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Thursday, July 12, 2018


Opposition calls for resignation of SOCU …as parliamentary forum advisor on corruption hosted


GWI Head decries P14 damage caused by illegal miners Plaisance child rapist sentenced P11 to life imprisonment

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Parking lot controversy

Broomes’ behaviour should not be tolerated – Jagdeo …Minister, driver questioned by Police …Govt mum on fiasco Page 7

P11 Leguan Stelling to be rehabilitated

US Independence celebrations

Guyana, US commit to strengthening relations Page 13

President David Granger shares a toast with US Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway and Mrs Rosaura Holloway during the 242nd Independence of the US celebration in Guyana on Wednesday evening

CJIA cocaine bust

Teen jailed for 3 years, fined $1.4M

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BBCI wants Minister Patterson at negotiation table

$80 vat included

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…Opposition Leader recommends Govt buy shares

…Wakenaam, Vreeden-Hoop to follow

P10 $93M consultancy contract inked to update GLSC network

Life sentence for cop killer P8


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thursDAY, july 12, 2018 |


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on:

Thursday, July 12 – a night retraction at 04:00h and a day retraction from 14:30h-16:00h and Friday, July 13 – a night retraction at 04:30h and a day retraction from 14:30h-16:00h.

The Berbice Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on:

Thursday, July 12 – 16:15h-17:45h and Friday, July 13 – a night retraction at 04:30h and a day retraction from 16:35h-18:05h.

BBCI wants Minister Patterson at negotiation table …Opposition Leader recommends Govt buys shares


Parika and Supenaam departure times - 05:00h, 11:00h and 16:00h daily

WEATHER TODAY Light rain showers and cloudy skies are expected to dominate during the day, with thundery showers in the evening hours. Temperatures are expected to range between 21 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius. Winds: East south-easterly to North-easterly between 1.34 metres and 4.91 metres. High Tide: 16:09h reaching a maximum height of 2.65 metres. Low Tide: 09:40h and 21:57h reaching minimum heights of 0.43 metre and 0.57 metre respectively.

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Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo


ne day after announcing a proposed increase in tolls for the Berbice River Bridge, the Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI) has said it would prefer that Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson met with them at the table, instead of having their application for concessions completely ignored. The company said Government has, unfortunately, chosen to ignore its contractual obligations under the Concession Agreement entered into with the Berbice Bridge Company. It said in a statement on Wednesday that it wished to point out that by doing so, Government has made it impossible for the company to meet its contractual obligations to operate and maintain the bridge. “…by the Government refusing to honour the Concession Agreement under which the Company is provided with the necessary revenue to operate and maintain the bridge. As the Company has pointed out, its Board believes that the situation is fixable. There is a contract, there is an established formula within that contact and there are obligations to be met,” it stated. During a press conference on Tuesday, the company’s Chairman, Dr Surendra Persaud revealed that it is now facing bankruptcy following Government’s decision to drop the toll and subsequent refusal to allow for an increase as per the initial agreement when the Company was formed. Persaud is also Chairman of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), which holds a significant number of shares in the company. According to him, they have had several engagements with Patterson. Following a previous engagement, Patterson had informed them that a maintenance proposal would be taken to Cabinet. According to the Chairman, they were subsequently informed that it was not approved. In fact, the Company applied for a toll adjustment on three occasions: twice in 2015 and once in 2016, to no avail. It has since made another such application, dated July 9,

2018. In that application, the Company had requested that the toll increases take effect by August 1. But following the press conference, the Public Infrastructure Ministry issued a statement in which it said Government was not contemplating any fare hikes. According to the statement, “Government stands by its decision to reduce tolls in fulfilling a campaign commitment and will continue to work with the Berbice Bridge Company in ensuring

to the proposed increase in tolls, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo told a media conference on Wednesday that he was against it but more so he would encourage Government to buy more equity in the Company. Jagdeo reasoned that Berbicians could not afford the steep increases that the Company has proposed at this time. He said this was mainly so because the company is contractually obligated to maintain the Bridge. Instead, he is recommending that Government buy

The Berbice River Bridge

that the Bridge is sufficiently maintained and safe for vehicular and marine use.” Further, Government said that the Bridge Agreement places obligations on all parties, which include scheduled maintenance and associated upgrades. It said any request for toll increases must take into consideration a wide array of factors and cannot solely be on the basis of recouping operational costs and profits on dividend. Shares Meanwhile, based on the announcement made by the Company with regard

out other shareholders, so the Bridge becomes publicly owned. “Secondly, subsidise the increase that should take place in the toll so they

Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson

give an injection into the Company so the rate remains flat.” This formula, according to Jagdeo, would entail taking over the debt of the Bridge and securing greater equity in return. Jagdeo reminded that there was a financial model in place under the past Government, but noted that he was unsure what had become of that under the coalition Government. He strongly believes that the financial model may have been interfered with and this was something that had to be explained. Turn to page 9


thursDAY, july 12, 2018

Views Editor: Tusika Martin News Hotline: 231-8063 Editorial: 231-0544, 223-7230, 223-7231, 225-7761 Marketing: 231-8064 Accounts: 225-6707 Mailing address: Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown Email:,

Prioritising non-priorities


common mantra across the nation is “things are really hard”. It is a simple and easily understood statement that encapsulates the harsh economic situation many are faced with daily. The belief is that it gets exponentially harder with every passing day. While many analyses have been done to explain its genesis, current realities and future outlook, relief does not appear to be within grasp thereby compounding an already bleak situation. It has become increasingly difficult to find someone who offers a different view in terms of financial challenges being experienced. Even the affluent are not excluded, especially those in the business sector. Some within this grouping are adamant that the deck continues to be stacked against them through unpopular tax policies giving way eventually to decreases in business activities. For them, the mantra is, “things really slow”. Many have spoken candidly but insist on being anonymous out of fear of being the reason to further hurt their business. Paramount is their concern of not wanting to criticise publicly in an effort to avoid any semblance of perceived political partisanship. This is understandable given the reality of repercussions that history painfully reminds of. While many would naturally prefer the protection of anonymity for their lamentations, others seem less constrained. For a while now the Guyana Teachers Union has been publicly calling for increases in salaries with believably justified demands. While clearly there is room for improvement, at the end of the day, teachers mould our children and the nation basks in the glory of academic excellence as seen recently with the results of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examinations. One factor for that to be sustained is teachers’ remuneration. It is also a key motivator. Convinced of the gradual waning in conviction and commitment of some teachers over the years, parents have been left with little or no option but to enrol their children in extra lessons for the crucial NGSA, CSEC and CAPE. This continues to inflict serious financial blows obviously more acute for those at the lower end of the earnings scale. Parents make untold sacrifices to educate their children with the hope of providing a ticket out of poverty as exemplified by the single-parent working mother. While there are multiple factors involved for optimum motivation and confidence, there are still many teachers who find ways to motivate themselves, so not to deny students of effective learning engagements. With such selflessness, they surely desire better wages. Their plight is just a microcosm of what prevails across society through cries of relief for ends to be met. However, this desire has been confronted with claims by the Government of it being unable to fulfil such. While Governments generally cannot meet every need, prioritised national spending is expected to be implemented. Therein lies the profound disappointment and possibly betrayal felt. Coming in with tremendous goodwill on the promise of a better life, expectations were high. For many, the reality is now harsher and cannot be masked. It would, therefore, be fair for them to question some aspects of public spending. With D’Urban Park and ministerial salary increases and benefits being recurring concerns, the new monstrous fence around the Ministry of the Presidency may have gone unnoticed. Facelifts and renovations are good but should not be at the expense of the concerns of the nation’s workers. They, the workers, will naturally question the justification for what can be described as diverted priorities. These include huge sums already spent on furnishings, dietary needs, increased security and additional entourage vehicles. Aspects of these obviously cannot be compromised; however, the question of what could have led to a mantra of “urgent priority” seems only natural. There are reports that a proposed plantain chip factory in Leguan is left possibly abandoned after millions spent. The initial idea was questioned, but passion for the endeavour and the justification for its construction were not short. What then could have led to the perceived halt in construction and by extension, operation? Were those sums ill-advisedly spent? A plethora of questions can be asked, pertinently in the context of relevance as with other projects, including the ongoing fence and those that began with much fanfare but have since been abandoned. The multiple Commissions of Inquiry, and frequent and extensive overseas travel while monies are being deemed unavailable for workers, specifically for teachers in this instance, are major concerns. Clearly, this will be seen as a demotivating factor, not just for teachers, but all who toil honestly and laboriously to provide for their families. They can rightfully question priorities regarding their welfare, which believably is being ignored as motivation and confidence wane. The unfortunate reality is that they have no choice but to endure as they try to eke out a livelihood. They also have no excuse to their dependents. Unlike the Administration, which seems to be prioritising nonpriorities, the workers cannot afford a parallel set of convenient priorities. Of course, they would wish so as to free themselves of the heavy burdens carried. That logically derives a mantra of hope while swirling in despair.

Paruima is a village that lies close to the Venezuelan border in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) and is home to the Arecuna people. This family is just about to start their day and is preparing to take a trip down the Kamarang River (Photo by Subhash Haimraj)

How can we ask our farmers to produce and when they do, they perish as well? Dear Editor, In Guyana while the Ministry of Agriculture is spending $40 million this year on improved rice varieties, enhanced rice production and improved quality, huge acreage of rice is being spoiled in the fields in Region Six. But the slashing of the agriculture budget by $3 billion has signalled the Government’s intention that they do not care much about this sector. In the last crop in Region Six, rice farmers were unable to harvest more than 200 acres of rice due to impassable dams which have gotten worse due to the rainy conditions. But this is an ongoing natural phenomenon, it is not as if the rains have been extra spiteful this year! The rain falls every year, but the major downfall is the continual decreasing emphasis on repairs of the dams and other infrastructure’s repairs and maintenance in the agriculture sector in Region Six. These have been on a

downward trajectory since this Government took office. This Administration feels that oil is the answer to all our economic woes as is evidenced by the insane and inane haste to close the four sugar estates and the downward scaling of the sugar industry. Unfortunately, this crop in Region Six is marred by the continuous degradation of the dams to the extent that nearly 15,000 acres of rice lands have not been cultivated. This was highlighted at our last statutory meeting at the RDC. The Vice Chairman, Mr Dennis DeRoop estimated that it will take nearly $200 million to get these dams back in shape and this is not possible in the short-term. He also highlighted the fact that the bulldozer fiasco has severely dented the Region’s ability to do proper repairs and maintenance of the dams in the farming areas. What is most disappointing is that the dams have never been in the cur-

rent state they are now in. Tractors, hymacs and graders are literally drowned on some of these dams and it is a huge challenge for farmers to transport vital inputs and labour. This will definitely affect the level of production and our export market especially at a time when we are trying to expand our markets abroad. We may definitely lose some of these. This was highlighted at the RDC meeting as well. A few days ago, I spoke to a cash crop farmer at Maida and he showed me pictures of what was taking place at his ten-acre farm situated only about three miles into the back dam. Thousands of limes, oranges, cherries and bananas were strewn below the trees. It was a most pitiful sight to look at, the horrendous wastage and the income it could have generated. The gentleman who operates a tyre shop told me that he has a thriving cane juice business as well ,but he cannot transport the canes

out of the area, thus placing a halt to that business as well. The dam has completely disappeared in some areas. He is just one of the many farmers who accepted the challenge to expand farming into the more remote areas and the others like himself are suffering just alike. Who will compensate these enterprising farmers? How can we ask our farmers to produce and when they do, they perish as well? The $3 billion from the budget could have gone towards fixing the dams and infrastructure and done much more. It is conclusive that this Government has failed the agriculture sector badly; they have destroyed sugar now it seems that rice is a similar work-in-progress! A Hymac ‘drowning’ on a dam! Yours sincerely, Haseef Yusuf RDC Councillor, Region Six

Silence of religious leaders? Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your publication to seek some clarity for my own benefit and for the benefit of those like me who find themselves being confused by the silence of some of our religious leaders in our society. I was raised in a Christian home and attended church regularly. I still do so now. I remember over the early

2000s and up to 2015 hearing many sermons by different pastors, prophets and even bishops and insertions in sermons of the perceived evils that prevailed in our lands.  I remember hearing that it is an obligation of these preachers to speak against perceived evil.  I also remember hearing prophecies just before both the 2011 and 2015 elections about the leaders and persons

God had anointed to lead our land and that these leaders were prophesied to be righteous. We all remember that “this is the day that the Lord has made” said at the inauguration. I as a young Christian am now in a state of confusion as to the silence from these very pastors, prophets and bishops. We have seen over the past three years this “righ-

teous government” being accused of some of the most blatant abuse of power and the rights of the people of Guyana yet not a word is being spoken for or against these acts.  I will now list a few of the accusations and request a response from these prophets, pastors and bishops on their views of the actions of the Government. continued on page 5

thursdAY, july 12, 2018


You can send your letters with pictures to: Guyana Times, Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown, Guyana or

Funding available to complete process (Part 1) Dear Editor, I take the time to reply once more to questions repeated by Rev Gideon Cecil in a letter in your newspaper on July 9 and 10, 2018. He asks why there has been such a long delay in the announcements of the shortlist and awards for the Prize. By now Rev Cecil ought to be aware that this is because the funding has not yet been made available to complete the process. He repeats yet again his refusal to accept that a writer is allowed to enter the Prize as contestants one year and be asked to serve as a judge in another year. He declares “no award in the world will ever allow such an act”. He is wrong. Other major awards around the world do allow it. In previous letters I have supplied the evidence to prove that former judges are not debarred from entering and winning, and former entrants, former winners are always asked to serve as judges. I gave several examples of these from the IMPAC Dublin, the Commonwealth, the OCM Bocas. These are not my opinions – they are facts that can be verified. There is no such clause in the eligibility rules of the Man Booker Prize, or any of those others. The rules of the IMPAC Dublin speak to persons being entrants and judges at the same time, it does not bar them from entering or from being a judge in the future. Clearly, if I am a judge in 2018, I cannot enter in 2018. But when I am not a judge in 2019, I am not barred

from entering. I supplied factual evidence of this happening in that same IMPAC Dublin Prize. Rev Cecil suggested “I believe regulations barring former judges from entering the Guyana Prize should be integrated into the award brochure.” That is a reasonable suggestion based on his opinion. But it has not been the view of the major literary prizes around the world. He also objects to writers entering the Prize and winning on repeated occasions. Those international literary prizes do not disqualify winners from entering again. The former Whitbread Prize, now known as the Costa Book Awards, is another of the major prizes. For the Best Novel, they have had winners repeating many times – Salman Rushdie, William Trevor, Kate Atkinson, Beryl Bainbridge. Poetry has been dominated by Seamus Heaney, Carol Ann Duffy, Ted Hughes. Incidentally, Duffy and Bainbridge have served repeatedly as judges a number of times for that same Prize, as have other winners including Susan Hill, Andrew Boyle and Paul Theroux. These are among many writers who re-appear as winners and judges of the same Prize. If Rev Cecil is still not satisfied, I can name other examples from the famous Pulitzer Prize. If this is acceptable practice around the world, why is it wrong in the Guyana Prize? Yours faithfully Al Creighton

No excuses for Min Broomes

Dear Editor, Please permit me the space to comment on what appears to be a very disgusting and deplorable display and reckless use of power by Minister Simona Broomes and her driver with regard to the New Thriving Restaurant episode recently. Editor, every Guyanese that voted for change in the last general election and were hoping that these thuggish and brutish behaviours would become a thing of the past with the new Administration is slowly realising that this may have been a pipe dream. As a voter and taxpayer, Ms Broomes is an embarrassment to the leadership of this country and I believe some measure of discipline if not dismissal should be considered. This is not the first episode involving this Minister and I guarantee if she continues it will not be the last; however, I am very much pessimistic to the idea that anything will be done as we continue to see a President who is reluctant to admonish

Ministers for bad behaviours or incompetence. Editor, after three years in power and numerous blunders and bad behaviours from his inner circle, it is abundantly clear that this President is no Kamala Bissessar, the once famous Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister who fired 11 Ministers in four years and who positioned that “there must be no compromise on integrity, no allowance for arrogance, no room for violation of mutual respect; there will be no sacrifice of our values on the altar of political expediency”. I absolutely believe if not for the videos we would have had a very different outcome to this hugely embarrassing moment for the APNU coalition and possible still have had two private security personnel still in jail and potentially facing charges. This display of thuggery and boorish behaviour is not what we the voters expected when we voted for change, for decency, for respect, for rule of law after so many awful years under the PPP

Administration. While I am thankful for what appears to be the vindication of the security personnel at the New Thriving Restaurant, Providence, East Bank Demerara, what I fear is that this Minister, who seems to have a laundry list of bad encounters and bad reputations among her colleagues, would be given a pass simply because as one media source insinuatingly justifies “she is rough around the edges” and “comes from a mining background”. This only reinforces what we the public see as habitual behaviour from elected officials and their entourages. I myself have been witness to thuggish behaviour from drivers and security personnel of some elected officials. I would like to implore to our leaders to not only hold themselves to a high standard but hold their peers as well since their actions can damage your image and status. I implore them to not condone these types of behaviours but to admonish it for what it is and what it can do your party, and also

because we have had too much of it in the past and we should not make excuses any longer. Guyana is at a cusp of tremendous change and status in world, a chance to rid the demons of the past and stake her rightful place in history, time for a new chapter, a time to renew again and be spoken of and respected as we were in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, a time when they spoke highly of our philosophers, writers, poets, engineers, teachers and doctors…we should not have the likes of Ms Broomes ruining this great renaissance. The world is watching Mr Granger, Guyanese are expecting better after so much abuse. Editor, I will continue to hope that one day we can all can proclaim that Guyana is blessed finally with leaders of humility, integrity and grace and our elected officials are examples for others to follow…I hope unlike everyone that this is not a pipe dream. Sincerely, Tony Persaud

Silence of religious... I refer, Editor, to the dismissal of the 2000 Amerindians shortly after taking office; the closing down of the sugar estates and dismissal of 7000 or more workers in that industry; the arrangement of the rental of the “Drug Bond” where one of their supporters, we were re-

cently told, received more than a quarter billion dollars without investing a dollar of his own money; the continual issuing of contracts to friends without adhering to the tendering process; the ignoring of the Constitution with regard to the established process that was accept-

ed by all and which they themselves subscribed to over the years. My confusion is as a result of the silence in the face of the above stated accusations which on the face of it seems founded in truth. My question to these leaders is simple. Is it okay for one government to do wrong to Guyanese and/or

from page 4

a set of Guyanese? Is it that we are to accept that God accepts wrong from some people and not from others? Do we have some Guyanese who are considered ‘God’s chosen people’?  What am I to understand by your silence? Confused Christian 


thursDAY, JUly 12, 2018


Foundation By Susan Newman, PhD

Continued from Tuesday

Plan on taking breaks from a long car ride

Scout out parks or other destinations where you can stop along the way and let everyone stretch their legs. A quick game of catch or Frisbee can help burn off some pent-up energy. These stops might slow you down a bit, but kids will feel better – and might even nap – if you get them a little fresh air and activity. Pack a healthy lunch – or at least some healthy snacks – to keep everyone from getting too hungry during the ride or flight. Younger kids especially will appreciate a little bit of their usual routine. So if it’s always raisins and crackers at snack time, bring those on the road with you. If you’re stuck waiting in an airport, use the downtime to take walks from terminal to terminal. Find a good spot for watching the planes take off. And don’t forget to tuck a deck of cards and a few good books into everyone’s backpack. For younger children, crayons and paper can usually save the day.

Step 4: You made it!

The key to having a great time once you arrive can be summed up in two words: Be flexible. Vacations can really throw

A kids for a loop. Nothing is like it normally is – from the bed they’re sleeping in to the food they’re eating. Help kids feel comfortable on vacation by keeping them informed. Younger kids will appreciate knowing that you’re going to the zoo, then having lunch, then going to look for shells on the beach. It’s helpful to remind them during the day: “We’re leaving the zoo, so it’s time for lunch. Then we’ll go to the beach.” Talking to them at the end of the day (“What was your favourite part of our day?”) also can help orient them. And talk about what’s coming up tomorrow. Here are some additional travel tips for active vacationers: Travel can be exhausting, especially if you’re changing time zones. Give yourself a day to rest up before jumping into strenu-

ous physical activity. Consider the weather reports. Juggle activities if you can to avoid bad weather. Your preschooler might love a nature hike on a beautiful sunny afternoon, but might get pretty tired of it on a rainy and windy day. Include several indoor activities on your list of things to do and save them for bad-weather days. Stagger different activities to accommodate different ages, abilities, and interests. For instance, you don’t have to ride a bike all day. You could bike in the morning and take a lazy canoe ride in the afternoon. If you’ve been hiking or biking all day, but your toddler has been in the backpack or tucked inside a baby seat, head to the nearest park or playground where your little one can get some welcome exercise. If you didn’t schedule enough time for an activity, don’t r u s h

through it just to move on to the next item on the agenda. Be open to changing your plans if you find something more fun or interesting. At the same time, be willing to call it a day if the kids – or adults – are just worn out and ready for some downtime. An “anything goes” approach can be tempting, but letting discipline slide on vacation isn’t a good idea. Though all parents lighten up a bit on vacation, try to enforce the same rules that apply at home. If it’s not OK for a child to hit his brother at home, it’s not OK on vacation either. Plan some downtime and make sure kids get enough sleep. Be especially sensitive to younger kids and try to stick to their usual routines as much as possible. The effort spent keeping normal nap schedules will pay off because kids will feel more secure and less cranky. And when kids are less cranky, parents are less cranky, too! (Excerpt



ll parents worry about their children’s wellbeing at any age, but the issues to worry about mount when children hit the teen years. I am often asked by parents of one child about how to deal with the anxiety they feel. With one child the focus can be more intense; however a parent’s anxiety, upset, or despair when something goes amiss is the same no matter how many children there are in the family. Parental anxiety is readily absorbed by children and not helpful as teenagers navigate their more complex world – facing more temptations and risks than they did as young children. I asked my colleague, Dr Alice Boyes, author of The Anxiety Toolkit, to recommend ways that all parents can tamp down the anxiety they feel as their kids enter the teen years.

Be compassionate

Whether you have one adolescent or several, first, be compassionate with yourself about your feelings. There’s no need to beat yourself up about the fact you’re worried. You want to keep your child safe and that concern is bubbling over as anxiety. That’s very understandable and relatable.

Confront your specific fears

For instance, do you fear your child will die in a car crash? Is your fear that your child will do something stupid and get arrested? Once you identify your specific fears, gather some “base rate” data on how likely those things are. Don’t spend hours researching; a five-minute Google search will usually give you helpful information. For example, a World Health Organisation report indicates the death rate for adolescents aged 10-19 on any given day. The report also breaks down the major causes of adolescent death and serious injury. While confronting your specific fears might make you more anxious in the short-term, it should decrease your anxiety overall.

Identify what you can do to lessen those risks

Once you’ve looked at what the most realistic worries are, identify what you can do to lessen those risks. For example, for male adolescents in the 1519 age group, road injury is a realistic concern. Perhaps you could schedule a driving lesson every three months for your child even after they get their driver’s licence so that the instructor can catch

any bad habits your teen might be slipping into. The paradox of excessive worry is that it’s paralysing, and can make people less likely to take the practical steps that would lessen the risk of whatever they’re anxious about.

Take practical steps, but don’t go overboard

You might decide to plan or implement one risk reduction strategy every month. Try to start with the things that worry you the most, even if they’re things you’re tempted to avoid such as talking to your adolescent about sexual consent or alcohol and other drug use.

Briefly imagine how you’d cope

Keep in mind that while a catastrophe is unlikely, it’s more likely that you and your adolescent might need to deal with a mildly to moderately negative situation, whether it’s bullying, failing to make a sports team, or test anxiety. The best approach to concerns like these is to briefly imagine how, in practical terms, you’d cope if one of them occurred, and that could include getting support for yourself or for your teen. Reassure yourself that you have the capacity to cope with these sorts of circumstances. Although they would be emotionally difficult to deal with and you might not feel 100 per cent confident or get it 100 per cent right, you’ll be prepared to successfully navigate challenges.

Think about the potential costs of being over-protective

You can probably easily think of the risks of being underprotective. In addition, think about the potential costs of being over-protective. By being overprotective you impede your teen’s desire for independence or you can raise a teen who feels stifled and leans on you for every little thing. Write down some of the things you do because of your concern. How might you pull back or, at the least, strike a balance? Whether or not your child has siblings to share the rocky road of the teen years, a child needs to explore and make mistakes to learn and grow.

Make sure worries that relate to you aren’t getting unconsciously mixed in

Acknowledge anything that’s going on for you related to your child getting older. Are you concerned about how your identity will shift as you transition to being the parent of a teen rather than a young child? Make sure worries that relate to you aren’t getting unconsciously mixed in with your anxiety about your child’s safety. Acknowledge your own emotions and thoughts without judging them. (



thursDAY, july 12, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

Parking lot controversy

Broomes’ behaviour should not be tolerated – Jagdeo …Minister, driver questioned by Police …Govt mum on fiasco


ive days after a parking lot fiasco, which led to the arrest of two security guards who were involved in a fracas with Minister Simona Broomes, the Guyana Police Force has finally confirmed that all parties have been questioned and official statements taken. The disclosure was made by Crime Chief Paul Williams on Wednesday afternoon when asked by Guyana Times about the status of the investigations after the Minister, who is at the centre of the controversy, claimed that she was disappointed that the GPF issued a statement despite her not having a chance to submit an official written statement. Broomes had claimed that she and her driver, whose name has not been officially released to the media to date, were the victims of verbal assaults and threats by the security guards, who were attempting to bar her from parking in a specific section of the establishment. The Minister with the Natural Resources Ministry, who is no stranger to controversy, had even alleged that one of the guards had pointed and “crocked” a firearm

at her and the driver of her SUV vehicle at some point during the incident. She claimed that she was fearful for her life and safety as a result of the actions of the guards, who were arrested and detained by Police ranks following the incident for close to 16 hours before being released on their own recognisance. On Wednesday, Williams said that the probe was still ongoing and that the Police were reviewing other portions of CCTV footage available from nearby and surrounding establishments. “All parties allegedly involved would have been questioned and have to submit statements,” he confirmed before stating that the next step would see advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions on the matter.

Video footage

Since the release of footage on Tuesday, it became clear that the version of the story told by Minister Broomes was different from what was depicted thereby forcing a tidal wave of criticisms and attacks against the A Partnership

itive pronouncement as he dodged the issue. “I will not be able to share that information because we’re still investigating that part of it …We’re at the juncture now where we’re trying to look at all the footage [to ascertain what happened],” he related.


Minister Simona Broomes

for National Unity (APNU/ AFC) official on social media, with Guyanese accusing her of high-handedness and dishonesty. There have also been attacks on her integrity as more support and sympathy poured in on Wednesday for the guards, who it is being argued were “simply doing their jobs”. Asked whether the Police have found any proof to substantiate the claims made by Minister Broomes that a gun was aimed at her during the ordeal, Crime Chief Williams declined to make any defin-

On Tuesday, a senior APNU/AFC Minister, Volda Lawrence apologised to one of the security guards who were part of the confrontation with Broomes. That Minister, in a social media post, had said that it was clear that the guard was “wrongfully detained”. She said that “humility and character” were key traits that all Guyanese should endeavour to practise as she took another swipe at Broomes.

Govt mum

But Minister of State, Joseph Harmon when asked about Government’s response to the incident shied away from making any statement in support or against Minister Broomes or the security guards involved in the parking lot fiasco.

“That’s a Police matter that is going on and it’s inappropriate for a minister to get involved in Police work … when the Police finishes their investigation, then any form of action should be taken,” Harmon said. Broomes has also been severely criticised by the political Opposition after the CCTV footage which surfaced after the incident showed the Minister and her driver attempting to run over one of the guards after they were debarred from parking in a strictly ‘no parking zone’ at the establishment. The footage also appeared to be showing the Minister removing the ‘no parking signs’ before throwing them on to the ground during a temper tantrum. Both parties appeared to be aggressive during the confrontation. The guards who now have the backing of the management of their security firm following the release of the CCTV footage have denied the Minister’s account of the matter.

Training for guards

Adding his take on the matter, Crime Chief

Williams told sections of the media that he would recommend that security guards working in public places like the supermarket be properly trained, especially those carrying firearms. “It is within your own judgement and sense, if you see a vehicle of a certain standard or class right there and then it speaks out to somebody. Even if you want to rate the person for whatever it is, whether the person is a drug lord, Minister or businessman, as soon as you see a vehicle of a certain standard, it supposed to arouse your attention and alertness,” he explained. Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo believes that the Minister’s behaviour if true was atrocious and should not be allowed to continue. He said that the incident also pointed to the fact that sometimes people rush to judgement, referring to the unwarranted arrests of the two security guards at the Massey Store over the incident without properly investigating the issue thoroughly. He believes that the Police should be held responsible, given that they acted unprofessionally.

8 news

thursDAY, july 12, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM


CJIA cocaine bust

Teen jailed for 3 years, fined $1.4M


Anesha Hardy

he 19-year-old girl who was intercepted at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on July 6 having swallowed some 119 cocaine pellets was on Wednesday jailed for three years by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan. Anesha Hardy, of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, admitted to the allegation and was also fined $1.4 million. Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Prosecutor Koniyo SandifordThompson told the court

that Hardy, who was an outgoing passenger destined for New York, was stopped by a CANU rank, who had received information about her. She was escorted to the hospital where an X-ray showed the pellets in her stomach. She was admitted to the hospital and subsequently excreted the pellets between July 6 and July 8. Sandiford-Thompson informed the Chief Magistrate the young woman admitted in several statements to the offence, outlining the process by which she ingested the pellets. The CANU Prosecutor also told the Court that the story is a sad instance of negligent living and the defendant was taken advantage of by a seasoned narcotics trafficker. Magistrate McLennan then handed down the sentence and the young woman broke down in tears. Based on information obtained from the teen, CANU ranks swooped down

Wanted: Kelvien Sauers

Wanted: Mark Sauers

on an East Coast Demerara (ECD) premises on the evening of Friday last. During the exercise, they stumbled upon 279 pellets filled with what is suspected to be cocaine. CANU ranks have arrested an additional three persons while they were hunting another two suspects who remain at large. It was reported that one of the suspects still at large was at the ECD residence and when the ranks arrived, he managed to escape. Meanwhile, CANU is-

sued a wanted bulletin for the two suspects Kelvien Sauers, called “John”, and Mark Sauers, called “Marcus”. Kelvien Sauers’ last known address is Lot 327 Fourth Street, Success, ECD, and Mark Sauers’, Lot 1 Ogle, ECD and Second Street, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. CANU is asking anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the two to contact them on numbers 227-3507 and 226-0431 or visit their headquarters.

Life sentence for cop killer S outh Ruimveldt, Georgetown resident Delon Abrams, who shot and killed Guyana Police Force (GPF) rank Silburn Elias was on Wednesday sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole by

Judge Sandil Kissoon at the High Court after he pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. Abrams killed Elias on January 6, 2014 when the rank was attempting to re-arrest him after he had escaped from the Georgetown

Public Hospital, where he was under Police guard. It was reported that Abrams was caught and beaten by residents of Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown after he broke into someone’s home in the area.

Convicted: Delon Abrams

As such, he had to be rushed to the Hospital for medical attention. The previously convicted felon escaped from the Hospital stealing a Police Officer’s .38 calibre service pistol in the process. When pursued and confronted in Fourth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown by other ranks including an unarmed Elias, Abrams shot him twice, once to his chest and once to his left side. In handing down the sentence, Judge Kissoon told the accused that the penalty for killing a law enforcement officer is death; however, owing to his early plea, he was sentencing him to life imprisonment. Presenting the case for the State were Prosecutors Mandel Moore and Abigail Gibbs. Attorney-at-Law Maxwell McKay represented Abrams.



…hypocrisy as female ow your Eyewitness has heard it all! He’s sure you, Dear Readers, have read about the “New Thriving Incident” with Minister Simona “I is” Broomes, so he doesn’t have to regurgitate the (sordid) details. He might’ve just gagged!! It just shows you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Broomes, of course, learnt her tricks in the wilds where there’s no question the sensibilities of its denizens are quite callused, to say the least!!  We know this is our “wild west”, but some expected when she “came to town”, she’d try to cultivate some social graces. But they miss what Broomes is all about. It’s not about social graces, or “never see come fuh see”, but about being a bully and “behaving bad” to get her way. Isn’t that how she earned her moniker, “I is” Broomes? She expects because of her position, rules don’t matter…after all, she’s MINISTER “Broomes”!!  And in this matter Broomes is certainly not alone… it’s just because of her bush background, she doesn’t know how to be subtle about it. What Broomes wants… Broomes gets!!   But after the last tantrum she threw when she didn’t get her way – to get her food – Broomes tried a new trick to weasel out of the blatant falsehood she told on the two guards. And which resulted in them being imprisoned. If it weren’t for the CCTV footage which went viral, those men would’ve been certainly fired.  And this is what Broomes came up with: “I feel disrespected as a woman, as a citizen of Guyana, and I feel targeted.” SHE feels disrespected?? What about those two guards who were cussed out by her and her driver and security? Broomes is degrading the work feminists have done to get society to appreciate the daily slights women are subjected to. By being the bully she is and throwing her weight around, she gives credence to the argument that women just want to abuse power like the men they criticise. Broomes can’t be allowed to get a free pass on her habitual despicable behaviour towards ordinary citizens – who put her in office. She’s a walking poster child for official abuse of power by politicians once they get into office. Living in a million-dollar Governmentfunded house, having her own security and driver of her heavily tinted SUV, Broomes is now above the rules of civilised conduct as she throws around her 50 per cent augmented salary!  Not to mention the monies she gets for the land she leased for gold mining.  Civility and humility were two qualities that got David Granger elected President and folks hoped he’d end the “wrong and strong” behaviour that typified the previous PNC Government.  Looks it was just an act!! …the Court Everyone and their uncle are panning Trump for arranging the retirement of Kennedy on the US Supreme Court so that he can “pack” it with a more conservative replacement to push his right-wing agenda. For instance, to roll back more than half a century of progressive law allowing women control of their bodies so they can choose abortion till the second trimester of pregnancy. “The cad and bounder!” we swear under our breaths.  But isn’t Granger doing the identical thing here in Guyana by refusing to go along with trying to find consensus with the Opposition Leader to select the next Chancellor and insisting on his own, unilateral choice? He’s packing our Court to ensure his “perceptions” – which he insists are equal to the JUDGEMENTS of the Chief Justice – become the law of the land!  But in packing the courts, Trump and Granger aren’t only affecting judicial OUTCOMES. More dangerously, they’re undermining the legitimacy of the judicial PROCESS! And this will be fatal for democracy. …Diversity The Ministry of Education through its Georgetown Department of Education held a workshop which focused on “Diversity Education and Inclusiveness”. How about advising Granger on diversity in his ministerial appointments?? Or there’s no need for diversity in governmental appointments?? Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



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Opposition calls for resignation of SOCU advisor

…as parliamentary forum on corruption hosted


embers of Parliament (MPs) representing the Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) took a jab at British fraud expert and advisor to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), Dr Sam Sittlington asking him to resign for turning a blind eye to the many instances of Government corruption. This call was made at an anti-bribery and corruption forum organised for members of the National Assembly on Wednesday that was held in the Parliament Chambers. The event was attended by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, among others. Leading the Opposition charge was MP Harry Gill, who took offence to Sittlington’s speech which focused entirely on corruption practices. The MP told the British fraud expert that focus should be placed on matters here instead. “You have turned a blind eye to reports of corruption right here in the Government,” Gill said. He made reference to the controversial Sussex Street drug bond and the construction of D’Urban Park.

When the MP asked Sittlington why none of these cases had been investigated, he said none of the cases have been referred to SOCU and the Unit cannot go out on its own to conduct these investigations. “None of the cases you mentioned were referred to SOCU or the Police Commissioner. As an investigator, I welcome any case that comes to SOCU,” the British expert said. On that note, Gill said the fact that Sittlington was employed by the State posed a conflict of interest problem for him to investigate acts of corruption by State agencies. The Prime Minister and Ramjattan both defended the UK expert, stating that the Opposition MPs came with a motive to disparage Sittlington, describing them as a “lynch gang with a clear intention”. In his defence, Sittlington advised that SOCU can only investigate matters that are referred to the Police or cases referred by the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit, the Financial Intelligence Unit, or the Fraud Squad. Further, he said progress has been made which is important to Guyana’s international image. He added good

Sam Sittlington

governance is an effective way of tempering business exploitation while reflecting good management. “The importance of showing leadership and responsibility in this regard will give confidence to foreign governments and commercial entities that you are a nation that could do more business with and provide further investment,” he added. Sittlington’s presentation was centred around five of the principles under the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). Guyana ratified the UNCAC in 2008. He explained that bribery and corruption range from petty to grand, and stressed that strong anti-corrupt internal systems

that reinforce partiality, transparency, zero tolerance and communication with the public can be developed to counter negative perceptions. Despite previous complaints from the PPP, the UK white-collar crime expert returned to Guyana in January for another stint working with SOCU. Following Sittlington’s initial appointment, SOCU, in a bold move on March 7, 2017, had arrested and questioned a number of top officials from the previous Government. Among those arrested and questioned were former President Bharrat Jagdeo, and former Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon.

BBCI wants Minister...

“These people are screwing everything up. They are in a dilemma now because they are caught by their own rhetoric and what they did. They deferred all the problems in the three years, so now it’s catching up on them,” he said, explaining that the Government’s action could determine how future investors respond to invitations for Public-Private Partnerships. The Company is seeking increases in tolls as per

the adjustment formula set out by the agreement between the BBCI and with the Government of Guyana. It is understood that this tolling requirement was not applicable until 2014, after which they made their first request just prior to the former Government leaving office. According to the toll policy, the increase is calculated based on “the level of traffic on and under the bridge for the two previous financial years.”

According to the policy, “it takes consideration of the toll levels at the start of operations, any provisional toll level applied during the year and the toll level at start of operations adjusted for inflation.” The policy goes on to note that the toll level is adjusted by the use of the consumer price index of the most recent period and two years prior to that. The second part of the formula, it added, computes a provision-

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al toll level to be used until near the end of the financial year. The ownership structure of BBCI is made up of ordinary share capital of $500 million owned by private investors and preference shares of $950 million owned by NIS. The Bridge has a wide cross-section of investors, including various pension schemes, insurance schemes, local banks as well as private companies and NIS.

Other former Government officials questioned included former Prime Minister and former President, Samuel Hinds; former Ministers Priya Manickchand, Irfaan Ali, Clement Rohee, Robert Persaud and Dr Jennifer Westford. One commonality in their questioning was in relation to property purchased at the Sparendaam seawall area on the East Coast that is commonly known as “Pradoville 2”. While the current Administration contends that the transaction is a criminal act because of the belief that the land was sold below market value, the PPP has argued that subsidised housing has always been a part of the legacy of the Party, and countless Guyanese have benefited from lands sold below market value. No further action was ever pursued against these former officials, and the arrests prompted resounding cries that the Executive has been giving orders to SOCU to attack former Government officials as part of a witch-hunting exercise.

A glass of wine

Two days after these events, Ramjattan, along with SOCU Head Sydney

James and Sittlington, had a rendezvous at a popular city café, and were seen clinking glasses in an extremely celebratory atmosphere in the dimly lit establishment. Ramjattan later confirmed to <<<Guyana Times>>> that he and the SOCU officials had been having some drinks at the popular spot, which usually is not open to the public after dark. According to Ramjattan, he had gone to “have a glass of wine” with the SOCU officials as they celebrated Dr Sittlington’s work here in Guyana, since the expert had been due to leave soon.


At a subsequent press conference, Jagdeo had questioned the motive behind the gathering, noting that “to drink wine immediately after arrests were made warrants a full-fledged investigation”. According to the Opposition Leader, given that the coalition Government has launched several Commissions of Inquiry, President David Granger should do the same with regard to this matter, since it threatened the country’s independence and dignity.

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$93M consultancy contract inked to update GLSC network


n efforts to establish and sustainably maintain a modern, robust and accurate national geodetic positioning network for the country, the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) signed a $93 million contract with British firm  Ordnance Survey International (OSI), to provide consultancy services for the Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) Network Project.  The new contract for the CORS network project was signed on Wednesday at the Ministry of the Presidency. This comes after Cabinet had approved the award of the contract last month. According to GLSC Chief Executive Officer/ Commissioner Trevor Benn, the project is expected to be highly complex with a specialised blend of technical work to be undertaken. To this end, he noted that the British geospatial consultancy firm was chosen given its expertise and experience. The company also has a history of working in Guyana and understands the functions of the GLSC as the national mapping and geospatial agency. “Given the mistakes that were made before and the lack of use of the previous network, GLSC expects that this consultancy would provide world-class standards, knowledge, expertise and experience to help us to be able to sustainably manage and maintain the network for the future,” Benn noted. The GLSC Commissioner further posited that working along with OSI offered a unique opportunity to un-

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon; GLSC Commissioner Trevor Benn and OSI CEO Peter Hedlund after the contract signing on Wednesday

derstand and implement user requirements on a national scale. “Unfortunately as a country, we did not keep up with pace of development globally in terms of geospatial work – mapping and surveying. This work is extremely important because of the need for good base data. In our construction industry, for example, a lot of our projects are failing because we do not have good base data. We hope that this work that we’re about to embark on will help us to begin to build the database to help us to get there,” the GLSC CEO asserted. The CORS Network Project is expected to be completed before the end of this calendar year, with works commencing this Friday when the team arrives. In brief remarks, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon urged that efforts

be undertaken for the project to be executed within the given timeframe. “[The project] will so also help the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission to gather information, set targets and indicators, and develop sustainable land-use policies that are in line with the implementation of our Green State Development Strategy and the establishment as ‘Green State’ … [Government] is of the expectation that central objectives of this project are achieved in keeping with its guidelines,” he posited. Meanwhile, OSI CEO Peter Hedlund highlighted the importance of establishing and developing the CORS Network. “In any industry, having a solid CORS network in place is the key foundation of surveying and mapping and demonstration – something I know is very close to the heart of Commissioner

Benn and the function of the GLSC to change for the future,” Hedlund posited. As part of efforts to revolutionise the GLSC through the use of innovative technology, the CORS Network is just one of the strands that are being employed. The objectives of OSI include: establishing full functionality and usability of the existing Network Operations Centre (NOC) and 8-site CORS network, design and document associated CORS management processes and train staff to be able to perform all the first and second-line operational activities, establish third-line support cover

with GNSS equipment and software manufacturer. The firm will also have to assist GLSC to specify, procure, and deploy specialist equipment for the CORS network in accordance with identified national development needs and the strategic business requirements of GLSC as well to ensure that the CORS network is coordinated and connected to the newest and regional realisation of the International Terrestrial Reference Framework (ITRF 2014, Geocentric Reference Systems of the Americas – SIRGAS). Additionally, the OSI

team will further design and implement action plans to ensure sustainability of the CORS network, including specialist training, skills transfer, expert network building and wider user engagement to ensure benefits of the investment are maximised by the Guyana Public and Private Sector users. Seven years ago, a similar CORS Network project was initiated to the tune of some half a billion dollars. However, while eight stations were set up across the country and equipment was procured, the project did not follow through. (Vahnu Manikchand)

Shipper released as probe continues into cocaine under vehicle


he Customs AntiNarcotics Unit (CANU) has released a shipper under whose vehicle more than seven kilograms of cocaine was found last week at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). CANU Prosecutor Koniyo Sandiford-Thompson told Guyana Times on Wednesday that they released the man since nothing “conclusive” was determined. “We didn’t find anything conclusive … So we’re treating it as a seizure; unless we get something new,” Sandiford-Thompson said. Reports are about 23:00h on July 2, CANU ranks stationed at the CJIA discovered the cocaine under the vehicle of the shipper. At the time, the vehicle was

The suspected cocaine retrieved from under the shipper’s vehicle last week

parked inside the compound of the CJIA CAMEX Bond at Timehri. It was reported that the businessman was scheduled to ship ground provisions and pumpkins on cargo flight OJ 258, which was

destined for Canada. After the suspected cocaine was found, the businessman, along with four other males, was taken into custody. All five men have since been released. Nevertheless, investigations are ongoing.



thursDAY, july 12, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

Leguan Stelling to be rehabilitated Pandit, son to be …Wakenaam, Vreed-en-Hoop to follow

Some of the rotted wooden supports, and loose decking and panels of the stelling


ust over a week after Guyana Times published an article in which residents of Leguan were calling for their stelling to be rehabilitated, the Public Infrastructure Ministry has announced that the stelling was on the list for pending rehabilitative works. This revelation was made by Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson on Wednesday, who noted that tenders were produced for the refurbishing works and would be out shortly. At that time, Patterson also took the opportunity to announce the completion of works on the Leguan Stelling.

“We’ve awarded contracts for the rehabilitation of the sea defence in Leguan and Wakenaam as well as the stelling in Leguan, the tenders are out and shall be completed shortly. The Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling will commence rehabilitation in 2019, which will provide a revamped passenger port, focusing on safety in operations,” he stated. Last Saturday, this publication visited Leguan where residents were up in arms about the current state of their stelling among other concerns. Residents and even visitors had expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of the stelling. The tim-

ber planks supporting the stelling are rotten, causing residents to be fearful since heavy vehicles traverse the stelling. In addition, the decking is loose and uneven, with rails hanging on to literally nothing at certain sections on the ramp. At that time, an outspoken resident, Hans Buer, had indicated that the issue was raised with Minister Patterson on several occasions, which resulted in the Minister responding to him on social media promising to have it fixed. He said the stelling has been in that deplorable state for over one and a half years and was rapidly deteriorating, but no system was being put in

place to have it addressed. The residents also indicated that a concrete-post and wood-decking stelling served no purpose; hence, they were calling for a fully concrete stelling, noting that it would last longer with little to no repairs. “Laden vehicles cannot use the lower ramp because it will fall out. The decking is unlevelled. You can fall. When the boat come in at nights, it is horrible, because the stelling has no lights, passengers fall over the little rails and some of the boards on the decking have holes,” Buer noted. Guyana Times was also told that in addition to loose decking and rotten posts, the lower ramp used to load laden vehicles onto the ferry was in such a deplorable state that vehicles were unable to access it. Vehicles have to wait until the tide is high enough for them to access the high ramp to load or offload, which affects the business community, since critical goods could not be delivered in time and farmers’ produce would perish.

Plaisance child rapist sentenced to life imprisonment


onvicted child rapist Sheldon Lynch, of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara (ECD),who was previously sentenced to two life sentences by the High Court was on Wednesday sentenced to a third life sentence by Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. A 12-member jury came back with a unanimous guilty verdict on the charge against Lynch, who was represented by Attorney-atLaw Clyde Forde. The convicted rapist on

Sheldon Lynch

August 22, 2015 engaged in sexual penetration with an 11-year-old girl. The 46-year-old man and the child were known to each other. On the day in question, Lynch reportedly forced himself on the girl. Following the incident, the girl told her mother what had transpired, and the mother reported the matter to the Police. Lynch was later arrested and charged. He has since maintained his innocence in the matter. Earlier in March of 2018,

Lynch was also found guilty of raping a 10-year-old girl on two different occasions between December 7, 2010 and January 25, 2013 in Essequibo. He was sentenced to two life terms, which are to run consecutively.

cremated today


Pandit Deonarine Liliah and Gopaul Liliah

he 61-year-old pandit and his son, who were found murdered in their Delph and Craig Streets, Campbellville, Georgetown home on Tuesday morning will be laid to rest today. Pandit Deonarine Liliah, called Dewan Liliah, and his 28-year-old son, Gopaul Liliah, were found after a tenant, who lives in the lower flat of the house, reported to Police that she had not seen her landlord or his son for days and that there was a foul smell emanating from the upper flat of the building. Guyana Times was told by a source close to the investigations that the Police were making strides in the investigation. Late Wednesday evening, Police swooped down on a Campbellville house where two suspects, wanted for questioning into the incident, were arrested. This publication was told that CCTV footage from a nearby house revealed a

masked man jumping the western fence into the now deceased men’s yard. The footage also showed the suspect entering the home from the northern door and exiting via the back entrance, with two bulky bags and a bucket in his hands. According to information, the duo who lived in the upper flat of the property was last seen by the tenant on July 7, 2018. The 40-year-old woman told the Police that she recalled hearing footsteps about 21:00h on Saturday evening. When ranks from the Kitty Police Station arrived at the house they found the back door ajar and Gopaul Liliah’s lifeless body lying face down on the floor in a pool of blood while his father was lying on his back in the living room. Meanwhile, the bodies will be at Sandy’s Funeral Parlour at 10:00h today for viewing, then to the Good Hope Crematorium for cremation.

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Rehabilitated Vreed-en-Hoop to Hydronie roadway commissioned T

he Public Infrastructure Ministry on Wednesday commissioned the recently-rehabilitated 30.7km roadway on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD), which was part of a road improvement project that lasted approximately 40 months. The project, budgeted at US$46.7 million, is the fourth of its kind that was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), in collaboration with the Government. The contract was inked on November 22, 2014 under the previous People’s Progressive Party/Civic Administration and road works along the main access road on the WCD from Vreed-en-Hoop

A section of the upgraded road

to Hydronie. The project was approved in the 2014 Budget. According to the Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson, who was

present at the ceremony, the project was conceptualised to increase efficiency and safety of all road users in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) as

well as to foster development in all sectors. “The completion of the rehabilitation of this road is timely as the West Coast of Demerara and Region Three, as a whole, is a growing hub for continuous sectoral development. These developmental activities are only as good as the ability to access locations within and on the outskirts of the Region for which this

provides the opportunity to link communities, reducing travel time and increasing productivity,” the Public Infrastructure Minister commented. Additionally, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon underscored the importance and positive outcomes of successful construction projects. “Construction plays a key role in the socioeconomic development of any country. It is through construction that vital infrastructure like roads, bridges and airports are put in place. Our public buildings such as schools, offices and hospitals are all realised through successful construction projects and activities,” Harmon stated. Some of the features which were added to the new roadway include a widened section for cyclists and pedestrians at key junctions, the installation of traffic signs, pedestrians and road markings, concrete

drains and the construction of parking lanes along identified sections. Meanwhile, pedestrians and drivers were urged by the Junior Public Infrastructure Minister Annette Ferguson, to practise road safety drills on the refurbished roadway in an effort to reduce the traffic mortalities rate in Guyana. “I would like to make a public appeal to road users, especially drivers of motor vehicles to exercise the five Cs: care, caution, consideration, common sense, and courtesy when using the roadways. Let us avoid the use of reckless driving on our roadways which will aid in the reduction of deaths,” Ferguson said. With the WCD road works finally completed, the Ministry has indicated that the West Bank of Demerara (WCD) will see the rehabilitation of the La Grange to Wales road and Belle West Canal Number Two Old Road.



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US Independence celebrations

Guyana, US commit to strengthening relations …1st US Chamber of Commerce to commence operations here


rade, investment and bilateral relations between Guyana and the United States are expected to be further enhanced following the establishment of the first-ever US Chamber of Commerce in Georgetown. This was announced by US Ambassador Perry Holloway at a reception held on Wednesday to celebrate the US’s 242nd Independence Day, which was observed on July 4. “I also want to let you know that in August, the first-ever official American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana will begin operations…This is a great initiative that will only help our two countries,” he posited. According to Ambassador Holloway, in recent years, the US has done a lot of good things in Guyana and will continue to do so going forward, especially in facilitating the development of the country. “All that we have done in Guyana has only been possible because of the cooperation of past and present Governments, the business

at times we have simply been a catalyst or strong supporter, but the real work of advancing Guyana as a country has always been done by Guyanese and there is still more to do. I am here to tell you today that if you want us, then the United States will be by your side going forward,” he asserted. The US diplomat went on to talk about past, current and future efforts to develop Guyana and shape a better future for its citizens. To this end, he noted that in spite of all the negative press, angst and uncertainty, the country’s future is brighter than ever before, with the discovery of oil offshore. “This discovery of oil offshore is really big deal and everyone needs to take it seriously and get smarter on the issue, because while the Government of Guyana is doing many of the things that need to be done, much more will need to be done. I know President [David] Granger is committed to getting it right, but he cannot do it all by himself; he needs the help of all Guyanese. If things go

A section of the gathering at the reception to celebrate the 242nd Independence anniversary of the United States community, civil society, and the uniformed services, along with the hard work of the Guyanese people; at best,

right and the right things are done, Guyana will be more secured, prosperous and inclusive. The US stands ready

US Ambassador Perry Holloway addressing the gathering at Wednesday’s reception as President David Granger and First Lady Sandra Granger, along with the Ambassador’s wife, Rosaura Holloway, look on to assist, but we will only be a catalyst to the enabler, the real work is for the Guyanese to do,” Ambassador Holloway opined. Meanwhile, also addressing the packed gathering in the ballroom of the Marriott Hotel was President Granger, who said that Guyana attached great importance to the relationship it shared with the US. This relationship, he outlined, has led to bilateral cooperation in economic development, education, entrepreneurship, justice improvement, and defence and security cooperation since the establishment of formal diplomatic ties on August 15, 1966. “Guyana and the United States enjoy cooperation under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative. We look forward to deepening and wid-

ening this cooperation under a Multi-Year Strategy to increase the security, prosperity, and well-being of the people of the United States and the Caribbean. Guyana iterates its acknowledgement and appreciation of the United States’ leadership in disaster preparedness and emergency response assistance,” President Granger said. Moreover, the President

noted that Guyana’s Civil Defence Commission has benefited immensely, particularly from the provision of equipment, machinery, and training. The USA, he said, indeed, has been a friend in need. “The catastrophic 2017 Caribbean hurricane season confirmed how destructive are the threats posed by extreme weather events to

mainland America and to the small-island developing and low-lying coastal states of the Caribbean. Guyana looks forward to collaborating with the USA and other mainland States to mitigate the harmful effects of global warming and to provide relief to the victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters,” the Head of State noted. He continued that the ‘Declaration of Independence’ was the philosophy for the establishment of a new nation in the new world of the western hemisphere and inaugurated a process of demographic change, geographic expansion and economic growth, making the United States of America today one of the most cosmopolitan countries and technologically advanced economies on earth. The event was also attended by First Lady Sandra Granger; Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo; Vice President and Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge; Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland; Ministers of the Government, Members of the parliamentary Opposition and the diplomatic corps.

Onderneeming residents complain of poor-quality road works


A section of the recently-constructed Onderneeming Sand Pit access road

nderneeming Sand Pit, Essequibo Coast residents are concerned about what they described as the poor-quality

work done on the community’s main access road. According to residents, the road was completed a few months ago and already

there are potholes and deterioration of the surface. Residents, especially vehicle owners, are questioning the quality of work done and the poor design. Guyana Times was told by residents that the access road was the gateway to the backlands and was being used by heavy-duty vehicles transporting logs, sand, and other materials on a daily basis. The issue was raised at Tuesday’s sitting of the Region Two Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and Alliance For Change (AFC) Councillor Nathram said that owing to heavy rainfall works on the road were put on hold, but would continue as early as the weather conditions permit and residents are asked to be patient. The contract was awarded through Central Government by the Public Infrastructure Ministry.

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GWI Head decries damage caused by illegal miners


ith interventions from the regional administration; the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) proving to be ineffective, Guyana Water Inc (GWI) Managing Director, Dr Richard Van West-Charles is now calling on residents in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) to get involved in protecting the company’s infrastructure that ensured a stable water supply. Speaking at an emergency press conference on Wednesday, Dr Van WestCharles told media operatives that while GWI would have already engaged the relevant agencies on the matter, the harmful activities have escalated thus negatively impacting the distribution system in Mahdia. “This is now specifically in the Waterdog area in Mahdia … these are wilful breaks to have the water wash down for these illegal miners. A lot of these activities occur between midnight and the wee hours of the morning. We’re seeking to collaborate with the regional administration, GGMC and the Police, but it’s really getting out of control and we now need the community to be involved in helping to stem this type of illegal activity so that the system can be sustainable and restored to serve the population,” Van West-Charles posited. According to the GWI Head, to rectify the damage a cost of approximately $2 million must be incurred,

Implementation Director Ramchand Jailall also spoke about the effects the chemicals used by illegal miners can have on the quality of water that is transmitted to residents in the Mahdia area. “We need to work with the communities because we don’t know what chemicals these miners are using and if those chemicals get into the pipes, it could get to the communities and these same miners will have families residing in Mahdia and they won’t want chemicals, which are dangerous to your health,, get into the lines and then get to your family members or friends or your loved ones so that is one of the risks that is facing us right now,” Jailall

A breakage along the transmission pipeline in Mahdia

an expense which was not in the budget. “So, it’s something [for] which we need community involvement and all hands on deck, because it’s a continuing activity where you see these breakages. We’ve had to send crew in from Georgetown to assist in dealing with the leaks; these are wilful leaks introduced across the distribution system to access water for the illegal mining activities. At one time, we had over 100 leaks and we sent two crews in from Shelter Belt to correct it…,” the Managing Director noted. With only one transmission line serving the town of Mahdia, Dr Van West-

Charles went on to note that if this pipeline was damaged, it would affect water services to the area; hence the need to immediately arrest these illegal activities. Further, he mentioned that another negative impact of illegal mining related to the type of chemicals used that could potentially cause harm to residents utilising water from the breached transmission system. In fact, he posited that only recently, “elevated levels of mercury” were found in one of the main sources of water for residents in Port Kaituma, Region One. On the other hand, GWI Planning and

Public Health Ministry hosts health fair for GPF

A policeman being advised on balanced nutrition


embers of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) benefited from a health outreach hosted by the Public Health Ministry on Wednesday. The event, which was held at the Guyana Police Officers Training Centre, saw a huge turnout from the ranks. Services such as blood testing, dental checkups, vaccination, BMI tests, nutritional advice, mental counselling, and HIV testing were conducted by the Public Health Ministry personnel. According to Police Welfare Officer Jewel Sullivan, the initiative is

ing are of the utmost importance to the administration of the Guyana Police Force and so today we saw it fit to have this health fair for our ranks and their immediate relatives.” The medical fair forms part of the Ministry’s focus to ensure all Guyanese have access to quality health care. Also, it is part of the Ministry’s health promotion strategy to advertise and promote health services on all fronts by collaborating with other Ministries, Non-Governmental

This rank donates blood during the health outreach

a vital one for the ranks’ well-being. “The health and well-be-

Organisations (NGOs) and private bodies to host health fairs throughout Guyana.

highlighted. According to the Planning and Implementation Director, the illegal miners usually use chisels and hammers to puncture the pipelines and while these might be small holes at first, the water pressure running through these lines would expand the breakages and cause more severe damage. Moreover, Jailall noted that GWI’s equipment was specialised to fix leakages and when there were enlarged breaches, then they were forced to remove and replace that entire piece of pipe, disrupting water transmission to communities. Meanwhile, Dr Van West-Charles lamented that investing in more resources was not just feasible

when the illegal activities continued and more damage was done to GWI infrastructure. To this end, he posited that the water company may need to adopt more “high tech” options such as the use of drones to monitor its infrastructure. On this note too, he urged the relevant authorities such as GGMC and the Police Force to also invest in such resources that would enhance their efforts to arrest not just illegal mining but other illicit activities throughout the hinterland region. In addition to enhanced surveillance, the GWI Head suggested that those authorities can also look at increasing the sanctions as a deterrent against illegal mining.

E-agriculture will increase youth involvement – Sport Director


he introduction of technological advancements in Guyana’s agricultural sector will result in increased involvement of youths in the field. These sentiments were shared by the Director of Sport, Christopher Jones during Guyana’s second Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) robotics exhibition, where he noted that this and other sectors would be left behind unless Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is introduced. Jones related that many from the younger generations have a stereotypical view that agriculture entailed long hours in the sun. However, many countries have sourced drones and other devices to perform the work of tools in a shorter amount of time. According to

him, if Guyana can produce such facilities, youths will be more inclined to join the field. “IT is here to stay and unless we start to develop our kids at a tender age, businesses in Guyana will be left behind. When young people hear about agriculture, there’s this mental picture that comes to mind that you see someone with a fork and under the blazing hot sun, but when you show them the new technologies in agriculture in which you can simply use your smartphones to fly a drone over your field or to irrigate or fertilise the fields, it becomes interesting,” he said. “It could be applied here in Guyana, because, as you know, we have land that we can plant but it’s to get the young people back into the agricultural fields,” the Director added. During an encounter

with students of Region One (Barima-Waini), questions were posed on when would IT hubs be established to support this initiative. Jones reiterated that while this would aid in the advancement in the sector, a 24-hour electrical supply was needed, but residents only receive nine hours of electricity on a daily basis. However, when the first solar farm is completed, the youths will be gifted with IT hubs. “IT hubs are needed with consistent electricity. Places like Mabaruma for example which currently enjoys nine hours of electricity, soon to come on stream is the solar farm that is there in Mabaruma. Once that comes on stream, it will add additional hours of electricity to folks in Mabaruma, and thereafter IT hubs can be established for those children,” Jones stated.

Linden special needs centre gets US$5000 donation


he Overseas Medical Assistance Team (OMAT) on Wednesday donated US$5000 to the Linden Centre for Special Needs in an effort to assist with the rehabilitation of its building. Members of the team made the donation to representatives of the Special Needs Centre at the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), where the non-profit medical organisation is currently conducting a medical mission. OMAT President, Dr Stephen Carryl, during the simple handing-over ceremony, noted that the organisation, which started in 1992, has been providing care in health and education over the past 27 years in developing countries like Guyana. Linden Mayor Waneka

Mrs Carryl hands over the cheque to Linden Centre for Special Needs representative Lorraine Butcher in the presence of Dr Stephen Carryl and Mayor Waneka Arrindell

Arrindell, who was present at the event, expressed gratitude to the team for its kind

gesture while she made the call for other organisations to follow suit.

thursDAY, july 12, 2018


Business News

Asian stocks remain under pressure



laytime and cupcakes; delicious fruits and gifts. Who would not want to be enjoying those, particularly during the long August vacation: But for some entrepreneurs like Athalyah Yisrael of Fun Park Rentals, Devi Mulai of Dessert Delights and Indra Mekdeci of online gift shoppe Reminiscence, fun is serious business. Here are their tips for succeeding in business:

Play to your strengths

“I really like children… They make you so happy around them; there is never a dull moment,” says Yisrael, who has co-founded another company Outliers Zone, which provides financial advice intended to create generationa l

oday from fears of an escalation in the US-China trade war, while the dollar stood tall after rallying against its peers amid the turmoil in broader markets. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan fell 0.25 per cent. The index slumped one per cent on Wednesday along with a slide in global equities after US President Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on another US$200 billion of Chinese goods deepened the trade row between the world’s two largest economies.

wealth, with a special focus on teaching children financial responsibility . “I believe success comes when you become your greatest self….” Mulai, who started her business at home out of her love for “baking and cooking the fancy things”, agreed.

Build a winning team

“I have also gained a lot of insight into choosing the right partners. My biggest lesson by far is to trust others; I now believe that to be really successful, you do better in numbers. Everyone wins,” she noted.

Embrace failure as necessary to success

“ T o succeed you have



fail. People [wanting to get] in business have an illusionary idea of business….Learning to overcome failure is a lot of what it takes to succeed,” she noted, adding that resilience (to keep getting up in the face of failure) and nurturing your leadership quality (to inspire a team to bring your vision to life) are the most important traits of an entrepreneur. “I live my life like a GPS. I put in my destination…I may make a lot of wrong turns, but I reroute to get to my final destination.” While Mulai said: “Always keep trying. ‘Cause every failure is another step towards success. You love doing something? Push towards it. There will be room for mistakes, but with every try, you only get better.”

Market statistics Cambio Rates

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Bank of Guyana Cur


Calculated at 94% purity, June 27, 2018 Selling










$ 243.54









Indicators as on July 4, 2018 Indicators

US inflation data. The dollar index against a basket of six major currencies was steady at 94.703 after gaining 0.6 per cent overnight. Against the yen, which usually gains in times of political tension and market turmoil, the greenback rallied 0.9 per cent on Wednesday to touch a sixmonth high above 112.00 yen. Commodity-linked currencies such as the Australian dollar suffered deep losses on Wednesday. (Reuters)

Oil suffers biggest price drop in 2 years

Start small

“Walk before you leap – Do not overextend yourself financially, most businesses fail within the first year in operation, because they overspend and do not get a solid return on investment as they first proposed, [and] have a backup plan, as an entrepreneur you must be able to adjust to market demands,” Mekdeci stressed.

Australian stocks rose 0.35 per cent, South Korea’s KOSPI was flat and Japan’s Nikkei gained 0.75 per cent. “The markets had some time to digest the latest trade war developments and are poised to begin consolidating. It has become a pattern of reacting to each new development and hoping that trade strains ease in the next few months through negotiations,” said Masahiro Ichikawa, senior strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management. The dollar was buoyant, supported by mounting trade tensions and strong

US$ per barrel

Crude Oil




Rough Rice


London Sugar


Live Spot Gold

Change %

-7.44 Change %

-0.08 +0.40

USD Per Ounce










Business Concept – Capitalism Economic system based (to varying degrees) on private ownership of the factors of production (capital, land, and labour) employed in generation of profits. It is the oldest and most common of all economic systems and, in general, is synonymous with the free market system. (Business Dictionary)

il prices suffered steep falls on Wednesday after Libya said it would boost supply, even as investors fear that trade tensions will hit demand. Brent crude dropped 6.9 per cent – the biggest decline in more than two years – to end at US$73.40 a barrel for the global benchmark.

US crude fell five per cent to US$70.38 a barrel – its worst one-day decline in a year. The declines followed a months-long rally that had increased prices to some of the highest levels in recent years. However, oil prices have been volatile in recent weeks after the US said it would

reinstate sanctions against Iran, a major producer. Wednesday's sell-off started after the announcement by Libya's National Oil Corp that it would reopen four export terminals that had been closed since late June, shutting most of the country's oil output. (BBC News)

Investor’s Guide

Proven practices to build effective relationships at work – Part 1 Presented by Rosh Khan, MD


ow often do you work with people who seem to really get under your skin? Maybe your co-worker who complains about everything. Or it’s your customer who insists on unrealistic demands. Perhaps it’s a team member who continually drops the ball or your controlling, micromanaging boss. When confronted with people like this, your first reaction would be to blame and insist that someone (other than you) needs to change. “Can’t you just get over it?”; “When will you stop talking and start listening?”; “Why can’t you be more responsible?”;  “Things would be so much easier if you weren’t so controlling, or demanding, or temperamental, or arrogant, or impatient, or disorganised, or __________ .” (Fill in the blank with the personality trait that irritates you the most.)  Think of all the time and effort you’ve spent trying to fix other people. Has it worked? While we’d like to believe we’re successful at changing others, we’re usually not. An “outside-in” approach to changing others is a futile investment that yields little to no return. We must first focus on ourselves. Over the next articles, we’ll discuss proven practices that will help you build effective relationships at work. Here are the first two:

Carry your own weather When we allow darkening clouds to dictate our mood, it’s easy to feel like a victim and surrender to the belief that we’re helplessly subject to the external world. At the foundation of carrying your own weather is the ability to pause between stimulus and response. The earliest humans learnt “fight or flight” as a way of reacting to life-threatening situations. Our stresses now come in different, less life-threatening forms. As human beings, we share the unique trait of self-awareness – the ability to see and evaluate our own thoughts. It gives us the capability to pause, step back and see ourselves along with the paradigms we adopt and use. The next time something happens, remember that you are in control of your response. You can maintain the internal sunshine although dark clouds surround you. Behave your way to credibility It’s easy to say others should have credibility. But again, we must look within. Credibility isn’t a label we simply apply to ourselves. We must behave our way to credibility. There are three important elements tot making that happen: Demonstrate character and competence Without a high degree of character and competence, credibility can’t flourish.

Character isn’t built on being infallible, but by behaving in a way that proves to others you can be trusted even when no one is looking. Many people think strong character can make up for lack of competence, but you can lose credibility if you allow your competence to wane. Take the long-term view Credibility isn’t earned overnight. Taking the longterm view means you are willing to pay the price to earn it — regardless of the time and effort involved. When it comes to building credibility, there’s no escaping time. Transitory actions may build confidence in others, but trust only comes from seeing the consistency of such actions over time. Adapt to the situation at hand Building credibility often means adapting to new situations and people. The behaviours you’ve honed in one job context may undermine your credibility in a new role. This ability to observe and reorient oneself is often referred to as situational awareness. Once you’ve damaged your reputation and credibility with someone, the way back can be difficult, and it certainly won’t happen overnight. Dr Rosh Khan is the CEO of SocialRank Media, Guyana’s leading digital marketing agency, and the President of the Masterclass Institute, Guyana’s approved Covey Leadership Centre.


thurSDAY, july 12, 2018


Regional Governments advised to include disaster management in budgets


senior official in Barbados has called for emergency management and disaster preparedness to be mainstreamed in the budgets of Caribbean countries. Home Affairs Ministry Permanent Secretary Gayle Francis-Vaughan made the appeal Tuesday as she addressed a two-day Caribbean Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Seminar at the Hilton Barbados Resort. “Personally, as the Permanent Secretary in the

Ministry responsible for disasters and emergencies, I would like to see emergency management and disaster preparedness mainstreamed in the budgets of our countries,” she said. Francis-Vaughan called on those present to remember the efforts that were made in the fight against HIV and AIDS when budget lines were developed and funds were made available in every country. “We knew how much money we had and what we had to do with it. It is some-

Regional Governments have been urged to make preparations for emergencies and disasters in their budgets

thing you can discuss and explore; it is something that we should do. We have departments, but we have to properly fund them and give the resources to handle the very important jobs,” she maintained. The Permanent Secretary said issues related to the development of resilience in Barbados and support for the Region were high on the Government’s agenda. She added that the devastation left behind following last year’s hurricane season was evidence that

countries could never be totally prepared, and they could not do it all on their own. “It [last year’s hurricane season] reminds us that the Caribbean Region is really a family that comes together immediately if anyone of us is impacted seriously by any sort of disaster but especially disasters brought on by hurricanes. No Caribbean country is alone when preparing for hurricanes and dealing with the aftermath,” she said. (Excerpt from Caribbean360)

CSME implementation Woman caught trying to smuggle python onto flight to Barbados on fast track


eads of Government of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) have put measures in place to fast-track the full implementation of the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME). Among the strategies is a special meeting of Caricom Heads to focus solely on the CSME, to be held in Trinidad in November. Caricom Chairman, Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness added that the Prime Ministerial SubCommittee on the CSME would now have quarterly meetings beginning in September in Barbados, which would be hosted by Prime Minister Mia Mottley “to give urgency to the implementation process”. He further noted that Government leaders also put greater focus on advancing those areas that would help to create enabling support measures for a competitive Single Market. These include an investment policy and investment

code, an incentive regime, an integrated capital market and securities legislation. “As leaders, we expect that these matters will be ready for full adoption at the 40th meeting of (Caricom Heads of Government) in July 2019. These mechanisms will enable strong support measures for a successful CSME,” Holness said. He also stressed the Heads’ recommitment to making the mechanisms within Caricom work, by taking decisive action. “I am resolved as the Chair to ensure that we take action. We must get things done to make a difference. We are resolved to now begin to implement the decisions we take to improve the perceptions, especially amongst our youth,” he said. The CSME is an integrated development strategy that is intended to benefit the people of the Region by providing more and better opportunities to produce and sell goods and services and to attract investments. (Excerpt from CMC)

Grenada to increase Labour Force Surveys


renada’s Central Statistical Office says it will be conducting more labour force surveys within the year instead of one annual exercise. According to the press release from the Finance Ministry, this is in response to the increasing data needs of Grenada and the Region. The Central Statistical Office says it will be increasing the frequency of its Labour Force Surveys (LFSs) from once a year to four times a year or once every quarter. The quarterly survey that will start this week will aim to divide the working-age population into three mutually-exclusive classifications – employed, unemployed, and not in the labour force; provide descriptive and explanatory data on each of these classifications on a quarterly basis; and assess the level of poverty in Grenada using the multi-dimensional approach to

poverty measurement. The release said that LFS data is used to produce the well-known unemployment rate as well as other standard labour market indicators such as the employment rate and the participation rate. The LFS also provides employment estimates by industry, occupation, public and private sector, hours worked and much more. “The data will be collected through face-to-face interviews with members (or a member) of the sampled households using the 2018 labour force survey questionnaire. The information provided by these respondents on the completed questionnaires will be used to produce a picture of the activities of the entire population for that quarter,” said the release, which explained that persons conducting the survey were all being trained and had to take an oath of secrecy. (Excerpt from CMC)

Snake on a plane: The reptile was hidden in a computer hard drive in a checked bag


woman who was headed to Barbados on Sunday was not only prevented from getting on her flight, but was fined after Transportation Security

Administration (TSA) agents at the Miami International Airport discovered she had a snake hidden in a computer hard drive in her checked bag. The traveller was not

named. “The snake, that didn’t get on a plane thanks to our officers’ diligent screening, had been artfully concealed inside the electronics of a hard drive and placed in a checked bag headed for a flight to Barbados,” TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz said. It was while the passenger’s bag was being screened that a TSA officer saw an “organic mass”. A TSA bomb expert who was called into the baggage screening room to investigate the hard drive discovered a small, live Ball Python in a nylon stocking. The United States Fish and Wildlife Services subsequently took away the reptile and fined the passenger. “While this mass inside

the electronic device was obviously not an imminent terrorist threat to the travelling public, the interception did prevent a possible wildlife threat on an aircraft. Animals of many species have been known to escape and chew through wires with fatal results,” Koshetz said. News of the discovery that a traveller was trying to smuggle a snake through the Grantley Adams International Airport did not come as a surprise to one professional in the animal care business in Barbados. He told online newspaper Barbados Today that the reptile black market is alive and well in the island, with some being sold for hundreds of dollars. (Excerpt from Caribbean360)

Corporate donations a “glaring weakness” in Petrojam matter, says Holness


amaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Tuesday pointed out that the issue of donations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was a “glaring weakness” in the Petrojam matter and “could be an area of systemic weakness”. As such, Cabinet has requested that the Finance Ministry and the Public Service develop a policy concerning CSR, inclusive of donations and sponsorship, Holness said while making his address in the House of Representatives. He said the policy guidelines for CSR did call for the drafting of specific regulations and guidelines to cre-

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (file photo)

ate a more robust framework and that the House would recall that Principle 20 of the Corporate Governance Framework for Public Bodies provided for the development

of a policy concerning CSR. Holness informed that this has not yet been done and Cabinet has since given direction to the Finance Minister as to the details of those

guidelines. “The Ministry of Finance must establish a ceiling for donations under which the Board approves. The Ministry must establish the number of times a single applicant may benefit. So, if you have a ceiling, you could still breach the ceiling by applicants coming over and over again. We have to set a limit to the number of times applicants can benefit within a budget cycle,” Holness said. The Finance Ministry is also being required to establish a uniform application and approval process, which includes requirements for disclosure of connected party relations. (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

Joint Cuban, US probe finds no evidence for sonic attacks


he Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement calling on the US Government to stop the “political manipulation” of the alleged health issues. A fourth meeting was held in Washington DC on Tuesday between authorities from law enforcement agencies from Cuba and the United States, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said, adding that joint investigations by the agencies from both countries found no evi-

dence for the alleged sonic attacks against US diplomats in Havana. The statement said that “the Cuban delegation urged the US Government to desist from the continued political manipulation of the alleged health incidents that became a pretext to adopt new unilateral measures that affect the operation of the respective embassies, particularly, the rendering of consular services depended upon by hundreds

of thousands of people.” The Ministry also said that the joint investigations “by specialised agencies and experts from Cuba and the United States for more than one year confirmed that there is no credible evidence or hypothesis or science-based conclusions that justify the actions taken by the US Government against Cuba to the detriment of bilateral relations.” Following such findings by agencies from both countries,

the Cuban side urged the United States Government to stop its hostile behaviour and “political manipulation” towards the Caribbean. However, a Reuters report stated that US officials were still investigating health problems at the US Embassy in Cuba, and do not know who or what was behind the mysterious illnesses, which began in 2016 and have affected 26 Americans. (Excerpt from Telesur and


thursDAY, july 12, 2018


Around the World

Trump urges Nato members to Syria war: Government attacks double military funding target IS enclave in south-west


S President Donald Trump has urged Nato allies to commit four per cent of their annual output (GDP) to military spending – double the current target. The White House confirmed he had made the remarks during the Western military alliance's summit in Brussels. Trump has also strongly criticised Germany over its defence spending and energy reliance on Russia. Nato's Secretary General said the main focus should be on all members reaching the current target of two per cent of GDP. Jens Stoltenberg declined to answer a specific question about Trump's remarks, but told reporters: "I think we should first get to two per cent, focus on that now... the good thing is that we are moving to that." For decades after the end of the Cold War, he said, Nato countries had cut defence budgets as tensions fell – and now needed to in-


yrian Government and Russian forces are reportedly attacking an enclave held by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in south-western Syria. Activists and a monitoring group said aircraft were bombing the Yarmouk Basin area, which borders Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

President Donald Trump tells Nato chief that Germany is "totally controlled by Russia"

crease them at a time when tensions were rising. Previous US Presidents have urged Europe to take more responsibility for their defence and reduce the burden on US taxpayers of maintaining forces in Europe long after the end of the Cold War – but none as bluntly as Trump. In a statement, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said: "During the President's remarks today at the Nato summit he suggested that countries not only meet their commitment of two per cent of their

GDP on defence spending, but that they increase it to four per cent. The President raised this same issue when he was at Nato last year. "President Trump wants to see our allies share more of the burden and at a very minimum meet their already stated obligations." The Brussels meeting comes less than a week before Trump is due to hold his first summit with Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, reviving concerns among US allies over his proximity to the Russian President. (Excerpt from

BBC News)

Putin to hold separate talks with Netanyahu, Khamenei top adviser


top Iranian official is visiting Moscow as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria conflict. Putin's meeting with Netanyahu at 16:00 GMT in Moscow will centre on the conflict in Syria and Iran's role in the war-torn country, according to news reports and the Israeli Government. "This is very important for the national security of the state of Israel,"

Netanyahu told reporters at an airport in Tel Aviv before leaving for Moscow, according to an official transcript. Israel deeply resents Iran's presence in Syria, where Tehran has a military presence along with Moscow, which intervened in the eight-year conflict in 2015. Israel considers the presence of Iranian-linked armed groups in Syria and neighbouring Lebanon a security threat. Sites belonging to

Iran and its regional ally, Hezbollah, have been bombed by the Israelis in recent years, with the latest attack carried out in May this year. A top foreign policy adviser of Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ali Akbar Velayati, was expected to arrive on Wednesday to deliver an "important message" to Putin from the Supreme Leader, according to the Iranian Labour News Agency. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

The militants are said to have counter-attacked, targeting nearby villages. The fighting comes after the Government recaptured most of the surrounding province of Deraa from rebel factions. Rebel commanders agreed on Friday to surrender their heavy weapons and begin handing over towns as part

of a Russian-brokered agreement. In return, the Russian military is believed to have guaranteed the safe return of the 320,000 civilians who fled their homes after the Government's offensive began on June 19, as well as the evacuation to rebel-held parts of north-western Syria for people who wish to leave.

(Excerpt from BBC News)

Nigerian law student finally allowed to wear hijab at graduation ceremony


Nigerian law graduate has finally been called to the bar months after she was blocked from attending the ceremony for insisting on wearing a hijab. The body in charge of admitting graduating law students had said Amasa Firdaus was breaking the dress code.

Firdaus said her rights were being violated. The Ilorin University graduate wore a wig on top of her headscarf at Tuesday's ceremony for 1550 students in the capital, Abuja. The Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria welcomed the news of her graduation, saying

the Nigerian law school "has shown enough maturity". Blocking Firdaus' graduation "would have been a breach of her right", it said. An aide to Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari joined others in tweeting commendations to Firdaus. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Government is “failing” to protect Taj Mahal


The Taj Mahal is located in the northern Indian city of Agra

ndia's Supreme Court has criticised the Government for what it calls a "failure" to protect the Taj Mahal. The court said both the federal and state Government had shown "lethargy" in taking steps to tackle the monument's deteriorating con-

dition. The court comments came in response to a petition citing concerns about the impact of pollution on the 17th Century monument. The Taj Mahal is one of the world's leading tourist attractions. It draws as many as

70,000 people every day. In May this year, the court had already instructed the Government to seek foreign help to fix the "worrying change in colour" of the marble structure. The court had said then, that the famous tomb, built from white marble and other materials, had turned yellow and was now turning brown and green. Pollution, construction, and insect dung are said to be among the causes. The Government told the court that a special committee had been set up to suggest measures to prevent pollution in and around the monument. It has already shut down thousands of factories near the monument, but activists say the white marble is still losing lustre. (Excerpt from BBC

China to its State media: keep calm, Woman given life in German don't inflame trade row with US neo-Nazi murder trial


hina is clearly angry about Washington’s hard line on trade, but has controlled coverage of the row in its media, limiting open commentary and banning attacks on US President Donald Trump, several sources with knowledge of the matter said. Beijing has issued unusually strict rules limiting coverage of the trade war because of worries that unrestrained reporting could spark instability or roil its already jittery financial markets, according to sources within Chinese State media. “When exposing and criticising American words and actions, be careful not to link it to Trump and instead to aim it at the US Government,” said a memo based on a set of directives issued verbally by

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Government officials that was circulated to reporters at a State-run news outlet and seen by Reuters. Media outlets must help “stabilise the economy, growth, employment; stabilise foreign trade, investment, finance; stabilise the stock market, the foreign ex-

change market, the housing market, and basically stabilise the peoples’ thinking, hearts and expectations”, it said. A person who works at a leading Chinese news website said the rules issued last week were “the most strict yet”. The website was told to post only stories about the trade conflict by State news agency Xinhua, rather than publishing its own. It was also ordered to keep the topic out of the top few headlines and closely manage comments about it, according to the source. The website’s smartphone app was no longer permitted to send push notifications on the subject to users, and the website was forbidden from setting up special pages about the dispute. (Excerpt from Reuters)


fter a five-year trial, a member of a neo-Nazi gang has been found guilty of 10 racially-motivated murders. Beate Zschäpe was the main defendant on trial over the murder of eight ethnic Turks, a Greek citizen and a policewoman between 2000 and 2007. The Munich state court's verdict carries an au-

tomatic life sentence. The connection between the murders was only discovered by chance in 2011, after a botched robbery led to the neo-Nazi group's discovery. Zschäpe, 43, shared a flat in the eastern town of Zwickau with two men, who died in an apparent suicide pact. The bodies of Uwe Mundlos and

Beate Zschäpe was at the centre of one of the longest trials (five years) in modern German history


Uwe Böhnhardt were found in a burnt-out caravan used in the robbery. Zschäpe, Mundlos and Böhnhardt had formed a terrorist cell called the National Socialist Underground (NSU). A fire at their home – apparently in an attempt to destroy evidence – led to Zschäpe turning herself in. The NSU's seven-year campaign exposed serious shortcomings in the German State's monitoring of neo-Nazis, and led to a public inquiry into how Police failed to discover the murder plot. More than 600 witnesses were heard in the Munich court, making the trial one of the biggest in Germany's post-war history. Four other defendants were also given jail terms for their role in helping the NSU gang. (Excerpt

from BBC News)


thursDAY, july 12, 2018


Stifle any feelings of animosity and look for the pos(March 21- itive in whatever situation April 19) you face at home or work. If you don’t make a fuss, you won’t have to backtrack. ARIES

If you express your feelTAURUS ings and discuss possibili(April 20- ties, you will be offered variMay 20) ous opinions. Knowing where everyone stands will help you align yourself with the best support team.


Use your intelligence to GEMINI (May 21- get your way. Refuse to let June 20) someone manipulate a situation to take advantage of you. Take better care of your health. Update your image or show off your creative flair. (June 21- Make a statement and exJuly 22) plore new possibilities. If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?



Check out your options beLEO fore you make a move. You’ll (July 23- be disappointed if you act preAug. 22) maturely. Too much of anything will weigh you down.

Start a diet or health regiVIRGO men that will help you main(Aug. 23tain your looks and keep you Sept. 22) fit and ready to take on the world. You will attract friends and romantic interests if you socialise.

Calvin and Hobbes

Keep moving forward, no LIBRA (Sept. 23- matter what everyone else is Oct. 23) doing. It’s important to finish what you start to avoid complaints. If you don’t like something, speak up.




Average mark 16 words Time limit 30 minutes Can you find 22 or more words in VILIFIED? The list will be published tomorrow.

Focus on what you can do, CAPRICORN and turn your plan into a re(Dec. 22- ality. Your sense of what will Jan. 19) and won’t work will give you the edge when faced with competition.


sere steer stem stere teem term terse tree

RULES OF THE GAME: 1. Words must be of four or more letters. 2. Words that acquire four letters by the addition of “s,” such as “bats” or “dies,” are not allowed. 3. Additional words made by adding a “d” or an “s” may not be used. For example, if “bake” is used, “baked” or “bakes” is not allowed, but “bake” and “baking” are admissible. 4. Proper nouns, slang words, or vulgar or sexually explicit words are not allowed. To contact Word Game creator Kathleen Saxe, write to Word Game, Kathleen Saxe, Universal Uclick, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106.

Copyright 2015, Distributed by Universal Uclick for UFS

much you care. Do more, say less and make adjustments that will encourage better personal relationships.

Don’t sit back and wait for SAGITTARIUS someone else to take control. (Nov. 23Trust and believe in your Dec. 21) ability to figure things out on your own. Refuse to give in to impulse.

(VILIFIED: VIL-ih-fide: Made vicious and defamatory statements about.)

meet mere mete meter ester reset rest seem seer

Let your emotions lead the SCORPIO way. Be proactive if you want (Oct. 24to let someone know how Nov. 22)

solution for last published puzzle AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19)

PISCES (Feb. 20March 20)

Stick to what you know and can afford. Don’t be tempted by someone who is a bad influence or unpredictable. Stick close to home and protect against identity theft. Physical transformation is highlighted. The changes you make will give you a new lease on life and the confidence to approach someone you may have shied away from in the past.

thursDAY, JUly 12, 2018


Tour de France…

Sagan takes 2nd win in 1st hilly stage W

orld champion Peter Sagan outstayed his rivals to win a dramatic uphill sprint finish in Quimper on stage five of the Tour de France. He made his move with 200m to go, beating Sonny Colbrelli and Philippe Gilbert for his second stage win. Greg van Avermaet stayed in the yellow jersey, extending his overall lead with a twosecond bonus during the stage. He came seventh, behind Ireland's Dan Martin, while Chris Froome finished safely in the peloton. In an impressive performance from Team Sky, Froome's team-mate Geraint Thomas came home 12th. The Welshman is fourth in the general classification, five seconds off Van Avermaet.

is a long way from the truth." He was speaking after Sky's Luke Rowe had earlier snatched a protester's banner which read: "Sky - Go home." The protester, local resident Didier Bregardes, told reporters he was unhappy with the way Sky had handled the doping allegations. Rowe, though, played down the altercation, saying it was

Stage five results

Peter Sagan celebrates as he crosses the finish line ahead of Italy’s Sonny Colbrelli

The plan is apparently to review the situation from there. So far the 32-year-old has done his best to ensure he is given longer to chase yellow for himself. His current contract with Sky expires at the end of 2018. And, although he is rumoured to be close to a renewal, a strong showing as a lead rider, combined with his recent win in the Criterium du Dauphine, would only strengthen his hand in negotiations with them or other teams. Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford says the behaviour of some fans at the roadside

in France is bordering on "pantomime". And it is his riders who have been cast as the villains, with some fans protesting against Sky and lead rider Froome after an anti-doping case against the four-time Tour winner was recently dropped by cycling chiefs. "To a large extent it feels like a pantomime, but as the guy responsible for all the riders and our staff I still have to take it very seriously," Brailsford said. "I know how much work the race organisers have put into security, but some of the fans are behaving the way they are because what they believe

FEDERER OUT! – Djokovic advances

over Federer in five attempts. "He played the match of his life," said former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker. It was an absorbing battle full of surprise, suspense and swings of momentum unquestionably the match of the men's singles tournament so far.

Sagan's skills to the fore On a rolling, twisting 204km stage, which demanded technical skills throughout and canny tactics at the finish, Sagan's ability came to the fore. The 28-year-old, who has represented his country in mountain biking at the Olympics, plotted his path to the finish superbly, overhauling Colbrelli in the final few metres. Excluding Monday's team trial, Sagan has two secondplaced finishes and two stage victories from the Tour's five race days so far.

He won five successive points classifications until 2016 before his run ended last year with disqualification following a crash involving Mark Cavendish. With a 33-point lead over second-placed Colombian Fernando Gaviria and nearly 100 points over the rest of the field, he may well carry the green jersey all the way to Paris. Thomas claimed before the start of the Tour that Team Sky would permit him to compete as a contender for the overall title - rather than as support for four-time champion Froome - until at least Monday's first rest day.

Wimbledon 2018…


efending champion Roger Federer is out of Wimbledon after eighth seed Kevin Anderson fought back from two sets down in a gripping quarter-final. Top seed Federer, who was aiming for a record-equalling ninth singles title, missed a match point in the third set. It proved pivotal as the South African recovered to win 2-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-5 6-4 13-11 in four hours and 13 minutes. The 2017 US Open finalist plays John Isner, who beat Milos Raonic, in a first SW19 semi-final for both men. Eight-time champion Federer has already won more Wimbledon singles titles than any other man, but was aiming to equal Martina Navratilova's all-time record. Defeat also ended the Swiss'

"Does this pantomime have a darker side to it? That's a fair comment because a lot of people who chuckle and join in, but there are definitely people out there for whom this is not pantomime in the humorous context," Brailsford added. It came on the day the World Anti-Doping Agency issued a statement about the Froome case to "clarify

chance of a romantic reunion in the final with second seed Rafael Nadal in the final. It would have happened on the 10th anniversary of their epic meeting in the 2008 final.

'Match of Anderson's life'

Federer, who turns 37 next month, had been utterly dominant on his way to the last eight, swatting off Dusan Lajovic, Lukas Lacko, JanLennard Struff and Adrian Mannarino in a combined total of little more than six hours on court. But Anderson finally made the 20-time Grand Slam champion look human in unfamiliar territory on Court One, where the Swiss had not played in three years. The 32-year-old became the first opponent to win a service

game, and then a set, against Federer at this year's Championships. Anderson continued to grow in confidence and stature as the match wore on, holding h i s nerve t o earn h i s first win

Djokovic defeats Nishikori to reach semis

Novak Djokovic became a serious Wimbledon title contender as he made his first semi-final since 2015

Novak Djokovic is into his 32nd Grand Slam semi-final

1. Peter Sagan (Svk/Bora-Hansgrohe) 4hrs 48mins 6sec 2. Sonny Colbrelli (Ita/Bahrain - Merida) same time 3. Philippe Gilbert (Bel/Quick-Step Floors) 4. Alejandro Valverde (Spa/Movistar) 5. Julian Alaphilippe (Fra/Quick-Step Floors) 6. Daniel Martin (Ire/UAE Team Emirates) 7. Greg Van Avermaet (Bel/BMC Racing) 8. Soren Kragh (Den/Sunweb) 9. Andrea Pasqualon (Ita/Wanty - Groupe Gobert) 10. Vincenzo Nibali (Ita/Bahrain - Merida)

General classification after stage five

1. Greg van Avermaet (Bel/BMC Racing) 13hrs 33mins 56secs 2. Tejay van Garderen (US/BMC Racing) +2 secs 3. Philippe Gilbert (Bel/Quick-Step Floors) +3secs 4. Geraint Thomas (GB/Team Sky) +5secs 5. Julian Alaphilippe (Fra/Quick-Step Floors) +6secs 6. Bob Jungels (Lux/Quick-Step Floors) +9secs 7. Tom Dumoulin (Ned/Sunweb) +13secs 8. Soren Kragh Andersen (Den/Sunweb) same time 9. Rigoberto Uran (Col/EF Education First) +37secs 10. Rafal Majka (Pol/Bora - Hansgrohe) +52secs


15. Chris Froome (GB/Team Sky) +57secs 16. Adam Yates (GB/Mitchelton-Scott) +1min 2secs

"light-hearted and no big deal" and that he had been laughing and joking with the man.

elements that have been subject to much speculation and misinformation". (BBC Sport)

with a 6-3 3-6 6-2 6-2 win over Kei Nishikori. It was performance of resilience and resolve from the former number one, reminiscent of the player who held all four Grand Slam titles two years ago. After Djokovic took the first set, his Japanese opponent saved four break points before levelling. The Serb took the next and fought from a break down in the fourth to win. Djokovic told BBC Sport: "It feels great to be in the last four of a Slam. I've been building in the past couple of weeks. The level of tennis has been going up in the past couple of months and tournaments. "This is not the first time I have been in the semi-finals here but I will try to enjoy this victory. "I am very grateful to play on the court I love [Centre Court] and to be competing at a high level. I am trying to get in the best possible shape for the biggest possible events and it doesn't come much bigger that Wimbledon." Djokovic's last run to

the final four at Wimbledon ended with him winning the tournament - and he then went on to lift the 2015 US Open and 2016 Australian and French Open titles, becoming only the third man to hold all four Grand Slam trophies at the same time. This is a 32nd Grand Slam semi-final appearance for Djokovic, although there was some doubt he would reach that mark. A nagging elbow injury caused him to take an eightmonth break from the sport prior to last year's US Open, and he also admitted to having to deal with personal issues. He dropped out of the world's top 20 in May - yet his performance in June at Queen's, where he reached the final, suggested the 31-yearold could reach the second week at Wimbledon. But a semi-final? After seeing off big servers Kyle Edmund and Karen Khachanov, he faced Nishikori, who had recovered from his own serious injury to hit peak form in reaching his first Wimbledon quarter-final. (BBC Sport)



thursDAY, JUly 12, 2018

England manager Gareth Southgate and his player applaud fans after the match

Croatia stun England to reach maiden World Cup final C

roatia have crushed England’s World Cup dream with a 2-1 extratime victory in their semi-final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. England made a dream start with Kieran Trippier’s fifthminute free-kick securing a 1-0 lead. But Croatia came out stronger in the second half and Ivan Perisic levelled in the 67th minute. The teams traded blows for the rest of the 90 minutes but were forced into extra time locked at 1-1. After a tense first period Mario Mandzukic then broke England hearts in the 109th minute. Croatia’s opponents in Moscow on Sunday will be France, who progressed to the final with a 1-0 win against Belgium in their semi-final at the St Petersburg Stadium on Tuesday. Gareth Southgate kept faith with the same side which has taken England to the semifinals, naming an unchanged starting XI. Three minutes had gone when England won a freekick 25 yards from goal. Kyle Walker’s long ball pushed England upfield, with Jesse Lingard’s quick feet helping to free Dele Alli, who was bundled over by Luka Modric. Trippier stood over the ball

and bent his delivery beyond the wall and into the net. It was his first goal for England, and the team’s ninth from a set piece in the tournament. Gareth Southgate speaks to England’s defender John Stones before extra time against Croatia in Moscow. Photograph: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images England attempted to scramble a quick second, Raheem Sterling haring after balls over the top three times in the next five minutes – each time narrowly failing to go clear. Having successfully defended a corner England got their first in the 12th minute, Ashley Young delivering from the left. Harry Maguire, who scored from a similar position against Sweden in England’s previous match, met it first but headed over. The Leicester defender was on the end of the next one too, Trippier winning and delivering from the right but his downward header was wide. The best photos from England's World Cup semi-final with Croatia Modric began to push Croatia on with some finessed passing but Kyle Walker snuffed out a half-chance for Mario Mandzukic with a neat interception. With 20 minutes gone Ante

Rebic cut inside from the right wing, skipped past Young’s tackle and shaped to shoot from 20 yards but John Stones blocked. Croatia almost gave England a gift of a second when Danijel Subasic chipped a pass to Ivan Stranic, who took a nonchalant first touch straight to Sterling. The forward took a few steps towards goal before looking for Kane, who took the pass in an offside position before slotting wide. Sterling’s pace continued to worry Croatia, Lovren knocking him to the ground after losing the race for Alli’s pass down the line. Young floated the free-kick into the box but Subasic punch clear. After 30 minutes England came close to picking the defence apart again. Lingard’s clever pass found Kane, who opened his body and shot low at Subasic. The goalkeeper saved and Kane tried to squeeze the rebound inside the post but Subasic pawed away the ball. A late flag appeared. England were then pinned back for a couple of minutes, Modric finding men in space. With 10 minutes to go before the break, Lingard spurned a fine chance. Kane, dropping deep into a No 10 role, released Alli who rolled the ball across the box. Lingard was

unmarked and curled wide from 18 yards. With seconds to go until half-time England put themselves under pressure. Miscommunication between the back three resulted in Jordan Pickford clearing under pressure. He could only find a Croatian shirt and when the ball was fed back for Perisic to shoot. England rallied to clear the ball and they went half-time leading 1-0. Rebic was booked early in the second half for leading with his elbow when challenging Walker in the air. England fashioned another decent chance when Trippier’s volleyed cross found Kane, who stooped to head it goalwards and Lovren defended. The game opened up with the ball travelling end to end. A Henderson pass allowed Sterling to sneak in on the right-hand channel and charge towards the six-yard box. After checking his run and transferring his weight he went down as Domagoj Vida flung a boot in his direction but the referee Cuneyt Cakir waved play on. Croatia were building pressure and they levelled in the 67th minute. Vrsaljko hung a cross in from the right and Perisic volleyed, leaving Pickford groping at air and England complaining without success

about high feet. England were rattled and almost coughed up a second a few minutes later. A bouncing ball was mis-read by all three defenders and Perisic took advantage, pulling left and slamming a low shot against the far post. Rebic attempted to turn home the rebound but Pickford gathered. England sent on Marcus Rashford for Sterling and announced himself with a dribble into the area, opening up a shooting chance for Henderson but the Liverpool captain was wide. England again looked like buckling at the back when Walker and Trippier failed to deal with a sweep-up, the latter’s back pass falling short. Pickford again had to clear under pressure. With seven minutes of normal time left Mandzukic chested the ball down eight yards from goal, striking with a swivel but straight at Pickford. Rashford won a free-kick as the game ticked into added time, with Trippier standing over it. His delivery was sweet and reached Kane at the far post, but the England captain nodded a couple of yards wide and the teams were forced into extra time locked at 1-1. England made one more change for extra-time, replacing

Young with Danny Rose, while Eric Dier came on as a more naturally defensive option. A corner provided England with their best chance of retaking the lead. Trippier whipped it in from the right, Stones rose highest but Vrsaljko made a firm defensive header on the line. Croatia swapped an exhausted Rebic for Kramaric. They were still looking the fitter of the two sides, with Rashford and Rose England’s only fresh outlets. A low cross from Perisic towards Mandzukic caused a mini-drama in the England box, but Pickford did enough to force a corner just before the interval in extra-time. Modric took it short and tried to find a gap to attack but ended up heaving his cross out of play just before the referee’s whistle. Croatia forced an early corner after the break, catching England with a quick routine. Marcelo Brozovic sauntered into the box and met the ball with a shot that blazed over the crossbar. England then slipped behind for the first time in the match. Perisic beat Trippier to a loose ball, flicking a backwards header into the box. Mandzukic was onside, stealing a march on the defenders and rifling low past Pickford. (The Guardian)

Fifa warns broadcasters about focusing on women


roadcasters have been ordered to stop their cameras zooming in on "hot women" in the crowd at football matches, Fifa's diversity boss says. Federico Addiechi said football's world governing body needed to help tackle sexism at the World Cup. "We've done it with individual broadcasters. We've done it with our host broadcast services," he said. Anti-discrimination group Fare Network says sexism has been the biggest problem at Russia 2018. It has been monitoring games and says it has "documented more than 30 cases". Asked if the crackdown on cutaways of female fans

Broadcasters have been criticised on social media for focusing on female fans at games

would become official Fifa policy, Addiechi said: "This

is one of the activities we definitely will have in future

- it's a normal evolution." He said it was not yet a

"proactive campaign" but said Fifa would "take action against things that are wrong". Before the tournament there were concerns that homophobia and racism would be the major areas of concern but Fare Network executive director Piara Powar said sexism was the main focus of discrimination logged by his team - mainly of Russian women being "accosted in the streets" by male fans. However, Powar believes the real number of incidents is likely to be "10 times this". Powar added there had been several cases of female reporters being grabbed or kissed whilst on air.

When asked how Fifa could combat this, Addiechi said it has been working with the local organisers and Russian police to identify these fans, some of whom have lost their FANIDs (a document all spectators must have to obtain access to stadiums at the World Cup) and been forced to leave the country. During Russia 2018 photographic agency Getty Images published a photo gallery of "the hottest fans at the World Cup" featuring exclusively young women. The gallery was later removed by Getty, who said that it was a "regrettable error in judgement" and that an internal investigation would be made. (BBC Sport)


thursDAY, JUly 12, 2018 |

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Fitness 53 supports Malteenoes Cricket Academy W

hen Fitness 53 contributed funding to the Malteenoes Cricket Academy, it was just a gift of appreciation from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ramnaresh “Ronnie” Sarwan, who was among the eager youngsters at their inaugural Academy in 1993. On Tuesday last, Fitness 53 Supervisor Kavita Goberdhan presented the sponsorship cheque to Malteenoes Sports Club Public Relations Officer (PRO) Sean Devers to demonstrate that Fitness 53, located in Providence, East Bank Demerara, is a good corporate citizen. The two-week Academy starts on July 23 at the Club’s Thomas Lands venue. Each day’s sessions start at 09:00h and end at 15:00h with lunch provided. The registration fee is $3000 and forms can be picked up at Malteenoes. Registration closes on July 20 and more information can be had by calling Malteenoes on 225-6509. The 38-year-old Sarwan has 15 tons and 31 fifties from 87 Tests at an average

Fitness 53 Supervisor Kavita Goberdhan presents the donation to Malteenoes PRO Sean Devers at the gym at Providence

of 40.1. He has played 181 ODIs, 18 T20 Internationals, and scored 33 tons from 220 First-Class matches. Sarwan said that the Academy taught him not only the skills to kick start his

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he Leeward Islands defeated Jamaica by one wicket in their opening round encounter of the WINDIES Under 17 Championship on Tuesday at Gilbert Park in California, Trinidad. The Leewards after a wonderful bowling display had to chase only 138 for victory and they got home at 139 for nine-wicket with just one ball to spare. Antonio Fernandes and Jaylen Francis came together with Leewards on 125 for nine and was able to get the required 13 runs without being separated to spark wild celebrations among the Leewards players. Earlier, Jamaica found the going tough and despite an admirable 42 from Lenox Simpson, they were only able to score 137 all out. Simpson faced 91 balls, hitting a four and a six and got some support from Oneil Roberts who scored 27. Jamaica’s innings could have been much

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worse but for a last wicket stand of 39 runs from Simpson and Akeel Hanchard. The best of the Leewards attack was Tariq Newman who scalped four batsmen in a destructive spell that cost only 14 runs. Kenny Sutton was also good with the ball and he grabbed 3-32. When the Leewards batted they were going well at 61-1 until a collapse ensued and they slumped to 82 for five. Sutton who was the mainstay at the top of the order fell for 29. Razaq Williams, Hanchard and Brandon English bowled their hearts out in an effort to bring the victory to Jamaica but in the end the last pair took the Leewards home. Williams took 2-27, English 2-28 and Hanchard 3-29.

Bangladesh appoint Ryan Cook as fielding coach B

Classified Ads 223-7230

cricket career but also lots of life skills that have made him a well-rounded person which has served him well much later in his life when he captained Guyana and the West Indies in all three formats.

Sarwan left his home of village Wakenaam and moved to Campbellville where he attended primary school and the Malteenoes Cricket Academy, and encouraged youngsters to register quickly and make use of an opportunity which he said could be the first preparation for a successful career in cricket. Sarwan’s 291 against England is the highest Test score by a Guyanese; he is youngest Guyanese to play First-Cricket at 15 and he is the youngest West Indian to reach 5000 Test runs. Sarwan is one of two Test players produced by the Academy; the other being Ryan Ramdass. Sarwan said it felt good to contribute to the development of youngsters in the formative years of them learning about cricket. Sarwan is presently in Canada and wished Malteenoes well as the Club provides a nursery for children who could one day be the next Sarwan, Chanderpaul or Hooper, the last three outstanding Guyana’s Test batsmen.

Leewards take low-scoring thriller

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Bangladesh look to address fielding concerns in the lead up to World Cup 2019

angladesh Cricket Board appointed Ryan Lyall Cook as the team’s fielding coach on Wednesday (July 11). The South African coach will work with the national side up to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Wales. Cook, who is expected to join the Bangladesh team in Jamaica on Friday, will replace Sohel Islam, who was performing on an interim basis since the post went vacant after the promotion of Richard Halsall to assistant coach. Cook is currently the Head Coach and High Performance Director of Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy in Cape Town. He is also the Assistant Coach of Hobart Hurricanes in Australia’s Big Bash League and has also served as South Africa A team’s Assistant Coach. Cook was also the Assistant Coach of the South Africa Under 19 Team in the ICC Under 19 World Cup 2016 in Bangladesh.




thursDAY, JUly 12, 2018

“Keep Your Five Alive” Indoor Competition…

Global T20 Canada…

Narine’s scintillating The battle for supremacy 61 leads Tigers over Windies B begins tonight S


ollowing the forced rescheduling of opening night, action in the sixth annual “Keep Your Five Alive” Indoor Competition will kick off this evening with five matches at the National Gymnasium. According to organiser Kevin Adonis, the forced rescheduling was owed mainly to his adherence to a mandate from the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) warning against the appearance of players participating in the current Elite League. Adonis said he received a letter from the GFF, which noted, among other regulations, the barring of all players who play for clubs in the Elite League from appearing for their community teams. “This recent development ordered by the GFF ultimately forced me to reschedule the opening night from last Saturday to today to ensure that teams have the opportunity to discuss the directive set by the Federation in order to avoid any consequence (s) of their decisions,” Adonis said. He added that while he would have liked the notification to be delivered earlier to avoid the unfortunate cancellation of the scheduled first night, all systems were in place for a prompt

start this evening and fans could be assured that riveting action was anticipated as the battle for survival commenced. Teams have been drawn from Georgetown, Linden, Berbice, West and East Demerara and the East Coast of Demerara, and prize monies in excess of $1 million would be up for grabs. He added that 32 of the best teams in the country have been assembled, including defending champions West Front Road’s “Gold is Money” and beaten finalist Future Stars. Among the other teams making the shortlist are: Sparta Boss, Bent Street, Leopold Street and most of the zone champions of the Guinness “Greatest of the

Streets” competition. In opening night action: Rhythm Stars (Mocha) tackle recently-crowned Berbice Guinness champions Trafalgar and this encounter will be followed by the clash between Agricola and Broad Street. Kingston then square off against Swag Entertainment out of Linden, before Avacado Ballers take on Sophia. In the final game of the night, Leopold Street play host to East Coast Melanie Damishana. The fixtures for the next two playing days are below. Buxton Diamond engage West Demerara Showstoppers, while the young Uprising team from the East Coast go up against Linden’s Silver Bullets.

Xtreme Cleaners then collide with East Coast BV, before Ann’s Grove and North East La Penitence take to the court. The rejuvenated Tiger Bay unit then face California Square, before Sparta Boss and Tucville bring the curtains down for the evening. The fixtures for the third night of action are as follows: Albouystown and Upsetters get things going, before Future Stars and Alpha Warriors square off. Back Circle then tackle Kitty Hustlers, before Linden’s Dave & Celena All Stars go up against Bent Street. The reigning champs West Front Road then close the night with a clash against Alexander Village.

Mid-Summer Derby Horse Race meet for July 22

Arianne Brown, Lynton Luke and Narissa Gopaul at the launch of “Rock and Come In” Promotion’s Mid-Summer Derby Horse Race meet at the Giftland Mall


n Sunday, July 22, at the Bush Lot United Turf Club, the country’s top locally-bred horses will burst into action at the “Rock and come in” Mid-Summer Derby where over $2 million in cash and other prizes will be up for the taking. Narissa Gopaul, one of the organisers, disclosed on Wednesday at the Giftland Mall that the meet would cater only the ‘L Class’ of horses. The

winner of the featured event will pocket $400,000 while the horse coming second is set to ride away with $200,000 and third place, $100,000. Prizes will also be given to the champion jockey, trainer and stable. Gopaul pointed out that the event has been receiving tangible support from the corporate community, listing ANSA McAL under its STAG Beer Brand, Republic Bank, Giftland Mall, Pas Cargo, Park

Square Fun City and Jumbo Jet as some of the sponsors of the event. STAG Beer representative Lynton Luke noted the delight his company has taken in assisting the organisers along the way. Gopaul encouraged everyone to support the meet, telling the media that an unforgettable day of racing is promised. Admission to the venue is $1500.

unil Narine, famously known for his mystery spin, struck a scintillating 25-ball 61 to spur Montreal Tigers over West Indies B in the first match of the second round in the 2018 inaugural Global T20 Canada on Tuesday at Maple Leaf Ground, King City, Toronto. The left-handed Trinidadian opened the batting and lifted nine balls over the ropes and hit a four as Montreal Tigers safely reached 165-4 in 17.3 overs replying to West Indies B’s challenging 162-7 from the full quota of 20 overs. Montreal Tigers ended the first and preliminary round at the bottom of the points table while the Caribbean lads finished top with eight points from five matches. Despite the loss, West Indies B will still advance to the qualifier stage, which commences today at the Sunil Narine same facility, while Tigers will have to wait and hope that the other participating sides also face heavy defeats. Last evening, second-place Vancouver Knights and fifth-place Toronto Nationals were expected to meet while the third and fourth-place teams were expected to clash Wednesday morning. Narine began aggressively, immediately spanking two consecutive sixes. He was caught in the eighth over to leftarm orthodox spinner Khary Pierre, who was the most successful bowler with 2-25 off four overs. Despite an early wobble, Montreal Tigers underlined their batting strength and depth with Australian Moises Henriques supported well with 32. Fireworks continued towards the end as Sikandar Raza and Najibulla Zadra were also belligerent, finishing unbeaten with 32 and 29 respectively after West Indies B fought back gallantly with some tight bowling on an animated pitch. Earlier, West Indies B took first knock after they were sent in. Barbadian Shamar Springer produced a fine innings to lead the way with 62, counting seven fours and three sixes from 40 balls. The 20-year-old Springer started the innings with Guyanese Shane Rutherford, who was bowled comprehensively by pacer and skipper Lasith Malinga for two. Springer and the in-form number three batsman Brandon King steadied the innings by putting on a well-crafted 72run second-wicket partnership to give the innings momentum, but once they were separated, wickets fell on a regular basis. Nicolas Pooran showed great inclination to be patient, but was undone for 23. Captain Anthony Bramble (04), Fabian Allen (11) and Kavem Hodge (13) then did not occupy the crease too long. Nepal’s 17-year-old leg-spinner Sandeep Lamichane, who was roughed up initially by Springer, ended with impressive figures of 3-31 from his four-over spell while medium pacer Cecil Pervez collected 2-31 off four overs. This is West Indies B’s second successive defeat having won their first four encounters, all in convincing fashion. The tournament, which began late last month, will conclude on Sunday also at the Maple Leaf venue when the championship contest bowls off from 15:00h. The victorious side will pocket US$500, 000 while a similar amount will be shared out as well in other prizes. (Ravi Madholall) Shemar Springer

thursDAY, JUly 12, 2018


Windies look to heap more misery on Bangladesh


fter the first Test in Antigua ended a couple of hours before the Brazil-Belgium World Cup quarter-final last week, there was some mock appreciation from Bangladeshi fans; at least their cricket team didn't clash with the football. Some even suggested that if the second Test ends by the fourth afternoon, they could all watch the World Cup final - on July 15 uninterrupted. It is an expression of disappointment after the dismal performance in Antigua. They didn't just get bowled out for 43 in the first innings, Bangladesh barely improved upon it in the second, and to top it off, they bowled poorly, too. West Indies, on the other hand, had the perfect game in Antigua. Kemar Roach burst through the Bangladesh top order before Jason Holder and Miguel Cummins cleaned up the lower order in only 18.4 overs. It was more of the same in the second innings, where Shannon Gabriel took a five-wicket haul, with Cummins and Holder claiming the other five. On the batting front, Kraigg Brathwaite prospered with a seventh Test century. Contributions from Devon Smith, Kieran Powell and Shai Hope gave them a 400-plus total, which was nine times more than Bangladesh's first-innings 43. West Indies also caught very well, not allowing Bangladesh any

Shai Hope made a solid 67 in the first test but was unable to convert it to triple figures

second chances. Only Nurul Hasan got out of Antigua with any semblance of respect thanks to his counter-attacking 64 off 74 balls. It is likely that the team management will now add an eighth batsman, a usual measure that they tend to take after a particularly heavy defeat. It would mean they would go into the game with one fewer bowler, which would further burden Shakib Al Hasan's all-round duties. Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Abu Jayed and Kamrul Islam Rabbi bowled well in patches but Rubel Hossain's ever-increasing bowling average shows he may not be cut out for Test cricket. The onus is on the likes of Tamim Iqbal, Mushfiqur Rahim, Shakib Al Hasan and Mahmudullah to bail them out. But it won't be an easy task against an inform West Indies side. After Bangladesh had been bowled out for just 43, Kraigg Brathwaite showed exactly how to bat in Antigua. He struck a century after almost 12 months, the seventh in his career, and will once again test Bangladesh's patience. Nurul Hasan's inclusion as the specialist wicketkeeper was a surprise, but he made sure it would be hard to drop him, with a gritty half-century in the second innings. Tamim said that Nurul's innings was an inspiration for the rest of the batting line-up, but can the

rookie step up further? Alzarri Joseph is likely to replace Kemar Roach ahead of Keemo Paul. Shimron Hetmyer may also have to wait for his chance, with West Indies likely to stick to the combination that inflicted an innings defeat on the visitors. West Indies (probable): 1 Kraigg Brathwaite, 2 Devon Smith, 3 Kieran Powell, 4 Shai Hope, 5 Roston Chase, 6 Shane Dowrich (wk), 7 Jason Holder (capt), 8 Devendra Bishoo, 9 Miguel Cummins, 10 Shannon Gabriel, 11 Alzarri Joseph After a poor batting performance, the Bangladesh management usually picks an extra batsman in the following game for damage control. If that's what happens in Jamaica, either Imrul Kayes or Nazmul Hossain Shanto would be the eighth batsman. Bangladesh (probable): 1 Tamim Iqbal, 2 Liton Das, 3 Mominul Haque, 4 Mushfiqur Rahim, 5 Shakib Al Hasan (capt), 6 Mahmudullah, 7 Nurul Hasan, 8 Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 9 Rubel Hossain, 10 Abu Jayed, 11 Kamrul Islam Rabbi On the eve of the match, Shakib Al Hasan said there would be "little more consistent pace and bounce than in Antigua" and he expected a "true wicket". There's a forecast of a light shower in Kingston early on the first day, but it's clear skies for the rest of the game.

Wiltshire, Alphonso shine bright Ramdhani gives back to younger at Junior Squash C/ships players A

fter high hopes and heightened adrenaline, the young Guyanese squash players have made their mark at the Caribbean Area Squash Association (CASA) Junior Championships at the Liguanea Club in New Kingston, Jamaica. Michael Alphonso got the ball rolling with a string of blemish-less games. He flattened Bermuda’s Ethan Roserea 11-1, 11-1, 11-1; Jamaica’s Aman Dhiman 11-5, 11-0, 11-1 and Barbados’ Alex Stewart 11-7, 11-1, 6-11, 11-7. His last opponent came in the form of Aidan Parris also of Barbados; he defeated him 3-11, 10-12, 3-11 to be crowned the Caribbean’s Under-13 champion. Being the top seed in his group, no less than first place was expected from Shomari Wiltshire and that is exactly what the young man delivered. He played three clean games, winning every set in ample time to demolish Cayman Islands’ Pierce Terry 11-1, 11-1, 11-1; Bermuda’s Matthew Elliott 11-2, 11-1, 11-2, and Barbados’ Darien Benn [2] 11-3, 11-3, 11-9. Following closely behind Wiltshire was Samuel Ince-Carvalhal, who managed to cop third place in the same Under-15 category. He outplayed Jamaica’s Rhys Greenland 11-1, 11-3, 11-1; Cayman Islands’ Jace Jervis 118, 12-10, 11-8 and Bermuda’s Matthew Elliott 6-11, 5-11, 12-14, but had the tables turned on him by Barbados’ Darien Benn, who defeated him 9-11, 11-9, 8-11, 3-11. Abosaide Cadogan barely missed out on Under-15 girls glory after she lost 1-11, 11-5, 11-5, 4-11, 9-11 to Barbados’ Sumirra Suleman, who eventually took first place. However, Cadogan crushed Bermuda’s Ariana Lowther 11-4, 112, 11-1 and her Guyanese teammate Kirsten Gomes 11-7, 11-7, 11-7 in order to take second place. Despite losing out to Cadogan, Gomes had some glory of her own when she played tirelessly to cop third place. She defeated Shaelah Henry of the Cayman Islands 11-0, 11-2, 11-3


Michael Alphonso (left) and Shomari Wiltshire

and Guyanese Madison Fernandes 111, 11-8, 6-11, 7-11, 11-3. Fernandes placed fourth in that category. Coming in third place in his Under-19 category was Rithew Saywack. He won encounters against Jamaica’s Luke Roberts 8-11, 4-11, 4-11; Jamaica’s Adam Ardito 11-1, 11-7, 11-3 and Guyana’s Alexander Cheeks 11-5, 9-11, 11-9, 11-3, but lost to Barbados’ Josiah Griffith 11-6, 11-3, 9-11, 11-2. Young Christina Fernandes also made her mark in the Under-11 category with a bronze medal. She won encounters against Samantha Azan 11-

5, 11-8, 7-11, 12-10; Bermuda’s Taliah Wade 11-6, 11-7, 10-12, 4-11, 11-9 and Jamaican Maher Trehan 11-7, 11-2, 7-11, 6-11, 11-8. However, she lost encounters with Jamaican Elle Wilson 1012, 13-15, 11-13 and Barbadian Phoebe Gittens 3-11, 10-12, 2-11. The competition will continue over the next few days with the staging of the team competition. So far, Barbados is in a prime position to take home the trophy having won the Girls Under-11, Under-15, Under-17, Under-19 and the Boys Under-19 and Under-17 individual prizes.

uyana’s number one ranked badminton player Narayan Ramdhani is currently on vacation from his scholarship programme; however, instead of spending his time lounging around, the young man has decided to lend his services to the Guyana Badminton Association for its badminton camp. Ramdhani is assisting with teaching new skills, drills, and techniques to the younger generation of badminton players. Guyana Times Sport caught up with the star player and he shared a little bit about his role in the camp. “So it’s like helping the younger kids and other players to get better and like teaching them different strokes and better ways to hit the shots,” he said. On a different note, he disclosed that he has been exposed to a higher level of training since he began his training in Canada some two years ago. “It’s been…, well, the training in Canada is much better. In Guyana, you have to wait on people or the courts are not available. But in Canada the courts are available for me to train; the players are better over there and the overall atmosphere for training is better.” When asked about the level of competition,

Narayan Ramdhani

Ramdhani stated, “The level of competition is higher. We have good players in Guyana, but there’s more people over there to play with, so we’re not playing the same persons over and over again. It’s mostly aging players and they’re really good at badminton.” Despite this, the young man noted that much else has not changed. He has stuck to his usual techniques; the only catch he stated is bettering those techniques. “It’s the same thing over and over again, but repetition makes everything perfect.” Back in 2016, Ramdhani earned a five-year contract with Shuttlesport Badminton Academy located in Vancouver; the programme will be preparing him to compete in the 2020 Olympics.

THURsDAY, JUly 12, 2018

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic celebrates scoring their second goal against England

Croatia stun England to reach maiden World Cup final Pg 20

Windies look to heap more misery on Bangladesh Pg 23

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