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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Issue No. 3477


Guyana/Venezuela border controversy


International rights of sovereignty must be enforced – Brazil’s Defence Minister

…calls for peaceful resolution

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…escape with $7M

Granny attacks, injures GPL P8 worker, Police

Brazil's Defence Minister Raul Jungmann was accorded a military salute upon his arrival at State House on Friday during a one-day visit to Guyana. Inset, as part of the visit, President David Granger conferred the Brazilian Minister with Guyana’s second highest award, the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH) during a simple investiture ceremony

Businessman P8 charged for 9.3kg cocaine in fish

GO-Invest reveals blackmail attempt

Coconut P13 sector to see production increase

…slams controversial advertisement Page 9 …PSC calls for boycott of KN, SN papers

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Bandits shoot fisherman P9

No water, PP109 drugs at De Kendren Health Centre

…conferred with Cacique Crown of Honour during high-level visit

Taxi driver stabbed 8-year-old to death by exkidnapped wife’s lover from school

$80 vat included

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GOGEC hosts reception for GIPEX P10 delegates

Guyana/Venezuela border controversy

Jagdeo never agreed to cede any part of Guyana's territory – PPP

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…botches AFC plot to undermine national solidarity reiterates support for Govt’s efforts to safeguard territorial sovereignty

RPA calls for payment of $2B owed to rice millers/ exporters P2

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SATURDAY, February 10, 2018 |

8-year-old kidnapped from school E

ight-year-old Annelie Hoyte was reportedly kidnapped from the Tuschen Primary School, East Bank Essequibo one week ago, and to date, her

grieving mother Alisha Marcus has received no information that would lead to the safe return of her daughter. The child was abduct-

ed at about 09:00h on Wednesday last reportedly as she was about to enter the school’s compound. She was grabbed from behind by a male and was placed in a

Annelie Hoyte

parked, dark coloured car which then sped away. Students milling outside of the school witnessed the incident and quickly reported what transpired to a teacher, who then made contact with the child’s mother. The kidnapping was then reported to the Leonora Police Station, and an investigation was supposed to have been launched.

Speaking with Guyana Times, a distressed Marcus related that her husband died just over two months ago, and his mother, who resides overseas, has since allegedly been attempting to take her daughter from her. In attempting to so do, this woman has made contact with the Welfare Office in Guyana, where she has accused Marcus of being an unfit mother. The worried mother of three explained that an investigation of the woman’s charges had been carried out by a group of welfare officers. “The claims she and her relatives made against me were found to be false, and Annelie was placed back in my care,” Marcus

disclosed. Making an impassioned plea for her daughter Annelie to be given back to her, the distraught Marcus explained that she had made contact with Annelie’s grandmother, who denied that she was involved in Annelie’s abduction. The child was last seen wearing her school uniform, a blue uniform with white shirt. She was carrying a black bag, black and blue lunch bag, and was wearing blue hair ribbons. Contacted on Friday, “D” Division Commander Leslie James said it was the first time he was hearing about the matter, but he promised to launch an investigation. (Kizzy Coleman)

RPA calls for payment of $2B owed to rice millers/exporters


he Guyana Rice Producers Association (GRPA) is accusing the Government of failing to honour their promises of equality and betterment since rice millers and exporters have been waiting for over two years to be paid by the Guyana Rice Development Board for rice exported to Panama. “We recently learnt that the payments of approximately $2 billion is due to these millers/exporters since July 2017. Our millers supply the rice to the GRDB, the contracted party with Panama over the life of two contracts and are still awaiting payments. We are of the strong view that the GRDB, is in a sound financial position based on the amount of levies collected from exports over the years, to pay these millers either fully or at least a substantial amount of the total due,” the GRPA said in a statement on Friday. The rice farmers’ representative body noted that the sector is severely affected by the amount owed to the millers/exporters, adding that some of them are on the verge of bankruptcy while others cannot invest in the further development of their facilities. The body explained that the failure to pay the millers/exporters will affect the efficiency of the industry as well as profitability. According to the RPA, payments to suppliers for rice will better serve the industry that “the squandering of the GRDB money over ill thought projects that are absolute failures. The failure of the GRDB, a Government agency to pay the millers is another betrayal of another campaign promise by the coalition Government of the APNU/AFC.” In August of 2014, Guyana was able to ink a five-year deal with the Government of Panama for 5000 tonnes of

rice per month. At the time of signing the agreement, the Agriculture Ministry said Panama imports about 150,000 tons of rice annually, through the Private Sector and the agreement between the two governments was to ensure Panamanians have access to rice at an affordable price. “The agreement means that Guyana can supply more than 50,000 tons of rice to Panama on an annual basis through the Government to Government arrangement and also compete in an open market to supply some of the remaining 100,000 tons per year,” then Agriculture Minister Leslie Ramsammy, noted. For years rice farmers have been complaining about the price they have been receiving for paddy, coupled with poor infrastructure. Finance Minister Winston Jordan, in his 2018 Budget presentation, noted that the rice industry was expected to record an output of 602,087 tonnes for 2017, an increase of 12.7 per cent over 2016. He credited the increase mainly to an additional 14,000 hectares planted for the 2017 spring crop and a further 74,481 hectares planted in the autumn crop. He added that the Government is committed to improving the livelihoods of rice farmers, revealing that they will collaborate with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), through the Malaysia Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), in updating the expertise and technology in rice production, through a Reverse Linkage Project to the tune of US$863,000. This will be done through the introduction of 53 innovative rice varieties from MARDI that are more resilient and will significantly increase rice yields per unit.



SATURDAY, February 10, 2018 |


Guyana/Venezuela border controversy

The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on:

Saturday, February 10 – a night retraction at 01:00h and a day retraction at 13:30h-15:00h and Sunday, February 11 – a night retraction at 02:00h and a day retraction at 14:30h-16:00h.

The Berbice Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Saturday, February 10 – 13:00h-14:30h and Sunday, February 11 – 13:50h-15:20h.


Parika and Supenaam departure times - 05:00h, 11:00h and 16:00h daily


Light to thundery rain showers can be expected throughout the day and will continue in the evening, with overall temperatures ranging between 22 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius.

Winds: East North-easterly to North-easterly between 1.78 metres and 5.81 metres.

High Tide: 00:08h and 12:34h reaching maximum heights of 2.08 metres and 2.15 metres respectively. Low Tide: 06:01h and 18:44h reaching minimum heights of 1.15 metres and 1.05 metres respectively.

wednesDAY, february 7, 2018



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International rights of sovereignty must be enforced – Brazil’s Defence Minister …calls for peaceful resolution …conferred with Cacique Crown of Honour during high-level visit


n its efforts to promote South America as a zone of peace with respect for each other’s territorial sovereignty, Brazil is calling for a peaceful resolution of the on-going border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela. This call was made by Brazil’s Defence Minister, Raul Jungmann, who led a high-level military delegation from Brazil for a oneday visit to Guyana. As part of the visit, President David Granger conferred the Brazilian Minister with Guyana’s second highest award, the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH). During the investiture

President Granger acknowledged the resolute commitment of Guyana’s Portuguese-speaking neighbour in preserving South America as a zone of peace, something which is essential to Guyana’s existence. “Guyana therefore records its appreciation for Brazil’s consistent and unwavering support over the past 50 years, and its support of the peaceful settlement of the territorial controversy which has resulted out of the claim by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela…,” the President noted. He said the conferring of the award on Brazil’s

President David Granger and several members of Cabinet during deliberations with the high-level delegation from Brazil, led by Defence Minister Raul Jungmann at State House on Friday

ceremony, held at State House on Friday, Minister Jungmann outlined the need to promote peaceful relations among nations on the South American Continent. “Like in anywhere else in the world, there is no place for force or opposition… but we have to enforce international rights of sovereignty…(and) we will need to make an effort to get it done,” he stated, while adding that it is imperative that Brazil and Guyana work together for justice to be had peacefully. According to the Defence Minister, “Brazil believes in the establishment of borders within all ways; the principle of diplomacy; respect for sovereignty; independence; and our endurance between us and our neighbours.”

Defence Minister recognises not only the Brazilian minister’s diligence, but also Brazil’s demonstrated commitment to the respect of international laws and the inviolability of treaties; to international peace-keeping; humanitarian and disaster relief; and, no less, its commitment to the consolidation of defence cooperation between Brazil and Guyana. “Today’s award of the Cacique Crown of Honour symbolises our highest regard of you, and also the acknowledgement of the successful cooperation which has existed between Guyana and Brazil for nearly 50 years… Guyana looks forward to the intensification of defence cooperation with Brazil; cooperation which

(is) essential to preventing transnational crimes such as trafficking in persons, trafficking in illegal

resort to the use of force in determining issues between itself and its neighbours in South America to preserve

President David Granger as he conferred Brazil's Minister of Defence Raul Jungmann with the Cacique Crown of Honour

narcotics, trafficking in illegal weapons, transnational terrorism, and the spread of contagious diseases,” the Head of State noted. He posited that the friendship which the two neighbouring countries enjoys is founded on the international principle of, among other things, mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Against this backdrop, the Brazilian Defence Minister asserted that his country does not believe in the use of force. In fact, he pointed out that for a century and a half, Brazil has not had any conflict with its neighbours, nor had need to

its existence on the continent. Prior to Friday’s investiture ceremony, Minister Jungmann and his team meet with several Government ministers, during which the two countries committed to review the September 2012 Joint Communiqué which followed the official visit to Guyana by Ambassador Celso Amorim, then Minister of Defence of Brazil. The review is intended to update the agreements in that document, and bring them in line with present-day realities, as well as to deepen defence cooperation. turn to page 9


saturDAY, February 10, 2018

Views Editor: Tusika Martin News Hotline: 231-8063 Editorial: 231-0544, 223-7230, 223-7231, 225-7761 Marketing: 231-8064 Accounts: 225-6707 Mailing address: Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown Email:,

The oil hype W

ith all the hype being created about oil and gas, and how the proceeds derived from the sector could transform this country overnight, there is currently a high level of optimism in regard to the future of our country. Due to this level of excitement, persons from many different countries are already here, hoping to explore the opportunities that are likely to come once commercial production of oil commences in 2020. It is also highly believed that many Guyanese who are residing abroad will return home in anticipation of taking advantage of the opportunities that will become available. Just this past week, a representative of the United Nations’ International Organisation for Migration (IOM) pointed to the fact that Guyana must be prepared to deal with a huge influx of migrants and re-migrants. It is also highly believed that, in the coming years, Guyana will more than likely become a destination country for foreigners, as many of them will come here to explore investment opportunities or search for employment due to a booming oil sector. The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has made it clear that its members are very aware of the developments, and are getting ready to capitalize on the many opportunities. The Government has called on local entrepreneurs to be prepared for a level of investment and hive of business activity that is unprecedented. It has urged businesses to upgrade their skills and knowledge, improve the standards of business, form alliances and partnerships, and get ready to compete with the best. Citizens, also, have certain expectations of the Government. They expect those tasked with managing the sector to be fully transparent and accountable. It could be recalled that it was only after several questions were raised from various stakeholders that the Government disclosed it had indeed collected the US$18 million signing bonus from ExxonMobil and had placed it in a special account. Similarly, it was only after heightened public pressure that the Government released the oil contract it had signed with ExxonMobil, which eventually led stakeholders to understand how the Government had settled for an extremely bad deal. Every nation wants to strike oil. Unfortunately for many of them that are successful, not long after, they are worse off due to the high levels of corruption and mismanagement of oil proceeds at every stage of the process. Managing wealth derived from natural resources is not an easy task. In fact, it is fraught with difficulties; and if not done well, can adversely impact macroeconomic performance in the short and long terms. Research has shown that quite a few of these oil rich countries are home to some of the world’s poorest people. Africa, in particular, is a perfect example of how corruption and mismanagement of natural resources could stifle development. For example, millions of people in oil-rich Nigeria still live in poverty. Although oil is said to account for 75% of the Nigerian economy, no one knows how much the country actually produces or refines, because hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil are stolen every day at every level of the supply chain. A similar situation exists in Angola, Chad, Libya, Equatorial Guinea etc, where, in spite of the massive oil wealth, the actual benefits are not trickled down to those in need. That said, there are many examples of Governments that have succeeded in ensuring that their citizens are better off by ensuring the wealth from natural resources are channelled towards key development initiatives and distributed more evenly. For example, due to sensible resource management, Norway has lifted its prospects far and above what it was prior to any major oil or gas discovery. Alaska is another example; the state is bound by law to put at least a quarter of its revenues from oil into the Alaska Permanent Fund which was established in 1976. The money is invested, and each year, citizens get a share of the dividends. These payments stimulate the economy and reduce income disparities. This country is indeed at an important juncture in its history. The decisions we make now as to how we exploit our natural resources would determine our future. Guyana must not simply be known as an oil-producing nation, but rather as a country that has been able to effectively use its natural resources to provide a better quality of life for its citizens, and become a competitive and modern country on the international scene.

The crowning moment of any opening ceremony: the final leg of the torch relay and the lighting of the Olympic caldron. Inbee Park, the golfer, is one of the final torchbearers. Two members of the mixed North and South Korean women’s hockey team, Chung Su-hyon of North Korea and Park Jong-ah of South Korea, carry the torch up the stairs (New York Times)

Fear-struck over rising crime Dear Editor, An opinion survey conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) in the last week of January has found a nation fear struck by the spiraling crime situation -worried they would become victims of rampant crimi-

nality. The crime is impacting on social and religious activities with people saying they have curtailed evening movements. Almost everyone feels unsafe saying they are constantly watching over their back fearful of being a victim of the ongoing crime wave even in their own home or at work.

The survey also found widespread disapproval of the government’s negotiation and acceptance of the US $18 M bonus from Exxon as well as how the government handled the money (seeking to secretly stash it away). The survey interviewed 490 individuals to represent the ethnic diversity (41 per

cent Indians, 30 per cent Africans, 18 per cent Mixed, 10 per cent Amerindians, one per cent others) of the population. The findings, analysed at a significance level of 95 per cent, has a margin of error of four per cent. Sincerely, Vishnu Bisram

Guyana Gaming Authority: Oh vendetta, where is thy victory

Dear Editor, On Saturday, February 3, 2018, Stabroek News’ top story was: “Surinamese investor pulls gaming machines from delayed SleepIn casino - gives two-month deadline for positive word on licence”. The action by the Surinamese investor is a good lesson for us all: take no BS! Extracts from the poem by Martin Niemöller, commenting on the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis' rise to power, are insightful: First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. Then they came for the sugar workers -- and

there is an oppressive political, economic and racial nexus between the loathsome treatment of SleepIn International Hotel and Casino (Sleep-In) application and the sugar workers. The truth is: there was no earthly reason to deny, delay, or retard the casino application process; and, in addition, reportedly threaten and undermine the application process by requesting that Sleep-In revoke and replace the auditor. I am that auditor. Sleep-In seemingly acquiesced to the Gaming Authority. It was the passivity that the rubber-stamping Gaming Authority Board sought to continue their vendetta against Sleep-In and the group that Sleep-In is perceived to favour and support. Also, my role as Auditor became persona non-grata for the Gaming Authority after I expressed my concerns about the inexplicable behaviour of the Guyana Gaming Authority. Auditors more eminent then I have found no anomaly in the audited financial statements; and now we are in the dead zone,

with the Gaming Authority stalling, stymying, or failing to make a decision after having been provided, in April 2017, with a new and all-inclusive casino licence application. Subsequently, individual tax returns of the directors and supporting documentation for source of funds were provided to the Gaming Authority upon their request. The tide has now receded, and to paraphrase Warren Buffet, we can see the nakedness of the Gaming Authority Board members and their handlers. I apologize to the readers for illustrating these likely unfit and improper images without warning. Maybe we should have asked for multiple years of individual tax returns of Darren Woods, CEO & Chairman of ExxonMobil, and the other ExxonMobil Directors. Can’t have that, these are foreigners from an extremely “reputable” company. The dissimulation of the Gaming Authority is evidenced in a most visual manner by the repossession of some of the gaming

machines from Sleep-In by one of the investors. What a tragedy for local business entrepreneurs. Now what are the options for the self-described independent and objective Gaming Authority? After having received a comprehensive application that complied with the requirements of the Gambling Prevention Act and the other statutes the Gaming Authority claims relevancy under. Options: (1) Issue the licences; (2) adhere to the preceding option. However, we are not dealing with an independent or objective Gaming Authority, and thus there is only one directive they will execute: Do not issue the licence to an entity that is perceived to be controlled by the PPP. As Walter Rodney noted in his book, The Grounding with my Brothers: “Why not struggle for multi-racial and harmonious living, which nobody on a theoretical level would oppose. This is what we are struggling for.” Sincerely, Nigel Hinds

saturDAY, february 10, 2018


News Guyana/India celebrate ITEC day T

he Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme, being offered by the Government of India to the people of Guyana, is well in place to help in the development of the country’s human capital. Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Ministry, Reginald Brotherson on Friday said that the programme has been significant in this regard. He was at the time speaking on behalf of Public Service Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, at a luncheon held by the Indian High Commission to commemorate

the programme’s 54th anniversary. The event was held at the Aagman Restaurant, in Georgetown. “Human capital can be increased by education and training and ITEC is instrumental in allowing us to enhance our human resource development,” Brotherson told the gathering of Government Ministers and members of the diplomatic community. He underscored the critical role played by the Public Service Ministry in ensuring that training and developmental plans are actualised when offered by the Indian High

Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Venkatachalam Mahalingam

Commission. He noted that there are some 35 areas that are allotted to Guyana. These are utilised by officers of some 30 public service agencies. The programmes, he said, are in keeping with Government’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the National Development Agenda. As part of the Employee Learning and Development Plan, the ITEC courses are also used to aid in personal and professional programmes. The ITEC programme was initiated by the Government of India and has several compo-

nents, including training in the fields of hydrology, engineering, cyber technology, management, education, agriculture, horticulture, banking and financial services, environment protection, public and management. The programme has seen over 500 Guyanese benefiting. Meanwhile, Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Venkatachalam Mahalingam said the ITEC programme is just one of the many collaborations his country has with Guyana. “Guyana is an important partner for India in the area of

development partnership cooperation with Guyana it is purely driven by… We may proudly say that more than 500 Guyanese have been trained in the ITEC scheme,” he said. Under the ITEC programme, India has partnered with countries including Guyana, St Kitts and Nevis, Suriname, Venezuela, Brazil and Chile among others. It offers over 280 courses in 47 institutions in India, in a diverse range of areas. Its objective of developmental assistance and capacity building is realised through innovative and technical collaboration.

Crime against sugar workers CEO for Guyoil Dear Editor, Thousands of sugar workers of the Guyana Sugar Corporation from Skeldon, Rose Hall and East Demerara Estates will surely face the similarly harsh sufferings we are going through at Wales Estate. Our children can’t get enough and proper meals; clearly, they are being malnourished. Some of them are

forced to become school dropouts. We are noticing many of the boys are attracted to stealing, while we are not pleased with the behaviour of some of our young daughters. We did not expect, at the time of our redundancy, that we would have to encounter the present dreadful situation. Seeing is believing. Those who decided to close Wales, Rose Hall, Skeldon

and East Demerara Estates must answer for the crime they committed against us before an impartial tribunal. Those workers from Uitvlugt, Blairmont and Albion estates must take warning, for the Government will not spare their estates, despite the President’s assurance. We believe that those of us – about 7,000 – who have been pushed to the breadline

should obtain some monetary assistance every week. At least the sum of $19,500 per month – a pensioner’s allowance, though highly inadequate, should be given to us. For 7,000 workers at $19,500, the monthly sum is $136.5 million. This is within the possibility of the Government. Yours faithfully, Liebert Alleyne

That oligarchy at City Hall Dear Editor, As a property owner, resident and business owner in our capital city, I would like to enquire from the powers that be when they would relieve the citizens of Georgetown from the oligarchy that exists within the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown. This oligarchy was formerly known as the “Fantastic Four”, and is now known as the “Terrific Trio.” The level of venality, duplicity and mismanagement there is simply unbelievable, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. If there is an entity in the country that needs the examination of a commission of enquiry, it is the Georgetown Municipality. Could you imagine an entity receiving and spending billions of dollars each year and not being audited? It is complete anarchy at City Hall, where senior officials ‘buse out’ the Minister that is responsible for the Council, and ignore court rulings and the wishes of the Government. It is a serious affair when officers undertake major activities without the Council’s knowledge or fiat. And we cannot forget the numerous hair-raising scan-

dals that have occurred over the last two and a half years at City Hall, from the parking meters’ ignominy to the stun gun fiasco, to the attempted cover up of the rape of a juvenile, to a firearm going missing, to inappropriate sexual conduct by a senior official in the Engineer’s Department, to the granting of permission to a vendor to build a two-storey structure without Council’s knowledge or permission -something that would change the aesthetics of the Stabroek Market -- without consultation with the National Trust, to the building of model homes on the city’s reserves. Can the citizens be told what tangible benefits were derived from all of those many luxury trips abroad? Can the citizens be told why the City Police Training School was allowed to go to rack and ruin, even though it was totally rehabilitated during the term of the last Council? Can the Citizens be told when the Stabroek Market Clock would work again, having received foreign funding a long time ago? And when will works begin on the restoration of City Hall? Just look at the Stabroek Market wharf, which col-

lapsed years ago. Rather than fix it, they hang some lights at the front for window dressing. Council has an administration that refuses to recognize or to engage the vendors’ union. This same administration has farmed out a part of the Farnum Field in Subryanville to a private individual, and has attempted to sell the Bel Air Park

Playfield to a private developer, all against the covenants associated with these properties. The greed in this attempt is palpable, as at least one of those individuals owns multiple homes, and is attempting to grab more. Sincerely, Mark Roopan

Dear Editor, The inability of the Guyana Oil Company Limited (GuyOil) to effectively attract and retain a competent Chief Executive Officer is astounding. Within the short space of eighteen months, I have seen at least three vacancy advertisements in the newspapers for the post of CEO of this state-owned entity. I write this letter with grave concern, because while the entire country is focused on the oil and gas industry, persons in Government fail to realize that GuyOil may be able to play some role in this industry, as it is already a downstream player. The inability of the company to attract and retain a CEO that can navigate the entity into the future of oil and gas is worrisome, but also indicative of larger issues of strategic direction in the country and from the Government. It is with great flourish that GPL recently announced its recruitment of CEO Albert

Gordon from Jamaica. Mr Gordon boasts industry specific knowledge which I do expect would transform the energy sector in Guyana. Do I dare challenge GUYOIL to aim for the same, or at least similar? Sincerely, K Rampersaud


saturDAY, February 10, 2018


Foundation are more likely to be bullies and more likely to use aggression to solve disputes with others.” “There are many other ways to discipline a child – including ‘time out’ – which work better and do not involve aggression.”

Explain your rules and decisions


aising a happy, healthy child is one of the most challenging jobs a parent can have – and also one of the most rewarding. Yet many of us don’t approach parenting with the same focus we would use for a job. We may act on our gut reactions or just use the same parenting techniques our own parents used, whether or not these were effective parenting skills. Parenting is one of the most researched areas in the field of social science. No matter what your parenting style or what your parenting questions or concerns may be, from helping your child avoid becoming part of the child obesity epidemic to dealing with behaviour problems, experts can help. In his book, The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting, Laurence Steinberg, PhD, provides tips and guidelines based on some 75 years of social science research. Follow them and you can avert all sorts of child behaviour problems, he says. Good parenting helps foster empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self-control, kindness, cooperation, and cheerfulness, says Steinberg, a distinguished professor of psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia. It also promotes intellectual curiosity, motivation, and encourages a desire to achieve. Good parenting also helps protect children from developing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, antisocial behaviour, and alcohol and drug abuse.

What are the 10 principles of good parenting?

What you do matters Whether it’s your own health behaviours or the way you treat other people, your children are learning from what you do. “This is one of the most important principles,” Steinberg explains. “What you do makes a difference...Don’t just react on the spur of the moment. Ask yourself, What do I

want to accomplish, and is this likely to produce that result?”

You cannot be too loving

“It is simply not possible to spoil a child with love,” Steinberg writes. “What we often think of as the product of spoiling a child is never the result of showing a child too much love. It is usually the consequence of giving a child things in place of love – things like leniency, lowered expectations, or material possessions.”

Be involved in your child’s life

“Being an involved parent takes time and is hard work, and it often means rethinking and rearranging your priorities. It frequently means sacrificing what you want to do for what your child needs to do. Be there mentally as well as physically.” Being involved does not mean doing a child’s homework – or correcting it. “Homework is a tool for teachers to know whether the child is learning or not,” Steinberg says. “If you do the homework, you’re not letting the teacher know what the child is learning.”

Adapt your parenting to fit your child

Keep pace with your child’s development. Your child is growing up. Consider how age is affecting the child’s behaviour. “The same drive for independence that is making your three-year-old say ‘no’ all the time is what’s motivating him to be toilet trained,” writes Steinberg. “The same intellectual growth spurt that is making your 13-year-old curious and inquisitive in the classroom also is making her argumentative at the dinner table.”

Establish and set rules

“If you don’t manage your child’s behaviour when he is young, he will have a hard time learning how to man-

age himself when he is older and you aren’t around. Any time of the day or night, you should always be able to answer these three questions: Where is my child? Who is with my child? What is my child doing? The rules your child has learned from you are going to shape the rules he applies to himself. “But you can’t micromanage your child,” Steinberg notes. “Once they’re in middle school, you need to let the child do their own homework, make their own choices and not intervene.”

“Good parents have expectations they want their child to live up to,” he writes. “Generally, parents overexplain to young children and underexplain to adolescents. What is obvious to you may not be evident to a 12-yearold. He doesn’t have the priorities, judgment, or experience that you have.”

Treat your child with respect

“The best way to get respectful treatment from your child is to treat him respectfully,” Steinberg

writes. “You should give your child the same courtesies you would give to anyone else. Speak to him politely. Respect his opinion. Pay attention when he is speaking to you. Treat him kindly. Try to please him when you can. Children treat others the way their parents treat them. Your relationship with your child is the foundation for her relationships with others.” For example, if your child is a picky eater: “I personally don’t think parents should make a big deal about eating,” Steinberg says. “Children develop food preferences. They often go through them in stages. You don’t want to turn mealtimes into unpleasant occasions. Just don’t make the mistake of substituting unhealthy foods. If you don’t keep junk food in the house, they won’t eat it.” (

Foster your child’s independence

“Setting limits helps your child develop a sense of self-control. Encouraging independence helps her develop a sense of self-direction. To be successful in life, she’s going to need both.” It’s normal for children to push for autonomy, says Steinberg. “Many parents mistakenly equate their child’s independence with rebelliousness or disobedience. Children push for independence because it is part of human nature to want to feel in control rather than to feel controlled by someone else.”

Be consistent

“If your rules vary from day to day in an unpredictable fashion or if you enforce them only intermittently, your child’s misbehaviour is your fault, not his. Your most important disciplinary tool is consistency. Identify your non-negotiables. The more your authority is based on wisdom and not on power, the less your child will challenge it.”

Avoid harsh discipline

Parents should never hit a child, under any circumstances, Steinberg says. “Children who are spanked, hit, or slapped are more prone to fighting with other children,” he writes. “They

How can parents avoid the dinnertime battle with their children?

Still, there are some gentle ways parents can nudge their children toward more healthful eating habits. Here are a few thoughts from nationally known nutrition experts on how to get children to go from being picky eaters to people with sound, varied diets: Avoid a mealtime power struggle. One of the surest ways to win the battle but lose the war is to engage in a power struggle with your child over food, says Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, author of The Parent’s Toolshop. With power struggles, you’re saying, “Do it because I’m the parent” and that’s a rationale that won’t work for long, she says. But if your child understands the why behind the rules, those values can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of sound food choices. Let children participate. Get a step stool and ask your children to lend a hand with easy tasks in the kitchen, says Sal Severe, PhD, author of How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too. “If they participate in helping to make the meal, they are more likely to want to try it,” he says. Older children and teens can begin to prepare special meals or dishes by themselves. Get teens started learning to prepare healthy

foods before it’s time to live on their own. Don’t label. Severe reminds parents that, more often than not, children under 5 are going to be selective eaters. “Being selective is actually normal,” says Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD. She prefers the term “limited eater” to the more negative term “picky.” Build on the positives. “When I sit down with parents, we’ll often find that their child actually does eat two or three things from each food group,” says Ward. Just as children can get comfort from reading the same story over and over, they enjoy having a set of “predictable” foods. “Even though they aren’t getting a wide variety of foods, they are actually doing OK nutritionally,” says Ward. When the child goes through a growth spurt and has a bigger appetite, use that opportunity to introduce new foods, she recommends. Expose, expose, expose. Ward says a child needs to be exposed to a new food 10 to 15 times before he or she will accept it. But many parents give up long before that. So, even if your child only plays with the strawberry on her plate, don’t give up. One day, she just may surprise you by taking a bite. But don’t go overboard, says Severe. Limit exposure to one or two new foods a week. (Excerpt from med-




Guyana/Venezuela border controversy

Jagdeo never agreed to cede any part of Guyana’s territory – PPP …botches AFC plot to undermine national solidarity reiterates support for Govt’s efforts to safeguard territorial sovereignty


he People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Friday staunchly defended its General Secretary as it denied assertions by the Alliance For Change (AFC) that while serving as President, Bharrat Jagdeo seriously considered ceding part of Guyana’s territory to Venezuela as a means of easing the pressure brought by the Spanish speaking country on his Government at that time. The AFC made the allegations in its Sunday column carried in a section of the press under the headline “How dare you, Mr Jagdeo? Watch and Learn.” But the PPP in a strongly worded statement fired back, stating that at a time when

a sense of solidarity is being promoted among Guyanese, relative to the Guyana/ Venezuela border controversy, it noted with disgust the manoeuvrings of the AFC on the matter, for the sake of political gain. The party said the published column blatantly misrepresented comments made by Jagdeo in October 2015. “The AFC has unashamedly peddled yet another lie. The AFC, in its column, claims that Jagdeo “had seriously considered surrendering parts of Guyana’s land and sea space to Venezuela ‘just to ease the pressure’ on his Government and appease the land-hungry Venezuelans.”  The facts show that no such com-

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

ment was ever made.  This lie about a concession of Guyana’s territory being offered to Venezuela has been

Taxi driver stabbed to death by ex-wife’s lover


axi driver Orlando Flatts, also called “Orlandy” and “Rango,” of Blue Berry Hill, Wismar Linden, was reportedly stabbed to death by his exwife’s lover as, armed with a piece of metal, he forced his way into the woman’s Amelia’s Ward apartment at about 00:30h on Friday. The woman’s lover, a 22-year-old labourer, was in residence at the time, and he armed himself with a knife and stabbed Flatts once to his abdomen. The lover also received injuries in the confrontation. He was arrested, and is assisting with the investigations. A knife suspected to be the murder weapon and a wheel spanner extension which the dead man had reportedly used

to break into the house have been lodged with Police as evidence. A neighbour who resides in the lower flat of the home recounted that she was awakened from sleep by a tumbling noise coming from the upper flat. "I was sleeping and then I heard a noise, and is the big tumbling upstairs. And then I heard the louvre windows fall out in the kitchen and the girl upstairs say, 'Ayo, come see! Ayo, come see!’ And then me and the other girl, we run outside”, the neighbour recalled. The woman further stated that she peeked through a window and called out to the persons in the lower flat, but there was no answer. Soon after, she saw the now dead man’s ex-wife and her lover

in the yard. The man’s hands were covered in blood, and he was holding a knife, she recalled. “When I ask he what happen, he said, ‘A thief just break in upstairs, and me and he had a lil scuffle and he end up getting juk. Call the Police’.” Upon enquiring further, she was told that the injured man was lying on the floor upstairs, and that he was not moving. The Police were subsequently summoned, and upon arrival, the injured man was picked up and rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex, where he was pronounced dead. Flatts’s body is at the Linden Hospital Mortuary, awaiting a post-mortem.

bandied about since late 2015, without consideration of one quintessential fact – no such decision or move was made,” the PPP statement read. It said sternly that the former President in October 2015 made it clear that in addressing the border controversy, several internal discussions were held.   “He stated that, coming out from an internal technical analysis, several options were reviewed.  When pressed by the media corps on the nature of these discussions, Dr Jagdeo said: “There was one view, let me say, one view, that you could probably, on the maritime area,

give Venezuela a channel out to the sea. So you could have made a concession in the maritime area, but make sure you do not concede any territory that is land based, because the maritime boundaries are still yet to be determined… that was one view.” However, he also stressed that at no time was a decision made regarding the surrender of Guyana’s land or sea space. There was no “serious consideration” – as the AFC claims – of what was a single view,” the PPP continued. The PPP said Jagdeo has publicly indicated that while he may not agree with some of the moves made by the coalition Government in dealing

with the border controversy, he has not expounded on any of these in the interest of ensuring that national solidarity on this matter is not undermined. The party reiterated its support of the coalition Government’s efforts to safeguard Guyana’s territorial sovereignty. “We have a national position on this matter and that will not change. Given the AFC’s position, one now has to question if it is the mouthpiece of the Government on this issue and if this is the coalition Government’s approach to this matter – one that undermines national solidarity,” the PPP added.

8 news Granny attacks, injures GPL worker, Police saturDAY, February 10, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM


member of the Guyana Power and Light disconnection crew and a Police rank were on Thursday injured by a 64-year-old woman of Sophia, Greater Georgetown. Based on reports received, the injured disconnection crew member and others had gone to the Lot 128 Sophia home to disconnect the electricity when they were confronted by an elderly woman brandishing a kitchen knife.

Att a


Summoned, the Police arrived at the scene and attempted to arrest the elderly woman who was armed with the kitchen knife, but the el-

der stabbed the GPL worker to his jaw and slashed a Police rank to her hand. She was eventually subdued, but the Police later

learnt that she suffers from a mental disorder, and as such, she was released on station bail. Advice is being sought from the Director of Public Prosecutions on the way forward. The injured GPL worker and the Police rank were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where they were treated. The Police rank was sent away while the GPL worker was admitted for observation on Thursday. He, however, was discharged on Friday.

Businessman charged for cocaine in fish


he businessman who was on Tuesday last intercepted at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) attempting to smuggle a large quantity of cocaine stashed in frozen fish was on Friday slapped with a narcotics trafficking charge. Thirty-year-old Amir Ally of Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara (WBD) appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and denied that he attempted to ship 9.366 kg of cocaine. Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan read the charge to Ally, which stated that he, on February 6, 2018, at Laparkan Cargo Shed, CJIA, attempted to traffic 9.366 kilograms of cocaine. Defence attorney Bernard DaSilva, in a bail

Amir Ally

application, told the court that the cocaine was not found in the possession of his client, but was found at the in the belly of the fishes. Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford, however, revealed to the court that Ally was arrested after the discovery, and investiga-

tions revealed that he had been the shipper. Based on the seriousness of the offence, she objected to bail being grant-

ed Ally. Bail was refused Ally, and he was remanded to prison. The case will continue on March 7.

Trio to stand High Court trial for elderly women’s murders


he trio who reportedly strangled to death and robbed two elderly women – Constance Fraser, 89, and Phylis Caesar, 77 – in October 2017, have now been committed to stand trial in the High Court for the heinous crime. Following the conclusion of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI), Magistrate Judy Latchman ruled that a prima facie case has been made out against the three men for them to stand trial during the sitting of the next criminal assizes. The three Albouystown residents – Christopher Khan, also known as “Imran Khan”, 25; Steven Andrews, 26; and Phillip Sufferin, 23, were all remanded for the crime when they appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It is alleged that between October 2 and October 3, 2017, at Lot 243 South Road and Albert Street, the trio murdered the two women during the course of a

Missing the point…


…and the boat on judiciary

ere we go again! Gridlock! This time it’s on the appointment of the Chancellor and Chief Justice – the two highest officials in the Judiciary. As your Eyewitness has taken pains to belabour, one of the unfortunately unwelcome features of our system of governance is the fusion of the Executive with the Legislative branch – leaving only the Judiciary to prevent a permanent, existential dictatorship after every “democratic” election. If the Executive were to have unfettered power to appoint the members of the Judiciary, then Lord help us!! For this reason, the President can only appoint ordinary judges, who’ve been nominated by the Judicial Service Commission. For the aforementioned two apex officials, there’s a special CONSTITUTIONAL (Art 127 (1) ) feature which brings in the Opposition Leader: he HAS TO AGREE to the nominees of the President. There is absolutely no ambiguity on this one!!  This is a critical feature meant to increase the impartiality and integrity of the Judiciary on the assumption that, in a country as fractured as Guyana, there at least ought to be agreement on that final bulwark of our democratic governance by the “two sides”. Recognising, however, that the Opposition Leader and the President might not find agreement on the nominees, and to prevent the former from having an absolute veto on these key appointments, the Constitution makes provision (Art 127 (2) ) for the President to make temporary appointments until agreement can be reached. The selected individuals are said to be “acting”.  However, as we found in the last set of appointments, the “acting” appointments lasted for more than a decade!!! Honestly, this doesn’t do the Judiciary any good as far as reinforcing its legitimacy to the populace. Only recently, the President of the CCJ – and our Bar Association -- had to bemoan the then status quo, only to have no change when the incumbents retired and new appointments were made. If two generations of Guyanese will not have the experience of witnessing substantive Chancellors and Chief Justices in action, they can be forgiven for believing that that branch of Government is as polarised and partisan as the fused Executive/Legislative branch.  On the Opposition Leader’s rejection of the President’s two nominees, the President says he’ll have to seek “legal advice”. From whom? His Attorney General? The fella’s already steered him wrong on so many occasions, in spite of being given five legal “old heads” as advisors!! And advice about what? The President has only one route open to him – the “acting” route. To suggest otherwise, as the President’s spokesperson has done, is only to muddy the judicial waters and further delegitimise the credentials of our Judiciary. Let’s not have our top Justices belittled as being qualified only for the Academy Awards!

…on Dutch Disease

Imran Khan

robbery. They were not required to plead to the capital offence and were remanded to prison until October 26, 2017. The bodies of Fraser, known as “Mother Fraser”, and Caesar, her niece, were found in the upper flat of the home, in their respective bedrooms, lying unconscious on their beds. Caesar’s hands and legs were bound, and a piece of cloth had been

Steven Andrews

Phillip Sufferin

stuffed in her mouth. According to reports, Caesar had failed to report to her place of worship, as is customary, prompting several attempts to contact the duo, all of which were to no avail. A congregation member then alerted the Police, and together they ventured into the home and discovered the two women dead. The elderly women were last seen alive while attend-

ing church two days prior to the discovery of their bodies. Meanwhile, the autopsies conducted on the bodies of the two women proved that they died as a result of asphyxiation due to suffocation and manual strangulation, compounded by trauma to the head. The post-mortems were performed by local Pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh.

It’s hard to believe someone can stick their foot into their mouth as often as Raphael “Nassau” Trotman! It’s as if he enjoys hopping around on the solitary foot left!! Addressing the Oil Summit, the man whose Ministry cosponsored the event told the participants that Guyana’s focus isn’t only on oil, but also on food production to ensure a balanced economy!! He certainly must’ve had the foreigners rolling on the floor laughing their a55 off!! These are business professionals. Before coming to Guyana they would’ve had such thorough briefings on the Guyanese economy as to make Trotman’s head spin!! Every one of them knows that “Dutch Disease” – where other sectors of the economy are neglected in favour of oil -- is the existential threat facing Guyana; and that the Government fired over 5,700 workers in agriculture with no plan in place to employ them in alternative food production!!    “Nassau” Trotman confirmed he’s all bluff and no substance. ROFLMAO!!!

…on advice

OK, so we’re the new kid on the (oil) block. “Nassau” Trotman’s oil contract proved THAT!! But what’s with the President and his oil advisor? Why have a professional available and ignore his advice?? Is it all a pappy show …like the sugar CoI? Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



saturDAY, February 10, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

GO-Invest reveals blackmail attempt …slams controversial advertisement …PSC calls for boycott of KN, SN papers


n advertisement carried earlier in the week in the Kaieteur News and the Stabroek News, which read “Investors beware, Go Invest elsewhere’’ continues to earn strong condemnation from sections of society, including the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest). According to GO-Invest President Owen Verway, the advertisement is a disappointment and a clear attempt at sabotage. More so, the entity itself has intimated that it has information of who was responsible for placing the ad. GO-Invest revealed in a statement that a particular individual had emailed them a draft of the advertisement last week. This, the agency noted, was in a bid to blackmail GO-Invest into giving the individual preferential treatment to avoid its publication during the Guyana

PSC President Eddie Boyer

International Petroleum Business Summit (GIPEX) that concluded on Friday. “No responsible agency would curtail or direct its actions based on a threat of sabotage. GO-Invest has been working fervently to elevate its profile and per-

formance over the last two years, ensuring that investment agreements are processed within a reasonable time while observing all legal and other regulatory requirements.” GO-Invest said on Friday it is alarmed by the obvious intention of the responsible party to sabotage the country’s economic development potential by deterring investment interests in Guyana. “This advertisement (however) did not deter investors from participating meaningfully at GIPEX.” The agency also sought to stress that it is not solely responsible for investments, but must work in conjunction with the Guyana Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Finance.


At a press conference on the final day of GIPEX, Private Sector Commission

Bandits shoot fisherman …escape with $7M

An injured Eddie Brandon upon his arrival at the GPHC on Friday afternoon

ey from a bank at Triumph, ECD, before boarding a minibus for Cove and John. It is believed that the armed bandits trailed the duo from the bank, and carried out the attack after they had disembarked the minibus. Police have since retrieved three spent 9mm shells at the scene, and are on the hunt for the robbers. At the Georgetown Public

GO-Invest CEO Owen Verwey

accelerate economic growth and provide for Guyanese welfare. “The GCCI welcomes investors to Guyana, and remains supportive of policies and acts which will promote private sector development and, by extension, economic development,” the chambers added. The advertisement was published on the first day of GIPEX 2018. The summit seeks to create a platform for networking and partnership opportunities for all investors as Guyana prepares for first oil in 2020. The half-page paid ad-

vertisement was carried in the two newspapers on Wednesday February 7, and again on Thursday. It read: “Investors Beware, Go Invest Elsewhere” in bold letters. Condemnation has since flowed from both the Government and the private sector. Finance Minister Winston Jordan in particular has acknowledged that there are provisions in the law for freedom of speech. He noted, however, that the advertisement and its authors had gone beyond the boundary, and should not be tolerated.

International rights...


fisherman was on Friday afternoon shot and relieved of $7 million while walking along the Cove and John access road, East Coast Demerara (ECD). Injured is 50-year-old Eddie Brandon, who was heading home in the company of his 17-year-old daughter. Reports are the duo were walking when two men exited a silver-grey Toyota Carina 212 motorcar, held them at gunpoint, and demanded a bag containing the money. The now injured man reportedly resisted the men, and one of the bandits discharged several rounds, one of which hit the man to the left leg. The bandit then gun-butted the fisherman and relieved him of the bag, before re-entering the motorcar which sped off. Guyana Times understands that the fisherman had withdrawn the mon-

President Eddie Boyer reiterated his condemnation of the advertisement, adding that he would even call for a boycott of the newspapers involved. “A lot of people are seeing the opportunities of Guyana…Guyana is on a trajectory up, not down. And we have got to stick as a nation.” he admonished. “When we see (published) a negative advert like the one I saw two days ago, I would call for a boycott of those newspapers!” the businessman stressed. Meanwhile, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) also joined in reproaching the advertisement. In a press statement issued on Friday, the GCCI announced strong objections to the paid advertisement. The GCCI declared its view that this “mischievous statement (is) anti-national and anti-development, and believes that such a position should not be condoned by any Guyanese.” It also noted that investments can both

Hospital, the injured man when approached for a comment confirmed that he was robbed of $7 million but did not give details about the robbery. Other relatives at the hospital stated that they received the news of the shooting but were not briefed on the matter. They are however, leaving the Police to conduct their investigations.

According to the Guyanese Head of State, “We would like to review the Joint Communiqué to determine its applicability to present-day circumstances. That agreement contained seven points which are being implemented, but in light of the present situation in the northern coast of South America, we would like to review that agreement… to put greater emphasis on surveillance and our involvement in the Amazon Surveillance System.” To this end, Minister Jungmann informed that Brazil is ready to revisit the terms and provisions of the Communiqué, to work out the modalities of how the two countries can cooperate in the areas of defence outlined by the President. “We are willing to review the Communiqué. We will do this through our Military Attaché… who will then refer it to the higher authorities,” he said. Furthermore, the neigh-

bouring Defence Minister offered assistance to tackle transnational crimes which threaten law and order, and citizens’ safety. “As Minister of Defence, we have responsibility for the army, the marine and the air force; so whatever we can do to assist Guyana, let us know,” the Minister told the President during the high-level meeting. This return visit by the Portuguese neighbour comes on the heels of President Granger’s high-level visit to Brazil late last year. Guyana

from page 3

and Brazil are celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations this year.

10 news


No water, drugs at De GOGEC hosts reception Kendren Health Centre for GIPEX delegates


oth the young and old accessing services at the De Kendren Health Centre on the West Coast of Demerara have been left to suffer, as the nurses and doctor there have refused to provide services because of the lack of proper sanitary facilities to effectively execute their functions. The elderly patients who seek care at the medical facility were seen wandering in the health centre’s compound, as doctors and nurses refused to perform their duties under the deplorable conditions that they are subjected. According to reports that

ly does it, because she has to wipe and clean, and it is very unfair to her to be putting on long boots to go where snakes and all different things can attack her. And I said to myself that I am not doing it anymore! When it comes to the washroom, you gotta take a bucket and throw in water over the urine and faeces and what not, and that is insanitary!” Nurse Johnson declared. In addition to the water woes, the pharmacist of the centre is decrying a medication shortage, which has been on-going for a lengthy period. Pharmacist Jennifer Thompson relayed that, on

last year he was unable to receive treatment for his illness. According to the ailing man, October last was the last time he had received Insulin for his illness, and this he considered hard because, “I am a pensioner and I have to be using my lil pension money to buy insulin, because without that we can’t survive”. Regional Councillor for De Kendren, Culbert Leandor, revealed that the issue facing the medical facility are ongoing. “This is an ongoing problem, because they always call me and I always come over to


he Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber of Commerce (GOGEC) has hosted a reception for the delegates attending the Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit in an effort to forge networking to better understand the oil and gas industry. Headed by former Trade Minister Manniram Prashad, GOGEC was formed to educate Guyanese about the oil and gas industry, as Guyana is set to begin petroleum production in 2020. At the reception, hosted at Palm Court, Prashad disclosed that the event is to form bonds as GOGEC seeks to be more educated on the emerging industry, about which Guyanese know nothing.

GOGEC Chairman Manniram Prashad chats with one of the delegates of the GIPEX summit

ties to disseminate information, so that people will know what is in store for them.

A section of the gathering on Friday evening One of the pipes being used by the medical personnel

the Guyana Times received, in order for care to be provided to the patients, nurses would be forced to fetch water from aback the facility’s yard, which has not been cleaned for months and is as such “high with grass,” Nurse Nikita Johnson of the facility relayed that after being kind and going beyond and above the call of duty to carry out her daily duties, she has had enough. The angry nurse decried the hardships that have to be endured at her place of work, explaining, “Out of the kindness of my heart, I go at the back to climb up on a trestle to turn on a pipe to get some water. When that tank is empty, we have no water. The clinic attendant, she usual-

many occasions and as a result of the shortage, she is forced to use her own money to purchase drugs for patients at the centre. “We do not get the amount of drugs, and our clinic people are using the drugs. I am working at another place, and sometimes I have to bring drugs from that end to give my patients. Sometimes I have to take my own money, especially to buy the types of medication needed the most here,” she explained. “When you go to uplift drugs, they have your book long, and when you do get the drugs, it is just a few things” Thompson complained. Ramnauth (only name given), a diabetic and pensioner, revealed that since

check on this health centre. I keep calling for help to have this yard weeded. We have no running water. When I come over here I see nurses fetching water with mosquitoes and everything inside, just to get to carry out their duties, so I reported it. Patients coming here, no tablets, I keep calling and informing the RHO, so he knows”. While at the facility, the Councillor again attempted to make contact with the region’s Regional Health Officer (RHO) Dr Niaal Utman, which proved futile. This newspaper’s attempts to contract regional officials on the matter also proved futile. (Kizzy Coleman)

“As we learn, we want to disaggregate information to all Guyanese, because Guyanese in general do not know what this oil and gas industry is really about; we have to learn. As we learn, we want to go into the communi-

They must not have too high expectations, but they must know what is in store for them, and how (this) can benefit all Guyanese,” Prashad noted. Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge, in brief re-

marks, noted that it is important to welcome visitors into Guyana, especially those visitors who can make a tremendous impact. “It is pretty obvious, when you look at our world market, (that) the discovery of bauxite and manganese in the 1950s will not have (as) tremendous (an) impact as the discovery of petroleum and gas; and it is fitting that we should go out of our way to welcome those who can help us to develop this industry, and develop it very quickly,” Greenidge noted. The GIPEX Summit, organised to better inform Guyanese stakeholders about the emerging oil and gas sector, its potential in stabilizing Guyana’s Economy, and other mitigating factors, concluded on Friday.

Govt projects

Increased monitoring led to more effective implementation – Harmon


inister of State, Joseph Harmon, has said that increased monitoring of the Public Sector Improvement Programme (PSIP) during the latter part of 2017 has resulted in the effective disbursement of funds and better project management. The Public Sector Improvement Programme is the main mechanism for spending in the Government’s capital programme. It is the budgeting and strategic planning tool available to translate the administration’s policies and plans into tangible projects and programmes. According to Harmon, significant sums of money have been allocated under the project in 2015, 2016 and parts of 2017, but those sums have not been effectively utilized. “Several contracts had been poorly administered and involved overruns in some cases. It was decided, therefore, that Cabinet would hold monthly statutory meetings with Permanent Secretaries to ensure efficient and effective disbursement of PSIP funds, and to monitor such spending. Cabinet also resolved to institute whatever measures were necessary to ensure that contracts awarded under the PSIP will be executed in the time-frame specified, and that appropriate

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

penalties would be applied for default,” Harmon noted. The Minister of State explained that during the recently concluded meeting with the Permanent Secretaries and technical officers involved, there was a review of spending for 2017 and crafting of work plans for 2018. He also highlighted issues that affected the efficient and timely spending of PSIP funds. The review of spending for 2017 included an overall analysis of the PSIP, overturn for the fiscal year (2017), project execution rates at the half year 2017, and the PSIP expenditure by the month end of 2018. As a result of that, he noted, procurement plans for 2018 have been prepared for the relevant agencies, as have formats for reporting and

analysis. “Also highlighted for effective short-term spending were the following prioritizing disbursements for small non-technical projects while planning for large technical contracts; compulsory training for relevant staff; institutional strengthening, and improved working relations between the relevant agencies,” he added. It was also noted that there have been improvements in the performance of the various Ministries, for which the Permanent Secretaries were commended. This improvement was credited to the introduction of monthly statutory meetings with Permanent Secretaries and technical officers from the Ministry of Finance, to ensure efficient disbursement of PSIP funds. Projects and programmes under the PSIP represent investments in the country’s economic and social infrastructure. They are also designed to improve the standard of living of the citizens, and provide the foundation for economic growth and human development. As the capital expenditure component of the National Budget, the PSIP is focused on projects and programmes that would achieve sustainable development.




GGMC breaching law by renting residential property for business – TIGI …requests justification from Board …Board Chairman denies receiving request

GGMC Board Chairman Stanley Ming


he Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc (TIGI) is accusing the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) of breaching the laws of Guyana by conducting Government business in a residential building. TIGI on Friday said it has written to the Board of Directors of the GGMC, querying the legality of the Government office operating in a residential area, as well as how it is addressing the conflict of interest surrounding the rental of the office space from one of its sitting directors. The GGMC is currently occupying a three-storey building belonging to Director Hilbert Shields at Fourth Street, Subryanville - a residential area. The transparency watchdog said it dispatched a letter on November 6, 2017 to the Directors of the GGMC, but to date has not gotten a response in relation to the questions asked. The letter was sent after the body received a complaint from the residents of Subryanville.

However, when asked about the GGMC’s failure to respond, Board Chairman Stanley Ming denied seeing any correspondence from TIGI, and noted that the matter was settled when he issued a statement to the local press. The conflict of interest issue first came to the fore on January 1, 2018 and has since crept into the media, then the GGMC has indicated that at the time of renting the property, Shields was not on the Board of Directors, nor was he even being considered at that time.

No conflict

During a telephone interview on Friday, Ming remained adamant that there is no conflict of interest with GGMC occupying a building belonging to one of its directors. He was quick to point out that Shields was appointed to the Board as a representative for the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association. TIGI, in its statement on Friday, said that since the controversy came into the public domain Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman has instructed the GGMC to find alternative accommodation, but, to date, the Commission is yet to act on that. TIGI said the GGMC is a concern for residents, and noted that in its request for information, it was indicated that permission was granted for the premises to be used for one business, and was limited to only Shields’ company. The body also indicated that the arrangement for rental of office space in

Director Hilbert Shields

a residential area breaches the laws governing the area, and “is definitely in contradiction with the notion of people empowerment that is inherent in activation of Local Government and hence also a contradiction of current Government policy." "GGMC, in its capacity as a governmental agency tasked with overseeing mineral fairness in vast swathes of our country, should ensure that the laws of Guyana are upheld at all times. Given that permission to use the premises for business is limited, GGMC’s use of the premises would therefore be in breach of the laws of Guyana. TIGI wishes to know what justification the GGMC has for using the premises at Subryanville for Government business,” TIGI stated. The transparency body noted that the by-laws and ordinances of residential areas are increasingly being violated with the establishment of commercial ventures within them, and questioned the precedent being set by a Government agency.

Teen hospitalised after inhaling poisonous substance …Police seeking DPP’s advice


he Police are now seeking advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on whether charges are to be laid against a woman who reportedly sprayed a poisonous substance in her yard, which resulted in a teenager being hospitalised. The teenager, 19-yearold Bhanu Roop, of Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD), had to be rushed to a private medical facility after she suddenly fell unconscious on February 1. After being inspected by doctors, it was reported to her parents that her condition was as a result of inhaling a poisonous substance. That doctor’s report, seen by Guyana Times stated that the teen was “admitted in my (the doctor) care for OPC poisoning (inhalation

injury)… alleged history of OPC poisoning.” The substances were reportedly present in her lungs and liver and caused her to fall unconscious. Speaking with this publication, the teen’s father, 41-year-old Mahesh Roop, said not only was his daughter affected but he also was rushed to the hospital after experiencing headaches and diarrhoea as a result of inhaling the poisonous substances being used by their neighbour, who is a former nurse. The woman reportedly uses the poisonous substances to spray her plants and in her yard on a monthly basis. Each time this is done, the smell of the substance would result in a series of complaints being made directly to the woman and the Police by residents

in the area. The woman was reportedly warned by the Police but still persisted by continually using the poisonous substances. However, things took a turn for the worse when Bhupa Roop inhaled the substance and started to experience nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, weakness and belly pains. After hours of this, the teen fell unconscious and her frightened parents quickly rushed her to the hospital. The matter was reported to the Police, who have since visited the woman and confiscated the poison as well as her spraying equipment. A report of the incident has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, where a determination will be made whether or not to institute charges against the neighbour.

Bilateral oil spill contingency plan needed in Guyana – Fr T&T Minister


ith any oil producing country in the world, there has always been incidents of oil spills, and as such, Guyana must make all the necessary plans to ensure that it can respond effectively and efficiently in the event that any such incident occurs offshore Guyana when production begins in 2020. This is the firm view expressed by former Trinidad and Tobago Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine, who is advising Government not only on the development of a local oil spill contingency plan, but one that will cater for neighbouring countries. Ramnarine dubbed it “bilateral oil spill contingency plan.” “I don’t know of any country in the world that produces oil that has never had oil spill; whether small, medium or large, “the former Energy Minister said. He explained that ever since the 1989 Alaska oil spill (one of the world’s largest oil spills), it changed environmental and shipping standards. “And so that also changed Exxon’s behaviour. It became a much safer company after that.” However, Ramnarine said having a bilateral oil spill contingency plans with your neighbouring countries is important. “Because, of course oil

Former T&T Energy Minister, Kevin Ramnarine

spilled in water doesn’t only select to one country. We had an experience in Trinidad where in 2017 our oil spill from Trinidad found its way into Venezuela,” he recalled.

Contingency plan

Government had disclosed that an oil spill contingency plans is being crafted. The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is the lead agency that is formulating the national response plan. But the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC); the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) are also assisting. Meanwhile, the former Minister also warned that

Guyana should not make plans based on assumptions and is therefore advising the country against borrowing money before first oil. Ramnarine who said there are some examples of this not turning out well for some countries. “I think Guyana would be best advised to wait for the revenues to start to flow because there’s another country Ghana, where they started to make plans based on assumptions of a certain oil production level and a certain price and then the oil production level didn’t happen, and the price fell,” he told media operatives at the sidelines of the Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit and Exhibition (GIPEX) 2018. Ramnarine noted that while some initial work on the country’s infrastructure may be needed before production begins in 2020, this should not be done to the extent of requiring too much finances. “So, I think the two have to happen simultaneously. I think some developments have not but when the revenue starts to flow in 2020, some of which will be used for infrastructure…I would really wait for the monies to start to flow to begin with the significant infrastructure,” he explained. turn to page 15

12 news

saturDAY, February 10, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

GIPEX 2018

PSC vows to push for local content – summit hailed a success


ith the close of the Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit (GIPEX) 2018 on Friday, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) is vowing to contin-

Association (GMSA) President Shyam Nokta promised he would facilitate a forum at which the association could update its members on the industry. Success

From left: GMSA President Shyam Nokta, PSC Chiarman Eddie Boyer, and PSC Executive Ramesh Dookhoo

ue pushing for effective local content policies that would benefit all Guyanese. This commitment was made by PSC President, Eddie Boyer, who noted at a press conference that notwithstanding the success of GIPEX, there remained scope for more to be done. The business leader acknowledged the potential need for the private sector to lobby Government to establish a forum where his organisation can better interface with the investors and the regulators. Meanwhile, Guyana Manufacturing and Services

Following on the heels of the PSC, a press conference was held with Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest) Chief Executive Officer Owen Verwey expressing optimism that the summit was able to meet its objectives of networking and introducing Guyanese to the industry. He pointed to the turnout, and especially lauded the youths from school, who came to get a glimpse of the oil and gas sector; and he even lauded the offshoot effects on tourism, as nearby hotels were booked out. He was asked directly, however, about the tan-

gible benefits the summit was able to attract -- such as the number of joint ventures that were facilitated between foreign and local companies. “I think there was at least one partnership brokered between a Canadian entity and a public relations entity in the area of public relations, marketing, strategic planning,” the CEO recollected, while noting his reluctance to call names. “There was another in the education sector. That is Nations University and Learnco out of Canada. I know there is another one going on between two entities in the design and feasibility area. “There’s another one going on in the laboratory and medical research-related industries. And I think there’s one, I can’t remember exactly. But I prefer to leave the entities to make their information public. “But generally, there are five that got to an advanced stage in their partnership (negotiations). Those are the known ones,” Verwey said. Verwey also defended the costs attached to securing a delegate spot. A cost of almost US$2,000 was required for a booth at the exhibition.

According to Verwey, as the event was intended to be a self-financing venture, there had to be a way to cover the costs. He noted that the United Kingdom-based private company that partnered with them, Valiant Business Media Group, expended thousands of US dollars. Verwey also posited that sometimes it is better to just observe if one cannot afford to take a more active role in such an event. “Sometimes it’s best for you to not come to the table when you’re not ready. But having an awareness of what goes on at the table by being there, for example, was a good (idea),” Verwey stated. “I know that people who did not buy a delegate pass made the effort to network with businesses that were there, so they could meet them offsite to get some of

A section of the gathering on the final day of the summit

that opportunity. When it comes to the cost, we have to have everyone at the table. But you have to recognise that we have to have everyone that is ready at the table.” On the final day, there were two workshops that covered topics focusing on “Doing Business in the Oil and Gas Sector in Guyana” and “Doing Business in Oil Field Services, Supply Chain

and Facilities Management”. The participating entities in the summit included oil giant ExxonMobil, Repsol Exploracion SA, HESS, CNOOC Nexen, CGX Energy Inc, Schlumberger, JHI, GBTI, GTT, Baker Hughes, Siemens, ECO Atlantic, Tiger Tanks, Oceaneering, DAI, EDO, Clariant, TechnipFMC, Scotiabank, Macorp, Bristow, VSH, ERM, and Laparkan.

Monetary donation given to children of slain Cops


he Guyana Police Force’s (GPF’s) Fallen Heroes Foundation is continuing to financially sup-

antee, life doesn’t offer those guarantee. Then the level of assistance they provide, there are opportunities

will determine the amount that is given,” the Chairman explained. The financial assistance

Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud and members of the Fallen Heroes Foundation along with the families of the slain officers

port the families of Police Officers killed in the line of duty, giving the beneficiaries another disbursement on Friday. Cheques totalling almost $900,000 were handed over to the families of nine slain Police Officers at the Police Officers’ Mess Annex, Eve Leary. The money is to assist with the welfare and/or schooling expenses of children under 18 years of those fallen heroes. Currently, the Foundation is catering for 20 children. The establishment of the Fallen Heroes Foundation was the brainchild of Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud, who at the simple presentation ceremony highlighted the importance of the organisation as well as the need for increased donations to the Foundation. “We are not sure what will happen in the future. We would like to see that the number of children that are being taken care of doesn’t increase but there is no guar-

to improve on that if they can acquire more funding,” Persaud noted. The Top Cop is hoping that by highlighting the work of the Foundation, there will be increased donations. In fact, he added that upon his retirement in April, he will get more involved in the work of the Foundation, trying to raise funds to expand its support to the beneficiaries. The Fallen Heroes Foundation was established in 2015 and according to Chairman, Pastor Raphael Massiah, an assessment is done on each family to determine their needs. “Each family is quite different so every year we do an assessment to determine the particular needs… things like school fees, uniform, we look at footwear, lesson fees and so on. We have even made a contribution of a laptop to one child who was writing CXC but did not have that kind of resource so it depends on the peculiarities that we find in a family that

is given to the families quarterly. The money is raised through public donations as well as monthly contributions by ranks of the Police Force. In order to maintain transparency and accountability, audits have been conducted for the years 2015 and 2016. The auditing of the 2017 financial books will be done in the near future. While the Foundation is an independent body from the Force itself, the Commissioner is nevertheless kept abreast of its work. Speaking with reporters after receiving her cheque, Enola Pantlitz said the money comes in handy to care for her two children. “For me, I’m grateful for the money because it’s helping out a lot with the school fees and so forth,” said the widow. Her husband, Sherwayne Pantlitz was killed in 2013 during a standoff at Middle Street, Georgetown, during which miner Derrick Kanhai, shot and killed two officers and two civilians. turn to pahe 15




St Andrew’s Kirk celebrates Coconut sector 200th anniversary to see production increase I

n commemoration of the 200 years of its existence, the St Andrew’s Kirk, located opposite the Georgetown Magistrates Courts, on Friday launched its bicentennial celebrations to reflect on the significance of the church and what has been achieved during those years. Members of the church have scheduled activities throughout 2018 in celebration of this important mile-

brief historical overview of the church. This was done by Wadecia Donald, who explained that the building is one of the oldest churches in Guyana, with rich historical and architectural significance. It is a Presbyterian church that was made of bulletwood and stainedglass windows. The church gets its name from Andrew, a fisherman and one of the first disciples of Jesus after he was baptized by John.

Minister Cathy Hughes giving her remarks on Friday

The St Andrew’s Kirk

stone. Present at this gathering was Telecommunications Minister Catherine Hughes, along with Reverend Maureen Massiah and members of the congregation. After an opening prayer and remarks from the chairperson, the gathering was entertained by a musical rendition, followed by a

In 1811, the first sill was laid by H.E.H.W Bentick Esq; and in 1818, the building was finally opened to public worship under the leadership of Rev Archibald Brown. At first the original structure was constructed along the lines of the Romanesque Revival archi-

tectural style, but with a few changes, it is now considered to be Gothic Revival architecture. Presently, the building is 15 percent larger following these changes, which includes the introduction of the north and south entrances. Minister Hughes, who is also a member of the church, stated how important and special this event is to her. “It is my pleasure, my joy, to be here this morning at this very special launch of our 200th anniversary celebrations. I stand with pride to say that my mom was baptised in this church, so was I (and) my siblings. I even got married in this church, so St Andrew’s is very close to my heart. I want to say that this

church has made a valiant contribution to the development of Guyanese society,” she said. Meanwhile, the present and first female reverend of the St Andrew’s Kirk, Rev Maureen Massiah, reminded that although it is the reflection of the church’s rich history, emphasis must also be placed on the true purpose of the building. “We tend to make much of it, (but we should never forget) that we don’t honour the church building, but we honour God in this building. It is very important, because sometimes we forget,” she stated. When asked about the proceedings on Friday, an elder member of the church responded, “Proud. We feel rededicated to continue the work we’re doing, and to encourage other members to come out and support the church and keep us going, because it’s important that we serve the Lord. We’re off to a good start. I think today was very good, and they did a very good job in bringing the history up to date; so it was good.” Several activities have been planned to occur throughout the year. The celebrations will continue with a tea party on March 31.

Moraikobai Safari promises exciting experience


he Pakaraima Mountain Safari Club, in collaboration with Rainforest Tours, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and Sonic Hunters Motorcycle Club, on Friday launched its safari expedition for 2018. This year, adventure lovers can expect four safaris, commencing with the Moraikobai Safari which runs from February 23-25. This safari is in its second year. Moraikobai, the only Arawak village in Region Five, is populated by approximately 1000 residents, who are mainly engaged in logging activities. Toshao Colin Adrian describes this village as ‘a slice of paradise.’ “I would term Moraikobai a home away from home. We are (a) very quiet, peaceful people, and somebody has something to offer to you. The hospitality, I can say, is very nice,” Adrian has said. Moraikobai’s very special delicacy is the tocuma worm. There are plans to construct an ecotourism lodge which would introduce community-based tourism in the village. Visitors from the safari can expect marvellous sightseeing, with possibilities of seeing the Giant Anteater. There are also exciting activities to be engaged in, like


The newly rehabilitated Pomeroon Trading Nursery

ritish businessman Duncan Turnbull has established a 700-acre coconut nursery: Pomeroon Trading Inc, located in the Pomeroon; and with this development, Guyana’s coconut sector is expected to see some major improvements. The estate is, however, under rehabilitation. The company said on Friday that its central aim is to use technology to improve the local industry, while striving to be the largest plant material supplier in the Pomeroon. Although the main export is coconut water, experiments will be undertaken to utilise other products generated from this

Turnbull recently explained that underperformance in the coconut sector is caused by unavailability of seedlings. What was on offer could not revive the industry, so the company is trying to improve what is on offer from a fundamental level. Turnbull had this to say, “Existing estates are often ageing and unproductive.” During a recent meeting with Agriculture Minister Noel Holder and the CEO of the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), Dr Oudho Homenauth, Turnbull expressed appreciation for the support his company has receive from

GTA Director (ag) Carla Chandra (2nd from right) along with Coordinator from the Pakaraima Mountain Safari Club, Frank Singh, among other officials at the launching on Friday

fishing, canoeing, and bird watching while experiencing the lifestyle of the villagers. During the safari, villagers will demonstrate how cassava bread, pepper-pot and craft items are made. The Sonic Hunters Motorcycle Club will be part of this expedition, and club President Terrence Lieben encourages persons with bikes to participate in these safaris, which he describes as “adventurous, but treacherous”. Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Director (ag) Carla Chandra revealed, “The GTA has been working with Moraikobai since last year. We continue to work with them in developing their skills in hospitality and training their members who will be work-

ing on the eco-lodge.” Coordinator from the Pakaraima Mountain Safari Club, Frank Singh, explained that the purpose of the safaris is for persons who want to have a weekend getaway, or for those who would like to experience the Indigenous heritage. It is an opportunity to learn about the other cultures away from the coastland, he said. Rainforest Tours’ representative Lisa Smith stated, “An important objective of these safaris is to promote domestic tourism, giving Guyanese the opportunity to experience the culture by the history, understand the heritage, and indulge in unique cuisines offered by the villages visited.” Persons who wish to participate in these safaris can uplift tickets at the Guyana

Tourism Authority. The cost per ticket for those who possess off-road vehicles is $8,000, and this includes a sticker. However, preparations are being made for persons to go via trucks with an all-inclusive food and accommodation package of $60,000. Persons who are joining the trip with their own vehicles are required to take fuel and camping equipment. While there are no limits to vehicles, there is a limit of rooms available at the village. Those who do not acquire a room will be accommodated in hammocks. The next safari will be the North Pakaraima Safari, from March 25 to April 1, followed by the Bartica and South Rupununi Safari, which are set for later this year.

Dr Homenauth on a recent visit to the nursery at Pomeroon

process, the company has said. One such initiative is to use the coconut husk for biofuel. There will also be intercropping with turmeric, avocado, moringa, ginger, stevia, passion fruit, and black pepper. Thirty thousand seedlings have so far been planted, and there are plans to increase this number to 50,000 by next year. The introduction of this enterprise has also aided in providing jobs for 40 persons in the community. Businessman Duncan

NAREI and the Ministry of Agriculture. There was also a discussion on the progress of the rehabilitation being done at the estate, and an update on the progress of the new nursery. The company is expected to produce crops of high value in Guyana, to facilitate export. Additionally, to begin addressing its corporate social responsibility towards the community, a dining hall has been presented to the Hackney Primary School.

14 news Guyana-Canada team up to boost oil and gas sector O saturDAY, February 10, 2018 | GUYANATIMESGY.COM

ver 20 Canadian organisations experienced in the oil and gas sector are currently in Guyana having attended the Guyana Petroleum Business Summit and Exhibition (GIPEX) and are in talks with local businesses to develop the sector in the country. This announcement was made on Thursday evening at a reception hosted by Canadian High Commissioner, Lilian Chatterjee. In her remarks, the High Commissioner noted that “Canada is one of the world’s principle energy producers with some of the world’s largest energy reserves; an industry

Representatives of some of the Canadian-based oil and gas companies along with Canadian High Commissioner, Lilian Chatterjee

that supports more than 500,000,000 direct and in-

direct jobs. There is lots of learning in the petroleum

industry that can now boost world-class expertise in ex-

ploration and production.” High Commissioner Chatterjee remarked that the companies currently in Guyana are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with local businesses. She noted that oil and gas extraction has been Canada’s top export earner by value since 2005, adding that these businesses have vast background knowledge and experience in the sector. One of the recent business collaborations unveiled on Thursday evening is the ‘Guyana Strategic Services’ – a merger between local public relations firm, Sagacity Media, and Canadian consultancy, the

Caron Hawco Group. The Caron Hawco Group is a communications, business and trade consultancy that specialises in the offshore oil and gas industry. The owner, Caron Hawco, stated “if you need to build your brand, make connections, if you want to know about trade if you want to know about Guyana and the oil and gas industry we offer those services” and noted that the Guyana Strategic Services will take the oil and gas industry by storm. The High Commissioner urged Guyanese companies to develop their manpower in order to benefit from the opportunities that will be made available.

35 teachers now certified Rupununi Festival promises exotically soulful experience school administrators


he Education Ministry (MoE), through the National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD), has graduated some 35 teachers in Region Six (East BerbiceCorentyne) following the successful completion of the Education Management Certificate Course. The two-year programme was developed to

tive schools. She urged graduates to work with the Parent Teachers Association (PTA), the community, and the management of the school system in order to move education forward. “The overall performance of our pupils needs to be improved. What part can you play in this as graduates from a management programme? As lead-

ers into management positions without the requisite training. Teachers basically have teaching skills, but when you move to another level, from teaching to management of a school, you have to acquire management skills. What we have found over the years is that there is a deficiency gap between the expected outcome and actual outcome,” Armogan said.

From left: Organiser/artiste of the Festival, Gavin Mendonca; Organiser of the Festival Ronald D’Agrella; Director of the Festival, Bob Ramdhanie; Indigenous People’s Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock; and Permanent Secretary of the Indigenous People’s Affairs Ministry, Alfred King


The graduating class on Friday at the St Francis Education Development Centre in Rose Hall Town

train senior teachers from nursery, primary and secondary schools in the areas of administration and management. It is being implemented in all 10 regions, and aims at enhancing the accountability and competence of the teachers when put in leadership positions. The programme is being executed through the Distance Education Unit of the MoE, and the participants would meet monthly to provide guidance for the completion of assignments. To date some 400 teachers in Region 6 have benefited from the programme. At the simple graduation ceremony on Friday at the St Francis Education Development Centre in Rose Hall Town, NCERD Director, Jennifer Cumberbatch, while congratulating the teachers for completing the programme, noted that they are now in a better position to effectively aid in the supervision of education delivery within their respec-

ers and managers, we must walk the talk, and that is what will make our education system improve,” Cumberbatch added. She said quality education is a part of the nation’s agenda, while explaining that access coupled with the delivery of quality education enhances attendance at school; and she urged the graduates to ensure that they oversee the delivery of nothing but quality education. “The main pillar of quality education is the capacity of the teachers. Our teachers must demonstrate competence in teaching,” she noted, while urging teachersto be the agents of change. Region Six Chairman David Armogan told the teachers that education is the greatest asset they can possess. He noted that Government would be looking for returns on its investment. “What we found is that we were pushing teach-

He said the two-year training programme was designed to fill that gap so that head teachers can perform more effectively as managers of their respective schools. The Regional Chairman said it is now expected that the schools to which the managers are attached would return higher levels of performance. He said it is now expected that there would be a higher standard of management at their respective schools, and he urged that the teachers will take back to their schools what they have learnt, while referring to the teachers as the most underpaid group in Guyana. In giving the charge to the graduating class, Regional Executive Officer Kim Williams-Stephens said the graduates should not fail to recognize the important role they play in the development of the country’s education system, and she charged them to lead by example.

he annual Rupununi Music and Arts Festival was officially launched on Friday at Colgrain House, Camp Street, Georgetown, and organisers have promised nothing but a soulful experience in an exotic location surrounded by the lush greenlands of the Rupununi. The event is slated for February 16-18, at the Manari Ranch, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling town of Lethem in Region Nine (Upper TakutuUpper Essequibo). Festival Director, Bob Ramdhanie, said the weekend’s event will include a range of activities and a number of performances by both local and international creative arts groups. “During the day we wish to create space between 10:00 am to 4 pm (16:00h) so that visitors to the festival can leave the festival if they choose to and visit the neighbourhood and other sites and places of interest within the Rupununi. But for those who are staying on site all day, we will have arts and music and reading workshops, so people are engaged all the time,” Ramdhanie noted. According to the Director, he is working towards constructing a village, within a two-year period, which will afford visitors the opportunity to camp, go for nature hikes and experience nature at its best.

Sitting in for the Indigenous Affairs Minister was Permanent Secretary Alfred King, who gave the Ministry’s full support towards the successful execution of the festival. He commended the organisers of the event for preserving the Indigenous culture through workshops and noted that the event will create jobs for some 80 persons in the region. Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Senior Marketing Officer, Annarie Seecharan, expressed satisfaction in being part of the event and encouraged visiting Guyanese, particularly those visiting for Mashramani to explore and enjoy the event. She also pledged the GTA’s support with marketing and promoting the event. As someone who loves the arts and nature, Public Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes urged persons to pick up their tents and head off the Manari Ranch for a one of a kind experience. “I have had personal experience of enjoying the festival in being there for over a three-day period. And it is a moving experience because it’s not just music which is a powerful unifying role in any country or part of the world. But the fact is this is music with depth that allows you to experience a culture,” Hughes said. Earlier Friday, Indigenous People’s Affairs

Minister Sydney Allicock presented a cheque for $5 million to the Director of the Rupununi Music and Arts Festival to help offset some of the costs. This year’s festival is the third edition and is packed with adventures throughout. Over the festival weekend, the days will feature exciting adventures, while the nights will be filled with fun camping activities, including cultural programmes all aimed at community building and encouraging social cohesion at the highest levels. Among the daytime activities are early morning yoga sessions; group meditation, keep fit, zumba, capoeira. Additionally, there will also be workshops on jewellery making, music, dance, art, wood carving, etc. Visitors will get the opportunity to go on guided tours through the Savannah, to nearby waterfalls and other sites. They can also enjoy outdoors adventures such as bird watching, fishing, biking and hikes. Among the line-up of local performers are Creole Rock, Feed The Flames, Jazz and Poetry Ona Stool, Trevaun Selman, Nachgana Dancers, Surama Cultural Group and more are to be added – an announcement will be made in the coming weeks. Additionally, there will also be performances by our neighbouring artistes from Brazil and Suriname.



saturDAY, February 10, 2018 |

Law enforcement officers ‘tightening’ CDB to assist Guyana to overcome project activities at borders with Brazil implementation


he Government has been taking steps to train members of the Disciplined Services, both locally and internationally, in an effort to adopt best practices in crime fighting; however, Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Thursday said these efforts can be reduced to “naught” if there is the absence of citizens’ partnership. Minister Harmon emphasised that the partnership between citizens and the law enforcement agencies is pivotal to dealing with crime. The Minister assured that “the criminal situation, we take it seriously and every single week the National Security Committee, which the President chairs, there is a report on these issues”. He informed that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has a crime strategy, which comprises a raft of measures to deal with the issue of gun crimes and the presence of “CG motorcycle gangs.” Further, the Minister of State said the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) is paying keen attention to the borders with neighbouring countries. “We do not manufacture guns in Guyana and so what we are paying attention to now is what happens at our borders because when you look at the guns

challenges – Director


GDF and the GPF have moved to thighten activities at the borders as a strategy to deal with the increase in crime

that are being used, those which have been recovered by the Police and you check on the country of origin, we see a large amount of these guns coming from our neighbouring Brazil,” Minister Harmon revealed. Brazil is one of the largest manufacturers of small arms weapons and the fact that Guyana’s borders allow for easy access from other countries, Minister Harmon said the weapons are entering the country. In light of this “we are

looking at tightening up our activities on the borders particularly so that we can prevent the inward flow of these things,” the Minister of State said. Internally, the Police operations are targeting some of the communities where there are high incidences of criminal activities and are taking steps to deal with that. “I trust that citizens will cooperate with the Police in the crime-fighting activities that are taking place

and will take place as a result of this spike in crime,” the Minister urged. The matter of crime, he reiterated, is of concern because of the image it can create at a time when Government is seeking to attract foreign investments and to provide citizens and foreign investors with a safe place to operate. Hence, the GPF is being equipped with the necessary resources to address crime.

Woman freed of murder after 12 years in jail


inutes after being freed on a murder charge on Thursday, Ira Mitchell, who spent 12 years in prison awaiting trial, appealed to the authorities to expedite the court process. She made the appeal just after she walked out of the San Fernando, Trinidad High Court into the arms of family members. Mitchell, 39, went on trial last month charged with the murder of her uncle-inlaw Balo Seurattan, who died from a broken neck 18 years ago at their Princes Town home. However, it took the jury less than an hour of deliberations to return a not guilty verdict. “You are free to go,” said Justice Hayden St ClairDouglas after he discharged

Mitchell. Mitchell said afterwards, “I am so happy to be freed today. It not easy to prove your innocence in a country like this, where so much crime going on and they just want to blame Peter for Paul. It really hard.” Praising God for her freedom, she added, “I pray the rest of the ladies in the prison system right now could get through because it have a lot of innocent people sit down in prison. It not easy sitting down in prison knowing that you are innocent. “People taking plea bargains not because they guilty, they are taking the plea bargains just because they are fed up...I really think the ministers ought to do something about this situation. People waiting

for court dates for five, six, ten years, you sit down just waiting for a court date.” She said her faith gave her the strength to survive prison. “If I was a weak heart I would have just throw in everything and take a manslaughter or murder felony or something, because you so tired of it. It not easy. The women suffering, the men suffering and they need to do something about this situation.” Mitchell also thanked lawyers Rekha Ramjit and Jared Ali for believing in her. Mitchell was charged in 2006 following a coroner’s inquest. Her husband was also charged, but he was freed about seven years ago. Mitchell, who discovered

Bilateral oil spill contingency plan...

Asked whether he thinks that Guyana has put enough mechanisms in place to protect its cost recovery, the former Minister responded in the affirmative, but noted that institutional strengthening is key. “Those persons should be in the process of being trained right now and you can probably send people abroad to train or bring people from other countries that have experience

in cost recovery…” Ramnarine stressed the need for training in the area of metering and calibration, which he claimed is a huge problem facing the oil sector in his home country, Trinidad and Tobago. “So, there has to be officers in the Petroleum Commission, whose job it is to go and read the meters and calibrate because if the meter is off by a couple

Seurattan’s lifeless body on the bed, told police he was sick in the days prior to his death. She said on the day he died he had fallen twice and got a cut above his eyebrow. The state’s case against her was based on circumstantial evidence. State attorney Sabrina Jaglal and Selywn Richardson led evidence from forensic pathologist Dr Hughvon Des Vignes, who said Seurattan’s injuries could not have been caused by a fall. However, pathologist Hubert Daisley, who was called as a defence witness, testified that Seurattan’s injuries could have been caused by a low level fall. (T&T Guardian)

he Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) will be taking a more hands-on approach to assisting Guyana, as well as other regional members, to become adept at implementing its funded developmental projects. The CDB’s Director of Projects, Daniel Best speaking with DPI on the sidelines on the bank’s annual press conference, said that procurement hurdles are recognised as the main challenge. Best explained that the procurement process of recruiting contractors and consultants and undertaking the necessary evaluations to ensure a fair and transparent process is often challenging due to the capacity constraints. He added that many of the actors “in-country” are constrained by competing priorities. “We are not like one of the larger countries in the world where public servants tend to do one thing, at a time. Our public-sector actors deal with the CDB, deal with the World Bank and deal with the IDB [Inter-American Development Bank], then they also have their business responsibilities, so evaluation often takes a bit of time,” the Projects Director said. To address these challenges, Best stated that the CDB is undertaking a number of procurement reforms and working closely with members to examine their acquisition systems. He added CDB, like other developmental agencies, is working closer with countries to ensure, “the country’s procurement systems are open, transparent, fair and robust enough that as development financing institutions, they can use their systems because they would be aligned with our harmonized procurement systems.” The CDB official also cited the need to have public servants, engineers and other stakeholders “upskilled”.  This, he said, will ensure that the procurement process will happen more seamlessly. The implementation process is another challenge, the CDB is moving to address, especially in its supervisory role. Whilst the bank is also constrained by various competing priorities, Best said

CDB’s Director of Projects, Daniel Best

that the agency is tweaking and revising some of its responsibilities for many of its ‘in-country Officers’ to give them more time to be closer to their respective borrowing member countries. He posited, “If you are assigned, for example to Guyana to supervise that project, you will now have more time to focus on supervision. Consider the benefits of this. You already have the project coordinator in-country. You will also have engineering consultants, in-country. If we now are able to create the space for the CDB officer to walk the project coordinator through our processes. To guide them through the evaluation process, we can get to start the construction works, much faster. Therein is the problem, we are grappling with, and intent on resolving in the years ahead.” The Caribbean Development Bank, headquartered in Barbados, is funding in part the West Coast Demerara Road Improvement Project, at a cost US$46.8 M, with the Government. The project includes approximately 30.7 kilometres of highway rehabilitation works; bridge replacement and repair; drainage works; and road safety works that install regulatory and warning signage, pavement markings and safety barriers along severe curves. In addition, pedestrians and cyclists will be separated from motorised traffic through several communities and additional street lighting will be provided.

Monetary donation...

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of per cent, we’re talking about $340,000 of oil per day. So if you make an error of 0.5 per cent, you’re talking about big money. Small errors mean big money.” Ramnarine concluded that while Government is consulting it must ensure that in the end, they make the right decisions and choices because these decisions will determine the future of the sector.

Meanwhile, the wife of Sergeant Constable Leonard La Rose, who was fatally stabbed while arresting a rape suspect in the NorthWest District in 2016, also related how helpful the assistance has been to care for four of her five children who are in school. “It has helped me a great lot and I’m grateful and thankful for the assistance… (I use the money) to purchase their school books and whatever things are

needed, I will use it to buy,” she stated. At the end of 2016, the Guyana Police Force has disclosed that some 64 Police officers were killed in the firing line since 1913, with nine of them having lost their lives from 2010 to then. However, adding to that 39-year-old Police Corporal 16825 Balgrave Bartholomew of Itaballi, Mazaruni, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni),

drowned while on patrol duty on January 30 last year. It was reported that the officer along with his colleagues were returning from patrol duty along the Ekeruku River when the wooden boat they were in began to take in water from the bow and quickly sank. The two other occupants managed to swim to shore, but Corporal Bartholomew unfortunately could not.


saturDAY, february 10, 2018


While Trump eyes Latin America with malignant neglect, China sees opportunity


ven before Donald Trump began blasting the “bad hombres” to his South, he was not known for his love of Latin America. “I didn’t particularly want to go,” he grumbled of a whistlestop 1989 trip to Rio de Janeiro during which he declined to spend even a single night at his destination. “But there are some wealthy people in Brazil.” So Rex Tillerson’s awkward attempt to reconquer the region’s affections this week – and his warnings about China’s “predatory” advance – have puzzled many Latin American officials, irritated Beijing and set a new stage for the global jostle between the world’s top two economies. Few in Washington believe Xi, a mojito-loving authoritarian considered

President Michel Temer of Brazil, right, presents China’s President, Xi Jinping, with a Brazilian football jersey signed by Pelé before their bilateral meeting in September 2017 in Beijing

China’s most powerful ruler since Mao, is doing the former, though. Trump has yet to set foot in Latin America or the Caribbean

and there are doubts over whether he will participate in April’s Summit of the Americas, in Peru. Xi, on the other hand,

Colombian students in miniskirt protest against sexism


Colombian university has faced a backlash after advising female students not to wear miniskirts to avoid "distracting classmates and teachers". Branding the advice sexist, students mounted a campaign to encourage everyone, male and female, to wear short skirts on campus on Thursday. Medellín's Pontifical Bolivarian University, known as UPB, had posted the advice on its website. After an outcry, it said the tips were only meant as general suggestions. "The UPB respects the

right to express personalities, and has never imposed a dress code on students," said its statement, adding that the article had been mostly aimed at new students. The original post, now deleted, appeared under a heading, "How should you dress to go to university?" Some of the advice was presented as unisex, but there were plenty of tips directed at women. Dress discreetly, it advised. "There is nothing more uncomfortable than distracting your classmates or teachers. For this

reason, we suggest you don't wear low necklines, short skirts or tight-fitting clothes." It was posted on January 30 and spread through students' social media accounts, prompting an online campaign under the hashtag #UPBEnFalda (meaning UPB in miniskirts). According to El Tiempo newspaper, the university had issued the advice after a video circulated online, showing a male student aggressively raising a girl's skirt until she falls on the floor. (Excerpt from BBC News)

has visited three times since 2012, hailing a “vibrant and promising region” that – with China’s help – was “embracing another golden period of development”. Compliments have been matched with billions of dollars of investments. China, as Tillerson noted last week, is now the largest trading partner of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. Niggling US discomfort about China’s regional push has also been exacerbated by at least two specific developments. One is Xi’s signature foreign policy venture, the Belt and Road initiative, a US$900 billion infrastructure blitz critics suspect is designed largely to cement China’s position as “a mighty force” on the world stage. (Excerpt from

The Guardian)

Colin Murraine had to surrender all his travel documents and will only be allowed to leave the country with the court’s permission


fter two days behind bars on remand, an Antiguan pilot held in a drug bust at the VC Bird International Airport has been released on EC$4.5 million (US$1.7 million) bail. As part of his bail conditions, Colin Murraine had to surrender all his travel doc-

uments and will only be allowed to leave the country with the court’s permission. He must also report to police headquarters daily. His case has been adjourned until April 25. The 31-year-old pilot had been denied bail when he first appeared in court on Monday charged with


leader of the notorious Zetas drug cartel has been caught in Mexico City, according to Mexican authorities. José María Guízar Valencia is wanted in the US, which had offered a US$5 million (£3.6 million) reward for his capture. Known as Z-43, he is a dual US-Mexican citizen and is thought to have run the Zeta's south-eastern operations. The US state department said he was responsible for "importing thousands of kilograms of cocaine and methamphetamine to the US every year". On its website, it said the Zetas "have murdered an untold number of Guatemalan civilians during the systematic overtake of the Guatemalan border region with Mexico during recent years".

The alleged kingpin was arrested in Mexico City's Roma neighbourhood, which is known for its hip bars and restaurants. He was captured "without the use of force", said the head of the National Security Commission, Renato Sales, in a press conference on Friday, when the news was confirmed. He is now likely to face extradition to the US, on drugs smuggling and money-laundering charges. In 2012, the Zetas was considered the largest drugs gang in Mexico. However, they have lost ground in recent years, as others, notably the Jalisco New Generation, have expanded to take their eastcoast territory. Arrests of other leaders have also weakened the group, causing internal divisions. (Excerpt

from BBC News)

Jamaica wants to see democracy return to Venezuela, says PM

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) addresses a joint press conference on Wednesday following bilateral talks with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson (pictured right). Tillerson was on a one-day working visit to Jamaica

EC$4.5M bail for Antiguan P pilot on drug charges possession and exportation of cocaine, and being in concern with the supply of cocaine and drug trafficking. Murraine was arrested after a drug bust in which almost EC$1.7 million (US$629,634) worth of cocaine was found on a private plane. Last Friday, officers from Antigua and Barbuda’s Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) intercepted a private charter plane that was preparing for takeoff. Their search uncovered 105 pounds of cocaine in several packages in two suitcases, with an estimated street value of EC$1,667,601 (US$617,635) on the aircraft. The pilot was among four people who were arrested. The other three were subsequently released. (Caribbean360)

Mexico: Zetas drugs cartel leader caught

rime Minister Andrew Holness says the government of Jamaica is concerned about the political and economic crisis in Venezuela, and is desirous of seeing Venezuelans again enjoying their democracy. The Prime Minister was addressing a joint press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister on Wednesday, following bilat-

eral talks with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who was on a one-day working visit to Jamaica. The turmoil in Venezuela was one of several matters discussed during the talks. Holness said that Jamaica and the US both agreed that the government of Venezuela “must act in the best interest of its people and that it should ensure that the presidential

elections are free, fair and credible in the eyes of the Venezuelan people and the international community”. In his remarks on the issue, Tillerson said both countries “are heartbroken to see what is happening in Venezuela as we are seeing what was once a thriving democracy dismantled before our very eyes”. He noted that it is for this reason that the US intends to “take all actions possible to persuade the regime to return to its full constitutional authorities; return it to the hands of the Venezuelan people”. Tillerson said the US appreciates Jamaica adding its voice to this issue, noting that Jamaica’s vote in the Organisation of American States (OAS) to achieve stability, prosperity and support democracy in Venezuela “has demonstrated exceptional support to the human rights issues that confront us in the Western Hemisphere”. (Excerpt

from Caribbean News Now)

Advisories issued as T&T Police uncover plot to disrupt Carnival


olice in Trinidad and Tobago have arrested four men in connection with a plot to disrupt Carnival celebrations next week, and while they have not revealed the nature of the plan, advisories issued by two foreign governments suggest it was terror related. At an urgent media briefing on Thursday, Assistant Superintendent Michael Jackman said the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) had “unearthed credible information” of a

threat to disrupt the twin-island republic’s highly anticipated Carnival activities. “The information received is going through intelligence gathering,” he said. Jackman said several suspects were detained and were being interviewed, but police were also pursuing other leads. “The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service gives the assurance to residents and visitors alike that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service supported by the

partner agency, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, will be providing the necessary security and safety arrangements for Carnival 2018 to be effectively enjoyed by all,” he sought to assure. “The public, as usual, should remain vigilant, alert of their surroundings and if they should see anything that appears suspicious they should do as they have done in the past and report it to members of the TTPS,” Jackman added. (Excerpt from


saturDAY, february 10, 2018


Around the World

France presses Russia over Syria as Elaborate France kidnap heist nets more die in besieged rebel area thieves 'millions' from cash van



rance urged Russia to make Syria’s government ease a dire humanitarian crisis in two rebel-held areas as more air strikes pounded them on Friday, adding to the death toll from one of the deadliest weeks of the war. President Bashar al-Assad’s army, which has seized a clear advantage in the war with Russian and Iranian help, is bombarding two of the last key rebel areas of Syria – Eastern Ghouta near Damascus and Idlib in the northwest near the Turkish border. The latest air strikes killed more than 12 people in Eastern Ghouta, a pocket of towns and farmland east of Damascus where the death toll has climbed to more than 230 in the last four days – the enclave’s deadliest week since 2015, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Warplanes killed another 14 people in Idlib, the monitoring group said.

Children ride on a bicycle at a damaged site after an airstrike in the besieged town of Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, Syria February 9, 2018

The multi-sided conflict is raging on other fronts too, with Turkey waging a big offensive against Kurdish forces in the Afrin region of northwestern Syria. Turkey resumed its air strikes against Afrin overnight. Diplomacy is making no progress toward ending a war now approaching its eighth year, having killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced half the

pre-war Syrian population of 23 million from their homes, with millions forced out as refugees. In a telephone call, French President Emmanuel Macron pressed Russia’s Vladimir Putin to do all he could to ensure Damascus puts an end to the humanitarian emergency in Eastern Ghouta and Idlib, the Elysee Palace said in a statement. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Sri Lankans to vote in local elections in key test for ruling coalition


ore than 15 million Sri Lankans are set to vote on Saturday in long-delayed local elections after a bitter fight between the two main ruling coalition partners that threatens the unity government’s future reforms. They are the first island-wide polls since the coalition Government took office in August 2015 and are considered an important test of the government’s reform agenda. The Government has promised a new constitution that devolves power and

also to facilitate an international probe into alleged war crimes committed in the final phase of a 26-year civil war that ended in 2009, and postwar reconciliation. However, the Government has yet to deliver on these reforms or on promised anti-corruption measures. In the run-up to the local polls, the coalition partners – President Maithripala Sirisena’s centre-left Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s centre-right United National Party (UNP) – which are con-

testing the polls separately – have blamed each other for the failures. Sirisena says he wants to take charge of the economy, which is currently handled by the UNP, and has blamed the prime minister’s party for failing to tackle corruption. There are no accurate opinion polls on the election but many political analysts say the UNP is likely to perform best in the polls, in which voters will elect some 8300 representatives in 340 local authorities across the country. (Excerpt from Reuters)

hieves have targeted a cash van delivery driver on the FrenchSwiss border in an elaborate heist involving the kidnap of his daughter. They stole up to 30 million Swiss francs (US$32 million; £23 million) from the van, reports say. The driver's 22-yearold daughter had been kidnapped from her apartment in the French city of Lyon on Thursday by two men posing as plumbers. The driver was headed toward the Swiss city of Lausanne

when he received a call demanding a ransom for her. He was forced off the motorway and directed to a car park near the municipality of Chavornay in Switzerland, where several armed and disguised men were waiting, Police said. "There, several armed men who were awaiting the van made him park it. They then held up the delivery drivers, completely emptied the van's contents and fled in a dark-coloured Porsche SUV," Swiss police were quoted as saying

in a statement by the AFP news agency. The daughter was later found on a road, uninjured, on the outskirts of Lyon shortly before 22:00 (21:00 GMT). The heist has been compared to an action film plot. Police have appealed for witnesses as no arrests have been made. They say the suspects are thought to be three men, dressed all in black, with an accent thought to be from the south of France or North Africa. (BBC News)

Deadly mosque blast hits Libya's Benghazi


t least two people have been killed and scores wounded in a bombing at a mosque in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi, according to medical sources. The casualties were caused by two suspected improvised explosive devices which went off at the Saad Ben Obadah mosque during Friday prayers. Mutaz al-Mu'tri, Benghazi's security directorate spokesperson, said two bomb bags had been used in the attack, according to Libya's 218 TV news channel. Medics told Reuters news agency that at least two people were killed and 55 were wounded. Local media news reports put the number of those injured at 129. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) was quick to condemn the attack, calling reports of civilian casualties "deeply dis-

The aftermath of the improvised explosive device blast at Saad Ben Obadah mosque in Majouri neighbourhood of Benghazi

turbing". The incident comes weeks after a double car bombing in Benghazi killed at least 35 people. That attack, which took place outside the Bait Radwan mosque on January 23, left more than 50 others wounded, including a number of senior security officials. Ahmed al-Fituri, chief of a special investigation unit attached to the general com-

mand of east Libyan security forces, was among the casualties. Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar, a renegade general based in the east of the country, took control of Benghazi in 2017, after a three-year campaign against rival armed groups. The battles have left large swaths of the port city in ruins. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Jacob Zuma could step down as South Google fined by India watchdog African President 'within days' for 'unfair search bias'

Jacob Zuma leaves Tuynhuys, the office of the presidency, at parliament in Cape Town on Wednesday


acob Zuma, the President of South Africa, is expected to leave office within days, parliamentarians from the ruling African National Congress party have said. Zuma, who is facing multiple charges of corruption, has been negotiating the terms of his departure with Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC leader. Ramaphosa pulled out of public events to fo-

cus on “pressing matters” on Friday, fuelling speculation that he was making a final push to convince Zuma, 75, to step down as South Africa’s head of state before a major ANC rally on Sunday. The party, in power since the end of the repressive, racist apartheid regime in 1994, has been thrown into crisis by an increasingly chaotic transfer of power from the incumbent president to

his deputy and rival. Ramaphosa told parliamentarians on Thursday he hoped to conclude talks with the president over a transition of power “in coming days ... in the interests of the country”. An MP told the Guardian on condition of anonymity: “He said [the negotiations] would not drag on and that we should basically expect news any moment. No one wants this to go into next week and go on and on.” A second MP said Ramaphosa had indicated the negotiations were about “small practical things, not a big argument”. But analysts warned that predictions of an early exit for Zuma could be too optimistic as the growing chaos surrounding the talks could allow a “mutiny” within the ANC by the veteran politician’s supporters.” (Excerpt from The Guardian)


oogle has been fined 1.36 billion rupees (£15.2 million; US$21.2 million) by India's competition regulator for abusing its dominance in the country. Users searching flight details were directed to Google's own flight search page, the Competition Commission of India found. Rival businesses were disadvantaged by that "search bias", the regulator said. A Google spokesperson told Reuters that they were reviewing the CCI's concerns. In its 190-page report, the CCI found that the company had abused its dominant position, causing harm to both its competitors and Google users. The ruling was prompted by a complaint filed in 2012 by Indian matchmaking website, Bharat Matrimony and a consumer protection group.

Google must deposit the fine within 60 days

Google said it was "always focused on innovating to support the evolving needs of our users". "The Competition Commission of India has confirmed that, on the majority of issues it examined, our conduct complies with Indian competition laws," the spokesman added. The fine equates to about five per cent of Google's average annual revenues in India

– though the punishment will not hit the tech giant too hard. Last week parent company Alphabet announced quarterly profits of US$6.8 billion. And the fine is small change compared with the 2.4 billion euros (US$2.7 billion; £2.1 billion) it was forced to pay by the European Commission in 2017, for promoting its own shopping service in search results. (BBC News)


saturDAY, February 10, 2018


A trip, reunion or personARIES al change will do you good. (March 21- Attending a retreat or searchApril 19) ing for inner truth and verification of your beliefs will encourage you to make positive revisions. A financial gain or gift is TAURUS heading your way. An im(April 20- provement you wanted to May 20) make to your life, domestic environment or community will lead to a new opportunity.


Personal gains should be GEMINI (May 21- your focus. Spend time updatJune 20) ing your look, nurturing an important relationship or setting time aside to rejuvenate. Romance is encouraged. Being tempted by change will not be in your best inter(June 21- est. Think matters through July 22) and consider the motive behind your desire for something new. You’ll find comfort in familiarity.



Personal improvements LEO will make you feel good (July 23- about your appearance. A litAug. 22) tle charm will entice someone special to get involved in something you enjoy doing. A short trip looks inviting. Make positive changes at VIRGO home. Work alongside those (Aug. 23you live with to ensure that no Sept. 22) one feels left out or becomes disgruntled by the decisions you make. Be open to suggestions and compromises.

Calvin and Hobbes

Don’t be daunted by what LIBRA (Sept. 23- someone else says or does. Oct. 23) Follow your heart and use your intelligence to help you find your way. Accept the inevitable and forge ahead.



TODAY’S WORD — GARRULOUS (GARRULOUS: GAR-uh-lus: Tiresomely talkative.) Average mark 16 words Time limit 35 minutes Can you find 24 or more words in GARRULOUS? The list will be published tomorrow.

Your charm and perSAGITTARIUS suasive ability will lead to (Nov. 23greater popularity. Love and Dec. 21) romance are featured, and a change in your status or direction looks promising.


refit reify rice rife rift rite certify cire cite city

tier tire trey trice ferity fiery fire fret frit yeti

RULES OF THE GAME: 1. Words must be of four or more letters. 2. Words that acquire four letters by the addition of “s,” such as “bats” or “dies,” are not allowed. 3. Additional words made by adding a “d” or an “s” may not be used. For example, if “bake” is used, “baked” or “bakes” is not allowed, but “bake” and “baking” are admissible. 4. Proper nouns, slang words, or vulgar or sexually explicit words are not allowed. To contact Word Game creator Kathleen Saxe, write to Word Game, Kathleen Saxe, Universal Uclick, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106. Copyright 2015, Distributed by Universal Uclick for UFS

Find a way to incorporate SCORPIO the old with the new if you (Oct. 24want to come up with someNov. 22) thing that will appease your opponents and excite your supporters.

solution for LAST PUBLISHED Puzzle

Keep your distance from CAPRICORN individuals who appear to be (Dec. 22- unstable or unpredictable. Jan. 19) Refuse to let anyone use emotional manipulation to coax you into doing something you are best off avoiding. Make changes based on AQUARIUS reality. Do your due dili(Jan. 20gence and know exactly what Feb. 19) you are capable of handling. Get promises in writing to ensure that you are going to get what you ask for. PISCES Charm shouldn’t be the de(Feb. 20- ciding factor when someone March 20) tries to push you into doing something questionable. Make a counteroffer, stick to high standards and be prepared to walk away, if necessary.

saturDAY, february 10, 2018


Winter Olympics 2018, Pyeongchang

South and North Korean athletes unite during opening ceremony


osts South Korea produced a show of unity with neighbours North Korea during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Their athletes entered under the same flag during the parade, after months of tension in the Korean peninsula. "We are stronger than all the forces that want to divide us," declared Olympic president Thomas Bach. Lizzy Yarnold carried Great Britain's flag, while Russian athletes came in under the neutral Olympic flag. Russia is banned from the Games, and the forthcoming Paralympics, as a consequence of the 2016 McLaren report which claimed more than 1,000 of the country's sportspeople benefitted from state-sponsored doping. The International Olympic Committee invited 169 Russians who have met the anti-doping criteria to compete as independent athletes and their team will be known as the 'Olympic Athletes from Russia'. North Korea ice hockey player Chung Gum Hwang and South Korean bobsledder Won Yun-jong were joint flagbearers. An estimated 35,000 spectators inside the Olympic Stadium were given seat warmers, wind

shields, hats and gloves with temperatures as low as -6C during the two hourlong ceremony. Senior political figures from North Korea and USA - two of the countries at the centre of the political row were both present. Kim Yo-jong, the influential sister of North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, sat one row behind USA vice-presi-

"The Seoul 1988 Summer Games paved the way for reconciliation between east and west - breaking down the wall of the Cold War. Thirty years after hosting the Summer Games, the Pyeongchang Olympics has commenced with a hope for peace from everyone around the world. "It was with an ardent desire that the people of

South and North Korea athletes marched under one flag at the start of the historic games

Final torchbearer was Yuna Kim who won Olympic ice skating gold in 2010

dent Mike Pence in the VIP section. South Korea's president Moon Jae-in shook hands with her and said at the ceremony: "I would like to take this opportunity to convey greetings and a message of friendship from the people of Korea.

Korea aspired to host the Winter Games, the only divided nation in the world. It mirrors the Olympic spirit in its pursuit of peace." The 'wow moments' in the ceremony included the formation of the Olympic Rings made up of 1,218 drones - a Guinness World

Record for drones used in a performance - and 100 skiers. There was also 'the vision of peace in the sky' which was a constellation inside the arena, while 'the balance of yin and yang' saw Korean drummers perform in unison before forming the South Korea flag. And the

centre of the stadium was lit up in the eye-catching 'link to the world' segment. During the parade of athletes, Tonga's flagbearer, cross-country skier Pita Taufatofua, came out into the arena without wearing a top, despite sub-zero temperatures. He wore similar attire during the opening ceremony at Rio 2016, when he competed in taekwondo. Bermuda's contingent wore shorts during the parade in Pyeongchang. There was also a performance of John Lennon's Imagine, which included the formation of a giant dove of peace.

It all culminated in the ceremony centrepiece, which was the traditional lighting of the Olympic flame. That saw the final torchbearer Yuna Kim, who won Olympic ice skating gold in 2010, at the top of a slope light the flame as 30 fire rings ascended towards the white moon-shaped porcelain cauldron. The 18 days of competition will feature 2,925 athletes competing in 15 sports under 93 flags chasing 102 gold medals. Six countries are participating in the Winter Games for the first time: Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore. (BBC Sport)

GMR&SC/ King of the Strip

Team Mohammed's unfazed by challengers


urrent record holders of the quarter mile, Team Mohammed's Enterprise not at all worried about who pulls up next to their Nissan GTRs come Sunday at the highly anticipated 'King of Dragz' meet at the South Dakota circuit. Last March, the team once again entered the record books as the GT-R sped to a time of 7.569s to win the unlimited (7-seconds) category ahead of their other car, the Nissan Nismo which had a time of 8.906s. The likes of Sean

Persaud and his powerful Toyota Caldina are touted to pose a threat but according to team principal Azzruddin Mohammed he is not fazed about who pulls up alongside his vehicles since they only view they have will be that of the rear lights. Speaking to this publication on Friday after a practice run he said they are still some fine-tuning to do but they are well on course to defend their title. Mohammed was on the cautious side of producing another record-breaking

route since according to him “the track is not in the best of condition.” The event will feature nine classes of time bracket drag racing events, including and unlimited class and a superbike class. The one-day event will see an unofficial practice today that will precede the official qualification and knockout on Sunday. The sponsors are Tropical Shipping, STAG, Mohamed’s Enterprise, Rent A Tent, Perms Electrical, Paul Jiwanram,

Team Mohammed's prized possession, the Nissan GT-R in the pits on Friday (Photo courtesy of Rohindra Mahase)

White Boy Auto Spares, BM Soat, Palm Court, Samaroo Investments, Windjammer, Nexus, E-Networks, JR Burgers, Toucan Industries,

Trans Pacific, Ramchand’s Auto Body Shop, Special Auto, A and R Jiwanram Printery Inc., Infinity Imports and JAPARTS.

Action starts at 09:00h sharp with qualifications with admission set at $1000 for adults and $500 for children.



saturDAY, february 10, 2018

“Boxing will reach new heights”– Hussain

– Guyana, Cuba could start collaboration


ocal boxing promotion NexGen Global Inc. is looking to bridge a gap between Guyana and boxing powerhouse Cuba, with hopes of starting a major developmental programme in the near future. Promoter and NexGen CEO Aleem Hussain on Friday said that the idea was already presented to the local governing body, the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC), who were excited over the prospects of further revamping the sport locally. The entire move is based around both countries expanding their quality of fighters who can train and earn a living in Guyana which will be centralized as a boxing hub for South America. Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, has a deep history of boxing stemming back from the early 1900’s.

Just recently NexGen Inc teamed up with the Guyana Boxing Board for the successful hosting of ‘Sangre Malo’ at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall in Georgetown

Back in 1962, professional boxing in Cuba was banned by then, late President Fidel Castro but amateur boxing

continued to reign supreme in the country. Hussain now sees Guyana role as a Launchpad to help Cuban

and Guyanese fighters bring out the best in each other while being centralized in Guyana will help to make

their appearances on the international scene much easier. “Instead of boxers going to Miami to turn professionals out of Cuba where boxing is not allowed, boxers will now come to Guyana and it will be there new place to come and fight 8 to 10 fights, move up the ranks and build a record so they can go onto to get title shots and more exposure,” Hussain explained. Hussain continued, “It will give Cuba and Guyana better relationships because we can incorporate top quality boxers from cub into the Guyanese market and help us up our game, because some of the best trainers and fighters do come out of Cuba.” With NexGen and the GBBC recently reviving the

sport with last month’s “ S a n g r e Malo” Card, a card billed between Guyana and Venezuela, Hussain was optimistic that should the move be successful, Guyana’s boxing atmosphere will most certainly change for the best. “By bringing them (Cubans) into the Guyanese market, it would give boxing fans something that they can appreciate, some of the top champs have come from Cuba and if u Google the current champs now there’s a number of them on top of the boxing world.” “So that’s the kind of talent that comes out of Cuba and they will be fighting out of Guyana and the GBBC is excited about it, so we’re going to be moving aggressively to make it happen soon,” he ended.

Sri Lanka in control on Dhaka turner …14 wickets tumble again


ebutant Akila Dananjaya ransacked Bangladesh's lower middle order in the morning, and Roshen Silva compiled a second high-quality fift y in the

Mehedi Hasan Miraz is among the wickets again

match, as Sri Lanka claimed a 312-run lead and took iron-grip of the Test. That the surface is a spinners' paradise is plain, but Bangladesh's meekness in the first innings has put them on the brink of a series loss. In the most dramatic period of play on day two, the hosts lost their last five wickets for five runs. Not even an inspired Mustafizur Rahman spell late in the day

could undo the damage sustained before lunch. Also driving Sri Lanka ahead on day two were Dhananjaya de Silva, Dimuth Karunaratne and Dinesh Chandimal, none of whom got close to a half-century, but whose innings were vital nonetheless. Bangladesh's spinners were at times guilty of being too wayward. Though they delivered their share of dangerous deliveries through the day, many errors in length also speckled their spells. The visiting batsmen rarely allowed good scoring

es, though conditions were stacked heavily in their favour. There was no side of the pitch that he favoured, and his 58 not out - to go

with the 56 in the first innings - is already more valuable than many hundreds.

(ESPN Cricinfo)

SCOREBOARD imuth Karunaratne steers one through the off side (Associated Press)

opportunities to go unused. Mehidy Hasan Miraz the best of the home side's spinners - took two for 29 from his 14 overs, and regularly raised wicket-taking opportunities. Taijul Islam also took two wickets, and Abdur Razzak finished with one. Their most potent weapon, however, was Mustafizur and his cutters. In a spell also envenomed by reverse swing, he took the wickets of Dilruwan Perera and Dananjaya off successive balls, and was unlucky to finish without at least one more scalp. Having earlier also trapped Danushka Gunathilaka in front of the stumps, he finished the day with 3 for 35. But it was Dananjaya whose late-morning spell that was of most consequence to the match situation. To him also went the most perfect spin-bowling

dismissal of the game so far. Tossing the ball up outside off stump, Dananjaya got the ball to drift away, before it dipped and spat back at the batsman. Mahmudullah offered a forward defence, but so sharp was the turn that the ball whistled between bat and pad to hit the very top of middle stump. It was his maiden Test wicket. Dananjaya was suitably ecstatic. If by establishing a 112-run lead, Sri Lanka had achieved a commanding position in the game, Roshen was most responsible for leading his side toward impregnability. Measured, and intelligent, he played within his limits, leaving balls that did not threaten his stumps, and yet hitting out at balls that deserved punishment. His footwark was swift and precise. Rarely did the Bangladesh bowlers dominate him for long stretch-

Stumps Day 2 Sri Lanka 1st Innings 222 Bangladesh 1st Innings (Overnight 56-4) Tamim Iqbal c & b Lakmal 4 Imrul Kayes lbw b Perera 19 Mominul Haque run out (de Silva/†Dickwella) 0 Mushfiqur Rahim b Lakmal 1 Liton Das† b Lakmal 25 Mehidy Hasan Miraz not out 38 Mahmudullah* b Dananjaya 17 Sabbir Rahman c Chandimal b Dananjaya 0 Abdur Razzak c & b Dananjaya 1 Taijul Islam run out (Mendis) 1 Mustafizur Rahman lbw b Perera 0 Extras (lb-2, nb-1, w-1) 4 Total (All out; 45.4 overs) 110 Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Tamim Iqbal, 0.3 ov), 2-4 (Mominul Haque, 1.3 ov), 3-12 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 8.6 ov), 4-45 (Imrul Kayes, 19.5 ov), 5-73 (Liton Das, 26.6 ov), 6-107 (Mahmudullah, 42.2 ov), 7-107 (Sabbir Rahman, 42.5 ov), 8-109 (Abdur Razzak, 44.2 ov), 9-110 (Taijul Islam, 45.3 ov), 10-110 (Mustafizur Rahman, 45.4 ov) Bowling Lakmal 12-4-253 (w-1), Perera 11.4-4-322 (nb-1), Dananjaya 10-220-3, Herath 12-1-31-0 Sri Lanka 2nd Innings

FDM Karunaratne c Imrul Kayes b Mehidy Hasan Miraz 32 BKG Mendis lbw b Abdur Razzak 7 DM de Silva b Taijul Islam 28 MD Gunathilaka lbw b Mustafizur Rahman 17 LD Chandimal* lbw b Mehidy Hasan Miraz 30 ARS Silva not out 58 N Dickwella† c Mahmudullah b Taijul Islam 10 MDK Perera c †Liton Das b Mustafizur Rahman 7 A Dananjaya c †Liton Das b Mustafizur Rahman 0 RAS Lakmal not out 7 Extras (lb-4) 4 Total (For 8 wickets; 62 overs) 200 Yet to bat: HMRKB Herath Fall of wickets: 1-19 (BKG Mendis, 6.5 ov), 2-53 (DM de Silva, 16.4 ov), 3-80 (MD Gunathilaka, 25.5 ov), 4-92 (FDM Karunaratne, 32.3 ov), 5-143 (LD Chandimal, 46.3 ov), 6-170 (N Dickwella, 53.1 ov), 7-178 (MDK Perera, 55.2 ov), 8-178 (A Dananjaya, 55.3 ov) Bowling Abdur Razzak 17-260-1, Mustafizur Rahman 122-35-3, Taijul Islam 19-2-72-2, Mehidy Hasan Miraz 14-3-29-2 Position: Sri Lanka lead by 312 runs with 2 wickets remaining

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sports GCA/ NBS 2nd Division 40-Overs Competition

MYO beat Everest in cliff-hanger

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– 5 more matches bowl off today


ction in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) continues its fixtures this weekend with the New Building Society (40-Over) 2nd Division Cricket Competition. Last week, Everest Cricket Club and Muslim Youth Organization (MYO), had an exciting yet low scoring thriller with the latter having the final say. Batting first, Everest CC stumbled to 119 all out in 22.3 overs with Dwayne Adams (36) and Denesh Mangal (31), leading the way. MYO’s bowling was piloted by Abdul Qayume who snared 5-38 while Parmanad Parsram claimed 2-4 as MYO narrowly got home at 122-9 from 25 .1 overs to win by one wicket. Abdul Kumar led the way with 25 as Javed Rasheed 3-29, Shaheed Mohamed 3-47 and Adams 3-30, endured good spells that was almost good enough for the win. The action continues today with five matches across the city from 11:00h. DCC host Malteenoes at DCC ground, GNIC travel to Gandhi Youth Organization (GYO) to take on the home team while the University of Guyana (UG) and Transport SC clash at the Malteenoes Sports Club ground. In other matches; Police SC will entertain Ace Warriors at Eve Leary and Diplomats SC will match skills with the Guyana Defence Force at the Camp Ayanganna ground.


ll roads will lead to the Kendall's Union Cricket Ground located at Number 19 village on the Lower Corentyne coast for the 2018 Ramnarine Appiah (Brother Appiah) Memorial 20 overs cricket competition. The event will be contested among four teams; Kendall's Union, Kendall's Union Sports

Stars, Seawell and Brother Appiah United. The team, Brother Appiah is named in honour of the late Brother Appiah. All four teams will be engaged in the semifinals with the winning teams advancing to the final to play for attractive incentives. The tournament is sponsored by Mukesh Appiah and

family members as they remember and honour the late Ramnarine Appiah, a highly respected and loved village leader along the Number 19 straight road villages. In addition to cricket, a well-stocked bar and musical entertainment will be there with local Chutney King, Bunty Singh entertaining the crowd with his

Magnum “Mash Cup” Classic Flashback! Winning captain of Young Warriors Cricket Club, Hubern Evans collecting the trophy from Mukesh Appiah, son of the late Ramnarine Appiah

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Everest CC all-rounder Dwayne Adams

Ramnarine Appiah Memorial T20 set for Saturday

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one-man band. The inaugural tournament which began in 2015 but ended in January 2106

Rush for knock-out spots is on The intensity will be high once again tonight in the National Gymnasium when the rivalry resumes


hen the action in the inaugural Magnum ‘Mash Cup’ resumes tonight, team will be jostling to get in to the business-end of the tournament. The teams from the mining town of Linden have been fearless and on target so far but will be tested tonight when they come up against some of the more consistent sides from Georgetown which puts the contests tonight as Georgetown vs Linden. Among the feature matchups are Bent Street playing host to Linden’s Swag Entertainment; Sparta Boss taking on Silver Bullets also from the Mining Town; Future Stars vs. Channel 9 Warriors and ‘Gold is Money’ vs. Ol Skool Ballers. After the 12 games tonight, the best 16 teams will be decided and they will bounce into action as early as Monday which marks the beginning of straight knock outs. The winning team will receive $400,000

+ Trophy, runner-up $200,000 + Trophy, third place $100,000 + Trophy and fourth place $50,000 when the curtains come down on February 17. All matches take place at the National Gymnasium and the opening whistle is at 19:00 tonight. See tonight’s complete fixtures below; New Market Street vs Rugby Team Showstoppers vs Team Extreme Hustlers vs Alexander Village Albouystown ‘A’ vs YMCA Ballers North Ruimveldt vs Sophia North East La Penitence vs Tiger Bay Leopold Street vs Mocha Back Circle vs Albouystown ‘B’ Bent Street vs Swag Entertainment Sparta Boss vs Silver Bullets Future Stars vs Channel 9 Warriors West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’ vs Ol Skool Ballers

was won by Young Warriors Cricket Club of Cumberland, East Canje, Berbice.

GFF hosts critical Futsal Referee Training Programme today T he Guyana Football Federation (GFF) in partnership with the Petra Organization will host a two-day futsal refresher course for 10 futsal referees beginning on Saturday February 10. The programme will be preceded by opening remarks from President of the GFF, Wayne Forde, Co-Director of Petra Organization, Troy Mendonca and First Vice President of the National Futsal Association, Mark Young. The participants will be taken from Georgetown, Upper Demerara, West Demerara and Berbice Football Association. The course will be facilitated by Referees’

GFF Head of Refereeing Department, Stanley Lancaster

Instructor Roy Mc Arthur and GFF’s Head of Refereeing Department, Stanley Lancaster, and will cover the 17 Laws of The Game and their interpretation.



saturDAY, february 10, 2018

GCB/ Dave West Indian Imports Inter County U-15 Final


Unbeaten champs battle confident host

When the two teams met in the preliminary stage of the tournament, the toss was crucial and could be the same again today (John Ramsingh photo)

rch rivals Demerara and Berbice will suit up for battle in today’s final of the Guyana Cricket Board’s (GCB) Dave West Indian Imports InterCounty U15 tourney at the iconic Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) Bourda Ground. Both sides have been playing steady youth crick-

et with Berbice, the defending champs, hammering all oppositions as they reached the finals unbeaten. Demerara, despite losing just one game, will psychologically enter this match with a bit of hindrance as it was Berbice, more so off-spinner Jonathon Rampersaud with his five

wicket haul who handed them their only loss of the competition. Berbice has been playing as a team and have reaped the rewards for their consistency. Skipper Zeynul Ramsammy has been among the runs for his team while Rampersaud wily off-spin has managed to fetch him

13 wickets from his three games, the most in the tournament. Rampersaud has the only five wicket haul of the tournament which ironically came against today’s opponents. Rampersaud was beautifully supported by Jeremy Sandia who has bagged 4-10 and 3-2 already while

Richardson chooses Tests over IPL


ane Richardson has decided to prioritise the longer format of the game over the IPL. The fast bowler has revealed that his decision to opt out of this year's player auction - which turned a number of his Australia team-mates into millionaires - was motivated by two reasons: his impending wedding, which is scheduled for April and could thus clash with the early matches of the IPL, and a desire to focus on Sheffield Shield cricket in a bid to push for a Test place. Richardson has played 15 ODIs and five T20Is, but is yet to wear the Baggy Green. Richardson was sold to Pune Warriors for USD 700,000 in 2013, despite having played just six firstclass matches until then. He has since gone on to play for Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore, and has picked up 18 wickets in 14 matches over three seasons. He took seven wickets in four matches for Royal Challengers in 2016, and was released by the franchise ahead of the 2017 season. Richardson feels he has a lot of time left in him to pursue his financial ambitions. "It's a hard decision because of the financial rewards," he told au. "Not a lot of guys do it. I experienced it (the IPL) as a young bloke and made a little bit of money over there so

that makes it easier having had that happen. I'm still only 27 next so hopefully, I can get over there a few more times. "I've put in a little bit more of a goal to play more Shield cricket and I thought if I play upwards of seven Shield games, the body is going to need a fair bit of a rest." Richardson had a successful Sheffield Shield campaign in the 2016-17 summer with South Australia, picking up 32 wickets at an average of 25.93 before he was struck by injury towards the end of the season, which kept him out of the final against Victoria. He has nine wickets in two games in the ong o i n g

away from playing Test cricket but it's still a goal to play," Richardson said. Whether or not (missing) the IPL helps that, I'm not sure." Richardson is a part of Australia's attack in the ongoing Trans-Tasman T20 tri-series, and has picked up one wicket in the first two matches while conceding 6.88 runs per over. (ESPN

2017-18 season, at 26.33. Considering the demand for Australian quicks this year, Richardson is likely to have earned a lucrative deal at the IPL auction. As someone who bowls primarily in the Powerplay and death overs, his Big Bash League record of 49 wickets at Cricinfo) 26.08 and an economy rate of 7.9 would have caught the Kane Richardson has played 15 eyes of the franchises. ODIs and 5 T20I for Australia "I'm still a long way

Boodram Lakeraj has been consistent with five wickets in total. No team has passed 68 against their bowling attack. On the other hand, Demerara will want revenge after being blow out in round two at the hands of the champions. They will call upon the likes of na-

tional under-15 player, Shamar Yearwood, captain Mavindra Dindyal, Nicholas Rajpat, Zachary Jodha and Rommel Datterdeen in their quest for the prestigious title. Weather permitting, a keen battle looms when the action gets underway at the scheduled 09:30h start time.

Leewards hurt by loss of key players – Benjamin L

eeward Islands Hurricanes coach Winston Benjamin has bemoaned the loss of several key players to international duty as the team looks to put together another solid run in this season’s CWI Super50 competition. The Leewards were off to a solid start after wins over USA Cricket and Jamaica Scorpions. The team quickly saw its momentum slowed, however, following losses to the Guyana Jaguars and a surprising loss to English County Cricket team Kent. Benjamin has pointed to instability as a factor in the team’s defeat, particularly against the English. Four of the team’s players left the team following the Guyana game while Samuels played his final game against Kent on Wednesday. “When you look at the players we have lost in Rahkeem Cornwall who has two centuries already. Captain Kieran Powell, we lost Jeremiah Luis, Jahmar Hamilton and that is basically the backbone of the team so to speak. We are now in the process of losing Marlon Samuels because I think the game yesterday [Wednesday] was his

Winston Benjamin

last,” Benjamin told the Antigua Observer. The former Windies player, however, remained confident that the team would be able to rediscover its form despite the change in personnel. “We are going to fight, definitely, we are going to fight with what we have so we are not going to make that be an issue or a line of complaint. We just have to get into the heads of these young guys and let them know that they too, can make a name for themselves like everybody else and that all of the great world-class players, they too had a time when it was their first time so they just need to have the belief in themselves and to try and make an impact that at the end of the tournament.” (Sportsmax)

saturDAY, february 10, 2018


CWI/ Regional Super50 Cup 2018…

Jaguars looking to rebound

… after McCarthy special and rain


an-of-the-match Andre McCarthy’s run-a-ball century and Nikita Miller’s four-wicket haul combined to hand the Jamaica Scorpions 46-run victory (D/L) over the Guyana Jaguars at the Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua on Thursday. It was the Scorpions’ second win of the CWI Super50 competition and the first for the Jaguars who are still the table leaders in Group B after four matches. Chasing 215 off 34 overs after rain had delayed play for more than an hour, the Guyana Jaguars had their middle order ripped out by off-spinner Nikita Miller who finished with 4 for 22 to lead the Scorpions to victory. Only Shimron Hetmeyer, who scored 40 from 43 balls, offered any real resistance as the Jaguars were bowled out for 168 off 30.2 overs. Russell took 2 for 24 off his six overs. Earlier, McCarthy hit five fours and six sixes as he and Fabian Allen who remained unbeaten on 47 shared in a 110-run fourth-wicket stand that laid the foundation for the Scorpions’ 264 for 9 of their allotment of 50 overs. He was eventually yorked for 105 by Keemo Paul on the last ball of the 45th over. Paul ended with figures of 3 for 46 off eight

overs. The Scorpions also got useful contributions from Rovman Powell, who while batting at three, mounted a second-wicket stand of 57 after they lost Steven Taylor three balls into the first over for a duck with only three runs on the board.

Jaguars vs Kent at Coolidge

Meanwhile, the Leon Johnson-led side will be looking to rebound from Thursday’s horrific loss when they oppose Kent Spitfires in an important top-of-the-table clash at the Coolidge Cricket ground in another day/night affair to-

Shiv Chanderpaul had a match-winning half century in the Jaguars opening round win against Kent (CWI Media photo)

Walton went on to make 33 before he was trapped lbw by Shefane Rutherford. Andre Russell has a brief cameo of 15 before he was caught on the long off boundary by Paul off the bowling of Romario Shepherd who cleaned up the Scorpions tail to end with 3 for 67 off his 10 overs.

day from 14:00h. The Jaguars’ concern at this stage of the Cup, is that their batters step up in a major way, especially against a well-polished side like the Joe Denly-led English County seasoned campaigners, Kent. The Englishmen have been on a roll in the Caribbean since their arrival, disposing of the United States of America in the pre-

vious round by 29 runs, the Hurricanes by 9-wickets and the Scorpions by four wickets while suffering their only loss to the Jaguars in their opening encounter by 35 runs. The Jaguars on 13 points will look to their main batsmen, Leon Johnson, Anthony Bramble, Chandrapaul Hemraj and their power-hitting allround trio of Keemo Paul, Romario Shepherd and Sherfane Rutherford to set or chase any target. West Indies Test player Shimron Hetmyer is Guyana’s leading run-scorer with 209 runs with a century under his belt and could be the x-factor in today’s encounter. Meanwhile, the 31 year-old Denly, who has played a number of ODI and T20 internationals for England, seems to be settling in with the Caribbean conditions. Denly hit 96 versus USA to help carry Kent within a sniff of being then top team in Group B. With a quality batting order featuring Daniel Bell-Drummond, Alex Blake, Sean Dickson, Adam Rouse and other upcoming English international prospects looking ominous, Kent will fancy their chances. Bowling-wise, Guyana will have fewer problems than the English, as their bowlers whether spin or

seam; have been doing the job for their franchise. Paul, Rutherford and Shepherd have revived the Jags quota of power-hitting fast-bowlers while the veteran Veerasammy Permaul continues to bag wickets in every format.

With 1 3 points from 4 games, Guyana’s quest for the coveted “Double” heats up as Kent with 12 points could likely topple them should the Jaguars produce mixed results tonight.


Jamaica Innings (50 overs maximum) CAK Walton† lbw b Rutherford 33 SR Taylor c †Bramble b Paul 0 R Powell st †Bramble b Permaul 34 AM McCarthy b Paul 105 BA King lbw b Bishoo 6 FA Allen not out 47 AD Russell c Paul b Shepherd 15 OF Smith b Paul 4 P Salmon b Shepherd 2 NO Miller* b Shepherd 1 C Lamont not out 1 Extras (b-1, lb-6, w-9) 16 Total (For 9 wickets; 50 overs) 264 Fall of wickets: 1-3 (SR Taylor, 0.3 ov), 2-60 (CAK Walton, 11.1 ov), 3-97 (R Powell, 18.2 ov), 4-118 (BA King, 25.6 ov), 5-228 (AM McCarthy, 44.6 ov), 6-252 (AD Russell, 47.2 ov), 7-257 (OF Smith, 48.1 ov), 8-260 (P Salmon, 49.1 ov), 9-262 (NO Miller, 49.4 ov) Bowling Paul 8-1-46-3 (w-3), Shepherd 10-0-67-3 (w-3), Rutherford 3-0-13-1, Permaul 10-1-43-1, Barnwell 2-0-140, Bishoo 10-0-50-1 (w-1), Hemraj 7-0-24-0 (w-1)

Guyana Innings (target: 215 runs from 34 overs) C Hemraj c Taylor b Russell 17 S Chanderpaul c †Walton b Smi th 16 SO Hetmyer c King b Miller 40 LR Johnson* b Miller 1 CD Barnwell c Russell b Miller 15 A Bramble† b Miller 4 SE Rutherford c Powell b Salmon 18 KMA Paul c Smith b Lamont 14 R Shepherd c King b Smith 19 V Permaul b Russell 13 D Bishoo not out 0 Extras (lb-3, nb-1, w-7) 11 Total (All out; 30.2 overs)168 Fall of wickets: 1-19 (C Hemraj, 3.2 ov), 2-65 (S Chanderpaul, 11.5 ov), 3-69 (LR Johnson, 12.4 ov), 4-86 (SO Hetmyer, 16.3 ov), 5-100 (CD Barnwell, 18.3 ov), 6-107 (A Bramble, 20.3 ov), 7-124 (SE Rutherford, 23.5 ov), 8-137 (KMA Paul, 26.1 ov), 9-164 (V Permaul, 29.5 ov), 10-168 (R Shepherd, 30.2 ov) Bowling Lamont 7-0-44-1 (w-1), Russell 6-0-24-2 (w-1), Powell 3-0-20-0 (w-1), Salmon 4-0-371 (w-2), Smith 3.2-0-18-2 (w-1, nb-1), Miller 7-0-22-4 (w-1)

GFSCA/ Nauth’s Motor Spares, Trophy Stall, Mike’s Pharmacy Competition…

Speed Boat going hard for Success …Wellman ready for Regal Masters challenge


he curtains will come down on a highly contested softball tournament on Sunday at the Demerara Cricket Club ground in Queenstown with

lots to play for in three categories. The battle lines have been d r a w n and all

David Harper (left) and Mahendra Hardyal

teams are looking for nothing but glory this Sunday at the DCC ground when the Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association host the final of the Nauth’s Motor Spares, Trophy Stall and Mike’s Pharmacy softball tournament. In the Male Open final, Speed Boat who have been creating big waves on the softball arena will be hard pressed for victory when they come up against a re-established Success Sports Club with the winner set to pocket $100,000 while $25,000 will go to the runners-up. It is the first major final for Success who have been off the ball for a while. Their opponents, Speed Boat has been the giant killers re-

cently due to their consistent plays that allow them to reach and win finals. In the Male Masters Category, Wellman will be looking to turn the tables on the star-studded Regal Masters when they meet for the third time in a major final. Regal Masters who are known for winning championships have been practicing hard and may just have to play easy for another title and $100,000 first prize. With the likes of Rudolph Baker, Eion Abel, Mahesh Chunilall, Mahendra Hardyall, Eric Thomas, Raymond and David Harper and Troy Kippins in green and yellow, the Regal Masters will begin as favourites at a venue that they are familiar with. However, the Wellman side will look for the

upset when Jagdish Persaud, Lakeram ‘Mike’ Singh, Wayne Jones, Sheldon Perch, Latchman Kallicharran, Lloyd Rooplall and Nandram Samlall take the field. The day will begin with semifinal action in the female category, with Trophy Stall Angels taking on Blue Divas and Wellwoman battling 4R Lioness before the winners meet in the final for a winning purse of $50,000 and bragging rights. Player of the match in each final and MVP in each category will win $5,000 each. The action begins at 09:30h and admission is free. Mahesh Chunilall

SATURDAY, february 10, 2018

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

CWI/ Regional Super50 Cup 2018…

Jaguars looking to rebound

Pg 23

… after McCarthy special and rain Lots will be dependent on Shimron Hetmyer if the Guyana Jaguars are to bounce back to their winning ways at Coolidge today (CWI Media photos)

Pg 20

“Boxing will reach new heights” – Hussain

– Guyana, Cuba could start collaboration Part of the actio between Dexter Marques and Dionis Arias at the 'Sangre Malo' card

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