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Thursday, July 5, 2018

17 homes evacuated as flood situation in Region 9 worsens


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Gunmen rob Linden construction worker P11 Civil Aviation Bill

...water level rises 6 feet; shelters established – regional official

Pensioner beats wife to death for not cooking “proper” meals

Stricter penalties for drunken crew P9 members

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Drivers charged for Den Amstel P12 fatal accident

CIOG honours top 15 P14 NGSA performers

Chief Operations Officer of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Pete Russell and Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Wednesday at the Ministry of the Presidency after the signing of the historic deal to have playoff games in Guyana during the 2018 edition of the tournament (Carl Croker photo)

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Man dies after niece throws hot water on him Page 11

Rum, ganja thrown over NA Prison P5 fence

2 news Pensioner beats wife to death for not cooking “proper” meals A thursDAY, july 5, 2018 |

40-year-old woman was beaten to death by her 62-year-old reputed husband at their Rosignol, West Bank Berbice (WBB) home after he accused her of not cooking proper meals for him. The dead woman was identified as Shabana Babita Ishack of Lot 69 Rosignol, WBB. Based on reports received, the couple was seen imbibing at their home on Tuesday evening in their yard. At about 17:30h, the man reportedly started to assault the woman for several reasons, one being she is unable to prepare meals to his standard. The argument and beating continued into the wee hours of Wednesday. After the fight ended and persons could not hear

The house in which Shabana Babita Ishack was murdered

any arguments, neighbours walked over to the couple’s house with the intention of talking to them about their constant fights. Upon arrival at the home, the pensioner invited the neighbours into the house requesting that they check on the wom-

an since he claimed she was not moving. As the neighbour checked, it was discovered that the woman was dead and from all indication, it seemed as though her neck was broken. The Police were immediately contacted and upon arriving

at the scene, the man confessed to beating the woman the previous evening. He was arrested and is being interrogated at the Rosignol Police Station. Police have since stated that the pensioner admitted to beating his dead reputed wife with pieces of wood and an iron bar because his meals were not properly cooked. It was further related that the victim, who is a heavy consumer of alcohol, started a common-law relationship with the suspect about three months ago. Her body was taken to the Bailey’s Funeral Home where it awaits a post-mortem examination. On June 21, 2018, 28-year-old Tovanie Simmons, of Second Street,

Limlair Village, Corentyne, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) was stabbed to death by her ex-husband. Reports are the alleged perpetrator committed suicide after the incident. The suspect, Imran Lyte, 28, reportedly stabbed Simmons about 10 times before fleeing the scene but was later taken to the Port Mourant Hospital by relatives after he reportedly ingested a poisonous substance. It was reported that the couple had separated and Simmons was staying at her mother’s residence

when the suspected visited that home to discuss a misunderstanding between him and the woman’s brother. However, a heated argument ensued between the mother of four and Lyte during which he whipping out a knife from his pants waist and stabbed Simmons several times. The woman barely managed to escape from the house, by jumping from the veranda but the man ran after her and slit her throat. She reportedly sustained 12 stab wounds to her neck, left breast, back, left hip, left forearm, right chest and chin, collectively.

Caricom Heads Mahaica cousins drown of Government Search for body of 10-year-old continues Conference opens T he search continues for the body of 10-yearold Timothy Yearwood of Mosquito Hall Squatting area, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD) who went missing after taking a plunge in the Atlantic Ocean on Monday. The body of his 14-yearold cousin, Timothy Robinson was discovered on Tuesday afternoon floating in the vicinity of the Hope seashore, East Coast Demerara. On Tuesday, relatives of the boys had told Guyana Times that both of their bodies were recovered but the Police on Wednesday morning confirmed only the body of the teenager has been pulled from the Atlantic Ocean. According to reports, the two boys left their home at about noon and visited the seawall’s jetty where they

Timothy Yearwood

Timothy Robinson

were swimming. However while swimming, Yearwood began to experience difficulties in the water which prompted Robinson to jump in to help him but they both never resurfaced. The families became alerted when the clothing of Robinson was found on the jetty but the boys could not be found.

When Guyana Times visited the home of the boys on Tuesday afternoon, the family of the boys informed that they are receiving various versions of the incident and they are not sure which is accurate. It was reported that the two boys were gambling in a boat when they fell overboard. On the other hand,

persons in the area told relatives that they were seen swimming along with two older boys. The two older boys were seen running from the jetty just before it was reported that the two lads were missing. Robinson’s clothing was found in close proximity to the jetty. With the contradicting stories, the families of the dead boys were still uncertain of what took place. Upon the discovery of Robinson’s body on Tuesday evening, the Police were called in and an investigation was launched. The relatives of Yearwood continued their search on Wednesday but up to late that evening, the body was not found. The search is expected to recommence early this morning.

The 39th Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) was opened on Wednesday evening at the Montego Bay Conference Centre in Jamaica. President David Granger is leading Guyana's delegation at this annual regional forum



thursDAY, july 5, 2018 |


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Thursday, July 5 – 09:30h-11:00h and Friday, July 6 – 10:30h-12:00h.

The Berbice Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Thursday, July 5 – 08:40h-10:10h and Friday, July 6 – 09:45h-11:15h.


Parika and Supenaam departure times - 05:00h, 11:00h and 16:00h daily

WEATHER TODAY Sunny intervals can be expected throughout the day followed by partly cloudy skies in the evening. Temperatures should range between 21 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.

Winds: East North-easterly to North-easterly and North-easterly between 1.78 metres and 5.81 metres. High Tide: 09:12h and 21:44h reaching maximum heights of 2.37 metres and 2.32 metres respectively.

PNC Chairmanship fight heats up ...incumbent Williams challenges Harmon and Lawrence to debate


s the time draws closer for the People’s National Congress (PNC) special meeting to decide on a new executive, the party’s incumbent Chairman, Basil Williams, has challenge his two contenders – Volda Lawrence and Joseph Harmon to a debate. Both Lawrence and Harmon have announced plans to compete for the position of chairmanship of the party, the second highest

Low Tide: 02:43h and 15:13h reaching minimum heights of 0.89 metre and 0.86 metre respectively.

Joseph Harmon

wednesDAY, July 4, 2018








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post within the PNC. Williams told media operatives on the sidelines of a seminar on Wednesday that, “Who wants to challenge me must show their track record of achievements for the PNC.” He said party members should be given an opportunity to hear a debate by the contestants. Williams, the current Attorney General (AG) and Legal Affairs Minister, bragged about his track record stating that he is respected by his comrades and his work done for and on behalf of the PNC is also known. “I have always been having victories. I’m know, you know; people know me. I am known,” he stated. Apart from that, the AG pointed to cases where he has done a lot of bonafide work for individuals and the party. “I don’t know why you all keep forgetting my record but, as they say, the PNC people and the PNC members are very sensible people,” he said, referring to his work with the Rodney Commission of Inquiry. Importantly also, Williams noted that the current executive team was mainly responsible for the election victory in 2015 which led the PNC, the major party in the coalition Government into office. As such, he feels there is no need for a change in the rank and file of the party as it stands. “If we were good enough after 23 years to take us into Government, why after three years, when we are ready to look at the last

Basil Williams

two years to look at reelection, why would you want to change the team. You don’t change a winning team,” he told members of the media. Williams had previously said, “I am servant of the PNC and a servant of my party. They know me. I have been working steadily throughout the years, and me and my comrades… so we don’t think that’s an issue.” Nevertheless, the current Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister posited that he was confident of winning the position once again, although there have been reports that his performance since the coalition Government took office has been weak. “Our members are very intelligent people and the type of leadership that they require, they know,” he said. In May, Harmon announced his candidature for the position of chair of the party, for which elections

will be held at Congress in August 2018. In making that announcement, he said every member of the party can aspire to the highest office in our party and like many others. “I am a member of the party of long standing, and therefore have indicated that it is my desire and my interest in putting myself up as a candidate for the chairmanship of the party,” Harmon stated. And less than one week ago, it was revealed that longstanding party stalwart Lawrence too will be contesting for the PNC chairmanship post at the upcoming congress in August. This was announced by party activist and Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, on his Facebook page: “… Minister of Public Health Volda Ann Lawrence, has officially announced she is contesting the post of Chairman of the PNCR,” Jones posted on his social media handle. At the last PNCR Congress, Williams contested the position of Chairman unopposed. Initial reports had indicated that Williams

Volda Lawrence

would have been challenged by former party leader Robert Corbin, Minister Volda Lawrence and Lurlene Nestor. However, they all signalled their non-interest. Williams was first appointed PNCR Chairman in 2012 when he first contested the post along with Dr George Norton. That year, he replaced longstanding party member Cammie Ramsaroop as chair. At the last Congress held in 2016, Dr Norton and Lawrence were also re-elected Vice Chairpersons.


thursDAY, july 5, 2018

Views Editor: Tusika Martin News Hotline: 231-8063 Editorial: 231-0544, 223-7230, 223-7231, 225-7761 Marketing: 231-8064 Accounts: 225-6707 Mailing address: Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown Email:,

Crime’s worrying cycle


n an editorial a few months ago, the question of whether fighting crime was a fake campaign promise by the then APNU/AFC Opposition was asked. The question was natural given what was seen as a continual increase in criminal attacks. From then to now, nothing seemed to have changed and for many, it appears to be worse. This has gone seemingly unchecked over the years as mindsets are inundated with fear and the question of “who is next” seems involuntary. The stories that emanate daily are horrific to say the least; some with brutal sexual assaults. Not only are families scared, humiliated, deprived of valuables, communities ravished and left even more vulnerable, but life is brutally snuffed out in some instances. Unfortunately, crime has not only become a fixture in daily news, but a prominent one. There seems no respite despite the much-publicised increase in resources and new recruits. While realistically, crime will not be erased, taxpayers expect sustained quick responses and robust approaches in combating such. This is not taking away from the brave men and women of law enforcement who risk their lives. The issue, of what can only be described as current failed policy in combating crime, has to be put into a particular context. The previous Administration was constantly berated by the then Opposition, which is now the Government, for being weak and incapable of fighting crime. This was used as a major campaign theme to rile sentiments against the PPP Government’s perceived lack of vision and expertise in the security sector. At the same time, the then Opposition spared no effort to boast of its prowess in security. The voting populace probably needed no convincing over security personnel who were part of the APNU/AFC Opposition coalition. The fairly extensive list of former senior Police and Army officials who joined the slate might have instilled a sense of belief in relief from crime even in non-supporters. That seeming prolific gathering of security specialists probably caused crime itself to shudder. None can dispute the esteemed offices which they served. That might have tilted the balance of the crimefighting scale in favour of the coalition, since probably there was little or no reason to doubt the capabilities showcased. Regardless of where the ballot was cast, expectation of a vast reduction in crime was real and immediate. Therein lies the profound disappointment. The expectation afterwards was for the promised new approach to effectively combat crime through more robust interventions. Sadly, it did not happen and remains elusive. Families are now reeling in despair and mindsets preoccupied with trying to stay safe whether indoors or outdoors. People are still being trailed from financial institutions and regularly robbed. The unsuspecting on their way home are relieved of possessions at gunpoint. Schoolchildren are not spared while overseas-based Guyanese returning for holidays are trailed and robbed with some killed in the process. Innocent women are raped in some instances of home invasions. When the belief that not every detail of a robbery is reported for fear of further humiliation is taken into consideration, a more frightening scenario is revealed. The question is, what has the coalition done since in Government to effectively combat crime? Given the boasts, the expectation would not be farfetched for close to a crime-free society by now. The reality is that fear has taken a stranglehold on the nation depriving people of their freedom from that mindset so as to be able to focus on making a living. This brings into the fray the nexus of the current harsh economic policies and a derivative of crime. While there will always be some who will engage in criminal activities regardless of the economic situation, forcing people into poverty will have a frightening effect. Analysts will postulate the nexus of youth in crime as a result of unemployment. Clearly, many jobs have been lost under this Administration and this is not an attempt to state that all those who were fired have resorted to crime, for many are forced into humiliation in finding a legal livelihood. After three years and the upward spiral of crime, one may rightfully question policies and interventions, if any, and their effects. With the current circumstances, one can again question the genuineness of this particular influential campaign promise. Many are still trying to accept the pardoning of prisoners in the context of current mindsets. While the intention might have been noble as envisaged, the reported subsequent involvement in crime by a few who benefited would have further damaged psyches making it virtually impossible for acceptance. In such circumstances, people can conclude that their welfare becomes secondary. Also, there seems to be a dearth of information on the process regarding deportees with criminal records and their reintegration into society. These add to an already wary psyche, sapping the motivation and confidence of the citizenry. Other than fear, natural derivatives are: less investment, lower production, forced migration and unemployment; a seemingly continuous cycle into the future if not curbed.

Education Minister Nicolette Henry and Director of Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana Shaykh Moen-ul-Hack posed with the top NGSA students who were honoured by the organisation for their exceptional performance (Carl Croker photo)

Cooperatives not the best option for laid-off sugar workers

Dear Editor, I have known Honourable Keith Scott, Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection with responsibility for labour, for many decades. I have great respect and admiration for him and I, therefore, paid attention to his recent call for laid-off sugar workers, now on the breadline facing abject poverty and starvation, to form cooperative societies. Minister Scott told the laid-off sugar workers that his Ministry will give support and provide training to those who want to go this route. I have no objection to the philosophy of cooperative societies. In some countries, well-organised, properly-run cooperative societies have achieved significant benefits for their members. However, Minister Scott must consider whether cooperative societies are relevant to our country at this juncture of our modern culture and lifestyle. Are they pertinent in Guyana at a time when everyone wants to own a small business? Furthermore, shouldn’t this call have come earlier, to prepare the people’s minds and get them accustomed and amenable to the idea as preparations were being made to shut down the factories? As Government was preparing to close the estates, couldn’t we have begun the process of teaching these people to survive outside of estate life? They could have been introduced to the concept of working with a cooperative spirit since then. Maybe this will teach us something for the future. Most cooperative societies failed in Guyana years ago, and I don’t see anything

new to make them viable now. This government is trying to revive a cooperatives movement from the 60s and 70s which was being pursued by the Government of that era. The intention of the Administration of the day was obviously noble. Minister Scott announced about a year ago that their efforts resulted in an increase in cooperative societies in Guyana. I predict that this will be a revolving door; most will not last and will be constantly replaced by new ones. Now, let us look at the GuySuCo situation. I am from a sugar-producing community and while I sympathise with the laid-off workers, I am aware that many GuySuCo workers were responsible for the theft of tools, equipment, parts and so on. I viewed this as sabotage. It is common knowledge that corrupt business-people routinely bought stolen items from GuySuCo workers and resold them at high prices. If theft by workers was commonplace at GuySuCo and in failed cooperative societies, what sense does it make to ask laid-off sugar workers to form cooperatives? The Honourable Minister Scott is obviously trying to find ways and means to make it easier for the laidoff workers. The cooperative movement was at its zenith when he was a young man and must have resonated strongly with him. But bearing in mind the results of every election since Independence, the laid-off sugar workers come from areas that historically opposed the Administration of the 1960s and 1970s and their

policies. What will make these people embrace the concept today and make it work? Can they be successfully encouraged to do so, Mr Minister? Minister Scott, your idea might look good in principle, but how practical is it? Have you thought of the historical political preferences and mindset of the laid-off workers? Can you, therefore, guess why this idea will be a ‘hard sell’ in the sugar belt? Try it, Minister Scott, and see if it will work. Maybe you could draw from the experiences of countries where cooperatives were more successful and also from Guyana’s experiences. I hope you succeed, but as a realist I don’t think it will bear fruit. Sometimes the best ideas and intentions can go wrong. The idea of eating what we produce was a visionary one with the right objectives. However, the administration of the 1960s and 1970s did not cater for the people’s accustomed tastes for the items that were banned. That era spawned generations of smugglers in Guyana who are operating up to this day. Since people like to put their own needs above the greater good, I believe they will do well if they are assisted to set up their own businesses. People like to run their own businesses and make money they don’t have to share. They like to benefit from their own successes and learn from their own failures. Mr Minister, why not encourage laid-off sugar workers to start up cottage industries in the agricultural sector? Encourage them to grow fruits and vegetables and give them what-

ever training and support they need. Teach them how to preserve their fruits and vegetable as a bottom-house or cottage industry and the possibility of creating offshoot industries. Help them to process their produce and market it around Guyana and possibly overseas. Teach them small-scale bottling and canning of the preserves they make from their homes. Government should also help them to start up chicken-rearing enterprises. I am not talking about the popular ‘white fowl’, but the ‘yard chicken’ that is much sturdier and tastier. It can eat almost anything and it has a strong genetic makeup that does not require antibiotics and special feed. Minister Scott, encourage the ex-GuySuCo workers to use their own lands, some of which were available through Bookers, to get into aquaculture. Give them training and support to dig and maintain ponds suitable for production of freshwater fish like tilapia and hassar, which can be sold and bartered with in the community. Corn is expensive, but people like it. Why not teach the laid-off workers how to grow it profitably? Instead of giving incentives and opportunities to large-scale foreign investors alone, give to our laid-off sugar workers (and other Guyanese). Give them incentives to grow black-eye peas and other non-traditional crops for sale. Surpluses can be used for bartering. I am willing to sit on any board to help my country, not for fame and gain, but to serve my people. Sincerely, Roshan Khan Sr

thursDAY, july 5, 2018


Rum, ganja thrown over NA Prison fence


rison officials at the New Amsterdam Prison in Berbice, Region Six (East BerbiceCorentyne) on Wednesday morning discovered several illicit items that were believed to have been thrown over the fence from the outside. The discovery was made some time around 10:30h “next to a chicken pen” in the prison compound, Director of Prisons (ag), Gladwin Samuels revealed. The items found included: two parcels containing narcotics, 18 packs of cigarettes, a quantity of ziplock bags, 12 packs of bamboo, and a plastic bottle containing El Dorado 5 Year Old rum. No one has been arrested for the discovery, but investigations are ongoing. This incident comes on the heels of several attempts to throw illicit items over


The items discovered in the New Amsterdam Prison Compound on Wednesday

the fence of prison facilities across the country. In fact, only Tuesday last, Police and prison ranks stationed at the Lusignan Prison foiled an attempt to throw illicit items over the fence around 02:15h. A suspect was seen attempting to throw a black plastic-wrapped parcel over the fence and as such, the ranks

opened fire at the individual, who made good his escape. However, in the process, he dropped the parcel, which contained a total of 1002 grams of narcotics, a large quantity of tobacco leaves, four cellphones without SIM cards, one charger, one earpiece, and 33 packets of cigarettes. These incidents come

less than a week after Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan expressed his disgust at the recent series of attempts to smuggle contraband into prisons and the discoveries of various illicit items at several prison facilities across the country, saying that steps are being taken to curb this practice. Furthermore, he went on to recognise that the lack of proper management at these facilities was probably contributing to the increased instances of smuggling attempts and the discovery of dozens of contraband items within the system. The smuggling of contraband items remains a perennial problem within the prison system and while authorities have been working to curb the practice, several prison officers have been caught facilitating the illegal trade, which is said to be “big business”.

Norton Street man charged for molesting, bribing 11-year-old girl


middle-aged man was on Wednesday arraigned on sexual assault charges when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Robin Marks, 50, of Norton Street, Georgetown, was not required to plead to the charges which stated that in February, he sexually assaulted an 11-yearold child on two occasions by touching her breasts and

kissing her on the lips. After committing the acts, he attempted to bribe her to secrecy by providing cash. The matter was reported to the Police after the young girl confided in her grandmother that the accused had been interfering with her. The suspect was released on $100,000 bail for each charge, and the matter was adjourned until July 6, 2018.

Opinion of Charles Ramson Jr Dear Editor, I have read letters to the editor published about Charles Ramson Jr after his announcement about running for the PPP’s presidential candidacy and I wanted to share another view since I have known Charles for decades, and Guyanese need to know about the persons who would like to lead Guyana. I would also like to disclose that I am a relative of Mark Devonish who wrote that Charles would not be a good choice for President. My position stands to offer you perspective.

For the decades I have known Charles… from our school days at Stella Maris and Queen's College. We were always in the same class up until I left Guyana. He was always a person who held good judgment, strong values and was always good to everyone he encountered. In fact, I have never seen him display or express a single racist, bigoted, sexist or class-ist view in my entire life. He was always the “fight-parter”, but was always willing to fight if necessary to defend himself and others.

Those elements about a person remain unchanged. It is who they are and how they are made up. Those to me are not only essential ingredients of good leadership, but exactly the kind of leadership necessary for Guyana. Opinion pieces have been published about him and one from a member of my extended family. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, I firmly believe that a Facebook argument you had with someone years ago and very little real-life interaction will give very little in-

sight into determining the value system essential for leadership and, therefore, has no relevance in public discussion. In my opinion, I also think he would make a good president based on what he brings to the table. He will inspire a generation of young people; he can bridge the bitter racial and political divide in Guyana; he will improve Guyana’s international relationships, image and foreign investment opportunities, but most importantly he is the only person in politics at the

The party and the people Dear Editor, I have captioned my discourse with you today "The Party and The People" for a specific reason. We are going to take a close examination of these two important entities in the Guyana context. Firstly, in the British Commonwealth it is verified, unassailable, documented proof that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is a party that has never lost an election. This is a phenomenon that the ABC Countries cannot fathom nor would the People’s National Congress come to accept. For this very same reason, election rigging was allowed to flourish; that is to keep that party, the ‘people's party’ out of power. Come to think of it, that theory did work because in the last elections we were told that the PPP/Civic lost that election by a mere one seat. Well, I am asking the powers that be to prove it? Just prove that anomaly to us! Truth is making that so

called proclamation proof, they do that and we would most graciously accept. But, lest I be bogged down into a sidebar to explain all the shameful details of that sordid, rigging arrangement, let me move on with the discussion at hand. The party ... the people, what has made for the success of the two over the years? The answer is the process of choosing a leader to lead the party. That process is solid and certain, used for decades whenever that party goes into choosing mode. From its Founder Leader, Dr Cheddi Jagan, every leader thereafter has had to go through that highly respected road. You must fulfil those criteria with high marks before you can be selected. The second, and I would brand it the most crucial part of it all, is that the person who will be chosen must be a people person, because ultimately they are the ones who would be called upon to

vote you into office and into the seat of power. The final decision lies with the people you would be asked to lead so that great step into the future is of paramount importance. The people must feel safe, secure and confident in their leadership and herein lies the strength of the PPP's ‘Leadership, People Power!’ Education, charm and charisma, while they are great assets for anyone these are never the lone pillars on which the party stands. You must unveil your love and ability to lead people in the good times and in the bad, in their happiness and in their sorrows, even when they become cold and indifferent to you. Leadership has euphoric highs while at the same time you must face up to its lonely, crushingly hard and demeaning lows. As a leader you must be prepared for these realities. So, the latest hype within, and in a pronounced way, without the party as to who

should become leader is firing up as we come to that crucial point. The enthusiasm is great because every single one of them in the PPP has been blessed with those noble characteristics of leadership; every last one of them. However, they cannot all be the head only one person will get that approval nod. We, in due time, would see that leader and he or she would lead us successfully into the next phase. The people of this country longs for fit and proper leadership. The people of this country eagerly awaits the completion of the process in the PPP's camp of that individual who would lead us back into the beaten path of peace development and progress. As that process takes shape we can take heart that a better day will come soon. Respectfully, Neil Adams

moment, who has a deeper understanding of oil and gas economies which will be a dominant part of Guyana’s future. I know writing this has somewhat compromised my

personal privacy, which is important to me but that is how strongly I view this subject. Edwin Foo II Tokyo, Japan


thursDAY, JUly 5, 2018



By Barbara Rowley

distance on a map, he'll have learnt a far more meaningful and lasting mathematical lesson than simply memorising his fours. Encourage your child's interest in sports statistics as a way of collecting data and analysing it, and don't shy away from having a kid use a calculator to do it. “Real-life mathematicians and scientists use calculators regularly,” Chen notes.


ike many moms, I can't help thinking of summer in terms of fun with my family. I dream about lazy days in the backyard and nights free of homework and projects. I want to see my girls blow bubbles and draw with chalk on the sidewalk. Which is why all the anecdotal and statistical information on what happens to kids academically over the break can seem so depressing. Virtually all kids will lose some hard-won Maths knowledge, and many will experience setbacks in reading. As a result, teachers will start the next school year reteaching the same material for a month or more. So, how can summer-loving families reconcile these two seemingly separate camps – summer as fun and summer as academics? Here's how to get started.

Keep it personal

Plan for September

Talk to your child's upcoming teacher about the curriculum ahead, recommends Harris Cooper, PhD, chair of the psychology and neuroscience department at Duke University, who has done extensive research on the summer academic slide. “If kids have heard the words they are going to hear or have some prior knowledge about the subject waiting in their brains, they will be more likely to make a lasting link,” explains Judy Willis, MD, a neurologist turned schoolteacher. Without this early introduction, it can take longer for the knowledge to stick. Look for an history programme at a museum if you know the ‘people who came’ are on the upcoming school-year schedule, or plan a minivacation around a subject he'll be studying – say a trip to Berbice if your kid will be tackling the 1763 Berbice Revolution. Fractions on deck? Cook together and divide the servings. You can even introduce the concept of right angles and geometry by building something or just playing with blocks.

Don't underestimate fun and games

Having fun is not the opposite of learning things. In fact, the two are intricately connected in the brain. “Learning is more memorable when the mood is positive,” emphasises Dr Willis. Kids who are laughing and smiling are more likely to be learning in ways that last. That can mean playing charades using characters from books. Many popular board games reinforce language or Maths (think Monopoly, Battleship, Clue,

Scrabble, Boggle, chess), as well as skills like making predictions, seeing patterns, and using logic. You can also practice spelling and cursive with chalk and play word games in the car. Physical activities like a game of tag or a walk in the woods are also proven brain boosters.

Teach balance

One of the biggest concerns for parents is the digital beast consuming t10-plus hours a day of our children's lives during the school year, according to research from the Kaiser Family Foundation. But educators say it isn't just the technology that is the problem; it's how it's used. Milton Chen, PhD, a senior fellow at the George Lucas Educational Foundation ( encourages families to make a strategic plan for how technology will fit into each day. This might mean screen-free hours during certain time periods or a basket where cellphones or game devices are dropped (in the “off” position) during meals or at bedtime. In adopting these approaches, parents will do more than simply diversify their children's activities; they'll be teaching them how to strategise to make the best use of their time.

Make it relevant

The biggest question of the school year— “Why is this important?” – can best be answered during the summer. If your child can finally understand the value of computation when he makes change at the store or calculates

As the parent, you are in the best position to understand what gaps are present in your child's learning. Your interest and participation in your child's reading or Math activities can also make a real difference in the summer losses in these areas. “You don't want to hand your kid a printed Math worksheet and walk away,” says Matthew Boulay, interim CEO of the National Centre for Summer Learning. “Instead, write down a Math problem on a piece of paper and give it to your child to solve, and then have your child do the same for you.” This personal approach, like cuddling with your child while you're reading, enhances learning in real ways. “The hidden secret about reading is that it's also about the relationship,” Chen points out. “It's about sharing something with your child – and the same can be true of doing Math together.” It is the conversations you have with your children as you all learn that are perhaps most important. “Listen to what they talk about, the things they say during the odd moments – those are the teachable moments, when they are curious and ready to learn,” says Dr Willis. When Dave Neal, a fifth-grade teacher in Big Sky, MT, evaluates each new crop of students in the fall, he says he sees the value of this kind of summer educational investment. “I can always tell the difference in students who have had thought-provoking conversations and spent time with their parents during the summer.” Lesson #1: If science makes you think of dreary formulas and dusty beakers, think again! Kids can have crazy fun making things happen – blowing up soda volcanoes, mixing up goop – while learning about the natural world. Lesson #2: Just being outside near things green and growing can improve attention span, creativity, mood, even IQ! Lesson #3: You can toss the worksheets and flash cards: Summer learning is all about play. Lesson #4: Kids' brains absorb more information when they're having fun. (

Ring Around the World

Look for an old tree stump with rings. Count them (use a magnifying glass if necessary), then calculate back to when the tree was the age of your child. Look up what was happening in the world at that time. Builds skills in: Science, History

Family affairs

Interview relatives about family history, then plot dates on a timeline of world history printed from the Internet. What was happening when your relatives first came to Guyana, got married, had kids, and so forth? Builds skills in: History, Language Arts

Moonlight Magic

Head outside on different nights to determine how much you can see by the light of the moon. Draw a chart of its different shapes, from full to a tiny crescent, and note what you can see without the need for a flashlight Builds skills in: Maths, Science

Get in shape

Create a “shape-scape.” Draw a picture of nature or a neighbourhood, then incorporate shapes into it – a tree's overarching shape may be a triangle, a lake an oval, a building a rectangle. Builds skills in: Maths, Art

might reasonably know. Now place boxes or plastic bottles (whatever you can come up with that is easily knocked over) on the marks. The players name the fraction they are going to hit and then roll their ball for the pin they think sits on that fraction. Players get points for the correct fraction – and the hit. Builds skills in: Maths

Bird's-eye viewing

Head out on a hunt for birds' nests in your neighbourhood. Besides trees, look up near the roofs and corners of buildings, or below porches or decks. What kind of materials did the birds use? Look for twigs, paper towels, newspaper, string and mud. Builds skills in: Science

Observation Scavenger Hunt

Before your next trip to the park or walk around the block, plan a scavenger hunt that requires specific observations. For example: Find a leaf that has been nibbled by an insect, a plant that has seeds you can pick, a flower that makes it easy for a bee to get the nectar (a flat face) or one that makes it more difficult (a tulip-shaped bloom). Builds skills in: Science, Language Arts

Measure Up!

The play's the thing

Get out a set (or two) of measuring cups and spoons and bake a cake or some cookies to give your kids a clear picture of how many thirds make one cup, how many tablespoons fit in a quarter cup, and so on. Have a contest to see which spoon or measuring tool will fill a cup faster – but not make it overflow. Builds skills in: Maths

Evaporation detectives

Dump out a jar of colourful beads, buttons or candies, then race to sort and count them. This activity introduces the concept of multiplication (for instance, four groups of five things is the same as 4 × 5). Builds skills in: Maths

Bowling for fractions

Bring a measuring tape on a walk and see who can find the tree with the biggest circumference, the sunflower with the largest face, the most impressive rock. Builds skills in: Maths

An important reading-comprehension skill is being able to retell a story. To this end, after your child finishes a book he's read with you or alone, encourage him to put on a play that tells the story. Volunteer to take a part, and let your child direct. Builds skills in: Language Arts Circle puddles on the cement with chalk after a storm, then check them throughout the day. Your child will see the puddles shrink before his eyes – a vivid image of how the water cycle works. Builds skills in: Science Draw a line with chalk on the sidewalk. Measure out 1/4, 1/2, 1/6 and so forth – whatever fractions your child

Speed Counting

Inch by Inch

(Excerpt from



thursDAY, july 5, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

AG urges financial agencies to be proactive …as Guyana works towards strengthening AML mechanisms

Attorney General Basil Williams


n reemphasising that countries will be downgraded for failing to have a risk-based approach, Attorney General Basil Williams said that financial and other agencies should be proactive as the country works towards strengthening existing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) mechanisms. Williams made this call while addressing Guyana’s Money Laundering/ Terrorist Financing National Risk Assessment seminar, which was officially opened on Wednesday at the Georgetown Club, Camp Street, Georgetown. Williams, also the current Chairman of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), urged institutions to work assiduously. The AG said Guyana has to demonstrate that it has an effective anti-money laundering regime and can deliver on the 11 Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

outcomes, which are based on 40 recommendations outlined by the international body.

facilitates the detection and prevention of terrorist financing and money laundering and must be central to our regime,” he said. Based on the local National Risk Assessment, the overall money laundering risk was ranked as medium to high, while terrorist financing was ranked as medium. The AG said individual agencies, such as the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), have assessed their risks and are working to strengthen them. He said, “All reporting entities and other designated financial businesses and

Supervisors need to become more active in their supervision functions by providing training, on-site visits and ensuring that their respective agencies comply with the AML/CFT laws.” Williams reminded participants of the seminar that money laundering was a global problem that affected the stability and prosperity of any country. He said this meeting was a follow-up to the National Risk Assessment conducted in 2016/2017. It will provide a roadmap for the next steps to be taken as Guyana prepares for an assessment by

A section of the audience at Wednesday’s seminar

“We need to execute action plan items and formulate strategies to strengthen our sectors. There must be effective information sharing at both the national and international levels, as this

professions must be effectively supervised to ensure their compliance with the [Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism] AML/CFT laws.

the FATF in 2022. Meanwhile, Director of the Bank of Guyana (BoG) Bank Supervision Department, Ramnarine Lall told the seminar that

Bank of Guyana Supervision Department Director Ramnarine Lall

cambios and money transfer entities would come under the microscope shortly, stating that risk-based supervisory approach for money transfer services and cambios as they relate to money laundering and terrorist financing would be completed by year end. He said, “The Bank Supervision Department was given the responsibility because we recognise that money transfers and cambios are high risk, based on the National Risk Assessment; we wanted to put them under proper supervision and intensive supervision.” Lall also disclosed that the Central Bank was finalising a guideline to supervise money transfer services and cambios, following on from revised guidelines for banks and non-banks that were completed in June. According to him, the supervisory authority could go as far as customer due diligence if someone frequently trans-

fers monies from Guyana to countries that are listed on terrorism watch lists. Williams said the riskbased approach to money laundering and terrorist financing would allow Guyana to place greater attention to high risk areas. “It’s very important and that’s why everyone has to be engaged, including the Ministers and Ministers in Cabinet because we don’t have all the resources in the world and we don’t need to spend money in an area that you don’t need to spend when you have high-risk areas.” An assessment has showed that in Guyana money laundering is “high” and financing of terrorism is “medium”. If Guyana’s rating remains high at the 2022 assessment, the country would have to outline the steps being taken to address them in keeping with a recommendation by the FATF.

8 news

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IN THE COURTS Man gets 10 years Teen granted bail for stabbing for armed robbery peer during robbery

Nicholas Smith


2 3 - y e a r - o l d Alexander Village, Georgetown man was on Wednesday sentenced to 10 years imprisonment when he appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to two counts of armed robbery. Nicholas Smith, a ven-

dor, was found guilty on two armed robbery charges at the conclusion of his trial on Wednesday. In the first charge, the court heard that on February 11, 2018, on Seawall Road, Kingston, Georgetown, while being armed with a gun and in the company of two men, he robbed Dexter David of a gold chain worth $60,000, a Samsung Galaxy cellphone worth $62,000 and $1000 in cash. The second charge stated that on the same day, the accused also robbed Kevin Ramlall of a gold chain, mobile phone and his wallet. Upon Smith’s arrest, he was positively identified by his victims. Magistrate McGusty sentenced the accused to five years on each count of robbery under arms, which are to be served consecutively.


14-year-old boy was on Wednesday slapped with a felonious wounding charge after he reportedly attacked a 19-yearold teenager and stabbed him 10 times about his body. The teen of Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara, denied that he attacked and attempted to rob Kenroy Chance on March 29, 2018, at Croal Street, Georgetown. According to reports, the Virtual Complainant

(VC) was walking along the roadway when he was attacked by the young man who demanded that he hand over his valuables. The victim refused to comply which prompted the defendant to pick up a bottle which he used to hit Chance to his head. He then further attacked the teenager and stabbed him until he fell to the ground after which he escaped. The matter was reported and the teen was arrested and later charged. He was granted bail in the sum of $50,000 and will return to court on August 8.

Man who claims to “run the streets” charged Man jailed for 3 months for for assaulting woman

beating, robbing woman


Georgetown resident was on Wednesday sentenced to three months imprisonment by Magistrate Fabayo Azore after he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Counts for robbing and beating a young woman. Quincy Andrews of Lot 17 Lambert Street, Georgetown, pleaded guilty to the charge which stat-

ed that he robbed Madonna Prince of her cellphone while using personal violence in the process. The incident occurred on July 2, 2018, at Princes Street, Georgetown. However, Andrews told the court that he did not rob the woman while telling the court “I will lie on myself and say that I do it because I ain’t want to waste the court time”.


man who claimed that he murdered his aunt some four years ago and “runs the streets” was on Wednesday fined after he admitted to assaulting a woman. Paul Smith, 23, of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, admitted to unlawfully and maliciously assaulting Niko Ram on June 28, 2018, at Robb Street, Georgetown, so as to cause her actual bodily harm. According to the man, he was at a post office in his

“turf” and was reportedly told to move by Ram and as such, he attacked her. Smith said “I murder me aunty and I spent three years at Camp Street for that. I burn down she house and I choke her to death then I steal a gold ring she had”. He added, given the fact that he allegedly murdered the woman, he “has rights in the town more than nuff people”. The unemployed man was fined $25,000.



…and equal opportunity our Eyewitness is writing this on July 4…one day after the anniversary of the formation of Caricom and on the anniversary of the US “Declaration of Independence”. Most folks today can’t wrap their heads around the notion that the US was once a COLONY of Britain – just like us!! But that’s the fact, Jack!! And ever since, we’ve been bombarded with the message that the US represents the best and highest political aspirations and humanity as far as democratic governance is concerned. In fact, the most well-known definition of democracy – rule by the people…for the people and of the people … is by a US president, Abe Lincoln. The “Statue of Liberty”, donated to the new Republic by France, which had just overthrown their monarchy, is the most well-known symbol of the promise of democracy. And of course, the innovation of a written constitution to delineate the powers of the arms of the Government that would oversee the State on behalf of the people – in whom sovereignty resided – became the standard for State formation ever since. So, it was a bit of a bummer that just about this time, President Trump decided to abandon his predecessor, President Obama’s guidelines for colleges to use race as one of the factors in considering admissions. In other words, it was an enlargement of the civil-rights era guidelines on affirmative action for qualified minorities, to focus more on “race”. In effect, it further helped African Americans who previously had justified their preference through historic discriminatory practices. Trump has now disbanded this! Looking at the welter of initiatives by the Trump Administration, it’s just another nail in the coffin of promises America once held out to the suffering “huddled masses” of the world, that is engraved on the Statue of Liberty. Sending home immigrants, separating illegal parents from their children and storing the latter in concrete holding pens; banning visitors from Muslim countries, etc, are only some of the measures that have made headlines. But the move against affirmative action for African Americans in education – which has been shown to be the most important initiative for them to gain equality with white America – is a most cruel betrayal. Specifically of the promise that they’d be assisted to remove themselves from the early constitutional definition as being only worth “three-fifths” of whites. After setting African Americans against immigrants, the mask has been removed to show that once again, “if you’re black; stand back”! … PNC office Your Eyewitness will go over this once again – since it is clear some folks haven’t gotten the point he made about legitimacy for holding PNC office. They’re confused about the PNC “party” and the PNC “regime”. When Granger, present leader of the PNC “party”, talks about fulfilling Burnham’s legacy, he’s talking about the PNC “regime” as established by the “founding leader”. This regime stood on three legs – the party, the armed forces, and the Civil Service and EACH were integral to Burnham’s rule. After Hoyte succeeded Burnham, when the latter unexpectedly died in 1985, he cleansed the PNC party of practically all the Burnhamites. For all intents and purposes, the PNC after 1992 was just a shell. Even though Hoyte sidelined Brigadier Granger in favour of Major General Joe Singh, with the former back in the saddle, the Burnhamites in the army can rise again!! …selling oil Ahhh…what a tangled web the PNC Government weaves! The former presidential advisor on oil revealed that rogue commodity trader Glencore was proposed as the sole source to sell our oil!! As if just 12.5% wasn’t a giveaway enough!! Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



thursDAY, july 5, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

Cabinet still to decide on new Civil Aviation Bill Stricter penalties GuySuCo Board – Minister …2 months after old Board expired


ixty-one days after the life of the Board of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) expired, Cabinet is still deliberating on the matter and it seems as though they will not be ready anytime soon to announce a new body. In fact, Agriculture Minister Noel Holder told Guyana Times via a telephone interview on Tuesday that the matter is still before Cabinet and he cannot disclose at what stage these discussions are at. Holder who was at

Finance Minister Winston Jordan

Cabinet said they could make an announcement soon, but this is the same thing he said three months ago and has said repeatedly to everyone who have sought answers from him. “We are discussing possible names… I put some names up, they look at it. They say vetting (by) this other person and so on and so forth. So, it’s in the course of being discussed,” the Minister said. Of recent, there have been reports of an apparent tug-o-war within the coalition over the sugar industry, which is now under the control of a Special Purpose Unit (SPU) that was created under the National Industrial and Commercial Investments

Agriculture Minister Noel Holder

Limited (NICIL) for the divestment process. In fact, reports had surfaced about disagreements allegedly between Ministers from the two coalition parties regarding the chairmanship and members of the GuySuCo Board. It was reported early in March that Finance Minister Winston Jordan had allegedly proposed for Head of SPU, Colvin Heath-London, to be the Chairman of the new Board after the previous body had expired on February 14. The purported proposal was reportedly not accepted by the other Cabinet members. However, Minister Jordan had subsequently issued a statement denying making such a suggestion. Meanwhile, about two weeks later, NICIL published the names of the new Board, naming HeathLondon as Chairman while the other members included Fritz McLean, Komal Singh, Verna Adrian, Vishnu Panday, Annette Arjoon, Arianne Mc Lean, Roshan Khan Jr and George Jervis, with two other names to be added to the 11-member body. A full-page ad had detailed that the new Board was approved by Cabinet on February 26, 2018.

However, Minister of State Joseph Harmon had said the same day that there were some issues with regard to the timing of the ad and Cabinet was reviewing the matter. Addressing the issue, Minister Holder brushed aside reports of an apparent power struggle within the Cabinet, saying his Ministry was constitutionally responsible for the sugar industry. “The Corporation is totally and solely owned by the Government of Guyana. The Minister of Agriculture answers to Parliament for what happens in GuySuCo. I am accountable to this nation for its activities; therefore, the Minister of Agriculture should have responsibility for GuySuCo. Therefore, the Minister of Agriculture will appoint the Board of GuySuCo,” Holder posited. Furthermore, the Agriculture Minister went on to outline that NICIL was a creature of the Government and thus carried out instructions from the executive. “NICIL is a holding company. It holds the shares for GuySuCo; it holds the shares for Guyoil; it holds the shares perhaps for GPL; it’s a holding company. It is not a government and, therefore, it carries out instructions of the Government… Perhaps someone didn’t tell NICIL their role,” Holder noted. And while acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GuySuCo, Paul Bhim has said that the Corporation is still operating without a Board and doing so effectively, there have been numerous calls for Government to move swiftly move to appoint a new Board, especially in light of the recent downsizing of the industry.

for drunken crew members


Minister of State Joseph Harmon

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has called for the swift naming of a Board even and has questioned how the $30 billion sourced for the Corporation’s revitalisation is being spent. He also bemoaned Government’s recent $50 billion loan hike ceiling saying that not only was it now tied to GuySuCo’s $30 billion but that it signals future increased borrowings and those plans are troubling. Signalling intense scrutiny of the $30 billion bond taken for GuySuCo, Jagdeo said that the Corporation needs an accountability body more so now given the significant revenues borrowed. “We heard they collected an advance, we don’t know how it is being spent, we don’t know what assets are being used to collateralise it, we don’t know what the backroom negotiations were so we have huge problems with this one,” he said. “They have not defined even for the future how they intend to spend it, in fact there is no Board at GuySuCo up to now. I don’t know who is borrowing all that money for GuySuCo who is on what decision and there is no Board,” he added.

irector General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), retired Lieutenant Colonel Egbert Field disclosed that measures are being put in place to impose penalties on intoxicated crew members on air services. He noted that the perpetrators would be fined and penalised if they are found operating under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances. These provisions fall under the revised Civil Aviation Bill which is before a parliamentary committee that should finalise changes by the end of this month. Field related that people found trespassing on runways while an aircraft is in operation would be fined.

GCAA Director General Egbert Field

According to the report, stakeholders in the aviation industry and GCAA’s staff were instructed to present regulations to the Director General who will peruse them before presenting them to the subject minister by July 15.

Ogle Airport

“These are new items included in the Bill which seek to address care of aerodromes in the interior. There are a number of items in the Bill that will make things clearer than the last Civil Aviation Act. The last Act was implemented when we were just being formed into an authority so many things were not included. Over the years, we have seen changes in aviation thus, this Civil Aviation Bill will include all those items drawing on our experience,” Field told State media.

“Regulations are difficult to put together when it comes to the aviation industry, especially one unique as Guyana. Because we derive or formulate our regulations from what the ICAO [International Civil Aviation Industry Organisation] puts out in its annexes. But those are really international regulations. We have to retool the regulations and annexes into ours to accommodate the size and operation we are doing in our domestic industry,” he said.

10 news

thursDAY, july 5, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

DPP Chambers takes TIP workshop to Orealla, Siparuta

Residents of Orealla, Region Five at the Trafficking in Persons discussion with operatives of the DPP’s Chambers


s Guyana grapples with the scourge of sexual exploitation, especially of foreigners, residents in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) communities of Orealla and Siparuta benefited from a Trafficking in Persons (TIP) discussion with representatives of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The DPP’s Chambers in a release disclosed that a four-member team from the DPP's Office on June 27 and 28 sensitised residents about the role and functions of the DPP's Office in the criminal justice system at the Orealla Benab on Thursday. The meeting was led by Assistant DPP Diana O'Brien who also sits on the Ministry of National

pamphlets and the DPP's Chambers information booklet were distributed. The DPP says the objective of the outreach was to meet with residents and to listen to their complaints with respect to legal matters. It was only in May that four persons were arrested at a bar along Garnett Street, Newtown, Kitty, Georgetown, on allegations that they trafficked 16 women for sexual exploitation purposes. It was reported that the women provided statements to the Police Major Crimes Unit’s Trafficking in Persons Unit. Fourteen of those women were from Venezuelans with one Cuban and one from The Dominica Republic. They were discovered in a house located in David Street, Kitty in a

Security Task Force Committee for Human Trafficking and ADPP and Legal Assistant Abbas Hamid who spoke on the various offences under the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act. The Chambers observed that residents raised concerns over teenage pregnancy and pointed out their satisfaction of officials meeting with them to discuss the legal issues. The DPP release said that the team also visited the Orealla Secondary School and the Siparuta Primary School where discussions were held with students on the functions of the DPP's Office. During the exercise, TIP posters,

building that was reportedly guarded. Reports were that ranks from the Unit descended on the house after reports were made that women were being forced into prostitution at a bar in the Kitty area. Earlier this year, the Police launched a major sting operation at the Diamond Nightclub and Hotel on George Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown. During the raid, approximately 41 foreign nationals, along with eight employees, were arrested and a quantity of narcotics was also discovered on the premises. Several persons have been charged in connection with the incident.



thursDAY, july 5, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

Gunmen rob Linden Man dies after niece throws hot water on him construction worker


hree weeks after being burnt by his niece, 56-yearold Hilbert Scott of Lot 38 Half Mile Wismar, Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) succumbed to his injured while receiving medical attention at the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) on Monday. The man was burnt by his niece with whom he lived after she threw a pot of hot water on him on June 16, 2018. He was treated on the same day and sent away, but was readmitted to the medical facility on June 21, 2018 after complaining of feeling unwell. Based on reports re-

ceived, on June 16, 2018, the now dead man told his mentally ill 42-year-old niece that the smoke emanating from her coal pot was affecting him. The man and the woman reportedly lived under the same roof but in different apartments. Nevertheless, as Scott spoke with the woman, she became annoyed and retaliated by throwing a pot of hot water on him. He immediately went to the Wismar Police Station where he lodged an official complaint and was subsequently escorted to the LHC where he was treated and sent away. However, the woman later turned up at the Police station claiming

that the security guard had cuffed her to the mouth and that is what caused her to retaliate and throw the hot water on him. The woman, whose name was given as Frances Harlequin, was sent to be medically examined but never returned. She was however arrested the following day (June 17, 2018) but after spending two days in the lock-ups, she was released on self-bail to appear in court on June 25. On June 21, Guyana Times was told the injured man complained of feeling unwell and as such, he was taken to the hospital where he was admitted with an infection. On June 25, 2018, the

woman was charged for causing grievous bodily harm with intent to maim or disfigure (in absentia). The matter was called before Magistrate Clive Nurse at the Linden Magistrate’s Court. An arrest warrant has since been issued for her arrest. Meanwhile, Scott’s condition worsened and he later passed away in the Intensive Care Unit of the LHC on July 2. A post-mortem examination performed on the deceased proved he died as a result of Generalise Sepsis, more commonly referred to as “septic”. The suspect remains on the run but she is known to be roaming the streets.


construction worker of Mackenzie, Linden was on Tuesday robbed by two armed men on Alexander Street between Regent and Charlotte Streets, Georgetown. Kelvin Fernandes, 48, was relieved of $210,000 by the two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun. Based on reports received, the man left his worksite at Providence Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) and went to change a cheque at the Bank of Guyana, Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown. After cashing the cheque, the man reportedly placed the money in his left pants pocket and walked to Robb Street. After some time,

he stopped at the Bourda Market along Regent Street to conduct a transaction. Shortly after, Fernandes told detectives, he turned onto Alexander Street and it was at that time he was confronted by the two men, who demanded cash and personal items. The victim reportedly put up a fight, but the men managed to push their hands into his pocket and took away the money. They then escaped on foot. Detectives believed that the perpetrators might have trailed Fernandes from the bank. Up to press time, the Police were still conducting their investigations, but no arrests were made.

Diamond natural gas explosion

“Obstacles” in crater stalling completion of clean-up exercise

Workers preparing to pump out the slush from the area surrounding the crater on Wednesday


hile officials were expecting to finish clearing up the surroundings to cap the gas pocket that exploded last

month when a Diamond, East Bank Demerara, resident was drilling a well in his backyard, they have stumbled upon several ob-

stacles that have prevented them from completing the task within the three-week timeframe initially set. “We started the cleanup exercise and in process, we realised that a portion of the [collapsed] water trestle had fallen into the crater, as well the derelict from the driller is down there. So for us to run the pipes, we have to remove those obstacles. At the moment, we have an excavator, which is waiting there to try to extract that,” Senior Petroleum Technologist attached to Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) Mitchell Prince told the Guyana Times on Wednesday. However, he explained that before they can go ahead with installing the

The metal tank that was constructed at the Grove residence following the 2009 gas eruption

materials to cap the crater, they will now have to clear the area of the remaining slush. At the site on Wednesday, workers assembled several pipelines, which they will use to pump out the slush from the area surrounding the crater onto a nearby empty lot. Moreover, Prince added that there were also delays in sourcing the appropriate equipment to carry out the work. “Due to some delays in acquiring the specialised equipment – we had to get a long boom excavator because a short boom couldn’t work – and also the integrity of the area, we cannot guarantee so have to get it working in a safe area,” he noted. Turn to page 13

12 news Drivers charged “E-Agriculture” takes priority at ICT roadshow for Den Amstel fatal accident T thursDAY, july 5, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

he Information Communications Technology (ICT) roadshow, which will be held next week, will see residents in Berbice being educated on the benefits of e-agriculture which includes the use of drones in farming practices. This was relayed by Advisor to the Public Telecommunications Ministry, Lance Hinds, who reminded media personnel on Wednesday that the world was moving away from manual labour in farming and e-agriculture was gaining more traction. He explained that participants, particularly in rural Berbice, would be ex-

tion to other technologies that check for weeds without manual labour.

vate or grow [crops] faster,” Hinds said. He also stated that since drones were becoming more popular, their use in the emerging sector would be showcased during next week’s ICT roadshow, which runs from July 9-14. Hinds further disclosed that the roadshow would have presentations, workshops, and discussions on dealing with how communications technology impacted the various sectors. He reasons that adapting to these latest models of cultivation techniques would make farms operate with more efficiency and would enable farmers to get higher earnings from their

“The idea is to see how the tools would be able to help you to plant, culti-

produce. “If you’re looking at your rice fields, you can

Public Telecommunications Ministry Advisor Lance Hinds

A farm bot

posed to the functionalities of ‘farm bots’ which plant and monitor crops in addi-

use drones instead of walking along the dams to see if there are any issues you should be looking at like disease or flooding,” he stressed. Guyana Times understands that there will be an app available for soil moisture measurement, which is currently done by hand. This too, it was explained, will lead to greater efficiency in farm practices. The roadshow will first be taken to the Arthur Chung Conference Centre in Georgetown, with other outreaches in Berbice and Annai, Region Nine. The six-day event hopes to stimulate discussion and awareness of not only ICT in general, but also how communities can benefit from new technologies. The event, formalised out of a collaborative effort between the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and the Public Telecommunications Ministry, seeks to bring more awareness on the benefits of the growing sector. Principal sponsor of the event and major mobile phone giant, Digicel Guyana says that its support is rooted in ensuring countries in the Caribbean fully capitalise on the ‘knowledge economy’” While declining to disclose how much funding it allocated, the company’s head of business sales, Nalini Vieira told the media that Digicel would continue to push for innovation. It is expected that President David Granger will give the feature address at the opening ceremony which will include over 20 delegates from various countries in the Caribbean. There will be days set aside for youth in ICT and discussions on using technology in daily life. (Shemuel Fanfair)

Dead: Shemon West


he two minibus drivers responsible for the fatal accident which claimed the lives of two brothers at Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara (WCD) will make their appearance at the Vreed-enHoop Magistrate’s Court today. Based on reports received, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) recommended that causing death by dangerous driving charges be instituted against 31-year-old Mohendra Rambowar and Devon Headley, 27, both of Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo (EBE). Sherman West, 28, a labourer, and his 19-yearold brother, Shalum Allen, both of Lots 8-9 Fellowship, WCD, were reportedly on a pedal cycle, returning home from the Leonora Police Station after uplifting car documents when they met their demise. It was reported that minibus BVV 8882 had reportedly stopped to put off passengers while the two brothers were in the process of overtaking it. The bus is said to have suddenly been driven off, in the process of which, the

Dead: Shalum Allen

right front hit the left handle bar of the bicycle, thus causing the two men to fall onto the roadway. Minibus BVV 7042, which was heading in the opposite direction, is said to have been driven over them. The younger of the brothers is reported to have died on the spot, while his brother, a father of two, succumbed at the Leonora Cottage Hospital. Seon Moses, the eldest brother of the two dead men, recalled having received a telephone call from a relative, informing him that his brothers had died in an accident. He explained that the younger brother had a gaping wound to the back of his head and lacerations to his body, which suggested that he might have been dragged several feet from where the accident occurred. The two men were returning home after uplifting a set of car documents from the Leonora Police Station. The younger brother was reportedly convinced by the older brother to accompany him home on the pedal cycle. The two men were laid to rest on Tuesday.



thursDAY, july 5, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

17 homes evacuated as flood situation in Region 9 worsens ...water level rises 6 feet; shelters established – regional official

The flood situation is seemingly reaching a worrying level as several persons were evacuated from their homes in Region 9


escue operations were on Wednesday activated in Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) following rising water levels in several already cut off communities. This was according to Regional Vice Chairman Carl Singh who told Guyana Times that communities in the South Pakaraimas and Deep South, and the Rupununi are still inundated. He noted that several persons from about 17 households were transported to three shelters in Lethem as the flooding intensified. The official explained that around 05:00h, the Moco-Moco and Takutu Rivers rose some six feet, adding that the Rupununi River also remains at a “very high” level. Up to late Wednesday, Singh disclosed that the water did not recede. “St Ignatius Secondary school was cut off, you have to use boats to get over the bridge; the entire Deep South is cut off; at Nasha Bridge, the water very high there. Nothing can be done in there,” Singh observed. This publication understands that the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has volunteers stationed in Lethem while other officials not present on the ground were also in constant con-

tions and they had to board other vehicles to continue their journey. Regional Chairman Bryan Allicock said earlier this week that emergen-

cy construction works were necessary before the bridge could be opened to the public. He had also warned that fuel shortage was imminent as tankers had been prevent-

ed from traversing the trail. During the blockage, some vehicle owners travelled to the nearby Brazilian community, Bonfim to search for fuel. (Shemuel Fanfair)

“Obstacles” in crater... tact with the region. Vice Chairman Singh deemed the flooding as ‘worrying’ as he noted that he will update Government on what could be done to assist residents of the region. “It’s a worrying situation because water rise drastically since the morning and it hasn’t gone down; we’re now assessing the situation and we will let [Government] know what they can do,” he noted. Coupled with the flooding is reportedly a shortage of fuel in Region Nine which is blamed on the bad condition of Linden-Lethem trail. Only last week a truck transporting fuel toppled while crossing a bridge. A temporary by-pass was carved out but according the Vice Chairman, the truck re-

mains stuck on the bridge as drums of fuel are being shuttled to Lethem. In the last few days, movement of people and cargo was severely hindered as workers made feverish attempts to remove the truck. It was reported that rotten parts of the decking of the bridge, collapsed under the truck’s weight. It was stated further that the situation was coupled in the part of the road between Aishalton and Wariwau being washed away due to overtopping of the Ireng and Takutu Rivers along with continuing heavy rainfall which continued into Wednesday. Before the temporary by-pass was made out, buses were taking people and goods up the blocked off sec-

Nevertheless, the Senior Petroleum Technologist asserted that they are looking at another “two weeks or so” to cap the breached gas pocket. Initially, there were plans to construct a contraption apparatus similar to the one that was installed a short distance away over the Grove section of the scheme where there was also an eruption about a decade ago. A metal tank was constructed to trap the gas, which the family now uses for domestic purposes. At this most recent incident, authorities have also detected traces of methane gas. However, Prince could not say whether the same will be done here. “At this point in time, I cannot answer that question; it is left to my superiors… We are

gonna be putting in the pipe there and a valve system. It will be similar [to the existing on in Grove] to some extent, however, we have not planned putting a tank,” he stated. Just over a week ago, GGMC’s Commissioner, Newell Dennison, told the Guyana Times that they will have to await the completion of the clean-up exercise for an assessment to be done on the crater before commencing works on the apparatus. “It is intended that we will construct an apparatus, we will construct the conductor casings that we would want to put into the vent; those things will have to be constructed. But I wouldn’t want to preempt what it is exactly that would have to be done because there might be modi-

From page 11

fications of what is intended and what we observe, after the full clean-up and actually get a good look at the orifice that has been presented to us,” Dennison has explained. At about 18:00h on June 14, construction workers were drilling a well at the Lot 1200 Section ‘A’ Block ‘X’, Great Diamond, residence (between Sixth and Fifth Avenue) when they hit a natural gas pocket causing an immediate explosion, with fluctuating eruptions as high as 30 feet which lasted the entire night. Local stakeholder agencies have since come together to monitor the situation. According to officials, the gas emanating does not pose any threat to surrounding neighbours and as such, a safe zone was established in the area.

14 news

thursDAY, july 5, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

CIOG honours top 15 NGSA performers


Minister Henry presented a monetary prize to Farzana Bacchus

uyana’s top performers of the National Grade Six

Assessment (NGSA) 2018 were on Wednesday honoured by the Central Islamic

Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) at a simple ceremony at its headquarters. Some of the students who were awarded with monetary prizes included top student, Nalia Rahaman; Arthur Roberts; Kaydee Ali; Cianna Barkoye; and Zyia Braithwaite. At the event, Education Minister Nicolette Henry reiterated that teamwork is necessary for success. “There’s an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes all of us to raise the children here in Guyana. Though this ceremony, while being simple, is an example of public and private partnership

Minister Harmon to partner with Queen’s Young Leaders Awardee


inister of State Joseph Harmon on Wednesday received a courtesy call from the Queen’s Young Leaders Award recipient, Marva Langevine. The brief meeting was held at the Minister’s Office at the Ministry of the Presidency. Minister Harmon expressed his pride in seeing a young Guyanese receive such a prestigious award and expressed an interest in having his office in Region Three (Essequibo IslandsWest Demerara) work closely with Langevine. Having returned to Guyana hoping to build her network in Guyana, Langevine said the Minister of State’s office was an excellent place to start. “He’s reaching out to the people and I love that. With him on my side, I know

Minister of State Joseph Harmon and Marva Langevine share a light moment on Wednesday

I will be able to reach an even greater audience… I’m thankful for the Minister’s support. It’s going to really take the project on a platform where more persons will be able to be more open to the work… [and] the support that we’re providing,” she said. Langevine was select-

Director of the CIOG Sheikh Moen-ul-Hack posed with the top performers

and so we are going to recognise our students so that we recognise the value of teamwork.” Minister Henry also noted that this year broke barriers with the inclusion of children from all regions scoring high marks, as opposed to just Georgetown, which was recorded in the previous years. Meanwhile, the head of CIOG, Shikhi Moen-ul-Hack stated that education is the key to development. “We cannot move forward without education. The best investment that we can make is the investment

in the people of our country and in their education.” CIOG also announced that their Islamic schools across the country such as Al Ghazali Islamic Academy and the Meten-Meer-Zorg Islamic Academy recorded passes in the top 200 of the recent examination. Among the awardees was also the best graduating student of the organisation, Farzana Bacchus who secured a spot at St Roses High School. She was one of the students who was granted a scholarship by the organisation to study at the Ali

Ghazali Islamic Academy after the death of her father. Bacchus is eleven years old and an aspiring doctor. Speaking to Guyana Times on her achievements, Bacchus said, “I’m very proud of myself because I did work very hard and I’m proud that I achieved something very good. I had a lot of studying and I gave up a lot of my privileges too.” Throughout the years, the organisation has also been responsible for assisting the vulnerable and orphans with the opportunity acquiring a good education.

$22M nursery school commissioned in Diamond

ed for the Queen’s Young Leaders Award for her work with bereaved and underprivileged children and families in Guyana through the Guyana Golden Lives Organisation, of which she is the founder. She received her award at Buckingham Palace in London last week.

Increased acreage of land for breadfruit production imminent B

The current batch of pupils at the Diamond Number 2 Nursery School performing at the commissioning ceremony

NAREI CEO, Dr Oudho Homenauth and breadfruit expert, Dr Laura Roberts-Nkrumah of the University of the West Indies


t least 30 acres of land in Regions Four, Five, Seven and 10 has been secured over the past two years for the cultivation of breadfruit in an effort to promote food security and value adding. This was according to Chief Executive Officer of the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), Dr Oudho Homenauth. Breadfruit expert, Dr Laura Roberts-Nkrumah of the University of the West

Indies’ Agriculture and Food Production Department was invited to Guyana by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) on the request of NAREI. Dr Homenauth recalled that the Institute then acquired over 1000 breadfruit seedlings from Global Breadfruit. While hundreds have been distributed to farmers in various Regions, NAREI will be cultivating a significant number. This is to ensure the availability of affordable quali-

ty planting material since the current market price for a breadfruit plant is $3000. “President David Granger at the National Tree Day activity in 2015 indicated the importance of breadfruit … We did not wait on a directive … We started looking at increasing breadfruit production… But, to do that we needed quality planting materials….Also, we needed to know what we have and so we approached the FAO for assistance in this regard,” he noted. For the next two days, Dr Roberts-Nkrumah, accompanied by a team from NAREI, would be visiting various breadfruit-producing communities in Regions Four and Five. This activity would allow a firsthand look at the various varieties of breadfruit that are available locally. On Friday, there will be a practical session for the propagating of breadfruit from root cuttings at NAREI’s Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD) location.

uilt at the cost of $22.9 million, the Diamond Number Two Nursery School was constructed to accommodate the constant growth of school-aged children in the community. The new modern facility, located at Fifth Avenue in Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara, was commissioned on Wednesday with the capacity of sitting a total of 120 pupils in its six classrooms. However, while the school was now commissioned and officially handed over to the regional department, it has opened since last year for the 2017 academic year. Currently, the school has 60 learners enrolled in its first year and 40 in the year two programme. Moreover, the school is expected to undergo expansion works in August to increase its accommodation capacity. Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, Assistant Chief Education Officer (ag), Samantha Williams, explained that while there are other sister nursery schools in the surrounding areas includ-

ing Diamond, the need for a second school was recognised. “There are other sister schools in its environs… However, the distance to these schools pose a degree of inconvenience to parents as well as to the learners and this affected the attendance and punctuality rate of learners at these schools. Transportation woes and, of course, the overcrowding of the… [other] sister schools caused the regional administration to work towards acquiring another nursery school in this community,” Williams explained. Williams, speaking on behalf of Education Minister Nicolette Henry, noted that such modern facilities contributes to an improved learning culture, where imaginations are set free and talents are developed through the foundation of reading, writing and arithmetic. “This is the place where holistic learning leads to fun roles… Anything is possible here at the Diamond Number 2 Nursery School with your classmates and teachers. You can go on to be whatever you

want to be and there is no pressure… you will be exposed to a world of possibilities,” the acting Assistant CEO stated. Meanwhile, Regional Chairperson of Region Four, Genevieve Allen, in addressing the gathering, said that all children have potentials within them to achieve success at the highest level but they need the necessary tools and environment in order to do so. Allen noted that while this new nursery school is fully equipped, children also need support and guidance. To this end, she called on parents to play an active role in their children’s education. The regional chairperson went on to recognise that the community produced four students in the Top One per cent at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) exams from the New Diamond/ Grove Primary school, saying that with hard work and dedication the pupils of the Diamond Number 2 Nursery School can also have their names published as top performers in a few years’ time.

thursDAY, july 5, 2018


nterior designer Gary Hinds is always looking to top himself, to improve upon the last job, to be better. That is his definition of success – to do better in the next job. Born and raised on the serene island of Wakenaam in the Essequibo River, Hinds was exposed to the creative world from a very young age as he helped to decorate the nearby church for special occasions. Coming from a single-parent family, Hinds quickly learnt that hard work and dedication would aid tremendously in achieving his goals. Leaving the island at the tender age of 19, he started training in the field of environmental health and subsequently returned to serve in his birthplace. Hinds’s job as an Environmental Health Assistant gave him the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of Guyana, positively impacting everyone he came into contact with. In 2008, when given the chance to decorate the Clico Insurance buildings around Georgetown for Carifesta, Hinds happily accepted the task and soon realised that it was time for him to start pursuing his passion. Gary’s Creative Decor was then launched and has since offered services to different individuals and Government entities, including

the Tourism Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, Guyana Water Inc, and National AIDS Program Secretariat. “When people said ‘beautiful’ when I am done with a design, a building, that is everything. That inspires me.” According to the founder, the objective of Gary’s Creative Decor is to ensure that the work presented is always original, efficient and suitable for the theme of the event, providing impeccable service at any budget. Its services include: consultation, selection of venue, planning of programme, sourcing talent, stage and set design, booking of photographer/videographer, catering services, transportation services, and executing designs. Backdrops, table cloths, table runners, spandex chair covers, chair sashes, centrepieces, lighting, candle holders and arches are also available for rental. The young entrepreneur had this advice for would-be business owners: “Don’t just do it for the money, do it for the love of it. That keeps you going.” Noting that he started without owning a pair of scissors, the designer urged novice businesspersons to keep reinvesting profits to grow their operations. “Don’t spend out the money

Cambio Rates

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Bank of Guyana Buying

receive reliable and efficient work that surpass their expectations. Contact: 665-7000; garyhinds20@gmail. com; Facebook: Gary’s Creative Décor; Instagram: Gary’s Creative Décor

Business News

Business seminars on at ActionCOACH


he local branch of international business coaching company ActionCOACH is offering a PhoneRICH workshop for persons to development their phone skills today at its 122 Parade Street, Kingston, Georgetown office. The renowned company noted that “the most profitable piece of equipment in any business could be the

telephone – but only if you know how to effectively use it. PhoneRICH is a focused and intensive workshop built around effective communication principles”. The workshop, which carries a $10,000 fee, runs from 13:00h to 16:00h. Call 223-5583 to secure your spot. On Friday, the company is also offering a Work Life Balance Seminar from 09:00h

to 16:00h. It says “with a Work-Life Balance you will be managing your time better. Better time management will benefit all aspects of life; you will be working less and producing more”. This workshop will show you how to focus on the important things, set accurate and achievable goals, and communicate better with your peers at work and your family at home.

Investor’s Guide

Trade worries dent stocks, yuan steadies

Market statistics Cur

when you get it, invest, invest.” In the years to come, Hinds hopes to expand his business and acquire his own banquet hall. He continues to push his creativity to greater heights while ensuring that clients


Calculated at 94% purity, June 27, 2018 Selling












$244.5 9







Indicators as on July 4, 2018 Indicators

US$ per barrel

Crude Oil




Change %

+1.69 Change %

Rough Rice



London Sugar



Live Spot Gold

USD Per Ounce










Business Concept – Return on Equity (ROE) Ratio measuring stockholders’ (shareholders’) profitability, expressed as a percentage of the firm’s net worth. ROE indicates a firm’s efficiency in applying common-stockholders’ (ordinaryshareholders’) money. Formula: Net income ÷ Net worth. (Business Dictionary)


orld stocks were flat on Wednesday amid growing anxiety ahead of Washington’s end-of-week deadline to impose tariffs on Chinese imports, while the yuan steadied after China’s central bank acted to calm investors. The MSCI All-Country World index, which tracks shares in 47 countries, was lower by less than 0.1 per cent on the day, recovering slightly from a 0.2 per cent fall earlier. Washington has said it would implement tariffs on US$34 billion worth of Chinese imports on July 6, and Beijing has promised to retaliate in kind on the same day. However, China’s Finance Ministry said it would “absolutely not” fire the first shot in a trade war with the United States and would not be the first to levy tariffs. Concerns about the outbreak of a global trade war have, among other factors, prevented a sustained recovery in global stock markets since a violent selloff knocked them off records

highs in February. The pan-European STOXX 600 index was last down 0.1 per cent, see-sawing from positive to negative territory during the day. Germany’s exporter-heavy DAX fell half a per cent and Britain’s FTSE 100 fell 0.3 per cent. A Chinese court temporarily banned Micron Technology from selling chips in China, the world’s biggest memory chip market, hitting shares in US stocks overnight and Asian semiconductor stocks on Wednesday. Europe’s tech sector fell 1-1/2 per cent led by falls in chipmakers STMicro and Infineon, which were down by nearly eight per cent and 2.5 per cent respectively. “The biggest risks to the technology sector are regulation and global semiconductor disruption from an escalating trade war,” Peter Garnry, head of equity strategy at Saxo Bank, said. US markets were closed on account of the US Independence

Day holiday. In the currency market, the yuan bounced back from an 11-month low following moves by China’s central bank on Tuesday to calm jittery financial markets. The Chinese currency fetched 6.6444 per dollar in onshore trade, off Tuesday’s low of 6.7204. Major currencies were treading water as traders fretted about the fallout of the intensifying trade frictions between Washington and the rest of the world. The euro was off by 0.1 per cent at US$1.16450 while the dollar was good for 110.52 yen, down 0.1 per cent. Brent oil prices rose, driven higher by a threat from an Iranian commander and a drop in US crude inventories for the second week in a row caused by an outage at a Canadian facility. International benchmark Brent futures rose 0.1 per cent to US$77.84 a barrel. (Reuters)


thursDAY, july 5, 2018


Trump repeatedly suggested invading T&T firm helps launch Venezuela, stunning top aides – report US methanol plant



onald Trump repeatedly raised the possibility of invading Venezuela in talks with his top aides at the White House, according to a new report. Trump brought up the subject of an invasion in public in August last year, saying: “We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary.” But the President’s musings about the possibility of a US invasion were more extensive and persistent than that public declaration, according to the Associated Press. The previous day Trump reportedly took his top officials by surprise in an Oval Office meeting, asking why the US could not intervene to remove the Government of Nicolás Maduro on the grounds that Venezuela’s political and economic unravelling represented a threat to the region. Quoting an unnamed senior administration official, the AP report said the suggestion stunned those present at the meeting, which included

President Donald Trump speaking to the press with then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (left); Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley and then National Security Advisor HR McMaster on August 11, 2017, at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey

the then national security advisor, HR McMaster, and secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. Both have since left the administration. The administration officials are said to have taken turns in trying to talk him out of the idea, pointing out

that any such military action would alienate Latin American allies who had supported the US policy of punitive sanctions on the Maduro regime. Their arguments do not seem to have dissuaded the President. (Excerpt from

The Guardian)

Brazil Police arrest GE Ecuador court orders exLatin America Head, President Correa’s arrest 21 others in probe A


razilian Police arrested a senior General Electric Co executive on Wednesday, as part of a sprawling investigation into fraud in medical equipment tenders overseen by health authorities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Police and prosecutors said. In addition to the arrest of GE’s chief executive for Latin America, Daurio Speranzini Jr, prosecutors said federal Police were carrying out 21 arrest warrants as part of the investigation, which concerns a trauma institute known as Into and involves some 37 companies. The investigation, code-named “Operation Resonance,” is the latest fraud and corruption probe in Brazil, where the arrest of high-ranking political and business figures has become a matter of routine, particularly in Rio de Janeiro.

Speranzini was previously the head of Philips Medical Systems in Brazil. Frederik Knudsen, who prosecutors said was a sales supervisor at Philips in Brazil during the period under investigation, was also among the people police were seeking to arrest. In a document sent to a federal court and seen by Reuters, prosecutors said there “exists robust proof of participation” by Speranzini and Knudsen in corruption, bid rigging, and criminal conspiracy. In addition to the arrests, Police said they executed 44 search warrants on Wednesday, which included buildings occupied by Philips and US multinational Johnson and Johnson. A federal court also ordered some 1.2 billion reais (US$307 million) in assets to be frozen. (Excerpt from Reuters)

court in Ecuador ordered the arrest of former president Rafael Correa on Tuesday over his alleged involvement in the 2012 kidnapping of an opponent. Correa, who now lives in his wife’s native Belgium, denies the allegations. Judge Daniella Camacho said she has alerted Interpol in a bid to have the 55-yearold extradited. Former lawmaker Fernando Balda was briefly kidnapped in Bogotá, Colombia, where he fled during escalating tensions with Correa. He accuses the then-President, who led the Andean nation between 2007 and 2017, of masterminding the abduction. At the time, Balda faced charges in relation to a failed 2010 coup against Correa, and he was later sentenced to one year in jail for endangering state security. On Tuesday, the judge said Correa had failed to comply with an order to appear in court in Quito to as-

sist with an investigation into the kidnapping claims. The ex-President instead presented himself to the Ecuadorean consulate in Brussels, which the Judge said was a violation of her orders. The three-term ex-President has repeatedly insisted to have had nothing to do with the botched abduction – which was intercepted by Police after a few hours. He recently tweeted: “They’ll never prove anything, because there is nothing.” He accuses the current President, his former deputy Lenín Moreno, of conducting a smear campaign against him. The once-allied left-wing leaders split very publicly after Moreno’s election in May 2017. Arrest warrants have already been issued for three Police intelligence agents, an ex-Police Commander and a former top intelligence official, who was arrested in Spain last month. (Excerpt from BBC News)

St Lucia PM denies agreeing to subsidise LIAT


rime Minister Allen Chastanet has denied reports carried by local and regional media that the Government of Saint Lucia has agreed to subsidise the regional air carrier LIAT. “We support LIAT as a regional airline and remain committed to seeing the necessary restructuring and some real change in operations at LIAT,” Chastanet explained. “We have been consistent in our position on LIAT in that we propose that the airline operate on a strictly commercial basis. We have not yet made a decision on subsidising LIAT. What we

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

have agreed to is a meeting to discuss some of the issues relevant to the airline. We look forward to continued dialogue with the OECS

and other stakeholders on the future of the airline,” he added. Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston

Browne said at the weekend that the governments of Grenada and Saint Lucia have agreed to subsidise the operations of LIAT. Browne did not reveal the details of the contribution by these two governments but said it was agreed to at the just concluded OECS Authority meeting in Saint Lucia. “The whole idea is to spread the burden and the benefits of LIAT,” Browne said on local radio on Saturday. “They have signalled that they are willing to come onboard to provide some financial subsidy to LIAT,” he said. (Caribbean News Now)

Trinidad and Tobago firm has played a key role in the start of commercial methanol production at a new 5000-metric ton per day methanol plant in Beaumont, Texas, operated by Consolidated Energy Limited (CEL), and Natgasoline. Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL), a leading provider of plant management services based on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate in Trinidad, provided extensive technical expertise in the construction and commissioning of the world-class facility, including training staff responsible for its operations and maintenance. The plant, which was completed in April, will be the United States’ largest methanol production facility. It is the only new capacity expected in the Americas to come online in 2018, and will continue its ramp-up in the coming weeks while under-going normal fine-tuning of equipment. CEL, a global leader in methanol, is a sub-

sidiary of Proman Holding AG (Proman) and Helm AG. David Cassidy, Chief Executive of Proman and Chairman of both IPSL and CEL, said: “I am delighted to see the Natgasoline facility come online. Its considerable production capacity will be instrumental in meeting customer demand for methanol. “It is an important operational milestone for us, allowing us to diversify our operations and grow our production capacity in the US market. The involvement of the IPSL team has been instrumental in delivering this project, and has been an outstanding example of bringing the talent and skills from across the Proman business together to deliver results as a team.” “The successful start of production at Natgasoline is a significant step forward in our capacity expansion programme and marks the completion of OCI’s second major greenfield facility in the United States within as many years,” said Nassef Sawiris. (Excerpt from The Guardian)

Regional leaders to focus on CSME at summit


he Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) will top the agenda of regional leaders at their three-day annual meeting which began on Wednesday. One day of the 39th Regular Meeting of the Heads of Government – Thursday – has been set aside for that issue. The CSME, conceptualised in 1989, seeks to create a single, enlarged, economic space by removing restrictions resulting in the free movement of goods, services, people, capital and technology. The Single Market component of the CSME was established on January 1, 2006. While it has recorded progress, stakeholders are dissatisfied with the rate of implementation of some of the decisions taken to further develop the CSM. In prioritising the CSME, the Heads of Government had mandated a review of the programme which considered the status and challenges. Leading up to the Meeting of the Heads of Government, the Caricom Secretary-General held a Consultation in Georgetown, Guyana, which sought stakeholder feedback on the CSME. The forum benefited from

inputs of the region’s Private and Public Sectors and labour, and also pursued matters related to public education on the CSME and will provide some context for the discussions in Jamaica. The outcomes of the forum will be used to inform the review of the CSME being undertaken by the Heads of Government. During that consultation, there was a consensus among stakeholders that the CSME was critical to the sustainable development of Caricom but that implementation and buy-in by the populace were challenging. They also noted that the implementation of member States’ obligations under the CSME is uneven and no valid reasons are given for non-implementation of decisions on the CSME. These and other matters will be discussed by the Heads of Government tomorrow. They will also discuss disaster management and building resilience in the region, as well as security matters. Ambassador LaRocque told a press conference on Monday that the decision taken by the leaders at their meeting will be made public.

(Excerpt from Caribbean360)

thursDAY, july 5, 2018


Around the World

Macron issues warning over EU’s Chinese tycoon dies from fall in France Africa migrant centre plans



rench President Emmanuel Macron has told the BBC that European Union (EU) plans to create migrant processing centres in North Africa will not work unless the process is led by those countries. Speaking during a visit to Nigeria, Macron said many African countries were worried that such centres would act as a pull factor for migrants. No African country has so far agreed to host the centres. EU leaders agreed to explore the idea at a summit earlier this month. They reached a deal after marathon negotiations in Brussels, but they have since differed sharply on how the plan would be implemented. The measures they agreed on included: Exploring the possibility of “regional disembarkation platforms”, designed to thwart people-smuggling gangs by processing migrants outside the EU. Macron said that Europe would be dealing with migration from Africa for decades owing to what he called the fundamental problem of unplanned population growth in Africa.

The idea of migrant processing centres in North Africa “can fly, just if some African Governments decide to organise it”, French President Emmanuel Macron said

He has been criticised for saying the same thing in the past, with some accusing him of repeating colonial rhetoric. However, he also said that the EU could not make decisions for African countries. The idea of migrant processing cen-

tres in North Africa “can fly, just if some African Governments decide to organise it”, he said. Macron said his top priority was to discourage people from taking “crazy risks” and putting their lives in danger in order to get to Europe. (Excerpt from BBC News)

he co-founder and chairman of the giant Chinese conglomerate HNA Group has died in a fall in southern France, while touring the Provence region. Wang Jian, 57, had climbed on a high parapet to take photographs in the picturesque village of Bonnieux when he fell, police said. Rescue services in the region were unable to revive him. Wang helped turn HNA into one of the world’s biggest companies, with assets in aviation, tourism, and finance. It has major stakes in Deutsche Bank, hotel chain Hilton and skyscrapers in

London and employs more than 400,000 people worldwide. The company is currently in the process of selling down some of its international assets in a bid to reduce its domestic debt built up during a rapid expansion in recent years. The company, which turned its website grey in a gesture of mourning, said it had lost an “exceptionally gifted leader and role model, whose vision and values will continue to be a beacon for all who had the good fortune to know him”. Police are not treating his death as suspicious.

(Excerpt from BBC News)

Artefacts worth €40M recovered in 2 Britons poisoned with Novichok nerve agent raids across Europe A near where Russian spy was struck down


wo British citizens were critically ill in hospital on Wednesday after they were poisoned with the Novichok nerve agent which struck down a former Russian agent and his daughter in March, Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer said. The British pair, a 44-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man, were hospitalised after being found unwell on Saturday in Amesbury, just a few miles from Salisbury where ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daugh-

Police Officers stand in front of Amesbury Baptist Church, which has been cordoned off after two people were hospitalised and Police declared a ‘major incident’, in Amesbury, Wiltshire, Britain, July 4, 2018

ter Yulia were attacked in March. “I have received test results from Porton Down [military research centre] which show that the two people have been exposed to the nerve agent Novichok,” Neil Basu, Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer, told reporters. UK counter-terrorism Police are now leading the investigation, although Basu said it was unclear how the two people came into contact with the nerve agent or whether they had been specifically targeted. (Excerpt from Reuters)

huge sting operation targeting a criminal gang and carried out by Police in Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom has recovered 25,000 archaeological items worth €40 million (US$47 million), Europol says. The European law enforcement agency said that 43 suspects believed to be behind the trafficking of stolen goods had been detained on Wednesday. It comes after a four-year investigation into the criminal group. The artefacts were said to have been excavated from sites in Italy. Thousands of historical items were reportedly re-

moved from archaeological sites and exported from the country illegally before being sold at auction houses in Germany, Europol said. The criminal gang, which was said to be aided by “facilitators” in Barcelona and London, was described by the European police force as “very well organised”. The raids on dozens of properties, which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday and involved more than 250 officers, were the result of an investigation led by a special unit of the Italian Carabinieri – Italy’s military police – and supported by Police investigators in Spain, Germany, and the UK. (Excerpt from BBC News)

US vows to keep Gulf waterway Malaysia’s ex-PM charged open despite Iran’s threats with corruption


he US military has promised once again to keep Gulf waterways open to oil tankers as the Iranian President appeared to renew threats to close off the region. Captain Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US military’s Central Command, told the Associated Press news agency on Wednesday

that US sailors and its regional allies “stand ready to ensure the freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce wherever international law allows”. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday hinted Iran could halt regional exports if it is stopped from exporting oil after the US pulled out of the nuclear

deal with world powers. “The Americans have claimed they want to completely stop Iran’s oil exports. They don’t understand the meaning of this statement, because it has no meaning for Iranian oil not to be exported, while the region’s oil is exported,” the website,, quoted him as saying. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

3 people charged with kidnapping of Hollywood actress


hree people have been charged with kidnapping a star of the “Halloween” film series, along with another actor – holding the latter for ransom. Two men and one woman have been charged with 17 felony counts, including kidnapping and assault with a firearm. They are accused of kidnapping actor Joseph Capone and Daisy McCrackin – a star of 2002’s “Halloween: Resurrection” –-from the actress’s Los Angeles home. Capone is alleged to have been held captive

for 30 hours without food. According to information released by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the drama began on May 3, 2017. The defendants – identified as Keith Andre Stewart, Johntae Jones and Amber Neal – are accused of going to McCrackin’s home in south Los Angeles. There, Stewart allegedly struck Capone repeatedly with a firearm. The pair were then alleged to have been taken to Jones’s home with black hoods over their heads. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was arrested by anti-corruption authorities on Tuesday


ormer Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been charged with corruption, in a dramatic fall from grace two months after he lost office. He pleaded not guilty to three counts of criminal breach of trust and one of abuse of power, and was freed on bail. The former Malaysian Prime Minister is accused of taking US$700 million (£517 million) from a state fund he set up. Police have recovered US$273 million in luxury goods and cash from raids on properties linked to Najib. He and his wife say the

items were legally acquired. A new investigation into the state development fund 1MDB began after his shock election loss in May. He was arrested by anti-corruption authorities on Tuesday and spent the night in detention. In a video posted on Twitter a day earlier, he appealed to the public not to believe the reports, saying that not all of the accusations were true. “I have not had a chance to defend myself,” he said. (Excerpt from BBC News)


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Share your thoughts and feelings, and find out where (March 21- you stand. Don’t waste time April 19) on someone or something that is not transparent or tends to be rigid. ARIES

Inconsistency will be your TAURUS downfall. Make a decision (April 20- and stick to it. Refuse to let May 20) someone sway you or confuse you with invalid information. When in doubt, say no.


You’ve got an edge, so GEMINI (May 21- don’t stop before you reach June 20) the finish line. Your ability to outmaneuver the competition will lead to your success. Celebrate with someone special. Put some muscle behind your plans. If you want to get (June 21- things done, it will require July 22) time and effort. The experience you gain will be worth your while. Try something new.



You’ll learn quickly. LEO Engage in sensitive discus(July 23- sions to get to the bottom of Aug. 22) a problem that has been holding you back. Letting go is the first step to moving forward. Look on the bright side VIRGO and adjust your thinking to (Aug. 23fit the current times and ecoSept. 22) nomic climate. A wise investment will pay for itself and more.

Calvin and Hobbes

Your willingness to ofLIBRA (Sept. 23- fer a helping hand will make Oct. 23) you feel good, regardless of the demands being put on you. Disregard an older relative’s complaints about how much you do for others.



Focus on what you can do, SAGITTARIUS not on the impossible. Make (Nov. 23- positive changes at home Dec. 21) and set up a workable savings plan that will help stabilize your financial future. Romance is favored.

TODAY’S WORD — STREAM (STREAM: STREEM: To transmit in real time, esp. over the internet.) Average mark 26 words Time limit 30 minutes Can you find 35 or more words in STREAM? The list will be published tomorrow. YESTERDAY’S WORD — ETYMOLOGY

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RULES OF THE GAME: 1. Words must be of four or more letters. 2. Words that acquire four letters by the addition of “s,” such as “bats” or “dies,” are not allowed. 3. Additional words made by adding a “d” or an “s” may not be used. For example, if “bake” is used, “baked” or “bakes” is not allowed, but “bake” and “baking” are admissible. 4. Proper nouns, slang words, or vulgar or sexually explicit words are not allowed. To contact Word Game creator Kathleen Saxe, write to Word Game, Kathleen Saxe, Universal Uclick, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106.

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Don’t act in haste. Too SCORPIO much, too soon will lead (Oct. 24to regret. Take your time Nov. 22) and look at the less obvious choices before you make an irreversible decision.

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PISCES (Feb. 20March 20)

Partnerships should be handled intuitively. You cannot buy love, but you must be attentive, understanding and willing to compromise if you want to build a stronger relationship with someone. Memory will be your greatest asset when dealing with money, legal or health issues. Remembering past dealings and mistakes will serve you well in the present.

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Wimbledon 2018…

Williams sisters reach 3rd round S

even-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams raced into the third round in devastating style, while sister Venus joined her after a trickier encounter. Serena, 36, was too powerful for Bulgarian qualifier Viktoriya Tomova in a 6-1 6-4 win as she continues to impress after time off to give birth. Five-time champi- on Venus, 38, fought back to beat Romanian qualifier Alexandra Dulgheru 4-6 6-0 6-1. Serena, seeded 25th, faces Tatjana Maria or Kristina Mladenovic next. “I’m going in the right direction,” Serena said. “In the other [first-round match] I didn’t move a lot. I’ve been moving a lot better. “But I’m trying not to put too many expectations on myself.” Venus, who has reached the third round for the 18th time, plays Kiki

Bertens in the third round. “It is just about winning the match. If you are at your best or not doesn’t matter as long as you win,” ninth seed Venus told BBC Sport.

Comfortable Federer reaches third round

Eight-time champion Roger Federer extended his Wimbledon winning streak to 26 successive sets with a routine victory over Lukas Lacko in the second round.

T h e Swiss, who is favourite to

claim another title, won 6-4 6-4 6-1 against world number 73 Lacko. Federer, 36, did not face a single break point and hit 48 winners. The top seed will play Germany’s

Jan-Lennard Struff, who edged past Ivo Karlovic in five sets, in round three. Martina Navratilova is the only player to win nine singles titles. “I played very well. I felt good out there and had less nerves than in the first round,” said Federer, who beat Dusan Lajovic in straight sets on Monday.

Wozniacki beaten by Makarova

Australian Open champion Caroline Wozniacki became the biggest name to exit the Wimbledon women’s singles as she was beaten in the second round. The 27-year-old, seeded second, was beaten 6-4 1-6 7-5 by Russian world numb e r 35 Ekaterina Makarova. The Dane’s defeat means five of the top eight women’s seeds have exited the competition before the third round. Wozniacki, who won at Eastbourne last week, has never been past the fourth round in her 12 visits to SW19. She was plagued by a barrage of flying ants during Wednesday’s match on Court One, and needed insect repellent to get rid of them. Makarova, who won last year’s women’s dou-

bles title with compatriot Elena Vesnina, led 5-1 in the deciding set and had four match points on her own serve at 5-3. But Wozniacki saved all four to level it up at 5-5. Makarova regrouped superbly, holding serve to make it 6-5 and put the pressure back her on her opponent. This time there was no response from Wozniacki as Makarova set up a meeting with Czech player Lucie Safarova. “I am so happy I got calm at 5-5 and did my work again,” said the Russian, who reached the quarter-finals in 2014. “When it was 5-5 I started thinking a b o u t t h o s e match points on my serve at 40-0, but I told myself: ‘No, you are not going to lose this match.’ I forgot it and started over.” (BBC Sport)

Remaining women’s top eight seeds

1. Simona Halep (Rou) 3. Garbine Muguruza (Sp) 7. Karolina Pliskova (Cze)

Eliminated women’s top eight seeds

2. Caroline Wozniacki (Den) 4. Sloane Stephens (US) 5. Elina Svitolina (Ukr) 6. Caroline Garcia (Fra) 8. Petra Kvitova (Cze)

Steely Uruguay ready for Mbappe-fired France


leet-footed France will have to find a way past the tournament’s jointmeanest defenders Uruguay in the first of two intercontinental World Cup quarterfinals on Friday. The South Americans kept Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo at bay in their 2-1 last-16 win, and that goal conceded was the only one against them so far in Russia - a defensive feat only matched by Brazil, who play Belgium later on Friday. But France banged in four goals in their last 16 game against Argentina, and will be hoping their formidable attacking trio of Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappe can turn it on again at the Nizhny Novgorod stadium.

Kylian Mbappe

Nineteen-year-old Mbappe scored two goals in the Argentina game, becoming the

first teenager since Brazilian great Pele in the 1958 final to score two goals in one World

Cup match. But it was his amazing 70-metre sprint earlier in

the match, to win France a penalty, that stunned viewers worldwide. “I was wondering whether he was riding a scooter,” joked France midfielder Florian Thauvin of the teenager whom Uruguay’s defenders must be having nightmares about. On the surface, though, Uruguay look relaxed and their experienced central defenders Jose Gimenez and Diego Godin are relishing the chance to foil both Mbappe and their friend and Atletico Madrid team mate Griezmann. “We want to deny them space, stop them playing, make their strikers uncomfortable - that’s our weapon,” said midfielder Diego Laxalt at the Uruguay camp in a hotel outside Nizhny Novgorod

which, oddly, is painted in the colors of Brazil. With an impressive strike partnership of their own in Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, the Uruguayans believe they can surpass their most recent best of a semifinal in 2010 - though Cavani is sweating on a calf injury that may keep him out. ‘Les Bleus’ will be inspired by the two-decade anniversary of their only World Cup win in 1998, while double winners Uruguay’s modern generation are desperate to recreate the black-and-white-era glories of their 1930 and 1950 trophies. The winners will play Brazil or Belgium, who meet in their quarter-final in Kazan on Friday evening, for a place in the July 15 final. (Reuters)



thursDAY, JUly 5, 2018

Real Madrid considering £88M Team Sky’s unprecedented data release of how Juventus bid for Ronaldo Froome won Giro d’Italia R eal Madrid are considering an offer of about 100M euros (£88M) from Juventus for Cristiano Ronaldo. The 33-year-old Portugal forward is Real’s all-time top scorer with 451 goals. However his age, and Real’s need to reshape a squad that finished 17 points behind La Liga champions Barcelona last season, has encouraged the Italian champions to make their move. Ronaldo won his fifth Champions League title with Madrid in May. Since that victory over Liverpool in Kiev, Real boss Zinedine Zidane has left the club and been replaced by former Spain coach Julen Lopetegui. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s future has been the subject of intense debate over the past few years, and his relationship with Real president Florentino Perez has also been questioned. Any move would eclipse Juventus’ record transfer fee of 90M euros (£79M), which they paid for Argentina forward Gonzalo Higuain in

Ronaldo won his fifth Champions League title in May

2016. It would also be more than the £80M Real paid Manchester United for Ronaldo in 2009. Reports of Cristiano Ronaldo’s unhappiness at Real Madrid have become an all-too-predictable annual occurrence, and in the past they have always resulted in the Portuguese having his ego stroked, his pay packet boosted and the problem solved. So when Ronaldo once again revealed his disenchantment with the club in the immediate aftermath of the Champions League fi-

nal victory over Liverpool, at first nobody took him seriously. But this is starting to look a little bit different, and there’s a growing sense within Spain that this might actually be the summer when Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid. That suspicion has arisen partly because the club has not done too much - publicly, at least - to fight to keep him, fuelling speculation that all-powerful president Florentino Perez believes this is the right time to cash in. If Real can command

a fee of 100m euros from Juventus, Perez could well see that as great business for a player who will be 34 by the end of next season. Lurking in the background is the figure of Neymar. For a long time it has appeared to be just a matter of time before the flamboyant Brazilian ends his Parisian sojourn and moves to Madrid, where his combination of prodigious footballing talent and enormous marketing power would make him a perfect signing. If Neymar does come this summer, it’s hard to see how both his and Ronaldo’s egos could coexist happily on the pitch or in the dressing room, and the older man would need to make way. Even if Neymar isn’t captured, Perez is also a big admirer of another PSG star, Kylian Mbappe, whose eye-catching World Cup performances have made him an even more appealing prospect. All things considered, it could well be time for a changing of the guard at the Bernabeu. (BBC Sport)


Chris Froome

eam Sky have taken the unprecedented step of releasing a cache of data to BBC Sport detailing Chris Froome’s diet, power output and

Montreal Tigers finally roar to victory M ontreal Tigers finally secured a victory in the first edition of the 2018 Global T20 Canada tournament on Wednesday against Edmonton Royals at Maple Leaf King City, Toronto. The Tigers featured in their fourth match, humbled Royals by 15 runs in a low-scoring affairs as nine matches were completed since the commencement of the competition last Thursday. Tigers were invited to bat first on a friendly pitch and tallied up a moderate 129-6 off the 20-overs while; Royals were dismissed for 114 in the 20th over. Montreal Tigers will play their last game in this preliminary stage on Sunday against Toronto Nationals before they start off their sec-

ond-round s e g m e n t where first-place will meet sixthplace. Additionally, second-place side will clash with the fifth-place victor and third and fourthplace teams will compete as well. The Tigers’ win was orchestrated by Australia fast-bowler Peter Siddle who snagged a four-wicket haul, yielding only 13 runs from 3.1 probing overs.

Siddle was also on a hattrick during his devastated spell extracting appreciative bounces on a responsive pitch. He bowled at both ends and was admirably supported by his skipper and another speedster Lasith Malinga who finished with 2-29 from four overs. Medium-pacer Kevin Cooper also took two wickets to assist Siddle. Luke Ronchi opened the batting and scored a topscore of 30 for Royals. He was there when his other opening partner Andre Fletcher was comprehensively bowled by 17-year-old Nepal leg-spinner Sandeep Lamichane for 9. Agha Salman (10) and Farhaan Behardien (00) felt off successive balls to leave Royals lads reeling at 35-3. Shaiman Anwar offered some resistance to make 2 4 while Kevin

O’Brien made 15 to be the other principal scorers. When proceedings began on a scorching hot-sunny day, Montreal Tigers lost badly out-of-form and West Indies batsman Dwayne Smith for 8, while Sunil Narine, whose reputation as an opener has grown tremendously, followed Smith back to the pavilion soon for 9. The innings never got momentum as three leftarm pacers captain Sohail Tanvir, his Pakistani compatriot Mohammed Irfan and South African Wayne Parnell bowled with consistency. However, Moses Henriques once again came to the fore by hitting a responsible 50 while Najibullah Zadran and Sikandar Raza weighed in with 22 not out and 20 respectively. Parnell captured three wickets for 23 runs in his four overs to be the best bowler for the los-

ers. Edmonton Royals will be in action on Friday at the same the venue against Vancouver Knights. Royals have so far appeared in three matches but only came out triumphant on a solitary occasion. Knights currently have two wins from three matches as well.

The other two participating teams, Winnipeg Hawks are leading on the points table because of a better netrun-rate. They have two victories from three matches while West Indies “B” team is sitting comfortably at second position with two wins from as many matches. West Indies “B” will be colliding with Hawks on Thursday from 11:00h when the competition continues. Meanwhile, at the pre-

sentation ceremony, Siddle was named player-of-thematch. He also stated in a press conference that he was delighted with his performance and also seeing his team capping off a good win. He indicated that he was confident they would have won and is very optimistic the guys will bounce back hard from here to lift the trophy and pocket a cash prize on July 15.


Montreal Tigers Innings (20 overs maximum) DR Smith c Fletcher b Parnell 8 SP Narine c †Ronchi b Sohail Tanvir 9 GH Worker b Parnell 7 MC Henriques c Agha Salman b Parnell 50 Sikandar Raza c Shaiman Anwar b Hassan Khan 20 Najibullah Zadran not out 22 I Khaleel † b Mohammad Irfan 10 Extras (lb 2, w 1) 3 TOTAL:(20 Overs, RR: 6.45) 129-6 Did not bat: KK Cooper, S Lamichhane, PM Siddle, SL Malinga (c) Fall of wickets: 1-19 (SP Narine, 2.4 ov), 2-25 (DR Smith, 3.5 ov), 3-30 (GH Worker, 5.3 ov), 4-82 (Sikandar Raza, 12.5 ov), 5-118 (MC Henriques, 18.3 ov), 6-129 (I Khaleel, 19.6 ov) BOWLING: Sohail Tanvir (4-0-251), Mohammad Irfan (4-0-26-1), WD Parnell (4-0-23-3), Shahid Afridi (4-0-28-0), KJ O'Brien (20-13-0), Hassan Khan (2-0-12-1), Edmonton Royals Innings (target: 130 runs from 20 overs) L Ronchi † c †Khaleel b Narine 30 ADS Fletcher b Lamichhane 9

Agha Salman c & b Siddle 10 F Behardien c & b Siddle 0 Shaiman Anwar c Smith b Siddle 24 KJ O'Brien lbw b Malinga 15 Shahid Afridi c sub (NR Kirton) b Cooper 1 Sohail Tanvir (c) c Worker b Cooper 1 WD Parnell c †Khaleel b Malinga 4 Hassan Khan c sub (NR Kirton) b Siddle 12 Mohammad Irfan not out 0 Extras (lb 4, w 4) 8 TOTAL all out (19.1 Overs, RR: 5.94) 114 Fall of wickets: 1-18 (ADS Fletcher, 2.5 ov), 2-40 (Agha Salman, 6.3 ov), 3-40 (F Behardien, 6.4 ov), 4-60 (L Ronchi, 9.1 ov), 5-88 (KJ O'Brien, 13.5 ov), 6-91 (Shaiman Anwar, 15.6 ov), 7-92 (Shahid Afridi, 16.2 ov), 8-92 (Sohail Tanvir, 16.4 ov), 9-110 (WD Parnell, 18.3 ov), 10-114 (Hassan Khan, 19.1 ov) BOWLING: PM Siddle (3.10-13-4), SP Narine (4-0-251), S Lamichhane (4-1-161), SL Malinga (4-0-29-2), KK Cooper (4-0-27-2)

heart-rate from the Briton’s victory in May’s Giro d’Italia. On Monday, an anti-doping case against Froome was dropped by the UCI, cycling’s world governing body, following an investigation after more than the allowed level of legal asthma drug salbutamol was found in his urine during his Vuelta a Espana triumph in September 2017. “I’m happy to share data to back up some of the performances we have done out on the roads,” four-time Tour de France champion Froome told BBC Sport. Team Sky told the BBC that Froome used salbutamol during the Giro to manage his asthma. He neither applied for nor used any therapeutic use exemptions (TUE). Salbutamol, used through an inhaler, does not require a TUE. The British-based outfit have gone through two years in which their reputation has been repeatedly questioned, with the Sir Bradley Wiggins TUE revelations and the ‘jiffy bag’ scandal part of it, but they accepted mistakes have been made and say they want to be more transparent. Now the BBC can shine further light on Froome’s latest Grand Tour victory, which was based on a spectacular solo break on stage 19. Three experts were assembled to examine this data, given to the BBC in June. Former professional rider Rob Hayles says he does not think other teams are being this “precise”. Cycling author Michael Hutchinson suggests what Team Sky were trying to achieve was “a very fine balance”. And cycling journalist Jeremy Whittle says the release “would not make any difference to the doubters”.


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The Tabatinga team were crowned the champions of the GBTI Lethem Under-13 Football Tournament


he Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) Lethem branch recently hosted its annual football competition and Tabatinga Football Club emerged victorious over Massara Strikers at the St Ignatius Sports Ground. The Under-13 tournament emerged out of discussions with the Rupununi Football Association (RFA) that saw the need for the younger level players to be involved in such a tournament. The event attracted eight male teams from Central

Lethem and other outlying areas. After a round-robin, the top two teams from each group advanced to the semi-finals. The group A teams comprised: Gladiators Football Club of Culvert City, Lethem; Massara Strikers of North Rupununi; Titans Football Club of South Rupununi and Snatchers Football Club of Lethem; while the Group B Teams comprised: Tabatinga Football Club; Rush Saints Football Club of Saint Ignatius Village; Sandcreek Football Club of South Central Rupununi and Shiriri Football Club of

South Central Rupununi. Tabatinga and Massara battled for the title but it was Tabatinga’s attacking skills that gave them a break through after an even first half game played under flood lights. Kamai Marco of Sand Creek Football Club was awarded Most Valuable Player (MVP) while Samuel Andre of Tabatinga was recognised as the Best Goal Keeper. President of the RFA Ryan Farias and Sharon King, GBTI Lethem Branch Manager applauded GBTI’s commitment to meeting the needs of not

just its customers but also the communities it serves. Indigenous Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock graced the event with his presence and made some brief and encouraging remarks before declaring the tournament open. The Lethem tournament is the signature community activity for GBTI’s Lethem Branch and has been receiving positive response from the community and the local sports fraternity given its focus on developing youth football in the Region Nine communities.

David Warner set to captain once again



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avid Warner, who has been banned for life from holding any leadership position in Australian cricket, is set to captain his team in the Global T20 Canada. Warner will lead the Winnipeg Hawks with Dwayne Bravo, the designated captain, pulling out of the rest of the tournament. Winnipeg coach Waqar Younis was confident Warner would be the right choice, having seen the opener lead in the IPL. "I'm sure he's going to be a good leader when it comes to captaincy," Waqar told News Corp. "(Warner) is a leader. He's a team man. I've seen him in IPL and I've seen him as a leader. He's up there, he's upfront and he likes to give whatever his knowledge is, he's always there."

David Warner takes a selfie with fans

Warner led Sunrisers Hyderabad to the IPL title in 2016, and in 12 matches as the Australia captain (three ODIs and nine T20Is) has lost only one game, a rain-affected T20I against India in October 2017. Imad Wasim, the Pakistan allrounder, will replace Bravo in the team.

The tournament in Canada is the first one that Warner and Steven Smith have taken part in since the fallout of the balltampering scandal that rocked Australian cricket in South Africa earlier this year. Both are serving one-year bans from international and Australian domestic cricket. Warner has played three games

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for Winnipeg so far, with meagre returns of 1, 4 and 1, and will have at least two more matches in the league phase. With two wins, Winnipeg are currently on top of the points table, ahead of West Indies B and Vancouver Knights on net run-rate. At the start of the competition, Warner had said he was looking to get the rhythm of the game back, and that he would be open to advising his junior team-mates about the game. "For me it's about getting back into the rhythm of cricket again, making sure I'm putting my best foot forward for this tournament, making sure that I'm putting 100% in all the time, giving advice to the guys who don't get the opportunity to play on the big stage as well, and just to compete." (BBC Sport)

Barcelona deny former President bought illegal liver for defender



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arcelona have denied that former president Sandro Rosell illegally bought a liver for ex-France defender Eric Abidal. Abidal, 38, who is now the club's technical secretary, had a transplant in 2012 after a tumour was found in his liver. Reports in Spain claim Rosell, who was arrested for money-laundering in 2017, purchased the organ. Barcelona say they "roundly deny any irregularity in the matter". The claim has also been denied by Abidal and the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, where the player had the operation. In a statement, Abidal spoke of his "annoyance and sadness" regarding the claims. "My cousin Gerard donated his liver to save my life and for this I am truly grateful to him," he said on Twitter.

Eric Abidal won four league titles and two Champions Leagues during his time at the Nou Camp

"Existing procedures and protocols were followed at all times and all the medical documentation that proves so is available." Barcelona added: "The club are saddened by the lack of rigor in the spreading of such information about such

a sensitive issue." A spokesperson for the Catalan Justice Department told BBC Sport a case against Rosell for the "alleged illegal purchase of an organ" was closed without charge earlier this year. Spain's national transplant organisation said an investigation it launched together with the hospital and the Catalan Transplant Organisation showed the donation and transplant "was in accordance with current legislation and common clinical protocols". Abidal, who spent six seasons at the Nou Camp, made his comeback for Barcelona in April 2013 before joining Monaco three months later. Last week a Spanish court ruled that Rosell, who is in custody, will stand trial on charges of money laundering involving the sale of television rights for Brazil matches.

(BBC Sport)




thursDAY, JUly 5, 2018

Roach destroys, Brathwaite walks over Bangladesh on Day 1

he current Windies side, like many in the past few decades, only carry the burden of reviving their legacy. But not even in their finest hour, when bowlers were feared, did they manage to roll over an opposition for 43. An attack led by Kemar Roach's five-over carnage did that o n

Wednesday and bowled out Bangladesh for 43 - the lowest score in the last 44 years - in less than 19 overs. Before the first Test could witness the first Lunch break, teams were already back in the pavilion for an innings break. Day 1 was one-sided, with Bangladesh having only two moments of celebration - almost six hours into the toss, and the other towards the fag end of the day's play. Other than that, it was all about Windies making merry and then walking all over their opposition. On a lively wicket with good bounce and adequate movement on offer, Windies elected to field and unleashed a quite underrated pace battery. However, it wasn't the inform Shannon Gabriel who posed problems, but Roach who caused mayhem. Tamim Iqbal and Mominul Haque failed to resist the temptation and fell poking at deliveries outside off. The real collapse, however, began in the ninth over when Mushfiqur Rahim, Shakib Al Hasan and

first wicket, en route their respective fifties. Smith, who had taken the majority of the strike in the partnership, was the first to fall when he edged a slash to a short and angling away delivery to the 'keeper. It wasn't the best of deliveries but it gave Abu Jayed his maiden Test wicket. Even that wicket didn't open the window for Bangladesh to get back into the contest. Brathwaite remained patient and steady, while Kieran Powell was more free-flowing. The risks increased, so did the scoring

they picked some fine catches, making every edge induced by the bowlers count. Bangladesh, on the other hand, two catches getting dropped in the day. But around 15 minutes before the end of day's play, Das picked a fine catch at slips to dismiss Powell. Nightwatchman Devendra Bishoo, yet again, despite some trouble and edges remained unbeaten and took the hosts to Stumps on 201 for 1, with Brathwaite, on 88, for company. Day 1 in Antigua


Mahmudullah - all departed for ducks. Roach, who suffered a hamstring strain in that over, left the field after the triple-wicket over. However, he had left the visitors reeling at 18 for 5 within the first 45 minutes of play. But Roach's exit didn't help matters either as Bangladesh set a trap for self-destruction. Liton Das, opening the innings, had survived the carnage thus far, and got his eye in. With all the other frontline batters back in the pavilion, the onus lied with him to revive Bangladesh's innings. However, in response, he decided to counterattack and threw his wicket away with a wild slog getting the edge to Roston Chase. The lower order couldn't provide much persistence either. Miguel Cummins bagged three and Jason Holder cleaned up the last two to bundle out Kraigg Braithwaite

Bangladesh to their lowest ever Test score. On a wicket that demanded respect to the bowlers in the first hour, Bangladesh were adamant to play their own game. The visitors didn't help themselves by playing the waiting game with the Windies openers. The bowlers bowled good lengths but largely operated in a channel outside off. Kraigg Brathwaite and Kieran Powell, given the match situation and their successful no-risk mode of operation, were happy to keep leaving the balls alone. The bowlers tried to play the waiting game, but lost the battle against a more defiant duo. Windies' going was slow, but effective nonetheless. By the end of the second session, they had not only overhauled Bangladesh's first innings score, but had scored more than twice of that. Without much pressure, tease or trouble they put on a century stand for the

Bangladesh 1st Innings Tamim Iqbal c †Dowrich b Roach 4 Liton Das c Chase b Cummins 25 Mominul Haque c Hope b Roach 1 Mushfiqur Rahim lbw b Roach 0 Shakib Al Hasan (c) c Holder b Roach 0 Mahmudullah c †Dowrich b Roach 0 Nurul Hasan † c Holder b Cummins 4 Mehidy Hasan Miraz c Smith b Cummins 1 Kamrul Islam Rabbi c †Dowrich b Holder 0 Rubel Hossain not out 6 Abu Jayed b Holder 2 Extras: 0 TOTAL: all out (18.4 Overs, RR: 2.3) 43 Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Tamim Iqbal, 4.6 ov), 2-16 (Mominul Haque, 6.6 ov), 3-18 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 8.2 ov), 4-18 (Shakib Al Hasan, 8.4 ov), 5-18 (Mahmudullah, 8.5 ov), 6-34

rate. In less than two hours, the pair added 81 runs for the second wicket, largely due to Powell's 65-ball 48. It wasn't just bat or ball that Windies had dominated in. Even on the field,

(Liton Das, 13.2 ov), 7-34 (Nurul Hasan, 13.6 ov), 8-35 (Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 15.3 ov), 9-35 (Kamrul Islam Rabbi, 16.2 ov), 10-43 (Abu Jayed, 18.4 ov) BOWLING: KAJ Roach (51-8-5), ST Gabriel (5-0-140), JO Holder (4.4-0-10-2), ML Cummins (4-2-11-3) West Indies 1st Innings KC Brathwaite not out 88 DS Smith c †Nurul Hasan b Abu Jayed 58 KOA Powell c Liton Das b Mahmudullah 48 D Bishoo not out 1 Extras (b 3, w 3) 6 TOTAL:(68 Overs, RR: 2.95)201-2 Yet to bat: SD Hope, RL Chase, SO Dowrich †, JO Holder (c), KAJ Roach, ML Cummins, ST Gabriel Fall of wickets: 1-113 (DS Smith, 40.4 ov), 2-194 (KOA Powell, 64.1 ov) BOWLING: Abu Jayed (16-4-551), Rubel Hossain (12-3-24-0), Kamrul Islam Rabbi (10-0-450), Shakib Al Hasan (12-2-22-0), Mehidy Hasan Miraz (15-2-460), Mahmudullah (3-0-6-1),

happened to be a day Bangladesh's new head coach Steve Rhodes would like to forget, a comeback to Test cricket that Shakib Al Hasan wouldn't have expected. (Cricbuzz)

Odyssey Transport Services teams up with Lusignan Golf Club O

dyssey Transport Services (OTS) which is popular for being the provider of jet boat services since 2012 to the interior regions of Guyana has a new passion to counter-act the speed of their jet boat – that passion is golf. For the first time ever, OTS will partner with the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) to host a tournament on Sunday, July 8, starting at 09:00h. A full field of players is expected to support CEO Feroze Barakat, a long-time member of the Lusignan Golf Club and avid golfer, who has been a part of the renewed growth of the Club having pledged his support for the plans that the new executive team put forth in January.

The partnership between the Lusignan Golf Club and Odyssey Travel Services has ensured the holding of the tournament for Sunday, July 8

At the official handing over ceremony, Manager Troy Khan stated, “The

company wanted to show its commitment to the LGC and assist with the promotion

of the game to the younger generation of golfers.” On that note, with the

school holidays fast approaching, the company and LGC will host a variety of events to encourage new players to join the exciting sport. In an exciting twist, the Odyssey Transport Services will be giving away several trips to the interior on their jet boats along with the Hole-in-One grand prize of four tickets to one of their destinations which will be awarded to any golfer who makes the shot! The LGC has a packed calendar of events with more than four activities per month scheduled for the rest of the year. Recently, George Bulkan, son of Minister Ronald Bulkan, another long-time member of the club, took to the greens with his entire wedding party to

celebrate his wedding! The Club is available for weddings, corporate training/retreats, summer camps for kids and many other activities. Members of the public are encouraged to come out and enjoy the ambiance and tranquility of the ground along with great food and drinks are available every day of the week. Guests at the Grand Coastal, Marriott and Pegasus Hotels can avail themselves of special rates that include equipment rental and caddie fees. For more information on the Lusignan Golf Club, events and activities calendar, and how you can become a member of the LGC, visit their Facebook page, call 220-5660 or simply stop by for a tour of the facilities.

thursDAY, JUly 5, 2018


First-ever playoff matches confirmed for Guyana A

fter much deliberation with Minister of State Joe Harmon, the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) has confirmed that Guyana will host two playoff matches in the 2018 edition. The historic announcement was made on Wednesday by Hero CPL’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Pete Russell. Disclosing that destinations like Trinidad and Tobago and the USA had expressed interests in hosting the playoffs, Russell noted that the decision to bring the two matches to Guyana was a fairly easy one. “For us, this was really the only place we wanted to bring it because of the fan base and Guyana has been so successful. Not actually winning the tournament yet but actually getting through

Aside from the home team, Guyana Amazon Warriors being extremely successful in the tournament over the past six years. Russell also emphasised on the massive crowd support as one of the reasons for the playoffs coming to the Providence National Stadium. “We’re obviously delighted because of the fan base we already have in Guyana. We think its due reward for the support that the fans have shown us over the past five years. So we’re very excited about the games, we obviously think they’re going to be sellout matches.” The two playoff matches which will be held on September 11 and 12, will see the top two teams and the third and fourth place battling it out at the Providence Stadium. In an

Providence Stadium will ignite for August 9, with loud suppport for the home team

Hero CPL Chief Operating Officer Pete Russell speaking to the media on Wednesday

to the playoff rounds in the past five years so for us it was a no brainer,” he said.

effort to maintain the enormous crowd support, Russell has hinted that ticket prices

will remain affordable. “In terms of ticket prices, we’re going to make it very attractive for fans to

GFF Elite League to recommence on Friday


he Guyana Football Federation (GFF) will recommence the second half of the GFF Elite League on Friday, July 6, at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora with a double header. The fixture will feature Victoria Kings FC and Fruta Conquerors FC battling from 19:00h and Den Amstel FC versus the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) FC at 21:00h. “This leg of the GFF Elite League promises to be exciting and competitive for both clubs and fans as clubs have capitalised on the current transfer window and bolstered their base of players,” said Ian Alves, GFF’s Competition’s Director. “However, due to the inclement weather, we have been forced to confine play of the second half of Elite League Season

3 to two venues – Georgetown Football Club (GFC) Ground and the National Track and Field Centre. We believe this is good for the sport as the latter is one of the better playing surfaces and provides better fan accommodation relative to female attendance while the former is centrally located.” This second half will feature a double-header on Friday and a triple header on Sunday in order to conclude the League prior to Club’s pre-season preparation for Season Four. Sunday’s matches will be played at the same venue and will feature an Ann’s Grove FC versus Buxton United clash at 16:00h, a Cougars FC versus Den Amstel match at 18:00h then Milerock and Western Tigers wrap up the night from 20:00h. Admission to all matches will be $500 and children Under-12 and ladies will be admitted free.

turn up. What you’re not going to see is Trinidad prices. Our intention is to peg the prices at the same level of the home games that will be played. “ The addition of the two playoff games means that Guyana will host seven matches in this year’s CPL season, the highest number of matches that has ever been hosted by Guyana since the tournament began in 2013. Guyana will kick off their CPL 2018 campaign against the St Kitts and Nevis Patriots on August 9 at the National Stadium, Providence.


August 9: Guyana Amazon Warriors vs St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots, Providence Stadium, 6pm. August 11: Guyana Amazon Warriors vs St. Lucia Stars, Providence Stadium, 4pm. August 12: Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Barbados Tridents, Providence Stadium, 6pm. September 8: Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Jamaica Tallawahs, Providence Stadium, 8pm. September 9 Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Trinbago Knight Riders, Providence Stadium, 6pm.


Playoff 1- September 11: 1st vs 2nd Providence Stadium, 6pm. Playoff 2- September 12: 3rd vs 4th Providence Stadium, 6pm.

Charlestown taste victory again as girls’ Under-14 league continues


he girls in the ExxonMobil/Petra Under-14 football competition continue to prove they are a match for their male counterparts in talent and skill. In the last round of matches, Charlestown continued on their winning streak, whilst the South Ruimveldt team was happy to be balancing football and academics. In Saturday’s action, Dolphin Secondary and New Campbellville Secondary met first in a 1-0 encounter which left New Campbellville rejoicing. Charlestown continued their dominant performance with another win, this time over East Ruimveldt. Possession was dominated by the Charlestown team and their defence was spot on. However, they missed several good attempts at the goal. Their lone goal came from star striker Donna Lowe. Later on, with goals from Janel Edmondson and Tia Lamaison, Vergenogen Secondary trounced Uitvlugt Secondary 2-0. In what was probably the most exhilarating match up yet, South Ruimveldt Secondary put on an impressive team effort

to crush Tucville Secondary. The 5-1 thriller saw three goals from Amanda McKenzie and one goal apiece from Latisha Sutherland and Angel Denny. After the match up, their elated coach noted that he is impressed with the performance, especially since they are in the process of completing examinations. “Given the fact that they would have been participating in the end of term examination and still being able to participate in football would have shown the fruits of what they would have been preparing for. The game today in itself would have shown the ability of the players to do both sports and the academic side.” Speaking about their performance on the playing field he noted, “The team performance would have been both individual and collective seeing that we have both senior and junior players. The mindset of the players is great at present, going forward we do stand a chance.” The round robin segment will continue this Saturday at the Education Ministry Ground, Carifesta Avenue.

thursDAY, JUly 5, 2018

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

First-ever playoff matches confirmed for Guyana Pg 23

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Pg 22 Kemar Roach celebrates with his team on the way to 5 – 8 against Bangladesh

Roach destroys, Brathwaite walks over Bangladesh on Day 1

Steely Uruguay ready for Mbappefired France Pg 19

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