY INDRAWATTIE NATRAM


new high-capacity hydraulic pump, which will see hundreds benefiting from better drainage and irrigation services, was recently commissioned at Three Friends on the Essequibo Coast. The pump will service communities between Three Friends to the Capoey area, with the aim of draining vast rice lands which characterise the entire stretch. Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, Minister within the Agriculture Ministry, Alli Baksh, said Government remains committed to the overall development of the region and the installation of the pump is testimony to this fact. He explained that the pump was acquired from India through a line of credit to provide additional support to farmers along the Essequibo Coast, whose farm lands are often times inundated and flooded by a build-up of water as a result of inadequate drainage and irrigation facilities.

Baksh advised that Government through the Agriculture and the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) has spent over $100 million to make the pump operational. This occurred, he explained, even as more monies are being spent to establish, maintain and rehabilitate sluices and kokers along the coast. The Agriculture Minister admitted that even though steps are taken to improve the integrity of the drainage and irrigation system in the region, new problems are emerging. He referred to the impacts of climate change and global warming and their ability to complicate matters if not given due thought and action. Meanwhile, NDIA’s Chief Executive Officer Lionel Wordsworth said that accretion from the Atlantic Ocean is a recurring problem along the coast, which the body is actively addressing. He reported that the pump can discharge 200 cubic feet of water

Ex-convict stabs Sophia teen, flees


teenager is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital nursing at least four stab wounds inflicted on him by his cousin during an altercation at his Sophia home on Friday evening. Matthew Jack, 18, of Lot 372 Section A, “A” Field Sophia was stabbed twice to the shoulder, once in the vicinity of the chest and once to the temple. He underwent a successful surgery and is in the observation ward where his condition is being monitored. The suspect, Royan Mentore, 38, of “B” Field Sophia is on the run. Guyana Times understands that he was recently remanded to prison for maliciously wounding another man. He was placed on $100,000 bail, which he was able to post. According to information received, on the night of the stabbing incident, Mentore allegedly went into the home of Jack and removed several articles, including a music system with the intention of selling it to “make a raise”. Onica Mentore, a sister of the injured youth, told Guyana Times that she was out of the house, but after she returned, she realised that the items were missing and immediately recalled that her cousin, Rayon, was at the house earlier in the day. She said that everyone was at home and she confronted him and accused him of theft. He reportedly became annoyed and pulled out a knife from his waist and stabbed her broth-

er. She said that they attempted to stop him from inflicting the wounds on her brother, but he threatened them as well. The devastated sister said that apart from her brother, only females were at home and were fearful that the man might stand to his word. After the stabbing incident, the attacker left their home and has not been seen since. Mentore said that their neighbours, after hearing the screams, ran to their rescue. The teenager, drenched with blood, was picked up and rushed to the medical facility and was immediately taken into the theatre where he underwent surgery.


The sister expressed frustration with the way the Police are handling the situation, accusing them of slothfulness. She said the Police visited their home after sometime and took statements, but did not make an attempt to look for the suspect. She said that they are fearful that he may return with a vengeance and would want to hurt them. “Is pure girls live in the house, if he come back, I don’t know who will protect us… he is already a known criminal and this is not the first time that he was accused of stealing and wounding people,” the woman related in a telephone interview. She is urging the Police to make every effort to apprehend the suspect, who is considered dangerous.

The new high-capacity hydraulic pump in action

each second and will be set up at Lima. Wordsworth said the unit at Three Friends is designed to dis-

charge 120 cubic feet of water per second. He called for the channel to the sluice to be dredged so as to have a faster draught of water

when the pump is in operation. Some 3000 acres of rice lands will receive direct relief from the pump.

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BBCI participates in Career Day fair

Police interview



The BBCI team at the fair

he Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI) recently participated in a Career Day and Open Fair hosted by the Upper Corentyne Industrial Training Centre, where it showcased the various job opportunities available in the company. According to a release, the BBCI was represented by Administrative Supervisor Amarnauth Singh, Administrative

Assistant Bibi Alli, Information Technology (IT) Technician Bishnauth Singh and Engineering Technician Sameer Ally. The presentation included videos pertaining to the operation of various parts of the bridge, handing out of flyers, and a power point presentation in relation to the various jobs available at the company and the necessary qualifications required for those

jobs. In addition, various questions were asked by the numerous students present at the event and were answered by BBCI’s personnel. The company also distributed brochures, key rings, pens, bottled water and soft drinks to students who visited the booth. The company does not only play the role of collecting tolls and facilitating vehicles crossing the

Berbice River Bridge and vessels transiting through the retractor span and under the high span, but also discharges its corporate responsibilities. In the past, the company sponsored many events that benefited communities on both the eastern and western sides of the bridge, and many other regions such as Georgetown, Linden, Parika and the hinterland. This year, the company has received some 76 public relation requests thus far, 64 of which were approved. These include sponsorships of Mashramani 2014 events, horse- racing events and donations of trophies to various nonprofit organisations and educational institutions.

atiricus is a “Law and Order” buff. He’d looked at all the old reruns any number of times and never got bored. He could mouth the dialogue as well as the actors on the show. “Gosh!” he exclaimed, “I so wish we could get our cops to interrogate suspects like these guys! The case is always cracked within the hour.” Here in Guyana, he knew, cases either were dismissed for lack of prosecution or evidence or witnesses failing to show up, or because of hung juries or a hundred other reasons. But no sooner had he made his wish, that he read that some 35 cops had been trained in the “FBI method” of interrogation. And Satiricus was ecstatic. “Why!” he shouted excitedly to the fellas at the back street bar, “Our fellas will be even better that the Law and Order pairs.” “Wha de arse yuh mean, Sato?” snapped Cappo. He wasn’t too excited about cops. He had to buy a fry rice every day this week for the cops at the roadblock in front of the local police station. His taillight was broken and he just didn’t get the time to fix it. He didn’t even wait for the “Lef we something, na?” from the rotund, grinning corporal” which was the latter’s standard interrogating technique. He just passed over the $700 quietly as he fumed. “Budday!!!” shouted Sat “Them “Law and Order” cops get regular police training. We cops now get FBI training! Is different!” “How different?” asked Hari, as he took a swig of his Banks. “Listen chap. Is not brute force and ignorance with the FBI, “ Satiricus intoned. “Is asking you questions after they do a psychological profile. They crack you like a nut. A peanut. In two minutes.” “Like you looking at too many “Criminal Intent”, Sato,” Suresh piped up. “So whea we gon get people to do psychological profile?” “Well them obeah men know more psychology that any of them fellas from Quantico, the FBI headquarters. Remember how Cappo handed over all he money to one of them?” Georgie asked as everyone grinned at the squirming Cappo. “Within a minute the obeah man know Cappo was greedy! We could hire him as consultant.” “That’s a relief,” said Teacher Samad. “At least our cops wouldn’t be using methylated spirits as an interrogation tool any more.” “Yeah...when the FBI and the Americans butt up with rough nuts that wouldn’t crack, they don’t use methylated spirits to burn genitals and all that,” smirked Suresh. “They strip you, humiliate you and use water boarding.” “Yup! You sing like a canary in seconds,” noted Satiricus. “Isn’t interviewing great?”

Money changer critical after shot four times A money changer who operates at America Street, Georgetown, was robbed and shot four times by three gunmen who invaded a popular drinking spot at West Front Road on Friday evening about 22:00h. Wendell Liverpool, 44, of Lot 453 West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, was shot to his back and is now a patient of the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital. He is hooked up to several machines as he battles to stay alive. After the attack by a group of masked men, they relieved him of four gold chains, two diamond rings, a hand band and several other pieces of jewellery and cash. Based on information received, Liverpool returned home on Friday evening and left as normal to visit a close friend’s shop to sip a few beers with one of his brothers. This is a normal weekend activity, his mother said. It was while there that the

three men who came on pedal cycles entered the shop and carried out their well planned attack. The target, according to reports was Liverpool, who might have been monitored by his assailants. An eyewitness told Guyana Times that he was sitting when the young men came into the shop and went straight to Liverpool and demanded that he hand over his jewellery and cash. Liverpool, he related, resisted and was shot. It was after he was shot that the robbers ripped off his chain and other jewellery and relieved him of an undisclosed amount of cash. As they made their way out of the shop, they reportedly discharged several rounds in the air to deter persons who might have wanted to render assistance. The injured man’s mother told Guyana Times in a telephone interview that she was at home when one of her grandson’s friends went to the house and informed them that Liverpool had been shot. Her

grandson, she related, hurriedly took her to the hospital but unfortunately, she did not get to see him since he was in theatre. After a while, he came out of theatre and was placed in the ICU where he is hooked up to several apparatuses fighting to stay alive. The elderly woman explained that from all indications, her son was the target. She said he would normally return home from work and whenever he is going out with his friends, he would take off his jewellery, but on Friday evening, strangely, he did not. The woman added that her son’s movements might have been monitored, by the three men. “It was moments after he went into the shop he was told that the men suspected to be teens attacked him,” the woman said. While she is concerned about her son’s life, she is also calling on the Police to arrest the persons who committed the act.


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Islamic Complex commissions multi-million expansion projects


he Anna Catherina Islamic Complex (ACIC) was on Sunday last commended for its vital contribution to the development of the Guyanese Muslim community as well as the nation. The constant sharing of these commendations were expressed by all who were present at the official launch of phases one and two of a four-phased multimillion dollar upgrading/expansion of Guyana’s leading Islamic centre and hub for international cooperation between the Muslims of Guyana and the rest of the world.

The beautiful Anna Catherina Islamic Complex (ACIC)

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds emphatically stated his admiration for the work done at this institution and the role that the ACIC has taken in the development of its facilities for the greater benefit of its membership, and also those who use it. He offered the support of the Government to institutions as these and wished ACIC much success in the future. Opposition Leader David Granger also joined in expressing his pleasure at the recent additions to this famed centre in Guyana. Himself and the Prime Minister were made honor-

ary members of this institution many years ago and the Opposition Leader lauded all those who were involved in the successful completion of the projects. ACIC President General Hakeem Khan, gave a detailed presentation of the projects designed to better serve the needs of its membership and the hundreds of persons who use these facilities each year. The complex, which is also the centre of Sunni Islam in Guyana, is the venue of more than 80 per cent of the national Muslim programmes in Guyana and headquarters of several organisations and institutions, both local and overseas.

Sound leadership

He dedicated it to the past leadership of the complex on whose hard work, dedication and sacrifices the current administration continues to build on. “Many Muslim institutions spend more that we are spending on creating facilities at their locations, but none of these are supported with the constant programmes and activities as those of ACIC. In fact, ACIC is considered the foremost Islamic centre in Guyana not because of its facilities and construction, but mainly because of the programmes and activities at ACIC.” The first phase was the construction of a canopy on the western section of the masjid, just off the main entrance to the complex which was done keeping in place the beautiful architecture of the mosque. This project also allows the area to be used as an extension of the masjid when the capacity of the mosque is exhausted

and persons have to pray, or be seated outside of the masjid. A wheelchair ramp has been constructed to allow persons utilising wheelchairs to gain easy access into the masjid. The second phase is the construction of a new annex for ladies praying at the complex. This facility is fully air-conditioned and carries a television monitor to allow the sisters to see the Imam/ Khateeb at Juma Prayers and other activities held in the masjid itself. The 80 per cent glass facility will also allow the annex to be used as part of the lecture hall for programmes; and sisters can be in the annex and be able to view any programme in the lecture hall, through the one-way glass or on the television monitor. Works commenced in February 2014 and have a final cost factor to ACIC of about $4.3 million. Khan expressed his deepest gratitude to the many persons and organisations who have supported, especially Uncle Farouk Amin and his wife Bibi Anisha Amin; Abdool imtiaz Azeez (Toeze) and family; Asif Iqbaul Alli and family; Ameer Ali and the International Muslim Organisation of Canada (IMO); Sunnatul Masjid of Ontario, Canada; and GUSIA. Also mentioned were Munaf (Salim) Hussain and family; Imam Haleem Khan and family; Neezam Razack and family; and many more. He also acknowledged the role of the young contractor Nazir Alli, who has again done a fantastic job. Also bringing messages were Pastor Ronald McGarrell, Imam Haleem Khan (Noel) and Pandit Persaud.

Vector Control Department battles mosquito infestation at Orealla


recent upsurge in mosquito infestation and increase in persons having flu-like symptoms have forced the Vector Control Services Department to visit the riverine communities of Orealla and Siparuta. Recently,the health worker at the Orealla Health Centre reported that an increasing number of persons have been complaining of fever and rashes. This follows what was described as the worst mosquito invasion at Orealla in the past 60 years. A team led by Vector Control Services Department Director, Dr Reyaud Rahman, visited Orealla situated 50 miles up the Corentyne River, where he met with residents and listened to their concerns. A fogging exercise was done in the community as

well as in Siparuta, located about three miles away. Tests were done for malaria, dengue and the Chikungunya virus. Four samples suspected to be the Chikungunya virus were collected and sent to Trinidad for testing. Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA) Chief Executive Officer, Dr Vishwa Mahadeo, said no case of malaria was found, but there were a few cases of dengue fever. He said fogging was done on all public buildings in the two communities as well as in places of worship. A massive clean-up campaign was also held to remove containers and other items that could hold water to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. The Vector Control Department is planning to revisit the area to carry out a similar exercise.


Simply the



The difference

rne Duncan is the Secretary of Education in the US. In Guyanese terms, he would be called the Minister of Education. Secretary Duncan came out and said that the education system in the USA is broken, and steps must be taken to fix it. This is an important admission, and it is the first step to corrective action. This is not unique by any means. Some of us who were university teachers in Canada and the USA have been saying this since the 1980s. However, we were either concerned with our own disciplines or our criticism was restricted to small tertiary education circles. People like me narrowed our comments to the poor written and oral English in Canada and in the US. In fact, on the walls of my office at St Thomas University, I put up a huge cardboard sign with the following written on it: Never use the word “like” unless it can be replaced by “dislike” or “unlike”. Many of our university students would write things such as “I should of” instead of “I should have” and “I could have went” instead of “I could have gone”. But Canada and the USA are not like Guyana. These backward places have many universities. Guyana knows better. We have one university, and the way things are

going there will only have one broken place. In developed countries, the voices of university professors are drowned out by many other voices, many of them more important voices. To have change, the politicians needed to get involved. We all knew that we could only do so much within our respective universities, but there was need for big policy moves to remedy educational ailments. To have policy changes, there must be the realisation that changes need to be made: what is wrong, why is it wrong, how do we fix things, who should be charged to fix them and how long would it take. It all begins with an honest assessment. The Secretary of Education is honest. He actually cares. In Guyana, we hardly find such honesty in our politicians. Honest assessment only comes from people that care deeply enough to examine issues deeply with a view of the general good of people. This is why you never hear that the education system in Guyana is broken. Instead, we proudly hide behind the simplicity of percentages. We don’t care enough to look closely at what is going on in each and every classroom. We do not confess that we simply teach to maximize passrate percentages.

In Guyana, we never hear that the whole electricity situation is a disaster. Regions Five and Six on the coast seem to be singled out for “special” GPL treatment. Every now and then, some private citizen, like myself, raises a voice. Nothing happens. This week alone, Region Five has been struck by blackouts every single day, multiple times per day, for many hours at a time. The night before the Grade 2 National assessment examination, the blackout lasted eight hours. There could be no lastminute revision – we know, of course, that these lastminute revisions are more for psychological comfort rather than for substantial retention. So no comfort, since there is no power. Not one single politician has opened his or her maw and said: “This is downright unacceptable because it affects so many people so very badly!” Not one! So there will be no change. It would almost lead us to believe that people must block bridges and burn things in order that they be heard. This would be a terrible thing indeed. Or it could leave the people of Region Five and Region Six to think that they are condemned to being forgotten and in the dark. Maybe the only honesty in this regard in Guyana is


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Hinterland Education Improvement Project launched

A section of the gathering at the consultation held at Sand Creek Secondary School


Professor Daizal Samad the state of GuySuCO. We know it is broken only because we can weigh sugar. We know we are getting five pounds when we should get 15 pounds. Or we know that 100 workers should be in the fields, but there are only 10. Again, truth reduced to simplified subtraction. We have not yet started to see why these things are so and seem clueless as to how to remedy the ailments. And the people on top of these corporations seem stricken by a kind of intellectual paralysis. As we said before, it is grossly unfair to compare a little nation like Guyana to giants like the USA, but the attitudes of people are always comparable. Our attitudes in Guyana leave much to be desired.

overnment is examining ways to tackle the quality of education being delivered at hinterland schools, as a result of few pupils from those areas making the top 100 performers of the National Grade Six Assessment examinations (NGSA). This is to begin through consultations in the various regions and will target parents, teachers and students among other stakeholders. The launch of the Hinterland Education Improvement Project (HEIP) took place in Region Nine, where participants from all the villages in the Central Rupununi were present at several locations. Education Minister Priya Manickchand, accompanied by officials of the Ministry, urged the gathering to say how they believe education results in the region could be improved. The Minister emphasised the importance of education to the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP) administration, and its understanding that it is aimed at uplifting people and communities, and the country as a whole. She noted also that development is possible only through the education of people. Minister Manickchand also highlighted the need to match that understanding with investments, pointing to the continued increasing budgetary allocations to the sector under the PPP/C administration. The Education Minister, however, noted that there was no satisfaction at results coming out of the hinterland, hence, the focus on improving it. The HEIP consultation, she said was to hear from residents their needs and suggestions to improve the sector in the hinterland regions. The consultations would cover a four to five-month period she observed, with visits to other regions, as well as riverain communities, after which a report would be compiled from all the recommendations resulting in the formation of a five-year plan. TURN TO PAGE 15

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Younge’s take

Pursuing the Guyanese dream


undreds of Guyanese are now in a position where it is possible for them to pursue the Guyanese dream, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances, ethnicity or political beliefs. The Guyanese dream refers to a situation in which nationals possess the ability to access equal opportunities to work and recreation. It also refers to the ability to achieve prosperity and a higher standard of living through hard work and determination. The Guyanese dream is founded on the principle of a realistic society where there are high levels of religious, political and social tolerance. It contemplates a situation where a largely mixed, plural and diverse cultural and ethnic society can co-exist with little or no conflict. In this society, violence is frowned upon and is dealt with via a zero- tolerance approach, whether it is interpersonal, domestic, gender-based, or communal. It also involves the building and formation of a State that is characterised by an indelible sense of patriotism and democratisation with a diverse population as its bedrock and core. The State interacts with the citizenry in a respectful and cordial manner. There are no undue excesses and prejudices, regardless of who is in control of the State’s machinery or wielding the

authority therein. For some, the Guyanese dream is simply living in a society that is equally developed. This means that roads, bridges, buildings and other forms of public infrastructure are of the same kind and quality, regardless of geography or other partisan political considerations. Others tend to see the Guyanese dream as largely materialistic and wealth based. It must be noted that thousands of Guyanese achieved the Guyanese dream after making the right investments over the past two and a half decades. Hundreds have achieved part of this dream, depending on their own paradigms and outlook on life. But the majority of our citizenry now recognises that it is possible to have the kind of society that the dream contemplates. The problem is a large portion of this majority refuse to engage in hard work that will turn the dream into a reality. Some appear bent on attainting it through illconceived means. In so doing, it complicates the situation, because by engaging in crime and criminality in pursuit of a better life and parts of the Guyanese dream, some citizens are jeopardising the chances of other citizens to enjoy the dream which they have followed all their lives. The biggest threats to the attainment of the

Guyanese dream, however, are those who refuse to see past their present and individual circumstances. They refuse to believe that such a fairy-tale vision can be accomplished in complex societies, such as Guyana, where there appears to be widespread discontentment and a sluggish political system that is marred by gridlock and grandstanding. As a result, these sceptics and pessimists set out to spread their myopic views on issues of national import with the aim of destroying any hope that the Guyanese dream is in reach and can be had. Through the media and political parties, these pessimists are waging war against any unit of people who are highlighting this positive, good and right in Guyana. They will not rest until every last optimist and patriotic Guyanese is infected with their views that this Guyanese dream is a farce, as they refuse to see the abundant evidence that the numbers of those climbing the socio-economic ladder are increasing. The Guyanese dream is real, tangible and attainable. Depending who you are and how you choose to see the dream, you will determine how close you are to achieving the ideals set out.

Fourth prison escapee recaptured in Omai A

fter one month on the run, the fourth prison escapee, Keron Cummings, 26, was on Saturday morning recaptured in Omai, Region Eight, Police have confirmed. Cummings was among one of the four high-profile prisoners who escaped from the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts lockups after removing the ventilation grill work in the holding area of the facility. He was charged for several armed robberies. Another of the men, Steven Bacchus, was apprehended on Hadfield Street moments after the breakout. He was remanded to prison for allegedly murdering Constable Quincy Wright in January. Vickram “Lil John” Persaud, another of the escapees, was shot and killed in a confrontation with

Recaptured prison escapee, Keron Cummings

Police at Fort Wellington, West Coast Berbice. The 28-year-old of Doctor Dam, La Grange, West Bank Demerara, was shot twice during the confrontation. A .38 revolver was found in his possession. He was

charged with the murder of Constable Cumberbatch in September 2013. The other, Randolph Marks, 20, of East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was found the following day hiding under a bed in a house at Freeman Street, East La Penitence. He was charged with armed robbery and the murder of Patsan’s Trading Sales representative Bharrat Ramcharan in April. On the day of the breakout, the men had been brought from the Camp Street penitentiary to appear in various courts for their offences. The men had already made their appearances and were supposed to be taken back to the correctional facility, but there was a delay, and they capitalised on the opportunity to make good their escape.



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US to promote energy security in Caribbean O

n Thursday, US Vice- President Joe Biden announced a new initiative to support the Caribbean on energy security, which is a major challenge for the Region. The Caribbean is largely dependent on relatively high-cost imported fuel and electricity. Small, isolated economies and unattractive investment policies discourage investments necessary to build sustainable energy systems. The high cost of energy diverts resources away from economic development, reduces competitiveness, and renders the energy sectors of Caribbean nations vulnerable to supply shocks. However, the Region has access to an abundance of renewable and other energy resources. A concerted effort to provide assistance to Caribbean islands on difficult policy and regulatory reforms can attract the private finance required to implement new energy technologies and approaches.


Recognising that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for Caribbean nations and that individual islands may choose to pursue different pathways towards achieving energy security, the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative, Biden announced on Thursday, consists of a portfolio of activities designed to provide different options for assisting in the transformation of the Caribbean’s electricity sector. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) will dedicate resources to the Caribbean to facilitate deals that match US Government financing with strong energy projects. Through targeted loans,

nical assistance. “We believe that the private sector, supported as warranted by targeted loans, guarantees, and other credit enhancements from OPIC, will respond positively. This programme will demonstrate

US Vice- President Joe Biden

guarantees, and other credit enhancements, US development finance can help unlock the supply of private sector capital for new projects. And since investment depends on good governance in the sector, in the form of stable and transparent policy, regulatory, and legal regimes, the US will work in close cooperation with other donors to support and accelerate regional efforts to develop and implement new regulatory models. This, in turn, will open the door to greater energy diversification, which can improve energy security through a reduced dependence on a single energy source. The US will support national efforts to identify cost-effective fuel mixes through focused technical assistance, informed by the implementation of energy programmes in the US Virgin Islands and Hawaii.


Recognising that change starts on the ground, the US will partner with any individual country committed to achieving an energy sector transformation to provide a comprehensive package of strategic planning and tech-

Hinterland Education...


Pointing out tangible investments in the sector which have shown real results, the Minister pointed to several programmes which saw significant investment from Government and achieved results. She pointed to programmes such as the Primary Education Improvement Project; the Secondary School Reform Programme; the Guyana Basic Education Teacher Training Programme; the Basic Education Access Management Support Programme; and the Education For All Fast Track Initiative, investments by Government which saw a significant increase in the number of schools in the hinterland. From 1994, 14 nursery schools in the hinterland increased to 116 in 2014, primary schools moved from 111 to 139 and secondary from five to 12. Region Nine is the region with the most schools. Minister Manickchand also pointed to the school-feeding programme which targets improved attendance and has achieved a more than 20 per cent improvement, along with the teacher training which helped in delivering improved education to students. Additionally, utilities for schools were improved over the years with the provision of potable water, electricity and sanitary facilities.

The Minister, however, pointed out that while these things are all there, she is not satisfied that all the needs are met, and therefore urged parents and residents to make their voices heard and they did. Headmistress of Arapaima Primary School, Ms Joseph, spoke about curriculum alignment which she noted that teachers in the hinterland should be a part of. She noted that composition topics do not apply to students in the hinterland and asked that teachers be involved in the marking of the Grade Six exam papers. She pointed out that since Arapaima was a border community, the teaching of Portuguese would be welcome. Ms Joseph also expressed concern that the Associate Degree Training Programme was halted. Minister Manickchand explained that the programme was stopped, due to the failure of persons to pass a number of courses. The Headmaster acting for Katoka Primary School pointed out that the school needed an extension and that the sanitary block was incomplete. Camilla George, a Councillor of Moco Moco village, said it was the lack of teachers’ interest in the children that resulted in their poor performance.

the impact of a comprehensive, integrated approach to energy sector transformation and will create a model that can help inform similar efforts elsewhere in the Region,” Biden said. A number of bilateral,

multilateral, and NGOs are funding technical and policy assistance programmes throughout the Caribbean. Many of these activities could be strengthened through greater coordination and identification of shared

priorities. The US will work with key actors to share information on existing efforts and explore opportunities to coordinate programmes, in order to maximise impact and reduce duplication of effort.

16 news

SUNday, jUNe 22, 2014| gy

Education critical to addressing cervical cancer – Miss Guyana Universe


atherina Roshana, Miss Guyana Universe 2013, who has been at the forefront in bringing awareness to the suffering of autistic children and their families, has

now turned her attention to raising awareness about cervical cancer. Through her efforts, many persons now are aware that people suffering from autism are not mad

or possessed with evil spirits and little by little, attitudes towards this disease has been changing. Inspired by the successes in championing autism, Miss Roshana has turned

Miss Guyana Universe 2013 Katherina Roshana

her zeal to making every women of every age aware of the need to take preventive measures against cervical cancer. She feels that through education, Guyanese could significantly reduce the prevalence of this disease. Roshana claims that her study of the disease has revealed that it is caused by a malignant neoplasm arising from cells originating in the cervix and wants women to know that one of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding, while in some cases there may be no obvious symptoms until the cancer has progressed to an advanced stage. Promiscuous women are vulnerable to cervical cancer. As part of her campaign, Roshana feels that education is the key to combating cervical cancer, and as such, asks that information on its cause be made available. Cervical cancer is caused by the Human

Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV infection appears to be involved in the development of more than 90 per cent of cases. HPV vaccines are effective against two to four of the high- risk strains of this family of viruses. Since the vaccines cover only some types of HPV, guidelines still recommend that women have regular pap smear screening, even after vaccination. Most cervical cancers are squamous cell carcinomas, arising in the squamous (flattened) epithelial cells that line the cervix. Adenocarcinoma, arising in glandular epithelial cells is the second most common type. Very rarely, cancer can arise in other types of cells. Roshana said cancer screening using the pap smear can identify pre-cancerous changes in cervical cells. Treatment of highgrade changes can prevent the development of cancer in many cases. In developed

countries, the widespread use of cervical screening programmes has dramatically reduced the incidence of invasive cervical cancer. Treatment usually consists of surgery (including local excision) in early stages, and chemotherapy and/ or radiotherapy in more advanced stages of the disease. Worldwide, cervical cancer is the second most common and the fifth deadliest cancer in women. Worldwide, in 2008, it was estimated that there were 473,000 cases of cervical cancer, and in 2010, 225,000 deaths. Approximately 80 per cent of cervical cancers occur in developing countries such as Guyana. The early stages of cervical cancer may be completely asymptomatic. Vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding, or (rarely) a vaginal mass may indicate the presence of malignancy. Also, moderate pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal discharges are symptoms of cervical cancer. In the advanced stage of the disease, metastases may be present in the abdomen, lungs or elsewhere. Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may include loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pelvic pain, back pain, leg pain, swollen legs, heavy bleeding from the vagina and bone fractures. Women who have many sexual partners have a greater risk of contracting cervical cancer.

City Constable accused of theft, commits suicide A

constable attached to the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) was found dead on Saturday morning in his bathroom,several days after he was accused of theft He is suspected to have ingested poison. According to reports, Compton Joseph, 47, of 457 10 Field Section “D”, South Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, had attempted suicide before, but survived after he was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Reports stated the he might have ingested a poisonous substance on Monday last, but took a heavier dose on Saturday morning. He reportedly cried out for chest pains and within a few minutes, he took his last breath. At the home of the dead man, his wife Roxanne Beresford refused to speak with the media, but one of the man’s daughters said he was not at home when she retired to bed on Friday evening. She said that when she woke up on Saturday morn-

ing, she saw her father lying next to the washroom, panting for breath. He was also crying out for chest pains. She left and went to her grandmother’s home a short distance away, where she informed them of her father’s condition. By the time she returned home, he was already dead. Another relative of the dead man, Felicia Joseph, said that it has been a while since she had seen the man, claiming that she was at training school for some time. The relative related that about 05:45h, she was awakened by her niece, who informed her that the man was ill.


Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba in a telephone interview expressed her sympathy to the relatives of the deceased, saying it was an unfortunate occurrence. She explained that Joseph was implicated in a theft at City Hall, and she made all attempts to contact him, but to no avail. The acting Town Clerk

went on to say that while he might have been innocent, she thought that by talking to him, some misunderstanding would have been cleared up. Guyana Times was told that Joseph and a senior rank in the constabulary were the only two persons who would have had keys to the section from where the money was removed. She said that it was after she asked for an inventory she became aware that the money, which amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars, was missing. Sooba attempted to meet with the man, but learnt that he had consumed poison and was rushed to the medical facility. However, after some time there, he took self-discharged and went home. She learnt of his demise about 06:30h, after she was telephoned by the Chief Constable, who informed her that Joseph was found dead in his bathroom. The man leaves to mourn his three children, wife, mother and five siblings.



SUNday, jUNe 22, 2014 | Sgy

‘We are in for the long haul’ – Dynamic, Roraima tell New York Guyanese


S-based Dynamic Airways, which has teamed with Guyanabased Roraima Airways to launch a new service to Guyana, told a large gathering of Guyanese based in New York that the airline is committed to a long-term service to Guyana. A meeting was held with travel agents and Guyanese community leaders at the Sheraton Hotel at the John F Kennedy (JFK) Airport a week ago. Captain Gerry Gouveia told the gathering that this new service by Dynamic Airways will compete with other carriers to earn Guyana’s national carrier status one day and fill the void created by the demise of Guyana Airways almost 40 years ago. Gouveia made a strong pitch to promote and sell Guyana to Americans. He told listeners not to believe everything bad they read in the papers, noting that a lot of positive things are also happening in the country. Dynamic Airways takes to the sky on June 26 and, according to Gouveia, “It comes at a time when Guyana is witnessing real tangible development on many fronts, including airport expansion and construction of firstclass hotels”. Gouveia, the Managing Director of Roraima Airways, argued that one of the biggest mistakes of the past was the disbanding of Guyana’s national flag carrier – Guyana Airways – and he hopes that one day he will be able to bring back that pride to Guyana and realise his dream of taking the Guyana flag international. “That was part of Guyana’s history and experience...It’s a legacy which cannot be

bought,” he noted. Sharing the stage with Tom Johnson, Senior Vice President for Business Development of Dynamic Airways, Gouveia made it clear that his company, Roraima Airways, is not just “working with Dynamic Airways” to bring this new service, but “we are partnering with them” and hoping to forge an alliance that will build Guyana. One of his dreams, Gouveia said, was to take Roraima Airways international and that this new step in the airline’s operation is not “fly by night”, but one which has been carefully thought out with Guyana’s development in mind.

Full support

“We are putting our reputation, name and talent behind this project,” Gouveia stated. Gouveia assured the gathering that this new air service to Guyana does not

Roraima Airways Managing Director, Captain Gerry Gouveia (fourth left), with others at meeting

time when Guyana is slowly tapping into the tourism market. At the moment, most of the airlines are ferrying mainly friends and relatives to Guyana, but Gouveia said Dynamic hopes to change this by working on tourism packages to fill the empty seats and put Guyana on the map as a tourist destination. “People do not know we

never gone to Kaieteur Falls or The Rupununi, shame on you,” Gouveia said, urging members of the diaspora to play a major role in promoting Guyana. Gouveia lashed out against the “negativism” being floated about the country. He countered that “Guyana is a land of opportunities and must be promoted

hampering development in Guyana, Gouveia asserted, “[That’s] Nonsense! ...Talk to the IDB and the World Bank and you’ll see the economic development is real and solid.” He noted that the private sector in Guyana is very organised and vigilant and are doing a lot to promote development. He said Guyana is a free country unlike what took place after Independence and 1992.

Investor confidence

The gathering at the Sheraton Hotel, John F Kennedy Airport, New York, USA

intend to put any other service out of business, but is being launched to complement the existing services here. “We intend to work closely with all carriers to exercise goodwill and good faith in the interest of Guyana,” he said. This is happening at a

exist, and that’s our fault,” Gouveia stressed, noting that Guyana has never aggressively pursued tourism as a development means, whereas other Caribbean countries spend millions of dollars yearly in promoting their tourism products. “Those of you who have

as that – and not as a country where crime, drugs and money- laundering are rampant”. On drugs and crimes

He told the gathering: “We have to foster investor confidence everyday. We are hurting the people when we do not help investors and investor confidence. We have to all work together to create that environment.” Dynamic Airways’ Tom Johnson, addressing the meeting, said his airline intends to work closely with the Government of Guyana in support of its tourism development. He noted that Dynamic Airways was a carrier with several aircraft, and one would be stationed in

Guyana on a permanent basis. Johnson also alluded to the fact that Dynamic is an airline with its own planes, therefore the thought of any major delays at any time would be minimal, as there will be back up planes on the east coast of the US. Johnson said they intend to offer more lift, more seats and more cargo space with their wide-body aircraft. He said theirs will be a yearround service with fair pricing. Also at the meeting -- and adding his words of support for the new service -- was Guyana’s Consul General to New York Brentnol Evans, who welcomed the company on behalf of the Government of Guyana. He said the launching of the service is compatible with Guyana’s national development and competitive strategies. The senior Dynamics Airways official lauded the Guyana Government for its progress and for providing an environment for foreign companies such as Dynamic Airways to invest in Guyana. Evans noted that Guyana has seen a culture of airlines coming and going. “We challenge Dynamic Airways to make sure that this culture comes to an end today,” Evans said. The event was chaired by New York-based media personality Bobby Vieira. Dynamic Airways flights will depart Guyana on Fridays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30h, while the return trips will depart the JFK Airport at 09:00h on the same days.


sunDAY, DAY june 22, 2014 DAY,

By Bernice Bede Osol


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) A social gathering will provide the stimulus needed to spark your imagination and get you moving in a positive direction. Your enthusiasm will help you recruit reputable allies.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) Until you have a firm grasp of a situation, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. If you try to secondguess what is going on, you will end up in a vulnerable position.

PISCES (Feb.20March 20)


Don’t let an argument bruise your ego. Pick yourself up and move in a more suitable direction that will help you reach your personal goals.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) You are better off keeping busy. Find a way to incorporate into your routine activities that will put a smile on your face and spur you to do and be your very best.

Calvin and Hobbes

(June 21July 22) Different regions and international history will grab your interest. Consider taking a holiday to intriguing areas once you have learned more about them. Turn a dream into a reality.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) You won’t see eye-toeye with a family member or co-worker. Join forces with someone who can help you complete what needs to be done so you don’t fail to fulfill your responsibilities.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Surround yourself with people heading in the same direction as you. Someone you previously considered a competitor will end up being a substantial asset to your life.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) Consider making positive changes to your living or office space. Looking at local for-sale properties, even if you aren’t planning to move, will give you the spark you need to make creative improvements.

TAURUS (April 20May 20)


A journey or tour will pave the way for an exciting new venture. Your ideas will harmonize with the plans of someone who can lift your spirits and improve your prospects.

A lot of time will be wasted if you get drawn into an argument. You’ll do much better if you concentrate on a creative pursuit that will occupy your mind.




(May 21June 20)

A connection with someone interesting is apparent. Widening your circle of friends will add a new dimension to your life. Don’t look back when you should be moving forward.

(Oct. 24Nov. 22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) If you are feeling dissatisfied, consider your options. A change to the way you are currently living will help you get back to feeling and being your very best.


JUNE 22, 2014


Enterprise A beat Ogle to lift Busta 20/20 title By Rajiv Bisnauth


ed by late onslaught from eventual Manof-the-Match Videsh Lall and a composed unbeaten innings from national all-rounder Zaheer Mohamed, home team Enterprise A Busta Sports Club outmuscled Ogle to win the Busta 20/20 cricket competition in almost darkness on Saturday. After drawing the bye to the final, the hosts, chasing 130 for victory, achieved the target at 133-6 with three balls to spare. Ogle worked hard to hang in the game, especially with the ball, but the right-hander Lall struck an unbeaten 29, with three boundaries and a six off just nine deliveries, which ultimately proved the turning point.

Zaheer Mohamed The hosts did not get off to a good start, losing three wickets in the first ten overs with just 48 runs on the board, before Mohamed and Imran Kulwat (22) added 49 for the fourth wicket. However, three quick wickets in the death overs created the base for an exciting finish, but Mohamed

and Lall quashed any hopes Ogle had of a memorable victory as they achieved the target in the face of a climbing run rate. Mohamed finished unbeaten on 33 off 25 balls, inclusive of three boundaries. Earlier, Ogle put together a total of 129-9 with dashing batsman Chris Pattadin hitting 55. Pattadin was aggressive from the onset, scoring seven boundaries and a six in his 35-ball knock. He was supported by Wazim Haslim (19) and Tulsiram Baulkarran (18), who were the other batsmen to reached double figures. Kamesh Yadram was the pick of the bowlers for the winners, picking up 3-13. Mohamed and Vivian Albert clinched two wickets

GABF shortlists 18 for Caribbean Championships ‒ Burnett suprisingly overlooked TreisTon Ton Joseph


he Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) has shortlisted an 18-man squad to represent Guyana at the upcoming Caribbean Basketball Championships (CBC) in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), scheduled to begin July 1. The squad, which was released by the federation on Saturday, includes eight overseas-based players and 10 local payers. However, the exclusion of local player Travis Burnett, who plays for the Trinity Grid Holding Pacesetters is a bit baffling. Burnett is arguably the best defensive guard on the perimeter in Guyana. Burnett’s ability to finish at the rim and create plays for his teammates, coupled with his high energy motors makes the exclusion all the more baffling. While Burnett does not have the best jump shot in the world, his high motor and IQ on the defensive end of the court could be a ma-

Travis Burnett

Rawle Marshall

jor upside for the team and it is believed that Burnett should have at least been shortlisted even if he does not make the final 12. Further, it is of the belief that Burnett’s ability to take over in the final period of a game and his ability to draw fouls would be a big boost to any Guyana team leaving these shores.

Gullen, Ryan Stephney, Shane Webster, Shelroy Thomas, Dave Causway and Andrew Ifill. The overseas players are Rawle Marshall (captain), Andre De Florimonte, Ray Victor, Richard Hall, Tyler Persaud, Keron McKenzie, Kevan Creppy and Gordon Klaiber. Mckenzie and Creppy will be joining the team from today, while Klaiber will join the team later in the week. Klaiber’s late arrival, according to the GABF, is due to the birth of his child.

Meanwhile the shortlisted team reads: (Local players) Akeem Kanhai, Chris Williams, Royston Siland, Dwayne Roberts, Ryan

Videsh Lall was named Man-of-the-Match for his crucial knock during the run chase

each. Earlier, Ogle defeated Farifield by four wickets in the lone semi-final. Fairfield batting first made 109-7 in 15 overs with Wazim Mustapha hitting an even 50. In reply, Ogle reached the target in 13.1 overs, Pattadin again among the runs with a top score of 58. Meanwhile, Managing Director of the Guyana Beverage Company Inc., Robert Selman, and Marketing Manager, Shameiza Yadram, were on hand to witness the day’s proceedings and also assist with the distribution of prizes. The winning team collected $50,000, while the losing finalist pocketed $25,000. The tournament was sponsored by Guyana Beverage Company Inc.

Digicel pulls plug on PMTC race meet By R ajiv Bisnauth


ollowing the disclosure that separate horse-race meets will be held on July 27, communication giant Digicel announced that it has pulled the plug on its sponsorship deal with the Port Mourant Turf Club (PMTC). This information was confirmed by Digicel Events and Sponsorship Manager, Gavin Hope on Friday evening. Both the PMTC and Budhan’s Memorial Sports Complex and Race Track have planned separate horse -race meets, but Digicel ended the partnership, claiming that as a corporate entity, the company wishes to stay clear of conflicts. “We decided to pull out because we don’t want to find ourselves in any sort of conflict whereas we are competing with another club who is part of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority, regardless how small or big is the race meet we will not get involved in conflicts,” Hope emphasized. He added “It was a mixup or break in communication between the two clubs. We don’t want to compete with any other race meet, so better sense to prevail and in good faith we decid-

Vic Ouditt

Gavin Hope

ed to pull out.” No turning back Meanwhile, secretary of the PMTC, Chattergoon Ramnauth, told this publication on Saturday that the club will go ahead with the race meet as planned. However, he indicated that a new programme will be announced shortly. Make way On the other hand, the Budhan’s Memorial Sports Complex and Race Track has decided to make way for the bigger Port Mourant Turf Club race meet. This information was confirmed by President of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority, Vic Ouditt. A new date for the Budhan’s Memorial Sports Complex and Race Track meet is yet to be announced. “Budhan’s one-day

horse- race meet will not go ahead as planned and will run off at a later date. I have spoken to Budhan and he is prepared to make way for the Port Mourant Turf Club race meet,” Ouditt told Guyana Times Sport. Ouditt disclosed that the authority had sanctioned the Port Mourant Turf Club race meet but had not given permission to Neville Budhan for his one-day meet. Ouditt further disclosed that there were a number of flaws in Budhan’s provisional programme, which needed further discussion. However, Ouditt pointed out that once those flaws are ironed out, permission should not be a problem, since the race meet provides for the lower classes of animals.


june 22, 2014

Klose equals record in Germany draw M

iroslav Klose became the joint record scorer in World Cup history as he rescued Germany a point from a breathless and dramatic game with Ghana at Estadio Castelao. The 36-year-old Lazio striker scored with his first

touch after coming on as a second-half substitute as the Germans came from behind to snatch a draw. The goal, scored from a yard out, means Klose is now level with former Brazil striker Ronaldo on 15 goals. Germany were, however, fortunate to escape with

a point. Having taken a fortuitous lead through Mario Gotzeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unorthodox header, Ghana came roaring back to score twice in nine minutes through Andre Ayew and Asamoah Gyan, to the huge delight of the vast majority of the crowd. (BBC Sport)

Miroslav Klose is now the joint record scorer in World Cup history, alongside Ronaldo

Messi hands Argentina late win

Lionel Messi has scored eight goals in his last seven appearances for Argentina


ionel Messi curled a stunning 91st minute winner to send Argentina through to the World Cup knockout stage and rob the excellent Iran of a deserved point. Iran spent much of the first half under pressure but more than once threatened to inflict what would have been a huge upset.

Argentinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s celebrations at the final whistle were wild and prolonged, while the sight of coach Alejandro Sabella embracing Messi at the tunnel gave an indication of what this meant to the two-time champions. The build-up was dominated by talk of a rift between Messi and Sabella, the captain having ex-

pressed his displeasure at the 5-3-2 formation used in the first half against Bosnia and Hercegovina when Messi also scored the decisive goal. Sabella duly reverted to the Barcelona forwardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s preferred 4-3-3 and was rewarded by his star man at the last. (BBC Sport)

Odemwingie goal eliminates Bosnia


eter Odemwingie scored the only goal of the game to give Nigeria a victory that ensured Bosnia-Hercegovina will not qualify for the last 16. The Stoke player struck in the first half to give Nigeria their first win in the World Cup finals since 1998. Bosnia striker Edin Dzeko had a goal incorrectly disallowed for offside just a few minutes earlier.

Peter Odemwingie

Nigeria will make the knockout stages if they get a point against Argentina

or if Iran fail to beat Bosnia. (BBC Sport)




robson hits century before tourists rally

sunday, june 22, 2014

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Sam Robson maiden hundred came in his second Test

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am Robson scored a maiden Test century before Sri Lanka fought back late on the second day of the second Test at Headingley. The opener made 127, adding 142 with Gary Ballance (74) and 87 with Ian Bell (64).

But three wickets for two runs at the end of the evening session was deserved reward for a Sri Lanka attack that stuck to its task, leaving England 320-6 - a lead of 63. That late slump was a second disappointment for the hosts, who again saw

Alastair Cook fall cheaply, the captain making only 17. Summarised scores (Stumps, Day Two): Sri Lanka 257 (Sangakkara 79, Plunkett 5-64) trail England 320-6 (Robson 127, Ballance 74, Bell 64) by 63 runs. (BBC Sport)


june 22, 2014 gy

Roberts excited to be on first Commonwealth team ‒ George expected to do well

Ivan Persaud

Onika George

Niall Roberts

tReiston joseph

young. “I think it’s her performance, swimming doesn’t have age, there are a lot of 14-15 swimmers swimming adult times and it is her time that has given her the edge and that’s the reason,” Persaud told Guyana Times Sport via telephone. Persaud also revealed that due to George’s exam being completed, she will be able to train effectively. “We think she will do fine, her exams are done and this has been a hamper, but she is back in the pool 24/7 until the Commonwealth and the Goodwill Games that is a week after she returns from Commonwealth,” Persaud stated. Meanwhile, Roberts, who is a well experienced swimmer on the international scene having competed at the Olympics

and World Swimming Championships, will for the first time add the Commonwealth Games to his long resume. “It’s my first Commonwealth; I’m not sure what the competition will be like, but obviously it’s going to be of a high quality, I will do my best… two or three times the Commonwealth had past me and I am excited that I can be on this one,” Roberts told this publication. In addition, Roberts shared at what stage of preparation he is at. “We are currently at the stage where I’m doing short sprints and race simulations leading up to the event.” Both swimmers have the luxury of training at the National Aquatic Centre in preparation for the event.


wo swimmers will be a part of this year’s Commonwealth Games team to represent Guyana at the event scheduled to start on July 23 and conclude on August 3 in Glasgow, Scotland. Olympian Niall Roberts will take the pool for Guyana in the 100 metres freestyle, while Onika George will don her swimming cap in the women’s 50 metres backstroke. George, who will be making her maiden appearance at the event at the tender age of 15, is expected to make an impression, according to president of the Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA), Ivan Persaud, who also revealed why she was selected despite being very

World Olympic Day…

GOA hosts successful BMX event

Keon Rutherford collects his trophy from Deion Nurse after winning the BMX Boys Open race By RAjiv jiv BisnAuth


or the sixth consecutive year, long-serving national cycling coach Hassan Mohamed has been doing his part to celebrate World Olympic Day. On Saturday, Mohamed, through the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA), staged a successful BMX cycle meet in the inner circuit of the National Park. On June 23 every year, Olympic Day is celebrated around the world. Hundreds of thousands of peopleyoung and old- participate in sports activities, such as runs, exhibitions, music and educational seminars. Over the last two decades, the event has helped to spread the Olympic ideals to every corner of the world. This year, the event is being held under the theme: “Move, Learn and Discover.” On Saturday, riders between ages six and 14 com-

peted in five categories: BMX Open (three laps), BMX Boys 6-9 (two laps), BMX Boys 9-12 (three laps), BMX Boys 12-14 (three laps) and BMX Open (four laps). Keon Rutherford and Sherwin Sampson won two events each, with Brighton John winning the other. Prior to the presentation ceremony, both Mohamed and President of the Guyana Cycling Association, Cheryl Thompson, thanked the GOA for hosting the initiative for the past six years. Assistant General Secretary of the GOA, Deion Nurse, in brief remarks, said the GOA is again pleased to be involved in the development of youths. Following are the results of the races: BMX Boys Open (3 laps) 1st- Keon Rutherford 2nd- Adrian Sharma

3rd- Brighton John Time: 08 minutes, 45 seconds BMX Boys 6-9 (2 laps) 1st- Sherwin Sampson 2nd- Alexander Leung 3rd- Tessica Mohabir Time: 06 minutes, 29 seconds BMX Boys 9-12 (3 laps) 1st- Sherwin Sampson 2nd- Khistoff Austin 3rd- Tarun Garbarran Time: 06 minutes, 44 seconds BMX Boys 12-14 (3 laps) 1st- Brighton John 2nd- Richidi Ceres 3rd- Amunike Gomes Time: 10 minutes, 10.46 seconds BMX Boys Open (5 laps) 1st- Keon Rutherford 2nd- Daniel Vassey 3rd- Adrian Sharma Time: 14 minutes, 37 seconds

Female softball tournament coming soon By AvenA venAsh Ash RAmz AmzA mzAn An


ith the aim of empowering female cricketers across the country, the Trophy Stall Female Cricket Club will stage an allfemale softball tournament in September and October, with the format being a Major and Minor League. During an exclusive interview with this publication on Friday afternoon, Abiola Allen, the Public Relations Officer of the competition, said that for far too long the female players have taken a back seat to their male counterparts, and the upcoming tournament is geared to highlight the talents that exist on the distaff side. “Time and time again the women who play cricket, we feel sometimes we’re not given enough recognition because there is a lot of emphasis being placed on the males. It there’s a tournament, if we’re not directly involved, most times we’re called to play exhibition matches. We just want to show people that we have more to offer and there’s a wide range of females who want to play,” Allen explained.

Abiola Allen

According to Allen, the Major League will involve rivalry among the six main female teams: Trophy Stall Angels, Mike’s Wellwoman, Blue Divas, Karibee Strikers, 4R Lioness and Regal Champs. The Minor League, which will target teams in Georgetown, East Coast, West Coast and East Bank Demerara, will consist of corporate and even family teams. “We want the females to know that they can take off their high heels and they put down the pens and come out and have fun; let’s see the other side of you,” Allen remarked. Teams interested in competing in the tournament will

have to pay an entrance fee of $15,000 with the winners of both Major and Minor League receiving $200,000 each as the first prize. The runner-up for both categories will receive $100,000, while the third place finisher will pocket $75,000. According to Allen, registration forms and the list of rules and code of conduct governing the competition can be uplifted at all Trophy Stall outlets in Georgetown, while those will be made available in the other areas- East Coast, West Coast and East Bank Demerara- during the coming weeks. The tournament, which will bowl off on September 6 and conclude on October 26, will have its official launch in August 24 where additional information will be made available to the public. Registration can be done by contacting Lyndon Wilson on 697-4257, Abena Parker on 698-4651, Amanda Roberts on 602-6520, Theodore DeMonick on 694-5092, Vashtie Lalbachand on 6890316 or Allen on 669-8062.


SUNday, jUNe 22, 2014 | Sgy

june 22, 2014

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business TOP SCORES


Enterprise A beat Ogle to lift Busta 20/20 title

Klose equals record in Germany draw See stories on page

20 Messi hands Argentina late win

Officals of the Guyana Beverage Company Inc. and the Organising Committee of the tournament pose with the successful Enterprise A team By Rajiv Bisnauth


ed by late onslaught from eventual Manof-the-Match Videsh

Lall and a composed unbeaten innings from national allrounder Zaheer Mohamed, home team Enterprise A Busta Sports Club outmus-

cled Ogle to win the Busta 20/20 cricket competition in almost darkness on Saturday. After drawing the bye to

the final, the hosts, chasing 130 for victory, achieved the target at 133-6 with three balls to spare.

Odemwingie goal eliminates Bosnia


West Indies players make progress on ICC Rankings


Kraigg Brathwaite jumped up an impressive 35 places after his century at the Queen’s Park Oval

est Indies’ players are on the march in the Reliance ICC Player Rankings for Test Batsmen after the conclusion of the second Test in which the West Indies beat New Zealand by ten wickets to level the series 1-1 in Portof-Spain. While Shivnarine Chanderpaul has remained in third position after scoring 47 runs in the first innings, climbing up eight places to secure a spot just outside the top 20 is centurion Darren Bravo (109) in 21st position, while Chris Gayle has also moved up two places. He now sits in 26th spot after knocks

of one and 80 not out. Kraigg Brathwaite, who contributed 129 and an unbeaten 14, has jumped up an impressive 35 places to secure 69th position. This is the 21-year-old’s highest ranking to date. Making an entry into the rankings table for the first time ever is the batsman from Jamaica, Jermaine Blackwood. Blackwood was rewarded for his 63 runs in the first innings with entering the top 100, in 67th position, with 390 ratings points. Meanwhile, in the Reliance ICC Player Rankings for Test Bowlers, Jerome Taylor made the

most impressive gains, marching up 38 places to occupy 38th position in the rankings table. The 29-yearold Jamaican, who has not played Test cricket since November 2009 following hip and back injuries, returned match figures of four for 34 and two for 73. Teammate Kemar Roach has retained 15th position with 659 ratings points. He claimed five wickets in the match for 135 runs. The two sides will now face off in the third and final Test, which commences on 26 June in Bridgetown. The West Indies have named an unchanged squad for that match. (WICB)

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