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Friday, February 28, 2014

Guyana faces harsher blacklisting – after missing CFATF deadline again See story on page 3

Hindus celebrate Maha Shivraatri


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Boyfriend remains in P8 custody for Paradise murder probe

Guyana leads P9 the way in Caribbean with Micro Science Project

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Guyana, Brazil to conduct P9 studies on road link, hydropower

A Hindu devotee observes Maha Shivraatri at the Radha Krishna Mandir, Camp and Quamina Streets, Georgetown on Thursday (Carl Croker photo)

Woman found dead in Mazaruni area See story on page 12

East Ruimveldt man killed in suspected hit-and-run accident See story on page 2

Army to pay special attention to recruitment – Phillips


Republic Bank honours UG P13 top graduates



East Ruimveldt man killed in suspected hit-and-run accident By Alexis Rodney and Vahnu Manikchand


45-year-old food vendor died at the Georgetown Public Hospital early Thursday morning, hours after he was hit by a speeding Nissan Frontier, believed to be owed by Guyana Water Inc (GWI), on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown. Dead is Claude “Chippy” McPherson, a father of five, who had been selling vegetarian food on Mandela Avenue in front of the Dynasty Club for more than 30 years. He was standing on the street corner waiting to cross the road when the grey Frontier, driven at a fast pace, went into the corner and hit him. Eyewitnesses said the driver of the vehicle was attempting to overtake a car when the accident occurred. Reports reaching this newspaper revealed that the man was thrown several feet by the impact. Up to press time, GWI's management was unable to locate the driver, who had apparently promised to visit the office, having asked for time off earlier in the day. At the dead man’s home in East Ruimveldt, his niece, Sarah Chase was seen shaking her head in disbelief, while tears trickled down her face. She said she, along with

Claude “Chippy” McPherson

other family members, was informed of his death around 09:00h Wednesday evening. When they went to the scene, her uncle was lying motionless on the ground in front of a shop with his bike badly damaged. According to reports, his leg was severely crushed. “When I run out, he was very critical. The most we could do was get a car. But we were so confused, we forgot that my brother has a car. I ran and I held him and I started to pray,” Chase said. The family have been hearing a lot of things about what really transpired, but they would be leaving “everything to God”, she added, with tears in her eyes. Chase described her uncle as a “righteous man”. According to her, “God would

not allow someone to hit him like that and it leave like that.” The deceased was also likely robbed, as his wallet with money could not be found. His niece could not understand how another human being could be so heartless. “Ain’t any big money they would get. How long will it last?” She asked. “It’s probably finished by now.” Neighbours described McPherson as a cheerful individual who was well-mannered. “Sometimes I would be riding my bike and all I would hear is ‘Mods, Mods, you alright?’ He never passed me nowhere,” one woman told Guyana Times.

Relatives investigate

Relatives on Thursday morning conducted their own investigations, which led them to believe that GWI vehicle had struck the man; hence, several family members took the police to the water company on Vlissengen Road. There, the police checked several vehicles until they came across a white Nissan Frontier, bearing registration number PRR 2923. The vehicle’s bonnet had a big dent on the front; as such, it was subsequently seized by police. GWI Public Relations Officer Timothy Austin told

The vehicle which is suspected to have been involved in the hitand-run accident being taken out of the GWI compound by the police

reporters that the company is cooperating with the police. Some of McPherson’s relatives, who were outside the company’s compound, said they were not going to take the matter lightly and would ensure that the person responsible for the death of their loved one is brought to justice. The sister of the deceased, June Seaforth, a U.S.-based Guyanese, said she returned a few days ago and only saw her brother on Monday. She revealed that after gathering information, she staked out the company to ensure that nothing went wrong until all the police were present. The woman believes that had the driver stopped after hitting

her brother and rendered assistance, he may have survived.

GWI shocked

In an official statement, GWI extended its deepest sympathy to the family of McPherson. The water company said it was assisting the Guyana Police Force with regard to the accident. According to GWI, the driver in question reported to work on Thursday and submitted a written report of an accident and subsequently asked for ‘personal time’ to visit a relative in hospital. The report, according to GWI, indicated that the accident involved a collision with an animal. “GWI records in-

dicate that the vehicle was returned to the Corporate Complex, Vlissingen Road and Church Street at approximately 21:50h on Wednesday, the keys to the vehicle were lodged with GWI security. After proceeding on ‘personal time’, the driver did not report for duty thereafter. GWI management recorded the accident and examined the vehicle in question.” The company added that it launched an investigation, which involved contacting the police to verify the driver’s account of the accident. The police indicated that no accident involving a GWI vehicle was reported at the time. Subsequently, GWI was contacted by the Traffic Department regarding an incident which allegedly involved a vehicle registered to the company and agreed to fully cooperate, the statement added. “GWI contacted the employee at 12:20h (Thursday) via his cellphone and he indicated that he would return to work shortly. The employee has yet to report for duty and GWI has provided all necessary information to the Traffic Department. The company wishes to reiterate its commitment to assisting with all investigations, including providing the Traffic Department with any necessary information,” the statement concluded.

Pepsi flies four to Trinidad Carnival 2014


wo lucky consumers and two guests are on their way to Carnival 2014, compliments of Demerara Distillers Limited under the Pepsi brand. The two consumers won themselves the all-inclusive trip (airfare, accommodation, airport tax, and spending money) through the Pepsi Mashramani Upsize promotion. The promotion was launched on January 17 and concluded on February 22, 2014 at Royal Castle, Chicken & Burger Delight, Dixee Lee, Papa Petes, JR Burgers, Popeyes, and Shakers Mexican Bar & Grille. To enter the Pepsi Mashramani Upsize promotion, consumers were asked to upsize their Pepsi, 7Up or Slice drink from 16 ounces to 32 ounces, write their contact information behind their receipt, and drop it into entry boxes located at the stores. Over the five-week period, DDL would have seen thousands of entries coming in from the different stores that carried the promotion. Each week, 30 persons won exciting consolation prizes such as free meals, Pepsi umbrellas, Pepsi Cool prizes, and free products leading up to the grand drawing for one of two trips for two per-

The two young ladies pose with their prizes after the presentation

sons to Trinidad Carnival 2014. “Across Guyana and the world, Pepsi is known for being a fun and exciting brand and as such, we aim to host fun and exciting promotions to reward our loyal consumers. Last year, two lucky persons were given a chance to see

Beyoncé perform live in New York City and now we are sending four persons (Ariane Chung, Krystle Chung, Akeem Mustafer and Bhavatarini Dukhia) to experience the excitement of Trinidad Carnival 2014,” Demerara Distillers Limited Brand Executive Larry Wills said.

3 Guyana faces harsher blacklisting NEWS



The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, February 28 from 14:30h to 16:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, February 28 from 15:45h to 17:15h

– after missing CFATF deadline again

WEATHER TODAY Countrywide: Thundery showers can be expected during the day with heavy rain showers on the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius. Wind: East north easterly between 3.61 metres and 3.88 metres per second. High Tide: 03:49h and 16:09h reaching maximum heights of 2.71 metres and 2.82 metres respectively. Low Tide: 09:42h and 22:06h reaching minimum heights of 0.48 metre and 0.38 metre respectively.


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Thursday, February 27, 2014

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The National Assembly was in session on Thursday but not to consider the AML/CFT Bill By Svetlana Marshall


uyana is likely to be further blacklisted, but this time by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) following its failure to pass the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill of 2013. Last November, it was blacklisted by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) after being identified as a country with significant strategic deficiencies in its AML/CFT regime. The country was given a series of deadlines by which to make itself compliant with CFATF/ FATF standards, with today February 28, being the latest. Guyana is mandated to submit a progress report along with the AML/CFT Bill today but only a report will be handed over after negotiations between the three main political parties deteriorated during the last few days over the passage of the bill.

Proposed amendments

Despite much scepticism, the AML/CFT Parliamentary Special Select Committee met on Thursday with the anticipation of concluding its work, but was informed by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel Cecil Dhurjon that he was unable to complete the composition of the proposed amendments by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). APNU on Sunday, February 9 tabled three amendments to the AML/CFT Act of 2009. The coalition made the last-minute amendments to the AML/CFT Amendment Bill of 2013, which was craft-

ed based on the recommendations of CFATF. Shortly after, the AML/ CFT select committee meeting was adjourned to Wednesday, March 5, Presidential Adviser Gail Teixeira said “as the chairperson of the committee I feel very, very disheartened that the amendment bill Number 22, which was agreed on by all parties on the Sunday meeting of February 9 cannot go forward based on the fact that the government does not have the majority in the committee and the majority of the committee made up of the opposition will not allow the bill to return o the House.” She explained that Junior Finance Minister Juan Edghill on two occasions moved a motion for the AML/CFT Bill Number 22 of 2013 to be placed before the National Assembly to avert blacklisting. But the opposition defeated the motion on both occasions, noting that the bill will not return to House unless the party’s amendments to the principal act are included. It was also stated that the Chief Parliamentary Counsel had complained that the APNU-proposed amendments were presenting great difficulties. “It is not just drafting the amendments, but all the other consequential changes that will have to be made to the principal act,” she posited. Hence, more time was requested. Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall echoed similar sentiments, adding that APNU and the Alliance For Change (AFC) continue to push for amendments that were considered risky. “It is the same unacceptable grouping of proposals which government has already

registered its objection to.” CFATF Financial Adviser Roger Hernandez, who met with the AML/CFT select committee, had expressed concerns that some of the proposed amendments to the principal act could land Guyana in a danger zone. It was explained that making amendments to the principal act can make some clauses of the act, which were deemed compliant by CFATF, noncompliant. But although the risks were outlined to all sitting members of the select committee, APNU, which has recently garnered the support of AFC, continues to push for the amendments to be incorporated in the bill. Increased demands In addition to these amendments, the opposition parties increased their demands when they met with President Donald Ramotar on Wednesday. APNU is also calling on the President to assent to the bills that were passed in Parliament but rejected by him. On the other hand, the AFC continues to advocate for the establishment and operationalisation of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC). As of Wednesday, the President said he was willing to establish the PPC, but the government, at the level of Cabinet, must maintain its “no objection” powers. But this is not a proposal AFC is willing to accept. Speaking at the Parliament Building on Thursday, Opposition Leader David Granger told journalists that the passage of the AML/CFT bill is in the hands

of the Government. “The ball is in their court,” he said, positing the Chief Parliamentary Counsel office is not manned by the opposition but the Legal Affairs Minister. But asked whether APNU will support the bill if it is returned to the House without the other conditionalities, he said, “No, no, no, we are not going to support the bill without the conditionalities we have already laid down. The President is fully aware of our position. The two are linked. We are not going to separate the two.” The opposition maintains its position despite Guyana’s blacklisting. Owing to Guyana’s failure to meet the CFATF deadline when the country goes under review during the plenary meeting in May, the regional financial institution could subject it to further countermeasures or recommend it to FATF for an International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG) review. FATF is due to meet in June. During that meeting, the international financial body will determine whether Guyana should be subjected to a prima-facie review by the International Cooperation Review Board.

Blacklisting tiers

This means that Guyana could land itself in any of the three blacklisting tiers. The most severe effectively requires countries to issue other countermeasures. Presently, North Korea and Iran are the only two countries blacklisted at this extreme level The second layer includes countries that have significant AML safety deficiencies but have not given a political commitment to deal with those issues or have not formulated an action plan in collaboration with the FATF to deal with outstanding issues. The lowest tier encompasses countries that have issued a political commitment to implement the reforms and formulated an action plan to be implemented by strategic deadlines. However, if the country, during the review period, offers to commit to the AML/CFT standards and establishes an action plan in conjunction with FATF, it would be placed on the lowest level. (



Views Editor: Nigel Williams Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


The Oil Curse


ichael L Ross, Director of the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, has just published “The Oil Curse: How Petroleum Wealth Shapes the Development of Nations”. In summary it shows why oil wealth typically creates less economic growth than it should; why it produces jobs for men but not women; and why it creates more problems in poor states than in rich ones. It also warns that the global thirst for petroleum is causing companies to drill in increasingly poor nations, which could further spread the oil curse. It should be of interest to us in Guyana where we have been told for more than a decade that we are sitting on one of the biggest untapped pools of oil in the world. “The Oil Curse argues that the political and economic problems of the oil states can be traced to the unusual properties of petroleum revenues. How governments use their oil revenues – to benefit the few or the many – is certainly important. But whether governments spend these funds wisely or foolishly, oil revenues have far-reaching effects on a country’s political and economic well-being. “Petroleum revenues have four distinctive qualities: their scale, source, stability, and secrecy. The scale of oil revenues can be massive. On average, the governments of oil-producing countries are almost 50 per cent larger (as a fraction of their country’s GDP) than the governments of non-oil countries. “In low-income countries, the discovery of oil can set off an explosion in government finances. The sheer volume of these revenues makes it easier for authoritarian governments to silence dissents. It can also lead to violent insurrections, when the people who live in a country’s oilrich regions seek a larger share of these immense revenues. “The size of these revenues alone cannot account for the oil curse. Many peaceful, democratic European countries have bigger governments than many conflict-ridden, autocratic oil producers. The source of these revenues also matters. Oil-funded governments are not financed by taxes on their citizens, but instead by the sale of state-owned assets – that is, their country’s petroleum wealth. This helps explain why so many oil-producing countries are undemocratic: when governments are funded through taxes, they become more constrained by their citizens; when funded by oil, they become less susceptible to public pressure. “Other problems can be traced to the stability – or rather, the instability – of oil revenues. The volatility of world oil prices, and the rise and fall of a country’s reserves, can produce large fluctuations in a government’s finances. Governments are saddled with tasks they are seldom able to manage because of this financial instability, which can help explain why they frequently squander their resource wealth. “Finally, the secrecy of petroleum revenues compounds these problems. Governments often collude with international oil companies to conceal their transactions, and use their own national oil companies to hide both revenues and expenditures. Petroleum has other troublesome qualities. “The extraction process typically creates few direct benefits, but many social and environmental problems for the surrounding communities. Oil and gas facilities have large sunk costs, making them vulnerable to extortion. And when produced in large quantities, petroleum can affect a country’s exchange rates and reduce the size of the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, which in turn can shut off economic opportunities for women. “These features can give us further insights into the paradoxical effects of oil wealth. But the most important political fact about oil – and the reason it leads to so much trouble in so many developing countries – is that the revenues it bestows on governments are unusually large, do not come from taxes, fluctuate unpredictably, and can be easily hidden.” The bottom line for Guyana is that if we are to ever use our potential oil reserves for our development, the political elite must abjure the recalcitrant attitude of the present Opposition. They must cooperate for the good of the country.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds among senior and junior staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and senior officials of the Guyana Police Force, including Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell, at the 2014 GDF Annual Officers’ Conference

Opposition should support development initiatives Dear Editor, The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), since its establishment, continues to work assiduously to promote and develop a deep sense of patriotism and nationalism. The party believes that the demonstration and practice of such patriotic values are not only a national imperative for development, but also for the unity and cohesion for the nation as a whole. As our nation continues on its developmental trajectory, not only has economic growth been achieved but all of our peoples from the various social strata have been positively impacted by the benefits which have accrued through the overwhelming social and infrastructural developments. This is demonstrative of the commitment of the PPP/C administration to provide a better life for all Guyanese. The achievements over the many years were not realised only by the strong commitment of our party and government, but also through the diligent efforts and dedication of the sons and daughters of our dear land who responded enthusiastically to the call in October 1992 by the PPP/C government for “Time for Change, Time to Rebuild” and who have put their shoulders to the wheel and made tremendous sacrifices to make Guyana what it is today. Having advanced our country from a poor to a developing one, and while

many successes have been achieved, we believe that there is still much more to be done to realise the country’s true potential. It is in this context that our party remain convinced that the opposition can endeavour to be more supportive, not only by their actions, but through the responsibilities they have to their constituencies.   The party therefore calls on the opposition to commit itself to all aspects of our nation’s development and to put our country first, so that the well-being of all Guyanese can continue to be safeguarded. We urge the opposition to mobilise its members and supporters to support the various initiatives the government is undertaking to continuously carve a better and brighter Guyana. Some of these initiatives include the anti-littering “Pick It Up” campaign and the Stray Catchers programme which not only have a positive impact on the aesthetics of our surroundings, but also for a healthier environment and safer roadways respectively. Similarly, support for the campaign to protect our mangroves which help to mitigate the harsh consequences of climate change must be encouraged. Support for the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) by the opposition provides an opportunity for them to demonstrate their nationalism for an initiative that has immense benefits for all. The LCDS has encom-

passed a number of projects for sustainable development which will lead to a positive transformation of our country, among them being the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, whose economic benefits have been thoroughly articulated in the public domain. The potential it holds for the transformation of our country is indeed overwhelming. In addition to these, we also urge the Opposition to support the government’s security initiatives which includes fighting crime and drug trafficking; the efforts to prevent smuggling and contraband across our borders; the efforts to combat human trafficking; the fight against lawlessness in an effort to maintain peace and good order; the prevention of squatting and the destruction of government reserves and public property. The Firearms Amendment Bill, the Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Unit and the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Amendment Bill are some of the more recent measures government moved to implement to combat crime and to aid in national security. All Guyanese would be better served if these efforts are supported and not be used for divisive purposes. Given the current challenges faced, the need for all to give support, including the opposition and its supporters, is crucial. We would like to reit-

erate that the welfare and well-being of our people remain the PPP/C administration’s developmental thrust. It is therefore of utmost importance that the opposition ensures that its members and supporters support the government’s violent protection action plan. A lack of support in this regard has the potential to create a negative influence for investors. Over the years the government has worked tirelessly to create an enabling environment so that investors can continue to enjoy stability which is critical to their investments. Our party is rooted in the firm belief that for our rapid development to be sustained the support of all is needed. We therefore encourage the opposition to mobilise its support behind government’s programme and policies. We believe that the interest of Guyanese would be better served if the opposition were to redirect their energies towards the national goals and continued prosperity of our people, instead of the negative stance they have taken on budget cuts, key development projects and security. The PPP/C calls on the opposition to give genuine and tangible support to the developmental goals of the government. Sincerely, People’s Progressive Party/Civic Freedom House



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The significance of Maha Shivraatri

Dear Editor, Maha Shivraatri is defined as the greatest night dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva represents that which is all auspicious and conscious. Maha Shivraatri falls on Triodasi or the 13th day of the dark half of Kumbh (February). Devotees worldwide celebrate the occasion with purpose and deep significance. On this day Shiva bhaktas and other devotees will traverse various pathways to perform their abhishek and puja, making offerings to Lord Shiva, seeking divine inspiration and other fulfilments. Shivraatri creates the

opportunity for the establishment and consecration of the Lingam. Lingam represents Shiva as Nishkal which is formless and free from attachment. With this attribute, he is disconnected from Shakti which represents maya or prakriti (nature). Lingam is the centre of worship since it denotes the root cause of everything and the full process of evolution. Shiva bhaktas on this occasion do not seek pleasure or worldly affairs but solicit intervention for the removal of temptation influenced by vices. Lord Shiva can be worshipped as sakal or sagun, also with form. But this is

done in association with the creative Shakti who is potential in the state of dissolution. Some societies worship Shiva as Eshwar, God with a name but no form. Lord Shiva is also worshipped as Trinity. Trinity or Trimurti covers every aspect of creation, sustenance and regeneration. Shiva represents time, space and matter. The lower regions; intermediate and higher, the mode of prakrati, sat (goodness), raj (passion), tamas (ignorance). Shiva represents omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. While Lord Shiva has no form, all forms originated from him. He is the essence of life itself. It is

a gross blunder to identify the great Lord as demi god. Knowledge is enveloped in ignorance. Divine knowledge when manifested is identified as param brahma or prama jotir the self effulgent light which is self luminous. Shivraatri is the greatness of all triodasi. Those who observe the occasion with love, dedication and purity enter the abode of Shiva at the time of dissolution. Shivraatri greetings are extended to all devotees on behalf of the Viraat Sabhaa. Sincerely, Pandit Ravi Persaud Viraat Sabhaa Guyana

Harmon denied giving statement on accident Dear Editor, iNews Guyana (www. has observed an article in another section of the press on February 27 under the headline, “Car accident involving Finance Minister… inews Guyana report signals rift between government ministers – opposition”. As Editor, I would like to make it abundantly clear that iNews Guyana is not in the business of targeting any government minister, as we provide fair and balanced coverage to everyone, including the opposition political parties. Our editorial team will

not be emasculated by the political mischief which the Kaieteur News’ team seeks to create. The article quoted opposition member of Parliament Joseph Harmon as saying, “inews which is reportedly owned by Robert Persaud has on his online news site the incident and it was a surprise to many opposition members.” However, when I contacted Harmon on February 27, he denied giving such a statement to the Kaieteur News. The Kaieteur News also reported that iNews Guyana stated in its article that the Finance Minister, Dr Ashni

Singh was drunk when the accident occurred. It appears as if the Kaieteur News’ writer does not have a clear understanding of the English language as our story on the accident clearly stated, “Eyewitnesses told iNews that the Minister APPEARED to be under the influence of alcohol.” Does this mean that the Minister was drunk? Additionally, it must be pointed out that almost all other news outfits published the story of the Finance Minister’s accident EXCEPT the Kaieteur News. One begs to question

then the motives of Adam Harris and Glenn Lall. In this regard, as Editor, I take umbrage to the malicious accusations published in the article and the iNews Guyana team will continue to execute its journalistic responsibility. Thank you. Fareeza Haniff Editor iNews Guyana

The Finance Minister was not invited to take a breathalyser test Dear Editor, At or about 21:00h on February 23, at the junction of Garnett and Delph streets, Campbellville, Georgetown, Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh was involved in a vehicular collision with a motor car. The Minister was taken to a city hospital for medical attention shortly after the accident. An associate of the Minister facilitated the driver of the vehicle and the lone passenger to be taken to a city hospital for medical treatment. The matter was duly reported to the police and is being investigated. Without prejudice to the rights of all the parties to seek legal recourse, I met with the driver, the owner of the vehicle and the passen-

ger with a view of exploring the possibility of bringing the matter to an amicable end. Allegations that the Finance Minister was intoxicated and failed to submit himself to a breathalyser test are rejected. Indeed, the Minister was not invited to take a breathalyser test by anyone and, in fact, the occasion to do so did not present itself. It is hoped that this disclosure will bring to a swift end, the speculations and inaccuracies which are being peddled in the public domain in relation to and in connection with this matter. Sincerely, Mohabir Anil Nandlall Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs

Stepping up antismuggling alert Dear Editor, Several bodies inclusive of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) were recently involved in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding pertaining to smuggling. At the signing, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee in his speech, stated that should all leaders work together in a cohesive manner, Guyana would be better able to counter the smuggling of drugs, firearms and other contraband items. I strongly agree with the minister’s statement, though, I do believe that

aside from the involvement of all the relevant authorities, we also need civilians to play their role. As people of this nation, we should not hesitate to report any individuals or known unlawful activities that can cause possible damage or harm to our environment and people. The dealers and suppliers of illegal drugs, weapons and other substances need to be sent a strong message that their actions will not be tolerated and that they will in fact face severe consequences for their involvement in illegal trafficking and sale of narcotics. Yours truly, Horatio Carter





Fatigue in children BY MARLENE ALPHONSE


ecently if you’ve noticed that your child seems extremely tired and looks pale all the time, he may be suffering from fatigue. This can be a debilitating disorder as the child may feel lethargic all the time and lose the inclination to go about his daily activities. Mummy, don’t wake me up, let me sleep a bit longer. I’m very tired and don’t feel like going to school... Sounds familiar? If your child doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and go to school or has lost interest in studies and other activities, he may not have become lazy as you think. Chances are that he may be tired and suffering from fatigue. Fatigue can be classified into two types – physical and mental fatigue. Physical fatigue is also defined as lack of energy or strength and is triggered due to muscle weakness. The affected individual tends to suffer from weakness and seems exhausted, most of the time. On the other hand, mental fatigue is referred to as being drowsy all the time. This condition is known as somnolence and the person tends to feel sleepy and is unable to concentrate on any task. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, almost

everyone suffers from fatigue, both mental as well as physical. Nowadays even children are being affected by fatigue. Lack of proper nutrients in the diet, consumption of junk food and no exercise can lead to a child feeling lethargic. Some other reasons that can cause fatigue in children are improper sleep cycle, stress or psychological problems, inactivity, etc. If this condition is not diagnosed in time, it can lead to severe or chronic fatigue syndrome. Let’s see more about this disorder along with its causes, symptoms and treatment options.

equate rest, then he may be fatigued. This may also be an indication of some underlying health issue. Anaemia: One of the main reasons for fatigue is anaemia. Children who are anaemic often complain of being tired due to

or experience tiredness due to lack of proper exercise. Lack of proper nutrition: Inadequate or improper nutrition is another reason for a child feeling low in energy. Children are more addicted to junk food like French fries, burgers

Causes of fatigue in children

Owing to different activities, starting from going to school, playing, completing assignments and homework, a child tends to get tired. This phase can affect children from time to time, especially in their growing years. But if your child is overwhelmingly tired even after getting ad-

lack of iron in the blood. As there is a reduction in the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain due to anaemia, children are easily fatigued. Lack of exercise: A child may show inactivity

and pizzas that make them ignore proper home cooked food. Eating fast food does not provide the required nutrients thus, leading to intense tiredness. It can also make the child obese. Stress: Contrary to the

popular belief that only adults suffer from depression, children also get stressed due to a number of reasons. Stress and depression are also major factors resulting in lethargy in children. Symptoms of general fatigue: Fatigue is a condition where the person feels exhausted due to lack of energy. It is a sign that the body exhibits indicating need for rest. Children may suffer from general fatigue due to poor sleep, overexertion, lack of exercise and boredom, etc. The following symptoms will help you identify if your child is suffering from fatigue: * Disinterested and fidgety behaviour * Loss of concentration in studies * Sleepy and lethargic during the day * Complaining about frequent headaches * Feeling irritated and showing signs of depression * Disinterested in outdoor activities * Indications of chronic fatigue Usually only adults are diagnosed to be suffering from chronic fatigue, but these days it has been found out that even children and adolescents suffer from this health issue. In this condition, the individual tends to feel intensely tired and feels least inclination to do any

work. A child suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) will show the following indications: * Feeling tired even after sleeping * Trouble in concentrating on daily activities * Complaining of headache * Sore throat accompanied by fever * Loss of appetite * Joint pain and weakness * Dark circles or puffy eyes

Extreme fatigue signs

Extreme fatigue is different from chronic fatigue as extreme fatigue may be an onset for chronic fatigue syndrome. The individual may suffer from intense tiredness even after adequate rest. Given below are some symptoms that can be observed in a child suffering from extreme or severe fatigue. * Becoming extremely moody * Forgetfulness * Weakness in the muscles * Fainting spells and a feeling of nausea * Shortness of breath and complaining of pain in the chest * Fever and frequent cough * Bloodshot and droopy eyes * Sleeping frequently

Relieving fatigue

Becoming extremely tired can be a very debilitating condition for the child. A few changes in the lifestyle can correct this disorder. Here are some ways with which you can help your child regain energy. * Make your child eat breakfast regularly. You can include cereals, milk or oats in their breakfast to ensure a healthy body. * Giving supplements like iron and vitamin capsules * Giving them fruits and fruit juices or protein shakes * Controlling junk food * If the child does not show any improvement then you can consult a paediatrician The symptoms may resolve on their own, with proper diet, exercise and rest. However, if this condition is accompanied by unexplained and sudden weight loss, fever and pain, then it is advisable to seek prompt medical intervention. In order to avoid fatigue in children, give them a balanced diet and make them exercise regularly. If you find your child feeling listless or languid, then consult a paediatrician, who may diagnose the exact reason and provide appropriate treatment. (





Boyfriend remains in custody for Paradise murder probe


s police continue their investigations into the murder of 19-year-old Patricia “Catty” Young, whose body was discovered in the Paradise Cemetery, East Coast Demerara, her boyfriend remains in custody at the Vigilance Police Station. Crime Chief Seelall Persaud told Guyana Times that no other person was arrested in connection with the incident, but the police are continuing their investigations as they work with whatever information they might have in their possession. The post-mortem examination is expected to be performed on the body of the teenager today, which will give a clearer indication as to the cause of death. The boyfriend, whose name was given as “Jamal”, is maintaining his innocence. This publication was told that the suspect was a little jealous and would start a fight whenever he believed that Young was cheating on him. This would lead to the couple having constant rows. He reportedly claimed

an’s uncle, is holding out that it would have to take more than one person to drag his niece into the cemetery. He also posited that if that was not the case, she might have gone to the area with someone she knew. He was annoyed that the suspect took so long to inform them that his niece was missing.

Gruesome discovery

Slain teen Patricia “Catty” Young

that on the day the teenager went missing, he saw her boarding a bus. He reportedly told the woman’s friends that he was standing on the road with her and as she made way into the minibus, he kissed her and went to talk with a friend. The police are questioning the rationale for him taking more than 24 hours to lodge a missing person’s report at Brickdam and Vigilance Police Stations. Kwesi Young, the wom-

Young refuted claims that his niece body’s had several chops and reiterated that there were no marks of violence about her body except for the cloth that was tied around her neck. Investigators are working on the theory that the teenage girl might have been raped and strangled and left under a tree in the Paradise Cemetery. Young, formerly of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara, was found with her underwear off, her skirt pulled to her stomach, and the top she was wearing tied around her beck. Her boyfriend was taken into police custody minutes after the grue-

some discovery. According to information received, the teenager and her boyfriend had been living together for more than a year, a stone’s throw away from where her body was discovered. She reportedly left home on Sunday just after midday to join her friends in the city to witness the Mashramani Costume and Float Parade, but did not return home. After she did not return, her boyfriend began inquiring of her friends as to her whereabouts, but no one knew where she was. It was not until Wednesday afternoon that he reportedly found a slipper belonging to the young woman and went straight to the Vigilance Police Station where he lodged a missing person’s report and told them about the slipper. The police reportedly accompanied the young man and relatives to the area where he found the slipper and, after a few minutes of searching, the teenager’s body was found covered under some dried bushes.

Eyew tness Hyenas and schadenfreude... MuckrakerKN e were awaiting news confirming that former President Bharrat Jagdeo was OK before we weighed in on the depraved behaviour exhibited by the MuckrakerKN on their coverage of the man’s illness. Some voices have been raised, but we believe the absence of a wider revulsion is indicative of an inexorable rotting away of our moral fibre in this country. We’ve lived with the stench of the Muckraker’s rotten mindset for so long that for many, filth and abomination is now their norm. How else can you grapple with the Muckraker’s coverage of Jagdeo’s illness which was suffused with such a surfeit of spite, bile and maliciousness? Sure we all have rivals, opponents or even enemies...but as human beings, you’ll expect the Mook Lall and his house slave Adam Harris would be guided by some principles of humanity when it comes to reporting their ailments, no? Even in war between savages, the wounded enemy is shown respect. So what’s really going on here? We’ve talked about it before – it’s a condition of a very demented mind. Some people call it by the German term “schadenfreude” – which translates loosely into someone who goes into raptures over the misfortunes of others. It all stems from envy. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said schadenfreude was the most evil sin of human feeling, famously declaring, “To feel envy is human, to savour schadenfreude is devilish.” What you have over at the Muckraker is a bunch of devils who’re consumed by envy of the former President, his associates and friends. The Mook had tried to get into the Presidential circle, remember? He even called himself a “friend” of President Jagdeo. But knowing the beast and knowing that favours were going to be solicited, the President firmly said, “No thanks!” And the “never see...come fuh see” became green with envy at every honour that was showered on Jagdeo, even after he demitted office. Hell hath no fury like an exshallot seller scorned! Now this envy is not only psychological. This is from Wikipedia: “Brain-scanning studies show that schadenfreude is correlated with envy in subjects. Strong feelings of envy activated physical PAIN nodes in the brain’s dorsal anterior cingulate cortex; the brain’s reward centres, such as the ventral striatum, were activated by news that the people envied had suffered misfortune.” President Jagdeo had his bout with dengue treated and he is better. It’s a viral infection. Sadly the Mook and his helpmate have been  infected with envy for so long, their brains have been  fried. The pain!! The pain!!!

W INews? The schadenfreude that’s taken over at the MuckrakerKN appeared to have infected the folks at the iNews. That’s the local Internet news outfit who’ve somehow managed to get your email address and clogs up your inbox. Right now they’re caught in a “he seh...dem seh” story with the selfsame Muckraker. The iNews set the ball rolling when they almost instantaneously published a picture of Finance Minister Ashni Singh after his recent vehicular accident. In what can only be described as a “hatchet job” they wrote, “Eyewitnesses told iNews that the Minister appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.” Now what self-respecting outfit would print such an allegation about a Minister without any proof? After such an accident, wouldn’t the Minister be more plausibly described as “dazed”? What made the schadenfreude more obvious was the cover-up attempted by iNews after the Muckraker reported that APNU’s Harmon had claimed the hatchet job report suggested some envious motives. iNews disingenuously tried to wriggle out by claiming that Harmon is denying giving the quote to the Muckraker. Everyone in the business knows the Muckraker doesn’t even call Harmon and Ramjattan before “quoting” them – once its bashing the government. Nothing new there. The question is why’s iNews so stricken with schadenfreude of Minister Singh? ...eating Guyana’s entrails The schadenfreude of the opposition towards the government is what’s behind their willingness to destroy the country via the AML/CFT Bill.




Guyana, Brazil to conduct studies Guyana leads the way in Caribbean with Micro on road link, hydropower Science Project Birkett said this new development stemmed from a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Infrastructure Development that was signed by the two countries on December 5, 2012, with the primary objective of stimulating projects in the area of hydropower, road development, and the construction of a deepwater port. Through the MoU, a Guyana-Brazil Joint Technical Working Group was established with the mandate to craft proposals for concrete actions. The technical group was also required to submit timetables for the construction of hydroelectric plants and transmission lines, in addition to the construction of a deepwater port and upgrades to the GuyanaBrazil road link.

Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett


uyana and Brazil have given the green light for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to be carried out in Mazaruni to determine the best location for hydropower development. Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett made this disclosure during Thursday’s sitting of the National Assembly. This agreement has paved the way for the Government of Guyana to commence a sensitisation programme. According to

Minister Rodrigues-Birkett, political parties in the National Assembly in addition to other stakeholders, including the communities in the Middle and Upper Mazaruni, will be briefed on the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. “Needless to say, these are pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and no decisions will be taken until these studies have been completed,” the Foreign Affairs Minister was keen on noting. Minister Rodrigues-


Following the staging of four meetings – three in Georgetown and one in Boa Vista – the Joint Technical Working Group submitted its report in July 2013 to Guyanese President Donald Ramotar and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. It was in this report that the group recommended that pre-feasibility and feasibility studies be carried out at two sites in the Middle and Upper Mazaruni in order to make a determination on the way forward.

“Upon receiving the report of the Joint Working Group with the aforementioned recommendations, the two presidents endorsed the report and approved the establishment of a Joint Commission for the Development of the Infrastructure Projects in Guyana,” the Foreign Affairs Minister reported to the House. The commission would be led by Ambassador Elisabeth Harper. But in addition to the development of hydropower in the Middle and Upper Mazaruni, the Joint Working Group also recommended that an engineering design be done for the Linden-Lethem road. This is necessary for the project to be accelerated, complementing work already done. Regarding the development of a deepwater port, Minister Rodrigues-Birkett said it was recognised that the road and the port are separate projects; however, they are interrelated. “The port will be dependent in part on goods coming out of Brazil, mainly the city of Manaus,” she explained, noting that the route will reduce time and costs associated with exports from the north of Brazil. According to the minister, if there are positive movements with the road and hydropower development, automatic interest in the port will be generated by the private sector.

Persaud concerned about low quarry production – criteria for granting licences to be reviewed


atural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud has expressed serious concerns with the poor productivity of the quarrying sector. Last month, quarry production was recorded at 50,197 tonnes compared to 52,360 tonnes for the corresponding period in 2013. Thus far for the month of February, the figures remain unsatisfactory, the Government Information Agency (GINA) has reported. Minister Persaud explained that the Government has a more than $3 billion road programme that requires a substantial amount of quarry materials. This is in addition to the sea and river defence and housing development projects (both in the public and private sector). “Many of the Government as well the private contractors are themselves complaining, and have reported of their inability to access the type and quantity of quarry products that they need,” the Minister lamented. Concerns have also been raised by stakeholders about pricing, but this is determined by the market. The

Ministry’s primary interest is to get quarry operators and producers to increase and improve their production which they had pledged to do, at a meeting earlier this year. This was the basis on which they were granted licences to operate. In January, Minister Persaud convened meetings with quarry and sand and loam pit operators with the aim of advising them on projects and the projected quantities of materials that will be needed to satisfy the demand, so that they can structure their operations accordingly.


“We have been given the assurance by all the operators that they intended to not only maintain the 2013 level which was considerably higher than 2012, but also to increase and expand…but I am dissatisfied that operators are not responding, and not producing adequately to satisfy the demands, be it for roads or other areas of the construction sector,” Minister Persaud said. Operators have provided a number of reasons for the low production figures including: equipment failure,

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud

difficulties in clearing equipment spares, shortage of labour, and other logistical issues. The Ministry has since intervened, paving the way for operators to meet with officials from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to iron out some of the issues and to continue to engage them in discussions with a view to resolving this problem. However, Minister Persaud said much more could be done on the part of the operators. Against this

backdrop, Cabinet has mandated that the conditions under which quarrying licences are granted be reviewed to ensure that this resource is adequately utilised and that developmental projects are not held back as a result of poor production. The Ministry is also encouraging investors who are interested in quarrying to go into the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to look at available areas. Minister Persaud said this will bring more players into the sector, and increase the competition. He also explained that if the issue of low production persists, then the country will have to go in the direction of importing stones, which a few contractors and operators are already doing. “We have to put more stringent conditions to ensure that if people have this resource, they utilise it, and if they cannot utilise it, that they relinquish it, so that it can be made available to others… we have vast resources in terms of quarry, so complaints about inadequate supply or availability should not be an issue,” the minister said.

Students using the micro science kits


ith the investment of millions in micro science kits, the Education Ministry, through its National Science Unit, has placed Guyana in the top position in the region with the Global Micro Science Experiment Project. This is according to the National Science Coordinator and Head of the country’s Science Unit, Petal Punalall, who said Guyana was using the kits more than any other Caribbean countries. The project, which was developed and promoted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), is a science education project that gives primary and secondary school students, as well as university students the opportunity to conduct practical work in physics, chemistry, and biology, using kits that come with booklets describing scientific experiments. According to Punalall, with the support of UNESCO, the ministry was able to supply more than 40 schools with the micro science kits to boost the delivery of science subjects and student performance.

Punalall said many more kits are expected to be distributed to schools this year, with the aim of all secondary schools being equipped with them by 2016. The Science Coordinator explained that the project was implemented in phases, because introducing the kits to all the schools at one time would have been overwhelming, especially as it relates to training. She noted that teachers are trained from the first set of schools and they in turn assist in training the newer set of teachers in their regions to use the kits. She added that regional teams have also been established to help train teachers and students in using the kits. Punalall pointed out that the ministry has undertaken to adopt this kit in secondary schools, since it facilitates the entire CXC syllabus in Biology and Chemistry and most of the Physics CXC syllabus. She noted that the kits were initially being introduced to Grades 10 and 11 in the secondary schools; however, the project was expanded to accommodate Grade Seven.


The head of the country’s Science Unit further stated that a pilot project will soon be launched in 17 primary schools for usage of the micro science kits. She went on to say that this is not the first time Guyana has embarked on implementing the project, which was unsuccessfully tried a few years ago. Currently, not many countries in the Caribbean are having the same success with the project; for example, Jamaica saw its implementation scheme collapse and Guyanese officials were called in to assist the island in resuscitating the project. In addition, the importance of these kits was even more highlighted, since they were part of the national prize package for the 12 national winners of the inaugural Sagicor Visionaries Challenge Competition held last year.

“The Ministry of Education has embarked on interventions such as this one to help with increasing the number of students who select the sciences as a field of study. These kits are easy to transport and are costeffective; they are safe and utilise very small amount of chemicals,” she stated, adding that “they can also be used outside of a science laboratory and in a classroom so these kits, therefore, bring the practical experiences to the students where science laboratory facilities may be absent or limited such as the interior schools.” When the project first began, UNESCO had sent consultants to help with the initial stages of training. The ministry had started the pilot project with just 15 schools in 2012 and by the end of 2013, more than 40 schools were using the kits.

Primary schools




Chaos reigns as Christ Church suffers fire scare

De headitor seh that de Mook seh that Harmon seh


Students of Christ Church Secondary School on the road after a fire scare at the school


t was a chaotic scene at the intersection of Middle and Camp Streets on Thursday afternoon when a fire scare sent students of the Christ Church Secondary School scampering out of their classrooms on to the road. The incident occurred around 13:30h. According to information reaching Guyana Times, a few ex-

ternal wires sparked, causing officials to evacuate the school compound. A few minutes after, a Guyana Power and Light (GPL) team arrived on the scheme and was seen working on a nearby power source. However, a few minutes later, things were under control and the students were called back into the building. This newspaper was

informed by a staffer that classes would have resumed and the students would have been dismissed at the standard 15:00h, so that order is maintained. Meanwhile, an eyewitness told this newspaper that he was passing by when he saw smoke emanating from a pipe line which is used by the GPL to cover the electrical wires. Speaking to

this publication also were a few students who recalled their experience. One female student said they were in class when they began to smell something burning and suddenly smoke was seen coming from in front of the school. Another student explained that the scent was very strong; however, they were subsequently evacuated from the building.

e headitor used to have to seh whah Burnt Ham want he fuh seh. De same headitor had to start sayin whah de Heights Man want he fuh seh. In dem times, de guvament does never have any ting fuh seh. So de headitor does have to find some ting fuh seh, and he used to mek up whah ever he used to seh. Old people seh de more tings change is de more dem remain de same. And people seh old people don’t tell lie, because indeed de more de headitor get old is de more he stay de same. Now de headitor does have to seh whah Mook Lall seh. But de Mook does stammer before he can seh whah ever he have to seh, except when he was beggin to get back he visa. So fuh de Mook to seh whah he want de headitor fuh seh is always tough fuh de Mook to seh. And that is not whah people alone seh. That is whah de headitor self seh. And that is whah a reporter who leff de Mook and seh de Mook beg he fuh go back seh. And that is no he seh, she seh and dem seh. That is whah de facts seh. And de facts ketch all of dem lyin both wid whah dem seh and wid whah dem seh dem never seh. De headitor seh that Mook Lall seh that Harmon seh whah de Kocheur News seh bout whah INews seh. But Fareeza seh that INews never seh whah Kocheur News seh that Harmon seh. And Harmon seh that he never seh whah de Kocheur News seh that he seh. But de headitor seh that de Mook seh that he could seh whah Harmon never seh. Finally, Robert seh that he does never tell Fareeza and INews whah fuh seh, and Fareeza seh she only seh whah people pun de road seh. And again, de Kocheur News get ketch sayin whah no body never seh. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! And de A-Gee seh that he had only want fuh hear whah de other driver had to seh. But de driver only seh three million and de A-Gee didn’t want fuh hear any ting more whah he had to seh.

Another cosmetologist caught with cocaine at CJIA


Toronto Canadabased woman was brought before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry on Thursday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to the charge of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Asharay Corbin, a cosmetologist, who stayed at Lot 125 Bagotville, East Bank Demerara, pleaded not guilty to the charge. It was alleged that on Wednesday, February 26, at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the defendant had in her possession 6.116 kilograms of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Prosecutor Oswald Massiah said on the day in question the accused had two packets of an unusual substance in her suitcase,

which was revealed during a scan of her luggage by a CANU officer. The defendant was subsequently arrested. Massiah said the defendant, who migrated to Canada in 1993, received a call from a Dwayne Williams, who offered to pay her US$10,000 to transport the illegal substance to Canada and purchase her tickets to travel to Guyana, which she could not have afforded at the time. The accused arrived in Guyana on February 19. According to the prosecutor, her flight back to Canada was originally scheduled for February 24, but it was cancelled and rebooked for February 26. Bail was refused by the Chief Magistrate. The accused is expected to make another court appearance today at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.

Man charged for possession of cannabis


22-year-old man appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on Thursday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts charged for possession of cannabis.

Andrew Jordon, of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara, pleaded guilty to the charge

after it was alleged that he had in his possession one gram of cannabis. The defendant was fined $3000 by the Chief Magistrate and sentenced to six months’ community service, to be served every Sunday at the Palms.

11 News


Rohee lauds anti-drug agencies Govt delivers over $41.3M in promises to Region Five residents for recent busts – new secondary department included

Local Government and Regional Development Minister Norman Whittaker and Region Five officials in discussion with residents at Blairmont


n annexe has been constructed at the Woodley Park Primary School in Region Five to cater for the delivery of secondary education for more than 150 students, including those of the Woodley Park and Rosignol Primary Top. This facility, costing more than $19 million, was among nine projects, totalling about $41.3 million that were commissioned on Wednesday by Local Government and Regional Development Minister Norman Whittaker. Accompanying the Minister was the Regional Chairman Bindrabhan Bisnauth. The projects were all executed in response to the needs of the residents put forward during consultations with the Minister and other local government officials, including representatives from the Region Five Regional Democratic Council (RDC).

Increased access

Minister Whittaker noted that the annexe is in line with government’s move to expand access to secondary education across the country. The Education Ministry therefore took the responsibility to commission two new ‘A’ list schools and move towards the construction of structures to host two new secondary schools at Woodley Park and Novar. “One of the important indicators of the standard of living of the people of any country is the level of attainment of education, and that is why government is putting significant amounts of it, because we believe education is what is going to take our people out of poverty,” Whittaker noted at a ceremony held at Woodley Park Primary School. “I am happy like you are because of the prominence that we give to providing infrastructure so teaching and learning can take place at all levels. We have found it fitting to invest a substantial sum of money to ensure that we have a structure here, and to ensure that movement from merely being a primary school with a secondary top become history and we now have a discrete secondary school,” he said. The Regional Chairman

explained that, originally, it was planned that the school be one structure; an upper flat, but that the region was able to complete a bottom flat because of its astute management of its finance. In the end from a budget of $18.5 million, the top flat of the facility was constructed at a cost of $14.6 million and the bottom flat at a cost of $4.9 million. Bisnauth said that the RDC will move towards getting the facility equipped to facilitate use as soon as March. The Minister also commissioned, in the Bath/ Woodley Park area, a street from the main public road to the first cross street that facilitates over 300 residents, including farmers' and students' access into the new housing area at Block D1. It was constructed at a cost of $2.1 million. There was also the upgrade to a street in Experiment Housing Scheme valued at $5.2 million, which will benefit 700 residents and the construction of a fence for the Block D Community Centre Ground, valued close to a million dollars.

Drainage and irrigation

In the Blairmont Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), three projects were commissioned with a total cost of $8 million. Bisnauth explained that the region was provided in its 2013 budget, the $8 million to facilitate one project in the area, but after consultation with residents it was agreed that the three projects would be executed. These include two culverts; one next to the main road in the NDC, to the cost of $3.5 million and the other across the main road, to the cost of $3.1 million. The third project was a green heart timber bridge across the main road, which despite costing just $1.37 million is benefiting 10,000 residents including residents, farmers, fishermen, students and Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) workers. In the Rosignol/Zeelust NDC, a green heart timber bridge constructed at Bennett Dam was commis-

sioned, as was a culvert at Yank Dam. The bridge costs $3.5 million and the culvert $1.9 million. The culvert is benefiting over 2000 residents, providing drainage for the entire section between Yank Dam to Bennett Dam.


n wake of the recent interception of drug mules at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has lauded the efforts of the Guyana Police Force’s Anti Narcotics Unit, as well as the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU). In a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), Rohee said the fact that persons are being intercepted shows how effectively both the police and CANU are working at the CJIA and at the Ogle International Airport. “These people who are plying the trade for a living are at a great risk; obviously, they are going to be caught, because interception at these ports has increased significantly as a result of the training,” Minister Rohee said. He is convinced that it is the training of personnel

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

from both agencies that has helped build capacity to identify persons who are involved in the drug trade. In addition, Minister Rohee stated that he was also pleased with the additional security measures which were implemented by the CJIA Security

Committee. “Every month, we have a meeting with the CJIA Security Committee, and we look at ways how we can improve the security arrangement, we have made several arrangements, and we believe that they are bearing fruits.” Hence, Rohee said he was pleased with the cooperation among the administration, the management of the CJIA, law enforcement, and commercial and cargo airline operators who have all aided in combating the drug trade. In January of last year, a $414.8 million baggage scanner was commissioned at the CJIA to monitor incoming and outgoing luggage at that port. Since then, there has been an increase in the number of interceptions made by law enforcement agencies, and persons attempting to smuggle drugs out of the country.



Army to pay special attention to recruitment – Phillips C hief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Brigadier Mark Phillips on Thursday said intense focus would be placed on human resource development this year with special attention on increasing recruitment as was recommended by the Disciplined Force Commission some years ago. Addressing his first officers’ conference since being appointed army chief, Phillips told his charges that while the report recommended that adequate equipment be provided to the coastguards to enable the suppression of illegal fishing, and narcotics, weapons and other contraband smuggling, he was pleased to report that three patrol boats, acquired under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), were recently handed over to the Coast Guard. Additionally, he said, two more boats acquired by

the government will be delivered to the Coast Guard in July. He continued that the military force is on target as it relates to increased manpower, with more than 800 applications being processed for the Standard Officers and Basic Recruit Courses due for commencement in March.

Aviation resources

As it relates to aviation resources, Phillips disclosed that two Bell 206 helicopters have been acquired and have contributed significantly to support the various law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime. He disclosed that the Defence Board and GDF are currently in discussion as it relates to the rehabilitation and replacement of its existing fleet of rotary and fixedwing aircraft. He ended by saying that on the eve of the GDF’s 50th anniversary, the force pledges to continue to be the stable band of the

country and provide leadership within the force and society. The two-day conference is being held under the theme “Towards greater operational readiness for national defence and security” at the army’s Base Camp Ayanganna. At the conference’s opening ceremony, several officials of law enforcement agencies were present. In attendance were: President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle and Director of Prisons Welton Trotz among other high ranking officials.

National interest

Phillips said that the future of the Guyana Defence Force must emerge from the efforts undertaken at the conference. He noted that the conference will focus on occurrences of the past with the aim of employ-

ing the experience gained in the future. He reflected on the establishment of the GDF and its aims and objectives. Phillips said the GDF has, from its establishment to date, remained critical in safeguarding the country’s national interest. He spoke about Guyana’s location and the prevalence of territorial disputes in the region, which have been addressed by international structures that promote peace. “We are also aware that Guyana’s ties with its sister Caricom countries is the centrepiece of its international relations; likewise Guyana’s membership with the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and the South American Defence Council…

for peaceful resolution of our territorial disputes through diplomacy and mutual respect for international law,” he stated. However, the Chief-ofStaff pointed out that, nevertheless, the army should be ready to defend Guyana and cannot delegate this duty to any third party. He noted that national defence and security are public goods that are non-exclusionary and once delivered effectively will benefit the people; as such, if national security is compromised or threatened, it becomes an issue for everyone. Phillips highlighted some of the areas focused on in the Strategic Defence Review process, done internally

over the past four years. He went on to say that as military officers, ranks subordinate themselves to the rule of law, civilian control of the GDF, and refrain from participating in parties and politics. He added that the army’s operating environment indicates an expanding list of missions, trials, territorial security, public security, and citizens security while dealing with complex emergencies. “The same contemporary operating environment dictates a higher level of accountability in all respects for our officers and ranks. Likewise joint operations and interagency coordinated activities will become more intense in 2014,” he pointed out.

Woman found dead in Mazaruni area


ours after the partially decomposed body of a Plaisance woman suspected to have been raped and murdered was found in a cemetery at Paradise, East Coast Demerara, another woman was found in the Mazaruni area on Thursday morning. Information reaching this newspaper revealed that the woman might have met her demise in a similar

manner and that the act had to have been committed between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. A police source said a team of investigators travelled up to the area, but owing to the terrain, it will take them some time to reach the murder scene and return to Bartica. He added that they have received information about the discovery of the body, but the woman’s iden-

tity is still not known. The woman was reportedly found by the owner of a shop when he opened for business on Thursday about 05:30h. He has disclosed that from initial reports, the woman had a gash to her throat and had been found near the shop along the Mazaruni trail. No one has been arrested.

CANU issues wanted bulletin for man allegedly linked to cocaine in achar


he Customs AntiNarcotics Unit (CANU) issued a wanted bulletin on Wednesday evening for the man who is believed to be the principal in the most recent cocaine shipment intercepted at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. The wanted bulletin was issued for Dwayne Williams after evidence allegedly linked him directly to the cocaine. CANU said the wanted man is also known as Dwayne Hubert Williams and “Splicer”. His known addresses were given as Greenheart Street, South

Wanted: Dwayne Williams

Ruimveldt and Lot 50 New Hope, East Bank Demerara. According to CANU Prosecutor Oswald Massiah in court on Thursday, the defendant Asharay Corbin, who migrated to Canada in 1993, received a call from Williams who offered to purchase her tickets to travel to Guyana, which she could

not have afforded at the time. He also offered to pay her US$10,000, if she transported 6.116 kilograms of cocaine back to Canada. The accused agreed and arrived in Guyana on February 19. According to the prosecutor, her flight back to Canada was originally scheduled for February 24, but it was cancelled and rebooked for February 26. According to information received, while Corbin’s suitcase was being scanned at the airport, a blackish substance was noticed, and taking into consideration the previous incident of cocaine being found in achar, the suitcase was searched, leading to the discovery of small packets containing the cocaine in achar. Ranks informed the woman of their suspicions and she was escorted to the search area where she was interrogated. She was then taken to CANU headquarters where the cocaine was extracted and weighed.




Republic Bank honours Hindus celebrate Maha Shivraatri on the UG top graduates Essequibo Coast R epublic Bank Guyana Limited on Wednesday rewarded two outstanding graduates of the University of Guyana. Receiving the awards were Best Graduating Student in the Social Sciences, Eileen Marray, who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, and Vikesh Persaud who graduated with a Diploma in Banking and Finance. In a simple ceremony held at the bank’s head office on New Market Street, Managing Director John Alves extended congratulations to the awardees, stating that academic excellence was critical to national development. “Having accomplished this feat, I wish to challenge Eileen and Vikesh to be agents of change in their areas of influence. This is not just your success but an opportunity for you to contribute meaningfully to Guyana’s and your own upliftment as you apply your newly-earned knowledge and skills in your chosen career path,” he encouraged. University of Guyana Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi, who was also present at the ceremony, expressed thanks to the bank for its interest in the development of the university and the country at large. To the awardees, he offered words of encouragement, urging them to always pursue excellence, noting that excellence is a mark and a deliberate decision. He also encouraged them

University of Guyana Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi

to celebrate their success and to motivate someone by their success. “This award should be the first of many. It should no way be the last; let accepting awards become a habit,” he further stated.

Good initiative

In her brief address, Deputy Chief Education Officer Doodmattie Singh expressed thanks on behalf of the Education Ministry for Republic Bank coming onboard with the initiative. She noted that she was pleasantly surprised to learn that none of the two awardees was employed by the Bank yet the entity had rewarded them. The awardees expressed thanks to the bank and every individual who had a role to play in their success. They also promised to continue the hard work and to

Republic Bank Managing Director John Alves

ensure that the confidence placed in them is never diminished. Among those present at the ceremony were Technical Coordinator at the Education Ministry, Melcita Bovell; Director at the Centre for Communication Studies, Dr Paloma Mohamed; and Deputy Vice Chancellor Phillip DaSilva. The awards are a component of the Republic Bank’s Power to Make a Difference social investment initiative and are a part of an ongoing multifaceted partnership with the University of Guyana as the bank seeks to instil in students the power to learn and succeed. Other aspects included scholarships, Career Coach for final-year students to prepare themselves for the world of work, and the provision of business journals to the tertiary institution’s library.

Devotees performing puja in observance of the religious day


housands of Hindus on the Essequibo Coast partook in Maha Shivraatri celebrations at their respective temples. Although the festival is celebrated mostly at nights, Hindus gathered in the day performing religious rituals in their Shiva Temples. Hawan, along with puja, was performed in the Shiva Temple. There was also the reciting of the mantra (prayer) Om Namaha Shivayah 108 times. Milk, dahee, ghee, water, and sweetmeats, along with bail patra leaves, were offered

Offerings being made to Lord Shiva Murti and Lingam

Finance Minister was not intoxicated – Nandlall


ttorney General Anil Nandlall said Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh was not intoxicated when his vehicle crashed into a car at the junction of Garnett and Delph Streets, Campbellville, Georgetown Sunday night. In a statement issued by the AG, it was disclosed that about 21:00h on Sunday at the junction of Garnett and Delph Streets, the Minister’s vehicle was involved in a vehicular collision with a motor car. Minister Singh, Nandlall said, was taken to a city hospital for medical attention shortly after the accident. He added that an associate of the Minister facilitated the driver of the vehicle and the lone passenger being taken to a city hospital for medical treatment. The matter was duly reported to the police and is being investigated, Nandlall said. According to him, without prejudice to the rights of all the parties to seek legal recourse, he met with the driver, the

the occasion to do so did not present itself,” Nandlall argued in his statement. He said it was hoped that his disclosure will bring to a swift end the speculations and inaccuracies, which are being peddled in the public domain in relation to and in connection with the matter.

Hawan being conducted in observance of Maha Shivraatri

to Lord Shiva. Worship of the Shiva Lingam (symbol) continued throughout the day (24

hours) at various temples on the coast. Meanwhile, as part of the observances, Hindus gathered along the river-

side as early as 05:00h taking a spiritual bath in the water of “Ganga”. Shivraatri falls on the 14th day of the dark half of the Hindu month of Maagh-Phalgun. The day is observed by keeping vraat (fast) and chanting of the mantra Om Namaha Shivayah 108 times. Lord Shiva is considered the destroyer of all negativity of the World, Shiva is one of the most popular gods of the Hindu religion. Lord Shiva forms the part of the Trimurti (Trinity) the other being Brahma, the creator, and Vishnu, the preserver. Shiva is known for the complexity of his nature, representing contradictory qualities.

OAS anti-corruption body to visit St Vincent

A Attorney General Anil Nandlall

owner of the vehicle, and the passenger with a view of exploring the possibility of bringing the matter to an amicable end. “Allegations that the Minister of Finance was intoxicated and failed to submit himself to a breathalyser test are rejected. Indeed, the minister was not invited to take a breathalyser test by anyone and in fact,

Commission from the OAS Mechanism for Follow-Up on the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption (MESICIC) will conduct, from April 22 to 24, an onsite visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines with the consent of the host country. This is part of the follow-up “inter pares” process carried out by the Mechanism in various countries of the region. The Commission will be made up of representatives from Panama and St Kitts and Nevis to the MESICIC. With support from the Legal

Cooperation Department of the Legal Affairs Secretariat of the OAS, in its capacity as the Technical Secretariat of the MESICIC, it will meet with representatives from oversight bodies responsible for preventing, detecting, and punishing corruption to review the manner in which the Inter-American Convention is being implemented. The purpose of the visit is to collect information in the field about how these organs perform their functions, which will serve as inputs for the preparation of the report to be drawn up by the MESICIC on St Vincent and the Grenadines in its

September 2014 meeting. It is expected that the Commission will meet with representatives of civil society, the private sector, professional associations, and academics in order to address topics related to the issues being analysed in the Fourth Round of the MESICIC. Within the framework of the Fourth Round of evaluations, the OAS Anticorruption Mechanism is also expected to visit Belize, Haiti, Grenada, Jamaica, and Suriname in April. The MESICIC is a cooperation mechanism between states, with the participa-

tion of civil society organisations, established within the framework of the OAS, in which the legal/institutional framework of each country is reviewed for suitability with the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, as well as the objective results achieved therein. The incorporation of onsite visits, with the consent of the countries, as a stage and integral part of the analysis represents an innovative and pioneering initiative of the OAS, which has further strengthened this reciprocal review process.




Kerry says U.S. not Jailed Cuban spy Fernando Gonzalez freed behind Venezuelan U unrest Among the latest world figures to speak out about the unrest, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis called on Wednesday for an end to violence that has killed at least 13 people and urged politicians to take the lead in calming the nation’s worst unrest in a decade. Students and other opponents of President Maduro are demanding that he quit over grievances including high inflation, shocking levels of violent crime, shortages of basic food, and what they say is his repression of political rivals.


A Venezuelan protester holds her country’s flag


.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has denied that Washington is behind the recent protests in Venezuela, adding that tensions between the two countries have lasted too long. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro convened a peace conference on Wednesday night with social and political actors in an attempt to end three weeks of sometimes deadly antigovernment protests in the deeply divided country. “Regrettably, President Maduro keeps choosing to blame the United States for things we are not doing or for things that they are unhappy about in their own economy and in their own society,” Kerry said on Wednesday, reported the AFP news agency.

Maduro has pushed for a renewal of ties between the two countries, which have not had full ambassadors since 2010, reflecting the bad blood between the trade partners since late President Hugo Chávez came to power in 1999.


“We’re prepared to have a change in this relationship, this tension between our countries has gone on for too long,” Kerry said. “But we are not going to sit around and be blamed for things we have never done.” In Caracas, Maduro welcomed Kerry’s reference to better ties. “I welcome the response by Secretary of State John Kerry (on) improving ties to Venezuela,” Maduro said at crisis talks largely spurned by the opposition.

The protests are the biggest challenge to Maduro’s 10-month-old administration, although there is no sign they could topple him or affect the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) nation’s oil shipments. Pope Francis told tens of thousands of people in St Peter’s Square he was “particularly concerned” by recent events, reported the Reuters news agency. “I sincerely hope the violence and hostility ends as soon as possible, and that the Venezuelan people, beginning with the responsible politicians and institutions, act to foster national reconciliation through mutual forgiveness and sincere dialogue,” Francis said during his weekly address. UN head Ban Ki-Moon called for “concrete gestures by all parties to reduce polarisation”, engage in dialogue and “seek common ground,” a statement to Reuters said. (Al Jazeera)

nited States authorities have released jailed Cuban agent Fernando Gonzalez from prison after he completed his sentence. He is the second of a group of spies who became known as the Cuban Five to be freed. They were convicted in 2001 on charges including conspiracy. Gonzalez is expected to be deported within days to Cuba, where he and his fellow spies are considered heroes. Prosecutors said the five had sought to infiltrate U.S. military bases and spied on Cuban exiles in Florida.

Since their conviction, the men have been at the centre of a vociferous campaign by the Cuban government to free them. Fernando Gonzalez, 54, was arrested in 1998 along with Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero, and Rene Gonzalez. The five were found guilty in 2001 of conspiracy and failure to register as foreign agents in the U.S. Cuba has always maintained they posed no threat to the U.S. as they were only monitoring anti-communist exiles in Florida with the

aim of preventing attacks by exiles on the communist-run island. Fernando Gonzalez was originally sentenced to 19 years, but his jail term was later reduced. At the time of his release in the early hours of Wednesday, he had served more than 15 years in prison. He is the second of the group to be freed after the release in 2011 of Renee Gonzalez. Renee Gonzalez returned to Cuba to a hero’s welcome and has been campaigning for the release of his fellow detainees. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Mexican President “indignant” at U.S. deportations


exican President Enrique Pena Nieto said he was “indignant” at the United States’ deportation of Mexican migrants and described U.S. lawmakers as demonstrating a “lack of conscience” in failing to pass immigration reform. In a television interview aired late on Wednesday, Pena Nieto said he and U.S. President Barack Obama discussed the issue during their meeting at a North American leaders’ summit held last week in Mexico. His emboldened comments to Mexico’s Univision channel followed days after his administration announced it had captured Mexico’s most wanted man, drug lord Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman. Pena Nieto has said any extradition of Guzman to the United States is likely to take time, underscoring the fact the drug lord still has outstanding time to serve in Mexico after a daring 2001 jail break, reportedly in a laundry cart. “Yes, it makes me indignant, and it makes Mexicans indignant,” Pena

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto gives a speech during a news conference, next to U.S. President Barack Obama and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper (both not pictured), at the North American Leaders’ Summit in Toluca near Mexico City, February 19

Nieto said in the interview, when asked whether deportations angered him. “There’s a lack of conscience, something which shouldn’t only alert and worry Mexicans, it should also worry the American government and they should take up the issue,” said Pena Nieto. Pena Nieto added that he sees a willingness on the part of the Obama administration to change immigra-

tion laws, and that reform which provides a path to citizenship should “have the backing and aid of the various political forces” in the U.S. A bill that would have provided ways for the approximately 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally to obtain citizenship recently stalled in the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Colombia’s ELN rebels admit attack Jamaica waives visas for on leftist candidate, apologise Chinese nationals


he National Liberation Army, Colombia’s secondbiggest guerrilla group, admitted on Thursday it was behind an attack last weekend on a leftist presidential candidate but said it was returning fire after being shot at first. A convoy carrying Aida Avella, 65, a contender from the Patriotic Union party, came under fire on Sunday as it travelled on a dirt road in the cattle-ranching and oil-rich north-eastern province of Arauca, where rebels of the ELN have a strong presence. The ELN, in a state-

ment, said it was attempting to stop the caravan of 12 vehicles with darkened windows to ascertain who was inside but came under fire first. “Instead of stopping, from the interior of one of the vehicles our guerrillas were fired at, and to protect themselves they fired back,” the ELN statement said. “We deeply regret the incident and apologise to the candidate Aida Avella. At the same time, we will take the necessary precautions to ensure that this does not happen again,” it said. The government earlier this week blamed the ELN,

and said police and military intelligence had overheard conversations between rebel members referring to the shots fired. Avella represents UP, a party founded in 1985 after a failed peace process brokered by then-President Belisario Betancur with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a Marxist rebel group. Some 5000 members and supporters of the UP were killed in the years after its creation by rightwing paramilitary groups set up by vigilantes protecting wealthy landowners. (Excerpt from Reuters)


he Jamaican Government has conditionally waived visa requirements for tourists from China travelling to the island as it moves to boost visitor arrivals from that Asian country. The announcement came Wednesday from Tourism and Entertainment Minister Wykeham McNeill during the post-Cabinet press briefing. It came a day after Government gave the clearest indication yet that the Chinese will get the go ahead to develop a transshipment port on the Goat Islands, despite protests. “In our efforts to ease

the difficulties experienced while harnessing the market potential, Cabinet has approved the conditional waiver of visa requirements for nationals of the People’s Republic of China who travel to Jamaica for tourism purposes for 30 days or less,” McNeill said. What now obtains is that, in many cases, Chinese citizens have to fly long distances to the Jamaican embassy in Beijing to apply for a visa. That, according to McNeill, has thwarted their efforts to travel to the island. Some 2420 visitors arrived in Jamaica from China last year, a 15 per cent in-

crease when compared to 2012. There was an increase of 24 per cent in 2012 over 2011. In 2012, Chinese nationals spent US$102 billion on outbound travel, helping the country earn the classification of the leading tourism source market in the world. “For many years we have recognised China’s potential for growth as a tourism source market for Jamaica, but have also remained cognisant of the difficulties entailed in developing this important market,” Information Minister Sandrea Falconer added. (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

15 Around the world FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2014

Armed standoff in pro-Russian World Bank postpones Ugandan loan over region raises Ukraine tension anti-gay law T T he United States told Russia to demonstrate in coming days that it was sincere about its promise not to intervene in Ukraine, after armed men seized the regional parliament in a mainly ethnic Russian region and raised the Russian flag. Crimea, the only Ukrainian region with an ethnic Russian majority, is the last big bastion of opposition to the new leadership in Kiev since pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich was ousted at the weekend. The region also provides a base for the Russian navy’s Black Sea Fleet. Kiev’s new rulers said any movement by Russian forces beyond the base’s territory would be tantamount to aggression. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had assured him by telephone that Moscow would not intervene militarily in its neighbour. “We believe that everybody now needs to take a step back and avoid any kind of provocations,” Kerry said at a joint news conference with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “We want to see in the next days ahead that the choices Russia makes conform to this affirmation we received

Armed men seize Crimea government headquarters in Ukraine

today.” Yanukovich, who fled Kiev after scores of demonstrators were killed last week, was expected to hold a news conference in Russia on Friday. He has declared he is still Ukraine’s president, but has lost support even in regions where the ethnic Ukrainian population

mainly speaks Russian as he does. Crimea, which was administered as part of Russia within the Soviet Union until it was transferred to Ukraine in 1954, is a more tendentious question. Separatism there has often flared up at times of tension between Moscow and Kiev. (Excerpt from Reuters)

he World Bank on Thursday said it postponed a US$90 million loan to Uganda’s health system over a law that toughened punishment for gays, an unusual move for an institution that usually avoids wading into politics. “We have postponed the project for further review to ensure that the development objectives would not be adversely affected by the enactment of this new law,” World Bank spokesman David Theis said in an email. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed an anti-gay bill earlier this week that strengthens already strict legislation against homosexuals, and makes it a crime to fail to report anyone who breaks the law. Homosexuality is a taboo in almost all African coun-

tries and illegal in 37, including in Uganda where it has been criminalised since British colonial rule. The World Bank, a poverty-fighting institution based in Washington, typically refrains from getting involved in countries’ internal politics or in contentious issues such as gay rights in order to avoid antagonising any of its 188 member countries. The bank still has a US$1.56 billion portfolio of projects in Uganda, which it ranks as one of the world’s poorest countries. The loan postponement follows the announcement by Norway and Denmark that they would hold back donations to Uganda because of the law. Other donors have also threatened to follow suit, and the United States said it was reviewing ties. (Excerpt from Reuters)

China says decision on Indian submarine INS Sindhuratna new air defence zone Navy says missing sailors are dead depends on threat T


hina said on Thursday any decision to set up new air defence identification zones would depend on the level of threat it faced in the air, following speculation it wants one for the disputed South China Sea. China alarmed Japan, South Korea, and the United States last year when it announced an air defence identification zone for the East China Sea, covering a group of uninhabited islands at the centre of a bitter ownership spat between China and Japan. Concern has grown since in Washington and Asian capitals that Beijing plans one for the South China Sea, where China is engaged in territorial disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei. Asked if China did plan

such a zone for the South China Sea, Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a monthly news conference that China, as a sovereign nation, had every right to set them up. “But whether or not to set up an air defence identification zone depends on the level of threat faced to security in the air, and all sorts of factors have to be considered,” Yang said, in comments on the Ministry’s website. “What needs stressing is that China has confidence that the general situation in the South China Sea and China’s relations with countries surrounding it is stable.” China, which is swiftly ramping up military spending, has regularly dispatched patrols to the East China Sea since it established the defence zone. (Reuters)

wo sailors who went missing after an accident on board a submarine off the coast of Mumbai on Wednesday are dead, India’s navy confirms. The INS Sindhuratna was being tested at sea when smoke triggered the automatic closure of hatches. Seven sailors injured in the incident are recovering in hospital. The vessel returned to port on Thursday

morning. Last year, 18 sailors died in one of the navy’s worst disasters when a submarine sank after a fire at a Mumbai dockyard. Initial investigations showed arms on board the Russian-built INS Sindhurakshak may have played a role in its sinking. On Wednesday night, Indian navy chief Admiral DK Joshi resigned, accept-

ing “moral responsibility” for this latest incident, as well as other operational accidents involving navy ships in recent months. Lieutenant Commander Kapish Muwal and Lieutenant Manoranjan Kumar died in the INS Sindhuratna incident, the navy confirmed on Thursday. “The two officers who were earlier declared missing have been located in the

compartment of the submarine and after examination by medical officers of the navy hospital, both the officers were declared dead,” a defence spokesman in Mumbai, Narendra Vispute, told the BBC. The vessel was towed back to port on Thursday morning and rescuers boarded the submarine searching for the trapped sailors, a navy spokesman said. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Al Jazeera launches global push to free staff


l Jazeera staff have joined journalist protests around the world as part of a Global Day of Action calling for the release of four Al Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt for months without trial. Journalists in 40 locations staged vigils in solidarity with the jailed Al Jazeera staff, highlighting the need for press freedom. All Al Jazeera staff gathered in the newsroom for a silent

protest on Thursday. Peter Greste, one of the jailed journalists, was elected chairman of the Foreign Correspondents Association of East Africa in absentia. The day of action began in Sydney, where a mixture of journalists, human rights activists, and supporters of media freedom came together to call for the release of Greste, an Australian citizen, and three colleagues. In the Yemeni capital,

Sanaa, Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman, the face of the Yemeni uprising of 2011, joined journalists and rights activists to demand their release. Martyr’s Square in Lebanese capital, Beirut, saw a big turnout of journalists and friends of the media, holding banners and posters saying ‘Journalism is not a crime’. Public events are also taking place in Manila,

Islamabad, Amman, Nairobi, Ankara, Berlin, London, Rio, Montreal, Washington DC, Kabul, and San Francisco. “We truly appreciate the solidarity from everybody right around the world,” said acting Al Jazeera Media Network General Director Mostefa Souag. He said the day of vigils and rallies “is about objective reporting and to ensure journalists cannot be gagged or silenced”. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Baghdad motorbike blast, other attacks kill 52 in Iraq


t least 52 people were killed Wednesday as a motorcycle rigged with explosives detonated in Baghdad’s Sadr City and militants targeted mostly Shiite neighbourhoods around the country. The motorcycle was parked in a second-hand bike market in the Shiite Muslim neighbourhood that was filled with people, mostly young men, when it exploded late Thursday afternoon, killing 31 and wounding 51 oth-

Masked Sunni Muslims gunmen take position with their weapons during their patrol in the city of Falluja, 70 kilometres (43 miles) west of Baghdad, February 26

ers, Iraqi medical and police sources said. Blood covered the ground, storefront windows were shattered and shoes and motorcycle parts were strewn around the market, according to a Reuters correspondent at the scene. Dozens of people were screaming for information about their relatives. A wounded man, who identified himself as Ahmed, rested in a nearby hospital. “I was about to leave the

market when a huge explosion happened,” Ahmed said. “I was hit in my face and my hands and when I got up, everyone was screaming and running towards me away from the blast.” It was not clear who was behind the bombing but violence against Shiites is often blamed on the Sunni Muslim Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), an al Qaedalinked group. Baghdad has been hit by wave after wave of bombings

since April as the precarious peace enjoyed since the end of Iraq’s sectarian war in 2008 has unravelled. Explosives and suicide bombs have been favoured by Sunni extremists as they seek to target Shiite areas and intimidate their own religious community. The latest bloodshed comes as Prime Minister Nouri Maliki wages a war against Sunni militants in western Anbar province neighbouring Syria. (Excerpt from Reuters)




Caribbean & Latin America

TT’s LNG fuels Singapore’s Ghana loses US$1.3B due to decline in cocoa and gold prices business


iquified natural gas (LNG) from TT is helping to fuel Singapore’s burgeoning LNG business, a report by Jonathan Kwok of Singapore’s Straits Times said on Tuesday. Singapore on Tuesday announced plans to build a second LNG terminal even as the country’s first terminal on Jurong Island was officially commissioned. Having LNG terminals means that Singapore can take in imports from all over the world, in addition to the natural

gas coming via pipes from Malaysia and Indonesia. The terminal, which started operations in May last year, has received shipments from Equatorial Guinea in Africa and TT in the Caribbean. The shipments have so far been for domestic use, but the terminal has the infrastructure to reload LNG into other vessels to be shipped elsewhere,” the report said. The Singapore LNG terminal can handle six million tonnes a year. Plans are under way for a fourth tank

and additional equipment to lift capacity to at least nine million tonnes a year by 2017. The terminal has space to accommodate seven tanks. “But that’s the limit because of land constraints,” said Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, speaking at the official opening of the Singapore LNG Terminal. “Therefore we will build a second LNG terminal.” LNG is the fuel used to generate most of the electricity used in Singapore. (Trinidad Guardian)

North America

GE seeks buyer for fuel dispenser unit


eneral Electric Co is preparing to sell its energy unit that makes fuel dispensers in a deal that is expected to fetch more than US$500 million, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday. The diversified conglomerate has recently contacted private equity firms and other parties to gauge their interest in buying its Wayne subsidiary, part of GE Energy, the people said. Credit Suisse Group is advising GE on the process, the

people said, asking not to be named because the sale plans are confidential. Wayne was part of Dresser Inc, the energy infrastructure company that GE bought in 2010 for US$3 billion. That deal marked its largest acquisition since the financial crisis and heralded a series of takeovers by GE in the energy space in following years. The Wayne unit, based in Austin, Texas, manufacturers fuel dispensers for petroleum retailers and commercial


hana, which is the world’s second largest producer of cocoa and gold, lost a whopping sum of US$1.3 billion in export revenues, as a result of the decline in prices of the two commodities on the international market last year. However, during the same period, the West African country spent a total of US$1.5 billion on the importation of con-

zen fish, poultry and vegetable cooking oil. He explained that institutions such as the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Ghana Gas Company, Volta River Authority (VRA), the Ghana Airport Company and Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) will be able to finance their investments through the fund without burdening the public debt stock. (allAfrica)


Melbourne IT snares NetRegistry in A$50.4M deal


fleets as well as compressed natural gas equipment. Representatives for GE and Credit Suisse declined to comment. Generally, GE is investing more in its energy businesses as the conglomerate seeks to become a dominant supplier of equipment and services to oil, natural gas and alternative power companies. However, the fuel dispenser business is at the low-end of GE’s energy offerings and is not a core interest. (Reuters)

sumables. As of 2013, the import bill of the country continued to rise to US$17 billion, while the country’s debt to GDP ratio currently stands at 52 per cent. President John Dramani Mahama disclosed in his State of the Nation’s Address in Accra. A breakdown of products imported included rice, sugar, wheat, tomato products, fro-

isted web-hosting provider Melbourne IT has acquired rival web domain registrar NetRegistry for A$50.4 million, in a deal that will merge the two biggest players in the domestic market. The cash-and-scrip deal, signed on Wednesday night, will give NetRegistry founder Larry Bloch and other shareholders a holding of less than 10 per cent in Melbourne IT, as well as cash of between AUD$38 million and A$45 million.

NetRegistry, which sells web domain names and hosts websites, was founded in 1997 by Bloch who, with his family, owns 51 per cent of the business. He will join the board of Melbourne IT as a non-executive director. The acquisition is pending regulatory approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and .au domain administration, which governs local web domain registrations. An ACCC spokesman said the watchdog was aware of the acquisition

but had not decided whether to investigate. Bloch told The Australian Financial Review he had fielded acquisition offers from others but agreed to sell to Melbourne IT to compete against U.S. entrants. “One of the reasons is that it is my view that the larger you are the more chance you have of being a winner in the space and NetRegistry and Melbourne IT are now a more significant business than we were individually,” he said. (Financial Review)

Middle East

Saudi govt plans to sell 15 per Spain begins privatisation of cent stake in largest lender bailed-out lender Bankia S Europe


pain’s government has started selling some of its stake in nationalised lender Bankia. It issued an initial offer of shares on Thursday worth 7.5 per cent of the bank. The Spanish government owns 68 per cent of the lender, having injected it with 18 billion euros (£14.8 billion) of EU-funded aid when a property crash brought the country to the brink of financial collapse.

Since then, Spain’s biggest bailed-out bank has returned to profit, with shares up 29 per cent so far this year. It made 512 million euros in 2013, compared with a loss of 19.2 billion euros the previous year – the biggest loss in Spanish corporate history. The government plans to sell off further small stakes this year, but no more than 18 per cent in total, because it wants to maintain control for

now. “This is truly a sign of the shift in perception and of the reality of our financial system,” said Spain’s Economy Minister Luis de Guindos. Bankia shares closed on Thursday at 1.58 euros each, implying a valuation of 1.36 billion euros for the stake. Its bailout in 2012 was part of a 41 billion-euro aid package from the European Union, designed to rescue Spain’s financial system. (BBC News)

Market statistics Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Cambio Rates

Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity

Bank of Guyana Cur






















Indicators as on February 25, 2014 Live Spot Gold

USD Per Once










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Indicators Crude Oil

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audi Arabia’s government plans to sell a 15 per cent stake in National Commercial Bank (NCB), the country’s largest lender by assets, in an initial public offer that would be the kingdom’s first bank IPO since 2008. Finance Minister Ibrahim Alassaf said the IPO plan would be submitted to the market regulator in the third quarter of this year, state news agency SPA reported on Thursday. Sovereign fund

Public Investment Fund will be the seller. The fund, which currently owns most of NCB, will also sell an additional 10 per cent stake to the government’s Public Pension Agency. Alassaf did not discuss the pricing of the IPO but it is likely to be one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest, since NCB has assets of US$101 billion and made a net profit of US$2.1 billion last year. Analysts said it would likely be one of the three largest

stocks on the Saudi bourse. NCB owns 90.7 per cent of investment firm NCB Capital and has a 66.3 per cent stake in Turkiye Finans Katilim Bankasi, an Islamic bank in Turkey. “The market has been waiting for years for this IPO and it will be a very strong addition to the banking sector and the overall economy,” said Turki Fadaak, head of research at local firm al-Bilad Investment Co. (Arabianbusiness)

Investors' guide

Tips for protecting your intellectual property (CONTINUED FROM THURSDAY)

There are three questions to always remember when sharing an idea: whom, when and how much. * Remember who you’re speaking to about your idea – is it a partner whose business would be aided by its success, or an employee who can steal your idea and make it his or her own? * Record when you disclosed information. If the meetings are documented clearly, with an attendance record, then they are admissible in court to prove the theft

of intellectual property. * Entrepreneurs often don’t know how much information to disclose. It is a good rule of thumb to disclose the minimal amount of information of the production phase when presenting your idea. In some cases it may be beneficial to mislead investors about the production process, as to detract any potential copycats. It is important, however, to get across the specific need your product fills, and its production margins. These are impor-

tant factors that investors and companies will pay attention to. In the corporate world, ideas are more valuable than cash. Major legal wars are fought over ideas, and a sub-culture of corporate espionage has even emerged to steal valuable trade secrets from competitors. Keep your valuable ideas clutched close to your chest and tread softly, when negotiating, but carry a big stick – in case those investors turn out to be copycats. (Business Dictionary)

Business concept – Authority

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52 Wk Lo: 12471.49

* Institutionalised and legal power inherent in a particular job, function, or position that is meant to enable its holder to successfully carry out his or her responsibilities. * Power that is delegated formally. It includes a right to command a situation, commit resources, give orders and expect them to be obeyed, it is always accompanied by an equal responsibility for one’s actions or a failure to act. * An agency or body created by a government to perform a specific function, such as environment management, power generation, or tax collection. * Judgment of a court or judicial opinion quoted in support of a legal argument.




Finance Minister referred to Privileges Committee for funding GINA, NCN

Thousands observe Maha Shivraatri


peaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman has ruled that a prima facie case has been established against Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh due to his failure to respond to the House on a series of matters raised by the opposition. As such, the matter has been referred to the Privileges Committee, where Dr Singh could be sanctioned if found in breach. Trotman’s ruling comes on the heels of complaints expressed by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Carl Greenidge through a motion dated December 13, 2013. It was stated that the Finance Minister had refused to comply with Resolution 15 which was passed in the National Assembly on June 27, 2012 for the minister to submit a report on all extra-budgetary agencies, including the Guyana Development (Lotto) Fund and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC).

Prima facie case

A prima facie case was not made out against Dr Singh with regard to the authorised release of $217 million to the National Communications Network (NCN) and the Government Information Agency (GINA) between November 7 and December 12, 2013 in spite of the National Assembly’s non-approval of the $843.913 million sought in the 2013 National Budget. However, Trotman said this matter will also be sent to the Privileges Committee. The Speaker made his ruling on Thursday. “Members must be seen to be at the forefront of the effort to uphold the authority and dignity of the National Assembly,” Trotman said in his ruling. He pointed out that although the National Assembly passed Resolution No 15 on June 27, 2012, to date Dr Singh has not complied. At this stage, it is impossible to determine whether the Finance Minister’s non-compliance is deliberate or whether he misunderstood the Resolution or had difficulty implementing it, without hearing from him. “All these questions will be

Children gathered for the Hindu observance, Maha Shivraatri

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh

considered by the Privileges Committee,” he posited.

has to be evidence of an instruction or a command. On the basis of clarity, he said “had the National Assembly passed a Resolution directing the Honourable Minster to act or omit to act, in certain definite and specific ways in relation to the monies for NCN and GINA, the position would have been different.” In Greenidge’s motion, he pointed out that the 10th Parliament passed Resolution No 15 instructing Dr Singh to lay a report on all of the extra-budgetary agencies, including the Development (Lotto) Fund and GGMC. Additionally the minister was required to direct all those extra-budgetary agencies with outstanding reports including audit and financial reports, to pay all monies being held in the Consolidated Fund by June 30, 2012. “Seventeen months after the aforesaid Resolution was passed in the National Assembly the Honourable Minister of Finance has refused to comply with the Resolution.” He said too that the minister authorised the release of funds for NCN and GINA although it was not approved by the House. “The National Assembly signals its unanimous disapproval of the Honourable Minister of Finance’s flagrant disregard of its decisions and that the manner be referred to the Privileges Committee in keeping with Standing Order 32.” The motion was seconded by Alliance For Change Leader Khemraj Ramjattan.

Wrongdoing not established

Trotman added, “In the circumstances, and in the absence of any reasonable explanation from the Honourable Minister of Finance as to why Resolution 15 has not been complied with, I am of the opinion that a prima facie case has been made out.” Though referring the matter to the Privileges Committee, the Speaker made it clear that such a referral does not indicate that the Minister is guilty of any wrongdoing. With regard to the alleged unauthorised release of funds to NCN and GINA in 2013, Trotman recollected that on April 18, 2013, the National Assembly issued a legitimate command to the subject Minister regarding the release of funds to NCN and GINA. However, it was noted that the Finance Minister relied on the legal advice received regarding the “Preliminary Ruling” of Chief Justice (Attorney General) Ian Chang issued in July 2012. “On the face of it, there are, in my considered opinion, insufficient facts to support the contention that the National Assembly issued a legitimate instruction or command to the Honourable Minister of Finance regarding the release of monies to NCN and GINA and further and most importantly, that, instruction of command was disobeyed,” the Speaker stated in his ruling. He further added, before there can be a prima facie case for contempt, there


indus in Guyana and around the world on Thursday celebrated Maha Shivraatri – an occasion dedicated to reverence of Lord Shiva, on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha every year in the month of Maagh, according to the Hindu calendar. Thousands of Guyanese devotees gathered at various temples around the country to commemorate the day. Guyana Times visited the Cove and John Ashram on the East Coast Demerara where thousands paid homage to Shiva.

that all religions can enjoy equal recognition in society. “Do not take that for granted, because we will keep preserving it, we will constantly build the prosperity of our country and prosperity has generally been associated with the PPP/C Government,” President Ramotar told the gathering. “Over the last eight years, you would have noticed that the country has grown rapidly. Noticeable

culture in the local multicultural society. Meanwhile, Swamiji Vidyanandaji Mahany, who is the Director for Ashrams in North and South America, told devotees that the main purpose in life is to serve and help others. He further stated that all persons should ask of themselves “What is my duty in life and who am I?” He also highlighted that sacrifice is the key to achiev-


Devotees were seen singing bhajans, performing hawan, offering prayers and other items such as fruits and sweets to Lord Shiva. Speaking at the event, President Ramotar told the gathering that as they pay reverence to Lord Shiva, they should try to apply his teachings to what the country is experiencing today. President Ramotar noted that as one looks around, there are many conflicts, and Guyana is not without its share. He reminded that the country is a multicultural and multiethnic society which brings together individual strengths and tolerance, which are important for Guyana’s development. “We bring different perspectives to the various issues that we face… there was a time when jobs were not available for people in different religious backgrounds, when you had to change your name to get a job in the civil service or to be a teacher,” the President said. He mentioned the late President, Dr Cheddi Jagan who had a vision for the equality of mankind, explaining that he struggled so

President Donald Ramotar greeting the Swami at the Cove and John Ashram where Maha ShivRaatri was being observed

was the transformation of the country’s landscape – thousands of schools constructed to ensure education delivery for every child; housing development, with more than 100,000 house lots distributed to both the low income and middle income …,” he stated


President Ramotar emphasised that these achievements were the results of a lot of struggle and sacrifice, which is still occurring today. Indian High Commission First Secretary Tirath Singh, who gave an overview of the festival and its significance, lauded Guyana for preserving the Indian

ing anything and that mothers are very important to this world. Guyana Times also visited the Radha Krishna Mandir located at Camp and Quamina Streets where devotees were also seen offering prayers and sweets to Lord Shiva. Speaking to this newspaper was Balram Raghubir, who stated that this day is a big day for Hindus in Guyana. He elaborated that when Hindus pray on this day, devotees will receive “a lot of blessings such as – good health, wealth and prosperity in everything that they put their hands to.” Maha Shivraatri will end today.

Two men on bail for simple larceny


wo men appeared on Thursday before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to the charges of simple larceny and break and enter. Troy Harris, the number two accused, of Lot 548

B Field, Sophia, Greater Georgetown, and Adrian Daly, the number one accused of Lot 198 Charlotte Street, Georgetown, both pleaded not guilty to the charges. It was alleged that during the period of Saturday, February 22 and Tuesday, February 25, the defendants broke and

entered Guyana Stores Limited. The duo also pleaded not guilty to the second charge that between Saturday, February 22 and Tuesday, February 25, they stole 19 flat-screen televisions valued $2,919,488; nine DVD players valued $141,000; two microwaves;

five remote controls; one curtain set; one curling iron; and other items, all valued $3,825,840.00, all property of Guyana Stores. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant said during the period in question, the manager secured the store, but when the store was reopened after the hol-

iday, the items mentioned were missing. A report was subsequently made. Grant noted that ranks of the Guyana Police Force, acting upon a tip, caught up with five persons but only two were apprehended, and they led the ranks to a house where some of the articles mentioned

were found. The other three persons escaped. The Prosecutor objected to bail, because of the seriousness of the offence and the penalties attached. Bail was granted in the sum of $300,000 each. The defendants are expected to make another court appearance on April 2.





By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) You have good ideas and should plan to move forward. The encouragement you receive will help you reach your destination. Strive for success and share your victory with loved ones.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) You may have been neglecting your self-improvement goals. Engage in some pleasurable physical activity, and you will be rewarded with better health, renewed energy and a sense of fulfilment.


PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Be sensitive, open and honest in your dealings with loved ones. If they feel you are holding back, it may cause irreparable damage to your most intimate relationships.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Even if you are happy with life, new and rewarding experiences are worth checking out. Take advantage of opportunities that promise to broaden your horizons and indulge your curiosity.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Take steps to cultivate beneficial partnerships, deal with unsatisfying financial matters and initiate new strategies for moving forward. You need a concrete agenda and decisive action to get what you want.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Use a confident and direct approach in all your affairs today. Be assertive when asking for what you want. Sitting back quietly and hoping for results will accomplish nothing.

PEANUTS ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Don’t try so hard. It isn’t necessary to go to extreme lengths to gain the approval of your colleagues. Your kindness, generosity and compassion will create a favourable impression.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Recreation and entertainment are the order of the day. Romance, travel, or interesting pastimes will generate excitement. Put mundane activities on hold for the time being.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23) It’s a good day to reassess your love life and family relationships. If you are not satisfied, now is the time to make a positive change. Consider the needs of others as well as your own.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) You’ll become irritated and upset over minor issues. Rather than allowing yourself to become distraught over small details, bite your tongue and save your energies for more important matters.

Thursday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20) There are many places where your talents can be put to good use. Make others aware of your capabilities by confidently presenting what you have to offer.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) Put your worries on the back burner. Disagreements, work and problems with meddlers will lead to bitterness. Get outside to remind yourself of the beauty of nature.

Sports 19


Friday, february 28, 2014


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Regional umpires, match referees complete two-day training seminar


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ICC Umpires Manager David Levens observes a working group


embers of the West Indies Cricket Board’s senior umpires’ panel and 24 match referees wrapped up two days of training on Wednesday here. With the Regional Four-Day Tournament set to begin on Friday and the ultimate aim of improving the quality of officiating, it was timely that the WICB, in collaboration with the International Cricket Council, the sport’s World governing body, staged the training seminar. International Cricket Council (ICC) Umpires Peformance and Training Manager Simon Taufel, a former ICC elite umpire from Australia, and ICC Umpires’ coach David

Levens, along with four of the region’s leading umpires – retired international umpire Goaland Greaves, as well as current international umpires Nigel Duguid, Gregory Brathwaite and Joel Wilson were among the facilitators for the seminar. “This is a great initiative which will benefit our umpires and match referee,” said WICB project officer – cricket operations Rawl Lewis. “A seminar like this are a great way to raise the quality of our officiating and by extension the game in the region. “We are happy that our match officials have had this opportunity to train ahead of the Regional 4-Day Tournament and we hope that the skills they have

acquired will benefit them during the season.” Lewis said: “It’s also important that the decisions made by our match officials are standardised and correct and this was one of the focuses of this course. “From time to time, issues and problems will pop up in matches, but we hoped this seminar will now help guide our match officials on how to deal effectively with them.” The seminar involved training on various aspects of the game, including the mental side of umpiring, match management, team work, communication, roles of the third and fourth umpires and match referee, as well as a practical training in a match simulation. (WICB)

Red Bull struggle on day one of final test in Bahrain


ed Bull’s hopes of getting their 2014 preparations back on track with a trouble-free final test evaporated on the first day’s running in Bahrain. Daniel Ricciardo managed his team’s fastest time at Bahrain this winter early on, but was consigned to the garage for most of the rest of the day. Ricciardo went back out late on but finished seventh, 2.6 seconds adrift of Force India’s pace-setter Sergio Perez. Williams’s Valtteri Bottas was second fastest, then Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. Nico Rosberg of pre-season favourites Mercedes was fourth quickest, after the team ended their running a little under an hour early following a problem the team declined to identify. Testing times are notoriously unreliable indicators of real form as it is impossible to know the specification in which the teams are running their cars. Predicting relative pace is even more difficult this year following the introduction of a fuel limit on the new hybrid turbo engines that will be used for the first time this season. Nevertheless, insiders are unanimous that Mercedes are in the best

Red Bull

shape ahead of the new season, and Thursday’s running did little to change that impression. Rosberg, who hands over to team-mate Lewis Hamilton for Friday, completed 89 laps. The German was 1.334 seconds slower than Perez’s fastest lap of one minute 35.290 seconds, but the Mexican used softer - and therefore faster - tyres to set his time. Rosberg’s problems meant all of last year’s three leading teams hit trouble. Raikkonen’s pace came despite a troubled day which featured a long spell in the garage in the morning while the Italian team fixed an electrical problem. The car also stopped on track right at the end of the session. Ferrari introduced a new front wing for the Finn to try, the first of what are expected

to be several major upgrades with the first race of the season in Australia on March 16 in mind. Raikkonen’s time was Ferrari’s fastest at Bahrain this winter - just under 0.1secs quicker than teammate Fernando Alonso managed last week. The Spaniard takes the car over on Friday. Ricciardo managed 32 laps early in the day but then the Red Bull spent five hours in the garage while the team worked to solve what were reported to be overheating problems - one of the recurring difficulties they have been experiencing this winter. They managed to fix the car sufficiently for Ricciardo to get out on track again in the last half-hour of running, but he did only three laps before returning to the garage.

(BBC Sport)


friday, FEBRUARY 28, 2014

Afghanistan v Pakistan, Asia Cup, Fatullah…

Assuria renews sponsorship of invitational tennis tourney

Umar Akmal, spinners earn bonus-point win F

– action serves off today at Le Ressouvenir Tennis Club

which saw Afghanistan slide from 139-2 to 176 all out, with Saeed Ajmal and Mohammad Hafeez running through the lower order. Last man out was Samiullah Shenwari. He had taken two wickets during Pakistan’s innings, and had spun his legbreaks a long way. He had also dropped Akmal a straightforward skier at point. Akmal was on 28 at that stage, and Pakistan 146-6. From that point, Afghanistan’s bowlers lost their lengths, and went for 84 in the last 10 overs and 59 in the last five.


Umar Akmal was dropped on 28, but made the most of it by slamming his second ODI ton


laying only their third ODI against a Test-playing team, Afghanistan had Pakistan in serious danger of being bowled out for under 200. But Umar Akmal averted that fate with his second ODI hundred, his unbeaten 89-ball 102 steering Pakistan from a precarious 117-6 to a relatively safe total of 248-8, which proved enough to give them a 72-run win. Afghanistan got their chase off to a steady start,

and only lost one wicket in the first 15 overs. But they struggled to lift their scoring rate above four an over. After the dismissal of Noor Ali Zadran, who had made an attractive 44, the innings slowed down further, as Asghar Stanikzai and Nawroz Mangal were stifled by the Pakistan spinners on a slow, low pitch. Stanikzai and Mangal stuck at it, though, and put on 74 in 18.1 overs, before they both fell in the space of three balls. That began a collapse

SCOREBOARD Pakistan innings (50 overs maximum) Sharjeel Khan c Noor Ali Zadran b Hamza Hotak 25 Ahmed Shehzad b Samiullah Shenwari 50 Mohammad Hafeez c Mohammad Nabi b Mirwais Ashraf 10 Sohaib Maqsood c Asghar Stanikzai b Samiullah Shenwari 13 Misbah-ul-Haq* run out (†Mohammad Shahzad/ Najibullah Zadran) 0 Umar Akmal† not out 102 Shahid Afridi b Dawlat Zadran 6 Anwar Ali c Nawroz Mangal b Mirwais Ashraf 21 Umar Gul b Dawlat Zadran 15 Saeed Ajmal not out 1 Extras: (lb-2, w-2, nb-1) 5 Total: (8 wickets; 50 overs) 248 Fall of wickets: 1-55 (Sharjeel Khan, 12.3 ov), 2-78 (Mohammad Hafeez, 19.5 ov), 3-89 (Ahmed Shehzad, 22.6 ov), 4-89 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 23.1 ov), 5-108 (Sohaib Maqsood, 26.5 ov), 6-117 (Shahid Afridi, 29.3 ov), 7-177 (Anwar Ali, 42.4 ov), 8-217 (Umar Gul, 47.6 ov) Bowling: Shapoor Zadran 9-142-0 (1-w), Dawlat Zadran 100-73-2 (1-nb), Mohammad Nabi 8-0-46-0, Hamza Hotak 8-1-22-1, Mirwais Ashraf 8-1-29-2, Samiullah Shenwari 7-0-34-2 (1-w)

Afghanistan innings (target: 249 runs from 50 overs) Mohammad Shahzad† c †Umar Akmal b Umar Gul 9 Noor Ali Zadran lbw b Saeed Ajmal 44 Asghar Stanikzai c Mohammad Hafeez b Shahid Afridi 40 Nawroz Mangal run out (Saeed Ajmal/Anwar Ali) 35 Mohammad Nabi* lbw b Umar Gul 15 Najibullah Zadran b Mohammad Hafeez 1 Samiullah Shenwari b Mohammad Hafeez 14 Mirwais Ashraf run out (Mohammad Hafeez/Junaid Khan) 4 Dawlat Zadran b Saeed Ajmal 0 Shapoor Zadran c Saeed Ajmal b Mohammad Hafeez 1 Hamza Hotak not out 0 Extras: (b-8, w-5) 13 Total: (all out; 47.2 overs) 176 Fall of wickets: 1-32 (Mohammad Shahzad, 4.6 ov), 2-65 (Noor Ali Zadran, 18.5 ov), 3-139 (Asghar Stanikzai, 36.6 ov), 4-140 (Nawroz Mangal, 37.1 ov), 5-151 (Najibullah Zadran, 39.5 ov), 6-159 (Mohammad Nabi, 40.4 ov), 7-172 (Mirwais Ashraf, 43.6 ov), 8-172 (Dawlat Zadran, 44.1 ov), 9-175 (Shapoor Zadran, 45.6 ov), 10-176 (Samiullah Shenwari, 47.2 ov) Bowling: Umar Gul 9-0-442, Anwar Ali 4-0-23-0, Junaid Khan 6-1-16-0, Shahid Afridi 10-0-31-1, Saeed Ajmal 9-125-2 (2-w), Mohammad Hafeez 9.2-0-29-3 (3-w)

Afghanistan had been a revelation till then. Having elected to bowl on a slow pitch, Afghanistan showed they had an attack that didn’t need too much assistance to keep the batsmen on a leash. Apart from one over in which their fastest bowler, Dawlat Zadran, went for three boundaries after drifting three times onto Ahmed Shehzad’s pads, they bowled terrific lines. The first 10 overs only brought Pakistan 39 runs. Pakistan could have been one down by then. Afghanistan’s wicketkeeper Mohammad Shahzad had dived to his right to take a climbing ball that seemed to brush Sharjeel Khan’s gloves as he tried to pull Dawlat. Umpire Johan Cloete, however, was unmoved. But they didn’t have to wait too long. In the 13th over, Sharjeel picked out the deep midwicket fielder with a slogsweep off left-arm spinner Hamza Hotak. At the other end, medium-pacer Mirwais Ashraf gave nothing away to Shehzad and Mohammad Hafeez. After Mirwaiz had given away eight runs in his first four overs, Hafeez tried going after him. Having just inside-edged an attempted slog for four, he attempted another, and sent a top-edge steepling into the hands of cover. Three balls after reaching his fifty, Shehzad was out to another poor stroke, chopping on while trying to swat leg spinner Shenwari over the leg side. Pakistan were 89-3 after 23 overs. That became 89 for 4 when they lost their captain Misbah-ul-Haq to a farcical run-out when he hadn’t yet faced a ball. Sohaib Maqsood, who had set off for a single after pushing a ball from Mohammad Nabi to cover, slipped midpitch. Instead of completing the run after getting back on his feet, Maqsood turned around and beat Misbah in a comical race to the batting crease. Wicketkeeper Mohammad Shahzad, who had collected the throw, jogged over to the bowler’s end and removed the bails. (Cricinfo)

ully cognisant of its corporate responsibility, Assuria Insurance has recommitted to sponsoring the Guyana Tennis Association’s (GTA) Invitational Classic, set to serve off today. The company presented a cheque for an undisclosed amount to the association on Thursday morning at its main office on Church Street, Georgetown. The competition, which was created in 2013, is the brainchild of the Surinamese Insurance Company under the management of Dick Wesenhagen, who, being an avid tennis player, made a commitment to sponsor the tournament on an annual basis. It will feature the top four players in each of the main singles categories Men’s, Women’s and Men’s Over-35. The format of the tournament for each catego-

ry is round-robin. The tournament will be played at the Le Ressouvenir Tennis Club over three weekends and will end on March 16. In presenting the sponsorship cheque to VicePresident of the GTA,Grace McCalman, Director of Assuria Insurance Armand Achaibersing said the company was simply fulfilling its corporate responsibility by giving back to the community in which it operates. Achaibersing pointed out that the entity is aware of the importance of supporting activities, such as the one the GTA is staging, noting that helping to develop communities through various means is a concept the company embraces. Speaking on behalf of the GTA, McCalman said the local governing body is sincerely grateful for the support offered by the insur-

ance company, which has been operating in Guyana for the past two years. She also spoke of the importance of the tournament to the association and the development of the game locally. McCalman said the GTA is hopeful that the tournament will serve to attract more persons - both spectators and new players - to the sport since the leading senior players will be in action, battling for supremacy. In Ladies Open Singles, the top players are Carol Humphrey, Nicola Ramdyhan, Afruica Gentle and Jamaali Homer. In Men’s Open Singles, Anthony Downes, Leyland Leacock, Gavin Lewis and Daniel Lopes will battle for top honour. The Men’s Over35 will be four-way battle among Godfrey Lowden, Carlos Adams, Harry Panday and Rudy Grant.

Courts NA supports Mashramani 40-miler

Courts NA Branch Manager Stanley Mc Kenzie handing over the sponsorship check to FACC Coach Randolph Roberts


fter an absence of eight years, cyclists will race through the town of New Amsterdam (NA), Berbice when the Mashramani 40-miler peddles off on Sunday. The event will start at Marks Bridge and proceed to Adventure on the Corentyne, before returning to New Amsterdam for the finish. Courts NA has thrown its weight behind the event, which is also being sponsored by the Region Six administration, and will be the first event to kick off Berbice Republic Day 2014 activities. On Friday, Courts NA presented a check to the organizing club, Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC). During the presentation, Courts NA Branch Manager Stanley Mc Kenzie said Courts was happy to be part of cycling in Berbice and promised to continue supporting the sport in the

Ancient County. “I am very happy to be part of this event, which will see athletes riding through the town. It is a number of years we have not seen something like this,” said Mc Kenzie. “All the races are taken on the Corentyne and when it is in New Amsterdam, they go up the Corentyne and come and finish right down there,” he noted. Courts is a community-based company and “we will continue to support any event that will help to develop the community”, he said. In 2006, then Mayor of New Amsterdam Errol Alphonso organized a BMX event around the town. That was the last time riders competed on wheels around the town. The deplorable state of New Amsterdam’s roads has been the main determining factor, which has forced organizers to put a halt on holding such events in the

town. Coach of FACC Randolph Roberts said he was willing to take a chance, bearing in mind that part of the course has dangerous pot holes. Roberts said the club is extremely grateful to the Region Six administration and to Courts for their support of the event, which is open to all clubs. The race begins at 08:30h and at stake will be prizes for the first six finishers. In addition, there will be prizes for the first three veterans to complete the event, as well as the first three juniors. Beginners will also be competing and will be riding a shorter distance. Prizes are available for the first four to cross the finish line at Main and Alexander Streets. The main event is expected to be a fast-paced one and Roberts has thrown in eight sprint point prizes to encourage the riders.

friday, FEBRUARY 28, 2014

GCB moves to High Court to block passage of legislation

Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman

Attorney General Anil Nandlall

Culture Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony

peaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman on Thursday announced that the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has moved to the High Court to block the House from passing the legislation that will govern the administration of the game in the country. Trotman said that while debate on the Cricket Administration Bill has been adjourned to allow lawmakers to consider their next move, he did

not believe that the Court could dictate that the House could not consider the draft law. The Speaker told the House, “I hold the view that the court cannot injunct the House on proceeding with the Bill.” The GCB and 10 others have filed the 300-page writ against Attorney General, Anil Nandlall; Culture Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony and the Speaker, seeking declarations and orders regarding

the 65-seat House’s ability to pass the bill. Government hopes that the Cricket Administration Bill will establish the GCB and county boards as corporate bodies with separate constitutions. However, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), has already condemned the bill, saying that the International Cricket Council (ICC), like itself, is opposed to government involvement in the game.


All systems in place for Road to Mecca

Under-19 World Cup, playoffs…

Young Chanderpaul’s ton in vain as India win


ndia Under-19s ended the Youth World Cup on a high, winning the fifth place playoff against West Indies Under-19s by 46 runs in Sharjah. The victory was built on the back of a strong batting display, which included fifties from Ankush Bains, Sanju Samson and Shreyas Iyer, before the bowlers fought off an impressive century from Tagenarine Chanderpaul in the second innings. India, having won the toss, made early inroads as Bains and Akhil Herwadkar put up 70 for the opening wicket before Herwadkar eventually fell for 27- caught off a top edge trying to sweep. West Indies fought back with two more quick wickets- Vijay Zol for 30 and Bains for 74, but Iyer and Samson helped India claw back the advantage by putting up 124 for the fourth wicket. Iyer was the more aggressive of the two and bought up his fifty with a big six over long-on that landed in the second tier. He ultimately fell for a 45ball 66 in the 41st over, and exactly one over later, Samson was dismissed for 67 having whacked two fours and fives sixes. West Indies would’ve hoped for a reprieve, but Deepak Hooda added a late surge by blasting 42 off just 30 balls with two fours and sixes each, including a dilscoop and a giant hit that nearly landed out of the stadium. India finished at 340-8, meaning that West Indies had to hit at nearly seven an over right from the get go. West Indies lost Shimron Hetmyer early in the chase, but Chanderpaul put up fifty-plus stands

Tagenarine Chanderpaul was in sublime form during his 112, albeit in a losing cause

with Tristan Coleman and Nicolas Pooran to engineer a recovery. However, they could never really manage to score beyond the asking rate, as wickets at regular intervals dented their momentum. Chanderpaul scored 112 with eight fours and a six, but was trapped lbw by Zol in the final over of the innings. Chama Milind effected two dismissals while five other bowlers notched a scalp each, ensuring that West Indies were restricted to 294-8 from their 50 overs.

Plate championship

Fifties from Shadman Islam and Litton Das, and a four-wicket haul from Mosaddek Hossain helped Bangladesh Under-19s lift the Plate Championship against New Zealand Under-19s in Abu Dhabi. Bangladesh were all out for 223 in 47 overs but they restricted New Zealand to 147 as only one of their batsmen scored more than 25. Put in to bat, Shadman and Das put on 124 for the second wicket in 20.4 overs before Das was caught behind for a 75-ball 79. That

SCOREBOARD From left: Dave Causway, Adrian George, Michael Singh, Nigel Hinds, Kirk Jardine and Jason Squires at the press conference

By Treiston Joseph


he Road to Mecca will begin on Saturday, as 16 of Guyana’s top basketball teams will vie for $800,000 at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH). The tournament will be played on a knockout basis, with the best clubs in Georgetown, Berbice and Linden going head to head for supremacy. “We’ve really invested in it in terms of making it a marquee event, where we have the 16 top clubs in Guyana competing not just for prize money, but to secure the ranking as the number one team in Guyana at the club level,” President

of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) Nigel Hinds stated at a press briefing, held at the National Communications Network (NCN). The GABF will also be focusing on trying to win the hearts of the fans back to the sport, with half time shows and major giveaways, such as cell phones and dinners, according to Vice President of the GABF and President of the Georgetown Amateur basketball Association (GABA) Michael Singh, who noted that all systems are in place for a successful tournament. Treasurer of the Guyana Basketball Officials' Council (GBOC) Adrian George also gave full support on behalf

of the referees to run the in game, calling as fairly as possibly, while stressing on punctuality and uniformity as a major concern in the council. Further, Kirk ‘Chow Pow’ Jardine, who chaired the press conference, noted that the players are raring to go. He said the fans need to come out to the tournament, as players are eager to participate and perform. Captain of the Bounty Colts Dave Causway and captain of the Pepsi Sonics Jason Squires were both thrilled for a tournament of such magnitude and encouraged players to bring their best, along with the fans coming out in support.


India Under-19s innings (50 overs maximum) AK Bains† c Lewis b McSween 74 AA Herwadkar c †Pooran b Moti-Kanhai 27 VH Zol* c Chanderpaulb Charles 30 SV Samson c Charles b Moti-Kanhai 67 SS Iyer c †Pooran b Allen 66 SN Khan c Lewis bMoti-Kanhai 6 DJ Hooda c Charles b McSween 42 Kuldeep Yadav c Chanderpaul b Lewis 1 AA Sheth not out 16 Karan Kaila not out 0 Extras (lb-5, w-6) 11 Total (8 wickets; 50 overs) 340 Fall of wickets: 1-70 (Herwadkar, 14.2 ov), 2-120 (Zol, 23.2 ov), 3-141 (Bains, 26.1 ov), 4-265 (Iyer, 40.6 ov), 5-277 (Samson, 41.6 ov), 6-283 (Khan, 43.2 ov), 7-288 (Kuldeep Yadav, 44.3 ov), 8-336 (Hooda, 49.5 ov) Bowling: JJ Jones 8-0-71-0 (1-w), PAS McSween 10-0-74-2 (2-w), RA Lewis 10-0-54-1, G MotiKanhai 10-0-52-3, BNL Charles 6-0-41-1, FA Allen 6-0-43-1 (3-w)

West Indies Under-19s innings (target: 341 runs from 50 overs) SO Hetmyer c Khan b Sheth 2 T Chanderpaul lbw b Zol 112 TD Coleman b Karan Kaila 45 BA King c Khan b Herwadkar 11 N Pooran† c Herwadkar b Milind 54 FA Allen c †Bains b Milind 26 RA Lewis* run out (Iyer) 10 JJ Jones st †Bains b Kuldeep Yadav 4 G Moti-Kanhai not out 15 BNL Charles not out 2 Extras (b-4, lb-2, w-7) 13 Total (8 wickets; 50 overs) 294 Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Hetmyer, 0.2 ov), 2-93 (Coleman, 18.3 ov), 3-115 (King, 23.2 ov), 4-204 (Pooran, 35.4 ov), 5-242 (Allen, 39.6 ov), 6-254 (Lewis, 41.4 ov), 7-261 (Jones, 43.6 ov), 8-291 (Chanderpaul, 49.1 ov) Bowling: AA Sheth 9-0-60-1 (1w), CV Milind 9-0-50-2 (3-w), DJ Hooda 9-0-48-0 (1-w), Kuldeep Yadav 8-0-39-1, Karan Kaila 9-0-531 (1-w), AA Herwadkar 3-0-16-1 (1w), SS Iyer 2-0-19-0, VH Zol 1-0-3-1

started the fall of wickets for Bangladesh even though Shadman neared a hundred but fell short by three runs, and their middle and lower order could not capitalise on the strong start. They lost their last six wickets for 24 runs as only one more batsman reached double figures. The Bangladesh bowlers did not allow the New Zealand batsmen to score freely, with their first three bowlers conceding 73 runs in 21 overs together. New Zealand lost early wickets and could not get any partnerships going. Mosaddek’s four wickets added to their agony as they were brought down to 66-5 in the 22nd over, and then 112-9 in the 44th. An unbeaten fifty from No. 9 Brett Randell took them close to 150 but it only delayed their heavy loss.

Afghan win

An incisive performance from Afghanistan Under19s’ bowlers, spearheaded by Sayed Shirzad and Usman Ghani, helped the team seal a five-wicket win against Sri Lanka Under19s in the seventh place playoff in Dubai. Shirzad and Ghani picked up three wickets each to run through a Sri Lanka line up that offered no resistance barring a 30 from Priyamal Perera and bundled the team out for 114 in 34.3 overs. Afghanistan lost three quick wickets during the chase, but Ihsanullah and Hashmatullah Shaidi steadied the innings with a 71-run association for the fourth wicket. Shaidi fell for 34, while Ihsanullah remained unbeaten on 37 to take Afghanistan home in 21.2 overs. Luke Jongwe’s halfcentury helped Zimbabwe Under-19s defeat United Arab Emirates Under-19s by 84 runs in the 11th place playoff in Abu Dhabi. Zimbabwe, batting first, lost five wickets inside 20 overs, but Jongwe counterattacked by blasting seven fours and a six during his 84, and combined with Shoun Handirisi for a fifthwicket association that yielded 77 runs, eventually taking the team to 205. The hosts never really got going in their chase, as Herbert Chikomba and Kieran Geyle shared six wickets between them to wreck UAE’s top and middle order. Only Rohit Singh (30) and Shivank Vijayakumar (24) offered some resistance, as the team could only make 1219 from their 50 overs. (Cricinfo)


friday, FEBRUARY 28, 2014

Harris, Caddle make qualifying times

GCB launches magazine today


he Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) will launch the “Guyana Cricketer” magazine today at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) Hall from

16:00h. Sponsors of the magazine are expected to be at the launch. along with GCB executives and other special invitees.

GFRU starts season Saturday

Adam Harris

By Treiston Joseph


uyana could have representatives at the World Indoor Championships in Sopot, Poland next month, with American-based athletes Adam Harris and Melissa Caddle qualifying for the event. Harris, who has represented Guyana at the Olympics before, will look to don the national colours once again after qualifying for the event with a 60 metres time of 6.55s. The chiseled sprinter, with his 60 metres time is now ranked 16th in the world for the year in the event, while only three races into his season. “Honestly, I don’t think too much about the ranking, it’s nice to be ranked that high, but it all comes down

Melissa Caddle

to who’s running what on race day. I know I can do really well, the way my races have been, I have been pretty consistent and I still have some issues to fix, so I know I can run faster. “I’ve also only run three races this year which have all been within the last week, so I know the times will still come down hopefully into medal position,” Harris told Guyana Times Sport in an exclusive interview. Further, he is aiming to do the nation proud once he attends the meet in Poland. “It always feels great to represent Guyana at championships, from small to big, being that it’s indoor and I get to run the 60, which has always been one of my strongest races. I feel more ready than anything,” said Harris, who noted his intention is to “get Guyana a medal”.

Meanwhile, Caddle who, was born in Guyana but migrated, now runs the 400 metres. The talented 21-yearold qualified for the indoor championships with a pretty impressive time of 53.38s and has an outdoor personal best of 53.08s.


Caddle, who is in her second year at the Coppin State University, was the MVP of her High School (Canarsie High) and holds the record at her current university in the 60, 100, 200 and 400 metres. She is thrilled at the chance of representing her homeland. “It would be an absolute honour to represent my home country. Qualifying for the games is a great accomplishment. “I have dreamed to make

it to the international level for years and I thank God for the opportunity,” Caddle told this publication in an exclusive interview. Further, Caddle noted that it was coach of Kadecia Baird, Shaun Dietz, who filled her in on how to be able to represent Guyana, as she explained to this publication her absenteeism from the spotlight in the pool of overseas athletes for Guyana. “I was just running and I didn’t know how to go about getting to run for my country, it wasn’t until last year when Dietz said to me you need to run for Guyana and he told me how to go about it,” she stated. However, Caddle noted that she is prepared to compete at her best in the hope of bringing Guyana glory at the event, once the team goes to the meet.

The men’s national team enter a scrum during a practice session at the National Park (Treiston Joseph file photo)


he Guyana Football Rugby Union (GFRU) will kick off their 2014 season on Saturday at the National Park with the Bounty Farm Male 15-aside first division league. The tournament will be a round-robin of two rounds, with the team attaining the most points being deemed as the champions. With the action set to kick off from 16:00h, four teams will be doing battle throughout the tournament. These are the Yamaha Caribs, the University of Guyana (UG) Wolves, the Guyana Defense Force (GDF) and the Pepsi

Hornets, as action is set to conclude on April sixth. Action will start off on Saturday with the Hornets taking on the Caribs in a much anticipated battle that is expected to set the ball rolling on a high note. The tournament will continue on Sunday with GDF versus UG in a battle that is expected to be physical. Meanwhile, the GFRU is calling on all ruggers to report to the National Park on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for training sessions to gain match practice prior to being shortlisted for upcoming national teams.

Lou Vincent admits bookie approach Warner fined for de


ou Vincent, the former New Zealand batsman, has admitted to the tribunal investigating corruption in the Bangladesh Premier League that he was approached by an illegal bookmaker during the 2013 season. While a member of the tribunal said Vincent had pleaded guilty to not reporting the approach, the batsman said his mistake had ended there and he had rejected the offer. “I can confirm that I admitted a breach in January 2014 of the ICC code in failing to report an approach from a bookmaker whilst playing in the Bangladesh T20 league in January 2013,” Vincent said in a statement. “I confirm I rejected this approach at the time. There is no allegation or suggestion anything untoward occurred beyond the approach itself. I also express I have no involvement in any of the match-

Lou Vincent is likely to face a sanction from the BPL tribunal

es, or matters, involving the other parties,which were the subject of recent hearings and investigation in Bangladesh.” Vincent played eight matches for Khulna Royal

Bengals in the 2013 BPL season. One of the three members on the BPL tribunal, Shakil Kasem, told AFP that Vincent had pleaded guilty to not reporting an

illegal approach. He also said Bangladesh batsman Mohammad Ashraful, who had publicly admitted his involvement in corruption, and another unnamed international cricketer had also pleaded guilty. “We’re going to review their guilty pleas, deliberate on that and come up with sanctions within two weeks,” Kasem said. On February 26, the BPL tribunal released its findings and found only one owner of Dhaka Gladiators guilty of “being party to an effort to fix” a match in the league. Six others were found not guilty, but both the ICC and Bangladesh Cricket Board said they were “disappointed” by the outcome and may yet consider an appeal. Vincent’s involvement in an ACSU investigation had come to light in December 2013 when the New Zealand Herald reported that three former New Zealand cricketers were under scrutiny. (Cricinfo)

Villiers comments

David Warner


ustralia opener David Warner has been fined 15 per cent of his match fee for accusing South Africa wicketkeeper AB de Villiers of ball-tampering. Warner, 27, alleged in a radio interview that De Villiers had scuffed up the ball with his gloves

during the second Test at Port Elizabeth. Match referee Roshan Mahanama says Warner accepted the sanction. “I’m sure David will be careful when making public comments in future,” Mahanama said. “It was disrespectful for David to publicly denigrate an opponent when commenting on a matchrelated incident, and imply that a South African player was engaging in sharp practice.” Warner suggested that De Villiers deliberately roughed up one side of the ball to help the Proteas’ bowlers find reverse swing during the match, which South Africa won by 231 runs to square the three-Test series at 1-1. The third and final Test starts in Cape Town on Saturday. (BBC Sport)

friday, FEBRUARY 28, 2014


Gibson not ruling West Indies power and out England job West Indies v England, 1st ODI, Antigua…

spin will test England

out against Ireland, but there are plenty of reasons to play him here. England’s record against unorthodox spin (and often spin of any sort) in limited-overs cricket is far from impressive. This is a rare chance for Stuart Broad to take charge of England for more than a few days. But not only will his captaincy skills be key, he is now the attack-leader in the limited-overs formats. England do not have many bowlers who can change a game in a spell: Broad is one of them. How he uses himself around the various fielding restrictions will be interesting to watch.

Team news

Joe Root warmed up for the series with a hundred


his is an odd oneday series, squeezed in before the World Twenty20 to comply with FTP requirements (the Tests are held next year), but it is possible to see value in the contests for both sides - not least because there is a 50-over World Cup in a year. England’s recent travails need little repeating, and this brief tour is a chance for bonding and revival ahead of Bangladesh, while West Indies can look to build on the relative success of a shared series in New Zealand when the odds were stacked against them. Both teams have said they will approach the matches as one-day internationals, rather than elongated practice for the Twenty20s - a threematch T20 series follows in Barbados - but that is perhaps slightly truer of West Indies than England. The hosts can have the flexibility of picking their bespoke squads, which includes putting the captaincy in Dwayne Bravo’s hands rather than Darren Sammy’s, but England have engi-

neered their squad with the focus on the T20s to follow. For very different reasons, two of the game’s most destructive batsmen will be missing. Chris Gayle’s absence is injury-related - and West Indies will have everything crossed he is fit for their World T20 defence - while England are beginning life permanently without Kevin Pietersen.

Watch out for...

The last time England were in the Caribbean, Pietersen was the Player of the Tournament at the World Twenty20; now they will be putting their faith in the likes of Eoin Morgan, Joe Root and Jos Buttler to sparkle in the middle-order. Even without Gayle, West Indies are not short on power in their top order with the likes of Dwayne Smith, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo and the improving pair of Kieran Powell and Kirk Edwards. Sunil Narine did not have a huge impact in the oneday series in New Zealand - taking three wickets from four matches - and was left

With no Gayle, Smith will likely open the batting as he did against Ireland where he scored a brisk halfcentury. West Indies could well be tempted to take the pace off the ball against the England line-up. West Indies (possible) 1 Dwayne Smith, 2 Kieron Powell, 3 Darren Bravo, 4 Kirk Edwards, 5 Marlon Samuels, 6 Dwayne Bravo (capt), 7 Darren Sammy, 8 Denesh Ramdin (wk), 9 Sunil Narine, 10 Jason Holder, 11 Nikita Miller If England’s warm-up match is anything to go by - and you would think it would be - the only uncapped player they are set to blood is Alex Hales. He opened alongside Luke Wright in against the Vice Chancellor’s XI; the other candidates to open would have been Michael Lumb and Moeen Ali. However, Eoin Morgan missed training with a knee problem and if he is ruled out, Moeen could earn a debut. England (possible) 1 Alex Hales, 2 Luke Wright, 3 Ben Stokes, 4 Joe Root, 5 Eoin Morgan, 6 Ravi Bopara, 7 Jos Buttler (wk), 8 Tim Bresnan, 9 Stuart Broad (capt), 10 Chris Jordan, 11 James Tredwell (Cricinfo)

Ottis Gibson was well respected when he worked with the England side


ttis Gibson has declined to reject the suggestion that he is interested in the role of head coach of the England side. Gibson, who is currently head coach of West Indies, is known to have expressed an interest in other coaching roles of late and is highly thought of at the ECB having worked as the England bowling coach before returning to the Caribbean in 2010. Asked whether his “name was in the hat” for the England job, Gibson replied, somewhat enigmatically, “My name is firmly in the hat for this job I’m doing.” While Gibson went on to insist he was “fully committed” to his current role and “improving the fortunes of West Indies cricket,” his failure to categorically rule out any interest in the England job will do little to douse speculation over his possible candidacy. Gibson has experienced a roller-coaster ride as West Indies coach. Among the high-points, he oversaw the side’s victory in the World T20 of 2012 and signed a new three-year contract only 12 months ago. But at other times, he has suffered public fallouts with such high-profile fig-

ures as Chris Gayle and Ramnaresh Sarwan and endured criticism from various politicians, even prime ministers, in the Caribbean. West Indies have also won only one of their last six T20 internationals, including defeat against Ireland in Jamaica a week ago, and have lost four of their last five Tests, three of them inside three days.

Ups and downs

Gibson’s apparent wandering eye - he was also linked with coaching jobs at Warwickshire and Glamorgan - suggests he may be tiring of the ups and downs apparently inherent in West Indies cricket. “When you’re not working then every job appeals to you,” Gibson said. “But at the moment I’m working and working hard so that is all I’m looking at right now.” Gibson admitted that West Indies “haven’t played well in this format over the last six or twelve months” ahead of the ODI series against England. “Both sides haven’t set the world on fire recently in this format,” he said. “So, England will be thinking that it is a good time to play us. We’re at home so

hopefully that will count for something but we’re two teams that maybe you could say are in transition.” Gibson was, at least, optimistic that Chris Gayle would be fit to return to the side for the World T20 in Bangladesh, but had less positive news over the involvement of Kieron Pollard or Kemar Roach. “From all reports I’ve heard Chris should be back,” Gibson said. “He had some time out with a hamstring injury and he had a good two months to get himself right. He did some work in Australia with a physio. “He was back here and played in the first T20 and looked good, but then he had a reaction in his back. When you work so hard on one thing then something else can give way so he had a reaction in his back and his hip so we’ve given him some more time to get himself comfortable on the cricket field. “Pollard had a knee injury and he hasn’t recovered from that. We’ve given him time but he just hasn’t recovered. Kemar Roach had a shoulder operation in December and he’s now on his way back, but neither of them will be ready for Bangladesh.” (Cricinfo)

Enmore youths benefit from table-tennis training Y

oung aspiring table-tennis players from the East Coast Demerara village of Enmore last weekend benefitted from a one-day training programme, conducted by Level Two coach Munirram Persaud. Persaud, who has tutored several current and past national champions, led the youngsters through some basic drills in the presence of former national player Jai Hatim, who incidentally is heading the table-tennis section at the Enmore Community Centre. Persaud said he was impressed

with the level of talent in the area, while Hatim thanked the coach for taking the time to offer some formal training to the youths. The table-tennis section at the Enmore Community Centre was recently resuscitated, months after the cricket club was revived by a group led by Taajnauth Jadunauth. These two disciplines, as well as sections focusing on volleyball, domino, athletics and karate, fall under the Enmore Community Centre Council, chaired by Desmond Mohamed.

Level Two coach Munirram Persaud (right) poses with some of the participants and head of the table-tennis section at the Enmore Community Centre Jai Hatim (next to Persaud)

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

friday, FEBRUARY 28, 2014


Under-19 World Cup, playoffs…

Young Chanderpaul’s ton in vain as India win See story on page


Tagenarine Chanderpaul was in sublime form during his 112, albeit in a losing cause

GCB moves to High Court to block passage of legislation

West Indies v England, 1st ODI, Antigua…

West Indies power and spin will test England


ndia Under-19s ended the Youth World Cup on a high, winning the fifth place playoff against West Indies Under-19s by 46 runs in Sharjah. The victory was built on the back of a strong batting display, which included fifties from Ankush Bains, Sanju Samson and Shreyas Iyer, before the bowlers fought off an impressive century from Tagenarine Chanderpaul in the second innings.

Saqlain Mushtaq gives some tips to keeper Denesh Ramdin


his is an odd oneday series, squeezed in before the World Twenty20 to comply with FTP requirements (the Tests are held next year), but it is possible to see val-

ue in the contests for both sides - not least because there is a 50-over World Cup in a year. England’s recent travails need little repeating, and this brief tour is a chance for bonding and re-

vival ahead of Bangladesh, while West Indies can look to build on the relative success of a shared series in New Zealand when the odds were stacked against them. (See full story on page 23)

Assuria renews sponsorship of invitational tennis tourney – action serves off today at Le Ressouvenir Tennis Club See story on page


See story on page


Attorney General Anil Nandlall

Culture Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony

Let the games begin! GTA Vice President Grace McCalman (second left) collects the sponsorship cheque from Assuria Insurance Director Armand Achaibersing. Sharing the moment are GTA President Ramesh Seebarran (right) and another member of the GTA (Photo: Avenash Ramzan)

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