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THE BEACON OF TRUTH saturday, november 2, 2019

Civil society to have role in ensuring transparency, accountability – Ali


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Blairmont Sugar Estate workers protest for wage increase

$80 vat included


Electrical P12 issues, pests cause Wales Primary students to stay home …1 of 2 school buildings condemned Piracy attack

Another P13 fisherman slapped with murder charge

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New Crime Chief to be named soon – Top Cop P12

Heavy rainfall in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) left several sections of Bartica flooded on Friday. In photo, this business place had to close its doors owing to floodwaters

Granger tells local businesses to “stop looking” for handouts …incentives for private sector stimulate growth – Irfaan Ali

Top Cop not “bothered” about crime surge Page 14

…claims 3.4% decrease in serious crimes

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GPL runs out of fuel …more power outages expected Page 11

Security P8 guard charged for discharging firearm in public space Injured P11 Linden man charged for attempting to kill ex-cop


saturday, november 2, 2019 |



saturday, november 2, 2019 |

BRIDGE OPENINGS The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on:

Saturday, November 2 – 08:30h – 10:00h and Sunday, November 3 – 09:00h – 10:30h. The Berbice Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on:

Saturday, November 2 – 07:30h – 09:00h and Sunday, November 3 – 08:25 – 09:55h.

FERRY SCHEDULE Parika and Supenaam departure times - 05:00h, 11:00h and 16:00h daily

WEATHER TODAY Sunshine is expected during the day. There will be clear skies at night. Temperatures should range between 21 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius. Winds: North North-Easterly to South SouthEasterly between 1.78 metres and 4.47 metres. High Tide: 07:41h and 19:51h reaching maximum heights of 2.33 metres and 2.37 metres. Low Tide: 01:12h and 13:25h reaching minimum heights of 0.69 metre and 0.95 metre.

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Civil society to have role in ensuring transparency, accountability – Ali


ith concerns mounting over the use of the much-anticipated riches that Guyana will be reaping from its budding oil and gas sector, Presidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Dr Irfaan Ali said that the party is looking at a number of ways to guard against corruption. One such measure that the PPP intends to implement if it wins next year’s March 2 General and Regional Elections is the involvement of civil society bodies and individuals to ensure transparency and accountability. “One of the things that we’re looking at is having civil society play a role in transparency and accountability and even in the audits as well as reviewing expenditures especially in the oil and gas sector,” Ali stated during a recent interview. He was at the time responding to questions about plans, if elected, to tack-

PPP Presidential Candidate, Dr Irfaan Ali

le corruption. The PPP Presidential Candidate posited that this issue is particularly important given the impending petroleum sector. Ali emphasised the need for accountability and transparency. Among the other measures he outlined that will ensure this is to adopt higher standards in terms of public officials and public office. “We have to ensure that the Auditor General is equipped and given the nec-

essary tools and budgetary funding, and that training is provided so that they are equipped, capable and have the necessary skill set in addressing new and emerging issues in dealing with corruption,” he added. Only days ago, it was revealed that the commercial oil production offshore Guyana which was initially slated for 2020 has been brought forward, with Hess Corporation, one of the partners in the oil-rich Stabroek

Block, announcing that production will now start in December. There have been 14 discoveries made thus far in the Stabroek Block. The Liza Phase 1 development is expected to produce some 120,000 barrels of oil per day and it is estimated that Guyana will earn some US$300 million annually. Previously, the PPP had outlined plans to implement policies that will see politicians having an armslength relationship with the petroleum industry, as well as holding officials accountable for non-disclosures of resources obtained from the sector. The APNU/AFC coalition has come under heavy criticisms from the Opposition party as well as civil society bodies and outspoken individuals for the way it has handled the management and deals coming out of the oil and gas sector. Turn to page 7


saturdAY, november 2, 2019

Views Editor: Tusika Martin News Hotline: 231-8063 Editorial: 231-0544, 223-7230, 223-7231, 225-7761 Marketing: 231-8064 Accounts: 225-6707 Mailing address: Queens Atlantic Investment Estate Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, Georgetown Email:,

Tourism and crime


ovember is dedicated as Tourism Awareness Month in Guyana. The year’s theme is: “Tourism is a force for good in Guyana”, and as expected, there will be several activities, including the agro-tourism expo, Guyana Restaurant Week, Industry training, and Tourism sector awards, among others to spread more awareness and market the country as a unique tourism package for both Guyanese and foreign nationals. Not long after, the new Business Minister, who also has responsibility for the tourism sector, was sworn in, he met with industry stakeholders and underlined the point that in addition to marketing Guyana abroad, the country needs to be promoted locally in a more aggressive manner to get Guyanese, themselves, to be part of the development process of the sector. He had stated that much more needs to be done by local stakeholders so that citizens will begin to understand and appreciate more of what Guyana has to offer so that they, in turn, can become “ambassadors of tourism”. While the Minister was indeed correct in his assessment of the present situation and what needs to be done, he, and his colleague ministers within the APNU/AFC administration, have failed to a great extent to address critical issues affecting the growth and development of the sector. For example, the Government seems oblivious to the fact that crime negatively impacts tourism. Tourists go to places where they feel safe and where they can enjoy themselves without having to worry that they could be attacked and robbed. At the moment, crime is raving the country and the administration seems incapable of handling the situation. There are daily reports in the media of robberies, and in some cases murders, with the authorities being clueless as to how they could put a dent on the situation. Guyanese from the diaspora have expressed major concerns about returning here to visit relatives or for tourism purposes due to the fear of being robbed. Just a few days ago, in reference to the killing of a gold dealer, the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) issued a stinging statement, criticising the Public Security Ministry and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for their lacklustre response to the crime situation. Given the upsurge in crime – which the authorities deny – the GGDMA, in its statement, asked several relevant questions which have still not been answered by those tasked with ensuring the country and its citizens are safe; these include: “Where are the Police patrols? What has happened to the hundreds of vehicles and motorcycles the Government of Guyana has given to the Guyana Police Force? Are these vehicles being used for its intended purposes? What are the Guyana Police Force’s plans to address this upsurge in crime?” In addition to crime, there is the issue of uncompetitive tourism packages – air fares and accommodation costs are still high. In the past few months, there were quite a few airlines which have been added to the Guyana route, but unfortunately, more airlines have not necessarily resulted in more competitive airfares. Guyanese living in the US can get much cheaper packages to go to other destinations as against coming to Guyana. The challenge, therefore, is for stakeholders, including Government and private sector, to pool their talents and resources and create packages that are affordable and attractive to both Guyanese and foreigners. Certainly, there is still much more work to be done as there are some impediments that pose a threat to the development of a thriving tourism sector. With the oil sector about to take off, more persons, both Guyanese in the diaspora and foreign citizens, will be coming here either to work, visit or for academic purposes; the focus should be on putting systems in place aimed at projecting a positive image of our country. The Tourism Ministry, the Guyana Tourism Authority and other partners must also continue to explore ways in which they can capitalise on opportunities available and drive the tourism sector forward.

Best graduating students of the Guyana Police Force Recruit Courses 377, 378 and 379 share a photo moment with Police Commissioner Leslie James and senior ranks of the GPF at the graduation ceremony at the Tactical Services Unit, Eve Leary on Friday

GECOM, Granger must be urged to comply with norms of democracy Dear Editor, At $5B and counting, General and Regional Elections are a tremendous burden for our nation’s fledgling economy to bear. Chairman of GECOM, Madam Claudette Singh seems intent doubling our bill by laying the grounds for vitiation of the March 2020 poll, with her ‘ruling’ to disenfranchise twenty-five thousand voters who have neglected to collect Identification cards from GECOM offices since 2008. In a strangely worded article carried in the state newspaper, Chairman Singh is quoted as saying “Cognizant of the CJ’s ruling that GECOM should consider other methods of verification…I rule that notices by registered post be sent to the last address of such persons [and] also that their names be published in the daily newspapers…”. The logical ‘other methods of verification’ are the tried, tested and proven method of a period of Claims and Objections that are a statutory requirement for all elections, General, Regional and Local government. GECOM Commissioners, Charles Corbin, Vincent Alexander, and Desmond Trotman have been joined by Claudette Singh in their quest to disenfranchise 25,000 voters. The invention of an arbitrary new method of verification not supported by any scientific or social theory, which has not been tested before, is an unfair imposition on the populace. There is no nexus between uplifting an ID card and voting. It is as random, as say, a requirement of a minimum of four facial moles is needed to vote, and, equally ridiculous. But his is how fascism works, it comes in small, seemingly innocu-

ous increments, today, uplift your ID card or no vote; tomorrow, ensure you have a Taxpayers Identification Number… then one day it is only those with party cards can vote. History is replete with examples of fascist states, in Guyana, we used to call it ‘party paramountcy’, but the principle is the same, a one-party state. The 25,000 persons who have failed to uplift Identification Cards are largely from Region Four, APNU/AFC Commissioners are seeking to disenfranchise persons in the capital city, they are being aided in this nefarious quest by Chairman Claudette Singh and it begs the question of why, for whose benefit and what are the possible consequences, intended and unintended of this action. Why seek to take names off the voters’ list? Do they cause a problem by being there? What harm is caused by leaving the names on the OLV? There will be tens of thousands on that OLV who will not exercise the right to vote for one reason or the other, should they be taken off also? Why the 25,000 and not those who did not vote in 2015 or 2018? The removal of the 25,000 names is an act of willful mischief and ignorance that cannot be allowed to stand. Editor, I believe that the disenfranchisement of mainly Georgetown voters is being done to cause anger, bitterness, hurt, mayhem and chaos, this will ultimately, brand the polls as unfair and invalid. This would be to the benefit of David Granger in his obdurate quest to hang onto power for as long as possible. The unintended (?) consequences range from verbal abuse of polling staff to a full-fledged Civil war

and all that falls between. The setting of the stage to create instability and mayhem in our nation at this critical juncture of our history is unforgivable and unpardonable We all want a peaceful and stable Guyana, at this juncture, we have to ask friendly nations and organizations to exert maximum pressure on GECOM and the Granger administration to behave in a civilized manner that respects our constitution as the supreme law of the land. Both GECOM and Granger must be urged to comply with the norms of democracy and to act within the laws of the land. Personal sanctions should be applied to anyone that seeks to disenfranchise any eligible vot-

er from exercising their franchise on Election Day 2020. The International Criminal Court must not be the last resort or an after-the-fact institution. The Right to vote is fundamental; there is a consequence to action and certainly this action of willful disenfranchisement against the backdrop of our electoral history of violence should be protested by all patriotic Guyanese and our friends in the international community and must be stopped or must be prosecuted before their effects and consequences are fully realized. A stitch in time may save nine, or in this case, lives and democracy. Respectfully, Robin Singh

AFC on the chopping block Dear Editor, Recent Reports in the press point to a major disagreement between the PNC led APNU and the AFC. This is because the PNC is about to force the AFC to accept its conditions as it relates to the number two position on their list of candidates - The prime ministerial position. The AFC, working on the assumption that they have an agreement with PNC, proceeded at its last “Congress” to name Ramjattan for the number two position. That had its own problem since Nagamootoo’s cloven foot was exposed. Having been replaced by Ramjattan, Nagamootoo discarded his yellow shirt for a green one. He seems to be groveling at the feet of the PNC to keep his “wuk”. Now we hear that the PNC told the AFC that Ramjattan was not acceptable. Granger’s words are reported to be: ‘I

cannot allow people to usurp my authority to choose’. Let us not forget that all of this is happening despite a signed agreement that exist between the two parties. This is another demonstration, if more was needed, to show that the PNC has no regard for constitutions nor agreements. Whenever it feels it is in a good position they just reneg. This is their history. Treachery is in that Party’s DNA. In the press the AFC hinted at leaving the “Coalition”. This, in my view, is just idle talk. It seems to have come from damaged pride. I say this because in the first place this is not a coalition. These parties are on one list and the PNC is calling the shots. If the AFC withdraws it will not bring down the government. All Granger would do is replace those that resigned. Turn to page 5

saturday, november 2, 2019


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GuySuCo extends sugar crop Pesticide suicide

Dear Editor, The GAWU, through a memorandum dated October 29 from the GuySuCo has been advised that the Corporation has decided to extend the ongoing second sugar crop to week-ending December 20, 2019. Our Union, in a statement on October 25 did point out that the Corporation could not have realised its production target by the time the crop was set to end. Of course, in that statement, based on the performance of the Corporation during the crop, thus far, we estimated that the target may not be realised at Albion and Blairmont Estates. The Corporation, in its memorandum, said “[t]here is the possibility of some Estate[s] carrying over canes into 1st Crop 2020”. It seems to say, from our point of view, that the sugar company is anticipating that not all the canes would be harvested and thus the crop target will be missed.

Time, of course, will ultimately answer this question. The memorandum pointed out too that the company expects to see “… the high levels of attendance sustained…”. This, we see, as an admission by the company that the workers are turning out, in acceptable levels, on a daily basis. Therefore, the perennial excuse about workers’ turnout is undermined by the Corporation’s own sentiments. The GAWU has pointed out that the main issue has been the functioning of the industry’s factories. Though the Corporation has been saying it has remedied the problems, factory breakdown hours have been as follows: Albion 256.1 hours or nearly two (2) weeks of cane processing Blairmont 112.6 hours or just under one (1) week of cane processing Uitvlugt 179.8 hours or one and one-third

of a week of cane processing Through the memorandum, the Corporation has communicated that it has decided to reduce weekly production targets with effect from week-ending November 9, 2019. As such, the target at Albion will move from 2140 tonnes to 2076 tonnes; Blairmont from 1275 tonnes to 1237 tonnes, and Uitvlugt from 1100 tonnes to 1067 tonnes. It may be recalled that the workers of Albion on the first day of their crop (August 8) protested, among other things, the arbitrary increase of the weekly target. At that time, the Union and the workers pointed out that “…the increase in the Estate’s targets… would be disadvantageous…”. We went on to contend that “… the inability to achieve target through the arbitrary increase could well daunt [the workers’] commitment and belie the notion of the incentive in the first place”. The Corporation in its memorandum, interest-

ingly, pointed out that the reduction of the weekly targets “…will boost employees’ moral[e]…”. Indeed, the GAWU, while not happy about the situation, at the same time, has been saying, for quite some time, that workers’ commitment has been sapped. It appears to us that the proverbial chickens have come home to roost. The reality of the situation cannot be disconnected from the shabby and discriminatory treatment that has been meted out to workers in recent times. In fact, when the history of the industry, under State ownership is considered, this is the worst that the workers have ever been treated. Certainly those who direct and control the Corporation need to remove this imprinted stain of ignominy. Sincerely, Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU)

AFC on the chopping... The weak position that the AFC is now in is due to many factors, including them being complicit with the APNU in subverting our Constitution and destroying democracy in our land. They collaborated in the efforts to prepare the rigging of the upcoming elections. Another fact is that the AFC is not united on the position of what to do. Recall that Trotman is already reported to be “optimistic”. This can be read to mean that he is not one that would resign. He hopes to tell that to his colleagues in the AFC. That is how he believes he would avert any resignation from taking place. Granger is also calculating on several things. On the one hand, he has much influence on Trotman and Patterson. They are more PNC than AFC. He is also calculating that Hughes and also his son-in-law, Gaskin, will stay in line. This is for family reasons among other things. This means that Ramjattan is now isolated. Granger must also be considering that the “good life” which the elite in the regime has been enjoying since 2015 would

be too lucrative for AFC girls and boys to want to give up. After all the Local Government Election showed that AFC support has dwindled very sharply. It is even weaker now. They have lost bargaining power. The lies and misrepresentations have discredited them. For instance, the promises of 20 per cent increase for sugar workers and $9000 per bag for paddy to rice farmers were deliberately designed to fool the people. They have been exposed and cannot repeat those lies. They cannot return to the people with more lies! As mentioned above, they have tasted the “good life” and would not want to give up voluntarily. They have become extraordinarily wealthy and many drive around with Police outriders. One of them, in a divorce petition before 2015 claimed he could not even eat properly. Now, in four short years he has multiple properties and vehicles. The fact that they deliberately fooled people to vote for them shows that they have no moral fibre, nor integrity. They will, therefore,

have to accept whatever they are offered now by the PNC. None of them has the conviction to leave the lucrative jobs they have. For that bunch in the elite of APNU/AFC, selfinterest is more important than the country’s interests. So it is clear to me that they would have to find an excuse to back down, to put their tails between their legs and beg pardon. The most likely “excuse” would be to keep out the “big bad PPP/C”. The AFC has been

From page 4

reduced to a mere appendage to the PNC. It must now beg for whatever mercies the PNC can give them. They have no trumps to play, just some inconsequential cards and two jokers. That is why nothing will come out of the little spat or disagreement. They will have to crawl in a corner and lick their damaged pride. Sincerely, Donald Ramotar Former President

Dear Editor, The Caribbean Voice is thrilled that the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board (PTCCB) is planning to discontinue the use of all pesticides and toxic chemicals in Guyana. It is the hope of The Caribbean Voice that politics will not get in the way of this plan and that if there is a new Government after the March elections, this endeavour will not be ditched. As has been pointed out by TCV and other stakeholders, toxic chemicals like paraquat absolutely need to be banned. And while promoting reduced pesticide use and more organic farming, the Ministry of Agriculture should also be aware that there are a set of pesticides, known as “organic pesticides” that are being used to replace the toxic poisons. These “organic pesticides” occur naturally. For example, spinosad comes from the soil bacterium Saccharopolyspora spinosa. It can fatally scramble the nervous systems of insects. It’s also poisonous to molluscs. Synthetic compounds can also make it onto the list of safer pesticides, if they are relatively nontoxic combinations that include minerals or natural elements, such as copper or sulfur. But some naturally occurring substances, such as nicotine and arsenic are off-limits. While farmers are being weaned off toxic chemicals and assisted in engaging in organised agriculture, they can

still have access to the “organic pesticides”. The use of these far less toxic chemicals would mean that suicides by ingestion of pesticides can be reduced significantly since the chances of survival for those who ingest such pesticides would be much greater, especially if immediate action is taken. As TCV had previously pointed out, UWI toxicologist, Dr Verroll Simmons, has emphasised that such measures do exist. Thus, the Ministry of Agriculture should offer training that would pass on to farmers especially, but others as well, these tips which can increase the chances of saving the life of anyone who ingests pesticides. As well, the Ministry should expand its programme for safe usage and storage of pesticides across Guyana and seek the partnership of saw millers, timber merchants and construction companies to ensure that storage cupboards are available at affordable prices for farmers across the nation. Businesses and international agencies may also be willing to offset costs or even donate the storage cupboards. The World Health Organisation collaborated with Sri Lanka in implementing a suicide prevention programme that included distribution of such storage receptacles. Sincerely, The Caribbean Voice


saturday, november 2, 2019



4 things parents do that crush children’s self-esteem By Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD


elf-esteem is central to everything in a person’s life. Also known as self-value or self-respect, self-esteem refers to the way we see ourselves, which shapes our behaviours and decisions. Having strong self-esteem encourages us to push through challenges, try new things, and believe in ourselves. As parents, we try our best to foster positive self-esteem in our children. Yet we sometimes make mistakes when it comes to what to say and how that impacts our children’s self-esteem. We are, after all, only human. We need to be mindful that those mistakes we make in how we relate to our children and teens do negatively affect them. As I wrote in my book, 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child, to avoid these mistakes, we first need to know what they are. Here are four examples of self-esteem-sapping parental behaviours.

Yelling and hitting

Nothing lowers self-worth like yelling and hitting. When you yell and hit, you show poor impulse control delivered through a temper tantrum with the goal of disempowering your child. What kind of life lesson is that to teach? To be sure, most of us have

yelled. I have yelled at my kids and even grabbed them in a few past isolated incidents. I am not proud of this, and I encourage you to realise, as I did, that we are bullying our children when we yell at or hit them. While it may feel as if you have succeeded in getting them to stop their offensive behaviours, it’s a short-term fix, and you’ve really just succeeded in making them feel diminished. Yelling and hitting from parents interferes with your child being able to have a constructive conversation to problem-solve, work through conflicts, and build self-esteem.

Dwelling on past conflicts

Once a problem or conflict is resolved, don’t keep mentioning it. Children should be allowed to start over with a clean slate. Parents who bring up children’s past mistakes are teaching them to hold grudges for long periods of time. Also, children need to know that once a matter is settled, it becomes part of the past. The more a child can be reinforced for their positive behaviours and choices going forward, the better they will feel about themselves. And they will naturally be less likely to repeat poor past choices for negative attention.

Injecting guilt

It’s one thing to ask a child how

they would feel if they were in your shoes or someone else’s in a given situation. Too often, however, parents push this to the limit and try to make their children feel guilty be-

something like, “Oh, aren’t you bright,” when your child makes a poor choice. The use of sarcasm hurts children because it feels shaming. Putting a child down through sarcasm creates an obstacle for parents trying to communicate effectively with their children

There may be more loss than self-esteem

cause of their thoughts, feelings, or actions. Parents who use guilt to control their children run the risk of alienating them. A client of mine whom I’ll call Loretta used to sling loads of guilt at her 14-year-old son, Harold, whom her neighbour found vaping marijuana. For 10 straight minutes, Loretta peppered Harold with statements like, “How embarrassed do you think I feel now that the neighbours know our problems?” and “Don’t you realise how you have ruined my trust in you?” In response to these guilt-slinging comments from Loretta, Harold just became agitated and stormed out. I subsequently coached Loretta to put her wounded ego aside and give her son what he really needed: support and understanding. Loretta used a calm, firm, and non-controlling approach to get Harold to open up to her about how he caved in to peer pressure. They reconnected, and Harold soon abandoned his problematic peer group along with his interest in vaping.

Speaking with sarcasm

You are using sarcasm if you say things you don’t mean and imply the opposite of what you’re saying through your tone of voice. An example would be saying

In addition to negatively impacting self-esteem, each of the negative parenting behaviours described above can increase defiant behaviour in your child. Children who bottle up their feelings as a result of being exposed to the parenting behaviours discussed above may lash out later on in ways that are emotionally hurtful and upsetting. Many children and teens have confided with me about negative emotions and behaviours they engage in after feeling hurt by their parents.

Own your behaviours to get control of them

It’s easy to say, “I just won’t do that anymore,” and still fall into the pattern of repeating these problematic behaviours. Occasional slips may occur. When they do, address these negative behaviours with your child. Sal, a single father I worked with, shared with me a recent breakthrough he had made with his 13-yearold son, Anthony. Sal was a self-proclaimed “hard ass in recovery”. He had a history of yelling at Anthony around the house and at soccer games. Sal had made very strong progress in relating to his son in a far less critical manner –until one night when Anthony and Sal were at a soccer awards banquet, and Sal sarcastically mocked him for looking down when he received his award. I coached Sal not to beat himself up, and he was determined to

continue to be less controlling and more open. With this in mind, Sal approached Anthony and said, “Anthony, I apologise for being so sarcastic and critical of you. Seeing you up there, getting that award, made me feel honoured to be your father.” Anthony later told me, “Dad really seems to get it now.”


Your ways of interacting with your child play a huge influence in shaping how she or he develops self-value in their life. The more you communicate in positive ways, and model being accountable for your negative behaviours, the more you can influence your child to do the same— and gain self-esteem in the process. (

5 tips for creating safe havens for today’s children


nxiety and depression are on the rise among our iGen (born between 2000 and 2013) and Gen Alpha (born after 2013). The school environment can pose unique problems for a child with anxiety, especially if the type of fear is social anxiety. Often considered “performance-related” anxiety, children exhibiting social anxiety are often triggered by both the social demands of a school setting and the performance demands within the classroom. The five tips below can help you, and the school, create “safe havens” within the highly social school setting, supporting your child’s anxiety before it develops into school avoidance or worse: Partner with the teacher and school at the first indication of concern. Don’t wait until the problem is significant to approach the teacher. As soon as your child begins to avoid school or indicate a problem, speak with the teacher to develop strategies early. Doing this can help you avoid the more severe cases of school avoidance.

D e v e lo p strategies with the teacher for use within the classroom environment Many anxious children are triggered by the typical performance demands of a classroom. Work with the teacher to incorporate some strategies that minimise the potential negative impact of the classroom – including: 1) Seat the child next to helpful and calming peers; 2) Work out non-verbal signals to use with the child to signal when the teacher is going to call on him or her; and 3) Provide an advanced warning to the child for changes in routine Establish “safe zones” for the child to use during recess and/or lunch. It is easy for a child with anxiety to be triggered by the noise and energy of the other students during lunch and recess. If this is a trigger for your child, work with the school to establish alternative places for your child to go. Working in another classroom and using the library often work very well for children with anxiety. Establish “safe” people on campus to function as coaches to your child. Although schools can be huge triggers for children with anxiety, they also provide excellent opportunities for children to learn and refine social skills and coping strategies. Enlist the help of someone on campus that your child trusts to help your child learn and use social competencies at school. Make sure the home environment is safe and supportive. As important as it is to mitigate the possible negative impact of the school environment for children with anxiety, it is essential to remember that everything starts at home. Making sure that home is a calm and secure environment can establish a foundation of safety that can support the anxious child. Children who demonstrate extreme shyness and social anxiety-like behaviours can struggle in school and during social events. Following these tips and adapting them to your specific situation can go a long way toward supporting these children and improving their outcomes. Social anxiety disorder doesn’t have to dominate a child’s life. Providing safe havens can help your child find the balance needed to manage his or her anxieties. (



SATURday, november 2, 2019 |

Granger tells local businesses to “stop looking” for handouts …incentives for private sector stimulate growth – Irfaan Ali Incentives

PPP Presidential Candidate, Dr Irfaan Ali


resident David Granger on Friday said that local businesses need to stop looking for handouts and crying out about the economic state of the country. Instead, he suggests that they invest in key sectors such as manufacturing and agriculture in order to prosper. Speaking on a local radio programme, the Head of State posited that his administration has put in place incentives for local businesses, such as reducing taxes – both Value Added (VAT) and corporate – and incentivising key sectors. Despite this, however, he noted that business owners are complaining instead of being innovative and make new investments. “The businessmen must turn their attention to innovation and to investment and to building the infrastructure. I am not criticising them but businesses can’t prosper on handouts. They have to take the risks and they have to invest. I am not seeing that investment,” the President noted.

However, Presidential Candidate for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Dr Irfaan Ali, disagreed with the Head of State’s position, calling it “unfortunate”. He pointed out that the local private sector has played a critical role to grow and expand the Guyanese economy in several hurdles and periods. “The private sector had to be innovative and strategic at that time in the country to achieve such success… We need to stimulate growth in the private sector so that they can expand and create more opportunities and higher paying jobs for more Guyanese. So we can’t say on one hand that our private sector is not equipped to grab the opportunities for the future and on the other hand, we’re not giving them the incentives – the fiscal, monetary and tax incentives – to make them capable, to equip them to grab those opportunities and create the wealth here,” Ali posited during an interview on Friday.

Limited jobs

During his interview, President Granger pointed out that the much-anticipated petroleum sector would not provide many jobs and as such, Guyanese are urged to get into a thriving sector. One such area he said Guyanese need to explore more and invest in is agriculture – more specifically agro-processing. The President went on to outline that even in the Caribbean Community

President David Granger

(Caricom), there is much hunger for foods that Guyana produces. “Any fruits, any vegetable, any animal product, I am confident we can market in the Eastern Caribbean. We have to learn more about packaging, we have to learn more about exploiting those markets in the Caribbean,” he stated. President Granger further stressed the need for increased exportation and manufacturing here, noting that if the local business community does not want to make such investments, then they cannot be upset when foreigners come to do it. “I’m not seeing that investment from [local] businesses but the foreigners are interested… I see a great future for manufacturing and many of our businessmen don’t seem to be inclined to go into manufacturing and if persons are prepared to come into the country to manufacture furniture, bring new ideas, new technologies – they will be welcomed. Every country in the world re-

lies on some level of migration to spur investment and development. America is probably the best example of what migrants can do,” the Head of State contended. But according to Ali, in response to the President, for the private sector to invest in new technologies that would ensure they have a major stake in the future, businesses need to benefit from incentives. He pointed out that such

positions expressed by the President is what has been affecting key sectors in the country. He noted that incentives were taken away by the coalition government from the mining, forestry and agriculture sectors causing an impact on their growth. “We have to give back those incentives and give back more… I want to see the private sector play a leading role in construction sector,

in the housing sector, in terms of eco-tourism. We have to give them incentives so that they can invest… We can’t speak about [agriculture] and not give any incentives to promote [agriculture] and get people to invest in it. That’s the type of thinking that has stymied the development of business and the development of private sector; that we have to change,” Ali asserted.

Civil society to... Granger denies

However, President David Granger during a local radio programme on Friday contended that there are no acts of corruption within his Government. According to Ali, the Head of State seems to be oblivious of the reality of what is actually taking place. He pointed to the Auditor General’s report as well as the many Public Accounts Committee (PAC) – which he heads – meetings in Parliament, which he said clearly paints a different picture. “If you look at the Auditor General report, there are breaches in tender procedures, breaches in the awarding of tendering evaluation committee, non-supply of drugs and payments being made, payments being made for buildings that haven’t even started, misman-

agement – it’s all there. The Auditor General has highlighted these in his report, the PAC has highlighted it but someone is definitely not living in the reality,” Ali asserted. The PPP Presidential Candidate outlined that his party has also revealed the glaring and massive corruption by the current Administration, and most of the issues have not been dealt with. “You have reports from the [Public] Procurement Commission that were cast aside, and those reports point specifically to breaches in the procurement system. So they are so many examples and it is clear somebody is not dealing with the reality,” he insisted. Asked about the allegations of corruption that were made against the PPP Administration, Ali posited that while many corrup-

From page 3

tion accusations were levelled against his party’s regime – in which he served as Housing and Water, and Tourism Minister – no evidence of same was ever brought to the fore despite the coalition spending millions of dollars on special audits conducted by specially selected auditors. Nevertheless, he outlined that while there was some level of weaknesses under the PPP Administration, there were improvements in those areas. In fact, Ali noted that the PPP established financial laws and the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, among other new laws and new regulations, to improve accountability and transparency. “So the facts and proofs are really out there for us to do our own analysis,” he stated.


SATURday, november 2, 2019 |

Repeat offender remanded on armed robbery charges


oel Morrison, a mason, who previously spent time behind bars for a robbery offence was on Friday hurled before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts after he was slapped with three counts of armed robbery. The first charge detailed that on August 30, 2019, at Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke-Linden Highway, while being in the company of another and armed with a cutlass and hammer, he broke into the dwelling house of Aubrey Richardson and stole a phone valued $52,000 and other items totalling of $112,000. Another charge stated that on the same day and location, while being in the company of another and armed with a cutlass and hammer, he robbed Velencia Taylor of a phone valued $60,000. The final charge stated

that on the same day and location, he robbed Felicia Roach of a phone valued $50,000 and other items totalling $58,000. An unrepresented Morrison denied the charges after they were read to him. According to facts presented by Police Prosecutor Brian Sukhna with regards to the first victim, on the day in question, the victim secured his home and went to bed. However, at about 00:15h, he was awakened by the defendant and another individual standing in his bedroom armed with the weapons. Both men proceeded to relieve Richardson of his articles and escaped. In relation to the other two Virtual Complainants, the prosecutor said both women were walking when they were approached by an armed Morrison, who relieved them of their


valuables. A police report was made, and upon conclusion of an investigation, Morrison was arrested and placed before the courts. Prosecutor Sukhna objected to bail being granted on the grounds of the serious nature of the offence and the fact that he was positively identified by the victims as the per-

son who robbed them. The prosecutor further disclosed that Morrison was charged for a similar offence in 2015 and jailed for 48 months. Magistrate Leron Daly remanded Morrison to prison and the case will continue on November 8, 2019, at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.

Security guard charged for discharging firearm in public space


hirty-year-old Anthony Grannum of Charlestown, Georgetown, on Friday appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and was granted bail by Senior Magistrate Leron Daly after he denied discharging

gunshots in a public area. The charge against Grannum, a security guard attached to the El Sol Hotel, detailed that on October 27, 2019, at Charlotte Street, Georgetown, he discharged a 12-gauge shotgun within

100 yards of public space. According to the prosecution’s case, Grannum was on duty at the El Sol Hotel located on Charlotte Street, Georgetown, armed with a 12-gauge shotgun along with 12 matching rounds. The prosecution is

contending that Grannum, who was seated at the time, had the weapon positioned downwards, however, he pulled the trigger, thereby discharging a round which landed on the floor and rebounded, hitting a customer in the eye and knee. The injured woman was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where she remains a patient. Prosecutor Christopher Morris made no objections to bail but asked that conditions be attached. Magistrate Daly released Grannum on $100,000 bail and ordered that he lodge his passport with the court and report to the Alberttown Police Station every Monday until the conclusion of the trial. The matter was adjourned until on November 29, 2019.

…of an icon It was reported that the widow of Dr Walter Rodney – Dr Patricia Rodney – bemoaned the deep sixing of the report of the CoI into the assassination of her husband on that fateful day of June 13, 1980. And why shouldn’t she?? She pointed with regret to the studied silence of the great man’s erstwhile comrades, who she described as “decent people”, with a not inconsiderable amount of sarcasm. She reminded your Eyewitness of Anthony describing the assassins of Caesar as “all honourable men”! The PNC, of course, did everything in their power to hide the real facts of the dastardly act, which, at the time, resounded throughout the progressive elements across the world. And why not – everyone and their uncle knew it was Burnham who was behind the assassination. This was to be the conclusion of the CoI – convened through Mrs Rodney and her son’s lobbying – which Granger and his myrmidons have desperately hidden from the public. But her observation brings to the fore the depths to which some folks would sink for pelf and power. She knew of what she spoke because when her husband had returned in 1974 to teach at UG and been blocked by the PNC, it was she who’d worked as a nurse to take care of the family while Rodney mobilised with the WPA. She well knew all those who hung onto the coattails of the man who’d be assassinated for taking on the dictator Burnham in a manner none of them had the guts to do. And this was why he didn’t trust anyone of them to arrange for the communications device that killed him. As it’s why she called for “strong resistance to those who would attach themselves to Rodney’s legacy in order to reap narrow political dividends and nothing to do with healing and reconciliation and social and economic transformation”. And if right-thinking folks should resist the WPA opportunists, just think what they should do with the PNCites like Granger who were an integral part of Burnham State mechanism that inflicted terror on the hapless populace – culminating with the assassination. Guyanese shouldn’t forget that Rodney’s greatest threat to the man who he dubbed “King Kong” was his infiltration of the army with his revolutionary rhetoric. Burnham moved aside the entire top brass of the GDF and appointed Granger to its head to checkmate Rodney’s infiltration. All this was in later 1979, just months before Gregory Smith, from the same army with Granger, would have detonated that bomb. Granger’s ducking of the Rodney CoI is thus political. But also personal because of his contemporary Rodney’s outshining him at Queens both academically and intellectually!  …of Guyana’s needs Because Granger and the AFC cobbled together a “coalition of convenience” for the express purpose of ousting the PPP, they have absolutely no incentive to place Guyana’s needs first. This could’ve only taken place if they were committed to the same ideals, rather than for instance, Ramjattan’s hatred of Jagdeo and Granger’s compulsion to fulfil Burnham’s legacy. They would have formed a coalition of commitment which would have obviated the need for all the rigmarole they’re presently embroiled in. In the coalition of convenience, the focus is on a governmental structure and staffing that gives a piece of the action to all the members to keep them happy personally rather than taking care of Guyana’s needs. So we have the largest Cabinet, earning the highest individual salaries, in the history of Guyana but yet in each facet of the government corruption is rampant and efficiency and morale has hit rock bottom. Just take a look at Keith Scott— the Minister responsible for labour – and you’ll get the idea!! …of rice industry Burnham killed the privately-owned rice industry by making Government the sole purchaser of paddy; dominating the milling business and sole exporter. Now, Granger’s government, already competing with rice farmers at Wales, will get into milling. Killing sugar and now rice?!

Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



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Blairmont Sugar Estate workers protest for wage increase


orkers attached to the Blairmont Sugar Estate, early on Friday morning, took to the streets chanting and carrying placards in protest action against the management of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo). The picketing exercise outside of the Blairmont factory led to an entire shut down of operations earlier

closed leaving just over 7000 workers on the breadline. At Monday’s protest, the workers explained that enough is enough. The regional representative of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) said the workers can take no more. “It is most unfortunate that an event like this has

time the workers. All the allowance – house allowance, shop allowance, travelling allowance; all they getting and the workers – nothing. We think that the right thing to do is to protest.” Another worker, Simone Fordyce, a mother of four who has worked with Blairmont Estate for the past 11 years told this newspaper that workers need the

Blairmont Sugar Estate workers outside the factory

Some of the workers on the protest line on Friday

in the morning. Grinding was brought to a halt at 16:00h after 198 participated in the strike. Prior to the strike on Friday, the workers held a candlelight vigil on Thursday evening in front of the estate. The workers are protesting for wages increases. The last increase paid to these workers was in 2014, under the previous Administration – People’s Progressive Party. In 2015, while on the campaign trail, the current Government had promised that the sugar workers would receive salary increases should it be victorious at the poll. Prior to that, the sugar company had been giving sugar workers yearly wage increases. However, after the coalition Government was elected, no increases were forthcoming but rather, several estates were

to take place at this point in time,” he said. One of the workers, Nicale Nero, a weeder attached to the Estate, said it would appear that GuySuCo workers are not counted. “All the rest of places are being counted; teacher, nurses, police, soldiers; only GuySuCo workers. That is unfair, we have children to go to school, we have bills to pay; the flat money we are working for which is $2520 a day cannot compensate us.” Another worker, Jaidat Louthan, a cane harvester who has been with GuySuCo for the past 28 years said that GuySuCo has been telling workers that the company cannot afford an increase. “They say that the Estate overstaff and then pay off some of the workers and this year them bring more higher persons and pay them higher money which is triple

increase because their wages are small. “I have my son to send to school and I live in a rented house. We need an increase.” Although numerous calls to GuySuCo for an increase in workers’ salaries and other benefits were previously ignored, GAWU together with the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) have once again put forward the request on behalf of the

workers. During a meeting earlier this week between the Unions and GuySuCo, officials of the sugar corporation brought the meeting to an abrupt end. Tambron said that the Unions were looking for a 15 per cent wage increase for workers. According to him, the proposal for the increase was done collectively through the branches of all of the functioning Estates. He noted that even after the abrupt end to the proceedings, the Unions

were not told when the Corporation wishes to meet with them again. Tambron said that it is hoped the one-day strike would have sent a message to the administration and the hierarchy of GuySuCo. “The workers now mean business. They need to engage the Unions meaningfully. There must be an offer on the table so that we can go to the workers and see how we can move forward,” Tambron added.


SATURday, november 2, 2019 |


GPL runs out of fuel …more power outages expected T

he inadequate supply of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) has resulted in a generation shortfall that is expected to affect customers of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL). As a result, the company has informed that some areas will be suffering from outages until fuel is sourced. According to the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated, this is as a result of delay in deliveries from the contracted supplier of the HFO. Consequently, they are operating on generating sets, which are dual-fired, meaning that they require both light and HFO. However, some of these have not achieved the expected output, which is having a negative impact on their ability to meet demands. “We are currently experiencing a shortfall in generation as a result of an inadequate supply of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), resulting from delays in deliveries by our contracted HFO supplier. Consequently, we are operating some of our generating sets, which are dual fired, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Light Fuel Oil (LFO),” GPL said in statement to the media. The statement added, “Unfortunately, some of the generating sets are not achieving the expected output on the LFO. The reduced output from these generators has adversely impacted the company’s ability to reliably meet demand”. The utility company has promised that fuel will be received during the course of the weekend and will remedy this situation. Until then, areas to be affected by the shortfall will be published so that consumers can be prepared.

“GPL expects to receive supplies of HFO over the course of this weekend, which will lead to an improvement in the situation. GPL apologises for any inconvenience that may be caused to our customers as a result of this temporary situation. The company will publish any areas that would be affected”. In June, the company’s consumers were disadvantaged and extremely inconvenienced after its submarine cable linking the Kingston and Vreeden-Hoop stations developed technicalities and was de-energised. This affected distribution to the Demerara Berbice Interconnected System (DBIS), resulting in power outages in a number of locations. The 13.8 kilovolt submarine cable, which rests along the Demerara River near Craig, East Bank Demerara, was dislodged by a barge sailing along the channel. As a result of this incident, West Demerara customers from Vriesland to La Retraite were without electricity, while efforts were underway to alternatively power these customers from the Vreed-en-Hoop Substation. Due to the extent of the damage, two repair kits had to be sourced from China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CMC)— the company that

laid the cable in 2012. However, repairs to the cable were delayed owing to the discovery of the second damage in August, which required additional diagnosis and testing. As a consequence, both repair kits were manufactured and shipped to Guyana. Following the arrival of the kits, the contractor, CMC, had commenced work to retrieve and repair the compromised sections of the cable, which were approximately 0.7 and 0.8 km offshore the Kingston Substation. Upon completion, the cable was re-energised to transfer power generated by the Vreed-en-Hoop Plant to supply the eastern section of the DBIS. Over the past two years, thousands of persons are majorly inconvenienced by the constant power outages and load shedding by GPL. The Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, which was initiated under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration, could have been generating about 50 per cent more electricity than the entire GPL supply at the time in 2012. But the project was scrapped by the coalition administration who had controlled the National Assembly by a oneseat majority.


SATURday, november 2, 2019 |

Injured Linden man charged for attempting to kill ex-cop


ust under one month since ex-Policeman Teon Allen was confronted by gunmen at the East La Penitence Market but managed to escape the attack uninjured, a 24-year-old of Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden was on Friday charged for attempted murder. Leshawn Lewis, who came to Court on a stretcher since a bullet is lodged in his back, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. The charge detailed that on October 5, 2019, at East La Penitence Market, Georgetown, with intent to commit murder, he discharged several gunshot rounds at Allen, also called “Spoil Child”. In an unsuccessful bail application, Defence Counsel

Gordon Gilhuys told to the Court that his client is innocent of the crime, since he has no knowledge of the incident. He added that Lewis is in need of urgent medical attention since a bullet is still lodged in his back. This, he said, has resulted in his client enduring great pain and being unable to walk. Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers revealed that on October 5, Allen visited the East La Penitence Market to make a purchase; however, whilst doing so, the defendant and two others armed with guns exited a car and discharged several rounds in his direction Allen, in an attempt to save his life, reportedly began running and while at good distance, turned around and returned fire, injuring Lewis in the process. This resulted in

Injured Leshawn Lewis being escorted from Court

the men retreating. Based on the serious nature of the allegation and the penalty the charge attracts, Prosecutor Jeffers objected to bail. The Chief Magistrate upheld the prosecution’s submission and remanded Lewis to prison. The case will continue on November 4.


SATURday, november 2, 2019 |

Electrical issues, pests cause Wales Primary students to stay at home …1 of 2 school buildings condemned


arents of students attending the Wales Primary School on the West Bank of Demerara have refrained from sending their children to school after a number of health hazards were detected on the premises. One individual, whose brother attends the institution, told Guyana Times that since Tuesday, the children have been away from class sessions. Two buildings currently sit on the property and after an assessment by officials and the Guyana Fire Service on Thursday, one of them was labelled unfit for classroom activities. The inspection also found that the electrical works needed to be redone. “The Ministry officials and rep from the Guyana

Teachers’ Union was there yesterday (Thursday) along with some technicians. They went and check the buildings. They saw that the building needs to be rewired and the Fire Service also did a check, where they condemned one of the buildings,” he informed. Parents would have initially raised concerns about the state of affairs at the school, which was deemed unsatisfactory. Rodents and reptiles were frequently spotted, believed to be living in the structure. “Right now, children are not going to school. It have rats, bats, snakes and all kinds of thing that makes it unsafe for the children.” This newspaper was

told that other meetings will be facilitated on Monday with senior officials from the regional administration before actions are taken to upgrade the school. Already, agitated parents have hinted at protests if these are not expedited. It has become worrying that students will be missing important lessons, as the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and other examinations are approaching. Teachers and parents from other schools have complained in recent time about factors which are unsafe for children at the various institutions. Just one month ago, worried teachers highlighted the playfield at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, which is currently being utilised

for sporting activities. It is in a deplorable state, posing threats to athletes. During a visit to the facility, coaches complained that the uneven grounds are dangerous for the athletes, which can result in severe physical injury. One teacher, Damion Layne, said that the children complained of hav-

ing to slow down at specific spots on the field owing to the rutted landscape. Meanwhile, last year, an inspection by education officials at schools in Linden birthed wide-ranging issues, from the lack of basic furniture, leaking roofs and exposed electrical wires. There were also classrooms without elec-

tricity supply. Other issues which were brought to the fore during the visit were the need for desks and benches. It was also noted that the school’s Home Economics laboratory is in dire need of sewing machines and gas cylinders needed to be refilled.

New Crime Chief to be named soon – Top Cop


he Deputy Police Commissioner and Crime Chief, Lyndon Alves, who is presently on administrative leave will not be returning to his post and a new Crime Chief will be named soon. This is according to Police Commissioner, Leslie James, who on the sidelines of a graduation ceremony for recruits on Friday said that Alves will head into retirement. Alves was sent on administrative leave earlier this year after he was implicated in allegations of corruption. With regard to acting Crime Chief Michael Kingston being confirmed, the Top Cop noted that such a decision is yet to be made. “Well, you know there is a current acting Crime Chief. Very soon a decision will be made whether to confirm the current acting Crime Chief as Crime Chief or whether to have another person put in place. But that decision would be made very soon,” James said. In September, it was announced that the inves-

tigations into allegations of corruption against Alves concluded and he was cleared of criminal misconduct. In June, Alves was sent on administrative leave to facilitate a probe into corruption allegations levelled against him. The Police Commissioner had at that time acknowledged that there is the pervasive issue of corruption among his ranks. Among the allegations against Alves is his alleged use of his influence during his tenure as Commander of B Division to protect rogue cops. Another allegation levelled against the then Crime Chief is his reported influence used to prevent his daughter, who was involved in an accident, from being charged. In that incident, the young woman allegedly struck four-yearold Mohan Ramkaran close to his Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home. However, after she was arrested, she was later placed on $20,000 station bail and over two years later, she is yet to be charged.

Crime Chief Lyndon Alves

In July, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan had told this publication that the probe into Alves’ alleged misconduct as a serving senior member of the GPF has been completed and that his file was sent for further advice to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on the way forward. Shortly after, Minister Ramjattan had told the media that President David Granger appointed Alves, so the President would determine his fate after investigations are completed.



SATURday, november 2, 2019 |

Piracy attack

Another fisherman slapped with murder charge A third fisherman has been placed before the court of law for the killing of four fishermen during an act of piracy in Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) which occurred earlier this month. Lennox Grimmond, 38, was on Friday charged with the murder of the four fishermen committed between October 5 and 13, 2019 in the Corentyne Magisterial District. Grimmond appeared before Magistrate Renita Singh. It is alleged that while in the company of others, he murdered Kawal Kissoon, called “Ajai”, of Letter Kenny, Corentyne; Otto Lamar Petrie, of Miss Phoebe Village, Port Mourant; Marvin Tamesar, also called “Buddy” and “Bin Laden”, and Vishnu Seeram,

Lennox Grimmond

called “Kevin”, all of the same village. On Wednesday, Suresh Sundat, 22, of Belvedere Squatting Area and Narine Dhanrajh, 30, of Belvedere Village were charged with the same offence. Grimmond was remand-

ed and will return to the Whim Magistrate’s Court, when Sundat and Dhanraj are expected to also make their second court appearance. Meanwhile, Police have since issued wanted bulletins for two other suspects in

8-year-old with brain tumour in need of urgent surgery


he mother of an eightyear-old student of the St Mary’s Primary School, who has developed a brain tumour, is presently seeking financial support for her to travel overseas for surgery and medical treatment. Alicia Loncke of Coverden, East Bank Demerara said her daughter, Jacara Trotman, has lost sight in both of her eyes and as such, has to conduct a Gamma Knife surgery overseas. The condition, she noted, was detected shortly after school reopened for the new school term. “I noticed it in the third week of school. That she was just writing up- down, updown, all over the book. So I asked her and she said, ‘Mommy I’m not seeing well on the chalk board’. So, when she said that, I decided to take her to do an eye test to see if she has to get glasses,” Loncke told this publication. She noted, however, that she was further referred to an eye specialist at the Georgetown Public Hospital, thence to conduct a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan after nothing was detected in her daughter’s eyes. She was later referred to a brain surgeon, who then informed her that her daughter has a brain tumour which is in turn affecting her eye sight. “For her to get treatment for it, because Guyana doesn’t have the equipment, she has to go overseas,” Loncke related. “This thing didn’t come with no (prior) signs nor symptoms... it’s affecting her eyes, she can’t see because it is growing forward. It is pressing on her pupils. She’s not having any headache or anything, but the surgery is to save her sight,” Loncke further related.

Eight-year-old Jacara Trotman

She explained that the surgery would cost $14.5M in Columbia minus the cost for therapy. “It’s very complicated. I does just say, ‘God’ I put everything into your hands’. She’s very strong, she’s very motivated,” Loncke said. Jacara, who also has a twin sister, has since been away from school owing to her health condition. Loncke said she spends most of the day sleeping since she can no longer do any of the normal activities. The family

has opened up a special account for donations at the Republic Bank. That account number is 8070609. She added that she has been in contact with the Public Health Ministry, which is also expected to assist financially. Loncke explained that as a single parent, she has spent a lot of money ever since her daughter’s diagnosis. Nevertheless, she said she is praying for a miracle to help save her daughter’s eye sight.

connection with the murder of the four fishermen. Wanted are 21-yearold O’Brian Fraser of Lot 66 Eversham Village, Corentyne and 21-yearold Anonth Boodrage of Lot 97 Belvedere Village, Corentyne. The four fishermen were aboard “Sara 1” when they were attacked and reportedly tied and thrown overboard. The bodies of Kissoon and Petrie have since been recovered, while the bodies of Tamesar and Seeram have not been found. On October 5, the fishermen left a wharf at Number 65 Village for sea aboard “Sara 1” – a fishing vessel owned by Sharanand Rabindranauth of Number

Wanted: Anonth Boodrage

Wanted: O'Brian Fraser

68 Village, Corentyne. It is alleged that the pirates who were in another fishing boat ventured over to the Sara 1 with the intention of stealing the fish that the now-dead men had caught. They proceeded to de-

mand that the men hand over the catch as they attacked the four fishermen but the victims reportedly fought back, which led to the murders. It had been reported that all three of the men before the Court have confessed to

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SATURday, november 2, 2019|

Top Cop not “bothered” about crime surge

…claims 3.4% decrease in serious crimes


espite the surge in criminal activities being reported in the media, Commissioner of Police, Leslie James is not too concerned about the spike, even though ranks in the Guyana Police Force (GPF) continue to battle daily. Reports in various sections of the media publicise the increase in crime countrywide but according to the Top Cop, the statistics that the GPF has recorded reveal that there is a decrease in the rate of serious crimes in Guyana when compared to last year for the same period. “Persons are still bent in dealing with crime…We cannot prevent persons from deciding to commit crime

but we are doing our utmost…I am not necessarily bothered because I am saying there a few sensational crimes that are occurring. We have noted that there might have been a spike but I can say at the moment we have a minus 3.4 per cent in serious crimes generally,” James said. According to the Commissioner, there are more reports of petty crimes occurring instead of serious crimes such as murder. “We have petty snatching of persons’ property, cellphones, purses, handbags and things like that. Especially in the Stabroek Market area. As you know, the Commander of Division Four A was tasked along with Crime Chief and other

Commissioner of Police, Leslie James

senior officers to deal with this matter.” Just recently, Opposition

Leader Bharrat Jagdeo flagged the David Grangerled Administration for failing to address the country’s crime situation. “Whilst crime is ravaging the country, [President Granger] has not outlined

any measures to arrest this situation,” Jagdeo said at his weekly press conference on Thursday. According to the Opposition Leader, President Granger touted the Security Sector Reform Report received from British consultants and the appointment of four Deputy Commissioners of Police that was not there before. “This is another evidence of him being aloof,” Jagdeo contended. Weeks after getting into office in 2015, President Granger had summoned his top security officials and laid out a five-point action plan that the security sector would use to battle the crime wave, which at that time, had been rising at an alarming rate. The plan, however, was more of a strategic nature than immediate actions to address the crime wave.

Since then, despite insisting that the crime rate has reduced, the coalition Administration has come under heavy criticism for failing to effectively tackle the situation. In fact, Granger, when asked during a recent podcast why dealing with the crime situation is proving to be difficult when his Government is comprised of some former top security officials, including himself being a member of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), he posited that there is not a single crime problem but various facets. “The crime situation is not as bad as people make it out to be… But the one [facet] that catches the public’s attention easily and quickly is interpersonal violence,” he stated, adding that they are aware of the issues and are working on tackling them.



saturday, november 2, 2019 |

Salvation Army launches Christmas kettle A

s many have started Christmas preparation for themselves, the Salvation Army, a charitable religious organisation, on the other hand, is preparing to raise funds in order to provide a number of services and make Christmas a cheerful one for the less fortunate. In order to fulfil this goal, the organisation on Friday launched its annual Christmas Kettle Drive, an activity which will see some 30 kettles this year, along with officers of the organisation, stationed at strate-

gic locations near popular stores and businesses across Guyana as they lobby donations from the general public to fund their charitable programmes. The Salvation Army is also encouraging the general public to give generously and support a worthy cause this year as it seeks to double the services they offer during the Christmas season to reach a wider span of people. The aim this year is to secure 30 per cent more of the $9 million raised in 2018, this was conveyed by Chairman of the Salvation

Army Advisory Board, Edward Boyer, at Friday’s launching ceremony, as he lamented on the purpose of the funds. “These funds restore hope and dignity to those who might otherwise remain invisible in the society. We look forward to the most rewarding campaign. Last year, we collected nine million dollars and this year I’m hoping that the goal will reach a 30 per cent increase” the Chairman stated. Boyer highlighted the challenges faced with receiving donations, nevertheless,

Innovative products featured at Agri-Tourism Expo


lobally, conscious dieters have and continue to influence manufacturers to modify the contents of their products with other healthy ingredients. Here in Guyana, local producers have also accepted the challenge, creating innovative snacks and foods that will attract the masses. The Department of Tourism and the Agriculture Ministry collaborated to host the first-ever AgriTourism Expo and Business Forum at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara. There, several small producers were present with new items to offer, from diabetic-friendly bread to vinegar made from fruits.

ExxonMobil Country Manager Rod Henson rings the bell at the launch of the Christmas Kettle Drive

he appealed to the business community, for this sake, reminding them to give with good will. Meanwhile, before placing the first donation to the

Vinegar and curds made from local fruits

sugar and so on. Onion baguettes we also have, which are very healthy. We have pastries with guava and cream cheese and chicken croissants,” he informed. Meanwhile, Melba Lagadoue of Genuine Naturally Fresh is known for her vinegar made of fruits and lime curd. For her, presentation plays a

Newly-introduced Sweet Potato Cake Mix

Pedro Mendonza, a representative of Wholesum Foods, told Guyana Times that they have invented bread, pastries and other baked goods that can be consumed by diabetic patients. They are located at East and New Market Streets, with another location that will be opened soon. “We have three different kinds of breads, which is with chia seeds and pumpkin seeds for nutritive energy to these persons. It slows down the process of burning

vital role in the sale of her products. “We have mixed fruit vinegar made from Guyana’s fruits – mango, lime and the others. It’s similar to the apple cider vinegar and is organic. All-natural and no preservatives. We also have trail mix and the black cake mix. I believe in presentation. As a person coming up into the business, you need presentation. Packaging, labelling, branding is very important,” Lagadoue ascertained.

Another interesting item was the sweet potato cake mix, created by 21-yearold Kelshine Griffith. It is packaged just like the international brands and is promised to be a healthy alternative. She shared, “One of my main focus in creating this was to bring something that is healthy and trying to cut down the importation of other box cakes so that Guyanese can have something safe and wholesome. The reaction is very encouraging. People are buying into it and our society today is getting health-conscious.” Present at the event was Assistant Agriculture Commissioner in the US Virgin Islands, Diana Collingwood, and during her remarks, she emphasised on the economic value of this growing sector. “Agricultural commodities are taking a big stage and when you think about the Caribbean, the commodities that we take for granted are what they’re calling the superfoods of the world and that’s what they’re looking too for healing,” she indicated. According to the Assistant Agriculture Commissioner, Guyana and other countries have high-quality soil that can be used to grow many products, and, therefore, reduce the high importation bills. “We are really working, not just to grow food but to grow it organically, sustainably and ensure that we have a consistent supply of quality food for our community.” Those who wish to visit the booths can do so during the final day today from 09:00h to 21:00h.

charitable cause, Country Manager of ExxonMobil, Rod Henson, who acknowledged the organisation’s work both internally and internationally, pledged continued sup-

port to same on behalf of the company. “Whether it’s providing disaster relief, shelters for homeless, hampers mattress, operating at the hospital so many other services, the Salvation Army is really making a difference in the lives of so many and most here can make a connection with that…ExxonMobil has a long-standing relationship with the Salvation Army and we will continue to support its work around the world and here in Guyana. So in this season of giving, let’s all give in this season of Christmas. The Salvation Army can’t operate without us doing our job,” Henson said. The simple ceremony hosted at the Umana Yana featured its traditional steel pan renditions by the Police Steel Pan band, a meaningful skit by the Salvation Army Men’s Social Centre and a timbrel drill performance by the Divisional Timbrelists. Also offering a rendition of songs were the choirs from the Bishops’ High School and the Smith Memorial Primary School.

Assuria to host inaugural oil and gas insurance conference


ssuria General (Guyana) Inc in collaboration with top reinsurance brokers – Willis Watson Towers, will be hosting its first-ever oil and gas seminar primarily to guide and assist local stakeholders on how to acquire the necessary Insurance policies required by the oil and gas sector. Though the local industry providers are not fully equipped with the experience and level of coverage needed

in this sector, Assuria has the ability through Willis Watson Towers, a global multinational risk management, insurance brokerage and insurance advisory company which has been in existence since 1828 and is the third-largest insurance broker in the world, to provide all types or amounts of insurance coverage needed by any company to be part of the oil and gas sector. The seminar will be dedicated to providing infor-

mation about insurance for the oil and gas sector. Stakeholders are being urged to attend as they will elaborate on the current market opportunities and challenges, risk, exclusions etc that should be taken into consideration when applying for insurances related to the budding sector. The seminar will commence on November 5, 2019, at the Georgetown Marriott, with no admission fee required.


saturday, november 2, 2019


OAS begins audit of Bolivia’s Honduras joins El Salvador in obtaining election amid growing protests protected status extension in US


he Organization of American States (OAS) started to audit Bolivia’s presidential election on Thursday, as protests over the results turned deadly with at least two people killed. In a letter to Bolivia’s Foreign Ministry, the OAS said it has organised a team of 30 electoral technicians who will review how the votes of the October 20 elections were tallied, and how information was transferred to electoral authorities in La Paz from voting centres across the country. The official results granted President Evo Morales his fourth consecutive term, after he obtained just enough votes to avoid a runoff election against Carlos Mesa, the leading opposition candidate. Opposition parties in Bolivia, who have refused to recognise Morales’s victory, claim the election was manipulated by the country’s electoral tribunal, which is


Supporters of Bolivia’s President Evo Morales in a march in La Paz, Bolivia

made up of officials largely appointed by the ruling party. On election night, with 83 percent of the votes tallied, official results showed Morales as having about a seven percentage point lead over Mesa. Publication of results was abruptly halted and when it resumed a day later, 95 percent of the votes had been counted, and Morales had the 10 point lead needed to avoid a risky runoff. Morales said the lead was

thanks to votes that came in late at night from rural, Indigenous areas, where he maintains strong support. But the OAS mission in Bolivia has cast doubts on this explanation saying that the sudden change in voting patterns is “difficult to justify”. Protests and violent riots erupted across the country in response, as thousands took to the streets denouncing what they called what an unfair election. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Largest ever corruption trial in Cayman ends with 3 guilty verdicts


he largest ever corruption trial in this British Overseas territory, ended on Thursday with the jury delivering three guilty verdicts. The case of fraud, breach of trust and bribery involved a network of corruption among several individuals, most of whom were Government officers who held senior roles within the then Immigration Department – now Customs and Border Control. It’s reported that between August 2015 and June 2016, the defendants al-

legedly played varying roles in providing people with fraudulent passing grades to an Immigration Department English-language test. The exam was a mandatory requirement for people whose primary language was not English. The initial indictment listed 32 charges brought against the defendants – including conspiracy to commit breach of trust, conspiracy to commit fraud on the Government, and failing to report the solicitation of an advantage or reward. That indictment was lat-

er reduced to six counts, which alleged the same wrongdoing, apart from the breach of trust charge. Initially, all the defendants except one, pleaded not guilty to the charges. The matter first came to light in June 2016, when senior immigration officers became suspicious of how the English-language tests were being conducted. An investigation was launched, following which the matter was transferred to the Anti-Corruption Commission. (CMC)

he US Government has extended temporary protection for Hondurans living in the United States by a year, Honduran officials said on Friday, following a similar extension for Salvadorans in a rollback of US plans to end the programme. US President Donald Trump last year said he would shut down temporary protected status (TPS) for Hondurans and Salvadorans after

a January 2020 expiration, amid a slew of measures meant to crack down on growing numbers of migrants from Central America. “On our part, we will keep working to find a permanent and humane solution for our Honduran brothers,” Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez said in a Tweet on Friday, adding that TPS covers more than 40,000 Hondurans.

The TPS programme offers protection from deportation to immigrants who already are in the United States, including those who entered illegally, from countries affected by natural disasters, civil conflicts and other problems. Honduras became eligible in 1999 following the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, while El Salvador joined after two destructive earthquakes in 2001. (Reuters)

"Deja vu": Argentina braces for new round of debt talks with markets stalled


rgentine markets held steady on Friday morning at the end of the first business week since voters chose a new left-wing Government, as investors watched for signs about future economic policy and plans for crunch debt talks with creditors. With few signals from President-elect Alberto Fernandez, the country’s peso currency and bonds have been in limbo, while international holders of Argentine debt have been in Buenos Aires for talks amid fears of default. In a playful moment on Friday, Guillermo Nielsen, a key economic advisor to Fernandez who previously led fraught negotiations with Argentina’s creditors in 2005, tweeted a photo from his office alongside a major German investor. “Deja vu? Estefan Engelsberger in my office now,” Nielsen tweeted, referring to an investor who had led a group of European creditors in previous talks, and became well enough known to have his own cartoon character in Argentine

People walk past a screen showing currency exchange rates at a currency exchange shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina

newspaper Clarin. Nielsen led the debt talks under the administration of former President Nestor Kirchner and is now an economic adviser to Fernandez. He is expected to play some role negotiating the restructuring of some $100 billion in sovereign debt. In an interview published on Friday with

Argentine news website Infobae, Englesberger said he was here to offer his help to the Fernandez government in upcoming negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, which agreed to a $57 billion financing program with Argentina in 2018. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Progress in rescuing T&T families in Syria Jamaican Minister stripped of


ore than 40 families from Trinidad and Tobago are believed to be stranded in war-torn Syria and efforts to return them to home soil continue vigorously by a team led by Felicia Perkins-Ferreira. Perkins-Ferreira, who in January made the 20,000 kilometres trip to the Middle East to rescue her two sons, told Guardian Media yesterday their efforts have been progressing at a moderate pace. Following a Guardian Media interview last Thursday, she said families have been contacting her and she now believes there may be up to sixty families of women and children trapped in Syria. This information Perkins-Ferreira said has been passed on to the Ministry of National Security. Officials, she indicated, have already begun gathering information

about the affected families. A recent international article revealed that approximately 25 Trinidadian women and children are trapped in Kurdish-run camps and are being forced to endure unhealthy conditions. One of the photographs shows a child sleeping on the floor and his face covered in a swarm of flies. A five-day peace treaty was agreed by Turkey to pause its offensive against the Kurdish fighters at the behest of the United States, providing a window of hope for many. However, it came to an end on Tuesday causing immense anxiety among the families of those in need of rescue. There are reports that one Trinidadian woman is now fighting for her life after being injured in a missile attack on a Syrian mosque, but PerkinsFerreira said she has not been able to confirm this.

US visa – says he will appeal

M Felicia Perkins-Ferreira during an interview at her Petit Valley home on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 [Photo by: Nicole Drayton]

According to her “it is starting to get bad there and people are trying to go to safer places right now to hide so I am continuing to push for us to get the ok to be able to go across and get them”. In the meantime, Perkins-Ferreira said prayers continue for the families’ safe return. (Excerpt from T&T Guardian)

inister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Daryl Vaz is confirming receipt of correspondence from the United States Embassy in Kingston, which stated that his US visa has been revoked. The correspondence stated: “Subsequent to the visa issuance, information has come to light that you may be ineligible for a visa. If you would like to travel to the United States, you must re-apply”. In a statement just issued, Minister Vaz says he has advised the Prime Minister of the issue and has since initiated through the formal procedures and protocols the process of seeking clarification to determine his eligibility to be issued a

Minister Daryl Vaz

United States visa. Vaz in his release stated that as a public figure he is obligated to keep the public updated on the outcome of the process/appeal of the revocation, which has been formally lodged. In 2008, Minister Vaz renounced his US citizen-

ship following the issuance of a ruling in the dual citizenship case, which was brought against him. “I am committed to pursuing the matter concerning the revocation of his US visa with the aim of a positive result,” Vaz said in his statement. (Jamaica Observer)

saturday, november 2, 2019


Around the World

US-China trade deal in sight DR Congo launches large-scale after progress in high-level talks operation against rebels


S-China trade talks are progressing well and the United States aims to sign an initial deal this month, top Trump Administration officials said on Friday, offering reassurance to global markets after nearly 16 months of tit-for-tat tariffs. Beijing’s state-media Xinhua News Agency said the world’s two largest economies had reached “consensus on principles” during a serious and constructive telephone call on Friday between their main trade negotiators. US and Chinese negotiators had made “enormous progress” toward finalising a “phase one”

agreement, although the deal was not yet 100 per cent complete, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told reporters on Friday. US officials have said the two sides were close to an agreement in May, but talks faltered when China backtracked on commitments to change its laws to resolve core US complaints about theft of intellectual property, forced technology transfers and other practices. For now, Kudlow said planned US tariffs on Chinese-made laptops, toys and other goods that are due to go into effect on Dec 15 would remain on the table. He said the decision on

whether they would go ahead would be made by President Donald Trump. Washington still hoped to sign the deal this month, said Kudlow, despite Chile’s withdrawal as host of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, where Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping had been expected to ink the agreement. He said the thorny issue of technology transfer to China would likely be pushed back to a second phase trade deal. Negotiators were also due to discuss enforcement and dispute resolution during Friday’s call, he said. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Pollution hits record high in New Delhi


“gas chamber” is what Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal described the city as on Friday, announcing that five million pollution masks will be distributed to students across the country’s capital which has seen air pollution reach its peak this year. “Delhi has turned into a gas chamber due to smoke from crop burning in neighbouring states,” Kejriwal tweeted. “It’s very important that we protect ourselves from this toxic air. Through private and government schools, we have started distributing 50 lakh masks today. I urge all Delhiites to use them whenever needed,” he said. No masks were distributed in Shaurya Sachdeva’s Father Angel School in Gautum Nagar but he welcomed the announcement, adding that the government should do more to curb the rising pollution levels. “The firecrackers have caused this. The government should

The city government has ordered the shutdown of construction activities and coal-based power plant

increase the prices of firecrackers so that very few people are able to buy them,” the grade-seven student said referring to their use for Diwali, a Hindu festival. The Air Quality Index hit the 500-mark, considered as “severe-plus emergency” category, in several locations across the city and hovered close in many other areas. A public health emergency was also declared in the capital on Friday and construction activity has been banned until November 5. All schools in the capital would stay closed until November 5. Health experts said the haz-

ardous air pollution has become a serious concern for about 20 million residents. “This is an extremely alarming situation. With air quality compromised indoors and outdoors, it has a direct impact on the health of children, expecting mothers and senior citizens,” said Dr Prashant Saxena, a pulmonologist at Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital. “There has been a sudden increase in the number of patients visiting the hospital with respiratory issues and we are falling short of beds in our hospital for such patients,” he added. (Al Jazeera)


rmed forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo said an offensive against rebel groups in the country’s east has been launched while efforts continue to contain a deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus. Army spokesman General Leon Kasonga announced the large-scale offensive on Thursday in the Beni region, an early epicentre of the more than yearlong Ebola outbreak. “The launch was in Beni, but this operation targets all the armed groups that are unsettling our population,” Kasonga told the dpa news agency. The offensive primarily targets Allied Democratic Forces rebels who have killed hundreds of civilians and security forces over the past few years and recruited children. Attacks have hampered Ebola containment efforts. The northeast region bor-

An estimated 160 rebel groups with a total of more than 20,000 fighters are still active in the DRC’s east

ders Uganda and Rwanda. The DRC’s military offensive comes days after a meeting of regional military leaders on how to rid eastern DRC of rebel groups. But the DRC’s army is making clear that it is carrying out this new offensive alone. An estimated 160 rebel groups with a total of more than 20,000 fighters are still active in the DRC’s east. The motives for the various groups are not always clear, although it is believed

they are mostly over control of land or minerals such as gold and cobalt. The ADF, originally from Uganda, repeatedly carries out attacks around Beni. It has been accused of killing thousands of people, including United Nations peacekeepers. The UN has tried to stabilise the country for the past 20 years with a 15,000-strong peacekeeping force. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Russia and Turkey begin joint patrols in northeastern Syria


urkish and Russian troops began their first joint ground patrols in northeast Syria on Friday under a deal between the two countries that forced Kurdish fighters to evacuate from a so-called “safe zone” on the Syrian side of the border. Turkey and allied Syrian rebels launched a cross-border offensive on October 9 against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), dubbed “terrorists” by Turkey, seizing control of 120km-long (75 miles) and 30km-deep (19 miles) strip of land along the frontier. Russia has told Turkey that

the YPG left the strip on Wednesday, a week after Ankara and Moscow agreed to remove the YPG fighters from the area Turkish armoured vehicles on Friday drove through country roads across the border to join their Russian counterparts, according to Reuters television footage filmed from the Turkish side of the border. Ground and air units were involved in the patrol in the area of the Syrian border town of Darbasiya, the Turkish Defence Ministry said on Twitter, showing photographs of four armoured vehicles and sol-

diers studying a map. The 110-km joint patrol with Russian military police, consisting of nine military vehicles, starts at Darbasiya and travels west along the border, the Russian Defence Ministry said. Overnight, Turkey’s Defence Ministry said Turkey had handed over to the Russians 18 “regime elements”, believed to be Syrian Government soldiers. They were detained in Syria near the Turkish border this week. It said the move was coordinated with Russia but did not say who they were handed to. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Iraqis pour into streets for biggest UK General election 2019: protest day since Saddam

Boris Johnson rejects pact with Nigel Farage


ens of thousands of Iraqis thronged central Baghdad on Friday demanding the root-and-branch downfall of the political elite in the biggest day of mass anti-Government demonstrations since the fall of Saddam Hussein. One woman died after she was struck in the head by a tear gas canister, Iraq’s Human Rights Commission said, and at least 155 people were wounded on Friday as security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters camped out in the capital’s Tahrir Square. Five people died on Thursday night from similar injuries. Protests have accelerated dramatically in recent days, drawing huge crowds from across Iraq’s sectarian and ethnic divides to reject the political parties in power since 2003. Friday, the Muslim main day of prayer, drew the biggest crowds yet, with many taking to the streets after worship. By the afternoon tens of thou-


A demonstrator throws away a tear gas canister during an antiGovernment protest in Baghdad, Iraq November 1, 2019

sands had packed the square, condemning elites they see as deeply corrupt, beholden to foreign powers and responsible for daily privations. Protests have been comparatively peaceful by day, becoming more violent after dark as police use tear gas and rubber bullets to battle self-proclaimed “revolutionary” youths. At least 250 people have been killed over the past month.

Amnesty International said on Thursday security forces were using “previously unseen” tear gas canisters modelled on military grenades that are 10 times as heavy as standard ones. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday urged all sides to reject violence, adding that Iraq’s official inquiry into the early October violence “lacked sufficient credibility”. (Excerpt from Reuters)

oris Johnson has rejected the suggestion from Nigel Farage and Donald Trump that he should work with the Brexit Party during the election. The Tory leader told the BBC he was “always grateful for advice” but he would not enter into election pacts. His comments come after the US President said Farage and Johnson would be “an unstoppable force”. In an interview with BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, the Prime Minister said the “difficulty” of doing deals with “any other party” was that it “simply risks putting Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10”.

Boris Johnson: Election pact with Brexit Party “risks putting Corbyn into No 10”

When pushed on whether he would rule out a deal with Farage, Johnson replied: “I want to be very, very clear that voting for any other party than this Government, this Conservative Government… is basical-

ly tantamount to putting Jeremy Corbyn in.” The UK is going to the polls on December 12 following a further delay to the UK’s departure from the EU, to January 31 2020. US President Donald Trump told Nigel Farage’s LBC show on Thursday that the Brexit Party leader should team up with Johnson to do “something terrific” and he also criticised the Prime Minister’s EU withdrawal agreement. Meanwhile, Farage has called on the Prime Minister to drop his Brexit deal, unite in a “Leave alliance” or face a Brexit Party candidate in every seat in the election. (Excerpt from BBC News)


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(March 21April 19)

TAURUS (April 20May 20)


GEMINI (May 21June 20)

CANCER (June 21July 22)


Calvin and Hobbes

You’ll be drawn to people who are heading in a similar direction as you. Learn all you can, but don’t share personal information that could jeopardize your chance to advance. Rethink your strategy regarding your health and physical appearance. If something isn’t right, ask questions. A change should improve your financial situation, not make it worse. Nurture a meaningful relationship. Make unique plans that will give you the incentive to look and be your best. An exclusive offer will interest you. Romance is featured.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22)

A change you or someone else makes will turn into a problem if you haven’t confronted the situation appropriately. Make sure everyone is on the same page before you make alterations.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22)

Overspending on your home or family will add to your stress. Instead, make plans to do something that isn’t costly but will add entertainment and comfort to your living space.


Channel your energy. Stay focused on what needs to be done instead of getting upset about who is doing what. Do your part and move on to something you enjoy.

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)


Put your money into self-improvement, knowledge and home improvements. Romance is on the rise. A commitment can be made, and a lifestyle change is encouraged.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21)

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19)

LAst PUBLISHED puzzle AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19)

PISCES (Feb. 20March 20)

Taking a day trip, getting together with old friends or signing up for something you want to master is encouraged. Your effort will change the way you approach life. Personal change will be gratifying. Taking time to rejuvenate, to enjoy a little pampering or to have fun with a loved one will enhance your state of mind. A domestic or professional change will improve your lifestyle. If you are open to suggestions and input from the people around you, it will ward off an unnecessary Personal improvements will bring the highest return. Put time, effort and a little cash into the way you present yourself to others. The compliments you receive will boost your confidence. Take better care of your physical and mental health. Refuse to get into an unhealthy situation. A personal change should include proper diet, exercise and moderation.

saturday, november 2, 2019


round-up: Leonard, Clippers hand Spurs 1st loss of season K

awhi Leonard had 38 points and 12 rebounds to lead the Los Angeles Clippers to a 103-97 win against the visiting San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night. The game marked the third matchup between Leonard and DeRozan since the Spurs traded Leonard to the Toronto Raptors in July 2018 in a deal that brought DeRozan to San Antonio. Montrezl Harrell scored 24 points off the bench and Lou Williams added 12 points in a reserve role despite shooting just 5-for-19 for Los Angeles. DeMar DeRozan scored 29 points, Derrick White had 20 points off the bench and Rudy Gay added nine points and 12 rebounds for the Spurs, who had won their first three games this season — leaving the Philadelphia 76ers as the NBA’s only remaining unbeaten team. Heat 106, Hawks 97 Rookie Kendrick Nunn produced his third 20-point effort of the season, going for a careerhigh 28 points to lead Miami to a win at Atlanta. Nunn shot 10-for-15 from the field and upped his season average to 22.4 points. Nunn has

scored 112 points this season, an NBA record for an undrafted free agent in his first five career games. Tyler Herro scored 17 and Meyers Leonard added 16 for Miami. Jimmy Butler led the Heat with 11 assists and nine rebounds but he scored just five points on 2-of-10 shooting in his second game with the Heat. Jabari Parker led the Hawks with 23 points and added eight rebounds.

Los Angeles Clippers forward (2) shoots against San Antonio Spurs guard Marco Belinelli

Pelicans 122, Nuggets 107 Jahlil Okafor scored 26 points as host New Orleans got its first victory of the season, defeating Denver. Okafor, making his second consecutive start with starting center Derrick Favors sidelined by knee soreness, made 8 of 13 shots to become the first Pelican other than Brandon Ingram to lead the team in scoring this season. Ingram finished with 25. Frank Jackson came off the bench to add 21 points and Jrue Holiday, returning from a twogame absence due to a sprained knee, had 19 points, five rebounds and seven assists. Michael Porter Jr., in his first career game after a knee injury derailed his 2018-19 season, led Denver with 15 points. (Reuters)

Fit-again Smriti Mandhana to join Pliskova fights off tenacious India squad in the Caribbean Halep to set up Barty showdown


mriti Mandhana has recovered from her toe injury and will join the India women's squad in the Caribbean ahead of the second ODI against West Indies on November 3. ESPNcricinfo understands that Mandhana, who had sustained a fracture to her right toe while batting in the nets ahead of the ODI series against South Africa at home last month, will be leaving for the Caribbean on November 2. The BCCI confirmed on Friday that Mandhana will be available for selection from the third ODI onwards. The two teams will also play five T20Is as part of their build up to next year's T20 World Cup. Mandhana spent a part of her recovery at home in Sangli, from where she posted an update via Instagram of her first running session. She subsequently underwent rehab at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru even as the Indian squad left for the Caribbean on October 21. No replacement for Mandhana had been announced at the time. Mandhana, the vice-captain of the T20I side, had been named in both ODI and T20I squads for the tour, which is India's final assignment this year. With no India players participating in the ongoing fifth edition of the Women's Big Bash League in Australia, the matches in the West Indies could give Mandhana a chance to regain form ahead of the tour of Australia in January next year, where India will play a T20I tri-series against the hosts and England in the lead-up to the women's T20 World

Cup in February-March in Australia. In her most recent international assignment, the T20I series against South Africa in Surat, Mandhana had scored only 46 runs in four innings. Prior to that, she was below her best in the Women's Cricket Super League in England too, scoring 268 runs in 11 innings for Western Storm. (Cricinfo)


arolina Pliskova edged a seesaw battle with Simona Halep in their final group match at the WTA Finals on Friday, downing the Romanian 6-0 2-6 6-4 to set up a semi-final with world number one Ashleigh Barty. Pliskova demolished Wimbledon champion Halep in a remarkable 20-minute opening set. But Halep showed her trademark tenacity in the second set, breaking the Czech in the opening game before going on to level the scores, firing down an ace to take the match into a deciding set. The 28-year-old looked to be in control of the third set as she took a 2-0 lead but Pliskova reeled off five straight games - including two breaks of serve - to put herself o n the verge of victory. Halep refused to lie down, however, holding her own serve before picking up another break in the ninth game only for Pliskova to break again, winning the match via a fortuitous n e t cord.

Pliskova’s win means she faces off against Australian Barty in a clash between the world’s top two ranked players. “We have played so many good matches and she’s having a great year so it’s going to be super tough,” said Pliskova. “It’s going to be a big challenge but I have nothing to lose. She’s first and I’m second so she’s the one who has to win, so I’m just going to enjoy it.” Earlier, defending champion Elina Svitolina confirmed her place in the semi-finals, where she will meet Belinda Bencic after a hard-fought 7-5 7-6 (10) win over alternate Sofia Kenin that took two hours and 10 minutes to complete. Svitolina had already guaranteed a firstplace finish in the purple group, although the Ukrainian was made to fight for a third straight win in Shenzhen by the young American, who was drafted into the tournament following Bianca Andreescu’s withdrawal through injury. A succession of double faults undermined Kenin in the opening set but she battled back in the second, pushing the 25-yearold all the way and fighting off five match points before eventually succumbing. “I’m very, very happy that I finished the match in two sets and it was a very physical match and I had to stay very tough,” said Svitolina, who remains on track to claim a maximum prize of $4.75 million. (Reuters) Karolina Pliskova



saturday, november 2, 2019

2019 Colonial Medical Insurance Regional Super50 Tournament…

Coach Crandon and co not taking any team lightly ꟷ Jaguars looking for 1st Super50 title since 2005 G

uyana Jaguars are hoping the upcoming Regional Super50 tournament will be the time they break their jinx in the domestic 50-overs tournament. In the 2018 season, Jaguars stumbled at the final hurdle, surrendering to eventual champions Combined Campuses and Colleges (CCC) Marooners by six wickets in the final in Bridgetown, Barbados to miss out on their eighth title but first in 14 years. Head coach Esuan Crandon, who has overseen Jaguars’ domination of the First-class championship, believes the struggles in the Super50 is a mental block. “We have not managed to win it for a long time. We would have played really well up to the final match and to cross that last hurdle has been a struggle for us over the years,” Crandon said. “We have highlighted a few things. For me, I think it is just being able

Flashback! Team Guyana Jaguars in 2018

to manage that final game and the expectations around us and winning and going

through the same processes which we had

done during the group matches and the

ECCC/Tropical Springs U-19 and Rubis Bel Air U-15 competitions launched ꟷ 3 centurions in 1st round

Andre Samaroo slammed 158

semi-finals. “It’s more a mental hurdle for us, I think, and it’s just for us to be ready and mentally prepared, switched on and able to control our emotions, so we are focussing on some of these things during our preparations and we expect to do much better when we get to the final stages of the tournament.” Jaguars, who will be again led by out-offavour West Indies batsman Leon Johnson, have been hard at work in recent weeks putting the final touches on their preparation. They have also had the benefit of their local whiteball league which has ensured valuable competitive practice, and allowed several players to find their touch. “Preparations have been going well so far. We were affected a bit by the weather a few months ago, but we were able to step things up about six or seven weeks ago and start doing some whiteball preparations which has gone well for us and the weather has been good,” Crandon noted. “We have been able to get in some quality work. We have focussed on game scenarios and getting the players to understand their roles, rotation of the strike and getting the players to take more responsibility from a batting perspective. “We have had our franchise league recently. It’s been very competitive, and we have seen some outstanding performances throughout the tournament, and we have used it to help select our team. We also have a couple of practice games to finalise our preparations before we

Guyana Jaguars Head Coach Esuan Crandon

travel to Trinidad.” Jaguars will back themselves to emerge as one of the two semi-finalists from Group B where they will clash with hosts Trinidad and Tobago Red Force, Windward Islands Volcanoes, West Indies Emerging Players and United States. And Crandon said they planned on bringing the same intensity to each game to guard against complacency. “Obviously, there good teams in our group. We will not take any side for granted. We will take each opponent seriously and one game at a time,” he stressed. “The good thing is that every team gets to play the other twice, so after the first encounter, the players have time to prepare for the return match and try to do better. With the two top teams from the group advancing to the semi-finals, every other team will come to play hard and win matches. “Fans will view the Jaguars as one of the top teams in the group, along the Red Force and the Volcanoes, but we cannot rule out the Emerging Players squad and the United States, so we have to play every opponent hard and strong.”

Guyana Fitness Games fit in with packed schedule Under-15 players at the launch


he fourth edition of the Rubis Bel Air U15 and Tropical Springs-sponsored Under19 cricket competitions were launched recently at the Enmore Community Centre. For the past four years, these competitions have been the only youth competitions held among teams on the East Coast of Demerara. Several national youth players have since emerged therefrom, having commenced their cricketing careers during these competitions. The Rubis Bel Air U-15 and Tropical Springs U-19 competitions commenced last weekend with the following games: Enterprise SC lost to President’s College by virtue of fielding over-age players. Scores in the match: Enterprise SC: 177 all out (26.4 overs), President’s College: 64 all out (21 overs). In the Rubis Bel Air U15 tournament, ECCCC defeated Ogle CC by 59 runs at Enmore. ECCCC: 127 for 6 (30 overs), Hemraj Hariprashad 28 and B. Rabindranuth 25. Rene Goberdhan took 3 for 22. Ogle CC were bowled out for 68 in 17 overs, with N. Mohan taking 4 wickets for 15 runs. Lusignan SC U15 defeated Enterprise SC U15 by virtue of Enterprise SC fielding over-age players. Scores in that match: Enterprise SC: 131 for 5 (30 overs),

with R. Deonarine scoring 39. Lusignan SC: 56 all out in 19 overs.

Sookraj took 3 wkts for 8 runs

Three centuries were recorded in the Tropical Springs U19 competition first round games. At Strathavon ground, Ogle CC defeated Strathavon SC by 247 runs. Ogle CC rattled up a mammoth 361 for 7 (40 overs). Andrew Samaroo scored 158, and Rudranauth Kisoon 101.

Yogesh Umrao took 3 for 63

Strathavon SC were bowled out for 114 in 22 overs. Ravin Ramsarup scored 47, while Davenedra Kissoon took 4 for 27. ECCCC defeated President’s College by 156 runs at Enmore. ECCCC scored 279 for 6 from 30 overs, with national U17 player Chaitram Balgobin scoring 114 and Denzil Wilson 63 not out. D. Prashad took 2 for 40. President’s College were bowled out for 123 in 24 overs, with Daniel Prashad scoring 26. Chaitram Balgobin returned to take 4 wickets for 2 runs, while P. Ishwardin bagged 3 for 21.


very year for the past 4 years, Trophy Stall has generously sponsored the Guyana Fitness Games, Fitness Expo; and this year is no different. The Trophy Stall has come on board as a sponsor for the 5th annual Kares Fitness Expo, set to take place this weekend at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH). The Kares Fitness Expo promises 2 days of action-packed fitness fun. It starts on Saturday at 5:30pm (17:30 hrs) with a 30-minute Cancer Awareness Glow Walk that starts at Genesis Fitness Gym on Durban Street and ends at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The action continues that night with the Soca Zumba Glow Party, led by none oth-

er than the ‘Zumba Queen’ herself, Noshavyah King. Sunday is known as competition day. The day starts at 2:00pm with the exciting Scaled Fitness Challenge and the Teams Fitness Challenge. Athletes placing first to fifth would each receive large cash prizes, compliments of Kares CrossFit. The crowd favourite, Strongman Competition, starts at 5:30pm, and athletes from Guyana and Suriname go up against each other for a chance to obtain the Strongman title. The Strongman Competition athletes would also be walking away with large cash prizes. Every athlete would walk away a winner, thanks to Trophy Stall and Kares Crossfit.

saturday, november 2, 2019

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property for sale Property for Sale by Owner. Price is negotiable. Address: 179 Albert Street between Regent and Charlotte. Contact info: 695-7223/ 643-5989. For Sale: 1 Greenheart Wooden Building Only. $230,000 price negotiable. Call: 501-3706/ 652-7454

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BCB/RHTY&SC/Naeem Nasir Memorial T10 Cricket Tournament…

JC Chandisingh Secondary School defeat CCHS to lift title T

he Area ‘H’ Ground was on Wednesday last filled to capacity with students as the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB)/ Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) hosted the 6th edition of the Bakewell-sponsored Naeem Nasir Memorial Cricket Tournament. Six schools participated in the tournament: Berbice High School, Berbice Educational Institute, Lower Corentyne Secondary, Corentyne Comprehensive High Secondary (CCHS), J.C Chandisingh Secondary, and Port Mourant Secondary. The tournament was sponsored by Bakewell in memory of its founder and late Chief Executive Officer, Naeem Nasir. In the opening round of matches, Port Mourant Secondary defeated Berbice Educational Institute by nine runs; J.C Chandisingh Secondary cruised past Berbice High School by 19 runs, and Corentyne Comprehensive High defeated Lower Corentyne Secondary by 18 runs. Among the outstanding performers in the first round were Guyana junior players Tameshwar Mohabir, Jonathan Rampersaud, Mahendra Gopilall and Abdul Ramsammy. In the lone semifinals, JCCSS bundled out Port Mourant for a disappointing 26, with the impressive Lucas Arthur taking four wickets for two runs, Christopher De Roop 2 for

Top school JCCS pose with their prizes

5, and Pavendra Ganesh 2 for 2. Jonathan Rampersaud then blasted a quick-fire 20 not-out to lead his team to the finals. C o r e n t y n e Comprehensive, who drew a bye into the finals, won the toss and invited JCCSS to take first strike. JCCSS lost Jonathan Rampersaud and Lucas Arthur early to Darren Brijjader, but national junior cricketer Jeremy Sandia battled well to guide them to 70 for 7 from their allotted ten overs. Sandia ended on 20 not out, having received support from Surendra Ramcharitar’s 12. Kumar Deopersaud took 3 for 7, and

Darren Brijadder 2 for 16. In response, needing to score 71 from 60 balls, Corentyne Comprehensive were well set to surpass the target before Mahendra Gopilall ran himself out for 27. Needing to score nine runs in the final over, CCHS were allowed to score only three runs by leg-spinner Surendra Ramcharitar, to the delight of the large group of JCCSS supporters. Hemendra Gurdyal supported Gopilall with 17 runs, but JCCSS bowled tightly to restrict the scoring rate. Ramcharitar ended with 2 for 4, while Lucas Arthur took 2 for 5 from two overs. At the presentation cer-

emony, BCB President and RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster hailed the two finalists for entertaining the large crowd with a high-quality match that was a fitting tribute to the late Bakewell founder. The tournament, for the first five years, was played with second division teams; but the organisers this year decided to use schools as part of an effort to develop talents for the future. Foster, as he always does at youth finals, urged the two teams to always say no to drugs, crime, alcohol, suicide, and tobacco. The veteran cricket administrator spoke widely on the importance of education

and the need to work hard to achieve success. He reminded the audience that the late Naeem Nasir was a strong believer in the power of sports to keep youths away from the fast lane. Bakewell, since its opening, has supported youth and sports development, and has been known for its sponsorship of cricket, football and lawn tennis. JCCSS received the winning trophy and a 32-inch television set, while CCHS carried home the runners-up trophy and a music/ PA set. Third-placed PMSS collected a five-gallon water pitcher, while Surendra Ramcharitar copped the man-of-the-finals award.

CWI appoints new interim team management for Windies women’s team ꟷ Griffith named assistant coach


ricket West Indies (CWI) announces the appointment of a new interim Team Management unit for the West Indies Women’s Team for the upcoming series against India Women. The new management team will be led by interim Head Coach, Gus Logie and interim Team Manager, Evril Betty Lewis. West Indies legend, Courtney Walsh, joins the team as an Assistant Coach. Walsh, West Indies alltime leading Test wicket taker brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the coaching staff. He was most recently the bowling coach for the Bangladesh Men’s cricket team and has also served as a West Indies selector. Also joining the management team is former Guyanese batsman Rayon Griffith, who most recently acted as an assistant coach of the West Indies Senior Men’s team at the ICC World Cup 2019 and the for international home series against India. Griffith was also assistant coach of the Guyana Amazon Warriors in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). Interim Head Coach, Gus Logie is embracing the opportunity in his new position and is delighted to have his former teammate Walsh on his coaching staff along with Griffith, saying “ We’ve had some of the best minds and coaches in the region working with the players. Courtney and Rayon have been working really hard with the ladies at training and we are hoping to see the results on the field.” Logie also welcomed the new interim manager Evril Betty Lewis, praising the positivity and encouragement she has brought to the team since

her recent appointment. On her appointment as interim manager, Betty Lewis (as she’s commonly known), draws on her management background and passion and love of West Indies cricket in carrying out her duties. Lewis stated, “As a former career tourism official and Manager of the Barbados Senior Women’s Cricket Team, I am comfortable operating in the critical role as the interim manager of the West Indies Women’s Team. I intend to bring a high level of trust, effective communication and instill a greater sense of purpose, hinged on discipline and professionalism, that the players can transfer onto the field of play.” Courtney Walsh is happy to be working with Gus and the West Indies Women’s team, most of whom he knows quite well already. “My function is to focus a lot more on the bowlers and the cricket in general to get the ladies together. I’m just happy to be able to work with Gus - we haven’t had a chance to be on the same team since we were players and we just want the women to play the type of cricket we know they can play.” Walsh added, “The ladies have been very warm and receptive and listened to what I’ve got to say. They are not afraid of trying and implementing what I’ve been telling them. I think one of the advantages I have, is that I was involved in women’s cricket before as a selector and I was part of a couple of their training camps, so they know me and they’ve seen me around. They know I want the best for them and they appreciate that, so for me it’s a plus coming back into the fold of the women’s team now.”

Rayon Griffith (left) chats with Gus Logie

CWI’s Director of Cricket Jimmy Adams is pleased with the composition of the team’s technical support unit, “I am confident that our entire support staff, under Gus’ leadership and direction, is capable of driving our women’s cricket forward whilst we begin the search for a permanent Head Coach. Gus has been involved with the program for the past two years and both Rayon and Courtney bring with them a strong working knowledge of what it takes to be successful at the elite level.” (CWI)


saturday, november 2, 2019


GCB Franchise Female 17 & Under T20 League…

Round 3 bowls off today Keshna Boodanlall was key to the West Demerara win, having contributed 25 runs, which included 2 boundaries. Vapine Pitamber was a tad behind that score, on 22 not out, and Kezie Methland added 12. In response, Upper Corentyne managed a meagre 53 all out, with Jenell De Souza scoring 14 and Olivia Tyndall 11. The West Demerara bowler Boodenlall collected 3-13 while her colleague Ariana Bukhan collected 2-12, as they mercilessly tormented the batters.

East Coast dominate East Bank by 8 wickets

Ashmini Munisar starred for Lower Corentyne in Round 2. She received her "player-of-the-match" trophy from Erva Giddings


he third round of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Franchise Female 17-&-Under T20 League continues today (Saturday, November 2), with Upper Corentyne meeting Georgetown and East Bank battling Lower Corentyne at Young Warriors ground in East Canje Berbice. The other matches will feature West Berbice taking on West Demerara and Essequibo clashing with East Coast Demerara at Lusignan, ECD. In regard to the second round, Lower Corentyne, West Demerara, East Coast and Georgetown have all registered wins.

runs, was supported by undefeated opener Crystal Durant (14) and Navini Ramnauth, who scored 12 not out. Essequibo bowlers Lisa Charles and Nafeeza Hendricks each collected a wicket. In replying, defending champions Essequibo struggled against the Lower Corentyne bowlers, and managed to scrape together only 66-5 in 15 overs. Annalisa D’Aguiar, who top-scored with 19, was significantly supported by Lisa Charles’s 12, and extras which accounted for 18 runs. The most destructive bowler was Jamie Campbell, who returned figures of 2-16.

Lower Corentyne beat Essequibo by 25 runs

West Demerara overcome Upper Corentyne by 38 runs

In the match between Lower Corentyne and Essequibo, played at the Young Warriors ground, Lower Corentyne won the toss and elected to bat, ramping up a score of 91-2 in their allotted 15 overs. Ashmini Munisar, who top-scored with 41

In the match between West Demerara and Upper Corentyne, also played at the Young Warriors Ground, West Demerara won the toss and took first strike, posting a score of 91-2 in 15 overs.

BCB Let’s Bet Sports 100- balls tournament…

Dukestown and #72 All Stars advance to Upper Corentyne final


he Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) is forging ahead with plans to complete the five- stage Let’s Bet Sports 100balls cricket tournament. The BCB has already hosted the finals of the West Berbice tournament, while the finals of the New Amsterdam/Canje leg is scheduled for this Sunday and will be contested by Rose Hall Canje and Guymine. Rose Hall Town Bakewell are in the final of the Lower Corentyne leg, the other finalist would be known by this weekend. On Sunday last, Dukestown and # 72 All Stars advanced to the finals of the Upper Corentyne tournament. Overall, 90 teams started the Let’s Bet Sports 100-balls tournament, which will be concluded with the four sub-division champions clashing to determine the Berbice Champion. At the #68 Turn Ground, Dukestown defeated #68 Turn team by eight wickets. Batting first, #68 were bowled out for 71 off the final ball of their allotted 100 balls. Jason Hulosie and Wayne Jones jointly topscored with 15, while Tootaram Persaud made 12. Bowling for Dukestown, Jermaine Reid, Clavern Beresford, Wayne Garnett and Boodram Sukhdeo each claimed two wick-

ets for 17, 13, 15 and 4 runs respectively. In response, Dukestown raced to 73 for 2 off 8.5 overs, with Errol Byass, unbeaten on 21, and Nolan Richards on 13, being dismissed by H. Ramsaroop (1 for 10) and A. Deosharran (1 for 16). #72 All Stars Sports Club, playing at home, defeated #70 ‘A’ Spartans to join Dukestown in the Upper Corentyne finals. #70 ‘A’ Spartans recorded 135 for 7 from their 100 balls, with T. Ramoutar scoring 53, M. Deochand 19, and A. Persaud and T. Ragaham on 14 each reaching double figures. Pradeep Gobind took 2 for 30, T. Baichan took 2 for 14 and A. Haimchand took 2 for 31 as the best b o w l e r s of #72 All Stars. Needing to score 136 from 100 balls in order to play in their third successive Upper Corentyne finals, #72 All Stars raced to 137 for 4 in 15.2 overs, with S. Singh top-scoring with 54. He received support from P. Chatterpaul’s 34 and G. Chatterpaul’s 17. Omesh Khemraj took 2 for 25 in a losing cause for #70 Spartans. The Upper Corentyne ‘final’ will bowl off on Sunday November 10 at the #72 Cut and Load Ground.

In this match, East Bank posted 70-6 in their allotted 20 overs. Doublefigure scores were posted by Nadica De Santos (14) and Shania Magloire (10) before either fell to Shazana Majeed, who finished with 2-9. Responding, East Coast batter Sarah Amin scored 17 and Tilleya Madramootoo scored 15, while Shanaza Majeed added 12 to propel the East Coast score to

74 and the team to a win by 8 wickets. Stacy Flores, with 1-14, and Alexis Noel, with 1-10, attempted to restrict the East Coast batters, but to no avail.

Georgetown defeat West Berbice by massive 59 runs

Georgetown posted the highest score of the day: 99-9 in their allotted 20 overs. Keisha Jones contributed 22 and Naomi Barkoye 15, while extras accounted for 20. W e s t Berbice bowlers Tienacua Solomon with 2-15 and Mariam Telford with 2-12 were most assertive. In attempting to chase the massive score, West Berbice fell for 40 all out in 17.1 overs, with extras accounting for 13 runs. No West Berbice player recorded a double-figure score, as Naomi Barkoye returned figures of 2-7 while teammate Hemwattie Mohabir captured 3-9.

ECCCC/Banks Beer 100-Ball Bash…

Wins for Strathavon, Lusignan A & B and LBI SC


he Enmore CCCC/Banks Beer 100Ball Cricket tournament commenced on Sunday last with four matches being played on the East Coast of Demerara. The preliminary games are being played in a round-robin format across four groups, with Lusignan ‘A’, Lusignan ‘B’, Strathavon Superstars and LBI SC all having secured wins.

Summaries of the matches follow:

At Strathavon, Lusignan ‘B’ defeated Mahaica SC by 83 runs. Lusignan ‘B’ batted first and scored 152 for 8, with Mike Persaud scoring 53 and Ferron Kadir 19 not out. Darshan Persaud took 3 for 20. Mahaica SC scored 69 all out. Emran Khan took 3 for 12 and F. Kadir took 2 for 12. Strathavon Super Stars defeated Industry Stars by 5 wickets. Industry Stars were restricted to 97 for 6, with R. Gramsault scoring 31 as Jermaine Persaud took 3 for 14. Strathavon SC reached their target in 14 overs for the loss of 5 wickets. Shewchand Budhu scored 38, and A. Gainda took 2 for 20. LBI SC defeated ECCCC Upsetters at Lusignan. Batting first, LBI SC were led by an unbeaten 74 from Nizam Khan, who was supported by R. Ramkellawan’s 30. ECCCC Upsetters were limited to 116 for 6, with Denzil Wilson and Suresh Jainarine scoring 56 and 28 respectively. Nizam Khan re-

turned to take 2 wkts for 29 and R. Ramjit took 2 for 22. Lusignan SC ‘A’ defeated Golden Achievers CC by 8 wickets. Batting first, Golden Achievers were bowled out for 110, with Jason Heyliger and Kumar Bishundyal each taking 2 wickets. Lusigan SC ‘A’ lost 2 wickets in reaching their target, with Robin Williams scoring 72. ECCCC ‘A’ have advanced to the finals of the Neville Ramotar T20 Knockout Cricket competition with a 10-wicket win over Lusignan East at Enmore. Batting first, Lusignan East were bowled out in 17 overs, with Amir Khan and Chris Surat respectively taking 4 for 6 and 3 for 6. ECCCC ‘A’ reached their target in 6 overs, with Imran Hassan and B. Ramkelawan registering unbeaten scores of 29 and 22 respectively. ECCCC ‘A’ will now meet Ogle SC in the finals at a date to be announced. Meanwhile, the 100-Ball Banks Beer competition continues on Sunday at Ogle CC ground with two matches. In Game 1, Industry Stars will take on Lusignan SC ‘B’ from 10:00am; while in Game 2, Cane Grove Renegades will oppose Young Rivals from 2:00pm.

Nizam Khan scored a matchwinning 74 for LBI SC, and returned to take 2 wickets in the match

saturday, november 2, 2019


Rest Team upset Jaguars in final practice match T

he Guyana Jaguars have wrapped up their second and final practice match against the Rest XI at the Enmore Community Centre Ground. That match was won by the Rest XI by a massive 98 runs. Jaguars, in pursuit of the Rest XI’s 289, were bundled out for 190 in 42.1 overs, but Christopher Barnwell continued his form with a top-score of 41 for the Jaguars XI. Barnwell’s innings included three sixes. Chandrapaul Hemraj hit 39 at the top of the order, while Ramaal Lewis also made 39 and Anthony Bramble chipped in with 34. West Indies Emerging player Ashmead Nedd bagged 4-65 in 9.1 overs for the Rest XI, while Keon Joseph and Renaldo AliMohamed each took two wickets. Kevin Sinclair and Gudakesh Motie each

picked up a wicket. Earlier, the Rest XI, batting first on a slow Enmore pitch, scored 2889 in their 50 overs. Vishaul Singh was the mainstay of that innings with his unbeaten 88, while Ali-Mohamed scored 58. The Rest Team lost Trevon Griffith (18) out caught-and-bowled by Ronsford Beaton, but Tevin Imlach and Kemol Savory joined forces and added 52 runs to the score before Imlach was dismissed for 30 by off-spinner Lewis. Kevlon Anderson was sent back by the same Lewis for a duck, trapped leg-before, but Singh, batting at number 5, added 38 runs with Savory before he was trapped at the crease by Veerasammy Permaul for a composed 34. After Kevin Sinclair

timed fours and two sweet sixes over the offside. Singh ended on an unbeaten 88 from 102 balls, which included seven fours. The Jamaican

had run himself out for 10 and Raymond Perez was bowled all ends up by Nial Smith for four, Ali-Mohamed occupied the crease at Enmore and thrilled the vocal spectators with his attacking stroke-play, while Singh milked the bowling. The duo added 94 runs to the score, with AliMohamed hitting a rapid 39-ball 58 which included seven well-

Banks DIH supports South American 10K

off-spinner Lewis had 2-36 in 10 overs, while Raymon Reifer bagged 2-59 in eight mixed overs. Permaul had 1-38 in 10 overs, while Beaton had 1-66 in his 10, and Smith had 1-72 in nine expensive overs. The Guyana Jaguars team will wing out on November 4, and will play their first match against the West Indies Emerging Team on November 7 at the Brain Lara Cricket Academy in Trinidad. (Brandon Corlette)

Vishaul Singh was innovative during his 88 (Brandon Corlette photos)

3rd GAICO Grand Prix Chess Competition commences this weekend Point standings after 2 rounds


anks DIH Limited has teamed up with the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) for the second leg of the 17th Annual South American 10K road race, to be held on Sunday in Guyana. The race will start on Carifesta Avenue, and will proceed east to the University of Guyana junction before returning to the National Park circuit for the finish. The event will be sponsored under the Rain Forest Waters brand, the company announced during the handing over of the sponsorship cheque by Colin King, Waters Brand Manager, to AAG President Aubrey Hudson on Thursday at Thirst Park. Banks DIH Limited remains one of the major sponsors of the event over the years of its staging. Hudson expressed gratitude to the company for its continued support of the event, which brings togeth-

Participants of the previous GAICO Tourney held in October of this year


Colin King, Waters Brand Manager, presents the sponsorship cheque to President of the AAG, Aubrey Hudson

er some of the top local and international distance runners in competition. This year, runners are expected from Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, United States, Suriname, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and host country Guyana. Guyanese athletes dominated the first leg, staged

last weekend in neighbouring Suriname, with the trio of Winston Missingher, Cleveland Thomas and Jonathan Fagundes capturing the top three places, while Sheama Tryell and Kissanna Glenn placed first and second in the ladies’ category. The race will start at 15:00 hours.

Renaldo AliMohamed played a destructive innings

he third GAICO Construction Grand Prix Chess Tournament is set for Saturday November 2nd at the National Aquatic Centre at Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. Reigning National Senior Chess Champion Anthony Drayton is among the players participating, and he confidently predicts that he would defeat all opponents. He has promised to play his “best chess.” The intense seven-round competition will once again see the country’s seasoned chess players engaged in battle over the chess board to

accumulate Grand Prix points and qualify to participate in the 2020 Chess Olympiad. Registration starts at 13:00hrs at the venue, and Round One begins one hour later. All chess players are invited. The fee for seniors is $500, and juniors are admitted without charge. The time control per player for each round is 90 minutes plus 30 seconds’ increment after every move. The first GAICO tournament was won by Wendell Meusa, and the second, which ended on October 19,

Taffin Khan - 39 Loris Nathoo - 26 Wendell Meusa – 22 Davion Mars - 20 Ronuel Greenidge - 17 Frankie Farley - 8 Glenford Corlette - 8 Shiv Nandalall - 7 Roberto Neto - 7 Errol Tiwari - 5 Joshua Gopaul - 3 Ethan Lee - 3 Justino Da Silva - 3 was won by Taffin Khan. Both players are former National Chess Champions. Six tournaments have been identified by the GCF in a rigorous process to earn Grand Prix points. The four remaining tournaments are: the third and fourth GAICO Construction tournaments, the National Senior Championship Qualifiers and the 2020 National Senior Chess Championship. There are still points to be earned in the remaining tournaments. The GCF therefore encourages chess players who have not entered the Grand Prix series to participate.

saturday, november 2, 2019

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Rest Team upset Jaguars in final practice match Page 23

Team Guyana Jaguars at Enmore

CWI appoints new interim team management for Windies women’s team Page 21

ꟷ Griffith named assistant coach

Page 20

Guyana Fitness Games fit in with packed schedule Event organiser Jordana Ramsay-Gonsalves and Trophy Stall proprietor Ramesh Sunich with one of the incentives for the 2019 edition of the Guyana Fitness Games

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