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AFC in shambles! Thursday, September 19, 2013

– top New York backers reportedly defect to APNU See story on page 3


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President Donald Ramotar and Education Minister Priya Manickchand are all smiles as they present a laptop to this Queen's College lad who was among the 173 students that received the gift from the government for their sterling performance at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) (Carl Croker photo)

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THURSday, september 19, 2013 |

First Juici Patties franchise opens at Vreed-en-Hoop

Camex Restaurant Inc Chief Executive Officer Terrance Campbell at the launch of the Juici Patties franchise


amex Restaurant Inc on Wednesday opened the first ever Juici Patties franchise at

Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara, adding to its line of food franchises, which include Church’s Chicken,

Mario’s Pizza, and Quiznos. The franchise is the first of six which will be commissioned here, Juici Patties Operations Manager (Guyana) Lisa InsanallyDuncan said during the opening ceremony at the Lot 3 Plantation Vreed-en-Hoop location. Camex Restaurant also holds the franchises for Church’s Chicken, Mario’s Pizza and Quiznos. Noting that Vreed-enHoop is the hub of Region Three, Insanally-Duncan said, “This has made history in Guyana, as it is the fourth franchise since the company was created seven years ago and the first franchise.

The Juici Patties team presents some of the delights available at the new location

She said the facility will also host a playground, seating area, and before the end of the year, a Mario’s Pizza branch. Presently, Camex runs 13 outlets countrywide and employs some 400 employees.

at a price of $360, Campbell said. He emphasised that the company wants to make the new location into a community hub for families and will be expanding in the future.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Terrance Campbell emphasised that value and standards are essential for the company. “When we search for companies, we search for quality products to bring to Guyana with great prices,” he said. The patties will be sold

Juici Patties representative Jennifer Newman highlighted that the company has 63 locations in Jamaica and distributes packaged products across the United States, with a manufacturing facility in Canada. “We are proud to come to Guyana. The others across

Value, standards

Team Juici Patties outside the new Vreed-en-Hoop outlet


the Caribbean are just distributors,” Newman said. The Juici Patties brand will be teamed with the Church’s Chicken, Mario’s Pizza and Quiznos brands at locations across Guyana. While Juici Patties started out in 1980 as Juici Beef Patties, a company manufacturing and selling beef patties, the founder, Jukie Chin, learnt to make patties from the age of 16. The business started as a cottage industry, whereby he manufactured patties in his mother’s kitchen and sold it to the small grocery store owned by the family.



thursday, september 19, 2013 |


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, September 19 from 14:30h to 16:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Thursday, September 19 from 16:05h to 17:35h.


AFC in shambles! – top New York backers reportedly defect to APNU

Countrywide: Heavy rain showers are expected during the day, with clear skies in the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius. Winds: Easterly at 4.47 to 4.02 metres per second. High Tide: 04:09h and 16:26h reaching maximum heights of 2.76 metres and 2.80 metres respectively. Low Tide: 10:01h and 22:21h reaching minimum heights of 046 metre and 0.39 metre respectively.

Alleged defectors from the AFC from left to right: Rab Mukraj, Dr Asquith Rose and Tarron Khemraj with APNU leader David Granger and shadow public works minister Joseph Harmon at the meeting in New York

A wednesday, september 18, 2013


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mid a fallout locally over the integrity of two of its key executives, the Alliance For Change (AFC) is now faced with more trouble – with one of its top financiers in New York, Shamir Ally resigning and three other prominent figures there signalling their intention to join the main opposition coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). The AFC only last week had confirmed that Ally had resigned from the party over the leadership’s apparent reluctance to address his concerns.






AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan was reported as denying that no action was taken. “We did take some severe measures against those persons who did hurl those abusive remarks, but we just could not have, in effect, enforce because it’s very difficult,” Ramjattan was quoted in another section of the media as saying. The three latest persons believed to have left the party are

economist Tarron Khemraj, political science professor Dr Asquith Rose and businessman Rab Mukraj from the party’s New York group. Speculation abounded when the APNU released a statement on Wednesday revealing that Leader of the Opposition, David Granger and shadow minister for public works, Joseph Harmon, met with Khemraj, Rose and Mukraj in New York to discuss the way forward for the country. The release added that the two sides examined the current economic, political and social situation in Guyana and concluded that a broad proGuyana approach was needed to stimulate movement towards the attainment of their common objectives. It continued that “they agreed to work together to build structures to improve governance, promote national unity, and advance human development”. Speaking to Guyana Times late Wednesday evening, Ramjattan said, at the moment, the party is busy sorting

out these reports, to provide some clarity.


He disclosed that he communicated with Khemraj via email moments before speaking to this publication and he was baffled about what was going on. The party leader said the AFC member informed him that the meeting with APNU was concerning Guyana’s diaspora. Ramjattan added that, hence, he is certain out of the three, one is not going anywhere. He continued, “I am certain the two might have been misreported in view of what the meeting was about and what Tarron told me.” However, he was aware that Dr Rose has issues with the AFC going back on its stated position opposing the

Amaila Falls Hydropower Project. The AFC leader added that he would spend all night if he had to, to sort the issue out and clear the air. Another section of the media reported Rose as saying that “as much as 11 persons have decided to walk from the AFC…. several of them would go to APNU and the remainder back to the government People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C)”. On Wednesday at the party’s press conference, Ramjattan said that AFC’s membership has increased drastically since the last regional and general elections in 2011. He said the party received 1600 new applications since its national convention last year, bringing the overall membership to approximately 10,000.


thursday, september 19, 2013

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Lesson on Syria


he government of Guyana has commended the Barack Obama administration for rethinking its strategy on Syria by accepting the opening provided by Russia for a peaceful denouement on the issue of chemical weapons, which United Nations (UN) investigators confirmed were used on August 21. The U.S., Britain and France claimed the report proved conclusively that Bashar al-Assad’s forces were responsible, but this was disputed by Russia within the UN Security Council. The rebels could also have deployed the weapons to garner U.S. involvement. Last Saturday, the security council began drafting a resolution on the Russian-brokered deal that would satisfy all parties. The U.S.-British-French draft calls for Syria to declare the size and location of its chemical weapons within a week, to be verified by UN inspectors who will arrive in November and for the removal and destruction of the arsenal by mid-2014. Unfortunately, the draft also allows the U.S. to go ahead with strikes against targets in Syria if the resolution is not complied with. It is certain that Russia and China will veto such a clause and the timing of the vote for the resolution is still in the air. But the entire episode has highlighted the need for leaders, whether in the international or national spheres, not to draw lines in the sand without first ensuring they have the support of the constituencies on which they depend to give them support. In this instance, Obama literally announced last year he was drawing a “red line” that would be crossed if chemical weapons were used in Syria. When it appeared that such weapons were used last August, he announced and made preparations for direct intervention in the Syrian conflict. However, he later was forced by widespread domestic and international public sentiments, opposed to U.S. intervention, to find a way out of his self defined “red line”.   After his strongest ally British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a vote in parliament on August 30 for supporting strikes, the following day Obama announced he would be seeking congressional support. Last week, however, he abruptly cancelled this vote as public pressure continued to mount and announced over the weekend that he was willing to go along with the Russian proposal. In the eyes of many observers, this simply proved the long held opinion that Obama was very indecisive yet prone to committing himself to courses of action which he subsequently had to abandon. This was seen earlier, for instance, on the “war on terror” in Afghanistan, which is still dragging on five years after Obama declared U.S. troops would be completely removed. His immediate past Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta said bluntly, “When the president of the United States draws a red line, the credibility of this country is dependent on him backing up his word.” Inevitably such individuals are perceived as “weak and vacillating” even by their supporters. In the Syrian case, there are widespread doubts that UN inspectors would be able to verify and remove all chemical weapons in the midst of a civil war. It is still possible that Obama might push the U.S. into taking action against Syria in the future and he has himself reserved his option. But the Syrian manoeuvre is only a tactic in the larger U.S. strategic plan to defang Iran of its nuclear programme, because that poses a threat to Israel, which is the U.S. ally. Israel, not so incidentally, in what is the worst kept secret in the international arena, has long acquired nuclear weapons. Obama recently revealed that he has exchanged diplomatic notes with the newly-elected President of Iran Hassan Rouhani.  Applying the lesson on the dangers of peremptorily drawing lines in the sand, it would be wise for the Leader of the Opposition David Granger to find exit routes from his line in the sand of Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee as the crime wave escalates. 

As Guyana celebrates Amerindian Heritage Month 2013, Guyana Times highlights the work of one of Guyana's accomplished indigenous artists, Oswald Hussein, seen in photo carving a totem pole at Surama Village, North Rupununi, Region Nine

The investment in Amerindians

Dear Editor, There was a time when the Amerindian peoples of this country were quite invisible. At best, they were exoticised very much like we still do in terms of the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Today it is a different story. I say this firstly to the Association of Amerindian Peoples (APA) programme assistant, who acknowledges that plenty has been done for these peoples, but still a bit more could have been done and concomitantly, a bit more could have been achieved. We have to see things collectively and we have to get the big picture. So much has gone into the first peoples of Guyana that even A Partnership for National

Unity (APNU) wants some glory, thinking and telling that the ground work was set out by the People’s National Congress (PNC). This kind of gimmickry, that is, trying to steal the thunder of the current government shows very clearly that there is a common agreement that this present government has done and is still doing a lot for the Amerindians. I only have to bring up the Hinterland Scholarship Programme, and this is ever expanding. It was introduced in 1962, but during the time, leading up to 1992, nothing was done. I can add here the many beneficiaries of land titles, ownership of homes, the solar panel project and the One

Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project, and I think that it is very clear that plenty has been done. Things take time and we usually await and make adjustment. In time to come, the many students who are involved in the Hinterland Scholarship Programme will be able to fast track development and in every area too. The full fruition of this project is still to be realised. Right now selected young leaders are on special training programmes. These are the future leaders of their communities and it is good to know that they are on a very accommodating stipend, while they are being groomed for the future. This project too will

have a great impact on Amerindians. What has happened recently is that some groups have seen it fit to whisper a few negative things about these people and their lands. A few incidents were politicised for negative reasons, but all in all, things have settled down. I think that if we continue to be patient and persistent, things will get really upscale and upbeat even more. What government must repeatedly do is to show where the people were and how they were treated. Then let the comparison be made with what is obtaining now. Yours sincerely, Delroy Samuels

Monitor what students take to school

Dear Editor, A St Ignatius Secondary school student is reportedly clinging to his life in a Brazil hospital after he was stabbed by a schoolmate. We want to root out violence in any form, but at school, we have to make sure that it does not reach a state where it ove I took home my neighbour’s child one afternoon. When I went for him, he was really into his playing, and so he grabbed a haversack and off we went. Later it was

discovered that the bag was not his. It was his friend’s. Conversely, the friend had his. That bag, belonging to a mere 13-year-old that was mistakenly taken home, had two things that shook me up. It had a book with some very sexually graphic pictures and in the pocket of the bag was a very dangerous pen knife. I took the items to the boy’s family and the expected happened. The father agreed that he took things for granted and vowed to change his

ways, but not after severely spanking his son. The president himself has said that violent students may very well end up doing jail time. If this is what must play out here, then it will send a very strong message to many who have that overly aggressive attitude. In terms of the Guyana Defence Force, I always think that its members should have some noncombating duties. Soldiers’ presence has a thwarting effect on crimi-

nal activities, and I am sure that a few soldiers can volunteer some time to help in our schools in remote areas. I do advocate for a concerted effort to make and keep our schools free from violence. So far, there is nothing to really create unnecessary panic, but we must not take things for granted. I urge parents and teachers to monitor what students take to school. Yours respectfully, Yvonne Demming

The situation at Port Kaituma Primary School Dear Editor, This sit-in at the Port Kaituma Primary School has now attracted very negative coverage. As a matter of fact, both the protest action and the coverage are things that should not have happened. One person, flatly said: “I don’t even believe that the minister knows what is going on at this

school.” Maybe, nothing in the extreme is going on, and it is only negative coverage, by some sections in the media, that is creating this feeling. Problems just do not happen overnight and I cannot fathom what is really going on. In the meantime, valuable teaching sessions are being wasted. We have just

started the new school year with great zeal. So why are we having this one-off piece of nonsense? If there are problems at Port Kaituma, then these should be addressed properly. People should not wait for things to get really bad before making corrective moves. This is the era for mature discussions, not just

taking to the streets. I really believe that in any problem situation, solutions come from many sides. Let us keep the education momentum going. Yours truly, Resident of Port Kaituma Name withheld by request

thursday, september 19, 2013


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Food is a weapon

Dear Editor, According to the Stabroek News September 13 edition, it was reported that the government is moving ahead to enable the cultivation of first 10,000 acres and later, 90,000 acres in Berbice. The government is very aggressively advocating divestment of our rich agricultural lands to Trinidad. Our farmers must take a dispassionate look at this issue and not be overwhelmed by those who take biased positions, whether from an ideological standpoint or because their friends stand to gain. There seems to be a disorganised system as regards the processing of applications for our small and big farmers and no one in the government is working to regularise the situation, as regards the processing of applications. No one is looking at a progressive programme for land to the tiller. Least I be misunderstood, let me say clearly that I am not against leasing rich agricultural lands to Trinidad and Tobago, or any other country in the Caribbean Community (Caricom), but I do not believe that it should in every instance, the first or only option, leaving aside our own people. Let me add also that I am not against private enterprise. However, farmers have never been happy working for foreign companies or government – these do not give farmers a kind of comfort. When a farmer knows that he owns the land per-

manently, he is much more likely to spend time on improvement, as regards inheritance. Given our endowment of extensive and rich agricultural lands, it is a matter of common sense to make the expansion of the agricultural sector one of the main planks of our development strategy, thus ensuring that the people have an adequate, regular and varied supply of nutritious food. A country which depends on external sources for its food supply is in a vulnerable position. It is incapable of guaranteeing its citizens adequate or regular food supplies, and will find it difficult, if not impossible, to exercise an important option of social policy – that is, regulating and maintaining food prices at reasonable levels. Moreover, such a country is susceptible to serious political pressures from outside. Food is a weapon. It is the principal tool in our negotiating kit. Food has been used as a weapon in the ruthless power-play which characterises the game of nations. I therefore believe that our own farmers should be given the opportunity to those lands, not only to retain the 10,000 acres, but also to expand on them.  Our farmers have acquired great experience and skills and, given the opportunity now, they will be able to make very valuable contributions to Guyana.    Yours faithfully, Mohamed Khan Former agriculture officer

APNU, AFC owe Guyanese an apology

Dear Editor, The attorney general and legal affairs minister made a very valid observation. He explained the utter hypocrisy of the political opposition, whose members are busy voicing deep concern over the recent upsurge in gun-related crimes, yet they were the ones who recently teamed up against the government, to reject the firearms bill in the National Assembly. In one of your recent letters, a writer made reference to this supposed noble and just calling of the joint opposition as regards the crime situation. It took a lot of in-House fighting to get support for the

budgetary allocations for the Home Affairs Ministry. The leader of the opposition kept saying that the stance of noconfidence against the home affairs minister is going to always be there; and that the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) will not support any measures brought by the subject minister. Also, the Alliance For Change (AFC) and APNU used their oneseat majority to vote against the firearms bill, thereby illustrating their anti-nationalist position. Now that the attorney general is making this kind of pronouncement, he is really encapsulating the sentiments

of many Guyanese, including those abroad. So in reality, the People’s Progresssive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is rightly rejecting all comments from APNU and AFC. The two opposition groups are unfairly and wickedly blaming all others but themselves for a recent spike in crimes, especially gun-related ones. I think that people should protest and request from the joint opposition, why and how, they teamed up against the PPP/C in the National Assembly and used their combined one-seat majority to vote down the firearms bill on March 13. Did they know something? Were they doing

some planning? We all know that the bill was specifically designed to bridge a gap in Guyana’s legislation that deals specifically with persons accused of dealing in firearms and ammunition in huge quantities, and in creating new offences with heavier penalties for these crimes. Yet the bill was voted down. APNU and AFC should apologise to the Guyanese people. They have used their one-seat majority to grant a lot of liberty to criminals. I am left to wonder how those who voted for them are feeling.   Yours truly, Adrian Duke

Police officers should have solid educational background

Dear Editor, A quote from a recent letter to the editor in the Guyana Times is very poignant: “Today, this institution is much more modern and wellequipped, thanks to a hardworking minister and a generous government. Police now have many new vehicles and mobile units, a state-ofthe art forensic laboratory that will be operational by the end of October, the use of surveillance cameras, wiretapping devices and authority, superior training, and the manpower to get the job done properly.” So why do we still have constant complaining about police performance? One thing that has always crossed my mind is that of police collusion, not in the sense of the entire force per se, but of strategic individuals. The other thing is that of professionalism, and over the

past several decades, there have been efforts to increase the educational requirements for law enforcement officers. Newspaper, magazine and journal articles cite numerous studies, and the findings support the notion that better educated police officers are better performers. Increasingly, police departments are requiring applicants to have completed a certain number of college credit hours or even earned

two or four-year college degrees. Researchers, practitioners, commissions and even police agencies themselves have been calling for increased education requirements for police officers for many reasons. Some point out that police work has become increasingly complex and, as a result, education requirements for police officers should be increased. Others suggest that better educated police officers

will be “more rounded thinkers and exhibit a greater humanistic bent”. This is another wave in the minds of many Guyanese. Our officers should have at least a solid high school background, and unless this is emphasised, we will have problems. It is sickening for the public to deal with senior officers who just cannot quickly write up a report. Yours sincerely, Haydn Sookram


THURSday, september 19, 2013



Teaching your daughters to value modesty BY CATHY REYNOLDS


eality TV is all the rage these days. Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, The Apprentice – they all share the same premise: ordinary people confronted with extreme adversity. I have an idea for a great new reality show – one in which the task is so challenging as to be nearly impossible. Take a typical mom, dad and daughter, and drop them in a shopping mall with US$500 to buy the daughter a new wardrobe. The catch: everything they buy has to pass the modesty test. Sound simple? Let me tell you, it’s not. When my daughters were small, the fashion world had little impact on their clothing choices. Dad and mom made most of the decisions for them. For many years, in fact, I made their dresses for special occasions myself, and these were always received with great excitement. As they grew and their worlds enlarged, so did their perceptions of fashion. Our shopping expeditions became exercises in endurance, rather than enjoyable outings. As just one sample of what we’re up against as parents, one very popular store markets thong underwear emblazoned with sexy slogans like “eye candy” and “wink, wink” to girls aged seven to 14. Asked to defend their product, the company spokesperson said, “It’s cute and sweet

and fun.” Granted, this is an extreme example. But even when shopping for basic items like jeans and t-shirts, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find attractive, fashionable clothes for young girls that don’t show off a whole lot of skin. Tube tops, crop tops, clingy fabrics, low-cut dresses and low-rise jeans are all the rage. CNN and Fox News Channel commentator Betsy Hart complained about one national retailer, where she found everything for her young daughter to be too tight, too low-cut and too short. In her words, “dressing my not-yet-six-yearold like she is Britney Spears is at best silly, and at worst unnecessarily sexualising our littlest girls.” In this cultural climate, what is a parent to do? Drawing from my experiences as a mother of three daughters, I’d like to share a few suggestions that might be an encouragement in this critical parenting issue.

Embrace modesty

Given the current state of things, does modesty even matter anymore? Our culture tells us no, and we’ve been so affected by the world around us that sometimes we don’t even stop to think about what our appearance says about us. I think that the proliferation of pornography and blatant sexual messages in our society today is linked to widespread immodest dress. What

once would have been considered unacceptable and risqué is now not just accepted, but commonplace. No wonder some men have great difficulty in this area! It is a battle for them to protect themselves from the onslaught of our sexcrazed society. Yes, the men have a responsibility to control themselves, but we women also have a responsibility not to cause them to stumble. The way in which a girl dresses will also impact the kind of guy she attracts, which will in turn impact their behaviours and attitudes toward sex. As one young lady shared, “I know that the kind of things that I wear draw a certain kind of guy. And ultimately the guy that I want to have as a husband is a guy that’s committed to purity. He doesn’t want to lust… If I’m dressing kind of seductively in what I’m wearing, I’m going to be attracting a guy that is okay with that, and it almost says that I’m impure, but that he’s okay with that; whereas, if I’m dressing modestly, it’s going to attract a guy that respects that and appreciates that.” Ultimately, the most important reason for embracing modesty is that God’s Word tells us to do so. If the Holy Spirit lives in us, our bodies are God’s temple, and revealing clothing is not honouring to Him. It is also not honouring to our spouse (or future spouse). Our bodies are meant for our spouse alone to enjoy, so a girl who displays her body

The importance of a

publicly is actually defrauding her future mate.

Define family modesty standards

What is modesty? Modesty means different things to different people and, like other words, its meaning has undergone a metamorphosis over time. The dictionary tells us that to be modest is to avoid impropriety or indecency, to be reserved in sexual matters, and to be unpretentious in appearance. Indecency is a strong word, meaning ‘highly unsuitable,’ but unfortunately our society has redefined this word as well. What was once considered unsuitable dress in public is now commonplace. Perhaps it is better to focus on the idea of being unpretentious in appearance. A modest person does not call attention to themselves by the way they dress. In order to teach our daughters to value modesty in a world where modesty is seen as prudish, we must make the effort to establish clearly what we consider to be modest. This is made more difficult because society’s standards of modesty have changed so much over time. When I was in high school, for example, exposing a bra strap would have been extremely embarrassing for a teen girl. Today it’s considered no big deal, and in fact many girls in elementary school purposely wear designer straps as a fashion statement. (Power to Change) TO BE CONTINUED



aking a great first impression is imperative to becoming an influential leader. The ancient Greeks spent a lot of time thinking and writing about the effect of one personality on another. They broke down the process of communication into three parts, which they called ethos, pathos and logos. The ethos of communication is defined as the ethical part. This revolves around the person you really are and, more important, the person you are perceived to be. If you are in sales or business, the way you are perceived by someone, which will largely determine the influence you have over him or her, will be strongly affected by your level of credibility, your ethos. In the area of personal credibility, the rule is that everything counts. Everything you do or don’t do either adds to or takes away from your credibility and your capability to influence someone. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, in essence, that what you are shouts at me so loudly, I cannot hear a word you are saying. Ethos is very important.

A first impression says everything

Perhaps the simplest example of the application of this rule, that everything counts, involves your image or appearance. You’ve heard it said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. The fact is that when you first meet a person, he makes a judgment about you in approximately four seconds, and his judgment is finalised largely within 30 seconds of the initial contact.

Everything counts – make a personal statement

Everything contributing to the way you look on the outside is important. If it’s not helping you, it’s hurting you. While you cannot control your physical features, you have total control over your dress and grooming. In fact, we generally assume that a person consciously and deliberately makes a personal statement about himself with every part of his appearance that he can affect in any way. Your clothes are responsible for 95 per cent of the first impression that you make on someone because, in most instances, your clothes cover 95 per cent of your body. Your grooming, your hair style and the other ways you can determine your appearance from the neck up also exert an inordinate influence on the way that you are perceived, on your ethos with someone. (Brian Tracy International)



thursday, september 19, 2013 |

U.S. pledges support Berbice sleuths probing to Broomes to help two separate burglaries fight TIP

U.S. Ambassador D Brent Hardt

GWMO President Simona Broomes

he Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) declared allout war against human trafficking in Guyana during its thanksgiving service on Tuesday. In the presence of the U.S. Ambassador D Brent Hardt; United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Deputy Resident Representative Chisa Mikami; and International Organisation for Migration (IOM) representatives, GWMO President Simona Broomes vowed never to end the fight against human trafficking. GWMO members have pooled their resources to finance trips to interior locations to rescue trafficking victims, in particular young girls and women.

me,” she said. Broomes was recently accused of assault and theft and placed on $10,000 station bail. The U.S. ambassador said his country will stand by Broomes and her organisation to combat human trafficking. “The time is always right to do what is right,” he said.



With the organisation less than two years old, it has managed to rescue 21 victims. More rescue missions are in the pipeline Broomes told her audience. It is not an easy task, Broomes said, noting that she has been stripped of her business and ridiculed for the position she has taken against human trafficking. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s decision to honour Broomes as one of the nine 2013 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report Heroes in June had caused a stir locally, Broomes said. Nevertheless, the GWMO head has pledged to keep the fight against the human trafficking. “Don’t feel sorry for me, I want you to support


Ambassador Hardt said he stands in admiration of the women of the mining organisation who continue to pull through, despite many challenges, noting that GWMO has proven to be an organisation of deeds and not words. He said the U.S. stands willing to work with the government, even as he called on government ministries, the private sector, religious organisations, and non-governmental organisations to stand together in the fight against modern day slavery. Approximately two months ago, 150 persons were arrested by the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) in U.S. for holding children against their will for the purpose of prostitution. More than 100 children were res-

cued, the U.S. ambassador said. He noted that the Barack Obama administration is not doing it alone, and continues to collaborate with civil society in the fight. Human trafficking is a US$32 billion global industry. After drug trafficking, TIP is the world’s most profitable enterprise, a status it shares with arms trafficking. Criminal organisations are increasingly turning to human trafficking because this modern-day slave trade is very profitable and has a low risk of being detected compared to drug trafficking.


Last year, approximately 14,000 victims of human trafficking were brought to light worldwide, with the 27 million remaining enslaved. The majority of the victims are young girls and women who are sexually exploited. UNDP representative Mikami said the organisation has been working with the Human Services and Social Security Ministry for the last 18 months in the fight against human trafficking. Together they have coordinated awareness sessions across the 10 administrative regions in the country, meeting approximately 2500 people. She too applauded the proactive role of the GWMO. The thanksgiving service was held to give thanks to the almighty for their achievement thus far, and ask for protection as it rescues other victims. A skit depicting human trafficking in the interior locations of Guyana was performed to paint a vivid picture of the sufferings experienced by victims under the watch of their modernday slave master.


Division police ranks are investigating two separate burglaries committed on Monday in Berbice which saw the criminals carting off with hundreds and thousands of dollars in items. The first was committed on Vishwanauth Seeram of Lot 16 Grant Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice. Persons unknown carted off with a quantity of cigarettes, confectionary, 16 bottles of perfume, a quantity of rocket batteries, three Sony DVD players, three cordless phones; one Sony table model gas stove, a quantity of marmite, two bed sheet sets, a quantity of ladies tights, $20,000 worth of GT&T and Digicel cellphone card and $5000 cash. The act was committed between 21:30h on Sunday evening and 06:00h on Monday at Grant 18, 2767 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice

where the man’s variety store is located. Investigations revealed that on the date and time mentioned, the victim secured the general store by all means provided and left for his residence. The perpetrators reportedly entered the shop via a window. The discovery was made by the businessman when he went to the store to open his business as usual. After recognising that the window was opened, he reportedly raised an alarm and summoned the police. Further checks revealed that the articles were missing. Several persons were questioned but no one was arrested. Meanwhile, bandits continued their rampage, this time escaping with close to $1 million in cash and jewellery from the dwelling house of Arjune Puran of 426 Second Street, Bush Lot, Corentyne, on Monday. The

burglars reportedly escaped with $500,000, nine gold rings valued $150,000, one gold band valued $250,000, one gold chain estimated to value $67,000; all property of Aklema Persaud. Reports stated that Puran and his wife Shankula Seeram left their home at 08:00h on Monday to perform their daily routines, leaving a relative at home. The relative subsequently left the home at about 11:45h to visit a friend. A few hours later, the Seeram of the house returned home and observed the iron bar to one of the windows of the bottom flat was sprawled open and upon checking, she discovered the upper flat to her home ransacked. She raised an alarm and persons in the neighbourhood along with the relative carried out checks and discovered the articles mentioned above missing. Police are continuing their investigations.

Hibernia woman crushed in latest road fatality


51-year-old woman of Hibernia Village, Essequibo was on Wednesday crushed to death by hire car HC 2852. According to reports, Lochanie Yaspaul, aka “Shooku”, who was struck from behind by the car while on a pedal cycle, died minutes after the accident. The driver of the hire care is presently in police custody, assisting with investigations. The incident occurred around 13:50h on the Hibernia Public Road. Yaspaul was a businesswoman and a farmer. According to her sister, Devi Janki, she was at the time heading to the backdam to look after her rice fields when she was struck down.

Dead: Lochanie Yaspaul of Hibernia

The saddened sister said a hire car driver informed her of the accident. Janki said she could not believe the news and decided to call

her niece to confirm what she had heard. After the news was verified, she immediately went to the accident scene where she saw her sister’s body lying motionless. “When I saw my sister, one side of her legs came out, her bicycle was smashed, I couldn’t come to grips with what happened, I just can’t believe this, am so shocked,” Janki said. Another sister of the deceased, Deowattie Hardyal, described her sister as loving and caring. She said she last had contact with her on Tuesday night, when her sister had text messaged her to find out how she was doing. Yaspaul has left to mourn her husband and four children.

8 news

thursday, september 19, 2013|

Businessman fined $8000 for abusing wife


60-year-old businessman was on Wednesday brought before Magistrate Fabayo Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to the charge of abusive language. Balwant Bhaichandeen of 46 Croal Street, Georgetown pleaded

guilty to the charge which read that on September 16 at Croal Street, he made use of abusive language to his wife Gaitree Bhaichandeen. According to the facts, the couple has been married for 31 years and Balwant is in the constant habit of abusing his wife physically

and verbally, calling her derogatory names. On the day in question, Gaitree called him and told him that their son was misbehaving and would not take his medication. Balwant then verbally abused her and called her names before hanging up the phone.

Man, 27, confesses to murder committed 14 years ago


man who confessed to a murder committed some 14 years ago was on Tuesday charged for the offence at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court. Joshua Ragabeer, who is now 27 years old, has admitted that on September 9, 1999, he raped and murdered Kiroo of Lot 6 Blairmont, Number Two Settlement. The woman was 67 years old, while Ragabeer was only 13 years old at the time of the murder. In April this year, Ragabeer surrendered to the police at the Blairmont Police Station, and as a result of the confession, a statement was taken from Ragabeer and he was arrested pending further investigation. Based on the statement taken, Ragabeer had motive to kill the woman, but there were some doubts that he actual-

ly did owing to his age at that time. A file containing the man’s statement was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Bibi Shalimar Ali-Hack for legal advice. After months of continuous investigations, the police were able to gather sufficient evidence to charge Ragabeer. The file was again sent to the DPP in August and she gave the green light for charges to be instituted. Ragabeer, a mechanic, appeared before Magistrate Rhondell Weaver and was not required to plead to the indictable charge which states that on September 9, 1999 he murdered Kiroo. Bail was refused and he was remanded to prison. The preliminary inquiry is expected to commence on October.

An unrepresented Balwant Bhaichandeen told the court that he has five children and when his wife called he was busy and must have cut her short. Magistrate Azore fined him $8000 or a default two weeks imprisonment. She also ordered counselling for the couple.

Mechanic shop owner remanded on robbery charges



man was on Wednesday remanded to prison after he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to two offenc-

Seon Williams, 26, of Lot 36 Walker Terrace, West Ruimveldt was not required to plead to the indictable charge which read that on September 17 at Georgetown, he robbed Goswani Janroy of one gold chain and a pendant totalling $300,000 and sometime before, during or after the robbery, he made use of personal violence on Janroy. However, he pleaded not guilty to the other charge which read that on the same day at Avenue of the Republic, he unlawfully assaulted Amrita Janroy. Williams was represented by Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat who stated that his client has one child and is the owner of a mechanic shop. He also made a request for reasonable bail to be granted. Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte stated that the defendant dealt Goswani several punches when he snatched the chain and pushed Amrita when she tried to help her husband. He objected to bail on the grounds of the penalty attached to such an offence and the quantum of the charge. He also objected stating that personal violence was used to carry out the offence and if granted his pretrial liberty, there is a likelihood he will not return to court for trial. Magistrate Judy Latchman refused bail and the matter is set to return to court on September 20

Woman fined $5000 for cannabis possession


n Wednesday, a woman was fined $5000 after she pleaded guilty to possession of narcotics at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Fabayo Azore. Thirty-three-year-old Elizabeth Ramnarayan of Lot 306 Independence Boulevard, Georgetown pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that on September 17, she had in her possession one and a half grams of cannabis. According to the facts, on the day in question around 03:00h, Ramnarayan was proceeding south along High Street in her motor car PPP 6505 when she was stopped by police ranks on patrol. A search was carried out on the vehicle and in the driver’s seat where Ramnarayan was sitting, a zipock bag containing leaves, seeds and stems was found. She was arrested and taken to the Brickdam Police Station where the substance was weighed in her presence and amounted to one and a half grams of cannabis. Speaking in court, she admitted to smoking the illegal substance and asked the Magistrate to be lenient with her saying that she would not do it again. Magistrate Fabayo Azore fined her $5000 along with two months community service every Friday starting September 20.

Eyew tness Infelicitous statements...

D the police irectly after the senseless gunning down of a young West Coast Demerara businessman Zulfikar “Vicky” Namdar, the police rushed to categorise it as a “hit” – that is an “execution”. Now this is a term that’s not used lightly: in fact it’s one of the several labels that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) uses to classify homicides to assist in pursuing the perpetrators. A “hit” points the police force in a particular direction, especially as it has to do with deployment of resources. The only reason given by the police was that the gunman started to shoot right after entering the shop. That Namdar was reaching for his cash register and the bandit might’ve figured he was reaching for a gun, didn’t lend any caution to the police. But this conclusive statement also sends a very potent message to the society. Through their experience in the past decade or so, Guyanese know that “hits” aren’t carried out on every Tom, Dick or Harilall. People involved in shady occupations of one type or another, pay “hit men” very substantial sums of money to make “hits” on individuals who’ve run afoul in common shady endeavours. In a word, people who are normally “hit” are engaged in crime. Of course, you may have a spouse or two who’ll resort to this type of extreme action after being cuckolded or wanting to clear their coast for their own cuckolding, but this is the exception in Guyana. In the case of young Namdar, after the announcement by the police, people began to speculate (wildly, as is inevitable) about what nefarious activity he was engaged in. We now know the police speculation was very wild and led to an unnecessary churning of the rumour mills about a very upstanding young man. It was reported that the police also made a very intemperate outburst when bikers protested in front of the police headquarters after the murder of one of their fraternity, commenting that it was “Jagdeo” who did it. Now in the absence of a warrant out for the suspect, the police outburst would’ve alerted the latter and caused him to flee the jurisdiction. Then there’s the totally unprofessional verbiage of the outburst. We all know the GPF is rightfully under pressure to perform. The case of Namdar was eventually solved when the cops acted on (intelligence) and staked out a planned robbery site. The police should let such action talk rather than putting their foot into their mouth so frequently. U.S. pageant watchers For over three decades now, the U.S. has been boasting about its commitment to promoting “diversity”. The U.S. is a “diverse” country and by golly everyone better believe it! Well, from the reactions after an American of Indian descent won the latest “Miss America” pageant, it looks like a whole heap of “real” Americans  never got the message. Or more likely, rejected it outright. The poor girl, born in New York of Indian parentage who’d won the New York pageant, was condemned as an “Arab” and a terrorist. The Indian Bollywood dance sequence for her “talent” component was derided as “Egyptian belly dancing”. Most of the respondents of several news outlets maintained that the blond, blue eyed Miss Kansas, represented the real-deal Miss America.  That the New York, dark-skinned damsel was extremely eloquent and will be pursuing medical studies also showed that all the talk by some that beauty pageants have gone beyond just “looks” were just kidding themselves.  Beauty is still skin-deep, and the skin better be white. ...while job hunting Suspenders Ram says lectures should be arranged for “ministers, members of Parliament and state officials to be led by a management specialist, an attorney and an accountant of its choice”. The poor fellow’s obviously looking for a job. The bookkeeper, not satisfied with becoming a lawyer in his dotage, now fancies himself a “management specialist”. 



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NGSA crème de la crème get free laptops

The 173 NGSA students along with President Donald Ramotar and Education Minister Priya Manickchand


ome 173 students who placed in the country’s top one per cent at the 2013 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examinations were presented with laptop computers on Wednesday by President Donald Ramotar. A total of 16,811 students wrote the examination in March of this year. When the results were disclosed in early June, the president promised to award every child within the top one per cent with a laptop computer. President Ramotar told the students as they embark on another stage of their lives, that this is just the beginning and they have a long way to go. He stated that with this initiative, they are enabling students to get up to par technologi-

cally. “We want to ensure that you do not flounder along the way… you will be challenged by many things, but you need to be successful, to be multi-skilled and multidisciplined… we want you to be able to be competent in using the most modern tools in the world,” the president said.

Equal opportunities

He noted that new technology enables a person to stay in the most rural areas of Guyana and still work in any part of the world due to the advancement of information and communication technology. The president disclosed that the administration is working along with the University of Guyana to get

degree programmes available online. President Ramotar explained that in a multiethnic and multicultural society such as Guyana, students need to ensure that there are equal opportunities for everyone, noting that there is no better way to do so than by providing equal opportunities in education. He stressed that education plays a critical role in getting a country out of all the adversities it will face. “In the struggle against all the injustices we have to confront, I see education as that hook that can take us out of poverty and take us to higher levels that I dream our country can go to and when I look at all these bright, young faces,

my confidence is once more strengthened that we can be a developed country in the not-so-distant future with your help,” he stated. The president urged students to study hard and not be distracted by the various elements of society that will steer their attention from what is important. He further encouraged the students to not only strive to be good professionally but to have a social conscience and help others.

Think big

Education Minister Priya Manickchand told the students that they are lucky to be living in a time when they have all these opportunities available to them. “This is the beginning of a great life for you… be-

President Donald Ramotar handing over a computer to a NGSA student as Minister Priya Manickchand looks on

cause we have great opportunities that people would not have had before and so you have opportunities to be world leaders, and that’s what we are preparing you for, to be world leaders and you should think big, think about changing the world,” Manickchand urged the children. She told them that this milestone is just a small one among the many that will come in their lives if they continue to work hard, advising them to make themselves into persons who will celebrate successes even bigger than this. “Resolve to be disci-

plined and be good students, pay attention to what you are good at and perfect it. Be the leaders we know you have the capacity to be,” the education minister admonished. The minister acknowledged that there was still much work to be done in the education system, highlighting that improving the quality of classroom teaching was a priority. Minister Manickchand noted that she is pleased that Guyana had attained the Number Two Millennium Goal: universal access to primary education.


thursday, september 19, 2013


Prime minister urges promotion of Guyanese literature

Lil bit water and no wood is no good

D Professor Jane Byrce delivering the guest speaker's address at the 2013 Edgar Mittelholzer Memorial Lecture


romotion of Guyanese literature is necessary to capture the culture and diversity of Guyanese writings. This is the view of Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who was speaking at the Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry’s 2013 Edgar Mittelholzer Memorial Lecture held at the Umana Yana on Tuesday evening. The 2013 Edgar Mittelholzer Memorial Lecture included the guest speaker, Professor Jane Bryce, professor of African literature and cinema. Also, speaking at the lecture series was Al Creighton who noted that modern Guyanese literature may be divided into two periods: pre-independence and postindependence. He said there is also a colonial period, a period of nationalism and the contemporary period, all of which are very important. According to Creighton, there was a very important change in the early 19th

century, where the period of modern Guyanese literature began. “Seminars such as these ensure that the names and works of Guyanese writers are preserved and recognised... the works of Guyanese literature and the way that works has advanced and contributed to other works across the region and thus the Edgar Mittelholzer Memorial Lecture series is being done,” he said.

Pros Meanwhile, Professor Bryce emphasised that prose adds colour to everyday life and some even brings it closer to history and show the way things really happen in history. “Migration has been a defining feature of West Indian culture and the works of Mittelhozer is testimony to such,” she said. Further, Byrce noted that it is useful to remember that the views expressed in a work of fiction are not nec-

Left to right Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Professor Jane Byrce and Al Creighton at the headtable

essarily the view of its author. Prof Bryce was born in Tanzania, and educated there, in the UK and Nigeria. She has been a freelance journalist and fiction editor and has published in a range of creative and academic journals and essay collections. She is author of a collection of short stories, Chameleon (2007) and editor of Caribbean Dispatches: Beyond the Tourist Dream (2006). She founded and co-directed the Barbados Festival of African and Caribbean Film and curates the Africa World Documentary Film Festival at Cave Hill, Barbados. Edgar Austin Mittelholzer was a Guyanese novelist, the earliest novelist from the West Indian region to establish himself in Europe and gained a significant European readership. Mittelholzer, who earned his living almost exclusively by writing fiction,

Police shoot mentally unstable man


olice in Berbice on Wednesday shot a man who they said had attacked them with a cutlass. According to a police release, about 10:25h on

Wednesday, ranks responded to a report that Andrew Barker, 37, of Betsy Ground, East Canje, Berbice, who is reportedly mentally unstable, was threatening persons with a cutlass at Goed

Bananen Land, East Canje. On seeing the police ranks approaching, Barker attacked the ranks and was shot to his left hand. He has been admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Ganja fields burnt at Yarrowkabra


olice on Wednesday burned nine ganja fields at Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke-Linden Highway. According to a police release, ranks conducted a narcotics eradication operation, at Yarrowkabra, during which the fields of cannabis sativa (marijuana) plants, comprising approximately 85,000 plants, ranging in height from three feet to 10 feet, were found and destroyed, along with seven nurseries with seedlings and three camps. No arrest was made.

is considered the first professional novelist to come out of the English-speaking Caribbean. His novels include characters and situations from a variety of places within the Caribbean, and range in time from the early period of European settlement to the 20th century. They feature a cross-section of ethnic groups and social classes, dealing with subjects of historical, political, psychological, and moral interest. Mittelholzer is somewhat posited to be certainly the most prolific novelist to be produced by the Caribbean. Mittelholzer committed suicide in England in 1965.

e whole country gon need a lotta prayers soon – from crusade to jhandi to reading to any kinda prayer in any religion. And all dem people who does go to chuch – don’t matter which chuch – gon have to pray fuh Guyana. Too much of pubic language goin on in public places. Old people done warn a long time already that people mustn’t wash dem dutty linen fuh de public to see. But no body ain’t listenin. At this rate, if women coulda get pregnant wid talk, all of dem who reach age woulda done get pregnant. And even dem woman who ain’t got pickney yet woulda done mek by now. De power company gone public wid dem pole problem. Dem can’t find no wood around de place that long enough, round enough and strong enough fuh hang up de wires to give people power all night long and all day long. So de company plan to bring in strong wood from outside. But some ting must be wrong, because Guyana got plenty wood. Guyana got so much wood that one country even payin Guyana fuh all de wood that de former prezzi show dem. Dem even turn round and tell he that this is good wood and that Guyana must not waste this wood because plenty people want to keep this kinda wood. De water company gone public and blame de power company fuh not getting enough power to give de people water all night long and all day long. Some ting must be wrong hey again, because Guyana is de land of many waters and yet de people not gettin enough water, so dem want more water. De combination of lil bit water and no wood is already no good. But to add insult to injury, two big men gone public bout stones. One man claim he got plenty stones and de other man doubt he to de bone. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! Only de Almighty can know how one man be so cock sure whether or not de other man got stones!

No luck yet in capturing biker’s killer – crime cheif


lmost two weeks after a wanted bulletin was issued for Rondy Jagdeo for the murder of Kirk Davis, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud said that there has been no luck yet in arresting the fugitive. Persaud added that local law enforcement officers are working with their counterparts in neighbouring countries with the aim of apprending the 28-year-old businessman. Jagdeo of Lot 159 Third Street, Alexander Village, Georgetown had allegedly shot and killed Kirk Davis in front of his Eccles East Bank home on the evening of September 3. Days after the shooting incident, acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell told the media that they are trying their best to apprehend Jagdeo

who was sighted in neighbouring Suriname. He explained that based on information they received, Jagdeo was in the country and they were exploring all the avenues to arrest him after he was identified as the perpetrator. They were unable to arrest the businessman, hence a wanted bulletin was issued. Guyana Times also understands that the wife of the businessman who was also shot at least two times to her leg remains in protective custody of the police as they continue their investigations. The woman was accused by her husband of having an affair with h Davis. On Tuesday evening last, the businessman appeared in front of Davis’ 7th Street, Eccles, East Bank Demerara home in a silver Toyota Premio.

Davis reportedly walked towards the car and went straight into the back passenger’s seat, where an argument ensued. During the argument, the businessman reportedly used a .9mm pistol with extended clips and deliberately shot his wife twice, forcing her to release information about the money and the alleged relationship. He then turned the gun on Davis and shot him. The murder suspect then left the driver’s seat and walked towards the backdoor of the car, pulled out the biker from the car and continued to shoot him. A post mortem examination which was performed on the body of Davis proved that he was shot at least 15 times. Davis was laid to rest on Saturday.


THURSday, september 19, 2013 |

12 News

THURsday, september 19, 2013 |

ACIC theology school to commence classes next month

GuyExpo planners keeping eye on congestion – to open up two new pedestrian entrances

Acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali

GMSA President Clinton Williams

he perennial traffic build-up and struggle to get in and out of the Sophia Exhibition Centre during GuyExpo could be a thing of the past if the event planners get it right this year, with acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali announcing that plans are in train to open up two new pedestrian entrances to the site. Long lines of traffic have been a feature of almost every GuyExpo. Patrons often complained also about the lack of proper parking and the inordinate amount of time spent in traffic before arriving at the event site. Ali told a news conference on Tuesday that planners are investing in two new pedestrian entrances this year. “This we hope will help in the easing of congestion, we have specially designed access for the differentlyabled persons and of course, food handlers must have food handlers’ certificate to be part of GuyExpo 2013,” he explained.

ness development forum that would attempt to expose our manufacturers.” This, he said, will focusHe noted that this will aid in the advancement of companies since a number of industries require substantial capital and other resources that would allow them to get to the expansion and diversification that is needed. According to the minister, 2012 saw 268 booths and 169 exhibitors participating in the exposition, while 2013 is expected to exceed that number with some 334 booths. To date, almost 265 booths have already been confirmed, with the remaining expected to taken by end of this week, Ali said.


The Anna Catherina Islamic Centre


he Anna Catherina Islamic Centre (ACIC), the recentlyestablished Guyana branch of Markaz Al Ihsaan of Trinidad and Tobago, will commence classes at the end of October. The theological institute was set up to provide higher quality Islamic education, from the fundamentals of Islam to the tertiary level. Noting that the inaugural Certificate in Islamic Education course is dedicated to training of Muslim leaders, imams and scholars for the Guyanese Muslim community, the ACIC said “that prospective students for the new theology school are now be-

ing selected...”. Lecturers from Trinidad and Tobago will travel to Guyana to conduct the classes. Students must meet the admission requirements and only 25 persons will be trained at one time. According to the ACIC, all course materials and books will be provided free of charge by the Markaz. Principal of Madrasa Nooranie, Pakistani Maulana/Qari Muhammad Mujahid, now based at ACIC, will be one of the teachers. Markaz Al Ihsaan was established in 2000, and offers courses in some of the specialised areas of Islamic

knowledge. It is committed to the dissemination of Islamic knowledge and in assisting in the cultivation of a refined life for every individual, based on Qur’anic guidance and on the traditions of Prophet Muhammad. Its courses are designed to help the individual to know, practise and preach true Islam. The ACIC noted that the Markaz al Ihsaan recognises that many Muslim leaders, preachers and teachers do not have this kind of outlook of life; as a result, it has developed a band of competent, qualified teachers able to carry out its mission to pass on the legacy of Islam.

Meanwhile, in the areas of specialised subjects on contemporary issues, each student will be offered courses on comparative religion, public speaking, Islamic Sociology, Qur’anic psychology, Qur’anic philosophy, Leadership and Religious Sects in Islam, through the collaboration between the two schools. Madrassa Nooranie was established under the tutorship of the late Pakistani Muslim Scholar Maulana Hafiz Noorul Hadi Haleem, and is operated by the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex, in association with the Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman.

Berbice lumber dealer beaten and robbed


wo men, who posed as customers on Tuesday evening, escaped with an undisclosed sum of money from a lumber dealer at Courtland, Corentyne, Berbice on Tuesday.

The police are investigating the robbery committed on Chanmonie Soodoo, a businesswoman of Lot 158 Courtland Public Road. The woman was also beaten during the ordeal. One of the

two men who committed the act was dressed in a white tee-shirt and black long pants, while the other was in a green shirt. According to reports received, Soodoo was sitting under her house when the two men approached and one of them enquired about building materials before handing her an estimate. The other suspect reportedly proceeded to grab the businesswoman by her neck, choked, kicked, and cuffed her, causing her to fall to the ground. They then took her to the upper flat of the two-storey wooden and concrete building, and one of the bandits picked up a knife and placed it to her left hip. The woman struggled

with the bandit and managed to hit the knife out of his hand, cutting him on his left hand in the process. He then dealt her several cuffs to her body, causing her to fall to the floor, while the other bandit took the cash, which was in a chair in the sitting room and the men made good their escape. Soodoo managed to get up and went outside where she saw the bandits escape in a white motor car. She then went to seek medical attention. The police were summoned and conducted searches in the area, but came up empty-handed. Several persons were questioned, but no arrest was made.

Expanding businesses

GuyExpo co-chair Derrick Cummings noted that the planning committee is on target for a smooth staging of GuyExpo 2013. GuyExpo is slated for October 3-6. It will have a number of new features to assist participating companies in expanding their businesses and modernising their plans, which is in keeping with this year’s theme “Advancing Productivity Through Innovation, Modernisation and Expansion”. Cummings said the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) must be congratulated for being one of the more aggressive organisations involved at the initial stages of GuyExpo. GMSA President Clinton Williams has been playing an integral role in preparations for Guy Expo 2013. Williams said, “The first thing we have sort of put on the table and agreed to by the committee was to put in place what we call a busi-

Foreign investors

“We also have a total of 14 countries expressing their interest and (companies) that have already signed up for participation from China. These companies are in the areas of manufacturing, plumbing, electronic, forestry and mineral exploration,” he said. Four companies specialising in food, manufacturing, garments and jewellery from India have indicated their interest as well, while four companies from St Lucia’s manufacturing association will be present. Further, Argentina, as well as the United States, Nepal, Trinidad and Barbados, will have a delegation looking for investment opportunities here. Referring to the theme, Ali said, “We have to modernise infrastructure in which we work. We have to continue the expansion of farm to market access roads to reduce the cost of transportation for farmers. We have to continue to invest in the reduction of energy so that the agro processing sector would continue to grow.” He noted that in the planning of this year’s event, organisers have learnt from the challenges of last year’s staging and have built on its successes.



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Pact with TT group PLHIVs urged to take on hydro project ownership of their lives expired – PM


rime Minister Samuel Hinds has confirmed that there is currently no Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the government and ENMAN Group of Companies in force, for the establishment of a hydropower facility here. His comments come on the heels of recent reports that ENMAN, a Trinidadian firm, has secured a site in Guyana for the construction of a hydropower plant. He said an MoU was indeed signed with the ENMAN Services Limited back in 2001 to conduct studies at the Takwari site, that was later changed to Turtruba site. However, the prime minister clarified that after the MoU was repeatedly amended, it eventually expired in 2010. According to him, ENMAN Services Ltd was duly informed.


The Trinidadian firm is currently proposing the undertaking of a number of investments in Guyana to the tune of US$4 billion. However, Hinds declined to comment on whether he or government has knowledge of these proposed projects. They include the de-

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds

velopment of a hydropower plant at the Turtruba Rapids on the Mazaruni River, the generation of power in Guyana through the use of a 400 megawatt cable from Trinidad, the establishment of an aluminium smelter, a deepwater port, a training institute, and an industrial park. ENMAN Group of Companies President Donald Baldeosingh told Guyana Times during a telephone interview that discussions are ongoing regarding the materialisation of these projects. The projected 800 megawatt hydropower plant is expected to be constructed at a cost of US$2 billion, and deliver power

at a cost of two to five U.S. cents per kilowatt hour. Baldeosingh highlighted the fact that the plant had been on the cards for construction for some 12 years, dating back to the time when the MoU was signed between the two Caribbean countries for feasibility studies to be conducted here. He added that ENMAN has chosen Guyana as its destination for these projects, given the friendly relations between the two countries and the opportunities available.

Renewable energy

More so, he pointed to the vast sources of potential renewable energy that Guyana boasts. By bringing the projects together, the developers have ensured that they are all viable. According to the company, the overall development also addresses several regional challenges such as the need for new renewable, low-cost sources of energy in the Caribbean, undeveloped natural resources in Guyana needing large-scale affordable energy for development, the oversupply of power in Trinidad and Tobago, the need for a regional bauxite strategy, and the excess liquidity in the twin-island republic’s banking system.

Pillion rider injured in Number 43 Village accident


man is nursing lacerations and possible head injuries following an accident involving a motorcycle and a motor car on the Number 43 Public Road on Tuesday evening. Gouthan Balram, 22, of Number 47 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, is presently a patient at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. At the time of the accident, he was the pillion rider on motorcycle CG 4296. The car that was involved in the accident bore

licence plate “B Bhola No. 2” and is owned and driven by Budram Bhola of Number 48 Village, Corentyne, while the motorcycle, which was being piloted by Dhanraj Drepaul, is owned by Ravi Outar of Rose Hall Town, Corentyne. According to information received, the motor car was idling on the foot path at Number 43 Village, while the motorcycle was proceeding along the roadway when the driver of the said motor car made a sudden right turn, resulting in

the collision. As a result of the impact, both the motorcyclist and pillion rider fell to the road surface of the roadway and received injuries. Drepaul and Balram were assisted up and taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where they were seen and examined by a doctor on duty. Drepaul was treated and sent away, while Balram was admitted a patient. The matter was reported to the police who have launched an investigation.

NAPS Programme Coordinator Dr Shanti Singh

Health Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Joseph Hamilton

UNAIDS Country Director Dr Roberto Campos

he National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS) on Tuesday commenced a two-day national conference for Persons Living with HIV (PLHIVs), with speakers urging infected persons to take ownership of their own lives. The conference, which targeted approximately 50 peer support group leaders from Regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and 10, was held at the Regency Suites, Georgetown. The aim is to deliberate on the quality of social support services provided through the national HIV care and treatment programme, to identify the gaps, and to make recommendations on how to improve the programme. A release from NAPS said an important focus was how PLHIVs could take ownership for their own lives and become actively involved in ensuring sustainability of the HIV care, treatment, and support programmes. In this regard, the theme of the conference is “Motivation Towards Positive Living, Supporting Sustainability”.

al milestones, and Guyana is now one of 14 countries to have achieved universal access to care and treatment, adding that this was achieved through the multisectoral collaboration and commitment of all stakeholders. G-Plus Programme Manager Chrystol AlbertHope, in her remarks, acknowledged the tremendous strides made by the National HIV programme over the years. Special achievements were the commencement of free anti-retroviral treatment in 2002, the near elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and the reduction of stigma and discrimination associated with HIV. Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV & AIDS (PANCAP) recently-appointed head, Dereck Springer, acknowledged that Guyana has much to celebrate, because 20 years ago HIV was seen as a death sentence. He noted that Guyana has gone beyond other Caribbean countries in providing community, home and palliative treatment.

of despair to hope – HIV is no longer a death sentence. He also highlighted the central role that PLHIVs can play in controlling the epidemic by adhering to their treatment regimen as this reduces the chance of transmission to only four per cent. Health Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Joseph Hamilton noted that everyone has a role to play in controlling HIV. An essential part of the draft 20132020 health strategy focuses on the need for greater efficiency in the health system and the need for greater value for money in light of decreased donor funding.

Positive living

Springer urged the participants to look at shared responsibility and self-management, as the focus is now on country ownership in light of decreasing donor funding for HIV. UNAIDS Country Director, Dr Roberto Campos, highlighted the organisation’s strategy of zero new infections, zero new HIV-related deaths, and zero stigma and discrimination. He noted that the epidemic had changed from one


NAPS programme coordinator, Dr Shanti Singh, in her presentation, highlighted that the conference focuses on positive living and sustainability of the social support services need by PLHIVs. Importantly, much attention is on the involvement of PLHIVs, since this is an essential part of the recently-launched HIVision 2020 initiative. Dr Singh recounted that NAPS has achieved sever-


Political will

He stressed that the political will exists both at the level of the government and the Health Ministry in addressing HIV in Guyana. During the first day of the conference, presentations were delivered on mental health and substance abuse, domestic violence, and parenting. There was also a panel discussion on positive living. Topics to be delivered during tomorrow’s session of the conference will focus on sustainability of HIV care and treatment services and, the support services available for PLHIVs through the Housing Ministry, the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency, IPED, the Food For The Poor, and NIS. A major expected output of the conference is the development of a road map on how to sustain the support services provided at the government HIV care and treatment sites and by nongovernmental organisations.


Thursday, september 19, 2013


Police say prostitution Looting hits Acapulco as Mexican storm death toll rises major problem in St Lucia L

Earlier this year, National Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere called a meeting of stakeholders to discuss ways of dealing with an upsurge in commercial sex


ess than 48 hours after the authorities warned of an increase in the numbers of people, including children, now engaged in prostitution, St Lucia’s Police Commissioner Vernon Francois says the issue remains a major challenge for the St Lucia Police force.

”It is not easy, it is a serious challenge for us, but we remain committed to dealing with it. We are hoping that we can work with government agencies which must be involved in dealing with prostitution,” Francois said. Earlier this week, Head of the Human Services

The Dominican Republic to increase efficiency and effectiveness of public health spending


he Dominican Republic’s ministry of public health and social assistance will receive a loan for US$146 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to fund a programme to strengthen health services management. The programme will expand five of the country’s nine regional health services, which serve 45.6 per cent of The Dominican population. The nearly 1.5 million beneficiaries represent 45.9 per cent of the country’s people living in extreme or moderate poverty. The programme will finance the expansion of maternal and child centres of excellence in six hospitals where more than a third of the country’s births take place. The ministry will also be strength-

ened to expand results-based financing in the National Health Insurance system through the development of monitoring and evaluation tools for decision-making. Other programme activities are to update licensing standards and guidelines for health facilities, create a unit for the analysis of performance monitoring and evaluation within the health ministry, and design and implement national standards for healthcare information systems. It is expected that the project will result in a 30 per cent reduction in maternal and infant mortality in hospitals with centers of maternal and child centres of excellence, and a 60 per cent increase in the number of children between 15 and 24 months with full immunisation. (Caribbean News Now)

Department Antoinette Joseph, said high unemployment, a lack of job opportunities and rising commodity prices have forced many women into the sex trade. She said that prostitution and child sexual abuse have become significant issues on the island, warning that the situation was getting worse. “We are aware of reports of children of both sexes being pushed to the edge, these incidents are most common in low income homes primarily in the capital, but it’s now commonplace across the island. We have made several reports to the police, so that they are well aware of the situation,” she said. (Excerpt from Antigua Observer)

ooting broke out in the flooded Mexican beach resort of Acapulco as the government struggled to reach tens of thousands of people cut off by flooding that had claimed at least 70 lives by Wednesday. Stores were ransacked by looters who carried off everything from televisions to Christmas decorations after floodwaters wreaked havoc in the Pacific port that has borne the brunt of some of the worst storm damage to hit Mexico in years. Tens of thousands of people have been trapped in the aftermath of two tropical storms that hammered vast swathes of Mexico. More than one million people have been affected, and Acapulco’s airport terminal was under water, stranding tourists. Shops were plundered

People carry looted goods as they walk through a flooded street in Acapulco, September 18

in the city’s upscale neighbourhood of Diamante, home to luxury hotels and plush apartments, where dozens of cars were ruined by muddy brown floodwaters. Marines were posted outside stores to prevent further theft. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t looting from need of food; it was stealing for stealing’s sake,” said Mariberta

Medina, head of a local hoteliers’ association. “They even stole Halloween and Christmas decorations and an outboard motor.” Northwest of Acapulco in the village of La Pintada, rescue workers have so far recovered the bodies of 18 people killed after a landslide buried their homes, the local mayor said. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Opposition leader New cardiac suite by year-end for Barbadians Holness to move


facility catering to the needs of persons suffering from coronary artery disease would be open to the public by the end of 2013. This was revealed by Health Minister John Boyce, who delivered the feature address at Tuesday’s dedication and official naming of the headquarters building – the Hassell & Symmonds Cardiac Care Centre – in honour of the founding fathers of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados (HSFB) Inc. “A similar type of decision has already been taken with respect to coronary artery disease and the cardiac suite, whose services will include critical care post-acute heart attack, thrombolysis, cardiac catherisation and angiographic interventions.

This facility will be open to the public by the end of this year.” He said that this cardiac suite will also have the capability to cater to persons from the English-speaking Caribbean, which would be a valuable source of revenue for Barbados. Another initiative that the ministry has developed in this regard is the stroke unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), which “is a good example of evidence-based decision making which has resulted in the practical implementation of health-care policies”, stated Boyce. This stroke unit, which was constructed to address the high incidences of stroke victims in Barbados, would accordingly provide much needed care to these patients, stated Boyce. (Excerpt from Barbados Advocate)

motion on OUR in parliament


eader of the Opposition, Andrew Holness, says that the assessment of the Office of Utilities Regulation’s (OUR) role in the processing of the bids for the 360-megawatt energy plant, has cast a doubt on the operations of the agency. “At the next sitting of parliament, I will be moving a resolution to debate how we can strengthen the OUR,” Holness told a press briefing at Gordon House following Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives. The opposition leader referred to the section of the Contractor General’s Report on the “Right to Supply 360

Megawatts of Power to the National Grid”, which criticised the OUR for failing to caution Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Minister, Phillip Paulwell, about compromising the bidding process. Contractor General Dirk Harrison in the reference to the “independence of the OUR” said: “The contractor general is aware that the Office of the Cabinet has an administrative relationship with the OUR, however, though not provided for and explicitly stated in the said Act, the OUR, by virtue of its regulatory function, should not be subjected to the direction of any person or authority.” (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

Haiti's PM ends European tour with TT PM on decriminalising use of ganja: More 532M euro commitment from EU

Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe (left) with the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy


aiti’s Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe returned to Haiti during the weekend from a European tour that took him to France and Belgium, where European Union officials committed to providing 532 mil-

lion euros to help the Caribbean country implement most needed projects. Lamothe explained that Haiti needed funds to continue ongoing projects and initiate new programmes likely to change living conditions in the country

where most Haitian are living on less than US$2 per day. “The trip was very productive and I believe there is a better understanding on the part of our partners about our efforts and resolve to bring about change in Haiti,” Lamothe told HCNN on Monday. “Contrarily to what was the practice so far, the European Union is open now to channel resources to fund projects through the government instead of through NGOs,” he said. Lamothe also mentioned the fact that his government may now receive direct budget support from the EU and other donors. “Our administration is based on transparency and we are doing more effort everyday to make sure this becomes a culture in the public administration,” Lamothe said. The agreement on the €532 million commitment could be signed on the margin of the UN assembly general in New York, later this month, between European and Haitian authorities. (Excerpt from Caribbean News Now)

research needed


aricom chairman and Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar says no decision was taken on the issue of decriminalising marijuana in the region. She was speaking during Tuesday’s 27th meeting of the Caricom Bureau at the Noor Hassanali Conference Room, Parliament Building, Waterfront Centre, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain. Among the other Caribbean leaders attending were Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves. Caricom Secretary General Irwin LaRocque also attended. Gonsalves had written

Persad-Bissessar seeking to have the matter addressed. Noting that the issue of decriminalising marijuana was raised by Chief Justice Ivor Archie on Monday at the opening of the new law term, Persad-Bissessar told the news conference that some 16 states in the United States have (legalised) marijuana/cannabis for health purposes. She said, however, the Caricom leaders “were of the view in our preliminary discussions… that we’ll need much further research (on the issue).” The Caricom chairman said the bureau “has tasked the Caricom Secretariat to do research with respect to the medical issues as well as on the legislative and legal issues.” (Excerpt from Trinidad Guardian)

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thursday, september 19, 2013

Marking International Day of Peace, UN highlights power of education to build tolerant societies

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon rings bell in observation of International Day of Peace


he United Nations on Wednesday marked the International Day of Peace with a call to invest in education that encourages children to embrace global citizenship based on values of tolerance and diversity. “Every girl and every boy deserves to receive a qual-

ity education and learn the values that will help them to grow up to be global citizens in tolerant communities that respect diversity,” SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon said before ringing the Peace Bell in New York, ahead of the official observance of the Day, which falls on Saturday

Six dead in Ottawa train-bus collision


double-decker bus and a passenger train collided in Ottawa on Wednesday morning, killing six people and injuring at least 30 others, authorities said. The dead included the bus driver and all of the dead and injured had been on the bus, authorities said at a news conference. A third of the injured were in critical condition, said Anthony Di Monte, chief of the Ottawa Paramedic Service. First responders found “bodies and debris pretty much everywhere at the impact site,” Ottawa Fire Service’s Marc Messier told CTV News Channel. “It’s definitely a serious scene,” Messier said. “Our top priority is getting anyone with serious injuries

to the hospital and getting them into proper care.” The crash happened at 08:48h, CBC News and CTV News reported. CTV said a Via Rail train hit an Ottawa Carlton Transit city bus at Woodroffe Avenue and Fallowfield Road. The train derailed “approximately 100 to 200 feet down the rail,” Messier said. CBC News quoted firefighters as saying the front end of the bus sustained significant damage. It said in a Twitter message that the Transportation Safety Board was headed to the crash site. Five people were pronounced dead at the scene, and one died after being taken to a hospital, Di Monte said. Thirty others were taken to hospitals, he said. (Excerpt from CNN)

France to ban “sexualised” child beauty pageants?


t looks like the French won’t be getting their version of “Little Miss Sunshine” or “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” anytime soon. France’s Senate voted early Wednesday to ban beauty pageants for children under 16, and to punish any adult who tries to enter a child into such a contest with up to two years in prison and a steep 30,000 euro fine. The amendment is part of a broader bill on women’s rights, which will now proceed to the National Assembly, French Parliament’s lower house, for debate and another vote. The senators who voted in favour of the measure argue that it will protect children from being prematurely

“sexualised” through the use of heavy make-up and often provocative attire. The amendment was prompted by a a parliamentary report entitled “Against Hyper-Sexualisation: A New Fight For Equality”, which, in addition to calling for an end to the pageants, encouraged a ban on adult-style clothing for children, including padded bras and high-heeled shoes. “Let us not make our girls believe from a very young age that their worth is based only on their appearance,” the author of the report, former sports minister and current senator Chantal Jouanno, said in an interview with free French daily “20 Minutes” last year. (Excerpt

from France24)

September 21. A gift from Japan that hangs from a wooden beam in a garden in front of UN Headquarters, the Peace Bell has tolled every year in a solemn call for peace since 1981, when the General Assembly established the Day to coincide with the opening of its annual September. The theme of this year’s observance is: ‘Education for Peace.’ There are currently 57 million children that do not have access to education, and millions more that need better schooling. Ban recalled the words of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl and youth activist who was shot by the Taliban for attending classes, saying that “one teacher, one book, one pen, can change the world,” and called on governments to increase investment on education. (Excerpt from UN News Centre)

Iran: Nasrin Sotoudeh “among freed political prisoners”


ran is reported to have freed at least 11 political prisoners, including noted human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh. The eight women and three men are said to also include the reformist politician Mohsen Aminzadeh. Sotoudeh was arrested in 2010 and jailed for six years on charges of acting against national security. The release of the political prisoners comes just days before Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani visits New York for the UN General Assembly. In his election campaign, he promised to free political prisoners. Sotoudeh’s husband, Reza Khandan, said she had been dropped off at their home by prison officials on Wednesday evening. He said she had been unaware that she was about to be released. “I am happy

The UN had urged the Iranian authorities to release Nasrin Sotoudeh

that she joined us, particularly as our younger child is starting school for the first time,’’ he told AP news agency. “We are very happy but we will be happier if other prisoners are freed.” There has been no official comment on Ms Sotoudeh’s release or

on the other prisoners reported to have been freed. Sotoudeh – winner of the European Parliament’s 2012 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought – is a well-respected and outspoken human rights lawyer known for taking on high-profile political cases. (Excerpt from BBC News)

UN says chemical Yemeni minister arms report on Syria on child marriage: attack “indisputable” Enough is enough


he United Nations on Wednesday defended a report by UN chemical weapons experts that Russia has criticised as “one-sided,” saying its conclusion that rockets loaded with sarin gas were used in an August 21 attack should not be questioned. “The findings in that report are indisputable,” UN spokesman Martin Nesirky told reporters. “They speak for themselves and this was a thoroughly objective report on that specific incident.” UN chemical investigators led by Ake Sellstrom of Sweden on Monday confirmed the use of sarin nerve agent in the August 21 attack outside the Syrian capital in a long-awaited report that the United States, Britain and

France said proved President Bashar al-Assad’s forces were responsible. Russia, however, denounced Sellstrom’s findings as preconceived and tainted by politics, stepping up its criticism of the report. Russia, like Assad’s government, says the rebels carried out the attack, which the United States says killed more than 1400 people, including over 400 children. Nesirky said the chain of custody of all environmental and biomedical samples taken by the inspectors was meticulously documented. He added that the experts would return to Syria as soon as possible to continue their investigation into a March incident at Khan al-Asal and all other “credible allegations.” (Excerpt from Reuters)


emen’s human rights minister wants child marriage outlawed after an eight-year-old girl reportedly died of internal injuries that she suffered on her wedding night. When reports emerged last week that a girl named Rawan, from the northern Yemeni town of Haradh, died a few days after being married off to a 40-year-old man, Yemenis were horrified. International outrage quickly grew, as the alleged incident highlighted once again the extremely controversial issue of child marriage in Yemen − a country where the practice is still legal. Residents of Haradh told local media outlets that

Rawan’s cause of death was internal bleeding, believed to be the result of sexual intercourse that tore her uterus and other organs. Amid the numerous claims and counterclaims, Hooria Mashhour, Yemen’s human rights minister, has declared enough is enough – telling CNN that the growing anger over Rawan’s case has presented Yemen with an opportunity to finally do the right thing. “This isn’t the first time a child marriage has happened in Yemen, so we should not focus only on this case,” Mashhour said. “Many child marriages take place every year in Yemen. It’s time to end this practice.” (Excerpt from


Starved boy’s mummified corpse was found in cot, court hears


he mummified corpse of a four-year-old boy was found in a cot in his mother’s bedroom almost two years after he starved to death, a jury has heard. Hamzah Khan’s body was still dressed in a babygown when police made the discovery at his house in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Details of how Hamzah’s body was found, in September 2011, were outlined when his mother, Amanda Hutton, went on trial at Bradford crown court on Wednesday. Hutton, 43, denies her son’s manslaughter. Opening the case for the prosecution, Paul Greaney

Hamzah Khan’s decomposed body was found, alongside a teddy, beneath other objects, the court heard

QC told the jury Hamzah died when he was four and a half years old, on December

15, 2009. But the barrister said his remains were found 21

months later in clothing intended for a baby aged between six and nine months. He said these clothes fitted Hamzah. “Hamzah’s growth had been stunted,” Greaney said. “It had been stunted because he was malnourished over a lengthy period, and that state of affairs resulted in his death. “In short, he starved to death. How had a child starved to death in 21stcentury England?” He said: “Amanda Hutton failed to provide her child with the nourishment that he needed to survive, and in so failing, she killed him.” (Excerpt from

The Guardian)


thursday, September 19, 2013



Sagicor aims to raise up to Zimbabwe: European Union clears Marange diamonds J$2.5B from issue


agicor Life Jamaica plans to raise up to J$2.5 billion through the issue of shares in its Sagicor Real Estate X Fund. The fund, which will acquire units in Sigma Real Estate portfolio of 12 properties, including three hotels, will also be listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. The Initial Public Offering (IPO), which opens next Wednesday and closes on October 18, is offering 200

million ordinary shares (or 20 per cent of the company) at J$5 each, of which 100 million stock units are reserved for subscription by Sagicor Sigma Unit Holders at J$4.95 a share. The company may also increase the offer up to 500 million shares (50 per cent of Sagicor X Fund) should demand exceed the lower target of J$1 billion, but Sagicor Jamaica will hold on to a special share, which carries 51

per cent of the voting rights in the company, to ensure that the “structure of the investment is not subverted by investors who may acquire substantial interest in the company”, according to the market prospectus. The offer follows on a transaction earlier this year, when Sagicor’s unit trust purchased 11 properties from it, along with sundry-related business assets and liabilities, valuing J$9.8 billion. (Jamaica Observer)

North America


imbabwe could soon be allowed to sell diamonds from Marange in Europe after sanctions on the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) were lifted. The ZMDC holds a 50 per cent stake in several mining operations in Marange on behalf of the Zimbabwe government, but the company had been blacklisted under European Union sanctions. The European Union said

Tuesday that the company would be removed from the sanctions, despite concerns over alleged fraud in a July election that kept President Robert Mugabe in power. EU governments have carried out a review of the company’s inclusion in the EU sanctions list “and begun the process of delisting ZMDC,” EU foreign affairs spokesman Michael Mann said. The decision gives a boost to Mugabe, whose Zanu PF

party calls EU sanctions illegal, and will allow the mining firm to sell its diamonds in Europe, potentially raising its revenues. Belgium, centre of the global diamond trade, had pushed hard for the EU to lift sanctions on ZMDC, in line with an earlier agreement. Britain, Zimbabwe’s former colonial power, had resisted the step so as not to be seen to be rewarding Mugabe. (allAfrica)


Wall Street hits new highs India raises duty on gold as Fed keeps stimulus intact jewellery imports


.S. stocks rallied to a record high on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve surprised investors by saying it would not begin to cut its bond-buying programme that has been a driving force behind Wall Street’s climb of more than 20 per cent this year. After a mostly quiet session leading up the announcement, the S&P 500 showed a gain of nearly one per cent after the central bank would continue buying bonds at an US$85

billion monthly pace for now. Market participants had largely been expecting the central bank to begin a withdrawal of the bond-buying programme by about US$10 billion a month. “No taper, the market loves it, we will see if that lasts but boy, we are off to the races,” said Brad McMillan, Chief Investment Officer for Commonwealth Financial in Waltham, Massachusetts. “From a short term stock market perspective it can be

seen as a good thing because the market likes to see continued Fed stimulus. From a real economy standpoint, what it says is the Fed is actually more nervous about the economy than is generally perceived.” The Dow Jones industrial average rose 109.28 points or 0.7 per cent, to 15,639.01, the S&P 500 gained 15.54 points or 0.91 per cent, to 1720.3 and the Nasdaq Composite added 26.887 points or 0.72 per cent, to 3772.586. (Reuters)



ndia has increased the duty on imports of gold jewellery to 15 per cent from 10 per cent, in its latest attempt to curb the demand for the precious metal. Imports of gold jewellery rose after the government increased duties on import of raw gold, including bars and coins, three times this year. Demand for gold in India has risen after the recent drop in prices. However, gold im-

Middle East

ports are also one of the biggest contributors to India’s widening current account deficit. A current account deficit is the difference between inflow and outflow of foreign currency and it occurs when a country’s total imports are greater than its exports. A widening deficit strains the country’s foreign exchange reserves, as well as the value of its currency. India has been trying to bring down the deficit

after it hit a record high of 6.7 per cent of its gross domestic product (GDP) in the Octoberto-December quarter last year. India is the biggest consumer of gold in the world. The precious metal is seen by many consumers as a secure investment, while the festive season results in a surge for demand for jewellery. The government has been trying to rein in the growing demand. (BBC News)

Bank of England upgrades UK Oman, Saudi investors in dispute over London skyscraper growth forecast


he Bank of England has upgraded its growth forecast for the UK economy. Minutes from September’s meeting of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee show that thirdquarter growth is expected to be 0.7 per cent, up from 0.5 per cent forecast in last month’s Inflation Report. The minutes also show that the MPC voted unanimously to keep interest rates and quantitative easing (QE) on hold this

month. No MPC members saw a case to expand economic stimulus measures. The minutes said that recent economic data and business surveys “provided further evidence” that growth was picking up. Not only would it now be stronger than first thought in the July to September quarter, the likelihood was that growth would continue to strengthen for the rest of the year, the minutes said. Two MPC policymakers who

had previously suggested an expansion of QE may be required to aid the economy further have now revised their views, according to the minutes. That underlines the suggestion that the MPC sees the UK economic recovery strengthening. “Over the month the evidence was consistent with a recovery at least as strong as that expected at the time of the August Inflation Report,” the MPC minutes read. (BBC News)

Market statistics Cambio Rates

Gold Prices – Guyana Gold Board

Bank of Guyana


Fixed as at July 24, 2013 Calculated at 94% purity





$ 326.28 $198.37 $204.49



$200.65 $206.92








Indicators as on September 18, 2013 Live Spot Gold $1364.10










Crude Oil Price Silver Platinum

London Gold Fix

Sept 18


USD Per Once




1299.75 813.97 973.16

1301.00 814.76 974.53



1317.25 828.67 985.74

1312.25 825.57 983.33

US$ per barrel

Change %


$108.19 USD per Ounce

22.97 $146100

Change %

+1.23 +38.00


ne of the tallest buildings in the City of London, which is partowned by investors in Oman and Saudi Arabia, is reportedly close to being put up for sale amid a dispute between its shareholders. A Sky News report on Wednesday said bankers to the 46-storey Heron Tower on Bishopsgate are considering calling in receivers as a consequence of the row. The tower’s three in-

vestors are led by Heron International, the developer headed by Gerald Ronson, the property entrepreneur while other shareholders are the State General Reserve of Oman and undisclosed members of the Saudi royal family. Sky News said the three are reportedly in dispute over the management of the building as well as the circumstances in which they can realise value from their investments.


preneur and hope that you get something out of it.

It added that the Heron Tower has rented out just 60 per cent of its available space since opening in March 2011. When fully let, it is expected to command total annual rent of in excess of £25 million, according to previous reports. Sky News quoted a source as saying there had been “some letting covenant issues” to resolve with the lenders but insisted that the building remained financially viable.


Investors' guide Tips to becoming an outrageously cool entrepreneur


he reason why I am talking about being an entrepreneur is that we are actually in a car heading up to Saint Louis and I am going to meet David Siteman Garland who has the website The Rise to The Top. He has awesome an video blog, he has got some great shows, and is a soon to be an author. So I am taking time off work but I am going to meet him and get inspired by him and some of the people he has been inspired by. I am going to share some of my tips and some of my experiences of being an entre-

Follow your passion (and mean it)

So the first tip that I will share with you is that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to follow your passion. You have to find out what that is. For me, I have been a numbers guy for pretty much all of my life so it is a natural fit to get into investments. I did not consider myself to be an entrepreneur until ‘O7 when I left my previous firm and me and three others started Alliance Investment

Planning Group. That was my first taste of being an entrepreneur. Then I started my blog and right now I am also working on my book and some other projects. That first step really gave me the entrepreneur bug. If you don’t want to do numbers then you don’t need to be in my profession. You need to find out what your passion is, follow your passion and just crush it. You might start down a path and maybe your path changes. That’s OK. That is the beauty of being an entrepreneur. You have to shift and be agile enough to move on to the next thing.

(Business Dictionary)

Business concept – Attitude

Last: 15676.94

Changes: +147.21

% Change: +0.96

Open: 15533.03

High: 15709.58

Low: 15470.16

% YTD: +19.63

52Wk Hi: 15658.43

52 Wk Lo: 12035.09

A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards (together called stimuli). Four major components of attitude are (a) Affective: emotions or feelings. (b) Cognitive: belief or opinions held consciously. (c) Cognitive: inclination for action. (d) Evaluative: positive or negative response to stimuli.



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Key EU-CARIFORUM meeting opens today By Samuel Sukhnandan


ARIFORUM Director General Percival Marie said his team will be making strong representation for the region when the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Programming Seminar for the Caribbean region opens today. Marie told media operatives here on Wednesday that his team plans to hold bilateral meetings with the European Union delegation, putting forward what the region hopes to accomplish from the funds obtained through the 11th EDF. During November last year, a special CARIFORUM council meeting was held with ministers, where the ministerial council had before them a concept paper on 11th EDF regional programming. There, officials from across the region sought to identify Caribbean priorities. Priorities According to Marie, ministerial endorsement and instructions for amendments to that paper were given. The secretariat and directorate were also instructed to convene a meeting of Caribbean stakeholders, who could serve to offer collectively advise on the priorities and assist in refining the document that had been considered by ministers. “In that context, we brought together CARIFORUM member states representatives of regional civil society and representatives of regional organisations likely to be involved in the evolution of the regional indicative programme and probably in having an interest in implementation of these areas,” the body’s head added. Over the past two days he said the team has looked at an internal document which identified priorities for use of EU resources in the next cy-

CARIFORUM Director General Percival Marie


The group also looked at draft guidelines issued by the EU for the 11th programme. He said, “We think that coming out of those meetings the priorities of the region in terms of going forward with the 11th EDF has been clearly identified and articulated.” Marie noted that the region will have to make optimum use of the 11th EDF, as these funds are being made available at a critical time, when EU member states are faced with fiscal and economic pressures. Added to that, there are also ongoing debates on differentiation and graduation of some Caribbean countries benefiting from the grant resources. “So, for us as a region, this pool of resources and the use to which these resources are put are of significant importance,” Marie asserted. Joint strategy The team said it anticipated that it will begin formally the joint programming process with the EU at the seminar, where the commission will give an indication of some of the proposals that it has in respect of approaches, to regional programming. Both the EU and CARIFORUM, at the ministerial level, have endorsed a joint strategy, specifying five thematic areas: regional integration and cooperation,

cooperation on crime and security, climate change issues, support for institutional and economic development of Haiti, and collaboration at the international level. These matters were discussed in depth during a ministerial meeting in June in the Dominican Republic and were endorsed by regional ministers. At present, while CARIFORUM has had discussions in anticipation of an announcement of the funds to be allocated towards the 11th EDF, focus will only be placed on the broad areas. The team hopes to look at the details, during bilateral talks this week which will zoom on joint management proposals for projects and programme identification.

Plenary session European Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs is expected to hold separate bilateral meetings with the National Authorising Officers (NAOs) and will also meet with representatives of the CARIFORUM Directorate. The commissioner will address the plenary session during the opening ceremony today at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal. He will pay courtesy calls on President Donald Ramotar, and Caricom and CARIFORUM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque. He will also meet with European Union member states’ diplomats and Caribbean civil society organisation representatives. The 11th European Development Fund will cover the period 2014-2020, and it is expected that the European Union will provide its CARIFORUM partners with one billion euros (US$1.4 billion) in grants for the most vulnerable people in the Caribbean region. (samuel-

Man wanted for Big Creek murder


he Guyana Police Force on Wednesday issued a wanted bulletin for Addisena Benjamin, called “Yai”, who is accused of murdering Junior Joseph and attempting to murder Lovern Williams on May 21, 2012. It is alleged that Benjamin chopped Joseph, 22, formerly of Lot 17 Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast to death at Big Creek Backdam, North West District and inflicted injuries on the teenaged Williams in the process. It was reported that Benjamin launched the brutal attack on the couple after he found them in a compromising position. The dredge where the incident happened is owned by the suspect while the teenager is his girlfriend.

Murder suspect Addisena Benjamin

Days prior to the chopping incident, the now wanted man reportedly informed Williams that he would be sending in supplies for the dredge, but he will travel to the location a few days later. As promised, the man sent in a 4Runner loaded with supplies for the dredge

and took another which followed closely behind. Upon his arrival at the camp, Benjamin found Joseph and the teen having sex and picked up a cutlass, which he used wildly before fleeing the scene. Joseph reportedly died on the spot, while the teenager was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Benjamin is 24 years old and is of mixed race. His last known address was Oronoque, Port Kaituma, North West District and Grant Success, Lower Pomeroon River. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Benjamin is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 2252227, 226-1333, 225-2722, and 911 or at the nearest police station.

Ransom demanded for abducted Better Hope teenager


security guard attached to the Better Home Community Centre Ground has been identified as the main suspect in the abduction of 16-year-old Kareshma Rampersaud, who went missing Thursday last from her Better Hope, East Coast Demerara home. The female security guard, days after the abduction, reportedly phoned the family demanding money after claiming that the story was already in the public domain, and she would thus have to evade law enforcement officers and possibly migrate. Mala Rampersaud, the teen’s mother, added that they were not able to speak with their daughter but the caller on the other end of the line assured them that she was okay and instructed them to stop updating the media and posting information about the abduction on Facebook. Rampersaud was last seen while she was in the family’s yard preparing for her morning devotions. The teen’s mother told Guyana Times that they have hope of finding her, while expressing her gratitude to the police for their

Missing: Kareshma Rampersaud

support. Rampersaud explained that the police visited their home on Wednesday, noting that their presence indicated that they are working diligently to find her daughter and arrest the abductor. She explained that prior to the teen’s disappearance, the family had a disagreement with the alleged kidnapper who was arrested for stealing money and jewellery from their home. The issue is still before the court, but the wom-

an was released on station bail, as the money and jewellery were recovered. She stated that the security guard has been threatening her family, with the last occasion being on Wednesday evening. Her husband reportedly did not take the threats seriously, but after his daughter went missing he realised that the only person who might want to harm the family was the security guard. “When meh husband hear that meh daughter missing he called the woman name and went straight to the police station and the police and he went to the woman house but she de done left,” his wife explained. The worried mother explained that she remains at home, while her husband is in the field trying to locate their daughter. “I stay at home just in case anyone call to give information… and meh husband is searching around in the neighbourhood,” she said. The family of the teenager is concerned about her health since she can get very sick at times. Anyone with information is asked to make contact with the family on 660-5865 or the nearest police station.

Berbice businessman was strangled – autopsy


he autopsy performed on the body of 79-year-old Abdul Majid, of Lot 12 Number 70 Village, Corentyne, who was found dead on Sunday during a robbery at his home, proved that he was strangled. The post-mortem performed by Dr Vivikeanand Brijmohan at the Skeldon Mortuary on Wednesday gave Majid’s cause of death as manual strangulation. On Wednesday morning, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud explained that while Majid was found lying in his shop with blood in his mouth, investigators are still to establish if the robbers went into to shop. He further disclosed that the police were awaiting the post-mortem results before

Murdered businessman Abdul Majid

they institute any charges. Guyana Times understands that two persons remain in custody and are expected to be charged as early as today. The file was sent to Director of Public Prosecutions Bibi

Shalimar Ali-Hack for advice. Persaud, however, stated that the investigation is continuing. It was reported that on Sunday, four men armed with knives invaded Majid’s home and carted off a quantity of gold jewellery valued $700,000, one gold wristwatch valued $80,000, G$32,000 and US$2000, after beating the pensioner to death. The dead man’s Winchester single-barrel shotgun with 69 12-gauge cartridges and a .32 Browning semi- automatic pistol, along with 73 live .32 rounds were handed over to the police. Majid will be laid to rest today. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and several siblings.

Berbice power off after vessel rams pump house


he Guyana Power and Light (GPL) said the disruption of electricity supply in Berbice on Wednesday was as a result of extensive structural damage caused by a vessel that ran into the company’s pump house at the Canefield Power Station. Consequently, the raw water pumps that provide cooling water for the two Mirrlees Diesel Generators are inoperable and the machines are out of service, according to a press release

from the power company. In the absence of the nine megawatts of power provided by these generators, GPL said it will now be unable to satisfy energy requirements during the peak period of 18:00h to 23:00h. The company apologises for the inconvenience caused and thanks all customers for their tolerance, and it assured that every effort is being made to have the situation rectified as soon as possible, even as structural repairs are ongoing.

The GPL statement added that during the interim period, the company will be forced to load shed during hours of peak demand, possibly over the next two days. As such, customers are urged to conserve electricity during peak hours so as to assist in the quality of electricity supplied. Load shedding will take place today from Onverwagt to Ithaca between the hours of 18:00h and 23:00h and from Canje to Auchlyne on Friday during the same time.


thursday, september 19, 2013

thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) If you’re faced with an array of options, choose the one that promises the most. Don’t fear taking an unusual path. Express your views openly and back your feelings with facts, figures and conviction.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) It would be wise to make changes in the way you handle your cash. It’s important to save for a rainy day or to budget so you can afford the things you want without feeling financial stress.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) The lure of the unfamiliar may be enticing, but in the end you will discover that success will come from sticking to what has worked well for you in the past.

CANCER (June 21July 22) Look for opportunities and recognise good fortune when it comes your way. Refuse to let the actions of others slow you down or stand between you and your goals. Negativity is your enemy.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) Deal with responsibilities and demands quickly. You want to leave enough time to enjoy doing something fun or spending time with people you care about.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Helping someone financially will not turn out as planned. Don’t expect to get anything in return for your gesture. It would be better to offer forms of aid other than cash.





(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

Keep a lid on your emotions. You don’t want to give anyone the upper hand by revealing your true feelings. Listen, ask questions and figure out your best move with a cool head.

Use your skills wisely today. You may be asked or expected to offer your services for free, but this won’t pay the bills. Search for a remunerative prospect.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Don’t take opposition personally. Accept criticism, but don’t change your ideas unnecessarily. If you avoid conflict, you’ll have an easier row to hoe.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Exploring new friendships or hobbies will increase your own selfawareness. Share what you know, and you will enrich someone’s life as well as your own.

Wednesday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20)


What you offer others will in turn help you. Get involved in community affairs that can make a difference to your personal or professional life. Fight for your rights.

Do whatever it takes to add to your comfort at home or to bolster important relationships. Communicate freely and encourage positive change. A financial boost could be in the works.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)

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he Guyana Defence Force (GDF) has reopened its Military Museum at Base Camp Ayanganna, with a wall honouring former chiefs-of-staff. During a simple opening ceremony last Thursday, Rear Admiral Gary Best unveiled the wall of honour in the presence of new GDF Chief-of-Staff Brigadier Mark Phillips, former chiefs-of-staff Major General Joseph Singh and Brigadier Edward Collins, Military Attaché to Brazil Brigadier Jullian Lovell, other members of the force and special invitees. Rear Admiral Best noted that the re-opening of the museum was of the recognition that it is important to preserve the rich history of the force and honour those who served in the past. He said the museum is a significant aspect of the GDF, which will be complemented by the setting up of the GDF’s archives.

Bes, who retired from the army on Tuesday, also revealed that the establishment of a new museum is in the pipelines to cater for the facility’s growth; however, this would have to be pursued by the new chief-of-staff.

Inspiring a nation

In brief remarks, Major General Joseph Singh pointed out that while military museums were meant to inform, they also seek to inspire.“ It is my hope that future visitors to the museum would be inspired not only to honour the nation’s flag, but to also dedicate themselves toward the happiness and prosperity of Guyana,” he said. “They must understand what it means for those who dedicate and sacrifice their lives for their country.” The major general congratulated Rear Admiral Best on taking the initiative

to “build on the foundation of Brigadier General David Granger, whose brainchild it was to have the museum established”. He expressed the hope that the force would continue to build on such initiatives. The Guyana Defence Force Military Museum was declared open by former vice president, the late Viola Burnham on October 31, 1975. The facility was intended to support research into military matters and to serve as a partial repository of information relating to the force. The museum, which had been closed for a number of years, underwent several transformations during the past 15 months of the rear admiral’s tenure as chief-ofstaff. For the first time, the museum displays artefacts donated by living former chiefs-of-staff and others from other military organisations around the world.

Special unit to review evidence in Diamond businesswoman’s murder


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The former chiefs-of-staff's wall including the cases containing the artefacts related to each of them, as displayed in the GDF's Military Museum

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rime Chief Seelall Persaud on Wednesday disclosed that a special unit within the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) is tasked with reviewing the evidence gathered in the slain Diamond businesswoman case. Forty-eight-yearold Sirmattie “Sabo” Ramnaress, of Lot 2430 21st Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara was found about 10:00h on August 31 lying face down in her office area close to her garage. Speaking with Guyana Times, Persaud stated that the unit will decide whether or not additional investigations will have to

be conducted into the murder. He also stated that once the file is compiled, it will be sent to Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Bibi Shalimar Ali-Hack for advice. On this note, he added that all murder files are sent to the DPP to be scrutinised, but when asked if there are any suspects in this particular case, he indirectly gave a positive response. On the day of the murder, the entire bottom flat of Ramnaress’ house was drenched with kerosene oil, while the woman’s head was bashed in and her throat bore a gaping wound. Her left hip was dislocated and her house was ransacked before the

dwelling was set ablaze. The perpetrators also set alight a bond located at the back of the house. They then escaped in the woman’s motor car which was found abandoned on the public road at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara. It was reported that the video from the surveillance camera was missing, and the alarm system, according to neighbours, did not go off. There were no signs of forced entry and the woman’s property is surrounded by a high grilled fence. The woman’s reputed husband, Police Sergeant Colin Bailey was one of the first persons to be questioned.


thursday, September 19, 2013

Sunrisers progress, Faisalabad knocked out T

he match was over as a contest in the 14th over of Sunrisers Hyderabad’s chase. Saeed Ajmal had bowled his last over, remained wicketless and mostly ineffective. Shikhar Dhawan soon reached his second consecutive half-century in the Champions League Twenty20, setting up Sunrisers’ comfortable victory over Faisalabad Wolves which eased them into the main competition. The result also ensured that Otago Volts, who had beaten Kandurata Maroons earlier in the day, also qualified. Both Faisalabad and Kandurata were knocked out. Sunrisers look to be the most well-balanced side among the four qualifiers, and will provide competition for the rest of the pack. Dhawan’s fifty came off 48 balls, and it had his usual dose of pleasing offside strokes as well as some slogs. His only six was hit between reaching his fifty and getting out to left-arm spinner Imran Khalid. He added 68 for the first wicket with Parthiv Patel, before

Another Misbah-ul-Haq half-century went in vain (BCCI)

a 44-run stand with JeanPaul Duminy during which they got over a tricky period when the ball kept low. Biplab Samantray got out

for a duck to a beauty from Khalid, but Duminy and Darren Sammy completed the win. Dhawan, Patel and Duminy tackled Ajmal

quite well, but the offspinner was tasked with defending a low total in a ground favoured by chasing sides. The Faisalabad bowling was as insipid as their batting, except for their captain Misbah-ul-Haq who, like his time as Pakistan captain, played a lone hand. Faisalabad’s innings ran out of juice as soon as the Powerplay overs were completed, by when they had raced to 44 for 0. But two wickets fell in the next two overs and the run-rate fell too, as Sunrisers reclaimed momentum. Amit Mishra made the difference at that stage, as he bowled four tight overs on the trot. His figures, 4-113-1, stunted Faisalabad’s hopes of getting the score past 150. He started off with a wicket off his second ball when Ali Waqas flicked him to deep midwicket. Mishra’s line was immaculate for most of the four overs, as he accumulated 17 dot balls. The only boundary in a spell that caused plenty of damage to Faisalabad’s confidence was in his final over when Misbah launched him

straight down the ground. There was a danger of the Pakistan Twenty20 champions slipping further, but with Misbah around, they had fight at one end. Misbah struck five sixes and a four in his unbeaten 40-ball 56, becoming the oldest batsman - at the age of 39 - to score a fifty in the Champions League Twenty20. He was playing a young man’s game but his running between the wickets,

the five sixes and the fight he provided showed he was in his element. He slammed four of his sixes down the ground, and the last one off Thisara Perera over squareleg, a timely and powerful swivel of the bat. But despite all his efforts, Faisalabad’s first Champions League campaign is set to be a short one as there was too much for Misbah and Ajmal to do.


SCOREBOARD Faisalabad Wolves innings Ammar Mahmood c Mishra b Sammy 31 Ali Waqas c Ashish Reddy b Mishra 16 Asif Ali lbw b K Sharma 0 Misbah-ul-Haq* not out 56 Imran Khalid c Perera b I Sharma 2 Khurram Shehzad b Perera 4 Mohammad Salman† not out 3 Extras: (b4, lb6, w4, nb1) 15 Total: (5 wkts, 20 overs) 127 Fall of wickets: 1-48, 2-50, 3-69, 4-92, 5-101 Bowling: D Steyn 4-0-200, I Sharma 4-0-26-1, N Perera 4-0-33-1, A Mishra 4-1-13-1, K Sharma 2-0-111, D Sammy 2-0-14-1,

Sunrisers Hyderabad innings P Patel† c Khurram Shehzad b Ehsan Adil 23 S Dhawan* b Imran Khalid 59 J Duminy not out 20 B Samantray lbw b Imran Khalid 0 D Sammy not out 14 Extras: (lb6, w8, nb1) 15 Total: (3 wkts, 17.3 overs) 131 Fall of wickets: 1-68, 2-112, 3-112 Bowling: Samiullah Khan 4-036-0, Asad Ali 3.3-0-27-0, Saeed Ajmal 4-0-25-0, Ehsan Adil 3-014-1, Khurram Shehzad 1-09-0, Imran Khalid 2-0-14-2

Messi scores Champions Reviews to be reset after League treble 80 overs


ionel Messi scored a hat-trick for Barcelona, the night after Cristiano Ronaldo’s treble against Galatasaray, as the 2011 champions beat Ajax 4-0 on Wednesday. It took Messi’s Champions League tally to 62, with Gerard Pique heading in the third and Victor Valdes saving Kolbeinn Sigthorsson’s penalty. Italian side AC Milan beat Celtic 2-0 in Group H’s other game. Napoli defeated last season’s runners-up Borussia Dortmund 2-1, who endured a frustrating night in Naples. Arsenal beat Marseille 2-1 in Group F. The Germans had goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller dismissed for handling outside the penalty area and saw manager Jurgen Klopp sent to the stands following an altercation with the fourth official. “On my sending-off, I can only blame myself, it was stupid,” said Klopp. “Without the red card and my own expulsion, we could have done something.” It was a fine start for Rafael Benitez’s Italian outfit, who hold a 100% record in Serie A this season, with summer signing Gonzalo Higuain heading in and Italy international Lorenzo Insigne smashing in a superb free-kick. A late Camilo Zuniga own goal was the only highlight for Dortmund. Only former Real Madrid and Schalke striker Raul (71) has scored more goals in the competition than Messi,


Lionel Messi

who now has 43 goals in his last 41 Champions League games. The Argentine caressed home a free-kick via the inside of the post from just outside the area for his first on 21 minutes. It took until the 55th minute to double his tally, breaking into the area and guiding his shot in at the near post. He completed his treble by feigning to shoot before finding the bottom corner 15 minutes from full-time. “It was important to start with a win, especially playing at home,” said Messi. “We know how difficult these Champions League groups always “In the second half we had the ball and controlled the match. We found it tough to pressure them initially because they were moving the ball well out from the back. But I think in general it was a great performance.” Barcelona manager Gerardo Martino said: “It is

very important for the club and the team to gain confidence and start the group stage with a win at home. “Thanks to having more of the ball we were more stable and we pressurised them better. I think we will find the variation we need, we are still just at the beginning of the season.” In Group E, Schalke went top after defeating Romanians Steaua Bucharest 3-0, with Atsuto Uchida, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Julian Draxler scoring for the Germans. Chelsea were shocked 2-1 at Stamford Bridge by Swiss side Basel. And in Group G, Miranda, Arda Turan and Leo Baptista were on the scoresheet for Atletico Madrid, in a 3-1 victory over Russian side Zenit St Petersburg, who scored through Hulk. In the group’s other game, 2004 winners Porto narrowly beat Austria Vienna 1-0 - Argentine Lucho Gonzalez scoring the only goal of the game. (BBC Sport)

he number of reviews available for a team in a Test innings will be topped-up to two after 80 overs in an innings. The system will be trialed from October 1, 2013 in all Tests where the Decision Review System (DRS) is available, the ICC announced on Wednesday in Dubai after its Chief Executives’ Meeting (CEC). Currently, a team is allowed up to two unsuccessful reviews for the entire duration of the innings. Under the new system, it will have two reviews - irrespective of how many it has used up - after the 80th over of the same innings. The other notable decision taken at the meeting centered around ODI playing conditions. The ICC has retained - after hearing arguments from both sides the rule stipulating two new balls to be used from either end but, for an ODI reduced to 25 overs or less at the start of an innings, only one new ball will be used per innings. This will also come into effect from October 1. The CEC has asked the ICC Cricket Committee to look into the development of a ball that can last the full 50 overs of an innings whilst still providing a fair balance between bat and ball. The existing two-ball rule came into force from October 2011 after the ICC Cricket Committee recommended it. However, all four Asian countries believe such a rule has proved to be deterrent to their slow bowlers, who play an integral part in the team structure. The topic of DRS was expected to dominate the dis-

Teams will now two reviews

cussions during the two-day meeting, after the system came under fire during the recent Ashes series in England. The CEC reviewed the performance of the DRS during the series and received an update on a technology trial that was conducted during the Old Trafford Test. A paper produced by the Australia and England cricket boards was also discussed. The CEC has proposed that a Working Group be formed to consider how the ICC should best use technology in umpire decision-making in the future, apart from the top-up recommendation. The effectiveness of the Real-

time Snickometer, used to detect faint edges, was also discussed and an independent assessment of this technology will also be conducted before it is included in the list of DRS approved technologies. Regarding over-rates, the CEC approved the umpires’ intention to become stricter on poor over-rates and time wasting and to maximise playing time in safe playing conditions. The ICC also confirmed that the launch of the World Test Championship will take place in Dubai in October, coinciding with the start of the Pakistan-South Africa Test series. (Cricinfo)

wednesday, September 18, 2013

Basel hit back to stun Chelsea

Carter says patience earned him first century on tour


Chelsea players are dejected after Wednesday’s loss


ose Mourinho’s first Champions League tie since returning to Chelsea ended in disappointment as Swiss champions Basel earned a shock win at Stamford Bridge on Wedneasday. Oscar put the home side ahead with an angled firsttime shot into the bottom corner at the end of the first half. Basel’s Mohamed Salah levelled when he fired across Blues keeper Petr Cech. And the home crowd was left stunned as skipper Marco Streller won the Group E opener for the visitors with a late near-post header. Chelsea have made their worst start to a Premier League season in a decade after drawing with Manchester United and losing to Everton in their last two matches. But the Blues, who have won the Champions League and Europa League in the past two seasons, expected a change in fortunes as they

returned to European action. Instead Basel consigned Chelsea to their first Champions League group stage defeat at Stamford Bridge since October 2003. The shock loss came exactly six years after Mourinho took charge of the final match of his first Blues spell, a 1-1 draw against Norwegian side Rosenborg. The Portuguese, who returned from Real Madrid in the summer, has played down his youthful squad’s chances of winning the Champions League - describing them as “young eggs who need nurturing”. But the team he selected on Wednesday could hardly be described as inexperienced. Including £30m debutant Willian, Chelsea dominated possession in the opening hour, but only had Oscar’s strike to show for it. The home side forced six corners in a dominant firsthalf display, without being able to force Basel goalkeeper Yann Sommer into a seri-

ous save. Sommer did find himself in trouble when he fumbled an Oscar set-piece under pressure from Gary Cahill and home debutant Samuel Eto’o in his six-yard box, only to be rescued by referee Daniele Orsato who generously awarded a foul against the home players. Chelsea were finally rewarded just before the interval when Oscar fired a firsttime shot into the bottom corner after latching on to a perfectly weighted throughball by Frank Lampard. The Brazil midfielder also hit the crossbar after the break as Chelsea searched for the security of a second goal. But it did not arrive and Basel, dangerous on the counter-attack throughout, punished their hosts. Salah, who scored on the same ground when the teams met in last season’s Europa League semifinal, had repeatedly tested Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole and it was no surprise

that he was the man to level the scores. Neat build-up from the visitors ended in Streller picking out the unmarked Egypt international, who curled a low left-foot shot beyond Cech. Mourinho introduced Juan Mata and Demba Ba as the Blues pressed for a late winner, but they only looked more vulnerable as Basel grew in confidence. The home side scrambled clear after midfielder Fabian Schar burst through the middle, before teammate Marcelo Diaz had a shot blocked. But the Swiss side continued to press and grabbed the decisive goal when Streller escaped two Chelsea markers to head home with eight minutes to go. Basel and German side Schalke, who earned a comfortable 3-0 win against Romanian visitors Steaua Bucharest, top Group E after the opening round of matches. (BBC Sport)

Airtel will not renew BCCI home series contract


he BCCI will begin the hunt for a new title sponsor after Bharti Airtel, the telecommunication company, decided not to renew its contract that expired on March 31. The BCCI’s marketing committee will meet in Mumbai today for finalising the invitation to tender document for getting in a new series sponsor for home fixtures. Airtel, which had won the rights as series sponsors for all international and domestic matches played in India from September 1, 2010 to March 31, 2013 for a consideration of Rs 3.33 crore per match, had been given three months’ grace period to renew its contract. However, since the company opted not to continue as the series sponsor, the BCCI’s marketing committee - a 23-member panel headed by Farooq

N Srinivasan

Abdullah - will finalise the tender document. “Most of the terms and conditions, barring the base price, are likely to remain the same,” a BCCI insider

said. Besides the series title sponsorship, Airtel were also entitled for branding on stumps and fixed slots for instadia advertising. The base price for the 2010 document was Rs 2 crore per match and Airtel was the highest bidder among 10 prospective sponsors. Airtel’s decision to not extend its association may be seen as a setback for the BCCI’s credibility in the wake of IPL spot-fixing scandal. However, a BCCI insider said Airtel’s decision had nothing to do with the recent controversies in Indian cricket. In fact, he claimed that Airtel were preparing for a bigger association with Indian cricket. “Airtel have shown interest in bidding for the team title rights, like they had done in the past,” he said. Efforts to contact Airtel were unsuccessful. Airtel bid for series spon-

sorship after they lost out on the team’s title sponsorship in July 2010. When the bid documents for the team’s title sponsorship were opened for the period from July 1, 2010 to December 31, 2013, Sahara India Pariwar bagged the rights for the 42-month window at Rs 3.34 crore per match. Airtel, the other bidder, had quoted Rs 2.89 crore per match. With Sahara embroiled in a stalemate with BCCI over its IPL team’s ownership, Sahara have taken a stand that they would be interested in renewing their association with the national team only if N Srinivasan is removed as the BCCI president. However, with the BCCI leadership set to remain intact for another year, Airtel have been preparing to replace Sahara as the team’s jersey sponsors.



engaluru, India, Sep 18, CMCBarbadian all-rounder Jonathan Carter says patience was the hallmark of his first century on tour recorded during the second one-day match between West Indies A and India A. Carter’s match winning innings coupled with a two wicket haul helped set the stage for a 55 run win as the Caribbean side drew level in the three match series. He hit 133 off 132 balls and returned to pick up 2-33 while his countryman Miguel Cummins grabbed four wickets to give West Indies A a chance of winning the series when the two sides meet in today’s decider.  “At first when I went to the crease the Indian bowlers were getting it (the ball) to seam a lot and it was difficult to get going. The bowlers were bowling in good areas and it was hard to score. I knew I had to be patient and look to get it. It was my first knock on tour and I wanted to make it count,” Carter said. “The pitch had a lot of moisture and was ‘spongy’ so I really had to apply my-

self and spend time at the crease. In the end it worked out and I was able to relax a bit more at the crease. Then, the spinners came on I was relaxed and rotated the strike.” In his first innings of the tour, the stylish left-hander made an immediate impact, to pilot the visitors to 277-6 off 50 overs. “When we batted there was a lot of cloud – it was overcast for a long time,” he said. “Things got better for the team batting second so as a bowling unit we knew we had to be very good”. When India A batted, Carter took the first and last wickets of the innings with his lively right-arm medium pace, as the hosts were bowled out for 224 off 48.4 overs. Carter’s half-century came off 82 balls and he reached triple-figures off 117 balls with 13 boundaries and two sixes. During the course of the knock, he shared two major partnerships - 79 for the third wicket with Kirk Edwards (36) and 131 for the fifth wicket with Leon Johnson (39).

Walcott and Ramsey score in Arsenal win


aron Ramsey continued his fine form to help earn Arsenal a record 10th successive away win as they strode past Marseille in the Champions League. Ramsey’s goal six minutes from time settled the contest when he collected Kieran Gibbs’ ball to fire in from 16 yards for his sixth in seven games. Theo Walcott’s volley midway through the second half gained control of the game after some early scares. A stoppage-time penalty by Marseille’s Jordan Ayew made little difference. Ramsey brought down Andre Ayew for the spotkick, with the Marseille forward appearing to make the most of any contact. But it did little to spoil another fine result for the Gunners, who picked up their sixth successive win since losing on the opening day of the Premier League to Aston Villa. Just before Walcott’s goal, which came after a mistake by Marseille full-back Jeremy Morel, Gibbs cleared the ball off the line after a slice by fellow Gunners defender Per Mertesacker. The left-back and Ramsey were the visitors’ most impressive performers as Arsenal repeated the same result that they achieved at the Stade Velodrome in the Champions League two

years ago. That night, Ramsey scored a late winner, but his development is reaching new heights and he scored three goals in a play-off tie victory over Fenerbahce that ensured Arsenal’s 16th successive Champions League campaign. In Marseille, he crafted much of Arsenal’s best play with clever running and smart distribution though, at times, Arsenal appeared unbalanced in their formation with Jack Wilshere employed on the left side of a front three behind striker Olivier Giroud. That gave the French side plenty of space down the right side and Arsene Wenger’s team will not be able to afford the same luxuries to upcoming Group F opponents Napoli and Borussia Dortmund. With Italian side Napoli winning 2-1 against last season’s finalists from Germany, this result took on even more importance and the Gunners may need to be tighter in midfield when they host Rafael Benitez’s side in their next European match. Deadline day signing Mesut Ozil made his European debut for the Gunners after an impressive display against Sunderland on Saturday, but he was a flitting influence in the first period. (BBC Sport)


thursday, September 19, 2013

Diva Flames FC Berbice boxers create Little commissioned history – Roberts …Sports Plus donates balls to the club

From left to right Coach Jeff Roberts, Joel Williamson, Travis Fraser and Michael April at the gym


erbice amateur boxers have created history with three of them making the national team to participate in the inaugural Youth South American Games in Peru, starting today and ending on September 29. The four-member boxing team, which departed Guyana on Tuesday, consists of flyweight Michael April, junior middleweight Travis Fraser and bantamweight Joel Williamson; the other boxer is Tevon Telford. Coach of the Berbice boxers Jeff Roberts, speaking on the boxers’ selection said, “Berbice has made history, in that it is the first time in amateur boxing, we have three junior boxers from Guyana, age 17 years old and under, representing in the Youth South American Games starting from the

19th to the 29th in Peru.” He said the boxers underwent rigorous training prior to leaving Guyana in their quest for gold. Roberts, who represented Guyana at the amateur and professional levels, won the national bantamweight amateur title in 1980 and the featherweight title three years later. He was considered one of Guyana’s feared boxers by Caribbean glove men. The three-time champion said that over the past two months, he focused on speed, defence and technique. According to Roberts, he hopes it is only the beginning, since he is looking forward to greater things. He said he is hoping that this opportunity for Berbice boxers will break the ice. “I am happy to know that Berbice has been doing so

well in the junior selection because it has been a long time since we have not had anyone from Berbice being selected to represent Guyana. I am very happy and proud to know that we don’t have one or two we have three. These three guys I worked them very hard and hopefully they will make themselves proud, make Berbice proud and ultimately make Guyana proud.” Fraser has promised to do his best while Williamson says he will make all his supporters proud. A 31-member contingent left Guyana for Peru to represent Guyana at the South American Youth Championships. The country will be represented in athletics, badminton, boxing, cycling, swimming, table tennis and weightlifting. (Andrew Carmichael)

NOC kicks of sporting activities with road race

Aaliyah Stanley, receiving ball, Shaunna Taylor (right) and Cindy Mc Pherson are all smiles receiving the donation from Sports Plus representative Romana Arthur


ittle Diva Flames FC was commissioned on Sunday with discussions of drafting a Constitution dominating the discourse at the African Cultural Developmental Association (ACDA) building, Thomas Lands. Also, the election of office bearers will be conducted on September 28 at the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) office at 16:00h. The rules and Constitution will also be ratified on that date, along with the identification of the coaches. Colin Baker of the Guyana Sports Development Foundation (GSDF) and proprietor of Sports Plus on Quamina and Carmichael streets, has been named as

Patron of the club. He donated 10 balls to the club on Wednesday at the Sports Plus Store. The size five footballs cost approximately $50,000. In brief remarks Sports Plus representative Romana Arthur said that her organisation is fully behind the development of sports, and in this case, football. Further, she said that that the company will always support youth development. Receiving the donation were Aaliyah Stanley, Shauna Taylor and Cindy Mc Pherson. The girls are students of Campbellville Secondary School. Lawrence Griffith, in brief remarks, said he was grateful to Sports Plus for

their generosity and is looking forward to many other sponsors coming on board. On the other hand, the club has also planned a trip to Suriname in December and then another to Lethem for Easter next year. Meanwhile, the club intends to commence training on October 12 at a venue to be named; the Ministry of Education ground has been identified as one of the grounds. On the other hand, persons wishing to be a part of the club or are willing to contribute towards to the entity’s development can contact Lawrence “Sparrow” Griffith on telephone numbers 621 6986/691 3899.

Top tennis players through to semis of Courts tournament


nthony Patoir of Itubursi House emerged the winner of the 10k road race early Wednesday morning for the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) Inter-House sports at Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast. Patoir won in 50:29s and was challenged by Wiston Long, who came in second in 52:00s, while Naresh Persaud came in third in 53:00s. In the female category, Althea Carrington emerged first. The students represented the various houses, named after popular lakes in the Essequibo River: Mainstay, Capoey and Itubursi. According to sports training officer at the institution Lawrence Kellman, the road race kicked off the sports championships of the NOC. He said each house was tasked with sending six participants for the road race. Kellman said the students started the race from the entrance of the New

Althea Carrington

Anthony Patoir

Opportunity Corps to Digicel tower in Perseverance and back to NOC. The road race attracted 18 students. Kellman pointed out that the race set the pace for track and field events today and Friday. The trainer said last year, Capoey Lake House won the institution’s championships. He said that the children are trained academically and NOC is trying to make them active in

sporting activities. According to Patoir and Carrington, the race was challenging however they were determined to win. The winners of the race said that there were many difficulties on the route, including glass bottle flakes. The students said they want to make NOC proud and are aiming to represent the region at the schools’ championships.

Daniel Lopes

Afruica Gentle

Gavin Lewis

he top junior tennis players recorded comprehensive victories over the weekend when the Courts junior tennis tournament got underway at two venues around Georgetown. Twelve-year-old Afruica Gentle blasted her way to two victories in the girls’ U-18 division to progress to the semi-finals. Playing at the National Park, she whipped Diana Bharat 6-0, 6-0 then returned the next day to score a double bagel win over Joannah Ramsammy, 6-0, 6-0. She was joined in win-

ners’ row by top seed Nicola Ramdyhan, who defeated Joannah Ramsammy 6-4, 7-6 (8-10). Mean while, in the boys 18’s senior players, Gavin Lewis, Craig Campbell and Daniel Lopes all advanced to the semi-finals. Lewis recorded victories against Craig Campbell, 6-0, 6-1, Judah Stephaney, 6-2, 6-0, while Daniel Lopes saw off challenges from Khalif Gobin, 6-3, 6-0 and Akeem Bailey, 6-0, 6-0. Campbell on the other hand, ended group play with two wins and one defeat; he

fought off challenges from Shaquille Bourne, 6-1, 6-0, and Judah Stephaney, 6-3, 6-1, to progress to the semifinals. In group two action Daniel Lopes played unbeaten; Daniel Lopes saw off challenges from Khalif Gobin, 6-3, 6-0, and Akeem Bailey, 6-0,6-0, and took out Keshon Reece, 6-2,6-0, to top group two and progress into the semis, along with Keshon Reece. The competition returns this weekend to the National Park and Racquet Centre.


thursday, September 19, 2013

Inter-Ward basketball lacking fan support – Jardine By Treiston Joseph


he Trinity Grid Holdings Pacesetters (TGH) Inter-Ward basketball tournament is currently in its quarter-final stage but the competition has not received the type of fan support expected by the organizers of the event. In an effort to understand why fan support has been dwindling, Guyana Times Sport sat with one of the organisers Kirk “Chow Pow” Jardine, who expressed his desire to see more fans attend the games. “What we have not seen throughout the tournament thus far is the community support, we have not seen the coming out and supporting their wards. The players are there but one and two spectators are trickling in but we have not seen the Cliff Anderson Sports hall at its maximum. “So that is a bit worrisome right now for us and

Kirk “Chow Pow” Jardine (left) and Dennis Clarke, organizer, pose for a photo opportunity

that’s the big concern for us, Jardine said. Jardine also touched on the level of basketball played at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) and noted that the fans should support.

“We have been advertising, we have been on air we have been getting assistance from the media and it’s out there, it’s just that the people need to respond. “What we are seeing at the CASH is what we call

Showtime basketball that we normally see on the NBA (National Basketball Association), not that level but the same type of intensity, the same type of skill is being displayed,” the local comedian noted. “Chow Pow” Jardine noted that basketball is the number two spectator sport in the world and once the fans turn out in their numbers it would only raise the level of play by the players. “Fans you need to come out and support the tournament your teams are playing amazing ball and you have to come out and witness it, the players are working hard. Once the fans respond I think that the guys will raise their level of play and it will be more entertaining,” Jardine stressed. Meanwhile, the quarterfinal rounds will continue this weekend as the tournament ventures deeper into the knockout stages.


BRBC first division final fixed for September 22 at Cumberland


he final of the inaugural Berbice River Bridge Company first division 50-over knockout cricket competition has been fixed for this Sunday at the Cumberland cricket ground, East Canje. Albion Cricket Club, having had a relatively

easy victory over arch-rival Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets in their semi final clash, will take on the Universal DVD Young Warriors Cricket Club that had a hard-fought win in their semi-final clash with Karibee Rice Port Mourant. Action starts at 09.30h.

Caledonia signs Grenadian national striker Kithson Bain

Three-discipline, seven-member team for Islamic Games By Treiston Joseph


hree sporting disciplines will headline the third edition of the Islamic Sports Solidarity Federation Islamic Games from September 22 in Indonesia. Athletics, Taekwondo and Karate will be the three disciplines, according to president of the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) KA Juman Yassin at a press conference on Tuesday. Yassin said that while other disciplines were available to be represented, the three disciplines were selected due to lack of opportunity as well as funding for the event which costs US

$3,715 per person. “The airfare to go to Indonesia is US $3,715 per person so it’s not an easy thing, the executive of the GOA having looked at it decided well look Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and we need to give them an opportunity, Karate is a sport in the Pan American games not an Olympic sport as yet but don’t get much opportunities and track and field well we’re always there. “So we decided to send the best team we can so in the future once we get better funding then we will be able to send everybody in all the disciplines,” Yassin told media representatives present. Further, Yassin be-

lieves that the seven-member squad is capable of doing well and bade the team success during the press conference. “I hope and I’m looking forward for the team especially Mr. George (Winston) as he has recently been in Russia (World Championships) and I wish them well,” Yassin stated. Ramjeet Ramphal, who will be going as the Chefde-mission was optimistic about the trip and noted that the competition might be tough, the team will need to rise to the occasion. “I know the competition is going to be hard be we have to rise to the challenge and we have to take it on,”

Ramphal commented. Ramphal was also in high spirits about having some extra time in the Indonesia that should allow the team to become acclimatized to the conditions. “I know it’s going to be a hard travel, it’s two days of travelling and because of the two days of travelling we are glad that we will have the opportunity to relax and when I say relax I mean our athletes will get a chance to train and get themselves acclimatized in preparation for the meeting,” Ramphal mentioned. Meanwhile, the team is expected to arrive in Indonesia this evening for the competition that will conclude on October 1.

Upsets mark opening of basketball tourney in Linden


umber seventh ranked team Block 22 Flames upset top ranked Kashif and Shanghai Kings 55-38 to tip off the Trophy Stall Basketball Championships at the Mackenzie Sports Club hard court in Linden. Kings, favourites to run all over the Flames, started dominantly from the opening whistle, going on a 10-0 run before the first quarter ended 13-4. The Flames in the second quarter started to attack the glass and limited the Kings’ second chance points and brought the game down to a four-point lead as the first half ended 25-21. However, the Flames in the third came out playing intense defense and capital-

Selwyn Noble

ised on their second chance points to take the lead later pulled off the win. Selwyn Noble was the topscorer for the Flames

with 13 points while Kerwin Noble had 11 points. Orin Rose had a gamehigh 14 points for the Kings. After 10 years, the Bankers Trust Falcons returned to basketball in Linden and out-flew the number two ranked Ameila’s Ward Jets 63-55. The Flacons came out hard, running their offense to take an early 14-9 lead at the end of the first quarter. With the first half ending 24-20 in favour of the Falcons, the Jets came out attacking with Shane Webster leading the charge to end the half 43-41. However, Falcons responded with an 18-9 run that eventually put them ahead for good. Lawrence “Bolo” Dacosta

had a game-high 14 points while Dale Sauers contributed 10 points for the win. Javon Nelson had a team high 12 points for the Jets while Webster dropped10 points in the loss. Meanwhile Retrieve Raiders came from behind to top the Half Mile Bulls in a thriller to win 65-64 in the final. The Raiders, after trailing for three quarters, took the lead in the fourth and held on for the win. Neil Marks led with a game high 21 points for the Raiders while centre Omar Sam had 11 in the win. Michael Turner had a team high 17 points for the Bulls and was the only player to record a double digit score for the Bulls.

Kithson Bain


egarded as one of the top forwards in the Caribbean, Kithson Bain has been signed to Trinidad and Tobago ProLeague club Caledonia AIA. Bain, the Grenadian national striker, arrived in T&T recently to be included in Caledonia’s 20-man squad that faced Deportivo Toluca on Wednesday as part of CONCACAF’s Champions League clash at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. “I think I have a lot to offer the club and I’m very excited because honestly, playing here is something I always wanted to do and I’m thankful Mr Shabazz is giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent in Trinidad, noted Bain. The 5’ 10” striker is considered as the “bully” on the ball, using his muscularly built physique to have his way with defenders. “I remember playing many of times against Trinidad and while I would have my way with them, I can always remember working hard to get those goals. But that’s what I like to do - work hard at the top and hopefully my presence here can help Caledonia win the league and finish the Champions League on a high note” Bain pointed out. Caledonia are yet to win in the last six Champions League outing, dating back to the 2012/2013 tourna-

ment; they have only scored one goal and conceded six in their two matches played thus far. Shabazz called Bain’s signing “something we desperately need right now”. Trinidadians remembers Bain from the 2008 and 2010 Caribbean Cup where he finished as the joint top goalscorer of both editions of the tournament. He helped Grenada to qualify for the Gold Cup in 2010 but suffered an injury that caused him to miss his debut in the CONCACAF event. His exploits for finding the back of the net has landed him in England, playing for League One club Tranmere Rovers FC and Kettering Town Football Club, as well as North American Soccer League club Carolina Railhawks. Bain has made 35 international appearances for his country, netting 15 goals in the process. Caledonia AIA Squad: Shemel Louison and Glenroy Samuel (GK). Akeem Thomas, Nuru Muhammad, Aaron Lester, Noel Williams, Kareem Joseph, Aubrey David, Marcus Ambrose, Stephan David, Miguel Romeo, Densill Theobald, Keron Betelmy, Nathan Lewis, Abdallah Phillips, Jamal Gay, Akim Armstrong, Kevaughn Connel, Keyon Edwards and Kithson Bain

thursday, september 19, 2013


Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

West Indies A 279-6 (Carter 133, Johnson 39, Vinay 3-56) beat India A 224 (Yuvraj 40, Chand 38, Cummins 4-31) by 55 runs

Captain Powell confident Woods eyes £6.3m FedEx of Windies A victory Cup jackpot in final ODI B

ENGALURU, India – West Indies A Team will enter the third and final 50-over match full of confidence as they face India A in the series-decider today. Captain Kieran Powell said that after the defeat in the opening match  on Sunday, his team regrouped and had a superb win in the second match on Tuesday. Describing this win as a “massive boost”, Powell said Windies A will be looking to repeat the good things in the crucial third contest  at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. “We had some rain during our training session today but we managed to get in some work so we are ready for the match. We are playing on the same square so we are quite familiar with the conditions and what to expect,” Powell told WICB Media after Wednesday’s training session. “We were off to a tough start in the opening match but we felt we recovered and rebounded well and played really well to win the second match and get back level in the series. We were

excellent in all three departments.” He added: “We executed really well in the last match. The aim now is to repeat that kind of performance ... once we repeat and win the the series...which would be a great achievement to beat India A in India.” In the second match lefthander Jonathan Carter made a match-winning century as the Windies posted a winning score of 279-6 off 50 overs. That performance was backed up by a fourwicket haul from fast bowler Miguel Cummins. “Carter came in and played exceptionally well after missing the first match. We batted quite well in partnerships and posted a score we knew we could defend,” Powell noted. “Cummins has been leading the attack. He is a quick learner and has adjusted really well to the conditions here.” Windies A lost the tour opener by 77 runs before rebounding to win by 55 runs in the second game, to leave the series evenly poised. (WICB)

and sixth win of year

Tiger Woods

T Jonathan Carter

Three-discipline, seven-member team for Islamic Games See story on page


From left Sebert Blake, KA Juman Yassin and Ramjeet Ramphal during the press conference

iger Woods is hoping to secure his sixth title of the year and take home a $10m (£6.3m) bonus with victory at the Tour Championship starting today. The world number one is one of five players who know a win in Atlanta would guarantee them the season-long FedEx Cup, while the remaining 25 players could also claim the bonus. “Winning five times this year has been pretty good,” said Woods. “Like the other four guys in the top five we control our destiny.” He added: “I think I’ve had a good run here. I’ve won twice and finished second four times. That’s not too bad over the course of my career here.” Henrik Stenson, Adam Scott, Zach Johnson and Matt Kuchar are the other players who know victory would secure them the cash bonus, while Woods could finish as low as 29th and still have a mathematical chance of winning. For Open champion Phil Mickelson to win the jackpot, he needs to win the Tour Championship - which itself

has a first prize of $1.4m and for Woods to finish no higher than third. England’s US Open champion Justin Rose needs a similar scenario. Rose’s compatriot, former world number one Luke Donald, scraped into the event in 28th place by finishing fourth in the BMW Championship on Sunday. He needs a win and for Woods to finish no higher than 25th. While he has not added to his tally of 14 majors, Woods has otherwise enjoyed a fine year. When asked whether he thought this had been one of his most consistent seasons, the 37-year-old said: “I think so. I won some big events this year - two World Golf Championships, a Players (Championship) and Jack (Nicklaus) and Arnold’s (Palmer) tournament. I think that’s been a pretty good year. “I think that I’m excited the way I’ve put together my last couple of years and coming off the injuries, a lot of people thought I would never win again, and here we are with some more wins.” (BBC Sport)

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