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Disqualification of voters

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WHAT'S INSIDE: Body in shallow grave

Decision to remove voters from OLE illegal – Jagdeo

Rice farmer P8 slapped with murder charge

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…likely to disenfranchise thousands

Constitutional requirement December – Hess to vote is to be registered, not to have an ID card – …Opposition Leader warns against spending earnings before elections former GECOM Chair Oil production to begin in

WCD residents call for higher sea defences as tides rise P11 …2nd koker breach in Stewartville causes worry

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PPP demands Govt invite bids for companies to sell Guyana’s oil Piracy attack

2 charged for killing Corentyne fishermen …3rd suspect confesses Page 9

…as wanted bulletins issued for others

Religious leader questioned after Corentyne woman goes P2 missing Nations' Principal shooting

P12 Director undergoes surgery to restore paralysed hand


Driver charged for causing pedestrian’s P12 death

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thursday, october 31, 2019 |

Religious leader questioned after Timehri man to Corentyne woman goes missing face Judge, jury for

…sexual assault allegation made days before disappearance – relatives


olice in Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) on Thursday questioned a religious leader after an official report was made to the Number 51 Police Station that he raped a 27-year-old woman. The woman has since been reported missing by relatives. The incident allegedly occurred in May of this year but was only reported to the Police on Wednesday. The report to the Police

sited one case of rape and two instances of sexual assault. The religious leader was required to provide a statement to the Police as they commenced their investigation on Wednesday. According to the missing woman’s mother, the religious leader was taking her daughter home when the incident allegedly occurred. “She came home and tell me that (name withheld) rape me in the car…” According to the woman,

the rape was reported to a senior official of the religious body, who advised the parents to go to the Police but shortly after asked them not to proceed. “She call back and tell us to go to a Justice of Peace (who is also a member of the said religious body) because if we go to the Police it would embarrass them,” the mother said. She revealed that following a meeting with her daughter, the religious leader and the Justice of Peace, it was decided that the matter will be

settled and the religious leader apologised to her and her husband. However, the girl’s father said they were eventually forced to make the report after his daughter left on Diwali Day to attend a place of worship but never returned home. He said that persons had advised them to go to the Police and file a formal report. The Police are continuing their investigation The Police continue to investigate, even as a search is on for the missing woman.

murder of co-worker


hillip Solomon was on Wednesday committed to stand trial at the Demerara High Court for the 2018 murder of his co-worker at the Timehri Wharf, East Bank Demerara (EBD). Solomon, 41, was on trial before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. When the matter was called, the Magistrate ruled that sufficient evidence has been presented before the Court to establish a prima facie case against Solomon. The charge stated that on October 24, 2018, at Timehri, he murdered 51-year-old Vernon Cummings. Reports are, Cummings and the victims were imbibing alcohol at a shop, when an argument ensured. The argument escalated to a fight and both men armed

Phillip Solomon

themselves. Persons in close proximity attempted to make peace but Solomon allegedly grabbed a wooden paddle and dealt Cummings several lashes about his body. Cummings was picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), where he succumbed to his injuries.


BRIDGE OPENINGS The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on:

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WEATHER TODAY Sunshine is expected during the day. There will be clear skies at night. Temperatures should range between 21 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius. Winds: North-Easterly to South South-Easterly between 1.78 metres and 4.02 metres. High Tide: 06:18h and 18:2h reaching maximum heights of 2.64 metres and 2.70 metres. Low Tide: 12:03h reaching a minimum height of 0.64 metre.

wednesday, october 30, 2019


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Disqualification of voters


thursday, october 31, 2019 |

Decision to remove voters from OLE illegal – Jagdeo

…likely to disenfranchise thousands


he latest manifestation of the desperation within the APNU/AFC coalition camp is the effort by the Government-nominated Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Commissioners to either disenfranchise eligible Guyanese voters or prepare the ground to invalidate the March 2020 General and Regional Elections. This is according to Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, during a news conference on Wednesday (October 30, 2019), where he referred to the recent decisions made by GECOM. At a prior meeting of GECOM, the Governmentnominated Commissioners pushed to have some 28,000 Guyanese voters removed from the Voters’ List once it is compiled. The grounds being used for such a call is that these persons were registered as voters in 2008 but have not uplifted their national identification (ID) cards. At Tuesday’s (October 29, 2019) statutory meeting, the GECOM Chairperson, Retired Justice Claudette Singh, voted with the three Government-nominated Commissioners on this matter. As such, the thousands of persons who did not uplift their identification cards will have 21 days to do so or be removed from the Official List of Electors (OLE). However, these persons will remain on the National Register of Registrants Database (NRRDB). “This is patently illegal,” Jagdeo declared. He noted the defence of the decision that was mounted by Governmentnominated Commissioner Vincent Alexander, who, in a report by the State-controlled Guyana Chronicle, said: “It’s like an objection. So, the issue is not the ID card, the issue is that these persons, since 2008 and beyond 2008 have not, in any way, presented themselves to be present; to be known; to be alive; to be existing; to be resident. And, in calling them, writing to them, gives us the opportunity to make a determination”. According to Jagdeo, the Objections period in the ongoing Claims and Objections exercise could be used but this is not being done. “So far, they have filed less than 100 objections….they want to remove names through backdoor processes, rather than go through the statutory process that is Objections….it is a backdoor, illegal way of addressing the issue,” the Opposition Leader said. Jagdeo noted too the State-controlled Guyana Chronicle also report-

Opposition Jagdeo



ed that: “Corbin also informed the media that the names of these individuals will not be removed from the National Registrar of Registrants (NRR) stating, ‘It would only mean that if these persons exist, they may miss this round of elections’”. According to him, elections in Guyana are governed by laws and the Constitution, not by whims. He referred to the fact that if a voter in the hinterland or in the Pomeroon Region, for example, is unable to uplift an identification card – having been able to vote at previous elections – that person cannot be whimsically removed from the Voters’ List.

ID cards not voter ID cards

Jagdeo stressed that the national identification cards are not voter identification cards. “These are national ID cards. They are not voter ID cards…you don’t need them to vote…in the past, these cards were issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Then it

was decided that GECOM should perform that function for the State, since it was now responsible for registration…to link the two – collect an ID card to the right to vote – is an affront to all Guyanese,” he said. Referring to the Constitution of Guyana, he stressed that Article 59 is clear on the rights of Guyanese voters. Article 59 states: “Subject to the provisions of article 159, every person may vote at an election if he is of the age of eighteen years or upwards and is either a citizen of Guyana or a Commonwealth citizen domiciled and resident in Guyana”. Jagdeo said, “The only requirement to vote is Guyanese 18 and above… nowhere does it mention ID card…they cannot remove people from the Official List of Electors capriciously…it would be an illegal act for them to remove names from the list just because they did not pick up ID cards”.

Addressed before

The Leader pointed out that the issue of uncol-

GECOM Chair, Retired Justice Claudette Singh

lected national identification cards was addressed by the former GECOM Chairperson, Dr Steve Surujbally. In June 2011, Surujbally stated there were some 43,187 identification cards still to be collected. However, he stressed that these are not voting cards and pointed out that the constitutional requirement to vote is to be registered, not necessarily to be in possession of an identification card. Jagdeo said, “This matter was dealt with in the past by GECOM….at that time, it was over 43,000 and those people did not lose their right to vote”. turn to page 10


thursDAY, october 31, 2019

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Women’s economic empowerment


ccording to the United Nations, investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Women make enormous contributions to economies, whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs, or employees, or by doing unpaid care work at home. But, according to the UN, women also remain disproportionately affected by poverty, discrimination and exploitation. Gender discrimination means women often end up in insecure, lowwage jobs, and constitute a small minority of those in senior positions. It curtails access to economic assets such as land and loans. It also limits participation in shaping economic and social policies. Here in Guyana, there has always been much talk by policy makers and political parties about creating opportunities for women’s empowerment. There have indeed been some steps taken to ensure that women are better off, but by and large, most would agree that there is still a far way to go— both in terms of policy-making and actual implementation of programmes to ensure that women have full access to resources and opportunities that would enable them to develop themselves. For example, our single-parent mothers have over the years found it very difficult to make ends meet. Many of them have found themselves in a position where they work from month to month and there seems to be no end to the financial hardships they experience. In some cases, they lack the necessary skills and qualifications required to get suitable, well-paid jobs so that they can earn enough to provide for themselves and their children. For some who would like to venture out into establishing their own small business, etc, the strict criteria set by banks and other lending institutions makes it difficult to access the necessary loans. There are a few institutions which give grants and other forms of support, but they are on a limited scale and most of them are Georgetown-based, making it a bit difficult for rural women to have easy access. The previous administration had recognised that singleparent women are a vulnerable group and had created several mechanisms for them to be lifted out of poverty and elevate themselves so that they would be better off. For example, the then PPP Government had collaborated with the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) to introduce the Women of Worth (WOW) project. Under this programme, single-parent women could have access to as much as $250,000 to start up a business or expand an already established business. This facility was of tremendous help to women as they were able to establish their own small business and, hence, some of them were able to improve their financial situations. In addition, they were able to build their self-esteem and learn new business skills. The WOW programme was in addition to other initiatives which were implemented towards improving the living conditions of women across the country. For example, in 2008, a national exercise was carried out in order to finalise a Single Parent Register, which the authorities had used to provide financial and other forms of support to single parents, most of them being women. Hundreds of single parents were registered and benefitted from different forms of assistance— including technical and vocational training. There is need for more similar programmes to be replicated in communities across Guyana. Such initiatives cannot be oneoff, they must be year-round and carried out with the support of the private sector and other community and civil society groups. Regarding the upcoming elections, voters – especially females— should closely examine the policies and programmes of the various political parties to see which one of them offers the most attractive ‘package’ in terms of women’s economic empowerment; meaning better paid jobs, better access to and control over resources, and greater security, including protection from domestic and other forms of violence. Many international commitments support women’s economic empowerment, including the Beijing Platform for Action, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and a series of International Labour Organisation conventions on gender equality. Whichever government is in power, therefore, has an obligation to ensure that policies are designed and implemented geared towards ensuring the economic and social advancement of women all across Guyana.

People take part in the Day of the Dead parade along Reforma Avenue in Mexico City

Venezuelan Opposition files lawsuit against holders of PDVSA bonds


he Venezuelan Opposition led by Juan Guaidó has filed a lawsuit against holders of a bond issued by Stateowned oil company PDVSA, claiming the debt should be annulled. It claims creditors do not have the right to seize a 50.1 per cent PDVSA stake in Citgo, the Texas-based oil refiner, which serves as the bond’s collateral. The Opposition was handed control of Citgo by the Trump Administration in a move to strengthen its financial firepower in its battle to unseat the regime of President Nicolás Maduro. But control of Citgo included the burden of servicing the PDVSA debt. The Opposition missed a US$913 million payment on the bond on Monday. The legal action came days after the US Government extended an 11th-hour lifeline to the Guaidó team, temporarily shielding Citgo, the crown jewel of the Venezuelan oil industry, from seizure by creditors. The Opposition, recognised by the US and almost 60 other nations as the legitimate Government of Venezuela, had indicated before the payment deadline it would be unable to service the bond, to mature next year. Without the protective measure from the US Treasury Department,

Creditors of Venezuela’s State oil group PDVSA's debt due in 2020 want to seize a 50.1 per cent stake of Citgo, the Texas-based oil refiner, which serves as the bond's collateral (AFP)

which bars bondholders for 90 days from collecting on the collateral tied to the bond, the creditors could have laid a claim on Citgo. PDVSA’s ad hoc, Opposition-controlled board, which is a plaintiff and filed the lawsuit against MUFG Union Bank, the trustee of the bonds, in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, claims the debt is illegal because the Government led by Maduro did not ask permission from the Opposition-controlled Congress to issue the debt and use Citgo as collateral. Legal experts and investors have pushed back on this argument, warning it may not stand up in a US

court. “They need to recognise that it is a long shot,” said Mitu Gulati, a law professor at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and sovereign-debt specialist. “They are really gambling?.?.?.?Creditors gave them money and got the collateral fair and square.” According to Cecely Hugh, investment counsel at Aberdeen Standard Investments, while the issue is a “difficult” one and the claim is by no means ironclad, she said it could give the Opposition some leverage in the negotiations with creditors.  “The proposed claim in the New York courts could be an attempt to threaten

the 2020 bondholders with a possible route to repudiation of the debt?.?.?.?in order to obtain an advantage in the settlement negotiations with those bondholders,” she said. One emerging market debt investor agreed, saying that the strategy could be an effective one for the Guaidó team because it buys them time and will upset any bondholders’ plans. Still, the investor said it was unlikely such a claim will be considered legal in a US court. London-based Ashmore Group, BlackRock, and T Rowe Price are the largest holders of the PDVSA 2020 debt. (Financial Times)

thursday, october 31, 2019


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Region 5 farmers must be provided with financial, other compensation now Dear Editor, The residents and farmers in the Mahaicony area suffering floods again must be compensated. The Government owes them this because their suffering is largely due to Government’s negligence. Short of Government’s compensation, lawyers should come together and sue the Government on behalf of the residents. Without any doubt, the residents and farmers in the Mahaicony area of Region 5 deserve Government’s support and compensation. They have suffered flooding several times already, not just because of high tides, but because these high tides have breached a compromised stretch of sea defence that has been in need of repairs and reinforcement for more than a year. The Government has largely ignored the urgency and the obligation to act. The floods

that have brought destruction and damage to property and livelihood are not just the result of nature, they are, in fact, a combination of nature and negligence by Government. That negligence now makes it absolutely the responsibility of the Government to compensate the farmers. The high tides came as expected this past week. Also as expected, the residents and farmers in the Mahaicony area— villages between the Mahaica and Mahaicony Rivers— suffered massive floods. All the residential and farming areas north of the highway, for example, villages such as Dantzig, Brooms Hall, Fairfield, Columbia and several others, suffered floods. The residents and farmers in these areas have suffered flooding every time high tides come because the sea defence has been breached for more than a year now

and the Government has simply ignored the urgency and the obligation to seal the breach. Earlier this year, the illegal Cabinet went on a Region 5 outreach. It was a campaign event, nothing less, using millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. They heard the concerns of the people in the area. They promised to help, they never came back. Farmers have lost crops and livestock. These same farmers will definitely not be able to use farmlands north of the highway for some time, at least for two years, and perhaps for much longer periods, because of salt water inundation. Therefore, livelihoods are now in jeopardy. But residents have suffered losses in property as well as furniture, equipment and other damages. In addition, a myriad of health issues have emerged. Meanwhile, the salt water

inundation has crept inland and several hundred acres of inland farmland have now become affected. These farmers have been begging for help for more than a year now. The Regional Chairman has been on record of appealing to the central Government for help to repair and reinforce the sea defence that collapsed more than a year ago. The Presidential Candidate of the PPP, in the last several months, has visited the residents and farmers in the area during flooding episodes and urged Government to act. The Leader of the Opposition and the General Secretary of the PPP has similarly demanded Government honour its duty and responsibility. For its part, the Government has largely been absent. Through the CDC, some hampers are being distributed. The NDIA

has been constructing a temporary inland dam that is easily overwhelmed. The Government has mobilised contractors like BK, M&B and A&S, but has not acted. Outside of these weak, timid responses, no Government official has visited. The REO, the most senior local officer representing the Ministry of Communities (Local Government), has been on FB denying the threats of flooding and the impact of flooding. He seems to sum up the Government’s attitude towards these residents and farmers. Noel Holder, David Patterson, Ronald Bulkan, formerly the Ministers of Agriculture, Infrastructure and Communities, who still sit in the Ministers’ offices, have shown no interest. While David Granger finds events such as school events to attend as part of his 2020 elections campaign, he has totally ignored this Region 5 area. Moses Nagamootoo has

left the country. Khemraj Ramjattan is too busy trying to get nominated as the PM candidate for the 2020 elections. Note also that these new floods were not unexpected. Yet, as the threat became more and more real, the whole illegal Cabinet, at a cost of tens of millions, went on a “Government outreach” begging the residents of Region 1 for their votes. Not one of them had any plan to visit Region 5. There must be no more procrastination – the Government must act. Its priorities must be to seal the breach and immediately provide financial and other compensation to the farmers. It is the Government’s obligation and duty. Should they not act, the residents and farmers must sue them. Sincerely, Dr Leslie Ramsammy

GECOM is making a mountain out of a molehill! Dear Editor, It is outright unconstitutional and against the Registration Act Cap 19:08, for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to delete person’s name from the Voters’ List because they did not collect their national identification cards. In light of the recent plethora of unqualified media releases emerging on the issue, GECOM, in the public’s interest, should urgently clear the air regarding the status of the certainly challengeable or misleading reports. The existing situation regarding Mr Alexander’s proposal to remove approximately 20,000 names of registered persons from the Preliminary List of Electors who have not uplifted their identification cards from GECOM is indeed farcical. It is only another ploy by the PNC Commissioners to make another false alarm, interrupt and misdirect the smooth flow of GECOM work schedule. Such removals seek to expel and disenfranchise registered voters from exercising their rights to determine a government of their choice. It is also an outright affront to the recent ruling of the learned Chief Justice Madam Roxane George, that it is illegal for GECOM to remove registered persons from the register in such arbitral manner. This is indeed consistent with Section 26 of Cap 19:08, which specifies the conditions by which the Registration Officer can cancel a registered person under the Act. Further, there is a precedence in the numerous elections conducted by GECOM where persons have voted without presenting the phys-

ical voter’s identification cards. In fact, everyone who has voted in Guyana knows that GECOM previously accepted other forms of identification for voting. This is because the Presiding Officer and other political representative polling day staff are provided with access to the registered photographic image in a ‘Folio Manual’, which is used to make comparisons in every instance. GECOM should have a record from its database of all the undistributed ID cards. According to the address range, these respective ID cards must be at the twenty-nine permanent offices around the country. Of course, there are many reasons why a person may not have uplifted the card, including previous delays between application and issue dates. When persons apply for replacements of ID cards, GECOM staff must have a system to check and see if they have the card, which was not distributed. It is therefore very necessary that GECOM must make a genuine effort to distribute the ID cards, even if it requires sending notices to the registered places of residence. Further, there are persons who would have legitimately left the country for various reasons other than outright migration, who have every intention of returning to vote and would need to have their ID cards. It is very wrong for them to be denied while the cards, in some instances, were not made available during their period of waiting prior to departure. It is also unfair for persons who fall into this category to be put in a situation of having to comply with additional stringent and costly

undertakings to pick up the cards at a particular time when this approach was not applied in a uniform way. No sensible person would believe that GECOM would capriciously delete their name from the Voters’ List because they did not uplift their ID card. It is also normal for GECOM to distribute ID cards on Elections Day. If a voter has to collect his ID card on the morning of the elections or close to Election Day, it will help GECOM ascertain that his name is on the list and should be made available. The PNC Commissioner who suggested that voters name must be removed from the Voters’ List because his or her identification card is in the possession of GECOM is a confusion monger who is advocating a recipe for riot. GECOM must stop accommodating all these provocative tantrums, and get down to the business of putting

system in place for the holding free, fair and transparent elections. GECOM must be transparent and fully accountable in its effort to improve credibility and win confidence and trust in all aspects of its work. GECOM staff must, therefore, win the heart of the Nation! It is for Justice Claudette Singh to surround herself with imminent trustworthy personalities, international specialists with no conflicting interests, men and women of integrity to confirm rational counterchecks that would aid her pursuit of following the Rule of Law, and the Constitution of Guyana as she promised. In this period of inelastic tensions, it is also of utmost importance that the GECOM Chair makes available a press release or avail herself for an interview after every statutory meeting to appraise the public of the decisions and actions taken at such meet-

ings. It is clear that the PNC Commissioners and clandestine elements in the Secretariat are consistently spewing the public with inaccurate and untruthful information, which could lead to public dissatisfaction and confusion. GECOM Chair Justice Claudette Singh has to be assertive in making and

implementing rational decisions to which she would be responsible and accountable, in the best interest of nation and for the conduct of free, fair and acceptable elections. It is time for GECOM to stop making a mountain out of a molehill! Sincerely, Neil Kumar


thursday, OCTOber 31, 2019




mpathy is one of those strange qualities – something almost everyone wants, but few know how to truly give or receive it. In a world where self-gratification is emphasised, it is in short supply but high demand. This is all the more reason to teach the next generation what it means to have empathy for those around them. What is empathy? Many people confuse sympathy and empathy, but they are two distinct values. Empathy is not just the ability to understand someone’s feelings; criminals often take advantage of people by appearing to understand their feelings and subsequently gaining their trust. Empathy is more than that. Not only is it the ability to recognise how someone feels, but it also values and respects the feelings of another person. It means treating others with kindness, dignity, and understanding. Kids need to see adults show empathy While some children are gifted with naturally kind hearts; in most cases, kids need to see empathy modelled by the adults around them. It begins with the way parents relate to their children. Parents who show an interest in the things that matter to their kids and respond to emotions in a positive and caring way are teaching the skill of empathy. Meet emotional needs When children have their emotional needs met, two things happen. They learn how to meet the emotional needs of others and they are anchored in what they are receiving, meaning that they are secure enough to give to others when the need arises, but first they need to receive. An empty jug cannot fill a cup. Talk to kids about emotional needs Many adults find it hard to talk about

emotional needs or anything related to emotions. Consequently, they spend their lives tiptoeing around the subject of emotions. These are people who don’t know how to handle the emotions of others and are uncomfortable with any situation that calls for an emotional response. Sometimes they are afraid of their own emotions because they have never learnt how to deal with emotional needs. It’s a good idea to talk to kids about emotions and how other people experience them. Give their emotions names (for example, jealousy, anger, and love) and teach them that these are normal. Talk to them about how to handle emotions in a positive way and point out situations where other people are experiencing emotions. Teach them about respecting the emotions of others and show them how to act in a situation where a response is required. Look for real-life situations to practise empathy There is nothing like a real-life example to model what you are teaching. Look for situations that affect another person and talk to your kids about what it means to the people involved and how they might feel. For example, if you see an ambulance speed past, talk about how the family members of the sick person might be feeling. Play games Younger kids in particular love to pretend that they are someone or something else. You can use these fun times for teaching empathy. Get your kids playing the role of another person. This might be a character in a book or on TV, or even someone you know who has been through a significant experience lately. You can act out the story together and ask your kids to stop and imagine how their character might have been feeling at any given moment. This will focus their attention on the emotions that another person might experience when in that situation. You can ask them to make faces that reflect the feelings of their character. Develop their inner moral compass Teaching your kids the difference between right and wrong from a young age gives them a strong internal moral compass that will direct them to make good choices. In situations that require a decision, help them to see how our choices and behaviour affect others. Talk to them about how wrongdoing harms others and help them to see the hurt and damage that it causes. It’s a good idea to talk to them

about the little things such as calling a sibling an unkind name that hurts her feelings or refusing to play with their brother when friends visit. When building a strong moral foundation, start small and begin with the basics. Empathetic kids: Givers not takers By raising your kids to understand and practise empathy, you’re giving them the gift of giving. In a world where great emphasis is placed on looking out for your own interests, people who are givers are all too rare. But they are the ones who enjoy the greatest satisfaction from life, live the most meaningful lives, and enjoy more rewarding relationships. Teaching your kids empathy is a worthwhile investment for their own futures and for the world they will inhabit. (Excerpt from

Getting Along As a Family) idleness ignites imagination

By Jessica Koehler, PhD


here is no rest for the weary.” This mindless maxim guides our modern lives and directs us to persevere and refuse respite from our frenzied schedules. Relaxation is relegated to a pointless element in our quest for a successful life. Is this conscientious conviction beneficial or is constant striving without reprieve misguided? The problem Daily life is a deluge — of information, obligations, and responsibilities. While knowledge and dependability are positive human attributes, our constant go mode may be detrimental for our creative faculties. Have you ever observed when novel thoughts come to mind? Perhaps it is while relaxing in your favourite cosy nook or daydreaming during a tranquil shower—my personal favourites. It is unlikely that you visualise, conceive, and create innovative ideas when frazzled and straining to arrive on time to a meeting or scheduled activity. Because creativity may be the currency of the future, our noble intentions to be industrious may have detrimental consequences as society evolves and the necessity of ingenuity increases. The human race What is our goal? For many of us, the completion point of our constant striving is nonexistent. We desperately attempt to stay on a treadmill that spins around and around with no definitive end. We are afraid to falter –assuming that a slowdown will knock us off the only life path we can envision. What are we afraid of? Most people can’t explain why they choose to be so busy. In fact, most don’t see it as a choice instead referring to a nebulous combination of

“Why am I racing? What am I winning? Does all of my running keep the world spinning?” —Jamie Lee Curtis this is what I know and this is what I have to do. Do we have to be busy? Human perception is a peculiar process. Our brains desire certainty as an evolutionary adaptation to keep us safe. In earlier human history, this predictive model worked well to keep us sheltered from potential threats. However, as we traverse into a wholly different world dominated by technology and new alternatives for life trajectories, this perceptual model may hold us back by steering us to conform to the masses. We perceive the world around us based on everything we know—all of our past experiences combine to construct our reality. It is challenging to consider alternative paths when we are surrounded by people who glorify their busy lifestyles. Preoccupation with constant activity has become a badge of honour. The neuroscience of rest “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.” —Winnie the Pooh in “Christopher Robin” Neuroscience reveals Pooh’s insightful words have neuroscientific support. While resting, our brains are not idle; they are strengthening neural connections. Evidence from animal models suggests that relaxation reinforces connections and consolidates memories within our brains. (Excerpt from

To be continued



thursday, october 31, 2019 |

PPP demands Govt invite bids for companies to sell Guyana’s oil …warns Govt not to sign long-term contracts without competitive tender


ven as ExxonMobil’s partner has announced that oil production will begin in December of this year, the parliamentary Opposition has put the Government on notice that it must not enter into any long-term agreements for the sale of Guyana’s oil without sticking to a competitive bidding process template. This position was articulated by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo during his weekly press conference on Wednesday. According to Jagdeo, there have been reports of a lot of persons willing to pay bribes in order to get a contract from the Government to market Guyana’s share of oil. Jagdeo reiterated that Government should not be entering into any long-term arrangement for the sale of Guyana’s oil within this period. The Opposition Leader suggested that as a temporary arrangement, allowing Exxon to sell Guyana’s initial share could be considered, until a more permanent solution is found. “Even if they start producing in December, by the time they get up to the production and the oil is shipped, it would be in February. So you don’t need an agreement for the sale of the oil with a third party in

The Department of Energy has previously said that Guyana’s crude would be marketed according to a Free On Board (FOB) arrangement. When it comes to measuring Guyana’s share of the crude, Department of Energy Director, Dr Mark Bynoe has previously said that the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) would have a key role in this. Following its 10th discovery of oil in the Stabroek Block, ExxonMobil had estimated the recoverable resource in the block to be 5 billion oil-equivalent barrels. With oil at US$50 a barrel, that equates to well over US$200 billion. Exxon has since revised this figure upwards after three more discover-

The Liza Destiny

that period”. “You can easily say, ‘Exxon can sell the oil for one month’. We heard that there are a lot of people who will pay large sums of money, bribe these guys to tie up a long-term arrangement,” Jagdeo added. He noted that not only should this agreement be reached through a competitive bidding process, it should not be left up to the Government to oversee it. This comes even as the coalition government has al-

ready made blunders with its management of the sector and arranging deals. “This is going to be a lucrative sector. It has to go through open, competitive bidding. People should bid to sell our oil. And the best deal that the country gets, should get the contract. This should not be scrutinised by the Government alone. That’s why in our manifesto, we plan to use civil society as part of the oversight mechanism for all of these things,” Jagdeo also said.

ies, the last one being at the Yellowtail-1 well in April. More drilling is also scheduled for this year and it was only a few months ago that its first Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) bound for Guyana, the Liza Destiny, was commissioned. ExxonMobil has also said there is potential for at least five FPSO vessels on the Stabroek Block, producing more than 750,000 barrels of oil per day by 2025. Start-up of the Liza Phase 1 development was previously scheduled to begin by the first quarter of 2020, with reports indicating that this well would produce up to 120,000 barrels of oil per day utilising the Liza Destiny FPSO. First oil has since been adjusted to be-

gin in December of 2019, as per a statement issued on Wednesday. Liza Phase 2 is expected to start up by mid-2022. A final investment decision is expected soon, subject to Government and regulatory approvals. Upon approval, the project plans to use the Liza Unity FPSO to produce up to 220,000 barrels per day. ExxonMobil affiliate, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited, is operator of, and holds 45 per cent interest in, the Stabroek Block. Hess Guyana Exploration Ltd holds 30 per cent interest, and CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, holds 25 per cent interest.


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Body in shallow grave

Rice farmer slapped with murder charge


he 42-year-old rice farmer implicated in the death of 14-yearold Christopher Basdeo was on Wednesday slapped with a murder charge and hauled before the Wales Magistrate’s Court. Jairam Sieupersaud, of Lot 548 Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, appeared before Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul. The charge stated that between October 16 and October 25, 2019, Sieupersaud killed Basdeo. He was remanded to prison, and the case would continue on December 12, 2019. Reports are the accused allegedly confessed to killing the teen, whose body was dug up from a shallow grave at a construction site on the West Bank of Demerara. The accused, who is a relative of the teen, alleged-

Dead: Christopher Basdeo

Remanded: Jairam Sieupersaud

ly confessed that he and Basdeo were consuming alcohol in their village when an argument over money ensued. He reportedly admitted that he picked up a piece of wood and used it to deal a

blow to Basdeo’s head. In his confession statement, the rice farmer claimed that the impact from the hit resulted in the teenager falling to the ground. According to a Police source close to the investigation, he confessed

that he left the teen on the ground and returned to his home. However, the man said that later on that night, he returned to the location, picked up Basdeo’s body, and dug a seven-foot two-inch long shallow grave and buried the body. In the company of several Policemen, the rice farmer returned to the crime scene and the decomposed body of Basdeo was found, after the officers dug at the spot where the man said he had buried the boy. Basdeo’s skull appeared to have been fractured. On Saturday, the now dead teen’s mother, Debbie Basdeo, told Guyana Times that the circumstances surrounding her youngest child’s death was shocking, since no one thought that the perpetrator would have committed such a ghastly act.

Following footsteps…


…at GECOM ECOM Chair, ex-Justice Claudette Singh, mightn’t have been a Chief Justice, or been knighted, but she’s certainly following faithfully in the footsteps of her predecessors –who were Sir Donald Jackson and Sir Harry Bollers – to cook the books to ensure the upcoming elections will be fixed for the PNC. Jackson was the Elections Commission Chair in 1968 (with Desmond Hoyte as the PNC member) when Burnham introduced the National Register of Registrants (NRR) to “extract” underage PNC loyalists to vote. Janet Jagan, the PPP member, vainly protested but Jackson slapped her down. Bollers was the fella who supervised the subsequent elections riggings of Burnham so blatantly that Cheddi Jagan dubbed him a “toothless poodle”! Granger appointed ex-Justice James Patterson to take care of his business and he must’ve padded his resume to claim he was a Chief Justice (of Grenada), because he knew he had to emulate the PNC-friendly-rigging CJ-judges!! The poor fella had to claim his finger “slipped” when he wrote out his resume!! Some folks thought when Granger insisted the GECOM Chair must be a Judge, he wanted folks with probity and all that (“sober as a Judge”). Little did they know that as an old PNC insider, he knew some could be quite “flexible” and be bent to a strong will or other inducements!! Anyhow, back to Singh, who only made it to the Appellate Court and therefore has to try harder!! Her schtick is to be slicker in her finagling with the list by working on two fronts. In the first, she’s gone back a full circle to the NRR created by the duo of Hoyte and Jackson in 1968. To those wondering why on earth she allowed the H2H partial data of 370,000 names to go forward and be coded when it couldn’t become a new NRR since it was incomplete, now have the answer after her decision to post the names alongside the OLE. GECOM is now using data from the H2H list to accept new registrants – but not from extracting then en masse as the PPP requested so they could be vetted. By taking them in piecemeal, how do we know some “under 18” voters as in 1968 haven’t slipped in under the radar once again?? The last decision to drop 25,000+ plus names from the OLE because their cards weren’t uplifted opens the second front. This move will give the PNC the rationale to contest the elections results when they lose in March. Ironic decision for the lady who’d decided ID cards weren’t needed for voting, isn’t it? Even though the PNC had agreed in Parliament with the PPP that they were!!  …at Queen’s  Queen’s College is commemorating its 175th  anniversary and maybe it’s time we discuss the premises on which it was founded and how appropriate are they to the new Guyana that we are trying to create. Queen’s was founded to cater to the children of the British subjects who ran this outpost of the British Empire, plus their native (mostly mulatto) elite. But it had a much larger purpose. Over in India, the “Jewel of the Empire”, a plan of Macaulay, had been approved in 1835 to create four “colleges” to produce “Brown Englishmen who’d be loyal to England not because of chains on their ankles but because of shackles on their minds”. Local knowledge was an oxymoron: how could “natives” have any “knowledge”?? The colleges were replicated throughout the British Empire – here, not coincidentally, right after slavery!! They had the same curriculum taught by English “masters”! The schools were modelled after the English grammar schools, which, themselves, replicated the ruling structure of the Roman Empire!! From the emperor headmaster to the student prefects!   Are these still valid for us??!!  …of UF  Everyone thought the history of the UF would be an object lesson for small parties thinking of joining the PNC. But the AFC thought it would be different for them!! And Schuman is still following suit?  Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



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Piracy attack

2 charged for killing Corentyne fishermen …3rd suspect confesses …as wanted bulletins issued for others


wo men were refused bail on Wednesday when they appeared before Magistrate Peter Hugh at the Number 51 Village Magistrate’s Court on four counts of murder.

same village. Police Prosecutor Inspector Orin Joseph told the Court that the Police were not through with their investigations and need a month to complete the

tained by Seeram. His mother, Shamwatie Inderjit, had previously told this publication that she still has hope of finding her son’s body. Meanwhile, after the Court proceedings on Wednesday, Kissoon’s mother, Jamwantie, said she is satisfied that her son’s killers were charged. Kissoon’s body was the first to be discovered. When he was found on the foreshore, it had been known that the boat had been hi-

Remanded: Suresh Sundat and Narine Dhanrajh being escorted by Police

They are accused of killing four fishermen during the course of piracy in the Corentyne Magisterial district. The men: 22-year-old Suresh Sundat, called “Buckman” or “Ajai”, of Belvedere Squatting Area and 30-year-old Narine Dhanrajh, also called “ChuChu-Bai” of Belvedere Village, were not required to plea to the indictable charge. It is alleged that between

file. The two men were remanded to prison and the case will continue at Whim Magistrate’s Court on November 7. The bodies of Kissoon and Petrie were recovered on a foreshore at Abary while the bodies of Seeram and Tamessar are still to be located. It was previously reported that Sundat and Dhanrajh confessed to killing the four fishermen and

Dead: Kawal Kissoon, also called “Ajai”

Dead: Otto Lamar Petrie

Missing: Marvin Tamesar, also called “Buddy” or “Bin Laden”

Missing: Vishnu Seeram, also called “Kevin”

October 5 and 13, during the course of piracy, they murdered Kawal Kissoon, called “Ajai”, 36, of Letter Kenny, Corentyne; 20-yearold Otto Lamar Petrie of Miss Phoebe Village, Port Mourant; Marvin Tamesar, also called “Buddy” and “Bin Laden”, 20, of Miss Phoebe Village and Vishnu Seeram, called “Kevin”, 20, of the

throwing their bodies into the ocean after tying their hands and feet. They have also implicated others in their statements to the Police. The four fishermen were aboard “Sara1” between Number 53 and 58 Villages when they were attacked and reportedly killed. “Sara 1” was being cap-

Wanted: Anonth Boodrage

Wanted: O’Brian Fraser

jacked and the crew missing. It was until the following day that the evidence

was found. Meanwhile, Tamessar’s father, who was also present, said that there are still some unanswered questions. “I still want to know where they put the two… They have to talk if they anchor them or if they tie them together and throw them over or if they throw them over just so. But if they had thrown them over just so we would find them just like the other two,” he said. Police are still on the hunt for three other men.


The fishing vessel Sara 1

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, a man who goes by the alias “Breeze” was arrested. He has since con-

firmed that he was a part of the crew of six that attacked “Sara 1”. The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has since issued a wanted bulletin for two other suspects in connection with the murder of the four fishermen. Wanted are 21-yearold O’Brian Fraser of Lot 66 Eversham Village, Corentyne and 21-year-old Anonth Boodrage of Lot 97 Belvedere Village, Corentyne by the Police for questioning in relation to same. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Fraser and Boodrage is asked to contact the Police on telephone numbers: 3333876, 333-5564, 333-2151 – 3, 337-2411, 335-3014, 2253650, 226-1928, 911 or the nearest Police station. This publication previously reported that based on information received, the perpetrators, who were in another fishing boat, ventured over to the “Sara 1” with the intention of stealing the fish that the now dead men had caught. The suspects proceeded to demand that the men hand over the catch as they attacked the four fishermen, but the victims reportedly fought back which led to the murders. (Andrew Carmichael)

10 NEWS Oil production to begin in December – Hess thursday, october 31, 2019 |

…Opposition Leader warns against spending earnings before elections


he much-anticipated commercial oil production offshore Guyana, which was initially slated for 2020, has been brought forward, with Hess Corporation, one of the partners in the oil-rich Stabroek Block, saying production will now start in December – less than two months away. In its third quarter report, Hess Corporation, which holds a 30 per cent stake in the Stabroek Block with ExxonMobil and other affiliates, announced that production is now targeted to start up in December this year. This is according to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Hess.

Opposition Jagdeo



“In September, we announced our 14th discovery in the Stabroek Block at Tripletail, offshore Guyana

and are now targeting December for first oil from the Liza-1 development,” he said in the report. Only in September, upon the arrival of the Liza Destiny floating production storage and offloading vessel (FPSO), it was indicated that first oil could be earlier than expected. In fact, during a reception held to commemorate the FPSO’s arrival, Finance Minister Winston Jordan had hinted at the possibility that the United States oil giant, ExxonMobil, could begin pumping this year instead of the first quarter of 2020 as initially scheduled. “I haven’t heard any change from the first quarter [when production will

During normal operations, there will be at least 80 persons living and working onboard the vessel. With the 120,000 barrels of oil per day expected from production in the Liza Phase 1 development, it is estimated that Guyana will earn some US$300 million annually.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Hess

start]. There was no particular date in the first quarter. But I’m hearing now that first quarter may be an outside date. I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to get it this year or not. Signs are encouraging though,” the Minister stated. Meanwhile, Director of the Department of Energy, Dr Mark Bynoe, at the same event, had noted that the Liza Destiny’s arrival, which was ahead of schedule, means that the Department of Energy’s own timetable has to be fast-tracked. First oil from the Stabroek Block, where 14 discoveries have been made thus far, was initially set for the first quarter of 2020. The Liza Destiny FPSO travelled nearly 11,000 nautical miles for 42 days from the Keppel Shipyard in Singapore. The vessel is a significant component of the Liza Phase 1 development, which involves four undersea drill centres with 17 production wells. Besides its production capacity of 120,000 barrels of oil per day, it also has an overall storage volume of 1.6 million barrels.

However, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday reminded that none of the monies earned from this sector can be used before next year’s March 2 General and Regional Elections. “None of the resources… could be used before the elections because there is no budget. There’ll be no budget. The money has to be escrowed, placed in an account… properly guarded until after elections… I have no confidence that if they set up anything that it will be favourable to Guyanese, that is, this group here from the Department of Energy or wherever. They’re too compromised to set up anything to benefit our people. So it’s best that they produced the oil and they escrowed the resources, and then after the elections all of this is settled,” he posited. According to the Opposition Leader, his party has already made it clear that it will not participate in any architecture that is illegally passed. For example, he noted the Natural Resources Fund was illegally established since it was done after the December passage of the No-Confidence Motion which toppled the coalition government. “You’ve heard me argue that the Government, the

President David Granger

politicians have too much control over the Natural Resources Fund, that we intend to repeal that Bill… We’ll pass a new architecture. The new architecture will have a more armslength relationship from the politician, it will be more bipartisan,” Jagdeo asserted. ExxonMobil has said there is potential for at least five FPSO vessels on the Stabroek Block, producing more than 750,000 barrels of oil per day by 2025. Liza Phase 2 Development is expected to start up by mid2022. It had been reported that the project would use the Liza Unity FPSO to produce up to 220,000 barrels per day. With Hess Guyana Exploration Ltd holding 30 per cent interest in the Stabroek Block, ExxonMobil’s affiliate Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL) has 45 per cent interest and is also the operator of the 6.6 million acres block while CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China’s Stateowned CNOOC Limited, holds the remaining 25 per cent interest.

Decision to remove...

Further, he cited paragraph 129 of the recent ruling by the acting Chief Justice, Roxane George-Wiltshire, in the case challenging the constitutionality of the now scrapped House-to-House Registration. GeorgeWiltshire ruled that: “The right to be registered to vote and the right to vote are sacrosanct and fundamental. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) to which Guyana has acceded and which is incorporated into our Constitution, (see art 154A (1) and the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution) establishes the right to vote as a matter of international human rights law and provides that every citizen has a right to vote”.

Explanation must be given

Also, he underscored the fact that the George-

Wiltshire referred to a ruling handed down by the current GECOM Chairperson when she was a High Court Judge in the case of Esther Perreira v The Chief Elections Officer and others. George-Wiltshire noted that Singh ruled that: “It is axiomatic that no right is more precious in a free country than that of having a voice in the election of those who make the laws under which, as good citizens, we must live. Other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined….it becomes clear then, that any prohibition, restriction or limitation on the right to vote must be viewed with a close and critical eye since any such encroachment would be a bar to that voter’s right to have a voice in the elections of his representatives in government”.

from page 3

The Opposition Leader stressed that the law is clear. As such, he made clear that the current GECOM Chairperson must explain her decision. “Because of the law, as well as her own ruling, her decision now cannot be explained. She needs to answer why she sided in a process that will disenfranchise thousands of Guyanese and would be illegal….I don’t understand how this decision will ever stand…this is not going to stand…we must not allow it to succeed,” he said. The Opposition Leader assured that the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) will remain vigilant to ensure that there is no rigging of the upcoming elections and that no action is taken that could be grounds to invalidate elections.



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WCD residents call for higher sea defences as tides rise …2nd koker breach in Stewartville causes worry


ith intense overtopping along the costal stretch as a result of high tides this past year, persons residing on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) are calling for stronger reinforcement to the sea defences. The effects of climate change are beginning to worry scores of residents, who have, for three times already this year, battled with extreme flooding from overtopping caused by unusually high tides. Guyana Times visited communities on Wednesday, including Stewartville, where the sluice suffered a breach on Tuesday night. Early Wednesday morning, the intensity of the tides resulted in another break-

because it does be breaking steady with this high tide. I think the boulders need to raise more high because we does flood terrible out here”. In the past two days, the door of the sluice was breached two times and some persons have had sleepless nights after being on the alert for a future catastrophe. Data Chandra relayed, “Last night, we didn’t sleep. We were on the alert and when the water start knocking, I jump up and then we hear a big noise when the koker break away”. After the second incident, Agriculture Manager at the Guyana Sugar Cooperation’s (GuySuCo) Uitvlugt Estate, Naresh

Huge waves overpowering the sea defence at Cornelia Ida, ECD

age which was immediately mended. Taking these factors into account, residents are calling on authorities to have the sea defence extended higher to reduce the impact of overtopping. Sherryann Wickham, who lives a stone’s throw away from the seawall, explained that the current structure cannot shelter them from these tumbling waves, measuring over 10 feet tall in some cases. While the boulders have resulted in a sturdy edifice, they should be constructed higher. Villagers are also calling for the drainage system to be improved. “If persons in charge could come and build it up some more and also with the boulders and fix the koker properly. As soon as the officials left this morning, it break again. We have drains at the back but they have to clean them so that the water can drain off faster,” Wickham related. Her neighbour also added, “We were scared because we know the losses that we does get and no help. We asking for the koker to get a safer door

Narine was on site, as he explained that the structure was fixed properly during the first encounter. But this repair could not withstand the growing force of the tide. “After last night when we put in the false door, we have a problem here. We had a broken board or two because of the same heavy pressure from the tide. We’re trying to get this done as soon as possible before the tide changes. It’s the force of this water. It is not that they did not do a good job when they put it in,” Narine indicated. During the first breakage on Tuesday evening, residents of Stewartville and surrounding areas were singing prais-

Workers on site at the Stewartville sluice on Wednesday after the second breach

es to the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GuySuCo) Uitvlugt Estate team after a possible catastrophic flood was averted. The main koker at the border of Stewartville and Uitvlugt villages encountered a breach, which was discovered some time around 18:30h. According to information, the lower three boards of the koker’s main door was ripped out, resulting in water from the Atlantic rushing on to the mainland. Last year, four kokers had collapsed under pressure after waves hammered the wooden doors and were successful. Narine told this publication that other sluices have been secured this time around. In other communities, which would have suffered before, villagers indicated that the effects were mitigated this time around as a result of precautionary measures employed. The drainage outlets were recently cleared to allow for such instances. “[GuySuCo] is responsible for all the sluices from CI (Cornelia Ida) coming all the way to De Kinderen. Those are okay, we have checked them again this morning to verify that they’re in good condition and they’re okay”.


Meanwhile, the Mayor and City Council has warned that the they are responsible for the Georgetown Seawall. Expressing dissatisfaction with the current polluted surroundings, the Council warned vendors that this practice should cease. “The Council expresses grave concern and dissatisfaction with how the environment is polluted. Although the Council does not receive any revenue

from the vendors who operate on the Georgetown Seawall, or dispose of the waste emanated from activities conducted therein, we implore vendors, regardless of where they operate, to express care

and caution for the environment. We hope that collectively this issue can be resolved with alacrity,” a City Hall release stated. This problem has not only affected the Georgetown Seawall, but it

has also affected the WCD seawalls. In this case, garbage and other waste materials dumped into the Atlantic Ocean is spitted back onto the land during high waves, like is currently experienced.


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Nations’ Principal shooting

Linden fatal smash-up

Director undergoes surgery Driver, nurse died from to restore paralysed hand multiple injuries – PME


chool of the Nations Director, Dr Brian O’Toole underwent surgery in the United States to fix his paralysed hand, which was sustained from a shooting some nine months ago at his home. In a release, O’Toole stated that doctors have shared some pessimism about whether his hand will be completely functional again. “Nine months following the shooting and I am in a hospital bed in New York recovering from another operation to try to restore the paralysed hand. The surgeon, however, is pessimistic about whether the function can indeed be restored,” he details. The Director was shot on January 27, 2019 at about 21:44h at his Prashad Nagar home. Police reports stated that the 64-year-old man came home and secured his gate after entering. As he was about to open the door, a male suspect approached him, pointed a gun and discharged three rounds in his direction; two of which caught him in both forearms. During that time, the school had received serious threats believed to be the work of a student of Nations. His wife, Pamela O’Toole, would have heard the shots and upon check-

Dr O’Toole undergoing medical treatment

ing, made the discovery and he was immediately rushed to the Woodlands Hospital, where his condition was said to be stable. Commenting on the matter, O’Toole said, “Nine months later and the boy in Florida that started all the mayhem with his vivid and horrific threats to violent action, given free play on social media, known to hundreds, if not thousands in Guyana, remains unpunished because he apparent-

ly told his FBI investigators that it was 'all just a joke’”. He also indicated that the US Embassy and the Guyana Police Force were engaged on the matter but the matter has gone ‘unheeded’. “My letters to the American Embassy re this matter go unheeded only to be 'assured' by a five-line response months ago they are 'looking into the situation.’….We contacted the Guyana Police again a few

weeks ago with further information re the potential shooter. A one-line response was received thanking me for the information but, as before, throughout the nine months, no report of any follow-up”. He added that the relevant authorities in Guyana have been provided with reports and allegations of drug dealing in a number of schools “but once again, we are given no information on any follow-up. Can the Police be surprised by the widespread reluctance on the part of thousands in society to share information with them? How long will we continue to blissfully ignore our young people losing their minds, their youth, their hopes for the future and maybe soon, if not already, their very lives in pursuit of dangerous chemicals that they believe will ease their boredom, isolation and sheer loneliness in pursuit of a fleeting high”. The cyber-attack during that time came with warning signs from a social media account, believed to be created by students of the said institution. The posts started on WhatsApp and moved to Facebook, where threats were made to the lives of students. In one instance, two persons were mentioned in the online posts.

Dead: 18-year-old Tristan Clarke

Dead: Eon Reddock

o s t - M o r t e m Examinations (PMEs) conducted on the bodies of 37-year-old Eon Reddock and 18-year-old Tristan Clarke, who were killed in an accident involving an ambulance and motorcar at Amelia’s Ward, Linden, last Saturday, have revealed that both died as a result of multiple injuries. The examinations were conducted at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Wednesday by Government pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh. Reddock, who was a nurse attached to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), and Clarke were killed as the ambulance bearing registration number PXX 4739 collided head on with the motor car PRR 781, which

was being driven by Clarke. At the time, the ambulance which was transporting Reddock of Lot 763 Amelia’s Ward, was returning to Linden from Georgetown after transporting a pregnant woman to the GPHC. Clarke, of Lot 4847 Central Amelia’s Ward, was heading in the opposite direction when the collision occurred. The incident occurred in the vicinity of Obama Drive at about 03:40h. Meanwhile, the 25-yearold ambulance attendant, Shoma Douglas, of Buck Hill, Wismar, Linden and 39-year-old Rametse Paul, of Lot 1045 Phase 1B Wisroc, Wismar, Linden, remain hospitalised in stable condition. Douglas remains a patient at the GPHC, while Paul remains at the LHC.


Driver charged for causing Labourer remanded for pedestrian’s death sailor’s murder


driver who allegedly caused the death of a pedestrian was on Wednesday arraigned and released on $500,000 bail at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Thirty-one-year-old Denesh Dhanraj of Grove, East Bank Demerara, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and denied the charge which stated that on May 25, 2019, at Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, he drove motor car PTT 4183 in a manner dangerous to the public thereby causing the death of Barian Hall, a pedestrian. Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers informed the court that on May 25, Dhanraj

Denesh Dhanraj

was driving the motor car north on the western carriageway at a fast pace on Avenue of the Republic.

The court heard that Dhanraj was approaching the intersection when he struck with the pedestrian, who was attempting to cross the road. According to the Prosecutor, the pedestrian was picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries. Dhanraj was subsequently released on bail. As a condition of bail, he is required to report to the Brickdam Police Station every Monday until the hearing and determination of the case. His driver’s licence was also suspended. The case will continue on November 14, 2019.


28-year-old man, who allegedly stabbed a sailor to death, was on Wednesday remanded to prison when he appeared at the Wales Magistrate’s Court. Selwyn Rollins, also known as “Rastaman”, a labourer of Lot 76 Ithaca Village, West Bank Berbice, appeared before Magistrate Zameena Ali-Seepaul. The charge stated that on October 24, 2019, at Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) Stelling, he murdered Shurlon Errol Cutting. Cutting was a sailor attached to the Transport and Harbours Department at the Parika Stelling, EBE. According to reports, on

October 24 at about 18:30h, Cutting was at the Parika Ferry Stelling when he noticed the suspect lingering and told him to vacate the area. Reports are the suspect did not comply and an argument ensued between the two men. As the row escalated, Cutting reportedly picked up a piece of wood and lashed the labourer. In response, the suspect allegedly whipped out a pair of scissors from his left side pants pocket and stabbed Cutting once near his left armpit. The sailor fell to the ground and was picked up by a public-spirited person and rushed to the Leonora

Dead: Shurlon Errol Cutting

Cottage Hospital, where he was admitted but subsequently died. The murder suspect was arrested at the Parika Stelling with the scissors in his possession. Rollins was remanded to prison and the case will continue on December 30.


thursday, october 31, 2019 |

Cabinet, President’s resignation

Motion filed for early hearing of appeal case


ormer Attorney General (AG) Anil Nandlall has filed a motion for early hearing of the appeal he filed, challenging the decision by acting Chief Justice (CJ) Roxane George to throw out his order seeking Cabinet’s resignation. After the Chief Justice refused to grant the order for Cabinet to resign earlier this month, Nandlall appealed the decision last week on the grounds that Justice George made a mistake in her ruling. In his application for early hearing that was filed on Wednesday, Nandlall pointed out that the appeal raises matters of fundamental constitutional issues central to democracy, good governance, the Rule of Law and public order, and as such, it is of high public importance that this appeal be heard and determined with convenient speed. He further argued that the breach of the Constitution, that is, the wilful refusal of Cabinet to resign consequent

of the Government being defeated by the vote of a majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of no-confidence as mandated by Article 106 (6) of the Constitution, flagrantly continues unabated. “Cabinet therefore continues to unlawfully sit and make decisions in absolute violation of the letter and spirit of the Constitution. It cannot be in the public national interest and in the interest of the Rule of Law for such wanton violated of the Constitution to continue. The hearing of this matter can be completed in less than three hours,” the former AG contended in his request for the motion to be granted. No date is fixed as yet for the hearing of this new motion. In her ruling on October 18, Justice George had noted that a first instance court such as the High Court cannot contradict the higher court’s ruling. She point-

ed out that the Caribbean Court Justice (CCJ) had said that notwithstanding the Cabinet’s resignation, it still continued in office as a caretaker government. She said that both Nandlall and Attorney General Basil Williams referenced this passage in their submissions to the Court, though she acknowledged that such references were made in different contexts. “In my view… the CCJ did make a pronouncement on the resignation of the President and Cabinet. Given the language of the CCJ… the effect of the (NoConfidence Motion) was the immediate resignation of the Cabinet, but the Court clearly stated that notwithstanding this, the tenure in office of Cabinet (and) President… is on a different footing”. “Given this pronouncement, there could not have been… any requirement for a mandatory order compelling the Cabinet, including the

Overseas-based Guyanese slapped with conspiracy charge


n overseas- based Guyanese, who also hails from Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden, was on Tuesday remanded to prison by Magistrate Wanda Fortune when he appeared at the Linden Magistrate’s Court to answer to a charge of con-

spiracy to commit a felony. It is alleged that 23-year-old Dane Bowen, also called “Dane Boi”, of the United States and also of Lot 107 Blue Berry Hill, sometime in July 2019, conspired with persons known and unknown to commit a break and enter

and larceny offence on the home of Linda Holder. Prosecutor Vernetté Pindar objected to bail on the grounds that the accused is a United States resident and poses a flight risk. He was remanded to prison. The case will continue on November 12.

Lindener remanded on wounding charge


Linden man was on Tuesday remanded to prison by Magistrate Wanda Fortune on two counts of unlawful wounding. Dave Smartt, also known as “Brown”, appeared at the Linden Magistrate’s Court. It is alleged that on October 4, 2019 at Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, Linden, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Shellon Sandiford with intent to

maim, disfigure or disable her. He is also presently on remand for the brutal chopping of islander Charles Clarke. Inquiries disclosed that Smartt, in a jealous fit of rage, dealt Clarke and Sandiford several chops about their bodies after encountering the pair together. As a result, Clarke’s left hand was reportedly severed and he also suffered chop wounds to his head

and back, while Sandiford received a chop wound to her right hand. Prosecutor Vernetté Pindar objected to bail on the grounds that the accused and the Virtual Complainant (VC) live in close proximity. The Prosecutor also informed the Court that Smartt may want to interfere with the witness. He was remanded and the case will continue on November 14.

Court of Appeal

President, to give effect to the resignation of the Cabinet, including the President, which occurred by operation of law consequent on the NCM,” Justice George said in her ruling. However, in the Notice of Appeal, Nandlall is seeking an order from the Court of Appeal compelling Cabinet and the President to resign, as a consequence of them being defeated by a No-Confidence vote. Apart from asking for a mandatory order to force the Government to give effect

to such a ruling, Nandlall is also asking for a conservatory order restraining Cabinet (which stands resigned following the CCJ ruling on June 21, 2019), including the President, from meeting. The former AG further stated in his Notice of Appeal that the CJ “erred in law in failing to properly give a true interpretation to and give effect to the clear and unambiguous provisions of Article 106 (6) of the Constitution, commanding, mandating and requiring the resignation of the Cabinet, includ-

ing the President, when the Government is defeated by a vote of majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly”. Among Nandlall’s other contentions is that Justice George failed to properly interpret the ruling of the CCJ in the consolidated appeals related to the No-Confidence vote. According to Nandlall, she also failed to properly apply the Doctrine of Stare decisis or the principle that treats with precedents set by higher courts.

Another teen charged for phone robbery


losed-circuit television (CCTV) footage which circulated on social media about a week ago, showing a group of young men robbing man of his phone, has led to another being charged for the robbery. Andre Prince, one of the perpetrators, was on Thursday hurled before the Court of law to answer to a robbery charge. The 18-year-old, who is a bus conductor of Hope, East Coast Demerara, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan. He denied that on October 17, 2019 at Croal Street, Georgetown, he stole a phone valued $40,000, the property of

Kevin Lowe. The CCTV footage showed the teen, along with others, walking up to the Virtual Complainant (VC) and snatched his phone before fleeing. In court on Wednesday, Police Prosecutor Annalisa Brummel said that on October 17at about 18:50h, the VC was standing in front of a gambling shop using his phone, when Prince, who was in the company of others, left the group and went and stood in front of the victim. The Court heard that Prince then snatched the victim’s phone and they all made good their escape. Prosecutor Brummel further stated that one of

the teens involved in the robbery posted a photo on Facebook with himself and another friend wearing similar clothes to the robbers in CCTV footage. An investigation was launched and the teens were arrested. Prince was released on $10,000 bail. As a condition for bail, he has to report to the Brickdam Police Station every Monday until the case is completed. Prince will make his next court appearance on November 6. On Wednesday last, Daniel McArthur, Hurrcarlaus Harris and Shawn Innis were also charged for the same offence.

14 news

thursday, october 31, 2019|

Constitutional requirement to vote is to be registered, not to have an ID card – former GECOM Chair


s the issue of uncollected national identification (ID) cards continues, former Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally had said back in 2011 and 2015 that ID cards are not voting cards. In fact, in an article published in the State’s newspaper – Guyana Chronicle from a press conference leading up to the 2011 General and Regional Elections, Dr Surujbally had explained that the constitutional re-

quirement to vote is being registered and not necessarily being in possession of an ID card. At the time, the then GECOM Chairman was also talking about ‘uncollected ID cards’, revealing that persons had voted without ID cards in the 2001 and 2006 elections without being disenfranchised. Furthermore, at polls back in 2015, there were over 35,000 identification cards still sitting at GECOM that belonged to persons registered since 2008, and

Dr Surujbally had reiterated that persons would not need ID cards to vote at the May 11, 2015 elections. This is particularly important in light of a recent decision by current GECOM Chair Retired Justice Claudette Singh to remove persons from the Official List of Electors (OLE) or Voters’ List, who have not uplifted their ID cards dating back to 2008. According to reports, there are over 20,000 persons who have failed to uplift their ID cards.

At Tuesday’s statutory meeting, Justice Singh decided that the names of those thousands of persons will be published and they will be given 21 days to uplift their identification cards. Failure to pick up the card and verify their existence will result in them being removed from the Voters’ List – which will disenfranchise them. However, the GECOM Chair did note that they will remain on the National Register of Registrants (NRR). This decision is despite the fact that in Guyana, there is no requirement for someone to have an ID card to vote. In fact, it is the current GECOM Chair, Justice Singh, who in 1998, had ruled that the requirement for voters to have a voter ID card in 1997 was ultra vires Articles 59 and 159 of the Constitution (despite a parliamentary agreement to use the cards) when Esther Pereira, a People’s National Congress (PNC) supporter, petitioned the High Court to set aside the results of the 1997 elections. However, only in August, acting Chief Justice Roxane

Former GECOM Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally

George had ruled that persons cannot be removed from the Voters’ List unless certain criteria provided for in the Constitution are met, such as death or disqualification under Article 159 (2), (3) and (4). Article 159 (2) states: “… a person shall be qualified to be registered as an elector for elections if, and shall not be so qualified unless, on the qualifying date, he or she is of the age of eighteen years or upwards and either – (a) is a citizen of Guyana, or (b)is a Commonwealth citizen who is not a citizen of Guyana and who is domi-

ciled and resident in Guyana and has been so resident for a period of one year immediately preceding the qualifying date, and (c)satisfies such other qualifications as may be prescribed by or under any law”. Subsection (3) added: “No person shall be qualified to be so registered, who on the qualifying date is a person certified to be insane or otherwise adjudged to be of unsound mind under any law in force in Guyana”. Meanwhile, subsection (4) of the Article says: “No person shall be qualified to be so registered if during such period (not exceeding five years) preceding the qualifying date as may be prescribed by Parliament, he or she has been convicted by a court of any offence connected with elections that is so prescribed or has been reported guilty of such an offence by the High Court in proceedings under article 163: Provided that Parliament may empower the court to exempt a person from disqualification for registration on account of such a conviction or report if the court deems it just so to do”.



thursday, october 31, 2019 |

Guyana celebrates success of robotics team at global competition A

fter winning the Albert Einstein Gold Medal of Excellence for Guyana at the first Global Robotics Competition, Team StemGuyana was on Wednesday honoured for their hard work during a simple reception at the Baridi Benab, State House. A number of the team’s sponsors, including Tullow Guyana, The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), Ministry of Telecommunication and Ministry of Education, were in attendance, to help celebrate the team’s tremendous success. Offering brief remarks at the ceremony, First Lady Sandra Granger commend-

it changes every day so it means you must have flexible teams…what was shown was the resilience and the flexibility and the stamina of our young people who went to those Olympics,” she stated Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of her team members, 20-year-old Arianna Mahase enlightened the media on the exciting experience whilst participating in the First Global Robotics Competition. “We had an amazing experience in Dubai, like besides just winning gold, everything else. We learned so much every single year and I had the privilege to be on the team for the past three

The youngest team member, Kyle Dos Santos, collects an award

ed the teenagers on their remarkable performance in both robotics and teamwork. According to her, the team displayed great resilience and flexibility despite challenges, which proves what Guyanese youths are capable of. “The Albert Einstein Gold Medal for Excellence is not only awarded for the team with the best performing robot but also for exemplary teamwork and adhering to the tenets of the first global community because those of you who would’ve been studying about first global robotic Olympics, tells you that the teams do not participate alone, they are put into arbitrary alliances and they have to work with two other teams against another team and

years and you get the opportunity to meet new teams,” she stated. Mahase, who is one of the team’s mentors, highlighted the major challenges encountered by the team on their journey to the competition, but, nevertheless, noted that through teamwork, they overcame the odds. “Well the challenges we faced this year started in Guyana. The robot, we did not get to ship it through the airline, they did not want to ship it, then when we got to Amsterdam, one of the students were left on standby and he was a minor, so I had to stay in Amsterdam and let half of the team go….so there were many challenges but those two were the major ones,”

Members of the StemGuyana team pose with First Lady Sandra Granger, Government Ministers and sponsors

Mahase communicated. Mahase, alongside six other team members, won the Albert Einstein Gold Medal for Excellence— a prestigious award given to teams whose robots performed the best. The tournament, which ended on Sunday, saw the Guyanese team securing six victories and three losses with a ranking of 39th place out of a total of 190 participating countries, along with being placed in the elite top 25 per cent robotics teams worldwide.


thursday, october 31, 2019


Bolivia election audit set to begin IMF warns of economic slowdown with country caught in deadlock in Latin America, Caribbean


he Organization of American States (OAS) will begin a “binding” audit of Bolivia’s fiercely contested presidential vote, which sparked nationwide protests and allegations of fraud after handing socialist leader Evo Morales a first-round win. The OAS will start the audit on Thursday and all parties will be obliged to comply with the outcome, Bolivia’s Foreign Minister Diego Pary told reporters in La Paz on Wednesday. The October 20 election handed Morales an outright win, giving him just above the 10-point lead needed to avoid a risky runoff against main rival Carlos Mesa. The initial vote count was inexplicably disrupted; however, sparking the anger of Opposition supporters, allegations of vote-rigging and concern from the OAS and foreign governments including the United States and Brazil. Morales, who swept to power in 2006 as the country’s first Indigenous lead-


A woman casts her vote at a polling station during the presidential election in Paracti in the Chapare region, Cochabamba, Bolivia

er, has overseen almost 14 years of relative stability and reliable economic growth in one of the region’s poorest nations. The former coca farmers’ union leader has faced a rising tide of dissatisfaction; however, even among the Indigenous groups he has most visibly supported, with widespread anger about him seeking a contentious fourth term despite term limits. Allegations of cronyism and lavish projects – including a $34 million, 28-floor presidential palace in La Paz – have created a sense

of unease about him losing touch with the working people. Pary said Bolivia had invited observers from Spain, Mexico and Paraguay to monitor the audit process. He did not say how long the process would take. Mesa, who previously said he believed the audit would demonstrate clear election fraud, said in a statement on Wednesday that his party “did not accept the audit under the current terms, agreed unilaterally”. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Argentine markets in limbo as investors seek clarity from President-elect


rgentina’s markets were in limbo on Wednesday, as traders and investors awaited signals from President-elect Alberto Fernandez about the future direction in which he will take Latin America’s number 3 economy. The country’s peso dipped slightly to 59.6 per dollar amid muted trading and as the central bank effectively set a floor to stop the currency weakening past 60 pesos, with a dollar auction. The bank has intervened in the foreign exchange market and applied stricter currency controls since Sunday’s presidential elec-

tion victory by Peronist candidate Fernandez, which ousted market friendly leader Mauricio Macri. Ratings agency Fitch said on Wednesday that Fernandez now needed to turn “vague campaign promises into a detailed economic plan” to help salve jittery markets, adding that his picks for key economics posts would be an important signal. One possible sign came when a spokesman for Fernandez said earlier on Wednesday that the President-elect would include current advisers Matias Kulfas and Cecilia Todesca in any economic

transition team. Kulfas and Todesca are both economists who held senior roles at Argentina’s central bank during the administration of former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who will now serve as Vice President alongside unrelated Alberto Fernandez. Fernandez de Kirchner implemented protectionist policies and currency controls during her back-toback 2007-2015 terms that scared off many investors, and fought a bitter fight with holdout creditors over a previous debt restructuring. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Bolsonaro threatens Brazil's Globo TV over 'villainous' report linking him to murder case


resident Jair Bolsonaro threatened on Wednesday to cancel the licence of Brazil’s largest TV network, Globo, accusing it of “villainous journalism” after a report connecting him with a former Police Officer accused of killing a Rio de Janeiro city councilwoman last year. TV Globo reported on Tuesday that just hours before the March 2018 murder the suspect was alleged to have told a doorman he was going to Bolsonaro’s house, gaining access to a gated community where he met instead with another former Police

Officer accused of murdering the left-wing politician Marielle Franco. The case led to widespread protests by Brazilians outraged to see a black, openly gay human rights advocate gunned down. Investigators arrested two former Police Officers Ronnie Lessa and Elcio de Queiroz nearly a year later and charged them with killing Franco in return for about $50,000. Their lawyers said they did not commit the crime. TV Globo reported on Tuesday that just hours before the March 2018 murder the suspect was alleged to have told a

doorman he was going to Bolsonaro’s house, gaining access to a gated community where he met instead with another former police officer accused of murdering the left-wing politician Marielle Franco. The case led to widespread protests by Brazilians outraged to see a black, openly gay human rights advocate gunned down. Investigators arrested two former Police Officers Ronnie Lessa and Elcio de Queiroz nearly a year later and charged them with killing Franco in return for about $50,000. Their lawyers said they did not commit the crime.

he International Monetary Fund (IMF) says growth in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is slowing down and that the region is expected to record a 0.2 per cent growth this year. The Washington-based financial institution said that the low growth comes amid continued trade tensions, lower global growth, subdued commodity prices, and in some large regional economies, high policy uncertainty. In its latest Regional Economic Outlook for the Western Hemisphere, the IMF says in order to boost the economic recovery and create

more jobs; the region will need to rely on domestic drivers of growth, like consumption and investment. In reviewing the economic performances of the Caribbean countries, the IMF noted that Guyana is projected to record economic growth of 4.4 per cent this year, up from 4.1 per cent last year, while Suriname will record marginal growth of 2.2 per cent, up from two per cent in 2018. The IMF is predicting that Belize will record negative growth, moving to 2.7 per cent from three per cent last year, while Antigua and Barbuda will see economic growth decline from seven per cent last

year to four per cent this year. The Bahamas, hit by a Category 5 hurricane in September will also record a decline in economic growth from 1.6 per cent last year to 0.9 per cent in 2019, while Barbados, which had a negative 0.6 per cent growth in 2018, will register a minus 0.1 per cent growth this year. The IMF said Dominica will be among Caribbean countries recording a high economic growth this year of 9.4 per cent, up from 0.5 per cent last year, while Grenada's economic growth will drop from 4.2 per cent last year to 3.1 per cent in 2019. (Excerpt from CMC)

Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests


hile has pulled out of hosting two major international summits, including a UN climate change conference, as anti-government protests continue. President Sebastián Piñera said the decision had caused him "pain" but his government needed "to prioritise re-establishing public order". The COP25 climate summit was scheduled for 2 to 13 December, while the Apec trade forum was next month. The UN said it was now looking at alternative venues. World leaders were to gather at this year's Conference of the Parties (COP) to discuss the implementation of the Paris Accord – a landmark international climate agreement, first signed at COP21 in December 2015. This is the first time a country has pulled out of hosting the conference at such short notice. Chile's decision comes

Sebastián Piñera (centre) said his government needed to concentrate on "re-establishing public order"

amid global climate protests, including a week of strikes led by environmental activist Greta Thunberg last month. And as the news was announced, a US-based organisation also separately revealed that tens of millions more people than previously thought were at risk of coastal flooding from climate-driven sea-level rise within the next century. In a statement, the UN's climate change executive secretary, Patricia Espinosa, said: "Earlier today, I was informed of the decision by the Government of Chile not to

host COP25 in view of the difficult situation that the country is undergoing. We are currently exploring alternative hosting options". This is a huge blow to hopes of progress on what many see as the crisis of climate change. Just as the science becomes more robust about rising carbon levels driving up temperatures and triggering a range of dangerous impacts, diplomats and experts have been looking to the COP25 talks in December as a vital staging-post on the way to global action. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Colombia violence: Dissident rebels kill Indigenous leader


n Indigenous leader, Cristina Bautista, and four volunteer community guards have been killed in south-west Colombia. The security forces say that members of a dissident rebel group are behind the attack in Cauca province. The number of Indigenous Colombians killed has risen steeply amid a resurgence of violence by dissident rebel groups and paramilitaries. President Iván Duque has sent the Interior Minister to the area. He also said that he had ordered the military to "find the criminal group responsible for the attack". According to the local Indigenous council, members of the Nasa Indigenous guard tried to stop a car as part of routine checks on Tuesday afternoon. Inside the vehicle was reportedly the leader of a dissi-

Members of the NASA Indigenous group are being increasingly targeted

dent rebel group along with two of his men, who demanded they be let through. A stand-off ensued with the Indigenous guard raising the alarm, prompting more locals to gather. The rebels opened fire killing four members of the guard and Cristina Bautista, the Indigenous Governor of the area. Six others were injured. An ambulance carrying

the injured was shot at and more dissident rebels rushed to the scene to try and "spring" those stopped by the Indigenous guard, according to a statement by the council. The Colombian army has confirmed that a breakaway group from the Farc rebel group was behind the attack. They said all dissident rebels involved had managed to escape. (Excerpt from BBC News)

thursday, october 31, 2019


Around the World

Syrian Army, Turkish forces Twitter to ban all political advertising clash near border – State media



witter is to ban all political advertising worldwide, saying that the reach of such messages "should be earned, not bought". "While Internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers, that power brings significant risks to politics," Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey tweeted. Social media rival Facebook recently ruled out a ban on political ads. Social media firms are under particular scrutiny ahead of US elections in 2020. The ban will be enforced from November 22, with full details released by November 15. Dorsey explained his position in a thread of tweets. Internet political ads, he said, presented "entirely new challenges to civic

Jack Dorsey said details would follow in November

discourse: machine learning-based optimisation of messaging and micro-targeting, unchecked misleading information, and deep fakes". "It's not credible," he wrote, "for us to say: 'We're working hard to stop people from gaming our systems to spread misleading info, buuut if someone pays us to target and force people to see their political ad…well...

they can say whatever they want!'" Countering the argument that the new policy might be seen as favouring leaders already in office, he pointed out that "many social movements reach massive scale without any political advertising". Ads in support of voter registration would not be affected by the ban, he added. (Excerpt from BBC News)

British PM Johnson gambles on an election to decide the fate of Brexit


he fate of Britain’s departure from the European Union could be decided in a December 12 election after Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally won parliamentary approval for a gamble that he hopes will break the deadlock over Brexit. Johnson, who has failed to deliver on his “do or die” promise that Britain would leave the bloc on October 31, secured the election agreement just hours after the EU granted a third delay to Brexit. The first Christmas election in Britain since 1923 will be

one of the hardest to call in years. Brexit has variously fatigued, enthused, and enraged swathes of voters while eroding loyalties to the two major parties. When Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, bet on an early election in 2017, she lost her slender majority in Parliament – a failure that ultimately prevented her from ratifying her Brexit deal in Parliament and sank her political career. More voters switched between the two main parties at the 2017 election than in any ballot dating back to 1966, research by the British

Election Study showed. “It’s time to unite the country and get Brexit done,” Johnson told a meeting of Conservative lawmakers on Tuesday night shortly after securing the election to cheers from a Parliament he has accused of stopping him from delivering the divorce. The election result, due to be announced in the early hours of Friday the 13th, could decide the ultimate fate of Brexit after almost four years of almost continuous political commotion in London that has shocked both investors and allies. (Excerpt from Reuters)

yrian army troops clashed with Turkish forces near the border town of Ras al Ain on Wednesday, Syrian State media reported, as Ankara said it reserved the right to launch another cross-border offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia. Syrian media said Turkish troops had seized villages on the edge of Ras al Ain. Turkish-backed rebels said there had been intermittent clashes between Turkish


reta Thunberg has turned down an environmental award and prize money, because "the climate movement does not need any more awards". She said the offer was a "great honour" and thanked the Nordic Council, which said it respected her decision. But, she said, "politicians and the people in power" need to listen to the "current, best-available science". Thunberg was this year's favourite to win the Nobel Peace Prize, but the award went to Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed. In an Instagram post explaining her decision to turn down the prize money of 500,000 Swedish kronor (£40,000; €46,000), Thunberg said: "The Nordic countries have a great reputation around the world when it comes to climate

The army called on anti-government protesters to open all major roads they blocked for two weeks (Bilal Hussein/AP Photo)

years of economic mismanagement and corruption. Hariri's announcement satisfied one of the main demands of the leaderless protest movement, which has brought together people from across Lebanon's political and religious divides, but demonstrators pledged to keep pushing for deeper change. Still, with no obvious alternative to Hariri to fill the post of Prime Minister, which is reserved for a

Sunni Muslim in Lebanon's power-sharing system, there is no clear way out of the political crisis. In line with the Constitution, Aoun, who will deliver a speech on Thursday evening, asked Hariri to stay on as caretaker Prime Minister. The President is now expected to launch consultations with the leaders of political blocs in Parliament to discuss the appointment of a potential new Prime Minister. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Greta Thunberg started international strikes and protests over climate change

and environmental issues. "There is no lack of bragging about this. There is no lack of beautiful words." But she said Nordic energy consumption told "a whole other story". She referenced a report from WWF and the Global Footprint Network, which says Sweden, along with most of the Nordic region, lives as if the world has the

resources of four planets. The gap between what science said was needed to limit a global temperature increase and what was being implemented was "gigantic", said Thunberg. "We belong to the countries that have the possibility to do the most. And yet our countries still basically do nothing," she added. (Excerpt from BBC News)

California fires: Reagan Presidential Library threatened

s several wildfires rage across California, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is under threat from a new blaze near Los Angeles. The region is under a rare "extreme red-flag warning" from weather officials as gusts approach hurricane-level speeds, over 119 kilometres per hour (74


Kurdish forces headed north to take up positions near the border, a region Damascus has not controlled since early on in the country’s eightand-a-half-year-old war. In Ankara, President Tayyip Erdogan told lawmakers from his AK Party that Turkey has information the YPG has not completed its pull-out, despite assurances from Russia on Tuesday that they had left ahead of the deal’s deadline. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Greta Thunberg rejects Nordic Council environmental award

Lebanon deadlock remains after A PM quits

ebanese President Michel Aoun has asked the resigned Government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to continue on a caretaker basis until a new Cabinet is formed, as security forces began opening major roads after two weeks of huge protests that paralysed the country. The Army had asked demonstrators earlier on Wednesday to voluntarily clear all roadblocks to ensure that life returned to normal. The move came a day after Hariri announced the resignation of his Government in a televised address to the nation, saying he had hit a "dead-end" in his attempts to resolve a crisis unleashed by the massive protests against the political elite amid widespread anger over

and Syrian troops in recent days south of the town, which Turkey seized from Syrian Kurdish-led forces earlier this month. The report underscores the risk that violence in northeast Syria could resume after Ankara struck separate deals with Washington and Moscow to push the YPG at least 30 kilometres (19 miles) south of the border. As part of Turkey’s deal with Russia, Syrian troops have with the agreement of

mph). There is concern that the winds will also fan the nearby Getty Fire, which has scorched 745 acres. Wildfires across California have led to mass evacuations and power cuts. The latest fire broke out near the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, about 40 miles north-west of Los Angeles.

The blaze, dubbed the Easy Fire, has burned 1300 acres so far. Some library staff, including the executive director, are still on the property, which is now surrounded by the fire, local media report. Hundreds of firefighters are on the scene, and they have asked staff to shelter in place. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Outrage over right-wing Euro-MPs' Kashmir visit


group of largely right-wing European parliamentarians (MEPs) have visited Indian-administered Kashmir, prompting outrage from local politicians who have not been allowed to go. The visit has been criticised as nothing more than a PR stunt. This was the first international delegation to visit the region since August, when India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stripped the state of its autonomy, splitting it into two federally run territories and locking it down for weeks. On Tuesday, the day of their arrival, the MEPs were given a tour of Srinagar – the main city of the region –- which included a boat ride on the picturesque Dal Lake.

The visiting MEPs were taken for a boat ride on the picturesque Dal Lake

The delegation initially comprised 27 members from countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Poland – although four decided not to visit what has been India's only Muslim majority state and returned to their home countries. (Excerpt from Reuters)


thursday, OCTOber 31, 2019



(March 21April 19)

TAURUS (April 20May 20)


GEMINI (May 21June 20)

CANCER (June 21July 22)


Calvin and Hobbes

Don’t feel that you must settle for less than what you want. Lay your cards on the table and be open to suggestions. A partnership looks promising and lucrative. Romance is featured. Put more thought, effort and time into a significant relationship. Listen carefully and verify others’ intentions. If you act on an assumption, you will end up being disappointed. Share your interests and concerns. Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. Someone you meet will be impressed with what you have to say and offer. A partnership will be rewarding.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22)

Be willing to work with the changes going on around you. If you make a fuss, it will only delay the inevitable. If you pitch in and help, you’ll gain respect.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22)

Your interests and knowledge will expand, adding to your experience and your ability to bring about positive change. Don’t let someone using emotional tactics stand in your way.


Be open to new ideas. Refuse to let someone talk you into taking on responsibilities that don’t belong to you. Keeping the peace isn’t worth disrupting your reputation or status.

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)


Do your research and prepare to combat any opposition you encounter while trying to negotiate a deal. A passionate attitude will compel others to stop and listen. Travel is favored.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21)

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19)

LAst PUBLISHED puzzle AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19)

PISCES (Feb. 20March 20)

Partnerships require effort. Discuss plans about life/work balance with a loved one or colleague. Romance will enhance your day. Take action. It’s what you do, not what you say, that counts. Live up to your word, don’t make excuses and avoid criticism. A change at home will help you allocate your time more effectively. Don’t take risks, and be sure to leave yourself enough space to compensate for unexpected delays. Do your own thing. If you let someone dictate what you can and cannot do, you will end up accomplishing little. Seek out people you have successfully worked with in the past. Discuss proposals and negotiate deals. If you offer only what’s doable and ask for fair compensation, everything will unfold smoothly. Indulgent behavior should be avoided, regardless of the

thursday, october 31, 2019


Jones and Liverpool beat Arsenal on penalties after 5-5 thriller J

ürgen Klopp and Unai Emery rang the Carabao Cup changes and for once there were no complaints. Liverpool and Arsenal traded 10 goals that ranged from ugly to stunning and everything in between. They traded mistakes, terrible ones, and they traded blows from beginning to the very end. Only one penalty in a shootout separated them and, when an enthralling cup tie was all over, it was Liverpool celebrating a place in the quarter-finals. Caoimhin Kelleher – Klopp’s third choice, 20-year-old goalkeeper – made the decisive save in an otherwise perfect shootout from Dani Ceballos as Arsenal paid the price for failing to defend a 3-1 lead, a 4-2 lead and a 5-4 lead in the dying seconds. Liverpool’s other telling contribution came from D i v o c k O r i g i ,

yards. Both managers made 11 changes to their starting line-ups from the weekend while claiming they were treating the competition with the utmost respect. Emery’s selection was more experienced and he took out the insurance policy of a substitutes’ bench packed with first-choice talent. Klopp did not even go that far. A midfield of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Adam Lallana and Naby Keïta offered maturity, so too Captain James Milner at left-back but the Liverpool team – and bench – was otherwise packed with young talent. The teenage summer signings Harvey Elliott and Sepp van den Berg were among five Anfield debutants while the 18-yearold right-back Neco Williams made his full Liverpool debut in a starting lineup with an a v e r a g e age of 23 years and 122 days. There was no sign of

Curtis Jones (right) celebrates after scoring the winning Liverpool penalty in the shootout against Arsenal

a Wales Under-19 international, released the midfielder behind Sead Kolasinac and OxladeChamberlain delivered a

to Emiliano Martínez that forced the keeper to take evasive action as Brewster closed in. Arsenal, with Mesut Özil

Liverpool v Arsenal is the highest-scoring fixture in the history of the League Cup, with 47 goals scored in the 15 games (Getty images)

who converted an injurytime volley as a host of Arsenal defenders stood watching to spare the home side a first Anfield defeat in 13 months and send the tie to penalties. Curtis Jones converted Liverpool’s fifth and final penalty to punish Ceballos’s failure from 12

nerves in a confident start from the home side before it was undermined by a combination of carelessness and inexperience. Oxlade-Chamberlain’s movement into the channels created problems for his former club and the early breakthrough for his current one. Williams,

first-time cross towards Rhian Brewster at the near post. Shkodran Mustafi diverted it past his own goalkeeper with his left knee. A dreadful return to the side for the Germany World Cup winner, and he almost made matters worse moments later with an under-cooked back pass

back in from the cold, drew level from their first meaningful attack. Martinelli instigated the equaliser with a powerful surge down the left and low cross that Lucas Torreira and Özil were unable to convert. Özil kept the pressure on; however, Bukayo Saka’s shot was saved low

by Caoimhin Kelleher, but Torreira snapped up the rebound from close range. VAR would have disallowed it for offside. The visitors overturned the deficit when Torreira released Ainsley MaitlandNiles down the right and, from his second attempted cross, Van Den Berg miscued towards his own goal. Kelleher saved, but Martinelli was on hand to convert into the roof of the net. Arsenal were clinical with their chances. Liverpool fell further behind when over-elaborating out of defence. Elliott turned a Williams pass carelessly inside to Özil, who released Saka clear down the left with a fine first touch. The cross arrived low and perfectly for Martinelli to score his seventh goal in seven appearances with an emphatic shot over the exposed Kelleher. Emery’s team sensed daylight and welcome respite, but the fun was only just beginning. Liverpool’s wayward passing and uncertain defending tested Anfield’s patience, but they were offered a route back minutes before the interval when Elliott tumbled over Martinelli’s out-stretched foot inside the penalty area. Andre Marriner had no hesitation in pointing to

the spot, seconds after dismissing a penalty appeal for handball by Héctor Bellerín, and Milner duly sent Martínez the wrong way. Milner of all people was responsible for Arsenal regaining a twogoal advantage when his weak backpass played in Maitland-Niles. The winger’s first touch took the ball away from Kelleher and the goal, but the quick-thinking Özil kept play alive with an improvised flick. Maitland-Niles tapped into an empty net and Liverpool had it all to do once again. The comeback recommenced with a thumping 25-yard strike from Oxlade-Chamberlain, who found the top corner having beaten MaitlandNiles to a Lallana header. It restored parity when Curtis Jones, a replacement for the subdued Keïta, found Origi on the edge of the Arsenal area and the striker turned Rob Holding brilliantly before beating Martínez with a thunderous shot. And back came Arsenal. The tie was ridiculously open and so too was Liverpool’s midfield when Willock breezed through minimal resistance before unleashing a shot from almost 30 yards that sailed away from Kelleher and dipped into the top corner. (The Guardian)



thursday, october 31, 2019

GCB 2019 U-17 Female Secondary School Cricket League…

Georgetown, Essequibo, West B’ce and Lower Corentyne register wins T he Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) U-17 Female Secondary School Cricket League bowled off on Wednesday, October 30. The teams were placed into one of two groups: A or B, with the team who captured the most points in their respective groups battling head on for the title. Teams playing within Group A are Upper Corentyne, West Berbice, Georgetown and West Demerara. Lower Corentyne, East Coast, East Bank and Essequibo form Group B. Georgetown, Essequibo, West Berbice and Lower Corentyne recorded their first win. Matches at Everest West Demerara won the toss and had the Georgetown females take first strike. They managed 84-2 after the game was reduced to 15 overs owing to the late start at Everest. Openers Althea Barnwell and Neha Singh formed a 74-run partnership before Singh was caught off Keshna Boodenlall for 1. Bowler Abigail Corbin collected the other wicket. For the chase, middle-order batter Kezie Methland topscored with 21, supported by Keshna Boodenlall for 10 with

Annalisa D’Augiar

Bank in to bat, and they scored a total of 59, all out, in the allotted 20 overs. Alexis Noel hit four boundaries in her top score of 22, the only score to be in the double figures. The Essequibo bowlers had no hesitation to knock out their opponents on the

Jamie Campbell was awarded Player of the Match at Young Warriors

double figures, leading to 55-5 in their allotted 15 overs to hand Georgetown their first win by 29 runs. Playing in Group B at Everest in the second match of the day, Essequibo having won the toss inserted the East

78 runs, having exhausted their batters. Undefeated topscoring batter Sarah Amin added 17 runs to her team’s aggregate, which proved to be the most significant contribution from her team. Jamie Campbell sent two batters on their way in her reign off 12 runs. In reply, Lower Corentyne won by two wickets, bearing a score of 79-8. Navini Ramnauth made 16 runs, aided by opener Shenia Simon with 12 before falling to Amin by a catch. Realeanna Grimmond added a further 11 to bring Lower Corentyne closer to their victory. Shemika Edwards and Tilleya Madramotoo were the bowlers who attempted to restrict their opponents, but with no success. The second round of the GCB 2019 U-17 Female Secondary School Cricket

pitch. Annalisa D’Aguiar, Lisa Charles, Lavina Ragubir and Divine Rods each picked up two wickets in their attempt to restrict their opponents. For the reply, Essequibo easily captured the win by 10 wickets with openers Analisa

D’Aguiar making 26 runs and Nakika Narine, 24 to reach their target in just 8.3 overs. Matches at Young Warriors At Young Warriors Ground, in Group A, Upper West Berbice capped the win over their opponents Lower Corentyne by nine runs. West Berbice scored 138-1 in their innings, with Tiea Isaacs, undefeated, cultivating 31 runs, complemented by Tamara George (16) not out, and Tienacua Sollomon (5), who was bowled out by Shaniah Fraser for 1. For the reply, Upper Corentyne, in an effort to surpass their opponents, were restricted to 129-6 in their allotted 20 overs. Alelia DeMendonca (13) and Shaniea King (11) are the batters reaching double figures as the extras accounted for a significant portion of their total score. Alicia Fordyce collected three wickets and the Player-of-theMatch Award. Group B matches at Young Warriors featured Lower Corentyne tackling East Coast. Lower Corentyne won the toss and inserted East Coast in to bat. They were able to make

Hundreds protest Shakib ban in Bangladesh


undreds of people have demonstrated in Bangladesh after cricketer Shakib Al Hasan was banned for two years for “failing to report corrupt approaches”. Shakib, Bangladesh’s Test and Twenty20 Captain, accepted three charges relating to requests for “inside information for betting purposes”. About 700 people took to the streets in Shakib’s hometown Magura, with smaller demonstrations taking place in Dhaka. Police say crowds made a human chain and called the ban a “conspiracy”.

“The protesters shouted slogans and marched along a highway,” Police Chief Saiful Islam told AFP. Shakib, 32, is the top all-rounder in the One-Day Internationals (ODI) rankings and has played 338 matches for Bangladesh. One year of Shakib’s ban is suspended meaning he will be able to return to the sport on October 29, 2020. He failed to report approaches during an international tri-series also involving Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in January 2018, and that year’s Indian Premier League. Shahriar Nafees, Shakib’s former team-mate, said

the country was “stunned, shocked and very sad” at the ban. Batsman Shahriar, who played 24 Tests, 75 ODIs and one T20, said Shakib was “brave” to admit to the charges, adding that the “whole country is behind him”. “We are supporting him because he is one of our biggest assets,” he told the BBC’s Stumped podcast. “This situation will be a milestone for Bangladesh cricket and world cricket. “If you make a mistake, it can cost you big time. And the coming generation will learn from this mistake.” (BBC Sports)

Arehanna Persaud receiving her Player-of-the-Match award from GCB’s Kavita Yadram

League continues today, Thursday, October 31, 2019 with Upper Corentyne battling against West Demerara and Lower Corentyne facing Essequibo at Young Warriors.

Everest will see Georgetown take on West Berbice and East Bank compete with East Coast at Everest Cricket Ground. The action commences at 09:00h. (GCB)

BCB launches Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh Wall of Fame

Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh poses with BCB executives in front of the Wall of Fame


he Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) on Friday last unveiled its Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh Wall of Fame during a simple but impressive ceremony at its renovated Charlotte Street, New Amsterdam main office. The Wall of Fame was named in tribute to outstanding medical doctor and BCB’s biggest sponsor, Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh. BCB President Hilbert Foster hailed the unveiling as a red-letter day in the 80-year history of Guyana’s most vibrant cricket organisation. The Wall of Fame consists of portraits of inductees into the BCB Cricketers Hall of Fame and BCB Administrators Hall of Fame, Berbice’s greatest cricketers, Berbice AllTime Senior XI and BCB’s All-Time Under-19 XI. Among the portraits on the Wall of Fame are those of the legendary John Trim, Rohan Kanhai, Basil Butcher, Joseph Solomon, Ivan Madray, Roy Fredericks, Alvin Kallicharran, Sew Shivnarain, Leslaine Lambert, Clayton Lambert, Mahendra Nagamootoo, Narsingh Deonarine, Derick Kallicharran and Leonard Baichan. The list of Hall of Fame Administrators on the Wall includes Leslie Amsterdam, Malcolm Peters, Keith Foster, Carl Moore, Mortimer George, Ancel Hazel, Sam Suchit, Anil Beharry and Lennox Phillips. The three greatest players produced by the Ancient County at the junior, female and senior levels are Narsingh Deonarine, Shemaine Campbelle and Rohan Kanhai respectively. Members of the Berbice All-Time XI are Roy Fredericks, Clayton Lambert, Rohan Kanhai, Alvin Kallicharran, Basil Butcher, Joe Solomon, Randolph Ramnarace, Milton Pydana, Mahendra Nagamootoo and John Trim. Andre Percival leads the all-time Under-19 team which includes Suresh Dhaniram and Narsingh Deonarine. Foster spoke widely on the importance

of honouring heroes and of youths knowing about the legends of the past. The BCB, under his leadership, would continue to honour heroes and he urged clubs across Berbice to do so as well. The BCB President stated that Berbice cricket was strong today because of the foundation laid by not only the legendary cricketers but the hardworking executives of the past. He mentioned his elder brother Keith, who led the BCB for seven successful years, 2007 to 2014, and the late Leslie Amsterdam. He expressed the hope that all young cricketers in Berbice would visit the Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh Wall of Fame, so that they could be inspired to follow in the footstep of the legends. He also urged cricket administrators to always put the game and youths above their own personal ambition. Every administrator, he stated, should strive to have their name on the Wall of Fame by being honest, hardworking, visionary and dedicated. Foster expressed gratitude to the Texas-based Dr Singh for his support of his administration over the past 20 months by donating over $3 million of his personal funds. The donations have allowed the BCB to host two cricket academies, donate water pitchers to clubs, host countywide coaching programmes, and upgrade its office among other initiatives. Dr Singh stated that he felt humbled to have his name on a Wall that honoured his heroes like Kanhai, Solomon and Butcher. He expressed confidence that the impressive Wall of Fame would inspire others to be the best they can be. The Palmyra-born doctor also handed over a collection of cricket books written by Dr Clem Seecharran towards the formation of a cricket library at the BCB office. He also handed over a large number of umpire’s ball counters and bowlers’ markers for cricket development in Berbice.

thursday, october 31, 2019

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in your area? Contact our

Circulation Department on

Phone: 223-7230 EXT: 55


BCB-Let’s Bet Sports 100 balls tournament…

D’Edward CC defeat neighbours Cotton Tree CC to lift West Berbice championship


ith the sun blazing down in all of its glory and a large, colourful crowd in attendance, D’Edward Cricket Club won their second title for the year when they easily defeated Cotton Tree Cricket Club by 37 runs in the final of the Berbice Cricket Board/-Let’s Bet 100 balls tournament on Sunday last. Abdool Subhan produced a wonderful allround performance to lift the Man-of-the-Final trophy and prize. Playing at the Cotton Tree Ground on the West Coast of Berbice, the home team won the toss and invited the visitors to take first strike. Openers Devendra Lalsa and Altaf Khan started like a house on fire by adding 84 for the first wicket in 6.4 overs before Lalsa was dismissed for 54 from 23 balls with seven sixes and two boundaries. Heralall Bridgelall, batting at number three, was dropped first ball and added 26 with Khan before departing for 18. Khan departed at 140 for3 for a well-played 35, including five boundaries and two maximums, to set the stage for the Abdool Subhan and Deonauth Persaud show. The duo added 79 runs for the fourth wicket of just 28 balls as the visitors ended on 219 for 3 off their allotted 100 balls. Subhan was unbeaten on 51 from 21 balls, including six maximums and one boundary, while 19-year-old Persaud was on 40 not out, which included five huge sixes and a boundary. Roshan Gafoor, L Seetyah and Naushad Gafoor each took a wicket for Cotton Tree for 32, 21 and 30 runs respectively. Needing to score 220 runs from 100 balls to lift their first BCB title in front of their adoring home fans, Cotton Tree were never allowed to break free as D’Edward opening bowlers Subhan and Lalsa bowled tightly in the powerplay. They eventually ended on 182 for 9 with Nick Ramsaroop (38); Naushad Gafoor (37); Saif Ramah (27); Roshan Gafoor (22) and Pooran Persaud (18) being the main scorers. Rudolph Moore (3 for 42); Hoolsram (2 for 33) and Abdool Subhan (2 for 30) were the champions’ best bowlers. BCB President Hilbert Foster, at the presentation ceremony, congratulated both teams for providing the large crowd with a highentertainment final. The West Berbice final is the first of five to be played over the course of the next few weeks. Finals have to be played in the New AmsterdamCanje, Lower CorentyneCentral Corentyne and Upper Corentyne-Black Bush Polder Sub-Zones. The four champions would then compete in another final to determine the overall Berbice Let’s Bet Sports winner. Foster extended gratitude to the management of the Guyana Lottery Company for

The champions pose with BCB officials

its investment into Berbice cricket and expressed satisfaction over the crowd support during the entire tournament. The main objective of developing grassroot cricket in every village has been fulfilled, and the passion for the game has returned after a period of dormancy. Representatives of the two clubs expressed gratitude to both the BCB and the Lotto Company for investing in West Berbice cricket. The Let’s Bet Sports tournament is the third major cricket tournament organised by the BCB for teams in West Berbice over the past 15 months. The Hilbert Fosterled BCB at the end of its term in December 2019 would have completed close to 60 tournaments at different levels. Guymine advance to Let’s Bet final Guymine Cricket Club have advanced to their first-ever final in Berbice cricket for over a decade. The team, under the guidance of the hardworking Gregory Crandon, defeated Flying Star and East Bank Blazers to advance to the New Amsterdam-Canje final. The Guymine Cricket Club had been dormant for a long while but along with Mental Hospital, Kildonan, and Mt Sinai, have started playing cricket over the past 20 months. BCB President Foster played a great part in the restoration of the Clubs as they are all voting members of Guyana’s most vibrant cricket board. At the Flying Star Ground, Guymine batted first and reached 134 for 4 from their allotted 100 balls. The principal scorers were Shawn Baksh (35); Rocky Hutson (28) and Devon Clements (27). Ravi Bridgelall took 2 wickets for 17 from 3.2 overs for Flying Star, who were dismissed for 60 in

13.5 overs to lose by 79 runs. Gershum Barran top-scored with 16 as Kevin Ramoutar and left-arm spinner Joel Seetaram took 4 wickets each for 14 and 5 runs respectively. In the semi-finals at the Sisters Ground on Monday, Guymine defeated a strong East Bank Blazers team by three wickets. East Bank Blazers amassed an impressive 150 for 3 from their 100 balls. C Sam stuck an even 50 and J Bennett, 75. C Hope, Joel Seetaram and Kevin Ramoutar took a wicket apiece for Guymine, spearheaded by Marlon Shepherd (53); C Hopes (24) and Kuacy Sinclair

(17), Guymine reached 154 for 7 in 15.2 overs to win by three wickets. O Gillette claimed three wickets for 24 from three overs for East Bank Blazers. Guymine Sports Club and Rose Hall Canje would clash in the final of the New Amsterdam league on Sunday, November 3 at the Canje Ground. The final is expected to be a closely-contested one, with both teams having strong squads on paper. Rose Hall Canje would be led by Ameer Rahaman, Mark Sampson, Isiah Thorne, Michael Campbelle, Sasenarine Sukhu, Lloyd David, and Balram Samaroo.

Guymine’s challenge would be spearheaded by Gregory Crandon, Joel Seetaram, Marlon Shepherd, Kuacy Sinclair, Devon Clements, and Shawn Baksh. The match would start at 13:00h. The champion of the Zone would go on to join the champions of the West Berbice, Lower Corentyne and Upper Corentyne leagues in the overall Berbice championship.


thursday, october 31, 2019


5th annual Kares Fitness Expo lifts off this weekend

…increased prize monies set aside for athletes


ith prizes more tangible than ever before, the Kares Group of Companies has a packed weekend planned for Guyana’s CrossFit athletes. The fifth annual event was launched on Tuesday evening. This year’s Fitness Expo will see a prelude on Saturday evening when Kares Crossfit hosts its Cancer Glow walk. The walk will begin at 17:30h (5.30pm) at the Genesis Gym on D’Urban Street and proceed east onto Mandela Avenue, West onto Homestretch and conclude at the Sports Hall. On Sunday, the CrossFit action will begin at 02:00h (2pm) with a total of 35 athletes competing in male and female RX and Scaled, Over 35 and the Strongman categories. While noting that Kares Crossfit has recognised the amount of work that athletes put in in preparation for such competitions, event organiser Jordana Ramsay-Gonsalves revealed that the winners would be walking away with larger cash prizes than in times past. “These cash prizes will be awarded as follows. Male and female scaled athletes will receive: first place – $150,000; second – $100,000; third – $75, 000, fourth – $50,000 and fifth $25,000. This is kind of a big

deal, because it’s unheard of in the sport. The male and female RX team will receive first place – $200,000, second – $150,000; third –

event will get a $10,000 participation award and a spirit of the game award will be handed out to the tune of $25,000 each.

have to deal with and we’re going to have a gymnastics bag that you haven’t seen before,” Mc Donald explained. The fitness games have a number of sponsors, in-

Water, Lucozade and Mackeson brands; as such, Corporate Communications Officer Treiston Joseph explained why CrossFit

Event organisers and sponsor representatives at the Kares Crossfit launch on Tuesday evening

$100,000 and all remaining teams will get $50,000 each,” Ramsay-Gonsalves revealed. Meanwhile, the winner of the Over-35 category will receive $50,000, while second and third place will pocket $30,000 and $25,000 respectively. In the Strongman contest, the first-place finisher will bag $150,000; second place $125,000 and third place $100,000. In addition, every athlete in the scaled

Event organiser Jamie Mc Donald shared some of the activities would will be incorporated into the contest in a bid to give fans a preview of Sunday’s CrossFit challenge. “It’s going to be a mix – gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio, so you’re going to see double unders, single unders, skipping ropes, dead lifts and burpees. We have a few new movements this year, there’s going to be a heavy bag that they

clusive of ANSA McAL, Birkenstock and the St Joseph Mercy Hospital. ANSA McAL will be on board with iCool

was important to the company. “ANSA McAL is proud to be on board with the Kares Crossfit games. I think this

is one of the events that we look forward to being a part of. It promotes the development and the health of the persons involved and that is what we try to promote in terms of our branding,” Joseph stated. St Joseph Mercy Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Enoch Gaskin explained the need for the hospitals’ involvement on Sunday. “Our role is to ensure that we can identify those circumstances that may bring harm to you during these events and ensure we mitigate it. We also have continuing care, so at each of these events you can be assured that you can put 110 per cent out, knowing that there is someone who has your back medically,” Gaskin explained. Tickets for the Kares Crossfit Expo are priced at $500 while tickets for the glow walk on Saturday cost $1000. They are available at Genesis Fitness Gym and Fitness Express.

BCB-Ivan Madray Memorial 1st Division T20 tournament

5 teams register Ashiek and Son Motor Supplies and Service Centre bats for Young Warriors 1st round victories T

Captain Suresh Dhanai received the sponsorship from Ashiek and Son Motor Supplies and Service Centre Manager Ashraf Ali in the presence of other cricketers


he Young Warriors Cricket Club of Cumberland, East Canje, Berbice, which are in the process of rebuilding after a few years, received financial support from popular business Ashiek and Son Motor Supplies and Service Centre to assist in purchasing covers for the cricket pitch. In handing over the cash, Ashraf Ali, General Manager of the business, said that he was happy to once again be a part of this cricket club and be given the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. In response, Suresh Dhanai, Captain of the Senior Team, was very grateful to the sponsor and promised that they would soon acquire the covers. The skipper added that every effort was being made to bring the club back to its former glory, highlighting that a three-day youth camp would be conducted for young cricketers during the Christmas break and the reintroduction of

its major fundraiser, Mash Cup in 2020. He says that the club has to rebuild confidence in all of its sponsors and was confident of doing so with the current executive. The club since its formation have produced several outstanding cricketers, with the latestbeing West Indies batting sensation Shimron Hetmyer. Other contributors so far are US-based Pakistani Ifran Malik, Chin Singh, Ramo Singh, Pampo Karran, Chris Ganesh, Paul, Brodo Kunjal, Outram Ranglall, Sasenarine Singh, Latchman Harripersaud, Goordial Matai, Baij and Ish Ramsoondar. The Young Warriors Cricket Club took this opportunity to thank all the names mentioned above, it noted with special thanks to two of their former star players, brothers Richard and Kevin Ramdeen. The club had been recently re-admitted by the Berbice Cricket Board after the team were inadvertently left out of the Cricket Administration Bill.

he 2019 Berbice cricket season continued last weekend with the hosting of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB)-Ivan Madray First-Division T20 Memorial Cricket Tournament. The Tournament is sponsored by Madray’s nephew, Chandradat Chintamani, and contested by 11 teams on a knockout basis. Defending champions Young Warriors drew the bye in the first round while last year’s runners-up Rose Hall Town Thunderbolt Flour, Albion, Tucber Park, Blairmont and Rose Hall Canje won their first-round matches on Saturday last. At the Area H Ground, Rose Hall Town Thunderbolt Flour defeated Upper Corentyne by eight wickets. Upper Corentyne won the toss and elected to bat first. They were bowled out for 78 in 13 overs as Tameshwar Ramoutar top-scored with 22. Junior Sinclair continued his outstanding form with the ball to claim 3 for 7 from 4 overs while his elder cousin, Kevin Sinclair, took 3 for 27. In response, RHT Thunderbolt Flour raced to 80 for 2 from 8.4 overs with Junior Sinclair hitting 36 and Kevlon Anderson, 22 not out. Viendra Gooniah took 1 for 16 from 2 overs. Albion overcame an early scare to defeat Police by 101 runs at the historic Albion Community Centre Ground. Police had reduced the strong Albion to 80 for 8, but good contributions from the talented Sarwan Chaitnarine (37) and Gudakesh Motie (35) assisted the home team to 174 all out in 20 overs. Extras contributed a healthy 21. C Drakes (4 for 26); A Mentore (3 for 17) and

C Phillips (2 for 24) were the successful bowlers for the lawmen, who in response were skittled out for 73 with Grisean Grant top-scoring with 23, including three boundaries and one maximum. West Indies leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo (4 for 11); Kevin Umroa (3 for 38) and Veerasammy Permaul (2 for 18) were Albion’s best bowlers. West Indies all-rounder Romario Shepherd hit a polished 65 as Tucber Park eased past Skeldon by 50 runs at the Number 69 Ground. Tucber Park amassed 162 for 7 from their allotted 20 overs with Garfield Benjamin (31) and Keon De Jesus (21) supporting Shepherd. Skeldon were bowled out for 115 as Kwesi Mickle (2 for 15) and Leon Swammy (2 for 20) were the visitors’ best bowlers. At the Bush Lot Ground, underdogs Rose Hall Canje defeated a strong West Berbice team by six runs. Rose Hall Canje amassed 133 for 8 from their 20 overs with Lloyd David (31); Jerome Andrews (28); Joel Seetaram (21) and Sasenarine Sukhu being the principal scorers. Andrew Dutchin took 3 for 4 for West Berbice. Needing to score 134 runs from 20 overs to advance to the second round, West Berbice were restricted to 127 for 7. Shamar Angel (28) and Steffan Adams (20) were the best batters for a disappointed West Berbice team. Rose Hall Canje skipper Ameer Rahaman led his team’s bowling with 2 wickets for 21 runs from four overs. In the fifth match played, Blairmont defeated Port Mourant at the Port Mourant Ground. Scores for the match was unavailable up to press time. Romario Shepherd turned out for Tucber Park

thursday, october 31, 2019


‘Nationals’ slated for November 17-22

…President to act as patron


his year’s 59th National School’s Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships is said to be bigger and better than ever before, with a special focus on time management. In addition, President David Granger is expected to be the patron of this year’s activity. From November 17 to November 22, student-athletes from 15 districts, spanning the length and breadth of Guyana, will gather at three venues in Georgetown, East Coast and West Demerara, for the 59th annual event. To make the event even better, it was revealed that President Granger would be the patron of this year’s championships. “His Excellency David Granger will be the patron of this year’s championships by way of information,” Chief Education Officer (CEO) Marcel Hutson disclosed on Wednesday. Speaking at the launching ceremony on Wednesday afternoon at the Guyana Teachers’ Union Hall, Hutson emphasised the importance of the National Championships, while highlighting the importance of a balance between sport and education. “The championships also foster the whole notion of teamwork and our children also benefit from us being able to spot the talent that they have and those talents can be nurtured. I don’t know where people get this impression that once you have become a sportsperson, you would have gotten there because you have no sense,” Hutson noted. With just about two weeks to go before the competition gets underway, Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) President Mark Lyte was proud to announce that the organisers have been up to date with the smaller competitions leading up to nationals, owing to the work put in by the nation’s teachers. “I would like to say that the GTU plays a very important role to ensure that we arrive at this stage – the National

Banks Communications Manager Troy Peters

Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson

Championships. As you would know, we just don’t wake up one morning and say we’re going to have this event. We started in September observing the various schools which then moved into the inter-school and inter-zones. I’m proud to announce all of our 15 districts we have concluded the inter- zones and we are ready to commence the National Championships,” Lyte disclosed. An eager Coretta Mc Donald, General Secretary of the GTU, used her time at the podium to send a loud message to those who will be participating in and witnessing this year’s National Championships. “I need to emphasise that we are going to be starting on time, so if you’re not there, we’ll start without you; if a district is not there, we’ll start without them because we need to manage our time properly. I know you would have gotten accustomed to us running very late into Friday evening and then into the night, but let me assure you that this year we will not be going into Friday night for the closing of the championship,” Mc Donald informed.

Over the 59 years of its existence, the National Schools Championships have become synonymous with Banks DIH. Once again, the company is on board with its Malta Supreme, Rainforest Waters and Demico Premium Ice Cream brands. Communications Manager Troy Peters noted that the company was elated to be involved once again. “We are extremely happy to be involved and we look forward to the days of competition in swimming, cycling and track and field and I was so happy to learn that the games will finish a bit early this year. I know that if we decide to go along the line of streaming, we have to be tightened in the way we plan these events,” Peters stated. Swimming will take place on Monday at the National Aquatic Centre, Liliendaal; on Tuesday, the cyclists will have their time at the National Park and for the remainder of the week, the track and field athletes will compete at the Leonora Facility, West Demerara. Hits and Jams Entertainment and the National Communications Network (NCN) are among the sponsors.

Good outings for Barnwell, Reifer and Savory in Jaguars practice match ed on 200-7 in 38 overs when bad light stopped play. West Indies Under-19 batsman Kevlon Anderson calmed the nerves with a solid 68. In his 91-ball innings which included three fours and two sixes, he displayed a rich level of mat u r i t y against the best Guyanese bowlers. Earlier, t h e Rest Team lost

Kevin Sinclair appeals after troubling Kemol Savory with his sharp turn


n a pitch filled with moisture which resulted in a late start at GCC Bourda, the Guyana Jaguars began their team preparation for the 2019 Colonial Medical Insurance Regional Super50 Tournament. Competing against a Rest Team, Guyana Jaguars racked up 280 runs in 45 overs, compliments of the pugnacious Christopher Barnwell, who led the batting with a courageous 74. Raymon Reifer scored a blazing 62 while the consistent Kemol Savory scored 65. Batting first, the Guyana Jaguars XI had

a solid start from openers Tagenarine Chanderpaul and Savory. Chanderpaul struck 49 from 81 balls which include five fours; he was removed by Nial Smith. In Barnwell’s innings, he lit up Bourda and thrilled the handful of spectators. His unbeaten 74 came off 51 balls which included three fours and

seven sixes. Reifer was at his brutal best in his 33-ball 62, which had six maximums and two fours. Smith had 1-71 in eight overs while Motie had 1-28 in nine overs. Renaldo Ali Mohamed had 1-29 in his two overs. Leon Johnson was out for seven when Gudakesh Motie, a Jaguars player representing the Rest Side, accounted for Johnson’s wicket. In reply, Ronsford the Rest Beaton Team end-

Trevon Griffith ( 1 4 ) ; T e v i n Imlach (07) and West Indies Emerging Player Kevin Sinclair (20). Vishual Singh scored 28 while Raymond Perez scored 25. Bowling for the Guyana Jaguars; Ronsford Beaton had 2-39 in seven rapid overs, Clinton Pestano had 2-38 in eight overs while Veerasammy Permaul had 2-38 in eight overs. The Guyana Jaguars full squad reads: Tagenarine Chanderpaul; Chandrapaul Hemraj; Leon Johnson (Captain); Christopher Barnwell; Raymon Reifer; Anthony Bramble; Gudakesh Motie;

Raymon Reifer and skipper Leon Johnson

Veerasammy Permaul; Clinton Pestano; Ronsford Beaton; Nial Smith; Kevlon Anderson bats for the Rest Team (Brandon Corlette photos)

Jonathan Foo; Kemol Savory and Ramaal Lewis. Guyana Jaguars will meet this Rest Team tomorrow, Friday, November 1 at Enmore before they depart on November 4 to play their first match at the Brian Lara Stadium against the West Indies Emerging team. (Brandon Corlette)

thursday, october 31, 2019

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‘Nationals’ slated for November 17-22 …President to act as patron The sponsorship is handed over to GTU President Mark Lyte in the presence of CEO Marcel Hutson, GTU Secretary Coretta Mc Donald, Banks DIH Communications Manager Troy Peters and other company representatives

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Guyana Times Thursday October 31, 2019  

Guyana Times Thursday October 31, 2019  

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