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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Chaos at City Hall!

– Sooba, Council clash

$80 vat included

Two dead, another hospitalised after P2 drinking gramaxone

Lynch freed P8 of husband’s murder again

Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba and Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green in a tussle over a microphone, while other Councillors look on

– Police summoned after bomb threat

See stories on pages 7,9 & 13

Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba giving instructions to one of her officers

– King under probe for insubordination Town Clerk Claimant Royston King makes a point during Monday's chaotic City Hall meeting

Jagdeo wants greater priority for region’s agriculture See story on page 3

Opposition to be blamed for Guyana’s tax repayment “disaster” – Nandlall P17 Vryheids Lust Access Road in dire need of repair P17

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tuesday, may 13, 2014|

Two dead, another hospitalised Karen De Souza collects after drinking gramaxone Sabga Award for Excellence



arina Ishak, 78, of Lot 51 Section H King Street, Hampshire Village, Corentyne, Berbice, succumbed on Friday last after she consumed gramaxone. According to the her daughter Zainato Appadu, who re-

Marina Ishak

sides in Canada, her mother lived alone, however, there was always someone there during the day to assist her. The deceased, who was said to be a diabetic, also suffered from high blood pressure and most recently suffered a broken arm after she fell while trying to pick a fruit in her garden. “The act that my mother committed will always remain a mystery to us and my thought is that she was de-

Ramona Ramnarine

Hospitalised: Pooran Rawana

pressed and felt isolated and lonely, we don’t know and we will never know what caused our mother to do that,” the grieving daughter said. She explained that after consuming the poisonous substance, her mother begged for her life and told those that visited her at the hospital that she regretted ingesting the poison, and wanted to live as the agony of the poison “ripping through her system” was too much to bear. The daughter said she believes her mother chose death because she was becoming frail and did not want to be dependent on anyone to take care of her needs and apparently this was the solution to

her problem. It was noted that the act could have been a pre-meditated one as the dead woman had in her possession a container with the poisonous liquid, which according to her daughter; she hid in her bedroom away from the eyes of anyone. Reports are that the gramaxone was bought to spray the grass in the yard and unknowingly to them; Ishak took out a portion and kept it. The daughter is also alleging that her late mother told a family member that she was corrupted and tempted by the devil as she would constantly hear a voice telling her to commit the act. Continues on page 3

Police get cash, beauty products for Impact Programme

o-founder of the Red Thread Organisation, Karen De Souza on Saturday collected the 2014 Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence for her public and civic contributions on social issues here when the awards ceremony was held in Trinidad and Tobago. Red Thread supports victims of rape, domestic and other violence among the lowest-waged sectors of women in Guyana. De Souza is a pioneer in public education, having scripted and produced videos and drama on domestic violence and sexual abuse. Another awardee, Professor Liam Teague said Trinidad and Tobago has only scratched the surface in discovering the potential of the national instrument, the steel pan. Teague said it was miraculous that pan pioneers had been able to work against the odds to make the pan a legitimate instrument. He said he was committed to taking the instrument to higher levels in whatever way he can. The TT pannist received the award for his work in the field of arts and letters. The other recipient was the Director of UWI’s Seismic Research Unit at St Augustine, Dr Richard Robertson, of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The awards were presented during a special function at UTC Theatre 1, National Academy for the Performing Arts, Port of Spain. Among those in the audience were Finance and Economy Minister Larry Howai and A Norman Sabga, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the ANSA McAL Group of Companies. Teague, a Professor of music at Northern Illinois University, arranges for

Recipients of the 2014 Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards For Excellence, from left, Professor Liam Teague, Karen De Souza, and Dr Richard Robertson, at the awards ceremony at the National Academy for The Performing Arts (NAPA), Port of Spain, on Saturday evening

bands in the TT National Panorama Competition. He is a recipient of the Humming Bird Medal (Silver) and has promoted the steel pan internationally, collaborating with internationally-renowned composers to compose music for the instrument.

Build resilience

Robertson, after receiving his award, said there was need for greater support from Government for the work of the UWI Seismic Research centre. He said the time had come for those in authority to build resilience to natural hazards in the region. “We need help to support applied research that is relevant and can provide significant impact on our national and regional agenda,” he said. Robertson said the UWI Seismic Research Centre “will like to move away from simply monitoring, data collection and research to the creation of useful tools that policy-

makers, planners can apply to guarantee that development is sustained as desired”. He said knowledge about hazards is not kept among the scientific community but disseminated to a wide range of stakeholders. Chairman of the Regional Eminent Persons Selection panel, former Independent Senator Michael Mansoor said it appears that “our leaders have abandoned the possibilities of regional integration”, as they are “yet to articulate and introduce appropriate responses to bend the adverse currents that affect us”. Among the challenges which affect the region, Mansoor said were uncertainties about the future, globalisation and the lingering effects of the global recession. Mansoor said the work of the laureates is critically important to the creation of a Caribbean space and development and advancement of every Caribbean citizen. (Trinidad Guardian)

Man shoots woman during fight over children Businessman Mark Grimmond hands over a cheque to acting Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud, as Lennox Cush, Joe Satro and Howard Runcie (from left to right) look on


he Guyana Police Force continues to receive significant support for its “Impact Albouystown Project” from the business community, with a group of businessmen making contributions last Friday. The group of businessmen donated cash and beauty products to assist with the implementation of the law enforcement and social intervention

initiative. Businessmen Mark Grimmond of Mark Interior Communications, Lennox Cush of Star Party Rental, and Howard Runcie of Keystone Enterprise made monetary donations, while businessman Joe Satro of Hair Care and Beyond donated a quantity of beauty products to aid with the Cosmetology Training Programme.

Acting Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud, who accepted the donations on behalf of the Guyana Police Force, expressed sincere appreciation to the businessmen for their timely gesture, while explaining that the initiative will not be confined to only Albouystown, but will involve other communities based on the analyses made.


olice in Essequibo are investigating an incident, which took place at Hampton Court Village on the Essequibo Coast early Monday morning when a man shot at his estranged wife during a fight over their children. The incident occurred around 07:30h at the home of the woman’s mother. On the run is 37-year-old Kumar (only name given) from Three Friends Village.

The injured Asha Singh, 24, of Hampton Court, narrowly escaped death. According to information reaching Guyana Times, Singh and Kumar are divorced, but they are presently caught up in a custody battle for their two children. According to information reaching this publication, the couple would have constant fights. Information revealed that Kumar allegedly vis-

ited Singh Monday morning at her mother’s home in Hampton Court where he demanded to see his children. Singh refused and an argument ensued, resulting in Kumar firing off four shots from his firearm. One of the bullets grazed Singh to her head. Kumar subsequently escaped. Singh’s mother quickly rushed her to the Suddie Public Hospital where she was treated and sent home.



tuesDay, may 13, 2014|


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday May 13 from 14:30h-16:00h The Berbice River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on Tuesday May 13 from 15:30h-17:00h

WEATHER TODAY Countrywide: Thundery showers can be expected in the morning with heavy rain showers in the afternoon. Partly cloudy conditions are expected to prevail over the evening over coastal regions and near inland locations. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius. Wind: East north-easterly between 4.91 metres and 5.36 metres per second.

High Tide: 03:20h and 15:45h reaching maximum heights of 2.68 metres and 2.64 metres respectively.

Low Tide: 09:19h and 21:34h reaching minimum heights of 0.50 metre and 0.58 metre respectively.

Jagdeo wants greater priority for region’s agriculture – urges leaders to curb declining production


ormer President Bharrat Jagdeo on Monday called on Caricom leaders to do much more to deal with the declining agricultural production of the region, as well as to curb the impact of climate change. Addressing the launch of the Faculties of Food and Agriculture and Science and Technology at the St Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies, Jagdeo, after whom a regional agricultural plan was named, said in only three Caricom countries have agriculture contributed more than 10 per cent of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Caribbean has a food import bill of US$4 billion, and Jagdeo noted that there was a decline in the budgetary allocation for agriculture in regional countries and the employment opportunities in the sector had also declined.


Saturday, may 10, 2014

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Jagdeo told the launch that clearly something must be wrong if there can be so much academic success and achievement at the University and the policymakers appear not to be focusing enough on the issue, adding that something must be urgently done to give agriculture the priority it needs. “There isn’t a sense of urgency and that is what we need today, a sense of urgency among our policy makers. Maybe we should have term limits for the entire Caribbean. And then policymakers may know that you only have a small period to achieve what you want to,”

Former Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo

said Jagdeo. The former President said the region was also not meeting the international requirements to deal with the issue of climate change and that regional leaders have not done what is required to address the issue. “We have been struggling in Caricom to get this issue on the agenda for ages and for our leaders to pay attention to the existential threat that it poses for our region and the threat that it poses for our way of life and social welfare and economic development. “Yet we can only respond and we seem to develop a sense of urgency only when we are struck with a hurricane and for two months after that every leader talks

about climate change and then we forget it,” he said, adding that the “same thing has happened in the area of agriculture”. Jagdeo noted that in 2008 when there were significant price increases in commodities globally, every regional leader accepted that it was a political issue and there was some urgency in dealing with the matter. But he said when the prices abated, “we lost interest again”.

“Jagdeo Initiative”

The “Jagdeo Initiative” identifies and defines the key constraints facing agricultural development in the Caribbean region. The ‘new agriculture vision’ aims at making the sector about more than the production

Two dead, another hospitalised... The woman leaves to mourn her eight children. Meantime, a Skeldon Line Path Secondary School student died on Sunday after she too consumed gramaxone. Dead is Ramona Ramnarine, 16, of Lot 105 Springlands, Corentyne. According to the mother of the deceased, she is still in shock and bewilderment as to why her daughter committed suicide. “She lock me out from outside and went in the house and drink poison… me had to halla for neighbour to come help me… she na even tell me what ah bother her, me love me data so much, how me go live here without her,” the woman said. She explained that she lives alone with her late daughter since she and her husband separated and her other child is in Trinidad. Teachers from the secondary school described the late student as very intelligent and well behaved, however, according to sources; she was in a relationship and became pregnant. The inconsolable woman said she is unable to cope with

the tragic loss of her beloved daughter. In another incident, a man from Albion Front, Corentyne, is clinging to life as he too ingested gramaxone on Friday. Pooran Rawana, 41, a tailor by profession and father of three, is critical and according

of food by exploring the numerous opportunities that exist for agro-businesses which will create more employment, increase export earnings and the income of all stakeholders especially farmers. The initiative has been endorsed throughout the Caribbean for its thorough analysis of the state of agriculture, its hard look at internal and external factors, and for deepening the discussion of fundamental areas that need improvement, reform and/or initiation. Limited financing and inadequate new investments, outdated and inefficient agricultural health and food safety systems, inadequate research and development, and fragmented and unorganised private sector are some of the constraints identified. Insufficient land and water distribution and management systems, deficient and uncoordinated risk management measures, and inadequate transport systems are other elements outlined in the initiative. In pursuing the “Jagdeo Initiative”, several interventions were made by the Government of Guyana to help realise the country’s agricultural potential. At present, a chain of activities is being undertaken in this direction. This includes the new extension services programme that entails several components aimed at aiding cultivation and production, implementation of new technologies and research. (Adapted

from CMC)

From page 2

to medical sources, the poison has already seeped into his internal organs. The man’s wife told Guyana Times that she was unaware that her husband had attempted to commit suicide until he started to vomit. “Me ask him why he did

it and he said he felt corrupted and tempted by the devil… we have no problem, we go Christian Church and I still wondering why he did it… he say he don’t know,” she said. The man is now begging God to save his life as he is in immense pain.


tuesday, may 13, 2014

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Watching the watchdog

The media in any democratic society has the ability to set the public’s agenda and to tell citizens what to think about and how to think about critical issues that may affect their overall development. The media has the power to cripple governments, taint the characters of public officials, and change the developmental course of a country. The media in any developing society plays a critical role in painting the image of the people and their culture to the wider world. Often, the media is seen as the watchdog of the people and prides itself with holding all other arms of the State accountable for their actions and inactions in several respects. Since the end of the Cold War, the media has also earned the right to report freely without interference from governments and other adverse interests. The media has fought against every attempt to regulate and censor its activities. The media has the ability to regulate itself by developing standards and ethics to bind its members to professional reporting and journalism. One would expect that these standards would be applied even-handedly, considering their importance to ensuring that the watchdogs of our society are not guilty of preaching the doctrines of transparency and accountability but not practising them. Enforcement of these so called principles of journalism would mean that the agendas pursued by the media would be largely, if not exclusively, in the public’s interest and there would be little room for anti-development positions to be taken or personal grouses to be pursued by any media house that has integrity and creditability. In Guyana’s case, self regulation has worked well during the early 1990s. Sadly, with the advent of technology and the emergence as well as proliferation of new media outfits in the 2000s, it is failing miserably to ensure that media houses stay true to their mantra of balance, truth and fact-based presentation of information. Many sections of the media here are also pursuing the wrong agendas and many times, are rebuked by public officials and civil society for their inaccurate reporting, coverage and presentation of issues of national importance. Sometimes the misinformation in certain sections of the media in Guyana is deliberate and aimed at targeting personalities. Many times, there is an evident lack of researchbased reporting. Some media houses have allowed themselves to become vessels that are used by Opposition and Government provocateurs to achieve their own myopic political agendas. Often times, the spurious and controversial headlines that create mayhem and widespread public concern emanate from the utterances of politicians and their beliefs. There is little or no independent assessment of an issue that portrays only the investigative angle or the facts. The private media and State media will continue to bear the brunt of criticisms from civil society, Government, the Opposition and independent organisations for the agendas they set regardless if they believe that they are discharging their journalistic functions credibly. This is because the advent of media research, research surveys and market analysis is foreign to local media outfits here. Our society has to first understand and come to grips with the false sense of equivalency in order to appreciate the true agendas of some of our watchdogs. Perhaps, there is need for the recommencement of a discourse on advancing a wide multi-sectoral body that would seek to give media reviews using an agreed upon format as was done during the elections by the Media Monitoring Unit. It may be time for some media to understand that power is not limitless and they are not immune from criticisms when they exercise their duties. The levels of media abuse by some muckraking entities in our society are far reaching and if allowed unregulated, the consequences will be dire. They will continue to enrich themselves through ill-gotten means as our society is damaged by distorted and anti-developmental agendas. Someone needs to watch the watchdogs.

As mothers in Nigeria weep for their stolen daughters, so do the mothers and people of the world. The Progress Youth Organisation held a vigil to show Guyana’s support in the fight to bring the girls home to their families. First Lady Deolatchmie Ramotar along with citizens from all walks of life came out to support the cause (Carl Croker)

There is a plan to physically harm me Dear Editor, I received information from a reliable source who was part of a meeting in South Georgetown, organised by two officials from the Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown, who have been against my appointment as Town Clerk (acting). These officials were meeting with known elements connected to the criminal underworld. Part of their plan is to physically harm

me by dousing me with corrosive substances and to fire bomb my residence. I have no reason to question the credibility of the information provided to me, since neighbours and other individuals have reported to me that strange persons were seen in and around the vicinity of my home on several recent occasions. Two recent incidents have caused me to believe that my vehicle was trailed

during the time when I travelled home. Though I express concern, I will be relentless in my effort as Town Clerk (acting) to stop anyone who tries to have me removed by illegitimate and sinister means. These threats have since forced me to implement additional security measures. These attacks on me have emanated from my efforts to root out deep-seated corruption in the City Council.

I remain humble and encouraged by the great support given to me by citizens in and out of Georgetown, officers and staff of the Council in the face of concerted efforts by the Mayor and his cabal to stymie my efforts with their anti-Sooba campaign. Sincerely, Carol Ryan Sooba Town Clerk of Georgetown (acting)

Old age pension is given to all eligible Guyanese Dear Editor, The Labour, Human Services and Social Security Ministry notes with concern the sentiments expressed by Mr Abel Seetaram of the Alliance For Change in a letter published in another media entity on May 9, regarding electricity subsidies for old age pensioners. The Ministry wishes to emphasise that old age pension is given to all eligible Guyanese 65 years and older without discrimination and with the aim of assisting senior citizens. This is not a contributory scheme, but a form of assistance provided by the state to its senior citizens. In addition to the pension, old age pensioners are given assistance to meet the cost of electricity and water charges. It is important to note that the Government and the two utility companies have agreed to clear criteria for pensioners to benefit from these subsidies and to avoid exploitation of pensioners and the system. In the case of the electricity subsidy of $30,000 per annum, which became effec-

tive May 1, 2014, and which was previously $20,000, the criteria were publicised by the Guyana Power and Light Company in the media. The main criterion is that the old age pensioner must be a customer of the Guyana Power and Light Company, to become eligible to receive the subsidy. In 2013, Cabinet agreed that ownership of an electricity meter would be a criterion for pensioners’ entitlement to the Government’s electricity subsidy. The Finance Minister in announcing the Electricity Assistance Programme during his Budget Presentation in 2013 stated that, “With effect from 2013, Government will make a contribution to help each old age pensioner who is a customer of GPL, meet the electricity charges they incur with that company…This assistance will reduce the electricity charges that will have to be met by each pensioner who is a GPL customer.” During the implementation of the Electricity Assistance Programme in 2013, GPL found that many

of the applicants could not qualify because they did not meet this criterion. Last year, 7283 pensioners applied for the electricity subsidy. Of these, 7026 pensioners were eligible, while 257 pensioners did not qualify. The letter writer mentioned receiving complaints from Region Five pensioners. In Region Five, 653 pensioners applied for the subsidy last year, 619 of whom qualified and 34 of them were deemed ineligible to receive the subsidy. The major reasons for disqualification were that the name on the GPL account did not match the name stated on the pensioners’ Old Age Pension book; pensioners having inactive GPL accounts because the service was terminated and bills were not being generated for those persons; and some pensioners were not account holders of GPL meters. In cases where the name on the GPL account did not match the name stated on the pensioners’ Old Age Pension Book, the pensioners were requested to support their application with

an ‘Affidavit of Identity’. The request by GPL that the meter be changed to the pensioner’s name is not a new development. This was always a criterion and pensioners can only benefit if the meter is in their name. While there are expenses associated with this change, it is important to note that these are one-off expenses that will allow the pensioners to receive the subsidy on an annual basis. The Ministry also wishes to state that the Government has consistently sought to improve the lives of our senior citizens, and in this light, we are open to addressing any concern expressed by our pensioners. There are Probation and Social Security Officers who are assigned to the various regional offices and at the head office in Georgetown and they are tasked with addressing pensioners’ concerns. Respectfully submitted, Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security

tuesday, may 13, 2014


You can send your letters with pictures to: Guyana Times, 238 Camp & Quamina Streets, Georgetown, Guyana or

 urnham cannot be both brilliant and B a failure; was he a brilliant failure? Dear Editor, Revisionists are fond of touting Norman Girvan and PNC founder leader Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham as brilliant. But both respectively bankrupted Jamaica’s and Guyana’s economies. Burnham killed his opponents, subverted democracy, rigged elections, caused starvation and forced Guyana’s best brains to run away! Can anyone be both brilliant and a failure at the same time? Writing a book, acquiring a PhD, or being a political leader with followers cannot automatically earn anyone the “brilliant” title. If so, it would certainly elevate Nigeria’s Boko Haram as better than Uganda’s President General Idi Amin and Libya’s Colonel Muammar Gadaffi. Kidnapping nearly 300 innocent girl children and reportedly selling them for US$12 as sex slaves is an abomination which only sullies Africa’s image. Claims that Burnham was brilliant, but only made minor mistakes which kept the PPP alive are most laughable. Raping Indo Guyanese women at

the compulsory Guyana National Service, banning food items used daily by Indo Guyanese, rigging elections and orchestrating kick-down-the-door banditry cannot be the paragon of virtues of any noteworthy leader to emulate. Yet some still go down that road, while they are still silent on Boko Haram’s insanity. Interesting was Trinidad’s Dr Eric Williams. Williams knew how far he could go to limit his racism. As Prime Minister, he understood the critical importance of Indo Trinidadians in sustaining the country’s economy. He did not embark on a policy of sweeping destruction of Indians. In flirting with the worldwide socialist wave at that time, Williams nationalised companies and regulated the prices of goods without favouring any race group. Not so with Burnham’s PNC. Williams understood the importance of the Opposition DLP/UNC which was supported by most, not all, Indo Trinidadians and did not forcefully seek their extinction. In fact, Williams

swiftly changed course when things were not working out. Eventually, he went capitalist all the way. For Girvan to be considered brilliant is whitewashing the facts that his economic policies bankrupted Jamaica’s economy when adopted by Prime Minister Norman Manley. Can national bankruptcy be the new PNC definition of “brilliant”? The PNC/AFC/WPA cabal can learn from both Belize’s and Trinidad’s Opposition parties if they can be so “brilliant” and patriotic. Belize’s Opposition put aside their party’s interest and voted for the national good by supporting their country’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Bill. Trinidad’s Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley paid his own expenses and visited India to make a point. He also condemned his PNM predecessor Prime Minister Patrick Manning and the PNM’s s old guard for all its past wrongs. Rowley has even publicly condemned the crime wave in Trinidad and demanded that the armed forces crack down on the criminals.

Compare Brigadier General David Granger’s PNC, which criticises the Police for being proactive on crime. Before all hands can be washed clean, Granger and his PNC has to break from the PNC’s shameful past, admit to the PNC’s involvement in Dr Walter Rodney’s murder, and clean up the PNC’s nasty image. Their party’s future depends on it. Brilliant is not only reacting to history but shaping it. Any child without having a PhD can connect all the dots to move Guyana forward. Either Granger walks away in a pact with faded glory Carl Greenidge and ensures the PNC gets a newcomer like the PPP sprung with President Bharrat Jagdeo, or it sell its soul again to outsiders and forever remain in the Opposition. Their hope that the WPA will earn them dividends is a fantasy. Failure to approve the AML/CFT Bill will eviscerate the AFC at the next elections. Brilliant Burnham!! Really!  Give me a break.   Sincerely, Vassan Ramracha

Uncle Basil was a selfless and remarkable personality

Dear Editor, Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr Frank Anthony and staff are deeply saddened by the news of the untimely passing of teacher, village icon and cultural promoter Basil Cuthbert Rodrigues (Uncle Basil). The Minister and staff express deep condolences to Uncle Basil’s family and our Arawak brothers and sisters in Santa Rosa, Region One. Rodrigues was born on June 13, 1932 at Bullet Tree, Waini River before moving in 1940 to Santa Rosa to attend primary school where he was educated by Catholic nuns. Uncle Basil was a selfless and remarkable personality who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the preservation and promotion of the Arawak culture among his villagers in Santa Rosa, Region One. He will be remembered for the strides he made in

putting together songs, poems, plays and dances which celebrated their ‘Amerindianness’, while at the same time inculcating nationalism and pride. It was his belief that with the necessary intervention, the Arawak culture would be rejuvenated. Apart from his cultural achievements in song and poetry which told stories of his life experiences, Uncle Basil spent many years as a teacher in the Rupununi (Region Nine). He was 19 years old in 1951, when he left Santa Rosa to start his teaching career at a school in Karaudarnaua, deep South Rupununi. While teaching in communities such as Shea and Aishalton, Uncle Basil used drama, music and sport as tools to boost his students’ confidence. That move resulted in Shea Primary having the best drama and cricket clubs.

In recognition of his work in the Rupununi, Uncle Basil was awarded a Medal of Service by the Government of Guyana for his dedication toward the development of education, culture and community work. He was also awarded the Arrow of Achievement in 1998 for his teaching and musical endeavours. As a young man, Uncle Basil was deeply influenced by two persons who caused him to pick up the guitar as his musical instrument – his father who was a violinist and later Aloysius La Rose, who was another violinist and cultural visionary. He was a lover of country and western music especially the tunes of Hank Williams Sr. After returning to Santa Rosa in 1992, he rekindled his love for music especially the banchikili which was the main form of musical entertainment. He, along

with several others, formed a band called the Mariaba String Band. Mariaba was the original name of Santa Rosa. The band included famous violinist, Aloysius La Rose called “Uncle Bull”, and Frank Hernandez who played the fiddle. The band played the Banchikili music which was passed down from Spanish Arawaks who came from Venezuela in 1817 and settled in the Moruca area. It is no doubt that Uncle Basil lived a full and exciting life, and this is in full view in his book entitled, “Uncle Basil – An Arawak Biography” which was transcribed, annotated and introduced by Justin GreenRoesel (1998). The book and CDs with his music are available at the Walter Roth Museum. Yours truly, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport

The US Ambassador’s reception Dear Editor, I looked at the television coverage of the function hosted by the US Ambassador at his residence in observance of World Press Freedom Day. I have observed the presence of two of Guyana’s most controversial figures at that function, Mr CN Sharma and Mr Mark Benschop. It is public knowledge

that Mr CN Sharma has been charged on multiple occasions for sexually assaulting female minors and has been committed to stand trial in the High Court by a Magistrate. It is also public knowledge that Mr Benschop was charged with the capital offence of high treason and was committed to stand trial in the High Court by a Magistrate. I am aware too, that ac-

cording to cables sent from the US Embassy and published by WikiLeaks, Mr Benschop is suspected to be complicit in the murder of his wife’s paramour who was murdered on the seawall a few years ago. The questions many are forced to ask, therefore, are what were persons with such alleged track records doing at such a function? Who invited them? Did the

Ambassador’s principals in the US know and approve the invitation of these characters? Every decent and proud Guyanese would like these questions answered by the Ambassador. Would the US Government be indifferent to a similar act by a foreign mission in the US? Yours sincerely, Faruk Mohamed

Georgetown is a haven for juvenile criminality

Dear Editor, I was just about writing on the “shot in mouth child” when the incident involving the shooting death of Lloyd Hazel, Jr, hit the headlines. From reports gathered; this 19-year-old, with other youthful accomplices robbed a businessman and were about to make good their escape when they were cornered by passing armed security that later shot and killed him. This latest incident comes on the heels of another teen who is accused of a similar offence, but has somehow managed to get help from his criminal association to now make up a story of Police brutality. It is the usual – criminal-turned-victim – scenario that is a prominent feature of Region Four, Georgetown in particular. However, lest I be sidetracked, let me return to the most recent of criminalities Lloyd Hazel, Jr, another youngster whose life could have been categorised as an “asset” to society had he engaged himself in a more productive existence. Lloyd Hazel Jr and accomplices were caught in the very act of armed robbery and he paid the ultimate price, bringing to an end another sad chapter in what has become the criminal landscape of the capital city. Now, his family cannot craft an excuse for him because the tell-tale facts in this case are too revealing. So let’s try a few mitigating circumstances to shore up his horrible image. His mother says that she sent him to get some photographs which she wanted to send off to the United States to a friend. His father on the other hand gives a completely different story. He states that his son, who is the owner of a Toyota Premio, left his car at home and went to town in a minibus to buy cigarettes. Two contrasting stories, one from his father and another from his mother, so which is it? This is the million-dollar question only they can answer, but let us scrutinise these statements from the two parents. For academic purposes, let us give both parents the

benefit of the doubt that the lad was indeed given two instructions, one from either parent. However, the question remains what was he doing with a helmet on his head? Is that the newest craze, that is, to cover one’s head with a helmet when you board a bus? Certainly not! You do not wear a helmet to board a bus, you wear a helmet when you are riding a motor cycle, which in this case was the getaway vehicle. How many times haven’t we heard of armed robberies committed around the Georgetown area and the vehicle used to flee the scene was a CG motorcycle? The answer comes back, too numerous to mention. There have been many sightings of that very same motor cycle leaving the scene of a crime. So here again papa and mama Hazel need to be very careful with the statements they make, because in making those statements, they might very well be giving their son away. Even more revealing is the father’s testimony. He asserts that his son who is the owner of a Toyota Premio (very expensive car) left his car at home to go buy cigarettes. Well, that is a shocker, at 19 years of age and you are the “proud” owner of such an expensive vehicle. By revealing one of his son’s assets to the public, he has unwittingly unearthed valuable information into his son’s criminal past. He, in his haste to show that his son is not a thief because “he owns millions,” he never stopped to think that questions would be raised as to the vile methods he employed to get to the millions. So, it all goes to show how lucrative criminal enterprise is in the city and that’s why the age for such activities keeps getting lower and lower. The point I am making is Georgetown is a haven for juvenile criminality − the city is infested with them. I must admit, law enforcement has a real hard task of tackling this problem. Sincerely, Neil Adams


tuesday, may 13, 2014



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By Janet Lehman


atching my child struggle without stepping in to “fix” things for him was one of the hardest things I’ve personally experienced as a mom, even though I knew it was the best thing for him. And the truth is, from the very beginning, being a mother is a balance of taking care of your children while letting them grow up and learn from their mistakes. Your role of simply loving and protecting your baby from pain and discomfort changes to one of accepting that your child or teen will need to experience natural consequences for his or her actions. The hard part (for them and for us!) is that these consequences almost always include some discomfort, disappointment or pain. Along with the good, the list of tough things we face as parents is long – and as we

all find out pretty early, there are so many challenges that we never even considered or knew about before having children! As a mom and therapist of 30 years, I’ve found the following to be five of the most difficult. “Parent the child you have, and not the child you wish you had.” Many times, we try to parent our children based on what we think they should be like, and not upon who they really are. Listen, it can be tough and exhausting to have a son with ADHD, or a teen who’s defiant and disrespectful. Or you might simply have a child who’s very different from you, so trying to see her side of things becomes a constant, draining battle. You might think, “Hey, this isn’t what I signed up for! Is this what motherhood is supposed to be like?” As a mom and therapist, I know that when you accept that your child is

not who you thought she was going to be, a real grief can emerge. You might have to give up certain dreams you had for your child’s future when you realise she’s just not going to take the path you’d hoped she would. Understand, though, that once you let go and accept who your child is, a different kind of love can develop, because you’ll be able to see her clearly for the person she truly is. I have found that true acceptance is one of the most powerful, loving things a parent can give to their child. It’s the basis for so many things, including being able to develop and communicate reasonable expectations for appropriate behaviour. Old power struggles fall away, which can give you space to nurture new aspects of your relationship. As an added bonus, when you accept your child for who she is, she can then become better at accepting herself. Letting your child experience the pain and discomfort of natural consequences: I remember feeling terrible when my son, who was a toddler at the time, pushed a door open and fell down some stairs while we were visiting family. We’d all looked away for a split second, and that was all it took. This was traumatic not only for my son, but for us as parents. I remember realising that I couldn’t always keep him safe from everything. (Thankfully he was only a little bruised.) Even though it was clearly an accident, I still felt like a bad parent. These feelings are natural, but it’s important that

you learn how to deal with them. The goal for all of us is to learn from each experience and try to be reasonable about what you have control over – and what is beyond your control. It’s not a good idea to try to protect your child from experiencing the consequences of his actions. Look at it this way: how will your child learn from his mistakes if you take away the natural outcome of a poor choice he makes? In fact, we humans learn through trial and error. We try something, it fails or we get in trouble, and we try another way. We misbehave, someone gets mad, so we stop. If you put up a protective fence around your child and try to fix things for him, how will he learn to do things differently next time? As my husband James Lehman said, “It’s helpful to allow your child to struggle. Change happens out of struggle and in moments of accepting responsibility for our actions.” It’s our job as parents to help our children through these difficult times, but it’s not our job to bear all their burdens for them. This may mean letting your child feel some pain and disappointment of natural consequences if he’s acted out. You can help him by talking about how he can handle himself differently next time, and teaching him some good coping strategies. By simply letting your child know you’re there for him because you love him, you’re giving him one of the most important things a parent can ever give. (Excerpt from empoweringparents)

stay calm with your difficult child By Debbie Pincus


hat’s one of the keys to avoiding constant fights with your child? Believe it or not, it’s the same skill that will help you through any crisis situation – your ability to remain calm. When your child is upset, anxious or angry, keeping your cool is half the battle. It’s a way for you to put out the fire by throwing water on the flames, rather than fan it by adding more fuel from your own emotional tank. I understand that staying calm when dealing with children is much, much easier said than done – especially when you have a child who acts out. Knowing you should be calm doesn’t necessarily translate into being able to do it. But why? We know the right thing to do, but in the midst of the battle our emotional brain gets stirred up and we lose sight of our logical brain. When our brain becomes overloaded with emotion, “reactivity” begins. Reactivity can come in the form of yelling, screaming, and shutting down, none of which will help you deal with any children, let alone difficult ones.

Controlling response to triggers As we all know, parenting is a very emotional experience. Our children, just by being children, can trigger painful emotions in us. Our reaction to these emotions can cause us to make poor parenting decisions. At those moments when we are trying to protect ourselves, we don’t necessarily have our children’s best interests in mind. When stirred up, we often do not speak kindly or calmly to them – and we often regret it later. Guilt follows. The key is to remain calm and not respond with a knee-jerk reaction when your child pushes your buttons. Here are some ways to be a calm parent when dealing with your children.

Change your perspective.

If you can think differently, you will be less angry at your child. Our children can make us annoyed, mad, frustrated – sometimes on a daily basis. But remember that most of the time they are acting their age. Our annoyance is understandable but it isn’t about them, it’s about us. It is about our patience, tolerance (or lack of it), attitude and outlook.

Identify your feelings.

When you are about to let off steam, pause and identify your feelings. Is it irritation, frustration, hurt that’s bothering you? Name it; identify it as your own. Say to yourself, “When I see my kid doing X, Y or Z, I feel ____ because I ____.” Then ask yourself what you need to work through within yourself and what proper feedback you need to give to your child. In other words, be a responsible parent by processing what belongs to and then decide what guidance you need to give to your child.

Pause, breathe, think.

Model for your hild how to deal with difficult feelings. Say to her, “I’m frustrated right now, so I’m going to take a few deep breaths, calm myself down and figure out how to best deal with this situation. We can talk later.”

Let go of worry and focus on what’s good.

Understand that worrying about your child is a negative act. Worrying also makes your child anxious because he comes to believe that there is something within him to be worried about. Yet how do you not worry about a difficult child who is making poor choices all the time? Our imagination runs wild with images of all the worst possible outcomes happening. But it’s important to realise that the more you worry and have negative images floating around in your brain, the more a neural pathway is formed, making worry easier and easier. So you worry more, not less. Therefore, try to fill your imagination with positive outcomes, rather than negative ones. Repeated negative interactions over time can destroy good relationships. Calm is contagious in a family. If you learn how to be calm, you will create a calm family. You will also be showing your children how to calm down in any given situation – an important life skill for everyone to master. (Excerpt from empoweringparents)



tuesDay, may 13, 2014|

King under probe for insubordination BY MICHAEL YOUNGE


ublic Relations Officer of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council Royston King is currently being probed for alleged acts of “indiscipline” and “insubordination”, Local Government and Regional Development Minister Norman Whittaker said on Monday. He made the comments during a news conference when he was questioned by media operatives about reports that an investigation was launched into King’s dereliction of duty as the City’s Public Relations Officer, among other acts. Whittaker’s confirmation comes at a time when King is caught up in the middle of the daily chaos at the cashstrapped municipality after he was sworn-in by Mayor Hamilton Green to perform the functions of Town Clerk. Government has since rejected his appointment to the post while claiming that it is illegal and there would be no recognition of his authority in this respect. Whittaker said the Ministry has heightened the probe after King joined the Mayor’s bandwagon to overthrow the legitimate administration of the Council. He said that King was on the radar for a long time following several memoranda that was sent to him. “King is guilty of insubordination... all kinds of indiscipline.... He would do well to re-examine himself

and his position... and ensure he does the right thing,” Whittaker told reporters. He said that it was unfortunate that King was allowing himself to be “fooled and duped” by the Mayor to engage in illegal activities. The Minister recalled that the probe being done into King’s acts at the City also stemmed from several complaints made by the Mayor which date as far back as 1997. “There are memos and negative comments made by the very Mayor in respect to the attitude, conduct and performance of the very person that he wishes to be Town Clerk now,” he reported.

Tax waiver

The Minister has also confirmed that investigations are being conducted into a letter signed by King, which reportedly authorised a $36.2 million tax-wavier to Beacon Foundation. This matter saw the Council under Sooba taking the organisation to court to recoup the taxes and is still receiving due attention. “We have called in the Auditor General but given all that is happening at City Hall, he has been unable to get access to records at the Council,” he reported. Minister Whittaker said the Ministry has managed to verify that the signature on the letter is a genuine one of King’s. He explained that the Ministry has been unable; however, to find

Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker

any correspondence or minutes of any statutory meeting where a Council decision was made after being voted upon for the wavier to be granted. He declared too that the Ministry never approved King’s nomination, recommendation or appointment to the post of Town Clerk or Town Clerk acting in 2012 or anytime before that period. Whittaker also disclosed that the probe has been widened to include the acts done by King that are in sharp contravention to his portfolio and job description. Other senior and junior staff who would have aided and abetted King’s push to oust Carol Sooba would be looked at, Whittaker said.

Banks notified

Additionally, the Minister said banks have been notified that Sooba

Miner killed during argument over money A miner was killed on Sunday afternoon during an argument at Blackwater Landing, Potaro, Region Eight. The incident occurred sometime around 17:30h. The dead man has been identified as 50-year-old Gregory Gibson of Bush Lot, Essequibo Coast. According to reports, Gibson was involved in an argument with another person, who became angry and struck him with a wood to his head. A release from the Police stated that “Investigations have revealed that Gregory Gibson was involved in an argument over money with another man, during which he was struck to his head with a piece of wood.” The injured man was rushed to the Mahdia

Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival (DOA). Guyana Times tried to make contact with the man’s relatives in Bush Lot, but was informed that the family had left the village and moved into the interior. Police have launched an investigation into the matter and is looking for the suspect. On November 2 last year, a Brazilian businessman Venderlier Kienen was killed at 111 Miles Potaro during a robbery committed on him. The man used to operate a money transfer business in Mahdia. A gold miner has since been charged for the businessman’s murder. Robert Paul, 37, was not required

to plead to the indictable charge which stated that he murdered Kienen in the course of the furtherance of a robbery, totalling $17 million. According to Police facts, around 18:45h, Paul and two others invaded the businessman’s home, confronting him during which he was stabbed several times about his body. The two other men reportedly escaped through the back door with the money while Paul used the front door to leave. The injured businessman was rushed to the Mahdia Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries while being treated. The Preliminary Inquiry into the murder is ongoing in the Magistrate’s Court.

remains the acting Town Clerk and there has been no change in the status quo at City Hall. He maintained that it is the responsibility of the Minister to appoint the Town Clerk and other senior officials given the absence of a functioning and legally constituted Local Government Commission. “The Minister has been the one to do this for decades... and nothing has changed,” he insisted. Whittaker said that Sooba will continue as acting Town Clerk until such time the appeal case wraps up at the levels of the Appeals Court. He urged that normalcy return to the operations of the Council while issuing a call for the Mayor and

City Hall PRO Royston King

Councillors to spend time implementing effective policies to deal with the garbage pile-up, illegal structures that are being constructed in the city and the provision

of other critical services. “We are disposed but not under duress to engage the Mayor and City Council in respect to matters to do with the provision of services to the people of Guyana,” the Minister said, while explaining that Cabinet has noted calls for the installation of an Interim Management Committee at the City Hall. He did not say how long the probe would run and whether anyone specifically was responsible for spearheading the investigation. King has refused to accept Sooba as the City’s Town Clerk and is demonstrating clear defiance of her authority and instructions at the Council, this newspaper was informed.

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tuesday, may 13, 2014|

Carolan Lynch freed of husband’s murder again F

ormer Mrs South America Carolan Lynch was on Monday freed by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry after the prosecution yet again failed to prove that she murdered her husband Farouk Razac back in 2007. After listening to the testimonies of 17 witnesses during the Preliminary Inquiry (PI), the Chief Magistrate ruled that there was no need for the matter to be heard before a judge and jury. Lynch was accused of killing Razac, the owner of Swiss House Cambio in 2007, but the charge was thrown out of the Georgetown Magistrates' Court in 2008 by then Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys after there was not sufficient evidence against the beauty queen. In 2010, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shalimar Ali-Hack had recommended that the murder charge be reinstituted against Lynch. After the issuance of

house at the time of the murder and was never charged. It was reported that on May 7, 2007, Lynch discovered her husband’s lifeless body on the bedroom floor of their 106 Ireng Place, Bel Air Park, Georgetown, residence with blood oozing from his mouth. The post-mortem examination showed that the businessman died as a result of “asphyxiation (suffocation) due to possible ligature strangulation (strangulation with an object). Four days later, Lynch was charged with his murder. Freed: Carolan Lynch

Murdered: Farouk Razac

a wanted bulletin for her arrest, Lynch managed to evade the Police for three years until January of this year when she turned herself into the Police in the company of her lawyer. During the second PI, several persons testified, including the former beauty queen’s daughter, niece, and personal trainer. They all testified in

favour of the woman who had an alibi for the time her husband was murdered. In her argument, defence counsel Latchmie Rahamat said that during the PI, the prosecution failed to provide any circumstantial evidence to prove that Lynch committed the act. She noted that the handyman had access to the

Farmer charged for cannabis trafficking


farmer of Karasabai Village, South Rupununi was remanded after he appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday on a charge of trafficking in narcotics. Twenty-year-old Clement James pleaded not guilty to the charge. It is alleged that on Sunday, May 11, at Yellow Shop, Tabatinga, Central Rupununi around 02:40h, law enforcement ranks who were patrolling the area noticed the defendant acting in a suspicious manner and decided to search him. Ranks subsequently found a coloured plastic bag in his front left pocket filled with cannabis amounting to 42 grams. James is scheduled to reappear at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on May 23.

Seaman on unlicensed firearm charge


seaman of Friendship/ Buxton, East Coast Demerara, was remanded to prison on Monday after he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry to face a charge of possessing an unlicensed firearm. The charge stated that on Friday, May 9, Police ranks were patrolling Nonpareil when they observed the accused, Deryck Raymond, acting suspiciously. The ranks were on alert after they received information from credible sources that the defendant had a firearm, so they conducted a search after which they found a revolver in his waist. Raymond was refused bail after Prosecutor Bharrat Mangru objected. Mangru stated that the accused was previously convicted for simple larceny and currently has three robbery cases pending at the Providence Magistrate’s Court. The defendant is scheduled to return to the Vigilance’s Magistrate Court for report and fixture on May 16.

Eyew tness Passages... South Africa lmost unnoticed, South Africa celebrated 20 years of post-apartheid politics by returning the ANC for another term in office. It’s retained its democratic credentials, a feat that has challenged most other African ex-colonies. Truth is, the latter condition’s not necessarily a blot on Africa but rather one on the imperialist countries that sat in Europe and drew arbitrary lines across Africa to demarcate “countries”. And now those same countries and their successors gloat about “Africa not being able to govern itself”. We wonder how they would’ve fared if they’d been forced to create “nations” out of a multitude of tribes that were ethnically and geographically distinct and separate. The fate of Yugoslavia suggests itself. But South Africa has held together, notwithstanding those challenges – compounded by the inhuman premises of the apartheid regime. Not that South Africa doesn’t have problems – political and otherwise. We can see this by the slipping percentage of the votes the ANC’s been able to garner – 62 per cent this time, as opposed to 66 per cent five years ago. The biggest challenge is how to satisfy the legitimate economic aspirations of the long-suppressed black population – without tanking the economy. For a party with impeccable leftist credentials, the ANC has suffered a crisis in confidence both from within and without as it attempted to work within the confines of the dominant capitalist neo-liberal paradigm. That paradigm has seen the minority whites continuing to own “the commanding heights of the economy”, while the vast swathes of African people’s continue to eke out a precarious existence. More radical approaches to the promise of “equality” are answered by pointing to next door Zimbabwe. There, a farmland redistribution scheme from white to black ownership resulted in the collapse of that economy –  along with the exodus of the highlyskilled whites.  One of the responses to the growing inequality in South Africa has been an alarming spurt in criminal behaviour: South Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world. The gap between the expectations and the reality has precipitated a struggle within the ANC itself. And now that President Zuma won’t be able to run again...this struggle will certainly manifest itself into a fight over “succession”.  The struggle, however, will be more about how much longer can the aspirations of the majority be denied. After 20 years, it’s clear that the promised “rising tide” hasn’t raised all ships. The black ships have even ran aground.  Be that as it may, it’s in the interest of every country on earth to ensure that the magnanimous gesture of Mandela, to let whites keep what they had, was not in vain.

A India The largest democratic elections in the world ended Monday morning (our time) but the results as to how the eligible 815 million voters cast their ballots won’t be out until Friday. But every exit poll in the country is indicating that the Government of the Congress party – at the helm for the past decade – is in for a solid thrashing by the BJP, led by the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The only question is by what margin would Congress be ousted. In anticipation of the BJP victory, the Indian stock exchange has broken a historic ceiling – reflecting the business community’s appreciation of the developmental focus of Modi. The fractured nature of Indian politics – split along regional, caste and religious lines – ensures that the BJP will at best command a slight majority in the Lok Sabha (Parliament). But this will be a massive turnaround of the status quo that depended on accommodation of regional parties, which further polarised the vote. It appears that two of the BRICS will be strengthened. City Hall The PPP has called for an Interim Management Committee to be put in place to end the farce that is being orchestrated by Hamilton Green. Could some names be floated, please??



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Police summoned after bomb threat at City Hall BY GOMATIE GANGADIN


onfusion reigned on Monday afternoon at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council as the statutory meeting was brought to an abrupt end following bomb threats received by acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba. Ranks of the Guyana Fire Service and the Guyana Police Force were summoned to conduct investiga-

areas to search for the alleged bombs. After almost two hours of standing out in the hot sun and the building thoroughly searched, the Guyana Fire Service declared that the threat was void as no bomb had been found. Sooba and her officers then proceeded to return to their respective offices even as the acting Town Clerk complained about losing her office keys. This prompt-

Town Clerk. Sooba claimed that she was told by the source that the two individuals have been meeting with well known criminal elements, and as such, she believes they are out to intimidate her into surrendering her position. In addition, Sooba disclosed to media operatives that her source has also related to her that the're are plans to disfigure her

Ranks of the Guyana Fire Service as they arrived on the scene

through the use of corrosive acid and to fire bomb her house when she is not at home. She noted too that her vehicle has been trailed while on her way home since the verbal attacks began. Sooba said that she has no reason to doubt her source of information since her neighbours and other observers have also informed her that strange and unRanks of the Guyana Police Force in City Hall’s compound on Monday after they were called in to investigate reports of implanted bombs in the building

tions after it was reported that several bombs had been implanted in the meeting chambers and other parts of the building. The threats were received by Sooba who has since expressed fear for her life and those of her relatives. Immediately after receiving the telephone calls, Sooba and her officers exited the building while Mayor Hamilton Green and his Councillors were having their statutory meeting without even batting an eye. The Councillors were over-

ed Presidential Publicity Officer Kwame McCoy to advise her to purchase new locks and keys for her office and the building.

Bomb scare

Meanwhile, the bomb scare came minutes after Town Clerk Claimant Royston King was allowed to chair the Council’s statutory meeting, refusing to adhere to Sooba’s orders for him to vacate the seat and allow her to preside. McCoy told media operatives that Sooba is in the eyes of all Guyanese

One of the Police Force’s tracking dogs being led into the building on Monday afternoon

heard saying that if indeed a bomb was in the building, they were prepared to die for their country while Mayor Hamilton Green stated that he has been in the system much too long and the threat was a politically-motivated game. “This is an old political gimmick. They are forgetting that I have been in this political system far too long to believe these things anymore,” Green said. Soon after arriving, the firemen and Police officers sought to rid the area of all civilians and cordon off the buildings after which their tracking dogs were taken into the enclosed

and the Government the acting Town Clerk and nothing will change that. He deemed every action taken by the Council and subsequently Royston King as void and illegal, noting that Sooba will continue to act in her capacity for as long as necessary. Sooba for her part expressed fears for her safety and those of her family members. She said she was reliably informed by a source who took part in a meeting in South Georgetown, which was organised by two well known members of City Hall and who are totally against her appointment as acting

known characters have been lurking around her premises while she is out. “I have no reason to question the credibility of the information provided to me since neighbours and other individuals have reported to me that strange persons were seen in and around the vicinity of my home on several recent occasions.” Sooba remains adamant,

however, that while she is concerned, she will not be giving up her fight against corruption at the Council and will continue to occupy her Town Clerk office. “Though I express concern, I will be relentless in my effort as acting Town Clerk to stop anyone who tries to have me removed by illegitimate and sinister means,” Sooba said.


t uesday, may 13, 2014


APNU calls for speedy investigation into shooting of teenager T

he A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) on Monday called on the Guyana Police Force to speed up their investigation into the shooting of Alex Griffith of East La Penitence as it strongly condemned the act. APNU Member of Parliament (MP) Winston Felix during a press briefing at his party's headquarters stated that the matter should have been wrapped up and some form of penalty meted out to whomever is found culpable. He said that it has been close to two weeks now and he does not understand why the delay in making a decision. “The incident is a clear cut case,” he argued, claiming that it happened in Guyana and the persons to be interviewed have not left the jurisdiction. The doctor, the teen’s mother and the teen in this case have to be given priority in such an investigation. Regarding the case, Felix

“… what is more surprising is that the hierarchy of the Guyana Police Force remains mum on the matter,” Felix said. Another issue he commented on was the fact that the Police had no reason to arrest the teenager. He said in a situation such as this, the defaulting officers should be both criminally charged and disciplined by the Force.

Three hammers fuh de s*ity council


Alex Griffith

said the Police had breached several operational procedures, citing the major one being attempting to question a minor without the presence of a relative or guardian of the child. Another, he added, is the manner in which it was done. “No trained Police officer has the right to play with a human life,” Felix said, making reference to the allegations that the policeman who shot the teen had played Russian Roulette with him.

Taking a swipe at Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud, Felix said his predecessor, Leroy Brumell, in 2012, visited the home of Dameon Belgrave who was gunned down at Fish Shop, Hadfield Street after Police ranks opened fire indiscriminately at two alleged law offenders. Again, he noted that the Commissioner visited the home of Shaquille Grant who was killed in a Police operation in Agricola. Felix added that those were good public relations moves by the Commissioner,

Winston Felix

especially when the Force announced it was under reform. In this case, he added that while Persaud is new to the post, he should have issued a statement or even attempt to meet the relatives of the shot teenager. “Some time or the other, he would have to come out and condemn the act,” Felix posited. It is now left to the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority and the Director of Public Prosecutions to make their recommendations for necessary action to be taken. The APNU MP recalled several other cases where youths were either shot and killed or injured by lawmen and justice was not served and hoped that this is not another such case. Griffith, a resident of East La Penitence Squatting Area, was allegedly shot to the mouth by a Police rank, who had accused him of being a witness to a robbery in the area. The incident occurred during a response to a report of robbery with aggravation committed on a relative of the rank.


hammer is a powerful tool. It does bruk down tings and mek up tings dependin on de situation, dependin on de owner, and dependin on de man or woman who usin de hammer. And sometimes, both man and woman does have to use it fuh offence or defence, dependin on who pick up de hammer fuss. Well, Guyana gotta Hammer Man who does use he own hammer fuh all kinda tings. De Hammer Man does hammer people wid he mouth and wid he hammer, and not necessarily in that order. Some does get he mouth fuss and some does get he hammer fuss. De Hammer Man does even walk in some people TV and radio studio and tell dem announcers whah song to play and whah song not to play. That was when every body realise that de Hammer Man don’t play around. Otherwise he woulda bruk down de studio wid he hammer. De Hammer Man bruk up a business man fence pun de East Coast because he seh de fence deh pun guvament land, and he need de land fuh de road. Two month pass and de road ain’t build yet. Plus de neighbours fence deh pun de guvament land, but de Hammer Man ain’t doin nutten. Is different hammer strokes fuh different folks. Bee Kay is de only man who ever stand up to de Hammer Man after he tell Bee Kay that de country ain’t got stone to do any construction. When Bee Kay show de Hammer Man all de stone whah he got, de Hammer Man nearly drop dead. De Hammer Man never believe one man coulda got so much stone when he only got one hammer. Now that de whole a de S*ity Council in sheer problems, de only man who can hammer out every ting is de Hammer Man. Guvament should send in de Hammer Man with three hammers all at de same time. Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! One hammer each fuh de two Green scamps and de other hammer fuh de one who mekkin he self de Town Clown.

Departing Brazilian ambassador lauds cooperation with Guyana


razilian Ambassador Luis Gilberto Seixas de Andrade is set to depart his Guyana post after completing four years of duty. On Monday, he paid a farewell call on President Donald Ramotar, at the Office of the President. Speaking to the Government Information Agency (GINA) after his meeting with the President, the Ambassador said that he thanked the Head of State for the high level of cooperation shared during his tour of duty, and briefed him about his successor who is due to take up his post soon. Ambassador de Andrade said overall, he was also pleased that projects, which were not completed under his tour, are on stream to be finished in the near future. “After the completion of the Takutu River Bridge, we are now thinking of paving the all weather Lethem to Georgetown Road. This

President Donald Ramotar greets outgoing Brazilian Ambassador Luis Gilberto Seixas de Andrade

is very important for access to Guyanese markets and also for Guyana to access Brazil. This will be very important.” Guyana and Brazil share close ties and collaborate on many issues such as industry, trade, mining and security. Brazil has provided military assistance to Guyana in the form of warfare training and logistics. Bilateral relations between the countries have

recently increased, as a result of Brazil’s new “SouthSouth” foreign policy aimed to strengthen South American integration. During a state visit by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to Georgetown in March 2007, the governments of Guyana and Brazil signed several cooperation agreements and announced plans to boost trade between the two countries.

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tuesday, may 13, 2014

De Kinderen man killed Judge to sum up evidence today in hit-and-run accident J T Sade Stoby murder trial

he former proprietor of Big “B” Vulcanising Shop was on Sunday evening killed in a hit-and-run accident along the De Kinderen Public Road, West Coast Demerara (WCD). The accident occurred about 21:00h. Shameer Mangal called “Banks”, 57, of Lot 3 De Kinderen Village, WCD was found in a trench with head injuries and was rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Based on information received, the man was imbibing with friends and was on his way home when he was struck down by a minibus which sped away from the scene, without the driver rendering any assistance. The minibus was on Monday morning found abandoned in the vicinity of Bushy Park Beach and was reportedly registered to the Customs Anti- Narcotics Unit (CANU). The driver of the minibus was subsequently arrested and is assisting with investigations. At the scene, the minibus mirror and other parts

were found which assisted in identifying the hitand-run vehicle. Police in a statement said they are investigating the accident. So far, investigations reveal that Mangal was walking along the roadway, when he was struck down by a motor vehicle that drove away from the scene. In addition, CANU issued a release stating that on May 11, an officer of the drug enforcement unit was involved in an accident which resulted in the death of Mangal.

Driver held

“The CANU officer is currently in Police custody and investigations are in progress,” the release added. The drug enforcement unit offered its sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased. Guyana Times understands that two officers from CANU have since visited the man’s son, Sarfraz Mangal and offered assistance. The dead man’s son said that Mangal lived alone and was not sure where he was heading at the time of the accident. He posited that based on investiga-

tion, persons in the neighbourhood heard the impact of the accident, but initially thought that it might have been an animal, but after they heard the vehicle speeding away, they figured that something was wrong. As they came out to look around, they recognised his father lying in a trench with injuries to the head. He was picked up and taken to Leonora Hospital where he died. The aggrieved son stated that when he got the news, he headed to the Leonora Hospital where he saw his father’s lifeless body. He admitted that his father was a heavy consumer of alcohol and was not sure if he was under the influence when the accident occurred. The son further added that the Police contacted him on Monday, informing him that the minibus which was involved in the accident was found parked at Bushy Park Beach. The driver’s work identification was in the vehicle; thus, the Police was able to locate the driver. It is not sure if the driver was also under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred, but the dead man’s son is holding out that if assistance was rendered, his father could have been alive. The man’s body was taken to the Ezekiel Funeral Home and is awaiting a post-mortem examination. He leaves to mourn his wife and three children.

ustice Navindra Singh will be summing up all the evidence presented against the two accused in the Sade Stoby murder trial today after which the mixed jury panel will be sent to deliberate on a verdict. Jevon Wharton, 23, and Colwyn Charles Cush, 21, are indicted with the murder of the nine-year-old. The State is claiming that the two accused raped Stoby before killing her on November 2, 2007 at Barnwell, North Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara. On Monday’s date, defence attorneys, Raymond Ali for Wharton and George Thomas for Cush, made their closing arguments before the jury panel. Attorney Ali argued that his client was nowhere near the scene of the crime, but was at work, which was attested by the two witnesses called by the defence. Meanwhile, Attorney Thomas claimed that his client was beaten; hence, he sustained injuries on his penis, which caused the Police to institute charges against him. He further pointed out that his client could not have gotten an erection according to his mother, who testified that she used to play with his penis and make fun of him because of that. However in response, State Counsel Judith Gildharie-Mursalin argued that if Cush knew he could not have gotten an erection, why did he “try” to force his penis in the young girl’s vagina. Further, she noted that the accused mother should be charged for sexual assault for admitting that she used play with her son’s genitals at the age of 14 years. As it relates to Wharton, Mursalin highlighted that

The two accused at court

the two defence witnesses could have only accounted for up to when he left work around 15:30h, but not afterwards. She added that it is possible that Wharton could have gone to the Aquaduck Bridge at Sixth Field, where he and the number two accused raped Stoby. The State Counsel noted that this theory could be supported by the fact that State Pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh, had put the time of death of the nineyear-old to approximately 36 hours from the post-mortem, which was done on the Monday following her disappearance on the Friday before. Her body was discovered the Sunday. When the matter continues today, Justice Singh will sum up all the evidence in the case and explain and

guide the jury on elements of the law which they have to follow while deliberating on a verdict. The jury can return several possible verdicts. They can find both accused guilty or both not guilty of the indicted offence. The jury can also find only one accused guilty and the other not guilty. For these verdicts, the decision has to be unanimous. If the decision is not unanimous and the panel cannot arrive at a verdict after further deliberations, then it will result in a hung jury; hence, there will have to be a retrial. However, the panel can also find both accused not guilty of murder, but guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter, and for this, a unanimous verdict is not required as long as there is a higher guilty to not guilty ratio among the jurors.

12 News

tuesday, may 13, 2014 |

CXC launches new generation of CAPE subjects BY ALEXIS RODNEY


he Caribbean Examination, Council (CXC) has undertaken a new initiative through the introduction of the New Generation of Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Subjects, an additional five subject areas of study in the CAPE Programme. The subjects include Agriculture Science, Entrepreneurship, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Sport and Tourism. Guyana was chosen by the Caribbean examination body for the launching of the Agriculture Programme, which will form part of the teaching curriculum for Sixth Form, when the new school term commences in September later this year. It was an awe-inspiring moment for educators and students alike, who learnt that Guyana has been exceptional in its performance in Agriculture Science at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) over the years. The launching ceremony was held in the main auditorium of the Theatre Guild, Kingston, Georgetown on Monday. CXC Assistant Registrar Cleveland Sam, in his opening remarks said while the subject areas are new to the CAPE system, the outcome will be most welcomed. He said educators across the Caribbean have already embraced the innovation, pointing out that it is a boost in education for the Caribbean’s children. The Caribbean Agriculture Research Development Institute (CARDI) since 2008 has been offering awards for the best CXC Agriculture students. Guyana has been taking first place every year. CARDI’s Scientific Officer Norman Gibson was

Education Minister Priya Manickchand addressing the gathering

delighted that the subject could have been launched in Guyana, according to him; a better country could not have been chosen.

Outstanding in Agriculture Science

“Some people think we’ve fixed the event but we haven’t. Guyanese students over the years have been outstanding in this subject. So CARDI has had a long interest in this kind of development and we are happy to be associated with this and we want to commend CXC for this initiative which we think is one that prepares young people… to tackle the issues of food and security.” Education Minister Priya Manickchand, in her brief address to the gathering, said Guyana’s education system is so much on par with other countries in the region that it is capable of launching any of the other four CAPE Generation subjects. She told the gathering that the education system has seen significant strides over the years and she is confident that it will continue to progress under the current leadership. “When I look at the other

subjects, I realised that every single one of those subjects could have been justifiably launched here, because of what our country is doing and what we need to pro-

CARDI Scientific Officer Norman Gibson said Guyana has been taking its awards every year for Best CSEC Agriculture Student

examination body to focus its attention accordingly. “I think the launch of these five new courses really speaks to them making the effort of reaching the needs of

said that with the introduction of the new subjects to the CAPE Programme, CXC is in fact preparing the youth for sustained economic viability.

the Caribbean today as well as needs that will be relevant to the future,” Manickchand said. The Education Minister

Tourism is one of the subject areas, she noted, that will help Caribbean Countries to move up the economic scale, since the industry is very pertinent at this time and many Caribbean economies

A section of the gathering

duce.” She said her interaction with CXC has revealed a consciousness of the changing times, which has helped the

are exclusively dependent on the trade. With the introduction of Agriculture Science at CAPE, Manickchand said Caribbean countries will now have the ability to provide for themself and the world to a larger extent, assisting in the elimination of hunger and poverty. She cited potential for development in the areas of entrepreneurship, performing arts and physical education and sport. She said CXC will forever remain an institution that epitomises how regional bodies can work together. Guyana is the second country in the Caribbean to launch the five new CAPE Generation subjects. Barbados last week had launched the Tourism Programme; Trinidad and Tobago will on Thursday launch the Entrepreneurship Programme; St Lucia will on

the following day launch the Performing Arts Programme, followed by Jamaica which will launch the Physical Education and Sports Programme.

Rice production tops 300,000 tonnes in first crop – Dr Ramsammy


mid the major challenges with respect to market and payments to farmers by millers, Guyana created history on Saturday when some 300,000 tonnes of rice was harvested; a first time win for Guyana. Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy made the announcement on Monday, as he delivered the feature address at a ceremony to launch the new Agriculture syllabus for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) at the Theatre Guild, Kingston, Georgetown. According to Minister Ramsammy, it was the first for Guyana, or any country within the Caribbean to make such an achievement in any one crop. “It

is the first time in our history; it is the first time in the Caribbean that in a single crop, a country has produced 300,000 tonnes of rice. Indeed, going back 15 years ago, any claim that any country would have the capacity to produce 300,000 tonnes of rice in a year would be treated as a Utopian dream,” the Minister said. Dr Ramsammy said doubts were rife just over 10 years ago, when a target of 500,000 tonnes per year by the year 2020 was set. According to Dr Ramsammy, the country was able to surpass that target last year, when some 535,000 tonnes of rice was produced more than five years ahead of schedule. “Six hundred thousand tonnes, which was thought

to be an impossibility, now that we have achieved 300,000 tonnes in the first crop and still some more time to go, 600,000 tonnes in 2014 is a real possibility.” He said he is confident that by the end of this year, he would be able to make the announcement that Guyana was able to achieve its 600,000 tonnes target.

Achievement possible

Dr Ramsammy said that achievement is possible since there is a high presence of science and technology in Guyana. He said the availability of technology must be used to transform the Agriculture Sector of Guyana and the region. In 1990, the Minister recalled that the yield per hectare was between one

Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy addressing the gathering on Monday

and a half to two tonnes. He said there has been significant improvement over the years, with the tonnes per hectare now being between five and half to six

tonnes. According to him, science was responsible for that success. The Minister said the rice industry contributes about five per cent of

Guyana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which would account for in excess of US$240 million in export earnings for Guyana. Dr Ramsammy reported that some 40,000 Guyanese depend directly on the industry for their livelihood. The industry also provides employment for more than 20,000 people. Just last month, the first shipment of rice to neighbouring Venezuela, departed from the Muneshwar’s Wharf. It is expected that over the course of the next month, about 300,000 tonnes of rice is expected to be exported to the country, with smaller amounts going to other Caribbean countries. These include Jamaica and Haiti, among others. Rice is also exported to the European Union (EU).



tuesday, may 13, 2014 |

Sooba, Council clash ... as King takes over Town Clerk’s seat BY JOMO PAUL


he drama at the Georgetown City Council continued on Monday with Public Relations Officer and “Town Clerk” claimant Royston King occupying the seat that is designated for the Town Clerk and the other acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba cancelling the statutory meeting, which nevertheless continued in her absence. There was also a tug-ofwar over the microphone used by the Town Clerk and a shouting match between Sooba and some of the Councillors. Verbal exchange City Councillor Kamla Devi Ross also got in a few words as she attempted to rescue Sooba. During one such instance of an exchange of words, there was minor scuffle between herself, Sooba and Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase Green over the microphone dedicated for use by the person performing the duties of Town Clerk. Even as Sooba attempted to establish her dominance by loudly shouting “I, Carol Ryan Sooba, am Town Clerk and will preside over this statutory meeting,” she was met with more hostility and distasteful remarks as the Councillors rudely reminded her that her position was “in de facto”. Just when it seemed as if there would be no end to the name calling fiasco, acting Town Clerk Sooba, took to her feet and announced

Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green Councillor Kamla Devi Ross and acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba, had a minor scuffle over who gets to use the microphone designated for the Town Clerk

that the meeting was cancelled. Shortly after the announcement, Sooba stormed out of the board room of the Council, followed by Councillor Ross. It was at this point that a few ranks from the Guyana Police Force arrived, adding more drama to the already anxious onlookers. However, the meeting did not exactly end at that point for some of the Councillors who chose to remain and await the arrival of the Mayor for the meeting presided over by King. During his opening remarks, Mayor Hamilton Green offered congratulations to King for being installed as acting “Town Clerk”, noting that his appointment to the position was two years overdue and did not come under easy

circumstances. One onlooker lamented that child’s play fittingly described what took place in the City Council’s Chamber. The statutory meeting saw the presence of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Members of Parliament Christopher Jones, Annette Ferguson and Joan Baveghems. Old ‘Sawaki’ Meanwhile, shortly before the confusion started in the chamber of the Council, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor had convened a meeting on the eastern tarmac of the compound, as they made attempts to enlist support for the ousting of Sooba. It was during this meeting that the Mayor contended that he will not be vacating his position at the Council.


The Mayor said “when certain leader made

the mistake of getting his Councillor to resign... I

am not making that mistake, I am an old ‘Sawaki’... they can’t provoke me, they can’t threaten me,” adding: “Those bats don’t frighten me” as he maintained that he will not be vacating his office. According to Mayor Green, from the time the Councillors took office, they were stymied by the Government who did everything in its power to prevent the development of the City Council at every level. He pointed out that the calls by the Government to have the Council scrapped and replaced with an Interim Management Committee is a flawed idea and the Government is well aware of the faults of the system.

Royston King occupied the seat designated for the Town Clerk while Carol Sooba resorted to the use of a chair which she placed in front of the Town Clerk's desk

Establishment of Local Govt Commission in limbo BY MICHAEL YOUNGE


ocal Government and Regional D e v e l o p m e n t Minister Norman Whittaker on Monday admitted that the Government has failed to formally initiate a process that would see the establishment of the long overdue Local Government Commission even though President Donald Ramotar has assented to three critical pieces of local government reform legislation. This means that the prospect of revitalising the local government organs like the Georgetown City Council, which is in a state of disarray, is very dim even with the desired Local Government Elections this year. Whittaker, when questioned by reporters on Monday, said that it was his Ministry’s responsibili-

ty to initiate the process for the operationalisation of the Commission. He argued, however, that while this may be the case, nothing stops the Opposition from identifying candidates to sit on the Commission. The Minister posited that the establishment of the Commission required “a lot of things” before going on to list accommodation and staffing as critical to ensuring its functionality. He advanced the argument that if the names were submitted, then another hurdle to be crossed would be the election of a Chairman of the Commission. He said he was “not aware” that the Opposition has proposed names, and when asked whether the Government had done so, said that it was in the process of looking for suitable candidates.

Local Government and Regional Development Minister Norman Whittaker briefing the media on Monday

“We would like the Commission to be set up yesterday,” the Minister said but in the same breathe confirmed that nothing substantial had been done to formally add life to the local government mechanism.

Minister Whittaker could not say when entire the process would be wrapped up and a functioning Commission activated. He declined to give any specific commitment, saying

that he did not wish to speculate. “There is more to it than just saying the word,” he said. For as long as the Commission remains unconstituted, the Minister contended that he was empowered to appoint an individual to act as Town Clerk. This was affirmed in the decision by acting Chief Justice Ian Chang. Meanwhile, the Local Government Minister was hard pressed on Monday to say what was causing the delay in the staging of Local Government Elections. Questioned on the enactment of critical legislation signed by the President last year, the Minister appeared to be indicating that voter education and a lack of preparedness for the elections were the major bugbears to forward movement on the issue.

“It is not operational as yet. We will at the earliest opportunity move to have that bill(s) enacted,” he said on the issue of operationalising the legislation. “We cannot go into an election unless there is adequate preparedness... stakeholders are not limited to those who are crying out for these elections,” he warned as he explained that Government wanted to ensure that young voters and a wide cross-section of the populace participate in these polls. He maintained, nonetheless, that the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration was committed to hosting Local Government Elections, but again shifted the blame on unspecified, and what appeared to be miscellaneous, things that were still to be done.


tuesday, May 13, 2014


Venezuela’s leader reacts angrily No arrests for Seetahal’s murder to threat of US sanctions


enezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has reacted furiously to calls in the US for punitive measures against his Government for alleged rights abuses in response to three months of street protests. Some US lawmakers are urging sanctions on Venezuelan officials, or even wider measures against the economy, but President Barack Obama’s Government has said that may harm prospects for political reconciliation. Anti-government demonstrations since February have led to violence in which 42 people have died. About 800 people have also been injured and some 3000 arrested, including more than 400 remaining behind bars, in what Maduro has cast as

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro says his Government has acted to suppress an attempted coup (Miguel Gutiérrez/EPA photo)

the suppression of a coup attempt, but opponents say is a wave of repression. “Now they’re going round with this stupid idea that they’re going to sanction us,” Maduro said late

on Friday in a speech to ecologists, using the word “estúpidos” – which has a stronger connotation in Spanish. “It’s hardly worth responding to the stupid

things the imperialist elites in the north do. They can keep their threats and stupidities,” the 51-year-old successor to late socialist leader Hugo Chávez added. Last week’s breakup of four student protest camps in Caracas, involving the arrest of 243 youths, has revived tensions across Venezuela just as the Opposition movement appeared to be losing steam. Students and supporters marched on Saturday. Most of those arrested were released the Government said. “The protest must not and is not going to stop until there is liberty, democracy and sovereignty in Venezuela,” said Miguel Barreto, a manager, manning a protest barricade in Caracas. (The Guardian)


cting Police Commissioner of Trinidad, Stephen Williams has described as “one set of foolishness” reports that arrests have been made in connection with the murder of Defence Attorney Dana Seetahal SC. Williams said in an interview on Sunday there was no truth to reports that a man was arrested in the Arima district and is being held under tight security as a main suspect in Seetahal’s killing. “It is not fair to society. There is a consistent flow of misinformation being spread through the media. The public will be made aware when there is a major development,” he said. Williams said the public was being traumatised further by the incorrect reports one week after being traumatised by Seetahal’s murder. He said the investigation is speeding ahead, and he was making all resources available to the officers inves-

tigating the matter. Reports of an arrest were also denied by National Security Minister Gary Griffith, who said the fact that the security threat level had been lowered from amber to green on Sunday had nothing to do with a suspect in custody. He explained the decision was made to lower the alert after security assessments were done. The Minister further revealed that “certain systems” had been put in place which warrant the reduction of the threat. The amber national security alert was effected following the May 4 killing of Seetahal. In a press release in Sunday, the National Security Ministry announced that the alert had reverted to green with immediate effect. The levels are • White – No Danger;• Green – Vague Threat; • Yellow – Possible Threat; and • Orange – High Chance of Threat. (Excerpt

from TT Guardian)

3.4 quake felt in eastern Jamaica Brazil audit shows “corrupt World Cup costs” A n earthquake occurred in eastern Jamaica Sunday night about 20:44h. The Earthquake Unit at the University of the West

Indies confirmed the quake as magnitude 3.4. It was felt in the Buff Bay area of Portland as well as sections of St Andrew including Liguanea and Bull Bay.

The focal point of the quake was 1.1 kilometres and the epicentre was located just south of Bull Bay, the Earthquake Unit said. (Excerpt from Jamaica Observer)

Mexican troops “kill Zetas Cartel founder Mellado”


exican security officials say one of the founders of the Zetas drug cartel has been killed in a gun battle in the north-eastern state of Tamaulipas. Galindo Mellado Cruz is accused of being one of the original members of the Zetas, which first emerged as a group of enforcers for the Gulf cartel. The two groups later split and became bitter rivals, their fights accounting for much of the violence in

the area. He is believed to be among five gunmen shot dead by the army on Friday. A Tamaulipas state official told the Associated Press news agency that while Mellado no longer held a command position within the Zetas, he had been one of the 30 ex-special forces members to found the group. Analysts say the Zetas now control more territory than any other criminal gang in Mexico. They are infamous for

their extremely violent methods, routinely decapitating rivals and hanging their bodies from bridges. The war between the Zetas and their former paymasters, the Gulf cartel, has turned Tamaulipas into one of Mexico’s most violent states. Mellado was on the run after escaping from prison where he had been jailed after being accused of armed robbery, rape and murder, the official said. (Excerpt from BBC


St Lucia to host regional forum on crime reduction strategies


two-day regional forum examining best practices for crime reduction strategies in the Caribbean will be held in St Lucia later this month. Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony will address the Caribbean Leadership Forum (CLF) on crime fighting on May 22-23 that will be attended by police commissioners, senior law enforcement officials, academics and the media from the Caribbean and the United States The two-day event is organised by Monroe College and is being held under the theme “Crime Reduction Strategies and Democratic Policing: Respect for Community and Human

St Lucian Prime Minister, Dr Kenny Anthony

Rights”. “The Caribbean Leadership Forum is an initiative designed to bring regional leaders, professionals, and other stakeholders together in a supportive

and respectful environment to deliberate on recognised challenges and act in concert to improve their communities,” said Dr Karenann Carty, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. The organisers said the main aim of the two-day forum will be to discuss “real-world situations that will have considerable impact on crime fighting in the region”. Director of the Regional Security System (RSS), Grantley Watson, will lead off the discussion on “Developing Protocols for the appropriate use of force including firearms as well as effective strategies for removing guns from the streets”. (CMC)


he cost of building Brasilia’s World Cup stadium has nearly tripled to US$900 million in public funds, largely due to allegedly fraudulent billing, Government auditors have said. After the dramatic increase in costs, it is now the world’s second-most expensive football arena, even though the city has no major professional team. Analysis of data from Brazil’s top electoral court by the AP news agency shows skyrocketing campaign contributions by companies that have won the most World Cup projects. The lead builder of Brasilia’s stadium increased its political donations 500-fold in the most recent election. The links between construction firms and politicians add to suspicions that preparations for football’s premier event are marred by corruption. They also raise questions about how politicians who

Outrage at the cost of the World Cup drove about a million Brazilians to the streets in protest last year (EPA)

benefit from construction firms’ largesse can be effective watchdogs over billiondollar World Cup contracts. “These donations are making corruption in this country even worse and making it increasingly difficult to fight,” said Renato Rainha, an arbiter at Brasilia’s Audit Court, which is investigating the Brasilia stadium spending. “These politicians are working for those who fi-

nanced campaigns.” With only three-fourths of the $900 million stadium project examined by auditors, $275 million have already been found in alleged price-gouging. Federal prosecutors say no individuals or companies as yet face corruption charges related to World Cup works. There are at least a dozen separate federal investigations into World Cup spending. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Copyright battle over Marley music goes to London court


case involving copyright issues regarding some songs by international reggae icon Bob Marley is set for the Chancery Division of the High Court in London today. Being described as “the landmark trial” by, those involved are plaintiff Cayman Music, and Chris Blackwell’s Blue Mountain Music, the defendant. According to music-news. com, “The trial is over a number of important titles, the most significant of which is

“No Woman, No Cry”, Bob Marley’s most famous song”. Cayman Music is reportedly suing Blue Mountain Music for “misattribution and diversion of income”, among other things, to retrieve “No Woman, No Cry” and other songs such as “Crazy Baldhead”; “Johnny Was”; “Natty Dread”; “Rastaman Vibration”; “Rat Race”; “Rebel Music (Road Block)”; “So Jah She”; “Them Belly Full”; “Want More”; “War”; and “Who the Cap Fit”. The website said Cayman Music is the “original, long-

standing publishers of Bob Marley” and that they represented his catalogue from 1967 to 1976. The defendants are the “then publishing arm of Island Records and sometime publisher of various Bob Marley titles, from the mid 1970s to later in his career”, the website added. Both publishers still retain some of Bob Marley’s work today. Marley returned to ex-manager Danny Sims (who owned Cayman) prior to his death, the website also said. (Jamaica Observer)

15 Around the world tuesday, may 13, 2014

Ukraine separatists Boko Haram offers to swap appeal to Moscow for kidnapped Nigerian girls absorption into Russia for prisoners

The separatist rebellion leadership, led by Denis Pushilin (centre), hosts a news conference in Donetsk, May 12


he Ukrainian separatist region of Donetsk appealed to Moscow on Monday to consider its absorption into the Russian Federation to “restore historic justice”. The statement, the day after a referendum on selfrule that rebels said had mustered some 80 per cent support, was certain to infuriate Kiev and anger Western states who believe the rebellion has been engineered by the Kremlin.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister’s Office said it had no immediate reaction to the statement by Denis Pushilin, a leading member of the self-declared “Donetsk People’s Republic”, at a news conference in largely Russian-speaking Donetsk. He said Belarus also belonged in a broader union of states that once formed the core of the Soviet Union. “Based on the will of the people and on the restoration of an historic justice, we

China tightens security in Beijing


hina has deployed armed police patrol vehicles in Beijing after three attacks at transport hubs around the country. The 150 vehicles are tasked with “countering street terrorism and fighting severe violence”, state-run Xinhua news agency said. Petrol purchases would also be tightened, with buyers required to register with police, reports said. The move follows station attacks in Kunming, Urumqi, and Guangzhou, and comes before the Tiananmen anniversary. Xinhua said the armed police patrols would be stationed at major road junctions and manned by at least nine police officers and other

assistants. They would cover an area of three kilometres (1.8 miles) and would be required to respond within three minutes, Xinhua added. Meanwhile, those buying petrol would have to explain their intentions in a move that aimed to prevent the use of gasoline “to create disturbances”, People’s Daily newspaper said. The security upgrade comes amid heightened concern over security after the three station attacks. March’s group knife attack in Kunming left 29 people dead and more than 100 wounded. A similar attack in Urumqi in April left three people dead and almost 80 injured. (Excerpt from BBC News)

ask the Russian Federation to consider the absorption of the Donetsk People’s Republic into the Russian Federation,” he said. “The people of Donetsk have always been part of the Russian world. For us, the history of Russia is our history.” Rebel leaders have seized control of a string of cities across the east of the country and fighting has worsened over the last week. Kiev and Western states accuse Russia, which in March annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine after a referendum, of backing the rebellion with Special Forces. Moscow denies this. Pushilin said Ukraine, Belarus and Russia – states that formed the core of the now defunct Soviet Union – belonged in a restored historic union. Hopes of realising this were dashed by the emergence of a “junta” in Kiev after the overthrow of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. (Excerpt from



People demand the release of about 200 secondary school girls abducted in the remote village of Chibok, during a protest at Unity Park in Abuja on May 11

States, Britain, Israel and France have offered help or sent experts. In a 1.25 minute clip of the video on YouTube, scores of girls in black and grey veils sit on the ground and chant, before Shekau, wearing military fatigues and holding an AK-47, addresses the camera. He appears confident and at one point laughs. “All I am saying is that if you want us to release

United Nations names first female peacekeeping mission commander

Major General Kristin Lund of Norway (centre) meets with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (right) and UN Under Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations Herve Ladsous (left)


he United Nations appointed on Monday the first woman to command one of the world body’s peacekeeping operations. UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon named Major General Kristin Lund, of Norway, as the force commander for the UN peacekeeping operation in Cyprus. She will replace Major General Chao Liu, of China, on August 13. “Major General Lund has had a distinguished military career, with

Council. Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has cancelled engagements. Rajoy is head of the Popular Party (PP) to which Carrasco belonged. She was the head of the PP in Leon as well as head of the local Government. The opposition Socialist Party and other parties also cancelled campaign events. Carrasco was attacked on her way to a party meeting near her home

about 17:20h local time. “Everything points to it being a personal act of vengeance unrelated to her public position,” a spokeswoman for the Spanish Interior Ministry said. About 200 people gathered near the scene of her death, including the Mayor of Leon, Emilio Gutierrez, and several Councillors and other local dignitaries, reported the ABC news website. (BBC News)

over 34 years of military command and staff experience at national and international levels,” Ban said in a statement. Lund will command some 900 troops and police that monitor a 112mile (180-kilometre) buffer zone that has separated Greek and Turkish Cypriots for decades. Turkey invaded Cyprus’s north in 1974 after a Greekinspired coup. It provides political and financial support to a breakaway Turkish Cypriot state there. (Reuters)

the girls that we have kidnapped, those who have not accepted Islam will be treated as the Prophet (Mohammed) treated infidels and they will stay with us,” he said, according to a translation of his words originally spoken in a Nigerian language. “We will not release them while you detain our brothers,” he said, before naming a series of cities in Nigeria. (Excerpt from Reuters)

S Sudan postpones 2015 presidential election


Spanish politician Isabel Carrasco shot dead in Leon top female politician in the northern Spanish city of Leon has been shot dead in public. Isabel Carrasco, 59, head of the provincial Government in Leon, was shot several times by a young woman as she crossed a footbridge. Spanish media report a mother and daughter have been arrested, and that the daughter had recently been fired from the


he leader of the Nigerian Islamist rebel group Boko Haram has offered to release more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by his fighters last month in exchange for prisoners, according to a video seen on YouTube. About 100 girls wearing full veils and praying are shown in an undisclosed location in the 17-minute video in which Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau speaks. Boko Haram militants, who are fighting for an Islamist state, stormed a secondary school in the northeastern village of Chibok on April 14 and seized 276 girls who were taking exams. Some managed to escape but about 200 remain missing. A Government official said “all options” were being considered to secure the girls’ release. Nigeria has deployed two army divisions to hunt for the girls while several nations including the United

outh Sudan President Salva Kiir has postponed the country’s 2015 presidential election amid renewed fighting between the army and rebel forces, news agency reports say. Kiir said the country’s warring factions would need time to reconcile, with a new poll possibly taking place as late as 2018. Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar, who was sacked as Kiir’s deputy in July 2013, signed a new ceasefire agreement in Ethiopia on Friday and said they would hold further talks about forming an interim Government to end the nearly five months of bloodshed.

Despite the ceasefire, fresh battles continued to rage on Monday with both sides accusing each other of attacking the other for a second day. Defence Minister Kuol Manyang told the AFP news agency that fighting raged in the oil-producing state of Upper Nile, adding that Government troops had been ordered “not to go and attack, but only to fight in self-defence”. The conflict, which started as a personal rivalry between Kiir and Machar, has seen the army and communities divide along ethnic lines, pitting members of Kiir’s Dinka tribe against Machar’s Nuer. (Al Jazeera)

Kuwaiti Minister “linked to Syria jihad” quits


uwait’s ruler has accepted the resignation of Islamic Affairs Minister Nayef al-Ajmi who was accused by a senior US official of promoting “jihad” in Syria. “I thank the emir for accepting my resignation and understanding its reasons,” Ajmi, who also holds the justice portfolio, said on his Twitter account. This is the second time in about five weeks that Ajmi says he has resigned, the AFP news agency reported. Local media says he has quit for health reasons.

In early April, he submitted his resignation following accusations by a US official that he had links with Jihadists in Syria but it was turned down by Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad AlSabah. The US Treasury Under Secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, David Cohen, charged earlier this year that Ajmi “has a history of promoting jihad in Syria”. His appointment as Minister in January was a “step in the wrong direction”, Cohen said in a lec-

ture in the United States, parts of which were carried by the Kuwaiti press in March. A statement released after a March 31 Cabinet meeting said ministers had followed Cohen’s comments “with great attention and displeasure”. Ajmi acknowledged he had taken part in fund-raising campaigns for Syria, but insisted they had been for humanitarian purposes and not for Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra as alleged by Cohen. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

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tuesday, may 13, 2014 |

Modi on course to be India's next leader, exit polls show is the world’s biggest exercise in democracy. Exit polls being released by Indian media organisations on Monday evening all showed the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) well ahead in terms of predicted seat wins, and the governing Congress trailing badly. According to the India


ment and analysts say unless the BJP wins a clear majority, the vote counting on Friday may be followed by days of bargaining with potential allies. Correspondents note that exit polls are notoriously inaccurate in India, partly because of the size and complexity of the electorate. In the last two elections,

West Bengal states. In the run-up to Monday’s vote, Varanasi had been the scene of frenzied political campaigning. “Varanasi will finally see some change and development. I am glad to have lived for the day,” Ramavati, 93, said. One woman told the BBC that she had cast her ballot “for

The BBC’s Babita Sharma in Delhi said that “exit poll hysteria” had already begun

number of exit polls are suggesting that Narendra Modi, the leader of India’s main Opposition BJP, is on course to win the general election. The BJP dominated the campaign but analysts warn that exit polls

have often been wrong in the past. The main contest in the vote is between the ruling Congress and the BJP. Votes will be counted on May 16. Polls ended on the final day of voting on Monday. The Election Commission said voter

turnout was a record 66.38 per cent. The figure beats the previous record set in 1984. The election began on April 7 and has been held in nine phases for security and logistical reasons. With 814 million eligible voters, it

Large crowds, including many women, turned up at polling stations in Varanasi from early on Monday

Today-Cicero poll, the NDA is expected to win between 261 and 283 seats. TimesNow-ORG predicts 249 seats for the Opposition alliance. The IBN Network18-CSDS poll predicts the NDA will get between 270 and 282 seats and expects the BJP to win between 230 and 242 seats. It points to a dismal showing for the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA), which it expects it to get 92 to 102 seats. The ABP-Nielsen exit poll gives 281 seats to the NDA and 97 seats to the UPA. A party or coalition needs 272 to form a govern-

There are a total of 42 candidates in the fray in Varanasi

they were inaccurate and over-estimated the BJP’s gains. On Monday, as polling came to an end, Election Commission officials said more than 551 million voters had to cast their ballots, higher than any turnout in the country’s history.

‘Ballot for progress’

On the final day of the election, millions turned out in the sacred city of Varanasi, a key battleground, where Modi is being challenged by anti-corruption campaigner Arvind Kejriwal. Voting was also held in 40 other seats in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and

the person who will bring development and progress”. “The main issues are inflation, corruption and unemployment.” Pitted against Modi in Varanasi is Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party, whose army of volunteers has campaigned extensively for weeks before polling. There are a total of 42 candidates in the fray in the seat, including the Congress party’s Ajay Rai, a local political leader. Uttar Pradesh, where Varanasi lies, returns more MPs than any other state and is often dubbed India’s battleground state. (BBC News)

Guyana signs agreement to tackle rural poverty


he governments of Chile and Guyana on Monday signed an agreement aimed at reducing poverty in rural communities here. The project will be implemented by the Government of Guyana through the Tourism, Industry and Commerce Ministry, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and will be supported through technical assistance by the Government of Chile and other external experts. UNDP Resident Representative Khadija Musa stated that in 1978, the United Nations (UN) established the Unit for South-South Cooperation to promote South-South trade and collaboration within its agencies. She said the idea of South-South cooperation started to influence the field of development in the late 1990s. Due to the geographical spectrum, the cooperation is now well known as South America-Africa

(ASA) cooperation. South-South cooperation has been successful in decreasing dependence on the aid programmes of developed countries and in creating a shift in the international balance of power. “This project was initiated in 2013; together, the UNDP office and Chile exchanged findings and knowledge and made a decision. Guyana have moved ahead and met the required needs, but there is still poverty that needs to be address and Guyana has fully participated in every step of the way," Musa related.

Critical areas

Acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali, speaking at the press conference, said “this project will help to build a new entrepreneurial skill, to enhance our ability to help small businesses and it also seek to improve livelihood conditions”. The project will address three critical areas that will complement national development. The first area

that will be looked at is the Eco-tourism sector, where US$80,000 will help in developing a strategic marketing plan that is community based. This fund will assist community members in training and development of skills and to help them access financing to create businesses. In capacity-building, $US100,000 will be allocated for rural enterprises. Ten communities will be assisted under this grant, where help will be given to develop small businesses. Lastly, US$20,000 will be dedicated to starting a small business and assisting in training on “How to start up a business”. Guyana, like most developing countries, has been seeking new ways to improve the living standards of its citizens. Positive growth is evident, but a long-term trend analysis reveals that there is still room for improvement. Real growth averaged one per cent between 1970

Acting Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Irfaan Ali and local UNDP Resident Representative Khadija Musa signing the Guyana-Chile Agreement

and 2005. It was stated that the Household Income and Expenditure Survey and the Guyana Living Conditions Survey, each show that the proportion of households living in moderate poverty (on US$2 daily) has declined from 43 per cent to 36.3 per cent in seven years. Extreme poverty

dropped from 28.7 per cent to 19.1 per cent over the same period; a clear sign that Guyana is on track with the targets identified in Millennium Development Goal (MDG) One. Despite this positive outlook, data reveals that for particularly vulnerable groups, such as Amerindians, the outlook is less positive. Seventy-seven per cent of Amerindians are

classed as poor, and they remain the poorest group of citizens in Guyana. The UNDP supports innovative pilot projects and shares global best practice and resources. It also promotes the role of women in development and brings governments, civil society and external partners together to coordinate efforts to tackle poverty.



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Opposition to be blamed for Guyana’s tax repayment “disaster” – Nandlall A

ttorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall says the “disaster” that has resulted in Guyana having to pay $1.2 billion (US$6 million) to a Surinamese company for a wrongful tax could have been avoided. The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) last week ordered the Government of Guyana to repay to Rudisa Beverages, a Surinamese beverage company, US$6 million for charging an environmental tax on its imports of beverages into Guyana which are distributed through CIDI Distributors Inc, the other co-claimant. The Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (RTC) guarantees Caricom states and products exemptions from such duties. Nandlall says that while the Government is bound by the ruling of the CCJ after losing the case brought against it by Rudisa Beverages, “this entire disaster could have been avoided if the Opposition had supported Government’s attempt to amend the existing legislation”. By section seven of the Customs Act of Guyana, an environmental levy is imposed on the importation of non-returnable beverage containers. The legislation does not contain any exemption in relation to Caricom Single Economy and Market (CSME) goods. The Attorney General highlighted that when the case was called before the CCJ in 2013, he successfully filed a motion to suspend the proceeding for several months to allow for the drafting and passage of an amended bill in the National Assembly after which it would have been enacted into law by President Donald Ramotar. He pointed out that the plaintiff (CIDI/Rudisa Beverages) had agreed to drop the legal proceedings

Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall

against the Government, once the legislation had been passed, hence obliterating the need for the Government to now pay the plaintiff the hefty sum.

Stinging reproach

The judgment by the court is a stinging reproach to the Opposition who voted against the legislation back in 2013. This was subsequent to the Donald Ramotar Administration’s refusal to postpone the consideration of the Customs (Amendment) Bill 2013 in order to conclude promised consultations with the private sector. The bill, which was read for the first time on January 10, 2013, was tabled with the intention of lowering the environmental tax charged on beverage containers. If the amendments were passed, several other items, including cardboard boxes, would have been removed from the list of taxable items. In its ruling, the CCJ said the environmental tax which was imposed on Rudisa had the effect of raising the cost price on each imported container by $10. No similar tax is imposed on local producers of non-returnable beverage containers and, by the definition of

“Import Duties” laid down in the RTC, the levy must be regarded as an import duty. According to the CCJ, the effect of the environmental tax was first raised with the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) by the Government of Suriname in a series of meetings spanning the period 2001-2012. COTED concluded that, in so far as it applied to Caricom goods, the levy was in breach of the RTC. Guyana, in turn, committed itself to taking the necessary action to eliminate the discriminatory effect of the environmental tax.

State’s indivisible liability

According to the CCJ, Guyana admitted that the tax is inconsistent with its obligations under the RTC, but noted that the Government had proposed legislation to rectify the discriminatory effect of the environmental tax which was rejected by the National Assembly. The Government also submitted that the aim of the legislation was environmental protection, which is a fundamental right under the Constitution of Guyana. The CCJ observed that the explanation provided by the State, namely its inability to pass the necessary legislative amendment to the Customs Act, did not absolve it from liability for the breach. “The State was indivisible for the purposes of liability and had an overarching responsibility to honour treaty obligations. The Court took notice of the need to strike a balance between environmental protection and economic development. However, it emphasised that Article 65 of the RTC does not create an exception to the trade policy spelt out in Chapter Five, the purpose of which is to create “a level playing field for all CSME products.”

ECLAC forum forms new regional conference on social development in Caribbean

Peru’s President Ollanta Humala speaking at the opening ceremony of the 35th session of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean on May 5


he 35th session of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) ended in Lima, Peru last week with the creation of the Regional Conference on Social Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Starting on Monday, May 5, the event brought together Government authorities, officials from the United Nations system, representatives of non-governmental organisations and regional experts. The establishment of this new subsidiary body of ECLAC aims to improve national policies on social development, as well as international, regional and bilateral cooperation on this matter. Other goals include examining multidimensional poverty and advancing in the measurement of poverty, inequality, and structural gaps. The first meeting of the Conference will take place during the second half of 2015 in Peru. Delegates from ECLAC’s member states and associate members who were gathered in Lima underscored the regional organisation’s systematic collaboration in this

area and took into account that in 2015, 20 years will have passed since the Global Summit for Social Development was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The meeting held in Lima was attended by Peruvian President Ollanta Humala and Uruguayan Vice President Danilo Astori, as well as five foreign affairs ministers and 15 other ministers from 41 delegations of ECLAC’s member states. In another resolution, the countries recognised the Commission’s session as an important space to dialogue about the region’s vision of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the sustainable development goals.

Regional cooperation

Likewise, the countries urged ECLAC to boost regional cooperation to apply the 10th principle of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, 18 countries in the region, with ECLAC as their technical secretariat, are in the process of adopting a regional instrument for the implementation of this principle, which aims to strengthen the rights of

information access, participation, and justice in environmental issues. Country delegates appreciated the complementary and coordinated work done by ECLAC’s different subsidiary bodies, including the Statistical Conference of the Americas, the Regional Conference on Population and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee. The representatives supported, as well, the work of the Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Economic and Social Planning (ILPES), and called on countries to participate in the preparatory meeting for the Fifth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society of Latin America and the Caribbean this year in Costa Rica, and in the Conference itself, scheduled for 2015 in Mexico. As part of the resolutions, the Commission’s work programme for the biennium 2016-2017 was approved, and there was general consensus of the integrated approach to development contained in the document “Compacts for Equality: Towards a sustainable future”, which was presented during the meeting in Peru. On another point, Latin American and Caribbean delegations expressed their concern about the decline in resources allocated to the Commission, considering the growing number of activities that the organisation carries out. Finally, national representatives accepted Saint Martin as an associate member of ECLAC and agreed that the 36th session will be held in 2016 in Mexico.

Vryheids Lust Access Road in dire need of repair


esidents of Vryheids Lust, East Coast Demerara are calling on the relevant authorities to repair the community’s deteriorated main access road. One villager, Troy Claxton stated that the road is damaging vehicles and persons are very scared to walk there at night because there are no street lights, and also during the day. Another resident, Raymond (only name given) pointed out to Guyana Times that there is also a garbage situation on the main access road, as at night, criminals are using the piles of garbage dumped along the road to block the path of vehicles. Citing a personal experience, he said when the ve-

the Vryheids Lust Access Road could not have been done also.

“Garbage bandits”

Badly-deteriorated sections of the Vryheids Lust Access Road

hicles stop, the criminals try to rob the occupants. Guyana Times saw that there were big potholes on the access road and vehicles found it extremely difficult to traverse. Residents

also complained that the Plaisance Access Road has been repaired for over a year now, and they cannot understand why the Vryheids Lust Access Road has not had any works done

on it. The Plaisance Access Road was done by the Government of Guyana with a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank to the tune of $133,789,383, and residents wondering why

Sean Nathaniel, a bus driver who was driving along the road, stopped to speak to this publication and related that he has to service his bus every month, owing to the damage it is incurring as a result of the state of the road. He continued that the garbage that is being used by bandits to aid in their criminal activities is also an issue. Jaden Parsatoon, a taxi driver, praised the media for highlighting their concerns. He is calling on the relevant authorities to kindly rectify the situation. Plaisance/Better Hope Neighbourhood Democratic

Council (NDC) Chairman Jagnarine Singh, in an invited comment, stated: “Yes, I am aware that the road is in a very bad condition and I do understand what users are going through, because I myself use it sometimes.” He explained that repairs to the road fall under the purview of the Housing Ministry, through the Community Road Improvement Project (CRIP). According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority of the Housing Ministry, Myrna Pitt, the road does fall under the CRIP programme and the Ministry will be working with the NDC and the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to have the road repaired.


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thursDAY, march 11, 2010 |


By Bernice Bede Osol

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Ignore those who aren’t directly involved in a certain situation. Keep the facts to yourself, face the issues and resolve them to the best of your ability.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20Feb. 19) Listening and observing attentively will provide you with excellent information. Don’t air grievances to anyone with the ability to alter your goals. Figuring things out on your own will show leadership ability.

Calvin and Hobbes

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Don’t offer a donation to anyone trying to guilt you into making a contribution. Choose your battles and your charities based on what you know to be worthwhile.



CANCER (June 21July 22) Unexpected visitors may cause friction on the home front. Try to be as accommodating as possible, but don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

LEO (July 23Aug. 22) There are some negative rumours circulating. Don’t get drawn into gossip, or you will look bad in front of your peers. Concentrate on your own actions, not others’ words.

VIRGO (Aug. 23Sept. 22) Do whatever it takes to enhance your career. Showcase your experience and skills to prospective employers. Your strong work ethic and dependability will increase your earning potential.



(March 21-April 19)

(Sept. 23Oct. 23)

You may be on the receiving end of criticism from a partner, friend, or peer. Show some restraint, and avoid getting into a pointless and exhausting tug-of-war.

Nothing can hold you back once you get some momentum going. Others are beginning to show increased interest in your abilities. Overcoming obstacles will become easier as you move forward.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

SCORPIO (Oct. 24Nov. 22) Don’t repeat what you hear. Reserve your judgment until you have uncovered the truth for yourself. You can’t form your opinions based on unreliable information or assumptions.

Your many talents will be on display today. While some may appreciate your creativity, others may be jealous of it. Refuse to let criticism ruin your concentration. Do what’s best for you.

Monday's solution GEMINI (May 21June 20)


It’s time to turn up the heat when it comes to love and romance. Set aside some time for intimacy. Plan a special getaway, even if it’s close to home.

Many people are on your side and are willing to help you, but you must do the work yourself if you want to feel the satisfaction of finishing what you start.

(Nov. 23Dec. 21)

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West Indies Fullbore Shooting Championhsips…

Persaud praises teamwork for success

Lennox Braithwaite By Avenash Ramzan


uyana’s success at the recently concluded West Indies Fullbore Shooting Championship (WIFSC) was a direct result of “teamwork” and braving the difficult conditions in Twickenham Park ranges in Jamaica. That’s the view of captain Mahendra Persaud, who, during an exclusive interview on Monday, praised the local shooters for their efforts. “I think it [the performance] was very impressive. There was good teamwork from the entire group and all we did was put into practice what we learnt from Ian Shaw,” Persaud remarked. Shaw, the British coach, was in Guyana recently and held very informative sessions with local shooters. Persaud pointed out that the biggest challenge at the championship was overcoming the difficult winds, which he said, made the success even sweeter. “The wind was the main challenge for us…and that forced us to change strategy and everyone did their part to ensure we didn’t lose too many points, so while it [the wind] was tough, we managed to overcome that,” he mentioned. The Guyanese shooters dominated the championships, copping both the long and short ranges team titles for an unprecedented fourth time on Jamaican soil.

Independence Three-Stage cycling…

Anguilla, Heat Wave and Team Coco riders confirmed

Mahendra Persaud

Guyana’s leading marksman, Lennox Braithwaite, retained the regional individual title for a third consecutive year, following his successes in Guyana in 2012 and Barbados last year. He also secured the overall aggregate on days one and two, as well as the overall short- range aggregate in the ‘X’ Class. Ransford Goodluck  was the top shooter overall at the 1000 yards range, Terrance Stuart won the ‘O’ Class event number two at 600 yards range, John Fraser won the ‘O’ Class at 900 yards- (event number three), while Sherwin Felicien won the Tyro at that range. Goodluck also had the Highest Possible Score (HPS) in the Milex Cup, the long- range team match over 900 and 1000 yards. Meanwhile, seven Guyanese were named in a 16-member West Indies team to prepare for international competition. They are Braithwaite, Mahendra Persaud, Ransford Goodluck, Douglas, Dylan Fields, Sigmund Douglas and ACP (rtd) Paul Slowe as manager. The captain is Major (rtd) John Nelson of Jamaica. Persaud also informed this publication that next on the agenda for the local shooters is participation in the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Shooters Persaud and Braithwaite will be accompanied by Goodluck, who will perform the dual role of coach/manager.


Hassan Mohamed

By Avenash Ramzan


ith just a day to go before registration closes, overseas entries for this year’s Independence Three-Stage cycling meet have been pouring in, according to national cycling coach and chief organiser of the event, Hassan Mohamed. The event, being held for the 32nd year in succession, will start on Saturday and end on Sunday. Mohamed, speaking to this publication during an exclusive interview on Monday, revealed that five riders have registered from Anguilla, nine from Trinidad and Tobago’s Heat Wave and nine from Team Coco. The Anguilla team comprises Benjamin Phillips, Elroy Laud, Russell Elcock and the Guyanese pair, Sherwin Osbourne and Vinesh Narine. The Heat Wave team is made up of Guy Costa, James Hadeed, defending champion Jamal Eastman, Jason Perryman, Joshua Kelly, Jesse Kelly, Alain Smartt and Guyanese Marlon Williams and Jude Bentley. Team Coco, a USAbased team, has been recruiting Guyanese riders over the years and the team consists of Junior Niles, Raynauth

Jeffrey, Hamzah Eastman, Michael Anthony, Stephano Husbands, Darren Matthews, Jamal John, Christopher Holder and Mauricio Robayo. Mohamed said that 40 riders have so far registered for the event, adding that the closing date for registration is Wednesday. “We’re still awaiting confirmation from a number of riders who have expressed an interest in competing. I want to remind those riders that the deadline for registration is Wednesday and there would be no extension or acceptance of late entries so they just have a day or two to get on board,” Mohamed said on Monday. When action pedals off on Saturday at 07:30h, the riders will compete from the Corriverton Police Station to Alexander Street, New Amsterdam. At 14:00h on the same day, the cyclists will start at Rosignol and finish at Carifesta Avenue, while the third and final stage will be held on Sunday, with action starting at 08:00h in Kara Kara, Linden, and ending on Homestretch Avenue. Meanwhile, Mohamed reminded cyclists and officials that transportation to Berbice will leave the Sport Ministry on Main Street at 11:00h on Friday. Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony and Director of Sport Neil Kumar are expected to be among the officials sending the cyclists and officials off to the Ancient County. Eastman defending champion At last year’s event, Barbados’s Jamal Eastman, riding for local club Carlton Wheelers, won the overall title in six hours, 58 minutes, 13 seconds (06h: 58m: 13s). Eastman was in sublime form, winning stages one and two, while Guyanese Robin Persaud won the final stage. The Guyanese brigade

Jamal Eastman

Geron Williams (06h: 58m: 20s), Orville Hinds (06h: 58m: 25s), Alanzo Greaves (06h: 58m: 26s), Raynauth Jeffrey (06h: 58m: 33s) and Raul Leal (06h: 58m: 33s) rounded off the top finishers in that order. Although Jeffrey and Leal gained the same time, Jeffrey secured the fifth spot by virtue of crossing the line ahead of his Team Coco (Guyana) partner. Leal was the leading junior cyclist, finishing ahead of Hamzah Eastman and Stephano Husbands, who ended in second and third spots respectively. Horace Burrowes, who finished seventh overall with a time of six hours, 59 minutes (06h: 59m),

was the winner of the Veterans category, while Naomi Singh of East Coast Demerara was among the four females who participated in the two-day activity, but was the lone competitor on the distaff side to start all three stages. She collected a special prize for her effort. The other females were Hazina Barrett of Linden, Marica Dick of Berbice and Tashwana Doris of Georgetown. The 2013 race attracted 73 riders from Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Anguilla and the United States of America, and Mohamed is hoping for that number to increase this year.


tuesday, may 13, 2014

Sport Ministry, GFSCA to Clippers rally late to stun Thunder, tie series partner for “Guyana Cup 4”

Top GFSCA officials with Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony after a meeting at his Main Street office


he Sport Ministry has committed to working along with the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) to stage the exciting “Guyana Softball Cup Four”, slated for October 31 to November 2, 2014. Top officials from the GFSCA recently met Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony at his office to discuss plans for the staging of the tournament this year. According to the GFSCA, teams from Canada, New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Guyana and, for the first time, Trinidad and Tobago and Orlando have already indicated their availability. The GFSCA in a release said, “Members of the GFSCA will soon begin preparations. The minister will send two officials from his ministry at every meeting leading up to the tournament. The GFSCA and the

Ministry of Sport are working together to make this three-day international softball tournament a national event. “Guyana Softball Cup Four” will be played at various venues in Georgetown. Preliminary round games will be played on Friday October 31 and Saturday November 1 at the Georgetown Cricket Club, Police, Demerara Cricket Club, Muslim Youth Organisation, YMCA, Saint Stanislaus and Education Ministry grounds. “The minister said that his ministry’s ground at Carifesta Avenue, which has the potential to hold three matches simultaneously, will be in “tip top” condition for this international softball competition. The finals will be played on Sunday November 2 at a venue yet to be decided,” the GFSCA said. The GFSCA added that local teams who wish to par-

ticipate in the tournament are advised to book their spots early, since only a limited number of teams will be accepted. Organising Secretary of GFSCA, Wayne Jones (6501790) and Secretary Lalta Gainda (680-3863) can be contacted for information on the competition. Last year’s tournament was sponsored by Trophy Stall, Bel Air Rubis, Survival, Steve’s Jewellery, Top Brandz and Carona Beer, GT&T, Busta Soft Drinks, Mike’s Pharmacy, Ramchand’s Auto Spares, Motor Trend, Nauth Motor Spares and Metro Office and Computer Supplies. Almost all the sponsors have already indicated their intention to be on board again for “Guyana Softball Cup Four.” Trophy Stall is the defending champion of the Open category, while the seniors from New York Better Hope are the current holders of the Masters title.

Oscar Pistorius sits in the dock during his trial at the North Guateng High Court in Pretoria,May 12,2014 (Reuters/ Chris Collingridge/ Pool)

Vorster also said his parents’ divorce when he was a child would have added to the 27-year-old’s general feelings of anxiety and insecurity. After his parents split, Pistorius was brought up by his mother, who died of cancer when he was aged 15. Pistorius has frequently spoken of his love for his mother and the difficulty her death caused him. However, in her assessment of the athlete, Vorster said Pistorius’ mother grew increasingly anxious and drank excessively, making it impossible for her to address the fears and concerns of her children. Terrified of intruders breaking into the house, she slept with a pistol under her pillow, Vorster told the court. Pistorius competed against able-bodied sprinters on carbon-fibre prosthetics, becoming one of the most recognised names in athletics. Besides a clutch of Paralympic medals, he reached the semi-finals of the 400m at the London 2012 Olympics. (Reuters)

Los Angeles Clippers’ centre,DeAndre Jordan, dunks the ball against the Oklahoma City Thunder in game four of the second round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center. (Kirby Lee,USA Today Sports)


he Los Angeles Clippers rallied for a wild 101-99 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday to even their best-of-seven Western Conference semifinal at 2-2. The Clippers fell behind 22 points during the first quarter and never led until the game’s final 83 seconds yet found a way to avoid being pushed to the brink of playoff elimination. Reserve Darren Collison sparked the Clippers with 12 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter, scoring four straight to put Los Angeles ahead 101-97 with 32 seconds left. Collison, who went scoreless in the Clippers’ Game Three loss, got a big confidence boost from head coach Doc Rivers despite his struggles. “He told me to stay

in there. No matter how many plays (the Thunder were making), just stay aggressive,” Collison told reporters. “In the fourth quarter we were more aggressive, and made more plays than them.” Kevin Durant had a game-high 40 points and added seven rebounds in the crushing defeat, which ended when Russell Westbrook missed a threepoint attempt at the buzzer. “It was a good look,” said Westbrook, of the final shot. “We didn’t have any more timeouts to call one. It’s a tough loss, but this is a series.” Westbrook finished with 27 points and eight assists. Blake Griffin tallied a team-high 25 points while Chris Paul had 23 points and 10 assists for the Clippers’ attack. Los Angeles opened

the series with a 17-point rout last week, but Durant and Westbrook responded strongly and had their team headed for a 3-1 series lead at one point on Sunday. Oklahoma City held a 16-point advantage early in the fourth, but the Clippers turned the game around with a small lineup that saw the 6-foot Paul guard 6-foot-9 Durant in the final stages. Guard Jamal Crawford factored into the late Los Angeles run and contributed 18 points to help rescue the home Clippers and stun the Thunder. “That’s the ups and downs of the playoffs,” said Thunder coach Scott Brooks. “Now it’s a best-ofthree series and we have two (possible) games at home.” Game Five is Tuesday in Oklahoma City. (Reuters)

Pistorius has anxiety disorder, psychiatrist tells court Pacers eye return to East final after win over Wizards O

scar Pistorius has an anxiety disorder brought on by an unstable childhood and the “traumatic assault” of having his lower legs amputated as a baby, a psychologist told the court hearing the South African track star’s murder trial on Monday. Pistorius was born without fibulas in his lower legs, leading to amputation at the age of 11 months. Testifying for the defence about his mental state, forensic psychiatrist Merryl Vorster said that because the surgery was at such a young age, it would have been impossible to reason with the baby, making the pyschological scars much deeper. “He was too young to understand why,” Vorster told the court. “His mother could not have comforted him because he was pre-language phase. It would been perceived as traumatic assault.” Pistorius is on trial for murder after shooting and killing his girlfriend, 29-year-old law graduate and model, Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s

Day last year. The athlete says the shooting was a tragic mistake, and that he shot at a closed toilet door in his luxury Pretoria home thinking an intruder was hiding behind it. The states alleges he fired at Steenkamp in a fit of rage after the couple had a row in the early hours of the morning. If convicted of murder, Pistorius faces life in prison.


Paul George

ndiana’s Paul George compiled a playoff career-high 39 points and added 12 rebounds as the Pacers edged Washington 95-92 to take a 3-1 lead in their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final series on Sunday. The top-seeded Pacers trailed by 17 points at halftime, but fought back to win their third straight game and take a commanding lead in the best-of-seven series. The Pacers can advance to a second consecutive East final with a win in Game

Five set for Tuesday in Indiana. After losing the series opener the Pacers have toughened up on defense to take control, holding the Wizards to a franchise-low 63 points in a Game Three win. Paul ignited the offense on Sunday when he was aggressive early and scored 28 second-half points to lead a comeback. “In the first quarter I got into a rhythm and my team mates found me,” said George, who played 46 of the

possible 48 minutes. “I already had it in my head that I was pretty much going to play the distance. I wanted to give whatever was needed.” Indiana center Roy Hibbert continued his resurgence with 17 points and nine rebounds. Hibbert’s 12foot jump shot with one minute left in the game gave the Pacers a 94-91 edge. Bradley Beal scored a team-high 20 for Washington but the Wizards let a potential win slip away. The home team was outscored 33-17 in the third quarter to see their lead evaporate. Trevor Ariza added 16 points and nine rebounds for the Wizards, who are lacking in playoff experience but are not ready to concede the series. “(Lack of experience) is an excuse,” said Wizards coach Randy Wittman. “I don’t talk about that because I don’t want our guys using that as an excuse. We have to go out and win a ballgame.” (Reuters)



Sunrisers v Mumbai Indians, IPL 2014

tuesday, may 13, 2014

Rayudu, Simmons 50s in clinical Mumbai win

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endl Simmons and Ambati Rayudu hit half-centuries to lead Mumbai Indians to an emphatic win over Sunrisers Hyderabad. The victory, Mumbai Indians’ third in nine matches, kept the defending champions’ campaign barely alive. Sunrisers Hyderabad were tied down after choosing to bat for all but the last two overs of their innings. David Warner helped his side take 33 off those two to push the total to 157, but it hardly mattered, as Simmons and Rayudu put on 130 runs for the second wicket in 14.3 overs to haul Mumbai Indians home with eight balls to spare. Mumbai Indians lost CM Gautam second ball of the second over to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, but Simmons and Rayudu kicked on after a sedate start. The release came when Irfan Pathan was brought on following a couple

of tight overs each from Dale Steyn and Bhuvneshwar. Simmons, who had tried to slog Steyn without success, found Irfan’s pace to his liking, and slammed him for a couple of sixes and a four. Rayudu welcomed Amit Mishra with a charge and a straight six, and Mumbai Indians weren’t looking back, with the boundaries coming regularly. Simmons did not let the legspinners settle and swung Karn Sharma for a four and a six. Rayudu gave the same treatment to Irfan as the allrounder went for 29 in two overs. Shikhar Dhawan went back to Steyn in the 13th over but Mumbai Indians were approaching 100 by that time. Rayudu and Simmons took the fast bowler for a four each. Sunrisers had a chance in the next over but KL Rahul put down a top-edged skier off

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Simmons at deep midwicket with the batsman on 59 and the team score on 110. Simmons and Rayudu fell in successive overs for 68 each eventually but the game was almost over by then. Dhawan felt Sunrisers were about 20 runs short on what he had called a good batting surface at the toss as he chose to bat. Dhawan himself scratched around for a while before being bowled by a full inswinger from Lasith Malinga. Rahul ran himself out going for a nonexistent single but Aaron Finch had looked in nice touch all along. He drove Corey Anderson crisply down the ground for fours and went after Pragyan Ojha, lofting and driving the left-arm spinner

repeatedly through the off side for boundaries. Warner joined Finch and hit the odd boundary as well but the pair was not able to dominate amid some tight bowling from Harbhajan Singh and Jasprit Bumrah. Finch holed out off Malinga in the penultimate over for 68 off 62 but Warner stepped up and launched the fast bowler for a couple of sixes. He ended the innings with successive fours off Kieron Pollard to finish on 55 off 31. Given Sunrisers’ reputation of successfully defending moderate totals at their home ground, 157 did not appear to be an easy chase, but Rayudu and Simmons made it look so. (ESPNcricinfo)

SCOREBOARD Hyderabad T20 innings (20 overs maximum) AJ Finch c Pollard b Malinga 68 S Dhawan* b Malinga 11 KL Rahul run out (Sharma/†Gautam) 10 DA Warner not out 55 NV Ojha† not out 7 Extras : (lb 1, w 5) 6 Total : (3 wickets; 20 overs) 157 Did not: batMC Henriques, IK Pathan, KV Sharma, DW Steyn, A Mishra, B Kumar Fall of wickets 1-31 (Dhawan, 4.6 ov), 2-70 (Rahul, 9.5 ov), 3-133 (Finch, 18.5 ov) Bowling : CJ Anderson 2 -0 -17 -0, JJ Bumrah 4 -0 -24 -0 , Harbhajan Singh 4 -0 -27 -0 SL Malinga 4 -0 -35 -2, PP Ojha 4 -0 -32 -0, KA Pollard 2 -0 -21 -0

Mumbai T20 innings (target: 158 runs from 20 overs) LMP Simmons b Kumar 68 CM Gautam†c Dhawan b Kumar 1 AT Rayudu c & b Henriques 68 RG Sharma* not out 14 KA Pollard not out 6 Extras: (w 3) 3 Total(3 wickets; 18.4 overs) 160 Did not batCJ Anderson, AP Tare, Harbhajan Singh, SL Malinga, JJ Bumrah, PP Ojha Fall of wickets 1-2 (Gautam, 1.2 ov), 2-132 (Simmons, 15.5 ov), 3-141 (Rayudu, 16.5 ov) Bowling: DW Steyn 4 -0 -29 -0, B Kumar 4 -0 -21 -2, IK Pathan 2 -0 -29 -0, A Mishra 3 -0 -33 -0 , KV Sharma 2.4 -0 -25 -0, MC Henriques 3 -0 -23 -1

Mushtaq Ahmed named Pakistan bowling consultant

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Lendl Simmons made 68 off 50 at the top of the order (BCCI)

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Mushtaq Ahmed (right), is coming off his stint with England (AFP photo)


ushtaq Ahmed, the former legspinner, has been named Pakistan’s bowling consultant. His appointment was made on the recommendation of the PCB’s coach selection committee and approved by newly-appointed head coach, Waqar Younis, the Pakistan board said in a release. Mushtaq has been appointed with immediate

effect and his contract will extend until May 2016. Since 2008, Mushtaq had worked as a spin-bowling coach with England and was recently released by the ECB, which is likely to bring in Peter Such as a replacement. This is Mushtaq’s second stint with Pakistan - he had earlier served as bowling consultant during home series against England and

India between 2005 and 2006. The PCB said former offspinner Saqlain Mushtaq was also short-listed for the job, but lost out to Mushtaq. Mushtaq was one of the players implicated in the Justice Qayyum commission report in 2000, after which he was fined Rs. 3 lakh. The commission had recommended that Mushtaq be censured, kept under close watch and not be given any office of responsibility [selection or captaincy] in the team or on the board. His appointment, despite a six-year association with the ECB, is being seen as controversial due to the report. However, his fairly successful stint with England - in an era when Graeme Swann rose to prominence - has meant that the PCB is willing to take him on despite the criticism. “There is no concern shown by PCB at all and I am excited to work with my own country,” Mushtaq told ESPNcricinfo. “I al-

ways wanted to work with Pakistan and if a country like England can support me, then why not my own country. England is a country that is very sensitive [about match-fixing] and they had utilised my services, then how come the critics in Pakistan are raising a finger on me. “I have a contract according to which I will be working at the NCA, on the development of the upcoming spinners, apart from the national role. Obviously, the present lot [of bowlers] in Pakistan is established but I am aiming to carry on the momentum, which is important in the longer run.” Mushtaq, last played for Pakistan in 2003 but extended his county career and retired from first-class cricket in 2008. In 2003 he became the first bowler in five years to take 100 wickets in the English season. He played 52 Tests and 144 ODIs, taking 185 Test wickets and 161 one-day wickets in 14-year international career. (ESPNcricinfo)


tuesday, may 13, 2014

Predicting GABA’s starting five for Inter-Association tourney LABA shortlists 25 for upcoming Inter-Association tourney


Neil Marks

he Linden Amateur B a s k e t b a l l Association (LABA) has named 25 players that have started to train for the upcoming InterAssociation Basketball tournament set to start on May 17 at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. The tournament which is being organized by the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), will be used as the benchmark for selection to the national squad, which will commence training in June for the Caribbean Basketball Championships (CBC)

Dwayne Roberts

set for July in the British Virgin Islands. However, the Linden squad will be headlined by national captain Steve Neils (Jr.), Neil Marks and Dwayne Roberts, who have all played for Guyana at the

last Caribbean Basketball championships. The remainder of the team will see Chris Williams, Harold Adams, Orlando Glasgow, Alwyn Wilson and Dwight Cooper (Victory Valley Royals), Allister Webster, Shane Webster, Emmanuel Archibald and Robert Parrish (Amelia’s Ward Jets), Trevor Profitt, Omally Sampson, Orin Rose and Marvin Hartman Kings), Keiron Cameron, Stephon Tappin, Lawrence DaCosta

Shane Webster

(Retrieve Raiders), Mark Louis, Quincy Jones, Nevin Grenville (Wismar Pistons), Nevin Glen (Block 22 Flames), Michael Turner and Travis Dryden (Half- Mile Bulls). Meanwhile, the coach of the team was named as Kevin Joseph with Kerwin Abrams as his assistant, while Abdulla Hamid is the Technical Director. Further, the Linden squad has begun training on Monday and will look to name their final 12 players by weekend. In addition, the Linden side will face off against a strong Georgetown team on May 17 as the Linden versus Georgetown rivalry will add another chapter to its long history.

GASA set to host Independence swimming meet


he Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) will host their independence swimming competition from May 17 at the National Aquatic Centre. The two- day swimming meet will feature some of the best athletes around Guyana plunging for the top prizes available. With the Dorado Speed Swimming Club coming out as the best club at the Inter- Club Championships last month, some rivalry will still be in the air at the meet set to plunge off from

10:00h on Saturday. The meet is also expected to be used as the yardstick for selection of the Inter-Guiana Games (IGG) swimming team. With the added incentive to make the IGG team, the action is set to be even more intense among the junior swimmers competing. Further, the selection panel will be keeping a keen eye on the competition, especially since Guyana has had a lean time at the IGG.

jumper from 17 feet out and farther. Kanhai’s ability to hit the open three or 17 footer a bit more consistently from that range would make him even more dangerous than he already is. Starting at Small Forward, Shelroy Thomas should be a shoo-in for the position. Thomas’s uncanny ability to score the basketball makes him the best option to

good trait to have in his arsenal. Further, his team- first mentality will be a major boost to their ultimate goal, the only knock on his game is that he tends to settle for too many three- point attempts. At the sixth -man position, again this was a difficult position to hand out with the likes of sharpshooter, Stephon Gillis, Ryan Gullen, Nikko Fraser and Jason

Akeem Kanhai

Ryan Stephney

By Treiston Joseph

At the shooting- guard position, Ravens’ Ryan Stephney should be a go; his ability to create his own shot of the dribble can be compared to few in the nation. Stephney also has a high IQ for the game and understands positioning and floorspacing well. Stephney is also a very good team leader and can be a lethal three- point shooter once hot from beyond the arc. However, Stephney has the penchant for taking some


he Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) has named its final squad for the upcoming InterAssociation tournament set to begin in Linden on May 17. The tournament will be the yardstick for selection to the national team for the upcoming Caribbean Basketball Championship (CBC) in July,in the British Virgin Islands. However, each individual player on the Georgetown squad has individual qualities in their on-court game than can prove beneficial to the success of the team at any one moment. Further, while the starting five for the Georgetown side has not been announced, based on player impact and qualities, this article will provide its projection of the starting five as well as the sixth man. First off, by having a number of impactful guards, it’s the assumption that the team will look to play small ball, run the offence as fast as possible while looking to spread the floor with shooters. Hence, the first starter which is a definite lock for the Georgetown side will be Ravens’ Akeem “The Dream” Kanhai at the power forward position. Kanhai’s natural position is at the small forward, but because of the number of guards on the team using Kanhai at the four would make great sense, especially if the team is looking to push the pace of the basketball. Kanhai’s ability to attack the rim, collect rebounds and find open team-mates gives him the mark as the best player and most impactful on the team. Kanhai also has a knack for sending his opponents shots in the opposite direction. The only knock on Kanhai’s game is his ability to be consistent with his

Shelroy Thomas

start at the two- guard position. Again, Thomas is a natural two- guard, but because of the number of two- guards on the team, Thomas would best be suited at the three, especially in an up-tempo style of basketball. Thomas’s ability to finish in traffic can be compared to few in the game, while the Colts star guard once hot from beyond the arc will quickly turn the game into a blow- out. His ability to get into the passing lanes for steals in also crucial on the defensive end. The only knock for Thomas is once he is cold from the field he still tries to force the game instead of letting the game come to him. At the centre position, while not a shoo-in to start but should be given the starting position is Ravens’ big man Jermaine Slater. While Slater is not a dominant scoring centre, his ability to grab rebounds as proven in the Road to Mecca tournament, especially on the offensive end, will be crucial to a Georgetown side that will be lacking in height. Slater also has a smooth 15- foot jumper that can be very useful in pick and pop plays that begin from the post or pick and roll plays that begin from the perimeter. The Ravens’ big is also good at understanding defensive positioning and is good at defensive rotations. However, his lack of shot blocking prowess would be the knock on his game.

Travis Burnett

difficult shots that might set a coach fuming, but at times can finish the plays; but as they say with a guy like Stephney on the team, all is well that ends well. The point- guard position was one of the hardest to decide on because of the number of guards that are on the team, but Dave Causway from the Colts should be given the green light. While Dominic Vincente who is on the reserve list of the team, Travis Burnett and Jason Squires are all viable options , Causway is a bonafide floor general. Causway’s pass- first mentality will go well with the likes of Thomas, Stephney and Kanhai on the floor with him. His ability to see open spaces to hith is team-mates with passes can also be compared to one of the best in the nation. Causway can also create his own shot of the dribble, which is also another

Jermaine Slater

Squires on the team, but the man that should be given the spot is Pacesetters’ Travis Burnett. While Burnett is a bonafide starter and is worthy of a spot in the starting line-up, having a player of Burnett’s quality coming off the pine would only boost the small ball attack. Burnett, known as the “The Blurr” speaks of one thing, speed…his ability to penetrate some of the best perimeter defences is second to none and his ability to finish in traffic can be compared to few in the nation. Further, Burnett also has an eye for finding his teammates off the penetration dribble which makes him even more dangerous. Burnett’s ability to stay in from off his man on the defensive end is also another addition to his speed, as it also allows him to play the passing lanes well. However, what kept the impact guard, who is the starting guard of the Pacesetters team from being in the starting line-up is his unreliable jump shot. Burnett is now adding a mid-range jump shot to his arsenal that is very inconsistent to say the least, and is also horrible from downtown; but having him inject his speed into the game can be considered a game changer. Meanwhile, Georgetown will play their first game against Linden on May 17 at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court.

Time right for Taylor return, says Bennett


est Indies ‘A’ coach Junior Bennett believes the time is now right for Jerome Taylor to return to the West Indies senior team set-up. Taylor, who last represented the region in Tests in 2009, and one-day and Twenty20 internationals in 2010, emerged as second highest wicket taker among fast bowlers in the WICB Four-day Tournament.

The former West Indies front line pacer, who turns 30 next month, claimed 25 wickets at 25.28 apiece to finish 10th on the overall bowling chart. Experienced Windward Islands left-arm seamer Kenroy Peters, who took 40 wickets at 12.75, topped the bowling standings. “I think he (Taylor) is ready again for the big times, ever for the upcoming series

against New Zealand,” said Bennett, also the coach of Jamaica. “My only concern was that for the last two to three years he did not complete a season. “This year, however, he was able to stay injury free, and stay the course, first with the regional Super50 and then with the four-dayers.” “His returns in both tournaments were also good, and given his skill set, I have no

doubt he can make a successful return to the international arena.” Taylor also finished 10th in the bowling rankings during the Super50, after taking six wickets from three games at 11.83 apiece. The West Indies are slated to face New Zealand in three Tests and two Twenty20 Internationals. The first Test will be played on June 8 at Sabina Park.

tuesday, may 13, 2014


face sanctions GCB limited overs U-19 Players for participation in cricket starts today Independence T20 Cup – no room for complacency says Nedd By Rajiv Bisnauth


he one-day version of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Under-19 Inter-County cricket competition bowls off today with two matches from 09:30h. In the opening round, the President’s XI will oppose Essequibo at the Everest Cricket Club ground, while Demerara will play Berbice at the Wales Community Centre ground. Round two will be played on Wednesday with Demerara facing the President’s XI at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground and Essequibo playing Berbice at the Enmore Community Centre ground. The third and final round is scheduled for Friday, with Essequibo opposing Demerara at the Demerara Cricket Club ground and Berbice facing the President’s XI at the Everest

Gavin Nedd

Cricket Club ground. The final is scheduled for Sunday at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground. No letting up Meanwhile, after retaining the three-day title on Sunday, Demerara head coach Gavin Nedd in an invited comment on Monday said there is no room for complacency while playing in the tournament and his team would be approaching each game with a “must-win attitude”.

Demerara finished with 62 points overall ahead of Berbice, 49 points, while Essequibo and the President’s X1 ended on 21 and 11 points respectively. “We can’t afford to be complacent... we can’t take any opponent lightly. We have to approach every game with a must-win attitude and go and put up good performances every time,” Nedd said. The competition is being used as a yardstick by the junior selectors to pick the Guyana team for the West Indies Cricket Board’s (WICB) Regional Under-19 competition scheduled for later this year. The competition, which began in 1976, has produced all but two of Guyana’s Test players. Clyde Butts and Neil McGarrell are the only two Guyanese players to play Test cricket without participating in the GTM competition.

Hing wins GNRA Action Pistol competition


ational Handgun captain Dale Hing edged out Chad Melville to win last Saturday’s Action Pistol competition organised by the Handgun Section of the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) and held at the TSU range, Eve Leary. There were three stages of timed shoots which tested the shooters’ speed in loading and engaging targets, using both strong and weak hands before the time expired. Hing and Melville both recorded an overall score of 215 points and had to shoot off to break the deadlock which Hing won. The first stage was shot from five metres with a 40-sec-

Dale Hing

Vidushi Persaud

ond time limit, while the second was shot from 10 metres with a 30-second time limit and the third stage was shot from 15 metres with a 75-second time limit. The third place went to emerging female shoot-

er, Vidushi Persaud, who recorded 213 points from the three stages. The next competition organised by the Handgun Section will be a Practical Pistol competition on Sunday at the Timehri ranges, starting at 09:00h.

– GCB action a dangerous precedent for the game and they had no issue with the GCB nor the WICB,” the member said. Dangerous precedent Meanwhile, a former Test cricketer who spoke on anonymity, said the action by the GCB sets a dangerous precedent for the game.

By Rajiv Bisnauth


layers who take part in the unofficial Independence Cup T20 competition may face possible sanctions, after the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) confirmed its decision not to give its approval to the event. The local governing body deemed the tournament “unauthorised and unapproved”,

Keon Joseph

and is also claiming that the tournament does not fall on the list of “approved cricket for Guyana” as endorsed by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). As a consequence, players are likely to face hefty sanctions including bans, according to a spokesman from the GCB on Sunday. Apart from the players, clubs, associations, venues and officials can also face penalties, the spokesman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. The competition, which is a collaborative effort of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and the Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association, is slated to be held on May 25 at the Albion Community Centre ground, with proceeds from the event going towards charitable organisations, such as cricket clubs, orphanages, schools and health-related activities, among others. However, on Wednesday

Veerasammy Permaul

last the GCB, in a release signed by president Drubahadur, is contending that authority for approving cricket, not on the pre-approved list, is the West Indies Cricket Board, who may delegate such authority to the Guyana Cricket Board. The release further stated that the Berbice Cricket Board is not authorised to approve cricket not listed on the WICB list of approved cricket. The Organising Committee for the Independence Cup T20 competition has however assured the general public that

Christopher Barnwell

they will go ahead with plans to host the tournament. The Organising Committee considers the GCB’s action as bullyism, adding that it’s “another vindictive and callous” move by the local governing body. “We consider this another vindictive and callous act from the GCB. This is nothing but sheer bullyism, especially since the tournament was hosted two years before

Trevon Griffith

“Players looked forward to be part of exhilarating oneday event and now for the GCB decided[sic] to deprive them of a once- in- a- lifetime opportunity is not good for the game,” the cricketer said. The competition includes the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) who are scheduled to face the East Coast Jaguars after Berbice ‘A’ would have battled Berbice ‘B’, with the two winners facing off in the final under lights. Players such as Veerasammy Permaul, Royston Crandon, Sewnarine Chattergoon, Rajiv Ivan, Shimron Hetmyer, Kandasammy Surujnarine, Jonathan Foo, Kevin Ramdeen, Keon Joseph and Raun Johnson will be in the Berbice teams, while Demerara’s teams will have the likes of Christopher Barnwell, Trevon Griffith, Zaheer Mohamed, Chanderpaul Hemraj and Tagenarine Chanderpaul, among others. Also on the day’s agenda is a feature softball game between Memorex and Universal DVD Club.

Female defending champs Tutorial High walk all over Charlestown


From left Nsenga Grant, Shaquanna Hope and Kirtisha Underwood pose after combining for five goals to defeat Charlestown Secondary. Saved as pepsi school football

efending champions Tutorial High School trounced Charlestown Secondary School 5-0 on Saturday, when action in the female side of the Scotiabank/Pepsi Schools Football Academy continued on Saturday at the Ministry of Education ground. Tutorial High School wasted little time in attacking the defence of Charlestown with great speed. However, goals galore unfolded when Shauanna Hope made her way into the 18 -yard box and was tackled roughly, drawing a penalty kick that she sank easily in the seventh minute of the game.

Kirtisha Underwood quickly added to Tutorial’s advantage, with an easy opportunity in the 12th minute that she took pleasure in putting away for the 2-nil advantage that ended the half. On resumption , Underwood received a crisp pass that she finished easily in the 42nd minute to put Tutorial in a commanding position with a 3-0 advantage, as much of the possession remained with the defending champions. Nsenga Grant would then take advantage of the lackadaisical defence of the Charlestown females, sinking a quick double in the 45th and 48th minutes to seal the deal for the defending champs.

Meanwhile, on the male side, New Campbellville Secondary would surprise Lodge Secondary with a 2-0 win. The first- half play was passive between the two teams as opportunities were squandered and bad passes made with both teams searching for an opening goal that saw the first half end 0-0. However, on resumption of the second half, Gavin Cliffe would draw first blood for New Campbellville that would put them ahead 1-0 in the tough and high -paced encounter. Mase Assanah would then seal the deal for New Campbellville with a late goal in the 60th minute to

sink the hearts of the Lodge students. In addition, Lodge Secondary School won by a walkover from Tucville Secondary in the female side of the competition. Action will continue in the tournament on May 16 at the said venue with Charlestown Secondary facing East Ruimveldt Secondary in the female tournament. On May 17, three male games will be played as Charlestown Secondary and Christ Church Secondary will clash; game two will see Lodge Secondary and Tutorial High facing off and the final game will bring together Tucville Secondary and Queen’s College.

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

tuesday, May 13, 2014


Pepsi IPL: Sunrisers 157/3,Mumbai Indians 160/3; Basketball: L A Clippers 101,Oklahoma Thunder 99; Indiana Pacers 95,Washington Wizards 92

Local riflemen capture 64 individual awards at WIFSC


uyana’s rifle shooters bagged 64 of the individual prizes up for grabs at the just concluded West Indies Fullbore Shooting championships (WIFSC) at the Twickenham Park ranges in Jamaica. Guyana’s leading marksman, Lennox Braithwaite, led the podium appearance after he retained the regional individual title for a third consecutive year, following his successes in Guyana in 2012 and Barbados last year. Braithwaite also secured the overall aggregate on days one and   two, as well as the overall short- range aggregate in the ‘X’ Class. He also won the prestigious Wogart Trophy being the leading scorer in the Short Range Team match in piloting Guyana to victory. US-based Guyanese, Sigmund Douglas, was second overall in ‘O’ Class with a grand aggregate of 358 and 17 V-bulls, edging out compatriot Leo Romalho,  who had 358 and 15 V-bulls. The winner was Karen Anderson of Jamaica with an overall score of (361.13). Debutant Sherwin Felicien (342.13) was second in the Tyro (Beginners Class), finishing behind Jamaican Dwayne Forde (351.18). Ransford Goodluck   was the top shooter overall at the 1000-yard range, Terrance Stuart won the ‘O’ Class event number two at the 600-yard range, John Fraser won the ‘O’ Class at 900 yards- (event number three), while Felicien won the Tyro at that range. Goodluck also had the Highest Possible Score

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(HPS) in the Milex Cup, the long range team match over 900 and 1000 yards. Ryan Sampson won (event number six) ‘O’ Class over 500 yards, while Mahendra Persaud and Dylan Fields secured two second places and Peter Persaud one. Canadian Serge Bissonnette won the Individual Grand Aggregate with 384. 23, edging out Braithwaite 383.24, but Braithwaite was crowned the regional champion. The other shooters in the top eight of the overall Grand Aggregate were Norris Gomez of Trinidad and Tobago with 381.28; David Rickman of Jamaica, 377.21; Alpar Katona of Canada, 376.18; Wayne McNair of Jamaica, 375.17; Ransford Goodluck 374.28; and Michael Perez of Trinidad and Tobago 371.20.

The local riflemen pose with their plaques, medals and trophies at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening in Jamaica

Meanwhile, seven Guyanese were named in a 16-member West Indies team to prepare for international competition. They are Braithwaite, Mahendra

Persaud, Ransford Goodluck, Douglas, Dylan Fields, Sigmund Douglas and ACP retired Paul Slowe as manager. The captain is Major retired John Nelson of

Jamaica. Guyana won the team long and short ranges title for an unprecedented fourth time on Jamaican soil. Meanwhile, the Guyana

team returned home Sunday evening and during their journey to the CJIA, Timehri, they were accommodated in first class as guests of Fly Jamaica.

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Persaud praises teamwork for success

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