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October 20, 2013


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Scam of the millennium

Shareholders cry foul over Guyana Stores heist – more than 700 workers lose jobs

Staff of P10 several ministries complete monitoring, evaluation training

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Peace P13 Corp volunteer calls for greater awareness of cancer

Firefighters from the Skeldon Fire Station interact with pupils of the Upper Corentyne District during a recent Fire Prevention Week activity

Minister Rodrigues-Birkett maintains vessel was in Guyana’s waters – says any claim to Essequibo null and void

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WPA, APNU will Bandits not support Dr terrorise, Rodney’s inquiry rob Berbice – until an examination businesswoman of the ToR is done See story on page 16

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Amerindians to rally for restoration of presidential grants on Monday P16 P16 Man killed by reversing truck P16

Four Guyanese charged for illegal drugs in Barbados


SUNday, october 20, 2013 |



The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, October 20 from 05:00h to 07:00h. The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, October 20 from

16:45h to 18:15h.


Countrywide: Heavy rain showers are expected during the day, with clear skies in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Guyana/Venezuela meeting

Minister Rodrigues-Birkett maintains vessel was in Guyana’s waters – says any claim to Essequibo null and void BY MICHAEL YOUNGE

Winds: Easterly at 4.47 to 3.12 metres per second.

High Tide: 04:55h and 17:05h reaching maximum heights of 2.69 metres and 2.78 metres respectively. Low Tide: 10:42h and 23:03h reaching minimum heights of 0.55 metre and 0.43 metre respectively.

saturday, october 19, 2013


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SUNday, october 20, 2013 |


uyana did not back down from its position that the recent seizure of the U.S. vessel, which was conducting seismic surveys, occurred well within its territorial waters when it met with Venezuela in Port of Spain, Trinadad and Tobago to discuss the matter on Thursday. Guyana has strongly maintained that the action by the Bolivarian Republic was a breach of international law. Speaking with Guyana Times during an exclusive interview following her return from the twin island republic on Friday afternoon, Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett said she was very frank throughout the seven-hour meeting as she recorded Guyana’s condemnation and concern about the action of the Venezuelan Navy.

Strong evidence

Birkett disclosed that her delegation also made it clear that the seizure took place within this country’s Exclusive Economic Zone and presented strong evidence and coordinates to depict the exact location of the Teknik Perdana when it was intercepted by the Venezuelan authorities. “The discussion was very frank as you would expect it to be on a matter like this. It was made easier though because we have good relations with Venezuela and we were able to outline each other’s

Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett

position in a cordial manner,” she reported. “I maintained our position because we (Guyana) subscribe to the international laws and jurisprudence as far as maritime delimitation is concerned. And using equidistance, we have drawn a line as to where this maritime border should be,” Birkett emphasised. The foreign affairs minister also explained that both Venezuela and Guyana started their determination of the maritime border or demarcation from the correct point, but both lines ended in a different direction, and that is where the challenge in resolving the matter definitively begun. Birkett confirmed that her Venezuelan counterpart also maintained his country’s position at the Trinidad

meeting and justified its action. She admitted that it was recognised that since both parties held firm to their respective positions, there was need for a third party to explore mechanisms to solve the rift in accordance with international law. Minister RodriguesBirkett told Guyana Times that it was recognised that the meetings between Guyana and Venezuela over the past decade or more have resulted in better relations between the two countries.

Strengthening relations

She reminded that presidents Donald Ramotar and Nicholás Maduro have also recommitted themselves to strengthening relations between the two countries despite the differences which exist in a few areas.

The foreign minister expressed the view that “progress has been made on this particular matter” as she registered her confidence in the staff of Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Ministry and the government with respect to exploring all of the appropriate diplomatic channels to solve the current difference. “The good thing in this entire matter is that we have both sat down and agreed to look at mechanisms to deal with the maritime delimitation,” she said, adding that border issues are “complex” and “never easy matters” to resolve. Minister Birkett said she was motivated by the “oneness” shown by Guyana on this particular matter and underscored the importance for all Guyanese to adopt a united voice on the matter. Asked whether she was concerned that some Guyanese and politicians may be confusing this maritime issue with the wider border controversy that continues to be a cause of concern between Guyana and Venezuela, Minister Rodrigues-Birkett said this was “understandable”. But, she immediately asserted that “there is no dispute” as far as Guyana is concerned over the Essequibo. The foreign minister said the 1899 award settled the territorial boundaries fully and finally and reiterated that any claim by Venezuela or any other outside territory to part or some of Guyana is null and void. turn to page 10


sunday, october 20, 2013

Views Sunday Times Editor: Tajeram Mohabir Tel: 225-5128, 231-0397, 226-9921, 226-2102, 223-7230 or 223-7231. Fax: 225-5134 Mailing address: 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown Email:,


New languages in schools


ducation Minister Priya Manickchand recently made the welcome announcement that Portuguese as a foreign language will be introduced into the curriculum of our secondary schools. While the project will kick off in five secondary schools in Georgetown – Queen’s College, Bishops' High, St Stanislaus College, St Roses High and St Josephs' High – we hope that it will be offered across the country, especially in rural areas, as teachers become trained in the area. As explained at the announcement ceremony, it was rather fortuitous that our education system already had three trained teachers in Portuguese, two at Queen’s College and one at Bishops' High, who, along with the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD), designed and prepared the materials for the introductory Grade Seven level. Because of this fortuity, we will be pioneering the teaching of Portuguese in the Caribbean. And the Caribbean will have to learn to speak Portuguese, if it is to seize the opportunities presented by being neighbours, via Guyana, to the sixth largest economy in the world. Because of our historical antecedents, the eyes and ears of the Caribbean were always pointed north towards Britain, U.S. and Canada. They spoke English and this made it easy for us. French had been taught in our elite schools because it was the “cultured” language for our Eurocentric colonial rulers. It is to the credit of our early leaders that they introduced Spanish into our curriculum early on, after independence. It demonstrated that they understood and accepted the need for our countries to communicate with the Spanish countries that circled the Caribbean, in addition to the ones in the Caribbean such as Cuba. But Brazil and its Portuguese speaking population was bypassed – until now, that is. This rather unassuming event of introducing Portuguese in our schools is actually of far reaching consequence and significance since it signals most clearly that at long last we have recognised the strategic importance of our giant neighbour to our south. In the last decade Brazil has shaken off its “banana republic” image and has not only consolidated its democratic credentials, but with its consistent economic performance, has shown it is a serious player in the global economy.  As a member of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) consortium of developing countries that have taken the lead in sustaining the global economy, Brazil has expanded from its traditional role as a supplier of primary products to one that is very strong in services and finance. All in all, Guyana has found itself in a rather fortunate position be Brazil’s northern neighbour. Brazil has long desired an outlet to the North Atlantic and has worked assiduously to create one. At present, it has the option of passing through either Suriname or Guyana.  With the Takatu Bridge already in place and plans for the Linden-Lethem highway (with a continuation to a deep-water harbour in Berbice) on the desks of President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and President Donald Ramotar of Guyana, it is only a matter of time before the economies of first Guyana and then the Caribbean become much more integrated with that of Brazil. Communication, then, will be crucial in the deepening of the linkages and herein lies the import of Minister Manickchand’s move on Portuguese. To a large extent, the argument for introducing Portuguese into our curriculum is even stronger for Hindi. India is also a member of BRICS and has long been running Hindi classes in its programme from the Indian Cultural Centre here. Even more than Portuguese, which has unfortunately become almost from our original Portuguese speaking population, Hindi was always taught in private institutions. There is already in the country a large number of competent Hindi teachers. The Bollywood phenomena on radio and television, as well as the long running scholarships sponsored by India, have helped to spread Hindi beyond its traditional base and all Guyana can benefit from these languages in our schools. 

Abiola Parvattan (left) in all smiles as she receives an iPhone she won while shopping at the Global Technology booth during GuyExpo 2013

Don’t throw stones when your house is made of glass Dear Editor, The torrential news hitting the newsstands is that attorney at law Lallbachan Christopher Ram, owner and publisher of the Kaieteur News Mohan “Glenn” Lall, and Mayor Hamilton Greene owe the city of Georgetown millions of dollars in taxes. These are the men who pose as crusaders of moral, ethical and idealistic principles and who appear to be classic examples of upright citizens.

Lallbachan Christopher Ram

When Ram stood on his high pulpit of truth and justice, pontificating on the tenets of transparency, accountability and good governance, or the lack thereof, as well as his skewered views on conflict of interest, who would have believed him as being guilty of that which he is accusing others of? More appalling is that Ram is a founding member of the Guyana Chapter of Transparency International, an organisation that seeks to highlight the corrupt individuals in Guyana. It is the same Ram, who vehemently accuses others of having a conflict of interest, a lack of accountability and transparency, and who has created a false impression of a plethora of corruption in our country. Ram has been consistent in his attacks on the government and the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) about the absence

of good governance, transparency and accountability. But yet this crusader of justice and truth has failed to satisfy his own standards. For one who embarks on a highly moral and ethical path, whilst pulling wool over the eyes of the citizens of Guyana with his vengeful meanderings, Ram has demonstrated his lack of integrity. Integrity is the passport of any chartered accountant and it is evident that Ram has now lost his passport. Ram’s role in maligning the integrity of others is forthcoming. The same Ram has vociferously pleaded with business entities and citizens, alike, on a number of occasions, to pay their rates and taxes. So why then has this supposed crusader of justice and truth not practised what he preached? Why does he have a tax debt of more than $11 million? Ram’s continuous relentless attempt of maligning others’ reputation has backfired, and he is now the victim of his own dirty game. The paradoxical climax here is that Ram has failed to observe the premise of his campaign and has thrown stones when he himself has a glass house.

Glenn Lall

The blaring headlines of every newspaper, except Kaieteur, were that Glenn Lall and his wife were sued by the M&CC for not paying their taxes. Here we have a man who has awarded himself the title of a righteous

citizen, but yet, he abuses his position as owner/publisher of Kaieteur News to defame and malign various upstanding citizens, quite unlike himself. More so, he abuses his constitutionally granted freedom of speech and free expression to indulge in character assassination, launching malicious, vindictive and vengeful vendettas against persons. His newspaper provides slots for spiteful misfits bent on launching campaigns to decry the supposed incompetency of many officials of government. Lall has professed that he is a charitable man, one of high moral standing, who has the country’s best interest at heart, yet he hides behind the façade of his newspaper and spews a web of lies aimed at tarnishing the reputation of many a good citizen. The harsh reality of this is that Lall is the exact opposite of the person he professes to be. This latest brush with the law has only resulted to further expose the kind of man he is. Having the country’s interest at heart, seeking to inform people of the truth, seeking to promote justice, to allow for transparency and accountability, like his nefarious counterparts, how is it that he has not done what he so admonishingly tells others to do? There’s a saying, when you dig a hole for another, make sure to dig an even deeper one for yourself.

Hamilton Green

Mayor Hamilton Green can be considered as the dinosaur of the People’s National Congress (PNC) era and has occupied high moral standing, where he portrays himself a man of utmost integrity. However, he has not practised what he preached. He has been complaining, exhaustively, of the absence of an effective administration in many organisations, yet, it is this same Greene who is currently attempting to undermine the administration of the acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba, and trying to usurp her authority through intimidation and threats. It is widely known that he has bullied Sooba into waiving his wife’s taxes, which amounts in excess of $13 million. Greene has acted in ultra vires, that is, he has acted beyond the powers granted to him. He has abused his power as mayor and as a public official of his level, and should no longer be considered a leader. If it is true that leaders are supposed to lead by example, by simple logic, the citizens of Georgetown should also pay no rates and taxes to the Mayor and City Council (M&CC), as the chief citizen (or chief tourist as he was aptly referred to by another letter writer), has chosen not to lead by example. Sincerely, Faruk Mohamed

sunday, october 20, 2013


You can send your letters with pictures to: Guyana Times, 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown, Guyana or

IAC has a valid point South Georgetown CPG cluster maintains high on crime performance

Dear Editor, It is very logical that whenever there is more crime in a society, people in other countries will get a bad image about that country. This means that visitors of all types will be scared to come to such a place. When we think tourism, we know that if tourists feel that a particular country is becoming unsafe because of an escalating crime rate, they will not go there for fear of their lives. Continue the simple logic – without tourists, tourism cannot flourish in a country. This means a lowering of foreign reserves, loss of so many possible jobs, and a general setback.  It is good then that the

Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) is calling on the recently appointed commissioner of police, to instantly put in place measures to deal with the current escalating crime wave. We have a crime wave – let us admit this and deal with it. The IAC rightly highlights that this current spate of crimes has the potential to infuse a sense of uncertainty among Guyanese, and also to blunt the country’s image and its efforts to attract overseas investors and visitors.   We need to be aware that crimes affect a country at all levels – personal, national and economic. Just a few years back, the governor of the Eastern

Caribbean Central Bank explained that the cost of fighting crime in Jamaica in one year alone was J$12.4 billion or 3.7 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). Now that we have a very enthused commissioner and one who is raring to go, I make the appeal to personal, national and economic sense – we stomp on criminals and give our country a boost. Many are going through second thoughts about being here for Christmas. Bottom line then – go after the criminals and show them no mercy.   Yours sincerely, Jameer Hosein

Increasing police patrols can minimise street robberies

Dear Editor, Community patrol units promote safety and security within a neighbourhood, while allowing residents to be pro-active. It has been evident over time that the presence of a police officer reassures safekeeping to residents by aiding in the prevention of crime and other illegal activities. The act of community patrolling should therefore ideally become a customary practice.  Last weekend, in the vicinity of a KFC outlet on Water Street, Georgetown, police shot an Albouystown man who had reportedly attempted to carry out an armed robbery. The victim, a 15-year old boy, was held

hostage by the man who used a chopper to relieve him of his cellphone. Fortunately, a patrol unit on duty got a glimpse of the incident and tried to scare the attacker off, but to their surprise, he chose to ignore them and proceeded to attack the victim. At this point, the unit was forced to shoot the attacker. Two men are now in custody assisting with the investigation and had this patrol unit not passed in time, this incident could have escalated for the worse.  It is the key responsibility of a patrol unit to traverse neighbourhoods with intentions of deterring criminal activities.

Frequent traversing allows the patrol to be able to become familiar with the people in the area, making it easier to identify unfamiliar individuals, in addition to being able to offer prompt response in the case of an emergency. Aside from criminal elements, residents tend to live in a care-free state of mind knowing that these units exist to ensure their protection. Guyana should take the initiative to enhance and promote police patrol units country wide, since they can prevent crimes from occurring or even escalating.   Yours truly, Sylvan Mohammed

Dear Editor, The community policing group (CPG) members of the South Georgetown cluster continue to lift their operational standards of performance in an exemplified manner tremendously. On October 11 at around 04:40h, another car hijacking was averted when a mobile vehicle patrol CPG team, comprising rural constables (RC) Dhillon DeMendonca, Donald Joseph and Selwyn Forde, along with CPG members Ezekiel Mandesir, Keenan Abrams and Edward Adams, were approached by a male, who informed them of the hijacking incident. They responded promptly, and managed to intercept the said car on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown, where the occupants fled from the car and managed to make good on their escape, abandoning the car (make of car and licence number provided). Only recently also,

RCs Forde, De Mendonca and Renville Griffith, on October15, received certificates of commendations and awards for the rescue of a female taxi driver from a hijacked taxi. This act was committed on September 11 at around 13:30h on Jamoon Drive, Meadow Brook Gardens. The CPG team members were then on mobile vehicle patrol duties when they observed the said taxi (make of car provided) suddenly, in a suspicious manner, stopping on the said street. As the patrol was approaching the vehicle, two men then exited and ran away into the direction of Sophia, making good their escape. The patrol team members, however, on approaching the vehicle closer, then heard the sounds of a female voice emanating from within the vehicle, pleading for help. On closer observation, the patrol then saw the said female lying on the back seat

of the car with her hands and feet tied up. They then rendered assistance and untied her, after which she then informed them that the said two men had hired her to drop them off at Stevedore Housing Scheme, where on arrival they placed a gun to her head and robbed her of $260,000 in cash and her cellphone. They then drove her to Jamoon Drive. The matter was then reported to the East La Penitence Police Station. The members of the National Community Policing Executive (NCPE) take this opportunity to commend this cluster group on the sterling performance level that they are maintaining and wish to encourage them to continue giving of their best in this community service. Yours respectfully, Edward A Persaud Public Relations Officer NCPE


sunday, october 20, 2013


Foundation Scholarships Part 1:

Why CAPE is important


t’s always disappointing when things aren’t allowed to reach their full potential. Like how we have all of those rivers in our interior flowing down precipices just looking pretty, when they could be used to generate hydroelectricity, providing our nation with a valuable renewable energy source. We spend our time squabbling about present cost instead of looking at opportunity cost. But even more disappointing, is when our most valuable resource – our human resource – isn’t allowed to reach its full potential. In Guyana, over the years we’ve produced some of the brightest minds around. Remember our Guyana scholars? It’s been so long since they abolished that scholarship but yet persons like my dad still talk about the Guyana scholars with awe. Persons like Walter Rodney are still revered to this day – and he wasn’t even one of THE Guyana Scholars. And of course, if you’ve ever stepped into QC’s auditorium, you’d see the boards up with the names of all of the Guyana scholars. Going to QC for the past seven years, suffering through enjoying the experience of our biweekly assemblies, I’ve become well acquainted with those boards and I used to wish that we still had the Guyana scholarships available, desultorily wondering if my name could be up there with

Anu Dev

the greats. We need to bring back the Guyana Scholarship that was awarded to the best GCE A-level student which has now been supplanted by CAPE. And also offer more national scholarships to our students overall. President Ramotar made a good start last year but we need to award more to students who’ve battled through CAPE. Maybe not 412 like Trinidad dished out this year but we need significantly more than we have at present. Going through the CAPE experience I can say that it was a quantum leap from CSEC. Going into Lower Six we were informed upfront that we’d be expected to cover 80 per cent of the work on our own, with our teachers there to cover the remaining 20 per cent. Compared to CAPE, we were practically spoon fed at CSEC. And the level of the work at CAPE compared with CSEC is so much in depth. I never thought I would reach a point in my life when CSEC would seem as simple as Common Entrance, but then I did CAPE and well, I found myself wishing I was still back in 5th form. But in terms of preparing me for university, CAPE did a much better job of preparing me for university than CSEC ever could – I learnt a lot about how to use the resources around me to learn things on my own. So do I regret doing CAPE? Not in the least! In fact I would recommend that all students writing CSEC wishing to proceed on to university or any tertiary institution continue on to write CAPE. To be continued...

Youth, Culture and Sport Ministry partners with Sai Organisation of Guyana to introduce Educare teaching method at NOC

President Donald Ramotar with the Sai Educare Team at the New Opportunity Corps on Saturday, October 12.

The Educare Team


he Sai Organisation of Guyana, through the ISSE-WI, Guyana Chapter is working in partnership with the Youth, Culture and Sport Ministry to introduce Educare (Education in Human Values) methodology of teaching at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) facility located at Onderneeming on the Essequibo Coast.  The Educare teaching method helps to bring out the five basic human values inherent in all human beings.  They are: truth, peace, love, right conduct and non-violence. The Educare programme/teaching method has been adopted by and is being used successfully in over 170 different coun-

tries worldwide. The Educare team of teachers in Guyana have been trained and certified by the ISSE-WI (Institute of Sathya Sai Education – West Indies) located in Trinidad and Tobago. They are all dedicated and professional educators with 10 to 35 years of teaching experience. The Sai Educare team conducted the workshop at NOC on Saturday, October 12. There were over 100 participants who attended the session.  The Youth, Culture and Sport Ministry officials feel that the application of the Educare methodology will become the foundation on which they can build the life skills training programmes at NOC and Kuru Kuru College.



SUNday, october 20, 2013 |

Scam of the millennium

Shareholders cry foul over Guyana Stores heist – more than 700 workers lose jobs

Tony Yassin


he privatisation of the controversial Guyana Stores Limited (GSL) continues to garner public attention, as details of the company’s finances are finally unveiled, in particular by this newspaper. And shareholders are now uncontrollably angry and are crying foul over the lack of accountability and transparency which exists in the company, as well as the complete breakdown of communication emanating from the directors. The financial management of the company has been widely regarded as poor to non-existent, as there were no audited accounts for close to eight years after privatisation. It was not until 2008, when the lawsuit filed by the National Industrial Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) for payment of outstanding debt went to trial, did GSL rush to have its eight years of backlogged

financials audited. The board of directors of GSL did not exhibit the professional courtesy of providing an explanation to its shareholders, in its annual report, for neglecting to audit its financial statements on time, or for failing to call to order an annual general meeting (AGM). The board of directors is led by its Chief Executive Officer Tony Yassin, and comprises of his longtime business associate and best friend Mohan “Glenn Lall”, owner of the muckraking Kaieteur News, and four other members.

Conflict of interest

Yassin and his band of cohorts chose to hire the very firm that was used as consultants to privatise the company in 2000, Ram and McRae, to audit eight of nine annual reports. This conflict of interest was compounded by GSL’s shareholders not being given the opportunity to choose their auditor. Since there was never an AGM, a violation of the Companies Act, Chapter 89:01 Section 107(1), shareholders did not have a say in the decision to hire Ram and McRae, or any other auditor. The audit of GSL’s 2000 financial statement was conducted by Nazim Ali and Company. In 2000, Royal Investments Inc (RII) purchased 73.3 per cent of GSL from the Guyana government for US$6 million, but only paid US$4 million to

M&CC and GRA by Ram and Lall, confirmed that the statements made by the two men are totally “out of order”. He said the claims are very “presumptuous”, adding that once a statutory body is owed, payment must be made on those dates that are prescribed in law. Failure to do so is subject to penalties, which are also clearly pre-

Mohan "Glenn" Lall with one of his many luxurious vehicles, this one a Mercedes Benz. Was this bought with Guyana Stores money?

NICIL, the government’s holding company. In 2004, NICIL sued GSL for nonpayment of a debt for the shares purchased. Since the company was privatised, GSL has been failing to fulfil its legal duties to its shareholders, which includes the government of Guyana.

No shareholders’ meeting

GSL has not held a shareholders’ meeting for over 12 years. It is a public company governed by the Securities Council, and is in violation of this act. GSL has not paid a dividend since privatisation in 2000 and has not filed annual returns with the Deeds Registry. As at December 31, 1999, GSL had 867 employees (1999 financials). Presently, the company has approximately 100 employees – so much for job creation! GSL also owes $354 million in tax-

es and has been sued by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). “GSL directors have fundamentally breached its responsibility to its shareholders. If GSL is unable to pay its debts, it is bankrupt. Where are the directors Yassin and Lall? Where is the auditor Lallbachan Christopher Ram?” one shareholder said, speaking with Guyana Times. Ram, a well-known bookkeeper and opposition adviser, has been busy speaking out about public finance in Guyana and writing profusely in the local Kaieteur News, owned by Lall, but it appears that silence is golden for him where the GSL annual reports are concerned, and for which he is listed as “auditor”. Meanwhile, Ram, who is closely connected to the Transparency Institute of

Guyana Inc (TIGI), owes more than $11.3 million to the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) in unpaid taxes, while Lall and his wife Bhena Lall owe more than $5.6 million to the council, according to court documents seen by Guyana Times.

Out of order

But both Ram and Lall have been desperately trying to evade court action. Ram said he wants to have balances due for services rendered to the M&CC by his company offset the millions he owes. Lall made a similar claim about offsetting the millions he and his wife Bhena have outstanding through services provided by the muckraking newspaper. A local lawyer experienced in civil matters, when asked for comments on the ongoing saga surrounding back taxes owed to the

Lallbachan Christopher Ram

scribed in law, he explained. Offsets are, therefore, generally not allowed even on the same taxes, or taxes owed by or to the same person, much less printing or advertising costs and consultancy fees, as Ram and Lall are claiming. Many other Guyanese are expressing shock at the development, given Ram’s recent comments about accountability and transparency in government. He has also been a vocal opposition political commentator, calling on the business community and citizens to pay their rates and taxes.

Guyanese youths to benefit from entrepreneurial workshops


number of Guyanese youths interested in starting their own businesses will soon be benefiting from entrepreneurial workshops and seminars hosted through the regional Creativity for Employment and Business Opportunity (CEBO) programme. The programme will start with a training of trainers workshop on Monday and will conclude on Thursday. The four-day youth-fo-

cused seminar, which will be held at the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretariat annex building in Georgetown, will begin with a ceremony at 10:00h. The CEBO training forms part of a regional project developed by the Caricom Secretariat, to engage, motivate and inspire entrepreneurial interest and action among youth aged 15 to 29. It emphasises creativity and teamwork and is de-

livered through hands-on, interactive youth-friendly methodologies. Participants at the seminar on Monday will be introduced to the CEBO facilitators and participants manuals and to topics such as “Youth entrepreneurship in the Caribbean” and “Grasping opportunities under the CSME”. They will also be provided with information on topics that will equip them to

create and sustain business ventures and opportunities. Caricom Deputy Programme Manager for Youth Development Yldiz Pollack- Beighle said the participants will be drawn from Regions Three, Four and Five, and after the workshop, they will be expected to train other young persons. Pollack-Beighle said: “It is hoped that at the end, participants will learn creative

avenues through which they can sustain their livelihoods and share the knowledge with other young persons in their communities which can ultimately develop their entrepreneurial skills and the start of businesses.” CEBO training workshops and pilot projects have been implemented in five Caribbean countries so far, including Jamaica, Belize, St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica and

The Bahamas. CEBO was developed by the Caricom Secretariat with input from regional stakeholders and is funded by several agencies, development partners and governments. This initiative in Guyana is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and is executed by the Caricom Secretariat in collaboration with the government of Guyana.

8 news Curtains drawn on Fire Prevention Week 2013 SUNday, october 20, 2013 |

Eyew tness

Seeing the light...

A Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and other senior officials of the Guyana Fire Service observe a fleet of fire tenders on display during the march


he Guyana Fire Service (GFS) on Friday held a march showcasing its new equipment as it culminated activities for Fire Prevention Week 2013. Activities this year were observed under the theme “Be alert, be committed, make fire safety your priority”. The event was originally slated for last week, but was postponed. The activity saw GFS officers, along with ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), assembling at the Square of the Revolution, after which they marched down Brickdam in their fire-fighting gear. During a brief comment, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee expressed satisfaction with the way the GFS has implemented and executed the various programmes across the country in observance of Fire Prevention Week. This year special emphasis was placed on children

and the elderly as various outreaches and visits were done, pamphlets distributed, and demonstrations and lectures held at schools. Five fire safety exhibitions were held at the Guyana National Stadium; Uitvlugt; The National Park; Lusignan and in front of Fogarty’s building on Water Street, along with other activities in Linden, Corentyne and Pomeroon. Minister Rohee said the aim was to educate persons and encourage them not to leave their children home alone with matches and candles at their hand reach, and ensure that senior citizens are not placed in similar situations. Minister Rohee added that persons were also urged to look out for their neighbours in the case of other persons setting fire to properties or burning grass and garbage which can result in loss of property. “People appreciate the ac-

tivities every year which have been a great source of help to them, especially children on fire prevention matters,” Minister Rohee stated. The humanitarian aspect of the service was highlighted during the week of activities. Minister Rohee stated that the GFS is also working to bring about the transition to become the Guyana Fire and Rescue Service. “It’s not only outing fires, but rescuing people,” he said. Meanwhile, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle said much has been achieved over the week, during which activities placed the spotlight on the dangers of fire and the role the public is expected to play in making their environment safe. Gentle expressed appreciation to DIGICEL, Courts, the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI), and other private sector companies which assisted the service in carrying out its activities.

...on ERC

nd suddenly it was declared: “Let there be light” and there was light on the Ethnic Relations Committee (ERC). We’re not sure as to the source of the light but we’ll take it from wherever it comes in our beleaguered land. “And what’s the light?” you ask? Well, 12 years after it was launched, People’s National Congress (PNC) member George Norton, who’s head of the parliamentary committee to constitute the ERC, announced his committee now sees the need for “ethnic representatives” on the Ethnic Relations Committee!!!! That’s right...we’ve got every which group in the ERC to “solve” our ethnic problems, but didn’t see fit to include “ethnic representatives”. And we wonder why we’re in all sorts of trouble? It’s an anomaly that we’ve often wondered about: why were the powersthat-be so averse to including ethnic oriented persons on the ERC? We suspected they really viewed such persons as fatally flawed – they needed to be “cured”, so to speak – and obviously couldn’t be trusted to “heal themselves”. I mean, you wouldn’t ask a criminal to sit on the committee to solve criminal recidivism, would you? So we had women, youth, labour, and God knows who, pontificating about “ethnic relations” but without much success. In the last elections, ethnicity in fact became even stronger than ever in determining which party people voted for. With the Alliance For Change (AFC), for instance, when Raphael Trotman stepped aside and Khemraj Ramjattan became presidential candidate, Afro Guyanese went back, en masse to the PNC/A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and Indians suddenly saw virtue in the party. But here we are: Norton and his committee will be inviting an “African an Indian, and an Amerindian” to join the seven other groups around the ERC table. And we thought that we were a “land of six races”, which we foolishly thought meant “six ethnicities”! We’re not so sure that excluding “mixed” from our ERC mix is such a good idea. After all they’re the fastest growing group

in Guyana – clocking in at 17 per cent at the last census – and certain to maintain their upward trajectory in the census that’ll soon be released. That’s more than Amerindians. But maybe Norton and his constitutive committee believe in the “one drop of Black blood” that used to be favoured in the racist southern states of the U.S.? That if you have even a drop of African blood, you’re episode facto, African. Anyhow, we’re happy that ethnic groups will finally have their say in dealing with ethnic relations. Unfortunately, we’re afraid the battle will be who will be coming to (the ERC) dinner.


Your Eyewitness has to tell you, it’s not easy keeping tabs on the media, which is generally our beat. One of his toughest tasks is to plough through the twaddle served up by this curlylocks fella over at the StabberNews. The one who had his press filched from under his nose to Mohan Lall, then ran away to Canada, couldn’t cut it, and is back “home” pontificating in oleaginous tones as to how we can solve all our problems. Sean? What a sanctimonious twerp! He’s so drippy that after wading through his column (duty demands, and all that) one has to trudge off for a shower. You can’t go though the day with so much oil dripping off your brow. His latest offering is a peach. The fella tries so hard to sound “deep”. His idol must be Freddie Kissoon, who used “epistemology” or one of its variant, at least 20 times in his last column. Deep.  Curly-locks resorted to the term “critical thinking” as his offering. It’s obvious that he thinks that “critical thinking” means to be “critical” of something. In this case, the government. Jeez...

...on languages

We’ve been critical (but only after engaging in critical thinking!) about Education Minister Priya Manickchand in the past. But kudos to her for introducing Portuguese into our schools. We look forward to the introduction of Hindi, for all (and more) of the reasons why Portuguese is welcomed.


SUNday, october 20, 2013 |

10 news

SUNday, october 20, 2013 |

Staff of several ministries complete monitoring, evaluation training


overnment is moving ahead with efforts to strengthen the capacity of several ministries. This was one of the goals of a four-day “Building on Indicators Training and Evaluation Workshop” conducted at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown which ended on Friday. The training was aimed at strengthening the monitoring and evaluation capacity of the more than 30 participating staffers drawn from the education, judiciary, legal affairs, health, housing, tourism, and finance sectors. Congratulating the participants, junior Finance Minister Juan Edghill noted that they were the second such group to undertake this specific programme.

Report card

“What we’ve done is not just to chalk up a report card that we’ve had dozens of workshops… one must understand the framework in which all of this is done,” he told the participants of this, the second such workshop. The minister noted that monitoring and evaluation of training is actually part of government’s move to be more proactive in the areas of transparency and accountability, adding that this was a promise made during the 2011 general elections as part of the ruling party’s manifesto. Participants were reminded that monitoring and evaluation are important measures necessary to

Playing around


Participants at the closing of the second monitoring and evaluation training workshop

keep track of projects and plans executed by the various arms of government as it seeks to provide services to all Guyanese.

Effective management

Described as “a tool in the quest for effective public management”, Minister Edghill said it was always part of government’s mandate to deliver a better life for all citizens and this should be reflected in the fact that, “Monitoring and evaluation is important in getting us where we want to go”. The process will enable ministries to track their performance, and give the necessary feedback to understand the effectiveness or lack thereof of policies and measures instituted. Minister Edghill added that in addition to crucial feedback among public servants, ministries and the beneficia-

ries, the process will guide the raising of funds and shaping of policies. In closing, it was noted that the health and education ministries alone have been responsible for approximately $50 billion or close to 30 per cent, when combined with the Housing and Water sectors, of the annual national budget. Hence, it is important to keep an accurate record of what was spent, allocated, used and the results obtained. Minister Edghill also urged participants to share their experiences, learn from them and document their records so that others can learn from them as they move forward. In brief remarks, Finance Ministry Budget Director Sonya Roopnauth said the intensive workshop was intended to build on the first one and improve performance across the participating ministries. Giving an overview of the workshop, Institute for Development in Economics and Administration (IDEA) Managing Director, Dr Fredrick Martin congratulated the participants along with the Finance Ministry for organising the workshop. “It was part of the plan by the ministry to build up monitoring and evaluation,

improving overall performance.” Dr Martin also urged participants to apply their knowledge, which though easy in theory, was actually a bit more difficult in practice. He told them to be “agents of change in your organisations”.

Hard work

The sessions were facilitated by IDEA international staff Ana Maria Fernandez Becerra and Marie Helene Boily, who also thanked the participants for their hard work which saw the five day course being completed in four days. The workshop was based on defining results-based monitoring and evaluation framework, mastering sectoral programme structure, proposing and selecting indicators for programme measurement, validating indicators, setting and validating targets, establishing reference documents for data collection and elaborating reports for feedback and decision-making. The IDEA is a private organisation recognised as such by the federal government of Canada. It operates as a network of regional excellence centres across the world.

atiricus was surprised that his friends were surprised at the story. The one where a big, old 55-year-old-man got shot while playing with his friend’s gun. The friend was a policeman who was in his patrol car – one of those fancy new ones the police force has been receiving. According to the story, the friend walked up to the patrol car and pushed his hand into the car to “play” with the police officer's gun. The police didn’t like his friend playing with his gun. There was another police officer in the car with him. So the first police officer tries to stop his friend from playing with his gun. And suddenly, the gun goes off accidentally and a bullet pierces the friend’s “left side”, according to the police report. It doesn’t say whether it’s the left “backside” or left “frontside”. “Sato, wha yuh tryin’ to tell me? Two big man playin’ wid gun in de middle a de street in broad daylight?” Cappo sounded incredulous. “Not only dat,” interjected his friend Bungi. “If de policeman sittin’ in he car, how de friend reach over and get de gun?” “That’s right,” agreed Suresh. “The friend whole body and head got to be through the car window to reach the gun.” “Look fellas. These things happen all the time, you know,” replied Satiricus. “Why you think old people used to say, ‘Play with you mother breast but not with you father stones.’?” The entire gang gathered around the table at the backstreet bar swivelled to look at Satiricus. “What the hell that has to do with what we talking about??” Hari finally blurted out. “Well, people wouldn’t have a saying like that if people didn’t play with things they weren’t supposed to play with.” He sounded a bit belligerent in defending his point. “Explain yuh self,” commanded Cappo.  “Well... remember that time the Mook and his friend Tiny Yattin went for a vacation over in Suriname?” Everyone around the table started to smile. “The one where the Mook had to spend a night in the Surinamese lockup?” asked Suresh as his smile became a grin. “Yup! The same one when he think he feeling for Tiny under the table and he squeeze the hotel owner’s stones. The fella had joined them for a drink!!”    The entire table was doubled over in laughter. They had also been in Suriname at the time and had to bail the Mook. “Ok. Ok? Sato. You right. Big men do play with things they’re not supposed to.” 

Minister Rodrigues-Birkett maintains vessel...

from page 3

“Essequibo remains Guyana’s territory and we have full control over it. In short, as far as we are concerned, that border issue has been fully settled,” she said. Minister Rodrigues-Birkett also reminded Guyanese of the ongoing United Nations (UN) Good Offices process which was recently extended and the role of Professor Norman Girvan who is heading the exchanges between Guyana and Venezuela. “They are two separate issues. The land boundary for us is settled... the maritime boundary is what we have to settle together with Venezuela now,” she insisted.


Minister RodriguesBirkett said the mandate of the current UN good officer would have to be redefined and further expanded, and appeared open to exploring all mechanisms that would result in a speedy resolution on this issue. The minister expressed satisfaction with the manner in which Guyana responded to the seizure of the U.S. vessel, noting that immediately after she was informed while in Brussels at a international meeting, attempts were made to confirm the facts and circumstances surrounding the actions of the Venezuelans. She said the ministry and government officially registered its protest via the established international and

diplomatic processes Venezuela after which lease was issued the morning following the dent.


with a renext inci-

Minister Birkett, who has been at the helm as foreign minister for more than five years, said she has been guided from a wealth of experience and a pool of resources available through the ministry and others who have extensive knowledge in the related area. Guyana Times was also able to confirm that the ministry is already in the processing of appointing members of a technical team to meet with Venezuela within the next four months to re-examine the issue and possible solutions. The ministry, according to sources will not be negotiating or changing its position. Experts in the field have also reported that it is strange that Venezuela has been maintaining that the U.S. ship breached its territorial sovereignty, but has not taken the matter to the International Court of Justice to determine the actual position of the vessel. Interesting too is the fact that the government is now not able to control the outcome of the issue which is before the Venezuelan judiciary as the vessel’s captain remains charged even though the other crew and vessel have been released.



SUNday, october 20, 2013 |

WPA, APNU will not Govt remains committed to improving the support inquiry into lives of all Guyanese – President Ramotar Dr Rodney’s death



he Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) said their support for the commission of inquiry (CoI) into the death of WPA’s co-founder Dr Walter Rodney will be withheld until an examination of the terms of reference (TOR) is done. Neither the WPA nor APNU has been formally invited to participate in the commission even as government announced that preparatory works have commenced ahead of the establishment of the CoI. WPA Executive Member Dr Rupert Roopnaraine said his party will not approach the government on the issue. If approached though, an examination of the ToR will determine the party’s next move. Similarly, Opposition Leader David Granger said APNU will not participate in the CoI unless it sees a draft of the ToR. However, he hopes that the ToR, when formalised, will be in keeping with the resolution passed by the National Assembly on June 29, 2005. “We feel that the text of that resolution would have been a good base on which to proceed. So I will be very surprised if the government attempts to depart from the spirit of that resolution, because it was consensual and I think that is the right way to go. We would like to see closure to the matter as well,” Granger said.

Interest to participate

In an open letter to the government of Guyana (GoG), former People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Cabinet member, and now affiliate of the WPA, Eusi Kwayana expressed an interest in participating in the CoI. Kwayana worked closely with Dr Rodney. In his letter, he said “As even then an elder who supported this activist of a younger generation, I wish to let the public know that once I am permitted by the disabilities of advanced age, I shall be willing to assist the inquiry as a witness, provided people I respect regard the commission when appointed as credible in composition, requirements and terms of reference.” Meanwhile, head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS) Dr Roger Luncheon on Thursday disclosed that he and Attorney General Anil Nandlall are government’s representatives who will be spearheading the operations of the CoI. Dr Luncheon stated that by month-end, the press would be briefed on the CoI. He

Dr Walter Rodney

said too that preparations are moving apace.

Earlier announcement

In September, President Donald Ramotar, while on a state visit to the U.S., announced that preparations have begun for the international CoI, stating that an office was being established and staff employed to pave the way for a successful inquiry. Thus far, the administration has not made public the ToR and the names of the commissioners. In June, it said an international inquiry would be launched into Dr Rodney’s death with the aim of bringing closure to the issue. Thirty-three years ago, the political activist was assassinated in Georgetown. A remote controlled bomb exploded while on his lap as he sat in his car. At the time of his death, he was a major critic of the People’s National Congress (PNC). Born into a working-class family, Rodney was a very bright student. He attended Queen’s College, where he became a champion debater and athlete. He attended the University College of the West Indies (UCWI) in Jamaica, graduating in 1963 with a first-class degree in history, winning the Faculty of Arts prize. Rodney earned a PhD in African history in 1966 at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, England, at the age of 24. On June 13, 1980, Dr Rodney, 38, was killed by a bomb in his car, a month after returning from the independence celebrations in Zimbabwe and during a period of intense political activism. His brother, Donald Rodney, who was injured in the explosion, said that a sergeant in the Guyana Defence Force named Gregory Smith had given Dr Rodney the bomb that killed him. After the killing, Smith fled to French Guiana, where he died in 2002.

resident Donald Ramotar said his administration remains committed to improving the lives of all Guyanese as the Housing Ministry held another One Stop Shop exercise, this time at the Uitvlugt Community Centre Ground for Zeelugt, Phase Three, on Friday. Over 840 house lots were up for distribution, and like several other one stop shops, applicants were given guidance on accessing loans, home furnishing and other services relevant to the homeownership process. “I know for many of you, this is a very important day, particularly many of you will have an opportunity to own a piece of land to build your home for the first time,” President Ramotar remarked. The housing programme spearheaded by the Housing Ministry has made possible tens of thousands of new house lots, developed across the country. Since 2008, thousands of additional lots have been distributed and hundreds of core houses and dozens of turnkey houses have been constructed. The One Stop Shop outreaches were conducted last year resulting in 5869 house lots being allocated. Additionally, 4996 land titles were processed, and 2577 distributed. Meanwhile, 75 core houses were constructed and distributed, bringing the total number of Guyanese benefiting from the pilot to 116 households in Regions Three, Four and Five. More importantly, an environment has been created that makes it affordable for anyone to own a home. Among them is the exemption from personal income tax for first time home owners paying a housing loan of up to $30 mil-

Region Three residents at the One Stop Shop held at Uitvlugt/Leonora Estate Community Centre Complex on Friday

lion from a commercial bank or building society. “The government will not be taking taxes from the interest earned to the bank, of money lent to you. For that reason, the bank can give you a lower interest rate,” the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported President Ramotar as saying. Last year, a significant number of teachers, nurses and police officers received fast-track prequalification for loans for home construction and through the Turnkey Housing Initiative, 44 families of Regions Three and Four received two-bedroom houses. Additionally, 112 coastal families benefited under the home improvement subsidies and 23 hinterland families under the hinterland pilot. President Ramotar said he empathises with many who face chal-

lenges as tenants, but with the aggressive housing drive pioneered under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration, he is hopeful that living under these circumstances will be a thing of the past. With people at the centre of Guyana’s development, President Ramotar believes that it is important for them to live in a secure, comfortable environment. The housing programme is just one aspect of the process. “We have been investing in things like education, health and more importantly, having the security of your own home. We believe that when you have that security of your own home, you have greater peace of mind and you can work and produce more,” President Ramotar said. The residents were also told of plans early next year to resurface the West Demerara thoroughfare.

12 news

sunDAY, october 20, 2013 |

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in developing countries (REDD+) – Part 2 (Guyana’s approach) In the previous article, we discussed Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in developing countries (REDD+) and provided an overview of the key developments under REDD+ at the international level. This week we will examine how Guyana has been approaching REDD+ and the use of its forests in addressing climate change. Guyana has about 15 million hectares (80 per cent of the country) under pristine forest cover. With historically low rates of deforestation, Guyana has placed the conservation and sustainable management of its forests as a major national priority. In 2008, the government of Guyana facilitated a study by the McKinsey Group which sought to estimate the economic value of Guyana’s forests to the nation (EVN) if it were to follow a rational development path, deploying its forested areas to generate income and employment. The study found that if Guyana chose to pursue this form of development, the likely estimate of the value would be US$580 million annually. The study also assessed the Value of Guyana’s Forest to the World (EVW), taking

into account the role that forests play in carbon sequestration and protecting biodiversity. Conservative valuations of the EVW provided by Guyana’s forests suggest that, left standing, they can contribute up to US$40 billion in value for global ecological services each year. Guyana has recognised that the two objectives of protecting rainforests and pursuing economically rational development can be reconciled by offering its standing forests for REDD+ payments and using those payments to invest in green economic activities.

At this stage there is no market for forest-based ecosystem services, nor any global REDD+ scheme for results based payments. In these circumstances, countries such as Guyana face real pressures to deforest. As discussed in the previous article, a REDD+ mechanism is being negotiated under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to help to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and reward countries for the carbon sequestration and storage services provided by forests. Guyana has made con-

siderable progress internationally in negotiating its position on REDD+ through the UN and other major processes. Guyana, along with likeminded countries, has been successful in obtaining a broadening of the scope of REDD+ to include the circumstances of countries like Guyana with high forest cover and low deforestation rates (HFLD), and effecting the inclusion of forest conservation, sustainable management of forests and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries. The country is currently negotiating alongside oth-

er rainforest countries for the scaling up of financing for results based REDD+ actions, and is also advocating a move away from the fragmented system of REDD+ financing entities which have their own individual rules and standards, and move towards a global REDD+ architecture under the UNFCCC that will ensure coordination and coherence in financing, and also ensure equitable access to financing and equity in disbursement. Guyana also supports in parallel the establishment of robust measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems, reference levels, and safeguards which are approved by the UNFCCC. Even while the details of a global framework to address REDD+ are being worked out, Guyana has moved ahead domestically to develop a workable approach to addressing the use of its forests in mitigating climate change. This is embodied in an avoided deforestation strategy, which is a major component of Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), launched in June 2009 and updated in 2013. The LCDS sets out how

Guyana can avoid significant emissions of GHG from deforestation that would occur following an economically rational development path, by attracting payments for forest carbon through a REDD+ mechanism. In its model of avoided deforestation, Guyana has proposed that, given appropriate incentives and safeguards, almost all of Guyana’s forests could be placed under longterm protection. The appropriate incentives would be payments for carbon services that equal or exceed, in the long term, the EVN of the forests. To support capacity building for REDD+ as part of the wider implementation of the LCDS, Guyana has embarked on a number key initiatives, activities and partnerships. Next week we will continue to explore these and other actions Guyana has taken as they relate to REDD+ and the use of its forests in addressing climate change. For additional information, please contact the Office of Climate Change, Office of the President, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Georgetown on telephone number 223-5205, email or website

GLDA poised to take livestock sector to next level – Dr Ramsammy The effective functioning of the livestock industry plays an integral role in the development of the country’s agriculture sector, to take the lead role in the region. The Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) recently celebrated its third anniversary, and the authority was urged to work collaboratively to ensure that its mandate to provide enhanced livestock husbandry, health and research is maintained. Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy, underscoring the importance the sector plays, stated that the

GLDA is poised through investment and research to take the livestock sector to another level. This pointed to the fact that the authority’s anniversary comes at a time when the country has high expectations and where it has been transformed into one which can effectively address some of the pressing needs of livestock farmers. “When we reflect on our three years, we have to feel a bit of pride even if we have not met everyone’s expectation… over the last three years, we have been able to secure

improved breeds of animals and many livestock farmers have significantly benefited from this initiative,” he said. Enhanced pasturage, better research, development and techniques are some of the factors which have propelled GLDA over the years.

Improved productivity

Meanwhile, the US$2.5 million Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory located at Mon Repo, which is 77 per cent complete, will pave the way for technicians to be better equipped to test, detect and diagnose

diseases in animals. Guyana has completed, for the first time, testing for foot and mouth disease, which is a major achievement for the country. In the past, specimens were required to be collected and sent to Brazil in order to be tested to determine if the disease existed in the country. “More than 90 per cent of the developing countries in the world do not have that capacity. The fact that the GLDA can come as one of the very few in the developing world that has the capacity to do that test tells you, that there is something to celebrate in spite that you are only three years old,” Minister Ramsammy pointed out. Minister Ramsammy also alluded to the fact that

Guyana and Barbados are set to have a model small ruminant farm developed in the country. This, according to the agriculture minister, is a major achievement for the sector, as it will ensure farmers benefit from enhanced breeds of certified animals. To ensure that farmers are safeguarded and to further propel the sector, the Agriculture Ministry is currently in the development phase to have the Animal Welfare and Food Safety Bills taken to Cabinet and later presented to the National Assembly for approval and subsequent passage. “We are also looking to have a world class research agriculture sector developed, where countries will

look to Guyana for expertise sharing… during this anniversary, much has been achieved and continues to be achieved, and this is something to celebrate,” he said. The GLDA Act of 2010 was passed by the National Assembly and assented to by former President Bharat Jagdeo in April 2010. The commencement date of September 1, 2010 was made by an order signed by then Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud on August 16, 2010 and published in the Official Gazette on August 21, 2010. Since its formation, the semi-autonomous agency within the Agriculture Ministry has been promoting greater efficiency within the livestock industry.



SUNDAY, october 20, 2013 |

Mixed results in poll on TT local govt elections BY VISHNU BISRAM


rinidad holds local government elections this Monday.  An opinion poll conducted by this writer for the North-American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) is showing mixed results with the opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) likely to make a lot of gains, wresting corporations from the ruling alliance.   The incumbent United National Congress (UNC)led Peoples Partnership (PP)) won the last local elections in July 2010 – victorious in 11 of 14 corporations – but is likely to suffer humiliating defeats in several of them. Each corporation has varying number of seats based on its population. There are 136 seats altogether. The PNM won 36 seats the last time and is set to make gains of a minimum 25. The UNC is contesting the election as part of an alliance: UNC, eight corporations; Congress of the People (COP), five; and Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), one. Voters want change and many are gravitating towards the newly-formed Independent Liberal Party (ILP) led by the charismatic Jack Warner, who is pulling support away from the PP in droves. In general, the poll finds the PNM base largely remains intact with some defections to the ILP while the Peoples Partnership base

is split. The ILP is chipping away at the support of the PP and PNM, but taking more from the UNC and COP than from the PNM. ILP has been successful at winning Indian support because of their neglect by the PP government. The findings of the NACTA poll show a close battle in several seats and corporations even in some where the UNC handily won in previous elections. This is so because the PP support base is split with the ILP. The ongoing tracking poll shows the opposition PNM is on track of wresting a minimum four corporations from the UNC while retaining the three it won in 2010.   The UNC is leading in three and has a chance in two others. One is heading towards a tie and the ILP is leading in one. But any number can play because of divided support and the large number of voters who refused to reveal their choice.

Popular support

In terms of popular support, nationally the PNM leads the UNC 30 per cent to 29 per cent, with the ILP at 25 per cent. The ILP could end up with more votes than the other parties and not win significant number of seats because of the First Past the Post System. The ILP is running second almost everywhere and this could put it on top in terms of votes. The ILP could also end up being the only party to have representation

TT Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar

in every corporation. Although the PNM is holding a lead in some nine corporations, it is far from obtaining a majority of support in seats, suggesting that if the PP support base were not split, the partnership would be doing significantly better. The split vote in the PP camp is enabling the PNM to win closely contested seats that would otherwise be won by the PP. Voters tell NACTA interviewers they like Kamla but not some of her colleagues in government. Not surprisingly, 91 per cent of the population backs the idea of a health-care card advocated by Kamla with only four per cent opposing. This is one of the highest ratings of the prime minister in recent times as she leads the Peoples Partnership in an uphill battle to retain control of corporations that the PP won in July 2010.

New LIAT head says emphasis will be placed on passengers’ comfort


he acting head of the Caribbean airline, LIAT, in a message to staff, declared the comfort and well-being of passengers will be her overriding priority. “At the new LIAT, we are working to build an airline which places the customer, our loyal passengers, at the centre of our focus,” stated Julie Reifer-Jones, who was appointed acting chief executive officer by the airline’s board of directors this month.  Reifer-Jones underscored the importance of the airline’s focus on the security of its passengers: “Today marks another significant milestone for LIAT – 57 years of continuous service to the peoples and countries of the region. We can also proudly say that these have been 57 years of safely serving the Caribbean.”  Pointing out that for many destinations LIAT remains the major carrier, transporting more passengers than any other airline, she added: “LIAT continues to contribute to the economic and social development of our region, providing important linkages for inter-re-

Acting LIAT CEO Julie Reifer-Jones

gional travel as well as for connections to international, particularly trans-Atlantic, travel.” Recalling LIAT has evolved from a single Piper Apache to its present fleet of 14 aircraft, she asked for patience: “As we go through change once again, we promise to serve our region better and in more efficient ways.”   Major investment She thanked customers and stakeholders for their patience and support as LIAT transitions from its Dash-8 fleet to new ATR aircraft: “This change of fleet is a major investment for the company with a cost of US$107 million.”

Peace Corp volunteer calls for greater awareness of cancer

She was pleased to note, however, that on several routes, “our passengers are already experiencing the comfort of our new ATR 72s”.  In addition to the introduction of new aircraft into the fleet, the airline has been able to stabilise its flight schedules throughout the Caribbean: “By the end of this year, we will have six new aircraft and this should improve our operational performance considerably,” she reported.  The LIAT acting CEO proclaimed the fleet modernisation which continues into 2014 will improve schedules. “By the end of next year we expect to have a completely new fleet. In addition, we are actively working to improve on-timeperformance and our customer service.”  On its 57th year of service to the Caribbean, Reifer-Jones saluted all LIAT employees “who throughout the years have helped to build this outstanding Caribbean institution. As we move forward, we encourage everyone to keep the LIAT flag flying high”.

Some members of the Berbice Chapter


eace Corp volunteer Krista Brooks has called for greater awareness of the issues surrounding cancer when the Berbice Chapter of the Guyana Cancer Society held their annual march and rally on Wednesday. According to Brooks, it is important for all to support persons who are suffering with cancer, noting that awareness is also letting persons know that the disease does exist, but is not a death sentence. The Peace Corp volunteer noted that there are persons who have survived and some are in remission. “There are treatment options.” She said the cancer society is advocating early detection, prevention and treatment. “If you are aware, that is a tool that you can use. If you have the knowledge, you can know that something is not right with you, so you need to go and get yourself checked out.” She said awareness should make persons inform others about their lifestyles. “If you are not going out and exercise, if you are consuming diets that are high in fats and if you are smoking, those are activates that can increase your risk.” Brooks is encouraging ex-

ercise to reduce one’s risk of getting cancer. Speak out “Don’t stay silent, let others know. You see persons that are well and then they are diagnosed with cancer and you see them gradually get sick. The vibrant person that they were you may not see that when they are fighting with the illness, and it could be very heavy to go through so we need to support those who are affected and their families.” The march started at Marks Bridge and ended at the Esplanade Park. The Berbice Chapter of the Guyana Cancer Society meets every third Thursday at the Lutheran Court at Strand in New Amsterdam. Meanwhile, one survivor Ulita Singh, who was also part of the rally, told this publication said that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 after she noticed a lump in her breast. Worst fears confirmed Upon advice, she went to get a test, and in October 2010, her worst fears were confirmed. “When the doctor gave me the results, it did not hit home right away. It was not until I was home with my

sisters and husband and we went over what the doctor said that it hit home. Singh, now, 45, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and was advised to have a mastectomy. “I joined the clinic in December and there was an old lady who gave me good support and advice from them. They told me what to expect as a result of the chemotherapy. What to eat and what not to.” Singh said she was saddened when she learnt that the old lady had passed away. All of the others who were attending the clinic when Singh started have also passed away. The lone survivor noted that in February 2012, she was informed that there were no cancer cells found in her body. “I was very happy. My husband was more happy than me, he went home and told everyone.” Singh also spoke of the positive support she received during thr recovery process.. “My immediate family and my extended Christian family became more that family to me, they supported me and I can’t thank them enough even for their prayers.” Singh is in the third year of a five-year medication programme, and is currently into remission.


SUNday, october 20, 2013


Duncan St police post Peru cracks down on cocaine opened, Moonilal gets production ‘Spanish’ amnesia

Flashback: Then acting Prime Minister Roodal Moonilal, right, greets contractor Kenneth Rodriguez during a tour of the proposed Duncan Street police post on October 4


wo weeks after greeting Kenneth “Spanish” Rodriguez with a handshake at the site of the Duncan Street police post in Port of Spain, Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal purported to have no knowledge of Rodriguez when asked why Rodriguez was notably absent at the post’s handing-over ceremony Thursday. Moonilal, fielding questions from the

media about Rodriguez after the ceremonial opening, said: “I understand the people who are working here are here. I don’t know who you all are referring to.” Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who delivered Thursday’s feature address, said also she had no idea why Rodriguez, who said he was a foreman on the project, was a noshow. “I was invited here. I

am just an invitee,” PersadBissessar laughed when asked about his absence. Rodriguez, the controversial figure connected with the construction of the TT$2 million police post at 64 Duncan Street, was one of many people arrested as suspected gang members during the state of emergency in 2011, but was subsequently released. Rodriguez, a Beetham Gardens community leader, has denied he is involved in any gang activity. However, acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has identified Rodriguez as one of the individuals they had information on in connection with gang activity. The issue of gangs being awarded government contracts was first raised by Opposition Senator Pennelope Beckles in debate last month. She said gang members were getting government contracts, “and as we speak, one gang member has a contract to repair a police station.” (Excerpted from Trinidad Guardian)

Nevis financial status improving, says premier


he financial status of Nevis has been improving, said premier of Nevis and minister of finance, Vance Amory, when he delivered remarks at a Conference on the Economy 2013 hosted by the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) on Friday. The conference was attended by a number of stakeholders in various sectors on Nevis, who would help the NIA plan the way forward for a vibrant and strong economy.

“It is important for me to state that up to September this year, we have been able to stabilise the financial status of Nevis and it is one of the bases on which we have to move forward and that is having a responsible management of the Nevis fiscal and financial situation... “Whether it is instructive going through the ministry of finance and the efforts we have made to control expenditure; trim the fat and the excess which was bleed-

ing the treasury, our administration for the period January to September 2013, can report improvements in both the current account balance and the overall primary balances. The overall balance which recorded a deficit of 0.574million in 2012 has moved into a surplus position of 0.732million in 2013.Our current revenue for the period amounted to 88.326million and it has outperformed the 2012 period by some 2.7 per cent,” he said. (Excerpt from


eruvian security forces have made important inroads in their battle against drug traffickers, reversing a seven-year trend in the amount of land used to cultivate coca, the raw material which is used to make cocaine, according to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). In 2012, Peruvian Coca Eradication Brigades (CORAH) destroyed 14,000 hectares used to cultivate coca, authorities said. The eradication effort reduced Peru’s coca crop by more

than three per cent, officials said. It was the largest amount of drug-producing land ever eradicated by Peruvian security forces in one year. Peruvian security forces are continuing to eradicate record amounts of drugproducing land. As of early October 2013, security forces had destroyed 19,000 drugproducing hectares, establishing a new annual record, authorities said. Officials have said they plan on eliminating 22,000 drug-producing hectares by the end of 2013. The administration of

President Ollanta Humala is spending about US$15 million to fund CORAH. Security forces are focusing more of their efforts on the border that Peru shares with Colombia and Brazil. For generations, Peruvian drug traffickers cultivated more than 90 per cent of the coca produced in that country in jungle valleys not near the border region. In recent years, drug traffickers have shifted most of their coca production to the border that Peru shares with Colombia and Brazil.

(Excerpt from Dialogo News)

Argentine train crashes into Buenos Aires Once station


commuter train in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, has crashed at the end of the line, leaving at least 35 people injured. The train failed to stop as it arrived at Once station, crashing through the buffers and ending up wedged between the floor and ceiling of the platform. The accident happened at the same station where 51 people were killed in a similar crash last year. The cause of the accident remains unclear. Saturday’s crash happened shortly after 07:00h local time (10:00h GMT). The line from Moreno 40km (25 miles) west of Buenos Aires to Once station, operated by the Sarmiento train company, is normally a busy commuter line during the week, and its trains are usually packed with passengers. Security Secretary Sergio Berni said some of those injured on Saturday had been waiting on the platform and were hurt by

The train ended up wedged between the floor and ceiling of the platform at Argentina’s Once station

flying glass as the train’s windows shattered. Jorge Ramirez, a chef who got on the train nine stations before the end of the line, told the AP news agency the accident was “a

tragedy”. “I saw people hurt, shouting, others thrown on the floor. The people in the first wagon ended up piled on top of each other,” he said. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Caribbean News Now)

Caribbean ministers call for Barbados future bright for events- continued financial support based tourism


vents-based tourism in Barbados is most certainly on the right track. This expressed consensus by keynote speakers, which included Tourism Minister Richard Sealy at the Thursday’s launch of the fifth edition of the Henessy Artistry Concert at Kensington Oval. Sealy highlighted the importance of quality events such as the Hennessy Artistry event which would bring visitors to the island especially during the slow period of the

tourism season. “Events-based tourism is extremely important especially high quality brand attraction. The government is going to work with private entities to achieve this so that all of the strain is not going to rest on the public coffers. If I may say by way of information that close to 100 people have bought tickets from abroad and that is good because it is still some distance away. However over 2000 people have booked their tickets for the Rihanna concert…

Facilities like Kensington won’t pay for themselves having it booked with events like this would keep it going,” said Sealy. His view was in sync with that of promoter and director of FAS Entertainment, Al Gilkes, who divulged to the media and invited guest that plans were in the making to convert the solitary concert into a weekend festival, which would be a merger of French and English Caribbean cultures. (Excerpt from

Barbados Advocate)


inance ministers from the Caribbean, Ireland and Canada have urged the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to continue to support small highly vulnerable economies in its new strategy. “Of particular concern are the Caribbean countries in our constituency, which are small island states that are highly vulnerable to natural disasters and external macroeconomic shocks. This heterogeneous group of developing countries continues to struggle with the complexity of financing and implement-

ing development solutions within the context of stagnant or contracting growth, declining competitiveness and unsustainable fiscal and debt positions,” said Jim Flaherty, finance minister for Canada, who spoke on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines He noted that, over the past five years, a number of these countries have embarked on fiscal consolidation and structural transfor-

mation programmes aimed at rebalancing their economies and creating the conditions for growth. “However, to be truly effective, these efforts must also be accompanied by programmes that allow the private sector to expand and emerge as the primary driver of growth. In this regard, we continue to encourage the World Bank’s work, through the Caribbean Growth Forum, that seeks to assist these countries to develop and ultimately implement progrowth strategies,” said the Canadian official. (Excerpt from

Caribbean News Now)

SUNday, october 20, 2013


International Maldives police stop presidential Syria: UN aid chief calls for urgent ceasefire in Moadamiyah poll re-run

Syria’s Red Crescent has been able to evacuate some 3000 people from the town but many have not managed to leave


he UN’s humanitarian chief has called for an “immediate pause in hostilities” in Moadamiyah, a rebel-held suburb of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Valerie Amos said 3000 people were evacuated last Sunday, but that the same number were trapped in the town amid continuing shelling and fighting. Thousands of people were in a similar situations in

towns across the country, she said. The army has previously said rebel-held areas must surrender or starve. Also on Saturday, activists said at least 16 soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing and fighting at a checkpoint near the mainlyChristian area of Jaramana. State media blamed “terrorists” for the explosion but did not give details. Rebels control much of the coun-

tryside around Damascus but Jaramana – a Christian and Druze area mostly loyal to President Bashar alAssad – is still held by the government. In a statement, Baroness Amos said was “extremely worried by the situation unfolding across Syria where ordinary women, children and men are facing horrific violence and brutality from all sides of the conflict”. She said relief workers had been unable to access Moadamiyah for months, and that the ongoing conflict was preventing any rescue mission from going ahead. “I call on all parties to agree an immediate pause in hostilities in Moadamiyah to allow humanitarian agencies unhindered access to evacuate the remaining civilians and deliver life-saving treatment and supplies in areas where fighting and shelling is ongoing,” she said. (Excerpt from CNN)

Hollande says deported teen can return to France alone


rench President François Hollande said Saturday that Leonarda Dibrani, a 15-year-old schoolgirl of Roma gypsy origin at the centre of a high-profile deportation case, could return to France to continue her studies, but without the rest of her family. “If she makes the request, in view of the circumstances, and if she would like to continue her schooling in France, she will be welcomed back,” Hollande said during

a televised press conference in Paris. The president’s announcement came amid outrage in France over the teenager’s detention during a school trip on October 9. The case has gained wide attention, with fellow secondaryschool students organising large protests in France this week in defence of their former fellow student. The case has split Hollande’s own Socialist government, with Interior Minister Manuel Valls coming under fire for his hard-

line stance on forcing Roma to return to their home countries. While Hollande said that “no fault” had been committed by police in Leonarda’s arrest and deportation, he added that nevertheless he would issue an order banning the police from detaining children during any school related activities. Leonarda, speaking to reporters in Kosovo, immediately reacted to Hollande’s speech by saying she would not leave her family behind.

(Excerpt from France24)


olice in the Maldives have forced the postponement of the rerun of the presidential poll, declaring the vote illegal and blocking ballot papers from leaving the offices of the Elections Commission. The election had been due to take place on Saturday, but “a new date for elections will be informed later”, the independent Elections Commission said in a statement. The Indian Ocean chain of islands has been in turmoil

since February 2012 when former President Mohamed Nasheed, who won the Maldives’ first free elections in 2008, was ousted in disputed circumstances his supporters called a coup. Elections Commissioner Fuwad Thowfeek said police had surrounded the commission’s secretariat. “We cannot proceed with the election if police are obstructing it,” Thowfeek told a news conference. He said the commission was disappointed and frustrated

and that police had “overstepped their authority”. Thowfeek also doubted the election could be held before the end of the current presidential term on November 11. The Supreme Court annulled the results of a September 7 presidential election in which Nasheed came first and ordered a revote, agreeing with losing candidate Qasim Ibrahim that the voters’ register listed fictional names and dead people. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

U.S. killing of al-Shabaab leader in ‘08 may shine light on NSA surveillance programme

People walk through rubble after a U.S. missile killed al-Shabaab leader Aden Hashen Ayrow and as many as 30 other people on May 1, 2008, in Somalia


n May 2008, U.S. officials touted a major counterterrorism success in Africa: A U.S. missile strike had killed Aden Hashen Ayrow, a top leader of the Somali-based terror group alShabaab. Five years later, that strike is under fresh scrutiny over an issue that got little attention at the time: how the U.S. government found Ayrow in the first place. A newly disclosed FBI email suggests the National Security Agency may have played a role in Ayrow’s kill-

ing. That could shed new light on how agency surveillance programmes – including collection of data inside the United States – is used to support lethal U.S. counterterrorism strikes overseas, say civil liberties groups and defence lawyers. The email surfaced in court papers recently filed by lawyers for Basaaly Moalin, a San Diego cab driver convicted in February of providing “material support” to alShabaab. U.S. officials have said Moalin was identified as a suspect through the NSA’s

bulk collection of Americans’ phone records – a programme only recently revealed in documents leaked by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Moalin is now appealing his conviction on the grounds that he was unconstitutionally targeted by the NSA programme. In the email, an unidentified FBI agent discusses the role of “another agency” – an apparent reference to the NSA – in intercepting a phone call that Moalin had just received from Ayrow in Somalia. (Excerpt from MSNBC)

Nazi war criminal to be buried in Power lines blamed for two of Australia's ‘secret location’ in Italy

Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke’s body will be buried in a secret location in Italy, his lawyer said Saturday after his initial funeral was halted by protesters. The Vatican earlier barred Catholic churches in Rome from holding a mass for Priebke


azi war criminal Erich Priebke will be buried in a secret location in Italy, his lawyer said on Saturday, following a long legal dispute after the former SS officer’s

death in Rome last week. “We have an agreement with the authorities over the burial of Erich Priebke in a secret location,” Paolo Giachini said, after a funeral rite for Priebke last week

sparked street clashes near Rome. Asked by AFP whether the burial would take place in Italy, Giachini answered “yes”. Italian news agency ANSA later report-

ed him saying the location would be “either in Italy or in Germany”. “The agreement satisfies the family and ethical and spiritual requirements,” Giachini said, adding that there would be “a small ceremony for relatives” after the private ceremony. The 100-year-old died while living under house arrest for his role in the massacre of 335 people – almost all of them innocent civilians – in the Ardeatine complex of caves near Rome in 1944. The Nazi was unrepentant to the end and in a chilling posthumous “video testament” released by Giachini this week said the massacre was actually the fault of partisan fighters because it was retaliation against the killing of 33 Germans. (Excerpt from France24)

dozens of fires


wo of the dozens of bush fires burning out of control in the eastern Australian state of New South Wales were sparked by power lines that had been buffeted by strong winds, fire officials said Saturday, citing preliminary investigations. In the Springwood fire, 193 homes have been destroyed and another 109 damaged. In the Mt. Victoria fire, seven homes have been destroyed and one damaged, the New South Wales Rural Fire Service said in a statement. Fire investigators were still looking into the cause of the other fires. Earlier, authorities said they were trying to determine whether one of the fires was caused by a military training exercise.

A huge blaze near Lithgow, New South Wales, started on October 16, when officials “were conducting an explosive ordnance training activity,” the Australian Department of Defence said. Investigators were trying to determine whether the two events are linked, the statement said. Authorities said this week that some 95 fires were burning and that 34 of them were out of control. The Springwood and Winmalee areas of the Blue Mountains were among the hardest hit, the fire service said. It suggested residents seek shelter and protect themselves from the heat. Emergency alert telephone warning messages were being sent to people in the area, the fire service said. (Excerpt from CNN)


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Amerindians to rally for restoration Four Guyanese charged for illegal drugs in of presidential grants on Monday Barbados




ational Toshaos Council (NTC) executive member Ernest Samuel said the cut in presidential grants has been a major issue affecting Amerindian communities and this will be highlighted at the council’s conference on Monday. Speaking in a recent interview with Guyana Times, Samuel said the NTC hopes to engage government and highlight that the severing of the grants has posed severe challenges to Amerindian communities. “That village grant was one of the main funds that communities depended on to do little projects in their communities.” He said contrary to the opposition’s position, the funds are vital for the villages’ development. NTC executive member Vincent Emmanuel said the toshaos are aiming to formulate a resolution to restore the grants they receive. “I see the money being taken as willfully because I don’t see any reason in taking it away.” NTC Chairman Derrick John said he hopes the toshaos will take a collective stand on the restoration of the funds allocated to the presidential grants as it is a

NTC executive members Ernest Samuel, Derrick John and Vincent Emmanuel following their interview at Guyana Times

primary means of creating jobs and business opportunities. He said another concern that will be tabled is the need for more markets for produce in Amerindian communities. “There are markets on the coast but the cost of transporting those things there is costly so we are hoping more agro-processing facilities can be established to boost the agro-sector in the hinterland communities.” The chairman also disclosed that in the future, the NTC will be looking to build better relationships

with other organisations so as to get funding for some Amerindian projects. He said one of the organisation’s goals is to establish its own office, noting that the money it is allocated in the budget is not enough to make this possible. Of the more than $73 billion of funding allocated to various projects under the Finance Ministry, $19 billion was slashed from the allocation of $20 billion provided for the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). The annual meeting provides the platform for

dialogue and forward planning for the development of Amerindian communities. Some of the issues that will be placed on the front burners during the fiveday forum include community development projects (CDPs), presidential grants, Amerindian land titling projects and the opt-in mechanism for Amerindian villages and communities. This year, like every other, the toshaos will be interacting with the president and his entire team of Cabinet ministers.

Man killed by reversing truck I

t was a bloody scene on Saturday morning in the vicinity of the Russian embassy, Kitty, Georgetown after a man’s head was crushed by a re-

versing truck. The dead man was identified as Ralph Stanley Roach of Subryanville, Georgetown. He is suspected to be in his late forties.

According to information received, Roach was standing on the Rupert Craig Highway when a truck belonging to Mekdeci reversed and struck him down. The

back left wheel of the vehicle ran over the man’s head. He is said to have died minutes after. An eyewitness told Guyana Times that the driver of the truck had his ears plugged up, listening to music and did not hear the man’s screams. After the back wheel went over the man’s head, the driver realised that he had ran over something, and exited the vehicle. And upon checking, he saw Roach in pool of blood. The driver of the truck reportedly panicked, claiming that after reversing, he looked in the rear viewing mirrors and did not see anyone. The eyewitness said the man had just left his employer’s home and was standing in the corner of the public road to catch public transportation when he met his demise. After the accident, several persons reportedly ran to the scene to offer their assistance, but Roach was already dead. It took some time for undertakers from the Lyken’s Funeral Home to remove the body. The driver of the truck was subsequently taken into police custody and is assisting with investigations. Attempts to make contact with the dead man’s relatives proved futile.

our Guyanese were on Saturday morning slapped with 10 charges each when they appeared at the District A Magistrates’ Court, Bridgetown Barbados after a quantity of illicit drugs and gun were found on their cargo ship during a joint operation at the Bridgetown Port a few days ago. Initially, eight crew members were arrested following the discovery, but only four were charged after a thorough investigation was conducted. Those charged were Tito Talo Moore, 26, of Kuru Kururu Soesdyke/Linden Highway; Carlton Andre Lacaille, 43, of Caneville Grove, East Bank Demerara; Burkeley Levert Crawford, 24, of Mount Sinai, New Amsterdam, Berbice; and Yagpaul Bhisundial, 30, of Edinburgh Scheme, East Bank Demerara. Those who were allowed back on the vessel MV Rigina were Churma Singh, Lindon Hazel, Trevon Peters, Berkley Crawford and Anthony La Rose. The men were charged with possession of cannabis; possession with intent to supply cannabis; trafficking cannabis; importation of cannabis; possession of cocaine; possession with intent to supply cocaine; trafficking cocaine; importation of cocaine; illegal possession of a firearm and illegal importation of a firearm. Investigations revealed on Tuesday, October 15, a joint

operation was carried out by members of the Police Drug Squad, the enforcement unit of the Barbados Customs and Excise Department and the Barbados Coast Guard onboard a cargo vessel which had sailed from Guyana and arrived in Barbados about 20.20h on October 15. During the search, 107 packages of cannabis weighing 101.02 kilograms, 20.6 kilograms of cocaine and one submachine pistol were found and seized. However, on Friday, charge were laid against the four crew members of the cargo vessel MV Rigina for offences which were committed. Inspector David Welch of the Royal Barbados Police Force said that acting on intelligence, the vessel was searched minutes after it moored at the Bridgetown Port, resulting in the discovery of the illegal drugs and gun. These were found concealed in various parts of the vessel, including the engine room. An investigation was launched by the Custom Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) into the bust. Guyana Times understands that the vessel was under surveillance by CANU. In May, 33-year-old Dwayne Edward Adams of East Bank Demerara was charged with four offences, including possession of 1.5 kilograms of cocaine with intent to supplying and trafficking the illegal drug.

Bandits terrorise, rob Berbice businesswoman


wo gunmen on Thursday terrorised and robbed a businesswoman and her son at their Lot 804 Plantation Chester, West Coast Berbice business place. The incident occurred about 10:00h. The police have since launched an investigation into the robbery committed on Bibi Allim Alli, 43, and her son, Asif Alli, 28, a computer technician. The bandits relieved the businesswoman of $40,000 and three mobile phones which together valued some $200,000. Based on reports received, Asif Alli, the son of the businesswoman was standing at the back of their yard when he was confronted by the two men who held him up at gun point, demanding cash and valuables. The robbers subsequently tied his hands behind his back with a gents’ belt and shifted their attention to his mother, who they also tied up, before they ransacked their home. During their rummage, they found the cash and cellphones in a black bag on the kitchen table, and made their escape on foot, heading towards the backlands. They mother and son managed to untie themselves and raised an alarm. The police were summoned and Asif was

taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital, where he was treated and sent away.    The police questioned several persons in the area, but no one was arrested. Statements were taken and the police are continuing their investigations. Meanwhile, the police are also investigating an alleged robbery committed on Ryan Seepersaud, 18, a sales clerk of Dundee Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara. The robbery occurred on Friday about 12:30h at De Edward Village, West Bank Berbice.   Seepersaud reportedly told investigators that he had $522,200 on him, money belonging to his employer Romain Premchand, a businessman of Airy Hall, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, and on the day in question, he left the bag containing the money and went into a Chinese restaurant, but by the time he returned, the bag was missing. Seepersaud, a porter and driver were at the time distributing gas at Lui Mein Yu Chinese Restaurant at De Edward Village, West Bank Berbice. An alarm was raised and the police launched on investigation. Several persons were questioned but no one was arrested. Police are continuing their investigations.



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Region Five honours educators, top performers – Minister Manickchand underscores need for partnership to improve the education sector


eaching is considered one of the noblest occupations the world over due to the role teachers play in the creation of a country’s manpower. In recognition of the efforts made by educators, the regional administration of Region Five under the theme “Promoting Excellence” recognised those who have served the region for 30 years and more. Some of the teachers have remained at the same school for their entire career, an indication that in some instances they have taught and positively impacted the lives of hundreds of families. The activity which was held at the Regional Democratic Council office at Fort Wellington also saw the top performers of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) being awarded. Apart from those, special awards were also presented to teachers and students who participated in other activities such as debating competitions, a recipe competition for the nursery level, spelling bee, Information Communication Technologies (ICT) quiz and painting.

The Region Five teachers who were rewarded for their services to the education sector

Education Minister Priya Manickchand noted that it is easy for people to criticise the education system, but solutions have not been forthcoming.         “This is one of the… most talked about sectors in the country, in any country the education sector attracts a lot of conversation, a lot of talk, a lot of criticism, a lot of praise, a lot of attention, and the reason for that is because this is perhaps the one single sector that is the most

important that could make or break a country,” the minister said.


She further stated that no person, factor or group of persons could make sure that the education sector is right, and it depends on a partnership among the government, Education Ministry, school administration/teachers, parents and students. The minister stressed that there are a lot of good

teachers, but they are not always seen. “We don’t have space for lazy teachers, but programmes like this today could help teachers emulate the people we are celebrating,” she said. Based on the impact of teachers on the children they teach, the minister emphasised that teachers are the backbone of the education sector, and they inevitably have to decide what the education sector and Guyana would look like in

20 years, and that is a huge burden and responsibility. Minister Manickchand stressed that teachers will get the support and resources they need for this endeavour, and called on parents to be more involved in the education of their children. Students were urged to be disciplined, conscious of their role and give assistance to their peers. The minister highlighted that Region Five is poised for take-off educationally;

this is much more evident with the upgrade of Rosignol and Bygeval secondary schools to A-List schools. Minister Manickchand explained that A-List schools speak to the quality of the education delivered, quality of teachers and the resources as against Grade A, which speaks to the number of children attending a particular school. In this regard, the two schools received improvement in staffing, environment and infrastructure at a cost of over $24 million. Regional Chairman Bindrabhan Bisnauth expressed satisfaction with the efforts of the teachers in the region, noting that they have made the region proud. The regional chairman also indicated that he expects the retired teachers to continue to contribute to the education system, and called on the students to keep up their good work. Regional Education Officer Owen Pollard noted that with the two A-List schools, Bygeval and Rosignol secondary schools, the region would be able to shine, as previously the top performers were absorbed into schools in Regions Four and Six.

Lucky Dollar awards lucky winners Finance minister implores opposition

Roxanne Goring (centre) with her 58” TCL TV in the presence of Lucky Dollar Regent Street store manager Sharon Persaud (left) and store clerk Conley Baxter-Dennis


oxanne Goring of 153 Section D, Turkeyen Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara has won a 58’’ TCL television set in the first week of Lucky Dollar’s “Win a TCL 58” TV a Week” promotion. The promotion began on October 7, and ends on November 2. The promotion awards customers who made cash or credit purchases of over $69,999 a chance to be win a TCL 58” TV worth $350,000 every week. There are still three more 58” TCL TVs to be won. One winner every week for the rest of October. “Lucky Dollar Guyana always looks for chances to reward customers for their patronage throughout the year and is extremely

In a different promotion, Lucky Dollar’s “Win Your Purchase Free” promotion, which began on September 9, and ended on October 9, customers who made cash or credit purchases of over $49,999 were given a chance to be one of two persons to get their purchases absolutely free. At a recently held drawing, Troy Fernandes of Lot 30 Second Street, De Willem, West Coast Demerara, who had purchased a HP Deskjet all in one printer and a Landranger 20” Mountain Bike and Ramesh Ramlakhan of NAREI’s Commercial Farm,

Troy Fernandes (third left) receives his refund checque from Regent Street store manager Sharon Persaud while Ramesh Ramlakhan (fourth right) receives his from store clerk Conley Baxter-Dennis

pleased to serve and reward customers in many ways no other retailer is able to match,” the business said in a release.

Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, who had purchased a LG 11CF Fridge / Freezer were adjudged winners in this promotion.

to pass anti-money laundering bill amendments


inance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh is calling on the opposition to place the integrity of Guyana’s financial system above partisan politics by ensuring the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill. The government of Guyana has made exhaustive efforts to involve and accommodate the opposition via a number attempts to meet as frequently as possible in the select committee, of the National Assembly, to discuss the bill. Minister Singh in a release said the government offered to meet with the opposition in the committee on two occasions so far but those efforts have been futile. Another meeting is scheduled for Monday. Despite these setbacks, government is committed to work every day for the people of Guyana for as long as it takes to get the amendments to this bill passed. The passage of this bill is important to the economic sustainability of Guyana. It will demonstrate to international banks and lending agencies that Guyana’s financial system is credible, stable and accountable. The Private Sector Commission’s (PSC) recent

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh

call for support of the bill echoes the concerns raised by government regarding the impact of Guyana’s economy should these vital pieces of legislation be delayed further: non-passage of the bill will delay business transaction and drive the prices of commodities and services upward. The consequences of such a delay will transfer to the common man. One example of these consequences will be felt by recipients of remittances. Because financial institutions will be subjected to intensified scrutiny and increased penalty fees for operating in a non-compliant

country, those increased fees will be incurred by the consumer. Given the risk to Guyana’s economy, government is once again calling on the opposition to be responsible in the execution of its duties and to desist from the continued attempts to extract political concessions by holding these vital amendments and the nation ransom. The concern of Minister Singh comes in the wake of a full page advertisement published by the PSC on Friday, October 18, calling on the parliamentary parties to swiftly pass the legislation.


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By Bernice Bede Osol


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Spend time with friends or family if you want to ease your stress. Someone’s suggestions will help prepare you for the wheeling and dealing you have planned. Relax and enjoy the comfort of home.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) The focus should be on you and what you need to excel. Romantic encounters will be emotional, but if handled with care can lead to a fresh start.

PISCES (Feb.20March 20)


Invest in your future. Take part in activities that are conducive to mingling with people trying to reach goals similar to yours. You could end up meeting with folks who will help you in your road to success.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

CANCER (June 21July 22) Enjoy getting out and seeking a bit of entertainment. The effect you have on the people you meet will open a door to a new way of thinking and a proposition worth considering.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Keep the peace at home. Look for a way to improve your life and relationships with the people you love most. Money will come to you from an unexpected source.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Let your mind wander. Whether you travel mentally or physically, you will discover ways to achieve greater happiness and peace of mind. Address and resolve emotional issues.

LIBRA (Sept. 23Oct. 23)

You need a break and a change. Getting out and enjoying life will help motivate you to engage in an unusual event that will alter your direction. Love is on the rise.

Partnerships will make a difference in the outcome of an endeavour you are pursuing. Good fortune is within reach, and a change in your lifestyle could prove beneficial.

TAURUS (April 20May 20)


Look over your situation and consider the adjustments you need to make to keep everything moving smoothly on the home front. Focusing on your entertainment and comfort will bring pleasing results.

Explore new ways to use your skills and talents. Diversification will help you broaden your interests and reach goals far beyond your expectations. Don’t settle for less.

Calvin and Hobbes


GEMINI (May 21June 20) Certain partnerships will require you to take precautions. Don’t say anything that may be used against you. Listen carefully and be sure to protect your reputation. Don’t let arguments get out of hand.

(Oct. 24Nov. 22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) A change at home will do you good. Don’t let someone’s disgruntled, negative attitude goad you into an argument. You’ve got what it takes to make your day a good one.


sunday, october 20, 2013

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Brian Skinner speaking at the National Men’s Convention 2013


ore than 200 men who attended the New Testament Church of God’s (NTCOG) National Men’s Convention 2013 on Wednesday were challenged to find healing for the wounds caused by their own fathers and to focus on being fathers who prepare their sons properly for the responsibilities and challenges of manhood. Under the theme “I’m The Man”, the group of men which included soldiers, policemen, prison inmates, lawyers, doctors, church ministers and men from different denominations and walks of life, received a charge from Brian Skinner, who delivered the day’s main presentation. Drawing on his training, professional experience, and his own experience as a father, including burying his first son, Skinner entertained, educated and challenged men to be better men all round. Skinner said when a boy becomes a man, he puts away boyish things and develops in four main areas. The challenge for fathers is to know those four areas and understand what the boy must develop in each so that as a father he could properly see after his son’s development. Skinner is a sociologist, urban planner, family life counsellor, and trainer in emotional intelligence and

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motivational speaker. He practices both locally and internationally and has over 35 years of experience to his credit. He has been most recently involved as a consultant for the Trinidad and Tobago Gender, Youth and Child Development Ministry in male support programmes, including effective parenting. Speaking at the end of the one-day convention, NTCOG National Men’s Director, Alex Graham, said that “the convention succeeded beyond our expectations and opened up the opportunity for a larger conversation on masculinity and its role in helping to combat many of our current social challenges.” Graham added, that “the opportunity to bring together prisoners and policemen and a lawyer and a magistrate to confront the same social problem is a precious one, and one on which we will build for the future. As a church the NTCOG is not just interested in a one-off event, we are committed to working across the wider social space to help bring about change in our culture.” The NTCOG received generous support from several commercial partners, including the BrainStreet Group, GT&T, Caribbean Airlines, Herdmanston Lodge, HJTV, Banks DIH, Paper Craft and Tagman Media.

Three men wanted by CANU

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Men urged to focus on being responsible fathers

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october 20, 2013

BCB to stage historic Namilco/ Bakewell 20/20 tournament T

he Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) has obtained sponsorship for what is anticipated to be the biggest 20/20 cricket tournament that will be held in the Ancient County for clubs. The tournament will carry a winner’s cheque of $200,000, while $100,000 will go to the runner-up and $50,000 and $25,000 to the third and fourth place teams respectively. The participating teams are West Berbice, Bath, D’Edward, Blairmont, Edinburgh, Police, Bermine, Young Warriors, Albion, Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets, Skeldon, Port Mourant and Upper Corentyne. Chairman of the BCB Competitions Committee, Carl Moore, explained that the tournament will be played on a knockout basis with two matches being played at one venue each day, starting at 09:30 hours and 13:30 hours respectively. The tournament will bowl off on October 27 at three venues in Bderbice. The venues are the Bush Lot ground in West Berbice,

Cumberland in Canje and Number 69 ground in Upper Corentyne. Secretary of the BCB, Angela Haniff, expressed the board’s gratitude to the two sponsors of the tournament, Namilco and Bakewell, for their confidence in the BCB and for investing in the development of cricket in Berbice. The tournament will be used by the BCB to promote the “Say No to Drugs” and “Yes to Education” message to all youths in Berbice as part of the board’s social programme. Managing Director of Namilco, Bert Sukhai, expressed confidence that the tournament would be a huge success as the BCB has an excellent track record of organising successful tournaments. Namilco, he stated, is pleased to invest in Berbice cricket as it fully understands its corporate responsibilities to make positive differences. Ansa McAl Trading has also come on board as a sponsor and has bar rights at all the venues where matches would be played. Meanwhile, Moore dis-

closed that the tournament is expected to be of the highest standard with players like Assad Fudadin, Sewnarine Chattergoon, Devendra Bishoo, Jonathan Foo, Keon Joseph, Brandon Bess, Eugene LaFleur, Gudakesh Motie, Devon Clement, Shemroy Barrington, Arthley Bailey and Delbert Hicks among others playing for their different clubs. In the opening round of matches on October 27, West Berbice and D’Edward will face off at 09:30 hours at the Bush Lot ground, while at 13:30 hours, Police and Bush Lot will swing into action. At the Number 69 ground, Upper Corentyne will trade skills with Edinburg, with Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets squaring off with Skeldon at 13:30 hours. Over on the Cumberland ground in Canje, Bermine and Port Mourant Karibee Rice will face each other at 09:30 hours, while Young Warriors Universal DVD and Blairmont will collide at 13:30 hours. Albion has drawn the bye for this round.

Elizabeth Styles U-15, 50-over competition…

DHQ dominates GDF athletics championships

Patrick King (sitting extreme left) celebrates with his teammates and newly appointed brigadier Mark Phillips after winning the championship on Friday


efence Headquarters (DHQ) displayed total dominance to win the 2013 edition of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) athletics championships on Friday at the Camp Ayanganna ground. DHQ ended with a total of 361 points to comprehensively win the championships ahead of Base Camp Ayanganna,

who finished way behind on 232 points. Training Corps was third with 184 points, while First Infantry/21 Artillery finished fourth with 165 points ahead of the Coast Guards, who rounded out the top five, with 111 points. The performance of the day went to Patrick King of DHQ, who took the men’s 100

metres in a blistering time of 10.1s, after being absent from the track for seven months due to a training course in Trinidad. The event was used to select the 2013 team to represent the army men at the 2013 Inter Services Athletics Championships, set for next month.

Blairmont, Young Warriors Junior hockey championship off to resounding start through to semi-finals


brilliant unbeaten century from Berbice Under-19 all-rounder Derick Narine Lalsa Jnr. led Blairmont Community Centre to a semi-final spot in the Elizabeth Styles Under-19, 50-over cricket competition in Berbice, after they defeated Edinburgh by nine wickets. In the quarter-final played at Blairmont, Edinburgh won the toss and took first strike, making 160 all out in 49.4 overs with former Berbice Under-15 cricketer Jamal Henry topscoring with 61 (3x4s, 4x6s) and Makesh Yadram making 20. Bowling for Blairmont, medium-pacer Avishkar

Sewkarran took 3-16, Berbice Under-19 leg-spinner Kevon Jawahir 2-35 and mediumpacer Ridwan Ramjohn 2-19. When Blairmont replied, they lost Nick Ramsaroop for 12 with the score on 42, after which Sewkarran joined Narine Lalsa Jnr. and the pair proceeded to dominate the bowling attack, adding an unbroken 119 for the second wicket in just 15 overs. Blairmont won the match at 161-1 from 25 overs with Narine Lalsa Jnr. hitting 106 not out, inclusive of eight fours and four sixes, while Sewkarran ended on 29 nout out. Meanwhile, Young Warriors also advanced to

the semi-finals after they defeated Achievers by six wickets in their quarter-final game. Sent in to take first strike, Achievers made 172 in 32.3 overs with Royden Wade scoring 46 and Quacy McPherson 44. Bowling for Young Warriors, former Guyana Under-15 cricketer Kevin Ramdeen took 3-33, former Guyana Under-19 allrounder Linden Austin 3-36 and Berbice Under-19 pacer Suresh Dhanai 2-45. Young Warriors replied with 176-4 from 23.4 overs with Ramdeen hitting 45 and Austin 33. Bowling for Achievers, Joseph Nicholson took 2-41.


he 2013 Star Party Rentals National Junior Hockey championships got off a resounding start on Friday evening at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue, when the Under-21 teams took to the court. First up, the Old Fort young ladies, playing in only their second competition, were no match for a GCC side which featured several senior national players. They went down 19-0. The next match between GCC’s boys and the Saints Hockey Club was a more even contest with the two teams trading early blows. Steven Xavier scored in the fourth

minute to give GCC the early lead before Kevin Edwards converted a well worked short corner to even the score at 1-1 before half-time. GCC dominated the second half and sealed the victory 3-1 through goals from Michael Craig and Eric Hing. The Hikers girls got off to a tentative start, but grew in confidence as the match progressed and defeated Old Fort 5-0. Aroydy Branford then helped the Hikers boys mirror their girls’ victory in defeating the Old Fort boys 5-0, with goals in the fifth, ninth, 12th and 13th minutes, while Andrew Stewart added the fifth in

the 17th minute. GCC found it much tougher in their second match when they came up against the Hikers girls. A tight Hikers’ defense kept the formidable GCC striking line of Aliyah Gordon and Ashley deGroot at bay until five seconds before half-time. Gordon added her second in the opening minute of the second half after a neat exchange with deGroot. She completed her hat-trick in the 14th minute to seal the victory 3-0. The GCC and Hikers boys ended the night undefeated after completing 5-1 and 6-0 victories over Old Fort and Saints respectively.

India v Australia, 3rd ODI, Mohali…

Australia steal win with Faulkner’s blitz


hile lifting India from 76-4 to 303-9, MS Dhoni had spoiled James Faulkner’s figures at the death. Faulkner took it out on Ishant Sharma at the death in Australia’s chase. Rarely, if ever, has a bowler lost it so completely while bowling to a fellow bowler. Australia needed 44 off 18 when Ishant was given the ball. Six balls and 30 runs later off Faulkner’s bat, the game was effectively over. Australia’s chase had started strongly, but had been suffocated mid-innings, chiefly by Ravindra Jadeja’s ten overs for 31 runs. George Bailey and Adam Voges had tried to keep pace, but the asking rate continued to climb. Voges had gamely hung on amid a clutch of middle-order wickets, including his own mix-up with Glenn Maxwell, when Faulkner joined him at 213-6.

While their partnership lasted and grew, it seemed more a belated and inadequate attempt than a threatening one. Then Ishant was brought back for the 48th over. If you can apply brevity to carnage, here is what happened. Full and wide, four. Short, six. Length, six. Short, two. Short, six. Short, six. By the time he pulled that last six into a shocked Mohali crowd, Faulkner had blasted 54 off 24, and Australia needed 14 off 12. R Ashwin conceded only five in the 49th, but the damage was irreversible. Seeing his blinder of a century being nullified by his bowler’s meltdown, Dhoni refused to give in. Seeing Faulkner was basically swinging them into the leg side, he put all the four permissible deep fielders there, including two long-

ons. He needn’t have bothered. With six needed off four, Vinay Kumar delivered a full toss, and Faulkner swung it over all those deep fielders. One wonders what Dhoni feels seeing his bowlers do what they usually do - lose limited-overs games for him. More than that, one wonders how he manages to keep what he feels to himself when one of his bowlers is going through his latest meltdown. It is hard being Dhoni. When India batted, he twisted his ankle in the 14th over while turning for a second run. He hadn’t even faced a ball. He took treatment, reached 50 off 77, and then accelerated to his ninth ODI hundred in the next 30. Dhoni’s favourite territory, the final stage of the innings, was yet to arrive. The Australia captain dropped him first ball

of the penultimate over, off Shane Watson. Dhoni pulverized 34 off the final 12 deliveries to end unbeaten on 139, the third-highest score by a No 6 batsman, after Kapil Dev and Andrew Symonds. Even if it was normal service coming from Dhoni, that did not make the innings any less mind-boggling. The last time Dhoni made an ODI century, in December 2012, he took India from 29-5 against Pakistan to 227-6. Helping him that day was Ashwin, who was around today as well, showing superb calm in adding 76 for the seventh wicket with his captain. Before that, Virat Kohli had been an equal partner in a fifth-wicket stand of 72, but had fallen against the run of play for his third successive score of 50-plus this series.


SCOREBOARD India innings Ro Sharma c Finch b Watson 11 Dhawan c Haddin b McKay 8 Kohli c Haddin b Maxwell 68 Raina c Watson b Johnson 17 Yuvraj Singh c Haddin b Johnson 0 Dhoni not out 139 Jadeja c Haddin b Johnson 2 Ashwin c Haddin b Johnson 28 B Kumar c Bailey b Faulkner 10 V Kumar run out (Maxwell) 0 I Sharma not out 0 Extras (w-7, lb-13) 20 Total (for 9 wickets, 50 overs) 303 Bowling: Johnson 10-1-464, McKay 10-0-49-1, Watson 8-0-74-1, Faulkner 10-0-651, Doherty 10-0-45-0, Voges 1-0-3-0, Maxwell 1-0-8-1 Fall of wickets: 14 (Dhawan), 37 (Ro Sharma), 76 (Raina), 76 (Yuvraj Singh), 148 (Kohli),

154 (Jadeja), 230 (Ashwin), 267 (B Kumar), 299 (V Kumar) Australia innings Hughes c Dhoni b V Kumar 22 Finch lbw b I Sharma 38 Watson lbw b Jadeja 11 Bailey lbw b V Kumar 43 Voges not out 76 Maxwell run out (Dhawan) 3 Haddin c Jadeja b B Kumar 24 Faulkner not out 64 Extras (w-9, lb-14) 23 Total (for 6 wickets, 49.3 overs) 304 Bowling: B Kumar 10-1-50-1, V Kumar 8.3-0-50-2, I Sharma 8-1-63-1, Jadeja 10-0-31-1, Yuvraj Singh 3-0-20-0, Ashwin 9-0-58-0, Kohli 1-0-18-0 Fall of wickets: 68 (Hughes), 82 (Finch), 88 (Watson), 171 (Bailey), 174 (Maxwell), 213 (Haddin)

october 20, 2013


Quintyne bowls WI Women to victory over England A destructive spell from Shaquana Quintyne bowled West Indies Women to an 11-run victory over England Women in their Women’s Twenty20 International Tri-Series on Friday at the Kensington Oval in Barbados. Quintyne, playing before a vocal, if not sizeable home crowd that included her mother and twin sister, collected 5-16 from her allotted four overs to earn the Player-of-the-Match award, as the Windies Women fought back to restrict the English to 129 in 20 overs in the third match of the tournament at Kensington Oval. The 17-year-old Quintyne, the “baby” of the home team, bowled accurately while giving the ball generous flight to produce her best figures in her 14th T20I appearance. The result earned West Indies Women four points, taking them to the top of table with a maximum eight points, following their 23run victory in the tournament opener against New Zealand Women last Monday, while England are second with four points from a five-wicket victory over the

belted 24, defying Danielle Hazell’s 3-19 from four overs and Jenny Gunn’s 2-24 from four overs. But West Indies Women were put on their heels, when Edwards and Winfield languidly gave their side a solid platform, mixing aggression with sound defence

and purposeful running between the wickets. The Windies Women also conceded a few chances in the field before Quintyne made the breakthrough in her first over, when Winfield misjudged the flight of her 25th delivery and was bowled. (


The Windies Women celebrate the fall of another wicket

winless New Zealanders two days earlier. The Windies Women can confirm a place in the Grand Final, when they face New Zealand Women again today

at the same venue. Solid all-rounder batting from the Windies Women led by World Player-of-theYear Stafanie Taylor’s top score of 40 propelled the

hosts to 140-6 from their allocation of 20 overs. Talismanic batter Deandra Dottin supported with 32, Kyshona Knight made 28 and Stacy Ann King

West Indies Women innings SR Taylor c Sciver b Gunn 40 JB Nero st †Taylor b Gunn 2 Kyshona A Knight lbw b Hazell 28 DJS Dottin st †Taylor b Sciver 32 SACA King c Winfield b Hazell 24 MR Aguilleira*† lbw b Hazell 3 TD Smartt not out 0 Extras (lb-1, w-10) 11 Total (6 wickets; 20 overs) 140 Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Nero, 3.6 ov), 2-59 (Kyshona A Knight, 11.1 ov), 3-110 (Dottin, 16.4 ov), 4-125 (Taylor, 18.1 ov), 5-140 (King, 19.5 ov), 6-140 (Aguilleira, 19.6 ov) Bowling: D Hazell 4-0-19-3, NE Farrant 4-0-25-0 (2-w), JL Gunn 4-0-24-2 (1-w), NR Sciver 4-0-361 (1-w), HL Colvin 4-0-35-0 (1-w) England Women innings (target: 141 runs from 20 overs) CM Edwards* c Nero b Quintyne 39

L Winfield b Quintyne 36 SJ Taylor† st †Aguilleira b Quintyne 7 LS Greenway b Selman 0 NR Sciver c †Aguilleira b Quintyne 1 TT Beaumont b Daley 3 DN Wyatt b Quintyne 3 JL Gunn run out (King) 1 D Hazell not out 17 HL Colvin not out 18 Extras (lb-2, w-1, nb-1) 4 Total (8 wickets; 20 overs) 129 Fall of wickets: 1-69 (Winfield, 9.4 ov), 2-82 (Edwards, 11.6 ov), 3-83 (Greenway, 12.3 ov), 4-86 (Sciver, 13.2 ov), 5-87 (Taylor, 13.6 ov), 6-89 (Beaumont, 14.2 ov), 7-92 (Gunn, 14.5 ov), 8-96 (Wyatt, 15.4 ov) Bowling: SC Selman 4-0-20-1, SF Daley 4-0-18-1, TD Smartt 1-0-14-0 (1-nb), SR Taylor 4-035-0 (1-w), A Mohammed 3-024-0, SL Quintyne 4-0-16-5

St Pius maintains unbeaten Norman Singh Memorial 20/20 cricket… Joseph (76) leads Bush Lot into round two run in Courts Pee Wee


Part of the action on Saturday when the round of 16 commenced at the Banks DIH ground, Thirst Park


t Pius, East La Penitence and F.E. Pollard maintained their unblemished record in the Courts Pee Wee Under-11 football tournament, but the other previously unbeaten school, North Georgetown, suffered defeat for the first time when round of 16 action commenced on Saturday at the Banks DIH ground, Thirst Park. The St Pius lads, who are having a dream run in the competition, further solidified their status as one of the tournament favourites, hammering Ketley Primary 4-0. Their star player Beveney Mark was once again amongst the goal, slotting home a double in the fourth and 13th minutes. Marcus Wilson was also on target twice, scoring in the eighth and 12th minutes. East La Penitence needed just one goal to stay unbeaten against Redeemer Primary with Fabian Boters getting on the score sheets in

the 25th minute, while F.E. Pollard got a similar result against defending champions Marian Academy, courtesy of a Makhaya Jarvis 25th minute strike. North Georgetown tasted defeat for the first time this year, as St Gabriel’s walked away 1-0 winners, thanks to Teon Forde, who converted in the 14th minute. West Ruimveldt emerged with the largest margin of victory on the day, disposing of St Ambrose 5-0. Rayon Jones led the goal spree with a double in the eighth and 20th minutes, while Dante Sookram (12th), Michael Oie (32nd) and Justin Persaud (37th) supported with a single strike each. Last year’s runners-up Tucville got their campaign back on track with a 4-0 drubbing of J.E. Burnham with DeAndre Linton putting his team in an early lead with a double in the sixth and ninth minutes. An own goal in the 26th minute compounded J.E.

Burnham’s misery, while a minute later, Shemroy Mayers found the back of the nets to ensure Tucville emerged with a convincing win. St Margaret’s secured a 2-0 victory over South Ruimveldt with Andrew Harmon (fourth) and the consistent Diego Britton (18th) breaching the defence of the opposition’s goalkeeper, while Enterprise won 3-2 on penalties against St Stephen’s after they played to a 1-1 draw at the end of regulation time. During regulation time, Enterprise got their goal from Avinash Peters in the 10th minute, while Delon Harmon equalised for St Stephen’s 15 minutes later. The competition, which is a collaborative effort of Courts (Guyana) Inc., the Petra Organisation and Banks DIH Limited, will continue on Saturday at the same venue with another eight games. (Avenash Ramzan)

he 2013 Norman Singh Memorial second division 20/20 cricket competition for teams in West Berbice continued recently with Bush Lot United New Generation and Blairmont Community Centre both winning their first round matches to advance to round two. At D’Edward, Bush Lot United New Generation defeated D’Edward Warriors by two wickets. Choosing to bat first, D’Edward Warriors posted 138-7 from their 20 overs with Bisham Ramkissoon (27) and Ryan Sutherland (26) among the runs. Bowling for Bush Lot

United New Generation, former Berbice Under-19 offspinner Asif Khan took 4-21 and Kris Ramnarine 2-26. Bush Lot United New Generation, led by 76 from Dellon Joseph, replied with 139-8 from 19 Overs. Joseph’s knock included four fours and six sixes. At Blairmont, Blairmont Community Centre beat Number 28 Warriors Boss by eight wickets. Number 28 Warriors Boss, sent in to take first strike, made 76 in 19 overs with Jermain Nicholson scoring 29. Bowling for Blairmont, Rameshwar Somwaru took 3-12 from and Ridwan Ramjohn 2-10.

Dellon Joseph

Blairmont Community Centre replied with 77-2 in 15 overs with Chandrika Harrinarine leading the way with 29 not out.


october 20, 2013

Young Windies level series with 36-run victory F

Janet Jagan memorial cycling on today

– decider at Everest on Monday By Rajiv Bisnauth he seven-match One Day International series between West Indies and Bangladesh Under-19s will come down to a decider on Monday, after the hosts comfortable won the penultimate game on Saturday at the Albion Community Center ground. Watched by a large crowd, the hosts rode on a clinical all-round display to win by 36 runs and level the series 3-3. Electing to bat first, the Caribbean side piled up a challenging total of 240-8, relying on Fabian Allen’s late assault and a half-century from Shimron Hetmyre. The visitors were then tied down by an efficient bowling performance, ending well short of the target at 204 from 46.4 overs. The target was always going to be difficult for Bangladesh to chase down as the early bounce on the wicket disappeared and it got markedly slower as the day wore on. Bangladesh began the stiff run chase on a cautious note against some very accurate and aggressive bowling in the initial Power Play overs. The tourists run chase never gather any momentum as they lost wickets at crucial stages of the innings. They were reduced to 103-4 in the 31st overs, losing the wicket of Munim Jummon (10), Sadman Anik (28), Uddin Jashim (07) and


Mossadek Saikat (16) as the West Indies bowlers kept a tight rein on the scoring. However, Joyraj Emon, who topscored with 78, and Nazmul Shanto (16), provided some resistance, adding 47 runs for the fifth wicket. When the partnership was broken, the innings folded quickly, despite a cameo 28 from Abu Rony. Off-spinner Ramaal Lewis finished with figures of 3-35, while Preston McSween, Gudekash Motie and Allen each claimed a wicket apiece. Earlier, Allen’s unbeaten 50 lasted for 38 balls and was studded with three sixes and two four, while Hetmyer produced six sweetly timed boundaries in his 97-ball 65. The home team went into an early wobble when openers Leroy Lugg (06) and Tagnarine Chanderpaul (08) fell cheaply, leaving West Indies rocking on 23-2 in the fifth over. Both batsmen fell to aggressive bowling from medium-pacer Rony (2-30). Hetmyre joined forces with Tristann Coleman (36) and the duo resurrected the innings with a fine third wicket partnership of 76 runs. With the pitch easing out a bit compared to the first ten overs, the West Indian pair didn’t have any problems in negotiating the Bangladeshis bowlers. The pair batted sensibly, and at the same time, was successfully in hitting through the line whenever it was slotted in their respec-

tive zones. Hetmyre’s confidence at the crease was evident in the way he was controlling the innings, while Coleman was batting with composure. The emphasis was on laying a solid foundation and giving the batsman to follow a chance to accelerate. However, a mix-up between the two batsmen resulted in Coleman been run out. Hetmyre then found an able ally in Tarryck Gabriel (28) as the duo shared a 52run fourth wicket stand and the Berbician completed a well-deserved half-century off 78 balls. But Hetmyer couldn’t carry on for too long and the Windies’ grip on the in-

nings was loosened by his dismissal in the 36th over. The wicket rejuvenated the Bangladeshis and they quickly followed up with the dismissals of Nicholas Pooran (04), Tarryck Gabriel (28), Jofra Archer (13) and Gudekash Motie-Kanhai (02). Allen and Lewis then frustrated the visitors, added 49 valuable runs. Zubair Linkhon was the other successful bowler for the visitors with 3-56. The final game of the seven match series will be played on Monday at the Everest Cricket Club ground. The game will begin at 09:00 hours and admission is free.

SCOREBOARD West Indies innings L Lugg c Likhon b Rony 6 T Chanderpaul lbw b Rony 8 S Hetmyer c Rony b Likhon 65 T Coleman run out (Likhon) 36 T Gabriel c Saeed b Likhon 28 N Pooran b Likhon 4 F Allen not out 50 J Archer c Jashim b Rahuttul 13 G Motie-Kanhai run out (Likhon) 2 R Lewis not out 13 Extras: (lb-1, b-1, w-13) 15 Total: (for eight wickets; 50 overs) 240 Fall of wickets: 1-14, 2-23, 3-99, 4-151, 5-153, 6-156, 7-184, 8-191 Bowling: Saeed 5-0-23-0, Miraj 10-1-50-0 (1-w), Saikat 10-0-30-0 (1-w), Rahuttul 9-0-49-0 (4-w), Likhon 10-056-3, Rony 6-0-30-2 (5-w)

Bangladesh innings S Anik run out (Archer/Pooran) 28 M Jummon lbw to Motie 10 J Emon c McSween b Lewis 78 U Jashim c Gabriel b Allen 7 M Saikat run out (Gabriel) 16 N Shanto b Lewis 16 M Miraj run out (Lewis) 1 A Saeed c&b McSween 1 P Rifat b Lewis 1 A Rony run out (Lewis) 28 Z Likhon not out 3 Extras: (w-12, nb-3) 15 Total: (all out; 46.3 overs) 204 Fall of wickets: 1-24, 2-55, 3-75, 4-103, 5-150, 6-151, 7-157, 8-165, 9-172, 10-204 Bowling: McSween 10-0-561 (3-w, 2-nb), Archer 7-0-300, Motie 7.4-1-25-1, Lewis 101-35-3, Allen 9-1-39-1 (1-w), Gabriel 3-0-19-0 (1-nb, 1-w)

ormer president of cooperative republic of Guyana, Janet Jagan, will be remembered today when national cycling coach Hassan Mohamed stages a 50-mile road race on the West Demerara roadways. The race is being coordinated by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic’s Goed Fortuin group and is being sponsored by Caricom Cement Inc. The race will commence from Wales Police Station at 08:00 hours, proceed to Bushy Park on the East Bank of Essequibo before returning to the Demerara Harbour Bridge, West Bank of Demerara, for the finish. The veterans, mountain bikers and females will turn at Uitvlugt Community Centre on the upward journey and finish at the Harbour Bridge. The first six finishers in the open category; first three juniors, veterans, mountain bikers and females and first

Janet Jagan

veteran over-60 cyclist will all receive prizes. Eight prime prizes will also be at stake during the course of the race. The late Janet Jagan was Guyana’s sixth president, holding the post from December 1997 to August 1999. She and her husband, the late Cheddi Jagan, were co-founders of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic.

Pepsi Sonics fall to Yellow Birds

Cadogan wins El Dorado Golf Classic

The two teams battling for possession on Friday evening at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall


Winner Troy Cadogan (centre) is flanked by other top performers and officials of the El Dorado brand


ompeting among a field of 31 starters, Troy Cadogan emerged winner of the El Dorado Golf Classic on Saturday at the Lusignan Golf Course, East Coast Demerara.

Cadogan, playing off a 27 handicap, shot a gross 93 and finished with a net 66. Christine Sukhram copped second position with gross 80 and net 70, playing off a 10 handicap, while third went to Brian

Hackett with gross 94 and net 71, playing off a 23 handicap. Gavin Todd, playing off a 17 handicap, took fourth spot with gross 88 and next 71, while Mohanlall Dinanuth had the best gross

of 77 and Vijay Deo was Nearest-to-the-Pin. The players will be in action again on Saturday when the Safeway Security tournament is staged at the same venue from 09:00 hours.

espite having a sixman rotation, Yellow Birds Basketball Club out of Suriname topped the Pepsi Sonics 4842 on Friday evening at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH). The game, organised by the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) as part of a goodwill exchange, was a low-scoring thriller with intense defence being played. However, the Pepsi Sonics who brought their best and full rotation couldn’t find the rim and lacked on court chemistry

as they played one-on-one isolation basketball most of the games that had a tough time penetrating or hurting the defence of the Surinamese. Jahmal Henar of the Yellow Birds squad was a beast in the paint as his skill set and back to the basket game was too hot for the Guyanese players as he poured in a game-high 27 points, while Ivan Jacatt scored eight points and Amil Cooman seven. Collis Pluck was the high point man for Pepsi Sonics with 13, while Trevor Smith added 11.

October 20, 2013


Track and field team standing strong at IGG – volleyball teams lose to Suriname

Jevina Straker

Jason Yaw

Alita Moore

Jevina Sampson

Kevin Abbensettes

uyana got off to a commanding start in track and field on Saturday when the second leg of the Inter Guiana Games (IGG) continued in

Suriname. The athletes dominated the track as they recorded six gold medals and a bronze on day one of the event. Rising sprinter Alita

Moore picked up gold in the women’s 100 metres, while Kevin Abbensettes mirrored her performance with gold in the 100 metres. The 400 metres saw

junior Carifta 400 metres bronze medallist, Jason Yaw, winning gold over the quarter mile event, while the little dynamo, Jevina Sampson, retained her status as IGG 400 metres champion by picking up gold in this year’s edition of the games. Three-time 1500 me-

tres Carifta gold medalist, Jevina Straker, just might be the golden girl of Guyana, picking up gold at the IGG games in the 1500 metres. East Coast athlete, Ornesto Thomas, who was outgunned and won silver in the 1500 metres in the 2011 edition of the event, got


CMRC final showdown set for November 24 – Doug Gore set to sizzle fans with Audi TT

Doug Gore’s Audi TT is set to thrill fans at South Dakota next month

Peter Rae


he curtains will come down on the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships (CMRC) on November 24 when motor-racing fans would have the chance to witness the fastest car in the Caribbean at the South Dakota Circuit. According to information emanating from the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC), Jamaica’s Doug “Hollywood” Gore has confirmed participation in the season ending meet and word is that the lanky motor racer has promised to give the local fans a real treat when he competes against the best drivers in the rest of the Caribbean, including Guyana’s own Kevin

Jeffrey, Andrew King, Paul and Mark Vieira, Irfaan Kalamadeen and Vishok Persaud. The GMR&SC also revealed that Barbados will be sending a strong group of drivers, led by the Maloney clan- father Doug and son Mark. The experienced Peter Rae, powering his Mazda RX7, will be part of the Jamaica contingent, which also includes Chris Campbell, George Bailey and Gary Williams. However, the highlight of the day could be the showdown between Gore and his Audi TT against the likes of Jeffrey, King, the Vieiras and others in the main race. The other categories are expected to be equally exciting and Guyana’s Afraz Allie, Shairaz Roshandin and Syed Hassan are all eager to show the Guyanese fans what they are capable of doing. Stephen Vieira, though not at his best in the last meet, is definitely a ‘big’ day performer and while there are quite a few contenders ready to ascend to the throne, they will have to demonstrate the kind of daredevilry that he consistently exudes to dethrone him.

some measure of retribution this year by topping the field and picking up yet another gold for the Land of Many Waters. Jumper Natricia Hooper was also in action and picked up a well deserved bronze medal for her efforts in the pit in the triple jump event. Track and field action will continue today as Guyana looks to retain the title and dominance at the IGG. Meanwhile Guyana’s male and female volleyball teams fell to Suriname when the event started on Friday just after the opening ceremony. The male side battled hard, losing against Surinamese 2-3 overall. The scores read 27-25, 19-25, 2515, 20-25 and 7-15. The female Guyanese were blown away by their Dutch counterparts, losing in straight sets 25-9, 25-7.

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

october 20, 2013 TOP SCORES


Young Windies level series with 36-run victory See sto ry on page

– decider at Everest on Monday

Shimron Hetmyre plays a cut shot on his way to a topscore of 65 (WICB photos)


Fabian Allen drives down the ground during his attacking innings

Track and field team Australia steal win with Faulkner’s standing blitz strong at IGG India v Australia, 3rd ODI, Mohali…

See story on page


– volleyball teams lose to Suriname

Jevina Straker

Jason Yaw

See story on page


James Faulkner smashed a 29-ball 64 to set up the win

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